May 4th, 2009

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Sarah Harding's boyfriend has announced that he is planning to marry the Girls Aloud star in the near future. DJ Tom Crane confirmed that he started hunting for wedding rings on a recent holiday in Dubai and is eagerly anticipating a "traditional" ceremony. "I know the kind of ring Sarah wants, we've looked when we've been on holiday," Crane told The People. "When we went to Dubai we were looking at quite a lot of rings there.

"She likes a square diamond with maybe small diamonds on the band. Sarah's got really good taste, she doesn't want anything that's too much and garish. She likes subtle." On possible locations for the ceremony, he added: "I'm very romantic. I want something traditional - an old fashioned English wedding. I want the top and tails, more subtle than a celebrity wedding. I'd like to get married in a country church in the middle of nowhere." News that the couple were making wedding plans first emerged in the media last month, ending rumours of an impending split.

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Dennis Rodman is going to rehab - the outpatient kind

After getting the boot on The Celebrity Apprentice, it looks like Dennis Rodman's next venture will be a familiar one: rehab.

The former NBA star, who has battled addiction for years, has agreed to enter an outpatient program where he'll regularly see a counselor.

While it is a step in the right direction, last week family and friends of Rodman, including his former Los Angeles Lakers coach, Phil Jackson, unsuccessfully reached out to the star, who refused to admit himself to an inpatient facility.

"Yes, they tried an intervention, but unfortunately Dennis refused to go," Rodman's rep tells E! News. "We all know how amazing he is when sober and we hope he gets there soon."

One reason for his refusal to go into treatment? Rodman's desire to attend The Celebrity Apprentice reunion show.
Says his rep, "He will be in New York City for the show's finale next Sunday."


The time is Attention Whore O'Clock

Not only does Katy Perry sing about kissing girls -- she's good at it too, says Lady Sovereign, the British rapper.

Sov got chummy -- and then some -- with Perry recently at a New York City party. Perez Hilton Fatass Methface first posted that the duo reportedly spent time in a bathroom stall, but a source close to Sov confirms to that actual galpal lip-locking went down. "[Lady Sov] said Katy was a good kisser," our source relates.

But Katy might be done with her experimental bathroom stall makeout sessions for a while: News surfaced over the weekend that she's mended fences with her ex, Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy.

Not to worry, Sov. Lindsay Lohan is single these days -- and we all know she has a thing for Brits.


RAPPER Lady Sovereign has broken her silence on her reputed passionate clinch with Katy Perry.

Sov said: "I've seen parts of Katy Perry I shouldn't have seen. At one of her afterparties she put her pyjamas on and she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"It was like a long T-shirt. The party was out of control. Just a thing in her hotel room but yeah, I saw something I shouldn't have seen."

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LOL IRL. They deserve each other.
Louis Garrel(the dreamers)

Eclipse Director David Slade on Twilight - “Just Shoot Me”

When Peter compiled his epic and useful list of directors, actors and screenwriters plugged into Twitter, one of those included was Hard Candyman David Slade. Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight and, if nothing else, its quite funny stuff… and I can’t help wondering what Summit Entertainment, the Twilight cast and Stephenie Meyer think about it?

This clip comes from the BDK movie show on WJFK in Washington DC. The show goes out every Friday night from 7p to 10pm EST and has featured me as a guest now a couple of times, and I’ll be back this Friday the 8th May too. Slade came up in conversation during last night’s show and the show’s host, Kevin McCarthy promised to dig up this gem from their archives. With Kevin’s blessing we present the clip here for you now:

And for those of you who can’t listen at the moment, here’s my best transcript:

…and so yesterday we were trying to find a movie to see and we’d seen all the good ones, you know, and there was nothing really coming out this weekend that we really fancied at all and having directed a vampire film and really gone for something completely different to the kind of romantic, you know, repressed hormone teen vampire movie we really weren’t interested in seeing Twilight but a lot of people said lets go so I wrote -

“Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.”

[That’s like] a poem in a way [...] at this point excites me even though people think I’m a really violent and unpleasant person I actually do have this romantic violent side to me. Maybe I should have seen Twilight.

You can hear the whole thing at the source here

the edward and bella dolls seem appalled and yet intrigued by what will it be the outcome of this
1D - Niall the hipster

True Blood in Vegas

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Several True Blood cast members hosted a party Saturday May 2 in the MGM’s Tabú Lounge in Las Vegas.

As they posed for pictures on the red carpet, a sea of fans lined-up to get a glimpse of stars. All members of the cast stopped to shake hands and sign autographs as admirers gushed about their obsession with the show. The group brought along an entourage of friends and additional members of the hit series to celebrate the wrap of the first season and anticipation of season two beginning June 14.

Paquin, Moyer, Trammell, Skarsgard and Bauer partied together enjoying the high-energy of the award-winning lounge. The on- and off-screen couple, Paquin and Moyer were seen embracing each other and kissing throughout the evening, never letting each other out of sight.

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Kame's in Gokusen movie + another Oricon poll

Kamenashi comes back for "Gokusen"

Kazuya Kamenashi is making his big screen debut in the upcoming "Gokusen" movie, it was announced on Wednesday. Kamenashi previously co-starred with Yukie Nakama in the second season of the television drama in 2005.

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Oricon: live-action manga adaptations

With countless popular manga series being adapted to live-action in recent years, including the "Dragonball" film that was released in Japan this past March, research firm Oricon surveyed 900 men and women between the ages of 10 and 40 with the question, "Which manga would you like to see turned into live-action?"

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Blind Items! Tween Lez, High Rapper, and Drunk Diva!

Sometimes people play their roles correctly. Today's blind items: a tween star who talks to other girls and is therefore a gay, a weed-smoking rapper(!) and a drunk diva actress and her crackhead friends.

1. "This multi-talented tween star is frequently seen with cute boy stars, most of her own generation. One evening last week, however, she puzzled onlookers by ignoring every boy in the room in favor of talking, drinking, and dancing only with other girls. Is our little sweetheart actually gay? According to some of the girls in attendance, she is "curious" and "exploring her options". Is she a Pink in the making? Maybe."

2. "Which D-list rapper got in a hemp, er, heap, of trouble with event sponsors when he lit up a joint at their bash? They couldn't kick him out because he was the "big" celebrity name of the night, but they didn't end up paying him."

3. "This B list television actress on a very hit network drama has A list name recognition. She was paid to be at an event for two consecutive weekends for teens and was expected to be a good example for those in attendance. Strict? Yeah, but she was getting paid big bucks and could have skipped it if she didn't want to follow the rules. She chain-smoked her way through the thing, refusing to do most of the stuff she was being paid to do. (this included an argument over her check which she opened up and argued through most of a show she was in the audience for. Apparently she thought she was being paid less than what had been agreed on.)Don't ask me why the check didn't go straight to her agent, but I wonder if she did this on her own without coughing up the 10%.

She didn't want to do opening remarks for a C list male R&B singer with one huge monster hit, and not much else because she thought his people were "ogling her too much" She lied about her age and drank two bottles of wine the first night and ended up drunk off her ass with people pushing her in the right direction of where to go and what to do. If any of the audience tried for an autograph or picture of her while she was walking around, she would put up her hand to block her face and ignore them. These same kids that paid to be at an event she was HOSTING.

Her first weekend there she was with her family. The next weekend, she brought her friends, including this D list movie actor who was in one of the biggest franchise movies of all-time and has really done nothing since, and looked like he was on crack the entire night. She was required to get approval for her outfits beforehand and when the event organizers came to check on it, she ignored them.

