June 9th, 2009


Dragonball Evolution Sequel Confirmed

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Even though here in the United States, Dragonball Evolution was a massive flop hated by everyone but the most self-loathing of Dragonball fans… it’s getting a sequel. James Marsters, who played the villain Lord Piccolo in the first film, confirmed the rumors in an interview with a fansite. Marsters says that after his upcoming concert tour, “we’ll start shooting the second Dragonball movie. I’ve just heard that I can actually tell that there is going to be a sequel.”

Even the Dragonball fan community seems less than enthused by this announcement. The question everyone seems to be asking is: “Why god why?!”. Here’s why:

Dragonball Evolution made only a miserable $9 million dollars, total, domestically. Unfortunately it seems international audiences are a little less savvy than American crowds. Overseas this bright and shining turd made $45 million. In particular it was big in both Japan and China. Meanwhile Fox spent almost no money at all advertising it and the cast was comprised mainly of genre television castoffs, so it’s not like they spent anything on salaries. There’s a chance that it may actually have made a profit and of course Fox assumes that if people in China watched this shit the first time there’s every reason to think they’ll happily watch more of it.


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Kardashian Photoshop BOMBSHELL

Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Magazine Cover

The July/August issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine is running a cover story about Kim Kardashian and her new fitness & training plan.

According to the article, Kim has been doing workouts with trainer-to-the-stars Gunnar Peterson, who has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Matthew McConaughey. Kim claims that she wants to “represent a girl who’s working hard to get in shape.”

“I want to represent a girl who’s working hard to get in shape,” she says. “It’s a process. People want the easy way out and the easy fix, but there isn’t one.”

Diet: Kim says that she feels guilty when she cheats on her diet now that she’s trying hard to get fit.

“It’s amazing,” she says. “The more I work out, the guiltier I feel when I cheat, so I cheat less and less. Now I try to eat fish and vegetables for most of my meals.”

(Sounds like she is on a low-fat, low-carb diet!)

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Ted's blind item: One Total Femme Faker

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One Total Femme Faker Blind Vice

No kinky homo lovin' in this week's Blind, either, folks, just some straight-up hetero debauchery! Does that make you happy or sad? Relieved, regardless, I'm sure. Anyways, guess all the gays were too busy protesting this week (or hiding indoors lest they come across as too sympathetic to the cause—we know we didn't see Toothy out and about holding a sign in WeHo!). So, that leaves us with Dominique (Dommy) Do-Rightly, rising star.

See, Dom's a ton more popular on the small screen than on the big one—tho for some silly reason she keeps desperately trying to make the film thing work. But Dommy's still managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of fans, all who think she's just so über-cute and cuddly, like a posh stuffed teddy bear.

But would they still fawn over her so much if they knew their darling 'n' wholesome girl's one freaky wild party animal? We know we'd like her a whole lot more if she just fessed up to it!

Ms. Do-Rightly likes the public to think she's all about goin' organic, living healthy, saving the world and being an all-around sweetie-pie. Make me puke right now. Ugh.

I never bought that faux persona on this stink-eyed star, but I'm used to celebs totally lying about who they are! Those who know Dommy personally can't stand how stuck-up the bitchy babe is. She often refuses to promote her latest flicks as much as she's told, leaving all the legwork to her second billed, bitter costars.

No one can friggin' put up with the diva's demands anymore—that is, of course, except other divas! DDR is spending more and more time with skanky H'wood regulars—privately, at house parties, since public outings together would be oh so disastrous to Dom's clean-cut image.

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I say it is Sophia Bush. Who do you think it is?
Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning 'Runaway'

Kristen Stewart follows costar Dakota Fanning as they leave a studio in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 8).

Dakota, 15, seems to have her arms full with papers while Kristen, 19, looks a little weary after rehearsals.

The duo star in The Runaways, the biopic about the 1970s teenage band of the same name. Actress Stella Maeve was just cast as drummer Sandy West.

The Runaways is set to hit theaters in 2010.

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No Yorick for Sam

(my photo-shoppin' skills boi..)

No Y: The Last Man for Shia LaBeouf
June 9, 2009

Almost two years ago, it was announced the D.J. Caruso would direct and Carl Ellsworth would write an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man.

Since then, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star Shia LaBeouf's name has come up numerous times as being in talks to play the lead role of Yorick Brown, the lone survivor of a plague that wipes out all males on the planet. The project would have reunited him with Caruso, who directed LaBeouf in Eagle Eye and Disturbia.

But now, LaBeouf tells Wizard magazine that Yorick is too similar to his "Transformers" role of Sam Witwicky.

"You take Sam and you put a monkey on his shoulder," said LaBeouf of Yorick's sidekick Ampersand. "I don't know if it's that big a differential. It seems like he's the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation again.

He added, "I'm not willing to make that movie currently, and may be too old to play the role by the time it does come around."


I'm very excited for this, i love the director, and i love the series. I LOVE the series. Who would you cast for the different roles ONTD? how about three-fiddy? Hero? The Beths? :D

All i have so far is David Cross as random person who dies at the start of the film. David Cross makes any movie much better! look at alvin and the chipmunks!

eta: OT question, but its my post, so who gives a sheet.
I'm gonna get a 17" macbook pro soon, gonna be used mainly for editing videos for work and extra curricular, And i've been a PC for all of my life, but now i'll be a Mac-newbie. What the fuck is Leopard and Snow Leopard? should i know? Is it important, or not really? :D im too lazy to google, and i did ask this in the apple post yesterday, but that was like page 9 or something. doubt anybody read it.

My Name is Earl may be saved by TBS

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My Name Is Earl is in early negotiations to be picked up by basic cable network TBS, weeks after broadcast network NBC cancelled the Emmy-winning series after four seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter. TBS already has a deal in place to air syndicated reruns of Earl starting this fall, but it is still uncertain if a deal for 13 new episodes will pan out, in part because it's unclear whether the show's stars would return under what would most likely have to be a far-tighter budget.


Ausiello: Two shows mulling time jumps

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Okay, TV's time jumping trend is officially Out. Of. Control.A Ghost Whisperer insider confirms that producers of the CBS drama are toying with the idea of kicking the new season off five years into the future. The move would allow the show to introduce Jim and Melinda's son as a pre-schooler instead of as a newborn.

As you'll recall, the season ended with Melinda learning that her offspring would possess psychic powers even greater than her own. Probably a tough story to do with a burping, teething toddler.

Meanwhile, One Tree Hill -- which famously leaped ahead four years at the start of season 5 -- is mulling another flash forward at the onset of season 7 this fall. But this one's not nearly as drastic; a OTH source says the action would likely pick up just one year later.

I really wanted to see Melinda and Jim with a baby. Flashbacks maybe?
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Sandra Bullock Is No Diva

Sandra Bullock refuses to behave like a diva.

The actress — who stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Betty White in new movie The Proposal — hates the way some stars speak to their assistants, and she’s vowed never to get like that.


“I hate the word assistant. No one works for me. I work WITH everyone because I couldn’t do anything without the people that I work with,” she said.


“But there are so many people in our industry, that we know well, that you’re like: ‘That did not come out of your mouth!’.”


Bullock, 44, recently revealed how she’s “the queen” of planning and precision.

“I’m like the queen of planning and scheduling and I’m trying very hard to stop it,” she said. “I just want to finish what I’m doing and go home. I want to have a weekend. I want to have breakfast, a stack of pancakes. I don’t want to not enjoy where I am at this very moment. So, every time I plan something the exact opposite happens. I hope that I’m always satisfied and content like I am right at this very moment.”

