May 10th, 2009

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Kelly Rowland says about her, not Beyonce.

Kelly Rowland did a recent interview with MTV Lithuania whilst doing promo for the new David Guetta single ‘Love Takes Over’ (which she is featured on). In the interview, Kelly talks about the deal surrounding her solo music career and when the interviewer asks her about Beyonce (as well as the the silly question of “do you know Beyonce personally?”), she shuts the interviewer down, for like the first time ever:

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Ali Lohan: Hanging Out On A Homeschool Night

Lindsay’s little sister, Ali Lohan, visits several boutiques on Melrose in Los Angeles on Friday (May 8).

The 15-year-old aspiring singer has been seen hanging out quite a bit with older sister Lindsay, who recently reunited with Samantha Ronson after their split in early April.

Ali’s mom, Dina, recently talk to People about questions swirling around whether or not Ali was getting any schooling. She shared, “Ali is in a home-schooling program. She has never been pulled out of school. It’s the same home-schooling program that Lindsay was in since the tenth grade. It’s a wonderful program that many celebrities are enrolled in.”

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george jetson

Sandra Bullock: I'm Not Sure I Want Kids

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Sandra Bullock isn't sure she and husband Jesse James will have kids.

"You don't have to give birth to someone to have a family. I'm not going to spend two seconds of my life wishing I had something I don't," The Proposal (out June 19) actress, 44, tells the June issue of Harper's Bazaar.

"It's hard to do it your way when you hear everyone else telling you to do it their way," she continues. "I just want people to admit that there's no one way to live your life.

But that doesn't mean she won't change her mind later.

"Of course, I don't know what's going to happen," she says.

Bullock married James, the CEO of West Coast Choppers and host of Motorcycle Mania, in July 2005. She's had to adjust to letting him take care of her.

"I've had to learn a hard lesson in that I'm not allowed to open car doors anymore," she says. "It was so hard for me to allow someone to take care of me. It's not because I can't take care of myself. But Jesse was like, 'Just let me do this.'"

Ever since entering her 40s, she's let go of a lot of hangups.

"I didn't have a teenage or early-20s experience that was free and without worry. I missed the screw-everything, have-a-good-time phase," she says. "I was worried that if I didn't stay on track and work, work, work, I was never going to accomplish anything.

"Now I'm trying to have fun and have the freedom to do nothing," she goes on.

george jetson

Ryan Seacrest Keeps New GF Under Wraps

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Come on now, don't be shy Ryan Seacrest!

The amiable TV/radio host, producer, entertainer and all around man about town isn't one to talk about relationships, and now Ellen DeGeneres is on a mission to get all the details about his latest paramour.

"I haven't seen you in a while but I'm always joking with everyone on the show that I'm going to set you up,"
the funny lady tells her pal on Friday's episode of her show. "I keep trying to set every girl up with you and it turns out... I've seen pictures of you in magazines in Paris with a girlfriend."

"Well, we don't label,"
Ryan responds demurely.

Ellen's not taking that sitting down, demanding, "Well, how long have you been with her? Who is she Ryan? How come I don't know her?"

The real answer, according to Ryan?

"When I meet someone and bring a girl to meet you, I'm always afraid that you are going to be too honest with me about what you think," he tells his pal.

What's aroung with that, huh?

"I don't want honesty," Ryan admits. So what does he want from Ellen?

"I want you to pretend you love them all," he says, adding that his mom has already met his non-girlfriend.

And now it's out there. Feel good about that, Ryan.

george jetson

Katy Perry Sounds Off On Why She Likes “To Have Fun With Fashion”

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Katy Perry hit PEOPLE’s Music Lounge in N.Y.C. this week to celebrate her new “Waking Up in Vegas” video showing off her signature style in a flapper-meets-showgirl style dress that paid homage to Sin City. “Usually I’m trying to look like a party,” she told of her wild-child fashion credo. And to achieve the desired effect — including the aforementioned gilt frock — she turns to over-the-top label The Blonds. “They’re larger than life,” she says of Phillipe and David Blond, the design duo who was also behind her memorable Hello Kitty corset and Grammy’s fruit dress. “I love that they have no limits!” Perry is equally colorful in her new video, thanks to the expertise of costume legend Bob Mackie. “He picked out my clothes for ‘Waking Up in Vegas’ . . . I’m very happy about that!” she says. “Bob Mackie designed some of Cher’s most amazing costumes — I really want to see her show in Vegas now.” And in true diva style, Perry says she makes sure to wear a different outfit every night while on tour, giving the castoffs to her girlfriends afterward. “I’m running out of options now,” she says with a laugh. “I don’t ever want to wear just jeans and tee shirts. I like to have fun with fashion.” Tell us: What do you think of Katy’s wild style?

