February 16th, 2009


Say it ain't so New New

Lauren London Pregnant With Weezy’s Baby?!?

Bossip just caught wind that Lauren London may be pregnant.

Last night my friend told me that Ms. London is expecting a baby and is 4 months pregnant. Although I can’t tell you who the father is, I can say that he is one of the top rappers in the country. Much love and let me be the first to send my congratulations and love…

With their on again, off again relationship within the last few years, Bossip speculates that it’s none other than Weezy. F. Baby (lots of babies). We would throw Diddy into the bunch, but he said “top rappers in the country” so that killed that sh*t immediately. Stay tuned….


I feel bad for Nivea if this is true. WTF do these women see in Wayne? yuck. I kinda hoping it turns out to be T.I.'s. lol

Jay Brannan - "'gay' shouldn't BE a genre."

the big annoying GAY factor
as taken from the new FAQ posted at jaybrannan.com:

Q. the big annoying GAY factor: why do you hate being called a "gay" singer-songwriter, or being told you write "gay" songs, or always being asked to participate in gay-themed activities, etc.?

A. it's 2009. i think it's time that everyone, the "gay community" included, allow gay people to take their place in the world as real people, rather than continuing to be defined and separated by their sexual orientation. i want the freedom to be myself, unafraid and uncensored, without having to market myself based on a sexual orientation, or attaching that sexual orientation to my name as a title.

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Thoughts??? This man is so incredible. I happened to stalk follow him on several tour dates this summer. He is really one of the best role models for young people out there nowadays. His music and personal beliefs are so honest and necessary to be shared. Plus he's so friggin' cute. Highly recommend getting his debut album goddamned today.


Freema Agyeman profile

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The flat I grew up in ... was on the Woodberry Down estate near Manor House, in north London. When I first came into the spotlight, a lot of dodgy stuff was written about it in the papers. I felt really defensive. I had a brilliant time there.

The moment that changed me for ever ... was when my brother was born. I was eight years old and had always been the baby, getting away with not doing much. Suddenly there was a small person to look after. I grew up at that moment.

My greatest inspiration ... is my mum. She's supported me in every decision I've ever made.

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John Barrowman coming to a TV near you

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John Barrowman fans already know that the Torchwood star is an accomplished stage actor, singer and an all around talented guy. Now it’s time to spread the word to the rest of the US. BBCAmerica has announced the first US release of two of Barrowman’s BBC Specials.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 29 at 8:00 for the US premiere of Any Dream Will Do.

The spotlight is on the world of musical theatre as host Graham Norton (The Graham Norton Show) along with expert panelist John Barrowman (Torchwood) and legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber search for new talent to play Joseph in the West End revival of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. After rounds of auditions, twelve boys make the cut to prove they have the charisma and star quality to land the lead role of Joseph. Each week they are put to the test with ensemble numbers, solo performances, and exercises to test their skills. They’ll have to impress the judges to move along and get closer to becoming the next Joseph and Britain’s next theatre star.

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Marie & Louis Macbook

How many wonders can one cavern hold?

The contents of Neverland are officially up for auction.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In April, an extraordinary auction will provide an unprecedented look into the private world of Michael Jackson. More than 2,000 items, ranging from personal effects and costumes to pieces from Jackson's private art collection as well as fittings and furnishings from his Neverland ranch, will be up for sale at a four-day public auction at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.

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RENT-document real life

Hail to the chief, he's the one we all say "Hail" to...

Hail to the Chiefs: 10 Great Fictional Presidents

It's Presidents Day! So take a look back at our Mount Rushmore of beloved leaders of the free world -- in movies and TV

PLAYED BY Dennis Haysbert, on 24

-moving the lj cut up because there are spoilers...old spoilers but spoilers nonetheless-
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So, ONTD, did your favorite fictional President make the list?


"I once caught a fish and it was -this big-"

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Super Special Awesome Fashion Trends for Spring 2009!

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends
~an image-heavy, pretty post~

~Look Number 1~: Depression Chic
1st Model Wearing: Miu Miu
2nd Model Wearing: Aberta Ferretti
"Who needs economists? With an insight that's downright uncanny, designers worked both sides of the crash of 1929, turning out glittery flapper frocks (Alberta Ferretti, Aquilano.Rimondi) and faded sack dresses (Burberry, Bottega Veneta) in equal measure. On the one hand, Jil Sander's Raf Simons fringed not just dresses but suits, too; on the other, Marc Jacobs found himself at home on the prairie."

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I slaved over this post! I hope you guys enjoy it~
I really like the second to last look. What's your favorite look, ONTD?

Pics & clips from "An Education"

Written by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub

The regrettable thing about Sundance is…no matter how many movies you manage to see, there will always be a few you miss. Unfortunately for me, this year it was director Lone Scherfig’s “An Education”. And after hearing from everyone that it was one of the best films that played during the entire festival….it’s going to a long wait till the end of the year when Sony Pictures Classic is going to release it.

