June 2nd, 2009

This is exactly what you think it is ... ISH MILEY'S SISTA


I did kinda go through an ethical dilemma wondering to post these ... she's just a kid and all ... 

It would have been THIS actress' 19th birthday party ... WTF was she inviting these squints for??
They filmed it for their youtube channel:

"Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, with Emily's dog Bunny, pose for the cameras at Brittany Curran's Retro 50's Poolside Bash on Saturday, May 30 in Burbank sporting Juicy Couture vintage bathing suits. The two friends filmed an episode of their Noei and Ems Show at the party. So pretty!"

uh huh.

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Hilary Duff is fashion savvy

Hilary Duff at LAX on her way to New York yesterday to attend and help judge the "Bike in Style Challenge" award ceremony today. The "Bike in Style Challenge" was created to inspire Fashion Institute of Technology students to design stylish bike-wear and accessories for New Yorkers. The challenge is directly supporting the NY Mayor’s vision to make NYC a “green” city with New Yorkers biking to work. DKNY partnered with students to provide creative direction in their designs - which includes a poncho, jacket and travel bag. Winning designs will be developed into prototypes by DKNY. Hilary Duff will be one of 7 judges for the challenge.

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In the latest HilaryDuff.com newsletter, the logo for Hilary Duff’s upcoming fashion collaboration, Femme for DKNY Jeans, was revealed (pictured above).

Your Shape E3 2009 Wii trailer - "A New Era in Fitness"

Your Shape E3 2009 trailer Wii

On the Nintendo Wii and out this holiday season, Your Shape is a new era in fitness. The camera that comes with the game scans your body and assesses your shape, gives you a fitness test and lets you decide what parts of your body you want to focus on. You get a personalized fitness plan and your movements are tracked, letting you work out hands free while it's constantly being adjusted to your needs.

Katie Couric scratches at her cougar label

<br/><a href="http://i39.tinypic.com/166dxcw.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

The annual Class Day address at Princeton University requires a speaker with a flair for comedy. But before she even began on Monday, Katie Couric feared the joke was on her, courtesy of Mother Nature.

"It was quite an honor, although slightly daunting to follow in the footsteps of Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfield," Couric, 52, says. "At the precise moment I got up to walk to the podium ... a hawk dropped its half-eaten lunch – a dead bird – in front of me. It landed with a thud."

But then the CBS Evening News anchor jumped right into her irreverent speech that offered a not-so-subtle dig at Sarah Palin "I've been called a cougar lately ... but today ... I'm very happy to be an honorary Tiger instead!" she said, referring to the school's mascot. "Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!"

On a more serious note, she offered some words of wisdom. "Don't be a hater," she said. "Princeton has taught you to think critically, to approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism ... and that's a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. ... Rise above the collegial nastiness and instead celebrate excellence."
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get it, gurl~

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Adam Lambert: Boyfriend Bliss

Enjoying a fun-filled evening, Adam Lambert was spotted making his exit from the Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood last night (June 1).

The “American Idol” runner-up was holding hands with his boyfriend in a declaration of his much-speculated homosexuality.

Earlier in the week, Adam’s mom Leila Lambert was reticent to talk about her son’s sexuality during a phone interview with E!.

She explained, “I would rather not answer until it comes out,” noting that she signed a contract with Idol forbidding her to discuss Adam’s personal life. It is rumored that Lambert will officially come out to Rolling Stone in the next issue.

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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WE applaud Kings of Leon for calling Victoria Beckham a “chump.”

They used our favourite new insult on the talent-free pouter after hearing she’d blown a stonking £1.2million on handbags.

Jared Followill, 22, said: “That’s ridiculous. That’s chump change.”

Although he confessed that his biggest weaknesses are “Champagne, caviar, same old same old”.

And unlike 35-year-old Posh, the band haven’t been troubled by the paparazzi.

His brother Caleb, 27, admitted: “We call them most of the time. We’re like: ‘Hi, we’re going to Target’.”

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So Hot — Robert and Kristen Spotted Together the Morning After MTV Awards!

Robert Pattinson arrived in NYC last night flying in from LA after Sunday's MTV Movie Awards — but let's rewind back to the post-show after party for two. Robert and Kristen Stewart were spotted leaving the Charlie Chaplin House at the same time on Monday morning after they both spent the night in the boutique hotel. After cleaning up at the awards, the costars also shared an intimate dinner date at Cecconi's rather than attending the official party. Kristen and Rob's chemistry was undeniable on stage accepting for their best kiss and we've seen the two looking close out together before many times. Not to mention, we all know just how amazing he looks when he takes off his shirt so our imaginations are going wild. What do you think — are Robert and Kristen really more than friends?

SOURCE: popsugar

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this cop is not dazzled

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Robert Pattinson Gets Police Escort at JFK

Following his departure from LAX International Airport earlier in the day, Robert Pattinson was spotted arriving in New York City via JFK Airport last night (June 1).

The “New Moon” stud looked hunky as he made his way through the terminal with the help of a police escort to navigate around the paparazzi and fans.

And according to a recent NY Daily News report, Mr. Pattinson has his sights set on “Twilight” costar Kristen Stewart as the object of his affection.

Following the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend, Robert was spotted out to dinner with Kristen at Cecconi’s and they were holding hands and getting cozy.

An insider told press, “Robert is obsessed with Kristen and has been for a while. He likes that she’s a cool, down-to-earth girl. Kristen never saw Rob as anything but a friend, but that seems to be changing.”

SOURCE: celebrity-gossip

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The Cone Bone Came, but Did It Conquer?

Critics Not Laughing at Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show Debut    

Conan O'Brien made his Tonight Show debut Monday -- but critics weren't exactly roaring with laughter.

"After one show, let's say he's a work in progress," wrote Randee Dawn of The Hollywood Reporter. "O'Brien commanded the stage, but seemed more comfortable laughing it up with erstwhile sidekick-turned-announcer Andy Richter than in interacting with his 380 audience members."

O'Brien's opening monologue mostly consisted of "sketch upon sketch" -- notes New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi -- most of which were "at times, painfully unfunny."

In one scene, O'Brien -- who spent the last 17 years as host of NBC's Late Night -- was shown jogging across the country from New York to Los Angeles. "I think I've timed this move perfectly," he quipped. "I'm on a last-place network, I moved to a state that's bankrupt and The Tonight Show is sponsored by General Motors."

Other clips showed him giving a tram tour of Universal Studios, sitting in the last row of a Lakers game (to show how well he's acclimated to L.A.) and paying homage to his beat-up 1992 Ford Taurus.

"Again," said Stasi, "not a million big laughs."

David Hinckley of New York's Daily News said the bits "lasted too long." Said Hinckley, "He's from the world of sketch comedy, not monologues, and he sticks with an idea as long as he feels something funny could happen."

