October 7th, 2008

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Keane lands Q Awards Best Track Honor

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Keane’s comeback single Spiralling was today named the best track of the year at the 2008 Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka.

The single – their first taste of third album Perfect Symmetry – was downloaded more than half a million times in a week after it was offered as a free download.
The prize – sponsored by by SingStar – was voted for by the readers of Q and Qthemusic.com. Last year the best track category was won by Manic Street Preachers for Your Love Alone Is Not Enough.

Collecting the award, Keane singer Tom Chaplin quipped: “I just read the Q review of our record and ironically the only track they hated was Spiralling. So thankyou for the readers of Q for disagreeing with the editor!”

Other nominees for the 2008 award were:

Duffy – Mercy
Coldplay - Violet Hill
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name


Not too much competition, imo. Perfect Symmetry leaked and it's amazing. for real. such a new and beautiful/fun sound.

7 hottest movie-inspired Halloween costumes

Fright Night is creeping closer and it’s time to start putting together your devilish attire. Remember last year when you left it to the last minute and ended up whipping down to the nearest Wal-Mart to pick up that crappy, plastic “Scream” costume? Lame, my friend. This year, make a vow not to be the dude who shows up as a chick (what’s with that?) or the chick who shows up as just a random skank (ditto). Here are 7 hot Halloween costume ideas inspired by movies from the past year that are sure to scare you up rave reviews wherever All Hallow’s Eve takes you.

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Dark Knight: You could opt to go as Batman himself, but, let’s face it, that full-body armour is going to be tough to cobble together and even if you are successful in your pursuits, it’s probably going to chafe. Plus, if you walk around all night using that ridiculous Batman voice that sounds like your vocal chords got brazed with an electric razor, your friends are probably going to want to push you down a flight of stairs. Instead, we’re suggesting the Joker. You could pick up a purple suit at your local Value Village and do the stereotypical Joker, but for optimal awesomeness, why not go as the nurse joker? Must-have accessories for this costume: dishevelled red wig, white nurse’s dress, white makeup, blackened eyes, snarled smile, excessive twitches, surprisingly shapely legs.

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What's everyone planning on being for Halloween? I'm contemplating The Dude from The Big Lebowski, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist or that stupid bitch Sarah Palin.

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Hey guys!
Some of the things I read about myself are crazy and make me laugh out loud. The latest I have read is:
I get regular botox treatments and can't wait to get back to it. I would just like to say I am 24 years old and have never gotten botox in my entire life. And I'm not planning on it, maybe come back to me when I turn 50.
Secondly, I read that I sleep with hundreds of teddy bears. With Pete, Hemingway and Rigby (our two bulldogs) and a baby on the way there is not room for anything else (trust me).
I know you guys don't believe all the stuff you read, but these
rumors were so ridiculous I had to address them. Thanks for all your support! Love you guys,


Felix Schopgens

The Olsens Launch The Row

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are spotted leaving Bon Marche Rive Gauche department store in Paris, France, to launch their new clothing line The Row on Tuesday (October 7).

Meanwhile as for those rumors that the twins are fighting? A friend of the Olsen’s says this couldn’t be further from the truth and they are insuperable at the minute.

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source: http://flawedhollywood.com/2008/10/07/the-olsens-launch-the-row/

george jetson

Jennifer Lopez: Scientology School For The Twins!

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Jennifer Lopez is chiffon chic at ELLE Magazine’s 15th Annual “Women in Hollywood” Tribute held at The Four Seasons on Monday in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old mom recently opened up about sending her 7-month-old fraternal twins, Max and Emme, to Scientology school someday.

When asked if she’d consider schooling her son and daughter in a Scientology school, Jennifer said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind,” she told The Daily Beast. “Not at all. Because I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful…It’s all about communication. That’s the thing I really don’t like about talking about this. I do know so many great people who do do it, who choose it as a lifestyle and really follow it and it is their religion…I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.”

To read more on Jennifer talking about mommy blues, breastfeeding and her “nervous breakdown”, visit TheDailyBeast.com.

source, more pix
lulu s.o.

Miley Cyrus' Birthday Party At Disney Angers Locals

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Teen sensation Miley Cyrus angered several residents close to Disneyland when fireworks were let off late in to the night at her Sweet Sixteen party in California.

The Hannah Montana star doesn't turn 16 until November 23, but Disney bosses threw a special bash for her at the theme park on Sunday, closing it to the public for the day.

The big event, which was attended by former supermodels Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford, and actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt and Demi Lovato, culminated in a lavish fireworks display above Sleeping Beauty Castle.

But residents were left fuming when the noise went on past 11.30pm on Sunday night.

And one has reportedly vented his fury in an email to a gossip columnist. It reads: "as u probably know the fireworks at disneyland go off at 9:30 on most nights. apparently when u get tons of money for a private paty u get fireworks at 11:30 pm. on a sunday!

"We thought an explosion went off over there! (we live real close) when the fireworks go off normally they always start small and then esclate. last night it was just BOOM BOOM! and it was very late. most people im sure were in bed getting ready for a tedious work week to try to pay off a home that they may lose, but not miley. she got a fourth of July worthy fireworks show and so did thousands of anaheim residents who had no idea it was coming."


 NGL It really did sound like we were being attacked. Thanks for the wake up call bitch!

[Dark Knight] Two Face

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Welcome back, “Heroes” fans, for Week Two of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! As always, we are joined by the dynamic duo of writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete. In this installment, the guys answer all of your burning questions in regard to last week’s episode "One Of Us, One Of Them."

“Will we ever find out the details of the arrangements Arthur and Angela made for Claire and the aftermath? Ever since it was revealed Angela and Kaito had an affair, I wondered if he was in on the whole thing when he handed off Claire to HRG? And any chance we will get more info on the whole Kaito/Angela relationships? In their brief scenes you felt they both really cared for each other, despite their differences.”

Aron Coleite & Joe Pokaski: Stay tuned for episode #12, “Our Father,” in which two of our characters will journey back to that very moment on the roof — and see a little more of what was going on. Not everything you’re looking for, Nonreadhead, but quite a bit.