From what I heard, Carey Mulligan (who plays the lead and is pictured) is simply amazing. People are saying it’s a performance that you have to see. And this is from critics I really trust.

However, while we all have to wait till the end of the year to see the movie, I’ve been given 4 clips that you can watch now. And unlike most clips which are usually under a minute, these are pretty extended sequences, so you can really get a feel for the movie.

And since most of you might not know about the film yet…here’s the synopsis:

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All I got inside is vacancy...

White Stripes set to make live return

Jack and Meg set for TV appearence this week (February 20)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The White Stripes are set to reunite for a live performance on US TV this week (February 20).

Jack and Meg White are confirmed as the musical guests on NBC's 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' this Friday.

The performance will mark the first time the Detroit duo have played onstage together since cancelling a slew of tour dates in September 2007 due to the drummer suffering from acute anxiety.

It has not been announced whether the band will perform new material on the show or not.

The pair's last public appearance together was in June 2008, when Meg briefly ran onstage during a gig by Jack's 'other' band The Raconteurs in Detroit - although she didn't play any music on that occasion.

The February 20 show of the 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' is the presenter's last before he takes over from Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show'.

In 2003 The White Stripes performed a week-long residency on O'Brien's show.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/the-white-stripes/42805

Tom Hanks is lol

Here's something barely interesting about Tom Hanks about Kate Winslet via my boyfriend, Ricky Gervais', blog:
Talking of Oscars, apparently whenever they talk about Kate Winslet's chances on US TV they show a clip of her in Extras saying she's only doing a holocaust movie to win an Oscar.

I Was talking to Tom Hanks the other week (normal) and he said he heard that clip on the radio and thought it was real. He went round the whole day telling people what a crazy thing Kate Winslet said until eventually someone plucked up the courage to tell him it was from a comedy show.

Extras series 1 is now available for download on iTunes by the way. Keep it on your iPod.

Here's the vid:

Wonder what Tom Hanks thought of the Bale going apeshit.

Zac and Vanessa: Keeping Romance Alive

Zac Efron
and Vanessa Hudgens kept the Valentine fire burning with a romantic dinner on Sunday night, Celebuzz reports exclusively.

The two Disney stars braved a cool night in Southern California to cuddle together at the romantic Hollywood hideaway Pace, a fellow diner reports.

"They were very affectionate, holding hands," says the diner. "They chose to sit next to each other rather than across from each other."

Zac, who recently turned 21, had a glass of red wine. Vanessa, 20, was wearing a dress, while Zac was dressed warm in a red flannel shirt.

Vanessa had thrown Zac a party at Pace for his 21st birthday in October, People magazine reported at the time. Guests at the Zac's party included High School Musical co-stars Ashley Tisdale and Monique Coleman, along with Brittany Snow, Michelle Trachtenberg and Amanda Bynes.

Zac and Vanessa were spotted on a romantic getaway vacation on an island off the coast of Brazil earlier in the month.

Source: Celebuzz

Christian Bale

How to Fix Gossip Girl


How to Fix Gossip Girl

  • Feb 16, 2009 11:25 AM ET
  • by Mickey O'Connor

It's not Gossip Girl here, but we are writing to you from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Nevertheless, we have to talk: This meeting has been convened because it's time to fix our beloved Gossip Girl. The ratings have dropped to a season low of just 2.2 million, and while many of us are still streaming it with relish, it must be said that creatively, the show is starting to stink like so much day-old smoked salmon. As others warn of the impending death of Gossip Girl, let's see if we can do something to help. Pull up a Chesterfield sofa and partake in the holiday-weekend brunch buffet we've prepared — Mochaccinos for everybody! — remove your platinum cufflinks, roll up your sleeves and let's get to work. While the show is on a brief hiatus, we've come up with a few fixes, but we need your suggestions as well. XOXO.

PROBLEM Serena and Dan's constant breakups and reconciliations have lost any sort of narrative weight.
SOLUTION Serena and Dan need to stay together, or break up — for good. While there might be a certain degree of high-school realism to the way that S. and Lonely Boy have ridden the On Again/Off Again Express, it's annoying to watch. Plus, there's virtually no difference between the two scenarios. They always stay friends anyway, and the brief times they do part ways, it's always for some stupid reason, like Serena wanting her mother to find true love with Rufus, not because they actually don't like each other anymore. We'd actually vote for keeping them together. It's cool to have one committed couple in the mix, even one as boring as these two are.

PROBLEM Miss Blair's beloved Dorota is underused.
SOLUTION Shady Dorota! The producers have been smart to sketch Blair's Polish nursemaid as vaguely as they have. As far as we know, Blair actually owns Dorota. But look more closely, and you'll see something more knowing behind those obedient eyes. Announcing our new crazy theory: Though others have different ideas, we think that Dorota is actually ... Gossip Girl herself! Even if she isn't, wouldn't it be fun if the writers were to drop some misleading hints? It'll get the fans OMFG'ing all over the place.


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Christian Bale

Diva Kate Moss Demands 'Beer After Beer' at Fashion Shoot

Got Beer? Kate sure did.

