June 4th, 2009

flexin tepps.

Becki Newton covers Lucky Magazine

Becki Newton loves a bargain!

The 30-year-old Ugly Betty actress, who plays the deliciously catty receptionist Amanda, takes the July 2009 cover of Lucky magazine.

Becki shared at the cover shoot, “I get excited around summer clothes—it’s the one season when you can put together a whole outfit without spending tons of money.”

She also shared her charmingly low-key style mantra: “It’s about being at ease in what you wear, whether it’s an amazing gown or purple hot pants.”

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Russian supermodel NATALIA VODIANOVA takes a tour of Moscow...

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Supermodel supernova
Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova's life has been a classic rags-to-riches fairytale, taking her from poverty in provincial Russia to a cosmopolitan life of wealth and aristocracy.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova was discovered in Moscow in a classic rags-to-riches tale.

Her intelligence, poise and charm (as well as stunning features and long limbs), have propelled her from anonymity to being one of the most recognizable and respected models in the fashion industry.

Her success has earned her the nickname Supernova.

Not content to grace the covers of glossy magazines and the catwalks of the world's glamorous fashion capitals, Vodianova has also carved a role as a philanthropist.

In 2005 she founded the Naked Heart Foundation, a charity that builds playgrounds for children across Russia.

"Giving back just feels so great and I always try to open each play park with myself being present for the children because it makes it more special for them. I go to very remote parts of Russia that are far from Moscow and it gives these children an extra message of love," she told CNN.

Vodianova was born on February 28 1982 in Nizhni Novgorod, the fourth largest city in Russia. She lived in a poor district of the city with her mother and two sisters, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

The young Vodianova was regularly taken to the opera and the ballet by her grandparents. They offered some respite from the troubles at home and taught her the importance of manners.

When Vodianova was 11 she began to help out on the family's fruit stall, and at the age of 15 she had moved into her own apartment with her best friend.
"It was a lot of survival and a lot of struggling but overall we were a good team," Vodianova told CNN.
"We worked really hard, all of us, and stood up for each other. My mum was amazing -- she lived for us. I appreciate what she has done for me and the way she raised me."

In 1999 a Parisian model scout held an open casting in Nizhni Novgorod. Vodianova impressed him and he sent her to Paris to sign with Viva Models on the condition that she learn English within three months. Luckily for her she took his advice.

A year later Vodianova would find herself settled in Paris and sitting at a dinner party in the Pompidou Center restaurant. It was there she met artistic, English aristocratic playboy the Honorable Justin Portman, third son of the late Viscount Edward Henry Berkeley Portman.

The Portman family is one of the wealthiest in Britain, owning over 100 acres of prime land in central London and 3000 acres in Herefordshire, as well as expansive properties in Antigua and Australia.

The pair fell in love and after a quick civil wedding Vodianova gave birth to their first child, Lucas, in December 2001, when she was still only 19.

Vodianova lost a huge amount of weight after the birth and just a few weeks later at the castings for Paris Fashion Week she was the clear favorite among the designers. She opened and closed the prestigious Yves Saint Laurent show, as well as 40 other runway bookings and landed a Gucci perfume campaign, shot by iconic fashion photographer Mario Testino.

On September 1 2002, Vodianova and Portman were married again, this time in a ceremony at St Vladimir's Cathedral in St Petersburg, followed by a lavish reception for 110 guests at the Palace of Catherine the Great.

Over the next few years two more children followed. Her daughter Neva was born in March 2006 and another son, Viktor, was born in September 2007.

Vodianova still found time to walk the runway for the world's great fashion houses, including Chanel, Givenchy, Versace, Balenciaga, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and her good friend Diane Von Furstenberg.

She "officially" retired from the catwalk after Valentino's emotional final show, during the Spring/Summer 2008 season. Afterwards, Vodianova took Valentino for a well-deserved holiday to her much-loved city of Moscow.

"Moscow is the heart of my country so it gathers the best of what I love about my country - and I can find it all here in this place. I love the people, I love what I find here, I love being here and it's sad that I don't actually live here. It would be my dream" Vodianova told CNN.

Following a brief return to the catwalk for Diane Von Furstenberg and Balenciaga at the end of 2008 the supermodel is now fronting campaigns for Calvin Klein and David Yurman jewelry.

At the age of 27 Natalia Vodianova has achieved more than most people could ever dream of. She's got age on her side, as well as beauty, fame and fortune, and yet she remains admirably grounded.

"The most important things to me are my children, my family and my husband. It's really about people in general -- I really love people and I try to never say no if someone needs my help."

Videos (cannot embed, sorry, plz visit source below) of Vodianova taking a tour of Moscow

This is from earlier last month, but I thought the photos were beautiful... Her accent is gorgeous <3

**Changed pic, thanks mods**

Slytherin: not denial

Fantasy writer David Eddings has died

Best-selling fantasy writer David Eddings has died at the age of 77. He is best known for The Belgariad and The Malloreon series but his career spanned almost 30 books, most co-written with his wife Leigh who passed away February 28, 2007. His last book was The Younger Gods published in 2006.

Eddings was famously old-fashioned, never using a typewriter or computer (he wrote out his scripts in long-hand) and was well-known for being self-effacing, once remarking, "I'm never going to be in danger of getting a Nobel Prize for literature." He was most pleased when told that his books had turned nonreaders into booklovers. "I look upon this as perhaps my purpose in life," he explained in a 1997 interview. "I am here to teach a generation or two how to read. After they've finished with me and I don't challenge them any more, they can move on to somebody important like Homer or Milton."

Eddigs started his writing career in general fiction. According to an essay in his own book The Rivan Codex he was in a book shop one day and was shocked when he found out that The Lord Of The Rings was still selling in it's seventy-something printing - and decided to start writing fantasy instead.

source & source
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Denzel Washington says he's too old to play Obama

Denzel Washington has said that he is too old to play Barack Obama in a movie.

The Oscar-winner admitted that he thinks it will be years before the US president's life is made into a film, therefore making the role more suitable for a younger actor, IMDB reports.

"When Obama's story is ready to be told, I'll be too old to do it," the 'American Gangster' star said.

The 54-year-old also noted that even if the film was made now, the head of state is far too busy to help him make the role seem convincing.

"He has too much to do to have me asking for tips on how to play him," Washington added.



aka i like girls who wear abercrombie & fitch

From their myspace:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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LFO is back together.
LFO is going on tour.
July 9 - Atlanta
July 10 - West Columbia, SC
July 11 - Akron, OH
July 13 - Boston
July 14 - Poughkeepsie, NY
July 17 - Phili
July 18 - NYC
July 21 - Allentown, PA
July 22 - Syracuse
July 23 - VA Beach
July 25 - Orlando

More dates confirming daily.
All tickets include a meet & greet with LFO. There are a very limited amount of VIP tickets available for each show which includes sound check access, time with us on our bus, and backstage access where available. Details for all shows can be found under our Upcoming Shows section of our Myspace Page.
We are VERY excited to get back out there with you guys.
More news to come.
Much Love,
source http://www.myspace.com/lfomusic

lmao, i wonder if rich is reading this

stupid cut doesnt work :(

Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

De Ravin, Brosnan, Cooper join 'Remember Me'

Robert Pattinson stars in Summit drama

Summit Entertainment has set Emilie de Ravin ("Lost"), Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper to star alongside Robert Pattinson in "Remember Me," the Allen Coulter-directed drama that begins production in New York on June 15.

Lena Olin is negotiating to join the cast.

Pattinson plays a young man whose brother's suicide has split up his parents (Brosnan and Olin) and left him sleepwalking through life. De Ravin will play a young woman who, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes, seizes life to its fullest. Cooper is being courted to play her father.

Will Fetters penned the script, with a rewrite by Jenny Lumet ("Rachel Getting Married"). Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson are producing through their Underground Films banner.

