June 5th, 2009

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Jude Law Wants YOU


Jude Law gets up close and personal with photographers as he leaves Wyndhams Theatre after performing as Hamlet in London, England on Wednesday (June 3). 

The 36-year-old English actor recently said that Hamlet was, “a bit like a great song that’s been covered by a load of different singers!”

The BBC reviewed Jude’s performance, saying “He delivered the play’s big lines with ease, despite being made to shiver in a snow storm for his “To be or not to be” speech.”

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Damn, looking good! Also, I had no idea he was playing Hamlet. Sounds good.


.it appears there are no attractive people left for British TV.

Davina will be gurning like a constipated old fishwife. This year she is "power dressing" in leather that's way too shiny. Her thighs look bigger than usual. Anywho, that aside the bullshit twist to start this season off is that NONE of the contestants this year are housemates yet. This year they have to earn their housemate status, which I can only imagine will involve a number of inane tasks and random phone calls from Big Brother. It doesn't make sense but that doesn't matter, someone will be naked.

So let's meet this years collection of stanky skanks, mediawhores and absurd stereotypes...

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So this will be a hot mess. No surprises there. But I'll still watch in secret; BB for me is like bulimia.
[the source is my good ol' TV]
]the source is also the ch4 website: http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother]
second time lucky mods? source website added...

TJ Thyne News

TJ Thyne will star in an upcoming ultra low budget Sag agreement, "Shuffle".

"Shuffle" is the story of a man named Lovell Milo who, through no choice of his own, begins experiencing his life out of order. Through this detective odyssey he is catapulted back and forth across the spectrum of his life, where he discovers that the person he cares about most in the world - his childhood sweetheart and eventual wife - may be in grave danger. It's a "Twilight Zone"-style premise told with a Frank Capra heart, a fast-paced blend of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Ordinary People" and "It's a Wonderful Life". It's a love story. It's a mystery. It's the story of a life... told out of order.

"Shuffle" will star TJ Thyne (Fox’s hit show "Bones") as Lovell Milo, and is being written, directed and scored by Kurt Kuenne (filmmaker of 2008's highly acclaimed documentary "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father", released by MSNBC Films and Oscilloscope Laboratories). This marks the second time the two have worked together; the first was the popular short film "Validation" (2007), a multi-award-winning success at film festivals worldwide which has become an internet cult hit, and is currently one of the highest-rated films of all time on YouTube.


There needs to be more TJ Thyne fame.

Demi Lovato's album cover for Here We Go Again

"'I think 'Don't Forget' was a lot more Jonas sounding," says the 16-year-old Disney songstress and actress, who co-wrote much of that disc with the Jonas Brothers. "It had a little more of their feel on it. But this album is just me."

Lovato co-write one of the new songs, "Can't Stop the World," with Nick Jonas. Other collaborators this time include John Mayer on two tracks, "World of Chances" and "Shut Up and Love Me," singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin and The Academy Is... frontman William Beckett, who teamed with Lovato on "For the Love of a Daughter," which is about her relationship with her father after her parents' 1994 divorce."

Her album comes out July 21st.

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A.F.I. : Crash Love Baby!

Lenka Album News

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Lenka Kripac performs during SXSW at the Bat Bar on March 20, 2009]

A Little Bit About Lenka

Lenka [Kripac] is an Australian television actress turned ensemble musician with Decoder Ring, turned solo singer-songwriter, most famous worldwide for her song "The Show", which has been used in numerous advertisements, most notably for Old Navy.

Previously best known as an actress in Australia and as a host of a long-running children's breakfast cartoon program Cheez TV in Australia, she has appeared in numerous Australian television serials and feature films. She is now based in Los Angeles.

About Her Album, Lenka, To Be Released June 2009 (Other Areas)

Lenka, former vocalist for critically-acclaimed indie/electro outfit Decoder Ring, will release her self-titled solo debut on 29th June 2009.

Lead single, "The Show", will proceed this on the 15th June. The song takes a dour premise - that life is a show, and sometimes a pretty bad one - and delivers it with such aplomb that you can't help but grin as it erupts into a bold, brassy closing refrain of "I want my money back!". Lenka's fresh sensibility extends to every element of her music, as the whimsical paper art, stop-motion animated videos she creates with visual artist James Gulliver Hancock demonstrate. ( YOU'VE PROBABLY ALL HEARD THAT SONG BEFORE, THE SHOW ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nTSU-mFWGs )

Other album highlights include the spine-tingling "Trouble Is A Friend," "Wrote Me Out," co-written (strangely) with AFI's Hunter Burgan, the seductive "Force of Nature," "Dangerous & Sweet" with Howie Day (stranger still) on guest vocals and the lullaby-like "Don't Let Me Fall," with strings conducted by composer/arranger David Campbell (otherwise known as Beck's father). Producer Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Jay Z) arranged for the session to take place in one of the historic Capitol Records studios.

Video Of Lenka Performing "Wrote Me Out", Song Co-Written By Hunter Burgan !

More Info About Lenka

http://www.lenkamusic.com/, http://myspace.com/lenkamusic, http://www.youtube.com/user/lenkatv, http://twitter.com/LenkaMusic/, http://www.last.fm/music/Lenka (available full tracks are also linked above so you can listen !)

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Johnny Depp: Rain Rain Go Away


Johnny Depp gets soaked on the set of The Rum Diary in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Thursday (June 4).

The 45-year-old actor revealed in the July 2009 issue of Vanity Fair, that when he wants to relax, his family heads to Little Hall’s Bond Cay, his private, 45-acre island in the Bahamas.

“(The island) is my decompression,” Depp told Vanity Fair. “It’s my way of trying to return to normalcy … Escapism is survival to me…I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful,” Depp said of the island as a whole. “You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom. And that rare beast — simplicity — can be had. And a little morsel of anonymity … Whenever I was getting frustrated about being ‘novelty boy’ and making movies, I told myself, ‘Calm down.’ I can come down here and disappear. I spent the Christmas season here with Vanessa and the kids. You can feed hot dogs to the nurse sharks in the Exumas — but it’s best to not swim when doing it.”