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Bettie Lunchbox

Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes

What if Peter Petrelli could add the Force to his arsenal of skills on the hit NBC show Heroes? I chat with actor Milo Ventimiglia about his love for Star Wars, his lightsaber duel fan films, what Luke Skywalker and Peter Petrelli have in common.


Are there any Star Wars characters you identify with the most?
I don't know if I identify with any one specifically, but as a kid I wanted to be Return of the Jedi Luke because he was the guy who had all the abilities and was in perfect control of that.

So not whiny New Hope Luke?
No, but the funny thing is whiny New Hope Luke was very much like early Peter Petrelli. "I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm supposed to go..."

I don't know if I ever considered your character on Heroes whiny.
Oh, Peter was whiny! [laughs] I always love the characters that have these great abilities and they're so focused in how they use them that they weren't abused, and they were used at the right time in the right way. Those are always the characters I'm kind of drawn to. But then again I also love the Han Solo character. He's the everyday guy. He's a guy's guy.

Who do you think is the biggest hero in Star Wars?
Yoda, probably because of his perspective. He's a master and in complete control. He sees all the angles and still won't completely get in the way. He'll allow the younger Jedi to make mistakes and then come to him for guidance. Being a young man, you always look for mentors and people who will teach you, but you also want to stand on your own. You have to fight to show everyone you're good enough but we all need our teachers. We all need someone who has been there and done that to give us guidance. In my mind, it's very much a way of life. I know how I was when I was younger -- in my late teens and early 20s -- nobody could tell me what to do. Now as I'm getting older I realize those people were so patient with me, and didn't intrude with how I was doing things but tried to give me just enough to make the right decision. I really value those relationships I have now, especially with my family.

As an actor, which role in the Star Wars films would you have liked to play?
Wow, I really don't want to take away from anything. I always liked the fact that Jabba the Hutt wasn't originally a big slug. I thought that was cool, but I don't think I could pull it off. I am fascinated by things like that. I think I'm so enthralled and invested in who those faces were who played those characters that there's no desire to play something in the films. I love being on the outside. Granted, if George Lucas asked me to play a character, I wouldn't say no.

Read the full interview here:
Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes (Starwars.com)

Fox to redo Ab Fab

Edina and Patsy are ready to take on L.A.Fox is developing a redo of Jennifer Saunders' enduring Britcom "Absolutely Fabulous," to be exec produced by Mitch Hurwitz, Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum for Sony Pictures TV, Tantamount and BBC Worldwide America.
Christine Zander ("Saturday Night Live") is set to write the script and will exec produce along with the BBC's Ian Moffet and original series creator Saunders. Fox has given Sony a script order with hefty penalty attached.

The latest attempt at a U.S. rendition of "Ab Fab" will be transplanted to L.A. but retain the basic template of the original, revolving around the friendship of two boozy, over-40 best friends who are desperate to stay hip and youthful and who carry on under the disapproving eye of Edina's teenage daughter, Saffy.

More than a decade ago, Roseanne Barr worked on developing a U.S. version of the show with Carrie Fisher for ABC. CBS' 1995-98 Cybill Shepherd comedy "Cybill" had an "Ab Fab" flavor to it. Another short-lived 1995 sitcom, CBS' "High Society," starring Jean Smart and Mary McDonnell, was a thinly veiled imitation.

Original series starred Saunders and Joanna Lumley. It was a big hit in Britain and successful import for Comedy Central. In the U.K., "Ab Fab" ran as a regular series from 1992-95, with a two-part finale airing in 1996. Saunders and Lumley reunited for further adventures with fresh segs produced in 2001 and 2003.


hmm i love me some ab fab, but i dont know how i feel about this

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interesting blind item

"First time ever in the blind items for this intellectual B list actor. I say intellectual because he seems like he has a brain, and he has made a career of films in which a person actually has to think. Kind of like the Parker Posey for actors, but younger. Well, our actor had to take about a six month mandatory break from filming because he could not get insured. Though he has managed to stay out of the headlines, his problems are very Lindsay Lohanish minus the family drama. During his last film, he did so much coke that he had to get his nose repaired. Because of this, before any insurance company would back him, they wanted him to go to rehab which he did for three months. He also has to submit to weekly drug screening as a condition to being insured."


paul dano, sam rockwell, ryan gosling, joseph gordon-levitt, gael garcia bernal, michael pitt????? so many to choose from...

Audrina wants her own show. Promises it'll be funny.

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After all of Lauren Conrad's yammering about her ex-rooommate Audrina Patridge's boyfriend, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, it's hard to believe L.C. would have a change of heart, let alone hook up with him. And yet that's the latest rumor. On her MySpace blog, Conrad defended herself, calling the reports "insulting" and "false." Audrina was happy to discuss not only Justin Bobby, telling Extra that they are "not together" anymore, but also why she recently moved out of the house she shared with Lauren and Lo Bosworth. "It was time to move," the brunette beauty said. If anything, I think it'll better our friendship. It was just time to move on and open a new chapter in my life. I'm not afraid to live by myself." Audrina adds, "There were a few things that happened that I can't give away. Obviously you'll have to watch. You'll see it on the show." Reports that Audrina might be starring in her own spin-off reality show have also been making the internet rounds. To that, she replies, "I've thought about it. If it came up, I'd definitely consider it. I'd put some comedy in it. Not so much drama." And when it comes to Hills co-star Whitney Port's spin-off show, she says, "I'm happy for Whitney. I'm definitely going to watch it." Looks like we'll be seeing many changes coming up for the girls of The Hills--including a revived friendship between Audrina and Heidi Montag. "I talk to Audrina every day," Montag recently revealed. Snap!

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While the camera may love him, Deacon Phillippe was not loving the camera as pop Ryan Phillippe treated him and older sis Ava to a daddy-and-me lunch date in Beverly Hills yesterday.

And while Ryan’s lady love Abbie Cornish was nowhere to be seen on this outing, his Stop-Loss co-star Rob Brown says things are going swell.

He recently told People mag: “They’re great…They’re good people.”

