July 11th, 2009

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Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) flies his freak flag a little

From what I understand, people submit their own photos to (NSFW!!!)GuysWithiPhones.com, on the 4th of July, there were 3 men posing in the same bathroom (3 shirtless, one bum) within 45 minutes of each other around 10am.

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Individual potentially NSFW source pages: Stipe, Rentboy, Dozol, Ass-shot

Would you publicize that you had a 3-way if you were famous? What about admitting that you cruise a sleazy website like GuysWithiPhones? Oh, and that awful waste of space Jonathan Jaxson posted a few clothed pictures of himself (here is one) -- nothing quite as bad as that horrible masturbation video he did to try and seduce He Who Shall Not Be Named
Hunter (aka Sexy Vegan Bassist / SVB)

Canadian Hockey Player Georges Laraque Announces Veganism, Goes To KFC To Celebrate

Okay so first, Georges Laraque is a Canadian hockey player. He currently plays for the the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League. This beautiful man is of Haitian descent and is frequently involved in volunteering in his community.

Georges was a long-time vegetarian and recently announced that he has gone vegan ! Last month, he took to his blog and wrote ::

......I am pleased to announce that as of today I am officially a vegan. I am grateful for the hundreds of emails I received from vegetarians and vegans showing their support and sharing tips. As this is a all new for me, I invite you to continue sharing your experiences with me. A special thanks to the Montreal Vegetarian Association for their support.

Finally, I decided to invest time in supporting animal rights. I have already joined various animal rights organizations. I feel it is important to help the living creatures that don’t have a voice to defend themselves. I believe that we should all, especially public figures, raise awareness for this cause......

So, to celebrate his new life of being a vegan, he took a trip to his local Burger King KFC (Ooops. I had BK on the mind because I ate that for dinner) and ordered a chicken sandwich.......a vegan chicken sandwich ! (Although I really hope the chefs use separate grills and equipment. That would defeat the purpose of a vegan sandwich.)

Georges is pictured at the top of this post with the delicious Burger King KFC sandwich. He looks so hot !

And pictured below is the sandwich in question. It looks yummy ! I want to move back to Canada so I can try this.

have it your way

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Paris Cockteases Federal Judge

Paris Hilton repeatedly fussed with her hair and makeup in a federal courtroom Friday, sported six-inch stiletto heels and a black dress and amused the judge with a little wave on the way to the witness stand. Once on the stand, though, Hilton was businesslike when it came to defending herself against an $8 million lawsuit's claim that she didn't do her part to promote the 2006 box-office bomb "Pledge This!" She acknowledged in court the movie didn't turn out very well but insisted she plugged it for everything she was worth.

The trial is being heard by Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno, who reacted with surprise when Hilton gave him a little wave before testifying. "I've never had a witness wave at me before," the judge cracked.

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article and photos

lolololol "you're my best judge forever"

Meet the Nancy Drew girls

The lazy days of summer always seem to have young girls reading through the adventures of Nancy, her best friends Bess and George, and her slightly wooden headed boy friend Ned Nickerson. Ready to leap into her blue roadster, enabled by gobs of cash from her lawyer father, and handy with a revolver, Nancy is a mystery solving whiz.
Add Judge Sotomayor's name to the Nancy Drew fan club. Her interest in the law was sparked as a young girl by reading the Nancy Drew series. Sandra Day O'Connor, Hilary Clinton, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as Barbara Walters and Fran Lebowitz cite her as an early primary influence on their lives.
The Nancy Drew series will be 80 years old next year.
HER games has released a free demo of the new Nancy Drew game Ransom of the Seven Ships:

source (Free Demo Game): http://www.filefront.com/Nancy+Drew+Ransom+of+the+Seven+Ships+Demo/;13926662;/fileinfo.html
Ina Hanging On Like FG

They're Still Not There to Make Friends...

The Year in "I'm Not Here to Make Friends!"      

A year ago today, I posted my supercut of people saying various iterations of "I'm not here to make friends" over and over and over again on reality TV. So much has changed since then -- Obama became president, the sinking economy went belly up, Sarah Palin became queen of her own ass, then sank, then went belly up, etc. And yet, as the video above (containing examples of my most favorite of televised cliches that have been uttered in the time since the first video) proves, they've also stayed much the same.

Original video is below, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.


sasha blue eyed beauty

Festival of Paris Cinema news and guest of honour Jean-Pierre Léaud

Festival Paris Cinéma offers Baccarat crystal prize trophies that reflect the glitter of the world of cinema for long fiction or documentary films and for short films. There are three competition categories, the Jury Prize, the Public Prize and the Prize of the Future awarded by a panel of students. Seven years since it began, aside from the competition entries, it's a complete festival. Its programme is vast, varied and vibrant. Old films, brand new films and less new films, and star-smattered at that.

Festival guests of honour in 2009 are French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, Barcelona-born producer Lluìs Miñarro, Tsai Ming-liang and Japanese producer and writer Naomi Kawase. The president is British actress Charlotte Rampling.

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if anyone finds actual pictures of JPL from this event, i would really appreciate it..

Amy Winehouse 07/10

Enjoying her time on the beaches of St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse was soaking up the sun in a bikini top and denim shorts. But the singer has the staff members at the resort very nervous. The Rehab singer has been drinking so much on the Caribbean island that staff had to ban her from using their pool because they afraid that she may drown.

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I've been getting into Frank lately and it's just amazing. Her voice is incredible and her sound is just beautiful and so original. I feel so awful for her and want to give her a hug :(
serious fish

Shakira to Debut, Give Away 'She-Wolf' on ABC Music Lounge

Shakira's new single, "She-Wolf," will be available as a free download at the ABC Music Lounge from Sunday, July 12 at 7 p.m. ET until Monday, July 13 at midnight ET. "She-Wolf," written and produced by Shakira and John Hill, is the first single from the artist's English-language album, due on Epic in October. ABC's first crack at the song recalls the network's debut of another Epic single, The Fray's "You Found Me." Unlike that promotion, which debuted The Fray's track during a promo for the new season of "Lost" and led to an iTunes purchase opportunity, "She-Wolf" will be given away as a free download Sunday-Monday. Plans are in the works for integrating Shakira's music into more ABC platforms, though a specific promo campaign or program synch hasn't been announced. A Spanish version of "She-Wolf," "Loba," debuts at No. 23 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart this week.

