October 16th, 2008

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in Las Vegas

Me and my friend are with the democratic campign and met Justin and Jessica for the volunteer group they were setting up.

Only about 300 people came, but it wasn't announced to everyone, just people already involved.


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ha, sorry for the sun she didn't like the picture of her..

I dont have the ones of me with them yet.

but that's it for now.

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Rojo Will Make a Beautiful Connecticut Bride  

First of all, this beautiful picture is bringing tears to my eyes. Rojo Caliente with a Taco Bell in the background! This picture could only be more perfect if Spaghetti Cat was in one of the windows with a big bowl of Pintos 'n Cheese in front of him. Delicious.

Anygassy, Rojo and her cranky lady wife are still in Los Angeles, but they should think about cutting their trip short so that they can come back to NYC to start planning their Connecticut wedding.

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Friday that gays and gayelles can now get hitched in the state like everyone else. They decided the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional or some shit. Connecticut, California and Massachusetts are now the 3 states that allow us gays to ruin our lives by getting married.

When California overturned the ban, Cynthia Nixon said they were going to wait until New York makes it legal. Connecticut is veeeery close, so it totally counts. Hopefully, Connecticut starts issuing marriage license to the gays and gaylles soon. The fall leaves of Connecticut would perfectly compliment Rojo's fire ginge top. I always imagined Rojo as an autumn bride, so this is more than perfect.

Below are a few more pictures of the hopefully soon-to-be Mrs. and Mrs. Rojo Caliente renting a car in L.A. on Thursday. That car is not fit for the loveliness Rojo. Where's the pick-up truck?!

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harley quinn

Christina Aguilera blazes back into the spotlight

Singer Christina Aguilera may have been out of the spotlight for nearly a year after having her first child, but she sure knows how to return to it.

Ten months after giving birth to her son Max, the Dirrty singer made her return to the stage in a series of eye-catching outfits at London's Albert Hall.

Including a Bianca Jagger style white suit and fedora hat, albeit accessorised with a bra top.

The 27-year-old singer guaranteed all eyes were on her as she arrived in a  Harlequin-esque Pucci tunic.

The blonde singer teamed her $2,095 turtleneck, silk dress with leather-look leggings and $700 Yves Saint Laurent purple Tribute heels as she arrived at the Africa Rising Festival at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Later she changed into a racy leopard-print leotard and cropped tuxedo, showing she's lost none of her pre-motherhood sex appeal.

The Africa Rising event aims to raise awareness of African issues, such as poverty and trade and hopes to find 'sustainable solutions'.

She revealed she was loving motherhood and was looking forward to having more children with her music executive husband Jordan Bratman.

She said: 'Absolutely, we'll definitely have more kids.

'I don't know (when). We'll play it by ear.'

Source (1): http://xtinaweb.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=lastup&cat=-2192
Source (2): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1077736/Its-white-night-new-mum-Christina-Aguilera-blazes-spotlight.html

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Potential Jurors Find Britney Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
In other news, what the FUCK??

With jury selection underway Wednesday in Britney Spears's trial on a driving-without-a-license charge, two potential jurors expressed doubt about her innocence.

"I'm sure that she's guilty," said the juror, an elderly woman who works as a substitute teacher. "From (what I see in) the media, I cannot be fair, I have bias."

Another prospect (the jurors are identified only by number),a middle-aged male employed as a sandwich maker, also said, "I think this case is a slam dunk. I think she's guilty."

The trial on the misdemeanor charge is expected to last three days, Superior Court Judge James A. Steele said. Included in a potential list of witnesses are Spears's father Jamie, several police officers, and a photographer.

By day's end, only one potential juror out of a total of 31 brought in was excused because she stated that she "deals with Britney Spears's business manager."

No opening statements or witnesses were heard. Jury selection resumes Thursday.

The trial began after a year of legal bickering in which the 26-year-old pop star rejected plea deals. She faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The charge stems from Spears's fender-bender in August 2007 in which she had a Louisiana license but not a California license. Prosecutors claim that as longtime California resident, she should have had a license from that state.


Seriously. What. The. Fuck? I hope her lawyer brings this article to court and moves to strike those jurors right away.
Pushing Daisies - Scared

Lee Pace & Anna Friel Media Blvd interview

The critically acclaimed ABC television series Pushing Daisies blends romance, fantasy and mystery in a forensic fairytale about Ned (Lee Pace), a young man with a very special gift. As a young boy, Ned discovers that he can return the dead briefly to life with just one touch. But, his random gift isn’t without deadly consequences, as he soon finds out. The first touch brings something or someone back to life, but the second touch makes them dead again, forever. And, if he keeps something alive for more than a minute, something else has to die in its place.

When private investigator Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) discovers Ned’s secret, he convinces the cash-strapped Ned to help him solve murder cases, and collect the hefty reward fees, by raising the dead and getting them to name their killers. After his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles (Anna Friel), is murdered on a cruise ship under strange circumstances and Ned brings her back to life, he can’t bring himself to touch her again.

Nominated for 12 Emmy Awards in its first season, Season 2 sees Ned and Chuck’s relationship changing as Chuck yearns for more independence and moves out of Ned’s apartment, without Ned’s support. Lovelorn waitress Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) cracks under the pressure of keeping Aunt Lily’s (Swoosie Kurtz) deep dark secret -- that Lily is Chuck’s mother -- and runs off to a nunnery. Co-stars Lee Pace and Anna Friel spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine, while on a Warner Bros. Studios set visit after the new season started filming, about the charm of Pushing Daisies.

MediaBlvd Magazine> How did you feel about coming back after the writers’ strike, and getting to start over again?

Lee Pace> Really good! It felt like we hadn’t left. It was like we left work on Friday, and then we were back to work on Monday. That’s honestly what it felt like, the whole five or six months that we had the break. It was good to see everyone again. We have a lot of the same crew that we had last season, so it’s just been a lot of fun to be back.

Anna Friel> I missed Chuck a lot, so it was very nice to come back to Chuck, and to become American and wear pretty dresses again, rather than wearing a very tiny pair shorts and a little tank top, all the time.

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Roger Ebert Gives "W." Four Stars

**** (of four)    

"W.," a biography of President Bush, is fascinating. No other word for it. I became absorbed in its story of a poor little rich kid's alcoholic youth and torturous adulthood. This is the tragedy of a victim of the Peter Principle. Wounded by his father's disapproval and preference for his brother Jeb, the movie argues, George W. Bush rose and rose until he was finally powerful enough to stain his family's legacy.

Unlike Stone's "JFK" and "Nixon," this film contains no revisionist history. Everything in it, including the scenes behind closed doors, is now pretty much familiar from tell-all books by former Bush aides, and reporting by such reporters as Bob Woodward. Though Stone and his writer, Stanley Weiser, could obviously not know exactly who said what and when, there's not a line of dialogue that sounds like malicious fiction. It's all pretty much as published accounts have prepared us for.

The focus is always on Bush (Josh Brolin)
: His personality, his addiction, his insecurities, his unwavering faith in a mission from God, his yearning to prove himself, his inability to deal with those who advised him. Not surprisingly, in this film, most of the crucial decisions of his presidency were shaped and placed in his hands by the Machiavellian strategist Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss) and the master politician Karl Rove (Toby Jones) Donald Rumsfeld (Scott Glenn) runs an exasperated third.

But what made them tick? And what about Colin Powell (Jeffrey Wright)
and Condoleezza Rice (Thandie Newton)? You won't find out here. The film sees Bush's insiders from the outside. In his presence, they tend to defer, to use tact as a shield from his ego and defensiveness. But Cheney's soft-spoken, absolutely confident opinions are generally taken as truth. And Bush accepts Rove as the man to teach him what to say and how to say it. He needs them and doesn't cross them.

In the world according to "W.," Bush always fell short in the eyes of his patrician father (James Cromwell) and outspoken mother (Ellen Burstyn). He resented his parents' greater admiration for his younger brother Jeb. The film lacks scenes showing W. as a child, however -- probably wisely. It opens at a drunken fraternity initiation, and "Junior" is pretty much drunk until he finds Jesus at the age of 40. He runs through women, jobs and cars at an alarming speed, and receives one angry lecture after another from his dad.

While running for Congress for the first time, he meets pretty Laura (Elizabeth Banks) at a party, and love blossoms. She was a Gene McCarthy volunteer. Did she turn conservative? I imagine so, but the movie doesn't show them discussing politics. She is patient, steadfast, loving, supportive and a prime candidate for Alanon, the 12-step program for spouses of alcoholics. After Bush quits cold turkey, the movie shows him nevertheless often with a beer at his hand, unaware of the ironic AA curse for someone you dislike: "One little drink won't kill you." [In an interview conducted after this review was posted onlin, Oliver Stone told me that Bush was not drinking real beer in the later scenes, but the non-alcoholic O'Doul's.]

Dried out, Bush is finally able to hold down jobs. The movie is far from a chronological record, organizing episodes to observe the development of his personality, not his career. Even several spellbinding scenes about the runup to the Iraq war are not so much critical of his decisions as about how cluelessly, and yet with such vehemence, he stuck with them through thick and thin. At a top-level meeting where he is finally informed that there are no WMDs in Iraq and apparently never were, he is furious for not being informed of this earlier. Several people in the room tried to inform him, but were silenced. Colin Powell spends a lot of time softly urging caution and holding his tongue. There is no indication that he will eventually resign.

The movie's Bush is exasperating to work with. At his Texas ranch, he takes the inner circle on a march through the blazing sun, misses a turn and assures them it's only a half-mile back. Cheney, after three heart attacks, and Rice, wearing inappropriate shoes, straggle along unhappily. His parents are apparently even more disturbed by his decision to run for governor of Texas than by his drinking. Cheney is lectured at a private lunch to remember who is president. He quietly forgets.

