June 7th, 2009

Bad Romance

What? What?! What?!?

Could Doctor Who Be Splitting Series Five in Two?

Another day, another rumor about a change to Doctor Who's format for the first year of the Steven Moffat and Matt Smith era. The latest news suggests you may have to wait until late 2010 for the second half of series five.

Apparently, there are rumblings that spring 2010 will only see the transmission of the first six episodes of the eleventh Doctor's debut series. The show would then take a break until around October, at which time the BBC would broadcast the remain seven episodes. A Christmas special would then close out the year.

If I had to guess, this could have something to do with the World Cup, which will take place from June 11 to July 11 in 2010. The BBC might well remember the last episode to come into conflict with a big World Cup match. The series two episode "The Satan Pit", which faced off against England's first match in the 2006 tournament, was the lowest rated episode of the new series. The move to split the series in two might also be meant to avoid the more general ratings drop Doctor Who experiences in the summer, as the weather gets nicer and more families spend Saturday evenings outside.

On a less pragmatic and more creative level, this could allow for the series to put in a truly massive, months-spanning cliffhanger at the midseason break, something the series has never really done before. Generally speaking, the need to preserve the Christmas specials as events unto themselves has meant they had to be separate from the stories before and after them, precluding the possibility of a big cliffhanger at the end of either the previous episode thirteen or the special itself. (Admittedly, "Doomsday" and "Last of the Time Lords" threw in random teasers for their subsequent Christmas specials, and "Journey's End" almost did the same. But those were all incidental to the story that had preceded it and neither of the two that actually aired placed the Doctor in danger.)

There's something wonderfully cruel and perverse (and thus very Steven Moffat) about the thought of ending episode six with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in mortal peril from some terrible enemy, only to suddenly cut to the words, "See you in six months!" Frankly, I'd be disappointed if Moffat didn't do it.

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The Sunday Times ultimate Britney Spears article.

You have to assume Britney Spears knows exactly what she is doing when she steps into a golden cage to sing Piece of Me, the second number of her new stage show. “I’m Miss American Dream, since I was 17,” she sings (or lip-synchs). “Don’t matter if I step on the scene/or sneak away to the Philippines/ They’re still gonna put pictures of my derrière in the magazine/You want a piece of me?/You want a piece of ME?” The audience erupts.

The princess of pop, railing against her fate from the gilded prison of her fame, yet still a force to be reckoned with — nobody could accuse the message of being subtle. For good measure, the new show is called Circus. Britney is dressed part of the time as its ringmaster, and you know that when she struts across the vast stage — blonde tresses flowing, Ultrabrite smile gleaming, skin-tight bustier glittering — her remarkably loyal and forgiving fans are ecstatic that she seems to be in charge again, that they are witnessing the most startling comeback in the history of pop.

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Tom - smile

TSwift "got drunk as hell"

Ok so when I saw these my first thought was 'Oh they have to be fake!'. But, with disappointment, they were proven real. I really thought Taylor was different. But here she is talking to her friend Kelsey on myspace (BACK WHEN SHE WAS 15/16!) about getting drunk and cussing. Im not saying Taylor is a bad person. But I wish she wouldn't act so innocent. I mean, I just watched her Dateline special and she was asked if she had ever taken a drink.. she said no. Im just a little sad :( ..oh and she talks about deep-throating. Wow. Your opinion?

For all of you that are retarded or something, I did not write that. It was copied/pasted from the source.

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What Juelz Santana Says About Sex & Relationships


And Juelz Santana is dropping some sexual and relationship knowledge for the ladies in a recent interview. And where would any of us e without his golden nuggets of info:

How many relationships have you not cheated in?
None. I got a lady friend now that I don’t be cheating on sometimes. I don’t mean that it’s a constant thing. I’m just being honest.

I know.
Yeah, I’ve cheated in the relationship, but that could have been one time, that doesn’t mean I cheated constantly in the relationship. I’m in a situation that I did f*ck up before, but I’m not constantly f*cking up.

What are your favorite sex tricks?
Nah, niggas gonna be stealing my sh*t. I just like when a girl be licking me. I’m just a freak. Closed doors, anything goes.

No not anything. Anything besides foul play. I’ll let a girl lick my ass though.


What’s the sexiest part of a woman?
Ain’t no one sexy part, honest to God. Like Angelina Jolie, her lips is just sexy, and that might beat some girls with nice titties. I think every women should have nice feet and some nice hands. All guys feel that way, whether they say it or not.