1D - Niall the hipster

happy mother's day, ontd!

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Those famous smiles had to come from somewhere! Happy Mother's Day!

In case you were wondering which stars have their mothers to thank for their superstar looks, you can find out how certain stars hit the genetic lottery by perusing through this gallery of famous faces and their maternal units.

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Heidi Klum and Seal renew their vows

For crazy-in-love couple Seal and pregnant partner Heidi Klum, only a crazy anniversary party would do.

The pair, married four years on Sunday, celebrated their model union with a vow renewal ceremony on Saturday at Malibu's Broad Beach.

Photos reveal the duo went for a decidedly fun and tacky trailer park theme--complete with mullets, plastic string lights and tons of toile!

Klum donned a lace-and-sequins top with a major veil and glitter drenched cornrows, while Seal went for a brown mullet and studded jacket in an American flag print. An Elvis impersonator served as celebrant.

Pink flamingos and colored lightbulbs adorned a tent wrapped in pink and white frills just off the Pacific Coast Highway.

Seal, during a sitdown last week with Oprah, said Klum planned a unique service from the start.

"We're going to get married again, so this is going to be the fourth time, our fourth anniversary. You know what my wife's like...she's always got some trick up her sleeve, but it's going to be a good get-together, you know, lots of friends," Seal said.

Klum will deliver the couple's fourth child in the fall, a little girl.



Pictures from the WHCD + afterparty

40+ pictures from the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Obama cracking himself up during his (hilarious) speech

HBIC Michelle Obama

Chris Matthews & Whoopi Goldberg (who's taking a picture of Obama)

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Barack and Wanda's speeches are posted here.

source 1 and source 2

ETA: Pics from the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg Afterparty

Chace Crawford

James Franco

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Source for afterparty pics
p: diamond

Trace Cyrus Wants To Hook Up With Vanessa Hudgens, Thinks Zac Is Not Competition.

For those who are unaware, Trace Cyrus is Miley Cyrus's lovely scenester brother.

In an interview with Bravo during his visit to Germany a few months ago, Trace Cyrus confessed his love for Vanessa Hudgens. He said: "Vanessa is mine. I love her with all my heart."

Although they have nothing in common, he said: "I met her once at an event. Unfortunately, Zac was in the way." We all know he was referring to her boyfriend, Zac Efron, about whom he said: "He is not competition. Zac should watch out for me. I mean honestly, look at him and then look at me."

..."I have an idea to steal Vanessa; I will let my sister Miley arrange a meeting. Then Vanessa will realize I am right for her." Finally, he says: "Besides, she looks better in my arms!"

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Jimmy Fallon graduates from the College of Saint Rose

Yesterday, May 9, 2009, Jimmy Fallon received a bachelor of art and honorary doctorate degrees from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY at the college's graduation ceremony at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, NY. John Zogby was also a special guest. Both Fallon and Zogby spoke at the ceremony.

Image Hosted by

& from his twitter.. (this is one of three pictures on there)
Image Hosted by

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source: me & my school paper (I go to St. Rose) and the Albany Times Union

oh and Jimmy Fallon's twitter

Drake Reveals Collaborations With Lil Wayne, Kanye West

Fire Starter: Bound To Blow

Damn right it's Drake. We had to have Drizzy relaunch Fire Starter — the Canadian is bakin'. He's a walking craze, and his acclaim is only getting bigger.

You gotta love how it's happening organically too. No label is force-feeding him down our throats — he's not even signed to a major yet (although that could change at any moment). The Young Money soldier is paving his own way with great music and word of mouth. He just might have leap-frogged most of his peers who have been hyped longer and stronger than he has.

