October 30th, 2008


Living With Music: A Playlist by Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby is the author of “High Fidelity,” “Songbook” and many other books, including most recently the novel “Slam.”
Nick Hornby’s 2008 Playlist:
I haven’t actually made the playlist below, for a good reason: a couple of the songs here I don’t actually like very much, but they have flavored 2008 for me nevertheless. Music plays a big part in my leisure time, but the songs that will always come to define my year have been thrown up, as it were, by parenthood and work. I’d love to tell you that for me, ’08 will always be about TV on the Radio, or Justice. Instead, it’s going to be the Troggs and Britney.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Most Death Threats on The View

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ELISABETH Hasselbeck gets more death threats than anyone else on "The View," Whoopi Goldberg revealed Monday night at Cooper Union. Whoopi - part of a panel discussion on Art and Educational Justice hosted by the Stella Adler Studio with Rosie Perez, Phylicia Rashad and Anna Deavere Smith - said of her conservative co-host: "Politically we could not be more opposite, but I respect her tremendously. Truth is, we could not have a dialogue without Elizabeth. It's not that we have to agree, the important thing is that we have the conversation." The Post's Sandra Guzman also reports Perez confessed she used to enjoy smoking pot and watching "American Idol," which she found "hilarious."



Eva Longoria Parker spotted with new hairdo

Eva Longoria Parker spotted with new hairdo and she wants own clothing line

The ‘Desperate Housewives' star - who is married to basketball player Tony Parker - revealed her friendship with Victoria Beckham has inspired her to consider launching her own collection.

She said: "I'd love to design my own range of clothes. I don't have the time now, but I would like to develop a homeware or clothing line. But my definition of style is comfort. Even for award shows, because you have to sit there for four or five hours."

Eva, 33, also revealed Tony doesn't mind when she stars in sexy scenes for her hit US TV show ‘Desperate Housewives' because he knows she is only acting.

She added to Look magazine: "He is fine with it. When you're acting, it's all very technical - not romantic. It's all about camera angles and lights. And you have the director shouting, ‘Do this, do that, do whatever!' So it's not a problem, it's just part of my job."

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Source: here at http://www.eva-longoria.net.ru/english/
sasha eye

bbc to not air russell brand never mind the buzzcocks episode


Tonight's 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' was due to feature a comedian and broadcaster who has recently let himself and his country down.

The damage he has done is frankly irreparable and in order to punish him and anybody who likes his kind of louche filth, this tainted episode will not be shown tonight.

We are however very grateful to be able to broadcast something more appropriate and slightly less entertaining for these difficult times.

Guests will now include James Cordon, Gabriella Cilmi and Germaine Greer.




LOL WTF they make it sound like he murdered someone
they're talking about brand, righttt?
wtf, they do know people are going to go fucking crazy?
i've always wanted to see russell and simon together
and who the fuck are those three on tonight's episode?
again, wtf

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Couple sues jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval over dog attack

A Coral Gables couple sued jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and his wife, Carmen, on Wednesday, claiming the Grammy winner's dog got loose and mauled the woman last month.

Elizabeth and Edmund Parnes alleged in the suit filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court that Sandoval's Belgian shepherd bit Elizabeth so severely that both bones in her right arm were broken and she had to have skin grafts to repair the damage.

Edmund Parnes rushed to her aid.

''Mr. Parnes, an oral surgeon, removed his belt and made a tourniquet for his wife's arm while calling 911,'' the suit says.

The couple was walking in their Coral Gables neighborhood on Sept. 27 when the attack occurred, the suit says. The attack was unprovoked and was the second time in recent months that the dog attacked someone walking down the street, the couple's attorney, Ira Leesfield, said.

''You can't leave your dog unleashed wandering around the street,'' Leesfield said. "They violated three separate laws by doing that.''

Florida, Miami-Dade County and Coral Gables all have laws requiring dogs to be on a leash whenever they're in public.

Leesfield said Elizabeth Parnes, a businesswoman, is undergoing physical therapy and will need more surgery on the scars.

''The injuries are life changing,'' he said.

Sandoval could not be reached for comment. His publicist did not return a phone call late Thursday.

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From here. Lawsuit here.

Tizz working on her second album

Ashley Tisdale clutches onto her fave Chloe bag as she gets back to work on her sophomore album at the Margarita Mix Recording Studios in Universal City, Calif., on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old brunette beauty will be joining co-stars and BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, along with director Kenny Ortega, in Australia next month to promote the the hugely successful High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Don’t miss the clip of Ashley on today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show here!

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Source: JustJared.
she looks SO much better with the dark hair, y/y?
gwen / just a girl

Miley at the St. Pancras train station

Continuing on with her time in the UK, Miley Cyrus was spotted arriving at London’s St. Pancras train station to catch the Eurostar to Paris following an appearance on GMTV this morning (October 30).