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly got a chuckle out of the sketches.

"All in all, a large-scale, impressive debut," he wrote. "But we all know that success in late-night depends on the long haul -- Conan knows this as well as anyone. So now I want to see how he follows up his glitzy debut."

Added USA Today's Robert Bianco: "Overall, the show wasn't O'Brien at his funniest, but it was funny enough to get by."

Dave Letterman definitely took notice of his new competition.

"I'm still here," Mr. Letterman told his audience on his show Monday night. "I knocked off another competitor."

He said that his mother had called him to say, "Well, David, I see you didn't get the Tonight Show again.'" When he said he told his mom that he had Bill Cosby as his guest, his mother replied: "'OK, maybe I'll switch from Conan.'"



Judge Puts 'Columbo' Star Falk in Conservatorship

LOS ANGELES — A judge placed former "Columbo" star Peter Falk in a conservatorship Monday to ensure his daughter could occasionally visit the ailing 81-year-old actor.

Falk's wife of more than 30 years, Shera, will remain in control of his personal care and affairs. Falk has advanced dementia, likely from Alzheimer's disease, one of his doctors testified Monday.

Catherine Falk petitioned in December to take over her father's affairs despite a sometimes contentious relationship with Falk and his wife. By court order, she will be allowed a 30-minute visit with her father every other month.

Falk's condition virtually ensures he will not remember the meetings, his doctor said.

The Emmy-winning actor slipped rapidly into dementia since a series of dental operations in late 2007, Dr. Stephen Read testified Monday, the final day of a two-day conservatorship hearing.

Read said it was unclear whether Falk's condition worsened as a result of anesthesia or some other reaction to the operation.

Read first evaluated Falk in June 2008 before the actor was scheduled to undergo hip surgery. His dementia and apparent Alzheimer's disease worsened after that procedure, and Read said the actor no longer remembers his signature role in the series "Columbo."

Falk won four Emmys for his starring role in "Columbo." He also received Academy Award nominations for movies in 1959 and 1960.

For months, he has lived in a guesthouse at his Beverly Hills home that has been converted into an art studio and living quarters. He has around-the-clock care, and Shera Falk testified that she cooks dinner for her husband nightly.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,524239,00.html

Nintendo Brings Mario and More at E3

Mario Galaxy 2 Announced

Nintendo saved their biggest announcement for last at this morning's E3 press conference, unveiling the first full sequel to a 3D Mario game on the same system: Mario Galaxy 2.

From the trailer on show, it appears to be the same deal as the first game. Planetoids you run around, 3D puzzles, unique mechanics on various levels, flying pirate ships and, yes, bee suits.

The graphics have seen a slight improvement from the looks of things, with nicer grass, but yeah, expect more Mario Galaxy. Just newer.

No details on a release date (or any other new features) yet, but we might get that later in the week.

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Where's Waldo? to become feature film!

US readers will know him as Waldo, UK readers as Wally but seeing as he was created and first published in the UK, I’m taking the Wally option for this post. Whatever you want to call the little fella anyway, he’s once again on his way to the big screen, this time courtesy of Universal. Until recently, Paramount were planning a Where’s Wally?picture bet they put it into turnaround after which, as The Hollywood Reporter have it, “the rights [...] have been bouncing around between entities”.

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cat drawing picture

Jon Gosselin Moving Out of Family House

Jon Gosselin is reportedly set to move out of the house he shares with wife Kate Gosselin and their 8 children. Insiders reveal that producers of the couple’s TLC reality show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ are looking for apartments for Jon.

“Producers have begun looking for apartments that are camera-crew friendly so that Jon can move out,” says the insider.

Jon and Kate have begun spending increasing amounts of time apart. Last week, Kate and their 8 children vacationed in North Carolina while Jon spent time with two female companions in New Jersey. The pair even began film their commentaries for the reality show apart.


i'm too rich and too famous to be sitting with these people...

Heidi and Spencer -- Quitters

Heidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat -- they have quit the NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

A source close to production tells TMZ the "Hills" duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night's show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight's episode.

Guess they weren't faking ... for a change.


More Info Here

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this explains so much

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Mariah Carey blames 9/11, director for failure of ‘Glitter’

Mariah Carey is speaking out about the failure of her first starring film role, Glitter, all those years ago. Mariah knows the film wasn’t that great - in fact, she blames the director in a hilarious aside, saying “But I didn’t have representation or anyone to tell me: ‘What you need is a great director’.” Snort, chuckle. Because that’s why Glitter failed - everyone said, “I really want to see that Mariah Carey movie, but the director sucks.” Of course.

Beyond the bad direction, Mariah knows where to really lay the blame, though. Right at the feet of the terrorists who struck America on September 11th, 2001. Yes, Mariah thinks Glitter would have been received differently if only the release date hadn’t been September 11th. Yes, that must be it:

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ridiculously cute shawn johnson throws a ball

Shawn throws like a girl…. Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast and reigning Dancing With The Stars champion Shawn Johnson threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the start of the baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday, June 1.

The Diamondbacks went on to beat the Dodgers 3-2

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she's cute, and her body is fine you bitter bitches

Conan O'Brien's 'Tonight Show' debut scores highest Monday in four years

Conan O'Brien's premiere as host of NBC's "Tonight Show" drew the highest overnight ratings for a Monday episode in four years.

Launching his "Tonight Show" run, the late-night comedian posted a number 82% higher than the "Tonight" second quarter average and 173% above his February "Late Night" finale.

O'Brien averaged a 7.1 rating and 17 share in metered-market households, "Tonight's" strongest Monday overnight results since a 2005 telecast featuring a tribute to Johnny Carson.

O'Brien won his time period by a 154% over CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman" (2.8/7). His success spilled over to the rest of NBC's late-night lineup. "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (2.5/9) delivered its highest overnight rating yet for a Monday telecast, topping the show's series premiere.

Go Conan :)

Lilo, Ungaro, Paris, and London

Lindsay Lohan turned up in Paris but headed out of Paris with a sh-tload of luggage en route, supposedly, to London to catch up with Samantha Ronson who played a gig last night at Mahiki.

Lilo has been ordered to keep a lower profile after landing a job, finally, on a film set which is why the paps haven’t been shooting her every day but now that she’s messing around overseas, perhaps a date with Lily Allen too, we’ll see her cracked out dirty face again at 5am soon enough.

So what the f-ck Ungaro? What are you thinking?

Apparently the clueless owner of the fashion house (he probably wears Ed Hardy) wants to bring her on as some kind of style consultant (???) much to the dismay of creative director Esteban Cortazar who, quite rightly, doesn’t want anything to do with her orange ass and has threatened to quit.

Lilo may be a clothes horse, but that doesn’t make her an original.


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ETA:  Lindsay uploaded this pic of herself to her twitter.

