June 6th, 2009

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The Early Show Asks Neil Patrick Harris About Kate Gosselin's Mullet For Some Reason

The most charming celebrity, Neil Patrick Harris, was on CBS's Early Show this morning to speak briskly about his Tony-hosting gig and about getting advice from Whoopi Goldberg and Hugh Jackman. The funniest part was when they showed a picture of a makeup-and-tattoo-covered, very serious-looking NPH In Cabaret ("I had to dye my underarm hair blue-black for six months"), but the weirdest part was when they showed him a picture of how he would look with Kate from Jon And Kate Plus 8's terrible haircut.


Why did they think NPH would care? And it's sort of paparazzi-like that they're asking unrelated celebrities to comment on the Jon And Kate scandal. Also, I totally think they asked him about that show because they think because he's gay he must watch TLC all the time, which is a harmful stereotype. It was great how he basically completely dismissed the show, though. Fight the Jon And Kate Plus 8 power, Doogie.


FAVORITE. PERSON. EVER. Seriously, could NPH possibly have a flaw?
Britney Womanizer Naked

Britney cover/interview with More Magazine (UK)!

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some extracts from the interview:

Britney: "I'm just not that into going out late at night or going to clubs anymore. It's the last thing I want to do with my life. I'm not interested in being with people who are looking to exploit me. I'm staying close to my family and friends and living very peacefully.

I need my energy from my children and music. I want to show people that I'm a strong woman. I have a lot of great things ahead of me that I want to accomplish.

I'm taking my time these days and not letting myself feel any pressure other than to just feel happy.

Being happy?
There are so many things that I am grateful for. I just want to make the most of this time in my life and build from there. It's a good feeling.

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PS. I have a spare ticket to Britney's London show on Wednesday (10/6/09). Its like 5th row and I am giving it away for FREE. PM me if interested :)

sorry guys the tickets gone to snortingcoke


GaGa & Speedy...still together

and torturing innocent bystanders, by the looks of things.


Lady GaGa can't exactly shut her Playboy mouth ... when someone else is exploring the inner confines of it.
Though they were rumored to have split, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and BF Speedy sucked all sorts of face Wednesday in Hawaii.

BTW -- check out her bathing suit ... even on vaca she's in costume.


Gold Diggers 101

A little while ago, George Clooney was not happy about his latest cocktail waitress/model/dumb bitch girlfriend running her mouth all around town about how she's nibbling on his man cooch. It looks like George has forgiven her, because he has apparently asked her to move into his Los Angeles mansion.

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Wait... what?

John Stamos Conceptualizing 'Full House' Movie

Former Full House star John Stamos is putting together an all-star cast to take the hit U.S. family sitcom to the big screen in a new feature film.
Stamos rose to fame as 'Uncle' Jesse Katsopolis in the series, which ran from 1987 to 1995 and starred twin media moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and actors Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, and Candace Cameron Bure.
He tells the New York Daily News, "I'm working on a movie idea, but it wouldn't be us playing us. I'm not 100 per cent sure, but it would probably take place in the first few years. I see Steve Carell as (Bob Saget's character) Danny Tanner and Tracy Morgan as (Dave Coulier's character) Joey Gladstone because he's funny."
But the actor has dashed hopes of fans desperate to see the original cast reunited on the small screen. He adds, "I don't see it happening anytime soon. We're all very close. I saw Ashley a couple weeks ago. Bob and Dave I see a lot."


oh shit. The new Christina era has just begun.

HMV released the title to Aguilera's new album..........


LEGENDTINA is coming.

More album details:

In a new interview, Ladytron talk Christina:

The group's next unexpected first will occur later this year when pop superstar Christina Aguilera releases her next album, to include a series of collaborations with Ladytron. "It is, obviously, a strange experience," says Wu, who was surprised to find CDs by Elastica and CSS in Aguilera's car last time he visited her in Los Angeles. Expect the resulting tracks to satisfy Ladytron's interest in really weird stuff that humanity has created.

Other collabs include Sia (Breathe Me), Goldfrapp (Ooh La La), DJ Premier (Ain't No Other man), Tricky (Umbrella), Linda Perry (Beautiful), and more people we don't know about. She confirmed that she'll be in the studio for 2 more months finishing up the record!

Her visual theme for the album will be High Fashion inspired with a fusion of Andy Warhol. With the all important hair... this bitch better fix her bangs and go back to black.

Poor haters....

Uh oh....

- LiveDaily via HMV

* Meanwhile, Christina's LD forum is in the midst of some major hotmess drama that has dragged on for the past 4 to 5 days...something about a Mod stealing money from other members and shit -_-This album news has helped many change the fucking subject.

