May 3rd, 2009

King K

the real queen of pop

madonna was out today with her son, David Banda.

she is human, too.

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madonna was also at a lady gaga concert tonight, btw (along with cyndi lauper).

She is also collaborating with Paul Oakenfold.

Paul Oakenfold was in the studio this week, producing new songs with Madonna for her upcoming Greatest Hits. Paul took some time to answer a few questions regarding the new material and we’re happy to share his answers to the first two questions today.
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Halle Berry with daughter Nahla at Century City Mall in LA

Halle Berry was seen shopping with her 1-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry at Century City Mall in Los Angeles on Saturday. After some retail therapy, the mother-daughter duo went for lunch on 3rd Street at the Barefoot Restaurant. Upon leaving the eatery, the stunning mother-daughter duo were greeting by a herd of lurking paparazzi. Halle raised her hand in protest in hopes of protecting her young daughter who snuggled in closely to mom once the pair were down the stairs and closer to the shutterbugs.

Nahla's father is 32-year-old French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, ten years Halle's junior. The genetically-gifted couple met at a Versace photoshoot.

The 42-year-old Academy Award winner has revealed that Nahla means "honeybee" in Arabic and Ariela is Hebrew for "lion for God."


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Southland & Parks and Recreation Renewed

According to Nikki Finke, an LA Weekly columnist and publisher of popular entertainment blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, NBC will soon announce that it has picked up Parks and Recreation and Southland for a second season! According to her sources, Finke predicts that NBC will make the announcement Monday during its presentation to advertisers. No word yet on how many episodes will be ordered.

i say

Some *~~*geniuses*~*~*~ are going to adapt The Dark Tower, u guise

Just as there are whispers in the jungles of “Lost,” there have likewise been whispers in Hollywood that J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof — two of the masterminds behind that ABC television series — have been working on an adaptation of Stephen King’s classic “The Dark Tower” series. Now, those whispers are getting louder… and a lot more insistent.

“Damon Lindelof and I talked to Mr. King,” Abrams told IGN while promoting the upcoming “Star Trek” film. “We got the rights for ['Dark Tower'] as a film. Damon is obviously still on ‘Lost’ and we’ve been working on ‘Star Trek’ together. As soon as ‘Lost’ is done, hopefully we’ll begin tackling that.”



Scarjo's directorial debut: FAIL

New Career Path? ScarJo, Oh Helm No

In Hollywood, everybody and their pool boy wants to direct. So it's no surprise that Scarlett Johansson has the itch to get behind the lens. Especially since she's been hanging around with Woody Allen.

But apparently talent doesn't transfer by osmosis, because Johansson has been bounced from her directorial debut, a segment of the multidirector movie New York, I Love You (which does include sections by Natalie Portman and Bret Ratner). But Johansson's segment starring Kevin Bacon reportedly "was really bad, so it was cut."

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sasha blue eyed beauty

~Prince Charming aka Matthew Goode talks about his role in A Single Man and Tom Ford

As Ozymandias in the big screen version of WATCHMEN, MATTHEW GOODE (BRIDESHEAD REVISITED, THE LOOKOUT) cuts a pretty striking figure.

Later this year he’ll be getting some attention for starring with COLIN FIRTH and JULIANNE MOORE in the directorial debut of TOM FORD’S adaptation of the CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD novel, A SINGLE MAN. We spoke with GOODE at WATCHMEN press day and he talked about working with first-timer FORD.

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its over a month old but it was never posted

i want him to call me his little minx unff

Since there isn't enough posts on this sexy man.

A solo Wentworth Miller doublefists both hot and cold beverages after leaving Starbucks in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (April 23).

The 36-year-old actor, who kept warm in a brown down vest, returns with a new Prison Break episode on Friday, April 24. In episode “Vs.”, Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla as Christina sets the wheels in motion for her plan. Meanwhile, Sara receives life-changing news.

The PB series finale airs on Friday, May 15.

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are you turning into the the final six episodes of prison break?