What’s sexiest about you?
Just me, my swag, my aura. That’s something an ugly nigga would say. Not that I’m conceited, shit. I feel like my aura makes me sexy, and then we can get into what a good looking nigga I am, too.

What turns you out in bed?
What makes my toes curl?

Just getting some good head.

What’s the worst thing a girl can do in bed?
The most disgusting thing a girl can do is stink. It ain’t going to be no bed action, because I’m leaving once I smell that stink. That’s the worst thing you can do in bed. You know that your pussy smells. How dare you take your pants off?

[laughs] How long have you gone without getting any?
I got a lady friend waiting.

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Dirty Jobs

Heidi Pratt was tortured by NBC to the point she was "convulsively throwing up" -- that's what some people on the set of "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" are telling TMZ.

We've learned Heidi was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, after being held with hubby Spencer Pratt in a dark room for a day and a night with only water, rice and beans. It was designed as punishment because they left the show. One cast member described their treatment this way -- "It's the same as Guantanamo Bay."

And get this ... a cast member tells us NBC execs tried to convince Heidi to stay on the set rather than take an ambulance to a hospital for treatment. She has now left the hospital and is on meds.

We're told some of the cast members want to quit, but their passports have been taken away and they are under guard.

Paul Telegdy, NBC's Exec VP of Alternative Programming, told Ryan Seacrest about holding Heidi and Spencer in isolation as punishment, adding, "...They are now going to be examined, and their value system utterly deconstructed ...These people really are going to bare their souls.

We're told Spencer has fired his lawyer (who wanted him to stay on the show) and is now planning to sue NBC over the show.

Spencer and Heidi now want out ... for good....but there's a problem -- they signed a contract with NBC to do the show.

NBC reps did not return our calls ...so far.


Few things:
1-a CAST member told them? So either a cast member is able to call them OR the right half (i.e. Angela) of Frangela is spilling and TMZ isn't naming her.

2-Gastric Ulcers happen when the stomach acids become unbalanced. (and bacteria and stuff luls) They are NOT worsened by stress and 4% can be a sign of stomach cancer. They're really easily treated though and heal in 6-8 weeks. The lifetime risk of getting one is 10%. (THANKS WIKIPEDIA!!!)

3-I have not found a link between Dry Shampoo spray and Gastric Ulcers, but I shall continue searching.






APPARENTLY SHE IS USING is Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Isostearoamphopropionate, Disodium Cocamide Mipa-sulfosuccinate, Hydrolyzed Whole Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower (Chamomile) Extract, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Melissa Officinalis (Balm Mint) Leaf Extract, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Glycerin, Phytantriol, Dmdm Hydantoin, Fragrance (Parfum), Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride.


Hey Kids! It's That Time Again. Groupie Stories!


I know a lot of females have put up groupie stores about Drake saying that he is big thick and long...All that non-sense which i don't believe ever happened. This is my story and i know if Drake reads this he's going to know who i am but i just want people to know that he isn't like that at all!

I started talking to Drake on myspace. One day i got a message from him asking me for my aim screen name. From there we've been keeping in touch. So Wayne was having the Young Money tour and Drake told me that he would be in my town and he will reserve three tickets for me and my friends and that we should pick it up when we get there.
During the concert we were able to go back stage. Basically just hanging around and listening to the performances from the back which was pretty cool becahen it was real late and i had to get back to my dorm and he gave me a kiss and hug saying he's going to miss me and already can't wait to see me again.use it was the first time i met Drake even though we've been talking on aim for awhile. He gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and was happy to see me. After the concert he invited me and my friends to his hotel room and we played xbox live, talked, ate and chilled. His homies were there also so my friends weren't feeling like third wheelers. TWe talk everyday even if he's busy he would text me and ask how im doing. He's a real sweet guy and he's nothing like what any of those three females were saying. Lol like come on Drake will not go down on a groupie or even on a first date! I just wanted to tell my story because everyone wanted to tell lies and U wanted to tell the truth so everyone can know what a nice person he is.
lolz for days...sounds like made up fan fiction
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Sam + Mikaela 4-eva

Megan Fox Dating Shia LaBeouf Behind Brian’s Back
Tabloids agree that there is something more between the two than meets the eye
By Elena Gorgan, Life & Style Editor

6th of June 2009, 10:43 GMT

Sources speak of obvious chemistry, secret dating between Megan Fox and co-star Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf could actually be considered by the overwhelming majority of the male population of the planet the luckiest man to ever live and breathe. Not only did he get to share the same set and lock lips with one of the most beautiful female stars of the moment, Megan Fox, but he might actually be dating her behind her boyfriend’s back, The National Enquirer and Star agree.