(Alive and well, tyvm) Legendary film director Stanley Donen gets tribute from Pops

The musical man
By James Verniere
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What’s it like to interview a legend like Stanley Donen, director of such classics as “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952), “Royal Wedding” (1951), a musical in which he made it possible for Fred Astaire to dance on a ceiling, and the Paris-set Audrey Hepburn-Astaire vehicle “Funny Face" (1957)?

The short answer is, “Heaven, I’m in heaven.”

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Army Wives actress promises cliffhanger resolutions

<br/><a href="http://i43.tinypic.com/33p94x1.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Army Wives' season finale left several unanswered questions: Will Roxy lose her bar? Is Claudia Joy leaving the base? What will happen to those philandering Sherwoods? But according to Sally Pressman, who plays the spunky Army wife Roxy, these questions will all be answered at the start of Season 3 (premiering Sunday, June 7 at 10 pm/ET on Lifetime).

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Christian Bale

Marilyn Manson Shaves Nazi Symbols in Stoya’s Pubic Hair


Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika, a symbol used by the Nazis, into his new porn star girlfriend Stoya's pubic hair.

Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika into his new porn star girlfriend's pubic hair.

The controversial rocker - who has been involved in an on/off relationship with 'The Wrestler' actress Evan Rachel Wood - is dating Serb-Scottish adult movie star Stoya, who allows him to customise her intimate body hair.

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Brian Pagey Syd Marc gif

Stephanie Seymour, Peter Brant divorce gets ugly in Greenwich

Stephanie Seymour, Peter Brant divorce gets ugly in Greenwich
By Debra Friedman
staff writer
Posted: 06/05/2009 09:53:23 PM EDT
Updated: 06/06/2009 06:15:24 AM EDT


An already messy divorce just got nastier after Greenwich police arrested one of Peter Brant's private security guards Thursday night for allegedly shoving Brant's estranged wife, Stephanie Seymour, into a door during an altercation, according to exclusive information obtained by Greenwich Time.

Police were called to the newsprint magnate's North Street estate twice Thursday, part of a continuing string of incidents since the famous couple filed for divorce in March, including one in which Seymour claimed Brant was tracking her using a GPS unit.

Brant owns the Greenwich-based White Birch Paper Co., one of North America's largest producers of newsprint, and Brant Publications Inc., which publishes the magazines Interview, Art in America and Antiques.

"This is not the first time we've been out there," said Lt. Richard Cochran.

On Thursday, several patrol cars arrived at the backcountry estate after the former model's assistant called 911 around 6 p.m. alleging that the guard, Joseph Babnik, attempted to block Seymour, 39, from entering the main house and shoved her into a screen door as she attempted to get away from him, police said Friday.

Brant, 62, was out of the country Thursday, according to his representatives. The couple has remained on the same estate living in different houses since filing for divorce.

Seymour's assistant told police she heard "banging and screaming" during Thursday's incident before Seymour yelled for her, according to police.

Babnik, 50, of Carmel, N.Y., was watching the estate while Brant was away to protect the property, police said. Babnik told police he did not touch Seymour, but fell into the door while attempting to block her from entering. The security guard claimed Seymour had taken a slip of paper from him and he was attempting to get it back. Cochran said officers at the scene did not locate any such item, but found the screen door had been ripped as result of the struggle.

Babnik was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a misdemeanor summons at the scene, police said.

Several hours later, police were called to the house again after a 911 call reported another verbal altercation between Seymour and a different security guard after the former Victoria's Secret model asked him to leave the property. Cochran said no one was arrested in that incident. Officials did not know how many people make up Brant's security team.

Thursday's chaotic episodes at the residence were just the tip of the iceberg, according to police, who have been called out for varying disturbances in the last several weeks. Last month, police were called to investigate a vandalism incident in which a car windshield on the property was smashed by a baseball bat, according to police.

Police also said Seymour had recently filed a complaint that Brant was tracking her using a GPS unit placed underneath her car. Cochran said police investigated the claim, but told Seymour they could not press charges because the car was registered to her husband.

"She came to us to make a complaint that the GPS was placed on her car," said Cochran. "A private investigator found it under there. We told her there is nothing we can do."

Stamford-based criminal defense attorney Mark Sherman, who is representing Seymour relating to the criminal matters, said Friday that the multiple incidents have caused Seymour to fear for her safety.

"The situation has escalated to a point where Ms. Seymour is gravely concerned for her and her children's safety," said Sherman. The couple have three children, ages 4, 12 and 15.

"Divorces are tense for any family -- however, the scare and surveillance tactics going on here are dangerous and flagrantly criminal," the attorney added.

Sherman described the amount of security Brant has placed on the property as "overkill."

"What's next? Bodyguards for his bodyguards?" said Sherman.

However, Brant's spokespeople denied the use of a GPS tracker and pointed out that Brant was out of the country when Thursday's event took place.