Candids of Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Sarah Jessica Parker and 6-year-old son James Wilkie stay shielded from the rain with colorful umbrellas during a stroll Friday through their West Village neighborhood. James will soon be a big brother with the arrival of his twin sisters-to-be this summer.
<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Nicole Richie balances one big purse with one tiny kid, her nearly 14-month-old daughter Harlow Winter Madden, while out and about in Hollywood on Friday.

Source 1
Source 2


Beyonce Is Coming For That Ass

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Superstar Beyonce played in Rotterdamn last night as part of her "I Am..." world tour, and the bootylicious diva wasn't too happy when one of her incompetent crew members messed up her stage lights. In the video below the angelic singer can be seen screaming "LIGHTS!" at an unknown crew member, before changing the lyrics of her hit single Diva to "Somebody's gettin FIRED!" It starts at about 0:44.

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Get That Money, HoHan!

What in two dollahs for a blow job Hell is going on in these pictures? I feel like I stumbled onto an escort's ad on Craigslist. I feel like the text "Naturaly...sweet hottie I'll give that 'ultimate experience' you'll never forget.. 100 Percent REAL PiCS.... 100 Percent ME! DONT MiSS OUT!! SIXTY 15 1HUNDRED HH 1FIFTY HR" should accompany these pictures.

These are some pictures of our little HoHan taken in a hotel room just before the FBI busted in and arrested her for solicitation. You can watch it all unfold on a special episode of Dateline NBC next week. No, HoHan posed like she was workin' it for an 8-ball just before she hosted a party at Tribe in Montreal. Hey, a bitch has got to make that money, I guess. Peddle that no-ass.

The paps say that while she was leaving the club, a dude grabbed her titty and then she fell on the floor. From starring in a movie with Jane Fonda to THIS? Get your exquisite lucite heels ready, HoHan. The Rock of Love Bus is about to pull up. Dlisted

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Kristin Cavallari: I Can Do It Better Than Lauren Conrad

Like Hollyscoop had previously reported, Kristin Cavallari is desperate to take over Lauren Conrad's role on MTV's hit show The Hills.

Lauren has already said she won’t be returning to the show, and Kristin has reportedly signed on for six new episodes. Kristin already made an appearance at Heidi and Spencer's wedding, and even managed to catch the bouquet.

MTV was originally worried that their hit show was going to suffer after Lauren left, but her archenemy Kristin has her claws out and is ready to take over as the star of the show. In fact, she thinks she can "do it better than her."

What are your thoughts? Do you think Lauren is replaceable?

- - - - -

Mad TV's Laguna Beach spoof for old times' sake...

Okay so I don't know how you bring Kristin on a show to star when she wasn't even on in it the first place. Let Lo or someone else take over, and just add her. Ste-phen! Ste-phen!
beyonce // wdylm

Beyonce to play the legendary Eartha Kitt?

Beyonce is in talks to play the late great Eartha Kitt in a new film.

After portraying Etta James in Cadillac Records and emulating Diana Ross in Dreamgirls, the singer/actress is hoping to complete a trilogy of diva roles by taking on original Catwoman Kitt on the big screen.

She says, "I was going to do a film about Eartha Kitt. It's a great story, but I don't know if it's still happening.

"If it does, it'll just fall into place."

Kitt died on Christmas Day after losing her battle with colon cancer, aged 81.



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After 7 years and 20 consecutive singles reaching the top 10, Girls Aloud end their streak with 21st single "Untouchable".

Radio One has just confirmed that Untouchable is Officially at number 11 in this weeks Top 40 Chart.

This means, this is the only single by Girls Aloud that has missed the top 10 positioning in its first week of sales.

However the Girls still hold the record for 20 Top 10 hit singles.

Untouchable still sold really well considering they could not promote it on TV like they always do, as they are busy with their sell out tour.

Cheryl Cole signing £2million golden handcuffs deal with ITV?

cheryl coleCheryl Cole has reportedly been offered a £2million “golden handcuffs” deal with ITV.

According to the News of the World, the star’s £820,000 salary as a judge on The X Factor is set to rise to £1.1million next year and she has also been offered another £1million to host other prime-time shows.

A source at the channel told the newspaper: “This is an enormous coup for ITV.

“Cheryl has major appeal across ages and genders for her beauty and down-to-earth personality.