The “7 Things” songstress looked stylish in a black jacket, pink top, black trousers, and lace-up heels as she exited her vehicle, clutching a cup of coffee.

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Sarah Jessica Parker
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Another reason why Simon Cowell is amazing.

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has said he would like to buy the rights to the Top of the Pops Christmas Special from the BBC, and broadcast it on ITV.

"I would rather it came to us than just sit in the dustbin," he said.

On Tuesday, the BBC announced The Top of the Pops Christmas Special - a regular fixture in the festive viewing calendar - will not be shown this year.

"If the BBC wanted to do a deal, and I can get ITV to buy it and broadcast it, I'd put it on ITV," said Cowell.

Speaking at the 14th National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night, he said he would be approaching the BBC.

"Possibly tomorrow (Thursday), " he added.

Cowell has joined a growing number of people, including culture minister Andy Burnham and pop act The Ting Tings, calling for the show's return.

"It's been a good year for music and I think it's part of the tradition. It's not as though people aren't interested in music at the moment," said Cowell.

"Maybe we could make it a bit more interesting," he said.

Last year's Top of the Pops seasonal special featured such acts as Girls Aloud, the Proclaimers and singer Kate Nash.

The BBC will screen eight special episodes of the programme's archive spin-off, TOTP2, rather than a Christmas special this year.

Top of the Pops was decommissioned in 2006 after 42 years on the air.

Source: BBC


Become a Beatle

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Music from the Beatles is coming to videogames ... but not to "Rock Band."

MTV Networks and Harmonix -- the game developer behind the popular "Rock Band" franchise -- together with the Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd., are developing an entirely new interactive music game based solely and exclusively on the entire Beatles catalog.

The game, which does not yet have a title or release date, will not be part of the "Rock Band" franchise, but will be based on the same platform. Since the project is still in early development, all parties were stingy on details during a conference call this morning (Oct. 30). But here's what is known so far:

-- The game is designed to take users on an "experiential journey" through the Beatles' career, music and vision. It will also include new types of interactive gameplay associated with the Beatles' imagery in addition to its music. Surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as well as Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison, are involved in the vision and creative direction.

-- The music will come from master recordings of the Beatles' U.K. releases, but will not be remixed or remastered. Giles Martin, the son of original Beatles producer George Martin and co-producer of the Beatles' "LOVE" project, will serve as music producer.

-- A fourth-quarter 2009 release is in the cards.

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What song would be your first choice to play? I'd like to play "Birthday" on drum RIGHT NOW please and "I've Just Seen A Face" on lead please.
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Blair better get some more headbands

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More 'Gossip,' 'Tree Hill,' '90210' Episodes on the Way!

by Michael Ausiello

My dream of a 52-episode Gossip Girl season is moving closer to reality.

Two weeks after extending GG's season by two episodes (from 22 to 24), The CW has informed exec producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage that it wants to tack on one more for a grand total of 25 episodes (and counting).

And this time, The CW is spreading the love around.

Sources also confirm to me exclusively that the net has ordered two additional episodes of One Tree Hill and 90210, extending both shows' seasons to 24 episodes apiece.

Tree Hill has been a surprise success story for The CW. Despite my best efforts to destroy it, the six-year-old soap has been on a ratings roll, posting double-digit gains over last season and consistently building on its Gossip lead in. Not too shabby.

And 90210, while off its initial highs, has become a solid (if not spectacular) performer among its target audience of young females. SOURCE

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mlb: panic

MCR: Message from Bob.

hi! its bob

it's been a long time since since we have talked. i just wanted to say hi and fill people in on what has been happening with us. as a whole we are all getting ready to get rolling again. we really needed this break but enough is enough already. i cant wait to see the refreshed and excited MCR again. no more falling asleep at 5pm, no more drinking 20 red bulls, just good times coming up.

i will start with myself. my weird zoro scar on my wrist is going down finally. i have been doing physical therapy every few days now which is helping out a ton. i have to sit and lift tiny weights over and over again until i cant anymore, then i play with putty, then i stack cups, sometimes i squeeze plastic, play with rice, etc. It kinda feels like when i was in kindergarten day care except it hurts. my favorite part is hearing the stories of the other patients. one lady fell down her stairs because she tripped on her cat and broke her shoulder. i try not to laugh but i cant help it. i was actually sitting with a player from the bears last week too. that guy was about 20 feet tall and as big as a house. i didn't look him in the eye. i think i have a couple months before i am back to playing again. i am always going to have pain in my hand so i will be changing my playing a bit. i have to rearrange my drums and i will need to play waaay lighter. dont call me a p@$^y when you see me.