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A.F.I. : Crash Love Baby!

It's a Gideon Yago Post- At Tribeca Film Festival + IFC Media Project

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Last week, Gideon Yago co-hosted the Tribeca Film Festival Awards and did a mighty fine job we might add. Pictured here in between introducing speakers with the festival’s director Nancy Schafer, Yago also is continuing his gig with IFC (if you live in NYC, you see those ubiquitous ads on taxis) called simply enough, “IFC Media Project.”

The program, which also ran last year, examines media and the shakedown still underway in journalism. “My goal in this series is to give a sobering wake-up call to anyone who takes the media at face value,” said Yago at a discussion about the program attended by iW’s Eugene Hernandez.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

IFC Media Project ( is hosted by Gideon Yago.

The show airs on Sundays at 11 pm ET on IFC, and looks at various topics related to the media and how it covers, and is viewed by, the world.

"Right now we live in a time when the news business is held in such low esteem," said Yago. "As long as I've been working in television broadcast journalism, I can think of half a dozen stories, from the election night in 2000, to the run-up of the Iraq war, to the handling of this financial crisis just to name three, where the media totally missed the boat on the story, or in certain cases was an active participant in disinformation."

one two

and God-eon has a Twitter:

Gideon Yago on Twitter
matthew lewis

Celebrity Moms and their Favorite Lines from Children's Literature (no twilight, don't worry)

also, the celebs aren't exactly our usual crew

Love and magic live in children's books. Just ask mom!

From opera stage and TV kitchen to fashion design and gold-winning soccer, we've assembled a panel of famous moms to offer their favorite kid-lit lines and explain why they resonate:

• June Lockhart, Timmy's mom, Ruth Martin, in the 1950s-60s CBS series "Lassie"; Maureen Robinson in another CBS show, the 1960s "Lost in Space."

Mother of two daughters, ages 54 and 56, and one stepson, age 66.

Her favorite line: "There never was such a goose," from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

She says: "The movie made in 1938 of 'A Christmas Carol' starred my mother and father as Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cratchit and it was my movie debut (as Belinda Cratchit), so it always had special meaning to me. I would always read the Christmas dinner scene from the book to the kids at Christmas."

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Celebrate Moms in This Post - Happy Mother's Day, ONTD Mommies!


Who else is in contention for 'Green Lantern?'

Earlier this week, the Interwebs were buzzing with the rumor that Bradley Cooper ("Alias," "He's Just Not That Into You") was the frontrunner to play Hal Jordan in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie. However, according to Latino Review, there's a virtually unknown actor who's also in contention--Shawn Roberts.

From the source:

Roberts has auditioned for Campbell various times and has even taken a couple of meetings with Campbell concerning the Hal Jordan role. I hear Campbell loves the guy.

Here is the kicker, Shawn Roberts just finished working with Campbell on "Edge of Darkness."

Roberts is also the right age - a young and ripped 25.

According to the source, David Silver himself, Brian Austin Green, also auditioned for the role and even screen tested with the mask on. Personally, I like Bradley Cooper, but I don't see him as Hal Jordan. I don't know if I see this Shawn Roberts guy as Hal either, but if they do go with him, I don't really mind because he's hot as hell.

Source: Latino Review

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If anyone knows where this cap is from, please let me know!!! LOL
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Vanessa Hudgens Out and About

Vanessa Hudgens spends the first part of Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10) picking up some food at the Daily Grill in Studio City, Calif. The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty kept it cute in strapless summer black dress as she juggled two full bags. Vanessa stepped out last night at the launch of Diesel’s “Only the Brave” fragrance at Diesel Boutique. Source

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Vanessa Hudgens attends the the launch of Diesel’s “Only the Brave” fragrance at Diesel Boutique on Melrose on Saturday (May 9) in West Hollywood. The 20-year-old Bandslam actress paired her simple white tank with rolled-up Diesel jeans.

Inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave is a fragrance about “seizing opportunities and making a difference.” The fragrance is supposed to boast “the determination and strength to overcome adversity and make a mark.” Source

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Film - Star Wars

Megan Fox Puts Mouth on Lots of Boys; Also Has New Film Role

Sexy Transformers star Megan Fox can't wait to sink her teeth into her next role - as a demon-possessed boy eater.

