January 19th, 2009


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After attending last night’s star-studded NRJ Awards in Cannes, a glammed down Katy Perry was spotted grabbing a quick snack whilst waiting to board her fight from Nice airport on Sunday.

The pop star won one of the night’s big prizes at France’s main music award ceremony — but it wasn’t meant for her.

Katy reportedly claimed the prize for Best International Song for her 2008 worldwide smash I Kissed A Girl – however, the real winner was Rihanna for Disturbia!!

Show host Nikos Aliagas admitted the error at the end of the show, much to the chagrin of Miss Perry.

But it wasn’t all shame and humiliation for Katy. She legitimately won the Best International Album trophy and subsequently received a much-deserved apology for the mistake.

SOurce: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/77550/katy-drowns-sorrows-in-cafeteria-food/

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New HBP trailer in Japan - Can it be hitting US theaters Friday?

Can we expect a new Half Blood Prince Trailer this Friday?

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"Portkey is reporting that the last full trailer for Half-Blood Prince is expected to premiere in the US this Friday in front of Inkheart. Could this Japanese trailer be one we'll see?

Please note that this is just a rumor for now, but we're currently trying to confirm with Warner Brothers. We'll keep you updated!"

There are New images of the Japan Trailer under the cut.
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More at the Sources.
Michael Gambon > Richard Harris.
Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
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Sal, Wyoming is not a country


Sundance doc wants people to know 'it's Cazale'


PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The most star-studded entry at the Sundance Film Festival is a short documentary about an actor whose intense face is known to just about any serious cinema fan but whose name often escapes them.

"I Knew It Was You" features interviews with Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Francis Ford Coppola and others, all paying tribute to the guy whose long, sad face leaves people saying: "I know him. Isn't that Fredo from 'The Godfather'?"

John Cazale made only five films, among them the first two "Godfather" flicks, before dying of cancer at age 42 in 1978. But all five were nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards, including "Dog Day Afternoon," "The Conversation" and "The Deer Hunter."

"Five best-picture nominations. A perfect record," said Richard Shepard, who directed "I Knew It Was You," a 40-minute documentary that premiered in Sundance's short-films program and eventually will air on HBO. "It's insane, isn't it?"

The acclaimed theater actor became one of Hollywood's premier character actors with his five films, starting with Coppola's "The Godfather," in which he played hapless Fredo, the weak link in the Corleone crime family.

The immortal line from Pacino's Michael Corleone to older brother Fredo in "The Godfather Part II" — "I know it was you. You broke my heart" — gave the documentary its title.

Cazale broke hearts on screen with portrayals of volatile, vulnerable, vacillating men, including Pacino's tragic bank-robbing partner in "Dog Day Afternoon."

"He's fearless, because he's not worried about looking good. A lot of actors are so conscientious about being the GUY. They're afraid to look weak, always trying to have the bravado, have the coolness," said filmmaker Brett Ratner ("X-Men: The Last Stand," the "Rush Hour" flicks), one of the documentary's producers. "He was OK being vulnerable. I don't know, he just touched me, his humanity. I fell in love with it. In `Dog Day Afternoon,' it broke my heart. ... I cry, weep at the end."

Shepard, director of the hit man tale "The Matador," said Cazale is his favorite actor, and the documentary got its start out of his frustration at being able to find so little information about him on the Internet and in film books.

"It's ridiculous, and it just infuriated me," Shepard said. "I was like, I've got to do something about it. Someone should make a movie."

So Shepard started making a movie, along with producer Stacey Reiss. They landed interviews with Streep, "Dog Day Afternoon" director Sidney Lumet and Cazale's brother. Then they approached Ratner, because Shepard recalled reading that the filmmaker also was a Cazale fan.

Ratner secured financing from HBO. Then the floodgates opened as one top Hollywood name after another jumped at the chance to share recollections and observations of Cazale.

Besides the actor's many collaborators, the documentary includes interviews with such Cazale admirers as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Steve Buscemi and Sam Rockwell.

"What was amazing was how many people wanted to do it," Reiss said. "These people get asked all the time to be in documentaries, and it was just an outpouring of support. I think they all were just so happy that other people were going to get to know this person that they cared about and loved so much."


Oh he was so great.



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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren’t crying over their double losses at the recent Golden Globe Awards. In fact, they’re celebrating!

Enjoying a rare night out sans the kids, the A-list couple was spotted leaving the Vino e Cucina restaurant in Berlin on Sunday night after having a private dinner with friends.

The couple is in the German capital while Brad finishes up filming on Quentin Tarantino’s World War II flick, Inglourious Basterds.

SOurce: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/77603/brad-and-his-babe-dine-in-berin/


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Bobblehead and Ronson in Washington, D.C.

Looks like the game of “Are They or Aren’t They Together?” between Lindsay Lohan and gal-pal, DJ Samantha Ronson is in full-on “They Are” mode after the pair, who have weathered numerous breakup reports in recent weeks, made the scene together in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

According to witnesses at the Declare Yourself event — one of several A-list bashes leading up to Tuesday’s inauguration of new U.S. President Barack Obama — LiLo and SamRo “looked very happy together… very much the happy couple… All signs of any lovers’ quarrel appear to be gone.”

