July 28th, 2009

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Dr. Murray to Cops: I Gave Jackson Propofol

We've told you since July 15 police believe Dr. Conrad Murray administered Propofol to Michael Jackson -- the drug that killed him. There's a reason police believe it. Dr. Murray told them.

Two days after Jackson's death, Dr. Murray told LAPD detectives he administered Propofol to the singer hours before he died ... this, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

We're told Dr. Murray gave Jackson an IV drip of the powerful anesthesia. Police believe Dr. Murray simply wasn't paying attention when the singer's heart stopped beating.

Authorities believe Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

An IV drip of Propofol allows a constant, steady infusion of the drug for a period of time determined by the person administering it.

It is considered reckless in the medical community for a doctor to administer an IV drip of Propofol without the patient being monitored by an EKG, which sounds an alarm when the patient's pulse drops too low. No EKG was found in the house.

Another device -- known as a pulse oximeter -- is used to determine the oxygen saturation in the patient's blood. If the patient's breathing slows to a dangerous level, an alarm alerts the treating physician. Again, no oximeter was found in the house.




Oh lawd, Joel Madden is writing a book.

Singer, producer, father and now author?

Good Charlotte frontman and Nicole Richie beau Joel Madden has been mum about his literary aspirations in the past, but confirmed to PEOPLE Saturday that he is indeed working on a book.

"I'm lightly working on one," Madden, 30, said, before taking the field in the Hollywood Stars Celebrity Softball game at Dodger Stadium, "but I don't want to put a book out there if it's not actually meaningful. I'm not going to go there unless I can deliver."

Though the project is in it's early stages, the soon-to-be father of two already knows to follow the age-old advice given by all writing teachers – write what you know.

"It would be about my life," the singer says, "It would be about, mostly, the big changes in my life: Kids, relationships, moving to L.A…the big life changes that I've gone through."

Despite the potential rich Hollywood backdrop, don't expect your typical celebrity tell-all. "If I put a book out, I want it to be something that matters to me," he says. "It has to be real, you can't just put a book out, to put a book out."

He concludes: "I want every page to mean something."


ONTD, would you read it? I wouldn't. He's boring as hell.
PB Scofield/Sarah asdlkfjalsd

Redmond O'Neal will fund father's future meth purchases

Details of Farrah Fawcett's will have surfaced and reports indicate that the 70's television icon left her entire estate to her son, Redmond, and nothing for her longtime partner Ryan O'Neal.

The actress updated her will in 2007, after learning her cancer has spread into her liver. The majority of the actress's nearly $6 million estate was placed in a trust fund for her 24 year old son.

The Daily Mail reports, "Farrah appointed two trustees to make sure the money supports her son's journey into sobriety rather than giving him the means to destroy himself. Redmond's inheritance will be tightly controlled." O'Neal (who is also Redmond's Father) will not be one of the trustees.

Redmond, Fawcett's only child, has struggled with both drug and alcohol addictions. He is currently serving time in a Los Angeles jail, on drug-related charges. Once he is released, he will get a monthly allowance from the fund as well as money to buy a home.

Ryan O'Neal said last week, "I loved her so very, very much. Redmond is in the fight of his life but is doing well. I will do everything that is in my power to honor her memory and to protect our son."

Fawcett, who died on June 25, also left some money to the University of Texas which was her alma mater.


I can't decide if this was really smart or really stupid.
Lost Eko Hello

That guy who beat Lance Armstrong whines that most people still don't know he is

Tour de France winner Alberto Contador has launched a stinging attack on Astana teammate Lance Armstrong after returning as a hero to his native town of Pinto near Madrid.

Contador told a news conference that relations between the two riders were tense throughout the race, making the atmosphere very difficult for the team as a whole.

Although not giving specific reasons why, Contador admitted the situation has affected his relationship with the American.

"My relationship with Lance Armstrong is non-existent. Even if he is a great champion, I have never had admiration for him and I never will," the 26-year-old Spaniard admitted.
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Seems rather excessive to start drama like this to me, although it must suck that CNN still appears more impressed that Lance was able to come in third.

The Get Up Kids Apologize for Helping Create Emo

As we previously reported, the Get Up Kids are back together and celebrating the tenth anniversary of their disc Something to Write Home About with some touring. But as one of the originators of emo, the band are not happy with what that word has come to represent. So much so, in fact, that they’re apologizing for their part in the whole mess.

No one old enough to remember bands like Boys Life, Cerberus Shoal or Texas Is the Reason likes to hear the word “emo” anymore; Jim Suptic, Get Up Kids guitarist, understands and is now saying he’s sorry for the scene his band unwittingly helped create.

In an interview with Drowned in Sound, Suptic had some less-than-kind words for today’s emo bands.

"Honestly, I don't often think about the state of 'emo,'" Suptic said. “The punk scene we came out of and the punk scene now are completely different. It’s like glam rock now. We played the Bamboozle fests this year and we felt really out of place. I could name maybe three bands we played with. It was just a sea of neon shirts to us. If this is the world we helped create, then I apologize.”

Suptic even went on to say: "If a band gets huge and they say we inspired them, great. The problem is most of them aren't very good. What does that say about us? I don't know. Maybe we sucked. At least we can play our instruments."


We're sorry you helped create emo too.

P!nk accuses Christina Aguilera of being a lesbian who wants to sleep with Lindsay Lohan

Pop singer Pink, who has never been one to shy away from controversy, has walked into another storm by claiming that Christina Aguilera eyes out women and told her herself once that she wouldn't mind a fling with American actress Lindsay Lohan.

"You know she said something like, 'I could get it on with her any time', and you just so knew she meant it." Singer Pink was quoted saying.

Lindsay Lohan has shrugged off the remark but some say the remark has left the door open. "She knows where I Iive", Lohan's reportedly joked.

But sources close to Aguilera have laughed off the comment.

"It is absurd, the very heterosexual Christina is involved in a relationship with a man and is currently concentrating on being a mother," a friend notes, "I couldn't think of anything less of interest to her."

"Pink is again trying to get attention, she has always been jealous of Christina's looks and is once again trying to bait her."

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Go Mad Men Yourself

Joan is giving me the whore-eye but I am too blitzed and blinded by cancerous smoke to care. By my wristwatch (off camera), it’s only 10 a.m. inside the offices of Sterling Cooper. Back in reality, the red-hot third season of Mad Men is set to premiere next month, and today AMC launched MadMenYourself.com. It’s one of those customizable avatar businesses where man aka “suit” (or woman aka “skirt”) creeps into the valley of advertising and becomes one (and hip to boot)!

This feature is already trending with the growing, indifferent ‘09 masses of funemployed 20somethings. Hopefully AMC goes next level and unleashes a similarly stylish, more-time-wasting MMORPG. The Hot Coffee-incidents would surely be plentiful, albeit excusable for the era, and maybe this time Peggy can party the baby off. If you’re wondering who’s behind the drawerings, check out the official site of artist Dyna Moe.