Many of the actors somewhat resemble the people they play. The best is Dreyfuss as Cheney, who is not so much a double as an embodiment. The film's portrait of George Senior is sympathetic; it shows him giving Junior the cuff links that were "the only real thing" his own father, Sen. Prescott Bush, ever gave him. The name and the oedipal complex were passed down the family tree.

One might feel sorry for George W. at the end of this film, were it not for his legacy of a fraudulent war and a collapsed economy. The film portrays him as incompetent to be president, and shaped by the puppet masters Cheney and Rove to their own ends. If there is a saving grace, it may be that Bush will never fully realize how badly he did. How can he blame himself? He was only following God's will.


Will you see it?


george jetson

Tom Brady Says No to Undie Ads

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
While David Beckham's underwear clad-bod has been gracing Giorgio Armani billboards across the world, causing fans everywhere to stop, drop and drool, don't expect to see Tom Brady in his skivvies any time soon.

According to Pop Tarts, the Patriots quarterback, who suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier this fall, passed on a Calvin Klein campaign that would've seen him joining his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bündchen among the ranks of designer underwear advocates.

Apparently at the last minute the NFL superstar got a little squeamish about lending his body to the art of advertising, and pulled out of the deal.

Come on Tom, your Victoria's Secret girlfriend doesn't seem to have a problem with being adored by millions for having a killer bod, so what's the big deal?

george jetson

Nastia Takes on Gossip Girl!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What could possibly make winning five gold medals even sweeter? Forget big name endorsements and millions of fans, for 18-year-old gymnast Nastia Liukin, it's the chance to appear on super popular CW show Gossip Girl.

"I was in Los Angeles having dinner with a bunch of my friends and the producers of Gossip Girl were sitting at the table next to me," Nastia told reporters before being named Sportswoman of the Year by the Women's Sports Foundation on Tuesday.

"So they sent over a note saying 'Congratulations. Keep watching Gossip Girl.' Then the next day they contacted my management and the next thing I know I have a guest role on Gossip Girl."

The young athlete says she aspires to do some modeling and acting, making her guest role, which she's filming when she's back in NYC on Oct. 21, the perfect stepping stone to widen her experiences.

Don't expect to see her doing any backflips or balance beam tricks, Nastia says she won't be playing herself.

"I was going to play myself and then they thought it would be cool to give me a character," she said. "A bunch of my friends always watch, so to actually be on it, it's really cool."

george jetson

Rihanna Has The Spirit Of Life

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rihanna is smokin’ hot at the 2008 Spirit of Life Award dinner honoring Doug Morris on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

City of Hope’s Music and Entertainment Industry Group recognized Morris (chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group) for his contributions to his community and profession as well as committing his time and resources to helping those in need.

“I am deeply honored to serve as this year’s Spirit of Life recipient to help recognize the innovative research conducted at City of Hope to find a cure for cancer,” said Morris. “City of Hope has provided the science behind four of the leading cancer drugs used today. I look forward to leading the industry in its support of this visionary institution.”

For more information about City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Award, visit CityOfHope.org.
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MARK WAHLBERG is still rattled by a 2004 fan-charging incident during a guest appearance on MTV's TRL - because the crazed girl who rushed at him wasn't very Christian.

The actor was promoting a movie on the show when a screaming fan ran towards Wahlberg and had to be pulled off him by security guards - and the star fears her intentions might not have been altogether good.

He explains, "The only thing that was a bit disturbing was she had a pin (badge) on that said 'God is not real' and that was upsetting to me. But I still pray for her to this day. Hopefully she's changed her mind."
The deeply religious star, a Catholic, has a small chapel in his Hollywood mansion.
I still can't decide if he's a huge asshole, or if he's a little psychotic.

Selena Gomez's ~idol~ responds to her album collaboration

Remember this post stating Selena Gomez wanted to work with Hayley Williams on her solo album?

She said she's hoping to team up on her upcoming debut solo album with Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. "I love her," Gomez said. "I look up to her."

Well, someone asked her about it on the Paramore LJ...

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sources: http://twitter.com/ohnotheydidnt and paramoreband
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UFC's Rachelle Leah Playboy Preview Photos!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Stock up on your Kleenex supply and tell the gf your going to need some "Me Time" tomorrow because we are just a few hours away from the premiere of Rachelle Leah's FIRST EVER NUDE PICTORIAL for Playboy magazine's November issue. An issue that may very well enable Rachelle to overtake Maris Kanellis for the title of Playboy's best pictorial of 2008.

The Cover of Playboy's November Issue, Preview Photos and an Interview with Rachelle About her Pictorial in the Cut...

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Rob Pattinson #2 on IMDB

Twilight star, Robert Pattinson ranks higher on IMDB’s Star Meter than Brad Pitt or Will Smith, he was recently number one on the Star Meter, but is now number two, right behind the $400 million dollar man, Johnny Depp. Twilight is also the nubmer one most searched unreleased movie on IMDB Pro’s Movie Meter
The official film website has received over 8 million visits, more than most film sites ever receive. Over 80% of the website’s registrants are between the ages of 13-24.
Get ready for Twilight to break some records next month!

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Is Lee Najjar the real estate tycoon in Duluth, Georgia, “Big Papa?”

If you watch the second episode where Kim is texting with NeNe and Sheree, there is a moment where her text inbox is revealed. In the inbox there are several messages from “Lee” including “Miss U”. If you have the show on Tivo you can go in slow motion and see it very clearly. Anybody who gives a contrary answer is trying to cover for her since he is already married. That’s right married!

“Big Papa” is in fact Married which we suspected and is a multi, multi millionaire real estate developer. He’s not black and He’s not white. He has a major part in the re-development of the Buckhead area in Atlanta, Ga. he is turning it into a Rodeo Drive sort of shopping district. He has 2 sons that we know of. One of which is good friends with Brody Jenner from MTV’s “The Hills”. The son, Jared Najjar pretty much Bank-Rolls Brody and all his friends out in L.A. (even used to support Spencer Pratt)!

Pictured Above Left to Right: Herman, Matt Osborn, Brody Jenner, Jared Najjar, and Kevin Ou.

What do you think is Lee Najjar Kim’s secret BF?

Source: Bricks and Stones Gossip
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Sex Addict is a Major Hypocrite

Sex addict David Duchovny splits from wife Téa Leoni after discovering HER 'illicit affair' with Billy Bob Thornton


Sex addict David Duchovny and his actress wife Téa Leoni have split up - but not for the reasons one might think.It was not his 'sexual compulsion proclivity' that caused the break-down of their marriage, but rather his discovery of explicit text messages on her mobile phone sent by actor Billy  Bob Thornton.

Through the texts Duchovny found out she had begun a relationship with Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, 53, who was formerly married to Angelina Jolie.The couple are separating after 11 years and two children, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

Five-times married Billy Bob met Téa when they made a comedy film together earlier this year called Manure.

Thornton, a musician with his own band, has been seen with Téa at his gigs.

'She even helps him load and unload his truck,' says a friend of the couple.

 I screw other women on the side but I'm a stud, my wife is a whore 


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Selma Blair is a witch. Burn her! Burn her!

Those fellows who do those David Blaine ~*street magic*~ parody videos made a funny video with Selma Blair.

Selma Blair > David Blaine parodists > David Blaine, y/n?

Also, Selma Blair as Merlin is infinitely more watchable than the American version of Kath & Kim, y/y?

Source: YouTube and the Celeb Worship group on SuicideGirls, wherein this video was posted HOURS before Perez Hilton found it. Fact.

Lauren Conrad Working Dem Boots -- Go Ahead Wit' Yo' Bad Self

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It has been a very eventful week for Lauren Conrad, with a high-profile show at Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week. And last night she decided to chill out with a few friends over dinner.

The “Hills” starlet was spotted leaving Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood, sporting a wispy white button-up short sleeved shirt, black leggings, and a pair of studded black high-heeled boots.


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Kat Dennings is cute verging on Diablo Cody

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As I perch upon the cold and slippery obelisk of life that juts precariously forth from the churning sea of the future, I reflect on the nuances of the universe. The universe, I tell you!

Up until now I'd been thinking that I had everything figured out, that I was preternaturally aware of what I should do and sort of what other people should do too. But I realized recently: I don't know ANYTHING about ANYTHING. About anything, for crying out loud! What am I even talking about? Do you see what I mean?

Suddenly it hit me like a tidal wave of melted cheese in a lactose intolerance factory. I was floored, FLOORED by my realization. I know nothing! And now I lie here, head wrapped in my flannel pajama top(no really), nails unpolished, TV off, daydreaming about King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and on the verge of a pre-life crisis. Something must be done, citizens! I thought my self-doubt/angst years were behind me...but NO. I am a fool in a dress.

So anyway, I'm hungry. Nothing can make me get up, though. I'm comfortable right now. SIIIGH.

What's happening to me, readers? Am I finally becoming the man I was born to be (James Woods)? Nobody knows. It's a mystery, that is why. The mystery of life, which can be summed up like this: dairy + gold + kittens + October + confusion + James Woods = The Mystery of Life

I'm serious,

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~^*Kiki post*^~

Old Kiki quotes:

"Everybody smokes! Models, actresses, everyone! Don't they realize that it's gross? I understand it's an addiction, but it still pains me to see my friends do it."

"I have never done a drug in my life. I tried smoking once. Hated it. I don't want to infect myself with cancer."

"Whenever I have to smoke for a character, I make sure they're fake cigarettes. It's a terrible habit, and I can't believe kids still want to do it."