Kate Moss pulled a diva fit during a recent shoot for Roberto Cavalli.

Moss arrived at the Los Angeles shoot "two hours late," said a spy, and in a grumpy mood.

"She demanded a beer and then proceeded to finish off beer after beer after beer while she was getting her make-up done. When it was time for the shoot, she sat on the male model's lap but ignored him - didn't say one word to anyone - and then, when her pictures were done, walked out."

A rep for Moss didn't return calls.


italian spiderman

Lesbian Vampire Killers Teaser Trailer and Posters

BAFTA winning comedy-duo James Corden and Matt Horne (Gavin & Stacey) decide to escape their problems and head to the countryside for a weekend of debauchery. Things don’t quite go to plan and they find themselves stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. As the night unfolds the boys have to put all of their fears (and dreams) behind them in order to rise to the challenge of becoming LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS.


Marina Diamandis ☮ All smiles

So fierce.

NEW YORK — Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel joined forces for a surprise reunion in New York on Friday, performing three songs during the encore of Simon's show at the newly renovated Beacon Theater.

The occasional adversaries dueted on "The Sound of Silence," "The Boxer" and "Old Friends," in what is believed to be just their third appearance together since concluding a 2004 reunion tour. Garfunkel had flown in from Florida, where he played in Key Largo the night before, and he returned to play in Fort Pierce the next night.

The reunion added extra glitz to an evening attended by celebrities such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi and Jimmy Fallon, and showcased the Beacon's refurbished interior and new sound system.

Simon played an eclectic two-set show, drawing equally from classics such as "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard," "Slip Slidin' Away" and "Graceland" as he did songs from his ill-fated Broadway musical "The Capeman" and newer material such as "Father and Daughter" and "Amulet," a collaboration with Brazilian vocalist Luciana Souza.

Also featured were off-the-beaten-path cuts such as "Duncan," which hearkened back to Simon's folk roots, "Train in the Distance," from the critically maligned 1983 album "Hearts & Bones," and "Loves Me Like a Rock," a 1973 precursor to Simon's future dabbling in African music.

Simon also performed at the Beacon on Saturday.

Source: http://www.comcast.net/articles/entertainment/20090216/ENTERTAINMENT-US-SIMON/

Kid Cudi tasered and cuffed at NBA match

Kid Cudi was reportedly tasered and handcuffed after an alleged altercation at a NBA All Star basketball match.

The rapper is believed to have become embroiled in a row because he wanted to wear Nike trainers on stage at the Reebok party in Phoenix, Arizona.

Police apparently intervened as the Valentine's Day argument escalated, tasering the star before handcuffing him.

According to AllHipHop, the 'Day 'n' Nite' artist was apprehended by authorities, although it is unknown if he has been charged.

sauce; http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/a146801/kid-cudi-tasered-and-cuffed-at-nba-match.html

Kid explains what happened on his blog; http://kidcudi.com/news/?p=518

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well that's ridiculous
Linkin Park: Mike Shinoda

where are my Shinhwa students? come here, korean post time.

More F4, more Energy Songs

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FT Island Comeback on Inkigayo

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Solbi strips for photoshoot

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Yoochun on M-ON! Kanfu Wide Ranking, 9 Feb

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Tohoshinki’s "Wasurenaide" for MENARD Cosmetics CF

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SNSD Seo Hyun to Try Trot Too

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SOURCE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I think I love you~

Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
  • lasamy


ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at the new poster for Fast & Furious, hitting theaters on April 3! Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reteam for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed. Heading back to the streets where it all began, they rejoin Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars across Los Angeles and floor through the Mexican desert in the new high-octane action-thriller.

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OMG can't wait!!!

(no subject)

Morrissey reveals retirement plans

Former Smiths man hints at when he might call it a day

morrissey Pictures, Images and Photos

Morrissey has suggested that he might retire after five more years in the music business.

The former Smiths frontman said that the chances of him carrying on as a singer for much longer after his 55th birthday were "slim". He is currently 49.

When asked if he could continue as a 55 or 60 year-old he told XFM, "I think it’s incredibly slim. For Heaven's sake! Really?"

He also talked about other older musicians, and how he believed few remain relevant into older age.

"I assume most people lose it because they become satisfied and they achieve everything they ever set out to achieve," he said. "More to the point, they become personally satisfied and that they're quite happy and it doesn't matter any more.

"It's very interesting that it's very hard to think of anybody who ages and still manages to mean anything."

Morrissey's new album, 'Years Of Refusal', is released today (February 16).

source: http://www.nme.com/news/morrissey/42816

'The Hills' Hits Hawaii, Cameras And All

While Lauren Conrad and Lo Boswoth may have vacated their Hollywood Hills pad, it seems they've traded up for the island paradise of Turtle Bay.

Celebuzz spies in Oahu, Hawaii caught Lauren, Lo, Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt vacationing this weekend at Turtle Bay resort, soaking up sun and cocktails—all on camera.