Perhaps in keeping with the historic events unfolding in the coming days, or maybe just trying not to overshadow her more camera-shy girlfriend, who was on-hand to DJ the Jessica Alba and Jamie Foxx-hosted event, Linds looked very demure in a conservative black dress and ponytail as they strode the Declare Yourself red carpet together.

When it came time for a nervous Sam to pose for the paparrazzi, Lindsay offered her support, asking her girlfriend, “You want me to join you?” before sidling up to Sam for some shots together.

Source via Source

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movies // parveen

No Sequel to RocknRolla!? Noooo!!!!

IN a sad day for film fans, it looks like there won’t be a sequel to GUY RITCHIE’s excellent RocknRolla.

Despite winning glowing reviews for the Lock Stock director, lead actor TOBY KEBBELL says it didn’t make enough money to warrant a follow-up.

But Toby told me: “I had a great time working with Guy, well as much as you can eating one meal a day to play a skinny junkie.

"I'd love to work with him again but I don't think there will be a follow on to RocknRolla - as it didn't take enough money.

"I've certainly not been approached to do another movie."


It comes out on DVD next Tuesday, the 27th. Go rent it to help it make more money, so that a sequel can happen. It was so good. Toby Kebbell and Mark Strong were incredible.
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Clooney's Former Flame Partying Pretty Hard at Sundance

While she's no longer dating a movie star, model and Reality TV contestant Sarah Larson is certainly enjoying the Sundance Film Festival.

Celebuzz spotted the 30-year-old George Clooney ex at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel's Smashtime party at the Hollywood Life House on Main Street last night.

"She was partying pretty hard," said a source, "going wild at Hard Rock, drinking and dancing."

Clooney and Larson split in May of last year, with initial reports saying 47-year-old George dumped the beauty (who managed a spread in Harper's Bazaar under their relationship tenure).

Soon after the break-up, Larson was seen out and about with a former flame, a Las Vegas-based editor for 944 magazine named Ryan Doherty.

We can reveal the two are certainly still spending time.

"Sarah was grinding on Ryan all night, her legs wrapped around his waist, massaging the small of his back," said the spy.

Also spotted at the Hollywood Life and Red Bull's bash: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz ex Ryan Cabrera, Brittany Snow and Whitney Port's City hottie Jay Lyon.

source:  http://www.celebuzz.com/topic/parties

George pray

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Bodies Drop at Grace's Sundance Premiere

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Around 1:30am in the morning, I received this e-mail from Adam Green: "Two faints. One outside and one in the lobby. Egyptian [theater] owner confirmed that in 10 years it's the first time it's happened. Amazing screening"

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What was YOUR most extreme reaction to a horror film ONTD?

floating doll

Jamie Hince buys Kate Moss a piano

Moss and Hince to make sweet music?

Supermodel Kate Moss is reportedly set to try her hand at music with the help of her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince.

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The beauty has previously provided vocals for Primal Scream tracks and Babyshambles, a rock group fronted by her ex Pete Doherty.

And the blonde stunner, who turned 35 on Friday, will be able to focus on her passion for music with her new birthday present from Hince - a £26,000 Steinway grand piano.
A source tells the Daily Express, "Kate can't play a single note on the piano but Jamie has promised her that he will teach her to play and they'll form a duo together as he did with his (The Kills) bandmate Alison Mosshart.

"She has mentioned wanting to name it The Mossys for a laugh. It will be completely different music, though, to his Kills stuff - something much more romantic and ballad-based."

source: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/1/20090119/ten-moss-and-hince-to-make-sweet-music-c60bd6d.html

500 Days of Summer - NEW CLIPS

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Before you watch the clips, you might want to know what the film is about. The movie’s tagline is “Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.” The official plot synopsis follows: “This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be — it’s thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows that doesn’t quite go where we think it will. When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend Summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days “together” to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.”

In the first clip, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) talks about how his failure in architectural design lead to a job writing greeting cards and we learn Summer’s (Zooey Deschanel) shocking college nickname. And the next clip features a conversation where Summer compares her relationship with Tom to Sid and Nancy.

A FirstShowing spy who saw an early test screening called the film the best movie he’s seen over the last year. That’s pretty high praise. 500 Days of Summer is one of my most anticipated films of this year’s Sundance film festival. Fox Searchlight is distributing the film, and it seems like any film that mini-major touches (most recently Slumdog Millionaire and The Wrestler) turns to gold. I’m screening the film on Sunday, so check back for my take. But for now, you can watch the two video clips after the jump.