On the other hand, this annoying female A list singer (for now), but probably just a one year wonder who we will hopefully never hear from again was headlining the event, was sweet and appreciative. There was bad blood between her and our hostess because they apparently got into it over this A list movie actor who starred in a failing television show before starring in one of the biggest movies of all-time. Our A list singer refused to be drawn into an argument while our hostess tried to bring it up several times by telling everyone that she was dating the A list actor now and that it was a secret. Uh huh. He does so much better than her."
  • #1 - Hostess/B list actress
  • #2 - C list R&B singer
  • #3 - D list movie actor
  • #4 - A list female singer
  • #5 - A list actor

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Sorry 3 is tl;dr. I've got a case of the Mondays.
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Meg White Getting Married to Some Rocker Dude Who Isn't Jack White

meg white

Roll out the red carpet for Detroit’s new rock royalty. And bring a wedding gift.

Meg White is set to marry Jackson Smith, son of rock icons Patti Smith and Fred (Sonic) Smith, the Free Press has learned.

The rock 'n' roll power couple will tie the knot at a May 22 ceremony in Nashville, sources said.
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1) There goes my dream of Jack and Meg re-marrying.
2) I'll be disappointed if she doesn't keep her last name. Srsly. It ruins the whole "white" theme of the band.
3) Awwwwwwwwww!


Just another day in the life...



The Crackie of the Caribbean is currently laid up in the hospital in St. Lucia after she passed out in her villa. In other not-so-shocking news, Prince Hot Ginge makes my no-no percolate. I mean, really. Amy Wino is always in the clinic. Bitch's filled a dozen punch-cards (every 10 visits gives you a free morphine drip) by now. This time, her spokeswhore blamed it on "dehydration."

Wino's rep told The Sun, “Amy fainted after being out in the sun and without drinking water. She has been taking part in a lot of activities which also played a part.”

Yes. That's it was the sun. It wasn't the other activities she did like: eating a crack rock for lunch, smoking up a banana tree for dessert or snorting up some sand after the island children joked that it would give her a buzz. No, it wasn't any of that. It was the SUN. You know the sun is giving her the death eye for blaming its ass.

While Wino's bitch says she was just thirstay, the locals say otherwise. They spotted Wino stumbling out of one of the beach bars earlier in the day after guzzling down half of the joint. LIGHTWEIGHT!



taylor swift is obsessed

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Taylor Swift leaving her London hotel wearing riding boots today. She revealed that she likes to spy on her ex-boyfriends to see what they're doing: 'In my spare time I like to drive past my ex-boyfriends' houses. I'm not like throwing eggs, I just like to check up on them.

Everybody does that, it's just that nobody admits to it!' Last year, Taylor got star struck after meeting singer John Mayer: 'I was star struck by the fact that he came up and introduced himself to me.

I was like freaking out! I just respect him so much, I was rattling off quotes that he said in his blog, and he was probably like thinking that I'm a stalker. But he was amazing and sweet.'

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Breaking: NBC unveils fall sked, decision on 'Chuck' delayed

And the Chuck vigil continues…

NBC unveiled its fall lineup this morning, but conspicuously missing was any mention of bubble shows Chuck, Law & Order, Medium, Life, or My Name is Earl. According to a Peacock insider, a final ruling on the fate of all four shows will come on May 19. (Medium and Law & Order are both expected back; insiders say NBC execs are just finalizing the episode counts.)

NBC did, however, confirm that it had renewed Heroes, Southland, and Parks and Recreation. Additionally, new series pickups include four dramas (Trauma, Parenthood, Mercy, Day One), two comedies (Community and 100 Questions), and six episodes of cheap filler Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday. Official descriptions of NBC's new shows have been conveniently copied-and-pasted below...


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quit playing games with my heart NBC.

2009 MTV Movie Awards Nominations Announced

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MTV announced the nominees for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards this morning. The full announcement follows:

The hit films "Twilight" and "Slumdog Millionaire" get ready to battle it out as MTV: Music Television announces this year's final nominees for the "2009 MTV MOVIE AWARDS." Pitting Hollywood vampires against the Mumbai slums, the movies' rabid fans proved their loyalty as they sent both flicks to the head of the cinematic pack with each film receiving nominations in six award categories including "BEST MOVIE," "BEST KISS" and "BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE MALE."

MTV will up the cinematic fun quotient this year by debuting the two new categories "BEST SONG FROM A MOVIE" and "BEST WTF MOMENT." Fans will get the chance to vote on such movie soundtrack hits as "The Climb" from "Hannah Montana: The Movie" as well as pick this year's most jaw-dropping "WTF" movie moment that left audiences speechless such as the naked break-up scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." The 18th annual awards show will be executive produced by Emmy Award® winning producer Mark Burnett. Hosted by Andy Samberg, the "2009 MTV MOVIE AWARDS" will be broadcast LIVE from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA on Sunday, May 31st at 9p.m./8p.m. C.

"This is the first year we've put the nominee decisions in the hands of our audience. From 'Twilight' to 'Slumdog' -- this year's ceremony belongs to our most avid movie fans," said Van Toffler, President, MTV Networks Music, Logo and Films Group. "Our viewers' unending enthusiasm for the movies they love is why we've given them the platform to select the nominees for this year's show."

The "2009 MTV MOVIE AWARDS" marks the first year in which the final nominees were decided on by the fans. From May 4 - May 27, viewers can visit ( to vote for their favorite film moments and actors but the category of "BEST MOVIE" will be a fight to the end as voting for favorite film of the year will remain open throughout the LIVE show. is the official site for the "MTV MOVIE AWARDS" where fans can visit to vote and stay to check out show promos starring Andy Samberg and some of today's hottest celebs, get up-to-date info and watch MTV News nominee interviews. During the voting window fans can also head over to,, Flixster and for a special "Movie Awards" social module that will enable them to cast their votes, take polls, watch promo videos, get special news and tweets about the show and special links to "Movie Awards" contests.

Nominees for the "2009 MTV MOVIE AWARDS" are:

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Who are you voting for?
NY doesn't love you

Stephanie Pratt: Speidi Looking to Procreate


(This picture is probably the most awkward one of them.)
(Isn't it a shame that both of those melons have a higher combined IQ?)

Even though Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's wedding only took place a week ago now, there's already talk of the gruesome twosome starting a family.

"Heidi wants four boys," new sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt told Us at the grand opening of Catch Boutique in L.A. "Imagine ... four Spencer Pratts!"

Yes. Imagine.

Does Spencer's sister, who was a bridesmaid in The Hills wedding event along with Holly Montag, think that Heidi Montag will make a good mom?

"Yeah, she's really good with our niece," Stephanie said, referring to Ava, the flower girl at Speidi's wedding. "They're [both] kid lovers."

Stephanie Pratt, who said she had never been to a wedding before Spencer and Heidi's Saturday nuptials, thought the ceremony was "wonderful."

"It was the most - I didn’t think they could be that beautiful," she said, adding that her absolute favorite moment of the evening was, "for me, it was walking down the aisle - which wasn’t that long of an aisle - and I felt so nervous!"

"I had to walk slow, but I was running down it and crying, with my brother laughing at me because I could not keep it together. I’ll never forget that."

Even Steph and Spencer's parents, Skip and Janet Pratt, got choked up.

"They’ve always loved Heidi," she said. "My mom was very emotional. He’s her only boy."

Truly, so touching. We can't wait to watch it unfold on The Hills' finale.