I think the site is cute. Here's mine:

purty tardis

Caridee English: Gutterbutt Trollop

ANTM Winner CariDee’s Alleged Sublet Nightmare

Apartment sublets are a tricky thing: For the lessor, it's taking the leap of faith in letting some random person have access to all of your stuff. For the lessee, it's hoping you're not paying for a hellhole or that the lessor doesn't want to kill you at the end of the transaction. Alas, it seems that we've got a worst-case subletting scenario on our hands when it comes to America's Next Top Model cycle-seven winner CariDee English, who recently subleased a Brooklyn apartment for two weeks through Craigslist.

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george jetson

Rihanna is a karaoke superstar

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Rihanna spent Saturday night in New York’s Shanghai Square, singing karaoke for three hours with her friends, RadarOnline.com has learned. “She came with about six friends and joined about eight more friends who were already there,” an eyewitness said. “She didn’t want to be in a private room – she was in the main lounge with everyone else.”

Rihanna sang along for about 10 songs, the source said. “She requested Misery Business by Paramore and Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. She also sang along with friends to Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Anytime anyone wanted to request a Rihanna song she said no!”

There are three mikes in the lounge and Rihanna was holding one of them and singing with everyone during the songs. The table had bottle service and Rihanna was drinking Johnny Walker Black with Ginger Ale.

“The group had many of their cocktails comped so the bill only came to about $500 and they left a generous tip,” the source added. “Rihanna looked beautiful in a red dress and her hair and makeup were perfect. She was very gracious to everyone.”

star wars | father and son.

Rafael Nadal: Relaxing in Mallorca

Giving himself plenty of rest and relaxation, Rafael Nadal was spotted enjoying a holiday in Palma de Mallorca in Mallorca, Spain today (July 27).

The tennis stud was joined by his sexy bathing suit-clad girlfriend Maria Francesca Perello as he enjoyed a boat ride as well as some sun bathing and swimming.

Coming up August 8th, Rafael will return to competition as a competitor in the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Canada, his first tournament since his French Open loss.

Nadal’s doctor told press, “The evolution of his injury is positive and the player will continue with his physiotherapy and muscular work and will resume his tennis activity in a progressive way.”

"I am happy to return to training," Nadal said. "To have the racket in my hand again and do what I like doing," he said.

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i don't reaally get how he is having a holiday in his own backyard, but w/e
needs more Spanish Travelling Swimshorts though.
young JJ

mini Britney post

Womanizer Is Britney’s Best Selling Single In The US!
After it’s release on October 7th, 2008 ‘Womanizer’ has sold 2,777,614 copies and thereby stands at #39 of the best selling download single of all time.

Another interesting fact is that ‘Womanizer’ is officially now Britney’s best selling single in the US having sold more than ‘Baby One More Time’ (1 million) and ‘Toxic’ (500k).

Also, after 10 months of release ‘Womanizer’ is still charting and currently at #279 on iTunes while ‘Circus’ sits at #121.

Also, here's a video of Britney at the airport in Berlin on July 27th.

source and source
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Jackson Doctor's Vegas House/Office Raided
The DEA has just arrived at Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home and office with search warrants in hand.

Sources tell us they are looking for all patient records connected to Michael Jackson.

We're on scene and watched multiple DEA agents walk in the back door of Dr.Murray's home and other agents are at his office.

Story developing



wtf was the point of the stream? lololol


Battlestar Galactica Changes the UN Charter


More exciting was Olmos' announcement about his show's influence on the United Nations, which has officially changed its charter after meeting with the Battlestar Galactica stars over human rights last March. Per Olmos, the UN will no longer use the word "race" as a cultural determinant; instead, we will all be considered a part of one race: humans (unless you're a Cylon).

Source and Source

This is crazy. It was the first time a show had been invited to speak at the United Nations, and now they've changed their constitution to reflect what was discussed at that meeting.
e sedgwick


EW is pleased to introduce the first contestant who'll be sashaying your way on season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race: Meet Jessica Wild. The raven-haired beauty (pictured at left in a bustier and door-knocker-sized earrings) is actually the choice of the people -- that is, fans chose her from the slew of wannabes who submitted profiles on RuPaulCasting.com. (The rest of the cast will consist of producer-chosen contestants.) As I'm sure Drag Race fans will remember, last year's fan-voted contestant was none other than delicious runner-up Nina Flowers. So Jessica has a lot to live up to in the show's second season, which is set to debut in early 2010.
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whitney houston's album gets a release date

Whitney Houston
’s album listening parties in New York and Los Angeles were such hits, Arista Records has moved the release date of her much-anticipated album I Look To You up to August 31st.

As a gift to her fans, a free download of the album’s title track is available now at WhitneyHouston.com until July 31st.

I Look To You, Whitney’s 7th studio album, has been produced and written by Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am, songwriter Sean Garrett and R&B singer Akon.


Fave Whitney song? Mine is "I will always love you"

brb watching the bodyguard

Kim Kardashian on her breakup

Although BOSSIP originally reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up due to his cheating ways, BOSSIP was on the phone with Kim last night and she is sticking to her story that their conflicting schedules caused the split. Kim K exclusively tells BOSSIP

“Not being able to be together caused the breakup, not cheating. He has his football and I have more seasons of my show to develop. He wasn’t cheating with Vanessa Manillo.”


um .. who said anything about vanessa manillo ? lol

Jazz composer George Russell Dies at age 86

BOSTON - Jazz composer George Russell, a MacArthur fellow whose theories influenced the modal music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, has died.

His publicist says Russell, who taught at the New England Conservatory, died Monday in Boston at age 86 of complications from Alzheimer’s.

Russell was born in Cincinnati in 1923 and attended Wilberforce University. He played drums in Benny Carter’s band and later wrote “Cubano Be/Cubano Bop” for Dizzy Gillespie’s orchestra. It premiered at Carnegie Hall in 1947 and was the first fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz.
Story continues below ↓advertisement | your ad here

Russell developed the Lydian concept in 1953. It’s credited as the first theoretical contribution from jazz.

Russell is survived by his wife, his son and three grandchildren. A release says a memorial service will be planned.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Jay-Z Step Up to Fill In for Beastie Boys' Cancelled Tour Dates

Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Jay-Z Step Up to Fill In for Beastie Boys' Cancelled Tour Dates

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Only last week, The Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch announced his cancer diagnosis via a heartfelt video on beastieboys.com. With longtime group member Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz sitting by his side, Yauch addressed the situation with humor and honesty, apologizing to fans that the hip-hop trio would bepushing back their upcoming record release date and cancelling a series of concerts.

In the wake of this news, all-star musicians have stepped up to fill the shoes of the Beastie Boys, who were set to headline two upcoming summer festivals: rapper Jay-Z is taking over at New Jersey’s All Points West festival this coming weekend and indie rockers The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will fill in at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 8.

In the meantime, 44-year-old Yauch will undergo surgery and radiation to treat the tumor discovered on his salivary gland

“The good news is that they did scans of my whole body and it’s only localized in this one area, and it’s not in a place that affects my voice,” said Yauch. “It’s a little bit of a setback, it’s a pain in the ass, but this is something that’s very treatable.”