"Peter Brant was 3,000 miles away in Europe at the time of this incident," said his spokesman, Howard J. Rubenstein. "He knew nothing about it and was not involved in any way. It's embarrassing and unfortunate that this incident happened involving his estranged wife Stephanie Seymour."

"Peter Brant did not place a GPS tracking device on Seymour's car. He absolutely denies that," added Rubenstein.

Rubenstein said the truck that was vandalized did not belong to Brant, but one of his employees.

The couple, who were married in Paris in 1995, filed for divorce March 24, citing that their 14-year marriage had "broken down irretrievably." In divorce papers filed in state Superior Court in Stamford, the bitter feud is evident, as Brant has asked a judge to order Seymour to undergo drug and alcohol testing, while Seymour is asking that Brant be tossed out of their home because of his "threatening" behavior.

Babnik is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on June 11.

source: http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/ci_12532002
[bbm] ennis - smoking

Brokeback Reunion?

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Director Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai, Defiance) has tapped Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway to star in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. 20th Century Fox and New Regency are financing the film which will begin shooting on September 21st 2009. Scott Stuber, Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz and Pieter Jan Brugge are producing the film. Charles Randolph wrote the screenplay which has been rewritten by Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.

I've been able to confirm that this project is the former UNTITLED CHARLES RANDOLPH which was featured in the 2007's Black List.
Here's the synopsis:

Jamie Reidy (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a charmer and a talker who is never still. He does not live up to his family's expectations of him or to the successes of his siblings. Jamie jumps from job to job, and eventually finds his niche in the pharmaceutical sales world. It isn't an easy start for him, until he is able to use his polished skills with women to sell the new drug, Viagra, released by his company Pfizer.
Meanwhile Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) is a pretty young woman with art-girl hair, a pugnacious manner and warm eyes. She consults Dr. Knight regarding her Parkinson's disease, while Jamie pretends to be his intern. Against her better judgment, she falls in love with Jamie.


i'd like to see them working together again.even though that's not the reunion i was hoping would happen once :((

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matthew lewis

Friday Box Office

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ONTD: What Should We See?

My BF saw The Hangover and loved it, I'll probably go tonight.

If you want to talk spoilers in a movie released this week, here is the HTML code for white font:
Use <> instead of () here: (font color="white")type your spoilery comments(/font)
ever suck dick for marijuana?

Who's gay on Heroes? Or rather, who ISN'T?

During the run of last season, fans asked Heroes writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete:

"A few weeks ago you commented on having a gay/lesbian/bisexual character on 'Heroes.' Who is this character? Is this a character we already know? Is it a recurring or old character? If it's a new character, what can you tell us about this character? When will we see this storyline appear? Will they find love on ‘Heroes?’"

To which they replied:

As we speak the writers are reconvening to get started on Season 4 and this is one of the very issues we will be discussing. Answers to this question coming in the not too distant future.

This week another interesting casting announcement was made, and the character description revealed the following...

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Of course. Whatever. The only pairing I care about is:

With naked Sylar thrown in there for good measure. Give me some fucking violent love/hate threesome visuals, show!


Because we ALL love Megan Fox posts...

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TRANSFORMERS beauty MEGAN FOX lost so much weight during a period of depression, her hair started to fall out.
The star grew paranoid she was only successful as a result of her good looks, and deliberately piled on the pounds.
But her weight dropped dramatically when she became obsessed with her image while shooting scenes for upcoming movie Jennifer's Body.
Fox plays a high school cheerleader who turns into a man-eating killer when she is possessed by a demon in the film.
And she tried to convince herself she was losing weight in an effort to prepare for the role - but secretly knew it was because she felt so low.

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Sir Ian McKellen: older women should have more stage and screen roles

Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen has urged playwrights to create more roles for mature actresses in a bid to reinvigorate the British theatre and television.

Sir Ian backed a campaign by actors' union Equity which called on broadcasters to change their attitudes towards actresses aged over 45, in a petition which has been signed by 4,000 people including Julie Walters and Harry Potter actress Imelda Staunton.
In Hollywood, Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone, 51, and gossip column regular Demi Moore, 45, are among the actresses to have criticised the industry's attitude towards older women.
In an interview with The Stage newspaper Sir Ian said: "Look at Calendar Girls and Madame de Sade. Both are so popular – that is very telling.
"People might have thought 'Who wants to see plays about older women?' Well, the general public do. An awful lot of older women and gentlemen go to the theatre, and the population is getting older."
He added: "Plays about getting older are perhaps going to be more popular than they used to be and that should help playwrights think, well, we can find some fabulous parts for the fabulous actresses that are around."
Sir Ian, who turned 70 last month, (happy bday my fave queen bb) said TV commissioning editors who were only interested in programmes about younger people were "missing out".
The actor, famous for playing Gandalf in the successful Tolkein trilogy and for the role of the villainous Magneto in the X-Men films, went on: "Everybody wants to see actresses like Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. It's just up to people to provide them with the material to do so."
Sir Ian is currently starring in a West End production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot – a play which features no female roles.


favorite older actresses? i like charlotte rampling & helen mirren

Britney Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Manager

Britney Spears has one less legal scuffle to come home to.