On the move again. Where to next?

Thanks pompouscunt

AnnaLynne McCord: Beso Babe

Making the most of a Monday night, AnnaLynne McCord was spotted hitting up Eva Longoria’s West Hollywood hotspot Beso restaurant last night (June 1).

Joined by her sister Angel, the “90210” hottie was more than happy to smile for the paparazzi as she made her way to her car.

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She actually looks pretty human, even her ultra-bright lipstick is gone by the last pic.

Sophia Bush & Jon Foster: Home Sweet Home



Sophia Bush lunches with her pal, actor Jon Foster, at Home Restaurant on Monday (June 1) in Los Feliz, Calif. What’s going on you might ask!? Who knows. Maybe they’re just friends, maybe they’re dating again.

Later this month, Sophia will participate in the first live, virtual question-and-answer session between a film’s cast in one location and audiences in separate theaters. Moviegoers in 17 U.S. cities will be able text-message questions to the cast of her latest independent movie, The Narrows” 


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oh sharkboy

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Taylor Lautner: Hello, Jacob Black!

Taylor Lautner waves to paparazzi as he heads towards his destination in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (June 1).

The 17-year-old actor sported an array of black-on-black outfits for the photo shoot — from a turtleneck to a long black trench coat. What’s your favorite Taylor look?

Taylor recently dished on one of the most intense scenes he filmed in New Moon. He shared, “The most intense scene…probably the breakup scene. It’s the scene where Jacob breaks up with Bella because he realizes he’s too much for her to handle.”

SOURCE: justjaredjr

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Dair Met Steps Hands

Transformers 2 To Beat TDK???

Breaking: 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' set for biggest weekend ever?

Not necessarily that surprising, but industry polling for Michael Bay's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is hinting that the highly anticipated sequel is already on a record-setting pace.

Based on the data HitFix was provided, "Revenge of the Fallen" is on track to challenge "The Dark Knight's 5-day record of $203 million last summer.  The picture has mammoth interest with moviegoers of all ages and is so strong among younger males that it would easily have a massive opening if Paramount Pictures decided to open it tomorrow.  Additionally, the overall numbers for men are off the charts with 3/4's of all respondents saying they are more than interested in seeing the movie.

In terms of record setting openings, it's worth noting "Revenge of the Fallen" debuts on a Wednesday while "Dark Knight's" record run began with a Friday (or Thursday night) debut.  Comparably, the largest Wednesday 5-day gross on record is 2004's "Spider-Man 2's" $152 million which "Revenge of the Fallen" should easily shatter. 

The first "Transformers" opened on Thursday, July 3, 2007 and took in $98.7 million over the 4-day Fourth of July holiday weekend.  The picture grossed $319 million in the U.S. alone and made Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox household names.  Both stars are back for the second installment and face little competition until Johnny Depp and Christian Bale arrive with Michael Mann's "Public Enemies" and Fox rolls out "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" on July 1.  "Enemies" may be rated R, but the combo of the period thriller and the appeal of yet another family friendly "Ice Age" sequel could knock "Revenge" from the top spot. 

A massive run for "Transformers" would be another gold star in Paramount's summer release schedule.  Last month's "Star Trek" currently is the highest grossing film of the year with $209 million.  The J.J. Abrams reboot is also one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year.  Whether "Revenge of the Fallen" can duplicate that feat remains to be seen.


How many of you guys are going? I'll be there opening day:)

brit: hiam video

Mystery Hills star may take Speidi's place on "i'm a celebrity get me out of here"

They may or may not be celebrities. They're definitely out of there.

Not even the promise of three weeks' worth of prime-time self-promotion was enough to keep Heidi and Spencer Pratt from jumping ship on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Though their first attempt at quitting NBC's jungle-set reality competition didn't stick, Speidi has, for the second and ostensibly final time, vowed to abscond from Costa Rica after being unable to shampoo rough it.

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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds @ The Proposal Premiere

It's one of the most anticipated date movies of the season, and last night (June 1) Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds premiered "The Proposal."

The "Miss Congeniality" hottie looked lovely as she arrived at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, sporting a silky black minidress with black heels.

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I love Sandra, can't wait to see this :)

Kendra Wilkinson Gets a Pole Lesson

In preparation for her new line of sports poles (aka stripper poles for exercise) Kendra took a pole lesson and has just posted tons of pics on her blog from her session at her house. Although she’s no strange to the pole, she wanted to learn how to swing sexy while getting a workout

She writes: “as you know im an outdoors girl so its hard to find fun ways to exercise in my house that keep me from getting bored.  im like a little monkey and love to swing around on things haha so thats why i decided to create my own line of sports poles which will be coming out soon!!!!!

ive definitely hit the pole a time or two just for fun but wanted to learn the best ways to use it to get my body in smokin shape and look hottttt while doing it.  this is one of the best ways to work out and at the same time get your significant other worked up…just ask hank lolololol.”

Full Post: http://kendrawilkinson.celebuzz.com/2009/06/swinging-sexy-while-toning-your-tush/

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a kate gosselin post - it's happening

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Kate Gosselin’s Childhood Photos

We’ve watched her eight kids grow up during five seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and now we can take a look at Kate Gosselin’s own childhood through these exclusive photos from one of her yearbooks.

From a cute baby to a high school senior, Gosselin always looked comfortable in front of the camera- even despite some unfortunate retro glasses!

SOURCE: radaronline

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You know spies...bunch of bitchy litte girls

Burn Notice Season 3 with Creator Matt Nix and FX Agent Kevin Harris
by Troy Rogers

Burn Notice creator, Matt Nix, shares a unique distinction with Miami Vice creator turned big screen writer/director, Michael Mann, as one of the select few TV creatives to see his own "on-location in Miami" set action series go three seasons in the Magic City. Although Matt Nix has two more seasons of Burn Notice to catch up to the five seasons of Miami Vice, the popular USA Network series is well on its way to leaving its own storied action legacy on the streets of Miami.

With the Season 3 premiere of Burn Notice taking to the USA airwaves on June 4 at 9pm, actor Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen returns without the pressure of the organization that "burned" him. Leading up to the Season 3 kick off, we crawled the covert phone lines to a conference call where we spent a few brief minutes with creator Matt Nix and Kevin Harris, the man behind the special effects of Burn Notice who makes secret Miami based espionage go "boom" on the small-screen.

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So excited for the premiere this Thursday!!

Also, Jeffrey Donovan has a TWITTER!! He's trying to reach 10,000 followers by this Thursday so follow him! He posts awesome behind the scenes pics!
movies // parveen

Zachary Quinto has a Pornstache

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto sports a fresh new pornstache, aka the cop ’stache, as he boarding an Alaska Airlines flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (June 2).

The 32-year-old actor and a female friends are headed to Mexico City to premiere his latest sci-fi flick.