“Times are tough in telly land like everywhere else. But the option of bringing someone of Cheryl’s calibre into the station is too good to pass up.”

“They’re discussing whether Cheryl should host a chat show. But they also know the void left by Cilla Black’s in light entertainment has never really been filled.

“Basically, they want her to become the Queen Of ITV.”

Cheryl first rose to fame on the channel’s Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, which saw her win her spot in the girl group. She returned to the small screen last year to public and critial acclaim when she stepped in as a last minute replacement for Sharon Osbourne on the singing talent show.

source1, 2

Im kind of disappointed in them. Its not like it missed out on the top10 because their career is doing poorly. All they had to do was give it some more promotion!


David Cook's Brother Died

American Idol Winner David Cook’s Brother Has Died

David Cook’s brother Adam has lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away around 1 am this morning at a hospice in Terre Haute, IN..
“He took a turn for the worse this weekend and David rushed to get home.”
“He was surrounded by his family, including his wife Kendra, his children, his father and his step-mom, among others.”
A family friend told RadarOnline “Adam passed away peacefully.” Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Rip :(

→ catwoman

Destiney Moore of Rock of Love 2 is pregnant!

"I am almost 5 months pregnant with my first child!!! YAY!! And, it's a BOY!!! So naturally I will be adding baby clothes to Divination :) I have been very busy lately getting ready for Dylan, and I have also been making a few different things, like necklace, bandanas & flowers. So I hope you enjoy my site, and I look forward to connecting with you!!"


EDIT: She has a boyfriend named Eric who I believe works on her clothing line, Divination, with her.

She was always my favorite on Rock of Love/Charm School. I think she'd make a great mother!
terry richardson

Pretty in Montreal

Enjoying a weekend trip up north to Canada, Lindsay Lohan spent Saturday night (May 2) living it up in Montreal.

After arriving to her hotel, the Chapter 27 starlet changed into a sexy little black dress to take part in a photo shoot, then heading off to party the night away at Tribe Hyperclub.

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Shia Labeouf's Playboy Interview

Here are some excepts from an interview Shia Labeouf did with Playboy Magazine:

On his mom being naked at home: "The nudity was weird, especially when her friends came over. All of them would just be naked around the house. That was strange for me, and it was really bizarre when my friends were there. You've got your little buds over, and Mom's, like, playing naked connect the dots or whatever. She's in the middle of goddess-group time, where it's literally a bunch of naked women tracing auras around one another's bodies with incense, then sitting together and humming for prolonged periods of time."

His parent open attitude towards drug use: "I grew up with a bunch of hippies, and marijuana was always around. Pot was never looked at as a negative thing. I could smoke it on holidays with my parents, and we were all good. I like pot. It has never been a monster for me. I can put limits on it. But I definitely saw from a very young age what drugs can do to you."

On his sexy mom: "Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother. She's an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren't my mother as sick as that sounds."

On his injured hand: "It's permanently f****d. I'll never be back to 100 percent or have full recovery. I can't zipper my zipper or button my shirt without extreme pain. But I chalk it up as my own s**t. This accident is what I needed in my life. I'm not in control. For the first time, I can admit that and know that, the hand is like a tattoo that says MISTAKE."

On the night he got behind the wheel: "I had a whiskey and three beers," he said. "I'm not going to start speaking on law stuff now and corner myself, but the fact that I ever got into the car was a mistake. I'm in AA now, too. I've had drinks, but it has been a leveling-out process. Am I an alcoholic? I may not be. I don't know. But I also know that in the situation I'm in, with temptations what they are, I have no room for alcohol in my life.'

His 'anything goes' lifestyle on the Even Stevens set: "I would do insane things. We'd be working on scenes and we'd decide, 'Hey, let's strip down to our bare asses and streak down the hallway.' Somewhere in the Disney vaults there's video footage with my penis on it."

Filming 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' while going through puberty: "Lucy Liu would play with my mind. I was deep in puberty at this point. Hormones are flying off of me. I mean, what are you supposed to do? You're 14, 15 years old, and you've got the f*cking sexiest woman in the world sitting across from you."