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Jensen Ackles golfs for a good cause, looks amazing in argyle while doing so

Everyone's favorite Impala-driving badass was spotted yesterday at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, participating in the 2009 celebrity golf tournament. The Paley Center is dedicated to preserving the arts, rewarding those who help further the industry, and archiving the achievements of entertainment industry members everywhere. Past celebrity golfers have included Peter Gallagher and Gary Sinise. This year's tournament runs for several days beginning on June 8 in Thousand Oaks, California.


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HWM - caution

Warren Oakes leaves Against Me!

Longtime drummer Warren Oakes has left Against Me! after eight years in the band. He made the following statement:

"I've spent the past 8 years making beautiful music with my best friends and sharing it with amazing people all over the world. I've had the honor and privilege of traveling with the most dedicated road dogs on the planet and sharing the stage with the greatest bands. I have been embraced by so many with such graciousness and hospitality and love. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the dream a reality, especially Tom, James and Andrew. I've had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you."

Vocalist Tom Gabel's blog suggests that Oakes was fired from the band over a month ago. A May 1st entry reads:

"We told Warren this afternoon that we are going to look for a new drummer. Andrew, James and I made the decision a couple days ago over lunch. I told them that I didn’t want to play music with Warren anymore. They both agreed that this was a necessary step, it’s been a long time coming. Warren’s heart hasn’t been in this for a while now."

Warren has opened a new Mexican restauraunt, Boca Fiesta in Gainesville, FL. Check out the menu here.


Good for him. Maybe Andrew and James will follow suit so Tom can suck as a solo artist instead of as a frontman.
light fantastic

Simon remaking Saturday Night Fever?

According to the Sun, Simon Cowell wants to remake Saturday Night Fever

And guess who he wants to star?

"I've been given a nod that High School Musical star ZAC EFRON is in line for the lead role.

And hip-hop uber producer TIMBALAND is in the frame to rework one of the most famous movie soundtracks of all time - an album that topped the US charts for a massive 24 weeks."

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But fwiw, zefron's involvement has already been debunked this morning:

Ahh, sad face, no more disco points for zefron...

LOL. I feel like this needs to become some sort of SNL sketch with Zefron as Tony Manero and a cameo of JT and Jimmy Fallon as the Gibb Brothers arguing with Timbaland.

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whistling lab

horror movie time!


Horror movies don’t really scare me anymore. Like most die-hard fans of the genre, I’ve simply seen too many of them to be affected or frightened by their new-fangled whiz-bang trickery. For the experienced horror lover, the hunt for a truly scary horror movie can be discouraging. You know how it goes. Sometimes you just want that feeling of false terror to clench up your belly like a muscle spasm. It makes me long for my teenage years, when theatrical screenings of Cape Fear and Silence of the Lambs made me fill my pants with goopy, adolescent fear. How can I get that feeling back?

Well, I think I’ve found a fix. It won’t provide the rush you got the first time you saw The Exorcist, but it’ll get you through the DTs. Next time you go camping, take a portable DVD player along with you. After everybody has gone to bed and you’re all alone in your tent, curled up in your sleeping bag, break out the DVD player and headphones, and watch a horror movie. If possible, watch a horror movie that revolves around the camping experience, something with tents and trees and shit.

It helps to watch the movie alone. It helps even more if you are sleeping out in the open, under the stars. Trust me. You may not end up curled in the bottom of your sleeping bag and weeping in abject terror, but the experience will certainly bring back that old-school, scary movie feeling. Although not a definitive list, here are my top 10 favorite movies to watch while camping in the woods:

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We've been having thunderstorms here since like 2 AM last night so I'm totally in a horror movie mood right now.

What would be on your list, ONTD? TCM, Wrong Turn, and The BWP are my top picks. Also, I'm glad he mentioned Watcher in the Woods - that movie is awesome.

Marion Cotillard Blackbook Magazine June/July 2009

Marion Cotillard is having a New York moment. The new face of French cinema, who took home a treasure trove of gold statues from far-flung corners of the world for her memory-searing role as Edith Piaf in 2007’s La Vie en Rose, is slathering cream cheese on half a bagel as she readies for our daylong cover shoot. So much for the spread of organic salads, fresh vegetables and hot water with lemon she’d requested.

It’s no wonder she went in for the perfect morning-after food. The previous evening, Cotillard clinked glasses with the A-list of sartorial stars, Hollywood bold-faced names and music royalty at the American fashion world’s most fabulous night out, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Ball, hosted by Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Justin Timberlake and Kate Moss. Her escort? None other than John Galliano—only fitting as she is the new face of Dior. Cotillard’s night stretched on until the wee hours of the morning, winding down in [Kate] Moss’ hotel room at the swank Gramercy Park Hotel.

If it seems she’s living the high life, she’s certainly earned it. But she’s also very much got her feet rooted on the ground. You’d never guess she’d been out all night from her composure on set—pleasant, polite and ready to work. In conversation the next day at The Bowery Hotel, as the chic set get their happy hour cocktails on at sidewalk tables, Cotillard, cloaked in grey cashmere that brings out the blue-gray of her eyes, sips water at an inside booth and seems most at ease discussing her craft. The hoopla surrounding it? She can do without. Not that it’s going to stop.

She’s at a crossroads right now, ascending quickly from esteemed actor to international star. Her first big screen performance after her 2008 Oscar win for La Vie en Rose comes via a Michael Mann summer blockbuster, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp as 1930s Chicago gangster John Dillinger. In the role of Dillinger’s girl, Billie Frechette, Cotillard delivers another bang-up performance. After that, she plays opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in a star-studded cast that includes Penélope Cruz, Kate Hudson and Fergie (yes, you read that right) in Rob Marshall’s Nine. And if further proof of her skyrocketing fame were needed, she was recently cast by The Dark Night director Christopher Nolan to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in Inception.

For director Michael Mann, witnessing her performance was a revelation. “When you see that kind of work, you recognize it for what it is: This is a brilliant, brilliant artist,” he says. “Even in the smallest gesture or expression, you can tell that there is total truth in what she’s doing; she is completely committed to every single moment. It’s not performance, it’s not artifice. It’s beyond skill.”

He took full advantage of that complete conviction. Cotillard gets pushed to the limit again in Mann’s Public Enemies, out July 1. As Billie, the round-the-clock bruising she takes from FBI interrogators leaves her sleep-deprived, bloodied and with a soiled dress. This scene is just the kind of challenge that ignites Cotillard. “I’m totally aware that it’s weird to find pleasure in that state of emotion—in violence—but,” she says with a laugh, “I like it.”

Cotillard doesn’t take the easy way out in Public Enemies. In the hands of a lesser actress, we might have drowned in an ocean of sobs or been deafened by a histrionic breakdown. In her final scene, Cotillard lets out a quiet tear, the emotion transmitting from her eyes telling the whole story.

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Film - The Old Guard

Hathaway Nervous About Garland Biopic

Anne Hathaway is terrified about taking on the role of iconic singer Judy Garland - branding herself "insane" for agreeing to play the late star in a biopic.

The Devil Wears Prada actress will play the Wizard of Oz legend in a big screen adaptation of biographer Gerald Clarke's 2001 book Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.

And despite showing off her song-and-dance skills during a musical medley with Hugh Jackman at the Oscars in February, Hathaway still isn't sure she has the talents to do the part justice.

She tells the New York Daily News, "I think I'm either naive or insane to play her - maybe a little bit of both!"

But at least Hathaway has the backing of another musical veteran - Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli.

She adds, "I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it yet, but I understand that as long as I treat Judy with respect - which of course I will - Liza is very happy about it."