While MTV was unreachable for comment, it seems Season 5 of the reality hit is upon us!

"They were all together, sipping Chi-Chi's [pina colada's with vodka]," the source says, "Lo picked up the tab for drinks and then all four girls laid in the sand."

Elsewhere at the resort, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado enjoyed bro time while production was manned from two large trucks of equipment.

And what can we expect from the island get away, by the time it makes its edited way to our hot little hands? Boy talk!

"Lauren and Lo were talking about two guys they met at [Los Angeles club] Apple," said the spy.

The loves and lives of the SoCal girls now contend with expat Whitney Port, and her NYC show The City.

source: Celebuzz

Who wouldn't want to employ this sexy bitch?


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IS Steven Cojocaru wearing out his welcome at "Entertainment Tonight"?

An insider tells Page Six that the cloying fashionista is "being weaned off of 'ET' " because he's a total diva and refuses to do anything extra to promote the show.

"His Q ratings have plummeted, and he's on so rarely now that if you break down what he gets paid per appearance, it's astronomical and not worth it," says our source.

We also hear that Anya Sarre, the head stylist for "ET" and "The Insider" who already does many of the shows' on-camera fashion segments, is being groomed to take over all of Cojocaru's duties.

This wouldn't be the first time Cojocaru's bosses have taken issue with his behavior. Back in 2005, he got canned from his gig as a contributor to NBC's "Today" show after going on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" - a "Today" rival in some markets - to discuss his recent kidney transplant.

We reported at the time that Katie Couric, who was then the "Today" host, "was furious when she found out Cojo was going on 'Oprah' to talk about his surgery," and "gave the word to have Cojo canned." "It was three weeks after my surgery . . . I wasn't just fired, I was dumped," Cojocaru told Oprah. "I was on so many drugs, I thought it was a bad dream."

Cojocaru also ruffled feathers at People magazine, where he used to serve as West Coast fashion editor, after allegedly refusing to come to the office of newly installed editor-in-chief Martha Nelson (now head of the entire People group) after she requested a meeting.

A spokeswoman for "ET" said: "Your source is incorrect, and we are all looking forward to seeing who Cojo names best- and worst-dressed at the Oscars."


I hope this is true not because I watch ET but because when I do catch him on anything he's beyond obnoxious and creepy.

This Week's new CD and DVD releases

The following CD and DVD come out tomorrow

  • Abe Vigoda "Reviver"
  • Alex Harvey Band "Live at the BBC"
  • ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead "The Century of Self"
  • The Appleseed Cast "Sagarmatha"
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    • 21 Grams (2003) [Blu-ray]
    • Alien Raiders
    • The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Third Season
    • Body of Lies
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Today we have several crumbling relationships. A chef stepping out on his wife A wife cheating on her husband. And a power couple about to get divorced. And so soon after Valentine's Day.

1) "Which celeb chef's wife mans his reservation stand while he secretly slips out the back door with his girlfriend?" [Gatecrasher]

2) "He'd been cheating on her for years. She had his babies, she endured the other women, she let him back in the door every time he ran away, only to come slinking back with apologies. For a while now though he has stayed at home. More mature, done with that life, he's now completely committed to her, ready to take the next step… Problem? It's her turn to be unfaithful. And not only with a random but with someone he knows. More importantly, someone he trusts. Worse – it's no secret. They're all aware, all around them, except for him. And everyone is bracing for drama. Because what started as a purely physical affair has turned into one sided love. The other man wants more, is willing to fight for it, putting her in the middle. He's threatening to blow it all wide open, she's begging him to calm down, but he's pressuring her to come clean. She wants to stay with the father of her children who is oblivious to it all but who they say will surely take off immediately when and if he finds out. Love double standards!" [Lainey Gossip]

3) "We've don't mean to beat a dead horse, but we've been talking about the impending divorce of this celebrity couple since last year. Looks like it will finally become public knowledge soon. The celebrity couple, however, won't be the ones doing the talking.They will smile and keep it very civil in public, and let their divorce attorneys and public relations flacks and real estate agents handle the public matters. But behind the scenes, it's ugly. Both were unfaithful, both have a lot of money and fans, and both want sole custody of their offspring." [Blind Gossip]

No clue about 1 or 2



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Miley's shambolic performance disappoints fans

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  

Miley Cyrus fans were left disappointed after the teen starlet fluffed her lines while performing live for Ant and Dec. The 16-year-old star’s label dished out a whopping 150,000 pounds on a private jet to fly her for a five-minute promotional gig on ITV’s hit variety show in London.

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AD:Chicken Dance

Transformers 2, Official Teaser Trailer

I present the new and badass Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer.

It played during the inevitably shittastic Friday the 13th.

A Bootleg version was posted, this is a much better quality. And it's the "officially posted" one

This movie will be ridiculous, in a good way

Video is there!

Enjoy ONTD

Ty to afireinside27 for the youtube link to the new one

Some celebs you don't know/care about checking out African Fashion Collective at fashion week.

