September 10th, 2009

NDN Y So Srs?

First Picture of Tisha Campbell-Martin's Baby Son

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Tisha Campbell-Martin and hubby Duane Martin welcomed their second son, Ezekiel Czar Martin, according to

At 10:20 A.M, on Tuesday, their bundle of joy, weighing in at 9 pounds and 9 ounces and 23 inches long, arrived 12 days early (he was due on Sept. 21) to join his parents and big bro Xen, 8.

"My baby is sooooo beautiful," Campbell Martin told exclusively. "He can't fit newborn clothes; he's wearing clothes for 3-month-olds. His cheeks are so fat. He is so healthy. He is just perfect."

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Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

UK Vogue October 2009: Sienna Miller by Mario Testino

Smiling all the way to the bank, actress Sienna Miller covers the October 2009 issue of British Vogue. The G.I. Joe and Alfie star has a lot to be happy about these days with Hippie Hippie Shake on the way and a role in the Broadway production of After Miss Julie.

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SOURCE(small paragraph + cover) and the pics from behind the cut were scanned by ireadyou_right @ breathesienna lj comm
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~MIMI POST~ with Vegas Rehearsal Details and Photos

Details from Inside Mariah's Vegas Rehearsals  

Mariah arrived at the Palms in Las Vegas on Monday, Sept. 7th to start her rehearsals on the Pearl Theatre stage for her Sept. 11 & 12 concerts at the venue. The first photo below shows Mariah's caravan arriving at the Palms' private entrance at around 7:30pm PT on Monday.

At last night's rehearsals, choreographer Debbie Allen and the dancers were running through "Subtle Invitation" and "Close My Eyes." Only two dancers were onstage for the "Close My Eyes" number and they danced to it in a ballet-like fashion. Then a new song from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was played and the dancers were dancing to it.

When Mariah arrived, there was a bit of downtime, she was very quiet, as she is resting her voice as much as possible. When the rehearsal started, Debbie wanted them to do "Obsessed" but Mariah segued into a ballad from Memoirs. A beautiful piano melody was played with Mariah's subtle vocals on top of it. Based on the audio from the rehearsal, we suspect it may be the "Languishing" interlude from the new album, but can't know for sure. The music then turned into the opening notes of "I Want To Know What Love Is."

They then ran through her entrance which will be set to an instrumental version of "Butterfly."

Two other pictures from last night are included below: stage set-up and Mariah rehearsing a song on the Pearl Theatre stage.



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Mariah Daily

P.S. -- "Obsessed" moves up three spots to #7 on tomorrow's Billboard Hot 100 Chart, making it Mariah's 27th Top 10 hit. HELLS YEAH.

P.P.S. -- "I Want To Know What Love Is" will be available for download on iTunes on Tuesday, September 15th. BUY THAT ISH.

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"Archer" from the makers of Frisky Dingo features animated Lucille Bluth

FX has picked up Adam Reed (of Frisky Dingo fame)'s Archer. IMDB Synopsis:

At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. At the center of it all is suave master spy Sterling Archer, whose less-than-masculine code name is "Duchess." Archer works with his domineering mother Malory, who also is his boss. He also has to deal with his ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane and her new boyfriend, ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis, as well as Malory's lovesick secretary, Cheryl.

Oh hello thar Lucille 1!

I love H. Jon Benjamin as Coach McGuirk in Home Movies. I hope everyone supports this cartoon, I'm still pissed that Frisky Dingo never made had a Season 3 :P There is no premiere date yet but babarshouse says it may be around end of October.

FX Teaser
imdb entry
Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan's voicemail

Lohan put her personal contact info on her Facebook page, and it circled around the internet for just about anyone to call her. Someone figured out her voicemail password (it wasn't hard, it was 1234) and Animal New York posted a sample of the aural delights found there, and it's not pretty.

Sure, there are a few drunk people saying retarded things, but even worse are all the people trying to get something out of her: a party promoter who wants her to host a gig that her girlfriend Samantha Ronson is DJing; a girl who wants to "have coffee" because she's "DJ, like Samantha Ronson" and then leaves her MySpace address; and her father, who just wants a call back.

Actually the saddest part is when Michael Lohan says that he went to hang out with Lindsay's siblings, but they didn't want to see him. Instead, he went to 7-11 and bought a copy of Lindsay's CD and is driving around listening to it. He even holds up the phone so we can hear. Yeah, cause that's what is going to make your daughter like you, knowing that you purchased her magnum opus from a roadside convenience store for $7.99?

This is the torture that must lead the starlet to her misbehavior. Oh, Lindsay, it is a sad and lonely life you lead, but this is why God invented publicists. They take all the shitty calls you don't want!

BTW, Sashy Brock Richmond, the Brooklynite who hawked her MySpace address while leaving a message on LiLo's voicemail, called on the advice of her brother, Mark "Hollywood" Hatten. Who's he? Oh, just Anna Nicole Smith's convicted stalker. What a family!


Can Kristen Stewart Break Away from Twilight Saga Stereotypes?

Twilight and New moon star, Kristen Stewart is not your average 19 year-old, and thank Twilight Saga goodness for that. Given the success of the Stephenie Meyer penned Twilight Saga, the New Moon actress has been inundated with press, claiming that Kristen Stewart is pregnant, married, and more, all in the name of Twilight related social media. What is it about the acting talent of Kristen Stewart that sets her apart from her Twilight character, Bella Swan? Will Kristen Stewart eclipse the Twilight attention to avoid Bella Swan stereotypes in the future?

Although Bella Swan is now forever a part of Kristen Stewart’s professional career, fragile and docile Kristen Stewart is not, especially when it comes to choosing non Twilight Saga roles. With a respectable body of non Twilight work already on her resume prior to taking the role of Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart is one Twilight Saga actor we feel will be able to walk away from the Twilight Saga franchise without being pigeonholed by Twilight or New Moon to a stereotype degree that she won’t be able to find future work.

Stewart has shown great self-confidence on her ascent to the highest echelon of celebrity due to the success of the Twilight Saga, as millions of Twilight eyes watch her every move, ready to jump on any wrong turn, even if Kristen Stewart accidentally misses the trash can to throw away garbage. Headlines like "Kristen Stewart Litters!" or "Kristen Stewart Responsible for Global Warming" may follow, but the levelheaded New Moon teen doesn’t let the out-of-control Twilight Saga media hype rattle her confidence.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Kristen Stewart spoke about simply being a teenager beyond the Twilight Saga. "I guess I have always felt older than I am," Stewart told The Sunday Times. "I felt I should have been an adult at the age of five. And I thought I was an adult when I was 12. I wasn’t like a warrior, but I have never been that kid who doesn’t care a fig about anything. It’s just the way I’ve been brought up," Kristen stated in response to Adventureland director Greg Mottola’s decision to cast her even without an audition.

Will Twilight and New Moon star Kristen Stewart also be able to navigate the social trappings of Hollywood that so many young starlets fall prey to in their young acting careers? If Stewart continues along a cinematic path of diversity beyond the Twilight Saga, her career may very well eclipse the over-hyped media machine of the Twilight Saga. Currently filming the Twilight Saga Eclipse in Vancouver with co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, Stewart’s next cinematic release will be the highly anticipated Joan Jett biopic, The Runaways in which she steps into the shoes of legendary female rocker, Joan Jett. It’s one small step away from the Twilight Saga, but one giant leap for Kristen Stewart in safeguarding against harmful Twilight stereotypes that would prevent her from a long and successful career as an actress.