Attorneys for the touring poptart have settled a lawsuit brought by a manager Spears worked with in the early aughts who complained that she broke her agreement to pay him commissions until 2008.

The "Toxic" singer worked with Johnny Wright until 2003, according to the suit, and she stopped cutting him checks at the end of 2006.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, per the Los Angeles Times.

Also in court today, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz, who has been overseeing Spears' conservatorship and approving money exchanges right and left, signed off on another $193,000 in legal fees to be paid by Spears' estate mainly to the attorneys who handled this case.

Meanwhile, Spears had the night off Friday in between shows at London's O2 Arena, where she's set to perform eight times before moving the Circus to Manchester's M.E.N. Arena on June 17

Source: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b127874_britney_settling_up_with_ex-manager.html


For anyone who is wondering who Johnny Wright is: Johnny Wright and Larry Rudolph were Britney's co-managers from 1998 to late 2002 (Wright was also managing Justin Timberlake/*NSYNC during that period.) Around the time that Britney and Justin broke up, Larry Rudolph started his own management firm (Reigndeer Entertainment,) and parted ways with Wright. Britney left with Larry, and Larry became Britney's exclusive manager from then on. Wright still manages Justin to this day.

When Britney was strapped to a gurney and taken to the psych ward in 2008, Johnny Wright was giving interviews to Rolling Stone and Blender about how messed up she was. In December 2008, he did an interview with OK! (see below) where he implied that Britney had put her career before her kids. He's a class act, that one.


.more boring white people got to be BBUK housemates.

MORE MORE MORE... How do you like it, how do you like it?
Well to be honest BB, I am not impressed. If it were possible, I'd just be whelmed.

THREE more lucky hamsters earned the right to make fools of themselves on TV for at least a couple more weeks this summer. Again, they PALE IN COMPARISON against the.best.UKBB.housemate.of.all.time. Lesley...

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These "tasks" so far have been shittier than usual. It's like the production team watched one of those inane fraternity comedies and stole all the light-to-moderate hazing rituals, except without the alcohol - which would be what makes things amusing in the BB house as well all know by now.

sources: www.digitalspy.co.uk/bigbrother & the official Ch4 site.
movies // parveen

Nicole Kidman out and about in NYC


Nicole Kidman is dressed casually as she leaves for work in New York City on Saturday morning (June 6).

The 41-year-old Aussie actress and Anne Hathaway are expected to be at the Tony Awards on Sunday held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall.

When Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris was asked if he’s going to ask them to be on How I Met Your Mother, he joked to E!, “We should be so lucky. I do know that Nicole Kidman was nude for a big part of a Broadway season—that could help boost our ratings!”

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From the way her face is covered, it could be a look-a-like for all we know.


Kate Gosselin: Life’s A Beach With Sextuplets!

Kate Gosselin gets upset by one of her sextuplets — Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel — while vacationing sans papa Jon Gosselin on Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Friday afternoon (June 5).

Despite the high winds and choppy seas, the 33-year-old mom was seen digging for shells and played games with her kids.

Bodyguard Steve Nield was seen helping Joel put on his sunglasses. Leah was also seen nuzzling Steve.

Jon has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

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AMC'S Worst Dressed Women Warriors in Fantasy

Today we are going to talk about the wildly inappropriate clothing that female fighters wear in fantasy movies. See, it's like this: I can't come up with any reason that otherwise intelligent and well-trained women warriors would choose to enter battle wearing what can best be described as lingerie except to fulfill a whole other kind of fantasy. Indeed, unless these women are disguising themselves as men (more on that later), their principle weapon is their knockers -- and I'm not talking about medieval clubs.


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Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Land of the Lost Declared "First Bomb of Summer"

Land of the Lost debuted with an estimated $7 million Friday, prompting the box-office-tracking Exhibitor Relations to pronounce the $100 million Will Ferrell extravaganza "the first bomb of summer."

The new guy comedy The Hangover and the Pixar holdover Up stayed well clear of the wreckage, with each angling for a big $45 million weekend, Exhibitor Relations said. The Hangover was Friday's No. 1 movie, grossing an estimated $16.5 million.

A Ferrell-esque $30 million opening had been expected of Land of the Lost, the redo of the dinosaur-driven 1970s kids' series.