Source: Billboard.com

I can't wait! I love the Spanish version, so I hope the English translations will be good. And just because I think this cover is fierce:
The C O V E N A N T

MTV News: Miley Does Elle

MTV catches up with Miley Cyrus, the 16-year-old self-proclaimed icon, on the set of her Elle Magazine Photoshoot by Carter Smith. Miley Cyrus talks about her favorite designers and the difference between Hannah Montana's and her own style. "I definitely don't think I could wear what I wore in this issue onstage," Cyrus says.

Youtube | Elle

Young performers celebrate Jackson's legacy at memorial.

GARY, Ind. -- Michael Jackson's hometown celebrated youth Friday night -- primarily the early days of its favorite-son entertainer but also his echoed influence in today's undiscovered singers and dancers.
The memorial celebration at the U.S. Steel Yard baseball stadium featured a parade of young men from Indiana and Chicago wearing fedoras, armbands and leather jackets to honor Jackson's dynamic career.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson noted the theme when telling the capacity audience of 6,000 that the evening represented Gary's true identity: "Our talent, our joy, our children."
A high-profile adviser to the singer's family since his June 25 death, Jesse Jackson suggested a contrast between California, where the "XYZ" of Jackson's life is examined, and Gary, which is the "ABC."
The Jackson family's patriarch, Joseph Jackson, made a brief onstage appearance, during which he made no mention of his son but said it was good to be home.
Anita Hill, who taught music to third-grader Michael at Garnett Elementary School, spoke from a stage in the ballpark's outfield about his first public performance -- a rendition of "Climb Every Mountain" from "The Sound of Music" musical.
"I never used third-graders in choir; I used sixth-graders," Hill said. "After I heard Michael, I changed all my rules."
Kellee Patterson, winner of the 1971 Miss Indiana pageant, sang "Gone Too Soon," Jackson's ballad inspired by Kokomo AIDS patient Ryan White, and talked about hanging out with Jackson at pre-stardom talent shows.
Audience member Marcal Mitchell moved to Gary as an 11-year-old in 1966. He recalled playing softball with the Jackson siblings, but he wasn't convinced that international fame was in their future.
"Nobody expected it," Mitchell said. "A lot of us were musicians at the time, so I was expecting it to happen for me."
The current crop of emerging talent includes the South Shore Dance Alliance, which revived memorable dance steps seen in videos for the songs "Thriller," "Beat It" and "The Way You Make Me Feel."
Michael Turner played a spirited saxophone version of "Dirty Diana," while 11-year-old Terre Haute native Isaiah Pittman V earned a standing ovation for his rendition of "Got to Be There" -- Jackson's first single as a solo artist in 1971.
Hundreds of youngsters from the Family Christian Center wore zombie wardrobe and makeup during a show-stopping pantomime of the "Thriller" video, reflecting Jackson's ability to bridge the scary and sacred.
A massive choir sang "We Are the World," which initially closed the memorial celebration at the three-hour mark. The Chi-Lites, a 1970s R&B group, performed a short roundup of hits to provide an encore.


Danrad the poet/Emma dating her stalker

From Potter to poet: Daniel Radcliffe unmasked as a budding creative writer

Not content with playing the most famous character in modern fiction, it seems that Daniel Radcliffe has literary ambitions of his own.

The 19-year-old star of the Harry Potter films has been unmasked as a budding poet whose work has appeared in an underground fashion publication.

But his female admirers might be disappointed to learn that he is no romantic. 

His quartet of poems, published under a pen name and written when he was 17, are about infidelity, Pop Idol and junkie rock star Pete Doherty.

The most controversial of the four, Away Days, details the narrator's affairs with prostitutes.

A second poem is in homage to Doherty while another takes aim at Simon Cowell and the queues of 'deluded' fans who line up to compete in TV talent contests.

The final effort is about a man's attempts to seduce women. 

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Meanwhile at the NY press conference, Emma Watson and DanRad talk about 'dating their fans':

Another odd exchange arose from a question about how fame complicates love — particularly for Radcliffe, who intimated how he may have inherited Harry Potter’s romantic challenges. “I don’t really feel like I’m in the world of dating,” he said. “I don’t feel like a young 20-something in that sort of… I don’t have that sort of life. I’m working. I’m happy working. It’s not the case where I don’t have time to have a girlfriend. I do. I’m like everyone else, I suppose. It’s weird, because people always ask, ‘You’re Harry Potter — does that help you get girls?’ I was 8 when I started this. I don’t know what it’s like to get girls without having been Harry Potter.”

But could he ever date a fan?

“Fortunately I don’t think that’s the case for any of us,” Radcliffe said. “I don’t think any of us are—

What?” Watson deadpanned. “I’m dating my stalker!

“Well, that is usually the best way to deal with them,” Radcliffe said. “Just be up front with them.

“He’s always there when I need him. I can be very demanding. He’s so into me! It’s the way to go. I recommend it.”

Radcliffe’s eyes widened. “I’m not.”

*oh lol*

you go ro coco

Former Hole Guitarist Says the Band Doesn't Exist Without Him.


Remember when Courtney Love said she's turning the material for her latest solo album into a new version of Hole? Well, the band's co-founder and ex-guitarist, Eric Erlandson, heard about it and doesn't seem very amused, saying, in his opinion, Hole doesn't exist without him.

While that may sound like artistic ego, Erlandson says it all comes down to business. "We have a contract," Erlandson said in an interview with Spin. "She signed a contract with me when we decided to break up the band, which was like 2002 or something, so I really don't have comment on it except that I know my part in that band. The way I look at it, there is no Hole without me. To put it blunt. Just on a business level."

Naturally, Erlandson takes the whole thing with a grain of salt because, well, Love's no stranger to verbal spouting. "Somebody told me and it just sounds like something -- it just sounds like the usual," he said. "I love her a lot and I wish her the best, and I'm open to discussions regarding the real Hole, and if she has a solo album together, I think that's great. I think she should finish it and put it out and do that."

The album, 'Nobody's Daughter,' features English guitarist Micko Larkin, songwriting from Linda Perry and production by Michael Beinhorn, as well as former Hole bassist Melissa Auf der Maur on backing vocals. The album is supposed to come out next year, but between Courtney's financial problems and recent health issues, it's anybody's guess when it'll see the light of day.


I've always wished that Hole would get back together and put out something decent and not like that Hole-goes-pop train wreck Celebrity Skin bullshit. idc what anyone says about Courtney Love...she's talented when she tries.