Yauch continues, “I apologize for anyone who’s made plans or for who was psyched to come to these shows that are coming up. I just apologize for anyone who’s put themselves out in terms of their schedules. But we’ll be back doing this soon.”


Get well soon, Adam bb!
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Jennifer Aniston ‘Using Gerard Butler to Make Brad Pitt Jealous’

Jennifer Aniston has embarked on a romance with her The Bounty costar Gerard Butler in the hope it will make her ex-husband Brad Pitt jealous enough to get back with her, it has been claimed.

Aniston, 40, is said to be convinced that her “hot”, new relationship with Butler is the key to rekindling her romance with Pitt, who she divorced in 2005 after five years of marriage.


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IMO, Gerard >>>>> Brad, but that's just me.


You'll have to speak up...

Charlene Yi and Channing Tatum make dirty dancing funny.

No one puts Baby in the corner. And no one puts out a Dirty Dancing remake without spawning a Web spoof of the original.

In a five-and-a-half-minute MSN Cinemash short that sends up the classic boy-meets-girl-meets-Catskills-dancer tale, Channing Tatum (of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Charlyne Yi of Knocked Up) assume the roles that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey made famous in 1987 – complete with hilarious '80s hair, sweaty male toplessness, and campy dialogue.

"I'm scared of being put in the corner, Johnny, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of here and never feeling my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you," Yi whines passionately. "Dance with me."

And while they might not be quite as graceful as Swayze and Grey were at Kellerman's resort, they're definitely a lot funnier.
– Michael Y. Park


Y'know, for the longest time I could never figure out his name. I thought it was either Tanning Chatum or Chatum Tanning. Even once I got the individual names down, I still could never remember if it was Channing Tatum or Tatum Channing.

I hate his name.

The cast of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn gets work.

Just kidding, it's the Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers! The roast taped Sunday in LA and will be airing August 9. It was hosted by the fabulous Kathy Griffin. Comedy Central put some advance pics of the red carpet up online to get everyone jazzed for some good ol' Rivers roasting (don't let her get too close to the flames though, her face is liable to melt off). RIMSHOT.

Joan and roast master Kathy Griffin

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Source (full disclosure: I work for Comedy Central, which is how I knew the pics were up in advance).


Sh*t Just Got Real


Salem will see the return of another character from the past this fall.

After the news that Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell) was returning this fall broke, many viewers were eager to know if this would lead to the return of some of the Alamains. Now we know that Louise Sorel has been hired to make her return to Salem to portray Vivian Alamain.

Sorel played the villainous Vivian from 1992-2000, causing trouble for just about everyone in town. She married both Victor and Stefano, killed a string of people, buried Carly alive, attempted to kill Kate and stole her eggs. If things have been rocky for the residents of Salem lately, they’re about to get a whole lot worse.

Although no specific date for her return has been released so far, viewers should expect her return soon after Carly’s. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of more news as it is released.


So stoked for this!  She was one of my favourite characters and was missed by many fans!  Let the egg-stealing and burying alive commence!

culkin megamix

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World VIDEO GAME!!

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Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). A bass guitarist for totally average garage band Sex Bob-omb, the 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams...literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him. Genre-smashing filmmaker Edgar Wright tells the amazing story of one romantic slacker's quest to power up with love in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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"We were hooked on Scott Pilgrim from our first read of the comics and script,” said Bill Kispert, Vice President, Interactive, Universal Partnerships & Licensing. "The storyline mirrors the escalating structure of a video game, and it is filled with clever homage to video game culture. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Ubisoft to bring fans a thoroughly entertaining interactive experience.”

"We're excited to work with Universal to create a video game experience based on the Scott Pilgrim universe,” said Christian Salomon, vice president of Worldwide Licensing at Ubisoft. "Scott Pilgrim is a special property, one that is both nostalgic and completely original. The game will provide a fun and unique experience to players and combine all the important elements seen in the film—action, romance, irreverent pop culture references and rock-n-roll.”

"Video games have been a huge influence on the characters and world of Scott Pilgrim," said Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of the original graphic novels. "As a gamer myself, it is a true pleasure to work closely with the talented team at Ubisoft to bring Scott to life on video game screens worldwide."

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, is expected to launch worldwide with the film's 2010 release.


I think this is a really fantastic idea, and I hope they do it well. It just fits.

And please tell me they're getting the actors in on this... a Culkin voice in my video games would make my life.
Jayson Tatum → bowtie
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Former Panic! At The Disco Members Become The Young Veins

Nearly a month after parting ways with Panic! at the Disco "to embark on a musical excursion of their own," Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have finally decided on a name for that excursion. They're calling themselves the Young Veins.

Ross e-mailed MTV News late Monday night to make the announcement, which came two weeks to the day after he told us that he and Walker were at a loss for just what to call their new retro-leaning band. (Of course, we tried to help out the best we could.)

"We're going with the Young Veins," Ross wrote. "I hope you'll check us out."

For a time, they were also thinking about "the Guts," but decided it was "too punk" for their liking. Young Veins is a fitting name, one that sounds like it could've been lifted off one of the old Stax 45s from which Ross said he and Walker drew influence.

But the duo didn't stop with just a name for their new act: They've also decided to release their first single, a track which may or may not be called "Change." Ross said he isn't sure just where the Veins will debut the tune — either on their MySpace page or their just-registered Web site —e. but he did say that the song will premiere "sometime" Tuesday morning (July 28).

Perhaps not wanting to be outdone, on Tuesday morning, Ross and Walker's former Panic! bandmates began streaming their new single, "New Perspective," on their MySpace page.

The single is now on their myspace page which is linked above.
You can compare this to Brendon and Spencer's new single posted here yesterday.

New Nimh Adaptation On The Way?

'NIMH' adaptation in works

Paramount developing new feature based on the novel

By Steven Zeitchik and Jay A. Fernandez

July 27, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

Paramount smells a rat.

As rodents prove surprisingly likable on the big screen, the studio is developing a feature version of the award-winning children's tale "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH."

Director Neil Burger ("The Illusionist") is in talks to write the screenplay, and former Walden exec Cary Granat is on board to produce.

A pic would be the second theatrical go-round for the book, which MGM brought to the screen in 1982 as the animated "The Secret of NIMH," directed by Don Bluth.

Robert C. O'Brien's "Rats of NIMH" won the Newbery Medal in 1972 and has been a staple in children's bookstores and libraries since. The story centers on a mouse -- the titular Mrs. Frisby, re-named Mrs. Brisby in the MGM movie -- faced with a crisis when her son falls ill and she must move her family to escape a farmer's plow.

Mrs. Frisby enlists a group of former lab rats, whom she soon discovers run a highly evolved society, who possess advanced technologies and divide labor in the manner of a human community.

Formerly relegated to sidekick status, rodents have recently come into their own as leading, er, men. This weekend "G-Force," which centers on a mission undertaken by a group of CG guinea pigs, took the boxoffice cheese, earning $32 million and besting holdover "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Those familiar with "NIMH" noted, however, that the material had elements of a parable and reflected more serious ideas than the comparatively light comedy of "G-Force."