The actress will play a groupie a rock band sacrifices as part of a deal with the devil in Jennifer's Body - but they pick the wrong girl and she comes back literally looking for blood.

Fox tells WENN, "It's a really dark comedy with a lot of secret messages lying underneath the script.

"I play the captain of the flag team and I get improperly sacrificed by this rock band, who are trying to obtain a record deal - so they sell their soul to Satan. They need to sacrifice a virgin.

"I'm not a virgin, so what happens is I get taken over by a demon and, in order to stay alive in this sort of undead period, I have to eat flesh, so I eat boys."

To prepare for the gory role, Fox conjured up her own storyline about her character being molested by her father: "It's not in the script but, in my head, my character was victimised by my dad, so I take it out on the boys in my high school.

"So it's me eating them and having this bizarre pseudo-lesbian relationship with my best friend. It's all very manipulative and is basically how frightening young girls can be - they're completely terrifying."

I can honestly say that's an absolutely perfect role for her.


Hugh Jackman Has an Uncensored Conversation with Howard Stern

The completely uncensored and personal chat covers Hugh’s physical prowess – he can bench press 300 pounds - his mother abandoning the family when he was a youngster; getting over OCD; why he became a producer on Wolverine and the gorgeous women he has worked with. Howard delves into the topic of whether Jackman gets aroused during love scenes, which elicits a shocking revelation...

Bonus: Hugh singing on Russian TV:

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George pray

James Cameron says 'Avatar' star Sam Worthington 'had me at 'Uh huh'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Dish Rag's intrepid Red Carpet Guerrilla caught up with acclaimed director James Cameron at the Australians in Film awards Friday night.

He talked about his groundbreaking new film, "Avatar," the special effects and the risk of casting Aussie newcomer Sam Worthington, who also stars in "Terminator Salvation."
Sam-worthington Cameron was there to present the AIF Breakthrough Award -- fittingly, a yellow boomerang -- to Sam.

Later, he told the audience about the moment he decided to cast Sam.
"We were making a $200 million-plus movie and it's all about the journey of one guy, Jake, and he’s in every scene in the film, from beginning to end. It all hangs on that one piece of casting."

Cameron saw hundreds of actors, established and unknowns, but he needed someone who fit the role. Then he saw Sam's audition tape with a scene in which he has one line, "Uh huh."

"Sam had me at 'Uh huh,' " Cameron told the laughing audience. "He's an old-school tough guy, and that's what I needed for this film," Cameron said, adding that while he has seen only the trailer of "Terminator Salvation," he's sure that Sam is gonna "blow Christian Bale off the screen."

Let the smackdown begin!


Paris Hilton's worst experience in life? When her dog went missing

Paris Hilton's worst moment was when her dog vanished.

Hilton says realising her beloved dog Tinkerbell had gone missing was like 'losing a child'.

The hotel heiress - whose sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked in 2003 and who spent 23 days in prison for driving with a suspended licence in 2007 - struggled to cope when her prize Chihuahua Tinkerbell went missing.

She explained: 'It was so scary - she was gone for a week and I wasn't sure if she'd ever come back. It was like losing a child. She was a couple of blocks away at an old lady's house. The lady didn't watch TV so she didn't know my dog was missing. Then she saw the sign and I got her back.'

The 28-year-old star insists her life is far removed from what many people think, but admits she only goes to parties she is paid to attend.

Paris explained to Tatler magazine: 'I'm a brand. I'm a businesswoman. I do everything - I act, I sing, I design, I write books. What I love the most is the business part. I like what it is leading to. I eventually want to get involved in real estate.'


Rihanna flees to Hawaii following nude photo scandal

Rihanna is reportedly devastated and has high-tailed it to Hawaii after photos allegedly showing the singer in the nude were leaked online late Friday.

The “Umbrella” hitmaker, 21, is accused of taking seven suggestive snaps of herself in various states of undress in a hotel bathroom mirror. In another of the photos, her accused batterer, R&B singer Chris Brown, also appears, adorned with a pair of pink knickers on top of his head.

