July 25th, 2009

TRON LEGACY First Trailer In HD!

Disney will be releasing the follow-up to it's 1982 classic "TRON" entitled "TRON LEGACY" around christmas 2010. They have premiered test footage from the movie at Comic Con which can now be viewed in HD online! The 1982 movie is known for it's groundbreaking special effects, and this new movie looks to be quite spectacular as well.

The footage can be viewed on youtube, but they are enabling embedding for all the clips so in case the video doesn't work or you want to see it in HD quality just go to the link where you can view this AWESOME 2,5 minute teaser:


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Nerds Welcome: Big Bang Theory at Comic Con!

We don't care if this sounds cliché, because we just have one theory on our beloved BBT.

Best. Cast. Ever.

Seriously, this amazing group of young actors showed up ready to take Comic-Con by storm and rocked every second for all it was worth. The Big Bang Theory gang, along with equally incredible creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, checked into San Diego and entertained us all with, more than anything, their very visible true-to-screen friendships and admiration of one another.

More of this awesomeness to come, but first the juicy stuff. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) are definitely on! We're not talking a slow go of it—it's full speed ahead! "We're jumping in," said Chuck. "The will they or won't they question will be answered in the first episode."

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Kimberley Walsh takes it easy

WELCOME to Girls Aloha-d's latest tour as KIMBERLEY WALSH hits Hawaii.

Last month, the pop beauty was snapped lounging in Los Angeles.

And now sunkissed Kim is taking in the tropics with beau JUSTIN SCOTT.

The Yorkshire lass has shaken off the effects of her band's hectic spring, showing off a set of healthy curves on her hols.

She kicked back in a spotty bikini before prowling round the pool with Scott.

With SARAH HARDING making her acting debut and CHERYL COLE trying to crack America, her Girls Aloud pals have grand ambitions this summer.

But visiting as many pools as possible sounds just as worthy a goal.


The 15 Creepiest Kids in Movies

These days, Hollywood just can't seem to make a scary movie without some menacing miniature at the root of all evil. In the last few years we've seen them in 'The Unborn,' 'Silent Hill,' 'The Uninvited,' 'The Haunting in Connecticut' and more -- not to mention a menacing prepubescent Voldemort in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.'

We get another terrorizing tyke in this week's new thriller 'Orphan': Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) was abandoned at a young age, has burning black eyes and frumpy pigtails, and speaks with a slightly Eastern European accent. Creepy. In honor of Esther, and the cinematic scary-kids brigade, we count down the 15 very creepiest kids in movies.

(Seriously, we'd rank these right up there with terrorists, psycho killers and flying monkeys on our freak-out-o-meter.)


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Britney Bans Her Kids from Appearing on human blobs' Reality Show

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Britney Spears has proven over the last year or so that she is in fact a good mother to Sean Preston and Jayden James. And we can only agree with her latest decision to protect her two little ones!

Apparently Britney wants to shelter Sean and Jayden a little bit. There’s been talk of them appearing on daddy Kevin Federline’s new reality TV show, and Brit’s not having it!

As Hollyscoop reported earlier this week, Kevin is gearing up for a new TV show that will chronicle his life with girlfriend Victoria Price.

According to The Sun, Britney is determined to keep Sean and Jayden out of the spotlight. And she’s even considering legal action to ensure that she’s taken seriously!

You go, Brit! We think this is a very wise decision. And if Kevin knows what’s best for his boys, he’ll agree with his ex-wife. He can’t rely on the kids for ratings!

source= http://www.hollyscoop.com/britney-spears/britney-banning-her-kids-from-appearing-on-kevins-new-reality-show_21007.aspx

i hope this turns out more to be like Being Bobby Brown instead of It's Complicated w/ Denise Richards.


During Azkatraz (hp2009.org) Harry Potter conference, conference leader Gwendolyn Grace and special guest Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films) took a break to sing some Karoke at the Zeum in San Fran. This is their performance of Summer Loving (from Grease) It is actually quite good and makes you wonder if the Weasley twins got it wrong about Percy being such a horrible singer in the shower as they mentioned in Goblet Of Fire during the Golden Egg challenge.

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Bana & Knightley in talks to star in Ottoman epic?