It's likely the new "NIMH" would combine live-action and animation in the manner of "Alvin & the Chipmunks" and other kiddie hybrids.

Granat is a family-fare veteran, producing pics at Walden that include "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" and serving as exec producer in the first pic in the "Spy Kids" franchise.

"NIMH" would be Burger's first foray into family fare. The CAA-repped writer-director's previous work includes the Ed Norton period magician tale "The Illusionist" and the Tim Robbins post-Iraq pic "The Lucky Ones." He's also on board to write the "Bride of Frankenstein" reboot at Universal."


I remember watching this as a child, and it scaring the shit out of me. How did this get away with a G rating?
King K

antm update

it's a top model update!

starring: natasha (for vanity fair), fatima, mollie sue, danielle, elina, kim, katarzyna, heather and a lot more. & the pictures are working now (b/c tinypic was down before).
there's a semi-nsfw picture or two of elina covering her boobs.

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I know this post went downhill after analeigh, but everyone above that looks gorgeous
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Michael Jackson Remembered As Creepy Sand Family



Hey, what MJ tributes haven’t been done yet? Playing his music videos 24/7 on MTV offshoots we didn’t know existed, club DJs throwing in constant 9-song MJ blocks over the past month… nah, everything’s taken.

OH WAIT – what about sand??

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"Pills?!": Staged By The Bell launches this weekend

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Jesus Christ, these people are ugly.  And I'm pretty sure Lisa is a MAN.

The hubristic tragedies of Aeschylus. The analogy-laden fables of Aesop and the Brothers Grimm. The pessimistic appraisals of human nature assayed by Flannery O’Connor. Those are all well and good for old people, but as cautionary tales for today’s generation, they can’t hold a candle to Saved By The Bell, Saturday morning’s boldest morality play. Through the trials endured by the kids of Bayside High, American children learned many lessons—about how talent is nice, but it’s your spirit that wins the Casey Kasem dance contest; how Christmas isn’t about presents or even Jesus, but trying to bang a homeless girl; how it’s important to avoid movie stars, because they’ll inevitably try to hand you a joint. But of course, the most valuable lesson ever imparted by Saved By The Bell is this: Never, ever take caffeine pills, because they will turn you into a fucking lunatic.

The show’s most infamous episode, “Jessie’s Song,” finds brainy overachiever Jessie Spano struggling with the pressures of both acing her midterms (because otherwise she’ll never make it to Stanford) and making a video with her new singing group, Hot Sundae. Unfortunately, Jessie doesn’t heed the advice of her band’s own hit, “Go For It,” and rather than putting her mind to it, going for it, getting down, and breaking a sweat—and after ignoring Slater’s admonitions—she resorts to taking caffeine pills to keep her energy up. Of course, Jessie can’t handle her juice, culminating in one of the most harrowing mental breakdowns ever committed to video.

While endless YouTube remixes have distilled the visceral impact of Spano’s sorrow over the years, local improv group The Institution Theatre plans to reopen your eyes to the dangers of sleep deprivation with Staged By The Bell, its live recreation of “Jessie’s Song” happening every Sunday from this weekend through Aug. 23. Each staging will also be preceded by a live performance of The Game Show, where audience members can take home prizes from local merchants—but you’ll never take home anything as valuable as this lesson: At first, caffeine abuse might make you so excited. But do it enough, and all you’ll be is scared. So, so scared.


go get your knife

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Rockers DEFTONES have written a new album in honour of hospitalised bass player CHI CHENG.
Cheng slipped into a coma after an horrific car crash in Santa Clara, California last November (08), and has still yet to regain full consciousness.
The band completed a new album, Eros, before Cheng's accident, but put the record on hold and instead penned a new batch of songs to help cope with the trauma.
And singer Chino Moreno is adamant his bandmate would be "proud" of the new tunes.
He tells Kerrang! magazine, "To see your brother in that condition... I can't even find the words to explain how it feels. I've spent the last 20 years of my life right next to him. Every little thing we do, I'm used to doing with Chi by my side. Now, when I look over, he's not there.
"At the moment, he's still in a coma. It's a weird stage. When someone's in a state like that, he's still here with us but yet he's not. He's in limbo. It's been pretty tough. I miss my friend. I want him to come back. I hope he comes back soon.
"I know that, deep down, Chi would be proud of us and, in a big way, we're doing this (new album) for him. We're trying to do the best we can for him, for us, and for the situation, and that's to bury our heads in music. If anything positive can come out of this, then working on this music has really brought rest of us guys very, very close."


Original Black Power Ranger Arrested For DUI

Former Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger Walter Jones, aka Black Ranger Zack Taylor, was arrested for DUI on Sundat night (July 26) in Huntsville, Alabama.

TMZ reports Alabama State Troopers in Huntsville cuffed Jones, 38, and booked him into a local jail before Jones eventually met bail and was released.

Via Wiki: Walter was written out of the Power Ranger series midway through the second season, apparently due to disagreements over wages and fee, and was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch.


The Fatchelor Believes That FOX will be "Sensitive"

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Because FOX is not known for great sensitivity and a high level of taste in its reality programming, it’s understandable that the ads for tonight’s premiere of “More To Love,” the network’s new plus-sized dating competition, would be worrisome. Would “The Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss’ saga of a large bachelor seeking love among equally full-figured women would be played for laughs? Or be exploitative? Or just jaw-droppingly wrong?

You’re not the only one who had concerns. So did the bachelor.

“I was concerned off the bat that the main premise was to poke fun,” said Luke Conley, the 26-year-old sub-contractor and real estate investor who works his way through 20 women looking for love in a Bel Air mansion “But as I got to know the producers, and had them explain to me that this is a legitimate show, I (believed) that the desire of the show is for two people to make a sincere connection. It just happens that it’s not size-2 models. As I got to know them I felt better about it…I definitely wanted to find someone special. I came with my heart open.”

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Blake Fielder Civil - "The night Amy Winehouse almost died in my arms of a drug overdose."

Amy Winehouse nearly died in her ex-husband's arms after a three-day heroin and crack binge, he said today.

Blake Fielder-Civil, 27, told how the singer's eyes went blank and she had a fit before she passed out and stopped breathing.

'It was nearly midnight and I'd finally got her upstairs. We were sitting on the bed talking,' he says. 'Her eyes suddenly went blank.'

'She started having a fit on the bed. She slid down on to the floor before I could stop her.

'She started quivering again and it suddenly grew into what seemed like a full-blown epileptic fit.'

He described how, in panic, he had pulled his then wife's tongue out of her mouth so she would not bite it, opened her mouth and breathed air down her throat.

He told The Sun: 'I held her to me - and I thought she was dying in my arms... I couldn't bear for her to die in front of me.'

The 25-year-old star had started a drink and drugs binge three days earlier in a pub near Heathrow to celebrate the success of her 2006 album Back to Black.

She was taken to London's University College Hospital where she was put on a drip after collapsing again in the casualty department reception, according to the report.