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This Is Why Anderson Cooper Is Such a Prude

Gloria Vanderbilt, the gloriously upper-crusty society diva (and mother of Anderson Cooper), is 85-years-young, and to show how down she is with the kids, she has written a dirty book, Obsession. In this audio clip, she remains ever-so chic while discussing her lover's "caaaaaaawk" and just casually throws it out there that her "pussy will be throbbing, drum-like" as she eats around the rim of that caaaaaaawk. If you've ever had the urge to listen to your great-grandmother talk dirty to you, this is it.

Source: http://worldofwonder.net/2009/07/10/Little_Gloria_Swallows_at_last/
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Jackson custody hearing rescheduled again

A custody hearing for singer Michael Jackson's children scheduled for Monday has been pushed back for a second time.

The hearing, which was originally scheduled for July 6, has been rescheduled for July 20 at the request of Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, and Jackson's former wife Debbie Rowe.

Rowe is the biological mother of two of Jackson's children -- 12-year-old Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., also known as Prince, and 11-year-old Paris Katherine Jackson. Jackson's third child, Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson, was carried by a surrogate mother, whose name has never been released.

Katherine Jackson was given temporary guardianship of the children by a judge several days after her son's death.

According to Michael Jackson's will filed in 2002, he wanted his children to be cared for by his mother. If Katherine Jackson, 79, is not living, Jackson said in the will, "I nominate Diana Ross as guardian."

Ross, star of the Motown singing group the Supremes, met Jackson when he was a 9-year-old sensation. The two performed together over the years and Jackson told an interviewer in 1982 he considered Ross to be one of his true personal friends.

Jackson specifically left Rowe out of his will.

Rowe reportedly signed away her parental rights to the children after she and Jackson divorced in 1999, but an appeals court re-established her parental status in 2006.

Rowe has not publicly indicated whether she will challenge Jackson for custody.

britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI

there's a she-wolf in the closet, let it out so she can breathe

Shakira's She-Wolf has leaked... and it's spectacular. it's just as good as the spanish version. it's typical shakira... so if u hate her goat voice. scroll along. if u hate her weird lyrics. again scroll on. haters to the mothereffin left. this ain't no foolishness or faggotry, cuz homegirl's handlin her business. holler if u hear me. HEY... can i get a witness? confirm/deny?

matthew lewis

Friday Box Office

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If you want to talk spoilers in a movie released this weekend, here is the HTML code for white font, use <> instead of () here:

SPOILER (font color="white")type your spoilery comments(/font)

ONTD - What did U C

I just want to thank mechuparmucho for taking over for me last weekend while my computer was in the shop. I can't cut and paste on my iPod.

brandon walsh has another baby

Jason Priestley and His Wife Welcome a Boy

By Missy Ritti
Originally posted Friday July 10, 2009 03:25 PM EDT

It's a boy for Jason Priestley and his wife of four years, Naomi Lowde-Priestley!

The couple welcomed their second child – and first son – on Thursday in Los Angeles, his rep tells the Associated Press. They also have a 2-year-old daughter, Ava.

Further details, including a name and weight, were not released.

Rumors that their baby-on-the-way was a boy began circulating after Priestley and his wife shopped for blue-colored items at the Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Buffet in May; That clue, however slight, was about all the couple were willing to share.

Earlier, the former 90210 star, 39, said he was trying to keep details of the pregnancy "on the down low."

The pregnancy was announced in April.


psycho bitch emily valentine approves.


russell brand denies the firecrotch

Brand turns down sex

I NEVER thought I’d live to see the day that RUSSELL BRAND turned down a bit of bedroom action.But it is with regret that I bring you the news that my three times Bizarre Shagger Of The Year does in fact have a line which he is not prepared to cross.


The dandy funnyman is refusing to give the dinkle treatment to actress LINDSAY LOHAN.

Li-Lo has been trying to cosy up to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star at various Hollywood parties over the last few weeks.

Her latest attempt at seducing Russ was at his new best friend P DIDDY’s annual White Party last weekend. But he politely declined her advances.


It's from The Sun so... grain of salt, everyone. Still, I'd love if this were true. Not only is it LOL-inducing but I don't want that particular ho (I say "particular" because everyone he dates or goes near is normally of the ho/skank nature) anywhere near my Russell Wussell, thank you very much.

MJ Tribute / Gathering at the O2

I am no whiz with this kind of stuff. No fancy pics or gifs, but I wanted to get the word out.

“Come and join us for a huge party to celebrate the life of the one and only Michael Jackson.

The gathering will be at the O2 on July 13th, this would have been Michael’s opening night. Please come and join us in this tribute.

Further details can be found on the Facebook group *Mass Vigil* Michael Jackson - in your honour.

With your support, this will be an amazing night and one you will not want to miss.”

I will be going to this with a few other people I have never met (lol no one I know will go with me) and any ONTD'ers in the London area are more than welcome to attend! If you want to meet up with me, PM me and I will give you details, or just meet me at King's Cross station at 3:30 and shout 'Shamone!'

Details at the source, but basically thousands of people are meeting up to mourn an celebrate. They will be showing pics and videos and they will have two giant boards similar to the ones at the memorial for people to write stuff on. There is also going to be a dance party, I believe.



Mods, if this isn't acceptable, please tell me what to fix. I am no good with the internetz but I love MJ.
credit: hsapians

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After fans flooded their Twitters, blogs, and the NKOTB website with requests, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK announced today they will be streaming their July 17th Dallas, Texas “Full Service” concert LIVE on iCLIPS.net. Following the live show, fans around the world will be able to view the concert ON DEMAND for 24 hours. The On Demand footage will be available within approximately one hour after the live broadcast.

The live feed is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems that have Flash 9 or 10 installed. It is also recommended that the user has at least a 768 kbps high speed internet connection. The event will go on sale Monday, July 13th at 1:00pm EST/12:00pm CST for only $12.99. The page to purchase the event will be located at www.iClips.net/newkidsontheblock and/or www.iClips.net/NKOTB.

“We are so excited about this event! We are so proud of this tour and by sending it out through the web. We have a chance to perform for ALL of our fans, the world over, many of whom we cannot reach in person” says Donnie Wahlberg.

“To work with a legendary group of artists like the New Kids on the Block gives everyone at iClips a tremendous thrill. We are extremely excited about presenting this live concert experience to the legions of New Kids on the Blocks fans around the world” says Nate Parienti of iCLIPS.