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idc i think they'd be hot together. and i love them both so haters can step off.

The Countess and Dorota Together in NYC

Someone alert the Waldorfs, because Dorota may be polishing candlesticks with another member of the Upper East Side elite -- Countess Luann de Lesseps!

The "Real Housewife of New York" (right) and "Gossip Girl's" Zuzanna Szadkowski (common spelling) were spotted together at the Do Something Awards Thursday night in NYC.

How nice of Blair to give her right hand woman a night off.


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Choi Jin Shil sued for being domestic violence victim

a kinda update of this post

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a construction company that filed a suit against the late Choi Jin Shil. The court ruled that “Models who fail to maintain appropriate dignity as the faces of the products they represent should compensate for the damages caused to their advertiser.”

In March 2004, Choi Jin Shil was hired to be the representing model for Shinhan Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd and that if she were to damage the company's reputation, she would have to pay back 500 million won (about $399,361USD). Later in the year, Choi's bruised face, allegedly caused by the abuse of her then husband Jo Sung Min, appeared everywhere. The company filed a suit against her, requesting 3 billion won for the "damages" to their image.

"We use this model so that their image will attract customers," said the Supreme Court in the ruling. "The model's failure to maintain a decent image is a breach of contract." As a model, it was said she is supposed to represent "dignity and happiness." And as the company's model, she is obligated to appear as such.

In other words, Choi Jin Shil was successfully sued because her husband was beating, and she wasn't "dignified" or "happy" about it. What I hope is that the company's image is even more tarnished now that they decided to go through with this, nine months after the woman has been dead. It's really sad that her family now has to deal with this, along with the custody battle for Jin Shil's children as well.


I don't know how it is in Korea but in other countries, the children or the legal heirs will have to honour the contract... but only to the extent of money left to them by their dead parent.
The company will not be able to force the money out of them unless she has left them the same amount or more.

What Ever Happened to DALE BOZZIO?

Dale Bozzio -- one time Playboy Bunny and MISSING PERSONS Lead Singer that some might say Lady Gaga fashions herself after...


According to the Boston Pheonix  Bozzio was sentenced on May 27th:

It was a heart-rending day for the 54-year-old Missing Persons frontwoman, who was barred by the judge from keeping pets and sentenced to 90 days in jail, with 60 days deferred for two years.

Bozzio must also complete 250 hours of community service and pay a $2700 euthanization bill for the 12 cats found in "horrific" conditions in her Ossipee home last fall.


Bozzio apparently left her log cabin home in the woods full of feral cats last Autumn to go on tour, with the understanding that someone would check in on them.  That "someone", though, never showed up and was never named.  There was a hole in the door, so the cats were generally free to go -- oh, except for the ones left to die in cages and the ones that just maybe stayed in the house to die, because there were some dying going on in there and apparently some kitty cannibalism, as you can clearly see in the...


More on how this all happened can be found here (with a couple of those photos, so watch out!).     Its just sad all around.  Another victim of "cat hoarding" creates many victims of the cats she initially tried to help.

According to the Carroll County Independant, she was sentenced on May 21.  Maybe I read the Pheonix one wrong.
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David Carradine's Family Outraged Over Death Photo

As if they weren't dealing with enough -- the family of David Carradine is now "profoundly disturbed" by the publication of a photo that appears to be Carradine hanging in his hotel room.

The photo -- which Thai police believe was taken by the forensics team -- appeared on the cover of a Thai tabloid called "Thai Rath." The photo shows a naked body suspended from a bar in the closet, with his hands apparently bound together above his head.

The paper did not identify the source of the image.

Carradine's brother Keith released a statement that says, "The family wants it understood that, per attorney Mark Geragos, any persons, publications or media outlets will be fully prosecuted for invasion of privacy and causing severe emotional distress if the photos are published."


Brad & Angelina living separately

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie only recently denied that their relationship is in trouble. But if their living arrangements are anything to go by, it seems all is not well in team Jolie-Pitt.

The Mail on Sunday has seen exclusive pictures of the sprawling Long Island estate where the couple have been staying for the past four months.

And it appears that when they have been in residence at the £20,000-a-month compound, Brad and Angelina have chosen to sleep not just in different bedrooms but in different houses.

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different hannah by houseoficons....


weeds season 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

THE PREMIERE AIRS ON SHOWTIME TOMORROW NIGHT AT 10 PT/ET. Season five of Weeds kicks off with the first of 13 new episodes with an episode entitled “Where We Left Off…”

In celebration, and to test our resistance to temptation, I present to you a compilation of promos, clips, behind the scenes footage, reviews and interviews.