Fielder-Civil, who divorced Winehouse this month on the grounds of her adultery, said the episode was 'the most frightening thing I had ever seen'.

He had been taking heroin and crack too and was trying to get his wife to go to bed as she had not slept for three days.

Fielder-Civil, who served jail time for GBH and trial fixing during their marriage, claims he encouraged Winehouse to quit her drug habit.

'She had everything going for her. But she ended up behaving badly just to shock. After a while that just becomes a bore. I wanted her to stop.'

Fielder-Civil added: 'Amy is a fun girl. She's quite wild, but it's only on drink and drugs with her.

'It's just a shame because she's very funny, very clever and she's very loving.

But she just put everything that is going for her - all that talent and personality - and hid them behind drink and drugs.'

During their marriage, Winehouse's family blamed Fielder-Civil for encouraging her addiction to class A drugs.

Her father Mitch said in 2008: 'He's not entirely responsible, she's got to take a portion of the responsibility, but it's clear, it really kicked off when they got together.'

Mitch was concerned at the time that their destructive relationship would end in tragedy: 'One or both will die, that's all there is to it.'

There are claims Winehouse, who recently returned from a six-month stint in St Lucia looking refreshed and healthy, is 'desperate' to reconcile with Blake and has refused to give up her married name.

The self-described music video producer stated in divorce papers before the High Court he found it 'intolerable' to live with Winehouse.

The couple were married in May 2007 in Miami, Florida

WEEDS / turn

Rotten Tomatoes' Top 10 New Moon Facts Revealed at Comic-Con

Having read the books, visited the set, and devoured everything the internet already contained regarding The Twilight Saga: New Moon, you'd think there'd be little left for a Twilight fan to learn. Thankfully, you'd be wrong. As we found while tracking New Moon's cast and director through last weekend's Comic-Con appearances, the New Moon publicity machine is chugging as smoothly as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's bare chests -- two things which made our list of the Top Ten New Moon Facts Revealed at Comic-Con.

1. Summit Entertainment knows its audience, evidenced by the two scenes they brought to Comic-Con. Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, there was a shirtless scene for you. Who wanted to see the birthday party scene or the cliff diving scene, when they could get their first peek at Jacob Black hopping valiantly off a bike to strip naked to tend to an almost-drooling Bella? Or watch as Bella raced across Volterra in vain as Edward opened his shirt, stepping into the sunlight? It was such an amazing sight, Bella started running in slow motion.

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10. The anti-Twilight backlash finally has a name. You know your favorite fantasy property has really made it when entire Comic-Con costumes are created just to complain about it (i.e. the mostly-male Con attendees sporting "Twilight Ruined Comic-Con" signs).

spotted by iftherainstops:


picture source
girl you don't need no maybelline


How do people hate Katherine Heigl? Let us count the ways.

Actually, not ALL of us hate the outspoken 'Grey's Anatomy' star. These days, it seems like you can't turn around without hearing bad press about Heigl, who's in the spotlight once again as star of the romantic comedy 'The Ugly Truth.'

But some of us happen to think Heigl's a good actress who's gotten a bad rap. Why couldn't she be the new sweetheart of rom-coms, rather than the actress everybody loves to dis? Isn't it time someone came to her defense?

So clear the courts, Your Honor. We -- the few, the proud, the non-Heigl-haters -- present five reasons the public should give Katherine Heigl a second chance. -- By Patricia Chui

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source | moviefone

anyone here at ONTD like her like me? or am i completely alone :(
Rainbow Brite Moviing
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Comic-Con: 'New Moon' line controversy

Lots of people were interviewing the first person in the sleepover line at Hall H, "Twilight"/"New Moon" fan and 17-year-old Kristin, but the real story was the controversy brewing around Kristin and her mom and her mom's friends.

A group of girls, who wanted to be called the anti-Twimoms, complained loudly to Elite security officers about people who were saving space at the front of the line, and older fans -- or mothers of fans -- who were cutting in line and camping out. The girls proceeded to say that it was also "creepy" that some of the women were so adamant about going to a panel to see a teenager (Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob -- apparently the moms were on Team Jacob).

Security told them that each person was allowed to hold three spaces in line and that that was a courtesy granted to them. "You are actually loitering, " said one of the security guards. The girls countered by saying that if one person can hold three spots, then if one of those people came, then they could also hold three spots, and the line in front of them would increase exponentially.

No real answer from security, but the girls' protest was noted.  And even videotaped ...


mods, i realise this is like 5 days old but it's still pretty interesting : )


tom welling at comic con

Tom Welling gets a big standing ovation during the Smallville panel discussion at the 2009 Comic-Con Convention on Sunday (July 26) in San Diego, Calif.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The 32-year-old actor will direct two episodes in the upcoming 9th season, which has the theme of “Clark’s darkest hour.” There will also be a drawn-out love triangle with Clark, Lois, and Red-Blue Blur.

Other panelists included Justin Hartley, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Callum Blue (Zod), and Allison Mack.

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Newsweek Reminds Us Why We Hate Katherine Heigl

Why Is Katherine Heigl So Annoying?

The Grey's Anatomy star was supposed to be America's new sweetheart. Now we've all turned on her. Is it her fault, or ours?

By Sarah Ball | Newsweek Web Exclusive 

In January 2008, Vanity Fair's cover girl was Katherine Heigl. "Hollywood's hottest blonde," as they called her, was stunning—a soothing dollop of peach gelato poured into a column gown, brows intelligently arched, lipstick perfectly applied. Inside the magazine, she smiled regally behind the wheel of a Rolls, stretching her arms in silk opera gloves. The accompanying text told a different, less rosy story: the Grey's Anatomy star detailed the shocking death of her older brother Jason, chatted about her Mormon childhood, and discussed her struggle to break out as an actress. She projected a kind of loose-cannon candor, blasting the film that launched her stardom, Knocked Up, as "a little bit sexist" and her character, reporter Allison Scott, as "a shrew." Back then, it read as refreshingly daring: That Heigl! She's a pistol.

Today, that issue looks like a yellowing relic ready for a Planet Hollywood display case. Heigl's biggest accomplishment of the past 18 months, if you buy the blogs, has been to fully squander her prime position, dropping from a cherubic, popular new actress with a brain to a diva-like shrew. The tables have turned so dramatically that celebrity sites now routinely pad pageviews by blasting her foibles. On Google, "I Hate Katherine Heigl" (27,000 hits) outpaces "I Hate Sandra Bullock" (14,000 hits) and even "I Hate Tara Reid" (13,100). Perez Hilton used to adore her; now he draws devil horns on her curls. TMZ calls her primary occupation "chain-smoking," slamming her for "spend[ing] as much time with her cigs" as she does "with her husband, Josh Kelley." Celebuzz terms her an "uppity bitch" who spends her days "sucking down cancer sticks."