Christian Bale

Courtney Love to sue over Guitar Hero 5

Anyone who has picked up the latest Guitar Hero 5 may have noticed Kurt Cobain's likeness making an appearance, along with two Nirvana songs "Lithium" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It has since emerged however that the Cobain avatar can be used to play any number of songs in the game, some of which put the late singer in some rather uncharacteristic poses, with some even seeing him rapping—activities summed up by Love as "Activision smugly boasting of rape."

Now, Cobain's widow Courtney Love has spoken out against the use of the singer's image in the game on Twitter. In the 70-post rant Love claims that "FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT APPROVE KURTS AVATAR FOR GUYITARHERO5" and that she loathes the game and finds it "odious," as well as suggesting that Cobain would "despise this game" and his representation in it. This comes contrary to reports that Love, former bandmate Dave Grohl, and Universal publishing all signed off on the deal with Activision.

Love's tirade of posts, some of which verge on the non-sensical, also mention taking legal action against the games publisher Activision saying "yeah well [sic] sue activision this is disgusting." She also mentions that she "saw a piece of the [Cobain] avatar on the nightly news I actually had to vomit."

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mini-BAMF got himself a job

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Anton Yelchin to play Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster's son

Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin will star with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in indie dark comedy The Beaver, Variety reports. Yelchin plays the son of a depressed man (Gibson) who feels better when wearing a beaver hand puppet. Foster will play the unhappy wife/mom; she will also direct. Kyle Killen wrote the script, and Twilight’s Summit Entertainment plans a release in late 2010 or early 2011.


Angelina Jolie battles with Megan Fox for role

Actress Angelina Jolie is battling with Megan Fox for a role in the new remake of Barbarella.

Jolie, 34, is reportedly feeling under threat from the 23-year-old.

The pair both want to star in the remake of the 1968 film and are both auditioning for the lead role.

A source revealed: "This will be the first time Ange and Megan have ever faced off for the same role.

"Ange is really feeling the pressure. Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The insider added: "Megan is stunning and fast becoming a huge star. Angelina is petrified."


No contest.

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Nicole and Joel Twitter About Son Sparrow

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have taken to Twitter to gush about their newborn son Sparrow.

"What a great day to come back on Twitter," Richie, 27, writes. "Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I love my family!!"

Madden, 30, is equally excited.

"1st day of his life & my son is already a trending topic on twitter," he Twitters. "That's right son, ur just like your old man."

Sparrow James Midnight Madden - who weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. - was born in the middle of the night early Wednesday morning. The boy joins older sister Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who was born in January 2008.

After giving birth, Richie wrote on her website: "Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes."

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Ashlee Simpson: Jess Is "Always Saying, 'I Want a Baby!'"

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Ashlee Simpson says her big sister Jessica Simpson can't wait to be a mom.

"She's always saying, 'Oh, I want a baby!'" Ashlee, 24, who welcomed Bronx 10 months ago, tells the October issue of Redbook.

When asked if she envies her single sister, who was dumped by Tony Romo in July, Ashlee admits, "I really don't."

The Melrose Place star, who wed Pete Wentz in May 2008, says "being a mom's so empowering and incredible. I'm one of those people who believes that life brings things to you at a certain time for a certain reason, and if you just go with it, that's where the best moments come from."

Since having Bronx, Ashlee admits she's "grown up so much.

"The great thing about being pregnant is that you have nine months and it really does prepare you. Your body is changing, and it's such an amazing time to feel that connection," she says.

Ashlee -- who has bragged she could do the splits while nine months pregnant -- says she also kept fit by doing "prenatal yoga, which was a nice way to mellow down and focus on me and Bronx.

"Being pregnant was the healthiest I've ever been in my life,"
she adds. "Except for the cupcakes."

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Sharon Osbourne Applauds Ellen Pick for Idol

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Ellen DeGeneres is already receiving a rave review from the judges' panel at America's Got Talent, and it came only minutes after the announcement she'd be Paula Abdul's replacement on American Idol.

"She will be a breath of fresh air on that show, a complete breath of fresh air," Osbourne, 56, told PEOPLE Wednesday. "It's new blood. And [American Idol] needed something new to happen."

"I think if they had replaced Paula with another singer, Janet Jackson or J.Lo, it would have been too expected,” she said. "'Oh well, there we go, another singer.' And with Ellen, you've got someone who knows about entertaining, and everything that goes into it, which also speaks for the people."

America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon, 28, also gave his stamp of approval. "I know she's going to do amazing with that," he said. "When you're too serious, it's never fun. She knows how to have fun."

At the same time, Osbourne said she understood Abdul's predicament. "I'm behind her," she said. "I think she put an awful lot into the show. She did do an awful lot for that show."

Abdul left the show in early August, reportedly over a contractual dispute with for more money. "I would have probably done the same thing," Osbourne said. "I'm like, 'Hey, what the men get, the women should get.'"

Osbourne has worked with American Idol judge Simon Cowell, who is reportedly paid considerably more than his fellow Idol judges, on the British show The X Factor. The Osbourne matriarch left that show after four seasons in 2007. Abdul guest-judged auditions on the X Factor's third season.

One of Cowell's best friends, Piers Morgan, is also a judge on America's Got Talent.

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Brown's Hard Labor Program -- Brush League

We now know what hard labor tasks Chris Brown will be forced to perform in Richmond, Virginia -- and part of it involves one trendy, reflective orange vest and a whole lot of brush clearing.
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Richmond City Councilman Doug Conner -- who works with the city's hard labor program -- tells us Brown will begin his 8-hour work day at 8:00 AM when a Department of Corrections bus picks him up, along with 30-40 other offenders.

Conner says Brown will wear a reflective orange vest and pick up trash and litter along highways and roads. He'll also have to trim brush along medians, remove gang graffiti from the VCU campus, and wash the inside and outside of law enforcement vehicles.

Conner says Brown will be kept "under the watchful eye of a supervisor" to make sure he doesn't cut any corners.


Mischa Barton is Loving NYC

Mischa's looking better, feeling better, working hard, hitting the gym and just plain loving NYC. The star of the CW's new show The Beautiful Life, is even back to blogging. 

She writes:

"Hi everyone!!!  I know it's been a while... but I've been insanely busy with work and what not in NYC.  I've been fully immersed in production on my upcoming show and I've been loving every minute of it.  I have my dogs Charlie and Ziggy with me here so I've been hanging with them in my downtime, as well as hitting the gym as often as I can."

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Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw in "The Blind Side" - New Trailer

Warner Bros. has released a second trailer for "The Blind Side."

Release date: November 20, 2009 (same day as "NEW MOON")

Based on the book 'The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game" by Michael Lewis. "The Blind Side" depicts the remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys (Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw), a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential.

At the same time, Oher's presence in the Touhys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle.

In the latest chapter of his inspiring story, Oher was a First Round draft pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, selected by the Baltimore Ravens. The Touhys were there to share the moment with him.

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...I'm Going To Hope This Is Bullshit

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Miley Cyrus is set to appear in a scene of the sequel to the super successful movie Sex and the City, according to a filming schedule obtained by Life & Style.