The shows have featured a varied set list including classics such as, “Hangin Tough,” “Step by Step,” and “Right Stuff,” mixed with the newer tunes like, “Single” and “Summertime” from their brand new album, THE BLOCK. As the New York Post described, “the encore of 1990’s ‘Step By Step’ and the 1989 tune ‘Hangin’ Tough’ were gasoline on the concert fire.” and the OC Register exclaimed, “they put on a stellar show that kept the crowd on its feet for two hours.” “Not only do the New Kids sound better than they ever did, they also look like they’re having even more fun than they did 20 years ago,” lauded Newsday.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK sold more than 80 million albums worldwide — including back-to-back international #1 songs, 1988’s Hangin’ Tough and 1990’s Step By Step — and a series of crossover smash R&B, pop hits like “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” “Cover Girl,” “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time),” “Hangin’ Tough,” “I’ll Be Loving You,” “Step By Step” and “Tonight.” The group shattered concert box office records playing an estimated 200 concerts a year, in sold out stadiums throughout the world. They still hold many of these records to date. They were Forbes highest paid entertainers of 1990, beating out Michael Jackson and Madonna. The band boasted an extensive and highly profitable merchandise line which included everything from lunch boxes and sleeping bags to comic books, marbles and dolls.

More Information at www.nkotb.com / http://www.iclips.net/livefaq.php

Source: http://www.nkotb.com
Journey (desert)

ZQ, CFine and John Cho have coffee together; paps fail to capture it.

Two sets of pictures:

- On Thursday, Zach was seen riding his bike down Silver Lake Blvd after meeting up with his Star Trek costars Chris Pine and John Cho.

- Chris Pine dodges cars by running across a busy intersection after he was spotted grabbing coffee with Star Trek costars Zachary Quinto and John Cho (not pictured) at a local coffee shop in Silver Lake, CA

Click on pics for larger.

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No pictures of them together? FAIL, paps. FAIL.

Sources: Just Jared for the Zach blurb, Zach Quinto Net for the Zach photos, The Chris Pine Network (they requested no linking) for the Chris blurb & photos.

Aubrey O' Day Joins Cast Of 'Peepshow' replacing Mel B.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MTV News has confirmed that beginning on September 14 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, O'Day will assume the role of Peep Diva, the show's mistress of ceremonies. The role was once played by former Spice Girl Mel B. The show also currently stars playmate Holly Madison in a different role.
"Aubrey is a talented and extremely gifted performer with Broadway, television and recording credits," Scott Zeiger, co-CEO of Base Entertainment, said in a statement. "Aubrey is one of the sexiest entertainers in the industry today and we are thrilled to welcome her to the 'Peepshow' cast."
For the show, O'Day will once again work with her "Hairspray" choreographer Jerry Mitchell in what is described as "a perfectly naughty night out for men, women and couples too" with choreography that "combines sexy striptease and celebrity with high-level production values."

In past interviews, O'Day has said that the show also means her return to reality TV as she will document her life as she works on the show. "I'm about to take a huge star's position in a Vegas show that just opened," she told MTV News last month. "And coming with me will be reality-show cameras, of course ... I'm starting to film my reality show, hopefully coming out in October."




Chris Tucker’s Ex Writes an Open Letter to the Arvizos


She and Chris Tucker testified in court in 2005.

OPEN LETTER TO A MICHAEL JACKSON ACCUSER (THE ARVIZO FAMILY): Subpoenaed by the defense in 2005, Azja Pryor writes to Jackson’s 2nd accuser


*Dear Gavin, Star, Davellin, and Janet:

After Michael's tragic death last week, I have to say that all the negative feelings I've had towards your family following the outrageous claims made by you Gavin and your mother Janet--against Michael--came back to me tenfold. The pain, disappointment, anger, and betrayal I feel towards you simply cannot be put into words.

You have shown me that your greed, lies, and personal gain override any “morals” your family claims to have; and you have proven yourselves to be the kind of people capable of turning your back on the very person who came to your rescue when you were most desperate.

The fact that you falsely accused Michael of the most heinous of acts, and made his life a living hell in what would become his last years is unthinkable; and I am sure some would say, unforgivable. In your attempts to destroy him once again, you, Gavin, accused the man you called your “best friend” of the one thing that you (and everyone else) knew would completely turn his life inside out.

You took the one thing we all know that Michael cared about most in life--children, especially children who are suffering, and you tried to turn it into a bad thing. You Janet, as a parent, allowed this, encouraged this, and went forward with the awful lies in an attempt to destroy Michael Jackson and swindle money from him.

Shame on you!

This man did nothing but help your family in their darkest hour. I know Michael was just like my family. We were all pulled into your woeful stories and shared your family's plight as Gavin fought for his life during his battle with cancer. Gavin, you told me that Michael's love helped cure you of cancer.

Your entire family praised Michael privately to everyone who would listen, yet turned against him so viciously in public. I have remained silent for many years, but I can no longer do so. Right now I struggle to find the words to adequately write this letter, as I am so filled with anger towards you and pain for the Jackson family.

You call yourself Christians. If this is true I call on you, Gavin, and your mother Janet to finally do the right thing for Michael in death that you never did during his days here on earth. You need to completely exonerate Michael's name and legacy from the awful, disgusting claims you made against him.

Claims and allegations that you and I both know are completely false and utterly ridiculous. Whatever your motives at the time to create such accusations are now minute and unimportant.

It is much bigger than you.

We are speaking on this man's legacy; a man who positively touched lives around the world. A man who is arguably the greatest entertainer the world will ever know. Michael is someone who shared in your family's pain; opened his home to you and included you in his very own family. He was a human being who never deserved any of this.

Gavin and Janet, you can change your identity and try to hide from the public scrutiny, but ultimately, you cannot hide from the wrath of God's judgment. This is the right thing to do. It is the very least you can do for Michael, his children, and his legacy.

Gavin you are now 19 years old, no longer an impressionable young boy under you mother's guidance, nor are you a pawn in this grand scheme to assassinate Michael's character. I know your heart, and I know that you are capable of doing what is right. Clear Michael's name of your ugly accusations once and for all. You owe it to him. You owe it to his family. And you owe it to God. Let's finally give Michael the ability to completely rest in peace.

Azja Pryor
July, 2009

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Michael Jackson Remembered: "Weird Al" Yankovic on Imitation as Flattery

"Weird Al" Yankovic on Imitation as Flattery

The first time around I pursued Michael Jackson about a song parody, it was a shot in the dark. We're talking about the most popular and famous person in the known universe, and here I was, this goofy comedy songwriter. He not only returned our phone calls, but he approved it. He thought it was a funny idea. Then when we did the second parody, "Fat," he was nice enough to let us use his subway set for the video, so he's always been very supportive.