De Ravin next will be seen in the Michael Mann-directed "Public Enemies."

Brosnan just completed the Roman Polanski-directed "The Ghost" and is shooting the Chris Columbus-helmed "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief."



omg i love this cockney so much

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Danny Dyer has branded Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden as the "one of the least talented people in the UK".

Writing in his Zoo column, the Doghouse star said that it was laughable that Holden had been employed to judge other people on their talent.

"[She] really f***s me off. I know she is an actress but I'd say she's one of the least talented people in the UK, so how she can sit there and say who's got talent is beyond me," he said.

"The only reason that bird first became famous was by having a roll-about with Les Dennis. Now it's sitting there, clapping its hands and giving advice. It makes me feel f*****g sick."

The 31-year-old went on to say that he was not a fan of fellow judge Piers Morgan either, describing him as a "snake".

"I don’t know why [Simon Cowell] rolled in someone like Morgan, a tosser who just loves being famous. Now Morgan’s swanning around acting like he’s the bollocks."

Doghouse opens in the UK on June 12.


sauce; http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/a158097/danny-dyer-blasts-talentless-holden.html

Michael Jackson hunger strike

Thriller singer Jacko, who is 5ft 10ins, is said to be terrified that piling on the pounds could ruin his chances of beating skin cancer. So he is insisting on eating just one meal a day. A source said: “Michael has a phobia about getting fat.

“He doesn’t want to put on any weight at all. It’s not healthy for him because he weighs less than nine stone now. But he is insistent that he’ll only eat once a day and is adamant that’s enough food from him. He’s very thin and frail."

Jacko, 50 — hit by the skin cancer diagnosis last month — has already had painful shave biopsies on his chest, arm and nose to remove potentially lethal growths. He visited a cancer clinic in Beverly Hills on Monday.

He has told friends he fears the cancer will make his nose fall off. The Sun revealed he will not have to undergo radiotherapy. But there are fears the singer may not be strong enough to go ahead with 50 gigs at the O2 in London this summer. Jacko has already shelved four shows.

george jetson

Mary-Kate Olsen Joins Vanessa Hudgens in ‘Beastly’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Vanessa Hudgens must be more than excited — she gets to work side-by-side with one of her fashion icons — Mary-Kate Olsen.

Variety reports that Mary-Kate, 22, will join Vanessa and Alex Pettyfer in Montreal to film Beastly. She’ll be playing Kendra, a girl who places a curse on a Alex’s Kyle, who’s physically transformed into everything he despises.

Beastly, set in Manhattan, is about a popular kid with a mean streak who ditches a date. His date, Kendra, turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell. Shooting begins June 13 in Montreal.

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Real Housewives' Simon: Stop Asking Me if I'm Gay!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Get it straight, says Real Housewives of New York City Simon van Kempen: He's not gay.

"If I was gay, I would be gay, but I'm not!" he told Usmagazine.com Wednesday at the AWRT Gracie Awards Gala in NYC. "I don't want to have sex with men!"

The stars of the hit Bravo show have long poked fun at Simon's love for shopping and pampering. On the recent reunion show, Jill Zarin even told Simon's wife Alex McCord that Simon is gay - he just doesn't know it yet.

"If other manifestations of gay means that I like to wear nice clothes and go shopping, then I guess that's fine!"
he told Us. "I love fashion, but I love my beautiful wife. That makes me gay?"

He then quipped, "I mean, I've worn Speedos therefore I must be gay!"

"Hopefully, in season three we can get over that,"
he told Us. "I am Simon, I am not anything more than that. I'm just a loving husband."

george jetson

Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni Set to Return

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A new deal is in the works to bring Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni back to Law & Order SVU for an eleventh season. Hargitay flew to L.A. last week to discuss the details with creator Dick Wolf, and the agreement is expected to be announced within the week.

Negotiations over Hargitay and Meloni’s contracts have been protracted, fueling speculation about whether the stars would return to the crime drama. NBC co-chair Marc Graboff told reporters in early May there was “an offer on the table” to Hargitay and Meloni, but that the show would go on with or without them.

Now a source has confirmed that several new scripts, incorporating Hargitay and Meloni’s characters—Dets. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler—have already been written and the actors are expected to go before the cameras in two months.

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Assault by glitter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kristin Cavallari annoys almost as many people in real life as she does on TV. The star of "The Hills" was hosting a fashion show at club Tantra in St. Maarten with Victoria's Secret beauty Selita Ebanks when she decided to playfully toss some glitter at catwalking models, who didn't appreciate the gesture. "After the show, four of the models had to be restrained from trying to start a fight with her while she was in the DJ booth with Robert Iler and DJ Ruckus," says a spy. "One of them grabbed her by the hair before the fracas got broken up." Club security eventually escorted the miffed models out before anyone broke a nail.

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N.J. Housewives' Caroline: I'm Not Insane

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Caroline Manzo, the matriarch of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has no desire to be friends with Danielle Staub.

However, she insists, it has nothing to do with learning that Danielle has a sordid past that includes a major run-in with the law when she was hanging with some very shady characters.

"She's never going to be my friend," Caroline said. "I worry about the Danielle that I deal with on a daily basis today. Her past is where it should be—in the past. The Danielle that I see today, I don't like and it has nothing to do with her past."

Read on for Caroline's take on Danielle's former life, her dirty dancing with son Albie and why no one should be offended by the antigay slur hurled on last night's episode by Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe.
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george jetson

NBC Exec: Speidi Is 'Everything That's Wrong with America'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After a number of conflicting reports surfaced in the media, it's official that media darlings Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are returning to the jungle to complete their run on NBC's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

The duo had already tried to quit the NBC reality show twice, and went as far as planting decoys at LAX to give the illusion that the couple had returned home.

Their childish antics will not go without consequences according to NBC's Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy. In an exclusive statement to Ryan Seacrest, Telegdy explained how Speidi will be dealt with back in the jungle:

"They are everything that's wrong with America...they are insincere, lazy, entitled and they claim the devil has possessed them.

They are back and this time they are contrite...yeah right. What they don't realise is that they are now going to be examined and their value system utterly deconstructed.

They are going to spend the night somewhere in isolation and guarded with lots of surprises...but not traditional reality [stunts].

These people really are going to bare their souls."

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Pharrell Goes In for Rihanna

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Pharrell has placed his Midas touch on records for a who’s who of divas including Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé. Now Skateboard P is giving Rihanna the golden treatment.

“I’m going in with Rihanna,” The Neptunes frontman told Billboard in a recent interview. This is the first time the two have collaborated together.

Rihanna was seen dancing onstage at a N.E.R.D. show in April.

In addition to the pop princess, the producer-turned-singer has been in the studio with Shakira, Usher, Incubus, and Sara Bareilles. He’s also finishing up N.E.R.D.’s fourth album.

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Kelly Bensimon Says Danielle Staub ‘Deserves a Second Chance’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub, whose sordid past was dug up on the show, is getting some sympathy from her New York neighbors, including troublemaker Kelly Bensimon.

“Everybody deserves a second chance,” Bensimon told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s 34th Annual Women in Radio & Television’s Gracie Awards in New York. “If you’ve made a mistake in life, you have two choices, you can either sit in the Lazy-Boy and eat popcorn and talk about it, or you can get out and do something fun. And I think that’s what she’s doing. I like her courage.”

Bensimon’s outspoken costar Jill Zarin said she feels sorry for Stuab, whose mug shot and arrest record was the subject of a book, Cop Without a Badge, discovered by her costars.

“This is something that happened a long time ago. It’s dead and buried in her real life, and it should never have been brought up,” Zarin said. “But because she’s on a reality show, if you’ve been arrested and have a record, it’s going to come out. If you’re divorced, it’s going to come out. If you’ve lied about things, it’s going to come out. I think she should have known that.”
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jane fonda

Sigourney Weaver joins sci fi comedy Paul and Disney film You Again

Sigourney Weaver
has been set to star in “You Again” for Disney and is in talks to join the Greg Mottola-directed comedy “Paul” for Universal and Working Title.