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Best & Worst Movie Parents

In Away We Go, John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph play expectant parents traveling the US in search of the perfect location to raise their child who worry about how good they'll be at parenting. That got us thinking about some of the most extreme examples of good and bad parenting that we've ever seen in movies. We're not talking Atticus Finch here: we're looking at good moms like Sarah Connor and bad dads like Darth Vader. Below, take a look at our extreme list of the best and worst movie parents.

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my personal pick: DAWN DAVENPORT
Y SO SRS?!?!??!?!

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you guys, i met john krasinski last night.

he was sitting on a bench outside of anotheroom in tribeca, smoking a cigarette and hanging out w/ his dog. i wasn't sure if it was him so i was seriously staring. anyway, i asked him if i could pet his dog and if i could take a photo w/ him since i'm a huge fan. oh god, his voice is so smooth, it's like VELVET. we talked about dogs for a bit (and how mine would smell his dog's scent on me & go ape shit). he was totally chill and very polite. i'd hit it. times 5.

source: me, holla

sorry mods - uploaded resized pic to tinypic!

ETA - his dog is a red fox lab & i had to ask him several times because my heart was pounding in my frickin ears out of shock that I. WAS. TALKING. WITH. JOHN. KRASINSKI. and his name is finn, which i think is adorable. also, we shook hands and he has a very firm handshake. the conversation was like this:

e: hi, may i pet your dog?
j: sure!
*dog talk ensues*
e: (i stand up, offer my hand) hi, i'm erika. nice to meet you.
j: HI! it's nice to meet you!
*crazy fan talk ensues*
e: i never do this but i'm such a huge fan.. may i take a photo w/ you?
j: of course!
*then he proposes and i accept*
*then more dog talk and i leave, shaking and crying*

rodrigo is boss

Rodrigo is favourite to win Big Brother 10 already

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We don't even know who's going to make it past the first few days yet, but already the bookies are predicting who they think will win Big Brother this year. Ladbrokes has put Rodrigo straight in at the top with odds of 5/1, and he is followed by Charlie on 7/1, Kris on 8/1, and Sophia, also on 8/1. Coming in at the bottom are Angel and Saffia, both on 25/1. heatworld actually thought Angel was quite funny, especially when Marcus (aka Wolverine) walked in and she shrieked, "Oh, you luke like guy wiv motorbike." Hee hee. Rodrigo did do well last night, and he's just sooo pretty, isn't he?

To remind yourself of who's who, just click here.




brit ontders who is your fave?

go go disco!

The Taking of Denzel Washington's Reputation


Boo Boo, we go way back. From seeing you shuck and jive in Carbon Copy to fornicating in Mississippi Masala to bringing the legacy of Malcolm X to the masses - I have probably seen every movie you have ever made. However, the fuckery of what is your most recent movie premiere has caused me great pain. First, there's you and the 1984 shell-top Addidas you have on. SMH. Also, there are so many d-listers on YOUR red carpet that I thought I was looking at flicks from The Source awards. I know Travolta is in mourning but there had to be other actual like, stars, that could have come out to support you. An another thing, please get Pauletta hooked up with a chick who can throw some micro-braids in her hair or something. This bird's nest is going on twenty years now. I'm sure you're just as tired of looking at it as we are.

I'll be there on June 12th to support you but you gotta do me some favors too. At your next red carpet event I want to see people who make more than $500,000 a year from club appearances and E! reality shows, mmmmk?



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matthew lewis

Wonder Woman LYNDA CARTER is releasing an album, doing publicity

World Wonder
Lynda Carter talks about her new album, her upcoming show at the Kennedy Center and the importance of gay rights

While it may be four decades since her iconic character first twirled her way across American television sets, when Lynda Carter flashes her smile at you today it's impossible not to see the Wonder Woman within.

And given her status as an icon for a generation of gays and lesbians -- admit it, you've done the twirl, and likely more than once -- there's a certain level of cultural satisfaction in hearing her speak about gay issues.

Lynda Carter: ''If another guy said you were gay, you could get thrown out of the military, just someone suspecting you,'' she says, recalling the early days of the Clinton administration when the notorious ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' military policy became law. ''It was linked to all the crazy, far-right stuff.''

''I'm a very spiritual person and I have investigated a lot of different faiths. I'm married to a Jewish man, I bar and bat mitzvahed my children, I was raised Catholic, my father is a Mormon, my sister is an Evangelical,'' she says. ''This is a nation that has no business regulating religion because it's going to leave someone out and it ends up being tribal. There's no difference from [the] far right to any tribal group you see in Third World countries.''

And that's all before the interviewer asks the first question.

Interview includes:
*More on GLBT rights, being a gay icon
*Her theories on why there hasn't been a Wonder Woman movie yet
*Her response to being reminded she was once Miss World USA: "ARRRRGGHGHHHH!"
*Hates doing publicity.
*Her friendships with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova
*Her athletic passion now: Skeet shooting!

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This beautiful woman is 57 years old and looks flawless. Wonder Woman indeed! As a young gay boy, I loved her. Still do!

5 Things to Know About Adam Lambert's "Pal" Drake LaBry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since becoming American Idol's runner-up on May 20, Adam Lambert has been stepping out with a friend whom many Lambert fans recognize from the show. His name is Drake LaBry and a source tells PEOPLE, "He's been Adam's best friend and totally there with him through this whole [Idol] process." Several times he sat with Lambert's parents in the audience during the show.

Here are five things to know about Drake LaBry:

1. He's a Southern Gentleman
Despite being spotted partying at West Hollywood nightclubs like Guys & Dolls and shopping at Kitson, LaBry comes from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent to prove it. In fact, he still lives there – at least for now. "He comes to L.A. a lot and may end up moving here," a source tells PEOPLE.

2. He's an Artistic Type
LaBry is an interior designer and a painter, but "he is super normal and down-to-earth," the source says.

