July 2nd, 2009


Lindsay Lohan was paid 70K to host her own birthday bash

Lindsay Lohan received a present she won't forget -- she was paid a staggering $70,000 to host her own birthday bash.

Lohan turns 23 on Thursday and she made sure the day would be a profitable one by agreeing to be paid to party at the MDM Grand in Las Vegas.

The venue handed over $70,000 just for the actress to enjoy herself at the poolside event last Saturday, according to New York gossip column Page Six.

As part of the deal, Lohan was expected to pose for snappers, and she did it in style, swapping her bathing costume five times.

But it seems the star couldn't persuade her celebrity pals to join in the money-spinning mission. Her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson was absent from the festivities.


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Angelina Jolie + Jennifer Aniston = Top-Earning Actresses


Angelina Jolie + Jennifer Aniston = Top-Earning Actresses

Angelina Jolie’s cinematic butt kicking made her the highest-paid actress on Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list. Coming in second behind Angie is Jennifer Aniston, continuing the never-ending tabloid battle between the two actresses. Check out the Top 15 below!

1 - Angelina Jolie, $27 million
2 - Jennifer Aniston, $25 million
3 - Meryl Streep, $24 million
4 - Sarah Jessica Parker, $23 million
5 - Cameron Diaz, $20 million
6 - Sandra Bullock, $15 million
6 - Reese Witherspoon, $15 million
8 - Nicole Kidman, $12 million
8 - Drew Barrymore, $12 million
10 - Renee Zellweger, $10 million
11 - Cate Blanchett, $8 million
12 - Anne Hathaway, $7 million
12 - Halle Berry, $7 million
14 - Scarlett Johansson, $5.5 million
15 - Kate Winslet, $2 million

FYI: The top 10 actors earned $393 million, compared with $183 million for the top 10 actresses.


Yet Another DanRad Post.....with carnal delights ala Rupert.

With an added bonus! It's disencumbered of Emma Watson. YAY! The more Rupert and Dan lulz...the better.


Radcliffe was more than ready for the romance."By the time I made this film I'd done a nude scene on stage and a few kissing scenes, so I was totally blase," he says. "Poor Bonnie was very nervous. I hadn't factored that in. I'd taken it for granted that she'd be fine too. She'd never had to do that so I had to be calming with her and she did very well. Then of course you have Rupert and the carnal delights of his relationship with Lavender, which is very entertaining," he laughs.

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I liked the Empire Magazine interview the best just because it was full of his complete quirkiness, but I find all of his interviews fully entertaining and interesting to read.
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The TV Shows That Give America a Bad Name -- Literally

As our nation celebrates the Fourth of July this week and everything our country has achieved, we have to wonder if our forefathers would roll in their collective graves if they could see how the name "America" has been adopted by some of TV's most questionable offerings over the years. Here are the ten shows that most make us worry about America's image here and abroad.

10. "Greatest American Hero"
Ralph Hinkley was such a dope that when aliens gave him a pimped-out suit with special powers that could help make the world better... he lost the instructions. Hardly a worthy representative of the USA.

9. "American Gladiators"
Great, let's make the world think that America's best competitors are beefy, muscle-bound freaks who look like they spend all day long downing performance-enhancing "sports drinks" and getting Mystic tans.

8. "America's Next Top Model"
Tyra Banks has unleashed a plethora of model wannabes onto the unsuspecting world of international high fashion, and let's just say they're hardly America's finest. Some of them can barely read cue cards or even speak English properly.

7. "American Dad"
The safety of America is entrusted to this guy? That's a terrifying thought. Sure this CIA agent is patriotic, but his skills are pretty lame. He's no Sydney Bristow from "Alias," that's for sure. Now that was a stellar example of the U.S. in action.

6. "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Sure, we're not the only country in which teenagers get knocked up while they're still in high school, but do we really want to brag about it? "Juno" was bad enough, wasn't it?

5. "American Gothic"
We could've always used more tourist dollars, so perhaps showing visitors how our small towns are brimming with supernatural killers wasn't the best advertisement we could think of.

4. "America's Funniest Home Videos"
No one may ever get seriously injured -- despite the many, many crotch-hits -- on this show, but our pride as a country has certainly been damaged. Thanks a lot, Tom Bergeron.

3. "America's Most Wanted"
The fact that this show never has a problem coming up with dangerous new criminals to profile each week says a lot about our society. If we didn't live here, this show would make us want to stay away.

2. "American Idol"
The most popular TV series in the U.S. and the best thing about it is the British guy. We truly hope the folks overseas don't think we all idolize Paula's inane comments, Randy's butchering of the language, Kara's utter uselessness or ridiculous contestants like William Hung.

1. "America's Got Talent"
The "talented" Americans featured on this show have ranged from a guy setting fire to his nether regions to a woman smashing six-packs with her enormous breasts to a dude crooning a love song to David Hasselhoff. We ain't pledging allegiance to that!



Jackson buys Scarlett Johansson , Ryan Renolds a beehive

Samuel L. Jackson has admitted that he invested in a beehive for Scarlett Johansson after she let him known of the insect's declining population.

The actor, who worked with Johansson on movie The Spirit, told the Late Show with David Letterman that he bought the box of bees for her wedding to Ryan Reynolds.

"Scarlett was always talking about how the bees were dying and the planet was going to die. I was telling her that people keep saying the bees are dying because they want to charge us more for fruit and vegetables," he explained.

"So she kept complaining about the bees, we had the same dressing room. 'Sam, the bees are dying, we need to do something', so I said, 'Ok, what I'm going to do is buy you a beehive as your weeding gift'.

"And she thought I was kidding. So once they got married, and when the weather was right, I sent my sister out to a bee farm, we got about five pounds of bees. We got them some bee suits and hats as well."

Last week, Jackson revealed that he wanted to star in the film Mamma Mia!.


Prisoner quote

First teaser trailer for the Prisoner remake

The much anticipated/dreaded mini-series remake of the classic '60s ITV series
The Prisoner is due to be broadcast in November in the US and in early 2010 in the UK. James Caviezel was cast as number Six and Sir Ian McKellen as the new ;) number 2. Also in the cast is Jamie Campbell Bower (HP, Sweeney Todd).
Here is finally the first teaser trailer!

For comparison:

What do you think ONTD? Will this be an epic failure or do you believe it's possible to "update" the original? Is the change from the odd but lovely Portmeirion to a Namibian desert too much for you? WHY aren't they broadcasting this in the UK at the same time? I have to confess the only reason I will watch this is McKellen - even if all else fails he will be an awesome number 2!