On Transformers 2: "[It's] the first movie ever to shoot with actors on the Pyramids. We got something like five Guinness records for making this film, including one of the biggest explosions with an actor in it in the history of cinema."

Harry Potter; harry not amused

Angelina Jolie Wanted For MTV Movie Awards

No doubt, MTV will do anything to get Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to its upcoming Movie Awards.

We’re sure Brangelina will receive many nominations (remember this past year included Jolie in Wanted, Changeling and Kung Fu Panda along with Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Burn After Reading), but for now we know of at least one so far for Ms. Jolie.

My peeps at MTV tell me that this year’s 18th annual awards, which will be handed out on May 31 and telecast live from L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre, will include a new category: Best WTF Moment.

Nominees include:

Angelina Jolie: Wanted, Curved Bullet Kill

Amy Poehler: Baby Mama, Peeing In the Sink

Ayush Mahesh Khedekar: Slumdog Millionaire, Jumping in the Poop Shed

Ben Stiller: Tropic Thunder, Tasting the Decapitated Head

Jason Segel and Kristen Bell: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Naked Break-Up

We say Ayush from Slumdog should take home the Golden Popcorn. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.



Jen filming The Baster

Jennifer Aniston: Baster Beauty

She’s been diligently plugging away at her current gig “The Baster” for weeks now. And yesterday (May 1) Jennifer Aniston was spotted hard at work once again.
The “Rumor Has It” hottie looked to be in good spirits as she filmed scenes while wearing a black bathrobe on the Manhattan set.
And though there have been rampant rumors that she’s pulled some serious diva behavior, Jen seemed to be sans attitude.
The day before (April 30) Miss Aniston was spotted smiling for the paparazzi as she arrived on the set sporting a purple ensemble, ready for another day of work.

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Pink to have an "open" marriage with husband


In case you care, Pink announced recently that she and her estranged-husband Carey Hart are getting back together. And by "getting back together" I mean they're gonna put their wedding rings back on, live in the same house, but bang other people. Sweet!

From the Chicago Sun Times:
Turns out all that hoopla about breakup of the marriage of rocker Pink
and her motorcross star hubby, Carey Hart, was a bit exaggerated.
Seems the couple never got around to filing for divorce.

Anyway, now they're back together, but have apparently worked out what
the couple is calling an "open marriage" deal. According to a member
of Pink's team, it's "kind of like the marriage that Dolly Parton has
with her husband ... and that's lasted for decades."
Why is it that "open marriages" are almost always between two ugly people? I mean seriously, if you don't find your significant other hot enough to bang, who else is? These two should just suck it up and do what the rest of society does when they're in a relationship that they don't like: work it out get a divorce download tons of hot submissive Asian porn.

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Not that anybody with a brain believes NYPost gossip anyway....and I didn't know she co-founded Nylon magazine!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SEXY supermodel Helena Christensen isn't as sexy -- or at least as sexually active -- as she's made out to be.

After we named her -- along with Petra Nemcova, Naomi Campbell and others -- as a friend of Sean Penn, Christensen, a former Miss Denmark and Victoria's Secret angel, sent us a blistering e-mail.

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The Worst Human Beings on Reality Shows

Speidi (The Hills)
These slimeballs have turned famewhoring into an art. They can't do a single thing without turning it into an impromptu photo shoot, and whenever their press coverage starts to dwindle they just get faux-married (how many times have they been "married" now? About 47?) to gross everyone out and make headlines. They are the worst kind of celebrity -- the kind that doesn't care why they're famous, as long as they are.
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David Hasselhoff Alcohol Poisoning; Rushed To Hospital

The Hoff nearly off’d himself this time!

David Hasselhoff -- the former Baywatch hunk -- was rushed to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical center Saturday after his distraught daughter Hayley, 16, found him unconscious on the floor of his home in Encino, California has learned exclusively.

For Hasselhoff, it was yet another case of alcohol poisoning and an emergency rush to the hospital to save his life.

This time the rescuer was his ex-wife actress Pamela Bach from whom he’s been bitterly estranged.