The first time I met him in person was long after I had gotten permission to do "Eat It" back in 1984. There's a contract somewhere that has his signature next to mine, proving that we are the co-writers of "Eat It," which is surrealistic in and of itself. The first time I actually ran into him was backstage at one of his concerts, this was maybe four years later, when Even Worse came out with my second parody, "Fat." I went backstage, and he was seeing a lot of people, but I brought along a gold record of Even Worse to present to him, and he was very gracious and thanked me for it and said some nice things. After the fact, I thought, "That's probably the last thing Michael Jackson needs, another gold record for his storage locker." Seeing him in person was amazing, it was otherworldly. He was and continues to be so iconic, it's hard to even conceive of him as a human being. He always was bigger than life.

Our second meeting was a TV show taping. He was performing "Black or White," and I remember Slash was onstage and I talked to [Michael] briefly afterwards. He told me he would play my movie, UHF, for his friends at Neverland Ranch, and he was very soft-spoken, very quiet, but always very friendly to me.

I considered parodying "Black or White" around that time. Michael wasn't quite so into it, because he thought "Black or White" was more of a message song, and he didn't feel as comfortable with a parody of that one, which I completely understood, and in a way, he did me a huge favor, because I was already getting pegged as the guy who did Michael Jackson parodies, and because he wasn't so into it, I decided to go with Nirvana, which wound up revitalizing my career. I don't know what kind of career I would have today if it hadn't been for Michael Jackson. In a very real sense, he jump-started my career. "Eat It" basically changed me from an unknown into a guy that got recognized at Burger King.


When MJ died Weird Al posted the following on his twitter:


Billy Mays Ad Made 2 Weeks Before He Died

Billy Mays shot a commercial two weeks before he died -- hoisting himself on a moving, 500 ton boat to show the strength of the putty he was peddling.

TV commercials for the Mighty Putty Super Pack and Mighty Tape will begin airing this month.

Mighty Brand President Bill McAlister tells us Mays' pic will remain on boxes of all the products he endorsed until a decision is made on a successor.
spn-dean/sam goofy faces

Jon Gosselin & Girlfriend Hit St. Tropez

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend hold hands as they hang out aboard designer Christian Audigier’s boat in St. Tropez, France on Saturday (June 11).

Looks like Jon’s divorce from Kate Gosselin is the real deal! FYI: Jon’s girlfriend doesn’t look like Deanna Hummel, who he was rumored to have had an affair with.

The 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 papa seems to be working out a deal with the Ed Hardy clothing line.

WOULD YOU BUY Jon Gosselin-branded clothes — YAY or NAY?

Delicious in so many ways

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Chef Ripert, owner of Le Bernardin and frequent "Top Chef" judge

Chef Eric Ripert recently blogged about his new television show to debut this fall. Ten episodes have been shot in location in Italy, Northern California and New York.

Ripert explains:

"Over the last few months I have been traveling quite a bit while taping a television show called, Avec Eric” which will air on PBS Television in the fall of this year. During these travels, I visited locations where food and tradition come together to create really special dining experiences. Olympus provided our crew with some fantastic cameras to use while we were on the road so that we could document the process of filming the show but also so that we might use them to record important details and discoveries.

The whole idea behind Avec Eric, whether it is the television show, the website and future books or other projects is to encourage people to 'cook from life'."


Is that wine for me? Lesigh.

ETA: I am LOLing at the MrJay questions - I didn't see that until y'all mentioned it! So here's a different photo:

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Ola Ray Reacts To Michael Jackson's Passing

She played his girlfriend in the thriller video

Victoria Recano sat down with Ola Ray, who played Jackson's girlfriend in the Thriller short film. Watch the video to see Ray reflect back on her days on the set with Michael, and share her feelings when she learned of his death.


The interviewer is asking some bold ass questions


Ikhyd Has a New Playmate on the Way

Which teenage rapper with tons of buzz had to cancel her tour because she's about to be a Lil' Mama? I'd make this a guess who, but I hate those.

1718 year-old M.I.A protegee Rye Rye.

From her blog:

"To all my fans,I was suppose to be on the A-Trak tour but because of personal reasons i was pulled in the direction of not doing it. Things happen for a reason some happen at the the wrong point of ya life but no one knows why or for what reason only God. So yes I was blessed with a child. At first i was teary eyed and my first thought was to get rid of it. I asked God for guidance and i went to the hospital 4 times and each time i had a breakdown and i knew what direction God was pulling me in. WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU, NOBODY CAN TAKE!!! AND HE DOESNT GIVE YOU MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. i feel as tho i had a baby and i had to much integrity to abort her my mom was on the table about to have me aborted and seen my heartbeat and changed her mind. I'm young but I'm also grown and right now its alot on me. BUT THESE THINGS DIDNT STOP ME ONLY MOTIVATED ME TO WORK 10TIMES HARDER!!!!!! And i have alot of resect for the label for understanding and backing me and willing to work around this so we can release an amazing album."

Rye Rye was the first artist signed to MIA's record label NEET. Her song "Bang" appeared during the end credits of Fast & Furious. Apparently she didn't see MIA's Grammy performance and realize it is possible to perform pregnant.


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Britney Womanizer Naked

Britney has the most Top 40 radio hits this decade + ET preview!

Billboard just confirmed, "Radar" will be her 21st entry + they gave an update on her album sales in the U.S.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Should Britney Spears' "Radar" debut on the Mainstream Top 40 radio airplay chart next week, which looks likely based on the format's building chart, Spears will take sole ownership of most entries on the tally this decade. She's currently tied with Nelly, each with 20 charted titles in that span. Here is a look at the hefty sales figures of Spears' charted albums on the Billboard 200, according to Nielsen SoundScan:

10,534,000, "...Baby One More Time," 1999 (No. 1, six weeks)
9,184,000, "Oops!...I Did It Again," 2000 (No. 1, one week)
4,336,000, "Britney," 2001 (No. 1, one week)
2,970,000, "In the Zone," 2003 (No. 1, one week)
1,575,000, "Circus," 2008 (No. 1, one week)
1,347,000, "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative," 2004 (No. 4)
967,000, "Blackout," 2007 (No. 2)
100,000, "B in the Mix: The Remixes," 2005 (No. 134)

ET's Preview of Behind the Scenes of TCSBS


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Silversun Pickups
are the newest band to take part in the legendary MTV "Unplugged" series, showcasing what frontman Brian Aubert calls the "creepier, quieter moments" for lucky New York City fans in an intimate, living room-esque performance. Starting today, fans all over the world can watch online as the band strips back for their set including several tracks from their new album Swoon as well as older fan-favorites like "Lazy Eye" and 2005's "Kissing Families."