All contain spoilers!

Season 4 recap:

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Weeds season 4 is now available in standard definition and HD on iTunes. It was also released on DVD last week.
Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5, Source 6, Source 7

Please let me know if there's something else I should add!!

well LOL!

Emma Watson looks forward to more risqué image once Harry Potter is over

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson can’t wait to shed her squeaky-clean image, it seems.

The 19-year-old who plays Harry’s classmate Hermione Granger in the hit films, has had to tone down a shoot for American publication W magazine.

‘They wanted Emma to do something raunchy but the Harry Potter producers told her it was too risqué and the shoot was softened,’ a source says.

‘As far as they are concerned, until the Potter series has finished she is still schoolgirl Hermione Granger.’

Emma, who attended a private dinner for Rodarte at Harvey Nichols last week, has another year to go until she is free of her movie alter-ego.


*lol hasn't she tried this already?*

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Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West Hold Hands

Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West keep close as they party together at the Bardot lounge in West Hollywood on Saturday (June 6).

Look at Shane going for the double cigarette on the ear look!

The A Walk to Remember star turns 31 on June 10, while Evan is 21. The couple has recently been spotted sucking face after Evan split yet again from rocker Marilyn Manson.

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Shane and Evan also both starred as brother and sister in the TV series, Once Again.


Lindsay Lohan: "On the Brink of Self-Destruction?"

Looking typically worse for wear, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Studio Valbonne in London last night (June 6) flanked by security. The tangerine starlet was launching her new fake tan product Sevin Nyne.

If the 22-year-old fallen actress appeared disheveled and spaced out, it’s for good reason — she’s bordering on a meltdown!

Remember earlier this week when she followed ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson to Cuckoo nightclub only to have the 31-year-old DJ flee the celeb haunt moments after LiLo’s arrival? Well, it looks like that was only the beginning of her troubles.

Reports London’s Mirror:

I watched open-mouthed as Linds sat with her straggly hair all over her face looking strangely detached from the world and mumbled: “I feel so, like, caged. Totally caged.”

Unfortunately, the creepy behaviour continued as Lindsay and her posse visited the bathrooms.

My spy tells me: “She just wouldn’t stop saying she felt caged. She was just not all there and it really was like watching a broken girl in the middle of a complete breakdown. She spent much of the night furiously texting Sam Ronson – and wasn’t best pleased about the texts she was getting. Everyone with her was actually very concerned about her. She seemed like a girl on the brink of self-destruction.”

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Jessica Szohr & Ed Westwick: Bardot Beautiful!

Ed Westwick gets a little sleepy-eyed while holding the hand of girlfriend Jessica Szohr as they leave Bardot in Hollywood on Saturday (June 6). The smokin’ Gossip Girl couple hit up Belmont Cafe in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

Ed sure loves his low-cut v-neck t-shirts to show off his impressive manly chest hair!

WHAT DO YOU THINK showing off chest hair - REALLY HOT or REALLY NOT?

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Katie Price begs estranged husband Peter Andre "Take me back!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katie Price has desperately begged Peter Andre again to take her back, after sobbing to friends: "My life is ruined."</font>

The glamour model has hit rock bottom as Andre keeps refusing a face-to-face meeting, say friends.

After days of spiteful messages, Katie realises how much she has lost and is trying to get him back again.

But pals say Andre snubbed her requests and insists she send the children's nannies to pick them up.

A friend said: "For weeks, Katie was being a complete cow to Pete, insisting he deal with her through her mother, Amy. But now Kate has sent texts begging him him to meet up - but he doesn't want to."

Last Thursday - over vodka and Diet Cokes on a night in with a friend - Katie collapsed in tears.

A pal said: "She was saying, 'My life is ruined. Everyone just feels sorry for Pete and they've turned against me.' Katie moaned that she re-launched Peter's career when they got together - and now HE is getting all the attention. She is worried fewer people are signing up for her internet fanclub - and thinks their fans have sided with Pete."

Tomorrow marks four weeks since the pair announced their split after three-and-a-half years of marriage.

Katie wore her 64-carat diamond wedding ring on Friday at London's Mayfair hotel, but left it off later to go out with pal Michelle Heaton.

source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/06/07/katie-take-me-back-115875-21421053/
1D - Niall the hipster


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Kristen BFF Drama: Is Ashley the New Nikki?