Weaver will first shoot “Paul,” a comedy about two sci-fi fans (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) who come across an escaped alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) near Area 51 and try to help it escape. Weaver, who toplined four “Alien” films, is keeping the role she plays under wraps.

She will then star in “You Again” with Kristen Bell for director Andy Fickman. Bell will play a young woman who returns home for her brother’s wedding and is horrified to find he’s marrying her high school nemesis. Weaver will play the bride’s filthy-rich aunt.

Weaver will next star in the James Cameron-directed “Avatar” for 20th Century Fox.


I am so happy that at 60 she is still getting this much work. It still pales in comparison to her work in the 80's and 90''s but she's faring a lot better than most actresses her age. 

Black Sigourney Weaver/White Michelle Obama. y/y?

Jewel Julie

Kalki Koechlin in ANDpersand Magazine!

Kalki Koechlin, the French-Indian actress from Dev.D, was recently featured on the cover of ANDpersand Magazine. I couldn't find the whole interview, but this is a good synopsis:

The PYT, in her interview to the magazine, says, "My life has gone back to normal after Dev D, you know. I am busy doing my theatre, and haven't been to the beauty parlour in three weeks!"

And talking about her firang face that rests on an Indian heart, Kalki is candid enough to say, "I am as Indian as you are, I just don't look one. The media is constantly asking me when I am going back to France, but they don't get that this is where I have been my whole life. "

Darling Kalki, we are not sure of other 'media', but, as far as we are concerned, we know all about you, including the fact that you were once mistaken to be Avril Lavigne in London. And that you are dying to work with the ace director Vishal Bhardwaj.

Kalki is currently performing in her play The Skeleton Woman. As she says, "Skeleton Woman is based on a folk lore of the Inuit Tribe, who live in the North Pole. The story is about a couple, where the man is a writer who lives in his imaginary world, while the wife is very grounded. As the play progresses, the husband begins to believe in what he writes to be the real world, which results in tremendous chaos. Ultimately, there is a twist of fate, which brings the play to its climax."

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Sources -> 1, 2, and 3

And, you can read my interview with Kalki Kochlin here.

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Brendan Benson to release new album in August

Raconteurs man Brendan Benson resumes solo career

Jack White's bandmate to release new album in August

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jack White’s co-frontman in The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, is to release his fourth solo album on August 24.

Recorded in Nashville and London, 'My Old, Familiar Friend' is the belated follow-up to 2005’s 'The Alternative To Love'.

In the intervening four years, Benson made two albums (2006's 'Broken Boy Soldiers' and 2008's 'Consolers Of The Lonely') and toured extensively with The Raconteurs.

The tracklisting for 'My Old, Familiar Friend' is:

'A Whole Lot Better'
'Eyes On The Horizon'
'Garbage Day'
'Feel Like Taking You Home'
'You Make A Fool Out Of Me'
'Poised And Ready'
'Don't Wanna Talk'
'Lesson Learned'


movies // parveen

Gerard Butler is Ferragamo Fearless

Actor Gerard Butler attends a cocktail reception at Salvatore Ferragamo on Wednesday (June 3) in New York City.

An international auction featuring celebrity-owned and autographed handbags donated by Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Gywneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Marisa Tomei, Dita Von Teese, Lucy Liu, and Debi Mazar are currently being auctioned on eBay June 2nd through June 12th. All proceeds from the eBay auction will benefit GlobalGiving’s Italy Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund.

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Daaaaaaammmn! Looking good, Gerry.

fb nagore color

it's for charity sooo....idk

Will Ferrell sells sun safety for charity

When you think of Will Ferrell, you’ll likely think of Saturday Night Live re-runs or quirky comedies. Now the actor is adding another notch to his comedic resume with his new line of sunscreens, all for a good cause: scholarships for cancer survivors. The product comes complete with SPF 30 and quirky labeling that made our staffers blush.

Yes, it's real; apparently Ferrell is pulling a Paul Newman and selling Completely Random Products for charity. In this case, the proceeds go to a scholarship fund for cancer survivors.

But what really matters, when it comes to skin cancer, is style—and imagine how much you'll impress the beach hotties in San Diego as you slather on some Will Ferrell lotion.

The sunscreen comes in 6 oz bottles for $11.99 each, which is competitively priced with other products, and contain the following active ingredients: Homosalate @ 8%, Oxybenzone @5%, Octisalate @4%, Avobenzone @ 3%, Octocrylene @ 2.4%. (Oxybenzone and Avobenzone provide UVA protection.) Shipping is $7.00.

While we can’t vouch for Will’s products—they weren’t part of our testing—we like the subtext: Don’t forget to use sunscreen—at least 30 SPF—to prevent skin cancer. In our recent survey, two-thirds of respondents said they used sunscreen at least occasionally, and women were more likely than men to use it frequently. Respondents were less likely to use it during non-beach, non-swimming activities such as running, and were more diligent about putting it on their kids than themselves.

Source 1, Source 2
Link to products: http://www.shop.cancerforcollege.org/category.sc?categoryId=5
Film - The Old Guard

Rhys Ifans Says He Has Not Yet Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Several weeks ago, TLC first told you that actor Rhys Ifans would be portraying the role of Xenophilius Lovegood, eccentric publisher of the Quibbler magazine, and the father to DA member Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Several times now Rhys Ifans has spoken about his involvement in the series, the most recent in an interview for Wales Radio. Scores of readers have emailed saying a translation of the interview is online via Forum Wales, that reads as follows:

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Well, then, he'd better get with it!! IDG actors that do this. >:\
Film - The Old Guard

Sid and Marty Krofft Eyeing Johnny Depp For ‘H.R. Pufnstuf’ Adaptation

After wandering in the entertainment industry wilderness for years, Sid and Marty Krofft are set to emerge with a higher profile than they’ve ever had, as Will Ferrell introduces the world to his big budget adaptation of the Krofft’s trippy 70s TV thrillride, “Land of the Lost.” There’s no time for the septuagenarian brothers to rest however, because they’re now ramping up another adaptation of one of their vintage Saturday morning kids show: “H.R. Pufnstuf.”

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Hee. That would not surprise me at all. Johnny loves weird '70s shit.
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Dandy Warhols to Play Pro-Weed Rally at the Playboy Mansion Today

The Dandy Warhols to perform at benefit for marijuana legislation reform

The Dandy Warhols are set to perform at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles today (June 4) in support of reforming marijuana legislation.

The event will be hosted by actress Fairuza Balk and will also feature a DJ set by David J of Bauhaus and Love And Rockets, as well as a magic show, fire dancing and a live auction to benefit the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), which aims to remove criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people.

When asked why his band decided to take part in the event, Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor told NME.COM: "We have a lot of stoners in our band so to have marijuana still be illegal is ridiculous. As a recreational chemical it's a lot less dangerous than alcohol. There are a lot of countries where it's perfectly legal and they get along better than America. Plus it may be our only chance to go to the Playboy Mansion and hang out," he added.

This year’s event will celebrate the Marijuana Policy Project’s victories in the marijuana policy reform movement. Members of the MPP Advisory Board include actor Jack Black, comedians Bill Maher and Adam Carolla and wrestler/politician Jesse Ventura.

For tickets and further information, visit http://mpp.org/pb2009.


I didn't know the MPP actually had any strength...are any ONTD-ers going to this? or have you ever been to a pro-weed rally? (phish/dead concerts are not applicable :P)

Poll time!
Poll #1410873 Should drugs be legalized?