Uhhh...WHAT? Am I the only one who didn't know about this?!

Drew Barrymore's Thoughts On Texting...

Don't have the science of texting down perfect? Is he just not that into you but you cant really tell for sure because of a confusing text message?

The text message can be quite confusing and Drew Barrymore would like to get to the bottom of it!

Check out this MySpace exclusive from He's Just Not That Into You -- available via download, On-Demand and DVD/Blu-Ray now!


Leave us your texting stories..

He's Just Not That Into You

Brit Slave.

Britney brings tour to Australia!

For the first time in her career Britney Spears will be touring Australia. Britney Spears in association with Dainty Consolidated Entertainment brings "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" Down Under in November.

"The Circus Starring Britney Spears" is a first of it's kind, incorporating a dazzling display of music, dance, magic and theatrics into the years biggest spectacle. With its cast of nearly 50 dancers, magicians, clowns and acrobats and a traveling staff of over 200, the 50 million dollar extravaganza will travel Australia with an unprecedented 60 tons of equipment in 34 trucks for what is sure to be the most electrifying musical event ever.

"The Circus Starring Britney Spears" kicked-off in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on March 3, 2009, and is the highest grossing tour of 2009 in North America to date. Britney is currently touring Europe to raves reviews. "The Circus starring Britney Spears, the relentlessly high octane and superbly choreographed affair delighted 23,000 assembled fans" claims the UK's Daily Mail, and The Financial Times stating "...with costume changes, a mini-magic show and blingy bicycles, the presentation was a feast for the eyes."

"I've wanted to tour Australia for quite some time and now it's finally happening. My Circus tour is the best show I have ever created and I can't wait to perform it for all of my Australian fans. See you guys soon!" exclaims Britney.

Tour dates are:

Friday, 6 November Perth Burswood Dome
Wednesday, 11 November Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
Thursday, 12 November Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
Thursday, 19 November Sydney Acer Arena
Friday, 20 November Sydney Acer Arena
Tuesday, 24 November Brisbane Entertainment Centre

For tickets: Online at ticketek.com.au or phone 132 849


Jessica Alba is a dumbass

Dumb: Defacing all sorts of public property in landlocked Oklahoma City (including a United Way poster) ... to increase local awareness for great white sharks ... which don't usually dwell anywhere close to Oklahoma City.

Capturing all the stupidity on film and posting it on the Internet.

People in O.C. are pretty upset after these photos surfaced yesterday on TheLostOgle.com. The pics clearly show Alba tagging downtown O.C. with the posters, which ironically don't even have a clear message on them ... posters that stoners probably think are just advertisements for Shark Week.

The most ridiculous part is that one of the spots she's accused of tagging was a billboard for the United Way. A rep for the non-profit organization told us although the billboard was donated, they'll probably have to pay out of their own pocket to replace it.

So far, cops say no one has filed charges against Alba.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/09/great-white-dope-alba-defaces-oklahoma-city/


Bruno Lawyers Will Send Mean Letters To Anyone Who Dares To Sue Them

Last week Richelle Olson filed a lawsuit against the producers of Bruno, claiming she was injured during filming. Bruno's lawyers say ich don't think so: they're threatening a countersuit, claiming it was actually Olson who assaulted Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Hollywood Reporter's THR, Esq. blog obtained a copy of a letter sent by Bruno production attorney Russell Smith to Richelle Olson's attorney. Here are a couple of the highlights:

"Mr. Baron Cohen never touched Ms. Olson, much less assaulted her. To the contrary, Ms. Olson assaulted Mr. Baron Cohen, grabbing his arms from behind and attempting to pull him out of a chair.

Your clients also allege that Mr. Baron Cohen used 'vulgar and offensive language over the loud speakers of the bingo hall,' that 'the bingo players are predominantly elderly,' and that they 'felt violated.' ... The footage shows that most of the bingo players were relatively young (like the plaintiffs), and that Mr. Cohen offered only light-hearted comments that were met with general laughter from the audience, and even applause."

Obviously anticipating a slew of legal proceedings coming at them with the film's release, Bruno lawyers seem to be drawing a line in the sand and are daring potential litigants to cross it. We wonder how much the film has to gross to cover the cost of the legal team they're forced to employ to defend it?

THR, Esq. has a PDF of the complete letter if you're interested in those sort of things.

movies // parveen

Nicole Kidman on the set of 'Rabbit Hole'/candids


Nicole Kidman shoots a scene from her new film, Rabbit Hole, in Queens, New York on Monday (June 8).

Also pictured below is the 41-year-old Hawaiian-born actress leaving her Manhattan residence on Sunday (June 7).

Rumors continue to fly about a possible pregnancy, after dropping out of her role last night as a presenter at the Broadway Tony Awards at the last minute.

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This role won Cynthia Nixon a Tony award when it was on Broadway, so I have high hopes for this movie!


Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli Take a Break?

On-again off-again couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli have called it quits once more, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

"They're taking time off for the time being, they've split," says a source. "It could just end up as a break but for now they're doing their own thing."

That much was certainly apparent over the weekend as the Israeli-born Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, 23, walked the red carpet at Hollywood Life's 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards solo, refusing to speak about DiCaprio, while the Titanic star, 34, hit the hotspot Avenue in New York City, where he was seen chatting with another woman.

"He was standing at the bar in front of everyone talking to a girl the entire night – and it wasn't Bar," says one onlooker. "It was in no way behavior for a guy who has a serious girlfriend."

According to a Refaeli source, the model's desire to get serious may have caused the actor to have doubts about their relationship. "She wanted to move faster than he did, she wanted to move in together," the source says, "so he broke it off."

ETA: People magazine is claiming they've broken up, but you can take it to the bank Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are still together ... we've talked to people who really know!

The miserable-looking lovebirds hit up an L.A. bookstore last night just before it closed ... and hopefully didn't read the false story.

Source: Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20284062,00.html and http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/09/leo-and-bar-are-not-broken-up-people/

Megan - Back

Twitter Trending Topic: Who the fuck is Max B?

Max B is a former member of Dipset and the Jim Jones Byrd Gang.

Former Byrd Gang associate Charles "Max B" Wingate has reportedly been found guilty on multiple felony murder conspiracy charges stemming from a fatal 2006 robbery.

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To be honest, i don't know what to believe after watching the lawyer video. Lmao the comments on All Hip Hop.com are HILARIOUS. Some people think he might have done it and his girlfriend framed him, some people think he got what he deserves, while some people just think the moral of this story is DO NOT HIRE A HOOD LAWYER! apparently Max B's lawyer reported on his twitter saying that Max B would not go to jail. I'd hope my lawyer would be too busy on my case to get on twitter.


Is Allison Iraheta’s Record Deal Next?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now that the American Idol Top 2, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have signed and announced their record deals with 19, will we be hearing about other 19 label deals with additional Season 8 alums?

The rumor that Allison Iraheta has signed with Jive, Kris Allen’s new label, has been persistent, and there’s been plenty of online chatter to support it, including some very interesting tweets:

* Allison had a breakfast meeting with songwriter Michael Jay (Celine Dion, Mandy Moore) in Beverly Hills on June 4th.
* Another meeting for Allison–this one with producer/songwriter Nick Furlong and Jive.
* Singer/songwriter/producer Dru Grange tweets, “had a great day yesterday, went to a meet and greet for American Idol top 4th place JIvE Records artist Allison Iraheta shes needs songs.”

An announcement this week that Allison Iraheta has signed with 19 and Jive records? Maybe! SOURCE

She is super talented so I'm sure she will be next. LOL at no mention of a contract for Danny Gokey. Happy dance for Allison!