Had been.


this sucks cause i like will ferrell, but i wouldnt watch this movie either
{actors} leigh // king and country

Evan Rachel Wood seen ~making out~ with Shane West

It seems that Evan Rachel Wood's reconciliation with ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson is short lived as she reportedly has been seen making out with actor Shane West this weekend. Rumors of Evan and Shane dating were quick to spread after New York Post ran a story of the twosome's togetherness.

Evan and Shane, according to New York Post's source, headed to Tao in Las Vegas on late Saturday night, May 31. "They were both there in a big group of 20 people," the source testified. "At around 3 A.M., Shane and Evan Rachel were all over each other and making out in the middle of the table." Neither Evan nor Shane has addressed the report just yet.

Evan Rachel Wood began dating goth rocker Marilyn Manson in December 2006 while he was waiting for his divorce to burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to be finalized. She broke up with him in October 2008.



Preview C-ERROR's New Video "Work"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ciara’s forthcoming new video ‘Work’ involves a group of sexy dancers on a construction site. Well, we have a 19-second preview of that very visual. The sneak peek footage was shown during Ciara’s visitation to BBC’s ‘Sound’ in London yesterday morning. Ciara is in London because she is an opening act for Britney Spears‘ ‘Circus’ tour. Peep the video preview below:

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Tobin Bell confirms Saw 8 rumors


Back in 2004 Bloody-Disgusting was the first website to get behind Saw and really give it a push, who knew that five years later we'd not only be reporting on the possibilities of an eighth film, but also a ninth? It's still crazy to me that this October we'll be seeing a sixth film in the Jigsaw franchise created by Australian horror fans James Wan and Leigh Whannell, along with the vidgame accompanying it. Earlier today B-D caught up with Mr. Tobin Bell (that's Jigsaw to you), who confirms to B-D that the plan is the end the franchise with an eighth film, but who knows?

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Megan - Back

AUSTRALIA'S Next Top Model quest is embroiled in a nude photography scandal

AUSTRALIA'S Next Top Model quest is embroiled in a nude photography scandal involving one of the show's favourite contestants.

Photographs have surfaced of Sydney model Lola Van Vorst, 21, posing nude and gazing seductively at the camera. Famous magazine bought the shots from a photo agency and will publish them tomorrow.

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All Eyes on La Lohan

Always one to make a scene wherever she goes, Lindsay Lohan drew quite a crowd as she partied in London last night (June 5).

Believe it or not, the 22-year-old troublemaker was enjoying a night out with designer Matthew Williamson, who looked distinctly unimpressed when he became caught up Lindsay’s entourage outside Baroque nightclub.

Meanwhile, it appears that Lindsay’s star power is fading — even in the world of afterhour clubs. After failing to dazzle door staff with her stardom, she was turned away from Annabel’s private club due to its strict members only policy.

Taking rejection in stride, LiLo then booked it to a club on Berkeley Street for a private party, where she followed in her ex-lover Samantha Ronson’s footsteps by taking to turntables for an evening of DJing.

Miss finally returned to her exclusive hotel in Mayfair at 5:30 AM only to repeat her mistakes the next day.

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george jetson

Amber Rose wants to be a humanitarian

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Russell [Simmons]’s been speaking with Amber Rose over the past few days giving her guidance and support…he says that the most inspired by quote that she gave and he wants repeated: THAT CELEBRITY IS A GIFT OR A CURSE!

One of the things that she keeps saying is that she wants to use her celebrity to benefit others…for that inspiration alone keeps Uncle Russ working. This morning he got a call from a troubled Amber, because she was concerned about the rumors that are flying around about her and Cassidy. She has dreams and aspirations that she doesn’t want ruined by innuendo and games played by others. So, one thing she wants to make clear, that Russ believes is true, that she does not know Cassidy…especially since Cassidy has already come out publicly and admitted to not knowing her. Although she has no interest in addressing this directly, she does want the world to know the details about Cassidy…”she met him once at a softball game and that’s it.”

Finally, she’s working very hard and is very focused on developing good uses for the celebrity that’s been blessed with.


Kate Walsh Spoofs L.C. as She Laughs Along

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lauren Conrad may have left The Hills behind, but that doesn't mean she can't still laugh at it with the rest of us.

Ms. L.C. herself stopped by last night's, "The Hills: A Staged Reading," put on by the Upright Citizen's Brigade, and enjoyed the festivities alongside fans and comedian's alike. Even better? Gorgeous Private Practice star, Kate Walsh played the role of the recently retired reality starlet, and Lauren couldn't enough.

Throughout the evening, Walsh performed an uncanny impersonation of Conrad's now infamous Hills lines including, "Tell me if he's cute cause I'm drunk," "You're a bad person. That's reality," and the classic diss said to ex-BFF Heidi Montag, "I want to forgive you and I want to forget you." Surprisingly enough, the real Lauren sat rows away laughing at Walsh—then again, laughing at herself.