The Hollywood Gossip

Uh, please DON'T...we don't need 4 little douchebags roaming the planet. Thank you. Love, The World.
George pray

Christian Bale Says “I’ll Be Back” In New Terminator Salvation TV Spot

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Warner Bros has begun airing two new television spots from Terminator Salvation, one of which features Christian Bale as John Connor, speaking the infamous phrase “I’ll Be Back.” Before you groan, in context it’s not nearly as cheesy as it sounds. And hey, we’ve already seen a young Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) say “Come with me if you want to live…”, which in my opinion is 100 times cheesier.

The second television spot shows a bit more of the story of Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) and Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington). Watch both television spots after the jump. Thanks to /Film reader Hargun K for the tip.

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Arnie approves

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Bey Takes a Break for Retail Therapy

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A solo Beyonce Knowles goes shopping at the Balmain boutique on Monday morning (May 4) in Paris, France.

Her thriller Obsessed stayed strong in its second week, dropping to #3 with $12.2 million and giving it a 10-day take of $47 million. Ali Larter also stars. Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine clawed its way up to the top, opening the summer movie season with an estimated $87 million in ticket sales.

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Yeah, I'm not feelin that fish scale skirt but I still love ya girl
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Does Sarah Jessica Parker make surrogacy more stylish?

There are so many techniques of conceiving and having babies these days that the old-fashioned way involving candlelight and Barry White can seem a bit technologically quaint, like using a rotary telephone.

Surrogacy got a big boost in the respectability stakes when it Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick reported last week that they are expecting twins via a surrogate.

Surrogacy is legal in the US and it’s becoming big business in India (reproductive outsourcing, it’s called).

According to the NY Times:


The cost [in India] comes to about $25,000, roughly a third of the typical price in the United States. That includes the medical procedures; payment to the surrogate mother, which is often, but not always, done through the clinic; plus air tickets and hotels for two trips to India (one for the fertilization and a second to collect the baby).

Under guidelines issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research, surrogate mothers sign away their rights to any children. A surrogate’s name is not even on the birth certificate.

It’s becoming the affordable options for the non-professional class of Americans without the big money to hire a US surrogacy agency. (Surrogates reportedly get about $7,500 of the fee.) In china, agencies are reportedly recruiting girls from poor villages to have babies.

That’s no problem for Parker and Broderick, who can pay over the odds for a premium class of American surrogate. (Theirs is maintaining her anonymity.)

I used to think surrogacy was something that only the weirdest and most desperate people would do. Then several years ago I discovered an imminently sensible acquaintance of mine was doing it. Like most people who I’ve heard of doing surrogacy, she had tried several rounds of IVF and been told she couldn’t carry a baby to term. I was surprised, but it softened my view about the practice.

New York writer Alex Kuczynski wrote about her experience with a surrogate. She reports that "Shirley Zager, director of the Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, a national support group, told me that there have probably been about 28,000 surrogate births since 1976, a figure that includes gestational and traditional surrogacies."

(Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate is carrying a child unrelated to her – only gestating it; traditional surrogacy is when the woman carrying it is the biological mother and the baby is conceived by artificial insemination.)

She writes that agencies say that while surrogacies are not poor, neither are they rich. She writes about the attitude of friends that she has somehow “gotten away” with something by not enduring pregnancy and childbirth. And she writes about being glad at one point about not carrying her own child.


As the months passed, something curious happened: The bigger Cathy was, the more I realized that I was glad — practically euphoric — I was not pregnant. I was in a daze of anticipation, but I was also secretly, curiously, perpetually relieved, unburdened from the sheer physicality of pregnancy. If I could have carried a child to term, I would have. But I carried my 10-pound dog in a BabyBjörn-like harness on hikes, and after an hour my back ached.
Cathy was getting bigger, and the constraints on her grew. I, on the other hand, was happy to exploit my last few months of nonmotherhood by white-water rafting down Level 10 rapids on the Colorado River, racing down a mountain at 60 miles per hour at ski-racing camp, drinking bourbon and going to the Super Bowl.

Surrogate mothers no doubt allow some people to have families who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. But as the practice proliferates, are we entirely comfortable with the idea of paying women – especially woman who in some way or the other really need the money offered – to carry strangers’ babies.

Do we only countenance it when it’s because of “pure” motives, and we’d be less comfortable if parents did it out of convenience or because of the mother’s work commitments or a desire to avoid the inconvenience and limitations of pregnancy? And - let's be honest - if you find out an actress you like is doing it, does it become that much easier to accept?


Supreme Court throws out Janet Jackson ruling

Justices order appeals court to consider reinstating fine for nipple flash

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday ordered a federal appeals court to re-examine its ruling in favor of CBS Corp. in a legal fight over entertainer Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

The high court on Monday directed the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia to consider reinstating the $550,000 fine that the Federal Communications Commission imposed on CBS over Jackson’s breast-baring performance at the 2004 Super Bowl.

The order follows the high court ruling last week that narrowly upheld the FCC’s policy threatening fines against even one-time uses of curse words on live television.

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I think the whole thing was blown way out of proportion in the first place, but that's just my opinion.

Lily Allen: Real Estate Mogul-in-the-Making?


Taking the stage in Germany over the weekend, Lily Allen rocked out at Postbahnhof in Berlin on Sunday evening (May 3).Aside from performing around the world, the “Smile” singer is reportedly geared up to earn a little extra cash by turning to real estate.

Apparently eyeing properties in London to purchase and rent out, an insider tells The Sun, “Lily is quite careful when it comes to money and realizes she may not be well off forever.”

The source adds, “She’s looking to take advantage of the low house prices and will rent out.”

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Gossip Girls dot com

I think she actually looks kinda cute in these.

vicki-a family van
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Megan Fox - “Esquire” June 2009

Megan Fox switches it up from bed to bathing suit in the June 2009 film shoot for Esquire by Greg Williams. As reported last week, the 22-year-old Transformers hottie was captured with a special Red One camera. Get the full story and portfolio in Esquire’s June issue, on sale May 10.

Check out the hot hot hot video at

Cover: Trench coat by Burberry; lingerie by Agent Provocateur.

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Oprah gives Jenny McCarthy the opportunity to talk about autism 5 days a week!

Jenny McCarthy is poised to become the next star in Oprah Winfrey's media empire.

McCarthy has inked a multi-year overall deal with Winfrey's Harpo Prods. to develop projects on different platforms, including a syndicated talk show that the actress/author would host.

The first collaboration under the pact is a blog by McCarthy on, which launched on Friday. Like other Winfrey proteges-turned-TV moguls, including Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil, McCarthy has been a frequent guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

McCarthy talked to the chat queen about her struggles with her son's autism in conjunction with the releases of her best-selling books "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism" and

"Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds." McCarthy also was part of Winfrey's Friday Live panels twice, including this past Friday.

A former Playboy model, McCarthy burst into the TV scene as the engaging host of MTV's dating show "Singled Out," a gig that jump-started her acting career. She later segued into writing with a string of best-selling books and became an activist for curing autism.

McCarthy is repped by WMA and attorney Leigh Brecheen.


'Friends' Get Porn Treatment

Beloved sitcom Friends is set for a revival - as a porn film. Central Perk will be much more perkier in the new adult film, Friends - A XXX Parody, which will hit DVD stores this summer.

As for the racy plot, a movie spokeswoman says, "Hilarity and deep penetration ensues when Freebie accidentally spills the beans about Moanica's bachelorette party, leading the boys to decide to throw a bigger and raunchier bachelor party."