“She is freaking out. She was on the road to recovery after a terrible few months,” a friend of the 21-year-old blabbed to Britain’s News of the World this weekend. “She has no idea how these pictures have been leaked but she’s determined to find out.”

The pal added, “She’s rushed off to Hawaii to escape the scrutiny. She’s recording her new album and wants to shut herself in the studio away from the world for a few days.”

whistling lab


Jarvis Cocker won't reform Pulp.

The 'Common People' singer admits he has been offered large sums of money to reunite the group but refuses to contemplate joining his former bandmates on stage.

He told Q magazine: 'We live in an age where repetition and nostalgia are lifestyle choices. I'm prone to it too, I go on YouTube and find things I haven't seen since I was a kid.

'But I'm a contrary sod so if someone wants me to reform a band I tend not to.'

Despite his indifference, Jarvis admits he will be going to see Blur - who were one of the biggest bands of the 90s along with Pulp and Oasis - when they perform their comeback shows this summer.

He added: 'I will go and see Blur at Hyde Park because I'm genuinely interested to see what they sound like.'


I don't think this was posted.

What's your fav Pulp song ONTD?! Mine is "Have You Seen Her Lately?"

Also, remember when he mooned jacko? i wish that was on youtube. IT IS! TY yourpencilskirt !!

Jennifer Aniston's new movie is a 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' rip-off

Jennifer Aniston is set to send movie gossips into overdrive after signing up to make a new action thriller similar to the film that ended her marriage to Brad Pitt.

And her co-star is British actor Gerard Butler, who has been romantically linked to the actress.

In Bounty Hunter, Aniston plays a journalist on the run from her hitman ex-husband after he's instructed to kill her.

She says, "She's a witness to a murder, and the bounty hunter - her ex-husband (Butler) - is given her as a hit."

Ironically, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie played rival assassins in Mr & Mrs Smith - the film that brought the couple together and partly resulted in Pitt and Aniston's split.

In that film, Pitt and Jolie try to kill each other before teaming up to defeat the bad guys.

whistling lab

Jamie Lee lookin like Queen B

Jamie Lee Curtis pinches popstar Britney Spears' bizarre pink wig look

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EDIT: She wore the wig in honor of a cancer patient she knew who has since passed away. "We were at a news conference and she pulled off this wig and on her head she had written 'Jamie Lee Curtis Rocks,'" the actress told me about her first meeting the girl when she was 11. "That night I borrowed her wig and went to this event, where we raised millions of dollars for Childrens Hospital Pittsburgh. After she died, I asked her mother if I could have her wig to carry her message." (source for that)
I don't know why the article didn't mention that but there you go :) she is awesome!!!!
conan white teeth
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Movie production costs compared: Cost per second

Movie production costs compared: Cost per second

Watching a movie is almost always a good experience. People are working months on one movie so the final product would occupy your attention for a hour or two.

I was eager to find out how much did it cost to make one second of the most popular movies ever produced. The answer is a lot. Blink for a moment and BAM! You've just missed thousands of dollars worth of material.

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

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different hannah by houseoficons....

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prison break Pictures, Images and Photos

“The Prison Break creative team is finally making that much-discussed two-hour wrap-up film." ~Kristin with E!Online

The two bonus eps are titled “The Old Ball and Chain” and “Free,” and they take place a couple of days after the events of the season finale. A studio source tells us exclusively that there's “a self-contained Prison Break adventure in which Michael faces the most challenging break ever.” And yes, Gretchen is involved, but so is the rest of the Prison Break cast you know and love."

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J to the L.O, hello!

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Daughter's Medical Scare

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Jennifer Lopez will never forget the night she and husband Marc Anthony discovered a lump on daughter Emme's head. Emme and twin brother Max were only three weeks old at the time.

"We both got very nervous, very very nervous, and I just remember my heart sinking to my feet," Lopez recalled at last night's Noche de Ninos gala benefit for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). "I looked at [Marc] and I said, 'You know if anything happens, I'm not going to be okay, you know that right?'"

Lopez and Anthony rushed Emme to Children's Hospital, where she underwent a battery of tests, including an MRI. "Luckily in the end," Lopez said, "she turned out fine."