While basically the whole Twilight cast was busy at the MTV Movie Awards cleaning up shop, there were a couple of castmembers noticeably absent. Jackson Rathbone wasn't there because he was doing his music thing, but where was Nikki Reed? You'd think the self-professed jobless gal would have jumped at the chance to fit the awards show into her schedule.

Unless there were bigger names who didn't want her there. Or maybe Nik just preferred to keep taking the quasi-high road and stay out of the way of Robsten. Even though Ms. Reed claims she and Kristen Stewart are fine, actions (and passive aggressive PR moves) speak louder than words, babes!

Well, it seems like all the Rob-related tension has only been working in Ashley Greene's favor.

Even though Ash said she didn't really hang with Kris much in Vancouver, the two got über-close near the end of filming in VBC and over in Italy. You could even see them hanging all over each other onstage when accepting for Best Movie. This is so a turn of events here, people—these two gals never really chilled during the filming of Twilight. Well, much like the entire cast's bedroom doors, friends rotate on set, too, and right now Nikki is so out and Ashley is so in when it comes to Kristen's fave gal costar.

This means tons of things for Ms. Greene. Tons. Now that she's positioning herself as a bestie with the Twi powerhouse, get ready for tons of goss to start dropping about her. Not that we think she'll mind all that much. When Eclipse starts filming in August, we so won't be surprised if we now hear rumors of "Ashley and Rob" hookups. Expect it, actually.

FYI, Pattz is actually the one guy Ms. Greene hasn't been accurately attached to.

Hopefully, Ash can keep Kristen busy, now that her main man Rob is over in NYC for most of the summer. Even if K & R don't get to spend a lot of time together over the next couple of months, at least they had one last night of dirty fun. But it pains us to say: Get ready for a long summer of tons of non-Robsten hookup rumors. We'll keep you aware of any legit ones, though. Promise.

SOURCE: e online - the awful truth
Megan - Back

Shenae Grimes Hearts Jack Bauer & pics of her on the way to the gym

90210 actress Shenae Grimes checks her cell phone as she walks to the gym for her workout on Saturday (June 6) in West Hollywood.

When asked which show she would guest star on that’s not airing on The CW, Shenae told JustJared.com, “24! If anybody’s looking, I’m just saying! Kiefer [Sutherland], Canada, come on! I would die, I am on Season 6 right now, and that’s all in 2 months.”

Kiefer, Shenae wants a call!

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Pete Wentz Celebrates 30th with Ashlee Simpson

Celebrating a momentous occasion in his life, Pete Wentz was treated to a fabulous 30th birthday in Las Vegas on Saturday night (June 6).

Accompanied by wife Ashlee Simpson, the pair happily posed for a few pictures at a birthday dinner at Yellowtail restaurant inside Bellagio Hotel/Casino.

Finished up with their sushi dinner, the cute couple then visited Bank nightclub, where Pete was presented with a fancy birthday cake which had a picture of Ashlee and baby Bronx drawn in icing.

Afterwards, a source tells that the deejay got the crowd to sing happy birthday, with Pete sipping on water while Ashlee drank champagne.

Taking a moment to keep fans up to date, Pete tweeted: “I am the embodiment of las vegas right now. I have ‘reported’ to the dance floor. Thanks bellagio. I need that 80 grand in chips.”

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prepare for the summer of holly

Radaronline can exclusively report that since Heidi was sent to the hospital, sister Holly Montag will officially replace her!

The new Mrs. Pratt was taken to a Costa Rican hospital yesterday, her sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt revealed yesterday.

"Heidi was rushed to the hospital and had an IV in her arm," Stephanie, who also appears on "The Hills," announced on her Tweeter feed.

"Her family is flying out to see her."

Conveniently, Heidi's sister Holly Montag was already in Costa Rica.

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported on Wednesday, Holly flew to route to Costa Rica where she'd be was scheduled to stay in a luxury hotel until the show was ready to take her into the jungle.
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(nick) jonas post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Miley Cyrus Hugs Nick Jonas, Sends It On

Miley Cyrus playfully gives a great big hug to ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas on the set of their new music video, “Send It On,” at Pepperdine University on Saturday (June 6) in Malibu, Calif.

Also spotted: The two older Jonas Brothers were there as well — Kevin and Joe — as well as Nick’s other ex Selena Gomez and her BFF Demi Lovato.

Demi tweeted, “Videoshoot for send it on with Selena, Miley, and JB! One of the funnest shoots ever. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve laughed harder in my life!”