As for how Ryan is doing following his headline-making divorce to Reese Witherspoon last year? He added, “He’s all right. He’s in good spirits and he seems happy. And I’m happy for him.”

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/54797/good-dads-make-good-boyfriends/


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sir ian

Victoria and David Beckham's secret to perfect glowing skin

Nobody likes falling victim to birds' mess dropping on them from above - even though it is supposed to bring good luck.

But for Victoria and David Beckham it is more a case of bird poo bringing them a good look, rather than good luck.

Victoria, who has long battled problem skin, puts her new clear complexion down to a bizarre new beauty regime involving bird poo.

And it seems David has been getting involved too.

It has emerged that the stylish couple have been indulging in beauty treatments to improve their skin.

Victoria, 34, has been regularly indulging in £100 Geisha Facials, using a paste made from nightingale droppings, to combat acne she has suffered since her teens.

A pal told Closer magazine: 'When Victoria was in Japan recently she was admiring the local women’s clear skin and discovered it was down to these facials.

'She was intrigued and when she got back to the US she found that some New York beauty salons now offer the treatment.

'She tried it and loved how great her skin looked. She also uses a cream derived from nightingale poo at home.'


Avril Lavinge is a Hot Tranny Mess

Avril Lavigne was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the China Association of Social Workers yesterday in Beijing, China. The Canadian singer’s tour ‘Best Damn Tour’ helped to raise funds for poor families and children with disabilities in China.

Hopefully those families and children didn’t actually have to go to the show, haven’t they gone through enough?

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P.S. What happened to her face?


simon amstell; pensive~

no more embarrassingly bad music from you, carl barat

from october 1st

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Dirty Pretty Things have split up.

In an exclusive statement to NME.COM the four piece – Carl Barat, Didz Hammond, Gary Powell and Anthony Rossomando – announced the break-up of the band that formed in 2005 following the split of The Libertines.

Frontman Carl Barat explained that the members of the band would be pursuing new musical projects, but that these would not involve The Libertines.

"It is with some sadness we announce the farewell of the Dirty Pretty Things," the statement read. "It's been a glorious three years which we all would gladly live out again, but it is time for us to try new things (not The Libertines).

"We are reluctant to give up touring but will give the last waltz everything. We have and are determined to go out as we came in, after which we all have other ventures to be getting on with and splendid future plans.

"Heartfelt thanks to all who made it what it was, much love and we'll see you on the road."



iggy jojo

Depeche Mode announces Tour/ European dates posted

From depechemode.com

                                                                               Tour Of The Universe
          The dates for the European leg of Depeche Mode's upcoming tour, "Tour of The Universe 2009," are now available! Tune in to the LiveNation web site to view the Depeche Mode press conference On Demand (for free), recorded in Berlin on October 6th! We are announcing some exciting news for the upcoming year.

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I'm so excited!

Source, Source

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The Gosselin family, the stars of their own TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, take the November 2008 cover of Good Housekeeping, out Oct. 14.

Their show on TLC revolves around their eight children—fraternal twin girls and sextuplets (three girls and three boys). Pictured L to R, T to B: Leah, Kate, Jon, Hannah, Joel, Mady (twin), Kara (twin), Collin, Alexis and Aaden.

TV viewers enjoyed the fun and chaotic Good Housekeeping cover photo shoot during last night’s (Monday, October 6) episode of J&K+8. The article in Good Housekeeping also features an exclusive excerpt from The Gosselins’ new book, “Multiple Blessings”.

During the First Months with Eight Children
KATE: “There were days I just wanted to cover my head with a pillow. But I knew my babies were counting on me, and I had to keep it together. I had to keep it together for Jon, who was falling apart – he’d been laid off when I was pregnant and was applying for every job under the sun.”

The Strain on their Marriage
KATE: “But our marriage is going to go through many more years of fine-tuning. Right now it’s taking a beating, because we have a house full of children. People see us arguing, and they say ‘When will Kate and Jon split up?’ Well, never. He’s the only one who’s been by my side through all of this.”

Life Will Never Be Normal Again
KATE: “People come here and say, ‘I feel like I’m watching your show.’ That’s because this is our show. We will never feel normal again, TV show or not. Does anyone see a family with twins and sextuplets every day? No. It took me until the little kids were almost two to completely accept it.”

Parenting Eight Kids
KATE: “I’m trying to focus on the enjoyable moments, rather than keeping them clean every minute. You have to realize you’re setting the rules for life. With six, we have no room for error.”
KATE: “It’s hard to turn my brain off at night. When I choose Leah to take to the grocery store, and I don’t know when I can tell the rest of them when their chances will be, that’s guilt.”
KATE: “Mady will come in and close the toilet lid and sit there and talk to me while I’m in the shower. I like to hear what they have to say. For me, that’s more like normal parenting.”

When They’re All Grown Up
JON: “I suddenly realized that I’m going to have five son-in-laws.”
KATE: “I have very vivid dreams of our family in the future – a house full of love, laughter, and lots of grandkids to spoil. I’m already worried about that empty-nest syndrome. Just as they came in a big group and overwhelmed us, they will likely leave in a big group, and the quite will be even more deafening.”

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Alyson Hannigan - Pretty in Blue

TV News!

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What's Going On With My Favorite Show?

There are lots of TV series renewal and cancellation Q's out there today, so let's knock out a few A's, shall we?

What is the status on
My Boys
? Will it be picked up for a third season?

Yes! TBS announced this morning that it has ordered nine new episodes, which will premiere in early 2009.

Can you tell me if
The Riches
is coming back for a third season?

According to Todd Stashwick (Dale) on his MySpace page, The Riches has been canceled. I also have it on good authority that FX will make an official announcement tomorrow—and I don't think you're going to love the news.

Do you have any
prequel or season seven scoop to quench this spoiler thirst of mine?

Check back Friday, when I'll do a preview of the prequel movie, 24: Redemption, aka "Jack Bauer Saves Children!" (Why didn't anyone ever think of this before?!)

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I would like to dedicate this post to the lovely soul on the internets who wrote the instructions for updating LJHook so that it now works with FireFox 3, for I am way too lazy to post without it.