Note to fellow LOST fans! If you're unfamiliar with this show (the original!) you should definitely watch it, preferably before the last season starts in case there are even more references (Smoke Monster = Rover among other things) - the creators have acknowledged it was one of the things that inspired them to create LOST in the first place. If you live in the US you can watch all the original episodes at the AMC website. Elsewhere - it's available on VHS, DVD - and later this year on Blu-ray as well.

Sources? That would be telling!

Caught! Hilary Duff and Mike Cormie are total Fakers when Tanning

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are def a real couple, but totally enjoy a fake tan together.

Right after returning from a sexy Maui vacay, the pale pair were tanned, airbrush-style, at Hil's Toluca Lake house with Fake Bake, which makes emergency house calls to the stars!

Despite some frisky beach photos, they barely stepped into the sun their whole time in Hawaii too busy romping around their hotel room, perhaps Or just terrified of skin cancer? We bet it's the former!

Jeez, why head to a tropical paradise and not one of Mike's chilly hockey games if you aren't gonna take advantage of the sun? Unless you're just in the mood for pineapple

Oh, and, Hil, you're not foolin' anyone with the fake tan, especially now that we squealed how ya got it!

I like Hilary all natural better, I bet they had fun in that hotel room.

Truly Outrageous

maybe sloppy seconds ARE Holly Madison's style?

Holly Madison and Criss Angel are back together. After breaking up in February, the Girl Next Door and the illusionist have reportedly started seeing each other again.
“Holly still had feelings for Criss, so around mid-June she gave him a call. She was thrilled when he asked to meet for drinks. They’ve seen each other a few times since,” a report says.
Holly moved from L.A. to Las Vegas, where she currently stars in "Peepshow" and Criss of course, also performs in Sin City. Maybe second time is the charm?

Figs and a-dates and a-grapes and a-cakes, hey!

Here's a clip of Holly in "Peepshow," courtesy of E! Online: Collapse )
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nipple tape put to good use

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Lady GaGa: Nippy in Ireland

She’s always been known for showing love to her fans, and last night (July 1) Lady GaGa was spotted amidst a sea of admirers in Cork, Ireland.

The “Poker Face” songstress looked a bit scandalous as she rubbed shoulders with the crowd, signing autographs and posing for pictures wearing a see-through top and nipple tape.

As for her own perception of her artistic contribution to the entertainment world, GaGa recently told press that she feels similar to pop art icon Andy Warhol.

She explained, “Warhol said art should be meaningful in the most shallow way. He was able to make commercial art that was taken seriously as fine art, to use something simple and shallow and take it to another planet. That’s what I’m doing too. When you listen to a song like ‘LoveGame,’ is it communicating my soul to you? No ... I make soulless electronic pop. But when you’re on ecstasy in a nightclub grinding up against someone and my music comes on, you’ll feel soul.”

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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Shakira's new single cover

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We're very excited to confirm that the first single from Shakira's forthcoming new album is She-Wolf, which will be available worldwide from July 13th, both as a download and on CD. The Spanish-language version of the track, Loba, is available now.

Shakira wrote and produced the energizing, electro-tinged She-Wolf with John Hill (Santigold) and penned the typically quirky lyrics, in which she weaves a mischievous tale of a metaphorical she-wolf. An inventively sexy video directed by Jake Nava and featuring the metamorphosis of a woman told through her unique dance techniques, will follow the single in late July.

The full album (title to be announced soon) is due out in October 2009 from Epic, a division of Sony Music. The album features a predominantly English track list with a follow up album of new and unique repertoire in Spanish to come in 2010.

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quincy jones speaks

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Quincy Jones: Jackson 'Obviously Didn't Want To Be Black'

Quincy Jones, the record producer who collaborated with Michael Jackson on Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall, has opened up to Details about his memories of his friend's life and speculations about his death.

On Jackson's ever-changing appearance:

Oh, we talked about it all the time. But he'd come up with, "Man, I promise you I have this disease," and so forth, and "I have a blister on my lungs," and all that kind of b.s. It's hard, because Michael's a Virgo, man--he's very set in his ways. You can't talk him out of it. Chemical peels and all that stuff.

On Jackson's skin condition:

It's ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don't understand it. But he obviously didn't want to be black.

He also speculated on what exactly caused Jackson's death, citing recent comments made by Jackson's first wife Lisa Marie Presley:

I don't know, man. I'm a musician. I'm not a psychiatrist. I would think that the pressure of the concerts and the debt and everything else...I know that Lisa Marie Presley said that she always thought he was going to die like Elvis.

You can read the Details interview here. (not for the TL;DR crowd)

SOURCE: huffingtonpost

Ville Valo (H.I.M.) Shamelessly Promotes New Album


This is too cute. For all you H.I.M. fans out there, Ville Valo shot a 15 second clip a few days ago in Helsinki to shamelessly, and humorously, promote the new album under the working title of Screamworks: In Theory and Practice. The CD has a tentative release date of Valentine's Day, 2010.

You can watch his short "promo" clip at the source.

Can it be 2010 already?
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Agyness quits!


Only days after baring all for 032c Aggy is quitting modelling! Or at least according to The Bosh she is... All because she's not seeing her man enough.!

As well as the strain that full time modelling is putting on her brand new relationship with Last Shadow Puppets member Miles Kane, she is also quoted as saying that another reason for walking away from modelling is due to ever growing passion to launch an acting career. And she's already got an agent!

"She said it's so boring and lonely hanging around studios all day, she's not enjoying it anymore. She's got an acting agent and told them she wants to get involved in interesting British films." A source close to Aggy told Daily Mirror.

If this is true and she does stay true to her word will you be sad to see her go?

FOR THE PICS (NSFW): www.pedestrian.tv/blogs/view/2777/agyness-deyn-bares-all-agyness-and-kate-.htm
SOURCE: www.pedestrian.tv/news/view/2795/agyness-deyn-quits-modelling.htm

Damn it, I actually liked her. Didn't like her at first because I found her too short. But still. :(
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Director: Megan Fox "Says Some Very Ridiculous Things"

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Megan Fox slammed Transformers director Michael Bay for focusing more on special effects than acting, but he doesn't mind.

"Well, that's Megan Fox for you," Bay tell the Wall Street Journal. "She says some very ridiculous things because she's 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do.

"You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, 'Okay Megan, you can do whatever you want. I got it,'"
he goes on.

But that doesn't mean Bay thinks the same way.

"I 100 percent disagree with her. Nick Cage wasn't a big actor when I cast him, nor was Ben Affleck. before I put him in Armageddon. Shia LaBeouf wasn't a big movie star before he did Transformers -- and then he exploded. Not to mention Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, from Bad Boys," he points out.

Bay thinks Fox could be a little more grateful, though.

"Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in Transformers," he says. "I like to think that I've had some luck in building actors' careers with my films."