The Upright Citizen's Brigade kept the mood light, giving the night a truly accurate introduction to the night: "You've seen Shakespeare, you've seen Mozart, now experience the work of the greatest geniuses of our time. It's Heidi vs. Lauren and it's really, really important."

Truer words have never been spoken. Really.

selena gomez

tila tequila is not pregnant y'alll


"So I don't usually like to address rumors cuz all it does is start up more drama, and as you can all clearly see in all of my video's, I am a very fun-loving, happy, and drama-free type of girl. However lately the rumors have been piling up and I just felt the need to clear up the rumors for all of my fans because I care about you and want you to know the truth! First of all....the PREGNANCY rumors....the point is...maybe I was pregnant, or maybe I wasn't pregnant. I think that is something very personal but I'm going to clear that up now and say that I am not currently pregnant. So there you go! Let's move on now! NEXT!"

btw, the tags include "ray j" and "diddy"


Jessica Biel talks about JT

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake spent "hours" on the phone before their first date.

The actress - who has been dating the pop heartthrob since 2007 - revealed she and Justin were set up by a pal but wanted to get to know each other before meeting.

She told US TV talk show host David Letterman: "We've been dating a couple of years. I don't really like to talk about it much, though. We met through a mutual friend but we had a lot of phone conversations before meeting up so got to know each other that way. But they were PG phone calls!"

Jessica recently revealed she has no desire to get married in the near future as she wants to concentrate on her career.

The 27-year-old beauty - who recently set up home with Justin - said: "I have no idea if I want to get married. I have a lot to do, career-wise. You love who you love. It's not like you meet somebody one day and say, 'OK, I'm not going to put up with his fame!' Or, 'Yes, I am going to put up with his celebrity.' You can't choose that. It just happens to you."

not sure if this was posted, i checked though...

hi haters, this girl is beautiful
A.F.I. : Crash Love Baby!

Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor Cover Filmfare

Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor on the newest issue of Filmfare

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They both are dynamic and makes a beautiful pair. They are new in the glamour world but look quite confident. While one got to taste success in the first offering, the other still struggling to deliver a single hit.

We are talking about ‘Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na’ boy Imran Khan and ‘Saawariya’ girl Sonam Kapoor. The two cute faces are coming together for Dharma productions next project. Sonam is quite excited about the project but more than that on getting Imran Khan as her co-star.

She is heard singing Imran’s praise and happy to act opposite him. In his compliment, Sonam says that Imran is gorgeous and one of the most beautiful men she has seen so far. Sonam met Imran for the first time at the Jaane Tu premiere. But got to know him in a better way while doing a photo shoot for Filmfare magazine. Both are seen sharing a good camaraderie at the launch of Filmfare edition where both featured in a very cozy manner.

Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor at Filmfare Issue Launch
[and video:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIUe3QkUoh0]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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And for any one curious, Imran is American. Born in Wisconsin, live(s/ed) in California. Here's a fan site:: http://imran-khan.org/ He's got a bright career ahead of him !
nbk happy

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After All The Surgery, Can We Still Love Courtney, Kim, and Tori?

Do you remember when Courtney Love was only Pretty on the Inside, Lil’ Kim was truly Hard Core, and Tori Amos was Under the Pink, not under the knife? Those were the days. Each one of these women built careers on fearless self-expression, which, in turn, attracted loyal gay followings. Now each one has undergone obvious, err, "physical restoration." When the straight girls we turned to to find beauty in ourselves now require a surgeon to make themselves feel pretty, what are we supposed to think of them? Does undergoing plastic surgery undermine their original take-me-as-I-am-or-fuck-off messages?

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I''m not sure why, but I'm really surprised that Tori got all of that face work done. What do you all think? Do you care?

This post is brought to you by Lil Kim and her ~poetry~

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Megan Fox Won’t Sleep With Her Male Co-Stars

Megan Fox doesn’t like it when her male co-stars flirt with her — so she turns them down in front of the entire crew.

“There are some guys,” Megan explains, “talking about actors who have been in the business for a while, who are very egocentric and have been able to sleep with a lot of girls for whatever reason, and because they don’t know me they think I’m going to be this little cupcake, this Marilyn Monroe type who’s going to bat my eyes and be like a receptacle for them.

I just shut them down immediately, right in front of people. It’s been so long since someone has told them no, they don’t really know how to deal with it. Because of this non-reality they live in, they’re f**ked up, psychologically.”

Speaking to British GQ, Fox also revealed that she has been subjected to Hollywood’s casting couch culture since she found fame.

“Any casting couch s**t I’ve experienced has been since I’ve become famous,” she said. “It’s really so heartbreaking. Some of these people! Like Hollywood legends.

“You think you’re going to meet them and you’re so excited, like, ‘I can’t believe this person wants to have a conversation with me,’ and you get there and you realize that’s not what they want, at all. It’s happened a lot this year actually.”