Four designers from around Africa were brought together to form the African Fashion Collective and they put on a show at the New York fashion Week. The aim is to showcase african fashion and dispel the stereotypes about it. About 80 pieces were shown, I am posting a couple, if you like what you see click the links below. Some black celebs (mostly models) checked out the show as well.

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Sources: http://www.bellanaija.com/2009/02/15/stay-tunedmore-arise-coveragetiffany-amber-momo-stoned-cherrie-and-arise-magazine-launch-party/
http://lavishmag.blogspot.com/ <---- a couple of videos.

The Retardedness Ends. * It would have been a $200 fine*

No charges will be filed against American swim star Michael Phelps from his being photographed with a pipe typically used to smoke marijuana, police announced on Monday.Richland County Sheriff Leon Lett said that after a full investigation into the November party at which Phelps was photographed, touching off a controversy that led to a three-month ban, there was not enough evidence to charge anyone.
"Having thoroughly investigated this matter, we do not believe we have enough evidence to prosecute anyone that was present at the November party," Lett said.

Once these cops track down that bong, they just might be able to prove that Michael Phelps smoked the marijuana—which could bring up to a $200 fine. So you see the necessity of the operation


$200 fine

askars [shower fap]

accessory of the year.

Shia Takes Break From Saving the World to Direct Music Video

Officially add the title "Music Video Director" to Shia LaBeouf's impressive Hollywood résumé.

The 22-year-old Transformers star has directed a video for the song "Minds Awake" by his fave band Rumspringa has hit the Internet. While it may not be as high-tech as the recently released Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer, the clip is pretty interesting. Check out the trippy and impressive results:

According to the L.A.-based band's myspace page, the video shoot was "just a little roadtrip fun."

Interestingly, Shia was at the Troubadour in July of last year watching Rumspringa and Lemon Sun the night of his now-famous Hollywood accident which injured his hand.

Glad to see that this meet-up had better results.

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What kind of precious cargo do you think Shia is carrying, ONTD? Arizona teas, smokes, a collapsible crate?

Are you here for the love of Ray-J?

Today's episode starts off with the ladies playing a family feud type of game called, "Foxy Feud". Teams are split in 2 with 5 girls on each team:

The divas:
Lil Hood

The darings:
His Baby Momma Danger

sources from:

And my television

Spoilers ahead including who got booted off under the cut

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poor bb :(

Lady GaGa has been left "devastated" - after her famous Versace sunglasses were stolen.

The racy singer - who shot to fame with the catchy tune Just Dance - is so desperate to get the shades back, she has offered to turn the fan who returns them into the star of her next music video.

The singer, real name Stefani Germanotta told London's Metro newspaper that that her favorite fashion accessory went missing during the Pussycat Dolls' European tour, which she is currently performing on as a support act.

"The only downer was that my Versaces were stolen," she said. "I'm so devastated I can barely talk.

"If anyone knows where my Biggie Smalls Versace glasses are I'll make them the star of my next video!"


damn, i wish i knew where they were.. i'd love to be in one of her crazy videos haha

EDIT: they're vintage, no? so i don't think she can just buy another pair...

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Zefron wants to shave his head and travel the world

High School Musical hunk Zac Efron is threatening to shave his head and embark on a year-long global adventure - just to avoid the paparazzi.

The pin-up admits life has become miserable because snappers follow him and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens everywhere - and he can't get away from them.

He says, "To be honest, I can’t handle the paparazzi. They’re everywhere. One of them was in a dumpster trying to take my photo the other day. It was crazy!

"Another time, one was hanging off the back of a pick-up truck driving down a road. They think they’re being clever, but they’re not."

And the pressure could drive the Hairspray star out of Tinseltown - he's planning to go trekking, unnoticed, around the world.

He explains, "I’d love to take a year off and travel the world under the radar. I would love to do it really low-key.

"I wouldn’t need to stay in fancy hotels or anything; I just want to explore - but I don’t know how I’d do it. Maybe I'd shave my head to try and go incognito? Yeah, that's what I'd do."


zac bb i highly doubt shaving that beautiful hair of yours will help you avoid the papz

Goodbye, cruel world.

Posh eatery Nobu was awash with celebrities enjoying a romantic Valentine’s evening with their loved ones. Well, when we say “awash” what we mean is we spotted such couples as footballer Steven Gerrard with WAG Alex Curran (who was sporting an absolutely frightful delightful outfit we might add), former Casualty actor James Redmond and his girlfriend, and Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts with her fella.

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"Working A lot" .....Working on what

Lindsay Lohan
admits she has lost some weight lately but tells Usmagazine.com "it's not intentional."

"I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald's," she told Us Sunday at the Matthew Williamson NYC store opening. "I eat just as much as I always have."

The 22-year-old actress (who has raised eyebrows before for her skinny frame) said she thinks she has just been "working a lot." She said she also blames "stress ... and lack of sleep when I travel. "Said the star, "I think it's all that stuff that adds up."