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Ten Faux Incestuous On/Off-screen Relationships

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This news totally makes me want to go re-watch old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210: Shannon Doherty sorta hinted that she may have hooked up with Jason Priestley, who played her on-screen brother. Brenda and Brandon might've been getting in on, folks.

This isn't the only case of faux-incest on television. On Brothers & Sisters, there's a whole storyline about Justin Walker falling for Rebecca, who he thought was his half-sister. The actors, Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp, got into a relationship off-screen. Then -- poof! -- it turned out she wasn't the Walkers' long-lost sibling and they started dating on-screen.

(That plot twist creeped me out, actually. Yeah, so it's not real incest. But one day, you think this girl is your sister. The next day, you start making out with her?)

Anyway, besides Brenda/Brandon and Justin/Rebecca, here are more pairings that happened both on- and off-screen:

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If the chemistry is there between takes, can you see it on-screen? Does knowledge that two actors who play relatives are romantically involved make you look at their scenes in a different way? And does it totally gross you out ... or is it kinda hot?

Emily VanCamp has issues maybe? IDK


For Fans of Sam Sparro, The Ting Tings, The Presets, The Teenagers, etc... FrankMusik's New Video!!

Here's FrankMusik's newest video for "Three Little Words" off his album Frankisum.

"If you watch any video on my blog right now, I highly recommended it be this one. FrankMusik has been around for a little while now and is always one of my favorites to suggest to people...I promise, just one listen, and you'll be adding his songs to your MySpace profile and gym playlist. I know how you people function."

Download Song at Source : PersonaSauna


Entertainment Weekly's 'Recall the Gold' Project

title or description

Postal workers are going to hate us. On Oct 6, 2008, EW launched the "Recall the Gold" Project -- a massive ballot survey that invites Hollywood to re-vote on past Oscar races. Will Shakespeare in Love still beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture? How is the industry feeling about that Roberto Benigni Best Actor win for Life is Beautiful ten years after the fact? Here's Hollywood's chance to "alter" or affirm film history.

By mid week, 7,000 ballots will arrive on the desks of elite members of the film industry. Each ballot has been mailed in a white envelope emblazoned with the words "Recall Ballot" in bright red ink. All the voting is anonymous, but each ballot is numbered for security, so that no one is tempted to stuff the ballot box. (And we know they're totally going to be tempted.) Film industry insiders will vote in six major categories: Best Picture, Directing, Actor in a Leading Role, Actress in a Leading Role, Actor in a Supporting Role and Actress in a Supporting Role. The ballot focuses on five different years: 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988 and 1983 (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years ago.) Ballots must be returned in the self-addressed, stamped envelope included with the ballot no later than Nov.1, 2008. EW will publish the results in January 2009.


Do you think this is a good idea? Discuss your most memorable Oscar upsets in the comments GO
Christian Bale

Camille Movie Trailer HD

A twisted honeymoon adventure about a young couple on their way to Niagara Falls. Silas Parker (James Franco) is a moody petty-thief. He marries his parole officer's niece, believing that he can use the romantic honeymoon to escape to Canada. Camille Foster (Sienna Miller) is the sweetest girl you can ever hope to meet. She truly believes that Niagara Falls will change Silas for the better and won't let anything stop the honeymoon, not even her death.


Esquire names Halle Berry 'sexiest woman alive'

Alongside a photo spread that shows her in little more than a T-shirt, Halle Berry talks about being the sexiest woman alive, a title Esquire magazine gives her in its November issue.

"I don't know exactly what it means, but being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it," says Berry, who gave birth to her daughter, Nahla, in March.

"Sexiness is a state of mind — a comfortable state of being," she says. "It's about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments."

But Berry, who won an Oscar for her role in "Monster's Ball," can't claim the sexiest-woman honor all to herself.

"I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment," she says.

source: http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx/?news=333799>1=BUZZ2
<snow white>

Bailey Hanks will play a bitchy attention starved wannabe actress...I know, it's a stretch.

Paper Mill Playhouse (Mark S. Hoebee-Artistic Director, Mark W. Jones-Executive Director) just announced Bailey Hanks of Broadway's Legally Blonde will star as ‘Sharpay' in Paper Mill's upcoming production of Disney's High School Musical. The rest of the cast will be announced later this week.

Bailey Hanks is the winner of the MTV reality series ‘Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods'. Ms. Hanks succeeded Tony® Award Nominee Laura Bell Bundy in the role of ‘Elle Woods' on Broadway in July. Ms. Hanks' theatre credits include: Seussical, Gypsy, Hello Dolly!, The Music Man, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum, and Annie. In 2000 she sang the national anthem for President Bill Clinton. The South Carolina native and former Miss Liberty Teen 2005 studied musical theatre at Coastal Carolina University.

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Team Lauren forever.
caro smoking black white

White Trashlee Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz traded her stylish maternity wardrobe for trailer-park chic Friday night, at a costume party to celebrate her 24th birthday.

"It had a white-trash theme," says a guest who attended the bash at Simpson's parents' home in Encino. "Ashlee wore Daisy Dukes and platform flip-flops with a bathing suit and a fake tattoo around her belly."

The singer celebrated with friends and family including husband Pete Wentz, dad Joe and sister Jessica.

"Joe wore a cut-off muscle T-shirt and a mullet wig. It was funny," says a guest. "Jessica was wearing a crazy leopard-print dress that showed off a lot of cleavage."

The menu included corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers and French fries.

With her first child due next month, an exhausted Simpson-Wentz headed home early, missing party guests
Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who dropped by after hitting Gwen Stefani's birthday party earlier than night.

"Ashlee loves themed parties and costumes," says a friend. Last year, guests sported prom dresses, vintage tuxedos and fingerless gloves as Simpson-Wentz celebrated her birthday with an '80s bash.

sources: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20231474,00.html 

No surprise at Jessica flashing her boobs. The pic is from last year's party.

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Source: iTunes
Keeps Gettin' Better isn't even Top 10...

Before everyone starts saying that I'm creaing shit, I only mentioned that because Christina fans tried to get KGB to number 1, instead of Womanizer. Today was KGB Download Day too and it's only 18 mmhk?