The life of 16th century Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis is set for the big screen, and the epic, currently in the early stages of development, has already received support from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, according to its producer.

The movie's producer, Cumali Varer, who originally runs a tourism company in France, has rolled up his sleeves for the epic, expected for theatrical release in 2011, according to a report posted on the Turkish movie Web site sinematurk.com. “I met the prime minister while in İstanbul, and he agreed to support [my movie]. Everyone will be talking about this film in 2011." Piri Reis is best known for world maps and charts collected in his “Kitab-ı Bahriye” (Book of Navigation).

The movie, to be titled “Barbaresque,” will recount how Piri Reis, along with his uncle, Kemal Reis, took part in an Ottoman navy mission to Spain to rescue the Arabs and Sephardic Jews who were expelled by the Spanish Inquisition in 1492. A life-size replica of Piri Reis's vessel is currently being built in the Tuzla shipyards.

Eric Bana has reportedly been in talks to play the role of the legendary seaman in the movie, expected to start shooting in 2010. The Australian actor, is said to have agreed to star in the movie and is in the process of signing on for the film, the report said. Varer is also in talks to sign French actor Jean Reno for the role of Kemal Reis. British actress Keira Knightley (the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy) is also expected to join the cast.

“We signed a contract with a French movie studio for filming. Shooting will also take place in Malta, Italy and Spain. As long as everything goes as planned, everybody will be talking about this film in 2011,” Varer said.

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Adam Sandler & Judd Apatow talk Funny People Cameos

Judd Apatow unleashes a Muppet movie's worth of celebrities playing themselves in "Funny People," including comics Ray Romano, Norm MacDonald and Sarah Silverman.
But the most memorable famous people in the movie are two non-comics. Singer-songwriter James Taylor meets the movie's protagonists at a corporate gig and plays against his gentle, nurturing musical image. Eminem plays himself as a close friend of "Funny People" comic George Simmons, and gives the comedian some advice - while poking fun at his own short temper.

Apatow talked about getting the stars to agree to appear, and one big star that didn't make it on set.
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Keke Palmer on The Tonight Show With Conan O' Brien + Film Information

Keke Palmer on The Tonight Show With Conan O' Brien

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The beautiful, talented, and poised Keke Palmer visited Conan O'Brien this week. She was there promoting her new film co-starring Kevin Spacey called "Shrink" as well as her Nickelodeon tv movie called "Testing True". See her interview below along with film information.

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Highlights ::

~ Plug for a film she is in called "Shrink", which also stars Kevin Spacey
~ Turning 16 and being able to drive and date
~ Zach Galifianakis hits on Keke
~ Crashing golf carts
~ Being in London to promote "True Jackson VP"
~ Being in London and tasting fish and chips.......aka ordering the Filet O'Fish at McDonalds
~ Conan O'Brien calls her beautiful
~ Being self-conscious about her knee-caps
~ Seeing "Superbad" with her mother and being embarassed
~ "Testing True" (aka the True Jackson VP movie) premieres Saturday night on Nickelodeon


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Shrink is a 2009 independent drama film about a mental health professional aka "shrink" for Hollywood stars. It stars an ensemble cast headed by Kevin Spacey as Dr. Henry Carter, the shrink. Robin Williams, Saffron Burrows, Jack Huston, Griffin Dunne, Pell James, Robert Loggia, Keke Palmer, Laura Ramsey, Gore Vidal, Dallas Roberts and Mark Webber play the various Hollywood characters who are his clients. The film premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. It was formally released in the U.S. on July 24.

"Testing True"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

True Jackson, VP is a television program on Nickelodeon. The premise is about a fifteen-year-old girl named True Jackson (here's an extended version of the theme song which gives the whole premise). Fashion designer Max Madigan likes True and her clothing designs and hires True to be the vice president of his fashion house's youth apparel division. A tv movie of the show called "Testing True" will premiere Saturday night. True is tested and must decide if she wants to continue to work for Max Madigan.

11 and links above

Doctor Who spoilers ahead...

Who is David Tennant standing next to in this photo? The answer reveals a lot about the storyline of Tennant's final adventure as the time-traveling eccentric in Doctor Who, and its impact on the show's mythos. Major, huge spoilers below.

No, really. This is a massive spoiler. Are you sure you're down with that? Okay then.