But it turned into something more for the hospital...

Shortly after the scare, the singer-actress joined forces with CHLA to form the Maribel Foundation to help provide pediatric medical services to the less fortunate.

"I started to wonder," Lopez said, "what if I couldn't afford a doctor, or receive the medicines, the procedures?"

Lopez also debuted a new song last night, which she wrote for her twins. A recording of the ballad was played during a video highlighting the Foundation's work. In it, Lopez sings, "Let's keep this time for us and make it last as long as we can. It's already going too fast."

Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis, who was given this year's Courage to Care Award by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sported a pink wig.

No, she wasn't getting all Britney Spears on us.

The wig belonged to a 15-year-old girl who died of cancer.

"We were at a news conference and she pulled off this wig and on her head she had written 'Jamie Lee Curtis Rocks,'" the actress told me about her first meeting the girl when she was 11. "That night I borrowed her wig and went to this event, where we raised millions of dollars for Childrens Hospital Pittsburgh. After she died, I asked her mother if I could have her wig to carry her message."


glad her bb was ok!!! & JLC is a sweet heart.


Beyonce planning on taking a 2-year career break

Beyonce is planning to take a two-year career break.

The Crazy in Love singer — who married rapper Jay-Z in a secret ceremony last year — is ready to put work on hold at the end of her current Sasha Fierce world tour in November so she can focus on her private life.

“My priorities are slowly changing. So after this tour, I might be tired and want to take two years off,” she told a Scottish newspaper.

“I’ve worked hard enough to be able to do that. I’m in a very good place.”

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, the 27-year-old revealed that she wears decals of Jay’s image on her nails to keep him close to her at all times. “It’s just a silly thing that makes me smile,” she told the publication.


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Enough small talk.

I must say that lately some pictures have gotten rather large. Outside the cut I mean. Inside some HQ pics can be too big and lose the entire purpose of posting, BUT I'm addressing big pictures outside the cut here.



For example, here is an image that is both 600 on one side, and 600 on the other.

 I am aware that the ONTD layout resizes photos, but not everyone views the posts on the main page. (AHEM) To find out how big your image is, you can right click it and get info about it.

There is some leniency, posts with an image that is 601 pixels won't be rejected.

Just be cool, guys. Resizing isn't hard and if you refuse to resize, post it under a cut. Therrrre we go!

No need for comments, if this really confuses you good luck with life.


Late Mother's Day post is late.

JAMES HETFIELD is extra thankful to his mum on Mother's Day, because the piano lessons she forced him to take as a kid inspired him to become a rock star.

The Metallica frontman hated the classical keyboard sessions but they introduced him to music and gave him his first steps towards a career on the stage.

Hetfield tells Metal Hammer, “My mom had seen me over at a friend’s house just kind of start bashing on the piano, and she thought, oh, he’s gonna be a musician, OK, we’ll sign him up for piano. I did that for a couple of years and it was really a bit of a turn-off because it was learning classical pieces, stuff that I wasn’t listening to on the radio, you know?

“I remember it was an older woman’s house and the cookies at the end was the big deal. But I am so glad it was somewhat forced upon me, because the act of left and right hand doing different things, and also singing at the same time, it gave me some inkling of what I do now. Singing and playing are somewhat easier than it probably could have been if I hadn’t have had piano.”

LARS ULRICH reveals unexpected backstage request

Metallica fans used to ask the band to sleep with their girlfriends, Lars Ulrich has revealed.

"In the early days in America back in the mid-'80s, people would often ask us to fuck their girlfriend," Ulrich recalled. "The first time it happened to me, we were opening for Ozzy [Osbourne] in 1986 and I was slightly taken aback. But you realise people were serious and you say to yourself, 'So now I'm fucking your girlfriend, are you round the corner, whacking off? Are You taking pictures? Where do you fit into all this?'

"It's pretty depraved shit, and it's hard to wrap your head around that when you're fucking someone else's girl. It's not a good thing to ask a band to do, right?"

Source OneTwo
you made me a shadowboxer baby

Charlize Theron: Rallying Behind Gay Marriage + MOAR

Charlize Theron: Rallying Behind Gay Marriage

Forget Carrie Prejean. Charlize Theron should be Miss California.