ETA for those who are all like, 'But that cigarette isn't even lit...!':

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Gerard Butler’s Power Lunch


Gerard Butler lunches at the BLD restaurant in LA with some of his friends, and then drove to Beverly Hills for a business meeting on Wednesday.

The 300 star has been rumored to be dating model/actress Shanna Moakler, after they were spotted together at his new restaurant “Shin” in Hollywood.

However, pals of Shanna and Gerard have denied anything romantic is going on between them.

“They weren’t making out,” says the source. “If you look closely at the photos, they’re really just talking closely.”

“There’s nothing salacious about it,” the pal explained to OK!, adding, “Gerard’s upset they’re being construed as anything else.”


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sir ian

spoiler alert: it's not a blind item

THE Los Angeles wildfires have claimed another victim. A Left Coast source say Stevie Wonder's Porter Ranch-area house went up in flames earlier this week. "Everything was destroyed - all of Stevie's memorabilia, photos, musical instruments, history, clothing, furniture, everything," said our source. "It's all gone. It was his main residence and he is utterly devastated. Stevie's had to put his tour and appearances on hold while he deals with this." Wonder's personal rep couldn't be reached and a rep for his label, Universal Motown, declined to comment.

Film - The Old Guard

20 one-letter entertainment items before W.

1. Q

While George W. Bush remains the first American president to reduce his name to a single letter, he's hardly the first person to try that bit of addition by subtraction. Similarly, Oliver Stone's Bush biopic W. is part of a long tradition of movies that keep it simple. Witness Larry Cohen's Q, which arrived with this tagline: "Its name is Quetzalcoatl… Just call it Q, that's all you'll have time to say before it tears you apart!" Easy enough, especially since most people couldn't pronounce "Quetzalcoatl" anyway, whether or not they were being torn apart. The 1982 horror movie stars David Carradine and Richard Roundtree trying to catch a hideous winged beastie, the living embodiment of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, who's gotten into the bad habit of snatching victims off the top of New York buildings. Trouble is, only Michael Moriarty knows where Q has made its lair, and he isn't giving the information up without a little something for himself in return.

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This was too awesomely random not to post, and ONTD needs moar Peter Lorre. ("M" is really good.)
s is for source
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Jenny McCarthy Must Have Gotten To Him

Yesterday, some dumb fuck quotes from Denis Leary's upcoming book made the rounds and now he's trying to fix the situation by saying his comments were taken out of his context. In his book, Why We Suck: A Feel-Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid, Denis writes that autism is an excuse used by bad parents. He really brought it to the shit farm by writing, "I don't give a [bleep] what these crackerjack whack jobs tell you - yer kid is NOT autistic. He's just stupid. Or lazy. Or both."

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Tim Burton talks Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp, his career, etc etc

I got Tim Burton on the phone the other day while he was on the set of "Alice in Wonderland" and I had to admit right off the bat that I was surprised that, with the filming just underway, he was taking the time to chat. "Yeah, well, me too," he said in his droll deadpan, and I wasn't sure whether to laugh or apologize and hang up. Then he let me off the hook. "Actually," he said in a sunnier voice, "we're just about to get going so we'll see how things go. Good, I hope."

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I know the general ONTD consensus is that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp should stop making films together, but I thought this might be interesting for those who ARE fans of Tim and Johnny.

And for the tl;dr crowd: Tim is getting the "Immortal Award" at the 2008 Scream Awards (it airs Oct. 21 on Spike TV); he doesn't like any of the previous movie versions of Alice in Wonderland so that's why he's doing his own; and, horror of horrors, he still has not seen TDK yet. For shame!

Christian Bale does not approve.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison took the afternoon to do a little shopping at the MAC store in Los Angeles yesterday.

The ex of Hugh Hefner browsed around and tried on different shades of lipstick before buying a tall cup of ice coffee from Starbucks.

Perhaps she was looking to do a bit of retail therapy as she has been reportedly “miserable” since her break up with Hef.

Meanwhile, Holly is opening up about the reason behind her split — children!

She tells In Touch Weekly: “I wanted to have kids. When that wasn’t possible, I realized that I had to be honest with Hef and break it off…We tried for me to get pregnant by in vitro fertilization, because it wasn’t going to happen the old-fashioned way.”

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/57606/holly-shops-her-troubles-away/


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Michelle and Spike Show PDA

After months of low-key dating, it seems Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze are finally ready to take their romance public.

After attending a Cinema Society screening of their new film, Synecdoche, New York in Manhattan Wednesday night, the couple walked out of the auditorium with Jonze caressing Williams' back and wrapping his arm around her waist.

The pair held hands as they walked through the lobby, where they met up with Synecdoche costar Catherine Keener. While the two women chatted and munched on popcorn, Jonze snaked his arm around Williams' waist again.

"He couldn't seem to keep his hands off her," said an onlooker. "It was very cute."

But the sparks really started to fly later that night, when they headed to the Gramercy Hotel's rooftop club for the Mulberry-sponsored afterparty.

While the two – who have been romantically linked since this summer – talked with friends, they stood so close they were "practically spooning," said one fellow guest.

And later, when they decided to leave the bash at around 1 a.m., Williams and Jonze shared a mini makeout session – on their way to the elevator.

Williams, 28 – who has an almost-three-year old daughter, Matilda, with the late Heath Ledger – met the director in 2006, when she audtioned for his film, Where the Wild Things Are. They reconnected last year, when she signed on to star in Synecdoche, which he produced.

kellan lutz

Panic At The Disco: “Give the Jonas Brothers a Beer”

EDIT:they don't talk about JB in the article. Just in the video, so go to the source and watch.

The visitor’s locker room is like home to Panic at the Disco. It’s their dressing room at the Staples Center arena in Los Angeles, and there is the usual spread of chips, salsa and a big jug of Johnny Walker Red, all to help with the idle hours before showtime as Christmas lights blink in the corner. But the band is thinking about making music again. Panic bassist Jon Walker sits on a miniature amp with an electric guitar and begins strumming John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Guitarist Ryan Ross sits next to him in a pink tie and purple blazer, chewing on a bagel, but he soon moves to a small drum kit to tap out an anxious beat. “It’s funny how when you’re on tour you don’t really play music that much,” says Walker, “so we’re trying to make that happen again.”

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source & video where they actually talk about the jobros

It wasn't actually Jonas who wrote the blog their talking about... it was Garbo, the one on the left in the picture.
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Film Based on Overrated Novel Pushed Back To 2009?

Is 'The Road' being bumped to 2009?

That's the rumor going around at the moment. Though the Weinstein Co. web site currently lists its release date as Nov. 14, the mini-studio is unable to confirm that its eagerly-awaited Cormac McCarthy adaptation, starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, will actually be in theaters that day. The distributor is certainly suffering its fair share of headaches at the moment, with all the tussling over the Stephen Daldry drama The Reader. After Harvey Weinstein tried to force Daldry and producer Scott Rudin to finish the film, starring Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet, in time for a 2008 release, Rudin took his name off the film late last week. With The Reader now slated for December, has Weinstein decided he doesn't want to mount two Best Picture campaigns simultaneously?

Since the reigining Best Picture winner, No Country for Old Men, was also a McCarthy book first, The Road was high on many OscarWatchers' lists: In fact, it now stands at No. 13 on Movie City News' Gurus of Gold Best Picture chart (to which I'm a contributor). Should The Road get pushed, the biggest loser will be Mortensen, who earned a Best Actor nod earlier this year for his phenomenal performance in Eastern Promises. Even though he's got two other films this fall (Appaloosa and the upcoming Nazi drama Good), his best shot at a second consecutive nomination may be off the table...at least for this year.


Designing Woman: Zoe With a Zing

This is no program for the fashion weak.

"The Rachel Zoe Project" is marked with a "Z" that would have had Zorro second-guessing the style of his own flashy cape. And that mask? Oh, how retro!

At 46 [a note from me, wikipedia says she just turned 37], Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig is a designing woman who has become a fashion plate of more than nibbles and nubs; she is stylist to the stars, projecting what and how they will wear what she "advises."
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4jeo (jewish eyes only, fyi)

it's long, but it's an ok article on her.

idc what anyone says, i love her.
plz feel free to post your gifs

To clear up the age controversy once and for all, I emailed The JE for a comment about Rachel's age listing. I'm also emailing her publicist. We'll see what they get back to me with.

ALSO: The Seattle Times did an interview with Rachel in Sept. 2005 that lists her age as 33. That was when she first started working with celebrities (and most notably by the article, Lindsay Lohan). So that would be consistent with her being 36. Now purplelily85 can diaf.
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Gwyneth Paltrow: Fun Times With Mr. Potato Head


Gwyneth Paltrow takes a smiley stroll around the block with 2-year-old son Moses in London on Thursday afternoon.

Moses carried around his classic, face-changing friend, Mr. Potato Head. Buckets of fun for everyone!

The mother-of-two recently revealed her choice for the office as the November election heats up, telling Glamour, “It is crucial that we elect a president who will make women’s health a priority. For his entire career, Barack Obama has stood up for women in this way… [John] McCain has voted against requiring insurance to cover birth control, and he’s opposed funding for education about emergency contraception (EC). McCain has voted against what is best for women’s health 125 times. This year I’ll be voting for a champion of women’s health care, and a champion for my daughter’s future.”

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Cute kid! Love his glasses. And IDGAF I love Gwyneth.

"Gossip Girl" author loves the show but....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Gossip Girl" author has 1 quibble on the show: The Vanessa character was "ruined"
Cecily von Ziegesar loves the CW show, but she has one complaint: "I think Vanessa is one character they ruined. In the book, she's kick-ass and has a shaved head and wears lots of black ... and I think a lot of the readers who don't usually read teen fiction identify with Vanessa."