Should drugs be legalized?

no drugs should be legalized, legislation is fine the way it is
well medicinal marijuana is fine and that's it
weed should be decriminalized, but not legalized and that's it
only weed should be legalized
there should be a hard drugs/soft drugs policy like in amsterdam
all drugs should be legalized

p.s. has anyone seen 'Super High Me'? it's a mockery of Super Size Me but ends up actually provides an interesting study of how weed actually affects the body...
dw: come along pond

Conan's New Background Sure Looks Familiar

Conan's new Tonight Show set sure is nice, but the guys at Serious Lunch noticed that his new monologue backdrop looks pretty familiar. As in Mushroom Kingdom familiar.

Chen and I are in disagreement as to whether or not this is intentional. I say it's a coincidence, but he's convinced that Mario was a definite inspiration for this background. What do you guys think?


Totally worthy of an ONTD post only because it's ConeBone.

eta: the gif!

I love this nerd :]

eta 2: Tonight Show writer mentioned this on Twitter & said they might talk about it tonight!

@BigBley Ha ha ha - thanks for the Super Mario tip, friends - b/c of you, we might do it as a bit on the show tonight! I'll keep you posted! ;)

anja rubik editorial

A&E might cancel Patrick Swayze's show

UPDATE: A rep for A&E tells E! News that the show's fate has not yet been finalized.

"This is not accurate," a network spokesperson said. "We have not made a decision yet."


The Beast is no longer A&E's burden. Or Patrick Swayze's.

While the cable net has yet to make an official announcement about the crime drama's future, network sources told Variety the show's first season would also serve as its last.

Swazye starred as a rogue FBI agent in the Chicago-set series, whose 13-episode run ended April 23.

It's not immediately known if the 56-year-old's cancer battle played any part in the decision to close down the production, but the actor remained committed to the show even through his hospitalization for pneumonia earlier this year.

However, should the series have continued on, there were reports that another actor may have been brought in to replace the ailing star as the show's lead.

Neither Swayze nor the network has yet to comment on the cancellation report, but in the meantime the actor already has another professional commitment to keep him busy.

His memoirs, which he's cowriting with wife Lisa Niemi, are due out this fall.

pic#107474854 saints

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Spiltting

According to an alleged girlfriend of Gavin, power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have broken up. A source spilled to Hollywood Dame that Gavin has been dating other women. One girl, whose name rhymes with ‘Gidget,’ claimed that she is currently dating Rossdale.

After my spy didn't believe her, she produced over 7 photos of the two of them together. In one photo, seen by one of my spies, Gavin and Gidget were in a tight embrace and sharing a kiss. It was also overheard that Gwen and Rossdale are caput and are planning to announce their separation after they are done touring.

Unmasked: A rare glimpse of Michael Jackson's kids faces as they visit a recording studio

Since Michael Jackson's children were first unveiled from their masked existence a year ago, they haven't been seen since without their face covered.

But yesterday Prince Michael I, 12, and Paris Michael, 11, were seen enjoying the fresh air with their faces revealed to the world as they joined their famous father at a Los Angeles recording studio.

Not realising they could be seen from the street, Prince and Paris looked like regular pre-teens as they strolled through the car park.

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Who's Bigger: Rob Pattinson or Shia LaBeouf?

Who would you say are the "hottest" male stars under age 30?
—jsheady, via Twitter

You people are not going to like this. And I am so gonna love this.

You want me to talk about Robert Pattinson. You want me to wax forth about his irresistible cadaver complexion, and his Englishy English accent, and his hair, which is so vertical it can pick up radio waves from any lonely 12-year-old heart on planet Earth.

Sure, I'll talk about him.

Here's the truth: He is nowhere near the "hottest" twentysomething actor on the planet, at least, in the eyes of producers, directors, casting execs and me.

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Alli Sims sells Britney Spears out again

Britney Spears’ former assistant, Alli Sims, is breaking her silence for the very first time about the years she spent with the music superstar.

Sims lived with Spears for over a year. She saw everything and in an Access Hollywood exclusive, revealed that, even at its worst, things with the pop star weren’t as bad as they were portrayed.

“I feel like the media made it appear a lot more insane than it really was,” Sims told Access.

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Britney Spears was put on Prozac at 18

Britney Spears was prescribed Prozac—used for depression and panic attacks—at the age of 18. The singer, who rose to stardom in her teens, had stunning looks, bags of talent, a multi-million dollar fortune, and worldwide fame.

But, when it came to her personal life, she was a nervous wreck and was on Prozac at the tender age of 18 years. During the European leg of her ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ tour in the winter of 2000, Britney started having “massive anxieties” in the middle of the night.

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Tobias' Girlfriend, Rory Gilmore and Dan/Serena go to dinner

Enjoying a swanky evening out, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were spotted having dinner at Five Points in New York City last night (June 3).

The “Gossip Girl” lovers were joined by Blake’s “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” costars Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel for their meal.

Mr. Badley looked to be channeling the spirit of X-Men’s Wolverine as he sported some gruff-looking facial hair along with a blue shirt and a grey trench coat with black trousers.

Meanwhile Blake opted for a similar look with her own grey trench coat overtop a black dress with black stockings and black leather boots.

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OOOH, GIRL, Serena shouldn't let Amber go out lookin' like that
King K

you call this a flop?

Lady Gaga gets her third top 10 US release! 3 out of 3 singles making the top 10? This girl is NOT a flop.

"LoveGame" flies up from No. 22 to No. 10 and scores this week's greatest digital gain (107,000 downloads, a jump of 39%). Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" remains at No. 2 this week, behind the Black Eyed Peas' reigning chart-topper "Boom Boom Pow."

Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down," featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo, scores the week's biggest airplay gain to climb from No. 13 to No. 7 on the chart. Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning" hits No. 9, scoring his third top 10 on the chart.

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she is doing so well. she has more top 10s this year than some other pop artists....
beyonce // wdylm

C-Error looking desperate on Britney's tour

Last night, Ciara opened up for Britney Spears at her ‘Circus’ tour at London’s O2 Arena. Check out these crazy hot pictures of her performance below. All I can say right now is WOW! I mean seriously. WOW:

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ciara or britney can't sing but at least ciara can dance. she definitely got breast implants and her album dropped to 45 on billboard charts sold about 125k. britney can't save her.

Fans send Johnny Depp a Quilt: Johnny respondes

Fans from http://johnny-depp.org/ sent Johnny Depp a quilt for his birthday. He replied to them with a beautiful letter they recieved from him yesturday. It's amazing how such a big famous actor as Johnny, takes the time to write a letter to a bunch of fans. lol

All the information and the letter by Johnny in the cut & the source links:

Source: Go to http://johnny-depp.org/ and scroll down and you'll see it there on the June 3rd news entry.

Also another source: http://namaste-project.blogspot.com/

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Jeffrey Tambor and wife expecting twin boys

Comedy actor JEFFREY TAMBOR is to be a father again at the age of 64 - his wife KASIA OSTLUN is expecting twin boys.
The new arrivals will be little brothers for the couple's four-year-old son Gabriel.

Tambor, the star of Arrested Development and The Larry Sanders Show, made the big announcement on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday night (03Jun09), admitting, "I'm very excited."

And he revealed the moment he discovered Ostlun, 41, was expecting twin boys, telling show host Ferguson, "They are boys. She called me, and all I heard was 'two pee pees'."

But Tambor concedes there are downsides to the happy news - he's suffering a phantom pregnancy: "I'm developing all the symptoms my wife has. She gets a headache, I get a headache. She gets gas, I get gas."

Tambor also has a 34-year-old daughter, Molly, from a previous relationship.

Edit: Video in comments, thanks to [info]indy788



Source 2
plz feel free to abuse me if this is

Franco pulls out from UCLA commencement ceremony

James Franco not speaking at UCLA commencement ceremony

Actor and UCLA alumnus James Franco will not speak, as previously scheduled, at the UCLA College of Letters and Science commencement ceremony on June 12 at Pauley Pavilion, campus officials announced.