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Kevin Jonas: Peep The Engagement Ring!

Check out the engagement ring that Kevin Jonas gave his longtime love, Danielle Deleasa on Wednesday morning at her doorstep in New Jersey.

The 21-year-old Jonas Brother helped design Danielle’s engagement ring with jeweler-to-the-stars Jacob The Jeweler. MTV reports the diamond ring is a 3-carat solitaire cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by 210 round brilliant-cut pave diamonds.

“She said yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row!” Kevin said of Danielle after getting down on one knee.


Neil Patrick Harris in talks to host the Emmys

<br/><a href="http://i41.tinypic.com/260v1ow.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

After getting rave reviews as the master of ceremonies at last month's Tony Awards, How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris is in negotiations with CBS to host this year's 61st annual Emmy Awards on Sept. 20, according to Variety. The deal would likely appease critics who lambasted last year's Emmy show for using five reality show stars --- including Tom Bergeron and Heidi Klum --- as co-hosts, while also providing a plug for Mother, which will debut in the 8 p.m. Monday slot on CBS the night after the awards show. In addition to the Tonys, Harris has also served as host of this year's TV Land Awards and the Writers Guild Awards ceremony in L.A.

The Emmys will be legen- wait for it -dary if Neil hosts.

Edit: It has now been confirmed he's hosting.

Neil Patrick Harris' Emmy hosting gig has moved from the talking stage to the definitely doing stage.

Multiple sources are now confirming that the legen...dary How I Met Your Mother cad has formally signed on to emcee the 61st annual ceremony, which airs Sept. 20 on CBS.

An official announcement is expected early next week.

As pointed out by Variety, which was first to report the NPH negotiations, Emmy producers are under pressure to boost the kudocast's ratings and critical reception in the wake of last year's apocalyptic reality quintet train wreck. (The opening "comedy" routine still gives me nightmares.)

Harris, meanwhile, is coming off of a rapturously received Tony hosting stint. He's also one of CBS' biggest stars, so the cross-promotional possibilities with HIMYM (which kicks off its new season the night after the Emmys) are endless.

It's a no-brainer, folks!

Source 2
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Tell Us How You Really Feel, Village Voice Attacks MJ

No, wait, don't start throwing white gloves at me in anger! I didn't say it--I just thought it. It's Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden who actually put that idea on paper, and I'm merely here to share his fuming words with y'all as a public (or perhaps pubic) service.

Check out Hayden's reasoning and see if you don't gag, spew, wince, and totally agree:


    By Chaunce Hayden

    It's time for the voice of reason. Michael Jackson was an asshole. There, I said it, and I'll say it again. Michael "creepy, boy-loving" Jackson was an asshole. Got a problem with that? Too bad. I refuse to jump on the "rest in peace, we love you, Michael" bandwagon and shed tears over someone who was so f-ing despicable. How quickly the world forgets or conveniently chooses not to remember.

    Allow me to quickly recap the life of this troubled superstar: Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Michael Jackson
    abused his own children both physically and emotionally. Michael Jackson was a deadbeat who owed millions in unpaid bills. Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson could sing and dance like a motherf--ker. And now, he's dead. Boo hoo. What surprises me is how long this frail child molester was able to physically walk the earth. Let's face it; Michael, for all intent and purpose, had left the human race years ago as he morphed into one of his Thriller video characters before our very eyes. But like the "Emperor's New Clothes," the world chose to ignore the true horror of this self-mutilated beast.

    For 50 years, this soft-spoken mummy moonwalked his way through life leaving a trail of victims in his wake. God knows how many brainwashed boys were befriended by the ghoulish performer with the lure of cash, toys, exotic pets and an alcohol concoction Michael cleverly called "Jesus Juice" to loosen 'em up before a night of debauchery. Imagine your own child lying in bed next to Michael wondering why the room is spinning while a wig-wearing 5'10", 115-pound grown man in clown makeup gropes at his innocence. Yet, we cry for this animal as if Christ himself was crucified before our eyes. Please, spare me.

    Someone should have put Michael out of his misery many years ago. A stake through the heart would have been more merciful than to allow this half-human/half plastic thing to slither through his backyard amusement park, hunting for his pubescent prey. In the end, I believe Michael himself knew what he had become and made the choice to put a stop to the madness. While the word "suicide" has yet to be brought up between all the blind tears, it's my hope that Michael, in an effort to stop himself from hurting any other child, put an end to his own miserable existence.

    I will not mourn the death of Michael Jackson no more than I would mourn the death of any pedophile that hunts down children for deviant pleasure...Regardless of his musical abilities.

    Tonight, as I write this column, my heart and tears go out to those children who grew up much too soon thanks to the "King of Pop."



Judd Apatow talks about "Funny People"

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As arguably the biggest comedy director working in Hollywood today, Judd Apatow is a funny guy and almost as importantly, he’s been a longtime friend to the MTV Movies Blog, acting as one of our first guest contributors way back when “Knocked Up” was coming out. Well, the big guy is back. Apatow’s next project, of course, is “Funny People.” And lucky for us Judd’s re-joining the MTV Movies Blog gang with a series of exclusive columns hitting every single Thursday between now and the film’s release. So without further ado, here’s Judd:

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Posh and Becks Strip Down for Sexy Armani Ads Together

As if David and Victoria Beckham’s individual campaigns for Emporio Armani underwear weren’t scorchingly hot enough, the gorgeous couple has come together to pose for the newest round of ads for the fall 2009 campaign. Photographed by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the campaign was shot in Milan, where Armani is headquartered. You can expect to see the sexy ads not only in fashion magazines, but also on major billboards in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo starting this month. Hopefully they won’t distract too many drivers on the road!


What are some of the added scenes in the Watchmen director's cut?

Earlier this week, we got a preview of Zack Snyder's unusual "walk on" commentary from the soon-to-be-released Blu-Ray Director's Cut of WATCHMEN. You can find a sample of said commentary via THIS product listing at Amazon (click the "Related Media" tab labeled "Maximum Movie Mode" for a four+ minute demonstration of the new feature).

A reader named Ulysses got a look at the Director's Cut, and sent in a quick list of some of changes/extensions we'll see on that Director's Cut...

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SJP and Matthew Broderick moving to Brooklyn?

The New York Post is reporting that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may be the secret buyers of Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's former mansion in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


"Sarah Jessica Parker might be moving to Brooklyn. Rumors are swirling in Park Slope that Parker, 44, and hubby Matthew Broderick, 47, are the secret owners of a stunning prewar Victorian townhouse on Prospect Park West. The home was formerly owned by Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, who left for TriBeCa last year, and sources say that a company affiliated with Parker bought the townhouse.