3. He's Been Inked
In addition to a tattoo on his arm, a source says he has two tattoos – birds, to be exact – on his chest.

4. He's No Fair-Weather Friend
LaBry and Lambert have been pals for years. "He has never experienced anything like this – the paparazzi or attention," the source says of LaBry and his sudden fame-by-association. "It's very shocking to him."

5. He's Got the Travel Bug
LaBry's backpacking trip with friends through France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain was documented in a series of YouTube clips that include footage of him swimming, waiting for a train, watching Shetland ponies and dancing to his iPod in the Swiss Alps. SOURCE

I love that Adam is the new Lance Bass. Any eye candy he dates will immediately become a D-Lister. Real question: who's the top and who's the bottom ONTD?

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Jennie Garth Makes Peter Facinelli dress up in bed

Actress Jennie Garth has an unusual way of spicing up her marriage to Twilight actor Peter Facinelli - she makes him pretend to be his vampire character in bed.

Facinelli plays Dr Cullen, the father of Robert Pattinson's character, in the original film and in upcoming sequel New Moon.

And the actor admits his wife is so fond of the fang-toothed doctor she makes him constantly roleplay to keep their eight-year marriage steamy.

He tells the New York Daily News, "She has me dress up like all the time. She says, 'Put the doctor's coat on!' I'm like, 'Again?'"


Dedicated to notgunnahappen 

Home & Away actors stay classy.

Martha = Cokehead jsyk

Home and Away star Jodi Gordon has been questioned by police after an apparently unfounded claim that armed men were trying to break into a suspected bikie's Sydney apartment.

Police went to the unit in Bellevue Hill on Wednesday afternoon after the male resident said five men, two with guns, were in his yard, News Limited reported on Friday.

The report said Gordon, 24, and the man were found hiding in a bedroom and the actress told police she had seen the armed men on CCTV cameras.

Police reportedly found no sign the incident had happened when they reviewed the footage, which showed only the male resident in the back yard.

The newspaper said Gordon agreed to talk to police and allegedly told them cocaine had been used that day, while the 29-year-old man allegedly said he could have been hallucinating.

Network Seven's director of programming and production, Tim Worner said the network had spoken to Gordon and their main concern was for her health and safety.

"We will make sure that Jodi gets whatever support and understanding she needs at this time," he told the paper.

Gordon was reported missing days earlier by her boyfriend Ryan Stokes, the paper said.

Meanwhile, another 'Home and Away' actor is at the centre of his own drama today.

Actor Lincoln Lewis, who will be competing on 'Dancing with the Stars', has admitted he filmed a sex tape with a teenage TV star.

Lewis says he regrets making the tape.

Source: YahooNews


Lincoln Lewis = Hot Pervert

LOGIE winning soap star Lincoln Lewis has admitted filming a sex tape with a teenage TV starlet and showing the footage to castmates and colleagues.

Channel 7 has disciplined the Home and Away heart-throb and son of Queensland rugby league legend Wally Lewis.

Report: Lincoln set to dance with the stars

"You do stupid things when you are young," a remorseful Lincoln Lewis said yesterday. "But you learn from your mistakes, that's part of growing up."

Lewis is understood to have filmed the sex tape with the unnamed actor on a mobile phone.

Sources said he had shown the footage to fellow cast members and crew, who had been unimpressed with his behaviour and urged him to get rid of the footage. It is believed the footage has since been deleted.

The drama came as Lewis was announced late yesterday as one of the celebrities for this year's Dancing With The Stars on Seven.

The network and his current girlfriend So You Think You Can Dance finalist Katrina Risteska will both have him under closer scrutiny so he doesn't put a foot wrong – on and off the show.

Lewis said he and Risteska "hit it off" after she did a guest role on Home and Away. "We're mates ever since," he said in an interview last month. "Then it just started to happen."

Lewis split with former Home And Away actor Indiana Evans last year. Evans has since relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast after landing a role on Network Ten's popular kids show H2O: Just Add Water.

There is precedent for Lewis to go well on Dancing With The Stars this year. Last year's winner was Home And Away heart-throb Luke Jacobz.

Lewis will join another Brisbane identity on the dance floor – congenitally blind paralympian Gerrard Gosens.

The other celebrities signed on are: world champion surfer Layne Beachley, swimsuit model Emily Scott, Morning Show presenter Kylie Gillies, Packed to the Rafters actor Jess McNamee, comedian Fiona O'Loughlin, footy legend Peter "Spida" Everitt, singer and actor Rob Mills, Today Tonight's Matt White, and country music star Adam Brand.

Insiders are understood to be taking the sex tape matter extremely seriously.

Seven programming director Tim Worner said the network stood by the young actor. "Lincoln is a young man of tremendous character," Worner said.

Source: News.com.au

Kristin Cavallari and Lo Bosworth lunch @ Lola's Cafe- 6/4

Earlier in the day, Kristin and Lo were spotted grabbing some girl time over lunch at Lola's café in Los Angeles while filming scenes for their hit MTV reality show.

Prior to that, Miss Cavallari attended to her physical fitness with a trip to a Santa Monica fitness facility for a workout session

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LOL @ Kristin's face in that pic.
bey hot
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Wale Says Lady Gaga Brings "Bad Girl" Vibe To Chillin'

When Wale announced the release of his single “Chillin’ ” in April, it was met with a few raised eyebrows. The D.C. MC had enlisted Lady Gaga for the track, and many wondered how the performance-art, dance-pop princess would fit in Wale’s world of go-go and clever flows. They also wondered if it were just an attempt to garner some notoriety for the up-and-coming rapper standing alongside the hugely popular Gaga.

Once the song was released, others wondered why he hadn’t just grabbed M.I.A for the hook; Gaga’s “Chillin’ ” chorus sounds eerily similar to M.I.A.’s world-traveled flow. When MTV News caught up with Wale on the video set for “Chillin’,” he said his goal was to go against the status quo of what a hip-hop track should sound like.