Jonas seconded the sentiment: “Great day. We love our friends. -JB”

And Miley couldn’t agree more: “Ended up having a wonderful day. :)”

SOURCE: justjaredjr and justjaredjr

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Ewan McGregor hates Trainspotting Sequel

Ewan McGregor is refusing to star in a sequel to the movie that made him famous, because he hates the book it's based on.
Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is reteaming with author Irvine Welsh to take Porno to the big screen - 13 years after Trainspotting made them all household names.
But McGregor, who played the lead character Renton in Trainspotting, is snubbing the follow-up, claiming Welsh's second book isn't good enough.
He tells Moviefone, "I didn't think the book was very good. The novel of Trainspotting was quite fantastic, it was beautiful, quite moving and disturbing writing, and then I find that the sequel... the book that Irvine Welsh wrote didn't move me as much... He'd written a good sequel to the film as opposed to a sequel to his book.

"Also, I think just the idea of getting the cast together again 10 to 15 years later isn't good enough, you need more than that. I wouldn't want to damage Trainspotting's reputation, because it was an amazing film and a very important film of its time, a very important film for me and... a very important film for British cinema. I wouldn't want to leave people remembering a poor sequel rather than leaving its reputation where it sits at the moment, which is kind of a phenomenal film."

Mods, It's 10 days old but I never saw it posted.

Has anyone read Porno?

charli xcx 1

katy perry attends the capital fm summertime ball


Perfecting her cutesy pose, Katy Perry was among the celebrity attendees at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London this afternoon (June 7).

In front of 55 000 people at the Emirates Stadium, the I Kissed a Girl singer performed a string of her hits all in the name of charity. Capital’s owner, Global Radio, has promised to donate $160 000 from the proceeds to Help a London Child.

Over 16 world class pop acts joined Katy at the star-studded event, including Lionel Richie, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Enrique Iglesias, Ciara and Akon.

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Aussie Band Writes Tribute Song for Heath Ledger

CHART-toppers Eskimo Joe have written a tribute to tragic star Heath Ledger.

Their new single and radio hit, Foreign Land, is about Ledger's untimely death in New York, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

"New York is a big bad city in some respects,'' Eskimo Joe singer Kav Temperley said.

"It's got a coldness and loneliness to it.

"And this young man dying in a foreign land - we felt the loneliness of the situation.''

Eskimo Joe - Temperley, Joel Quartermain and Stuart McLeod - are from Ledger's hometown, Perth.

"We came from the same town, we were the same age and we were in New York when he died,'' Temperley said.

A powerful lyric in the song - "I smell the blood of an Australian'' - is about the US media bloodlust following Ledger's death.

"They pretended to be sorry, but they really loved it,'' Quartermain said. "They loved the fact that somebody was dead.''

Source here:  www.news.com.au/entertainment/story/0,28383,25599702-7484,00.html

So they're attacking the media for cashing in on Heath's death by releasing a hit song that's cashing in on Heath's death? Hmm yes, I see what you did there.

You can listen to the song here:

Erica Kane becoming TV's ultimate cougar

Dating a man 23 years her junior

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By David Bauder, Associated Press

NEW YORK — Susan Lucci's memorable "All My Children" character is about to become TV's Ultimate Cougar.

The conniving Erica Kane, with 10 husbands down already, will fall into the arms of a much younger man on ABC's soap opera this summer. To make life a little more complicated, it's her daughter's ex-husband and ex-fiance's stepson.

Got that straight?

The soap opera's summer story line puts Lucci squarely into television's zeitgeist, now buzzing with stories about experienced women looking for younger models — as opposed to old men looking for models.

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A.F.I. : Crash Love Baby!

Cotton: Featuring Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, and Jazmine Sullivan

Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, and Jazmine Sullivan have recently joined the "Cotton: The Fabric Of My Life" campaign.

Check out the links to commercials, the 'fabrics of their lives', and music downloads! Click images for more info and visit TheFabricOfOurLives.com for more.

Zooey Deschanel

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Zooey Deschanel sings the cotton theme song (hear/download the full song here ) and shows us that cotton is the fabric of her life by wearing fashionable cotton clothing to perform, shop at a flea market, compose music at her piano, and explore her closet.

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JK Rowling and other less important people at Raisa Gorbachev charity gala

JK Rowling and Sarah Brown turned on the glamour last night at the annual Raisa Gorbachev Foundation charity gala.

The Harry Potter author wore a stunning sky blue gown while the Prime Minister's wife looked resplendent in a regal purple dress.

It was the second function of the day for Mrs Brown, who arrived to the event at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey fresh from her trip to France for the D-Day commemorations.




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emo spock

Good News, Everyone!