A rep for the "Sex and the City" star denies Parker is Brooklyn-bound, but the home was purchased for $8.45 million last December by a limited liability company called Harken Pretty, which sounds pretty similar to SJP's production company, Pretty Matches. The double-wide townhouse has scaffolding in front of it and is undergoing a gut renovation.

It has nine bedrooms and 3½ bathrooms and is much larger than the couple's current West Village townhouse. We're told the scaffolding should come down soon, but the home is getting a complete change of floor plan that could take more than a year to complete. Even the garden has been torn up. The outer borough could make sense for Parker and Broderick's growing brood: James Wilkie, 6, and newborn (to a surrogate mother) twins, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge.

"Prospect Park West" is also the title of hot author Amy Sohn's new Brooklyn mommy chick-lit book, where the lives of four moms -- including an actress character loosely based on Connelly -- collide. Parker's Pretty Matches has optioned the book. Sohn is writing the TV pilot and says HBO could decide by September whether or not to start filming."

The home when owned by Connelly/Bettany.

Source: http://www.nypost.com/seven/07022009/realestate/park_er_slope_177088.htm

Twilight star Mike Welch compares Robert Pattinson to Chuck Norris in new interview

Twilight star Mike Welch (he plays Mike Newton in the film) appeared in an episode of Texas Walker Ranger back in 1999.

Well, of course we HAD to ask him the obvious questions about the seemingly invisible Chuck Norris and our favorite sparkly vampire Edward Cullen:

Who smells better? "Robert Pattinson...he smells like heaven."

Who has a better beard? "You gotta go Chuck Norris with the beard. Nothing beats that thing."

Who looks better in tight jeans? "That becomes a matter of taste at that point because you can’t beat Walker in a tight pair of pants, but Rob… I guess I gotta go with Rob [laughs]."

Who'd win in a fight? "I have to go with Edward Cullen, although you know Walker was pretty invincible, but I don’t think that Walker’s fractured slow-mo could save him against Edward. In fact, in real life Rob’s no slouch in the ring. He could take somebody, but Chuck, I don’t quite think so."

Head over to celebuzz to take the poll on who would win in a fight.


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hobo finds enough change to buy starbucks

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Robert Pattinson: Working Hard in NYC

Kicking off another day on the set of his new movie “Remember Me,” Robert Pattinson was spotted shooting scenes in New York City this morning (July 2).

Joined by costars Emilie de Ravin and Chris Cooper, the “New Moon” stud looks to have embraced his Big Apple surroundings based on his New York Yankees baseball cap.

And it was an eventful day on the Manhattan set, as Emilie was spotted kissing Chris in one of the scenes… talk about a May-December moment! (Err...isn't Chris Cooper playing her father?)

In addition, Robert filmed several intense scenes, looking fit, fine, and focused. It already looks like “Remember Me” is going to be a winner.

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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Britney Spears "Radar" video barely registers a bleep

Britney Spears : Radar (Official Video) HQ
Uploaded by wonderful-life1989. - Explore more music videos.

The story of Britney Spears’ new video for “Radar” is a strange one: The song was originally the third track on Brit’s 2007 album Blackout and charted that year on the Hot 100. Then it inexplicably reappeared in its exact same form as a bonus track to 2008’s Circus (Spears’ publicist responded it was the same version when RS reviewed Circus last year). Now, in 2009, “Radar” returns once again as a music video. For a song that’s been around so long, you’d expect that better ideas would have percolated during its video’s pre-production stages — especially after the great clips for “Womanizer,” “Circus” and “If U Seek Amy” — but instead we’re treated to Spears’ weakest video since the disastrous “Gimme More” spot.

The plot is eerily similar too, with the Dave Meyers-directed video essentially copycatting Madonna’s “Take A Bow” video. Instead of falling in love with a matador like the Material Girl, Spears has her eye on a polo player. While Madonna dressed the role of a distressed aristocratic senorita in the stands, Spears’ wardrobe and giant hat mirror the elite at the Kentucky Derby. Instead of montage shots of bulls, we see horses. The major difference here is that there’s a love triangle, even though none of the people involved actually seem to like each other as they stare vacantly off camera half the time. It feels like they took a 30-second commercial for one of Spears’ perfumes and turned it into a four-minute music video.

So where does Britney’s “Radar” rank in the pantheon of all her music videos? Is it better than “Lucky,” another video Meyers helmed for Spears? Check out Rolling Stone’s Britney Spears: The Complete Video Guide and judge for yourself.

Quality isn't so hot, sorry


queen brody dalle

Holy Shit.

Queens of the Led Foo?
Stone Age Led Fighters?????

The rumors are true – Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones are currently holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio, working on an album that’s been the biggest secret in rock for what seems like years now.

I pressed for more information in an interview I did yesterday with Homme’s wife, Brody Dalle of Spinnerette. Who’s singing? Who’s behind the kit? When do we get to hear it? She was faithfully tight-lipped, unfortunately, but did offer the following tease:

“I’m not at liberty to talk about it… but I think [the project] is pretty fucking amazing. Just beats and sounds like you’ve never heard before.”

We’ll let our imaginations take that ball and run with it (Songs For The Deaf meets Zeppelin IV? Yes please…).

Back in 2005, Mojo magazine did an interview with Grohl, who dropped the news as casually as mentioning the weather: “The next project that I’m trying to initiate involves me on drums, Josh Homme on guitar, and John Paul Jones playing bass. That’s the next album. That wouldn’t suck.”

We didn’t hear much more about the project after that until this past April, when French journalist Cyril Deluermoz reported that Grohl and Homme were recording together, which was shortly followed by an interview with John Paul Jones, who said the following: “I’m working on some other music, which is more rock based, with a couple of other people. We hope to be everywhere this summer.” When pressed for more information, the legendary bassist clammed up. “It’s a secret, actually,” he said. “I shouldn’t have even said that, you know? There are some exciting projects coming up, let’s put it that way.”

Exciting indeed. But summer’s here, so what gives? Chris Cornell’s guitar tech claims to have heard it, and legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin has acknowledged the recording sessions as well.

With the Foo Fighters on hiatus, Zeppelin down for what looks like the count and Queens Of The Stone Age enjoying some downtime, it would make sense that the long-discussed project would finally come to fruition this year.

Grohl has never made any attempt to hide his love for Led Zeppelin, be it with tattoos or all but offering to sell his kids for a chance to sit in John Bonham’s place for a Zeppelin reunion tour that never happened.

Furthermore, in what appears to be news of an entirely separate Homme project, Ipecac Records co-owner Greg Werckman told Rock-a-Rolla magazine that his label’s other co-owner – Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas, etc) – has been approached about joining Homme on some new material.