“Diddy, Kanye and Jay are always the first ones to do something, and I like to think of myself as the first person of the new class to kind of step out of the box,” Wale said. “It’s 2009 now. Jay-Z is doing sold-out arenas with Kelly Clarkson. It’s world music now. I want ‘Chillin’ ‘ to be a celebration of that.”

and for people who didn't see it:


Britney wants to meet the Queen~*

Britney Spears is reportedly eager to meet the Queen while she is in the UK on tour.

The 'Womanizer' singer, who kicked off an eight-date residency at London's O2 arena earlier this week, is thought to have expressed an interest in visiting Buckingham Palace while she is in the capital.

"Britney’s schedule has been crazy from the minute she hit our shores. But no way does she want to leave without visiting the Queen," an insider told The Mirror.

"She has told her aides she is desperate for her sons to rub shoulders with royalty. And she does not want to be disappointed.

"Britney loves everything the Royal Family stands for, so this would make a dream come true."

This is not the first time that the 27-year-old has been connected to the monarchy. During an appearance on The Frank Skinner Show in 2002, she admitted to exchanging emails with Prince William.

Megan - Back

Proof Teyana Taylor is gay - pimps females on webcam for money

MediaTakeOut.com has learned that 18 year old Teyana Taylor and her girls had some fun with a web cam yesterday - but they may have gone overboard.

As the photos show, two of Teyana's gal pals began disrobing and showing off their pierced body parts. Teyana, who didn't show her goods, just sat back and enjoyed the show.

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Adam Lambert already making enemies

While much of the chatter surrounding “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert has to do with speculation about his sexuality, the behind-the-scenes talk at many of the stops along Lambert’s publicity tour is how difficult he is to work with.

“He is such a diva. Rude to everyone — from fans right down to the lighting folks,” said one person who worked with Lambert.

“A-list celebrities have come through here and been infinitely more polite,” said another person who worked with Lambert during a stop in New York.

Lambert should change his attitude quickly, according to one music producer. “No one sells that many records these days to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. To be a success you need literally everyone in your corner.”



Jenna Fischer blogs about seeing the Obamas on date

<br/><a href="http://i42.tinypic.com/eug5lu.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Jenna Fischer got an unexpected surprise when she went to see Joe Turner's Come and Gone on Broadway last Saturday: Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Office
actress -- who is in NYC this summer shooting the indie film A Little Help -- writes on her MySpace page that she and her boyfriend "had horrible seats, but we didn't care because we got to see a play with the President!"

"Security around the theater was intense," she says, noting that they had to walk through a metal detector, get patted down and walk past a canine unit. "They blocked off the street around 7:30 p.m. People with tickets to the show had to wait down the block until after the President had arrived to the theater."

The President "was on time - even a little early - which I found impressive," Fischer writes. "Once he was settled, they let us load into the theater."

Once inside, we took our seats up in the balcony. The President and First Lady went to their seats just before the curtain went up," she says. "Everyone in the theater stood and applauded."

After the play ended, "the President and First Lady made a quick exit," Fischer says. "I'm not sure what we'll do this weekend, but I can't imagine it can top seeing a play with the President."
She sounds like she had fun. I can't wait for next season of The Office. Jim and Pam's storyline is the most interesting to me.


UCLA students trying to get Conan to speak at this year's commencement

After James Franco bailed on being UCLA's commencement speaker, the graduating class thought they found a back-up -- but the guy they picked is just a lil' too busy these days.

Almost 2,000 students signed up for a Facebook group dedicated to securing L.A.'s newest famous resident Conan O'Brien to replace Franco. But in an extremely polite statement to the students, Conan says he won't be able to fill Franco's shoes -- because he's too busy filling Leno's:

"I am honored to be asked but I am so busy launching "The Tonight Show" there just is not enough time to give this speech the preparation it deserves. I wish everyone in the class of 2009 the best and I am honored that they thought of me."

Maybe Jimmy Fallon's available?

Posting this as a graduating senior @ UCLA. The facebook group is here if anyone's interested. Last year Bill Clinton ended up canceling on UCLA as well. Graduation is on Friday the 12th, so yeah, short notice, but Franco canceled yesterday.


Aussie Comedy Skit Team Make Fun Of Dying Children

It looks as though The Chaser comedy crew may have gone too far for the final time.

The episode of the The Chaser's War on Everything that aired on the ABC last night contained a one-minute sketch that spoofed the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the respected non-profit charitable organisation that works to fulfill the dreams of terminally ill children.

The Chaser skit parodied the concept with the Make-A-Realistic-Wish Foundation, which Chaser team member Chris Taylor said was dedicated to "helping thousands of kids to lower their extravagance and selfishness in the face of death."

In case no one knows what they are, The Chaser's War on Everything is an AFI Award-winning Australian television comedy series broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television station ABC1. The satire's cast perform sketches mocking social and political issues, and often feature comedic publicity stunts.

Here is the skit:

1, 2, and 3
mabel 2

Sonic Youth: 'Radiohead made other musicians look bad'

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon has claimed that Radiohead showed up smaller, poorer bands with the release of 2007's 'In Rainbows', calling their release plan a "marketing ploy".

Radiohead let their fans pay as much or little as they wanted for the download release of the album, with many fans choosing to download it free.
Gordon has refuted the idea that the Oxford band put out the album off their own backs, criticising the plan.
"They did a marketing ploy by themselves and then got someone else to put it out," she told The Guardian.
She added: "It seemed really community-oriented, but it wasn't catered towards their musician brothers and sisters, who don't sell as many records as them.
It makes everyone else look bad for not offering their music for whatever.

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Source 1
Source 2

'Transformers' Tickets Now On Sale

You can now pre-order tickets for Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at MovieTickets.com, Moviefone and/or Fandango.

The movie, opening at midnight June 24th, will play in both conventional and IMAX theaters, is 2 hours and 24 minutes long, and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, language, some crude and sexual material, and brief drug material.

The sequel stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, John Benjamin Hickey, Ramon Rodriguez, Isabel Lucas and John Turturro.