It's so vitriolic that they're laying a revisionist lens over her early career. Before everybody turned on her, Knocked Up earned praise for her "lovely" portrayal of a "competent, attractive young woman," (The New York Times); for "bringing a compelling edge" to the role, in a "ferociously funny" way (Variety); for being the pleasant "Alice in this wonderland of loons" (New York). Dr. Isobel Stevens, her character on Grey's, is sweet-natured with sad brown eyes—the role earned her a best-actress Emmy. Younger Heigl had the most promising movie career of all Grey's girls, but she's remembered far less fondly.

But more than simply daring to challenge chauvinistic mores, Heigl has shot herself in the foot with her delivery. Everybody applauded her defense of Grey's costar T. R. Knight after costar Isaiah Washington called him a "fag." But then Heigl kept prattling on and on, even after Washington was fired in disgrace. People started to wonder if Heigl's comments were less about Knight and more about her. Last July, in an attempt to be noble, she removed herself from the Emmy race because, she said, she had not been "given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination." The press again slammed her for the diva attitude (did she really need to issue a statement? And did she have to insult the show's writers and producers while she was at it?). When she resubmitted herself in the race this year, Emmy voters failed to nominate her—even though she's done her best work on the show this season as cancer-stricken Izzie. But forget about Izzie and her eroding brain. Heigl wants all the sympathy for herself. This week, she carped to David Letterman that she'd had a "seventeen- (dramatic pause) hour (dramatic pause)" workday on set, and that she was "going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them [the Grey's Anatomy show runners]." Embarrass them for what? Keeping her employed? To a country nearing 10 percent unemployment, the remark was tone-deaf.

Heigl has fared pretty well on the big screen—Knocked Up was a smash, 27 Dresses a modest hit. Now she's back with The Ugly Truth, a romantic comedy that hits theaters Friday and does her likability no favors. She plays Abby Richter, an uptight local news producer whose staples are Ann Taylor button-downs and sanctimony. When a boor named Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) with a smutty dating show joins her morning lineup, Abby kicks the shrillness into overdrive, furious that non-news would invade her pristine segment. But then, before you know it, Mike and his 5 o'clock shadow are leaving beard burn all over Abby's face. Soon, they're floating away to paradise in a hot-air balloon. Good for them.

Except, you don't feel very good for them. It's hard to empathize with Heigl's character, so thorny and shrill for the first half of the movie, so dumb and willing for the second half. (At a recent pre-screening in New York City, at least five people bolted for the door midway through the movie.) Abby fails to see the vast swath of middle ground between buttoning up to the top button and donning vibrating black-lace panties, which she does meekly at Mike's command. Just like real life, in which Heigl seems unable to see the acreage between oversharing and keeping her mouth shut. Heigl might be an actress, but she could work on her act.


This is in response to the pro Heigl post.  Yes I'm that petty:)


Saving dolphins and shit

Ben Stiller wants to save dolphins - but not if it affects his summer holiday.

The 43-year-old actor made the admission during a screening of new documentary 'The Cove', which follows the work of ex-dolphin trainer Richard O'Barry as he tries to stop the slaughter of the animals in Japan.

Speaking about the film, Ben joked: "It made me want to get up out of my seat and go to Japan and be an activist. I didn't, of course, because I had a rental in Nantucket that lasted until the end of the month."

'The Cove' was made in 2007, when a group of activists secretly filmed dolphin fishing in Taiji, Wakayama, where more than 2,500 of the mammals are slaughtered annually.

In order to get the footage, the filmmakers used cameras disguised as rocks.

Ben is not the only star to show an interest in the plight of Japanese dolphins.

In 2007, 'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere joined a group of protestors in Taiji who were trying to save the animals.

Her actions led to an arrest warrant being issued against her in the country.

The film was also the Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.


WATCH THE TRAILER!! it looks amazing

You can follow The Cove on twitter!

this might be what makes me actually stop hating hayden panettiere, looks like the bitch believes in something!
[downton] and they lived happily ever af


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"Mad Men" returns for a third season on AMC. What will the new season bring on the heels of season two? Find out on August 16. We left the cast amid many changes, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, a takeover of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency, and news of a third Draper baby. All this and Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) professes his love for Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), but she confesses that she secretly gave birth to his child only to give it up for adoption in order to pursue her career. And self-indulgent Roger (John Slattery) left his wife for Don’s former secretary Jane.

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omg omg omg omg omg
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BB Sree slashes wrists

BIG Brother housemate Sree Dasari was rushed to hospital after slashing his wrists in a cry for help, TV Biz can reveal.

Paramedics were called to the Indian-born student's digs in the early hours of Friday.

He was discharged from hospital after being treated for cuts and lacerations. There was no suggestion of a suicide bid.

A source said Sree had become upset while watching Big Brother before he was found in his room at the University of Hertfordshire.

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Green Day Concert Exclusive Photo Gallery and Set-list

ATTENTION Green Day fans: I just found exclusive photos and the SET-LIST from Green Day's show Monday night at Madison Square Garden! I think it's the perfect set-list and the band definitely played all their hits...I can really feel the energy in the room from this photo gallery.

Check out these awesome pics and click the source below for more:

Billie rockin out:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Great shot:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wonder what song this is:
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Don't Do It, Zac! It's a Trap! A TRAP!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A reliable scooper tells Moviehole that pop-muffins Zac Efron and Brittany Snow have been approached to co-star opposite Miley Cyrus in a reboot of the classic “Gidget” film series (You’ll recall they’re the classics that launched Sally Field to fame!). Apparently this is all coming together quite quickly...

Said flick is envisioned to be the first in a long-line of “Gidget” movies. The musical-comedy will feature popstress Cyrus in the titular role, that of a young girl who discovers surfing and love (in that order) during one transitive summer. Efron is, we suspect, being sought to play the love interest.

Now neither Efron or Snow are signed, as far as I can gather,
and the producers are merely feeling them out at the moment. Still, thought you'd be interested kids!

Sandra Dee originated the role of Gidget in Paul Wendkos’s 1959 original. The flick was one of the first "beach movies" and was followed by two sequel films, various television series, several telemovies… and lots of imitators. Field took over the role of Gidget in a short-lived TV series.

Can see the kids lining up already….


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Considering one of Zac's upcoming projects is some "sexy thriller," I'm going to say this is bullshit. But imagine the train wreck.
1D - Niall the hipster

somebody please get brandon gardner a life

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A tame alternative to gory vampire games: Twilight the Video Game unveiled

The bare bones website of Twilight the Video Game has been released, giving fans a glimpse of insight as to how the game will appear.

Brandon Gardner, the creator of the video game, says, “We will be hosting some events on November 20th where we will be showing off a playable prototype of the game as well. We also have three musical artists that are providing music for the game. One of the songs will be a flute and piano version of Bella's Lullaby that is performed by internationally recognized concert flutist Donna Wissinger.”

This Twilight-infused game that “allows you to descend into the surreal environment and prepare for exciting adventures that will transport you into a world of survival and forbidden love” is a far cry from some of the vampire video games which have been released in a time when vampires are at the peak of popularity.