The DVD comes as part of a package of sitcom parodies, which are currently in production at film studio New Sensations. These include 30 Rock - A XXX Parody, Scrubs - A XXX Parody and Seinfeld - A XXX Parody.


Meet Christina Aguilera at One of Her 2010 Tour Concert Stops!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MEET Christina Aguilera Before the Concert of Your Choice

Includes: 2 VIP tickets and meet and greet with Christina Aguilera in concert. Her tour will take place in 2010 and dates have not yet been released. Winner can choose concert date, based on availability. Meet and greet will be before the show.

Singer, songwriter, performer, producer, there anything Christina Aguilera hasn't done, and done exceedingly well? One of the most accomplished performers of the last decade, she has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, achieved four #1 singles on the Billboard hot 100 chart, and has won four Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy Award, as well as two top five albums in the United States. She has collaborated with other great artists including Herbie Hancock, Andrea Bocelli, Sean "Diddy" Combs and most recently, the legendary Tony Bennett.

Take this opportunity to watch Christina Aguilera perform from VIP seats.

The proceeds for this item benefit Family Violence Prevention Fund

Donated by: Christina Aguilera


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David Cook blogs about the death of his brother, Adam


I wanted to write everyone and say a few things, in light of recent events, to dispel any misinformation that may be circulating and to say thank you on behalf of my family and myself to everyone who has shown even the slightest bit of support to us and our efforts as a family to help eradicate this terrible affliction.

My brother, Adam, passed away at 11:52pm Eastern, May 2nd. He was 37 years old and leaves behind his wife and two children. We had played Sunfest in West Palm Beach that night, walking off stage at approximately 11:00pm Eastern, and I rushed to get on a plane to fly to Washington D.C., to be a part of the Race For Hope-D.C., a fundraiser for research and development of a cure for brain cancer. I learned of Adam’s passing upon getting to my hotel around 3:00am Eastern. I decided to run in the race, despite all of this, for two reasons. First, my brother never wanted his illness to affect others. That was evident in the fact that he wanted his illness to have no part in my experience on Idol, a point he was quite adamant about. So, with that wish in mind, I ran and was involved with the event as an homage to him. Secondly, there are many people who are still battling, and by running and sharing my brother’s story, I hope that it offers those still fighting that much more resolve to not succumb to this wretched disease.

I want to again thank everyone who donated to the race and continues to donate, sent a kind email, posted thoughts and prayers, called, etc. I take it as affirmation that my brother was the great man that I knew, and whose ideals I constantly try to uphold in myself. It is with those ideals in tow that I vow to continue to speak out in hopes of raising whatever necessary to help eliminate cancer entirely.

Also, I mentioned earlier that Adam never wanted his illness to affect anyone. So, with the exception of our Toledo, OH, show on May 6th, which we will do everything possible to reschedule, all other shows will go on as scheduled.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for allowing us, as a family, to grieve and come to terms privately. This event has shown me, beyond doubt, that I have the greatest people in my life, family, friends, and fans alike, and for that, I can never offer enough thanks.


Film - The Shining

Hanks Defends Angels & Demons Against Catholic Criticism

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is baffled by the criticism his new film Angels & Demons has attracted from leading Roman Catholics - because he insists there is "nothing sacrilegious" about the murder mystery.

The actor plays Harvard symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon in the big screen adaptation of author Dan Brown's book, about the murder of a physicist and a terrorist act against the Vatican by a secret brotherhood.

The movie is a prequel to 2006's The Da Vinci Code, based on another of Brown's hit books, which came under fire from Catholic leaders who claimed the film attacked the core beliefs of their faith.

Angels & Demons has been met with similar criticism before it is even released - but Hanks is adamant there is nothing offensive about the film.

He tells the New York Daily News, "People will see there's nothing sacrilegious about it at all. Yes, we had a few things go on that are completely fictionalised; but there's no reason to have a big hurly-burly over what is essentially a whodunit (murder mystery).

"There's no major theological discussion that goes on, other than science versus faith. There's no winner in that argument. I just solve the murder."

Angels & Demons is set to hit cinemas later this month.

Oh, whatever, just give me Ewan as a hot priest and you can offend anyone you want and I won't mind.
Doctor Who

Breaking: NBC cancels 'Life,' plays hardball with Chris and Mariska

Just returned from NBC's upfront infront presentation. Highlights below.

• Peacock co-chairman Ben Silverman confirmed that Life will not go on. (Bubble Show Cheat Sheet updated accordingly.)

• As I reported earlier today, the fates of Medium, My Name is Earl, Chuck, and Law & Order will be decided on or before May 19.

• If Chuck is renewed, it probably won't be returning to Mondays. Silverman said HeroesParenthood)

• NBC is prepared to move forward with Law & Order: SVU with or without Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. "There's an offer on the table," said co-chair Marc Graboff, cryptically.

• Special guests included Amy Poehler (wearing a swine flu mask) and Donald Trump (wearing his soggy raincoat).

• Light refreshments were served. And enjoyed.


Mayhaps Chuck will fare much better when it's not up against House and GG.
guti WEAH

Vote for the Worst and Danny Gokey

Here is Vote For the Worst's reason as to why they have chosen Danny as their next candidate.

We're sure most of you are looking at your computer screens saying, "Huh? Gokey?" But everyone has to admit that Danny Gokey is the least talented person left on the show and the perfect pick to make people angry. He's the worst singer, he's the worst dancer, he's the most annoying, he adds nothing creative to any performance he does, he's the one the tweens seem to hate the most, he has no sense of humor, the only reason he made it this far is because he used his dead wife sob story, and he's the least marketable.

A Danny Gokey album would be like a less likeable Taylor Hicks releasing a new record: a complete disaster. The other 3 actually have a chance at legitimate careers. Also, the overly obsessive Idol fans this year want Adam to win. We think some suicide pacts were made when he hit the bottom 2 last week. So we'd like to see Gokey beat Adam and piss off the Idol fans even more. So it's no jokey, vote for Karaoke Gokey. It's a win-win for us this week no matter what happens. If Danny stays and kicks out someone the tweens and frauen like better, it'll be hilarious. If Danny goes home, we won't care one bit because we hate him.

At this point it'd be very funny to force Idol to crown Danny as the victor. They'd be stuck with him for at least one album of pure train wreck goodness. But now, we can't lose. VFTW Victory! Danny surely has urned this honor for using a personal tragedy to try to jumpstart a singing career.

so basically they've chosen Danny to screw the other 3 over even though Danny is clearly one of the favorites
oh VFTW do you actually think that your stupid votes actually make a difference?
and can we stop with the dead wife stuff? yeah he mentioned her in the beginning but Danny hasn't mentioned her at all since he made the top 13 so stfu
I am voting for Danny this week and IDGAF

Rich and the HBIC~

The Celebreality Interview -- New York, Working Girl          


Above (and below) is footage from a recent chat we had with VH1’s reality queen, Tiffany “New York” Pollard. In the clip immediately above, we talk about her upcoming show New York Goes to Work (premiering Monday, May 4 at 10/9c on VH1).

Below is even better, as New York ruminates on her status as VH1’s HBIC and gets in some jabs at Chance, Real, Tailor Made and Saaphyri. This is the segment that is not to be missed…

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beyonce // wdylm

BEYONCE: top female of this decade? + new commercial

Beyonce has undoubtedly been holding her own since splitting from Destiny's Child with the debut album "Dangerously In Love (2003)" but is she near Mariah and Whitney Houston territory as this decade's top female artist ?