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also, a new clip for Waters of Mars if you have yet to see it...


Jon Gosselin wants own reality show

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Of course Jon Gosselin is trying to land his own reality show. Why else would he be hanging out with Michael Lohan and getting his picture taken with various younger women all over the place?

But intuition and logic don't mean a thing unless you've got a source willing to confirm it. Good thing we have one of those:

"Jon has a lot of things going on now with his career," a Gosselin insider tells E! News. "Of course his main concern is his children, but he is focusing on his private and his professional life. He is looking into some major international endorsement deals and it looks like he is going to have his own show."

He still has 30 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes left on the 40-episode order TLC placed, and the network has no comment on Jon's new reality-show scheming.

We'll just have to wait and see if VH1 will hook him up with his own Rock of Love-type gig. Or maybe he'll pitch it as a Sex and the City meets

type of thing. Just Jon and his three best bros hitting up the clubs in their finest Ed Hardy, sipping their Ed Hardy vodka and smelling like Ed Hardy cologne. Or maybe someone will have enough foresight to just kill the whole thing.


Jaslene Gonzalez: NYC's Wildest SuperModel Goes Clubbing!

She's the wildest supermodel in New York City, and that truly says a lot. Jaslene Gonzalez is the Elite Model everyone is talking about right now!
And lo and behold, Jaslene was playing kissy-face with Danity Kane's former lead singer / reality tv show superstar Aubrey O'Day  on the dance floor of Noel Ashman's legendary Manhattan celebrity hangout PlummNYC.

"She's just the wildest wild child out there today," said television Director of Photography Ron Buffone, "Aubrey has this wild girl reputation, but a lot of that is marketing. Jaslene is quickly ascending to the top of the supermodel charts, and she's not just wild, she's Rock Star Wild and Crazy!"
Aubrey's a big fan of Jaslene, too.
"I love her!" Aubrey exclusively stated, "she's gorgeous, she's smart, she knows how to get her name out there, and she's uninhibited in her pursuit of loving life!"


Source and more Jaslene pics: http://heymanhustle.craveonline.com/blogs/21143-jaslene-gonzalez-the-hustles-hidden-gem

Rorschach - Watchmen

Watchmen Director's Cut BD-Live Event TONIGHT!

Moloch the Magician beckons you in!

See the Watchmen Director's Cut being screened from Comic-Con, and chat with the director via Warner Bros. BD-Live!

The Watchmen BD-Live event starts on Saturday, July 25th at 9:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)

In order to participate in the BD-Live Watchmen event, you must have the following:

■ Watchmen Director's Cut on Blu-ray Disc
■ A Blu-ray Player that supports BD-Live
■ Your Blu-ray Player must be connected to the Internet
■ A computer connected to the Internet (if you want to ask questions)

■You must be registered with BD-Live. If you need instructions on how to register or access the BD-Live feature on the Blu-Ray disk, go here.

■You must also sign up for the BD-Live event. To sign up, go here.
Deadline to sign up to participate in the BD-Live event is 9:15 p.m. PST.

You can ask three questions when you sign up, plus you can also ask questions during the BD-Live event.

If you wish to chat with other ONTDers during the BD-Live event, you are welcome to post here.

The Watchmen Director's Cut! Now with HOT lapel-adjusting action!

1D - Niall the hipster

homer no function beer well without

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‘The Simpsons’: Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Sarah Silverman among season 21 guests

The Simpsons has added more celebrity guest voices to season 21: EW.com has learned that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will lend his vocal cords to an episode this winter in which Homer wins a million-dollar lottery and hires the band to play a concert just for Bart and him. “When Bart goes to the bathroom, Coldplay has to stop,” notes Simpsons exec producer Al Jean. In another episode, Sarah Silverman plays Bart’s new girlfriend, who “alternately loves him and hates him for no reason,” says Jean. Meanwhile, season 20 guest star Anne Hathaway returns, this time as a princess character that the producers of Krusty the Clown’s show bring onto the series in hopes that more young girls will tune in. (Even though she upstages Krusty, the two wind up as a couple.) Other guest voices this season include Seth Rogen (who penned the season premiere), Jonah Hill, Neve Campbell, Eartha Kitt (who recorded a part shortly before passing away last year), the Smothers Brothers, and the Manning brothers (Peyton, Eli, and Cooper). Season 21 debuts Sept. 27 on Fox.