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Nothing Short of Fabulous

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beyonce Knowles shops up a storm at the upscale Harvey Nichols department store on London’s Knightsbridge on Tuesday June 9).

The 27-year-old Sasha Fierce singer rocker wore a stylish jumpsuit and shades and finished off her look with her favorite pair of Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals (she wore the same ones back in April).

Beyonce is in town for back-to-back gigs (Monday and Tuesday night) before heading to New York to continue her tour on June 21.

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Besides Kim K, Katy Perry and Ciara I was also told that Alexandra Burke, Adele and Britney Spears were in attendance as well

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Kim Kardashian Sports another damn wig

Kim Kardashian shows off her short new do courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, who also does Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson’s tresses.

The 28-year-old reality TV star was prepping for her O Magazine photo shoot, which involved other reality stars including Trista Sutter from The Bachelorette and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.

Says Kim, “This shoot was the first time I worked with [Ken]! This isn’t the first time I’ve experimented with wigs haha. Remember my blond wig??”
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'Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List' premiere: Stalking the A-list

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List has always been funniest when its titular star is at her most pathetic -- cluelessly hosting home-shopping programming, enduring countless local media appearances in a desperate attempt to sell concert tickets -- so you'd think it might be problematic that as the brassy redhead heads into her fifth season, she's got two Emmys, widespread critical acclaim, and the ability to sell out concert halls across the nation. And that's why it's such a stroke of genius that Griffin is now focusing her attention on stalking true A-listers to learn the secrets of their success. I mean, what better way to downgrade your rising star than by placing it next to a real-live supernova?

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For the Glasto fan...

Glastonbury 2009 to be hit by a monsoon?

If experts are correct, prepare to pack your wellies, waterproofs, snorkelling gear and dinghies. Still, on the positive side of things, you're unlikely to need that factor 50 sun cream..

Festival goers head home as the 2007 Glastonbury Festival ends. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall ... will the deluge come to this year's Glastonbury?

First the good news: light showers have not been predicted for this year's Glastonbury. The bad news, however, is that experts are predicting a monsoon instead. Yes, a monsoon

Dr Craig Wallace of the University of Southampton has studied computer models of the weather over the last three decades. He noted that two monsoons sweep across Europe each June, explaining why this particular summer month is prone to downpours. Dr Wallace told the Times that the annual monsoon was the reason for bad weather in previous years and is likely to strike again, though it is impossible to predict exactly when.

Over on the glastowatch.co.uk site, weather predictions for the festival appear to confirm distinctly monsoon-like qualities, saying the weekend of 26-28 June will be "a tad hot, rainy and windy". The site names the long-range forecaster metcheck.com as its source.

The lineup for this year's festival was announced at the end of last month and includes headline performances from Neil Young, Bruce Springtseen and Blur. The Guardian is the official media sponsor of Glastonbury festival, which will take place between the 25-29 June 2009, come rain or monsoon.

*if it's anything like 2007 or 2005 i will cry :-( *  IS ANYONE ELSE GOING THIS YEAR!? Who are you most excited about seeing?

source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/jun/08/glastonbury-2009-monsoon



Final Box Office Numbers: 'Hangover' is No. 1

In a final result that no one saw coming, Warner Bros.' "The Hangover" edged out Disney/Pixar's "Up" over the weekend. Final figures indicated that The Hangover raked in $44,979,319 to take the No. 1 position in the box-office rankings. "Up" fell to second place with $44,138,266. While "The Hangover" performed better than the studio had estimated, Universal's "Land of the Lost" lost even more ground than the studio had thought, winding up with only $18,837,350. The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):

1. "The Hangover," Warner Bros., $44,979,319 (New)
2. "Up," Disney, $44,138,266, 2 Wks. ($137,210,701)
3. "Land of the Lost," Universal, $18,837,350, (New)
4. "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," 20th Century Fox, $14,634,988, 3 Wks. ($127,326,188)
5. "Star Trek," Paramount, $8,310,480, 5 Wks. ($222,712,175)
6. "Terminator Salvation," Warner Bros., $8,248,387, 3 Wks. ($105,568,008)
7. "Drag Me to Hell," Universal, $7,040,550, 2 Wks. ($28,233,230)
8. "Angels & Demons," Sony, $6,550,282, 3 Wks. ($116,174,931)
9. "My Life in Ruins," Fox Searchlight, $3,223,161, (New)
10. "Dance Flick," Paramount, $1,958,725, 3 Wks. ($22,625,733)

Source: IMDB.com

I didn't see the final numbers posted, so I thought people might be interested that "The Hangover" actually beat "Up" this weekend. I saw "Hangover" last night and it friggin's sold out! I can't remember the last time I saw a sold-out movie on a Monday. I thought it was hilarious, by the way. My favorite part: "Not you, Fat Jesus!" Definitely needed more shirtless Bradley Cooper though. That man's got a body TO DIE FOR.

Ugh, I tried to find a good pic with all that sexy chest hair he was rocking in the movie, but no luck. This one will have to suffice.

ETA: When I was googling him, I was reminded that he was married to Jennifer Esposito and was all heartbroken, but I checked IMDB and they're divorced now, so I feel a lot better LOL. Also, the guy in that pic may or may not be Bradley Cooper, but looks enough like him and is hot, so that makes it okay, right?
Andrew on a train.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson: this decade’s Leonardo DiCaprio

Bright flashes greeted him at every turn. His face was the centerpiece of every magazine, and his name was a-tip every tongue in the free world. In 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio made his big break with Titanic, and the world would not forget his name.

At twenty-three years old, DiCaprio had already earned one Academy Award nomination for his work with Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and had stunned his fair share of audiences with his brilliant portrayal of Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries. Some were hard-pressed to forget his name after his newcomer addition to the cast of Growing Pains back in 1991. His work in Romeo + Juliet would capture the hearts of many, and his work with Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, and Russell Crowe in The Quick And The Dead allowed DiCaprio to pass muster with film aficionados the world over. Yet, nothing could prepare DiCaprio for the spotlight that would shine on him after his work as Jack Dawson in the unforgettable and mega-blockbuster hit film Titanic. Opposite the beautiful Kate Winslet, and led by the wise hand of James Cameron, DiCaprio’s work was a sure thing for his success.

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Hayden Panettiere on being a role model with cellulite: ‘I’m sorry, I’m a woman’

Hayden Panettiere recently sat down with the online magazine A Girl’s World for some early promotion of I Love You Beth Cooper. According to AGW, the storyline goes: “the class nerd Denis Cooverman (Paul Rust) confesses all in his graduation speech. At the top of his list is his love and desire for class hottie Beth Cooper. For her own reasons, she shows up at his door promising to show him the time of his life!” It’s being compared to Superbad, but like the girl’s version of Superbad. Which is weird, because I tend to think most girls and women don’t really care for that gross-out comedy of Superbad, but whatever.

In the interview, Hayden is mostly talking about the film, and about her role on Heroes. But she does get some questions about Hollywood’s beauty standards, and the body image pressures she feels. Hayden is pretty cool about it all, talking about her cellulite, whether she’s a role model to young women, and she ends up saying “’I’m sorry, I’m a woman. I don’t know what you want me to tell you.”

AGW: There is so much pressure on young female stars like yourself to look or be “perfect”. How do you handle that?

Hayden: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked God and my parents for raising me in a place that was so humbling and so outside any of that stuff. I mean I live criticism every day. I’d go walk my dogs and I used to walk them in my PJ’s and now I have to make sure I look half decent or else I’ll get trashed. Or like having cellulite on the back of your legs. ‘I’m sorry, I’m a woman. I don’t know what you want me to tell you’ [we laugh]. ‘I’m sorry. It’s not going to go away. I can’t do anything about it. I apologize if I offended you’.