Source: ComingSoon.net

No doubt, this is the biggest movie of the summer. Get your tickets in advance unless you wanna be the last one to see it. I run a movie theatre and I fucking hate when people show up right when the movie starts and are surprised that it's sold out.

Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs welcomes third son

<br/><a href="http://i44.tinypic.com/208tanq.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

The former Charmed actress kept her pregnancy a secret as it was considered high risk, but has now welcomed another healthy boy into her family.

Holly Marie Combs is now a mother to three little boys. She gave birth to Kelley James Donoho on May 26th. He was delivered at 35 weeks via an emergency C-section.

The actress said that her and her husband ”didn’t feel comfortable making any announcements until everyone was home healthy.”

She went on to tell Celebrity Baby blog, “We are and now it is time to celebrate. I, now a mother of three boys, will be going to take a nap!”
Holly has two other boys with her husband David Donaho. Riley Edward, 2 ½, and Finley Arthur, 5.
I'm so happy for her. Piper was my favorite (next to Chris) character on Charmed.

Did NPH Just Call Hugh Jackman Gay?

Neil Patrick Harris presented the Top Ten List on "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night. The subject: How you know you've hired a bad Tony Awards host. After rattling off nine pretty accurate reasons, NPH (who is hosting on Sunday) announced the No. 1 way you know a bad host has been hired: "He's straight."

I wonder how that sits with Hugh Jackman. Not only is he considered one of the best hosts the Tony Awards have ever had, but he won an Emmy for his work on the telecast. So either NPH just called Hugh Jackman gay (not the first) or dubbed him a bad host.

So...which is worse? Watch the video and see for yourself!


LOL, I'm sure Barney didn't mean it, but the implication is totes hilar!

Carradine's death 'may have been sex play accident'

Kung Fu and Kill Bill star David Carradine, who was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room yesterday, might have died from a botched attempt at auto-erotic asphyxiation, Thai police said today.

“There was a rope tied around his neck and another rope tied to his genitals, and the two ropes were tied together and they hung in the closet,” Lieutenant General Worapong Siewpreecha told reporters.

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Also, let us recall the accusations made by his ex-wife about his rather interesting sex life.
charli xcx 1

(no subject)


So are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt really that evil?

“They’re worse”, says comedian Angela V. Shelton who was voted off I’m a Celebrity … Get me out of Here! last night.

Opening up to the media during a press conference moments ago, she went on to say:”They are definitely people who are 24/7 on the J-O-B of promoting themselves. And you know what? Hey, that’s their gig. That’s what they do and it’s fine.”

Nonetheless, Angela is a little concerned about Spencer. “I think he’s very unhinged,” she says. “I’m trying to figure out how he passed the psyche evaluation and by what margin.” Claiming that the scene in which Spencer was seen slapping a drink out of her hand was much more shown on TV, she said: “I got hit! Do I believe he was trying to be physically threatening? Of course he was,” adding that “It was reprehensible.”

As for whether we’ll see Speidi back on the show Monday night when NBC airs another two-hour episode, she said, “We had a vote. We voted no. And they’re still getting an opportunity to come back.”

Making matters worse? It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Pratt quit far more than the three times we saw on TV. “They quit a good 10-20 times,” she says. “The last time we were like, ‘Bye, see you in the morning.’”



5 Life Lessons I Learned from John Lennon

Author Jerry Levitan shares 5 life lessons he learned from John Lennon.

Jerry Levitan had always dreamt of meeting John Lennon. But when his idol finally came to Toronto in 1969, Jerry did much more than just meet him: he got to spend an entire day with him, including an exclusive forty-minute interview. Now, forty years later, Levitan shares his day with Lennon in I Met the Walrus. Featuring never-before-seen photos of John and Yoko, John's doodles, the secret code to contact him, and his candid opinion on war, politics, and the scandalous Two Virgins album, I Met the Walrus is an absolute must-have for Lennon fans around the world -- and for anyone who's ever dreamed of meeting their hero. Below, Levitan remembers the five life-changing lessons that John Lennon taught him.

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The Wonder Girls Debut June 27th

The girls who had been confirmed to be the performing guests to Jonas Brothers‘ World Tour 2009, will be releasing a digital single on 27th June. And from 27th June all the way till mid August, they will be performing for the opening show to Jonas Brothers‘ World Tour concert. They will be performing the songs ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’ for the concert. And they will be performing the English versions to the songs.

One of the American staff said, ‘The song ‘Nobody’ is a great charming song for listeners of all ages from whatever nationality. Not only is the song perfect, the choreography is perfect.”

The girls will debut with their own charms and not having to transform into the other American artistes.” Park Jin Young will be the producer to the girls’ American debut, and unlike the other artistes trying to hit into the American market, he did not work with American producers for the girls’ debut.

And it is said that the Wonder Girls will release their American official debut album in September-October. The album will have songs written and composed by Jonas Brothers. The girls will also work with the Jonas Brothers to come up with a electronic house number.

Bad Romance

Kelly Ripa to Mark: Just Say No to Dancing

They want him, but Kelly Ripa's hubby Mark Consuelos ain't gonna be putting on his dancing shoes anytime soon.

Consuelos tells me that the producers of Dancing With the Stars have asked him to be on the show.

"I'd rather jump through a plate glass window on fire than dance in front of America," he says.

But Ripa must be wanting him to do a little jig or some waltzing, no?

"No!" Consuelos says. "She knows how bad I am. It would be so, so bad."

But that doesn't mean he's down on all reality TV. Far from it.

Case in point: Masters of Reception, a new reality show following a family-owned catering company in New Jersey, produced by Consuelos and Ripa's Milojo Productions, premieres next Friday on TLC.

Hmmm…Sounds like The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Manzo family, who own a catering hall called the Brownstone. "I love that show," Consuelos says of the Real Housewives, "but whatever feelings you get with that show, you are going to get the opposite feeling with Masters of Reception. It's a feel-good story."