CLIPS ARE HERE: 500 Days of Summer

omg i'm pretty excited to see this movie. btw it comes out July 24, 2009
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Presidential Pledge

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Ashton Kutcher
and Demi Moore team with MySpace Celebrity and celebrate Barack Obama's presidential inauguration in a truly inspiring way with The Presidential Pledge, a moving video directed by Demi and produced by Ashton’s Katalyst Films. Reflecting Barack’s call for change, the film features over 50 of the biggest stars in Hollywood revealing how they plan to personally participate in keeping America strong, proud and green. The clip will be presented to our new President during his inaugural celebration.

“There’s an assumption that this one man is going to take on his new job full-time and somehow wave a magic wand of change, and I don’t believe that to be true,” Ashton tells Reuters. “I think that we have to be the leaders, and that’s not celebrities--I think that we as citizens have to be leaders of the movement that we want to create.”

Need inspiration? Check out MySpace Celebrity’s exclusive premiere of The Presidential Pledge, which was directed by Demi and includes famous Americans like Hayden Panettiere, Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, Eva Longoria Parker and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis saluting the greatest country in the world!

celebrity impact

what's your pledge, bb's?
TV Show; PD -- Olive and pie

Celeb Inaguration Plans

The historic day is almost here. Here's what some celebs had to say about their inauguration plans and hopes for the Obama administration.

"I'm not going to go, but I'm definitely going to watch. Are you kidding me? It's history. I feel really hopeful about the whole thing. I just feel like, it's hard to say it without sounding like a big gigantic cliché, but don't you feel like there's change? I feel very hopeful about everything. I think it's really great the way he's built his cabinet and the diversity. It feels very new."

“I’m like that guy that the test is tomorrow and it’s 10 p.m. the night before.”

“I’ll be watching, definitely watching. Just celebrating, celebrating, celebrating.”

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ru feelin me

Sam Riley ENGAGED!

Sam Riley to marry Alexandra Maria Lara

Actor Sam Riley has proposed to German actress Alexandra Maria Lara.

The pair starred together in the film Control in 2007, in which Riley played the singer Ian Curtis, and Lara played journalist Annik Honore.

A spokesperson told German publication Bunte: "The two have gotten engaged, it happened around Christmas time and both are very happy”.

Lara’s current film, The Reader, is at cinemas now, starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes.

Riley is currently working on the film 13, alongside Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and Ray Liotta.


CONGRATS! They make a good couple.

Oh and Sam's movie Franklyn (with Eva Green and Ryan Phillipe) releases on February 20th :)
Film - The Old Guard

Chris Walken Interviews (an apparently pantless) Mickey Rourke

In Bob Dylan's memoir, Chronicles, Volume One, he recalls a trip to the movies he took in 1988 while recording his album Oh Mercy, when he went to see Mickey Rourke in Homeboy, a film about a small-time boxer whose passion and petulance prove self-destructive. Dylan offers this account of Rourke's performance in the film, which the actor, a former boxer himself, also had a hand in writing: "He could break your heart with a look. The movie traveled to the moon every time he came onto the screen. Nobody could hold a candle to him. He was just there, didn't have to say hello or goodbye."

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I thought this was an interesting twist. What celebs would you like to see interview each other, ONTD?
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Kelly Osbourne Arrested for Assault

Kelly Osbourne has been arrested for allegedly slapping a journalist in a London nightclub last summer.

The 24-year-old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne was released on bail as inquiries continue. She is scheduled to return to see authorities in March.

The allegations stem from a claim that Osbourne hit gossip columnist Zoe Griffin after Griffin wrote an article mocking Osbourne's model boyfriend Luke Worrall. In a piece last August in the U.K. newspaper The Mirror, Griffin wrote that she was approached in Punk nightclub by Osbourne, who took issue with a story Griffin had written saying Worrall had to ask how an earthquake was caused.

Griffin quoted her saying, "I have an issue with you. My boyfriend knows what an earthquake is and everyone has been laughing at him and he's upset."

As the conversation drew to a close, Griffin wrote, "That's when I felt a hard slap to my right cheekbone."

As is customary, Scotland Yard would not name any of the alleged protagonists. But a statement read by a spokeswoman said, "I can confirm that a 24-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment at 3pm on January 2."

"She was arrested for common assault relating to an alleged incident in Soho in the early hours of 29th August 2008," the statement continues. "She was bailed to attend a central London police station on a date in March."

A rep for Osbourne had no comment.


assault for a slap? LAME.
Ayumi Hamasaki - Wearing Gaga Glasses 2

First the straws, now platform shoes...

Robert Downey Jr. Upset with Guy Ritchie

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is unhappy with British director Guy Ritchie for making him wear four-inch platforms in his shoes for the Sherlock Holmes movie.

According to thesun.co.uk, Ritchie made him wear the heels for every scene with co-star Jude Law because he thought the duo of Watson and Holmes would have been the same height.

A source said: “Rob is stumbling around a lot and cursing Guy over the silly shoes.”

matthew lewis

Kate Winslet on Angelina: "My mind went so blank"

Angelina doesn't believe you

DOUBLE Golden Globe winner KATE WINSLET says she forgot ANGELINA JOLIE’S name at the ceremony because her ‘mind went blank’.