AGW: Cellulite, the equal opportunity curse! But, you seem to be surviving the pressure…

Hayden: I think I came into it when Paris and Lindsay and all these girls were at their height of what they were doing and I would say it’s guilty by association. If you are a young female in Hollywood, you are guilty of everything that people say. People feel that they have a right to judge you and they haven’t even had a conversation with you and it’s scary. I have a body that girls can look at and go, ‘oh she’s not anorexically skinny. She looks healthy and she’s got cellulite, yeah!’

AGW: (by now we’re thinking about our own cellulite. Thank God we’re wearing long pants). Does this “role model” label drive you nuts then?

Hayden: I think the only problem with attempting to be a role model is the fact that you just want to go, ‘okay, I’ll be a role model for you. I’d love to, but don’t expect me to be perfect because I’m not and I do screw up and I do make mistakes and I can’t always think of everyone else and what they’re going to say’. Because at the end of the day the only person you can make happy is yourself. No matter whether it’s wrong or right or looks good or looks bad, somebody will hate it. Somebody will.


Howard Stern uses Letterman platform to rip on Jay Leno

We know one person who must be happy that David Letterman is nearing a deal with CBS to extend The Late Show through the 2011-12 season: Howard Stern. On last night's Late Show, the Sirius Radio star respectfully thanked Letterman for putting him on the map in the first place, but then totally ripped on Jay Leno in a rather uncomfortable (especially if you were Dave) segment. After an unsuccessful first attempt at bringing up the current late-night Conan vs. Letterman war, Stern piped up again (at about 4:20 in the video below) to let everyone know just how much he can't stand Leno. "I've never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy," said Stern, critiquing the way Leno appeared to be reading from a teleprompter during his final Tonight Show. "Where's the emotion? Where's the humanity?" [Gestures to Dave] "Here's the host we wanna watch!" Then he did a little dance. What a fun, sexy time for all of us!

movies // parveen

Gerard Butler is a Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler walks to the set of his new action movie, Bounty Hunter, in New York City on Tuesday afternoon (June 9).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud and Jennifer Aniston are headlining the flick about a bounty hunter (Butler) hired to retrieve his ex-wife (Aniston), who has skipped bail.

Directing is Andy Tennant, who directed Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in Fool’s Gold and Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch.

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He dyed his hair :\  Oh well.

1D - Niall the hipster

Comic-Con News

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Comic Con 2009 Update # 1

It's never too early for Comic Con news. In addition to all 4 days being sold out news is trickling in at Seat42f on the hour at who will and won't be there this year. Check back for more updates as most of the studios and networks have had their big Comic Con meetings. Complete details should start to roll out over the next few weeks. We will continue to update this list as we get word from the studios and networks on other shows and movies making the trip to San Diego.

*If a show is not listed it just means we don't have confirmation one way or the other right now.

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KSTEW || Smile

'Runaways' Biopic Finds Its Lita Ford: Alessandra Torresani

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By Larry Carroll, with reporting by Matt Elias

Next week, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning start rocking out on a biopic about four teenage punk pioneers. Now, we've got the scoop on the final female who'll help get the band back together.

"We just closed everything," Alessandra Torresani revealed to us Sunday. "It's really exciting."

The 22-year-old Torresani — a former child star who has more than 20 TV and film credits in the last decade — is the final member to join "The Runaways," a high-profile biopic about the "Cherry Bomb" band. With Stewart set to play Joan Jett, Fanning onboard as Cherie Curry and Stella Maeve cast as Sandy West, Torresani will play one of the band's most notable alumni.

"I'm playing Lita Ford," Torresani said of the heavy-metal icon behind such hits as "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever." "She's the most incredible woman. I'm getting to meet her very soon, so that'll be amazing. I'll get to hear all her old stories.

"There's some kick-ass girls in the movie, right? It's going to be great," laughed Torresani, who we caught up with at Hollywood Life's Young Hollywood Awards. "We've got some good girls in there."

To land the role with director Floria Sigismondi, Torresani said she researched some clips of Ford online. "I also looked at this little documentary about [the Runaways], and then went from there," she explained. "We start [filming] next week. Everything's just coming together right now."

The Runaways were a particularly dynamic band during their brief 1975-79 run because Jett and Ford (who joined the band when she was 17) were formidable guitarists. Now, Torresani laughed, she has less than seven days to learn how to convincingly wield her axe.

"I learn the guitar starting [Monday], so that'll be interesting," she laughed. "I'm very nervous about it."

Torresani told us she'll be picking up the guitar as she meets Stewart, Fanning and Maeve for the first time and that the newly formed band has less than a week to rehearse. "I haven't met any of the girls yet. I'll meet them soon. I see them tomorrow, so that's soon enough," she grinned. "I can fake [the guitar]. I can rock out. I'm a dancer, so I'll fake it."

A professed "Twilight" fan, Torresani also told us that she's eager to meet "New Moon" stars Stewart and Fanning. "I love 'Twilight.' Who can't love vampires, right?" she grinned. "And Robert [Pattinson], of course. Gorgeous!"


king gallagher whew else

Kim Kardashian at queen B's concert in London.

Kim Kardashian dropped by the O2 Arena to see Britney's 'Circus' tour for a second time. She blogged on her website about the experience saying it was even better than the first!

"We were again blown away. Brit's show here was even better than the LA show I went to. We sat so close and the whole experience was just such a rush. We literally landed at Heathrow airport (I slept the ENTIRE flight, so I was well rested), changed in the airport and headed straight to the concert."

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source. / source b.

wow, so many celebs in london recently... britney, beyonce, kim k, sam r, lindsay lohan, ciara and... i know i'm forgetting someone :0

Jessica Alba Apologizes for Defaming Oklahoma City

Jessica Alba is seriously apologizing for tagging Oklahoma City -- and a United Way billboard -- with posters of great white sharks ... but she's also tossing blame at the shark lovers she got involved with.

Oklahoma City cops tell us the city's Director of Parks and Recreation -- Amy Poehler Wendell Whisenhunt -- filed a police report after photos surfaced of Alba allegedly defacing electrical boxes, a bridge and a United Way billboard. Alba was on a mission, gluing posters that are part of a campaign to save the great whites.

The problem -- the glue is so gnarly the posters aren't coming off. Cops say they want to have a chat with Alba, who's in town filming a movie.

Here's the statement Jessica just released:

"I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment and I regret not thinking things through before I made spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign. I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Oklahoma City and to the United Way for my involvement in this incident."

ETA: Her rep has already called the United Way, offering to replace the billboard

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/09/jessica-alba-apologizes-for-defaming-oklahoma-city/


Jamie Lynn and Casey Get Their Party On in Louisiana, Y'all

She's been working since she was 11 -- and a mother since she was 17 -- so it's actually refreshing to see Jamie Lynn Spears enjoying herself just like any other 18-year-old unwed mother.

The younger Spears girl partied the weekend before last -- with baby daddy Casey Aldridge -- at a club called The Buzz in Hammond, La.

It's an 18 & over club and, amazingly, the VIP manager there told us he didn't even know Jamie Lynn was ever there.

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Dakota Fanning’s Runaway Day 6/9

Out for another day’s work, Dakota Fanning made her arrival at a studio in North Hollywood to work on “The Runaways” on Tuesday (June 9).