When recently asked by NY Mag if he’s worried about catching swine flu, Zach said, “No, because every time I get on an airplane I have a routine. It’s not Airborne. That stuff doesn’t work. What I do is, I cover the inside of my nostrils with anti-bacterial ointment. I’m serious. It’s to block any bacteria from coming in. I’m popping Zicam like it’s candy.

He added, “And I drink, literally, from L.A. to New York, six bottles of water. One an hour. And then I cryogenically freeze my head for the duration of the flight, just for good measure. No, I’m kidding about that. That would be going too far.”

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ETA: Over 400 posts on ZQ's 'stache!? That's insane!

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Spencer Reveals What We All Already Knew / Red Cross No Longer Wants Any Involvement with Show

Spencer Pratt -- I'm No Damn Reality Star!    

Spencer Pratt made a shocking confession just before quitting "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" -- he's a total fraud.

A well-placed source who works on the Costa Rican production of the show tells TMZ just before quitting the show, Spencer screamed at producers, "If you give me a script, I'll do what you want. I'm not a reality star. I'm on 'The Hills.'"

Spencer clarified with the following: "I'm a TV producer and a character."

Spencer Pratt the character and Spencer Pratt the reality TV star could not be reached for comment.



Also, a recent tweet from Harvey Levin:       


We can all sleep easy now

Eminem and Bruno: It was staged!
Stunt at the MTV Movie Awards involving Eminam and Bruno was staged, MTV head writer admits in blog

If you haven't seen it, this is Sacha 'Fearless' Baron Cohen as gay Austrian fashionista Bruno introducing the next award – while "flying" above the audience in the style of Icarus. And landing 'intimately' on Eminem.

As pointed out by Defamer, it was clearly staged – not only was Eminem miked up, but the camera flicked to him before the "accident". MTV head writer Scott Aukerman blogged that it was staged but inexplicably took the post down.

"Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged. That's all anyone wants to talk about, so let's get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then."

Back to work, then.


Gosh, I am like so surprised.

Britney May Win Glamour Magazine Award Tonight...

This article appeared in The Sun yesterday; it wasn't posted, so I thought I'd go ahead and submit it:


BRITNEY SPEARS, the woman who makes SUSAN BOYLE look composed, was due to hit Britain last night.

I reckon we should prepare for a month of mayhem.

The Toxic star, under attack for the way she performs "live" while in fact hardly singing a note, has a string of gigs here as the two-week UK leg of the flesh-flashing Circus tour begins on Wednesday at the O2 in London.

Before that, though, the diva who has been known to drive around with her baby son on her lap is nominated for an award at Glamour magazine's Women Of The Year bash tomorrow.

The annual prize ceremony is held to celebrate the world's most influential women - and, it seems, Ms Spears.

She's up for the International Musician/Solo Artist gong and I'm told that she won't be heading home empty-handed from London's posh Berkeley Square.

Previous winners at the bash include ANGELINA JOLIE, BEYONCE and DAME HELEN MIRREN.

Source: The Sun (duh!) http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2458012/Will-Britney-Spears-reach-Boyle-ing-point.html


This post is brought to you by the 2003-era Britney who was named Glamour's Woman of the Year, before the head-shaving, custody battles, and trips to rehab. Britney bb, where has all the time gone?

ETA: I know a lot of people don't like The Sun - and yes, I think this author is kind of a douche. But The Sun staff has usually been very reliable as far as Britney news goes. They were one of the first outlets to announce the concepts for the Break the Ice and If U Seek Amy videos, among other things.
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Vanessa Minnillo Drops Wedding Hints to Nick Lachey

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Memo to Nick Lachey: Vanessa Minnillo has marriage on the mind – and hand.

Pointing to a 5-carat ring on her middle finger, Minnillo, 28, tells Las Vegas columnist Robin Leach, "It will be 10 carats when it moves to the fourth finger!"

Leach says she was laughing when she said it. But in the course of a brief interview posted on his Vegas DeLuxe blog, Minnillo mentions marriage three times.

Noting that Lachey, 35, couldn't make it to Vegas with her because he was at a friend's birthday party, she pouted, "So once again it looks as if I'm always the bridesmaid but never the bride."

Not that there's a problem, she quickly adds. "This romance is still going strong," she says. "There will always be rumblings and rumors that we've broken up, but in fact, it's very much still on – and it keeps on getting better."

So much so that, "Maybe this will be the one time I wind up the bride instead of the bridesmaid!"


Adam Lambert & boyfriend go shopping at kitson LA

Adam Lambert just went shopping with boyfriend Drake LaBry at Kitson Men in Los Angeles.

Adam, 27, and Drake, 24, shopped up a storm and according to staff, the pair was “really cordial and nice.”

Adam bought a Marc Jacobs Blazer for Drake before their night out at Guys & Dolls nightclub.

On Monday night, Adam and Drake were seen holding hands after a night out on the town.
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Brad Pitt Keeps Clean With Babywipes

Eli Roth opened up to People earlier this week about his Inglourious Basterds costar and pal Brad Pitt

On how Brad stays fresh: “He shared that when you’re sweating and don’t have time to take a shower, you just take a baby wipe and rub it under your armpits. After a scene, Brad had to get next to me for a close-up shot, and he said, ‘Damn, you’re ripe.’ I said, ‘I didn’t have time to shower.’ He said, ‘Baby wipes, man, baby wipes. I got six kids. All you’ve got to do is just take them, a couple quick wipes under the pits. Man, I’m getting pissed on all day. I don’t have time to take a shower.’” (Eli said: “I thought that was the greatest tip.”

On Brad’s partner Angelina Jolie
: “[She's] awesome, totally cool.”

On Brad’s personality
: “He’s such a funny guy. He has a great sense of humor, and he’s so into it. He’s really there to have a great time. Now, he’s at the point in his career where he’s the biggest movie star in the world, he can do whatever he wants, so when he’s there, he just wants to have a great time.”

On Brad being generous with his time
: “I remember the first day, he taught me a lot of acting tricks. We all wanted to ask him about Kalifornia, Fight Club and True Romance, and he was so cool to talk about all that stuff with us. Right from the first day, we were all a little shy. But then somebody asked him about 12 Monkeys, and he talked about everything.”
Source: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/06/02/brad-pitt-baby-wipes/

Whenever I hear about babywipes I think of Terrence Howard

Star Wars//Leia

late night naked on-air wrestling

'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson': Oh, it's on, Fallon!

Boy, things sure were hoppin' in late-night last night. During Craig Ferguson's pre-monologue moment, he acknowledged Conan's move to The Tonight Show, and reminisced about the days when he and the red-haired giant used to "strip naked and wrestle" for ratings. Then he noted the new competition: "me and the Fallon boy," as he put it:

Ferguson, compulsively honest, implicitly acknowledged the ratings challenge Fallon has posed since his premiere. But, Ferguson also being compulsively pugnacious (well, not really, but I like the way those two words sound together), said, "I hereby challenge Jimmy Fallon to naked on-air wrestling."