Britney Spears Bans Booze From London Gigs

Britney Spears‘ family have forced staff at London’s O2 Arena to sign contracts, promising they won’t give the singer alcohol.

Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears, is desperate to keep Britney booze free while she performs the UK leg of her Circus world tour in the British capital.

“Following her problems with alcohol, Britney had requested that everywhere backstage is alcohol free,” an insider tells British newspaper The Sun.

“Her family is monitoring the situation very carefully and we’ve been made to sign contracts promising not to drink or allow any of the VIP guests to have alcohol in any of the backstage areas that Britney could use.

“It is very important to Britney that she doesn’t see anybody drinking in her presence.”

A gig goer, who purchased an Access All Areas ticket ticket, added, “Although I respect Britney’s wishes, I was desperate for a drink myself. It certainly put a dampener on the night.”


Tila Tequila Attacked At Gas Station

Tila Tequila has taken to the Internet to tell fans about another terrifying ordeal -- the model-turned-singer alleges she was the victim of a vicious assault at a gas station.

The former reality TV star claims she was forced to flee in her car after six men attacked her as she said goodbye to a female pal in Hollywood earlier this week.

She took to her page on Twitter.com to tell followers, "I was dropping off my GF (girl friend) and then 6 guys attacked me at a gas station!! That is so [bleep] up! How are 6 men going to attack a woman??? One of the guys tried to grab me so I said "Don't [bleep] grab me," then a gang of the guys rolled up on me and was like [bleep] U Bitch' etc!!!

"Then they all started ganging up on me when I'm BY MYSELF and I got so scared! I ran to my car and they started chasing me! So wrong! Then while one guy was about to grab me and hit me, his friend was taking pictures.... It was really scary! This makes me so upset!"

In April, Tequila told fans she was the victim of a crazed stalker who broke into her home and locked her dog in the trunk of her car.


Lauren Conrad Kicks Off Dodgers Game

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Showing off her strong arm, Lauren Conrad threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (June 6).

Dressed in the team’s uniform, the MTV reality starlet seemed to be having a marvelous time on the mound as she kickstarted the the Dodgers/Phillies daytime ballgame.

Ever the sporting enthusiast these days, Miss Conrad was among the slew of celebrities in attendance for the opening game of the NBA Finals at Staples Center this past Thursday night.

The 23-year-old, who is currently spending her time on fashion and writing a series of books, joined boyfriend Kyle Howard in cheering the Lakers to a 100-75 victory over the Orlando Magic.


Lauren looks ridiculously cute.


Lo at the Dodgers game taking a nap, hahahahaha.

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Jamie Lynn: Britney and Kevin are Best Friends

Believe it or not, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline get along, y’all!

According to Brit’s little sis Jamie Lynn Spears, the two of them have become “best friends” for the sake of their two little boys Sean and Jayden.

As you know, Britney and Kevin have had sort of a tumultuous relationship, and their divorce definitely sent Britney off the deep end. But all is well now, and the two have put their troubles behind them!

Jamie Lynn tells Hello! magazine, "Kevin has been great, as always. He and Britney have become best friends. She knows how much he cares about the boys and he knows the same is true of her."

A second source added, Kev also gets on great with mom and dad, so it’s one big happy family pulling together. Everyone just wants to make sure that this tour is successful for Britney and that she gets the comeback she deserves.”


Princess and the Frog Game Announced

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For the first time players can experience Tiana’s exciting world set in the jazz-infused era of 1920’s New Orleans with the official video game inspired by the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures release of The Princess and the Frog. Celebrate favorite moments from the movie and take on new challenges with Tiana, as she pursues her dreams in a fun adventure. Meet favorite characters from the film and new friends, triumph over enemies, play frog games in the bayou, create music, cook New Orleans style and so much more. Along the way, discover what it takes to make Tiana’s dreams come true!

Nintendo Wii™ Key Features

* 30 replayable Wii-exclusive mini-games for 1-4 players
* Play & move to music, cook New Orleans cuisine, and try on multiple outfits with Tiana & her friends
* Collect Mardi Gras beads to trade for new dresses, fabrics, ingredients and recipes
* Explore quest hubs with drop-in/drop-out Multiplayer
* Discover five beautiful New Orleans hub locations including the French Quarter and the Bayou
* Have fun with eight playable characters and multiple NPCs

Nintendo DS™ Key Features

* Play as Tiana and Ray and master the art of platforming as you swing, jump and soar to new heights
* Explore 27 beautiful levels set in New Orleans and the Bayou
* Go on special quests to find and collect items & ingredients and outsmart enemies along the way
* Cook New Orleans cuisine in multiple activities and discover real recipes
* Perform music with 1-4 players and save tunes in the game’s jukebox
* Use Ray’s special abilities to fly through the Bayou
* Includes DGamer™ - the online community exclusively for Disney gamers. Customize unique 3-D avatar, create a persistent profile, chat with friends, share “Princess and the Frog" themed accessories, earn in-game honors and unlock exclusive Disney content