The 15-year-old actress is starring alongside her “New Moon” co-star, Kristen Stewart, with the duo recently being joined by Alessandra Torresani.

Announcing that she’d be joining Miss Fanning and Miss Stewart for the high-profile biopic about the “Cherry Bomb” band, Torresani told MTV, “We just closed everything. It’s really exciting.”

“I’m playing Lita Ford,” Torresani added. “She’s the most incredible woman. I’m getting to meet her very soon, so that’ll be amazing. I’ll get to hear all her old stories. There’s some kick-a** girls in the movie, right? It’s going to be great. We’ve got some good girls in there.”


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Jennifer Garner and Violet: Rainy Day Shopping 6/9

Out for mother/daughter bonding time, Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck braved the rain in Boston, Massachusetts to do some shopping on Tuesday (June 9).

As the former “Alias” actress walked along, her little girl followed beside her wearing a cute pink raincoat with matching boots while giddily toting around her umbrella.

Meanwhile, back home in Santa Monica, there’s been a bit of an uproar over paparazzi presence at Violet’s school, First Presbyterian Nursery School.

Reports tell that “city officials have received letters from thirty parents complaining about the nuisance caused by the paparazzi.”

“Our families deserve the opportunity to give our children a safe place to learn and grow,” one parent said.

As a result, Santa Monica City Councilman Richard Bloom has agreed to investigate the situation, telling, “It has reached a point at this particular school where these folks feel strongly enough about it to contact a council member and ask if something could be done.”


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Jason Mraz Blogs Again. This Time About Travel Tips And Not Shits.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now Offering Mile High Club Memberships!

I love Flying. I do. It’s a miracle that it’s even possible. I marvel at the multi-ton silver missiles in the sky, darting from city to city like bank tubes carrying precious fleshy cargo, keeping as many as 60,000 Americans up in the heavens at all times. I see many passengers take for granted all too quickly the incredible feat that is our ability to navigate the Neato-sphere.

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'Jon & Kate': 20 Unforgettable Moments

What a ride it's been for Jon and Kate Gosselin. In less than 10 years, the one-time IT specialist and part-time nurse from Pennsylvania have become parents of eight and stars of TLC's ratings juggernaut.

Sure, the show's wholesome image has been tarnished by salacious rumors about the mama hen and the henpecked husband. But do you remember how it all began?

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ever suck dick for marijuana?

Ugh, thank Jebus

Screen Actors Guild Members Overwhelmingly Ratify TV/Theatrical Agreements

Los Angeles, (June 9, 2009) – Screen Actors Guild announced today that members have voted overwhelmingly to approve its TV/Theatrical contracts by a vote of 78 percent to 22 percent.

The two-year successor agreement covers film and digital television programs, motion pictures and new media productions. The pact becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. June 10, 2009 and expires June 30, 2011.

The contracts provide more than $105 million in wages, increased pension contributions, and other gains and establishes a template for SAG coverage of new media formats.

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Ugh, I'm so happy. Any SAG members in here? Let's go get drunk tonight.



Liam Neeson in talks for 'A-Team'


Actor negotiating for 'Hannibal' role in Fox film

Liam Neeson is in negotiations with 20th Century Fox to star in its long-gestating bigscreen adaptation of "The A-Team" as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith. Bradley Cooper is in early talks to play Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck in the Joe Carnahan-directed pic based on the 1980s TV series.
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LOTR Lads: Elijah - King
  • peiyu


Peter Jackson to visit Comic-Con

LOS ANGELES — Let the hyperventilating begin: the geek god is at long last coming to Comic-Con.

Each July more than 100,000 comic-book, science-fiction and fantasy fans gather in San Diego for the raucous convention known as Comic-Con International. Movie studios fly in battalions of megawatt stars to promote projects

But one sci-fi/fantasy deity — the director Peter Jackson — has never attended, despite having had many of his movies hyped at the show. When Universal took his “King Kong” remake to Comic-Con in 2005, Mr. Jackson was holed up in an editing booth in his native New Zealand. Nor did he make it for any of the three “Lord of the Rings” installments, all of which he directed.

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I miss old PJ... :(
Where are the LOTR fans out there??


Guy Fieri photo shoot closes a city block

Celebrity photo shoot closes Fourth Street


Who was important enough to shut down a downtown Santa Rosa city block for almost two hours Monday?

Guy Fieri, that’s who.

The Santa Rosa restaurateur and Food Network star obtained a permit from the city to have Fourth Street between Mendocino Avenue and B Street closed Monday morning.

The application said Fieri was shooting photos for a new book, according to a city official.

The event took place outside Fieri’s Rock N’ Roll Sushi restaurant on Fourth and included one of his trademark vintage cars.

Fieri paid $75 for the permit. Such applications are granted on a case-by-case basis, said Stephanie Acuna, an administrative assistant in the city manager’s office.

Source via guyfieri.blogspot

beyonce // wdylm


Britney Spears‘ U.K. tour organisers were forced to slash the price of her tickets to just £2 after the singer failed to sell out London’s O2 Arena. Last week promoters reportedly scrambled to shift unsold (£100) tickets for the singer’s weekend Circus gigs to ensure there were no empty seats in the British capital’s massive venue. They had to contact a website who specialise in getting rid of last-minute tickets taking a £98 hit on each sale.

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Elizabeth Taylor makes first outing 'in months'

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Elizabeth Taylor went to the Hollywood Bowl to hear Andrea Bocelli in concert, the first night out in months for the big-screen legend.

Taylor, bound to a wheelchair by scoliosis, said her mind and soul "were transported by his beauty, his voice, his inner being."

The 77-year-old actress posted online messages through the Twitter social network after the Italian tenor's concert Monday night.

"I went to see Andrea Bocelli last night. The first time I've been out in months. The Hollywood Bowl allowed me to use my wheelchair," Taylor's first tweet said.

"My mind, my soul were transported by his beauty, his voice, his inner being. God has kissed this man and I thank God for it," she wrote in a second message.

Taylor opened her Twitter account this year as "DameElizabeth" at the suggestion of her close friend, model-actress-author-businesswoman Kathy Ireland, her publicist Dick Guttman said.

Taylor is "very adventurous" and "exceedingly active" despite health problems that sent her to a hospital for a week last month, Guttman said.

She is working on a new perfume to follow up on her popular White Diamonds, he said.


Elizabeth invites you in

Gwyneth being adorable and shiny on Conan

Looking better than ever, Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs shine — literally — on Thursday’s (June 4) episode of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

The 36-year-old actress, who wore a gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress, shared that her 3-year-old son Moses calls rapper Jay-Z, Uncle Jay. (If you didn’t know, Gwyn and husband Chris Martin are very good friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z.)

Gwyn also showed Conan how to do some exercises for his butt. Screencaps and the episode after the cut.

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Update on jailed American journalists in North Korea/Lisa Ling interview

Hell on Earth is a North Korean "political offense village," where two U.S. journalists may wind up after being slapped Monday with 12 years' hard labor.

The inhuman prison camps where Current TV journalists Laura Ling, whose sister is ex-"The View" star Lisa Ling, and Euna Lee may be sent are harvesters of horror in the black heart of the totalitarian regime's countryside, North Korean experts say.

"They are a nasty part of a nasty country," said GlobalSecurity.org intelligence analyst John Pike. "They're not as bad as Hitler's concentration camps or Stalin's gulags, but they're a close third."

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ik this isn't the typical celeb news on ontd, but after Liz's post I thought it'd be ok, plus Laura is the sister of reporter/former View host Lisa Ling. Such a terrible situation :(


Kristin Cavallari and Aaron Samuels in Van Wilder: Freshman Year

She may be heading for “The Hills,” but before she does that Kristin Cavallari will be getting some higher education for the direct-to-video movie, “Van Wilder: Freshman Year.”