According to Billboard, Beyonce is widening her lead on the charts with the most top 10 singles recorded by a female artist on the Hot 100 since 2000.

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Sugar Ray attempting a comeback

Now that Mark McGrath's TV career is dead, the ex-"Extra" host is trying to revive his music. McGrath's band, Sugar Ray, is preparing a comeback and has a new album, "Music for Cougars" due out July 21. The band's rep says, "It's a very summer-y sound. Very Sugar Ray." One music insider said, "It's being released by Pulse -- an indie label -- because all the majors passed. The sound is too dated. Very pop/disco." Sugar Ray's rep said, "We never shopped it to the majors."

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rosie o'donnell on crack

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
paul simon has been singing to me
as i ride out the grey
3 years ago
we had lunch - paul and i
magic he is

how do u teach a child empathy
by living it
marinating their tender hearts
with seven seas

who made the salad

blogging is a full time job
confession as narrative
self indulge dot com
very tiring

what do i think
gay marriage is a must
the swine flu isnt
the buffoon is back baiting

i have no brakes he told me
open eyed and clear
amazing how much a human heart can feel
and still it beeps

i go to washington dc this week
2 speak on behalf of 500,000 kids in foster care
pray 4 sun

first person to decipher "who made the salad" gets a prize

A Marion Cotillard + Guillaume Canet Post!

The first photo from Marion and Guillaume's Le dernier vol de Lancaster (The Last Voyage of Lancaster)

So two Marion movies in November -- Nine and this one! Can't wait

Cotillard Trades Flight Gear for Gown

Marion Cotillard is trading her aviator look for belle of the ball. The Oscar-winning actress, who just returned from Morocco where she wrapped filming “The Last Voyage of Lancaster,” in which she plays an aviator, was on her way to Christian Dior on Friday morning to meet couturier John Galliano for a fitting ahead of Monday night’s Costume Institute ball at the Met. “I’m about to leave and get that dress,” she said, after a screening of a seven-minute film in support of the Lady Dior handbag that will debut on the Internet. Not that Cotillard was eager to dump her flight gear. “I love that look: the helmet, the goggles, the jacket, everything. It’s very masculine. You feel confident,” she said.

Next up for the actress is a role in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” and a French film by her boyfriend — and “Lancaster” co-star — Guillaume Canet.

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SOURCES 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Gaga / Pins

FILIPE of Biggest Loser Rooting for TARA to Win! :D

With Biggest Loser nearing the finale, all the Ranchers stepped up their game but for Filipe Fa, 26, of Mesa, Ariz., even a 10 lb. weight loss wasn’t enough to help him make the coveted Final Four. After returning home, Fa hit a plateau but is back on track and working on a Polynesian dance that he hopes to perform at next month’s finale. Collapse )



O/T kinda: For those people in here doing Jillian's shred, I've lost about 6 pounds thus far, and I'm a little more than half-way through! :D

NBC picks up 'Medium'

NBC hasn't put out any official word on its 2009-10 lineup yet, but the pieces are starting to fill in -- with the latest one being the renewal of the veteran drama "Medium"

Details are a little bit sketchy on the show's sixth season, but reports say NBC is ordering something less than a typical full season. The series is likely to get between 13 and 18 episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The "Medium" pickup follows on the heels of NBC renewing its rookie cop series "Southland" late last week. Another new show, "Parks and Recreation," is expected to join them when NBC makes its schedule announcement Monday afternoon.

The trade papes are still saying, meanwhile, that "Chuck" fans may be kept in suspense for a week or two while NBC makes a decision on its on-the-fence shows. Dsicussions with studios about renewals are primarily focused on budgets and license fees in anticipation of a weak upfront ad market.

NBC is also reportedly stocking up on dramas for midseason as a hedge against Jay Leno's prime-time show faring poorly in the fall.


I'm so happy! Medium is one of my all-time favourite shows.
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viggo mortenson's evil twin

THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM - FULL Trailer 1 from Independent Online Cinema on Vimeo.

Hardcore Lord of the Rings nerds will get a little somethin'-somethin' on Sunday to help them through the Middle Earth drought until Jackson's production of The Hobbit is released.

But let's be real. This internet-only production isn't a "fan film." Rather, it's a vehicle for a crew of young, talented Hollywood wannabes to break into the industry by showing their chops.

It's true, the flick could end up being as badly-written and poorly-acted as your average fan film, but it's not likely. And in any case, the production values completely deprive the audience the pleasure of audio-visual comic fail should it turn out to be otherwise unwatchable. The trailer proves that.

There is further evidence that this is a professional endeavor, not an amateur one.

The lead actor who plays Aragorn, Adrien Webster (who claims to be a devout "fan," as do all of the 150 volunteer crew-members) was pressed to provide some nerd credentials so that the audience didn't feel it was being exploited.

"I don’t think we’re exploiting anything," said Webster. "I'm actually Viggo Mortenson's evil twin."

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Robert and Kristen at a concert

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had rumors around about their relationship since they signed on to the Twilight series, and this weekend the two left their costars out of it and went to a concert together. They were out to see Sam Bradley, an old friend of Robert's who has contributed to the movie soundtracks, at a benefit concert for the Gewa Project. Robert and Kristen have something fun to celebrate as well, Twilight was nominated for seven MTV movie awards including best kiss. Looking at these photos, it's easy to see why — the chemistry is unmistakable.


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scarjo's segment on 'New York, I Love You' is not "unwatchable"

EW has confirmed that Scarlett Johansson's first directorial effort, a movie short starring Kevin Bacon, has been left on the cutting room floor of the upcoming anthology film New York, I Love You. But, contrary to the many Internet rumors, it's not because the footage was unwatchable. "It's not a bad piece at all," says one insider on the film. "In fact, I quite liked it."

The compilation features 12 love stories, all set in New York and shot by filmmakers as varied as Mira Nair (Vanity Fair), Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth), Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace), and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour). So why axe Scarlett's piece? It seems her somber story about an obsessive-compulsive man who only finds peace when he reaches Coney Island and buys a hot dog just didn't jive with the rest of the shorts. "It's shot in black and white and there's very little dialogue or interpersonal relationships," explains the insider. "It just didn't work in the context of the movie."

But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing the featurette. Distributor Vivendi Entertainment plans to use Johansson's short and the mini-movie from Russian filmmaker Andrei Zvyagintsev -- which was also cut from I Love You -- as promotional material for the collaborative indie (debuting later this year). The shorts will be put online ahead of the film's release to whet fans' appetite for the unofficial follow-up to 2007's anthology Paris, je t'aime. As if that's necessary given the star-studded collection of actors and directors!


sorry haters!

shia post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Life in the spotlight can be lonely, even for injured A-list star Shia LaBeouf.

The star actor spent his Monday afternoon in LA clad in his favorite “Bless You Boys” retro T-shirt dining and shopping alone in Sherman Oaks, before his Bohemian-chic mother came to pick him up for some quality mommy-and-me bonding time.