One day of shooting (Friday, October 16) has been carved out for her, according to the schedule.

“They’ve asked her,” says an insider. “But she hasn’t confirmed. Right now, they’re just holding the space for her.”


Comedian Jim Breuer Flips Out On Pizza Hut Commercial

With the state of viral videos these days, who knows if this is real or not. If it's NOT real, Pizza Hut did a pretty good job of making it look real.

What we have is Jim Breuer getting harassed by a Pizza Hut employee who is stopping him from eating their commercial prop -- a piece of pizza.

It's pretty funny and I HOPE it's real.

Kim Blogs "The Kardashians Are NOT At War"


Kim Kardashian is laughing out loud at the Star Magazine cover story that just hit newsstands with the headline “Kardashians At War! Cat fights? Jealous fits? Trash talk?


Kim just took to her personal blog after reading the story:


She writes:


“If my sisters and I have cat fights they are 100% playful, sisterly fights!! You've seen how we tease each other on the show, and how we joke around on Twitter... it's what sisters do!!! There's no war here, people! We all totally support each other in anything and everything we do."




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oh gurl~

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Lady GaGa: Pantless in Paris

Stepping out to continue her promotions throughout Europe, Lady GaGa was spotted exiting the Tremoille hotel in Paris on Thursday (September 10).

Wearing a unique ensemble including her undergarments and a matching jacket, the “Poker Face” singer was surrounded by security as she headed off to tape the French program Taratata.

Meanwhile, GaGa will soon be making her way back to the States to perform at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (September 13).

Nominated for nine awards including Video of the Year, the 23-year-old has a fan in actress Ashlee Simpson, who told MTV News, “I gotta say, Lady Gaga’s videos are pretty bad**s.”

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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yay! fall tv!

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This week's cover: 'Fringe' and the Fall TV Preview!

With a long rerun-and-reality-packed summer behind us, the new TV season is finally here. And as always, Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Preview – on stands this week – has all the crucial info you need to navigate your remote control as television roars back. Amongst the early reviews, interviews, insight, and plot hints for shows both new and returning, our double issue takes a deep dive into the gory, witty world of Fox’s Fringe with Jeff “Doc” Jensen.

Last year’s most heavily hyped new drama, Fringe was engineered by creators J.J. Abrams and screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci to be a high-impact hybrid of The X-Files and CSI – a serious yet accessible sci-fi series. Though the highly anticipated thriller started shakily, making geeks wonder if Abrams and his reliably mind-bending production company had finally let them down, Fringe ended its first year with a finale filled with insane, chat-room-exploding twists that won over a skeptical fan base. Now Fringe will try to maintain its momentum in TV’s most competitive time slot, Thursdays at 9, against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. But if Fringe is to thrive, Abrams’ team will have to apply the lessons learned from its rocky first season. Says Abrams: “It’s going to sound weird, but a show starts talking to you and telling you what it wants to be. It took us a while to hear it.”

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"the blueprint 3" expected to be jay-z's 11th #1 album !!

Jay-Z is on course to net his 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 next week, as "The Blueprint 3" should cruise to the top of the chart. It's tough to predict how many copies the Roc Nation set will sell in its first week, but chart prognosticators have suggested a bow of anywhere between 350,000 and 500,000.

"The Blueprint 3" was originally scheduled to drop on Sept. 11 in order to mark the eighth anniversary of the first "Blueprint" release. However, its physical release was shifted to Sept. 8, likely as a response to the set's leak to the Web on Aug. 31. The digital version of the album is exclusive to Rhapsody through Sept. 11, after which all digital providers will start selling the set.

Most of the marketing and promotion of "The Blueprint 3" had been aimed at the Sept. 11 date and this weekend. Therefore, it's difficult to properly project what first week sales will be without knowing how the forthcoming weekend will shake out.

If Jay-Z indeed debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 next week, it will be the rapper's 11th chart-topper, pushing him ahead of Elvis Presley as the solo artist with the most No. 1 albums. Among all acts, only the Beatles, with 19 chart-toppers, have more.

Speaking of the Beatles, the Fab Four's catalog reissue campaign launched today (Sept. 9) and the Billboard charts should be flush with Beatles albums next week.

The band's two newly packaged mono and stereo box sets will chart on the Billboard 200, as the tally houses current and new releases (generally those 18 months old or less). Over on the Top Comprehensive Albums chart, both old and new albums mingle together. Thus, the individual album reissues of the Beatles' catalog will chart on the Top Comprehensive Albums and Top Pop Catalog Albums charts.
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Producers Scramble to Put VGBB Into Shitty Family Film

Bradley Cooper Is Un-Cut

Wait, let me try to clarify that headline. I have no idea if emerging star Bradley Cooper is uncircumsized or not (though I have my suspicions).

But I HAVE exclusively learned that his small role had been cut out of the upcoming comedy Old Dogs (starring Robin Williams and John Travolta), but now that Cooper's piping hot thanks to the smash box office afterglow of The Hangover, editors are frantically picking up scraps from the cutting room floor and reinserting him into the movie.

I hope they don't realize he's in Sandra Bullock's really bad All About Steve and cut him again!

Trailer for Old Dogs



Preview "Memoirs..."

1. Betcha Gon’ Know (the prologue)
2. Obsessed
3. H.A.T.E.U.
4. Candy Bling
5. Ribbon
6. Inseparable
7. Standing O
8. It’s A Wrap
9. Up Out My Face
10. Up Out My Face (the reprise)
11. More Than Just Friends
12. The Impossible
13. The Impossible (the reprise)
14. Angel (the prelude)
15. Angels Cry
16. Languishing (the interlude)
17. I Want To Know What Love Is


I'll wait to hear them in full before passing judgement since snippets tend to leave me underwhelmed or are the only good part of the song...but it does sound kind of boring
Sarah Jessica Parker
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Sporty Spice to make her theatre debut in Blood Brothers

Melanie is thrilled to announce that she is to star as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers at the West End’s Phoenix Theatre! She is due to start rehearsals next month and will make her debut performance on October 26th. Melanie says:

"I'm a great believer in fate and when the opportunity came along to audition for 'Blood Brothers' I couldn't resist. It's such a well-loved show and has always been one of my favourites and the Liverpool connection just adds to the appeal. It's a real honour to be asked to take on the role of Mrs Johnstone especially following in such great footsteps. I love a challenge and I think the discipline of theatre combined with the inspiration of Willy Russell's writing will provide great preparation for my fifth solo album."

Source: Melanie C's official website
Spice Girls
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Ginger Spice in Nepal for UN campaign

British pop star Geri Halliwell has launched a campaign to stop violence against women in Nepal.

Ms Halliwell is in the country as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund - promoting maternal health and women's rights.

She met PM Madhav Kumar Nepal and secured his support for her campaign.

Ms Halliwell has been in Nepal since Sunday, visiting women in remote districts in the south-west to look at the effects of gender-based violence.

The former Spice Girl met women who were about to be sold into prostitution, but were rescued and taken to a safe house.

She also met rape victims who had taken refuge at the shelter.

Violence against women is a serious issue in Nepal.

A recent survey of two Nepalese districts by a local women's organisation found that more than 80% of women had been abused by their husbands.