"I deeply regret not being able to keep my commitment to giving the commencement speech at UCLA's graduation this year," Franco said in a prepared statement provided to UCLA. "Unfortunately the date conflicts with me needing to be on location to begin pre-production on my next film. I wish everyone in the 2009 class the best of luck in all of their future endeavors."

College of Letters and Science officials are reaching out to alternate speakers based on recommendations from a selection committee, and an announcement will be made when one is confirmed. The ceremony is the primary commencement event for UCLA's graduating seniors.

source: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/james-franco-not-speaking-at-commencement-93699.aspx

feel free to spam this fuck out of this with franco pictures.

emma watson says r/hr kiss films today.

The London Paper spoke to Emma Watson last night at the Rodarte private dinner. The actress confirmed that the kiss between Ron and Hermione, in Deathly Hallows, was to be shot today.

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Chatting at the Rodarte at Harvey Nichols dinner, she said: “I’m doing it tomorrow! There has been such a build-up and interest in this hyped kiss that it has to be the best on-screen kiss ever, so I’m determined to make it memorable! There’ll be fireworks, *music, everything!”

Watson, who’s filming the final Harry *Potter film, admitted: “We haven’t filmed the last scenes yet but I think it’s going to be very emotional when we do. But all of us are ready for something new.”


lucky bitch.

Britney's family keeping her away from Lindsay

Britney Spears's family have reportedly taken steps to keep the singer away from Lindsay Lohan while both are in London.

Spears is currently performing live at the O2 as part of her Circus tour, while Lohan is also in the capital.

A source told The Mirror: "Lindsay is a bit of a loose cannon. She landed in London knowing that her ex Sam Ronson and Britney are in town. She made a big deal about arriving by posting pictures of herself in London on Twitter.

"She and Lindsay used to be friends, but it was all about going out partying. Brit's family are trying to steer her away from the every night extremes that Lindsay gets up to."


Paris Hilton's credit card declined

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt found themselves running a little low on cash during a recent shopping trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

According to The Globe, Paris and Doug spent a day stocking up on pillows, towels, sheets, toothbrushes, and other household must-haves for their new rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills late last month. The couple had reportedly filled eight shopping carts with new items for their home by the time they finally made it to the checkout. Unfortunately, neither celeb had enough cash and credit between them to cover the $7,000 bill!

“She ended up paying for half, and went back the next day for the rest,” says a witness.

I don’t know what’s more unbelievable about this story, the fact that Paris might actually shop at Bed Bath & Beyond or that Doug didn’t reach into his own wallet and try to pick up the tab!


Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint 3’ Gets Release Date

Jay-Z has mapped out a release date for his long-awaited Blueprint 3 album.

The rap impresario’s eleventh LP will arrive on Sept. 11, according to MTV News. The project will purportedly be released on Warner Music Group, home to T.I., Diddy, Missy Elliott, Kid Rock, and more.

The album’s release date is significant, as it comes eight years to the day of the release of the first Blueprint, and also the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Jay-Z recently parted ways with his longtime label Def Jam. He is working on a deal to bring his Roc Nation venture to Sony Music.


movies // parveen

Betty White >>>> You

Betty White and Jesse James Have Flirt-Fest On Set

Is Betty White the latest cougar?

"Every time he came around, it was like flirt-fest," Sandra Bullock joked about the rapport between her husband, Jesse James, 40, and White, 87, who costars in The Proposal, out June 19.

"There was a little something going on with [Betty] and Jesse. There was a little eyeing, a little touching," Bullock told reporters while promoting the movie last weekend in L.A.

White countered quickly: "Very little touching, very little touching."

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New HBP trailer shown at Sydney Film Festival...???


Full Sydney Film Festival trailer description from Steph:


C'est false, according to UHP.

Nous vous avons fait part de la rumeur annonçant la diffusion d'un aperçu inédit lors de l'ouverture du Festival du Film de Sydney. Comme la description complète du clip nous a parue louche venant de quelqu'un qui n'avait vu ce clip qu'une fois et encore très briévement, nous avons pris la liberté d'écrire aux organisateurs de ce festival qui nous ont répondus :

Désolé il n'y a rien eu en rapport avec Harry Potter ce soir là !
Quelle rumeur bizarre !

Ainsi donc oubliez la description de cet aperçu, sorti tout droit de l'imagination d'une fan.

Anyway, if anyone can translate that... Cool.

It started off with the Warner Brothers logo. Than it fell into that memory and said on the screen 'The Wizarding world is at risk' and the clip changed to Snape talking to Draco Malfoy in the corridor.

Snape was saying somthing along the lines of 'I promised your mother that I would keep an eye on you'. It also showed Harry and Ron peeking around the corner.

The clip cut to Lupin saying 'You think that Voldemort has chosen Draco Malfoy for a mission?' Then across the screen it said 'And only he can save it'. The clip after that showed Harry looking up into the sky.

The voiceover of Dumbledore was saying 'It's time Harry'. It then showed Harry and Ginny fully kissing in the Room of Requirement. They almost fell over, they were into it that much.

Then there was a short clip of Bellatrix at The Burrow casting a spell at Harry. Ron then came running over and casted Expelliarmus at Bellatrix's wand. After that battle we ended back up in the Gryffindor Common Room with a new angle on Lavender and Won Won Kissing.

Hagrid than waved (The Trio were in the background) and the Screen came up again saying 'Next Month' and it showed Ron flying into the abandoned Quidditch pitch. Then the words 'Explore the magic' and it showed Dumbledore levitating items around Slughorn's house. Then the words 'Within yourself' came up. Then finally the Harry Potter logo came up. Then it Said July 17th. The trailer went for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

- http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/show/2447

Jump back, wild child.

Is this the next 'Mean Girls?'

Screen Gems has set Lisa Kudrow, Alyson Machalka, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Penn Badgley ("Gossip Girl"), Cam Gigandet ("Twilight"), Malcolm McDowell and Daniel Bird to join Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes in "Easy A."

Stone plays a high school student who is victimized by a false rumor that she lost her virginity, until she exploits the rumor mill for her own benefit and becomes wildly popular. Bynes has signed on to play a puritanical high school queen bee.

The film was written by playwright Bert V. Royal, who weaves the plight of "The Scarlet Letter" heroine Hester Prynne into a parallel storyline to what the "Easy A" protagonist endures.

The Will Gluck-directed comedy starts filming on June 9.

Source: ComingSoon.net

Kudrow, Church, Clarkson and Tucci? That's a pretty awesome cast for a teen flick. And IDGAF, I love Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes and watch "She's the Man," "Sydney White," and "The House Bunny" religiously.


Dimension Films is rewiring "Short Circuit," acquiring rights to remake the 1986 film.

The original introduced Number 5, a robot built by the military to be a highly sophisticated weapon. It developed a conscience and a personality after being hit by lightning, and then needed the help of humans after it was targeted for destruction by its makers, once it became a peacenik.

S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, who created the characters and wrote both "Short Circuit" films, have been hired to write the remake. David Foster and Ryan E. Heppe will produce with John Hyde.

Deal was made by Dimension co-chairman Bob Weinstein, who called "Short Circuit" a worthy addition to its family film slate.

Foster, who produced the original with his partner Lawrence Turman and son Gary Foster, said the film will be similar in theme to the original, but it will factor in advances in technology.

Source: Variety.Com

Stoya Dating Marilyn Manson?

Before I entered into the world of porn journalism, I worked within the music industry as a journalist, tour manager, etc. I still keep in touch with many people in that industry and just as porners are fascinated with rock and roll, the rockers and music biz folks are enamored with the glitz and glamour that is the jiz biz.