“He’s trying to get a lot of people involved in it, too,” Werckman says, before adding that Homme is “trying to convince Mike [Patton] to go out to the desert, but Mike hates the desert.” ya rite

Greg’s likely referring to Homme’s now-legendary Desert Sessions gatherings that Patton may have been invited out for, because the Grohl/Jones collaboration has been confirmed to be taking place in Los Angeles. But then again, who knows? It’s too early to tell for certain – there’s too little information involved. But for now, we can be happy knowing that somewhere, some amazing fucking music is being made, and someday we might just get to hear it.

By Johnny Firecloud, July 1st, 2009



edit: got it. Foos of the Jones Age.

Your Daily Girls Aloud Post

GIRLS ALOUD star NICOLA ROBERTS was enjoying the Glasto sunshine with pals - until her fella CHARLIE FENNELL brought her festival experience crashing down.

The pair ended up having a huge bust-up on Saturday, resulting in the singer running off to the toilets.

Charlie followed and shouted for her to come out but the ginger one stayed put while he hung around outside.

I think her fella must have hit the sauce too early. I saw him having a go at another reveller for splashing mud on him.

Earlier in the day I spoke to Nicola about her reaction to Michael Jackson's death and she reckons his proposed 50-night stint at London's O2 was too much.

She said: "We played 32 gigs and it was enough. We had a great laugh but it's such a strain on your body.

"I just don't see how it ever would have worked."


JUST SAY NO.  How about finding a sober one next time, ginge?
10 things: oookay then...

what slow motion tits REALLY mean to drake and kanye

Drake And Kanye West Have To Bounce
The Kanye West-directed clip for Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” premiered on the lensman’s blog this morning, and its, uh, Cinemaxian aesthetics are kind of startling, with a team of large-breasted basketball players basically trying to kick-start their own Lingerie League–and then getting humiliated by women who can actually, y’know, play the sport. The Degrassi-star-turned-next-big-thing explains the video to Complex: “I kind of wanted to be real about the way I function with women at this current point in my life.” Drake claims that this means different women play different roles in his ecosystem, but I dunno, judging by the video itself, I would think that it means he likes to teach the ladies out there that simply giving men aesthetic pleasure doesn’t necessarily translate into winning at life. (Also that his boyfriend-empathy doesn’t stretch far enough for him to realize that sports bras are really important for anyone who needs more than a B cup.) The clip, and Drake’s explanation, after the jump.
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basically he's young and dtf, whether you suck at basketball or not.
ps. added by request

althought this gif goes way too fast for my liking. hahahah.


Franz Ferdinand release new video/widget and FREE single download

Franz Ferdinand have announced details of the release of a new single, Can’t Stop Feeling. It will be available as a one track download from Monday July 6th.

The 7" & digital bundle will then be available from the 20th July. This features the band’s version of LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends.

You can watch the brilliant new video for Can't Stop Feeling here & download a free remix of Can't Stop Feeling by WhoMadeWho.



Brad Pitt Post

Spike Jonze-Directed Softbank Commercial Starring Brad Pitt
Spike Jonze
has directed a new commercial for the Japanese company Softbank, starring Brad Pitt as the personal assistant of a Sumo wrestler. From what I recall, the spot was shot in the Sirius/XM building in New York City. The tv advertisement won’t be airing in America, but you can watch the international television spot embedded below.


Brokedown Biker

Not having the best of luck, Brad Pitt found himself in a sticky situation when his vintage motorcycle broke down in a residential area near the Franklin Village on Thursday (July 2). Left with few other options, the "Fight Club" stud decided to bum a ride off the paparazzi while leaving his motorcycle on the street.

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I wonder if Maddox made the helmet.

Michael Jackson's Bodyguard: He Had a Secret Girlfriend

Now that Michael Jackson has passed, his security, who is also said to have been a longtime trusted friend, is spilling the beans about his alleged love life.

Matt Fiddes, who met Michael ten years ago and became one of his most trusted aides, claims Michael had a secret girlfriend that very few people knew about. And they were still dating at the time of his death!

Fiddes tells Sky News, "I'm not going to name who she is but I think the family were aware that there was someone special in his life who he loved and adored and had his ups and downs with.

"I don't know how long they've been a couple. I know she's been with him for some time in different capacities but... it's up to her if she wants it to come out or the family to speak about this very private information."

1D - Niall the hipster

hobo can't afford public transportation, rides bike instead

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Robert Pattinson: Bicycle Boy

Plugging away during a full day of filming, Robert Pattinson was doing his thing on the “Remember me” movie set in Washington Square Park on Thursday afternoon (July 2).

Changing up outfits after the morning’s shoot, the Edward Cullen hunk teamed up with co-star Emilie de Ravin while shooting a few bicycle scenes.

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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BOW DOWN: The original diva is officially BACK

Whitney Houston's comeback single

Haters, just leave - She has to release a big ballad first to finally adress her struggles and close this chapter of her life. Next comes the uptempos. So don't hate, appreciate we are FINALLY having an old school and ORIGINAL diva back in the house.

I'm offically crying tears of joy cause The original diva IS BACK, singing SOMETHING THAT MEANS something already


Anna Sui's Gossip Girl-inspired Collection for Target Lookbook

Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl-inspired collection for Target won’t launch until September, but it is already generating lots of buzz. In case you’re out of the loop, Anna Sui announced a few weeks ago that she will be doing a capsule line for Target, following in the footsteps of Alexander McQueen, and the line will be inspired by the four main female characters from Gossip Girl. The line will be available in Target stores and online September 13th through October 17th.

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King Kanye Gets Interviewed By Louis Vuitton

Kanye West always seems to amuse me during interviews, and his latest one with Louis Vuitton did not leave me disappointed. In the interview he talked about everything from Rihanna being a style genius to how he deals with celebrity. Check out the excerpts:

On Rihanna’s style
The singer, Rihanna, who is 21. She’s kind of like a genius because regardless of how many stylists she has, I know she does it on her own. That’s an innate talent, having style like that. It’s kind of like the way people play sport, some people just hit the shots into the net better.

On his Fashion Icons
Michael Jackson is the best dressed person of all time.
Not today, I can’t say that, but in his hey day. When he was wearing all those jackets covered in Swarovski crystals. And then all those leather jackets and Mickey Mouse t-shirts and those tailored pants and penny loafers. Michael Jackson, he was for real.

On The Biggest Influence On His Career

Me! Meaning my mistakes, I’ve learned so much from them! It’s true, I am super confident and delusionally egotistical but believe me, I have conflicts with myself at night; like, damn, will I be able to make stuff that I like; will I be able to make stuff which will make an impact on the world?