Other then that i am just hanging out. i got another dog! i now have two black german shepherds. they rule. they are my buddies. i am going to bring them everywhere with me. toro got a new puppy too. frank has 19 dogs now. i shot up up my garage with a pistol and the cops came. that was fun..... i also have been playing halo again. halo and legos is actually part of therapy for me. i just hit level 35 which is awesome for me. i would love to challenge anybody to a duel. my xbox name is dixiediarrhea (long story, my dogs name is dixie, she had diarrhea). if anyone knows souljaboy personally please let him know i challenge him. that guy seems like an awesome dude and i want to play against him. he says he can beat anyone. dixiediarrhea says differently. i will bet 2 dollars that i whoop him.

anyway, i see that im rambling. im tired. i was going to fill you in on everyone else but i dont want to anymore. hahaha. which actually brings me to a point. we are soon going to launch a new website. its going to be very simple and to the point. one of the new features will be us typing in on our phones straight to the site so everyone can tell you themselves what they are up to. now that we are coming out of MCR hibernation we want to keep everyone informed and to maybe have some fun. blogathon 5000. i will type in all the juicy details like perez hilton.

ok. im going to bed. me and my friend, the sanch, and dixie are about to drive from chicago to los angeles to hang with gerard and friends. come hang out.
gerard's address is 2800 E Observatory Rd Los Angeles, CA 90027. see you there. bring fun.

see everyone soon or on halo

Source: their myspace blog.
lulu s.o.

Pink: 'Mayer only sleeps with stupid women'

pink Pictures, Images and Photos
Pink has claimed that John Mayer once told her he only beds women lacking intelligence.

The 'So What' singer is alleged to have named the rock star her most hated celebrity after the pair clashed at a party, reports The Sun.

Pink explained: "I got into an argument with him. I don't believe him as much as he believes him. He said something along the lines of, 'I only s**g really stupid women.' And I said, 'I guess they would have to be.' I don't get him at all."

Mayer split with Jennifer Aniston in August, though it is thought that the couple are back together after rumours emerged claiming that Aniston is pregnant with the musician's child.


lol "bible spice"

Alec calls Sarah Palin "beautiful" and also at some point "Bible Spice"

"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin talked to David Letterman about guesting on "Saturday Night Live" alongside Sarah Palin.

"She was lovely" and "very nice" he told Letterman. He also said he didn't want her hand on the nuclear button.

Then, imitating her voice (which he's done before), Baldwin said of Palin, "She said to me, 'I've been talking to your brother Stephen and we've been chatting, trying to figure out how to knock some sense into you.'"

After a few more Stephen jokes on Alec's part, he told Dave, "She's a beautiful, beautiful woman." and referred to her as "Bible Spice."



lol @ alec's stephen impression: *eats soup, looks up* you realize that 80% of the people in this restaurant are going to hell.

edit: video works now
Lily Haloween

Flavor Flav: "She's real stupid in real life!"

Flavor Flav and Deon Taylor stopped by my local tv news station this morning for a little [well, a lot] of randomness, some promotion, and even some words about the HBIC!


Skip forward to about 1:20 for the dish about NY [and his nightmares about her].

Mostly they came to promote "Nite Tales". Cannot embed, there is no option, but so worth it! But Flav talks about his new shows, New York, his baby mama and etc.

There are more videos including Flav at the source that are just worth it for the hilarity.

Source - Good Day Sacramento, with more videos of Flav.

And really, imagine my suprise waking up this morning to the announcement that Flavor Flav is going to be on Good Day Sacramento. And hells no Flav. New York is the HBIC... she's too good for you! Making the rounds on Sacramento news stations? STFD.

Donnie Klang says he's not a racist

Deading The Rumors! Look-->


First things first,

I love you all for your support! I posted this note because ya'll need ta know:

A few popular websites posted a completely fabricated story about me today, and now it's circulating around the internet. It is important for me to speak to my fans and let them know that the story is 100% fiction. It's completely made up! I love all my fans and all people of various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. I would never, in any way, say anything racially derogatory. In addition, I love my Bad Boy family and have nothing but love for the entire label and staff. Don't believe the lies! The story is absolutely false.

Peace & Love



Follow up to THIS post from yesterday.

I hope he really didn't say it. But I didn't find it to be racist anyway. Just stupid.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Wearing Gaga Glasses 2

RDJ doing stunts + article

The former chronic masturbator and Burger King-inspired Robert Downey Jr. has signed a deal with Marvel Pictures to reprise his Iron Man role in two more installments of the film series AND in a movie gathering all of the Marvel superheroes called The Avengers. This is surely lucrative for Downey Jr., seeing as Iron Man scored $580 million worldwide.

Here he is on the set of Sherlock Holmes, engaged in some stunts and probably making people laugh. Robert Downey Jr. is one of those cool cats who is dry as a martini and completely lovable despite once being considered a hopeless junkie.

Iron Man 2 is set for release on May 7, 2010 and The Avengers will be released in 2011. The Avengers will feature Marvel Comics characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Thor.

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  • javeh


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Another day, another launch party for Mischa Barton.