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Source: BBC and M&C

Katherine Heigl explains decision to adopt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katherine Heigl talks all about her decision to adopt in a sit-down interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Friday (September 11). Here’s what the 30-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress shared about 10-month-old baby Naleigh (a mix of her mom and sister’s names, Nancy and Leigh):

On Naleigh, who was born in Korea: “She was actually born the day before me in November which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign. I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life.”

On how she got to adopt so quickly
: “She is a special needs baby and because of that it all moved so much faster. They wanted to get her to us as quickly as possible.”

On her decision to adopt this way
: “It’s been a big part of my life and my family. My sister is Korean and my parents adopted her back in the 70s and so I just always knew that this is something I wanted to do.”

On her husband, musician Josh Kelley
: “I just wanted to make sure that I was marrying a guy who understands that this was going to have to happen. So about a year ago is when we said, ‘OK, let’s start the process,’ and the process is intense. It’s different but it isn’t, do you know what I mean? It’s just as intense I’m sure to have a baby biologically because you’re going through the whole physical sort of thing of it.”

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Haggard Looking D-Lister Never Wears Sunscreen

'I never wear sunscreen', says former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson as she reveals her ageing face

Pamela Anderson cut a still enviable figure in a tiny yellow bikini as she and her boyfriend surfer Jamie Padgett enjoyed a day on the beach.

And in the most unforgiving of bikinis she looked much younger than her 42-years...when seen from behind that is.

But the same could not be said when she revealed her tired, lined face and it seems that she only has herself to blame.

The 42-year-old revealed that she has no skincare routine - and amazingly never wears sunscreen, despite living in the Malibu sunshine.

The star and her live-in lover Jamie Padgett, headed to California's Malibu Beach, along with many others, for the American Labor Day public holiday.


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When viewed from behind, Pammy could easily pass for a much younger woman, but the fair-skinned actress showed signs of sun damage on her ageing face.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine she said: 'What does it take to look like me? Not much' and she admitted: ' I don't wear sunscreen. I don't have a skincare programme.'

Nor does she have that other celebrity requirement, a dermatologist, according to the interview.

And she claimed that she was not planning any 'tweaks' either. She said: 'I have no dermatologist and no cosmetic surgeon. Nothing's been shot into this face.


Caster Semenya, forced to take gender test, is a woman ...and a man!

Tests show that controversial runner Caster Semenya is a woman ...and a man!

The 18-year-old South African champ has no womb or ovaries and her testosterone levels are more than three times higher than those of a normal female, according to reports.

The tests, ordered by The International Association of Athletics Federations after Semenya's 800-meter victory in the World Championships, determined she's a hermaphrodite - having both male and female organs.

Semenya could be stripped of the gold medal she won in Berlin last month and her competitive future is in limbo, according to Australia's Daily Telegraph.

The athletics governing body is also expected to advise her to have surgery to fix the potentially deadly condition, the paper reported. The IAAF would not comment on the results that have yet to be released.

According to a source with knowledge of the IAAF tests, Semenya has internal testes - the male sexual organs that produce testosterone.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for building muscles and for producing body hair and a deep voice.

Confirmation of the test results is sure to stoke the controversy that erupted after the university student's sensational track triumph.

She has been embraced in her home country - where she was declared "our girl" - and appeared on a magazine cover after a feminine makeover.

"God made me the way I am and I accept myself. I am who I am and I'm proud of myself," she told You Magazine, which ran a photo spread.

"I don't want to talk about the tests. I'm not even thinking about them."


One thing that's important to note is that there's a very good chance that she and her family had no idea, so this wasn't intentional fraud.  This must be mortifying for her.
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Ed Westwick on Jimmy Fallon

Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, was on the show tonight, and he and Jimmy took a spin on the "Bass Masters Wheel." Basically, Ed and Jimmy must react as Chuck Bass to a variety of scenarios (that are completely realistic for a high school student such as Chuck):


Even when faced with a dilemma such as a dog peeing on your purple velvet loafers, he's still Chuck Bass.


light fantastic

Details of Me and Orson Welles release formally announced

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Richard Linklater's "Me and Orson Welles," which premiered at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, will be released theatrically in the U.S. on Nov. 25.

U.K. producer and financier Cinemanx has struck distribution deals with Freestyle Releasing, which will secure theaters; Warner Bros. Home Video, which will handle the DVD release; Hart/Lunsford Pictures, which will fund P&A costs; Cinetic, which was responsible for the Warners deal and is handling sales; and Russell Schwartz' Pandemic Marketing, which will oversee publicity and marketing...

"Cinemanx is pioneering this type of U.S. distribution strategy, and I think that says a lot about the vision of Cinemanx's Steve Christian and Marc Samuelson," Linklater said. "I'm excited about the possibilities, for myself and for other filmmakers."


The official trailer is expected soon with more of the awesome Christian McKay who plays Orson.
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Lady Gaga Nude Bondage Pictures from Vogue Japan

The Japanese are into some weird shit. Like bondage and Lady Gaga. This photoshoot from Vogue Japan features Lady Gaga nude, and tied up in that weird Japanese rope bondage stuff that you've probably seen on the Internet a few times by "accident." As to those rumours of whether or not Lady Gaga has boy parts down there, I have no idea, and I'm not really willing to investigate, so I'm glad that bit's covered up, but it's a really slow news day, and I got nothin' else.

SOURCE: egotastic

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Vampire Diaries: The Diaries of Other TV Vampires Revealed

The Vampire Diaries: We Read Other Vamps' Diaries

So this new CW show, The Vampire Diaries, is all about a vampire who keeps a diary, which is something I'm sure no other vampire in the history of vampires has done, ever. Just kidding -- it seems like most vampires are in love with the sound of their own voice, so the idea that they might write down their innermost thoughts for later perusal makes sense. Also, it's hard to remember stuff that happened a hundred years ago, so it's handy in that sense, too. We asked around, and managed to get sample pages from the diaries of most of the big vampires. (Well, not Dracula, but he was always a long shot.) Read on to see what deep, dark secrets your favorite vamps are writing about.

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New 'Where The Wild Things Are' Banners

Let the wild rumpus start! Warner Bros. just gave us these four exclusive character banners from 'Where the Wild Things Are.' This big screen adaptation of one of our fave books ever was directed by Spike Jonze, and stars Catherine Keener, Benicio Del Toro, Forest Whitaker, Lauren Ambrose, Catherine O'Hara, Tom Noonan, Michael Berry and James Gandolfini. Check out the banners below, and let us know what you think!

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omg so excited. Can't wait to see it in IMAX!


Dollhouse: Vows - Review Of The Season Premiere

"Vows" finds the Dollhouse itself in a state of transition, on the heels of "Omega." Boyd is entrenched in his newish position as head of security, but trying to keep one eye on Echo; Dr. Saunders is trying to deal with the revelation that she is in fact the doll named Whiskey; and Ballard is doing… something. What exactly Ballard is doing in the Dollhouse is still a question, though at least, unlike the end of Season 1, DeWitt and Boyd are openly talking about what would possess the FBI agent to suddenly join them.

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that was fun

the world is running out of ideas department

Texts From Last Night to become a television show.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fox is developing a TV adaptation of the popular website "Texts From Last Night."

"The Big Bang Theory" scribe Steve Holland is set to write the comedy, which has scored a script order plus a large penalty from the net. Sony Pictures TV will produce, along with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison shingle.