SOURCE: ew.com

Dollhouse Comic Con News: Alexis Denisof (Wesley!) joins the show in a recurring role

Turning cult TV creator/film director Joss Whedon loose in a room full of fans rabid for his series, movies and Web programs is usually a recipe for a good time. Add the demure but grateful Eliza Dushku to that, and you have an even better chance at success. And have both of them be so gobsmacked that their low-rated "Dollhouse" was renewed, largely because its fans were so passionate and DVRed episodes and downloaded them through legal channels, and you've almost got a sure thing. If, four months ago, you'd have said that Whedon would be holding sway at a Q&A session dedicated to the second season of "Dollhouse" at Comic-Con, everyone would have laughed at you. But here we are, and "Dollhouse" is one of the lowest-rated shows to get a new season pickup in history, and Whedon and his fans have to cope with happiness.

Now what the hell are they going to do? (And watch out for spoilers from here on out. The panel touched extensively on where the series will go from here.) Collapse )


ETA: Interview with Dichen Lachman & Fran Kranz:

Source 2

Is John Travolta cracking up?

Dead of night, and on a deserted Florida landing strip, the silence of the oppressively hot early hours is broken by the low whirring of an electric golf cart, driving lazy circuits.

At the wheel is a bulky, lone figure, hunched forward over the controls as he tries to kill time during another long, sleepless night.

It is a sight that has become something of a regular occurrence in recent weeks, as Hollywood star John Travolta acts out his bizarre nocturnal ritual on the private runway that services his Jumbolair estate.
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Save The World Awards 2009 - Heal The World

This year's Save The World Awards are dedicated to the late King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

HEAL THE WORLD. The untimely and sudden death of Michael Jackson has shocked the world. The WORLD AWARDS Association has lost a supporter and friend who we presented with the 2002 World Arts Award, the music world an inspirational artist. Therefore the WORLD AWARDS Association has decided to give the first SAVE THE WORLD AWARDS on July 24, 2009 at the Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf in Austria a special motto: “HEAL THE WORLD”.

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Source: http://www.savetheworldawards.org/main.asp

Emily Procter wants to get pregnant - on screen and off screen

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If Emily Procter has her way, she will be pregnant both onscreen and off this year.

The unattached 41-year-old CSI: Miami star says she's already spoken to writers about the possibility and opened up to reporters about it at the Monte Carlo Television Festival last week.

"I am hoping this is my year to have children," she says. "I understand that I am possibly more European in my views of marriage. I am not going to say I'm not going to get married, but it's not my priority. I think the Eric [Adam Rodriguez] and Calleigh story will work nicely if this is my year to get pregnant, and hopefully it will be."

As for what else the new season holds, Emily says they are not shooting in Miami "because of budget costs" and that she is "hoping for more action. I have been asking to jump out of a tall building for years, so maybe it will happen this year."

Think Calleigh should get knocked up next season? Sound off below.

matthew lewis

Guinea Pigs will rule the world

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Important this week since we have a thriller with a twist ending this week
If you want to talk spoilers in a movie released this weekend, here is the HTML code for white font, use <> instead of () here:

SPOILER (font color="white")type your spoilery comments(/font)

ONTD - Tell us what to see tonight!

Didn't feel like going out last night. Probably will go see Harry Potter tonight. I think it's kind of crazy that 500 Days of Summer is #12 on the list, and is in less than 10% of the theaters of everything else.
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ONTD's fave entitled brat: PC still fueling gay rumors

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My favorite high school doucheburg, P.C., 18, (above, at right) from Bravo’s NYC Prep–a real-life Gossip Girl reality series–was working an apprenticeship with photographer Zach Michaels (above, at left) on the lateast episode. P.C.’s fancy anal bead fingers were not used to the “manual labor” he was asked to perform–like move chairs and help set up a tripod. I hope he didn’t break a sweat. But later, he was fortunately given a task he’s far more used to–getting shirtless with a man. Bow chica bow wow.

“I don’t care if my clothes are off,” he said. “I’m comfortable in front of a camera.”