The Revolutionary Road star apologised to her fellow nominees on stage for winning the Best Actress Award, but forgot the Changeling star.

Kate - who was also awarded the Best Supporting Actress gong for The Reader at Sunday Night's ceremony - said: “I’m so sorry Anne, Meryl, Kristin - and who’s the other one? Angelina."

Asked about the incident as she prepared to fly home, Kate tapped her head and replied: “My mind went so blank. It was such an amazing moment.”

Quizzed on her chances of winning an Oscar, the English acctress added: “I have no idea.”


Sure, Kate. Sure
ETA: Switched gifs

Dilbert Becomes CEO of Own Company, Competes With SendSpace & YouSendIt

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As I was reading my daily online funnies online, I noticed that Dilbert today announced that he is now a CEO of his own Company.

No, it's not just in the comic strip, he actually launched his own Company at DilbertFiles.com.

DilbertFiles.com is a new file upload and sharing service similar to that of YouSendIt and SendSpace.

It's not just another file upload / share site, according to Dilbert creator Scott Adams, he hopes that this service will help keep Dilbert free and available:

"As the number of traditional newspapers continues to shrink, this is the sort of thing that will help keep Dilbert free online. If you know anyone who moves large files around for work, or for fun, please do them and me a favor by forwarding the link."

here and here

Hunter S. Thompson's Rum Diary to be Johnny Depp's new project

News that Johnny Depp may be suiting up to play Hunter S. Thompson's alter-ego again sooner rather than later in THE RUM DIARY is popping up everywhere. The source of this is a casting announcement found by TheBadAndUgly, who are also saying that "word on the street" is that the production is assistant is keen on Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. The role requires nudity.

In the movie, Depp will play Kemp, a young journalist who finds himself working as a freelance journalist in the Caribbean surrounded by people intent on self-destruction.

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((i looked for anything recent about this project in older posts but couldn't find anything!))

source 1
source 2
Ayumi Hamasaki - Wearing Gaga Glasses 2

ONTD is on another list!

Give My My Remote mentioned ONTD on their Top 100 Blogs!

edit: They've got more to say about us:
P.S. Clearly the ONTD people are pissed. To each their own. Thanks for the site traffic though. Just a reminder of the Comment Policy. Have a good one!
Give Me My Remote on January 19th, 2009 3:53 pm
The site traffic from ONTD is amazing!! Thanks so much :) He he

What do you think of their list, ONTD?
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Music on TV this week

Monday, January 19

CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Broken Social Scene presents Brendan Canning (r)
CBS: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Seal
FUEL: The Daily Habit: Japanese Motors
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Q-Tip
NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: Unwritten Law
DISNEY CHANNEL: ‘Kids’ Inaugural: We Are The Future: Jonas Brothers,
Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Keke Palmer, Usher, Bow Wow
SYNDICATION: The Bonnie Hunt Show: Lil Mama
SYNDICATION: The Ellen Degeneres Show: T.I.

Tuesday, January 20

ABC: The Neighborhood Inaugural Ball: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder,
Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Alicia Keys, Shakira
ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Soulja Boy
IFC: The Henry Rollins Show: Sinead O'Connor
NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: O.A.R.
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Los Straitjackets
NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: LMFAO
SYNDICATION: The Ellen Degeneres Show: Beyonce

Wednesday, January 21

ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Thriving Ivory
NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Musiq Soulchild
NBC: Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Fall Out Boy
FUEL: The Daily Habit: Zion I
SUNDANCE: Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...: Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson,
Rosanne Cash, Norah Jones, John Mellencamp
SYNDICATION: The Ellen Degeneres Show: Trace Adkins

Thursday, January 22

ABC: Live with Regis and Kelly: Fall Out Boy
CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Of Montreal (r)
NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: Company of Thieves
SYNDICATION: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: James Morrison

Friday, January 23

CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Todd Rundgren (r)

Saturday, January 24

NBC: Saturday Night Live: T.I. (r)
PBS: Austin City Limits: Manu Chao


Alex Trebek getting political for Canada TV show

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek will moonlight on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. as host of the reality competition series "Canada's Next Prime Minister."

The Ontario native, who got his start at the public broadcaster, will share the stage March 18 with three former prime ministers as they field pitches from four would-be politicos before choosing a winner.

Last month, the CBC got into hot water after admitting to breaking contestant recruitment rules and contacting political organizations to invite young former political candidates to compete on the series.

The CBC has sold "Canada's Next Prime Minister" as a format to the BBC.


I'll take "Silver Foxes" for 100,Alex.


Britney Spears Rerecords Controversial New Single

Britney Spears has reportedly been forced to rerecord her forthcoming single after radio stations threatened to ban it from play.

The controversial 'If U Seek Amy', set to be the third single from her Circus LP, contains the chorus "All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to, If You Seek Amy", which, when sung quickly, sounds like "F.*.*.K me". Last week, several US radio stations threatened to boycott the song after deeming the lyrics to be too offensive for air.

