Lily (purplelily85) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

A break down of Lynn's statement on the restraining order: This is some
Mary Higgins Clark shit, for real. Also, I believe her mom swore to this under oath, so I believe it.

Taken from court documents here.

This is just my summary of what Lynn said in the restraining order

- He moved into her home, took control of her life, home, and finances.
He cut her home phone line off, and hid her phone charges. He yells at
her and controls her attorneys, her business manager, and her security

- He drugs her.

- Lynn says: As soon as she told Britney she was coming over to his
house the night of her 2nd breakdown, he sent her off with another
paparazzi so that they could not be together.

- During a fight earlier that evening, he called her an unfit mother,
piece of trash, and a whore and said she loves Adnan more than her
children and she doesn't deserve her kids.

- ,b>He told the mom that he sleeps outside in the cars so she cannot

- He threatened to throw to go to the media if they tried to get her to
do anything against him

- He disabled all of her cars and threw away her cell phones so she
could not contact anyone

- Britney looked at a bottle of pills and asked him, "What does
insomnia mean?" Sam told her that the pills will help her stay awake

- He told the mom that he grinds up her pills and puts them in her food
to get her to be quiet

- He told the mom, "The doctor who is now treating her is trying to get
her into a sleep-induced coma so that they can give her drugs to heal
her brain."

- He sat her mom and her on the couch and said they should all do
tequila shots. They all refused, so he took her (Britney) upstairs and gave her drugs to make her happier.

- When she went to Rite Aid that night, the manager said he credit card
was not accepted (OMG)

- "Sam insisted we leave through the front door and he puts his arms
around Britney and me for the paparazzi to take pictures, but I
disengaged as quickly as I could."

- "Then he said to me, if you even try to get rid of me, she'll be dead
and I'll piss on her grave."

- At one point during the night, Sam was screaming at the mom and
Britney said to her, Sam treats me like that. Then she picked up the phone
and said, it doesn't work. Sam blamed it on Britney, but the dad said,
you told me you cut the wire

-Sam said, "Take the pills I tell you to take." Britney said, "I don't
like the pills and I don't like the psychiatrist. I want to see another
one so I can see my babies."

- "If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you do what I tell you if you
want to see your babies."

- Sam then said, "Why don't you get back with Kevin?"

- Britney called her dad and begged to see him. She saw him the next
morning and hugged him and burst into tears.

- He hides her puppy to make her cry.

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