Hayley called her mom, who lives 10 minutes away in the Hollywood Hills and she rushed to the rescue and drove him to the hospital where doctors yet again saved his life.

This time the vodka-guzzling “America’s Got Talent” judge registered a staggering .39. alcohol level. Drunk driving in California is 08.

A source said a frightened Hayley kept “slapping her dad’s face” to keep him alive. “He was barely breathing when they got him at the hospital.

“He’s recovering. Pam was his bedside till 4a.m. this morning. This is about the 7th time he’s been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning. How many visits will it take before he dies?”

A source also tells exclusively that Hoff has been hospitalized at least 10 times over the last few years – many unreported.


Paris Hilton Visits Childrens Hospital

Paris Hilton visited Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday, spending the afternoon with sick children.

Paris told, "I really love spending time at Childrens Hospital. I have worked with the hospital for the past several years. These children are such an inspiration. Its an honor for me to spend time with them.

"The families are so brave and I can't imagine having to endure what they are facing."

The hotel heiress spent time with approximately 12 children playing with them, and making necklaces with them. "My heart melts when a I see a really sick child and after a few minutes they start smiling and laughing," Paris said.


GaGa in New York City yesterday!

Lady Gaga took her Fame Ball Tour to New York City yesterday and a lot of celebrities went to see the show including Madonna and Jesus Luz, Cindy Lauper, Christian Siriano, Zac Posen and many others. Gaga impressed with her various outfits and thanked the crowd inumerous times.
After the show, she took her boyfriend Speedy to Bungalow 8 club and partied during the rest of the night.

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baby?, What

How About Some Jimmy?

25 years after the release of “Smalltown Boy”, Jimmy Somerville releases his new Album "Suddenly Last Summer" in May this year.

Prepare to experience 11 classic songs all sensuously performed.
Jimmy goes back to the basics on this album with fabulous interpretations of classic numbers such as "Hanging on the telephone", "People are strange" and "Where have all the flowers gone".
With his distinctive voice coming once again to the fore, you will be taken on an unforgettable journey that will touch your heart.

Release date is May 18.
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Jessica Simpson Now Doing Lingerie Line

Jessica Simpson will expand her fashion franchise with the introduction of an intimate apparel line to debut in major department stores and online shopping sites across the U.S next Spring.

The collection will feature bras, undies, sleepwear and daywear.

“I like different lingerie for different occasions. I think that’s the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood,” Jessica said in a statement Monday.

Jessica Simpson’s fashion line already includes a collection of swimwear and a collection of footwear.

peanuts - me!
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15 Legends That Passed Away Too Young

There’s quite a few actors and musicians that have died while in their youthful prime. Others, have passed before their ability and/or genius was fully realized. In any case, they are now immortalized for their accomplishments in their arts, perhaps more so because of their untimely passing. The following is a list of the most memorable examples of young legends away too early.

Jean Harlow 1911-1937

The original blond bombshell, Jean Harlow stared in 36 movies from the age of 18 until her death at 26. Her official cause of death was due to complications of uremic poisoning. In her short but tragic life she was married three times, and was working on a fourth when she died. Harlow was known to be the most beautiful actress when film was transitioning from silent to “talkies,” she is also credited as being the main inspiration for Marilyn Monroe.

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Source via stumbleupon

agree/disagree/all that jazz

So, who else is avoiding studying for finals?

Apparently its Psycho Stan Season

Cheryl Cole bitten by a (hopefully not) rabid fan

Cheryl with fans before incident

CHERYL COLE was left shaken after being BITTEN on the lip by a deranged girl fan.

The GIRLS ALOUD singer was posing for photos outside her hotel when a teenager lunged at her.

Witnesses said X Factor judge Cheryl, 25, looked “petrified” before a security guard shoved the fan out of the way and whisked the singer into the hotel.

The hysterical fan, who wore a brace on her teeth, ran off shouting: “I kissed Cheryl, I kissed Cheryl” — not realising she had accidentally bitten the beauty.

Moments later NADINE COYLE, 23, stepped off the tour bus ready to chat with fans.

But security swiftly ushered her into the hotel.

A witness said: “Nadine didn’t know what had happened. It had left Cheryl petrified.”