According to The Sun, Spears has since returned to the studio to rerecord the track, removing the "k" from the end of "seek" and renaming the song 'If U See Amy'.

Britney releases her new single 'Circus' in the UK on February 18.


Big Announcement on Entertainment Tonight!

Be sure to watch Entertainment Tonight this evening because Britney Spears will be making a big announcement. The show airs at 7:00 PM EST/PST and you do not want to miss it!

Tune in to ET and then go to BritneySpears.com for even more big announcement details.



Battle of the Teenage Stars: Cera vs. Gordon-Levitt


There's a rumble brewing in the Sundance snow.

As we told you earlier, we had the good fortune of running into our fantasy man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, en route to the premiere of his short film, Sparks. The film stars Carla Gugino and Eric Stolz, is an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard short story about a seductive failed rock star who may or may not have burned her own house down.

As a filmmaking debut, JGL has done himself proud. There were definitely some storytelling issues and performance missteps but JGL served up an absurdist, experimental, visually innovative piece that is a great starting point for his directing career.

That, however, was not an opinion shared by Michael Cera.

Everyone knows not to talk about the films right after a screening since the chances of one of the filmmakers overhearing you isn't just high, it's probable.

But that didn't stop Mr. Superbad. As we left the theater, we overheard Cera talking smack and laughing with his friends about Sparks, saying it was the least interesting of the seven shorts shown and generally lacked anything impressive or memorable.


Funny enough, earlier in the day we heard Joseph praising Michael (even though he dissed other things).

JGL admitted he wasn't really a fan of Cera's (personal issues perhaps?) but he admired the fact that Cera, "took a script as annoying as Juno and made it into a good piece of work."

Yes, it's backhanded, but it's still a compliment.

Boys, boys, you're both pretty. Play nice!


Team JGL


J. Sparks Belts Out National Anthem

Last night, victorious American Idol warbler Jordin Sparks performed the ‘National Anthem’ live at the NFC Championship football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles in Glendale, Arizona.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn95lhY66Q4&eurl=http://toyas-world.net/&feature=player_embedded

Some notes were a little meh but it was pretty good
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Rare Radiohead songs set for release on album reissues

Expanded versions of some of the band's albums are set for release

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Expanded editions of Radiohead's first three albums - 'Pablo Honey', 'The Bends' and 'OK Computer' - are set to be released, featuring rare songs including demos and session tracks.

The album reissues follows last week's announcement that the 12 of the band's singles are to be re-released on limited vinyl.

The 2CD (featuring the original album and the bonus disc) and DVD sets will be released on March 23 by the band's former record label, EMI.

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cha cha cha cha cha cha cha

Gael Garcia Bernal does Cha Cha Cha at Sundance

PARK CITY, Utah (Reuters) – Actor Gael Garcia Bernal's new film "Rudo y Cursi" is Mexico's fifth top grossing local film ever and is now set for U.S. release in the coming months after being snapped up at the Sundance Film Festival.

It is the first production from Cha Cha Cha -- a company formed by Mexican directors Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Now Cuaron's brother, Carlos, joins the trio as a director, debuting with "Rudo y Cursi" which roughly translates into "Tough and Corny."

The Spanish language film, also written by Carlos Cuaron, tells the tale of two talented soccer playing brothers, portrayed by Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who are plucked from their small village to play for Mexico's top teams.

It reunites Garcia Bernal, 30, and Luna, 29, on-screen for the first time since 2001's "Y tu mama tambien," which was written by the Cuaron brothers, directed by Alfonso Cuaron and nominated for an Academy Award. That film also thrust a new generation of Mexican talent into the global spotlight.

"It's a project that's been done with friends," Garcia Bernal told Reuters at Sundance about his renewed collaboration with Luna and the Cha Cha Cha team.

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wooosh faraday

20 Black Sci-Fi Icons

In honor of Martin Luther King's birthday, we're looking at classic characters -- like Morpheus, Lando, and Uhura -- who enrich the genre because their creators dared to dream

Laurence Fishburne
The Matrix trilogy (1999-2003)

Essentially, a much hipper version of Yoda, Morpheus' role in the human resistance was to find and shepherd the One (Keanu Reeves) to maturity. And in the Wachowski Brothers' world, ''maturity'' meant being able to kick all kinds of ass and stop bullets with your mind. So, well done, Morpheus.


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Not all celebrity offspring end up on Celebrity Rehab.

Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of rocker Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, performed to a full house at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, FL yesterday.

With her dad’s raw talent and her mom’s good looks, there’s no doubt that this little prodigy is one big chip off the old block!

source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/77645/alexa-ray-makes-beautiful-music/

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wf. vessels of a donor look

Narnia could have a new studio by Friday.

It is a rather uncomfortable time for Narnia fans right now as Walden Media continues its search for a studio to distribute "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Many fans have expressed concern that the franchise cannot survive without Walt Disney Pictures even though Walden Media is still committed to it.