The alleged actress strapped on her bedazzled fringe handbag and made her way to Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood last night where Verizon Wireless was launching a new phone.

Mischa showed up to the bash all by her lonesome and that’s just fine with her, thank you very much. She tells People mag: “It’s great, actually. I’m not used to being single, but it’s really nice.”

As for any advice she may have for her fellow single ladies? “Just embrace it,” she says. “It’s important to breathe for a minute.”

Miss Barton split last month from Rooney frontman Taylor Locke, and has previously been linked to Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler.

With a history like that, let’s hope that minute turns into an eternity!

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/60943/mischa-puts-her-bedazzler-to-good-use/

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Jackson 5, I WANT YOU BACK


The Jackson 5 will reportedly be making a comeback with new material in 2009.

Jermaine Jackson confirmed yesterday (October 29) during a TV industry event in Sydney, that the Jackson 5 will be reuniting in 2009, reports Billboard.com.

Jackson is currently in Australia to help launch a new television channel. During the function, he explained, "It is just the timing, so what we've been doing is working on the music and all the logistics."

Speaking of the family project, he added, "We're in the studio, we're planning on being out there next year."


I'd definitely be in favor of this happening.
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shin goon does vogue girl


Joo Ji-hoon goes back to his “B-side”-whatever that means-for the November 2008 issue of Vogue Girl (Korea).

In the interview for the magazine, the model turned actor shared his thoughts

On acting: “acting is like modeling”

On being famous: “As a model, I could go out by myself and no one would recognize me, but one day, I found myself hiding …..but last week, I went to E-dae to watch a movie and then sat outside on a bench…no one recognized me [laughs]”

So does this mean that he was expecting to be mobbed by girls at E-dae?

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bonus: waffle boy


O' what a day.


Diddy won't be bringing Aubrey O'day down!

Enjoy some photos of the ex-DKer Partying it up Aubrey style.

Ever the consummate party girl, Aubrey O’Day was spotted enjoying a night out in West Hollywood on Wednesday (October 29).

Partying it up ‘til the wee hours of the morning, the former Danity Kane member looked as if she was ready for a good night’s sleep by the end of the evening’s affairs, clad in a cleavage-baring ensemble with a headband.

Meanwhile, Aubrey now finds herself gearing up for a trip out to Las Vegas for the Halloween weekend festivities.

Reports tell that O’Day, 24, will be hosting “a night of haunted seduction at Tabú Ultra Lounge Friday (October 31).”

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New "Gossip Girl" promos... OMFG

New print campaigns have been released for the next three new episodes of "Gossip Girl". Looks like Nate + Jenny (Nenny? Jate?) might not be just a sweeps stunt after all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Promo for Episode 2.09 - "There Might Be Blood" - airs Nov. 3
Willa Holland ("The O.C.") guest stars as a young model who befriends Jenny and helps her plan a guerilla fashion show.

Kissed. Caught. Posted.
Nate and little J. in a big betrayal.

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Sam Mendes to Direct Preacher

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Now here's something we did not see coming - Sam Mendes is set to direct the eagerly-awaited big-screen version of Preacher, one of the greatest comic book series of all time.

Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, the 66-issue Vertigo series followed Jesse Custer, a small- town preacher imbued with a strange and terrifying power, who travels across America with his hitwoman girlfriend, Tulip, and his Irish vampire best friend, Cassidy. Their aim? To find God for deserting mankind... and kill Him.

Simply crackling with indelible dialogue that out-Tarantinos Tarantino, superbly drawn characters and a storyline that embraces pathos, absurdity, darkness and optimism in equal measure, it's Ennis' masterwork.

But it's also hugely controversial - not just because of the whole 'kill God' thing, but because of Jesse himself. This is a lapsed Preacher - a fightin', drinkin', smokin', swearin' Texas-born'n'raised throwback, a cross between James Dean and Bill Hicks. And the minute this film goes into production, it'll encounter a shitstorm that will make what Kevin Smith went through on Dogma look like a walk in the park.

But Mendes should be able to handle all that, and certainly he looks like the right man for the task. He's drawn to projects teeming with emotional and psychological complexity - which Preacher has in spades - and he's gone down the graphic novel route once before, with Road To Perdition.

It'll also make a nice change for him, after his most recent movie, the 50s-set drama, Revolutionary Road. This one has considerably more action - and people with faces like an arse.

Neal Moritz (I Am Legend) and Jason Netter (Wanted) are producing Preacher for Columbia, and are also developing The Boys, also by Ennis, together.

There is no word on casting as yet, although James Marsden was once attached to the role, when Rachel Talalay was set to direct. Most recently, Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson was trying to set it up as an ongoing series at HBO, but he had no cast attached.

So who should play the Preacher? Based on looks alone, James Franco gets Empire's vote. Yours?

yo quiero SOURCE.

oh man, I love love love Preacher. Everyone should go out and read it. Either James Marsden or James Franco would be AMAZING
ac; innocent anderson.