Launched last February, the "Texts" blog invites readers to post embarrassing messages that they've sent to friends, perhaps in the middle of the night or while intoxicated. The users' identity is concealed, save for their area code.

The site's founders recently sealed a deal with Penguin's Gotham Books to compile a selection of messages.

In writing the TV version, Holland will loosely base the show's characters and plot on the whole idea of racy -- and sometimes embarrassing -- communication, particularly among the twentysomething set.

Holland's other credits include "Rules of Engagement" and "Less Than Perfect."

ONTD, have you ever sent a late-night text that you regret?

Source: Michael Schneider / Variety
via The A.V. Club
Picture: TinyPic.
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Kathy Griffin-as-Kate Gosselin: Satirical Snowflake

Kathy Gosselin  

Here's the skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live of Kathy Griffin as everyone's least favorite baby-popping cuntress, Kate Gosselin. I'll always have love in my loins for Kathy, but I think they should've dropped a possum wig on Predator and had him play Kate. It would've been more realistic. Kathy is obviously more of an Aunt Jodi than a Kate.

And George Takei as Jon Gosselin is all sorts creepy. Yes, Jon Gosselin as Jon Gosselin is still creepier, but this is a close second. However, why isn't George wearing an Ed Hardy bib?! You can't realistically play Jon without being covered in the douche vomit that is Ed Hardy. Jon and Ed Hardy are forever attached at the asshole.


Maura Tierney Exiting ‘Parenthood’ As She Continues To Battle Breast Cancer

Maura Tierney is exiting NBC’s new fall drama, “Parenthood,” as she continues to undergo treatment for breast cancer.

In July, news broke that production on the show was being postponed for eight weeks to allow the actress time to undergo a “medical evaluation,” NBC previously confirmed. Later, the actress confirmed she had a tumor in her breast, which required surgery.

Although the show’s start date was pushed back to mid-fall so that Tierney could undergo the treatment, it appears the show will now be moving forward without her and her part will be recast.

“While we are saddened that Maura Tierney won’t be able to continue in her current role in ‘Parenthood,’ our main concern is for her quick and full recovery,” an NBC spokesman said. “Our thoughts and best wishes are with her.”

A rep for the former “ER” star said the actress’ prognosis is good.

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gaga smize

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Celebrities are good at a lot of things: self-promotion, engaging us in engagement speculation, having MINDBLOWING hair ROBERT PATTINSON. But one thing they can't be depended upon to do is SIT THEIR ASSES DOWN all by themselves. Here's an inside look at the seat cards for the 2009 MTV VMAs, so all of the celebrities and guests know where to sit and the cameras know where to capture that perfect "Oh-seriously-I'm-so-happy-for-you!" face when their competition wins.
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GLEE Promo For Next Week!!

Not sure if this is just for next week or for the rest of the season, but either way here it is, next weeks episode is titled "Acafellas" - Can't wait!

What did you think of last nights episode ONTD? I looved it! So many lol-worthy moments. This is one of the few shows that can make me laugh and cry!

italian spiderman

Back to School with Britney - is this really a good idea?

It's probably not surprising that the star once famous for repeatedly forgetting to wear her underwear in public and walking barefoot into gross gas station bathrooms has what some may deem a weird sense of what is appropriate for "back-to-school" materials.

Britney Spears is selling a handful of back-to-school items on her official website, including a laptop sleeve, a laundry bag, and a spiral-bound notebook with this provocative picture on it.

Now, the text for each product leads one to believe that these are for college-age fans heading back to campus. (The notebook is even listed as "college-ruled.")

But seriously, how many college-age fans are toting Britney gear to Poli Sci 203, or even Comp Lit 101?

In the real world, even though she herself is in her 20s and a mom twice over, Brit's fan base is still muuuuch younger, which means these items are also being marketed to grade school girls.

Plus the 90-page notebook is $10! Shipping extra!

That may be even more shocking.


D23 Expo: Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Winnie The Pooh & The Bear and The Bow

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Disney's big D23 Expo kicks-off today at the Anaheim Convention Center, and will be covering the event, but it seems the studio has already made some of the biggest announcements before the show has even started. In addition to last night's news that Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will voice Rapunzel, John Lasseter was also in London today to reveal news and show clips that were expected to premiere at D23 Expo.

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Guess who is selling his house!!!

Oh wait I put his picture. :[

SELLER: John Krasinski
LOCATION: Cynthia Street, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $1,245,000
SIZE: 1,279 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Pristine Country English home situated behind lush privacy hedges, pedestrian gate, and gated driveway. French doors, hardwood floors, updated kitchen/bathrooms and high ceilings. Detached guest studio with gorgeous remodeled bathroom. Flat grassy yard, verdant period landscaping, spacious outdoor patio off of sun filled den complete this charming offering.

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Kate In Tears As Jon Says He's Bringing Girlfriend To Their Home

There's major new drama in the Jon and Kate Gosselin saga and it's left Kate crying hysterically.

Jon told Kate on Thursday that he's planning to bring girlfriend Hailey Glassman to their Pennsylvania home very soon to spend time with their children, learned exclusively.

That news devastated Kate, who told a Pennsylvania pal that she broke down and cried hysterically while talking to Jon.

Kate thinks it's too soon for the kids to be introduced to their father's girlfriend. She asked Jon to consider the kids' emotions and how hard it is for them to deal with their parents divorce. In Kate's view, adding a parent's new romantic interest into the equation right now is simply too much.

Jon spent Thursday with Hailey, 22, but took time out of his day to call his soon-to-be-ex-wife and tell her that he soon will be bringing Hailey to the Wernersville home where the kids stay while Jon and Kate take turns living there. The reality show couple's divorce is scheduled to be finalized this month.

It was simply too much for Kate and she broke down.

"I think Jon is incredibly insensitive for doing this," Kate's pal from Pennsylvania told "This came out of nowhere. It took Kate totally by surprise."

And it wasn't a happy surprise either.

When Kate cried Jon was hardly sympathetic - in fact he was downright nasty. Another source familiar with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars says, "Jon thinks Kate is a big drama queen and turns on the tears to get sympathy."

In an ABC interview earlier this week Jon said he despises Kate and love Hailey more than he ever loved his wife.


Paul Wesley Had Never Heard of Twilight?!?!

OK, so I'm only watching Vampire Diaries for Ian Somerhalder, Ian's arms, Ian's eyes and Ian's body -- but I still found this "who is Edward Cullen" conversation with "VD's" other vamp, Paul Wesley, interesting. Mostly because he claims to have been ignorant of Twilight while filming the pilot!

Um, you only got a green light because of Twi-hards! Am I right?????

PopWrap: So let's talk about the big elephant in the room -- how many times have you heard the words Edward Cullen since you started this project?

Paul: I basically get it every day, in every interview I do. But I get it -- they're both age old vampires who are in love with mortal girls and the stories take place in high school settings. It's similar -- but they're totally different people.

 PW: Did you know about "Twilight" when you signed on?

Paul: I'm just now learning about Edward Cullen because people keep asking me about it [laughs]. But when we were shooting, I had no idea who Edward Cullen was -- or what "Twilight" was. I'm sure he's incredible, but I'm going to think too much about him because for me, it's all about Stefan!

rest of IV after the jump!