Swoon's recently #1 hit single "Panic Switch" below gains a new perspective in this bare format while keeping the intensity that had the band "waiting and fading and floating away." Watch below, and check out the whole set over here at MTV Unplugged online.

Now with Source !
morgan freeman

Arturo Gatti dead at 37.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Officials say former world boxing champion Arturo Gatti has been found dead in a hotel room in northeastern Brazil.

A spokeswoman for the public safety department of Pernambuco state says the body of the former junior welterweight champ was discovered on Saturday morning in the posh seaside resort of Porto de Galinhas, where he arrived on Friday with his wife and one-year-old son.

She said it was unclear how the 37-year-old Canadian died.

"There were no bullet or stab wounds on his body, but police did find blood stains on the floor," she said, adding that his wife and son were unhurt.

The spokeswoman, who did not provide further details, declined to be identified because she was not authorized to comment on the case.

Edited to add a different article with more information thanks to boyracer1211
Former world boxing champion Arturo Gatti, who was raised in Montreal, has been found dead in northeastern Brazil.

On a second honeymoon with his wife and 10-month-old baby, Gatti's blood-stained body was found in an apartment in Porto de Galinhas, Brazilian police say.

A police investigation is underway, but few details are being released. Foul play is suspected in the death.

Gatti's body was found at around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. He was found in his underwear, with blood stains on his neck and the back of his head.

Nicknamed "Thunder," Gatti was one of the most successful Canadian boxers in history. Beginning his professional career in 1991 at age 19, he scored a third-round knockout in his first bout.

Three years later he captured the United States Boxing Association junior lightweight title and successfully defended it twice. He earned the International Boxing Federation's world junior lightweight title the following year.

Born in Italy but raised in Montreal, the 37-year-old Gatti retired two years ago.
(Source #2)

Harry Potter Stars want to burn school gear

actual Photo Caption: 'Harry Potter (Picture)' star Daniel Radcliffe resembles the Tin Man from 'the Wizard of Oz' in his shiny suit outside the 'Late Show with David Letterman'

HARRY POTTER stars DANIEL RADCLIFFE and EMMA WATSON have urged the film franchise's bosses to burn their Hogwarts school uniforms when the series wraps - because they hated the outfits.

Co-star Rupert Grint has confessed to stealing one of his ties, but Radcliffe and Watson wanted nothing to do with their film school attire.
The actress says, "I was like, 'Burn it!' Oh, my God, to be done with those shoes and that uniform."

And Radcliffe is also happy to ditch his robes. He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "When you're 18, one of the worst things to be wearing while trying to chat up a girl on the set is a school uniform.
"You look like a kid. You're not going to score dressed like that."

honestly, I just posted this coz the picture accompanying the article made me LOL irl


Here's what Emma thinks of Dan's fashion choices:

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True Blood's Michelle Forbes Ponders "The Riddle of Maryann"

Michelle Forbes likes that her True Blood character, Maryann Forrester, is such an enigma. It reminds her of how she got the acting gig. "I was told a lot, yet very little, and that is the riddle of Maryann," she says, quixotically. "I was so lost initially." Join the club. You may have heard that Maryann is a maenad, and that's technically accurate — but it's certainly not the whole story. Forbes was gracious enough to help us understand Maryann's maybe-not-so-evil-after-all ways in this two-part interview. (After you watch Sunday's episode, come back Monday morning for the juicy bits of Part 2.)
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More Girls Aloud Split rumors

I've Nad enough.. is Coyle about to ditch the Girls Aloud girls?

The rumour mill churns week in week out with talk about when chart-topping band Girls Aloud are going to disperse.

And from what I hear it could be happening sooner than we all think - because Irish singer Nadine Coyle has had enough with the band that's made her famous.

My sources say Nadine, who spends much of her time in Los Angeles, where she owns a restaurant and a number of properties and dates American footballer Jason Bell, is embarking on a solo career.

My stateside mole reveals: "Nadine's been unhappy in the band for a long time. It's no secret she wants to be a solo artist and she knows she has the talent to pull it off.

"Ever since she moved to LA things have been different. The girls have been really upset recently about Nadine's lack of input in the band.

"There is a real awkwardness between them at the moment. The tour was especially hard and Nadine spent most of the time backstage on her phone to her boyfriend or her family out in LA."

The girls have now agreed to all take a year off for solo ventures before returning next
summer. Nadine's been busy in LA networking the music industry with the help of her friend Lady Victoria Hervey.

"Victoria knows everyone who's anyone in LA," adds the source. "So she's in good hands."

Apparently things have become so frosty between Nadine and her bandmates Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh that talks were had between the girls midway through their Out of Control tour in April.

My source continues: "The girls nominated Kimberley to talk to her about it as she is the peacemaker of the group. Nadine was clearly upset but said that this was bound to happen and just to face that they lead different lives now."

And Nadine is fully aware of her own talents - earlier this year she said: "I'm definitely the singer. I do most of the vocals."

Hmmm. With an album to record next year it would be a shame if she left now - and after all... she is the voice of the band!


Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

M.I.A. interview, talks about Michael Jackson's influence in Sri Lanka

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

M.I.A. Settles Down (for Now) After a Lifetime of Upheavals

The past year has been a big one for M.I.A., although, in truth, every year has been a big one for her, starting long before Maya Arulpragasam took on her stage moniker and started making music. When she was only 6 months old, her family relocated from London back to their native Sri Lanka and, after that, they lived the nomadic life of refugees while her father fought in a political insurgency group on the Tamil side of the Sri Lankan Civil War. Estranged from her father, M.I.A.'s family fled to India, then back to England.

M.I.A. discovered electronic music and began creating the mash-up of hip-hop, grime and baile funk that would become her trademark. Her first album, 'Arular,' became something an Internet sensation and made M.I.A. an instant underground celebrity. In 2008, a year after releasing her second album, 'Kala,' the song 'Paper Planes' became a ubiquitous summer hit propelled by its prominent use in the trailer for the film 'Pineapple Express' (and then, later, in 'Slumdog Millionaire').

M.I.A. now stands at a crossroads: She could dive deeper into the mainstream or she could continue to make music that is -- on the surface -- too abrasive for anywhere but dance clubs. The thing is, no matter where she goes next, she doesn't want it to be contrived. M.I.A. recently sat down with Spinner to tell us exactly where she's at right now, even if the actual cross streets are still unknown. In the process, she reveals details regarding her new album, the effect of motherhood on her career and what it's like to finally be settled in a place long enough to unpack.