Shia recently spoke out to Playboy magazine about his unconventional upbringing in a liberal hippy-inspired environment and his unique love for his mother, who he describes as the “sexiest woman I know.”
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Utada Is Coming To Your Town!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Utada will be in retail stores across the country the week of May 11th to promote the release of her new album This Is The One. This special album version includes 3 bonus tracks never before on CD, so make sure you get your copy & maybe even get it signed by Utada at any of these locations:

Tuesday, 5.12 @ 7:00 PM
Best Buy
529 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017-4608
For more info call: 212-808-0309

Wednesday, 5.13 @ 6:00 PM
Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood & FYE
1000 Universal Studios Blvd
Ste. 99
Universal City, CA 91608
For more info call 818.622.ROCK (7625) or 310.641.7170

Thursday, 5.14 @ 6:00 PM
Best Buy
1717 Harrison
San Francisco, CA 94103-4272
For more info call 415.626.9682

Friday, 5.15 @ 6:00 PM
FYE @ Southcenter Mall
2636 Southcenter Mall
Ste. 2110
Seattle, WA 98188-2823
For more info call 206.439.3636

Saturday, 5.16 @ 3:00 PM
Sam Goody
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.
Ste. 1049
Honolulu, HI 96814-4607
For more info call: 808.945.9027

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Duff dishes on her role in locally filmed ‘Provinces of Night’

Like many Southern Gothic heroines, Hilary Duff’s character, Raven Halfacre, in “Provinces of Night” is described as “precocious,” mature beyond her years. Related Links: * Hilary Duff among actors filming 'Provinces' in Pender County * Casting call: Hilary Duff film seeks extras But during her 10 days filming in the area, Duff was having fun getting back to her own childhood. The Texas native enjoyed working in rural Pender County where the weather was just as nice as the people. And she even learned, a little bit, how to roller skate. The actress plays the daughter of a promiscuous alcoholic (Sheila Kelley) who has difficulty expressing love for her child.

Raven herself is no angel either and soon embarks in a relationship with a kindred soul, Fleming Bloodworth (Reece Daniel Thompson). Fleming has his own family problems to deal with, and together, they learn about love, family and themselves. The Star-News caught up with Duff in Atkinson during her final day of filming. After a short scene with Kelley, she sat outside under a shade tree to discuss the film and her thoughts on the Wilmington area. “Provinces of Night” continues filming through mid May.

Q: This is kind of a different character. The movie has an almost Southern Gothic feel to it. What’s Raven like?

A: I wouldn’t say ‘gothic,’ but she definitely is in a dark place with her family. Her mom, you can kind of tell they have a loving relationship but I think my character’s constantly challenged with, you know, who she is. If she’s like her mother or if she’s totally different, but she doesn’t know how to be different. And she’s never fallen in love or even knew that that was out there until she meets Fleming and she gets to experience something that’s kind of magical to her. And it gets taken away. It’s a very hard story to explain but everybody’s characters are key and it’s really just about how all of their relationships are intertwined, I guess. And how you hurt the people that you love.

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Her character seems interesting

behind the masquerade.

RDJ & Indio!

Robert Downey Jr. and his 15-year-old son Indio were out shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart on Sunday. Indio's mother is Robert's ex-wife Deborah Falconer.

The 44-year-old American Golden Globe-winning and two-time Academy Award-nominated actor and musician made his screen debut at the age of 5 when he started to appear in his father's films. During the 1980s he rolled with the Brat Pack and developed a drug habit which followed him for many years to come.

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Denise Richards Will Never Sing in Public Again!

Denise Richards wants you to know that there's a very good reason she sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" the other day at a Chicago Cubs game.

And, unlike other onscreen vixens like Leighton Meester, it certainly has nothing to do with her trying to impress people with her singing abilities.

The E! reality star knows she cannot carry a tune, but…

Richards was in the Windy City for a fundraiser for the Kidney Cancer Association (her mom died of the disease about a year ago). While she was there, Richards asked Cubs management if the group could set up an informational booth at Wrigley Field during Friday's game.

"In return, they said, 'Will you sing?' " Richards explains to me. "So I said yes, because it's for a good cause and we want to raise awareness about kidney cancer."

Unfortunately, the cancer message got lost along the way, because as soon as video of Richards' performance hit the Internet, the trashing began.

"I'm clearly not a singer," she says. "I wasn't doing it to show off my pipes. Thank God I wasn't singing the national anthem. But I thought it would be fun...I had no idea the backlash I would get."

As for her critics, Richards said they need not worry about her ever singing in public again.

"It took everything in me to get up there and do that," she says. "My dad and my sister kept saying, 'Just remember you're doing this for Mom,' so that's how I got through it. It's just unfortunate that doing something good was turned into such a negative."


Ryan Reynolds for BD?

Twilight Examiner has a short article about a group of fans who started a Facebook Group in support of Ryan as Garrett for Breaking Dawn before it has even been given the green light.

Ryan Renolds. Pictures, Images and Photos

"Jolly, olive-skinned, and observant, Garrett’s character is [*spoiler*] a sort of speech-giving savior to the Cullens inBreaking Dawn with the Renesmee situation. Standing up to the Volturi, this somewhat messy wanderer has to use his words to save the day.

With Reynolds, we all know that he is a fast-talking, speech-wielding know-it-all type in most of his films, but he can also pull of some rather intense scenes as well."

Dair Met Steps Hands

Michelle Williams On Wheels

Continuing to forge ahead with yet another courageous artsy film, Michelle Williams was spotted on the set of “Blue Valentine” earlier today (May 4).

The “Dawson’s Creek” darling looked a bit disheveled and out of sorts as she rolled around the Pennsylvania location in a wheelchair while shooting several scenes.

Michelle is an extra-lucky girl this time around, as she’s starring alongside “Lars and the Real Girl” stud Ryan Gosling.

According to press, “Blue Valentine” follows a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.

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{jesse}Ray Bans

NBC's "The Community" with Joel McHale & Chevy Chase

"NBC has picked up Joel’s pilot “The Community.” Joel stars as a fast-talking lawyer who is forced to go back to community college after his undergraduate degree is revoked. While there, he forms a study group with a bunch of misfits including Chevy Chase. The show will debut sometime in the fall, though Joel will still remain on The Soup."

source: &

My girl crush Lauren London in Complex Magazine; she is half-jewish and loves Barbra Streisand

Look at our girl Lauren London in Complex Magazine doing the model thingy with the supple cakes. In the interview with Complex, Lauren talks about being half Jewish among other things:

We hear your idol is Barbra Streisand. Can’t say we saw that coming.
Lauren London: You think because I’m some little black girl, I can’t love Barbara? [Laughs.] I’m the little half-black, half-Jewish girl who was odd and awkward. I try to be myself. Barbra didn’t look like Vivian Leigh or Lucille Ball: She was Barbra Streisand. She made her own mark.

But you’re probably the only Streisand fan to appear on a Clipse mixtape.
Lauren London: I’ve been knowing Pharrell and them since I was really, really young. They’re like family to me. Pusha is definitely my brother.

It seems you’ve been connected to a number of people in the rap world.
Lauren London: Most of those are rumors! I don’t have a lot of friends; most of the friends I have, I’ve had since high school.
Fair enough.

Lauren London: [Laughs.] So…what were you going to say?
I was just going to ask about the kind of guys you’re attracted to. Are you attracted to rappers? [Laughs.]
Lauren London: [Laughs.] No.

OK, then how do you like your man to dress?
Lauren London: For some odd reason, I like a man in sweatsuits. Obviously, you want your man to look good in a suit, but I like when men look comfortable and the swagger just stands out of that.

And what should this man know before approaching you?
Lauren London: Don’t be thirsty. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t mention anything about Hollywood and you’ll be OK. I don’t want to hear about your jet or your car. Be emotionally stable. I’m interested in a guy who’s a lover of God, a lover of music, a lover of poetry, a lover of women— “Lover of women”—that’s important. Lauren London: That’s very important!