All this, plus an excellent interview with cuddly, smart, scary-film-maker-turned-novelist Guillermo del Toro, promoting his horror novel The Strain. They bonded over a mutual love of H.P. Lovecraft. (I ask you: Does any other late-night host even know who Lovecraft was?) Del Toro said his book answers the question, "What happens to a vampire's genitals?"

Which, of course, brings us back to the Ferguson-Fallon naked wrestling challenge. It probably won't happen, but it's... icky to think about, fun to laugh at.

Did you watch Craig Ferguson? What do you think?

Who do you prefer, Craig or Jimmy?

Giuliana and Bill:: The Reality Show


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"Giuliana & Bill" Follows Newlywed Couple as They Juggle High-Profile Careers and Married Life While Living Apart in Chicago and Los Angeles

The couple met at an event several years ago when Giuliana, anchor for "E! News," was interviewing Bill about his experience winning NBC's "The Apprentice." They quickly fell in love and were married in 2007 in a romantic Italian wedding as featured in the Style special "Marry Me in Capri."

Now the duo are settling into married life but unlike most couples they are living across the country from each other with Bill developing real estate in Chicago and Giuliana covering celebrity interviews, red carpet events and entertainment news for E! in Los Angeles. The new half-hour series, "Giuliana & Bill," premieres August 5th 2009 on Style.

here and Bill's Twitter:: http://twitter.com/billrancic

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Pete Wentz: I Hope Bronx "Gets His Looks From His Mother"

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Pete Wentz has one wish for his son, Bronx.

"I hope he gets his looks from his mother," the Fall Out Boy rocker told Usmagazine.com at the DJ Hero Launch event in L.A. Monday.

And according to him, the six-month old baby boy does look like his wife, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

"Trust me, he's cute,"
he blogged in December.

When it comes to raising Bronx, the musician prefers not to be too stern just yet.

His advice?

"Don't discipline them too much," he tells Us.

george jetson

Megan Fox post

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Megan Fox doesn't mind that she's viewed as a sex symbol.

"I think it's wonderful. I didn't decide I'm gonna be an actress cause I wanna be respected for how I play chess," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "Part of Hollywood is being perceived as attractive."

The actress had to make out "all day" with costar Shia Labeouf while filming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

"Clearly, he enjoyed it!" says Fox.
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‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ Megan Fox has apologised for her dirty hair-look at the recent MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

The Transformers star
, who was given the sexy honour by FHM magazine, had thick gel slicking down her scalp while she sported a D&G strapless black and gold cocktail dress that was matched with strappy stilettos at the star-studded evening.
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I am beautiful no matter what they say

Kelly Clarkson hits up Nova radio station on Tuesday (June 2) in Sydney, Australia.

It was just announced that the 27-year-old first-ever American Idol champ will be performing at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards. Kelly will perform a song off her album, All I Ever Wanted, at the June 21 bash in Toronto. Lady Gaga had already been announced as a performer, while the Jonas Brothers will host and perform at the show.

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It's only like 5 years late

but Kanye West has now released a video for "Spaceship" featuring GLC and Consequence.

GLC's thoughts - "First off, I’d just like to thank everyone for believing! There’s a lot of people saying where we could of been if this was released in 04 but for what ever reasons it wasn’t. I no longer wanna deprive the people of their rights! You have the right to embrace my concept as well as those of Kanye, Consequence & Tony Williams as we gave you are all! This is a story of triumph over the ills of society & the workforce interfering with your pimpin’ & in this time of a recession this record may be more relevant now than it was in 2004! Thank for letting me grow with you! Love, Life & Loyalty coming soon! Hello World!"


bonus: the video for "Two Words" featuring Mos Def and Freeway

Smoking Section

Brittany Murphy is written out of her comeback script

Brittany Murphy was cast in the new Stallone movie The Expendables a little while ago. The movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Satham, Jet Li, Forest Whitaker, and Mickey Rourke. Brittany was set to play Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend, and seeing as her career is lacking at best right now, it was set to be her comeback movie. Especially with Mickey Rourke’s star rising, playing opposite him would have been a great move. But now it seems that she has been written out of the script entirely. The news comes from the movie’s poorly written official blog, written by some publicist for the movie.

[S]o Church…there is a scheduling conflict that is being worked out. The script went through a re-write and Brittany Murphy’s character was deleted. there’s no teaser trailer yet but we do have 60 seconds of BTS footage I was hoping to post but there is some debate as to whether that helps or hurts the marketing and publicity plan by peaking interest too early. I don’t understand that thought process – I see it differently…but I don’t call the shots. So we shall see or rather you shall see, hopefully.

[from Ethelmae's Blog via Crazy Days and Nights]

As you can see from the blurb, the blog is terribly written, for one, and for the other, the deletion of Brittany’s character is given as a tiny side note. Either Brittany did something really bad (her acting perhaps?), or she wanted to get out of the script. It’s difficult to change a contract that late in the game.

I doubt that it was Brittany who wanted out, though she is a little crazy so you never know. According to her Wikipedia page, she has an album coming out this year - just another actress trying to be a singer. Though I did like the song she released with Paul Oakenfold, “Faster Kill Pussycat.” Maybe a singing career, rather than The Expendables, is Brittany’s future career.


a chace and his pretty gayface post

Kicking off his week with a swanky evening out, Chace Crawford was spotted making his exit from Il Sole restaurant in Los Angeles last night (June 2).

The “Gossip Girl” stud looked cool and casual, sporting a grey screenprinted t-shirt with dark jeans and sneakers and a toothpick in his mouth.

And it seems Zac Efron is excited that Mr. Crawford was able to step in and replace him in the upcoming remake of the 80s classic film “Footloose.”

Efron told press, “I’m ecstatic for him. We’re both in very different places [in our careers] and it just happened to work out. I think it’s gonna work out for the best.”

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culkin megamix

"Degrassi" Star Epstein to Succeed Riabko in Spring Awakening National Tour

By Adam Hetrick
02 Jun 2009

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"Degrassi: The Next Generation" star Jake Epstein will assume the role of Melchior Gabor in the national tour of the Tony-winning musical Spring Awakening in July.

The 22-year-old, Toronto-born actor, who most recently appeared as CB in the Toronto premiere of Bert V. Royal's Dog Sees God, will join the young cast of Spring Awakening when the Duncan Sheik-Steven Sater musical arrives at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on July 7.

Riabko, who originated the role in the national tour following his Broadway debut in the musical, will exit Spring Awakening at the conclusion of the Philadelphia engagement on June 28.