Was Michael Jackson a big influence on you growing up?

Yes, of course. He's the only music that we had in Sri Lanka in terms of Western music. For my generation, anyway. The only tapes that made it to Sri Lanka were Michael Jackson. That was it. That was all we had. The whole village listened to Michael Jackson, they made bootleg tapes, tape to tape, for each other, and that's kinda all we had for years, like from when 'Thriller' came out until the time we left.

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1D - Niall the hipster

well, at least he's wearing clothes in this post...

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Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin: Working For The Weekend

No rest for the weary here. Both Robert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin were back on the Remember Me set today. The duo was filming in Brooklyn.

While co-star Pierce Brosnan was seen having brunch with friends at Da Silavno restaurant in Greenwich Village.

SOURCE: socialitelife

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan make it official.

Channing Tatum
and Jenna Dewan are set to walk down the aisle this evening in Malibu, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Their wedding will take place on the lush grounds of Church Estates Vineyards, where Fergie and Josh Duhamel said their "I do's" last January.

Channing and Jenna met on the set of their 2006 film, "Step Up," and were engaged last September.

"They love each other so much," Dewan's father, Darryl, has said. "We couldn't be happier with Channing. He is an amazing guy."

More than 200 guests are expected for the big event. Wedding planner to the stars Mindy Weiss is handling the happy occasion for Dewan, 28, and Tatum, 29.

Channing's next big film is G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, due out August 7.  Jenna stars in the upcoming The Jerk Theory.


It looks as though the ceremony over.  Jules Urich (aka Lady Jules from the Beat Freaks) updated her Twitter saying -- "At Channing and Jenna's wedding... Insanely pretty wedding- drinking watermelon martinis- uh oh the night is young!!!"

Congrats to them!

Source: Radar, Jules' Twitter

George pray

Kato casting call kicks Chow to the curb?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It would appear from a freshly surfaced casting call that the role of Kato in Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet movie is currently vacant.

After it was announced that Seth Rogen was to write, produce and star in a Hornet flick a heady cocktail of skepticism and intrigue flooded the web. Then, it was announced that Stephen Chow was going to both direct and co-star in the picture and the general level of enthusiasm went through the roof. After that, a nosedive as Chow left the director’s seat and while it seemed likely he’d also pass up on the acting position, nothing was made official and Rogen even intimated that Chow was just as likely to be his Kato as ever. This remained the case even after Gondry was announced as director.

That all changes now, however.

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Jen on the Bounty set . . . no Gerard

Jennifer Aniston is dressed for work and all smiles as she heads to the New York City set of The Bounty on Saturday (July 11).

The trailer has been released for her new romantic drama, Love Happens, out September 18.

Synopsis: A widower’s (Aaron Eckhart) book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru. On a business trip to Seattle, he falls for a woman (Aniston) who attends one of his seminars, only to learn that he hasn’t yet truly confronted his wife’s passing.

Watch the trailer at LoveHappensMovie.com.

10+ pictures inside of Bounty babe Jennifer Aniston

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Michael Jackson reportedly advised Britney Spears to retire from the music industry to focus on life with her family.

Michael Jackson warned Britney Spears not to "end up" like him.

The late 'Thriller' star - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25 - reportedly telephoned the 27-year-old singer a few weeks before his death and told her to retire from the music industry and focus on family life.

A friend of Britney's said: "Michael told her, 'Don't end up like me.' His warning was eerie, like he was trying to tell Britney he was going to die."

The pair had remained friends since they famously performed 'The Way You Make Me Feel' together at Michael's 30th anniversary celebration concert in New York's Madison Square Garden in 2001.

The source added to Britain's Look magazine: "I think Michael's warning sent shivers down Britney's spine. He was emphatic in warning her she should leave showbusiness in order to maintain her sanity. He thought she should retire after the 'Circus' tour so she could focus on the things that mattered - her sons and family. Britney must have taken Michael's words to heart as she promised him she would at least take a long break after she finished the tour."

Britney recently spoke out about her devastation at learning about Michael's death.

She said: "I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!"


HP & DanRad Post ***UPDATED More Pics!***

DanRad Wins At Life and remains sexy while doing so...

Daniel Radcliffe Aces Interview With Terrified 11-Year-Old Reporter

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Dan: I have to say, I think this is, in terms of the comedy, this is Rupert's finest hour in this film. I think he's absolutely brilliant in the movie and is, kind of reveals himself to be a fantastic practitioner of physical comedy. The scene on the broomstick in Quidditch is something like out of Buster Keaton. It's absolutely brilliant and I was belly-laughing.






Tauntaun sleeping bag inches closer to reality

From the file of things so cool we wish they were real: That sleeping bag in the shape of a Tauntaun from The Empire Strikes Back, which ThinkGeek.com posted as an April Fool's joke this year. (Such cunning details, like the lightsaber zipper, meant to evoke Han's evisceration of the poor creature.)

Well, we weren't alone in wanting one, of course, and the site was compelled to post this note:
Due to an overwhelming tsunami of requests from YOU THE PEOPLE, we have decided to TRY and bring this to life. We have no clue if the suits at Lucasfilms will grant little ThinkGeek a license, nor do we know how much it would ultimately retail for. But if you are interested in ever owning one of these, click the link below and we'll try!

Now comes news from the LA Weekly that ThinkGeek has been working with Lucasfilm to get an actual license to produce the thing, which will likely be modified from the design in the spoof (and also likely cost a bit more than the $39 on the fake ad). Here's what ThinkGeek's PR guy, Shane Peterman, told the weekly newspaper:
We are definitely trying to make it into an actual item to be sold on our site. As of right now, it's still an "if," but it's turning into more of a "when." Things are looking pretty good, we just don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. There's certainly been enough of a demand, both from customers and from those of us that work here. Right now, we're aiming to have it available for the holidays or, at the latest, the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back next spring.

Have you gotten the go-ahead from Lucas?

We're still working with Lucas to get approval for a final design. Again, it's looking good, we just can't say too much right now since it's still in the works.

Of course, if history is our guide, it's always possible that Lucasfilm will go ahead and copy the thing and just sell it themselves.


i HOPE SO. I LOOOVE ThinkGeek! I ordered a Mogwai(GIZMO) from them, as well as a Flux Capacitor for my car. [/geek.]

oh wait.
eta: [geek] It was LUKE, not han, who ripped open the tauntaun, Lightsaber says it all..
okay. [/geek]

i got owned.