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Christian Bale

Nine Turkish girls rescued from fake reality television show

Turkish police have rescued nine women from an Istanbul villa where they were allegedly held captive after applying for a reality show, but instead found they were being told to wear bikinis and fight each other for the benefit of an internet audience.

A man has been arrested after footage of the women was allegedly sold on the internet.

“We thought our daughter could have the chance of becoming famous if she took part in the contest,” Remziye, the mother of one of the women, told the newspaper Haberturk. “But they have fooled us all.”

The military police, who conducted the raid, said that they had been held against their will for two months in a villa in Riva, on the outskirts of Istanbul.

They apparently believed they were to be on a television show similar to Big Brother, but were surprised to find that pictures of them by the pool and exercising in skimpy clothing were appearing on the internet, where users were allowed to vote for their favourite by mobile telephone and charged to see more.

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Marilyn Monroe
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Rare photos of Jackie O as anniversary of the day she became a Kennedy approaches

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She personified elegance and style - and, as these rare and wonderful photos show, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was clearly a woman at ease in the glare of the cameras.

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the day she became a Kennedy (Sept. 12), is presenting rare outtakes from its coverage of JFK's stunning wife. The gallery will contain photos of Jackie taken during the couple's 10 years together: on her wedding day, on the campaign trail, and more.

Wearing her grandmother's rose-point lace veil, 24-year-old Jacqueline Lee Bouvier is pictured smiling on the day of her wedding to Sen. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on Sept. 12, 1953.

But despite her obvious joy, the day came with its fair share of stresses for young Jackie.

Her father had gotten drunk in his hotel room and missed the ceremony entirely, and at the reception she faced a receiving line of 1,200 high-profile guests.

But as she stands with her new husband at the Hammersmith Farm in Newport, R.I., dressed in an ivory silk taffeta gown, delicate gloves, and a single, elegant strand of pearls, she displays the grace under pressure that would serve her well in later years.

The second photo featured here shows Jackie looking straight-to-camera at a New York City campaign event.

One possible explanation for her perfect poise: the young Jacqueline Bouvier had been a reporter/photographer — her column was called the "Inquiring Camera Girl" — for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper, asking the same question of several strangers and taking their pictures.

For more amazing photos, go to

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1D - Niall the hipster

will they or won't they? blind item

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Blind Item: Lovers' biggest obstacle? The network!

Cupid might wanna trade in his standard bow and arrow for something that packs a little more punch if he sees today’s blind item. For that matter, you might feel inclined to take a shot at a few network suits, too. See, they’re the only obstacle that a certain popular TV couple can’t seem to overcome.

For seasons now, one stumbling block has been placed in front of another to keep the dynamic duo apart. But, finally, at the end of last season, viewers were supposed to get the big get-together for which they’d been waiting. The love story’s happy ending — or real beginning, as it were — was all planned out.

Unfortunately, the execs got cold feet.

Terrified that, without the constant “Will-they-or-won’t-they?” tension between the two, viewers would instead wonder “Why are we watching this?” — Moonlighting, anyone? — the net asked producers to delay the hook-up, and our gratification. So a new wall was blueprinted and built between the would-be sweethearts.

Mind you, the couple will eventually get together — the season after this one, if the powers that be are to be believed. It’ll just take a little longer than it was supposed to.

So… who’s the duo with the fragile dynamic?

Film - The Old Guard

Jennifer Aniston ready to reveal her singing voice

( -- Jennifer Aniston will be singing and playing the guitar in an upcoming film, and she makes one guarantee about her big-screen musical debut: "I can carry a tune."

Aniston is both starring in and producing "The Goree Girls" -- the story of a real-life 1940s-era country music group comprised of all-female prison inmates -- and is currently honing her singing skills as the production prepares to roll in January.

"It won't be bad," Aniston says while promoting her latest film "Love Happens."

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Haters to the left; I still love her.

Wondering what Coolio has been up to lately?

 No?  Well I'm going to tell you anyway!

Coolio Performs for $3000, a Bucket of Chicken and a bottle of Patron
Posted Sep 1st 2009

Nineties rapper Coolio has been hired to play a small venue in Colorado for a "$3,000, a bucket of chicken and a bottle of Patron (he likes the Silver variety)" according to the show's booker. The concert will be held on Sept. 6, at "The Deli Zone" a restaurant in Longmont, [Colorado] whose local paper hails the performance as "the city's first celebrity performance in recent memory."
"Where's Longmont at?" Coolio is quoted as saying, in response to being asked by the Longmont Times-Call if he'd ever been to visit the city, which was recently named one of the top 50 places to live by Money Magazine. "My hope is that Coolio is going to give us ... some recognition," said the restaurant's owner, Jeremy King. "I'm hoping to get a cool reputation as a cool place to come see music."
The 'Fantastic Voyage' rapper has had a slippery ride of late, losing his "irreverent" reality parenting show, "Coolio's Rules" and getting publicly groped by an Italian model, amongst other bizarre incidents.
"I'm really excited about the possibility of Longmont becoming a hot spot for music," stated Jimmy Macias, the venue's excited young booker about the upcoming performance. Besides booking the Zone, the 24 year-old is a rapper in a group called 2 Real 4 da Mind (!), who will also open for Coolio.

Heroes Promo Admits to 2 Seasons of Suckage

Okay, you watch the new preview and tell me. "Back at their best"? That implies that the Heroes have not been at their best for the past two seasons, which is accurate, but for NBC to just come out and acknowledge the show needs "redemption" is... ballsy. You know, it's been so long since Heroes was good, I've actually forgotten what made it good. Although I clearly remember what made it bad these past two seasons, including characters changing their motivations randomly and far too often, Sylar having mommy issues, certain Heroes doing something stupid just to drive the plot, Sylar having daddy issues, Hiro only using his time travel powers in the stupidest fucking instances and never the times where it made sense, Sylar having mommy issues with someone else's mommy, something stupid happening to Hiro just to get him out of the way for 8 episodes, Sylar having daddy issues with someone else's daddy, Ali Larter, everyone making horribly stupid decisions but not learning from them, and... well, I could add more, but I don't want to nitpick.

After the last season, I'm not going to pretend I have an open mind about this. Even NBC knows that they owe Heroes watchers some decent fucking television, so I don't need to pretend otherwise. Still, I'll be there with the Official TR Heroes Live-Blog, and I hope you guys'll join me.

PS -- A two-hour premiere? Oh god. I'm going to have to get my liver in shape if I want to survive September 21st.

jane fonda

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT trailer to debut during VMA's

The trailer for the upcoming Michael Jackson concert rehearsal film This Is It will debut during the MTV Video Music Awards, airing live this Sunday, September 13th from New York’s Radio City Music Hall. The announcement of the trailer comes just a day after MTV revealed that Janet Jackson will open the VMAs with a tribute to her brother Michael, ensuring that the awards show will also double as a celebration to the King of Pop’s legacy.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, This Is It will come to movie theaters around the globe on October 28th. The film will be culled from hundreds of hours of footage featuring Jackson rehearsing for his planned 50-concert run at London’s O2 Arena. Kenny Ortega, who was serving as director of the This Is It concerts, will also helm the This Is It movie. The film will have a limited run of two weeks in theaters before going to DVD in a multitude of formats by year’s end. According to reports, the film will also feature a new Jackson song.