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Follow-up to this post:

'American Idol' Bigwigs Threaten Legal Action Over Contestant Josiah Leming's Major Label Debut

The hard times continue for male "American Idol" castoffs. The latest (alleged) victim is frequently weepy, formerly homeless singer Josiah Leming, who just last week announced that his major-label debut on Warner Brothers' Reprise Records would be out in early 2009.

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Check out a new mini audio-interview of Britney talking about upcoming tracks off Circus! She discusses "Kill The Lights" ft. Danja, 2 ballads by Guy Sigsworth, "Womanizer," and influences that inspire her music including Prince, Madonna, & Elton John. Britney explains the album is very personal for her: "I feel like it's my best work yet."

Didn't see this posted!

Edit: New Promo



Mr. Riley '11

Courteney Cox to star in ABC pilot 'Cougar Town'

Here’s some good Dirt on Courteney Cox: The Friends actress is returning to the land of comedy with Cougar Town, an ABC pilot in which she stars as a hot 40-year-old mother who’s newly single. Cox -- who recently anchored the FX drama Dirt and has a development deal with ABC Studios -- will exec produce the single-camera comedy with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, who also is cowriting the pilot. Cougar Town is expected to be a candidate for the 2009-2010 schedule. It’s a reteaming of sorts for Cox and Lawrence: Cox shot a three-episode guest arc on Scrubs that is slated to air later this season.
Source | EW

It's Brenda's lucky day

Dylan McDermott, Zoe Saldana, Lake Bell, Nick Stahl, Paz Vega and Shannen Doherty will star in Burning Palms, writer/director Christopher Landon's satire of Los Angeles stereotypes as told through five interlacing stories.

The large ensemble cast also includes Adriana Barraza, Colleen Camp, Jamie Chung, Robert Hoffman, Peter Macdissi, Emily Meade, Anson Mount, Rosamund Pike, Austin Williams and Tom Wright. Each of their characters confronts taboos and an uncertain, often darkly humorous fate.

Oren Segal, Steven Prince and Jason Hewitt are producing the indie feature with executive producers Tyler Thompson, Vince Morella and Naz Jafri.

The segments are based on popular stereotypes of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Westwood and Holmby Hills.

Rise Against delivers their 'Appeal to Reason'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(pictures above from their recent tour)

Chicago punk-rock band Rise Against makes no apologies for its politically and socially charged lyrics. But it doesn't want to be known for "force feeding" its views to listeners.

"The political side of this band is just that--it's a side," said bassist Joe Principe during a recent phone interview from New York City. "There are political lyrics. There are social-awareness [lyrics] and there are lyrics about the environment. I think if people take the time to read the lyrics, they'll know we're not strictly force feeding you our politics. We don't like to force feed anything. That doesn't get the job done. We just like to present our views and ask that people listen and make up their own minds. That's what's great about living here. You can make up your own mind."

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Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet in New York

France's favorite couple was spotted doing some grocery shopping at Whole Foods in New York on Wednesday night. Guillaume Canet is filming "Last Night" in New York with Keira Knightley while Marion Cotillard is filming "Nine" in London with Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Fergie, from the Black Eyed Peas.

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Sorry mods, I fixed the link


Josiah Leming - LA Times interview.

Wow, there has been a lot of news about him lately.

'American Idol' castoff Josiah Leming's big recovery

The singer has an EP out Tuesday and an album to follow soon. He reflects on the Fox show.
By Stephanie Lysaght
October 29, 2008
Last January, in a classic "American Idol" preseason meltdown, the hyper-emotional Josiah Leming was sent home -- which in his case meant his car.  Now, less than a year later, in one of "Idol's" unlikely turns of fate, the high school dropout who'd left his ailing mother, out-of-work stepfather and eight siblings in Morristown, Tenn., is back, living the high life in Los Angeles and poised to release his first album on Warner Bros. Records.  "I was kind of down and out," said Leming, now 19, over a burger and fries at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles of his decision to audition for "American Idol." "So it was kind of like, 'What the hell?' Nothing to lose, really."  Despite his diminutive stature, baby face and boyish clothing, Leming is magnetic in person, his naked lack of inhibition at once disarming and electrifying. And then there's that inner heartache.  "All of his emotions go into his songs," said Warner Bros. Records' Senior Vice President of A&R Perry Watts-Russell. "He has that gift to turn pain into music."  At first, it seemed as if "American Idol" would become a showcase for his raw talent rather than another lesson in hardship. At his initial audition, he bowled over the judges with a fiercely passionate performance of a self-written song.
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King K

pushing daisies is going to die soon, jsyk

Who won in the ratings last (and tuesday) night?