A new blog post from the Los Angeles Times shines a ray of hope into the land of Narnia.

The blog claims to have the "secret history" of why Disney backed out, and ends by saying that a few major studios (Fox, Sony, Warners) have expressed interest in picking up 'Dawn Treader,' and Walden Media could announce a new deal as early as later this week. You can view the article here. I'd recommend reading the entire thing, but here are some of the highlights:

• PC cost $225m to produce and $175m to market
• After LWW hit theaters, Phil Anschutz demanded that Disney either give back a sizable chunk of its distribution fee or he would distribute the Narnia series on his own. Disney complied. But after PC grossed less than expected, Disney decided decided to back out.
• Disney wanted a Summer release for PC because they saw that it was an edgier, more youth-oriented film and wanted to go for teenagers as well as well as families.
• Walden could announce a new deal as early as later this week.
• 20th Century Fox is interested, having seriously considered acquiring the movie rights to Narnia even before Walden originally landed the franchise. Sony and Warner Bros. have also expressed interest.
• Walden has been aiming for a $140m budget for VDT.

The entire post about how the relationship between Disney and Walden media was 'poisoned' and the likely studios to pick up the rest of the series.


franz ferdinand & girls aloud members bond over bad tattoos

Cheryl Cole impresses Franz Ferdinand with her tattoo love

FRANZ Ferdinand star Paul Thomson has told how stunning Cheryl Cole fell in love with his neck tattoo.

The Girls Aloud singer was blown away by the huge rose design on the drummer's neck.

Now, the X Factor star is begging her husband, Chelsea footballer Ashley, to get one just like it.

Paul and Cheryl, 24 - who has a number of tattoos including a rose and barbed wire design circling her thigh - bonded over their tats when their two bands shared a studio.

Thomson, whose band shot to fame with Take Me Out, said: "I had a chat with Cheryl about tattoos. She thought neck tattoos were sexy and said her husband should get one.

"She was really nice. I don't think she was coming on to me though."

Cheryl has a neck tattoo of her own - the words Mrs Cole.

There was speculation she would have to remove it after Ashley was caught cheating on her with hairdresser Aimee Walton last year but the pair have since patched up their marriage.

Cheryl also has a butterfly on her lower back, a tribal design on her hand and an unidentified tat on her left buttock.

The X-Factor judge hasn't ruled out getting more body art and said: "I absolutely love my tattoos. Next time Girls Aloud get a No.1 I want us all to get one. I want us to get something that only makes sense if we stand together in a line though."

It won't be Ashley's first tattoo either - he has Chinese lettering sketched on his right bicep.

Girls Aloud recorded a cover of David Bowie's Sound And Vision with Franz Ferdinand when they briefly shared the Xenomania production team.

The Glasgow rockers eventually ditched the recordings but joked they made off with the master tapes for the new Girls Aloud album.

Singer Alex Kapranos said: "What did I take from my time there? Some crockery, some silverware. All the Girls Aloud master tapes."

The band's new album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand will be out this month.


her tattoos are so trashy, yuck
Film - The Old Guard

First gay superhero? As if!

In the mainstream media, there have been stories regarding Stan Lee's plans for supposedly the world's first gay superhero. Comic book fans know better...

No sooner have I written about the mainstream media’s increasingly respectful coverage of comicbooks and super-heroes, when my country’s own Daily Telegraph manages to print this hilarious piece of claptrap claiming that Stan Lee is creating the world’s “first” gay super-hero.

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Definitely not the first, but still awesome. I loved the book.
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It's a Boy for Jo Dee Messina!

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Country singer Jo Dee Messina and her husband, Chris Deffenbaugh, welcomed their first child today, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Noah Roger Deffenbaugh was born at a Nashville-area hospital at 1:01 p.m. on Monday, weighing in at 6 lbs., 15 oz.

Ready for Noah's arrival at home is a handmade crib and changing table built by his woodworker dad, who owns Deffenblaster Enterprises, which builds custom road cases.

Messina, 38 – who wed Deffenbaugh, 28, in October 2007 – told PEOPLE.com recently that the pregnancy was a welcome surprise.

"We knew we wanted to have kids, but we just said, 'Whenever it happens, it happens.' And it happened!" she said. "We were both surprised at first. It's such a lifestyle change. But then we're like, 'Wow, we're going to be parents!'"

The singer also said she planned to take her new son along when she begins a solo tour this April to promote her upcoming album, Unmistakable.

"But I'm like, 'How do you do that?'" Messina said. "Who rides where? Band? Crew? Family? What safety devices do you need? I might grab one of the other singer moms like Sara Evans or Martina McBride and say, 'Help me!'"

source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20253579,00.html

if you're a country fan and you've never heard "my give a damn is busted", you should dl it :)

T.I. knocked up his beast again, ...

Tiny’s Pregnant Again and Almost Didn’t Keep This One


A source close to Bossip has spilled the beans that Tiny is pregnant again and she questioned whether or not she should keep this baby.