He’s had years of practice in front of a web cam, i’m sure!
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Zoe Saldana Talks About Wonder Woman and Other (Less) Fierce Females

Johnny Depp’s surprise appearance at at Comic-Con in San Diego this year wasn’t the only highlight of the conference. Latina’s July cover girl Zoe Saldana also stopped by with with Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, and Elizabeth Mitchell to talk about the role of female heroes in modern pop culture.

Saldana, who is starring as Neytiri in this years highly anticipated James Cameron film Avatar said it’s all about picking your battles. "Women in Hollywood are all united in finding better projects, in fighting for better interpretations and better roles," declared Saldana.

Saldana used Weaver as an example, saying Ellen Ripley was a role that could have been a man, but wasn’t. “Thank God for that,” she said. “We’ve come so far in the last 50 years. I mean, we have a black President, for God’s sake.”

Saldana also shared her opinion on another iconic female superhero: Wonder Woman, who has yet to be featured in a full length film. Industry insiders say that several attempts have been made to write a great Wonder Woman script, but people are scared of messing up the iconic character, originally played by Latina legend Linda Carter. Saldana's suggestion was that they turn the heroine into a "Matrix"-style kung fu chick, and that they find someone with a hot body for the title role! When asked about current "It" girl Megan Fox starring as Wonder Woman, Saldana seemed open to the prospect. We, on the other hand would love to see the role go to another Latina actress. Perhaps Jessica Alba, already versed in ass kicking roles since her turn as Dark Angel.

Don’t forget to check out Zoe Saldana in Avatar scheduled to hit theaters December, 2009. And tell us: Who do you think would make a perfect silver screen Wonder Woman?


What they said - who do you think should play Wonder Woman? I agree with the kung fu Wonder Woman prospect and vote for myself for the role. It is destiny. >_>

And if you haven't seen the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie with Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion then you must, because it converted me to Wonder Woman-ism. It is AWESOME.
AD . Self-Portrait

The Middleman at Comic-Con

The Middleman Returned, And Our Heads Exploded!

The Middleman, one of the greatest and craziest shows ever to bludgeon television with awesomeness, finally got the finale it deserves. The cast read the unaired finale script, and it was like the greatest rock concert ever.

Description and video of "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse" table read, and needless to say, spoilers, under the cut.

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
DVD out on Tuesday; so excited!
george jetson

Dean Sheremet Going Through a 'Very Difficult Time'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After PEOPLE broke the news that LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sheremet are separated, Sheremet took to Twitter to express his appreciation for his supporters.

"Thanks to everyone for all the support through a very difficult time!" he tweeted on Saturday.

The message was only Sheremet's second since a post on March 18, when he posted the words, "I love my wife!!!"

Saturday's message comes just one day after PEOPLE reported that the couple, who married in 2002, are no longer living together.

"Le and Dean have been separated for quite some time now," a Rimes pal said, "but they're continuing to try and work through their relationship."


New Vampire Diaries Promo Pics That Won't Rape Your Screen

Its really just he same picture, plus I added a promo from about a month ago I don't think was posted and the extended preview

Ian Somerhalder's orange chest invites you in


Edit - Added a just released promo picture that doesn't really add anything new to this post. 

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16 and Pregnant Reunion POST! - reunion provides updates on the teen mothers of season 1

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Last night on MTV, Dr. Drew Pinsky hosted a reunion special for the surprise hit reality show '16 and Pregnant.' The show brought back each of the young mothers that made up season one: Maci, Ebony, Amber, Whitney, Farrah, and Catelynn. It was an interesting and emotional reunion that gave viewers of the show an update of the lives of these young women and their babies. Dr. Drew asked tough questions, more than one young mom and her partner squirmed, but above all it brought home the point that teen pregnancy and teen motherhood is much harder than anyone could ever know. And there was also one sweet surprise: Catelynn and Tyler, the only couple who chose to give their baby up for adoption, were reunited with their daughter, Carly, and her adoptive parents, Teresa and Brandon. Here's how it all went down.

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Gemma Arterton says some things

Gemma Arterton isn't like Keira Knightley.

The 'Quantum of Solace' star hates being constantly compared to other young British actresses because she has her own identity.