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And the top 20 shows last week:

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (19.5 million)
2. Dancing With the Stars (18.5)
3. NCIS (17.2)
4. Dancing With the Stars results (16.4)
5. Desperate Housewives (16.00)
6. World Series Game 4 (15.5)
7. The Mentalist (15.3)
8. Criminal Minds (15.00)
9. World Series Game 1 (14.6)
10. Two and a Half Men (14.6)
11. Grey's Anatomy (14.5 - last week it was number 4)
12. CSI: NY (14.4)
13. CSI: Miami (13.5)
14. Survivor (13.3)
14. The OT (13.3)
16. House (13.1)
16. World Series 4 Pregame (13.1)
18. 60 Minutes (12.8)
19. World Series Game 2 (12.8)
20. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (12.3)


Uh, yes please!

Photos of Ryan Gosling at Bardot
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ryan Gosling went to Bardot nightclub in LA last night for another DJing gig. Earlier that evening Ryan joined Angelina Jolie and others at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards where he presented Dustin Hoffman with the Career Achievement Award. It must have been fun to be part of such a big event but it was probably just as rewarding to work on his new hobby before getting back to work on his next film.

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ETA: Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2008 Sundance Gala Fundraiser

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and writer/director Bart Freundlich attends the 2008 Sundance Gala Fundraiser at Roseland Ballroom on October 27, 2008 in New York City.

you made me a shadowboxer baby

Dido new album news + new video

The new album from Dido, Safe Trip Home will be released by the RCA Label Group on November 4, 2008.

Recorded in Los Angeles and London, Safe Trip Home is co-produced by: Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West, Rufus Wainwright, Eels) Ark, the new production company of Rollo Armstrong (Faithless) and Dido. The record also features a song co-written with Brian Eno.

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marlene deitrich

Gerry Butler Like'em Young!

Gerard Butler spent a few days this week in Savannah, Georgia to attend a
film festival at Savannah College of Art & Design. (Guess somebody has a famous

Looks like Gerry took his duties seriously, as photos show him hanging out after
the screenings at a student's house. Classy!

All you underage girls rejoice!

Source: facebook/private LJ

(I wish I could show you guys the girl's face in this photo -- she's staring at
his crotch sooo obviously)
brandon flowers

Coldplay announce new video

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Good evening. We're pleased to announce that the video for Lovers In Japan will be premiering on iTunes stores around the world tomorrow (Friday). It was directed by Mat Whitecross, in London. Those of you in America will even be able to download it free of charge from iTunes for a week. The video will feature the new Osaka Sun mix of the song.

In other Lovers In Japan news, we can reveal that its cover will look like this when it's released as a single (which will be after Lost!).

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Lovers in Japan (until 3:55)



Selenita Gomez has a production company...?

Selena Gomez forms her own company, July Moon Productions
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Selena Gomez has formed July Moon Productions and has partnered with XYZ Films to finance the development of two films for Sel to produce, reports Variety.

The Deal is comparable to a first-look studio deal that allows Gomez to option articles, hire screenwriters and tie additional talent to packages that can then be shopped to studios.

As part of the July Moon-XYZ deal, Gomez will have the ability to cherry-pick projects from the vast Time Inc. library, which includes Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Life.

[url]http://www.oceanup.com/2008/10/selena-gomez-july-moon-productions-forms-own-company.html [/url]
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New Perfume single - 'Dream fighter' audio (you know you love them)

No PV until the 11th, but today the song itself leaked!

CD & DVD cover

CD only cover

Artist: Perfume
Title: Dream Fighter
Code: TKCA-73390 (CD+DVD); TKCD-73395 (CD-only)
Release Date: 2008.11.19
Price: ¥1,300 (CD+DVD); ¥1,000 (CD only)


1. Dream Fighter
2. Negai (願い; Wish)
3. Dream Fighter -Original Instrumental-
4. Negai (願い; Wish) -Original Instrumental-



The beginning sounds a bit like MEG, but I really do like it!!!
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Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

8 pages of Australia at Empire Magazine!

As November draws near so too does the hype and promotion surrounding Australia. The latest magazines to hit Australian news stands are filled with the buzz from Baz Luhrmann's epic.

The last one of them is australian Empire magazine, which dedicated 8 pages to the upcoming film.

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Source: Empire Magazine Australia. All scanned by australiamovie.net

Those are some really nice pics, I cannot wait for this movie, and ontd can always use some hot Hugh ;)
sh: malec b/w

12 Fashion Rages Through the Ages

As distraught as she gets in new 1920s-set drama "Changeling," Angelina Jolie still looks mahvelous -- but movie style is always timeless. For proof, see era-hopping beauties from Kirsten Dunst's 18th century queen to Milla Jovovich's future chic.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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This was a pretty good list. I particularly loved the fashion from Emma, Titanic, and Atonement. And is it just me, or does Sienna kind of look like Heidi Klum in that picture? ONTD, what is your favorite period movie fashion?