I get a message from a friend of mine who works with in the music biz and they tell me that Mr. Manson has been seen with a new girlfriend as of late and she’s on tour with him in Europe. Why do they tell me this? Well, they recognized her from a goodie bag I sent a while ago as reigning AVN “Best New Starlet” and Digital Playground star, Stoya. I couldn’t find any pics, reps at her company wouldn’t comment, and this is just hearsay right now, but my friend is pretty sure this is the deal. His MySpace page has Stoya listed number one, and he’s listed as her numero uno on hers. Marilyn Manson is currently on tour in Europe until July 4th, and then returns to the states for the Rockstar Mayhem Fest which begins on July 10th and also features Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and many others.

It’s a small world after all…

source contains some adult material
brit brit


Season four of Heroes begins filming next Monday, and the cast of guest stars is beginning to fill out. Along with returning regulars, like Star Trek's Zachary Quinto, Volume Five: Redemption will include a new villain and a new friend for Hayden Panettiere's wayward Claire.

Who are these new characters, and what is the setting for season four? Here's what we know:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Prison Break's Robert Knepper (aka creepmaster T-Bag) will be playing Samuel, a charismatic fellow with a knack for mischief. For at least six episodes, Knepper's Samuel will be the key figure in the death carnival, the primary new setting and storyline for season four. (Because as anyone who's ever dipped a toe in contemporary popular media knows, there's nothing more evil than traveling carnies and their rictus-faced clown friends.)

Also on deck for Heroes season four is Madeline Zima, whose life this summer will be intercutting between Californication, where she plays cerebral tease Mia, and the environs of fictional Costa Verde, Calif., where she will be in college with Claire. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Zima's Heroes character, Gretchen, is "an edgy outsider."

In other news, look for the casting later this month of new character Emma, who is hot, hearing impaired and smart. Emma will first appear in episode three and recur throughout the volume. She is expected to be a new love interest for Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia). Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura will also be a major focus of Volume Four, as he works to undo some of the damage done to his life since the eclipse unleashed his powers.


Zachary Quinto, Zachary, Zac, Zach, Zac Quinto, Zach Quinto Pictures, Images and Photos

ZQ Approves.


NYC Prep Continues to Make Us Hope for a Better Tomorrow

It just keeps getting better/worse. On the heels of our introduction to the kids of NYC Prep, Bravo's new real-life Gossip Girl series, an in-person preview was held at the Paley Center. Erstwhile Gawker editor Joshua David Stein was there.

He was filing for the New York Times blog The Moment, and his findings were both grim and delightful. Two anecdotes in particular sent shivers up and down our spine.

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Oh, and here's the full preview special. It's brilliant. Long, but totally worth it.

This is gonna be as addicting as RH, I already know... Go BRAVO.
movies // parveen

Details about the new Denzel Washington/Chris Fine movie

Chris Pine looking 'Unstoppable'

Fox action drama stars Denzel Washington

By Borys Kit and Jay A. Fernandez

June 4, 2009, 02:54 PM ET

Chris Pine has found his follow-up role to his star-making turn in "Star Trek." The actor is in negotiations to star opposite Denzel Washington in Fox's action drama "Unstoppable." Tony Scott is directing.

The story centers on an experienced train engineer (Washington) about to be laid off as part of company cutbacks and the newbie conductor hired to replace him. Pine would play the newbie. They find themselves in a race against time to stop an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying enough combustible liquids and poisonous gas to wipe out a nearby city. Mark Bomback wrote the script.

Julie Yorn is producing with Ian Bryce.

Pine, repped by John Carrabino and SDB Partners, has been besieged by offers since buzz on "Star Trek" began circulating the town, with his name popping up on lists ranging from sci-fi tentpoles like "Green Lantern" to comedies such as "Friends With Enemies."

Pine is also hitting the theater stage, starring in "Farragut North" which opens at the Geffen Theatre on June 24.


Real Housewife Teresa Launches Jersey-Style Clothing, Accessories Line

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice has launched TG Fabulicious, a clothing and accessories line (soon to include lip gloss), because, as she says on her blog, "I've been getting a lot requests for t-shirts with my phrases."

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I know there were already some RHNJ posts today, but I couldn't resist this one. Who would buy this stuff?? It looks like junk they give away at Claire's. You know, buy 37, get the 38th one free.

New Photo Surfaces of Jon Gosselin and 23-Year-Old Girlfriend

A new photo has surfaced of Jon Gosselin and 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel vacationing in Utah.

The picture shows Deanna and Jon March 28 at the Spring Gruv at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City. (Us Weekly first reported their trip in its May 18 cover story.)

Jon's Utah visit was filmed for an episode of his hit TLC reality show, focusing on how he helps handicapped kids (the vacations in Utah are among the freebies he receives from the show).

A witness who spotted Jon and Deanna tells Usmagazine.com the two "were close and chatty" as they watched a pond skimming competition together.

"There wasn't any making out or handholding," says the onlooker. "But there was that whole girly-smiley-chatty thing. She didn't seem like somebody he'd just met. It seemed like two people having a great afternoon."

Later, the two went to a bar downstairs, where "they were curled up in one of the booth seats and very cuddly," the witness tells Us. "Nobody was put off or surprised by it at all."

At the bar, the witness said, Jon "just looked different. He was so smashed, his eyes were barely open."

"I didn't recognize him at first," the witness continues. "He didn't look like himself. I said, 'Get together, let's take a picture!' But he said, 'I can't. No, really, I can't. It's contractual -- I can't have any photos.' He kept going on about it. She was like, 'It's because he's in that show.'"

Where was Kate while Jon and Deanna partied?

As documented on this past week's episode, she was at their 24-acre estate in Wernersville, Pa., celebrating her 34th birthday with the kids.

Jon has repeatedly denied cheating on his wife. (He vaguely apologized for "actions" on the May 25 season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8.)

In a brief new interview, Jon says "enough is enough" -- but only in reference to the paparazzi, with whom he says he's reached an "understanding."

The reality star refuses to discuss one single issue involving his marriage or its woes, stating: "It's a private matter, and we're discussing it privately."


Kelly Clarkson: I'm Tired of Hearing "the Fat Joke"

Kelly Clarkson says she's tired of being bullied over her weight.

"For seven years it's been happening. It's like, 'OK cool, the fat joke,'" she said during an interview with 2Day FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia.

Despite the taunts, the American Idol champ says, "I love my body. I'm very much OK with it. I don't think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people."

See stars who underwent dramatic weight losses

Clarkson has also come under scrutiny over her sexuality. She says she doesn't care if people think she is gay.

Her only gripe?

"The rumors are not helping me on the dating front!" she said. "I prefer the boys. I'm extremely flattered when I do get hit on by girls, and I think it's hot, but I'm not into it. I like boys."

She said she's in no rush to find Mr. Right.

"I'm only 27, not 40 and still single!" she said. "I enjoy being single, I love work and I think people are so passive with relationships and I'm not that person."

Added Clarkson, "I'm an extremist, I'm either in a relationship or I'm not. I'm honest about it and I'll tell people, it's just there's nothing to tell. I have a very good life."


Nominees for the 2009 Television Critics Association Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'The Shield' tops TCA Award noms

The Television Critics Association announced nominees for its annual TCA Awards, with the final season of FX's "The Shield" leading the list.

"The Shield" earned four nominations, including program of the year. NBC has struggled in the ratings and critics have knocked some of the network's newer programs, yet NBC led rivals with 11 nominations for "30 Rock," "The Office," "Saturday Night Live" and other shows. HBO also had a fine year, with six nominees and dominating the movies and miniseries category.

The ceremony will be held Aug. 1 in Pasadena, and will be hosted by E! personality Chelsea Handler.

Here's the complete rundown of nominees:

"Battlestar Galactica" (Sci Fi)
"Lost" (ABC)
"Mad Men" (AMC)
"Saturday Night Live" (NBC)
"The Shield" (FX)

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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are dating!