And feel-good family stories are right up Mark and Kelly's street. No matter how busy they are, Consuelos says he and Ripa are with their three kids more often than people usually assume. He's now helping to promote Make Every Touch Count, a new Boys & Girls Club of America campaign promoting the importance of family.

"Unless I'm on location somewhere or she's on location, Monday through Friday we are sitting down between 6 and 6:30 and having family dinner," Consuelos says. "The kids are telling us what happened with school, and we're talking about how our day was, and then we tuck the kids in at night."

When Hayley says no, you listen.


Jeff Timmons to play in Hollywood Knights game on Saturday in Irvine

He's a late addition to the roster. Matt Czuchry was listed earlier in the week' but he's been scratched.

Woodbridge High School
2 Meadowbrook
Irvine, California 92604
Phone: 949-936-7845

Saturday, June 6, 6:00 PM

Ticket sales: $8.00 Pre-sale, $10.00 at the door, Children under 5 for free. Tickets can be purchased from the Activities Office from June 1st – 5th.

Other celebrities scheduled to play:
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Miley Cyrus To Design Clothes for Wal-Mart, Too Low-Class for Kohl's

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus is teaming with fashion designer Max Azria to create a clothing line for Wal-Mart, according to Women's Wear Daily.

Cyrus, who rose to fame as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, is working with Azria on a junior collection that includes tops, pants, graphic T-shirts and shoes, all priced at under $20. The collection is expected to be in stores and online in August.

Azria, who designs a higher-end namesake label and the moderately-priced BCBG Max Azria brand, often dresses the pop star for her red carpet events.

The new collection will bear both their names.


rosie o'donnell "i don't have a temper"

(CBS) Life may not always be "rosey" when confronted with the strongly opinionated comedienne and talk show host, Rosie O'Donnell. The outspoken actress, who is known for her comedic dialogue and rocky run on "The View," says it's really not a temper that drives her, it's her passion.

In an interview on CBS News Sunday Morning, anchored by Anthony Mason, on June 7, O’Donnell discusses her clashes with "The View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck about the war in Iraq, and her much-publicized feud with Donald Trump about the Miss USA Pageant.

"I don’t have a temper. I’ve never broken everything. I’ve never thrown a thing," she says. "But I have passion. If I feel passionate, you’re going to know."

Something O’Donnell is extremely passionate about is her charitable work, donating a rumored $50 million to various causes.

"I was very lucky to make a lot of money. More money than any human should make," she admits. "I have tremendous guilt issues about the money I have. And when I started making the money, I said to the money person, 'If I’m ever on the Forbes list of richest people, you’re fired. I never want to be on that list'."

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the last one is going to make me cry
omg ohno

Caught In the Act: Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto!

It looks like another heroes romance for Hayden Panettiere! She was spotted leaving the Teddy's Bar MTV Movie Awards after-party with her heroes co-star Zachary Quinto (Sylar) arm in arm! Things between Zachary and Rumer Willis must be all over, as he and Hayden were clearly heading home together in her car! If this turns out to be more than a one night thing Zachary will be Hayden's second co-star turned boyfriend from the Heroes cast, she broke up with Milo Ventimiglia late last year. Will these two try to deny this hook-up? We would like to see them try!

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TBH, I think he's bi. Maybe a little more gay. Let's say he's a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey Scale. (Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual.)

But seriously, WHAT? Either way, Hayden would be an upgrade from Rumer, if this were true. (Which it isn't, but w/e.)


Marriage is sacred

FOX picks up new reality show 'I Married A Stranger'

Fox is plotting to play matchmaker to a couple of marriage-starved strangers.

Net has picked up the pilot "I Married a Stranger," from A. Smith and Co., the shingle behind "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares."

Production has already been completed on the pilot, which centers on a woman who is in her late 30s and is eager to get hitched. A group of friends and family are presented with five eligible men, and the group slowly picks off the guys until one is left standing.

As each man is booted out, the bride-to-be gets her first look ("Dating Game" style) at who she won't be marrying. By the end of the episode, she finally meets the guy she's going to marry -- and the ceremony is held. Each week focuses on another potential coupling.

Fox is no stranger to marriage skeins, having been behind "Married by America" and the special "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire."

But insiders promise that "Stranger" isn't as loud as those notorious programs, but instead spends a great deal of time on backstory and learning what brought the bride-to-be to this point.

A. Smith principal Arthur Smith will exec produce, along with the company's Kent Weed. Scott Jeffress ("A Shot at Love") will also exec produce.

A. Smith's other credits include "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" and "Crash Course," both of which air on ABC this summer, as well as "Pros vs. Joes" and "Trading Spaces."



Two more actors are added to the cast ensemble of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Bringing forth the news was Snitch Seeker which claimed that both Percy Weasley and an unnamed Snatcher have each got an actor attached to the roles.

The Percy Weasley character will be once again portrayed by 25-year-old Chris Rankin, who has taken on the part since the first "Harry Potter" film in 2001, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". The actor's involvement in the project was confirmed by his agency Stacey Castro Media on Friday, May 29.

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Tom - smile

Nine Year Old Slumdog Star Writes Memoir

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali is writing her life-story - at the age of nine.
Ali was plucked from the slums of Mumbai, India to star in Danny Boyle's multiple Oscar-winning movie.
Since the movie's release, the young actress has travelled the world on a whirlwind promotional tour.
Just months after she returned home, Ali was left homeless when Indian authorities demolished her family home. Her father was also hospitalised after police allegedly beat him to force the family to leave their residence.
She has since been offered two new homes by the Indian government and a trust set up by Slumdog's filmmakers for her and young co-star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail.
Ali's autobiography, Slumdog Dreaming: My Journey to the Stars, will be released in the U.K. and U.S. on 16 July.
A statement from publishers TransWorld promises, "(Ali) tells her own incredible story, from playing marbles with her friends beside the sewers of Garib Nagar in Mumbai, to dancing along to the Bollywood films she and her family watch on their old television set."


tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco photoshoot

Fernando Verdasco is one Spaniard who is in at the moment. His qualitative step forward from the tennis courts and his media impact have risen like foam and there are several magazines trying to interview him or to have him on their covers. He represents the fresh new image of a healthy sportsman and a fighter who is starting to pursue his dreams and whose presence catches the female's attention.