Lohan - who said she doesn't know how much weight she has lost ("I've never weighed myself in life," she said) - added that she doesn't think about the pressure to be thin in Hollywood anymore.

"They've already said everything about me that they can say. And I've never really cared then," she said. "I'm my own person, and people can say whatever they want. I'm still going to be the person that I am.

"And I think that's so important for people in Hollywood," she continued. "People have their ups and downs. Kids in college get DUIs. Everyone goes through something, and everyone can relate to something. I think that I don't ever want to pretend to be something that I'm not. I'm not perfect; nobody is perfect. If you try to be perfect, you'll probably go crazy. But you should always accept yourself for who you are. And that's what I've done, and I'm happy."

As for girlfriend Samantha Ronson (who canceled a Valentine's Day DJ gig in South Florida), Lohan said, "She's sick. She's in L.A."



movies // parveen

Suri Cruise is a Disney Princess

Suri Cruise holds the hands of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they walk through Main Street at the world famous Magic Kingdom located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on Sunday (February 15).

Suri, 2, was dressed up as a Disney princess! Look at her pretty blue dress!

The family enjoyed their time at the “happiest place on Earth”, as Katie and Suri played on the lawn as daddy Tom Cruise broke out the SLR camera and took pictures!

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I'm almost 20 and have never been to Disney World. It's my dream to meet Minnie Mouse.


Halo Done?

costars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have called it quits, Usmagazine.com has learned.

"It was a lifestyle conflict," a source close to the couple tells Us, adding that the split happened within the last week. "They were in very different places."

Adds the insider, "They are still on friendly terms. There are no hard feelings."

The source tells Us that Panettiere, 19, "is young. She likes to go out in the Hollywood scene and that's not his style."

Ventimiglia, 31, "has been concentrating on work on his production company [Divide Pictures]," the source adds.

The two, who began dating in 2008, had been an open secret for months – in part because of their 12-year age gap.


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Sienna Miller thinks women are "too bitchy," remains irrelevant while doing so

Sienna Miller has admitted being "at war" with other women over the way they judge her.

The Factory Girl star – who caused controversy by stepping out with married Balthazar Getty – said: "I've been at war, without a doubt. I've really experienced the judgment of women in the past year."

In an interview with Style Magazine the 27-year-old actress added: "We say we want to be equal, but men don't sit around bitching at each other. There's no sisterhood."

Her comments could be seen as reference to her relationship with the oil heir, who insisted he was already separated from his wife when he dated Sienna.


David Tennant wins Theatregoers' Choice Awards

David Tennant's return to the stage as Hamlet was named the Theatre Event of the Year at an awards ceremony.

The Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers' Choice Awards, hosted by Gavin and Stacey stars James Corden and Sheridan Smith, were voted for by 35,000 theatre fans online.

Doctor Who star Tennant was forced to spend much of the acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production out of action with a bad back, but after undergoing surgery he gamely returned to the stage before the end of the run.

Hamlet, which moved from Stratford-upon-Avon to London, also won the Best Regional Production award.


Doctor Who on tour?

THE Tardis could soon be landing in your home town — after Doctor Who bosses decided to launch a megabucks STAGE version of the TV hit.

The multi-media extravaganza will feature a state-of-the-art light and sound show including many of the cult hit’s best-loved characters.

The Doctor will take on flying DALEKS, croaky CYBERMEN and stocky SONTARANS in the family event.

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Oscar Predictions Your Can Bet On

After spending most of 2008 predicting the success of political actors—also called politicians—it’s only natural that Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight.com) would turn his attention to the genuine article: the nominees in the major categories for the 81st Annual Academy Awards (Feb. 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC). Formally speaking, this required the use of statistical software and a process called logistic regression. Informally, it involved building a huge database of the past 30 years of Oscar history. Categories included genre, MPAA classification, the release date, opening-weekend box office (adjusted for inflation), and whether the film won any other awards. We also looked at whether being nominated in one category predicts success in another. For example, is someone more likely to win Best Actress if her film has also been nominated for Best Picture? (Yes!) But the greatest predictor (80 percent of what you need to know) is other awards earned that year, particularly from peers (the Directors Guild Awards, for instance, reliably foretells Best Picture). Genre matters a lot (the Academy has an aversion to comedy); MPAA and release date don’t at all. A film’s average user rating on IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) is sometimes a predictor of success; box grosses rarely are. And, as in Washington, politics matter, in ways foreseeable and not. Below, Silver’s results, including one upset we never would have anticipated.

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David Bowie

More 'My Fair Lady' Talk


Oscar-nominated film-maker Stephen Daldry is in negotiations to direct a new film version of My Fair Lady, with Keira Knightley playing the 'guttersnipe' Eliza Doolittle.

Daldry believes that people have been 'fooled' for nearly half a century into thinking that the 1964 screen My Fair Lady was a great movie.
'It's all about Cecil Beaton's sets and costumes, isn't it? Which are fantastic - as are the songs, of course. It's a visual masterpiece - but it needs to be more than that. It's a clunky movie,' he told me.
Daldry is an astute choice to direct My Fair Lady because he's adept at injecting a sense of realism into his musical work (Billy Elliot); and he's brilliant with actors - and text.