She said: "It's always funny. Especially with girls, people always want to put them in little brackets, which they belong in. I don't think I belong in the same bracket as Keira Knightley. I'm completely different, and from a very different background, and we even have different accents. It's just because I'm in 'Prince of Persia' by Jerry Bruckheimer and it's a period film... it's an obvious thing to say. I don't mind. I'm confident in my own ability to not mind being compared to people."

The British beauty recently landed the lead role of Catherine 'Cathy' Earnshaw in 'Wuthering Heights' after a string of Hollywood actresses pulled out.

She will star alongside 'Gossip Girl' actor Ed Westwick, who will portray Heathcliff.


i love this girl shes beautiful! and wuthering heights is a great story i hope she does cathy's character justice..
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Gerard Way announces new comic, remains 'dark' ... also, water is wet.

The Dark Horse panel at Comic-Con International featured the announcement of a second comic book series for My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, who has already made a name for himself in comics with the Eisner Award-winning “Umbrella Academy.” Way's new series, co-written by Shaun Simon and illustrated by Becky Cloonan, will be called “Killjoys” and debut sometime in 2010. Beyond that, details are scarce, but CBR did get some interesting info from Way in the second part of our Comic-Con interview.

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So it's a dark comic about a guy who goes on a six issue mission to get his Ramones records back. No one would do that for My Chemical Romance...

source and another source
conan and the shy girl

Aziz's Raaaaaaaandy documentary pt.2

This is part two of Aziz Ansari and Jason Woliner's documentary about Aziz's character Randy from Funny People.

If you don't know the character, you HAVE to watch this first:

Who saw Funny People Live last night? Randy is so gonna scene-steal Funny People.


this guy knows what I'm talking about, this guy DEFINITELY knows what I'm talking about

[ASkars] Press

Eric's hair gets even shorter at the True Blood Press Conference

Alexander Skarsgård cut his hair short y'all!! Photos of the cast at the "True Blood" press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on July 22, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

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I hope everyone went to the HBO True Blood party at Comic Con last night! Alexander was there with Michael McMillan (Steve Newlin). Also don't forget about the True Blood signing and panel at Comic Con tomorrow.

Source 1 and 2.

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Jon Wants Friendship with Kate

Even as Jon Gosselin prepares for divorce, he hopes to remain close to his wife Kate, mom to their eight kids, according to pal Michael Lohan.

"He would love to be friends with her," says Lohan, the estranged father of Lindsay Lohan, who's been showing Gosselin around the Hamptons and and who has become an unlikely advisor. "They had eight kids and he would like to work things out the right way and just be friends."

The new buddies spent Saturday in Southampton, attending a business meeting, walking on the beach – where they were met by paparazzi – and shopping at a J. Crew store for clothes to wear to a polo match in Bridgehampton that afternoon.

"A lot of opportunities are opening up for him," Lohan says of his friend, referring to possible endorsement deals.

Lohan also says Gosselin is in a good mood these days. "He's fantastic and upbeat and said that he just wanted to concentrate on his kids and his career and his life," he said. "It's overwhelming for him but he's handling it."

As for for Gosselin's gal pal Hailey Glassman and the former Star magazine reporter Gosselin's been spotted with, Kate Major, "he's not with either one right now," Lohan reports. "He's not concentrating on a relationship with any woman. He just wants to take a step back and deal with his family and his kids."

Meanwhile, Gosselin's wife Kate was at home on Saturday with their eight children, who played in the front yard of the family's Wernersville, Pa., home, making hearts with Play-Doh and offering them – along with plates of Play-Doh food – to their mom.

Despite the occasional timeout for one of the sextuplets, Gosselin seemed to be having a good time. She was spotted with a heart on her face, laughing, kissing each of her kids and once again wearing her wedding ring.

source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20293835,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

TY Jon for befriending Michael Lohan of all people. You have provided endless lols.
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Shanna Moakler is outraged

Katie Holmes’ performance on So You Think You Can Dance has not received much praise, according to E! Online. The actress performed an homage to Judy Garland choreographed by Tyce Diorio Thursday night on the reality show.

“I am f***ing INSULTED, Katie Holmes how dare you!,” Shanna Moakler wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t just grow up on musicals, I lived and breathed them, Oklahoma, Easter Parade, Family Band, don’t touch my legends! You’re not worthy.”