SOURCE: examiner.com

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Courtney Love is a crack whore - insults the Veronicas and Taylor Momsen

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Courtney Love took to her twitter today to insult Pop group The Veronicas, and up and coming rocker Taylor Momsen. Hilarity ensued.

courtneylover79: why does Taylor Whatsit deeply disturb me and why is the Blonde one from the verons or whatever they are clled wearing my actual clothes? about 15 hours ago from web

No , i mean she is wearing MY clothes I bought and dyed and did shit to , thanks @Shershberger @birdyprestonabout 15 hours ago from web

I will do MY job you kids runalong and find your own little jobs whne you can even THINK that you can play aROCK show for 3.5 hrs call me.

No, Yes but the chick from Goissip Girl and the verons girls arent actually playing ROCKMUSIC anyone takes seriousl.Itscrappy POPabout 15 hours ago from web

i mean call a Spade a Spade! i am Slow but @BrodyDalle is the only other female who plays guitar for shit.PAthetic.Learn yr Craft.Or Leave.

Im not hating i dont like half baked popand INDEED Chrissie Hynde smokes us out HAIL..Im sure @Rockrgrrl ishere and wld agree w me.

Jessica from the Veronicas responded:
Thinks its funny miss C-love doesn't like me today :D ..2 days ago she was Begging me to call her & hang out.. I guess she's upset thatabout 1 hour ago from web

Unlike her, Ive been too busy promoting a NEW record, & touring to bother. Sorry Courts!

What a shame her great records, will be over shadowed by her pathetic jealousy. Oh and babe, Nancy Spungen had the bleach blonde look far before you. Don't give yourself THAT much credit.

Come on guys, I don't hate @courtneylover79 .. Im a huge fan of her music! .... Its ok that she isn't into POP music, or our band..But the stealing her clothes thing, and the hair? Give me a break ;)

source and source

Five minutes with fashion beast Patrick Wolf

British singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf is cultishly revered in the UK for his romantic techno-pop music and thoroughly avant-garde style. On his latest album, The Bachelor, he even convinced Tilda Swinton to lend her voice. (She provides narration as the mysterious “voice of hope” on four tracks.) Backstage at a recent New York City show, Wolf—whom fashion fans might recognize from a Burberry ad he did with Agyness Deyn a couple years back—sat down with W.

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tyfyt <3


True Blood: What Does Anna Paquin Hate About Sookie?

First of all, there isn't much not to love. She's pretty, smart, sassy, sweet and can read minds. But when pressed, if Anna Paquin had to pick one thing she didn't like about True Blood's fabulous Sookie Stackhouse, it would be those blond locks.

"What do I not like about her? Well if Charlaine [Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels] and the creators had written her as a nonnatural blonde," Anna told the Comic-Con audience, "I would be spending a lot less time in the hair salon getting my roots retouched, and my hair would probably be a little bit longer because it's gradually getting shorter as the ends break off because I'm a fake, fake, fake blonde. But aside from that, Sookie and I get along great."

Personally, we love her as a blonde. Now as for what she loves about Sookie, she said, "I like that she says what she's thinking even if it's not always a really good idea. I like that she kind of jumps in and gets involved even though it usually gets her into trouble. She means well."

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Gabrielle Union Joins ABC'S "FlashForward"

Gabrielle Union ("Bring it On", "Bad Boys II") is joining the cast of ABC's exciting new fall drama, "FlashForward," in a recurring role as Zoey, a criminal defense attorney who will have a romantic arc on the show. "FlashForward" premieres Thursday, September 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"We're thrilled that Gabrielle is joining our cast," said executive producer David S. Goyer. "When we met with her, we immediately knew she was our Zoey. She's witty, soulful and beautiful. I've been wanting to work with her for a long time."

What would you do if you were given a glimpse of the future? Would you accept what you saw and live life to its fullest, or would you do everything in your power to change your destiny? In "FlashForward," when the world's population is given a glimpse of their future, it forces everyone to come to grips with whether their destinies can be fulfilled or avoided.

"FlashForward" stars Joseph Fiennes as Mark Benford, John Cho as Demetri Noh, Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe, Zachary Knighton as Bryce Varley, Peyton List as Nicole, Dominic Monaghan as Simon, Bran F. O'Byrne as Aaron Stark, Courtney B. Vance as Stan Wedeck, Sonya Walger as Olivia Benford, and Christine Woods as Janis Hawk.

The series executive producers are David S. Goyer (co-writer of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight"), Brannon Braga ("24," "Star Trek"), Marc Guggenheim ("Brothers & Sisters," "Eli Stone") and Jessika Borsiczky Goyer ("Revelations"). "FlashForward" is from ABC Studios.


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UK pop music post

 The Saturdays finish sophomore album

The Saturdays are busy ladies these days, after finishing their first headlining tour they went on to do several festivals while still fitting in a trip to L.A. to record songs for their sophomore album which will include songs "One Shot" and "Wordshaker" which they performed on tour. Now back in the UK Vanessa tweeted that the girls have just finished recording their last song on the album. 

Rochelle tweeted an hour ago saying the girls are filming a video tomorrow which then she back up with another tweet telling fans it was a song they recorded in LA. Guess the video they are shooting for tomorrow will be the video for their first single off their sophomore album.

The Saturdays won't let the buzz die after "Work" pretty much bombed after four Top 10 singles. Their next single from the next album, "Forever Is Over" is set to be filmed tomorrow. Mollie (Blonde one) confirmed on twitter that the date is set for the shoot. Trudy Bellinger is directing the video for the girls and has previously done some fantastic videos for Rachel Stevens (I said never again but here we are) and Girls Aloud (The Show, Sexy! No No No, The Loving Kind). Sats haven't set a date for their upcoming second album. Source

Vanessa's Twitter
Rochelle's Twitter

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performs "Starlight" (new single) at the iTunes Festival


Fox decides not to air Family Guy abortion episode

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fox says it will not air an upcoming 'Family Guy' episode that deals with abortion, the Live Feed reports.

The network announced its decision in a statement released earlier this afternoon, adding that Fox executives "fully support the producers' right to make the episode and distribute it in whatever way they want."

Series creator Seth MacFarlane appeared ready for the decision when he spoke during 'Family Guy''s Comic-Con panel discussion on Saturday. "20th Century Fox, as always, allowed us to produce the episode and then said, 'You know what? We're scared to ******* death of this,'" he said, according to the Live Feed.

MacFarlane later clarified via e-mail, saying, "Clearly my sarcasm doesn't come across in print. I completely support whatever decision Fox makes. We were allowed to take a crack at this controversial story and that's enough for me."

Not much else was revealed about the episode, titled 'Partial Terms of Endearment,' except that it may still be released on DVD.


boo. i wanted to see how the whole ~controversy~ was gonna go down.

Micheal Jackson: On the new cover of Rollingstone

In the last months of his life, the pop icon plotted an epic return with new songs and a huge tour. Behind the scenes of his last shot at redemption. By Claire Hoffman

In the days just before his death, Michael Jackson was working harder than he ever had in hopes of staging “the greatest show on Earth” according to our latest cover story.