The original — starring Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid — was a surprise hit when it premiered back in 2002, and since then we’ve seen a steady stream of sequels. “Freshman Year” takes us back to when Van was a newbie to the campus, and features Cavallari at the center of a love triangle. “Van Wilder: Freshman Year” will hit store shelves on July 14.

Source 1, 2
Film - The Old Guard

More info about Spider-man 4; level of suckiness still unconfirmed

While picking producer Todd Black's brain about "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," I asked a few questions about the upcoming "Spider-Man 4." Black was understandably cryptic, but here's what I did learn:

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Well, the villains were the only good/tolerable part of the other movies, so I hope they do it right in this one.
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Tennis Star Lleyton Hewitt Moves to The Bahamas

Former World No. 1 tennis star, Lleyton Hewitt and his wife Bec have set up their overseas base in the Bahamas.

The Aussie tennis ace bought the $3.8 million luxury waterfront villa in the Caribbean tax haven late last year and moved in early February.
The Caribbean villa is nestled in an exclusive enclave on the island of Nassau. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a double carport, top-end kitchen appliances and a rustic private jetty reaching into an emerald green canal.

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Pop singer Shakira, who owns a private island in the Bahamas, also has a home in Old Fort Bay.


Hewitt and wife Bec Cartwright are said to have settled in the tax haven for its climate and its proximity to the U.S, where Hewitt plays a number of tournaments. Legal residents of the Bahamas do not have to pay income tax. Foreigners can obtain permanent residency by buying property worth at least $US 500,000 and applying through the government in a process that takes less than a year. The U.S. is trying to crack down on the trend, introducing a Bill that names the Bahamas as a secret tax haven.


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FYI, Other celebrites who own islands or houses in The Bahamas include John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Lenny Kravitz, Rick Fox, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Oprah, Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Gates, David Copperfield, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs. Anna Nicole Smith was a quasi-resident of The Bahamas before her death.

There are 500 islands and cays in The Bahamas and 330,000 citizens/residents.

Kelly Rutherford Baby Drama

The ill will from a divorce and custody battle with Kelly Rutherford has now apparently reached into the hospital delivery room.

The Gossip Girl star welcomed her second child, daughter Helena, on Monday, but the actress's estranged husband, German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch, tells PEOPLE he was never notified of the birth, and instead read about it in online reports, some unfavorable toward him.

"Media reports claiming that I neglected to attend my daughter's birth are total lies and fabrication," Giersch says in a statement. "I was never informed by Kelly about the birth of our daughter, nor was I invited to attend. In fact, I found out about it through Internet reports like everyone else. Although this sickens me, I am of course overjoyed that our baby was born healthy. I would've wanted nothing more than to hold our newborn daughter for a few moments, and I only seek to coparent both our children responsibly and with love."

Giersch says he had a verbal agreement with Rutherford that she would notify him by phone or text message of her labor, hospitalization, and the child's birth – which he alleges never happened.

According to Rutherford's publicist Jill Fritzo, "The doctors advised that no one be in the birthing room; [Daniel] was notified when [Helena] was born and was immediately invited to come see her."

Rutherford, 40, and Giersch, 34, are currently mired in a custody dispute over their 2-year-old son, Hermes.


what a slap in the face.

Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again Track Listing

Demi's follow up album to "Don't Forget" is entitled "Here We Go Again" and drops July 21st! Demi shot the music video for her first single, same as the album name, on Monday, June 8th. Disney Channel will have the video premiere and the music video will also be featured on AOL, Yahoo, Myspace and Facebook. The single is also set to premiere on Radio Disney very soon! Promotion for the album will include a People Magazine dedicated special issue with both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez available on June 19th. Demi will be making a few television appearances as well on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on July 17th, Good Morning America on July 23rd and ABC’s The View on July 23rd. Please credit DemiOnline.org if you take anything from this post.

Here We Go Again

Track Listing:
1. U Got Nothin’ On Me
2. Quiet
3. Here We Go Again
4. Falling Over Me
5. Solo
6. Stop The World
7. Catch Me
8. Every Time You Lie
9. Remember December
10. Shut Up And Love Me
11. Got Dynamite
12. For The Love Of A Daughter
13. World Of Chances

14. Gift Of A Friend
15. So Far So Great
(From the Orignal TV series “Sonny With A Chance”)

Source: DemiOnline.org

Britney's dating her agent y'all

After a tumultuous relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib and a heartbreaking divorce from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has found somebody new – and her family approves.

Confirming Internet rumors, a source tells PEOPLE that Spears, 27, is romantically involved with her agent, Jason Trawick. "They are totally and definitely dating," the source says. "Her dad loves him. He's the best thing that happened to her."

In recent months, Trawick has often been photographed with the pop star, including during her May trip to the Bahamas with her sons, Preston, 3, and Jaden, 2.

"They're very sweet together," the source says, adding that Spears "always had a crush" on Trawick, who is also one of her brother Bryan's best friends. "He makes Britney really happy, and he's great with the boys."

Spears's rep had no comment.


Mike Tyson Weds Two Weeks After Daughter's Death

Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer attend the Boujis Party on May 18, 2008 in Cannes, France.
Dave M. Bennett/Getty Images

Two weeks after his 4-year-old daughter died after accidentally choking herself, Mike Tyson got married for the third time.

The owner of the La Bella Wedding Chapel at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel-casino has confirmed to the Associated Press that the former heavyweight champion, 42, and Lakiha Spicer, 32, exchanged vows this past Saturday at 10 p.m. in a short, private ceremony.

Chapel spokesman Shawn Absher tells E! News the two were "very happy and very sincere" before tying the knot.

According to county marriage records, the two got a marriage license about 30 minutes before tying the knot.

Tyson's 4-year-old daughter Exodus (whom he has with Sol Xochitl) died May 26 after she accidentally got her neck wrapped in a cord from an exercise machine at home.

"We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers from all over the world," Tyson said in a statement. "There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal."

Tyson was previously wed to medical school resident Monica Tyson (she filed for divorce on grounds of adultery in 2002). They have two children together.

He was also wed for one year to actress Robin Givens in 1989.

crustine pickle

chris martin is a huge girls aloud fangirl jsyk

More Girls for Coldplay
Girls Aloud and Jay-Z are to appear at both Coldplay shows at Wembley Stadium this summer.

The pop act and rapping legend were initially expected to play separate dates, warming-up for Chris Martin and co.

However, it has now been confirmed they intend to share the bill in London on September 18 and 19.

White Lies have also been confirmed to play, with Coldplay set to resume their "Viva La Vida" world tour in Manchester on September 12.

Megan - Back

It's a Shen-nay-nay Post!

Keeping that just-right complexion, Shenae Grimes was spotted paying a visit to a local tanning salon in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 9).

The “90210” hottie kept busy on her cell phone, either talking or texting constantly as she walked past following paparazzi.

After tanning, Miss Grimes stopped at the nearby Power Zone to grab a couple fruit smoothies before continuing along on her way.

Aside from her role on “90210,” Shenae also recently admitted to being addicted to the TV series “24,” noting that she would do anything to star alongside Kiefer Sutherland.

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Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

James Van Der Beek and Wife Separate

The rules of attraction don't necessarily apply forever.

James Van Der Beek and his wife of nearly six years, actress Heather McComb, have split up, according to the actor's rep.

"They remain good friends," the rep told Us Weekly, which reports that the couple separated two months ago.