La Toya Jackson: "Michael Was Murdered"

One week after Los Angeles police confirmed that investigators had not ruled out homicide in the death of Michael Jackson, the late singer's older sister, La Toya Jackson, reveals that she suspects he was murdered, the U.K.'s Mail On Sunday reports.

"I believe Michael was murdered," she said. "I felt that from the start. Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people. He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that. People fought to be close to him, people who weren’t always on his side."

She blamed this "shadowy entourage" for supplying him with prescription drugs.

"They got him hooked on drugs," she said. "He was pure and clean and then drugs came back into his system. I think it shocked his system so much it killed him."

Although results from toxicology tests will take a few more weeks to reveal a definitive cause of death, La Toya -- who signed Michael's death certificate on June 25 after he suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 -- is certain the investigation will reveal her worst fears.

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Katy Perry performs at T in the Park!


Katy Perry performs on stage during Day 2 of "T in the Park" music festival on July 11, 2009 in Kinross, Scotland.

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HQ pics HERE!

Katy Perry performs on stage during Day 2 of "T in the Park" music festival on July 11, 2009 in Kinross, Scotland.

Calvin Harris also posted on his Twitter: "The @katyperry JAM TV has been filmed! She is a great sport, in fact, I think she may have loved the jam a little TOO much.." Can't wait to see that one!

Maroon 5 to record in Switzerland with Mutt Lange

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Band will begin work on third album next week

Maroon 5 are headed to Switzerland next week to work on their third album with Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange.

The record is the follow-up to ‘It Won’t be Soon Before Long’, and according to guitarist James Valentine, the band have written a number of songs that will likely make it on to the record:

“The two stand out songs so far are called ‘How’ and ‘Don't Know Much About That’,” Valentine tells NME.COM, adding that a direction for the record has yet to be decided:

“It's still hard to say what the vibe will be yet, so much will change once we get in the studio and past this demoing phase. There have been a batch of straight-ahead rock songs and a batch of more dance-y and classic soul-influenced tunes.”

Maroon 5 have sold over 15 million albums worldwide, and have gone gold and platinum in over 35 countries. Their new album is due out in 2010.

Lange’s previously worked with the likes of AC/DC and The Cars.

Can we talk....about your face.

Joan Rivers is back, asking the hard-hitting and inappropriate questions that only she does so well.

TV Land PRIME, the newest set of prime time shows aired by TV Land and designed to target the lifestyles and attitudes of people in their forties, will air the new show How'd You Get So Rich? on August 5 at 10 p.m..

The new show, hosted by Joan Rivers, will highlight the lifestyles of the fabulously rich and lucky. Rivers takes viewers on a journey to meet the millionaires who struck gold as she tours the most lavish and extravagant homes and introduces them to folks who made a lot of money in really interesting ways.

The six-episode series will be produced by reality show legend Mark Burnett, who received a star this week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Following the show will be the premiere of the six-episode series Make My Day, a comedic hidden camera show that offers a one day window into the life of an unsuspecting participant.


like driving, there needs to be an age cut off for getting your own damn show. gotdamn

Details On RiRi's Upcoming "Rock-ish" Album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At first, it is essential to know that no name is determined at the moment, so forget the rumour about “Dark Angels”, “K.A.R.M.A”, “Bad Girl Gone Good” etc. Rihanna has chosen the name of the album a few weeks ago, but want to keep it as a secret until the last moment, to avoid any leak.

Numerous artists are collaborating on this album, which will be very certainly an enormous success and will make the return of Rihanna an inevitable come-back worldwide.

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Official US Trailer for Audrey Tautou's Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel, aka Coco avant Chanel in French, is directed by prominent French filmmaker Anne Fontaine, of Augustin, Dry Cleaning, In His Hands, and The Girl from Monaco previously. The screenplay was co-written by Anne Fontaine and Camille Fontaine as well as script consultant Christopher Hampton. The film is based on Edmonde Charles-Roux's biography titled "Chanel and Her World". Sony Pictures Classics is bringing Coco Avant Chanel to limited theaters in the US starting on September 25th this fall.
harley quinn

Jessica Alba Is A Nobu Diner

Hottie Jessica Alba posted a messgae on her official myspace profile that she wouldn’t like to reveal many details on her upcoming new project.
She wrote: “Thanks so much for all of your messages. They’re always so sweet. I have been working hard on a few new projects that I think you guys will hopefully love. — “I am really trying to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Will come back soon and post more details…”
The hotties admitted that she hasn’t had any time to start a Twitter page just yet.
She wrote: “In the meantime, I’ve been getting a few questions from you about Twitter. Honor keeps me a little too busy to tweet right now, but Cash signed up and is quite addicted.”

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Source: http://www.pinkblvd.com/2009/07/jessica-alba-is-a-nobu-diner.html

Robert Plant Becomes Commander Plant

by Paul Cashmere
Robert Plant CBE has promised he will not pull rank with Jimmy Page OBE after receiving the royal honour at Buckingham Palace this week.

The 60-year old Led Zeppelin singer rocked up to the Palace on Friday with his daughter Carman and sons Jordan and Logan to be handed the medal by Prince Charles.

Plants Commander of the British Empire is a higher honour than Jimmy’s Order of the British Empire but Commander Plant says it will not cause a fight between the Led Zeppelin legends.

"If we can remember each other's phone number at this time in life it's a miracle," he joked during the ceremony. "We're still good friends, we both enjoy a rather dark sense of humor that comes, I think, from being from rather the wrong side of the tracks for all those wild years."

Plant received the award for his “Services to popular music”.

Jimmy Page received the OBE four years ago.
source: http://undercover.com.au/News-Story.aspx?id=8752_Robert_Plant_Becomes_Commander_Plant

"Don't let bully Joe get near my kids!"


Michael Jackson's mother and ex-wife have struck a secret deal to exclude his domineering father Joe from any part in the upbringing of the star's three children.

Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe, mum of Jacko's two eldest children, Prince Michael and Paris, had been at loggerheads over custody of the kids, with each wanting to bring them up.

But they are close to putting aside their differences to stop Joe Jackson having any involvement in the children's upbringing.

Michael accused his father of beating him as a boy and Joe, who is estranged from Katherine, is blamed by many fans for the singer's problems. Joe, 80, has insisted he and Katherine, 79, should have joint custody of Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven, known as Blanket. Now sources say Debbie and Katherine, who were set to fight for custody in court, are close to a deal in which Katherine brings the children up, while Debbie has regular access.

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