On the cast of the show: "Leighton Meester is totally perfect for Blair, and Blake [Lively] is perfect for Serena. I was more worried they would insert Barbie-doll-looking people, which they didn't," she said. "I think the actors do a brilliant job. Chuck is my favorite character, and the way he looks and acts is in keeping with how he is in the beginning of the series."

I can't believe she only has ONE quibble about the show!

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Gabriella Cilmi ISNT a one hit wonder

You all know her from her hit single "Sweet About Me" - which has gone top 5 in 10 countries and amassed over 1, 000, 000 download sales across the world - but Aussie rising star Gabriella Cilmi wants you to know that she isn't a one hit wonder .

Here's her third single entitled "Sanctuary" from the Aussie platinum album "Lessons To Be Learned"

CLICK HERE to watch it (universal music doesnt allow embedding on this video)


LOVE THIS SONG! I also heard she's getting an American release for "Sweet About Me" so watch out y'all!

I Love My Boo: Lucy Hale and David Henrie

Lucy Hale
, from the CW’s new show, Privileged and David Henrie, from Wizards of Waverly Place made the cutest couple last night at the premiere of Sex Drive in Westwood, CA. David went around the red carpet yet was still nice enough to talk to Hollywood Limelight. After having a few snacks with his younger brother David told us that he was waiting for his girlfriend to make her way down the red carpet, of course he meant the beautiful Lucy Hale.

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Nicole: DJ Am Finger

brit brit is moving out of beverly hills, yall

Britney Spears needs a break from the Hills of Beverly. She'll be building a house in Louisiana.

Michael Flanagan, the lawyer in her trial of the century -- driving without a license -- just told jurors during his opening statement that soon Brit will be building a house where her kinfolk live.

Presumably, Flanagan is raising the issue to show it's not that clear that Brit is a Californicator.

source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/10/16/britney-breaks-new-ground/
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90210 Bad Girl AnnaLynne McCord Opens Up

AnnaLynne McCord, 21, is one of the most gracious celebrities in Hollyweird. She's sweet, funny, glam, and courteous.

I got some Q&A action with 90210's resident bad girl and unlike her character Naomi, she was a homeschooled "dork growing up."

AnnaLynne is passionate about making a difference. While talking to various media outlets, at any opportunity the rising star mentioned the charity organization she works closely with called The Blind Project, an organization that raises awareness and money for victims of sex trafficking.

AnnaLynne says,
Actors are so lucky. We have so much power and it's wrong to me, criminal even, to have that kind of power and not use it."
At L.A. Direct Magazine and Planet Funk's L.A. Fashion week kickoff party on Friday, 0ct. 10, AnnaLynne talked to Poponthepop.com about on-set romances, the importance of good hair, her "badankadonk" and why she wants to work with Bruce Willis.Collapse )

britney outrageous

Jimmy Kimmel goes presidential

At a time when it seems every celeb out there is announcing to the world whether he or she is voting Democrat or Republican, it's actually pretty refreshing when a star decides to remain somewhat elusive.

Such is the case with Jimmy Kimmel, who playfully maintains a bipartisan stance by way of two very different covers for GQ magazine's November issue.

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I love the JFK one

Poll #1279893 which photo is your favorite?

Which photo is your favorite?

Lyndon B Johnson

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The Black Michelle Williams Album Tanks!

October 16, 2008. First week sales are out and MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Michelle Williams had a disastrous week. According to Soundscan, Michelle only sold about 14,000 copies of her album.

To put that in perspective, Kelly Rowland's last album Miss Kelly which was considered a flop sold 82,500 units.

This record business is crazy out there y'all....


Shanna Moakler Was Supposed To Be On Jet With Travis Barker.

Shanna Moakler Says She Was Supposed To Be On Jet With Travis Barker, But Had A 'Bad Feeling''At the last minute, I had this gnarly feeling,' Barker's ex-wife tells Us magazine.

Travis Barker's ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, told US Weekly that she was supposed to be aboard the private jet that crashed in South Carolina on September 19, injuring Barker and DJ AM and killing four others, but she changed her plans at the last minute because she had "a bad feeling."

"I was supposed to go with [Travis] to South Carolina, and at the last minute, I had this gnarly feeling and said, 'I don't think we should fly together anymore,' " she told the magazine in its October 17 issue, which hits stands Friday. "God forbid something ever happened ... our kids wouldn't have both parents. Instead of flying a commercial flight back home, they decided to take a private jet. He e-mailed me pictures of the plane and wrote, 'It's really small and scary.' I had a bad feeling, but didn't want to sound strange, so I said, 'Be safe.' "

In the interview, Moakler said she received word of the crash when a paramedic called her, and that at first, she thought it was Barker and AM playing a joke on her.

"I almost hung up on him. He said, 'No, ma'am, I am very serious.' I was like, 'Oh, my God. What do I do?' and started crying," she said. "I had to sit down with [Barker's assistant] Little Chris [Baker's] wife, Jessica, and break the news about Chris. Someone could have been giving me that news. It was horrible."

Moakler told Us that she also had to break the news of the crash to her children — Atiana, 9, from a previous relationship, and Landon, 5, and Alabama, 2, from her marriage to Barker — then "took a lot of Xanax" and boarded a flight with one of Barker's managers to be by her ex's side at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia.

"I flew with one of his managers because I didn't want to be alone," she said. "When I saw him at the hospital, he was all bandaged up but could talk. We both cried and cried. The hardest part is to see someone you love in such pain and not be able to do anything about it."

She also described Barker's ongoing treatment at a Los Angeles burn center, and said that his burns have healed to the point where "he might be out in the next two weeks."

At the end of the interview, Moakler briefly addresses Barker's comment in a recent MySpace blog that he hasn't seen her since "the week [he] checked in," saying that she was "deeply hurt" by the comment, but that the couple share "a love that will always be there."

"Trav and I are so crazy. We are off for one week, on the next," she said. "I haven't thought about the long term. We're just trying to get him well and home. ... I would never abandon anyone in his condition, and I have made sure he had a support system. My feelings are deeply hurt. I wish him a speedy recovery and am thankful he's alive."


Are you ready for stunt casting & ridiculous plot twists?!?

CW November Sweeps Highlights

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Featuring show information for:
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
The Game
Everyone Hates Chris

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Guest Stars include: Willa Holland ("The O.C."), celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (seriously wtf), singer Cyndi Lauper, the band Angels & Airwaves, Sarah Drew ("Everwood"), Penny Marshall ("Laverne & Shirley"), Tisha Campbell-Martin ("My Wife and Kids"), Rick Fox , singer Kate Voegele, Kathy Najimy ("King of The Hill") and the returns of both Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang) and Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl) to "Smallville".

What are you excited for?

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Lindsay Price & BF Robert Buckley out and about in NYC

Actress Lindsay Price and boyfriend/actor Robert Buckley (both of 'Lipstick Jungle') leave the '10th Annual Key To The Cure Charity Shopping Weekend' event at Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. All of the photographers yell Lindsay's name and don't show any interest in her boyfriend, who doesn't seem to appreciate the lack of attention very much. Lindsay nearly stops to pose, until she realizes Robert has already ran off, at which point she races off to catch up to him.



my stammy

Jenny McCarthy's "autistic" son is no longer autistic, talks about John McCain

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Despite criticism from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Jenny McCarthy says she helped her son, Evan, recover from autism.

The actress - who believes the MMR vaccine was to blame for her son's diagnosis - says a strict no wheat-and-dairy-free diet has changed her son from a quiet little boy who used to flail his arms around to a loving six-year-old.

"Before the vaccination, he was huggy, lovey, snuggly," she says in the newest issue of Us Weekly. "Then it was like someone came down and stole him."

McCarthy, 36, remembers when Evan began to come out of his shell while watching a SpongeBob episode. "I heard Evan laugh...I jumped on the bed and started screaming."

She adds, "When he finally hugged me, I prayed, 'Please God don't let this be the only time.'"

McCarthy has become an outspoken advocate for autism awareness, often courting controversy along the way (doctors have accused her of creating fear of necessary vaccines). She's the bestselling author of five books, including her newest, Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds. She's also constantly researching on sites like like AgeofAutism.com and GenerationRescue.org

"I made a deal with God," she explains. "I said, 'You fix my boy, you show me the way and I'll teach the world how I did it.'"

She's even reached out to John McCain - who spoke about the importance of autism awareness during Wednesday's debate - without much success.

"We tried," says McCarthy - who currently labels herself a Democrat. "McCain had come out and said he thinks there's enough evidence between vaccines and autism, so I got on a helicopter [to meet him for] an on-camera interview. By the time I got there, the campaign manager said, 'He's ahead in the polls, and this is too controversial, and he doesn't want to go one way or the next.'"


GREAT NEWS!: Amitabh to be discharged soon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amitabh Bachchan's condition is stable and he is likely to be discharged in two to three days, doctors attending on the Bollywood superstar, who was admitted to a hospital on Saturday, said today.

"Bachchan is under medication and taking rest. He is likely to be discharged in two to three days," Vice-President Lilavati hospital Dr Naredra Trivedi told PTI here.

The actor was doing well and there had been no abnormalities in the test results.

"Since the last five days, occasional rumours have circled in the media that Bachchan's health has been deteriorating," he said.

The 66-year-old iconic actor was admitted to Lilavati hospital on his birthday on October 11 after he complained of restlessness and abdominal pain.


Q&A with Yelle

When French electro-pop trio Yelle's C'est La Amerique tour stopped at the Magic City last Friday, we decided it was a good opportunity to meet with the group face-to-face. We originally hoped to spend the day with Yelle, getting to know them better, seeing them have fun in Miami, but their publicist didn't grant us the opportunity. Instead, we interviewed Yelle, who is Julie Budet (also commonly referred to as Yelle herself), GrandMarnier and Tepr.