For those who won’t be watching the VMAs because it’s the first Sunday of the NFL season and the True Blood finale is on, the trailer will also screen before the animated film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs starting September 18th. (Or, you can head to the This Is It site, which will simultaneously post the trailer online when it debuts on the VMAs.) Tickets for the two-week-only theatrical engagement for This Is It go on sale on September 27th.


I am so excited for this!


Ellen - Sued Over Record Company Copyrights

Few pop culture bits have a higher daytime visibility than the so-called “dance over” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a segment where the 3-million-viewers-a-day talk show host, accompanied by popular music, shimmies over to her desk following an opening monologue. However, a group of record labels is looking to cut the music on DeGeneres' gangly gag.

According to papers filed on Wednesday in Nashville's District Court, 17 labels have banded together to slap The Ellen DeGeneres Show and its parent companies with a lawsuit alleging the production has used “well over one thousand sound recording owned or controlled by Plaintiffs” without permission.

The coalition — which includes Arista Music, Atlantic Recording Corporation, Big Beat Records, Capitol Records, Motown Record Company, Priority Records, Rhino Entertainment Company, Sire Records Company, Sony Music Entertainment, UMG Recordings, Virgin Records America, Warner Bros. Recording, and Zomba Recording — says the show's producers have acted "with complete disregard" for the legal framework of the music business. Contacted by record company representatives inquiring about why they did not obtain licenses, DeGeneres' people said they “did not roll that way,” according to the filing.

Music soundtracks are part of a number of the show's sequences in addition to the iconic “dance-over,” and the show often employs “the same sound recordings in multiple episodes and multiple seasons,” according to the suit.

The suit asks for compensatory, punitive and treble damages. The plaintiffs decided to file the suit in U.S. District Court because the area is “a major music recording and production center, and the recording industry has a sizable impact on the economy in this District.” The lawsuit — which is available here — asks for a jury trial and both compensatory and punitive damages.

None of the representatives for the recording companies reached today offered any comment, nor did the plaintiffs' attorney, Timothy L. Warnock of Riley, Warnock & Jacobson.

A New York spokesperson for the show's parent company Time Warner referred an inquiry about the lawsuit to a Warner Brothers representative in Los Angeles who has not issued any comment. Neither has a publicist for DeGeneres. will update this story if any of the defendants comment later today.


I swear to God, copyright infringements anger me more than anything else in this world... a LOT. :P
Cecil B. Demented

From the people who brought you Kids and Boys Don't Cry

MADRID -- Barcelona-based producer Zip Films has taken a minority co-production stake on Killer Films' $20 million film project "Betsy and the Emperor."

Pic is based on a children's book published in 2004 by New York writer Staton Rabin, previously set up at Warner Bros. kids unit Storyopolis.

Helmed by John Curran (The Painted Veil), "Betsy" has Al Pacino attached to limn Napoleon Bonaparte while Dakota Fanning will play 14-year-old British girl Betsy Balcombe, whose family entertained Bonaparte at their home on the Atlantic island of St. Helena.

"Betsy's" studio shoot will roll early 2010 in the U.S. According to Zip Films producer Jordi Rediu, Zip is now scouting for locations in Spain to re-create St. Helena, where Napoleon spent the last days of his life.

Zip has taken all rights for Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Zip's co-production deal was inked by Adi Cohen and Joseph Grinkorn's New York-based capital risk company GC Group, owner of the "Betsy" film and stage adaptation rights.

AFI Release Free Song From "Crash Love"

No, this isn't a joke. Head on over to and download "Fainting Spells," a Decemberunderground B-side that will finally be released on deluxe editions of Crash Love. Thoughts? Complaints? Excessive fanboy/girling? It's time!
I'll keep this brief so we can properly freak out. What do you think?
It's one of the stranger songs our boys have written, but the loud break is pretty spectacular. Very aggressive and reminds me of Sing The Sorrow.

Time to discuss!
mac n chloe

Lenny Kravitz comes home for some shows!

Lenny Kravitz returns to the States in October after a long European tour and will be playing 14 shows on the east coast starting in Manhattan and ending in New Orleans. More information here!

Oct 11-15 Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York City
Oct 17 MGM Grand/Foxwoods in CT
Oct 18 Fillmore at Irving Plaza in N.Y.C
Oct 20 Warner Theatre in Washington DC
Oct 23 Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ
Oct 24 Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ
Oct 27 Fillmore in Charlotte, NC
Oct 29 Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA
Oct 30 Harrah's Casino Tunica, Tunica, MS
Nov 1 Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans
Photo courtesy of his amazing twitter account.


Eli Roth for PETA

Actor/director Eli Roth wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty bashing "Natzees" with a baseball bat as Sgt. Donnie Donowitz, aka "The Bear Jew," in Inglourious Basterds, nor has he shied away from gore in his "oh-my-god-this-is-so-disgusting-but-I-cannot-look-away" films Hostel and Cabin Fever. But now, Eli Roth—who, behind all the (fake) blood and guts, has a heart of gold—has teamed up with PETA to direct and star in our very first MySpace exclusive PSA. In the ad, he reminds everyone that the violence in his movies is fake—but violence against animals is real and is an important issue.

Eli Roth Speaks Out Against Violence in PETA PSA

A guy who enjoys an "all in good fun" beheading and long walks on the beach? What more could you ask for?

How about some exclusive pictures?

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I would say "don't turn this into a PETA hate post" but this is ONTD so... whatever.

Source via Eli's Twitter here

ETA: HOLY CRAP Eli just linked this post on his twitter. Eli if you read this ONTD LOVES YOU!

Why Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist' Is Not Misogynistic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


It's easy to understand why the name Lars Von Trier sets off the ire of countless feminists. If you look at them a certain (incredibly narrow) way, the Danish director's films can be distilled into one big pile of woman-hating celluloid. In 'Breaking the Waves', Emily Watson stars as a woman whose husband becomes paralyzed and encourages her to sleep with other men; in 'Dogville,' Nicole Kidman's character is raped and enslaved; and in 'Dancer in the Dark,' Bjork plays a woman who is slowly going blind and eventually falsely accused of a crime she did not commit.

The actresses who have worked alongside Von Trier often attest to his bizarre relationship with women. Kidman famously asked the director why he hates women, while Bjork was so disturbed on set that she began to consume her own sweater. All that highly negative press is probably what led to Von Trier hiring a misogyny specialist for his latest film, 'Antichrist.' But he needn't have bothered. Anyone in their right mind (i.e. none of the characters in the film) would realize this movie is not about men or women, at all, but about the repercussions of depression. Misogyny requires a certain commitment to hating women while anyone who knows anything about depression is aware that those afflicted with it have no attachment to anything at all.

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amanda lepore

Love's Guitar Hero Attack Isn't Hysterics - Grohl + Noveselic Weigh In

This message was posted on the Foo Fighter's website regarding the use of Kurt Cobain's image on the new Guitar Hero game. If you recall, Courtney Love had a twitfit about Kurt's likeness being an unlockable character (and thus resulting in player's being able to use Kurt for any song on the game). Courtney's rants generally come off as bizarre these days but in this case it turns out that this actually wasn't part of the deal. Kurt's image was supposed to ONLY be used for the Nirvana songs on the game.