Our source tell us that Tiny should be about four months preggers by now, but when she found out that she was pregnant she had to decide if she wanted to keep this child. Tiny is tired of T.I. being on the road so much. Basically, he’s always gone and she’s always pregnant.

Our source also tells us that there is a rumored beef brewing between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather because he’s continually trying to hit on Tiny.

Man, Tiny puts that uterus to work! A few more little ones and they’ll qualify for their very own show on TLC: “Ghetto and Growing”. Floyd needs to fall back. Last time we checked, bullets fly through boxing gloves smoothly, and we ALL know what T.I. is packing.


Lies!! This is all lies. I mean, how could anyone get tired of Tip and why woud anyone else want Tiny?

oc - marisa gun

Kate Winslet: I’m confusing Leo DiCaprio with my husband

Kate Winslet: I’m confusing Leo DiCaprio with my husband
By Associated Press
Monday, January 19, 2009

LONDON — British actress Kate Winslet says she spends so much time talking about Leonardo DiCaprio so much she’s starting to confuse him with her real husband, Sam Mendes.

Winslet is in the U.K. promoting the movie "Revolutionary Road," which Mendes directed. The film reunites her with her "Titanic" co-star and longtime friend DiCaprio.

The duo’s reunion more than a decade after the melodramatic blockbuster was hotly anticipated, and both have been peppered with questions over whether their on-screen chemistry is still as strong.

Winslet told Britain’s GMTV Monday that DiCaprio "feels more like my husband than my real husband, I have to say. I’m talking about him so much!"

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Mariah Gets Rave Reviews at Sundance For New Film Role!

Below I have compiled all the reviews of Mariah's latest role in the Indie film, "PUSH". It premiered January 16 at Sundance Film Festival in Utah. *All Credit goes to Mariahdaily.com for compiling all the reviews thus far.*

Mariah at Sundance (top). Mariah in the film (bottom).

Youtube Source: Youtube & Extra TV

"Can Mariah Carey show any acting skills whatsoever? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. In a movie filled with unconventional casting, Carey goes plain jane (i.e, absolutely no makeup) as a social worker and has to participate in a number of intense scenes where her fans will be happy to learn she clearly does not embarrass herself."

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Sources: http://www.mariahdaily.com, LA Times, MTV, Reuters, Variety, Daily Film Dose, HitFix,
lulu s.o.

Paul Walker is Shirtless

Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker hits the beach while vacationing with his bikini-clad girlfriend, reportedly named Jasmine, in Hawaii on Monday afternoon (January 19). The couple was spotted photographing each other, holding hands and kissing.

The 35-year-old actor has a tattoo of his daughter’s name with a flower under it and Jasmine’s username for Myspace is flower.

Paul’s new Fast & Furious movie comes out on Friday, April 3. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster are also reprising their roles.

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Despite living in a luxurious multi-million dollar Hollywood Hills home, actor Ryan Phillippe and his Australian girlfriend Abbie Cornish still find time to shop at IKEA.

While leaving the budget furniture shop, the loved up couple showed off an array of purchases including a $99 floor standing Wenge mirror.

An advocate of fidelity he may not be, but just like you and I, Ryan clearly loves himself a good bargain!

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/77817/ryan-loves-cheap-garbage/


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Showing off her fat-free figure, Marisa Miller was spotted striking a few poses for the upcoming Victoria Secret catalog in St Barths on Tuesday.


After donning a sexy printed two-piece, the buxom bikini babe slipped into a little yellow number as she romped along the shore for the remainder of the afternoon.

Marissa is currently staying on the tropical island with a few fellow models including Miranda Kerr during the week-long shoot.

If you can’t get enough of Miss Miller, be sure to check out the February issue of Australia’s FHM!


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Astro and I

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Kingston Rossdale’s Father-Son Beach Bonding

Gavin Rossdale and 2 1/2 year-old-son Kingston play on Malibu Beach together on Sunday.

The 41-year-old rocker really enjoyed bonding with Kingston, as they explored the beach together, and played together on the sand!

Kingston kept himself occupied as he pushed his truck in the sand and then got a ride from his dad, who pulled him on the boogeyboard!

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Sarah Jessica Parker
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Singer Kylie Minogue will present the Brit Awards alongside Gavin and Stacey stars James Corden and Mathew Horne.

Kings of Leon, Duffy, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys are among the stars who will appear on the night.

U2 will also be performing at the awards, which will be held at London's Earls Court on 18 February.

Brits committee chairman Ged Doherty said the show was going to be a "must-see event". Nominations for the awards will be announced on Tuesday.

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Source: BBC
Ricky Gervais Jason Bateman

Ricky Gervais Looks Fucking Orange

From Ricky Gervais' new blog entry:

Me and Jane went shopping today to buy a gift for Jennifer Garner's new baby.

I wanted to buy it a whole edam with "Ricky" on the side but Jane picked out a really cute baby-grow with matching boots. I said I'd love to see Robin in this. Jane said it will never happen as he is a middle-aged man with dignity. I wanted to bet, but she wouldn't.