And Daldry, whose film The Reader is in the running for five Academy Awards including best picture, will work closely with Emma Thompson, who has been contracted by producers Duncan Kenworthy and Cameron Mackintosh to write a new screenplay for My Fair Lady.

Emma told me she had gone back to George Bernard Shaw's biting social satire Pygmalion, the source material for the Alan Jay Lerner-Frederick Loewe musical, for her script. She has also studied new scenes Shaw penned for the 1938 film of Pygmalion.

She told me she thought all of the Lerner-Loewe songs would be used - and kept in the same order.
'They move the story forward, so it would be difficult to shift them around,' said Emma, who won an Oscar for her adaptation of Sense And Sensibility.
Once Daldry is officially contracted, he will, with the producers, cast an actor to play Professor Henry Higgins opposite Keira's Eliza Doolittle.

Daldry has directed Daniel Craig, now best known as James Bond, several times on stage and Craig's certainly one of several actors under consideration to play Higgins.
Meanwhile Knightley has been having singing lessons.

Filming will begin next year on locations in central London and, possibly, at Royal Ascot.

Edit: Since everyone is bitching... if not Keira for the role, then who? I would LOVE to know who everyone would pick.




oh kittens! It’s two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other… doesn’t mean we were bumping uglies! You know I don’t just do that with anyone! That’s just how the media works, as you can tell. I was there celebrating a really fun show and a boozy valentines with all my good friends. We were like a group of 25! Benji is a nice young fellow, but my heart really belongs to kitty purry/markus molinari. Hope your vagina day was as FUN as mine. Definitely not too heart breaking :) Guess what? I’m in Monte Carlo/Monaco, France right now. Oh shayth do I have frequent flyer milez for days… I wonder if you can cash in frequent flyer miles for a boyfriend rather than just dinners and gift certificates for starbucks? ”How many miles for brad pitt, pls?” Europe you ready for some hello katy?!? YAYAYAYAYGO GO GO GO GO!  



Matt Damon's Little Sister is a Model.

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And she might be dating Chace Crawford:

HAS Chace Crawford of "Gossip Girl" secretly been seeing actress/model Sarah Bradford (Matt Damon's younger sister) for a few months? Word backstage at the Alvin Valley fashion show was that Chace had planned to come to the Boston beauty's runway debut. A front-row seat was saved for the Texan pretty boy. But Crawford was supposedly stuck at work on the "Gossip Girl" set and missed the show, as well as the after- dinner at Via dei Mille. A Crawford rep didn't respond to e-mails.

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Source: 1, 2, 3

Matt, I will love you forever...

But I don't know, you guys. Matt's pretty cute, but his sister? I don't know.

Matt Damon's little sister is pretty, y/n?
Film - Star Wars

Test Screening Reviews: Michael Mann’s Public Enemies

Michael Mann’s Public Enemies was test screened on Thursday night in Sherman Oaks, CA. It was a blind screening, which means that they didn’t give the name of the film when soliciting for moviegoers. A bunch of reviews have been floating around the message boards.

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There are more reviews at the source, and there are some spoilers, but not if you know the story already. Holy shit, I am so excited for this fierceness!

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In what has to be one of the oddest reactions to a vegetarian diet that I’ve heard of, Chris Evans — star of the action flick Push — is claiming that his skin turned green following a decision to drop meat. His girlfriend at the time said going vegetarian was the way to go — and so the actor decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, Evans claims the diet screwed with his body. “I was just getting even thinner than I am now,” he said. “I had a hard time putting on weight, and some of my friends said I was getting green. I’m incredibly pale anyway. I don’t know what was missing, but they all said I had a greenish hue.”

“Finally, I was, like, ‘Hamburger, please.’ ”

Um, what? Something tells me this guy was not eating a balanced diet. Said the Vegetarian Star, “Many people who experience negative effects from going vegetarian do so because they aren’t eating enough or eating properly. It takes more a three grilled cheese sandwiches a day, Chris.”

Completely agree. Do you know anyone that’s ever had their skin color change “green” as a result of going VEG?

Photo credit: PR Photos



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miguel  ⁄ ⁄

Sonic Youth's The Eternal Album Info, Art & Tracklist


Sonic Youth's 16th album, 'The Eternal', will be released on vinyl, compact disc, and digital album by Matador Records on June 9. Produced by John Agnello and the band, 'The Eternal' not only marks Sonic Youth's return to the independent label sphere (titles on their own SYR label excepted) after a long association with Geffen, but more importantly, ranks as one of their more inspired efforts in a 28 year career.

Recorded through November and December of last year at the band's Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ, 'The Eternal' features many firsts for a Sonic Youth album, including a number of shared vocals between Kim, Thurston, and Lee, and the studio debut of former Pavement/Dustdevils bassist Mark Ibold, a member of Sonic Youth's touring band for the past few years. They will be touring throughout the summer in support of the new album.