So You Think You Can Dance judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is angry about the negative reactions. He took to his Twitter to retaliate: “Why hate on Katie? She’s had no dance training and did this for publicity for the charity. Everyone lip synchs when they’re dancing. I’m going to ban all the Katie haters. You make me sick. Your attitude stops ’stars’ doing charity work. Understand why she did it CHILDREN. I’m trying to figure out why Katie is being judged as a dancer. When a star throws out the opening pitch, no one says ‘Ooh, crap pitcher!’”

Holmes did the performance to show her support for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, a charity intended to support, improve and increase access to dance education in the United States. The charity was founded this year by Holmes, Lythgoe, director Adam Shankman and Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba.


Shanna is such a cunt.
james dean

Futurama at Comic Con: no booze and only one hooker

Amongst all the tension surrounding the troubles with Futurama's voice actors re-signing for the next season, the panel continued on and gave us answers to some of the largest questions that were on our minds. Starting out with a brief address by series creator Matt Groening, we were immediately given an answer to our biggest question: Will we see the original voice actors come back?

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the situation: all the Futurama voice actors have been sort of fired. Sort of, in that they were not asked back for the new season, but Phil Lamarr (voice of Hermes) said on fbook that a casting agent told an actor who auditioned, "no one will be hired." The voice actors were DISinvited from the Futurama Comic Con panel, so it was Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and some writers, producers, and animators. But some of the voice actors did signings at a separate panel. tyfyt


jon gosselin: *my heart is always with hailey*~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jon Gosselin's been hanging out with Kate Major lately, but he tells Usmagazine.com he still has a thing for Hailey Glassman.

"My heart is always with Hailey," the dad of eight told Us at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets field in Bridgehampton, New York Saturday. (Glassman, 22, is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed ex-wife Kate's free tummy tuck.)

When told by an Us reporter he's an eligible bachelor (Kate filed for divorce last month after 10 years of marriage), Gosselin told Us: "Scary!"
And despite taking Glassman to St. Tropez, and then hanging out with Major in the Hamptons the following week, Gosselin tells Us that dating multiple women is "not me."

Gosselin has been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, in Southampton for the past week.

"He's a nice guy!" Lohan told Us earlier.

This afternoon, they went shopping at J.Crew, where Gosselin spent $423.05 on T-shirts, flip flops and boxer shorts <<< LOL Major was not present.

you can't write this stuff

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Hangin' With Holmes-Boy Robert Downey Jr.

Like Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. is sly, cheeky and clever, not to mention a dapper dandy. Holding court on the Comic-Con red carpet, the charismatic actor flashed the Sherlock-esque Savile Row label on his natty suit while cracking wise and promoting director Guy Ritchie's massive movie about the famous Brit detective. Check out the vid above.

Sherlock Holmes hottie Rachel McAdams hits the Con looking kickass in stilettos and promptly calls herself out for being overly dramatic. She later continues her low-key charm offensive by deftly throwing interviewer Ben Lyons under the bus.


I will stab this bitch in the neck

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Model Daisy Lowe kept her distance from Mark Ronson following their split last September but I can report that the pair are back in touch.
According to sources, Daisy, 20, who blamed their 13-year age gap for the split, went to see Mark perform at a Yoko Ono gig in London last month and the couple are now in regular contact.
The news will come as a blow to Daisy’s boyfriend, musician Will Cameron. He
had insisted that the former Agent Provocateur lingerie model cut all ties with Ronson when they separated.

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oh wee
Girlfriend Gate 09

Alexander Skarsgård and Deborah Ann Woll LIVE at Comic Con 2009

Alexander talks about being voted the sexiest man 6 years straight in Sweden and about True Blood's emmy nominations.

Damn, you'd think these people would at least learn to pronounciate Alexander's last name correctly. It's Skars-gard, not Saarsgard. I can't help it, I'm a stickler for correct anunciation. That dumb interviewer chick FAILS

Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ERIC-NORTHMAN/87799001989?ref=nf and YouTube
1D - Niall the hipster


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'Twilight' Has A New Promo Partner To Feature Prominently In 'New Moon' -- & It's A Whopper!

Tens of thousands of Twilighters at the San Diego Comic-Con Thursday morning were greeted by Burger King representatives, strategically placed outside events promoting the franchise. The BK reps handed out paper folding "crowns" — a long-time trademark of the hamburger franchise.