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Futurama Returns?

Good news everybody everyone! (fail source) An inside source has revealed exclusively to Collider that “Futurama” has been given a 13 episode order by Comedy Central. Though still technically a rumor at this point, word is that “Futurama” production offices have already opened and that casting is about to move forward.

This should be a welcome surprise to fans of the show who have already gone through the series’ cancellation and resurrection as direct-to-DVD movies.

Look for official word in the very near future. Though animation has a big lead time, I would guess on some kind of “Futurama” presence at Comic Con next month.


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Alison Lohman of Drag Me To Hell talks the movie (inc. stills from film)


Sometimes method acting can be downright dangerous.

Alison Lohman found that out on the set of the new Sam Raimi horror film, "Drag Me to Hell," during the filming of a scene in which Lohman's character has to duke it out, in the confines of a small car, with a literal demon from Hell.

"The demon and I are beating the crap out of each other," Lohman recalled during a telephone interview. "She's yanking fists of hair and strangling me."

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Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Hobo bromance in New York

Keeping low-key as of late, Robert Pattinson was spotted out and about with a friend in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 7).

The Edward Cullen actor looked to be doing his best to avoid trailing paparazzi, enjoying the fresh air as he and his pal wandered about the Big Apple.

Shooting to stardom with his hit movie “Twilight,” Rob’s co-star Mike Welch recently spoke of his amazement at Pattinson’s popularity.

“If he’s in a room and he looks down and he looks back up, [in that instant] everyone in the room will be staring at him,” Welch said. “It’s kind of ridiculous. [That level of fame] is literally Rob Pattinson and Barack Obama.”

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Maybe he died of embarrassment....

Carradine Photo Reveals Fishnet Stocking

We've just seen a higher resolution image of the photo that appears to be David Carradine's body hanging in his hotel room -- and it shows what seems consistent with an auto-erotica scenario ... at least from outward appearances.


The photo -- published by a Thai tabloid -- shows a body suspended from a bar in a closet, with his hands bound together above his head. Carradine's genitals were also tied.


But the new sharper image also reveals what appears to be fishnet stockings covering the body. You can also see red women's lingerie on the bed. And, it appears, Carradine may have been wearing a dark wig.


Although there are signs this could have been a sexual act that turned accidentally deadly, family sources say they are still suspicious of the circumstances and have not ruled out homicide.



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An alarmingly thin Lindsay Lohan spent the afternoon today (June 7) wandering around the streets of London.

After spending the morning trying her best to evade the paparazzi, the 22-year-old aspiring actress was seen making her way to a waiting car following a shopping spree at Harvey Nichols.

Once loaded up on bags and bags full of luxury goods, Lindsay threw on her best crop top and kicked off her night of festivities at Studio Valbone. After a few drinks, Miss Lohan paid a visit to Mayfair’s Jalouse nightclub and ended the evening at the famous Bungalow 8 nightspot.

So where was LiLo’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson? Across town DJing at the capital’s Cafe de Paris.

Once heralded the most promising actress of her generation, Lindsay has been reduced to earning a living by doing promotional work and making appearances at nightspots in return for a fee.

Lindsay arranged her trip to London to coincide at the same time as Samantha a month ago when she was trying to win her back.

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How much did Shinhan ask (and got) from the late Choi Jin Shil?

Update of this post

Shinhan construction company filed a suit against actress Choi Jin Sil for what they perceived as her not fulfilling her duties as a spokesperson for them in 2004. The suit was won in Choi’s favor back in 2004 but the company appealed last year (most likely, hopefully, before her suicide) and the Supreme Court overturned the ruling, granting Shinhan 1.1 billion in a settlement. From the Korea Herald: ”‘Models who failed to maintain appropriate dignity as representatives of the products they represent should compensate for the damages caused to their advertiser’, the top court ruled.”

What did Choi Jin Sil do to become an “unsuitable” spokesmodel? How did she fail to “maintain appropriate dignity”? Well, back in 2004, while under contract with Shinhan, Choi Jin Sil was beaten by her husband, Cho Sung Min.

The incident was highly publicized and clearly Choi didn’t have the same image she had before. But is she responsible for her husbands violence? A lower court ruled no, stating that she could not be held responsible for her then-husband’s violence. But the supreme court felt that:

“The purpose of the brand model contract is to use the model’s social reputation and images to draw the customers’ interest, the model’s failure to maintain an adequate image constitutes a breach of the hiring contract.”