Of 'The Eternal', Matador's Gerard Cosloy says, "We've not had a record in our recent history that's been the subject of nearly as much speculation and anticipation. Suffice to say we're pretty amazed at the way the band delivered something this neoteric while still sounding like, well, themselves. Less of a reinvention and perhaps more to do with a particularly awesome dozen songs."

Matador will shortly announce a Buy Early Get Now opportunity for the album with some very interesting bonus material.

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source| matador, stereogum

Gayle King don't play that shit

Gayle King said she wasn't moved by Chris Brown apology, in which he said Sunday he is "saddened ... over what transpired" with girlfriend Rihanna .

"I can't think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time," King tells Extra. "And my heart just aches for Rihanna ."

See photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna through the years

Usmagazine.com spoke to other stars over the weekend about Brown, 19, who said in his statement that he is "seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones" after allegedly attacking his girlfriend in Los Angeles Feb. 8.

Here's what the celebs had to say:

"I don't think anybody actually knows what happened. I have no advice because, thank goodness, I've never been in any kind of abusive situation. You hear a new one every five minutes, and some of them are getting kind of ridiculous. I really hope everyone will lay off and just let everybody who's involved figure out everything first."

"This is a real situation. You have to have compassion for others. Just imagine it being your sister or mom and then think about how we should talk about that. I just think we should all support her. She's going through a tough time. You have to realize she's a young girl, as well. She's very young."

"I think the world would be a better place if people worried more about what they needed to do to be better people, than ... judging others on what kind of people they are. I don't know what really went on with Rihanna and Chris, and I dont think anyone else does, either. The only people who really, truly know are only the two of them, so I am not going to assume or comment. I'm going to mind my own business."

"I don't know what happened there, but our thoughts and prayers go out to both of them. Its such a crazy situation. I hope everything heals. I don't know what to say."

"I don't really know that much about it. I think that doing that to a woman is wrong in any way. It doesn't matter who did it to you. But, you know, I don't know that much about it, so I can't really comment too much on it."

"I have no comment on that. That's not my relationship. I have no reason to speak about it. I think they're both great people." (wow damn)

"They are great live and both are good people. It's a tragedy."

"It's so sad. I don't think anybody knows the whole truth, but I guess the truth really doesn't matter when [abuse] is the result. That should never happen, no matter what. And I love his music. That being said, I think [about] Rihanna : No girl, no woman, no mother, no sister, no friend, no one deserves that. Absolutely."

"I know both of them well. They're young, and all we can do is pray for them at this point."

"I'm still praying for him. Everybody always has something negative to say about everything, and I always try to be positive. They've both made wonderful careers for themselves, and I think they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives."

"They're both young and beautiful people, and that's it."

"Women, throughout history, have been beaten and prostituted. Even today in movies and music, they're portrayed as low-grade, so you know, he's a youngster, and he can correct his ways. It's just a tragedy - women and abuse."





Spotted: Morgan Mayhem

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Lindsay Lohan and designer Matthew Williamson head out for a night out on the town in New York City on Sunday (February 15).

The 22-year-old actress was in town to attend a few NY Fashion Week events, including the grand opening of Matthew’s new Meatpacking District flagship store.

At the party, Lindsay told WWD that she’d be expanding her own clothes designing career. In addition to leggings, Lindsay noted: “In 2011 I’ll be doing more clothing.”

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So uh, Lindsay, where's that cd?

M.I.A aint the only one POPPIN' OUT A LEADER

Nas and Kelis are expecting a baby BOY!

Queensbridge MC Nas has taken to the internet to inform fans on the status of his wife, R&B star Kelis’ pregnancy.

In an exciting blog post on Russell Simmons’ website, globalgrind.com, the Def Jam rapper confirmed the baby’s sex.

“Personally, life is good,” he wrote. “I’m sure that y’all heard K is expecting. The internet seems to be more excited than I am. It’s crazy! I got too much to think about, and I didn’t wanna leave all my fans out the loop. But I wanted to let ya’ll know from me personally that I’m having my first SON!!!!!


Awww, Im so happy for them. That baby and M.I.A's son are be some fly kids

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Pinto's considering moving to the Greatest City In the World.

Freida Pinto Eyes New York Move


Indian actress Freida Pinto is keen for a cross-continental move to New York - because the city "just feels like home".

The 24-year-old star, from Mumbai, admits she's beginning to feel homesick after a worldwide promotional tour, following the huge success of her breakthrough movie Slumdog Millionaire.

But, after spending time flying between the Big Apple and Los Angeles, Pinto admits Manhattan has become a second home, where she can relax and gather her thoughts.

She says, "There's something about New York. It's quite a lot like Mumbai in many ways, but it's (Mumbai) not as organised as this city and obviously not as cool as New York. Everyone keeps asking me why not L.A., but the thing is, I don't want to feel really homesick. New York just feels like home."

This is my first post, so here's hoping it goes well!!!! I'm glad she's choosing NYC, it's where I live lol.


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