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Guess who's driving two hours to see this! I've only ever heard good things about the play, and he's very high on my "to-stalk" list of Degrassi alum.

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Let's have a Crazy Craig/Spring Awakening party!

Ina Hanging On Like FG

This is Crazy that All This is Happening While Lauren is Gone...

Heidi and Spencer -- Punish Us Again, Please       

So maybe they want to redeem themselves, but we're being told by NBC sources Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have asked to come back to "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" They quit last night, but today is another day.

We're told so far NBC hasn't bitten. But you know how annoying Speidi can be -- they'll wear the suits down.

Story developing...


While the prospect of a second Baldwin brother joining the cast sounded promising, I hope that Speidi is let back on the show -- even if only to ensure that Holly Montag will get nowhere near network television anytime soon...

“I’m a Slave for Jew” (Britney Spear Spoof)

Finally!!! Finally!! Finally!!

This was the most fun I have eber had on a choot! We only had like 2 hours to choot the music bideo w/ABSOLUTELY NO PRACTICE!

This Claimer: I am no Anti-Semite or how they say. I love Judios! This is Comedy! No need to be politically correct in Hollyweird. Anytime I say “Joo” people think I am referring to “Jew“. So, I decided to go along w/that.

Source is me at chismetime.com

King James left the playoffs as a loser

LeBron doesn’t want to win more than Michael Jordan did, but Jordan could stop and shake a winner’s hand. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird could, too. Julius Erving did. Kobe Bryant(notes). Isiah Thomas led a walkout after losing to the Chicago Bulls after winning two NBA titles, but Joe Dumars never followed him. He stayed and shook Jordan’s hand, the way Jordan had always shook his when the Pistons had beaten him.


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Halle Berry's Teddy Bear Tot

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Mom Halle Berry did not join the father-daughter duo, though she and Nahla were spotted visiting friends together over the weekend.

It's being reported that Oscar-winner Halle is in talks to star in the upcoming flick The Surrogate, playing a woman who hires a surrogate mom to carry her child, only to find out - too late! - that she is mentally unstable.

Photos: Fame

<br/><a href="http://i43.tinypic.com/nd38s2.jpg" _fcksavedurl="http://i43.tinypic.com/nd38s2.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

<br/><a href="http://i40.tinypic.com/16gzgq1.jpg" _fcksavedurl="http://i40.tinypic.com/16gzgq1.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Source 2
Edit: Found another article with more pictures.

90210 Exclusive: Meet Ethan's Replacement

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We were all sad to see the charming Dustin Milligan get the heave-ho from 90210 this spring, but fear not! TVGuide.com has learned exclusively that West Bev is getting a new shot of testosterone in the fall, courtesy a new recurring character.

Known as "Teddy" in the character breakdown, the new man in town is a tennis champ who is also the son of a famous movie star. He is described as "returning to West Beverly," which immediately made me think that he was the man behind the wheel of that bumper-stickered Mercedes that witnessed Annie hit... whatever it is that she hit on her season-finale joyride.

Teddy's charm is described as "Clooney-esque," which will surely send all the ladies' hearts a-flutter. That is, until it actually causes the inevitable rift/catfight among Silver, Annie and Naomi, thus teaching our young girls that when looking for a potential suitor, don't let anything get in your way, least of all your best friends. All other women are evil and should be considered competition.

I thought Liam was supposed to be the ~replacement~. Whatever, this is lame. DNW new characters.

Daniel Baldwin to replace Spencer Pratt

<br/><a href="http://i41.tinypic.com/2jepcuh.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Guess jungle life isn't all it's cracked up to be. But not even helping charity could keep Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from getting out of the NBC show I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here on the very first episode.

And now there's a surprise in store for remaining contestant Stephen Baldwin, 43, according to DailyFill.com – which reports that his older brother, Daniel Baldwin, is secretly in Costa Rica. Daniel, 48, is now poised to step in for Pratt, 25, who twice threatened to walk off during the premiere episode with his wife Montag, 22.

A source also tells the site that Holly Montag has just been put on a plane to Costa Rica to fill in for Heidi – reportedly promising producers that she'll hang in there longer than her wimpy sister.

The show's rep at NBC could not be reached for comment. Reps for Heidi and Spencer also could not be reached.
– Kristin Boehm


Bill Murray Gives McG HeadButt He Deserves

Maybe you've heard of Joseph McGinty Nichol, popularly known as "McG," director of such films as Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and the upcoming Terminator Salvation. Perhaps you'd like him to get beat up, if only because he calls himself McG? If so, don't fret—-Bill Murray already did it.

McG, doing press junkets to promote this Friday's release of Terminator Salvation, was talking about Christian Bale's much publicized freakout during filming and how movie sets can be stressful environments filled with monster egos, when he casually mentioned this little story to a reporter from The Guardian:

McG declines to comment any further than he already has, but points out that movie sound stages can be stressful places where creative battles sometimes become heated. Particularly, it seems, on his sound-stages. "I'm reintroducing the fist-fight to movie sets," he smiles. "I don't think there's been a film I've made where there hasn't been some kind of physical fight. I mean, I've been headbutted by an A-list star. Square in the head. An inch later and my nose would have been obliterated." Will he be revealing any names? "Nah, I probably shouldn't," he smiles. "But it was Bill Murray. Y'know, it's a passionate industry."

Bill Murray?!?! Bill Murray is a lot of things, but he might be the absolute last guy we'd ever expect to throw a headbutt on a director during filming. Do we see him sipping cognac and playfully flirting with younger women in hotel bars, accosting people in the middle of the night in parks, and maybe wandering into a hipster party in Brooklyn and getting stoned with the kids every now and again? Yes, totally! But do we see him as someone who headbutts people at work? No, absolutely not, which all points to one thing—-McG is probably as massive a tool as his name suggests.

I Was Headbutted By Bill Murray [The Guardian] via Defamer

Dear Bill Murray~On behalf of all the people that wasted their money going to see Terminator Salvation, THANK YOU!
Also, this article is from a UK paper, Terminator Salvation is opening there this week.

UK "Glamour" awards 2009 arrivals

The Glamour "Women of the year" awards held at the Berkeley Square in Central London, Britain, 02 June 2009. The event is organised by Glamour Magazine and it celebrates "beauty and style".

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YAWN. FYI, Bambi escaped unscathed and sober in 2009, unlike last year.


Beyowulf and Kelly no longer friends ~allegedly~


They say and by "they" I mean 'Destiny's Child The Rumors' that Kelly and Beyonce no longer speak. DCTR got an email, from the same person who told them Kelly was leaving Music World Entertainment and that Kelly came to Matthew and spoke to him about his lack of PR over her album "Ms Kelly". Matthew took this as an insult and told Kelly the best thing would be to leave. A lot of people think Matthew was calling her bluff with this ultimatum but Kelly responded that she would be leaving and fired him as her manager.