Van Der Beek and McComb, both 32, tied the knot in Malibu in July 2003, not long after Dawson's Creek wrapped its sixth and final season.

McComb had a four-episode run on Prison Break last year, while Van Der Beek has been guest-starring all over the place since packing it in as Dawson Leery.


Dawson crying gif....ready, set......GO!
Bad Romance

"His boy Elroy."

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Rodriguez Hopes To Begin Filming Live-Action ‘Jetsons’ Movie Next Year

Robert Rodriguez has a lot on his directorial plate. He’s rebooting the “Predator” franchise, he’s gearing up for another go at “Sin City,” he’s pushing forward with a “Grindhouse” spin-off called “Machete” and he’s prepping the sci-fi thriller “Nerverackers.” So we were pretty surprised to hear during a recent conversation with the director about one project he’s hoping to launch as soon as next year: a live-action adaptation of “The Jetsons.”

Rodriguez’s updated take on the futuristic ‘60s-era cartoon has been rumored for awhile, but with all of the other films that Rodriguez is attempting to undertake it seemed quite possible that an ambitious new “Jetsons” would remain on the backburner. Not so, as the man himself told MTV News.

“I’ve been developing [The Jetsons] for awhile,” Rodriguez said, adding that he’s hoping to start shooting “next year.”

While the director did confirm that the film would be live-action, he was predictably mum about other details. Adam F. Goldberg (”Fanboys”) penned an early draft of the script, but it has since been reworked.

“We’re writing the script right now,” Rodriguez said excitedly, before declining to drop any hints about the plot or potential casting choices.

So there you have it. “The Jetsons” is gonna happen — and a lot sooner than you probably thought. And we’ll just be left to speculate about potential casting choices for George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane his wife, as well as George’s ill-tempered boss Mr. Spacely and the family’s robot housekeeper Rosie.


ONTD, who are your ideal George, Elroy, Judy, Jane, Rosie, and Astro casting choices?


"My friends really wanted Obama to be elected so we all did a spell and then he got elected. It worked out good."

Which celebrity says that he/she's responsible for OBAMA-RAMA from using geunine witchcraft and wizardry???

Obama's Magic Money Machine Pictures, Images and Photos

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Best Week Ever cancelled?

VH1 Shelves Best Week Ever, Possibly Permanently

We hear from a source close to the production of Best Week Ever, which just went on summer hiatus, that the show’s future is in jeopardy. It will be off the air until 2010, which some employees are considering effectively the same as a cancellation, since Best Week Ever normally breaks for weeks at a time, not months. In fact, we're told that recent New York City transplant Paul F. Tompkins is considering moving back to Los Angeles. When reached for comment, a spokesperson told us that "VH1's Best Week Ever has actually gone on its scheduled production hiatus and will return in January 2010. Its companion piece Best Day Ever, which spoofs that day’s pop-culture news, will return this fall." No reason was given for the extended time away, but apparently staffers were hopeful that the full 30-minute version would be back this fall.

The news is surprising, given that Best Week Ever recently underwent a major overhaul at the behest of VH1 executives. After creator Fred Graver left the network in late 2007, the show was reformatted and relaunched in October 2008 to be a star vehicle for the talented Tompkins, who had been part of the rotating circuit of talking heads since launch. That popular format was altered so that Tompkins could host in a similar manner to the role that Joel McHale plays on the E! Network’s hit pop-culture-roundup show, The Soup.


eta: the blog >>> the show, even if the blog sometimes has questionable taste. if you read that horrendous negative review of Star Trek, you know what i'm talking about.
gwen / just a girl

Miley hates green vegetables, and is team Magic...

Miley Cyrus hates green vegetables because they 'look funny'. The 16-year-old 'Hannah Montana' star refuses to eat the vitamin-enriched foods because she can't get her head around the 'nasty' colour.

She is quoted as saying: 'I eat fruit but I don't eat vegetables. They just look funny. Most of them are green and eating anything green is just a weird concept to me. Too many weird and nasty things are green.' Despite avoiding vegetables, the teenage starlet insists she is healthy and recently lashed out at internet bullies who branded her overweight. In an angry tirade she said: 'Talk all you want. I have my flaws. I'm a normal girl. There are things about my body I would change, but stop calling me fat.'


Miley expresses her enthusiasm for Magic's win against the Lakers today. Apparently, she is a Magic fan..


Oh hell no..

Paris Hilton doesn't know what to do with her money

Hilton shows off "doggie mansion"

We've heard much about Paris Hilton's doggie mansion, and today we got our first glimpse of the magical place where her armfuls of puppies hang out and sip cocktails.

The heiress gave a miniature McMansion tour via her Twitter and, bad photo quality excluded, it's actually kinda fun and almost makes up for her nasty photo-op in Cannes with Doug. Or, at the very least, it's a step in the right direction.

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Ayumi Hamasaki - Wearing Gaga Glasses 2


It was a rumor a few days ago, but now it's official:

Hollywood Reporter:
Taking a page from the "Family Guy" resurrection guidebook, the canceled Fox animated comedy is returning with an order from Comedy Central for 26 new episodes to run over two seasons. [...]

Comedy Central was happy with the specials and with the 72 produced episodes of "Futurama" it acquired from 20th Century Fox TV in 2006. "Yet there is nothing like new, self-contained episodes week to week," said Comedy Central's senior vp programming David Bernath. "This is all about reinvigorating the franchise, giving it a new burst of energy. [...]

"When we brought back 'Family Guy' several years ago, everyone said that it was a once in a lifetime thing that canceled series stay canceled and cannot be revived," said 20th TV chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden. "But 'Futurama' was another series that fans simply demanded we bring back."

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Groupie Stories: Where TL;DR Doesn't Count.

Paul Walker

Damn, ya' boy must have done some damage to ol' girl cause she remembers everything, details and all...Enjoy (cause I know I did)...
I met Paul Walker when I was on vacation in Las Vegas with some of my girls. We stayed in Ceasar's Palace and I literally bumped into him walking around the casino. We talked for a few, mostly about bullshit, then he asked me if I could spend some time with him that night. He was lookin real hot that night, his hair was cut low and he work dark blue jeans, a Christian Audigier shirt and sneakers. At first he had on a trucker style hat that matched his shirt and some dark shades, I guess tryin' to be inconspicuous Lol. But he took his shades off while we stood outside I called my girls and let them know what was up and we were on our way. He took me to his black Tahoe which had a driver waiting for us. In the truck he asked me if I had ever been to the Palms hotel and I hadn't. The place was hella nice and from what I saw had a few clubs inside. We went to the VIP in 1 of them and he kept drinks coming for a couple of hours. He told me that he is very private and kinda lame by Hollywood standards and hated going clubbin', I asked him why he brought me here if he thought he wouldn't enjoy himself. He said that he felt like I may need a few drinks in me if I was gonna be down to go back to his room with him. I told him I was shocked that he'd be attracted 2 a black girl like me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Goddess(Lol), however I have 14 tattoos, I'm the average toffee brown w/eyes 2 match, I'm 5'5 165lbs and although back home in the country, I'm a stallion, in his world I wouldn't seem to fit. He said black women are beautiful to him and that he was attracted 2 my long sandy hair and full lips and hips. I laughed and looked in his (deep blue) eyes and told him I was going to his room. His room @ the telly looked like a mini mansion and I was very excited 2 be there with him. We showered together and then hopped into his hot tub. I smoked a blunt, he didn't want any and we sat there 4 what seemed like hours. As soon as I put the blunt out, he came over to me, steam was coming off of our bodies from the temp in the jacuzzi.
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