This is a statement regarding Nirvana, Guitar Hero and the likeness of the late Kurt Cobain.

We want people to know that we are dismayed and very disappointed in the way a facsimile of Kurt is used in the Guitar Hero game. The name and likeness of Kurt Cobain are the sole property of his estate – we have no control whatsoever in that area.

While we were aware of Kurt’s image being used with two Nirvana songs, we didn’t know players have the ability to unlock the character. This feature allows the character to be used with any kind of song the player wants. We urge Activision to do the right thing in “re-locking” Kurt’s character so that this won’t continue in the future.

It’s hard to watch an image of Kurt pantomiming other artists’ music alongside cartoon characters. Kurt Cobain wrote songs that hold a lot of meaning to people all over the world. We feel he deserves better.

Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl


I guess the details of the agreement weren't clear.

Better days, better days.

Monty Python reuniting for one night in New York

Disbanded but hardly forgotten, sublimely ridiculous comedy troupe Monty Python (pictured above) gets a fresh influx of showbiz love over the next couple of months. Tributes to England’s funniest geezers peak Oct. 15 when the Python gang gathers onstage in New York to share stories and blow minds.

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I'd give my non-existent left nut to be able to go to this.



Andrew on a train.

What is The Twilight Saga’s Appeal to Adult Women?

Recently articles have been triumphing that the little indie movie that could is springing into the engine to conquer. Each day I am hearing more and more about older audiences getting hooked on the story. Why such an older pull? It’s the roles of the men in the book or on film.
The story points out forgiveness and betterment during all four books. Each character struggles with selfishness and self-absorption but manages to conquer it for better good. In our real world we are faced every day with the perceptions of the roles of men. Twilight takes these head on.

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1D - Niall the hipster

hide your shame

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hayden Panettiere pretends she wasn't illegally in a nightclub

Here's Hayden Panettiere hiding her face while leaving Madame Royale nightclub last night so she can prevent exactly what's happening in this post: Being seen as a 20-year-old leaving a drinking establishment. Whoops! However, in Madame Royale's defense, I'm sure they refused Hayden service when she requested a thimble full of vodka and a grasshopper to ride home on.

SOURCE: thesuperficial

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gaye ticket info

Image and video hosting by TinyPic can reveal the first 4 US dates from ‘Fame Kills Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga’ tour. The full US leg will be revealed on Monday, September 15. More info to come soon.

Ticket Prices: US $39.50 up to US $250.00.

November 18, 2009 – Sacramento, CA
December 12, 2009 – Greensboro, NC (Presale begins: Tue, 09/15/09 @ 10:00 AM)
December 26, 2009 – Hartford, CT (Sale begins:Tue, 09/19/09 @ 10:00 AM)
January 24, 2010 – Dallas, TX (Presale begins:Tue, 09/15/09 @ 10:00 AM)

this kind of sucks, i feel like bc kanye is there it jacks the prices up :(
Office: Pam default

Camille Hughes of NYC Prep asked not to return to Nightingale

Reality TV claimed yet another victim today as it was revealed that Camille Hughes NYC Prep's Harvard-bound Lucrezia Borgia, will not be returning this fall to the prestigious Nightingale-Bamford School.

Nightingale-Bamford had previously aired its distaste with Hughes' participation in the historic documentary. After expressing its feelings, however, the school tolerated her presence through the Spring semester.

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I'm here for the lulz always bought by these posts. Sebastian is too.

Viggo Mortensen quits acting, remains ruggedly sexy while doing so

Every now and then some Hollywood actor steps up to a microphone and pronounces that he or she is quitting acting. Two weeks later that same actor will, invariably, sign up for a whole host of new projects. Yet for some reason, I’m more inclined to believe it when it comes to Viggo Mortensen who, normally, doesn’t take his job lightly.

In an interview with Men’s Journal Viggo says, “I have no plans to do another movie. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm open to seeing how I feel in a while, but right now I'm not saying yes to anything. My agent is like, 'Well, if you don't do anything, people will forget about you...' I just feel like I've taken on too much for a while.

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I only find him attractive as Aragorn. He's a fantastic actor, I hope he does more eventually.



Mimi Continues To Channel Mariah

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In a brand new promotional shoot for her upcoming album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, superstar Mariah Carey has re-created the cover of one her most popular albums, Butterfly.

This is the second time now that Mimi has brought back a blast from the past, recently re-shooting her Vision Of Love pics to promote her upcoming Vegas concert.

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How about recreating the amazingness your music used to be

Why Even Bother?

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Will Smith's superhero movie Hancock may have divided comic-book fans -- some liked it, some not so much -- but regardless it made enough cash to warrant the go-ahead on a sequel. And now director Peter Berg is saying that the first film's stars, namely Smith and Charlize Theron, will be back for part two.

"Everybody's going to come back for a sequel," Berg said in response to a question about the two stars, reports MTV's Splash Page. There's no word on the status of Jason Bateman's sad-sack character from the original, however.

Berg will be helming the sequel, which he says will feature the appearance of at least one more of the super-powered, god-like beings portrayed by Smith in the first film.

"We have [someone in mind for the role]," Berg tells the site. "I'm not gonna tell you who, but we have!"

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Jamie Bower Reveals Details About The Final 'Potter' Films

Over on MTV's Movies site, we just ran an interview with one of our favorite up-and-coming actors, British newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower. The dude has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a character in both the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" franchises — what's cooler than that?

During our interview, however, Jamie did reveal one key fact that might not be met with such enthusiasm: Despite reports to the contrary, he's only expecting to be in one of the final two "Potter" movies.

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That last line--HE IS DEAD TO ME. D: D: D: (More interview stuff at the linked bit.)

Shut up, Kara

Kara DioGuardi Reacts to Ellen Hire and On Not Being American Idol's New Kid

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Kara DioGuardi is "thrilled" about Ellen DeGeneres slipping in to fill Paula Abdul's chair at the American Idol judging table and recently opened up about how tough being the "new kid" was last season.

"I’m a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan, I think she’s going to bring so much to the show," she told Sirius XM's Larry Flick. "She’s somebody who loves music, she’s positive, she loves kids..she is somebody who has watched the show from the beginning, knows everything there is to know about American Idol and I think ultimately it’s going to be a great new energy."

In the interview which hits the airwaves on Friday at 9:00 am ET, DioGuardi talks about how excited she is to "hang out" with the comedian.

"I’ve only met her once, I did the [Ellen] show, she was delightful. I would love…to say [to her] ‘this is great’..and let her know that I’m completely ecstatic."

DioGuardi was even more candid when discussing her own Idol experience.

"It was pretty hellish." She admitted. "I got slagged…it was difficult for them to accept the change. It was difficult for them to understand why somebody who nobody had ever heard of could kind of come out of nowhere and sit next to these iconic figures. You know, why was I there, what did I do to deserve to do to be there?"

She continued that many watchers were ignorant about her professional contributions which didn't help their reticence to embrace her: "You know I could understand it, and I think to this day I don’t think people probably don’t still understand really what I’ve done in the music industry or….my achievements. And that’s OK …slowly they’ll learn, hopefully. Or they won’t. And it will just be easier this year because I’m not as fearful as I was last year…for someone who’s never been on live television it’s very, very challenging to go from the back of the studio to the number one TV show, and that kind of visibility. And it was very, very, very scary."

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