Claire Hoffman retraced the pop icon’s final moments for “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and found that Jackson was well aware of how the public came to perceive him in recent years and that he had fully dedicated himself to a comeback tour that he hoped would erase that perception.

“He wanted people to see his work and not just talk about his lifestyle,” AEG CEO Randy Phillips tells Hoffman in her cover story.

He was also eager to finally clean up his finances and settle down in Las Vegas. “He was ready to stop living like a vagabond and settle down and earn money again,” Phillips tells Rolling Stone.
And those who were inside his final rehearsals say that the show he was prepared to mount may have actually succeeded on all fronts.

“He was so brilliant on stage,” tour director Kenny Ortega tells Hoffman. “I had goose bumps.”

“I turned to somebody and said, ‘This is amazing,’” adds Ken Ehrlich, the longtime Grammy Awards producer who sat in on rehearsals. “For so many years I have watched Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake and Usher and the Backstreet

Boys and En Vogue all imitate Michael Jackson — and now here we were this many years later, and he was going to do it again. I got chills, literally. The hairs on the back of my neck were raised. Those are the moments you hope for.”

Claire Hoffman’s “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” can be found in Issue 1084, on newsstands now, and you can get the story behind her cover story in our exclusive video.

I can't embed the video so go to this link to view it:


Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/issue1084


Pixies announce Doolittle tour dates!

Don’t expect new material from the Pixies anytime soon, but the band has just announced a string of U.S. dates on their Doolittle tour. The indie-rock figureheads will play all of the classic album and its related B-sides on the tour, and some “Doolittle-related surprises” are also promised.

The band hasn’t totally given up on the rest of its back catalog—a career-spanning set by the Pixies will be a highlight of the Virgin Festival in Toronto on August 29. The U.S. Doolittle tour will run throughout November, full dates and ticket availability listed below.

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More news on live-action "Akira"

Mad Chance producer Andrew Lazar (Jonah Hex, Space Cowboys) told the iFMagazine website at Comic-Con International last week that while the writers for the live-action film adaptation of the Akira manga are still working on a draft, "it is a real priority project for Warner Brothers." He cautioned however, that if the proposed project is green-lit for production, it will not be soon. "Sometimes movies need an enormous amount of prep, like this one. It is not realistic to go before the third quarter of next year for a 2011 release."

Lazar indicated that there is "a lot of interest from a variety of people" for possible directing duties. He also emphasized that he is "a very inclusive producer of underlying rights" and that the original manga creator Katsuhiro Otomo is an executive producer and consultant on the proposed live-action project.

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety entertainment trade periodicals both reported last year that Warner and Appian Way, the production company of actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, The Aviator), will adapt the Akira manga into two live-action films. Each film would cover three volumes of the renowned science-fiction manga about a governmental genetic project and a teenager's attempt to save a fellow biker gang member. Otomo directed his own animated film adaptation that premiered on July 16, 1988 — the same day that the story has the fictional Tokyo being destroyed.


Teaser Trailer for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As you probably have already heard by now (if you're a Pixar fan at least), Disney is re-releasing both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 this October in 3D. Both of the movies were completely re-rendered in 3D using all of the original files and will be shown back-to-back (with a break inbetween them) in theaters for just a few weeks. Yahoo has debuted the official theatrical trailer for this double feature and it's quite fun to watch (just like the trailer for Toy Story 3). I got to see the opening scene of Toy Story 2 in 3D at Comic-Con and I will say it does look incredible and I will be watching both of these in theaters come October. Enjoy!

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NEW Jessica Simpson Skanque Perfume promo

Jessica Simpson Has a New Skanquey Love

Jessica Simpson
may have been dumped by Tony Romo but she’s has a new romance in her life, a new frangrance called Fancy Love.

The newly single 29-year-old said in a
press release last month, “Romance has never been more important to me so I wanted to celebrate that special feeling with this new fragrance.”

Her first fragrance, Fancy, had nearly $50 million in retail sales in its first year (2008). Wow!

Jessica is also working on a new docu-series,
The Price of Beauty.



young JJ

Behind the scenes with Nelly Furtado!

The wait for Nelly Furtado's spicy comeback is coming to an end! Tune in to MTV Tr3s tomorrow, July 29 to catch the exclusive video premiere for the first single off her upcoming all-Spanish album, Mi Plan. "Manos Al Aire" features a military-esque Nelly who decides to end lthe battles with her love, cast off all her battle gear (and then some...) and surrender to el amor.

Check out some behind-the-scenes clips from the "Manos Al Aire" video shoot below to find out the inspiration for the new song, meet the cast and more! And don't forget to check out Nelly's iTunes page to download "Más," the second single off Mi Plan!

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Douchebag overload

Jon Gosselin hams it up for the cameras, frantically waving his hands and making faces at paparazzi outside his home on Tuesday afternoon (July 28) in Reading, Penn.

The 32-year-old dad, who puffed away on his cancer stick, was seen at the car wash, the “UPS” mailing store, the bank and a friend’s garage.

According to Page Six, Jon strolled into Madison Avenue men’s shop Pravda Abbigliamento last week and bought a $950 pair of limited-edition, navy, patent-leather, wingtip shoes from Prada.

Jon recently returned from a trip to the the Hamptons with BFF Michael Lohan.

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matthew lewis

Midnight Would You Hit It: Cameraphone Edition

I promised 102bb I would have a lady tonight. Best I could find of anyone recognizable. Tinypic is really slow/glitchy with me tonight. There should be 5 pictures total. This is the 2nd time I uploaded them.

Mena Suvari Working Out

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Source: on205th.com
I've gonna tone these down a notch. I got a little excited over the peen last night and maybe went over the line. So probably a little too sedate tonight. I will find a balance.

I was a little concerned since they look like cameraphone pictures, but seriously, at these angles I don't really know how she could not realize someone was snapping her picture.
loves her whole life
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I love this crazy bitch

Johnny Depp is a crazy bastard; in other news, bear shits in woods.

Several sources seem to confirm that Johnny was at Comic-Con (after his surprise appearance at Tim’s Alice in Wonderland panel) dressed as a squirrel as we can see in this four images. The girl in the right side was guiding him. It seems the people recognized the name “Johnny Depp” in his Comic-Con Pass (around his neck), but, it wasn’t totally confirmed by an official source.

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Haters to the left. No matter what you think of him as an actor, there's no denying he's a glorious human being.


Channing Tatum to Star in 'The Darkness?'

Bloody-Disgusting.com is reporting that Channing Tatum (Fighting, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Public Enemies) has been cast in The Pang Brothers' (The Eye) latest genre effort, The Darkness. Based on the on the Garth Ennis ("Preacher") David Wohl and Mark Silvestri comic, on the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie was targeted for assassination by the don of the New York mafia, "Uncle" Paulie. He finds his body possessed by "the Darkness" , a malevolent spirit that has inhabited his family for several generations, with the benefit of giving Jackie supernatural powers that feeds off the dark.


IDGAF, I still think he's hot. Sure, he doesn't have the body he used to have, but it's not like he's turned into fat-ass Kevin Federline.