Looks like it's number 7 in USA and 1 in Canada...?

Womanizer iTunes Listings

Canada #1
Spain #1
Sweden #1
Ireland #2
New Zealand #6
USA #7
Italy #7

After divorce, Bill Murray looks for renewal

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NEW YORK - The deadpan and depressed characters Bill Murray has specialized in portraying as an actor in recent years have always stood in contrast to the life-of-the-party guy he is in real life — whether on a golf course or shuttling people around downtown Stockholm in a golf cart, as he did last year.

But Murray said he identified anew with those characters — like the dour Herman Blume in "Rushmore" — when his wife of nearly 11 years filed for divorce in May. In the papers filed by Jennifer Butler Murray, she alleged that Murray abused her and was addicted to alcohol and marijuana.

"That was devastating," Murray said. "That was the worst thing that ever happened to me in my entire life."
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Eminem voted best rapper alive

Via Press Release:

VIBE has today announced Eminem as the winner of the Best Rapper Alive competition.  The Detroit native beat out New York’s rap king Jay-Z in the Final Round with 69 percent of the votes, crowning him as the people’s choice for the true king of hip hop.  The results of the contest are detailed in VIBE’s November 2008 issue hitting newsstands October 21st.

“It’s obviously an honor to have won the fans’ support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive,” says Eminem in response to his victory.   “I don’t think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best though.  Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do.  But since Vibe’s offering the distinction, hell yeah I’ll accept!”

I’m just now remembering how Eminem murked Jay-z on Renegade but Best Rapper Alive? hmmm….
I wonder what Lil Wayne has to say about all this…


movies // parveen

Gerard Butler is Cinerama Sexy


Gerard Butler suits up for the premiere of his new Warner Brothers Pictures movie, Rocknrolla, at the Cinerama Dome on Monday in Los Angeles.

Joining the 38-year-old Scottish stud on the red carpt was producer Joel Silver, costar Idris Elba and the always gorgeous Thandie Newton.

RocknRolla, which is directed by Mr. Madonna (Guy Ritchie), opens in theaters everywhere on Halloween.


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source (tons more here)

Anyone see him on Jay Leno last night?

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Interview: Chi McBride Talks Comedy and Knitting

In the whimsical world of Pushing Daisies, it's nice to have a straight-talking detective like Emerson Cod to cut everyone down to size. Emerson's real-life alter ego, Chi McBride, was hanging out on the show's set when I visited back in July, and I stole a few minutes with him to talk about Emerson's dry humor and love for yarn crafts. Here are highlights:

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Don't forget to watch Pushing Daisies on ABC Wednesday nights at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern!
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rachel obsession

Holly and Hef are O-V-E-R

Holly took to her myspace blog of all places to talk about her current relationship status with Hef.

What’s Going on . . . .
Current mood: lonely

Hef and I care about each other immensely and will always be best friends . . . I do have my own place, but I am still at the Mansion, too, right now . . . I'm too busy to move even if I wanted to! hahaha . . . Bridget, Kendra and I are all still best friends and plan on doing several projects together in the future . . . even though Bridget is in Europe right now and I am sad and lonely without her . . .

You will see how it all happens in Season 5 . . . Sunday nights on E! . . . How lame, I just turned that into the most shameless plug ever . . . lol!



awww she misses Bridget! shes my fave. whos ur fave girl next door ONTD?


Hilary Duff US Weekly Photo Shoot

The video above takes you behind-the-scenes of the US Weekly photoshoot with Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff.

It’s a great video of the shoot, giving you shots from the spread, but also some video interview with all of the girls. Mostly talking about shopping. They “spend a lot” on shopping - like other girls, but also because it’s part of their job. Which it totally is!

Hilary says she doesn’t have a defined style - it’s interesting to hear Hilary describe it. Hilary also talks about her upcoming movies.


Hilary > the other 2 bitches.

OMG!! T.J. Thyne Has "Moved"! ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From his MySpace:

A Book of Faces vs. A Space called Mine

I've moved.Not Cities,Not States (of location or mind)Not addresses at all actually.Just where I dwell...on lineI've changed.It seems that that place, the space, known as mine, or my,has occupied less of my time these days then that place, new space, filled with books of faces, different faces, dancing merely along this thing called web.there is no music (which makes me sad) less videos, less info, but in the wee hours of the eve, my fingers stroll across the keypad typing "facebook" more than "myspace" of late.So,this is not a goodbye,merely an invitation to hello, elsewhere.For those that remain,for many must and some shall,I leave you with a change of music.Loved hearing this song in the sun of the south in Austin at ACL last week. A true tune for a lost soul. beautiful.see youover there, in that somewhere with the first name face, last name book. TJ


And I don't know about the weird formatting?? That is how it showed up for me. Maybe instead of a broken "G" on his keyboard the spacebar doesn't work after a period is typed

Christina will perform on the Turkish version of "Deal or No Deal" for charity!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4 time Grammy award winner singer Christina Aguilera, whose albums sold over 40 million, accepted Acun Ilicali's invitation for her to compete in Deal or No Deal....

She will compete on October 19th Sunday for orphaned kids... will meet Acun Ilicali in Los Angeles tomorrow to discuss the details.

Aguilera who knows the original "Deal or No Deal", told her manager after watching an episode that the Turkish version was much more fun. Although she was to be in London after her concert in 19th October, she changed her program and decided to go to Istanbul. She won't just be competing in October 19th, but she will also perform two of her songs.

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T.I. Responds To Jim Jones' Swag Swipe, remains sexy while doing so

After reports broke out about Jim Jones questioning T.I.'s "swag," the self-proclaimed "King of the South" spoke with radio personality Clinton Sparks to address the swipe.

As previously reported by SOHH's Pulse Report, the Byrd Gang leader reportedly became upset over Tip's record, "Swagga Like Us," which features rap rival Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne, prompting him to begin recording a "Swagger Jack From Us" song set to feature Juelz Santana and Weezy.