The incident happened as the girl group arrived back at the Malmaison Hotel, Belfast, after a show on their Out Of Control tour at the Odyssey Arena.

About 30 fans were waiting to meet the band. A witness said: “This girl was hysterical and totally obsessed with Cheryl.

“She lunged at her and her brace must have nicked her lip. Cheryl looked absolutely terrified.

“The band’s security manager said Cheryl had been hurt and was shaking.”

The girls were due to stay another night at the hotel but chose to go straight to Dublin instead for their next concert — travelling in blacked-out cars rather than their tour bus.

A Girls Aloud spokeswoman said: “Cheryl was left shaken. As a result the girls have been more cautious greeting fans.”

A NUT was arrested after he jumped on stage to dance with Britney Spears during her concert in Connecticut, US.


This is why fans can't have nice things. I doubt Cheryl was as "shaken" as pissed off, and there have yet to be reports of her decking the fan, so clearly our bb has matured.

Alison Mosshart sent to the hospital


From The Kills official website (

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009

hello everyone
a quick note to everyone who came to the boulder gig at the fox theatre last night....
sorry i left i the stage earlier than planned. my lungs closed and suddenly i couldn't breathe. it happened repeatedly for the rest of the night. fits of choking. spent a good three hours at the hospital trying to stop choking. not the kind of night i had planned! thank you to all of you who were concerned.
i really appreciate it! i will be fine! x x x vv

Poor bb :(



This is a ~Dashing~ Kardashian Post

Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian @ Sapphire Pool party - 5/2

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Kim & Kris Kardashian @ Derby Spectacular Celebration - May 1

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Sources: 1 2
This post is brought to you by 5'10", 145lb Khloe Kardashian.

EDIT: Please view
this post if you do not get the height/weight joke. I'm tired of explaining that she's most likely not really 145 lbs. Sorry, I wrote 140 originally. TY.

Stevenson Attached to Direct Comic Adaptation We3

we3 Pictures, Images and Photos

The genre is turning to the animal kingdom for inspiration, most recently with War Monkeys and now with the comic book adaptation We3, based on the Vertigo mini-series of the same name, which is seeing some progress.

Producer Don Murphy informs "Even though the film is going to be live-action, we brought on the lead director of Kung Fu Panda [John Stevenson]. He's attached to direct We3. We're doing it as an R-rating. It's not going to be cutesy. There's killer rabbits and stuff. We're in the process right now of trying to figure out where we're going to make it."

Written by Grant Morrison, who adapted his own source material, the action-packed, hyper-violent and heartbreaking story focuses on three test animals - a dog, a cat and a rabbit - who are infused into prototype combat suits equipped with various weaponry. Thanks to chips in their skulls, they're allowed to speak. This trio breaks free and We3 tells of their perilous return home. The series was released in 2004 and was illustrated by Frank Quitely

"It was at New Line," says Murphy. "But the new New Line doesn't want to do these kinds of movies. We have two really good prospects. [Producer] Susan [Montford] was able to get this film going just based on the treatment before the comic so we've been on this a while."


(I know it's old but I don't think this was posted...)
It is nice to see and AR movie.The graphic novel was awfully sad.It reminded me of 'Plague Dogs'.


At first i thought she was holding a joint

If you went through high school as one of the hotter sluts in your class, it’s probably not a good idea to get a tattoo.

There’s no need to doll yourself up, because you already stand out from everybody else. You’re fuckin’ hot, and you get to go through life taking advantage of that. The everyday perks of being a hot bitch. Free meals, free drinks, free cab fares, free everything, because nobody ever expects the slammin’ slut to pay. Men are constantly trying to impress you by paying your way. When you run out & get some skanky tattoo scribbled across your body it drops you down a bracket. This is a fact. Not everybody likes tattoos on women, and with that factor you immediately take a nose dive in hotness. Sophia Bush knows this, and got herself a proper body mod for beautiful chicks..

Under the radar type shit.. Whatever the hell it means, I have no idea, and I’m sure it’s something stupid. For how creative you would think actors & actresses would be, it’s always the fuckin’ opposite. They always get something stupid with some trying ass meaning behind it. Sophia Bush is no different. Even though whatever that means is retarded, at least you can’t even notice it from 5 feet away.