We dig us some Lauren and in the pictures below she looks better than ever… more mature and sure of her self now.


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 Is it true that TI once took her on a shopping trip when they were filming ATL? I've been wondering if this was true.

movies // parveen

New stills from 3 Gerard Butler movies

The first one is from Game, also starring Michael C Hall

Synopsis: Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player (Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his independence while taking down the game's mastermind (Hall).

Collapse )

The next two are from The Ugly Truth, also starring Katherine Heigl

Synopsis: A romantically challenged morning show producer (Heigl) is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent (Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

Collapse )

And finally, two stills from Law Abiding Citizen

Synopsis: An everyday guy decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets his family's killers free. His target: The district attorney who orchestrated the deal.

Collapse )

I'm most excited for Law Abiding Citizen. They need to release a trailer for it NOW!


Hugh Jackman to haunt 'Ghostopolis'

He'll star in and produce the graphic novel adaptation

Hugh Jackman is moving from mutants to ghosts.

The "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star is attached to "Ghostopolis," an upcoming graphic novel from Doug TenNapel that the author recently set up at Disney. Jackman will produce through his Seed Prods., as will the Gotham Group.

The story centers on a man who works for the government's Supernatural Immigration Task Force. His job is to send ghosts who have escaped into our world back to Ghostopolis. When a living boy accidentally is sent to the other side, the agent must team with a female ghost (and former flame) to bring him back.

No director or writer has been attached to the project. Casey Wolfe is overseeing for Disney.

TenNapel's graphic novels are in high demand as movie projects, with nearly all of them set up at studios. His dinosaur tale "Tommysaurus Rex" is set up at Universal, "Creature Tech" at New Regency and "Monster Zoo" at Paramount. Gotham, which produced last year's release "The Spiderwick Chronicles," recently set up the young-adult novel "Spanking Shakespeare" at Paramount. The company also reps TenNapel.

Seed Prods., which Jackman runs with wife Deborra-Lee Furness and John Palermo, is developing several comic book projects, including an adaptation of Virgin Comics' "Nowhere Man." He is repped by Endeavor and Lou Coulson Associates in the U.K.

BRITNEY-if you seek britney pink wig

Hef speaks on Heidi Montag in Playboy

heidi montag Pictures, Images and Photos
Heidi Montag wants to give her new hubby Spencer Pratt an original wedding gift, which is why she's going to strip down naked and pose for Playboy magazine.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, the self-proclaimed Christian girl is currently in talks to bank $500,000 to strip for the popular men’s magazine.

While Heidi is staying mum on the subject, Hugh Hefner spoke to Hollyscoop about the big news at Playboys 50th Annual Playmate Announcement ceremony in Las Vegas this past weekend.

When asked about the rumored shoot, Hef smiled and told Hollyscoop, "I think she is going to be."'

We hear that Montag won't be stripping down entirely though. She'll reportedly only have her breasts exposed, which makes those puppies worth $250K each.

Her shoot will be fairly similar to the one Aubrey O'Day did a few months back The former Danity Kane star was also reportedly paid $500,000 for the 8 page spread.

More recently, 45 year-old Lisa Rinna stripped down for the magazine, but she left little for the imagination. Check out her photos here.

What are your thoughts on Heidi's Playboy shoot? Do you think it will help or hurt her career? Would you pay to see her cha-chas?



Ed Westwick to Guest Star on Californication

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has filmed a guest appearance for the upcoming season of the Showtime comedy, Californication

The actor, who plays rich baddie Chuck Bass on the cult CW series, will star as Balt, a vampire-obsessed student of Hank’s (David Duchovny) on an episode airing later this year, Entertainment Weekly reports.

I am a reoccurring student this season...and I was POOPING when I read the call sheet when I got there and I saw his name. Not that I watch GG. I just think he is cute.

And for the tl;dr crowd, no, there is nothing to tell about's low key

Source and me!

Weekly Spoiler Chat!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
Now that Star Trek is taking off in such spectacular fashion, could Heroes star Zachary Quinto be taking advantage of Sylar's shape-shifting power to vanish from the show forever?

Plus, does Serena get her paws on Gossip Girl herself?

Could Brooke finally get together with an old flame on One Tree Hill?

What do we learn about George's fate in the last episode of Grey's Anatomy?

Does Dave try to kill Susan on Desperate Housewives?

It's getting to be finale time, and that means so many questions about what's going to happen next on your favorite TV shows! Lucky for you, we have the answers to all the Q's above and many, many more!

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mabel 2

Radiohead's Managers Advised Band to Break Up Before In Rainbows

Imagine a world without Radiohead. Sad, isn't it? Well, if the band had followed its management's advice, we would be living in such a world right now--and we wouldn't even have In Rainbows to listen to. Or "the Radiohead model" to follow. (Though, surely, we would have come up with a different name for the latter.)

The Irish Times reports that Brian Message, of Radiohead's management company Courtyard Management, along with two of his partners, "actually advised the band to split up," during the making of In Rainbows. (Via the Daily Swarm.) Kind of weird that this guy is admitting something like this...

Take it away, Irish Times:

"Two years after leaving EMI Radiohead were still no closer to recording an album. The songs were written but the band couldn't achieve the sound they were looking for in the studio. Courtyard felt maybe it was time to call it a day. Surely professional managers shouldn’t encourage their most profitable act to split up?
'I've been lucky to work with some great artists and Radiohead are a once in a generation act,' says Message. 'But you have to be honest if it's not working. You have to have passion about what you do. I'm an accountant but I love music and I'm passionate about the artists I work with.'"

Thanks for not listening to them, Radiohead. Now go make another album, OK?


brb, hunting down Brian Message.

Stellan Skarsgård is Fertile as Hell


Sweden's biggest Hollywood star, Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia!, Pirates if the Caribbean) and his new wife, Megan Everett Skarsgård, gave birth to his 7th child last Sunday, a boy named Ossian.

On January 12, the 57-year-old Skarsgård married 33-year-old Megan Everett with whom he had been living for a year.

Between 1975 and 2007, Stellan Skarsgård was married to My Skarsgård and together are parents of:

Alexander-32 (), Gustaf-28, Samuel-26, Bill-18, Eija-17, and Valter-13.

Wow..six sons..I'd like to see a picture of his whole family together.

Patrick Fischler interview - Phil from Lost

Could they maybe have had an interviewer that wasn't a dumbass? Just throwin' that out there.

Interview highlights:

- he doesn't know if he's returning to Lost (chances are no, if we're all honest)
- he just had a baby
- is a huge fan of Lost
- about the Lost crew "They're all still psyched to be doing... I think giving them an ending rejuvenated them... they're very, very welcoming."
- is kept in the dark about his role in Lost

In other news:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Muppet Babies
  • gemegz

Julia Roberts Inks Lower Back with Kids Names

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Following her edgy (and obscenity filled) tribute to Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts continues to reveal her wild side.

Spotted Monday on vacation in Hawaii with husband Danny Moder and their three kids, cameras caught a new tattoo peeking out of the Oscar winner's green bikini.

Situated on the small of her back, the tat consists of the names of her little ones surrounding an illustration.

Four-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel's names are side by side rounding her backside, while just above them is Henry, nearly 2.

Roberts is next slated to appear in the movie adaptation of the best-selling Eat, Pray, Love.

(Photo: Splash News)


Westwick kisses but won't tell

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ed Westwick has refused to comment on his relationship status despite being spotted smooching with Gossip Girls co-star Jessica Szohr.