Did our first "workshop" with potential cast members of The Man from the Pru. It was nearly as much fun as dressing up Robin.

A journalist asked me today if "making it" in America and driving round L.A. in limos changes a man.

Yes. it makes him look orange.


What would you have bought for Jennifer Garner's new baby, ONTD? 

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Britney wants your shot sry2say

Britney wants to reward your dedication!

So send us your personal pix from any of Britney's performances over the past 10 years. Show us shots of you in your favorite Britney gear too.

All fan love is much appreciated, as Britney will include her favorites in her upcoming Circus Tour Program! Upload your photos below.

YES, this was the big announcement. You can go to the source and upload your pics. BRB Photoshopping myself into some random Britney concert.


Life on Mars: The demons stalking DCI Gene Hunt

Life on Mars: The demons stalking DCI Gene Hunt
As legions of fans yearn for the return of the unreconstructed DCI Hunt, he is back...as Rupert the Demon Slayer. Philip Glenister helps our writer with inquiries about a new TV persona.

In Life on Mars, detective Sam Tyler famously found that he did not want to leave the parallel world into which he had fallen. Its fans felt exactly the same way, and that was mainly because we wanted more of Tyler's friend, colleague and foe, the unreconstructable Seventies DCI Gene Hunt. In just 16 hours of television, Hunt had become an icon of political incorrectness, a truth teller for his time and ours, an object of transgressive female lust and a legend.

We were granted our wish to see him again, but only in slightly unsatisfactory ways. The BBC's follow-up, Ashes to Ashes, brought Hunt back but to the Eighties not the Seventies. In another parallel universe, Life on Mars got made again, but by the Americans, with Gene the Mean being played by Harvey Keitel (no less). And now the real Hunt, the iconic Philip Glenister, is playing an American vampire hunter, for goodness sake, in ITV1's Demons, starting tomorrow.


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Source: 1 | 2

Where my LoM/A2A peeps at? Also: has anyone watched Demons yet? What do we think of it?

Beysus Didn't abandon Pooch

The reports appeared on the Internet, where it was stated that the singer had dumped her dog Munchie with staff at her record label in New York a year ago, after growing tired of his misbehaving ways.

After PETA heard the allegations, it decided to check them out, and was happy to announce that Beyonce had not abandoned her pedigree mutt at Columbia.

'We've had an up and down relationship with Beyonce over her past fur-wearing, but lately it's been on the ups, as she hasn't been seen in fur the past two winters,' Contactmusic quoted a spokeswoman for PETA as saying.

'We were happy to learn from Beyonce's rep that, as we suspected, the Munchie tale is far from the truth, and that the dog hasn't even been to the record company's offices in months,' she said.

The singer's publicist told the PETA researchers that Munchie was 'a pampered pooch whom everyone adores,' adding Beyonce and her cousin, the dog's main caretaker, were 'still crazy in love with him'.

'Because they travel quite a bit, Munchie is usually left with family or friends. Never at the record company,' the spokeswoman said.

Tbh I just wanted a reason to post this gif

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Oh No

Spike TV's: The Top 7 Butterbodies
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The true definition of a butterbody is a woman who has a beautiful face but a body that’s gone to butter. It’s like the butterface, but in reverse. If you are rich and famous, there is no excuse for being a butterbody. It’s your job to look fit and hot. Celebrities are not like normal people. They have the means to pay for a full time trainer and for someone to prepare their meals.

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1-800-I Text In Church

Miley Cyrus
was reprimanded for texting in church. She & boyfriend Justin Gaston kept sending messages to each other's phones while attending services in Montrose, CA. An insider told Star:

'They thought they could fool people, but Miley couldn't stop giggling.'
The pastor was so angry that he took the couple aside to tell them to stop being disrespectful.



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Emmy Rossum was spotted waiting tables in Park City, Utah today.

Is the whole acting thing not panning out for the young starlet? Impossible!

Emmy stars in the upcoming Dragonball Evolution and in Dare, an indie screening at the Sundance Film Festival. She was on hand today to take a few orders at the MySpace Cafe in Sundance for a very worth cause. Miss Rossum is among a slew of guest celebrity waitress/waiters donating all their tips to the environmental charity Global Green, part of MySpace’s attempts to give back.

For the most part, Emmy did a stellar job as a makeshift waitress, but one poor patron had to wait a very long time for his not-so-hot chocolate when the actress did an interview with Access Hollywood.

Fortunately her tip went unaffected.

Sauce: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/77863/does-emmy-have-a-day-job/

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Are You Fucking Serious?

Top 13 Hottest Dead Girls

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Death, like taxes, is one of the few guarantees in life. There will come a day when the Grim Reaper turns up like a bad host of a terrible reality show and says to you, “It’s time to go [insert name].” Death is at its most tragic when it visits at an early age, when the person is young, beautiful and has everything to live for. These 13 ladies, whose lives were tragically cut short will always be remembered because they were hot and “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

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