LMAO! I wonder what her tattoo says. Hmm!

Jay-Z Says His Concert With Kelly Clarkson Shows Racial Unity

'There's NO such thing as Black music or White music, only Good or Bad music,' Jay writes.

As odd as it may have been to see a bill featuring Kelly Clarkson, Third Eye Blind and Jay-Z, it's even stranger to see a blog post from Jay-Z.

Jay admitted that he doesn't use Twitter, but he managed to post a blog for following his performance Thursday evening at the University of Arizona. The MC said he was caught up in the excitement of the moment, as well as the technical difficulties, and he missed the opportunity to say something important.

"On the show as well were Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson ... I thought that had to be the oddest pairing ever, but soon realized it's what I've always professed. There's NO such thing as Black music or White music only Good or Bad music."

Jay said it was cool to like different things that are outside of your comfort zone. He said this also applies to the world around us and not just music.

"If you're African American you can have a Jewish friend." He brought up his own friendship with former Def Jam head/ current Warner Music CEO Lyor Cohen. "The Jew fro and the BLUEprint fro [Afro] are the SAME thing."

Jay added that he would like to see diverse concerts such as this happen more often, outside of the one or two festivals per year and big radio station summer concerts like Zootopia, held by New York's Z-100, among many others.

"I'm putting that into the universe," Jay blogged, adding, "Next up, [a concert with] Taylor Swift and Uncle Murda!"


ad // lucille

NY Times: NBC’s ‘Weekend Update’ to Expand . Really.

“Weekend Update,” the satirical television news segment, worked during the presidential election year, and now NBC will again try to capitalize on interest in the news by producing it as half-hour specials during its next prime-time season, as well as the usual segments in “Saturday Night Live.”

The network will announce to advertisers in New York on Monday that it is ordering at least six and as many as 13 prime-time editions of “Update,” most likely for use on its Thursday night schedule, which has become the home once again of a critically praised comedy lineup on NBC.

Last season NBC produced special prime-time editions of “Update” during the weeks leading up to the presidential election and all were highly rated. This will be the first time the “Update” specials will be a weekly part of NBC’s fall schedule, even on weeks when “S.N.L.” is not in production.

The prime-time shows will be anchored by Seth Meyers, who does the same job on “S.N.L.” (He is also that show’s head writer.)

But NBC will look to take advantage of the presence of two former “Update” anchors, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, on other Thursday night comedies (“30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation,” respectively) by inviting them to serve as occasional guests at the “Update” desk.

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NY doesn&#39;t love you

Real World Cancun house, cast revealed; swine flu shutdown rumor “100% untrue”


Production on The Real World Cancun in Mexico has not shut down because of swine flu, which has impacted MTV stars Heidi and Spencer. But the cast is back in the United States having completed production, according to messages on at least two of their MySpace pages, as both the cast members and their Cancun home have been revealed.

The swine flu shut-down reports came on the always-credible sites Radar Online and Perez Hilton. Citing zero sources (who has time to do reporting when you’re drawing on photographs?), Perez said “has been shut down in the wake of the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico” on April 17, while Radar pulled their story that said it “learned exclusively that production on The Real World: Cancun has been shut down, and its seven young cast members have been removed from the Mexican coastal city—all for fear of deadly Swine Flu.” As part of a later story, Radar modified the claim, saying “that MTV reality staple The Real World wrapped the filming on their 22nd season on April 17 in Cancun.”

But production company Bunim-Murray has denied that via its Twitter account, posting twice: first that “@PerezHilton swine flu may be the new susan boyle, but your RW Cancun post is as false as her teeth” and later that “reports from #perezhilton about #RW Cancun shutting down due to swine flu are 100% untrue!”

Meanwhile, Vevmo has pictures and names of the eight—the show is apparently sticking with the larger group—cast members: Ayiiia Elizarraras (a model), Bronne Bruzgo, Christian “CJ” Koegel, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Jasmine Reynaud, Jonna Mannion (who may have appeared on Discovery’s Endurance), Joey Rozmus, and Derek Chavez. Vevmo also has links to their MySpace pages, several of which both confirm they were cast and have returned to the states, although others are now marked as private.