But instead of featuring the King himself, the crowns featured the likenesses of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and others.

MTV can confirm that Burger King will be featured in the "New Moon" film via product placement, with its food products being consumed by the movie's stars — well, at least, those of them that can eat human food.

To help promote the tie-in, Burger King will soon begin distributing paper crowns in stores worldwide. One reads "Team Edward" and features Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the Cullen clan. The other reads "Team Jacob" and has Taylor Lautner staring seductively from the front of the crown, accompanied by photos of Stewart, and the shirtless Wolf Pack.

"Coming to Burger King Restaurants November 2009" reads the crowns, which are currently wrapped around the heads of thousands of Twilighters around the San Diego Convention Center.

Another interesting confirmation on the crowns? Near the bottom is the words "PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13." Stay tuned for blood, Bella and burgers this November, as "Twilight" fans will be getting it their way.

SOURCE: mtv.com

'Iron Man 2' Comic-Con Footage Description

Quint from Ain't It Cool News was at the "Iron Man 2" Comic-Con panel and here's his description of the event.

Kevin Feige is brought out. Keep the tone. Brought out Favreau. Footage first. Looks like a shitty DVD extra, something a step above what Kenny Powers put together to show off his arm for baseball talent scouts. Just some greenscreen stuff. Downey comes out. “Fuck that! What was that? Unadulterated garbage. You showed me better stuff in the editing room!”

Feige tryies to step in. “No, no this is bullshit!” The crowd is cheering, knowing what’s coming. Turns out that Favreau is a little distracted. It’s his son Max’s 8th birthday… Downey leads audience in Happy Birthday, singing like an Italian waiter, ending with him saying “You better show some real footage.”

And so he did.

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I want to go there now.

Would you like to work for RDJ?

Iron Man 2 VIRAL SITE now up!

Stark Industries

they handed the cards at SDCC and my friend (lucky basterd) got one.
there's no codes or invites or anything, so absolutely anybody can go and apply.

It's a job application sort of sign up
Eventually there'll be forums and updates, company outings, memos from the boss etc,
but the site's new so there's no content yet.

If the viral marketing for this film is half as good as TDK's, it'll be awesome.

source: My friend, his cellphone and his experiences from today.

Hilary Duff's first Femme for DKNY print ad

The first ad for Hilary's upcoming clothing line Femme for DKNY Jeans has been released. The ad features a very photoshopped and Haylie-esque Hilary modeling a few pieces from the collection. The collection will be Hilary's 2nd clothing line. Her first, Stuff by Hilary Duff, was aimed toward tweens and proved to be hugely successful, banking Hilary millions. Femme comes out this Fall and is designed for an older and more stylish consumer.

jason&#39;s pop-up boner.

this is a battlestar galactica/caprica update.

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Double the "Battlestar Galactica," double the fun.

Syfy held a combined panel for the "BSG" TV movie, "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan" as well as its prequel, "Caprica," which allowed for fans to get to a glimpse at promos for both, get some inside scoop, and the chance to see two generations of Adamas on stage together.

Miss the panel? No worries, we live blogged it...

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i wish there had been some kind of confirmation about how long "the plan" is going to run on dvd, tbh. if it's not over two hours like we've been promised, i'll still buy it but my reaction will be like rozilla:

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grilled pineapple / butter concoction


Michael Jackson’s image seen in tree stump

Michael Jackson appeared in Stockton the day he died — on a tree stump in Felix Garcia’s front yard, says Garcia. Neighbors began flocking by to look (probably about the same time TV cameras arrived) and now we have a full-fledged phenomenom!

See for yourself below. (And for all you skeptics, know that a Cheeto resembling Michael Jackson moonwalking went up for sale on eBay this week too!)

said Cheeto resembling Michael Jackson moonwalking...

Source & Source

accio hagrid!

Stunt sequences for Deathly Hallows were shot Thursday and Friday night on Dartford tunnel in Kent, England, showing Harry and Hagrid's stunt doubles (Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Coltrane were not filming) driving against the traffic on Sirius's motorcycle. This scene follows the Seven Potters escapade in Privet Drive; Harry's double is also noted pointing his wand at an unknown enemy. The photos can be seen below:

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