Months ago Fer was on the Revolution's Magazine cover, and now DT is the one who brings to us a new glimpse of the boy from Madrid. Verdasco has already commented that fashion and entertainment world looks attractive to him, and he is considering to become an actor in the future.

Though he was defeated recently in the French Open by Nikolay Davydenko in the fourth round (6-2, 6-4, 6-2), here the world number eight flaunts his Latin hotness for photographer Sergi Margalef, and tells DT magazine that he wants to become an actor when he retires from tennis. With 007 in mind?

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source: 1 2 & blurb

The Guardian reviews Britney's UK tour

O2 Arena, London
3 out of 5

Britney Spears' live show opens with the unlovely face of blogger Perez Hilton looming down from the video screens: in keeping with the tour's circus theme, he's dressed as the legendary 16th-century trapeze artist Queen Elizabeth I.

The starring role for Hilton seems to confirm the central point about Spears' first world tour since 2004: it's not really about music, it's about gossip.

The audience can't possibly have turned up in order to hear her greatest hits sung live, given that everyone seems to accept that Spears isn't singing live - certainly there are moments when Spears could no more obviously be miming were she wearing white face make-up and pretending to walk against the wind.

Instead, they've presumably paid for the rubberneck value of being in the same, albeit huge, room as the woman who, in the five years since she last performed in London, went from America's sweetheart to being removed from her house strapped to a gurney while the world's media gawped. The soundtrack - mostly drawn from her last two albums, which means it's big on distorted synthesizers, auto-tuned vocals and songs telling the press to get stuffed - is virtually besides the point.

Alternatively, they might have coughed up in order to see a grand spectacle, in which case, they certainly get their money's worth: there are men doing aerial acrobatics in gimp masks, martial artists, a mock striptease and magician who saws Spears in half.

The costumes are pretty skimpy and there's nowhere the set designers haven't contrived to put a pole for her to gyrate around. And yet there's something unsexy about all of it, possibly because there's something weirdly characterless about the woman at its centre: you'd happily trade some of the special effects for the sense of Spears actually engaging with her audience rather than slickly going through the motions.

Still, you might reasonably argue that in recent years, Spears was characterful enough to last anyone a lifetime: maybe antiseptic normality is precisely what she's setting out to project.

Disco Darcy

Robert Pattinson & James Franco Fight for Jeff Buckley Role


Because the creative drought in Hollywood isn’t letting up anytime soon, what better time than the present to roll out yet another musician’s biopic? Since we’ve already dispensed with the obligatory Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash flicks and aren’t quite ready for a look into Freddie Mercury’s life, why not settle on the man who gave capable and unfortunate musicians alike a chance to sing their own “Hallelujah"s?

Currently competing for the chance to play Jeff Buckley are heart-throbs Robert Pattinson and James Franco. Since auditions and line-readings are things of a former era in the world of casting, the final decision will probably come down to whichever thesp can demonstrate the dreamiest Buckley pout.

Oh and here's Jeff Buckley:


Jessica Biel does Gotham Magazine

Jessica Biel dons a little black dress to steam up the pages of Gotham magazine, on stands Monday.

Jessica's 1930s sex appeal is a nod to her latest movie, the period piece 'Easy Virtue,' and she tells the magazine that her fiesty character has all the characteristics that she wants to be as an actual women saying, "She's so effortlessly witty and sarcastic and fantastic and glamorous and tough, and she's cool as a cucumber -- but at the same time extremely vulnerable, and a real person who is hurt by these experiences."

As for her modern-day mark as a sex symbol, she says, "I've made a mark, all right. But balancing the idea of being very sexy and then also being really attainable, kind of a girl-next door quality, is really important."

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Megan Fox: Guys Are "Weak. Like Puppies."

Seeing as she's no stranger to speaking her mind, we knew it was only a matter of time before Megan Fox would once again come around to offer up some more brutally honest thoughts and opinions.

Sure enough, the Transformers starlet does just that during an interview for British GQ, in which she tackles a barrage of questions without ever flinching, except, of course, to get some sexy poses on.

Here are some of the highlights…

Her chosen profession: "When you think about it, we're kind of prostitutes. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone, touching someone…It's really kind of gross."

Fame: "It doesn't mean anything. Anyone can be famous."

Marijuana: "I hope they legalize it and when they do I'll be the first f--king person in line to buy my pack of joints."

Guys who come on to her: "Retards. Ridiculous. So pathetic!"

Guys in general: "Weak. Like puppies."

Seemingly socially conscious actresses: "They all sit on David Letterman in their little summer dresses with their legs crossed and talk about how much they love going green and they love Priuses…None of them are real people. They play into exactly what society says women should be. And I'm not going to do that. I mean, I think it's great to want to save the environment. So do I. But I don't want to sit and just talk about that."

To which she adds, "I would rather have an image that is wild and promiscuous than to go out of my way to be proper all of the time."

Something tells us that shouldn't be a problem.


Parts of this were posted, like the prostitute and marijuana quotes, but the rest weren't.
Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Lost's Emilie de Ravin & Husband Divorcing

Lost star Emilie de Ravin and Josh Janowicz are getting a divorce after three years of marriage, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

De Ravin and Janowicz, both 27, dated for four years before they married in June 2006 in Australia and moved to Los Angeles. "Emilie and her husband have filed for divorce," her rep, Jeff Raymond, tells PEOPLE. "They have recently been living separately and remain friends."

The actress this summer films Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, and will return to Lost for its sixth and final season. She's also in the Michael Mann-directed Public Enemies with Johnny Depp.

Janowicz has appeared in The Nature of Space & Time and On the Doll.


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What the hell kind of outfit is this?