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Finally, Jaunted reported that the cast lived in the ME Cancun hotel “in some of the hotel’s Level Suites which includes the Passion Suite and its bed on a terrace.” That’s a familiar location to those who saw The Real World Hollywood, as the cast vacationed there. When the location was announced, we learned that the cast would work for travel web site—or, you know, doing whatever pretend work they do between drunken orgies on the beach.


Well, I would've posted a pic of Mark Long since he looks 100x better than the rest of 'em, even though he was from Road Rules. I wish they'd bring that back again.
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Did anyone else hear he is 40 going on 22? LOL

DJ Premiere joins Xtina's 4th LP; tentative release date in September!

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According to DJ Premiere's blog:
"Last night DJ Eclipse was holding a party at LiveFromHQ because we all know DJ Premier is staying at Christina Aguilera's home with his crew to work on her upcoming album. But you know Preem, he always gives a call to check in! Christina asked him to do two track for the album but they recorded already up to four tracks haha, she said he has to do whatever he feels like doing. Four tracks?! 2009!! And I've seen I already got linked to Aguilera's fan pages, so I got some news for them too. The new album is suppose to release in september. Paparazzi and million Christina fans: get ready. She was suppose to get on the phone but she was going to eat or something. I think Panchi is becoming the new co-host on LiveFromHQ, and damn, this guy is too funny. For real, he is ALWAYS funny. Check "The Panchi Chronicles" for prove, you should pay only to hear his jokes haha. Preem was telling about the major fans at Aguilera's crib taking pictures and and Panchi was already joking how Preem get out the mansion in his shorts with all the tabloids over there. Whatever, got some more news.. DJ Premier going west-coast? There is going to be a remix of "Ain't Nuttin' Changed" with MC Eight and Young Maylay (he is the main character "CJ" in GTA:SA game, Premo is a big fan of him). The video is shot last week also in LA. We'll hear it in about two weeks. I can only dream about it lol. That's all folks, stay tuned!"

DJ Premiere joins Sia, Ladytron, Linda Perry, Tricky Stewart and Goldfrapp for Christina's 4th album. On Christina's last album DJ Premiere produced Ain't No Other Man, Back in the Day, Still Dirrty, and Thank You.


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Hrithik Roshan: Fans Angry Over Him Saying The Words "m****r f****r"

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He has just been barely out of his last controversy, and now actor Hrithik Roshan is apparently stuck with another one.

He has been caught mouthing tabooed words in a video clip apparently taped by choreographer Flexy Stu. Flexy is choreographing Hrithik in his forthcoming ‘Kites’.

The clip shows co-star Kangana Ranaut practising her dance steps with a female assistant of Flexy. Moments later, Hrithik walks in and joins the dance rehearsals. At the video’s end, Flexy pans the camera and introduces Hrithik. In response, the star points towards Flexy and says: “This is the baddest m****r f****r in the world.” (at the very end of the video below)

Although the words are not meant to be abusive but in fact introduce Flexy as a tough task master, but sadly it doesn’t go down well with many of us. The two-minute clip has become a hit in the internet world and also offended some of the fans who want the video to be edited or completely removed.

NDN Y So Srs?

Gerard Butler Proposes To Priyanka Chopra Every 30 Minutes

Priyanka Chopra threw a heartwarming party in the honor of Scottish actor Gerard Butler. The party was unique in the sense that throughout the bash, the actor kept on proposing Priyanka with different style. The actor is so much impressed with the ravishing actress that he can’t hold his temptation to express his feeling. The guests enjoyed the scene with wide eyes and big smile but Priyanka felt little embarrass.

A close friend who was among the select guest list present on Thursday night said, “Of course the party was for Gerard who was completely besotted by Priyanka and kept proposing to her every half hour. It's become a standing joke rather a ‘kneeling’ joke between them. ‘Will you marry me?’ he knelt and said every half hour while she would burst into laughter. She’s clearly not interested on being Mrs Butler.”

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