Matthew has been absolutely livid over this and has advised Beyonce not to let Kelly pull on her coat tails anymore. Matthew feels Michelle and Kelly should be lucky they have a career at all and often tie themselves in with Beyonce to gain more sales. This was fine when Kelly was apart of MWE but now she isn't they don't want them near each other.

Beyonce has taken her father's advice. You will not see Beyonce and Kelly together unless they reform as Destiny's Child or for birthdays. Beyonce and Kelly are no longer friends. Any future photos will be staged to keep the DC brand alive.

Kelly is extremely upset about this as Beyonce does not answer any of her calls and when she does the conversation is short and strained. She cannot understand how Beyonce can be so cold after all the years they have worked together.
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A Sims 3 Mega Post

Wired: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Sims 3’s Massive Upgrades

The Sims 3 arrives Tuesday, and fans of Electronic Arts’ mind-bogglingly successful franchise are going to want to set aside some time to take in all the upgrades.

Quite a bit of time, actually: The Sims 3 is a sprawling mass of a game, building upon the success of its predecessors and taking the virtual-life simulation series to entirely new heights.

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CNET: 'Sims 3' ready for prime time

OS ANGELES--Start saving simoleans, everyone: "The Sims 3" has finally launched.

The latest full iteration of the famous "Sims" franchise--"The Sims" launched in 2000 and became the best-selling PC game of all time, and "The Sims 2" released in 2004--the new game presents a chance for its publisher, Electronic Arts, to bolster its bottom line, even while trying to push the boundaries of what game players are used to.

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MTV: The Sims 3: Final Look

Five years and eight expansion packs after “The Sims 2,” Maxis has finally stepped away from the drawing board to deliver a new approach to their popular life simulation franchise in “The Sims 3.” The changes range from subtle to dramatic, though ultimately it all still boils down to running partially AI-controlled rats through a maze. In the case of “The Sims” of course, those rats are actually human beings and the maze, a small-town community.

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Wired, CNET, MTV
brit: hiam video

Spencer and Heidi Pratt "Praying" to Return to I'm a Celebrity...

Heidi and Spencer Pratt want back in!

A few hours after officially quitting, Heidi and Spencer Pratt want to return to I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Usmagazine.com has learned.

"I am praying to Jesus to have NBC forgive me and allow Speidi back! The jungle makes you do crazy things," Pratt wrote on Twitter.

The couple also threatened to walk off the show twice during Monday's premiere.

The winner of I'm a Celebrity is awarded a large cash prize to the charity of their choosing, and The Hills stars -- who arrived in Costa Rica over the weekend -- wanted to continue competing for their cause, the Red Cross, the source tells Us.


Hulk defends Brooke, denies smoking pot

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Hulk Hogan is jumping to the defense of his daughter, Brooke, 21, after her mother, Linda, accused her of everything from lying about having a breast augmentation to hanging out with a guy who smokes marijuana with her father. "I can't believe Linda would do this," the former wrestling champ tells Life & Style exclusively. "She's lost and needs help."

Hulk vehemently denies Linda's claim that he was "rolling and smoking joints" with Brooke's boyfriend, Stack, during one of Brooke's recording sessions. "Absolutely not!" he shoots back. "Brooke is a clean-cut girl. She's very open and honest." In fact, Hulk suggests that Linda, who filed for divorce in 2007 after 24 years of marriage, is the one using drugs. Linda has said she'd happily submit to a drug test to prove otherwise. Hulk's response? "If Linda says she'll take a drug test, I say bring it, brother! It needs to be done, and she'll fail it."

In the meantime, he just wants Linda to stop attacking their little girl. "Brooke can't have a relationship with her mother like this," he tells Life & Style. "I hope one day Linda will grow up and be an adult like Brooke is. Linda has to reach to her level. One day, maybe."

guti WEAH

What Can Brown Do For You?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin picks up his 8-year-old fraternal twin daughters Cara and Mady from school on Tuesday (June 2) in Reading, Penn.

Is Jon finally warming up to the attention he’s been getting? He smiled for paparazzi!

The twins helped their dad with some packages that were delivered to their local UPS store. Cara and Mady carried dozens of boxes into the back of the family van.

Meanwhile, bikini-clad mom Kate Gosselin was seen with the sextuplets on the beach at Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

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I've always HATED Uniforms
also idgi if Cara and Mady are in school shouldnt the other kids be in school as well?
1D - Niall the hipster

yes, it's sharkboy again

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Taylor Lautner is Falcon Theater Fierce

Taylor Lautner shows off his buff biceps as he leaves The Falcon Theater on Tuesday afternoon in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 17-year-old Twilight hunk has had a busy day. He started the day off with a photo shoot for Interview magazine and then hit the gym.

People mag is trying to find out which Twilight guy has the best chest. So far, Taylor is winning!

SOURCE: justjaredjr

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LeAnn Rimes Is a Stalker

Eddie Cibrian cut ties with his Lifetime movie costar LeAnn Rimes two months ago -- after Us Weekly exposed their steamy affair -- but his wife, Brandi Glanville, tells the new issue of Us Weekly that she can't let go of her obsession with him.

"LeAnn is a stalker," Glanville tells Us. "She refuses to leave us alone -- it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance."

Glanville alleges that Rimes (who was caught on video sucking Cibrian's finger during a date) intentionally tracked down her husband at a L.A. Lakers game on May 17 -- two weeks after he changed his phone number to end her "constant texting and calling."

Glanville, a model, insists she's "not a scorned wife.

"I'm a happy wife fighting for what I have," adds the mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2. (Car seats were spotted in the backseat of Cibrian's pickup truck during a liaison with Rimes at the Malibu Beach Hotel in March.)

Glanville says Rimes' motivation for her "disgusting" behavior is to get back in the limelight.

"LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants," she charges. "She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom."

A rep for Rimes did not comment, but a source says: "Eddie and Brandi are both on the record on this and LeAnn has kept quiet, so what does that tell you about who is after fame and press?

To read more of Glanville's only interview since catching her husband having an affair -- including additional shocking allegations against Rimes, and details on exactly how Rimes is harassing Cibrian -- pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands tomorrow.


Sex, Toxic, Love

Robert Pattinson Outside Of Kristen's House

After the super hot post-MTV Movie Awards hookup, we caught Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hanging out with Kristen's parents!

Here is the video to go with the exclusive pics from yesterday, and as you can see, the Twilight co-stars are making every effort not to be seen, but we caught they anyway!

Can you believe that these two are an item? And what about their supposed significant others?!

I didn't know Rob had a significant other lol

source: http://x17online.com/celebrities/robert_pattinson/x17_xclusive_video_rob_and_kristen_hang_with_her_parents_after_spending_the_night_together-06022009.php

The Veronicas to do MTV reality show

The Veronicas are in discussions to appear in their own reality series on MTV, Sydney Confidential has learned.