When we met Juile and the guys, she was in the midst of eating her dinner and bringing up how "wet" Miami was (by "wet," she meant humid -- we know, she was adorable from the start). We packed into their tour van where we could get away from the noise coming from the venue due to the ongoing sound checks.

New Times: You've gained quite a following in Miami, probably because your music is bass-heavy and people here like that, but how would you describe your sound?

Yelle: It's a real mix between pop and electronic stuff, because we have a lot of different influences.

Tepr: It's real songs actually, you can play each of our songs like a folk song, but its electronic production with real song. But you can you also include our songs in a DJ set, our songs match up with a booty bass song or just plain house.

NT: You call your style techtonik but we think your influence comes a bit more from Miami bass.

Y: Techtonik is actually just a movement --

GrandMarnier: A dance movement in France.

Y: Yes, and we used technonik dance in a video clip for a remix by Tepr and it became really huge in France -- technonik and the video clip. Lots of people say we are a technonik band but [we're] not.

GM: Technonik is a real dance movement; indie dance movement.

NT: The notion is that the French tend to look down on all things American, but your sound, and the sound of other French artists like the Teenagers and Justice, is very much influenced by American culture. In your first single "Je Te Veux Voir" you reference a lot of American things like Magic Johnson, Lil' Jon and Hummers. Do you think your sound is influence by American culture?

T: Yes, we've been influenced a lot by American dance and TV culture. When we were teenagers everything was about Saved By The Bell --

Y: Beverly Hills [90210].

T: Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and a lot of American bands.

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sir ian

phew, stevie is okay

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Singer Stevie Wonder on Thursday shot down reports his home was left a smoldering ruin by a wildfire burning in the foothills around Los Angeles.

The fire at the northern edge of the heavily populated San Fernando Valley has destroyed 19 homes since a downed power line sparked the blaze on Monday.

The New York Post reported on Thursday that Wonder's home was one of those that went up in flames and that all his musical memorabilia had been destroyed.

"I'm grateful to say that my house was not burned down in the fire," Wonder said in a statement. "I extend my sympathies to anyone who may have been touched by this horrendous event."

Shelley Selover, a spokeswoman for Wonder, said the singer does not even have a house in the immediate area hit by the fire, although he does have a home in the San Fernando Valley.

Wonder, 58, has won 25 Grammy Awards. His hits include "Superstition" and "My Cherie Amour."


thank the ~lord~ stevie's home is okay. whats yo favorite stevie song?
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Madonna Calls Hubby Retarded

With a £75million divorce looming, Madonna couldn't resist launching a thinly veiled attack on her soon to be ex husband Guy Ritchie as she took to the stage in Boston last night.

Before she sang 'Miles Away', which Madonna previously claimed was inspired by Ritchie, she told the audience: 'This song is for the emotionally retarded. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do.' The lyrics hint at a couple growing apart: 'When I'm gone you'll realize/That I'm the best thing that happened to you.'

She also opened the show, which took place just hours after her spokesperson confirmed the split, with her track I'm Not Sorry, telling the 20,000-strong crowd: 'That's right, I'm not sorry.'

The article is really long,
more here

Naked Brothers Band at Legendary Stone Pony

Performing hits from their hit TV show
The Naked Brothers Band
Doors at 3 pm
Showtime at 3:30 pm
Tickets: $20 in advance
$25 at the door
(plus applicable surcharges)
Band site: natnalex.com
Special $50 VIP ticket includes early entry 45 minutes before doors open, meet and greet with Nat & Alex, access to the best viewing spots for the show, exclusive t-shirt or poster created for this tour

I thought this was kind of interesting.  For those of you familiar with Asbury Park in NJ, the Stone Pony is one of the most famous rock venues (most famous for Bruce Springsteen.)  Naked Brothers band?  My little cousin is excited anyway!  ha

my stammy

Parisite Hilton Gets Rejected by TWO Princes in ONE night (allegedly)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
At this point in the relationship between Benji Madden and Paris Hilton, I guess Benji is just some kind of dog Paris keeps around for when she needs something to do or someone to buy her something. I say this because the second Benji is not around, Paris tries to find someone better than him. Apparently Benji must not care and is perfectly happy being dumped on and disrespected. Well, whatever. The good news is that Paris got herself rejected not once, but twice last night and the rejection was done by none other than Prince William and Prince Harry.

So, it is 2am at the club Whiskey Mist. Lots of royalty there last night including William and Harry. Well, the Valtrex one strolled in around 2am and when she saw Harry she must have started salivating because she practically sprinted towards him. What did Harry do? Ignored her. Kept talking to his friends. To get his attention, Paris did what she always does. Some kind of stripper grind that works with the likes of Benji, and other guys who can't get any, but not with Harry. He finally did look up, stood up, shook her hand and walked away from her. Nice. Oh, you know he knew who she was and he also knew what she wanted and I love it.

So, what does Paris do? She goes over to where Prince William is sitting with a woman who was not his girlfriend, and does the exact same dance right in front of him. It was like she was waiting for a tip or at stripper school they only taught her one dance or she has no creativity and no imagination which is why she has the same vacant stare on her face year after year. William noticed her, and Paris did get to sit down for about ten seconds. William then got up and left her sitting there alone. Wow. Paris I'm sure then called Benji and told him to buy her something.

I know we complain about how legit this site if but I really hope this is true

Tony-winning actress, TV star Edie Adams dies

Edie Adams dead at 81 years-old

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actress and singer Edie Adams, the blonde beauty who won a Tony Award for bringing Daisy Mae to life on Broadway and who played the television foil to her husband, comedian Ernie Kovacs, has died. She was 81.

Adams died Wednesday in a Los Angeles hospital from pneumonia and cancer, publicist Henri Bollinger said.

A graduate of Juilliard School of Music, Adams hoped to become an opera singer but instead went on to gain fame for her sketches with Kovacs and her pivotal roles in two top Broadway musicals.

For nearly two decades, she also was the sexy spokeswoman for Muriel cigars, singing and breathily cooing in TV commercials: "Why don't you pick one up and smoke it sometime?"

She was born Elizabeth Edith Enke in 1927 in Kingston, Pa., and grew up in Tenafly, N.J. She first attracted notice on the TV show "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts." Kovacs was then performing his innovative comedy show on a Philadelphia TV station, and his director saw her and invited her to audition.

"Here was this guy with the big mustache, the big cigar and the silly hat," she recalled in 1982. "I thought, `I don't know what this is, but it's for me.'"

When she auditioned for the Kovacs show, she knew a lot about opera but only three pop songs, she recalled.

"I sang them all during the audition, and if they had asked to hear another, I never would have made it," she said.

With her innocent face and refreshing manner, Adams became the ideal partner for Kovacs' far-out humor. They eloped to Mexico City in 1954.

Kovacs moved his show — which appeared in various guises in the 1950s and early 1960s — to New York, where he became the darling of critics and discriminating viewers and hugely influential on other comedians. Both Kovacs and Adams garnered Emmy nominations in 1957 for best performances in a comedy series.

Adams found success on Broadway as well.

She was acclaimed for her role as the sister to Rosalind Russell's character in the 1953 "Wonderful Town," the Comden-Green-Bernstein musical based on "My Sister Eileen."

In 1957, Adams won a Tony for best featured (supporting) actress in a musical for her role as Daisy Mae in "Li'l Abner," based on Al Capp's satirical comic strip.

"Edith Adams makes a wonderful Daisy Mae with her busty blouse, brief skirt and bare legs — the hill-billy girl with a touch of Al Capp's Hollywood glamour," The New York Times wrote.

She and Kovacs moved to Hollywood in the late 1950s, and both became active in films.

In Billy Wilder's classic "The Apartment," the 1960 Oscar winner for best picture, Adams played the spurned secretary to philandering businessman Fred MacMurray.

Among her other movies were "Lover Come Back," "Call Me Bwana" (with Bob Hope), the all-star comedy "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (as Sid Caesar's wife), "Under the Yum Yum Tree," "The Best Man" and "The Honey Pot."

In early 1962, Kovacs left a star-filled baby shower for Mrs. Milton Berle and crashed his car into a light pole, dying instantly. He had been a carefree gambler and profligate buyer of unneeded things. He once telephoned his wife and said he had bought the California Racquet Club, with its nightclub, shops and mortgages.

His widow was faced with debts of $520,000, trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and a nasty custody battle over Kovacs' daughters, Betty and Kippie, from his first marriage. She and Kovacs also had a daughter Mia, born in 1959.

Berle, Frank Sinatra, Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin and other stars organized a TV special to raise money for her and her daughters.

"No," she said, "I can take care of my own children."

For a solid year, she worked continuously. She did movies, TV musical revues and a Las Vegas act where Groucho Marx introduced her with the comment: "There are some things Edie won't do, but nothing she can't do."

She won custody of her stepdaughters, tearfully telling reporters after the verdict: "This is the way Ernie would have wanted it."

Over a career that spanned some six decades, Adams also appeared in various stage productions; had a short-lived TV show in 1963 that earned her two Emmy nominations; performed in nightclubs and released several albums.

In the 1980s and 1990s, she made appearances on such TV shows as "Murder, She Wrote" and "Designing Women." She also played Tommy Chong's mother, Mrs. Tempest Stoner, in the first Cheech and Chong movie, "Up in Smoke," in 1978.

Over the years, she strove to keep Kovacs' comedic legacy alive by buying rights to his TV shows and repackaging them for television and videocassettes.

After her widowhood, she had two brief marriages to photographer Martin Mills and trumpeter Pete Candoli.