In a recent interview, Sparks initially informed Tip of the numerous artists who wanted to make the final cut for "Swagga" including Young Jeezy and Jim Jones.

"I'm sorry, but you know what, man," Tip said. "If we put everybody on the record that wanted to be on the record, man, it would be a "Swagger Like Us" album."

When Sparks furthered the discussion by claiming Jones reportedly said the rapper's swag is "fabricated," the Grand Hustle rapper calmly addressed the suggestions.

"Well you know what, that's very funny that either one of you should mention that because my clothing line Akoo will be in stores in November and I believe there will be quite a few people going out to get it," Tip responded. "So hopefully I can step my swag up a little bit. Maybe I can meet his standards. I ain't trippin' over that, man."

Calling the disgruntled remarks by Jones as merely "entertainment," Tip promised he had no reason to find himself in a negative situation.

In related news, the Atlanta rapper continues to make history by putting Bankhead on the map with his latest release Paper Trail preparing to strike No. 1 in its opening week tomorrow.

As previously reported by SOHH, early estimates show Tip selling over 357,000 copies after only four days in stores. Out-doing competition like Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson, whom also debut this week, Tip's latest effort will mark his third consecutive No. 1 opener.

Paper Trail features appearances by a star-studded line-up including Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and more in addition to DJ Toomp, Swizz Beatz and Kanye West behind the boards.

Collapse )source


(no subject)

Here's an article on Shohreh Aghdashloo's new film, The Stoning of Soraya M., getting her brother arrested & stoning in general.

Cyrus Nowrasteh's "The Stoning of Soraya M." debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival this month. Audience members wept at the shocking portrayal of an innocent woman's descent from a respected wife and mother into a thing to be killed slowly, painfully by every man in her village.

"The Stoning of Soraya M." is based on a true story -- and another is still playing out in Iran. Even now, human rights activists say, Gilan Mohammadi, a 30-year-old woman in Isfahan, is awaiting death by stoning -- imposed by a local court for what American politicians like to call an "inappropriate relationship."

At a small, private lunch in the Hay-Adams Hotel last week, lead actress (and Academy Award nominee) Shohreh Aghdashloo told us about the time she once testified to a U.S. reporter about Iranian torture victims -- the Iranian police showed up at her brother's door and hauled him to prison for over a year.

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i can't express how much of an amazing person she is. really. and she's beautiful and an amazing actress.

but really, it's so vile that they still stone people.
conan white teeth
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7 Irritatingly Glamourous Celebrity Home Theatres

7 Irritatingly Glamourous Celebrity Home Theatres

Revealed! Ever wondered what world-wide celebrities are packing in their own home theaters? With all the money they’re raking in each year, they have plenty of cash left over after their exotic vacations and daily spa treatments are paid for each month to completely deck-out their home cinema with top-notch home theatre equipment and some awesome added touches as well.

Here’s an inside look at just a few popular celebrity’s homes and what they’ve done to set their home cinema setup apart from the average home.

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(no subject)

Demi Lovato Continues Miley-Style Media Takeover With New Sitcom

The actress/singer's 'Sonny With a Chance' is set to air on Disney next year.

At 16, Demi Lovato has already starred with the Jonas Brothers in the über-popular Disney Channel movie "Camp Rock," and has another movie, "Princess Protection Program," slated to air in January. Not to mention her album, Don't Forget, just debuted at #2 on Billboard. But in this era of over-achieving teens (ahem, Miley), that isn't nearly enough.
Lately, Lovato has been working on a new platform for her talents: the Disney Channel sitcom "Sonny With a Chance." Describing the experience as "awesome," she told MTV News what fans can expect when the show hits airwaves early next year.

"I play Sonny, who's a girl from Wisconsin, and she kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, 'cause she's very quirky and very over the top," Lovato said. "She comes to L.A. to be on her favorite TV show. It's like '30 Rock,' but for the Disney Channel. ['30 Rock'] is my favorite TV show. I stick out like a sore thumb, but it's where I belong."

Lovato's also got support from her pal and "Princess Protection" co-star Selena Gomez, who recently told TVGuide.com that she'd love to share some screen time with her friend — whether on "Sonny With a Chance" or Gomez's show "Wizards of Waverly Place."
"We're working on [a cameo]," Gomez said. "We'd love to have Demi on ['Wizards.'] And I'd love to be a guest star on her show."
And while Lovato describes her recent success as a "dream come true," she's not about to slow down anytime soon. To support her album, she said she plans to shoot as many music videos as possible.
"I just shot a video for 'Get Back,' and it turned out awesome," she said. "Hopefully, we'll do that with more of the songs, and hopefully, you'll like them."


her teeth srsly bug me but i love her CD (:

Katie Price headed to America

omg praise jesus

Jordan and Peter Andre's marriage has been rocked by reports of blazing rows and Jordan’s said to have finally realised that she may have pushed Pete too far.

The glamour model, whose mood swings have reportedly sent her fed-up hubby over the edge, was pictured last week clinging to a rather uncomfortable-looking Pete as if she was on a mission to prove that her relationship is not at all under threat.

‘It’s no surprise that Jordan wants to show the world she and Pete are OK because she’s been under some heat,’ a source tells Now. ‘Pete’s at the end of his tether. Jordan’s a handful and he’s put up with a lot. She’s finally taken that into account.’

The couple are therefore said to be planning to go Stateside for two reasons: they’ll be in LA for four months from January in a bid to break the tough US market; and are also hoping that the time away will breathe fresh air into their relationship.

‘Jordan’s keen to get out of the UK and start afresh,’ reveals our source. ‘Apart from fame, she sees it as a chance to face any troubles with Pete.'

In the UK, Jordan, 30, has been busy juggling solo projects, including her home range for Matalan and new fragrance Besotted, while Pete, 35, has been in the studio.

The pair – who are parents to Harvey, six, Junior, three, and Princess, one – will move into a £4 million LA mansion to film the next series of their E! reality TV show. They’re already looking for schools for the kids.

‘It’s going to be full-on,’ says our source. ‘At least with public couples like the Beckhams, once they’re behind closed doors the cameras are off. With Pete and Jordan, it’s the opposite. In LA, between filming and public appearances, they’ll barely have alone time.’