On Being Happy With His Celebrity

I’m at war with myself. I know I am in danger of cannibalizing myself, of talking about myself to death. My whole life for the past five years has been all about me.

On How He Deals With Fame
I deal with it by realizing I’m kind of confined in my walking TV show. Sometimes I feel like I’m an animal at the zoo, with everybody the other side of the glass wanting to see the monkey overreact.
It’s a little like being in a cell, but what’s good about living in a cell is I have cellmates. Jay-Z, he’s definitely in my cellblock.

On if he was trapped on an island, who or what would he keep

I’d bring my girl (at time of print Amber Rose) or a girl who, hopefully, wouldn’t drive me crazy.

now we know why kamber has been on and off lately. amber rose is a crazy bitch. icu gurl.
i love how he's always talking about princess riri. they are so bffs.

necole bitchie

Date Jon Gosselin!

Yes, Michael Jackson died. But let's get back to the important stuff, like Jon Gosselin, who, post-divorce announcement, has already put up a profile on Match.com

Jon failed to mention that a perfect mate should also possess that “certain something,” or “the ability to be cool with whoring your kids out on television in exchange for hair transplants.”

the apiary
Christian Bale

Red Band Deadgirl Trailer

(careful, trailer is NSFW for brief nudity)

Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan, Michael Bowen and Candice Accola star in this story of two high school misfits who cut school to explore the remains of an abandoned hospital. The gruesome discovery they make will test the very limits of their sanity and tear apart their young lives forever: A woman stripped naked and chained to a table. She’s abandoned, beautiful and dead…or is she.

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george jetson

RiRi Breaks Law -- Think Before You Ink!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rihanna picked up a tattoo needle last night at a parlor in NYC -- which would be totally fun and cool, if it wasn't also incredibly illegal.

We're told RiRi tattooed three of East Side Ink's artists with umbrellas and the letter R. None of her pet projects cared that she didn't have a license -- but the NYC Law Department does.

They say Rihanna could be slapped with three misdemeanors for the offense, each with its own hefty penalty -- as much as $300 for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for the third.

Sources say the tattoo shop could also face considerable fines of its own if the NYC Law Dept. decides to open an investigation.

UPDATE: The NYC Health Department just told TMZ: "Only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City's Health Code. We are sending someone down to follow up on this."

george jetson

Off the Rack

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As Michael Jackson prepared for his final This Is It tour, friends on set say the pop star was never better. “He’s still a terrific dancer,” says costume designer Dennis Tompkins, who worked with Michael Bush to create an “over the top” wardrobe for the tour. On his final night of rehearsal, Jackson “was doing the moonwalk. Everything!” says Bush. “He did the whole show full out at performance level. He was like, ‘When are we going to London? Let’s go. I’m ready.’” He was also on a creative high. “Working with Michael for 25 years we had never seen his creativity at this level,” says Bush. “It was like where is this coming from? I get goose bumps thinking about what this visual was going to look like.” Though the show won’t go on, Bush and Tompkins gave PEOPLE an exclusive look at just that. Here’s an inside look at what you might have seen.

1. A THRILLING JACKET: Costumers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins re-created Jackson’s iconic looks for each of the 26 songs he was to perform, but the singer asked, “How can we take it to the next level?” Bush recalls. The solution? Fiber-optic lights sewn onto his red leather “Thriller” jacket, for a surprise light show timed to the music.

2. OLD FAVES: Jackson was going to back his signature crystal glove and socks, which caught the light — and assured that even fans in the back could see him dance. “He was so excited to perform,”says Bush.

3. A MILITARY SALUTE: For the star’s rendition of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” Bush and Tompkins created a “regimented, military” look.

4. BELTS AND WHISTLES: Tompkins had to make sure items like this jeweled belt would fit Jackson’s slight 27 3/4 inch waist, but says his weight was not an issue: “He was a bit smaller, but he was always thin.”

5. MAJOR DANCE MOVES: Jackson’s new Billie Jean suit held 7.5 lbs. of Swarovski crystals and 60 lights, so the star made sure he could do a spin before signing off. “The dance came first; costumes were secondary,” says Bush. “And his moves were sharper than ever.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It may have been almost a year since Leanne Marshall won Project Runway with her aqua and ivory origami collection, but the designer has hardly been taking it easy since her victory. We caught up with the designer as she was shooting the images for her debut collection for Bluefly.com, which ranges in price from $98 for a top to $990 for this extravagant blue gown. Leanne tells PEOPLE that while she wanted to keep her signature floral and petal inspiration in the line, she wanted to open the designs up to a wider range of people than her runway collection. She explains, “I wanted to keep it a little more simplified and accessible. A lot of people can wear it day to day. It’s not overpowering on any body, and the price points are affordable.” As for Leanne, she is still just taking in what the win has meant for her. “I’m living my dream. It’s been such a process getting here, and I still have a long ways to go until I can be Michael Kors.” And while she does keep in touch with her pals from the show and, yes, Tim Gunn too, she has only words of encouragement for the next round of designers in the show’s first L.A.-based season, saying “I hope that the designers that are on the next season have as great an experience as I did.”

1, 2
george jetson

Obama on MJ: "I Grew Up on His Music"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
While some questioned President Barack Obama's lack of a comment after Michael Jackson passed away last week, he says it was just a matter of having someone bring it up.

"Look, you're the first person who's actually asked me about it," he tells the Associated Press.

Obama did add that MJ will "go down in history as one of our greatest entertainers. I grew up on his music."

"I still have all his stuff on my iPod," revealed the commander-in-chief.

Obama also recognized that Michael's life wasn't perfect, saying he felt he'd experienced a "tragic and in many ways sad personal life."

george jetson

Drake Speaks On BET Fiasco

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Complex: At the BET Awards this past Sunday, everyone was shocked to see you sitting on a stool. Did you ever think to yourself, Maybe I shouldn’t perform?
Drake: That, actually—to be honest—was a terrible idea that I’ll never do to myself again. [Laughs] But I was being pressed from different areas to perform, and I think what really happened at the BET Awards is with the passing of Mike, the climate really changed, as far as the award show goes. I don’t think it called for us to perform “Every Girl” and “Always Strapped,” and I think it was an award show filled with tributes and music and these genuine heartfelt speeches. And to sort of climax out of a very tongue-in-cheek point, and then people misconstruing Wayne’s daughters and her friends coming out on stage…

Complex: Yeah, it really was an awkward moment.
Drake: Yeah, it was just timed very poorly and it definitely wasn’t planned like that, but with that being said, it is what is. I believe in Wayne and myself and it’s nothing we can’t bounce back from. To anyone who was offended, my personal apologies, it wasn’t intended to offend anybody.