She is survived by her son, Joshua Mills. Daughter Mia Kovacs was killed at 22 in a 1982 car accident.

Edie Adams was also the one who sang "That's All" in the final episode of I Love Lucy:

old hollywood is dying off, R.I.P. :(
oh and R.I.P. Debroah Kerr, she died today a year ago
and happy birthday Angela Lansbury!

Sneaky Sound System go international WOOT WOOT

Australian dance/electro group Sneaky Sound System have become one of the highest selling independant artists in Australia ever. Not only that, but lead singer Connie Mitchell was featured on Kanye West's first single from Graduation Can't Tell Me Nothing. AND NOW THEY'RE GOING INTERNATIONAL!!!

Here's their brand new clip for their hit single "UFO"

Heres the original vid from 2006


connie is so hot lol
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I never heard the rumor to begin with!

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. - Mark Twain

Tom Cruise death report is "erroneous garbage"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Tom Cruise is alive and well, his agent said on Thursday, denying Internet reports that the actor had fallen to his death in New Zealand.

"This is completely not true. Tom is not in New Zealand nor has he been there recently. This is erroneous and unreliable Internet garbage," Cruise publicist Jeff Raymond told Reuters.

Claims that the star of "Top Gun" and "Mission:Impossible" had plunged to death from the Kauri Cliffs circulated on the Internet on Thursday and were even picked up by traders on the Singapore oil and foreign exchange markets.

A similar erroneous report two years ago claimed that actor Tom Hanks had died after falling from the same cliffs.

Cruise was pictured this week in New York with his actress wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri. Holmes is appearing on Broadway in the play "All My Sons", which has its official opening on Thursday night.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant)


king will

Z~Quinto believes STAR TREK will be more successful with Obama as Prez...

apparently my boyfriend is voting Obama, too. :)

STAR TREK's new SPOCK insists the new sci-fi blockbuster will be more successful at the U.S. box office if BARACK OBAMA is U.S. President.

Actor Zachary Quinto believes Obama's optimism will drive film fans to see films that have positive messages - like Star Trek.

The Heroes star tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "This is a franchise that offers hope for unity, and so does Barack Obama.
"When this movie comes out, and Obama is President, hopefully there will be some parallels."

Meanwhile, the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy - who makes a cameo appearance in the new Star Trek, believes the film should have been released prior to next month's (04Nov08) U.S. election - to give movie fans a boost amid gloomy economic and environmental crises.

He says, "My only regret is that the movie can't come out sooner. I think the world could use it. Don't you?"

movies // parveen

Daniel Radcliffe News

Pictures of him walking around NYC looking kind of upset

Collapse )

Recently, Daniel taped an episode of Inside the Actors Studio. Here's a transcript of part of the interview

With a newly grown, yet sparse, beard and crisp gray suit, Daniel Radcliffe stepped onto the stage at the University's Michael Schimmel Center amidst frenzied cheering and shrieking from the mostly female crowd. As Radcliffe took his seat across from Inside the Actor's Studio host James Lipton, he scanned the crowd bemusedly.

"This is really easy," he said. "I don't even have to say anything…Wow, this is a huge glass."

Collapse )

Ludacris, Beyonce confirmed for final TRL show Nov 16

Ludacris Pledges To Perform On The ‘TRL’ Finale
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 7:00 pm.

First Beyonce and now Ludacris! That’s right, while on hand at TRL today to take the wraps off his new video, “Undisputed,” he promised to come back to our Times Square studios on November 16 for the big throwdown.

“It’s messed up, ’cause I heard that ‘TRL’ is gonna be over,” Mr. Bridges said. “That’s bad news, but I’m coming for the finale. I’ll shut it down. I’ll be here to celebrate!”


Same site's entry from Oct 14 has a few more details:

This is gonna be one helluva farewell party.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but here’s what we know: Sunday evening, November 16 there will be a huge special filled with big stars and awesome memories of a decade of the pop cultural phenomenon that is TRL.

And if you watched TRL today, you’d know that the first confirmed performer for the big party is none other than bona fide superstar Beyonce (whose new videos “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” got their world premiere on MTV.com yesterday). If you didn’t watch, well, now you know, now don’t you? As more guests are confirmed for the finale, we’ll post the info here on Buzzworthy, so be sure to come back often for the latest updates.

And keep your eyes on TRL on MTV, too. Starting a week from today (Tuesday, October 21), Damien and Lyndsey will begin the countdown to the finale by celebrating some of the most awesome moments that have been part of the show for 10 years. Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday leading up to the finale, they’ll be looking back at the biggest guests, insane moments, killer performances and more....
Eva Green = SEX

"Perrier's Bounty" with Cillian a go?

In June 2007, rumors abounded that Cillian was starring in a movie called Perrier's Bounty, a black comedy penned by Mark O'Rowe, who also wrote the scrreenplay for one of Cillian's earlier movies Intermission. Today, IFTN featured an interview with the director, Ian Fitzgibbon who confirmed the casting:

"We are four weeks away from shooting Perrier's Bounty. Cillian Murphy and Jim Broadbent are playing the leads in it and it's shooting in Dublin and London."

Earlier this year, it was also rumored that James McAvoy and actress wife Anne-Marie Duff were also in talks to  star, but James has stated that he's no longer involved in the film, but "cannot say the same for his wife."


Darn, there goes my dreams of seeing Cillian and James together. But I'm excited that Cillian's going to be in another movie with Anne-Marie Duff. They were pretty cute in Playboy of the Western World.
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Nice shoes

Victoria "Posh" Beckham was in Madrid today wearing cocktail stirrer heels. Some gap-toothed motherfuckers could floss with that heel. Seriously. Only this skinny ass ho could get away with this shit. Bitches who weigh over 50 pounds would snap that heel in two after taking two steps. Posh might as well walk around on stilts.

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UK whore becomes a lesbian

The elegant British flower known as Jodie Marsh has pulled a Lohan and is now playing clit hockey with another chick. 29-year-old Jodie says she's known Nina for around 12 years. Nina is Jodie's hairdresser and they've been scissoring for a couple of weeks now.

Jodie tells Now Magazine, "I've had loads of shit men. I can see why women turn lesbian, because you get to the point where you're sick of hearing so much fucking bullshit, so you start to look elsewhere. Nina's really sexy. She asked me out and we've been on a few dates. I think she's a cool girl. I love the way she kisses and she doesn't fuck me about. I feel comfortable with her. Nina's as sexy as any man."

I think Jodie was misquoted when she said she's had "loads of shit men." She really meant that she's been shit on by loads of men. Just wanted to clear that up.

This kind of thing happens to all sluts. Jodie has probably fucked (and infected) 95% of the men in the UK, so now she has to "turn lesbian" if she wants to get her pure oyster eaten. By the time she's effed her way through 95% of the gayelles in the UK, a new batch of dicks will be available for her.


david rose sure

New Sam Roberts Band vid!

I don't know how many Sam Roberts fans are on ONTD but here is the new video for the excellent song Detroit '67, off of Love at the End of the World.

The video came out a couple of weeks ago in Canada, and I wanted to expose everyone to the awesomeness of the song/the hotness of Sam.

source: www.youtube.com/watch

This post is brought to you by Scruffy!Sam:

Katherine Heigl adopting Korean baby

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her musician hubby Josh Kelley are adopting a baby from Korea, so says the National Enquirer.

“They’ve chosen an adoption agency and have started filling out the necessary paperwork."

The Emmy-winning bombshell, 29, has decided that instead getting “Knocked Up” she and Josh will start their family with an adopted bundle of joy.

“They’ve finally decided adoption is the best option for them right now. Katherine’s got several movie projects in the pipeline and a pregnancy would bring her career to a halt for a while.”

Welcoming a baby from Korea holds special meaning for Katherine, whose doting big sister Meg was adopted from the country more than 30 years ago.

“Meg has had a profound impact on Katherine’s life, which is why she and Josh are trying to adopt a Korean child.”


Holly Madison: 'Hef was too old for IVF' ///// More of the same 'break up' news.

Holly Madison, former 'number 1' girlfriend of Hugh Hefner has told In Touch magazine that not being able to have children with Hef was the main reason she left.

"I wanted to have kids," says Holly. "When that wasn't possible, I realized that I had to be honest with Hef and break it off...

"We tried for me to get pregnant by in vitro fertilization, because it wasn't going to happen the old-fashioned way."

The 28-year-old was featured on the Playboy Mansion reality show The Girls Next Door, alongside Hef's other live-in girlfriends Bridget Marquardt, 35, and Kendra Wilkinson, 23. While Holly says she "devoted 100 percent" of herself to the professional hedonist, she never quite got into the swing of his famed lifestyle.

"I'm not really into polygamy," she says. "That was never my thing. I think that's why I was looking to either have a kid or leave."

But the age difference between Holly and 82-year-old Hef proved to be the ultimate obstacle for the pair.

"When the IVF didn't work out after months of giving myself injections every day and feeling horrible, the clinic informed me it wasn't possible because he was too old," she says.

"Since we couldn't start a family I knew it wouldn't work," says Holly, who became depressed after the IVF failed.

Hef has dealt with the split by enlisting two new live-in girlfriends to join Bridget and Kendra — 19-year-old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

And for her part, Holly is moving on as well.

"I would never be with a man who's that much older than me ever again."

I feel bad for her. I think she honestly loved him, but obviously it wasn't meant to be if their hearts were in different places. Hers on kids. His on just over legal age.
Alison Pink

Dumb dumb dumb dumb: TV's stupidest shows

Dumb dumb dumb dumb: TV's stupidest shows
Sorting out the differences between Tyra dumb and ‘90210’ dumb.