For me, number one is probably Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief. It wasn't technically a period movie at the time, but whatever. Otherwise, probably Pride and Prejudice or something.

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T.I. helps feed the hungry, remains sexy while doing so

Rapper T.I will be on hand to help an Atlanta food bank kick off its annual holiday feeding season.

Hosea Feed the Hungry and the Homeless care center will host the kickoff event at the 755 Club at Turner Field on Wednesday. Organizers will announce this year's theme for their series of holiday dinners, as well as introduce some returning donors.

The food bank says those donors include Atlanta native T.I., who organizers say rallied fellow celebrities like R singer Usher to give more than $166,000 last year. T.I. gave $25,000.

Last month, director, playwright and actor Tyler Perry donated food for more than 1,000 families to the care center.

Civil rights activist Hosea Williams began the Feed the Hungry charity in 1971.


T.I. Holds Back Beyoncé From The Top Of The Billboard Hot 100 Chart

T.I. continues to reign the Billboard Hot 100 as his two hit singles, "Whatever You Like" and "Live Your Life" with Rihanna continue at the #1 and #2 spots. Both singles are off T.I.'s new album, Paper Trail, which has sold nearly a million copies. The two singles' monster airplay were enough to hold back this week's biggest digital seller, Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy", which sold over 190,000 digital downloads. She came in at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, jumping all the way from #68.

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Bill Pullman Can't Muster Enough Schwartz To Stop His Kid From Going to Jail

Actor Bill Pullman's son arrested

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Police in Asheville have arrested the son of actor Bill Pullman on charges of assaulting an officer and moonshine possession.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that police said in a statement that officers were questioning 19-year-olds Jack Pullman and Allen Gaddy in downtown Asheville when one of them fled.

Both were arrested Monday night and charged with underage possession of alcohol and possession of non-tax paid liquor, or moonshine. Pullman also was charged with resisting officers and assault on law enforcement.

Pullman and Gaddy are students at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, which is 11 miles east of Asheville. Both were released Tuesday from the Buncombe County Detention Center.

A school spokesman said Pullman is a freshman.

Bill Pullman has starred in such films as "Independence Day" and "While You Were Sleeping."


Ugh, Warren Wilson. Sorry to anyone who might go there, but I have never had a favorable impression of that school. As another western North Carolina college student, the extreme amount of drug use and bitchy hippies could be the reason. Props to Bill Pullman for becoming relevant again, if only for five seconds.
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Breakout Platinum Edition Peview!

A preview of Miley Cyrus' 'Breakout' Platinum Edition has been posted at Hollywood Records' YouTube channel. The disc, which features two new tracks, 'Someday' and a duet with the 'Hannah Montana' star's brother Trace titled 'Hovering', is coming out November 18th. Watch the preview, featuring clips of 'Breakout' and 'Fly On The Wall' below.

Yay, I love this bitch and idk why. I also love Breakout; I was surprised by how good it was.


DWTS Maks denies criticizing Cheryl and Lacey

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy has denied criticizing Dancing With the Stars pros Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer over their weight, telling PEOPLE his reported comments were "taken completely out of context."

"I am outspoken but I do not discriminate how people look," Chmerkovskiy, 28, says. "That's the great thing about ballroom – unlike jazz and ballet – it doesn't discriminate. People of all shapes and sizes and levels of ability can take part in ballroom dancing."

He says he had been commenting generally about "how exces weight on the body takes its toll on the joints, the lower back," he explains. Schwimmer put on weight after an extensive recuperation period following knee surgery last year. Burke told PEOPLE last month she gained a few pounds over the summer, the result of not dancing every day.

"I never criticized Cheryl or Lacey," Chmerkovskiy says.

He has since been slammed by fans, receiving email messages "telling me to go back to my country," he says, noting that he has spoken with Burke and has reached out to Schwimmer. "We're fine. I'm dancing with Cheryl next week."

What he's most concerned about is how all of this is affecting people who want to dance.

"I am a big promoter of being healthy and physical activity, but in my business, I do not condemn how people look," he says. "It's sad how all of this got spun."


Is is bad that even though I thought he really said these comments, I still wanted him all up in me?
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Out of Control - Special Edition!!

On Monday Girls Aloud release their fifth studio album – Out of Control. Packed with twelve incredible tracks, the album is by far the most eagerly awaited pop album of 2008!!
But while the standard version is out this Monday, we can now announce details of a very very special Limited Edition Collectors Version.

Released in December, it comes in in a special DVD-sized package. There are also two discs, one being the album and the second coming packed with all sorts of extras. On there you will find snippets of demo/unreleased tracks similar to the one you can hear by clicking here - Kimberley singing ‘Here I am, walking primrose…’

There are also interviews with the Girls where they talk about the album track by track, revealing secrets about the recording sessions and behind-the-scenes gossip.