Most of these pictures are tilted, because the pap fell over in shock after gazing his eyes upon the fuggery on Drew Barrymore's body! Who in the what in the where?! Homegirl looks like Grunge 90s Pillow Person. Is there such thing as a Clothestime outlet, because that's the only place I can think of where Drew got this fugsemble. Well, unless Donna Martin had a yard sale.

This is some shit I would've pulled in junior high school (laugh all you want!). I would've taken straps from an old backpack, glued them to an Ikea bed sheet, slipped it over torn jeans, put on my Docs and busted out the door thinking I looked like THE SHIT. When in fact I really just looked like shit.

Here's Drew single-handedly killing the 90s while out with Justin Long in Hollywood last night.

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First Black Playmate of the Year Steals from Children

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sure she's naughty -- but 2009 Playmate of the Year Ida Ljungqvist is also accused of being a very bad girl ... the kind who steals child support from someone else's family.

Ida -- (32-21-35) -- is being sued by a soon-to-be divorced woman named Katrina Kantner, who claims the centerfold and Mr. Kantner schemed to funnel thousands of dollars in child support money meant for Katrina and her children.

Kantner claims her husband has given Ida over $90,000 in cash and gifts -- while during the same period, he's been stiffing Katrina out of the $10,000 a month he owes her in child and spousal support.

In the suit, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, Kantner says Ida knew exactly what she was doing -- and wants all the money back, plus interest.

If you're judging Ida from the accusations in this case -- be careful, one of her turn-off's is "close-mindedness."
beyonce // wdylm

Jay-Z: Death Of Autotune

one of the most popular radio stations in the country Hot 97 played Jay-Z's brand new song.

basically everyone on twitter is flipping out.

source: my twitter and hot97.com

what do you guys think? should people stop using autotune? is this record hot? etc.

i personally love it. it's not really radio friendly or a number 1 hit but jay is telling the truth and i'm glad he's back. HE GOT THE INTERNET GOIN NUTZ~
Evan Bookbag

Evan Dando sues GM

LOS ANGELES (AP) - June 5, 2009 -- Lemonheads founder Evan Dando is suing General Motors, saying the auto giant copied one of his songs for an ad.

Dando sued GM and advertising and licensing firms in federal court Thursday, claiming the automaker violated his copyright on The Lemonheads song "It's a Shame About Ray." The complaint alleges the song was re-recorded and included in a 2008 TV campaign for Chevrolets and Buicks.

Dando seeks damages and a portion of profits from the campaign.

GM, which sought federal bankruptcy protection this week, and the licensing firm Asche & Spencer Music, Inc. did not immediately respond to calls Friday.

The Lemonheads had several hits in the 1990s, including "Into Your Arms" and a remake of "Mrs. Robinson."


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My favorite pocket pyromaniac, Aaron Stanford, and the flawless Rosemarie DeWitt (with the approval of Jacob Fishel from all over your television and Nicole Vicius from the rollerskating Diet Coke commercial) present:

How I Got Lost

It's showing at the Dances With Films festival in LA. It's in LA at the Lammele Sunset 5 on 8000 W. Sunset BLVD at Fairfax at 9:30. There's also going to be a pre-screening party at Sushi Dan (the ont next to the theatre) at 8:30. Tickets available here. More info @ Source 4. Get your ONTD signs ready!

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And since this was written and directed by Joe Leonard, one of the editors on Glee, feel free to use this post for your Glee gif pleasure. It's totally relevant.


Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Photo Soucres: 1, 2

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof transfers from Broadway to West End

It is now confirmed that the Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, will open at the Novello Theatre on 1 Dec 2009, following previews from 22 Nov - booking to 10 Apr 2010.

(Tickets on sale from Mon 8 June 2009)

The production opened on Broadway in 2008, and like on Broadway, will feature an all black cast including, James Earl Jones as ‘Big Daddy’ and Phylicia Rashad as ‘Big Mama’, who both played the parts on Broadway. Joining them will be Adrian Lester as ‘Brick’ and Sanaa Lathan ‘Maggie’. Further casting will be announced shortly.

Debbie Allen, as on Broadway, will direct and will be produced in London by its Broadway producers Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones.

Hypocrisy, greed and secret passions threaten to tear apart a wealthy but dysfunctional Mississippi family . Cat on a Hot Tin Roof portrays the larger-than-life characters of Maggie, her alcoholic husband, Brick, and the dominating family.

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Megan Fox at it again

Megan Fox hates screen kissing.

The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star reckons food from an actor’s mouth went into hers during one intimate scene.

“Oh my God! Screen kissing is f****** gross,” she said. “This one kid I had to kiss had just eaten. And he passed a piece of whatever it was into my mouth. Not on purpose, like it was in his tooth or something. And it was really salty. I almost cried. I was a bitch for the rest of the day.”

However, Megan 23, isn’t completely against locking lips with her co-stars — she recently praised Shia LaBeouf’s kissing technique.

“I’ve said it before, he’s a really good kisser,” Fox said. “It’s always awkward, you’re on set with a bunch of grown men, sweaty sitting outside, carrying camera equipment and wanting to take their break, and you’re having to kiss!”


Hilary Duff to grand marshall the Meijer 300 @ Kentucky Speedway

SPARTA, KY. - Actress, singer-songwriter and philanthropist Hilary Duff will encourage Kentucky Speedway fans to donate new and used backpacks to the "Blessings in a Backpack" charity when she serves as grand marshal of the June 13 NASCAR Nationwide Series “Meijer 300 Presented by Ritz.”

Ms. Duff is a national spokeswoman for the charity which supplements food donations for kindergarten through fifth grade students enrolled in Title 1 public schools that qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Meal Program. Backpacks are filled with staple items children take home for weekends.

Race day backpack donations will directly benefit Kentucky students and will be accepted at the Meijer display near the speedway main gate.

Ms. Duff and 24 students from Gallatin Co. Schools will participate in several activities at the track including a pit-road bike relay race before she delivers the command for 43 drivers to fire their engines for the ninth NASCAR Nationwide Series event in Kentucky Speedway history.

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