Later, Gaiman, 48, reads his disturbing comic piece about a man who works as a living statue in a city square, and stalks a young woman he admires from afar, eventually waiting for her in total stillness in the dark of her apartment. The tale was inspired by the living statues Gaiman saw in Krakow, Poland. "I was fascinated by them," he explains. "I wondered who they fell in love with."
But the story doesn't end there. It turns out that Palmer, 33, spent five years of her life working as a living statue in Harvard Square! It's as if these two eccentric artists were ordained to meet. They have so much in common, it's no wonder they're actually dating -- a fact they proudly announced onstage during the show.

More at the source.


eta: Since a lot of people are confused about Neil's marital status, here's a link to his blog where he addresses his divorce from ex-wife Mary.

Looney Tunes horror collection coming soon

On August 4, 2009, Warner Home Video will release Daffy Duck's Quackbusters on DVD. The 1988 short [idg why they called it is, it's a full-length movie] follows Daffy Duck as he inherits the fortune of a man who has died of laughter—at the hands of Daffy. Being haunted by the old man, Daffy starts a Ghostbusters-style business to eliminate pesky ghosts such as the one he's being haunted by. It will contain bonus materials and extra fatures, and the DVD will be available for the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $14.98.

It will contain the following shorts: Night of the Living Duck, Daffy Dilly, The Prize Pest, Water, Water Every Hare, Hide and go Tweet, Claws for Alarm, The Duxorcist, Transylvania 6-5000, The Abominable Snow Rabbit, Punch Trunk and Jumpin' Jupiter.

Check out the box art below:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shaking and crying rn even though this is actually the cover I have/prefer.
FYI, this is the last Looney Tunes project in which Mel Blanc provided the voices of characters. Another interesting thing: Cartoon Network actually cencored parts of the film for TV!
Megan - Back

Out Foxed - Megan Vs. Angie: Sexier, Younger, Better & Megan admits she smokes weed

LOOKS like it's going to be a rough one for birthday girl Angelina Jolie. Not only is the Enquirer reporting that she and Brad are finally, really, totally done for good - for real! - but when she blows out the candles on her rice cake today, she'll do so with Megan Fox breathing down her neck.

No, not for her boy-man husband. Fox is dogging Jolie for nothing less than the title of World's Sexiest Bad Girl.

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teen megalina

doll head

Yo La Tengo announce new album and UK gig

Band also giving away a free MP3

Yo La Tengo Pictures, Images and Photos

Yo La Tengo have announced the release date of their forthcoming new album, 'Popular Songs'.

Recorded in Hoboken and Nashville in early 2009 with long-time associate Roger Mountenot, the record is set for release on September 7.

The band have offered a free MP3 of 'Popular Songs' track 'Periodically Double Or Triple' on their official website, Matarorrecords.com now.

Yo La Tengo will play the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on June 15, as part of Ornette Coleman's Meltdown.

Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Kristen Stewart: Santa Monica Studio Stop

Venturing back out for another day’s work, Kristen Stewart heads to a studio in Santa Monica, California on Thursday (June 4).

Wearing a grey t-shirt with a knot tied at the bottom paired with jeans, the Bella Swan beauty hopped out of her ride and passed by awaiting paparazzi.

Meanwhile, following the filming of “New Moon,” Miss Stewart is gearing up for roles in “K-11” and “The Runaways”.

Co-starring alongside fellow “New Moon” actress Dakota Fanning in “The Runaways,” the film is described as “a coming-of-age biopic about ‘70s teenage band The Runaways.”

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Jon Gosselin Calls Separation Rumors "a Private Matter"

Jon Gosselin is back at home and, more importantly, back in front of the cameras. Not that he ever left them (the cameras, that is).

After two weeks spent shopping and hanging out with family friends, the increasingly estranged Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch today returned to his Wernersville, Pa., home, where he resumed shooting scenes for his ratings-snowballing TLC hit with twins Cara and Mady today.

Kate Gosselin remains vacationing in North Carolina with her sextuplets and tabloid-targeted bodyguard Steve Neild.

Jon and his girls arrived home around noon, and while he appeared to be in a good mood, it wasn't quite good enough to coax him into dishing too much about his clearly strained marriage.

"It's a private matter," Gosselin told E! News. "We'll handle it privately."

If by privately, he means in full view of the cameras and with the cooperation of the tabloids, then sure…

"You gotta read People," he said, referring to his recent unrevealing cover sit-down with the celeb weekly.

In the meantime, Gosselin got on with the business of his series-worthy daily life, unloading luggage out of the family's ever-reliable white van and cleaning up the front yard while his daughters played outside.

An hour before the trio's arrival, delivery trucks dropped off two new dishwashers in the family's driveway, which Gosselin will presumably install later today.

That's one episode story arc down, 39 to go.


Tyra Banks would not approve

In this economy, times are tough for everyone, and Lindsay Lohan is getting through these trying times by unloading the arsenal of bling she’s amassed over the years.

“She needs some quick bucks, so she’s parting with the gems she rarely wears,” says a pal of the actress, who asked not to be identified. “She’s got to make money somehow.”

Star Magazine insiders claim La Lohan, 22, has become a regular at shops like the Beverly Loan Company in Los Angeles — dubbed the “pawnshop to the stars” — where she regularly unloads expensive rings, watches, and other rarely-worn trinkets in exchange for cash.

“Lindsay likes to burn through cash, and what she makes from modeling and public appearances just isn’t enough to pay her bills.”

So what does Lindsay do when she wants new baubles? Why she borrows them, of course!

“Every time she goes to Phillippe’s Watches in Beverly Hills, she borrows — not buys — a watch,” according to the Star insider. “When she returns them, they’re scratched up and need a lot of work to make them ready for sale.”


Just wanted to post something Lohan related because I saw Life-Size recently and fell in love

Denise Richards: "I had 3 boob jobs"

Denise Richards has something to get off her chest: She's had three boob jobs.

Asked whether her breasts were real, Richards, 38, told Howard Stern on his SIRIUS radio show Thursday, "Um, natural on outside, on the inside they are not."

The actress - who kicks off a second season of her E! reality show, It's Complicated, June 7 -- said she got the surgery "a long time ago" after moving to Los Angeles to be an actress.

"I was 19, and my roommate had the best boobs ever, and she had just had hers done," she said with a laugh. "I was flat as a board, and I thought 'Whoa, you can just buy them' and stupidly had them done!"

After her first operation, she said her breasts looked "way too big for my body."

So she had a second one.

"The next guy put bigger ones in, and it was not good -- they were a D!" she said, adding that her doctor assumed she wanted to look more voluptuous because she's an actress.

The third procedure fixed everything.

Looking back, Richards said, "I was young and should have researched better. You know, it was a big mistake. Young girls, don't do it!"


Kristin Cavallari “The Hills” Salary $63,000 Per Episode

If anyone’s in the market for a new gig, allow us to suggest a career as a reality TV villain. The hours are lousy, but we’ve got a feeling you’re going to enjoy the perks….

In case you were wondering what brought Laguna Beach baddie Kristin Cavallari back to MTV, feast your eyes on this: Life & Style Weekly is reporting that the blonde wannabe actress will earn an astounding $63,000 per episode after signing on to replace archrival Lauren Conrad as the new protagonist on Season 6 of MTV’s The Hills.

That’s almost unheard of in the land of unscripted television — and just $2,000 less than $65,000 per episode payday that the network was shelling out for LC.

“They needed her,” a production insider says, explaining why Kristin will earn over $1 million for her work this season, solidifying her spot as the highest-paid castmember on The Hills. “They needed someone new and fresh, who also came with a buzz and a name that was recognizable. Kristin was the obvious choice.”