By Linda Holmes
msnbc.com contributor
updated 1:58 p.m. MT, Wed., Oct. 15, 2008

We’re all focused on what’s smart these days. Smart ways to fix the economy; smart ways to cast your vote. But who’s looking out for the broad landscape of what’s not-so-smart? Where does dumb go when smart is hogging all the attention?

Well, it goes to television, in part. Sure, much of television is very smart: your “Mad Men” and your “House”; your “30 Rock” and your “Planet Earth.” But there are parts of TV that richly explore the taxonomy of stupidity in a way that few ever pause to appreciate. Let us salute the many kinds of TV dumb.

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'The Rachel Zoe Project': Zoe defends 'Rachel Zoe'

I just like this photo, ok?

She’s not quite over having been called “a pox on humanity” by the New York Times, but Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, and now a reality TV star herself, says her Bravo series has at least given her haters something to gnaw on.

“The Rachel Zoe Project” has, if nothing else, shown the waifish fashionista, notorious for her tiny frame and for formerly outfitting party girls from Nicole Richie to Lindsay Lohan, to be an ambitious, Starbucks-dependent student of fashion, driven by what seems to be genuine passion. (The season finale is Tuesday at 10 p.m.)

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Also under the cut is a screen cap from Rachel's Agent in regards to her age. Curious people and a typo led me on a chase. I don't back down for a challenge, I'm a tiger. RAWR! Alright, now I'm going togo eat some rasins.

and Bravo (because I know you're all reading this blog now); WE NEED A SEASON TWO LITERALLY LIKE NOW, OK?

Most importantly: Be Rachel for Halloween
Queen Francoise

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Gay men prefer Prince Harry to William

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More than a third those questioned expressed a desire for a romance with Harry while William received 23 per cent of the vote. A third of the single gay men said they would steer clear of both.

William's girlfriend Kate Middleton was named as the most lusted after royal date among the nation's lesbians.

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Billy Bob: Don't Blame Me for Duchovny-Leoni Split!!


Unlike, say, Alex Rodriguez, Billy Bob Thornton is wasting no time in publicly distancing himself from any culpability in a major celeb split.

With David Duchovny and Téa Leoni revealing yesterday they have been separated for several months, dating back before the actor entered rehab to treat a sexual addiction, reports are already circulating that a possible affair between Leoni and Thornton was the real deal-breaker.

But the Thornton camp is claiming allegations of an extramarital affair, the swapping of illicit text messages or any other prurient misdeeds are categorically untrue.

"Billy Bob Thornton and Téa Leoni are just friends," Thornton publicist Arnold Robinson tells E! News.

While Leoni praises Thornton in this month's issue of More magazine, saying, "Billy Bob Thornton...is maybe my new favorite person in the world," Robinson said that the admiration was purely professional.

"They recently completed working on a film [the upcoming comedy Manure] together."

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Film - The Old Guard

Article about Oliver Stone and "W."

Not every child of the sixties was a flower child. At Yale in 1965, when George W. Bush was a young pledge at DKE, the fraternity to which his war-hero father had belonged, Oliver Stone was about to throw away the staid future his investment-banker father had planned for him. The two didn’t know each other, and they were hurtling on different trajectories. While Bush was learning the nicknames of his new frat brothers, Stone was burrowing into his foxhole of postadolescent alienation. “I was 19, and I said, ‘Look, I can’t make it, I can’t go to Yale, I don’t belong in these groups, I don’t belong here,” recalls Stone, who is in a back booth at the Royalton Hotel, looking weary from the exertions of finishing his new movie, W., which comes out next week. He’s a large man, but even so, his fleshy, Mayan-obelisk head looks too big for his body.

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Wow, this is...oddly insulting. Whatever; I'm going on Saturday night. Who else is hitting it this weekend?
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Leighton Meester - CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalists event

Leighton Meester was all about paying lip service… and not just to her designer escort, Jason Wu. "I just can't concentrate," she blurted out mid-interview. "I see a really cute guy over there." The gentleman in question made a beeline over to the Gossip Girl star. "Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere? Are you an actress?" he asked, grabbing Meester by the waist and passionately kissing her. "I'm sorry," she said, briefly coming up for air. "This is my boyfriend. We play this game all the time."

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Lil' Wayne & Cash Money Sign UK Singer Jay Sean

Last night, British R&B artist Jay Sean announced that he had inked a deal with Cash Money Records, the label home of Lil' Wayne.

While Sean didn't pick up any honors at last night's MOBOs (Music of Black Origin) -the biggest award show in British urban music - he did have some good news to share backstage. The UK R&B star announced that he had signed a deal with Cash Money/Universal.

During a recent trip to Miami, Jay officially signed with the label and met Wayne and the rest of the Cash Money family. As a result of the deal, Cash Money has exclusive rights to release Jay Sean's most recent album, My Own Way in the United States.  His forthcoming albums will also be released by the imprint.

"It's always been a dream for me to sign to an American label," Jay wrote in a blog posted on his official myspace page. "And it's great to be accepted by the best in the game."

Jay Sean already has a collabo with his label mate Weezy in the works and the self-proclaimed "best rapper alive" will be also be dropping a verse on a remix of Jay's upcoming single, "Tonight," which will be featured on a repackaged version of My Own Way.

My Own Way will be released in the United States during the spring of 2009.


I liked him ever since 50 Cent mentioned him in some interview last year. I hope they don't ruin him.

tizz looking good (minus the nose)

Sporting a brand new dark hairdo, former blonde Ashley Tisdale was spotted out for her “High School Musical 3” premiere on Thursday (October 16).

Leaving her home hand-in-hand with boyfriend Jared Murillo, Tizzie looked radiant in a flowing white gown as she headed to her chauffeured ride.

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brought to you by oldschool ashley!!
Angie & Mad [LOVE]

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

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I think that anyone who saw this photo of Guy Ritchie at his 40th birthday party which was taken immediately after Madonna left should have known something was up. I have searched and searched and have barely found any photos were Guy is even smiling during the bazillion years he was married to Madonna. The only time he ever cracks a smile is when one of the kids is around and Madonna is not looking. It is kind of like there is a ban on smiling when she is around.

All the tabloids say that Guy is going to get $300M or some ridiculous amount. He might be entitled to that amount, but I am willing to wager that Guy takes the high road in this thing. As long as Madonna doesn't try and screw him or something, I think Guy will walk away pretty cheaply. I mean look at how happy he is. That has to be worth at least $100M right there. As for Madonna. This will be interesting. Is she going to start dating Alex Rodriguez publicly? Did she slip something in his drink? Madonna's rep made the statement announcing the divorce which means it was probably Madonna's idea. I say probably because most British actors and directors and musicians seem to do a pretty good job of doing their own talking. For some reason it just seems that maybe American celebrities for whatever reason either because they are idiots, or because it makes them feel important, rarely make any announcements on their own. To me it seems much cheaper if you are a celebrity to pick up a phone, make a free call to People and tell them something rather than pay someone $5000 a month or more to do the same thing.

gerard 3d

A Chat With Matt Skiba

Alkaline Trio bring their Agony & Irony to Jannus Landing

Alkaline Trio has spent the past decade evolving from your basic hardcore outfit into the rare punk band capable of making music large enough to fill an arena. The Matt Skiba-led threesome's major-label debut, Agony & Irony, which Epic issued earlier this summer, is a majestic, mature pop-rock affair that recalls My Chemical Romance, minus the vocal histrionics and sophomoric lyrics.

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Due to all of the paparazzi lying in wait, poor little Hayden Panettiere had to be escorted back to her car by the LAPD today.


The Heroes star was enjoying an afternoon of pampering at the Thibiant spa in Beverly Hills when it ll went down.

So, why the dollying up? She was reportedly spotted exchanging telephone numbers with Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Lamar Odom last night!! (Check out his website HERE.)

H.Pat was leaving rapper Jay-Z’s concert in Hollywood when the 6ft 10ins NBA star met up with her outside the Palladium.

Says a source: “She seemed thrilled to see Lamar and flirted up a storm with him. He spent much of their chat almost bent double, so he could hear what she was saying. I thought she was dating Milo Ventimiglia, but that didn’t seem to stop her exchanging numbers with Lamar. He seemed very fond of her.”

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/57806/did-hayden-hook-up-with-nba-star/

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Academy Award Winning Film ONCE Comes to Broadway in 2010/2011 Season

Multi-Tony Award winning theater and Academy Award nominated film producers John N. Hart, Jr, Jeff Sine and Fred Zollo have acquired the North American and worldwide live theater rights to ONCE, the 2007 Academy Award-winning film.
  ONCE, was written and directed by John Carney, and starred Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, with original music and lyrics by Mr. Hansard and Ms. Irglová.  The creative team for the theatrical musical adaptation of ONCE will be announced shortly, with the aim for the production to bow on Broadway during the 2010/2011 season.

"In a landscape where the American musical must evolve, ONCE provides a wonderful, unique opportunity," said producer John Hart.   "Those of us who fell in love with it and it's score at the movie theater came out singing, and will do so again when it finds its way to the stage."

"The film was shot modestly, on a shoe-string budget and managed to capture the hearts of fans around the world, wildly exceeding all critical and box office expectations. It did so, because it invited its audience into the process of artists making music and did not stoop to melodrama," affirmed producer Fred Zollo.

ONCE is a modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin about a street musician and a Czech immigrant.  During an eventful week the two meet, begin writing songs together, rehearse and record their songs to take to London in hopes of landing a music contract.  Through the music they write, the duo works through their past loves, and are confronted with their new feelings for each other.       