Complex: Watching it at home, the BET Awards seemed to be a mess. Did it seem that way in person?
Drake: Well, I can only speak for my portion of it. I had asked for something very specific for my performance and none of those were met, as far as production value, so…

Complex: That’s BET for you…
Drake: I understood my situation, as far as sitting in one place, and figured there was a way to make it interesting. But when I looked around and noticed that none of that was going on [laughs], I kind of just realized that it was going to be a loss for me. But at the end of the day, it is what it is.

Lindsay - grrr

Jennifer's Body gets R Rating

Megan Fox's Jennifers Body has been rated and its not PG13. The studio has opted to get down and dirty and put the new horror comedy out with a full R rating according to HorrorMovies.ca. Kudos to them as a horror fan who is tired of watered down PG 13 horror movies. Here is hoping it delivers more than just a half naked Megan Fox.

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Organizers: 11,000 free tickets available for Jackson service

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Fans wishing to attend singer Michael Jackson’s memorial service next week will have to register for free tickets — 11,000 of which will be given out, organizers said Thursday.

Details on how to register for tickets for the service at the 20,000-seat Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Tuesday will be announced at a press briefing Friday.


king gallagher whew else

Chris Daughtry covers PokerFace!

( embedding disabled by request )

Here's a tracklist for Daughty's upcoming second studio album 'Leave This Town' out July 14, 2009!

01. "You Don’t Belong"
02. "No Surprise"
03. "Every Time You Turn Around"
04. "Life After You"
05. "What I Meant to Say"
06. "Open Up Your Eyes"
07. "September"
08. "Ghost of Me"
09. "Learn My Lesson"
10. "Supernatural"
11. "Tennessee Line"
12. "Call Your Name"


i actually really like it. <3

michael jackson letters to fans

one of the paps who followed mj around wrote this article, i thought it was really sweet. more @ the source

Weiss remembers, “The girls would huddle outside the hotel gate that was closest to Jackson’s bungalow, sitting very quietly so that security would not find them. And sometimes Michael would come out and say hello. One time he handed out five handwritten letters that said things like ‘I can feel your energy through the walls. You inspire me so much. I love you all. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for loving me. With all the love in my heart, Michael Jackson.’ I was always impressed by that, how deeply he seemed to care for these girls. When he hugged one of them, he would put one hand on her neck, behind her head, that extra-comforting move like you would do to a person you know. The writing in those letters had a style that was personal, deep, flowery, ornate. It was not ‘Thanks guys. Have a good night. I hope you like the music.’”

Two notes Jackson reportedly wrote to fans at the Los Angeles hotel he was staying at last November: “I truly love all of you; I am recording tonight, for all of you, you are my true inspiration forever. I am living for you, and the children,” he wrote in one. And “You make me sooo happy.… The sky is the limit. Higher consciousness always. I love you. Michael Jackson.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1D - Niall the hipster

bottom of hollywood barrel has been scraped clean...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Atari's 'Asteroids' heads to theaters

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal won a bidding war for the big-screen rights to the classic 1979 Atari game Asteroids. Writer Matthew Lopez, who recently worked on Disney's Bedtime Stories and Race to Witch Mountain, has the task of inventing a story for the arcade game, in which a player controling a space ship racks up points by shoots asteroids and flying saucers. Lorenzo di Bonaventura (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) will produce.

SOURCE: ew.com

Gawd, I remember playing this, Ms Pacman, and Space Invaders when I was a kid...
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Marion @ Public Enemies Premiere / Alexis Bledel hangs out with JustJared

Marion Cotillard rocks out a fierce pair of John Galliano platform wedges at the premiere of her new movie, Public Enemies, at Cinema Gaumont Marignan on Thursday (July 2) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old French actress, who posed with her mother Niseema Theillaud, complemented her shoes with a Christian Dior dress and Chopard jewelry.

On Tuesday (June 30), Marion wore a stylish black Lanvin dress to the 25th edition of ‘La fete du cinema’ at Ministere de la Culture in Paris.

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Alexis Bledel and JustJared.com help Coach launch the Poppy handbag collection at Coach’s premiere Short Hills, NJ location on Wednesday (July 1).

The 27-year-old former Gilmore Girls star wore a gorgeous yellow Lela Rose dress, Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Mawi crystal and chain bracelet and, of course, a Coach Poppy “Spotlight” bag.

Thanks to all the JJ readers who came out to the event, it was great meeting you all. Hope you enjoyed the Poppy candy bar and Poppy-razzi photobooth! And to the three $1,000 shopping spree winners, enjoy!!!

At the event, Alexis shared her Fourth of July plans while chowing down on some hamburger sliders and pigs in a blanket.

Click inside to read Alexis’s exclusive interview with JustJared.com…

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light fantastic

Zac Efron's waxwork at Madame Tussauds voted most kissable... eww.

(ETA ^not the waxwork. the waxwork is hideous and pales in comparison to the original. lol)

Zac Efron was voted the most kissable figure of all those whose waxworks are on display at Madame Tussauds London.

The High School Musical heartthrob gained 20 per cent of the votes in the poll of 300 visitors at the London tourist attraction.

Rather surprisingly, Boris Johnson [Mayor of London] came second with 15 per cent, beating Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp into third place.

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eww... germs can be our friends, but no thanks to kissing something thousands of other people have kissed. i guess that rules out the blarney stone and john mayer too.

ETA random news: Supposedly Zac has FINALLY had a haircut... am dying to see if it is true.
sandra oscar

Rep. Sally Kern says gays and porn to blame for recession

I cant get the video embedded, link = CNN Video

this is from awhile ago.

Source: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/07/02/recession-blamed-on-gays-porn/ & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBmCA4z8Yzc

I know she's no big celebrity, but she a politican who gets in the media for her anti gay campaigan. And i know there's alot of gays on here, so i wanted to see what people thought?

Gays are more of a threat to America than terrorism and Islam? Why is Islam a threat to America?

And since when did America promote same sex marriage?
movies // parveen

Looks like someone got new clothes

Sorry mods, I hit enter by accident!

Star Trek stud Chris Pine walks out with a sandwich and a bag of sea salt and vinegar kettle chips as he leaves the Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese store in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (July 2).

The 28-year-old actor wore a “The Dragons Den: Shanghai” t-shirt.

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Were those not the same flavor ZQ got on Saturday?

Best of the Worst: Twilight Tattoos

Any bets on how long it will be until these people regret shelling out their hard-earned cash for (often poorly executed) Twilight tattoos? I'd love to be the dermatologist who makes a ton by getting to remove these.

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RPattz is scared.

I have no idea if this will be accepted. I just found all these myself on Google, and just thought ONTD would get a kick out of it.