According to the source, Kristin used MTV’s desperation to replace Lauren to her advantage during contract negotiations.

“She wanted money. You don’t have to pay the other girls that kind of money, but for Kristin you had to pay up.”

At least one member of the cast believes the tongue-lashing Kristin’s tenure on The Hills will be worth every penny.

“She’s so fun and crazy,” says series star Holly Montag. “Kristin’s not afraid to put anything on camera. She’s not going to hold anything back.”


Care Bears On Fire Give Their Two Cents On Relationships

This week the adorable girls in the band Care Bears On Fire answered questions exclusively on Buzznet about breakups, love, and mending a broken heart.

Izzy writes "You never know when an awesome guy will appear. Don't stress- everything will work it's way out!"

Care Bars On Fire recently played at Bamboozle and will be hitting the Lolapalooza stage in August.

Source: http://www.buzznet.com/web/community/journals/entry/4163741/relationship-advice-care-bears-fire/

1D - Niall the hipster

greed is good

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Shia LaBeouf Confirms He'll Star in Upcoming Wall Street Sequel

Shia LaBeouf is ready to take on Wall Street.

After more than a month of talks, the actor has officially signed on to star in Money Never Sleeps, the follow-up film to the 1987 hit Wall Street, the Associated Press reports.

The Transformers star will appear alongside Michael Douglas, who won an Academy Award for his role in the original.

Filming begins in August, and LaBeouf has said he imagines it will feel like taking a college course in finance, a topic he admitted to having "no concept" of as an actor.

"I don't know what ... a credit derivative is," he said. "I have no idea. I don't know what a CPO is. IPB. LVC. You gotta know ticker names."

The movie, directed by Oliver Stone, will be "a walk-and-talk money movie" that's "wordy and heady," he says.

In April, Douglas said that given the current economic crisis, it was even more timely to make the sequel.

"It will be really fun, and it's a perfect time," he said.

SOURCE: us weekly

J.Lo was worried that she had forgotten how to act

Jennifer Lopez emotional admission of secret fear.

The superstar was wracked with terror before returning to work to lens new flick The Back-Up Plan because she was scared she had forgotten how to "act"!

After putting her career on hold to care for twins Max and Emme born last year, she stayed home to nurse her spawn but now La Lopez is back filming but not before confessing her long layoff jitters

"The few days before I got really nervous I was like, what if I forgot how to act?" J.Lo divulged.

But she conquered her anxiety by bringing the twins to set with her.

"I wanted to do this film really badly and bringing my babies with me that first morning, I was like, 'Oh my God, they're with me, I'm making a movie, they're here!'

"It's great having kids on set. It's the best."


Jason Mraz thinks men aren't interested in celebrity gossip

In the June issue of Cosmopolitan, Jason Mraz gave his take on “10 Things Guys Wish You Knew,” Below are his answers:

1. You look sexy when you’re puffy from lying on the pillow all night.

2. We don’t understand your addiction to celebrity gossip. Whatever you do, don’t talk about it on a date.

3. Guys get a monthly type of PMS too. We get moody and need our space.

4. It’s the hottest thing when you say, “Are you going to kiss me now?”

5. We read and reread your texts and e-mails.

6. It’s annoying when a girl continues to ask, “What’s really on your mind?” Eventually, the answer is going to be “You asking stupid questions is what’s on my mind.”

7. A lot of us are insecure about our bodies. Women look like beautiful, soft, gorgeous angels when they’re naked. We look like hairy ogres or little scrawny trolls.

8. It’s cool when a girl isn’t weird about food. I love a woman who will eat something slimy.

9. Never tell a guy he’s just like your father. It creeps us out.

10. Put on a men’s dress shirt and nothing else. We’ll be able to unbutton it no problem, and it shows off your legs in a wonderful way.

Cosmopolitan, print edition, July, 2009

Star Wars//Leia


Craig Ferguson might host The Emmys
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All the talk has been about Conan O'Brien taking over The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon taking over Late Night, but let's not forget Craig Ferguson over at CBS' Late Late Show. He might host the Emmys this year.

That's one of the changes being discussed by producer Dan Mischer.
And let's be honest here: anything would be better than last year's horrifying hosting job done by the team of Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. It was a train wreck from start to finish, with only one moment that was kinda funny (when they gave the award for Best Reality Host and dramatically went to a commercial before announcing the winner.

I like Ferguson (though I'm not a fan of his talk show) and he'd probably make for a good host. Of course, people like Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, and the casts of 30 Rock and The Office would be good too. CBS could go with someone from their network but they don't have to (and the network that hosts the award show usually doesn't).


o hale yes

Ballet "oscars" awarded in Moscow

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The Benois de la Danse international ballet contest winners have been named in Moscow. There are two awards in each category.
The best ballerinas for this year are Kirsty Martin – the leading actress in “Manon”, directed by the Australian Ballet of Melbourne and Russian Natalia Osipovar, representing the Bolshoi theatre. Osipovar was recognized for taking parts in a number of productions including leading roles in “Sylphide” and “Giselle”.
Osipovar Sylphide

Kirsty Martin-Manon

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meoowww. the hot legal jonas is a bitch

Joe Jonas bashed his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift in his new song 'Much Better' from Jonas Brothers' new album Lines, Vines and Trying Times, according to Star. The song reportedly recounts how Joe dumped Taylor for Camilla Belle.
It specifically calls out Taylor's hit song, 'Teardrops on My Guitar!'

In 'Much Better,' which the band describes as influenced muscially by the Bee Gees & Neil Diamond, Joe sings: I get a rep for breakin' hearts, Now I'm done with superstars, And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better

Nick confirmed to Rolling Stone that the songs on their fourth studio album all come from personal experiences, 'our journal in songs. They are about things we've gone through, personal experiences.'

Song snippet after cut.


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New promotional images for Astro Boy and Gatchaman

IGN has posted photos of new promotional images for the computer-animated 3D film adaptions of Astro Boy and Gatchaman taken at the 2009 Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas.

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Both Astro Boy and Gatchaman are being produced by Imagi Animation Studios and are set to be released on October 23rd, 2009 and some time in 2010 respectively.

Source via CBR News

And for those of you who have no idea what the hell this post is talking about: Astro Boy and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman pages at Wikipedia.

Beth Ditto wins, Katy Perry tries to save face. (sry mods, fixed source)

Earlier this week, the Gossip's Beth Ditto memorably called Katy Perry's biggest hit, "A boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or, like, faking gay." Ditto poured scorn on "I Kissed a Girl," and labeled Perry "offensive to gay culture."

Perry was at the Glamour Awards in London last night (June 2), where she responded to Ditto's remarks by doing that thing that famous people often do, where they say they "don't want to say anything bad" about someone, and then proceed to do just that. "I don't want to say anything bad about her," said Perry. "But I'm not impressed."

The singer attempts to offer some advice to Ditto, unwittingly insulting her in the process. "I've learnt in the past year that one artist should never insult another artist's music--it's tacky," she said. "And with me, it always comes back to bite me on the ass!" It's unfortunate that Perry couldn't engage with the legitimate issues Ditto raises, but perhaps not surprising considering one of her most famous songs is named "Ur So Gay."


Aint nothing tacky with insulting another artist's music if that "music" was tacky and terrible in the first place. You got Beth Dittowned and you couldn't respond. MAD? DEAL.
matthew lewis

WTF the best thing about Grey's Anatomy still waiting on a contract...

Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey on the hit ABC show, is still waiting to re-sign her contract to come back next season.

"You know, I don't have the slightest idea!" she said on The View Thursday when asked if she knew who was leaving the show. "I know nothing!"

In fact, she lamented that she still hasn't received word on whether she'll be back on the show.

"I'm waiting for my Disney letter saying, 'You have the option to come back,'" she said.

The company has until June 20 to send it, she added.


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