Santigold Responds to Mixtape Controversy

In response to this guy's whining yesterday:

Santigold has responded to the controversy over Terry Urban's ziptape based on her songs that got the cease-and-desist treatment from her label, Downtown Records:

"Some kid just hit me up about this on MySpace. It was the first I ever heard about it. I've never heard anything about this DJ or this remix, and certainly did not send a cease and desist letter. I'm a supporter of mixtape culture and intend to get to the bottom of it."


Maybe if he put a little thought into the fact that her LABEL issued the cease & desist and y'know...not her personally...he wouldn't have to bawwww in the first place, as she can be contacted through myspace. ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE MAKES MIXTAPES HERSELF. But at least it got him some attention amirite?

Kate Hits the Beach w/ the Sextuplets, Jon Rides ATVS w/ the Twins

Enjoying yet another day at the beach, Kate Gosselin got a morning workout playing with her kids in Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Saturday (June 6).

Meanwhile, Kate’s hubby Jon Gosselin was busy taking care of the twins (Cara and Madelyn), as the group took a spin on his ATV on their property today in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Hugh Laurie and his beard talk to Wossy. 5th June.

He chats about how he copes with the medical storyline on House, his dislike of working in theater, his character’s limpy leg, why he grew his beard out, his father being a doctor, and Twitter. He also talks about the chance of his good friend Stephen Fry appearing on a future episode of House.

Rofl at the bit where Jonathan is comparing Hugh's beard to Eric Cantona's and he suggests they have a "beard off". And i know its his time off... but i cant wait till he shaves it and goes back to looking like this-

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Heidi Pratt Rushed to Hospital

Hills star Heidi Pratt has been rushed to a Costa Rican hospital with an undisclosed medical emergency, Usmagazine.com has learned exclusively.

Pratt's husband, Spencer -- who is competing with his wife on NBC's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here -- is traveling with her to the hospital, a source in Costa Rica confirms.

No further details have been made available as to the specifics of Heidi's condition or what it means for the series.

NBC could not be reached for comment.

Story developing...


From OK! Mag:

Sources tell OK! that Heidi is suffering from what appears to be an infection and is currently undergoing tests at the hospital. OK! can also confirm er husband and co-star Spencer Pratt went along with her in the ambulence to the hospital.


From Stephanie Pratt's twitter:

Im really saddened to hear that nbc felt it was ok to punish speidi so harshly-and torture them as if they were criminals-that Heidi was Rushed to the hospital and has an IV in her arm after being locked in a dark room for 3 days w no food or water. Pls pray she will be ok

Her family is flying out to see her in the hospital. I know they pulled some shitty antics-but really nbc?? Too far.


romeo take me somewhere we can be alone!

OMG ONTD I MET TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!  She was in Detroit today because she is the opening act for Keith Urban on his current tour.  I got very lucky -Taylor Swift brought me and my friends onto this very cool promotional trailer where all her magazine covers were in frames and items from her music videos were mounted on the walls.  I was totally fan-girl-ing and EVERYTHING!  I was like JFC Daavaaad get ahold of yourself and GET AN ONTD SIGN!!!

She didn't know what ONTD was so I explained it to her and she was like, "should I act all shocked while holding this?"  She was totally super nice and amazing and of course I got an autograph too!


She really is incredibly famous - these two teenage girls that got to meet her as well were BAWLING their eyes out when they met her.  Like, mascara streaks down their cheeks they were crying so much!  Taylor was so personable.  She hugged every fan - even me!  She thanked everyone for coming, she asked what everyone's name was while signing their autographs, and she even signed multiple autographs for anyone that had more than one thing.  I was very impressed - all celebrities should be this gracious and humble.


King K

Sandra Bernhard is kinda dumb

Sandra Bernhard has said that Lady GaGa lacks longevity.

The comedian candidly discussed her lack of interest in the 'Paparazzi' singer as well as other contemporary female performers.

Bernhard told WWD: "Americans want their performers totally stripped down and vulnerable so they can go, 'Look at that idiot'. I can’t say that these are great times for young artists.

"There’s no longevity. Lady Gaga? I just don’t see any of the stuff lasting for very long."

Bernhard added: "I’ve always been more drawn to Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell and Chrissie Hynde and Tina Turner and Nina Simone. You sat there and it was like you were watching theatre because they were so committed."


& she's dumb not JUST because of this statement, but because of all of her annoying statements and her cattiness towards madonna (whom she did not include on this list of artists because of some stupid vendetta against her)