Source = Google Images

anja rubik editorial

Anna Sui's "Gossip Girl" line for Target is actually a remake of her own clothes

In reference to this earlier post here at ONTD about Anna Sui's line for Target inspired by Gossip Girl.


Some of you commented saying how it wasn't very close to the fashion seen on Gossip Girl, and you were right because a significant portion of it is actually just a cheaper line of her past runway looks. This is fine, but it's not exactly a Gossip Girl line. Most of the copied looks are from 2006, and Gossip Girl didn't debut until 2007.

Anna Sui Fall 2006

Anna Sui for Target - "inspired by Blair"

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  • teenny

The 50 highest-earning American athletes & International 20

To the suprise of no one, Tiger Woods tops the list
_tiger-woods-family.jpg picture by tinaanna


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ETA: More info on 11-50 at the source.
        As many have pointed out, there is only one woman on this list......this upsets me.
        When you are gasping at how much these dudes (and one chick) make, remember someone signs   
        their checks.

undisputed HBIC of the Fashion World makes real Devil Wears Prada Film.

Anna Wintour's tale: Vogue editor to appear in 'real-life Devil Wears Prada'

The September Issue focuses on Anna Wintour - inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada and 'most important woman in fashion'

For all of you who thought that The Devil Wears Prada was a documentary brushed with a thin patina of drama to disguise the fact that it was an exposé of American Vogue editor Anna Wintour, along comes the real thing. Wintour, the legendarily reticent editor who almost never talks to the press, has cast aside her innate media shyness – as she would an Yves St Laurent cerulean military jacket from 2003 – and agreed to appear in a documentary about herself. Called The September Issue, the documentary hits UK cinemas on 11 September and this trailer makes it all look rather jolly fun. Except for the moment where the Vogue underling breaks the news to La Wintour that the photographer didn't shoot the coliseum dress. Cue reaction from Wintour. If looks could kill ...

This post was brought to you by Anna's oversized, thick, black sunglasses, and her power bob:

Sooooooooo excited for this- bitch is the DEFINITION of Fierce


John Stossel sick of the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

John Stossel, host of ABC’s Friday night newsmagazine 20/20 is peeved after the network pulled the plug on his five minute segment on Canada’s healthcare system to devote more time to coverage of the death of Michael Jackson.

John’s piece was set to air last Friday night, but was nixed in favor of running a memorial to the King of Pop.

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george jetson

Tattoo Parlor Owner Talks Rihanna Scandal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Following reports that police are investigating NYC tattoo parlor East Side Ink because Rihanna decided she wanted to play tattoo artist last night, OK! spoke to one of the owners to get the details on how the whole thing happened.

The sexy singer had shown up around 8pm on Wednesday to visit her regular tattooist, who goes by the name of Bang Bang and is responsible for both recent gun tattoos and the "sssh" ink on her finger.

According to those at the high-end tattoo parlor, Rihanna was not planning on getting any new ink.

"We were all just hanging out, joking, laughing," East Side Ink co-owner Yadira tells OK!. "Bang Bang decided that he wanted a tattoo from her."

So he drew up a design — a simple umbrella with a swirly "R" under it — which was then transferred onto his lower leg. Rihanna, who had never tattooed anyone before, then went over the design with the needle.

Then two other artists, Josh Lord and Patrick Conlon, decided they wanted some Rihanna body art too, so they each got tatts, which were numbered "2" and "3" by the songstress in the order they were completed.

"We were all talking a laughing the whole time," says Yadira. "Joking that she was a pro now... She was so sweet, easy-going, down to earth."

It took RiRi about about 15 minutes to complete each tattoo, and she eventually left East Side around 11pm.

"I think it was spontaneous," Josh, who got the second tattoo, tells OK! about his decision to get inked. "And she was so nice, and so gorgeous and so charmed by her that we wanted one too."

So can anyone just walk in and start tattoing people willy-nilly?

"They can't," says Josh. "Only her. We couldn't say no to her."

And, he adds, she did a pretty decent job. "It's a pretty nerve-wracking thing to do your first time. We were amazed how well she kept her cool... By the third one, she was good."

Though he did admit that Rihanna got progressively better as she practiced.

"[Bang Bang] went first. And let's put it this way, each one was better than the last," he said, adding, "I'd hire her. If her career doesn't work out, she's got a back-up."

And whatever happens with this police investigation, at least he's got a bit of music history etched into his skin. Says Josh, "It's definitely one of my new favorites."
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Who Told Him This Was A Good Look?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Adrien Brody dares to be different and proudly shows off his chest hair at the ‘BOSS Orange’ fashion party during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin S/S 2010 at Rathenauhallen on Thursday (July 2) in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old Queens-born actor wore a gray pair of skinny jeans, a blue-striped cardigan and a red handkerchief around his neck. Adrien finished off his look with a straw fedora.

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i say


Last Airbender producer Frank Marshall recently confirmed that the trilogy of films will not be filmed back-to-back (Lord of the Rings style), but will instead be shot one at a time. M. Night Shyamalan is still working on the script for the second film, while also sketching out the trilogy’s greater mythology. Marshall notes that they still plan to take advantage of the sets and other elements from the first film in the sequels:

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EDIT: ACCORDING TO ghost_chick_13: "My husband was just at Night's production studio today. He said they are finally done filming and are hurrying to get the finished product in front of the test audience so they can greenlight the next installment."


This is a demo of a new Leona Lewis song called "STRANGERS" It's produced by Ryan Tedder of course.

I think it'll surprise you bigtime.


 nastypceofwork my ONTD fiance~ 

ETA : Leonas performance of I'll Be There by the Jackson 5 aka Michael Jackson lets be honest. Cant believe this is almost 3 years ago. She was trying to copy Mariahs version too much and not her ~best~

und - cool!  rock it you turkey

Daria on DVD at last?

From TVShowsOnDVD.com:
Marty Day, who runs the website Blast-O-Rama.com, received an early copy yesterday of another long-awaited MTV program, The State. Marty's e-mail to us, describing what happened next, just about says it all: "Popped in the first disc, and wouldn't you know it, the DVD starts with an ad promoting Daria hitting DVD in 2010. I guess they're following one 'couldn't be done' release with another! Marty was also kind enough to send us a screen capture as proof...we've got that below!

This is incredible news for the thousands of registered members of this site, who have voted for Daria to get a proper release on DVD. We're obviously going to be keeping a sharp eye out for more info about this 2010 DVD release, so stay tuned and we'll update you!

I haven't ordered my dvds for The State yet. Anyone got them already who can confirm this? This is the best dvd news I've heard since, well, The State was announced!

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source: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Daria-DVDs-Planned/12236