The proposed series, described as a “documentary-style” program, would offer fans of Australian-born rocker siblings Lisa and Jess Origliasso a behind-the-scenes look at their attempt to crack the international music market.

The Veronicas are no strangers to an American audience. In 2008, the girls appeared in ten webisodes of Yahoo!’s Pepsi Smash with The Jonas Brothers. They have also performed on The CW’s Beverly Hills, 90210 and the 2009 Miss USA pageant.

brit: hiam video

Usher shopping in Malibu this afternoon

Channeling his inner domestic diva, Usher was spotted doing some high end shopping at Cross Creek in Malibu this afternoon (June 2).

The sexy R&B crooner spent time browsing inside Malibu Colony Company which sells luxurious home goods such as bedding and table linens, and walked out with a sizable shopping bag.

After causing some serious damage on his American Express Black Card, Usher drove away in his matching Ferrari.

Usher is currently in the studio working on his new album, tentatively titled Monster.

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Doctor Who

Reynolds and Kitsch on their possible solo movies

ACTOR Taylor Kitsch, who played Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is keen to explore the character's dark side, charm and unpredictability in a spin-off.

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It’s no secret that we’ve been pulling for a “Deadpool” spin-off movie for quite some time now, so we were excited when “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” opened big and a solo Ryan Reynolds adventure was greenlit just days later.

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Brandy Settles with Children of Car Accident Victim

Brandy has reached a settlement with the children of the victim who died in the singer's 2006 car crash.

Over two years after being involved in a fatal car accident that left one woman dead, Brandy has settled with the two children of Awatef Aboudihaj, a 38-year old mother from Los Angeles. Each one will receive $300,000, according to court documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court today.

In December 2006, Brandy's SUV struck another vehicle on L.A.'s 405 Freeway, causing the four-car pileup which left Aboudihaj dead. The Moesha star was not charged with any crime after Los Angeles police ruled there was "insufficient evidence" that she'd committed vehicular manslaughter.

Aboudihaj's husband, Marouane Hdidou, has also filed suit against Brandy. In February, he rejected his part a $1.2 million settlement offer. The victim's parents also have a lawsuit pending.



Bad Romance

"What's her maiden name?" "Gilmore." "No, her maiden name." "Gilmore."

Kelly Bishop in Army Wives

Kelly Bishop –who has appeared on All My Children, As the World Turns, One Life to Live– of Gilmore Girls fame will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Army Wives, according to TV Guide. Reportedly Bishop will playing "the wife of a late, great state senator, in town to attend a building-naming ceremony. Charged with entertaining the special guest, Claudia Joy and Denise come to realize the not-so-weeping widow's secret — that she's a cougar!"

Army Wives returns to Lifetime on June 7.

george jetson

6 Of The World's Most Beautiful Older Women

Dame Helen Mirren, 64
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This formidable, petite actress (5'4), won 29 major awards for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006), including the coveted Best Actress Oscar. She seems equally famous for the bikini shots taken of her on vacation in Italy last year. Tabloids around the world remarked on her natural beauty and gorgeous curves. Said the UK's Daily Mail: "The only work to transform her toned body [has] been carried out during gruelling hours in the gym." Of this alleged workout regime: "No, I'm very lazy," Mirren told The Times of London. "Those pictures ... had just been taken at a great angle."

On playing erotic scenes as an older actress: "As you get older, naked stuff gets easier. There's a liberation about it." And in a separate interview with The Guardian, Mirren ruminated on life in one's sixties: "It's brilliant, really, the way life organizes itself, because you just slowly get used to what you are, don't you?"
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george jetson

Cover Story: Robert & Kristen's Love Story

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart took the stage to accept the prize for Best Kiss at the May 31 MTV Movie Awards, the apparent hormonal combustion ignited Universal City’s Gibson Amphitheatre and flew out over the airwaves to 5.3 million viewers worldwide.

Ditching his chewing gum, the smoldering Robert braced himself for a steamy smooch with his onscreen paramour; Kristen stood hands on hips, seemingly daring him on. They drew closer, and Rob’s lips parted, while the erotic heat built to an unbearable pitch. Then, at the last second, “Bella the Reluctant Virgin” demurred and pulled away, leaving “Edward the Conflicted Vampire” ... dangling.

“Thank you sooo much,” Stewart told the audience, sounding every bit the 19-year-old from L.A.

Were all those feverish pheromones for real, or were the onscreen lovers merely doing their best to create a romantic Hollywood illusion? Rumors have been rampant that the introverted, guitar-playing Rob, a 23-year-old Brit who is arguably filmdom’s foremost fantasy, has been nursing an unrequited passion for his leading lady, who has been dating actor Michael Angarano, 21, for five years.

“Robert and Kristen spent a lot of time alone together when they filmed the first Twilight movie — they’d stay up most of the night talking, laughing, playing music,” a friend of Stewart tells OK!. “Although [Robert] knew Kristen had a boyfriend, he made no secret of the fact that he was crazy about her.”

Clearly, there is a mutual attraction.

“Kristen and Robert hit it off the minute they were introduced,” Kristen's friend says. “When they auditioned together for the first time [back in 2007], sparks flew. The problem is, she’s torn between her onscreen and off-screen loves.”

Michael, for his part, has had enough of the scuttlebutt. “A lot of guys would not be as understanding as Michael has been. But one thing he's not quite as understanding of is all the gossip about her and Pattinson.”


'forehead like a fucking flatscreen tv' returns to the x-factor

Dannii Minogue finally agrees to X Factor return after securing £1m deal to rival Cheryl Cole

Dannii Minogue has signed a £1million contract to appear on the next series of The X Factor talent show.

Her £250,000 pay rise puts the singer on a par with fellow judge Cheryl Cole. 

After the last series, reports suggested Dannii, 37, would not return amid claims she had fallen out with the 25-year-old Girls Aloud star. But last night, after spending two months in her native Australia, Dannii returned to the UK. A friend said: 'Dannii was finally persuaded that the show wanted her.'

While preliminary auditions have already started in London, the four judges will be required for the next stage in the coming weeks.

Simon Cowell said in February that he was determined to get Dannii back for a third series. He said: 'She was great last year and I am adamant she should be there for the next series.' He added he is looking forward to recreating the 'excellent chemistry' between the four judges.

Dannii first appeared on The X Factor in 2007 alongside Simon, Louis and Sharon Osbourne. Dannii and Sharon famously didn't get along during the show and the rock matriarch announced she would quit once the season was over.

When Cheryl joined the panel last year, both women denied reports of rivalry.

During the last series, Dannii clashed with former Westlife manager Louis and broke down in tears in one live episode when he accused her of 'stealing' a song for her own act.

source: the daily fail