ONCE writer/director John Carney asked Glen Hansard, his bandmate from the popular Irish Rock band The Frames, to share his busker anecdotes as well as compose songs for a film he was working on about street musicians.  When the lead actor withdrew from the project, Glen stepped into the role opposite first time actress Markéta Irglová.  The independent Irish film was made for under $150,000, was shot in 17 days, and went on to gross over $10,000,000, becoming a critically acclaimed international smash.  Glen and Markéta won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original song for "Falling Slowly," the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Music, and the soundtrack was nominated for two Grammy Awards.  The duo has been on a highly successful worldwide tour performing music from the platinum selling film soundtrack.


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I wonder if they're going to use Glen and Marketa. I thought they were adorable in the film, and I'd imagine that they'd continue with the show. That being said, there would have to be understudies...Johnny Gallagher, please? He's all scruffy now and he can do an Irish accent (he kicked some arse in Port Authority).
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Lansbury, Nixon, Gallagher and More to Join ALL ABOUT EVE Reading


Variety is reporting that Angela Lansbury, Cynthia Nixon, John Slattery, Peter Gallagher and Brian Bedford will be joining Annette Bening in the ALL ABOUT EVE Actors Fund reading.

Variety reports, "Bedford plays critic Addison DeWitt to Bening's Margo Channing, with Lansbury as Birdie, Gallagher as Bill, Nixon as Karen and Slattery as Lloyd. Role of Eve has not yet been cast."

The Actors Fund will present an all-star reading of ALL ABOUT EVE, the classic backstage drama that is one of the most entertaining and witty films of all time.  Leading the all-star cast will be award-winning actress Annette Bening (The Women, Running with Scissors, American Beauty) as Margo Channing.  ALL ABOUT EVE will be presented Monday, November 10 at 7:30pm at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre (230 West 49th Street).

The reading of ALL ABOUT EVE will be directed by Emmy and DGA Award-winning director John Erman (“Roots,” “Who Will Love My Children”).

The 1950 film, ALL ABOUT EVE, is written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, based on the short story “The Wisdom of Eve,” by Mary Orr, and stars Bette Davis as Margo Channing, the prominent yet aging Broadway star.  Anne Baxter plays Eve Harrington, a willingly helpful young fan who insinuates herself into Channing’s life, threatening Channing’s career and personal relationships.  The film also features George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill, Marilyn Monroe and Thelma Ritter.  ALL ABOUT EVE was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won 6, including Best Picture.

THE ACTORS FUND is a national human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment. The Fund, which helps actors and performers and everyone behind the scenes who works in theatre, film, TV, music, dance, radio and opera, is a safety net, providing social services and emergency assistance, health services, employment and training programs and housing support for those who are in need, crisis or transition. Learn more about The Actors Fund at www.actorsfund.org 


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Seriously? Mrs. Potts + Sandy Cohen + Roger Sterling (that silver fox). That's kind of amazing.
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First comes news that David Duchovny and Téa Leoni are divorcing.


Then comes news that their split had less to do with his sex addiction issues and more to do with Téa’s new friendship with Billy Bob Thornton.

Now, in the November issue of More magazine, the 42-year-old actress mentions the co-star of her new movie, Manure.

What does she say? A lot. But it’s the last few words that leave us scratching our heads with suspicion.
Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/57791/jane-sharon-and-tea-do-more/

“I’m basically made to look like Tippi Hedren. Hitchcock blonde is what we’re going for. The entire movie is brown. Everything. The sets, the props, the wardrobe, the cars. And I’m the only thing in cream. It’s funny, it’s a very simple thread but at the same time it’s all about our relationship to (excrement). Our own, others’, selling it, making it, smelling it, being offended by it, reveling in it, getting hit with it when it hits the fan. But at the same time, we have this incredible cast with Billy Bob Thornton, who is maybe my new favorite person in the world.”
Puppy chillin
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Golf Great Seve Ballesteros suffers complication after brain surgery, still stable.

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MADRID, Spain -- Seve Ballesteros developed a complication following brain tumor surgery, requiring doctors to remove a piece of the golf star's skull to relieve pressure.

Seve Receives High Praise

With five majors to his credit, Seve Ballesteros rates as one of the best golfers of his generation. But what is his place among the pantheon of European golfing greats?

The 51-year-old Spaniard was stable but still in intensive care, La Paz Hospital said Thursday.

A sizable part of the tumor was taken out Tuesday, and a spokeswoman for the hospital said doctors would take until at least Saturday to analyze the tumor and determine if it is malignant.

The hospital said Ballesteros had presented a "decreased level of consciousness by brain swelling."

Part of the skull was removed -- a procedure known as decompressive craniotomy -- to allow room for a swelling brain to expand. Doctors say it is not uncommon after such operations.

Ballesteros, who won three British Opens and two Masters, briefly lost consciousness and on Oct. 6 was admitted to the hospital, where the tumor was discovered. On Sunday, he said he faced the "hardest challenge of my life."

Top-ranked tennis player Rafael Nadal said he's been in contact with Ballesteros' family this week.

"He has proved to be a very strong man all his life," Nadal said at the Madrid Masters. "We know he is one of the great Spanish sportsmen. He was the best Spanish golfer ever so I just want to send him all my support and strength."

Ballesteros, who won a record 50 tournaments on the European Tour, retired last year because of a long history of back pain and has since concentrated on golf course design.

Ballesteros transformed European golf. After the Ryder Cup was expanded to include continental Europe in 1979, Ballesteros helped beat the United States in 1985 to begin two decades of dominance. He also captained Europe to victory in 1997 at Valderrama, Spain.

Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal made one of the most formidable partnerships in Ryder Cup history, with 11 wins, two losses and two halves.

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Will Ferrell's Solo Show to Play the Cort Theatre in 2009

Will Ferrell, the film actor who was a regular on "Saturday Night Live" from 1995-2006, will make his Broadway debut in a solo show titled You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush, according to The New York Times.

Adam McKay will direct the production, which will begin previews at the Cort Theatre Jan. 20, 2009, with an official opening Feb. 1. The limited engagement is currently scheduled to run through March 15. (The Cort is currently the home of The 39 Steps.)

A previous report in The New York Post said Ferrell's show will "be autobiographical and include anecdotes about the comedian's work on 'Saturday Night Live.'" Ferrell will also likely offer some of his impersonations; among the many he presented on "Saturday Night Live" were impressions of Neil Diamond, President George W. Bush, Robert Goulet and James Lipton.

In addition to his work on "Saturday Night Live," Ferrell has enjoyed much success on the silver screen. His many films include "Stranger Than Fiction," "Winter Passing," "Bewitched," "Kicking & Screaming," "Melinda and Melinda," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," "Starsky & Hutch," "Elf," "Old School," "Zoolander," "The Ladies Man," "Superstar," "A Night at the Roxbury" and "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." Ferrell also played Franz Liebkind in the film musical "The Producers."

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Suck on that, Josh Brolin...

mm: don boxing gif
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james marsden interview and pics woooopah

James Marsden is one of Hollywood’s unsung players — a versatile character actor trapped in a leading man’s body. He’s been a superhero (’X-Men’), a prince (’Enchanted’), a singing-and-dancing TV host (’Hairspray’) … and now, in the upcoming raunchy teen road-trip comedy ‘Sex Drive,’ he’s Rex, the thirtysomething big brother from hell, with blond highlights and one helluva sweet, sweet ride.

When Moviefone chatted with the refreshingly down-to-earth married father of two (he and actress wife Lisa Linde have Jack, 7 and Mary, 3), he revealed what drew him to playing a loser jerk, what perfume commercial he sang for — and what ’80s teen idol inspired him to pick up and move to L.A. — By Angie Argabrite

1. In ‘Sex Drive,’ you’re Rex, the big brother from hell. Do you have any experience with a big brother from hell? Or were you a big brother from hell?

No, I have a brother who is a year older and a brother who’s a year younger. We’re very close in age, and I wasn’t bullied … but there was a lot of fighting going on. We were very physical with each other and, you know, beat the shit out of each other a lot growing up. But no, I was never really bullied by anyone. A few times in elementary school … I was not a big kid, I was a skinny kid. I was usually the smallest guy in my class. So just innately being that guy you’re going to get pushed around a bit. But I could always defuse it with some humor. I was funny enough that I could hang around with the cool guys.

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2 loads more pics here
3more pics here as well

i am INFATUATED with this man
Dair Met Steps Hands
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Corny Ass Film Thankfully Delayed Til 2009

This movie looked terrible anyway.

UPDATED WRITETHRU: There's fallout today from Paramount's newly announced decision to release 20 movies a year. Already bigwigs are shuffling the 2008-2009 release schedule -- and that has Oscar ramifications for one pic. I can tell you that DreamWorks is very upset because Paramount is taking its Robert Downey Jr-Jamie Foxx starrer The Soloist out of Academy Awards contention by moving it from a limited release on November 21st until March 13, 2009. This is extreme since ads on all sorts of media platforms have already started appearing for the Oscar-touted movie based on Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez' accounts of a homeless violin player. Soloist insiders fear the delay will prompt a lot of web speculation that something is "wrong" with Joe Wright's pic when everything is right. I'm surprised especially because Downey has really good awards season and box office heat from Iron Man. But Paramount instead will be pushing the actor for Tropic Thunder consideration.

I'm sure the book is better anyway

Corny Ass Trailer

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Jennifer Aniston and on-again boyfriend John Mayer celebrate his 31st birthday at the House of Cigars in Beverly Hills.


After spending a couple of hours at Courteney Cox’s house, John and Jen spent some time together at a secret location. Later the same evening they went to the House of Cigars (now a trendy club in Bevery Hills).

At the Cox/Arquette house security made every guest leave and stand outside in a line while they were all searched for cameras or camera phones. Talk about security!!!

Guests at the Cox house included Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and David Spade. 

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/57875/john-mayers-31st-brithday/

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