See the full story in Now magazine dated 13 October 2008 - out now!

I hope her and Victoria get into some more bitch fights. Loves it.


Madonna NYC 10/6 Palin Speech + Lucky Star

Here is an interesting video of Madonna last night at Madison Square Garden amusingly sounding off on U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah "F*cking" Palin and berating concert-goers sitting down during the show. For the "request" portion of the show, Madonna and the audience sang her classic hit "Lucky Star".

Thanks to our community member digitalfreaknyc


I love her.

sandra oscar

Lesbian Iconoclast

Anyone can cultivate a lesbian following. But, as Anna Whitelaw argues, it takes more than just celebrity status and publicity stunts to become a true ‘dykon’.

Once upon a time, all you had to do to be crowned a lesbian icon, or dykon, was to be famous, and be gay. Now, it seems you don’t need to be out in order to be regarded as a lesbian icon. Indeed, a celebrity need only dabble in the Sapphic inclinations, or even be merely rumoured to be gay in order to attract dykon status.

You need only go to a Pink concert to realise that you don’t have to be gay to be a dykon. Despite playing up to her faux lesbian chic image, Pink was in fact married until recently to motocross rider, Carey Hart. She isn’t the only pop star to cash in on her lesbian appeal in order to sell records.

Then, of course there are those who become lesbian icons by playing it gay. Most cast members of The L Word are actually straight but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming idols, and sex symbols for lesbians the world over. They aren’t the first either. Lucy Lawless as Xena, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy (really?) and Jessica Alba as Dark Angel, all developed cult lesbian followings.

Apparently, you don’t even need to be much of a celebrity, either. Recently, I was shocked to hear LA lesbian DJ Sam Ronson, best known for publicly snogging her squeeze Lindsay Lohan, described as a lesbian icon. And former Fitzroy door-bitch and lesbian MTV VJ Ruby Rose has also reached dykon status.

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lmao i just wanted tpost this for the word "dykon"

Source: http://sxnews.e-p.net.au/opinion/lesbian-iconoclast-4117.html

Lindsay Lohan fuels catfight with Paris

The pair - who were once friends - have been trading insults on popular social networking site Facebook.

Mean Girls star Lindsay branded the hotel heiress a “b***h” and called her “pathetic” before launching a four-letter tirade after Paris had set up a group on the site called ‘Firecrotch’, referring to the actress’ red hair.

But Paris hit back, saying it was her who was the pathetic one because she has set up a Facebook group about her first called ‘Paris Wets Herself’, which refers to a couple of alleged incidents involving the 27-year-old blonde.The former friends initially fell out over Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III, who they have both dated.


Ali can't believe this shit
Felix Schopgens

Eva Longoria Signs Up for "Project Runway"

Enjoying a sunny morning out and about, Eva Longoria was spotted taking her family for a shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (October 7).

Sporting a grey Omnipeace t-shirt with jeans and a Spurs cap, the "Desperate Housewives" hottie and the gang then made a stop for a little pampering, getting their nails done at a Hollywood salon.

In related news, it has been announced that Eva will be serving as a guest judge when Heidi Klum's fashion show "Projext Runway" starts back up on Lifetime in January.

A Life & Style insider tells, “She is absolutely going to be on the new season, and she’s delighted about it. Execs want to kick the show up a notch.”

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source: http://www.gossipgirls.com/eva-longoria/eva-longoria-signs-project-runway-221092


w&g ;

two unfunny people are back together

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are back together.

"They're taking it slow," says a source. "They're on the road back to being together again."

The comedians, who ended their five-year relationship in July, have recently been spotted on dates on both coasts.

On Sept. 28, Kimmel, 40, and Silverman, 37, enjoyed a laughter-filled dinner together at L.A.'s Pattaya Thai Restaurant, says a source, and left holding hands.

Less than a week later, they attended pal Howard Stern's Oct. 3 wedding at New York City's Le Cirque restaurant, where Kimmel was spotted wrapping his arms around Silverman's waist and playfully grabbing her backside in plain view of photographers.

Reps for the comedians had no comment.

Silverman thanked her ex from the stage after winning an Emmy last month for her salty music video "I'm F------ Matt Damon," which first appeared on Kimmel's late-night talk show before becoming an internet sensation.

"Thanks to the person for whom this whole video was made: Jimmy Kimmel, who broke my heart – ohh, who'll always have a place in my heart," she said.

The new season of her show The Sarah Silverman Program premieres on Comedy Central this week.

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High Fashion Real Estate

You may have seen Pierre Cardin's Spring Summer 09 collection in the news the last few days b/c of it's futuristic spin on high fashion. But what you may not have seen is the French villa it was held at.

The Italian born French designer has an ocean front villa in Theoule sur Mer, southern France, that will blow your colonial residing mind! Cardin's home is known as the 'Bubble House' and would make any future Jedi feel right at home.

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Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

STELLA hosts New York Magazine's 40th Anniversary!


In a super rare live appearance, STELLA hosts New York Magazine's 40th Anniversary Event!

Friday, October 10th, 2008 @ 8:00pm
The Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, NY
Featuring The National and Grizzly Bear
Hosted by Stella (Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, David Wain)

Source 1
Source 2


Gah, I got into this show at the end of the summer because of all the M.I.B. love on here =D ... and now I'm pissed off because some f*ckers on Youtube took down all the episodes and I was in the mood for watching at least one episode tonight before I start studying for statistics :( Anyone know where I can watch them online? I seem to be having trouble finding a site that has them.


How much are YOU willing to pay to kick Michael Lohan's ass

Michael Lohan's ready to fight anyone who wants to take him.

Lohan's auctioning off the chance to knock him out in a charity boxing match Nov. 24 at the Hilton Long Island in Melville, N.Y. Bidding to challenge Lohan begins at $5,000. Proceeds will go to charities including the Long Island Community Chest, which provides financial support to needy families.

Asked by ABCNews.com whether he'd fight Ronson if she was the highest bidder, Lohan let out a whoop of laughter and said:

"How about her brother [disc jockey Mark Ronson]? Samantha -- I’m not even going there. No, no, no. I wouldn’t get in a ring with a woman."