This is true but once again, how dare anyone sue a woman for being victimized by her own husband? How can a supreme court rule in favor of such an appeal? This ruling sets a scary and extremely sexist precedent.

Shinhan asked for 3 billion ($1.7m) won of Choi’s 5 billion (2.8m) won estate left to her children. However, the court granted them a total of 1.1 billion won (less than half of which was compensation for breach of contract as stated in the contract)($630,000). Though the company isn’t getting the 3 billion they asked for they’re still taking over 1/5th of Choi Jin Sil’s estate. And why? Because they think Choi Jin Sil is responsible for getting beat up by her ex-husband. To say I’m disgusted and offended would a pretty accurate representation of what I’m feeling. I hope that Choi’s family appeals this Supreme court decision. And I hope people are outraged and show it. This is extremely disrespectful to the late Choi Jin Sil, alive or deceased.

bolded it for the tldr crowd


you can email feministing about this situation here:

and if you want to bash the company...

More Girlicious News...

Creator of girl group Girlicious confirms the departure of Tiffanie and gives an update on what the continuing members are doing.

Girlicious fans! Nic, Nat & Chrys r getting ready to record a new single, new video, & tour the world! We LOVE YOU 4 LOVING GIRLICIOUS! - Robin Antin's Twitter

The group are currently working on their sophomore album with producer Fernando Garibay, who was the man behind Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind".

No reason has been given for Tiffanie's split from the group just yet, other than the fact that she's only on good terms with member Chrystina Sayers, but seems to be in some kind of feud with Nichole & Natalie.

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Jon & Eight Minus Kate

Jon & Kate Plus 8 twin Cara Gosselin gives younger sister Hannah a ride in a toy Jeep around their home on Sunday afternoon (June 7) in Wernersville, Penn.

Looks like Cara and twin sis Mady gave all of the sextuplets — Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel — rides around their house!

Jon Gosselin was on daddy duty the whole day (sans mom Kate Gosselin) and was also seen riding his John Deere Tractor.

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ONTD - I don't think you guys are ready for this one...


Amanda was in Detroit today for Gay Pride 2009!  Well, she wasn't actually AT Pride, but she performed later at a theatre in downtown Detroit.  THIS BITCH WAS SO FIERCE!!!  She sang and performed some of her best songs, including my personal faves, "My Hair Looks Fierce" and "My Pussy."  And afterwards she graciously stayed after to meet and greet with her fans!!

and don't worry ONTD I didn't forget about you!!!

She hadn't heard of us :-(   - BUT, she did love the name!

I didn't have anything for her to sign - so I had her sign my ticket.  I didn't realize until later when I got home that she wrote...

"To David, Love & PUSSY - Amanda Lepore"

I told ya'll Cheeks was back!
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NKorea Sentences 2 US Journalists to 12 Years Jail
Published: June 8, 2009
Filed at 12:31 a.m. ET

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea's top court has convicted two U.S. journalists, and sentenced them to 12 years in labor prison, the country's state news agency reported Monday.

The Central Court tried American TV reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee and confirmed their unspecified ''grave crime'' against the nation, and of illegally crossing into North Korea, the Korean Central News Agency said.

It said the court -- which tried the women from June 4 to 8 -- ''sentenced each of them to 12 years of reform through labor.'' The report gave no other details.

The U.S. Embassy in Seoul said it had no immediate comment.

The circumstances surrounding the trial of the two journalists and their arrest three months ago on the China-North Korean border have been shrouded in secrecy, as is typical of the reclusive nation.

There were fears that the two women would be used by Pyongyang as bargaining chips in its standoff with South Korea and the United States, which are pushing for U.N. sanctions to punish the nation for its latest nuclear blast and barrage of missile tests.

The journalists -- working for former Vice President Al Gore's California-based Current TV -- were arrested March 17 as they were reporting about the trafficking of women. It's unclear if they strayed into the North or were grabbed by aggressive border guards who crossed into China.

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider did not have an immediate response to the sentencing.

The women cannot appeal as they were tried in North Korea's highest court where decisions are final.

The sentences are much harsher than what many observers had hoped for. The trial was not open to the public or to foreign observers.


These labor camps are basically concentration camps. A few survivors have come out with their stories, all incredibly horrific. There are even reports of human experiments going on there.

North Korea is INCREDIBLY fascinating and I love learning about it, but each account is just more horrible than the last.

VBS.tv did a great report about North Korea that can be viewed here:

here are some amazing pics of north korea
The sheer amount of dedicated people at their disposal is insane.

---edit again---

here is Lisa Ling's special Inside North Korea
Her sister is one of the women charged