The Limited Edition Collectors Version also comes with a 24 page booklet of photos and also includes the lyrics to all of the tracks.

ty tankmachine  for da bigger pic <3



The sexy baby returns

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The decision to move out of Anna Nicole Smith’s house isn’t the only major news Larry Birkhead has to share.

He wants to add another baby to his growing brood!

Birkhead tells Life & Style that 2-year-old Dannielynn might soon be a big sister!

“I want to have another child,” Larry admitted during an exclusive interview on Oct. 16. “It would be tough for me to do right now, but in a couple of years, definitely.”

Ideally, Larry says, he would love to meet his Ms. Right — he says his type is a Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike — and conceive a baby naturally. But if that doesn’t happen, he’d consider alternatives.

“Right now I’m so busy taking care of Dannielynn, I don’t have time to get out there and date,” he says. “So while I’d love to have another baby of my own, I’d be happy to adopt a little brother or sister for her.”


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stupid overpriced shirt
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Gary Oldman is back doing what he does best

Playing a villain!!

Gary Oldman will co-star with Denzel Washington in "Book of Eli," a post-apocalyptic actioner to be directed by Allen and Albert Hughes.

Alcon Entertainment is financing the film and co-producing with Silver Pictures. Warner Bros. will distribute domestically through its output deal with Alcon, while Summit will handle international sales.

"Eli" revolves around a lone warrior (Washington) who must fight to bring society the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption. Oldman has been set to portray the despot of a small makeshift town who's determined to take possession of the book Eli's guarding.

Alcon toppers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson will produce, along with Joel Silver and Washington. Lensing begins in February in New Mexico, with the pic set for a U.S. release on Jan. 15, 2010.

Oldman most recently starred in "The Dark Knight."

Source, picture source

Jessica Simpson does it again...

Major Movie Star Goes Straight to DVD in America

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Jessica Simpson's Major Movie Star may have opened No. 1 in Russia earlier this month - but it's not having as much success stateside.

The flick will be renamed Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous, and released only on DVD in America, a source confirms to Usmagazine.com.

The movie - about a ditzy movie star who enlists in the army to earn money to pay her bills - is slated to hit stores Feb. 3.

The film will still premiere in Bulgaria next month, but, as Fox News points out, it will not have a release date in any country in which English is the primary language.

Simpson's rep had no comment.

Simpson's last movie, Blonde Ambition, hit video store shelves after showing in just eight Texas theaters, and earning about $1,300.


ETA: The trailer:

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ohhh guess who

last night i was in philadelphia, not celebrating the phillies' win, but taking in a show from one of my favorite bands.
after the show, i got to meet the lead singer. find out what band after the cut!

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tokyo police club! their show was amazing and dave was really nice. we talked for awhile, and he sold me a shirt. i reccommend you go see them if you ever get the chance.
source: me and my camera.

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Miley Cyrus Sends Sexy Picture To Justin Gaston?

Disney slut Miley Cyrus is at it again! But, Nick Jonas isn't the recipient this time. Her boyfriend Justin Gaston is most likely enjoying this picture in his email inbox right now!


movies // parveen

Empire Magazine's 28 British Stars Taking Hollywood by Storm

Ricky Gervais' invasion of Hollywood is complete, as he takes the lead in supernatural comedy Ghost Town this weekend. But he's just one of a huge number of Brits taking American films and TV by storm, so we thought we'd take a look at the current crop of Brits abroad. Guess they were right when they picked up that Oscar for Chariots of Fire: The British are coming.


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I think Clive Owen is missing from this list. And a few more females.
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Justin Timberlake Rihanna “Rehab” Music Video Infuriates Jessica Biel

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Timberlake better stock up on the flowers and candy. Pronto.

Blabbing tabloid insiders say actress Jessica Biel felt “sick to her stomach” after catching a glimpse of her boyfriend of more than a year grinding and gyrating on 20-year-old Barbadian pop star Rihanna as the singers recorded a steamy music video for the songstress’ new single “Rehab.”

“Everyone was gushing about the intense chemistry between Rihanna and Justin,” the National Enquirer reports.

“Jessica also saw pictures from the video set while online and felt sick to her stomach when she saw Rihanna in her skimpy outfits looking incredibly sexy. ”

Source- http://www.popcrunch.com/justin-timberlake-rihanna-rehab-music-video-infuriates-jessica-biel/
» save your soul
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Cameron Diaz
and boyfriend Paul Sculfor are apparently looking for a lovenest in LA.

The actress has been seeing the Essex-born model since earlier this year.

Cameron, 36, is said to have viewed four houses in the exclusive Sunset Plaza area.

And Paul is thought to have looked at some of the properties too.

‘She is keen to find somewhere new where they can both have a say in the fixtures, fittings and decoration,’ a source tells the Daily Express. ‘They are serious about each other.’

Paul previously dated Jennifer Aniston, 39.

Source: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/279580/cameron-diaz-moving-in-with-paul-sculfor/1/