The Academy Award winner is lending her support to an upcoming rally for gay marriage in central California.

"We know the people whose lives are on the line—those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender—will be there," Theron writes in a letter released today by the progressive grassroots organization Courage Campaign. "But we need everyone there. Especially straight people."

The Meet in the Middle for Equality rally will take place in Fresno (an inland city between Los Angeles and San Francisco), and could turn out to be a protest or a celebration...

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All the kids looking up to me can suck my dick.
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Madonna's Trainer "Everyone wants the American body now"

MADONNA’S personal trainer has some harsh words for Welsh women who want to look as fit as the Queen of Pop.
“Every woman absolutely can look like Madonna,” said Tracy, 33, a super-healthy gym guru who isn’t afraid to sound messiah-like as she spells out her mission to “connect with the masses”. The glamorous former ballerina splits her time between New York and London to meet the demands of Madonna and Hollywood actress Gwyneth, both busy mums, and knows the famous women from top to toe. “Madonna’s a performer,” she said. “I need to make sure she can get up in front of 75,000 people on a tour that’s going to suck the life out of her – that’s why she needs to work so hard.” And while that iconic figure needs two hours a day, six days a week to maintain – the woman behind it claims it’s more than attainable by lesser mortals without Madonna’s childcare entourage or bank balance.

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Pushing Daisies (Anna Friel) Tongue

Mutya's Bum Implants

CAN you bot the difference? Ex-Suga-babe MUTYA BUENA goes for the bootylicious look after having implants to make her bum ROUND ROUNDER.

The Celeb Big Brother star had the painful £6,000 op at a North London clinic 13 days ago to give her a lift.

Mutya, 23, has to spend the next FOUR WEEKS sitting on cushions and lying on her tum. A pal told me: "It's a tricky operation. Mutya's wanted a bigger bum for a long time.

"She tried bum-hoisting tights and cheek-enhancing knickers but wanted permanent surgery. She's chuffed to bits with the implants now."

Mutya's at home recovering after her carear boost. Apparently she's got to take it really easy so they don't burst. Yikes, just don't Push The Butt-on.

Source: News of the World

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'Gossip Girl' spinoff may still be alive

Though the gossip on the "Gossip Girl" spin off is, as I reported yesterday, that the series will not make it to your TV this fall, a network insider tells me this rumor is preposterous.

The CW doesn't begin scheduling meetings until next week and that's when the decisions are actually made.

So why has talk surrounding the buzzed-about project suddenly turned negative? I'm hearing that The CW's development slate -- including the "Melrose" spin off, the Mischa Barton "Beautiful Life" pilot and the "Vampire Diaries" pilot -- is so strong that the network is having a hard time deciding what to cut.



Mischa Barton's headbands now available for purchase (+ photos)

Would you pay between $50 and $200 for a headband? Mischa Barton is hoping you will! The actress has teamed up with handbag and jewelry designer Stacey Lapidus to launch a collection of 10 headbands in varying styles. Now, we love expensive, exquisite accessory. But I feel compelled to question whether a headband -- at least those in this collection -- could possibly be worth this high of an asking price. You decide. Click the cut to view more styles.

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Ozymandias wants to sell insurance with Ricky Gervais

Watchmen" villain Matthew Goode is bound for the cemetery.

The actor has been cast in "Cemetery Junction," a comedy-drama about 1970s insurance salesmen. It comes from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the British duo behind "The Office." Gervais will also star.

"Cemetery" takes a period look at a group of twentysomething men working at the Prudential insurance company and their relationships with each other as well as the women in their lives.

Goode will play Mike, a go-getter dating his boss' daughter. The film was previously titled "The Men at the Pru."

Goode, who was last seen on the big screen as icy villain Adrian Veidt in "Watchmen," was recently cast in the romantic comedy "Leap Year" starring Amy Adams.

Gervais and longtime collaborator Merchant wrote the script and will direct. Christian Cooke, Tom Hughes and Jack Doolan had previously been cast to play the three male leads. Ralph Fiennes will also star.

I am looking forward to this. Yay!