The British actor, who plays Chuck Bass in the hit American TV series, joined fellow British celebrities such as Vinnie Jones in a BritWeek charity football match at LA Galaxy's stadium.

When he wasn't running after the ball, Ed was pictured kissing Jessica, who was watching from the stands.

But asked after the match if his girlfriend was there to support him, Ed said: "My who?"

In recent months the pair have regularly been pictured together looking like an item.

They are currently on a break from filming after shooting the second series of Gossip Girl - and Ed said he was looking forward to going back to work.

Asked how his life has changed since he joined the show, the 21-year-old said: "Well I'm playing in celebrity soccer games - that's a little bit something. I'm playing with World Cup-winning footballers, so it's a little different."

The British side was thrashed 10-4 by the Rest of the World team.

Energetic Ed was named Man of the Match, but he dismissed the award as a "joke".


loved tonight's episode!

Kiss me out of desire babe, and not consolation...


"The Last Goodbye"

Concert Readings of THE LAST GOODBYE
Where: : Joe's Pub in New York City
When: May 11, 25 and June 1 (THREE NIGHTS ONLY!)


The Last Goodbye
An adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Michael Kimmel
With music and musical compositions by Jeff Buckley with the permission of The Estate of Jeff Buckley

"It's never over. My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder." - Jeff Buckley

Created hundreds of years apart, the timeless work of two of history's great poets collide in this visceral and moving world premiere theatrical event. Part rock concert, part Elizabethan verse, part 21st century musical, THE LAST GOODBYE features a cast of fourteen extraordinary young, up-and-coming actor-singers. Told through Jeff Buckley's daring and soulful music, William Shakespeare's romantic and violent tragedy is new yet again.

Directed by Michael Kimmel.
Musical direction by Kris Kukul.

Performances are: May 11th, 25th and June 1st at 9:30 at Joe's Pub as part of The Public Theater, located at 425 Lafayette Street between East 4th and Astor Place in New York City's East Village.

Source: my email and jeffbuckley dot com

I got this in email the other day and they're sold out. I live in CA anyway so I couldn't have gone, but I wonder if this is going to be made of win or full of fail. Any NY ONTDers going? Think you could sneak in some video? :P

Miss California being a foul bitch; What would Jesus say?

The blogosphere is ablaze with buzz about topless and semi-nude photos of controversial anti-gay marriage activist Miss California Carrie Prejean. We hear there’s a whole series of these suckers about to leak. The first photo, which appeared just a few minutes ago on, shows a woman — who bares a stricking resemblance to the beauty queen — staring seductively into a camera while wearing only a pair of pink panties and using a strategically placed arm to cover her naughty bits.


Alicia Jacobs, Entertainment Reporter at KVBC in Las Vegas, has seen all six of the photos and says some are much more revealing. Alicia believes the flicks may have been taken after Carrie’s pageant-financed breast augmentation about six weeks ago.

Hmmm…These explosive pictures could be devastating for Miss California, whose anti-gay marriage campaign recently resulted in a partnership with the National Organization for Marriage and helped to make made her increasingly popular with right-wing conservatives.

Can you guys believe the nerve of this bozo? Using the Lord Jesus Christ as an excuse to support inequality when she’s just as big a sinner as anyone?

Let this be a lesson to us all; you may want to refrain from chastising other people about how they live their lives when there are digital photos of your ass buried on somebody’s hard drive. This reminds me of something my mother always said when I was growing up- Ah, that’s right, something about stones and glass houses. Ring a bell?


Time for a TL;DR Pete Wentz Post!! He actually says something kinda intelligent though?!

Mr.Ashlee Simpson has stuffs to say

"I mean, expect the worst and plan for the best, and you’ll get through life. It’ll happen."

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Okay fine:
-He's co-writing a book.
-He realizes people hate him, but defends the band as doing what they love.
-His phone bill is over $5000 a month when he's overseas.
-Folie A Deux is about being selfless and contains satire.
-He is not a role model.
-He sleeps three hours a night.
-and he makes some awkward metaphor about vegetarian sharks.

An 'Everybody's favourite Upper East Sider' post

'Gossip Girl' Star Leighton Meester Won't Choose Between Acting, Music

'I feel like it goes hand in hand,' actress/singer says of her dual careers.

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Eric Ditzian

Leighton Meester might be the queen bee on "Gossip Girl," but she's just getting her start when it comes to the music industry. The actress/singer, who will release her debut album later this year on Universal, took some time out from shooting Cobra Starship's "Good Girls" music video to talk about the positive reviews she's getting for the leaked song "Birthday."

"I was working with really cool people on it. ... It's a really fun, great song," she said. "I am very happy with the reactions, and I love it, but there's a lot of other stuff that I'm really happy with that is not being leaked at the moment but will come out later on this year that I'm really stoked about."

Those songs are ones the TV star has been working on for quite some time. "I've been in L.A. for about a month now just working pretty steadily in the studio, and then last year, I was doing the same thing around this time," she said. "And before that, I was in my apartment, so it's a really professional big deal for me making real music."

Meester says some of her influences are Madonna, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper, who she's looked up to for a long time. "When I was 3, [I would sing into the] hair brush — and when I was 20 [too]," the 23-year-old laughed. "It's a dream come true. This is crazy and awesome."

Meester doesn't feel any pressure to choose between acting and singing. "I don't know if I can really choose a favorite of what I want to do more or what I love more, 'cause I feel like I always felt I can do both," she said. "I feel like it goes hand in hand. Singing really is acting. In a lot of ways, it's much more personal. I love music, and being able to work on that is amazing."

if you live in the US or have something like Hotspot shield theres a vid too:


P!nk denies being bisexual

Pop punk Pink has blasted claims she told a British newspaper she’s bisexual — insisting an interview, published in Britain’s News of The World newspaper, is pure fabrication.

The singer, real name Alecia Moore, was quoted as saying, “It seems as if bisexuality is a trend and I should whip up the masses. Well, I don’t believe in trends, I just believe in me.”

But the So What? hitmaker — who recently rekindled her romance with ex-husband Carey Hart after they split almost a year ago — has taken to her Twitter account to set the record straight.

“I just read that im [sic] bisexual. so 1991,” she wrote. “good thing people write articles about me so i can get my facts str8. i mean straight. read on people.


Uggie 2

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Michael J. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Everyone should go buy his books, Lucky Man and Always Looking Up. I think his first one is a lot better than his newest one, even so all profits from the books go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research which is an awesome foundation for finding a cure for Parkinson's.
Oh, and feel free to spam this post with Back to the Future .gifs and macros. I hope these exist, they need to.
Open mouth

Roxette are back!

No longer just the dream of die-hard fans around the world who will surely feel their prayers for Marie's recovery were answered:
Roxette are back!

The Daily Roxette site has learned that Marie Fredriksson will be joining Per Gessle on stage at the “Party Crasher” concert in Amsterdam on Wednesday.
For several days now, people affiliated with the tour have told fans to expect a “surprise” at that concert. Since Per has already said he expected Marie might join him on stage for one or two of his tour dates, fans who heard about this upcoming surprise immediately surmised that it meant that Marie would be making an appearance.
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Megan - Back

Elle's Cover with Megan Fox

On maturing early: “I’ve lived the life of a 35-year-old since I was 18. I’m so suspicious of boys-slash-men. I just don’t like them or trust them.”

On giving male writers an amped-up version of her past: “They’re boys; they’re easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand.”

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