"I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Lindsay. She seems happy," he said. "If that’s the direction she wants her life to take, I’m happy for her."

Regardless of what happens in the ring, Lohan remains bent on proving that he's the good guy in his Hollywood family drama. He said he has text messages and voice mails to back him up, and he's not afraid to use them.

"I have a court date Oct. 16 with Dina. ... If anything’s going to be released, it’s going to be released in the proper setting, which is the court. If it’s released, then everyone will know who really has Lindsay's best interests at heart."


More 90210 Stars Dating?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
90210 stars Adam Gregory and Jessica Lowndes take their love off-screen, holding hands while shopping at the Intuition boutique in Los Angeles on Monday.

On the hit CW drama, Jessica, 19, plays troubled Adrianna Duncan, and Adam, 20, who plays rich jock Ty Collins. This is the second real-life couple to come out of the 90210 cast. Dustin Milligan (Ethan Ward) and Jessica Stroup (Erin Silver) were spotted kissing in public.

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The future king of England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. won't be marrying mare

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She is said to hate the nickname ‘Waity Katie’, but Kate Middleton could be waiting a very long time to marry Prince William – for up to seven-and-a-half years to be precise.

The 26-year-old Prince, who wants to become a pilot with the RAF’s Search and Rescue Force, will be asked to commit to six years’ service on top of the 18 months he will spend training from January.

During that additional time, known as the amortisation period, he is expected to put his military duties first, which means any marriage plans are likely to be put on hold.
William must agree to stay in the RAF for so long to justify the £1million cost of his training, which will include flying a £25million Apache helicopter in a series of dummy missions.

A senior source in the RAF said yesterday: ‘William will have to agree to an amortisation like everyone else if he passes his training. Because of the huge cost of the programme, the RAF want to get their money’s worth from anyone they sign up. William will be treated the same as any other officer.

‘There’s no point in the RAF investing in someone who goes through the training and then stays for only a couple of years. Taxpayers would be up in arms if they knew their money was going into training someone who wasn’t going to commit to the RAF for a significant amount of time.’
Last night, a friend of the couple said William’s surprise announcement last month that he wanted to join one of the six search and rescue teams based around Britain was sure to have an effect on his long-term relationship with Kate.

***Kate will be thirty-four years old after seven years and he will be as bald as a coot. She'll wait, mark my words.  If you were her, would you?





Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Always looking fabulous isn’t easy. In fact, it takes hard work and lots of time.

But Lindsay Lohan was up to the challenge as she was spotted leaving the Jenni Kayne boutique in West Hollywood this afternoon following a two-hour shopping spree.

The busty starlet was joined by girlfriend Samantha Ronson and pal Patrick Aufdenkamp.

La Lohan, always on trend, was wearing baggy cuffed boyfriend style jeans and a pair of black peep toe wedges.

While some stars stuggle to pull this tricky look off, Lindsay makes it look effortless. Work it out, girl!

SOURCE: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/54989/lindsay-lohan-is-always-on-trend/


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Travis Barker Still in Recovery Mode

Travis Barker may have been released from Georgia's Joseph M. Still Burn Center last month, but his ongoing treatment is far from over.E! News has confirmed that the plane crash survivor has been receiving care, including surgery, at a Los Angeles-area hospital.A source says the former Blink-182 drummer remains in the facility and his condition has been "up and down" since he returned to Southern California.

The 32-year-old rocker was released Sept. 29 from the Augusta, Ga., hospital where he and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein were taken in the immediate aftermath of the takeoff crash of a Learjet that left the other four people on board dead.Barker suffered second- and third-degree burns in the Sept. 19 accident but, along with Goldstein, is expected to make a full recovery.



Don't Make Sherri Shephard Get Off In That Ass!

The past couple days of The View Hassleback has been ranting that Sen. Obama is a terrorist. I'm convinced Fox News gives her talking points for each segment. Babara Walters tried to calm things by saying we should focus on the issues, but Miss Hassle decided to grind. While Whoopi Goldberg has got into that ass on more than one occasion, it was now Sherri Shepherd's turn. The adhesive in her weave nearly melted off when she said, "What about the woman that McCain left that didn't even want him to know that she had been in a horrible, horrible accident -- and he came back, met another woman named Cindy McCain, left the woman that waited for him! Can we talk about that?"

Source: http://claycane.blogspot.com/2008/10/sherri-shephard-got-smacked-with-smart.html
b&e ಌ is this love at all?

ThinkB4youspeak TV Advertisement

FOR the first time since the Advertising Council was founded in 1942, the organization — which directs and coordinates public service campaigns on behalf of Madison Avenue and the media industry — is introducing ads meant to tackle a social issue of concern to gays and lesbians.

The campaign, which is scheduled to be announced by the council in Washington on Wednesday, will seek to discourage bullying and harassment of teenagers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

The campaign, created pro bono by the New York office of Arnold Worldwide, urges an end to using derogatory language, particularly labeling anything deemed negative or unpleasant as “so gay.” That is underlined by the theme of the campaign: “When you say, ‘That’s so gay,’ do you realize what you say? Knock it off.”

There will be television and radio commercials, print and outdoor ads and a special Web site devoted to the campaign (thinkb4youspeak.com). Some spots feature celebrities, the young actress Hilary Duff and the comedian Wanda Sykes, delivering the message.

The video won't embed, you can view it here: http://thinkb4youspeak.com/

source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/08/business/media/08adco.html?_r=1&ref=business&oref=slogin
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FRINGE/V | alt!liv/erica ; shadows

Felicity Huffman Gets Ruff Road Rage Lesson

Felicity Huffman found herself in a Desperate predicament when a fellow driver was leering at her – but it turns he only had eyes for her new dog.

The Desperate Housewives actress, who was in New York City Monday to kick off the Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign to encourage pet adoptions, shared the frisky tale about her family's recently adopted Labrador mix, Tucker.

While driving in L.A. recently, "I pulled up to a stop sign," said Huffman, who is North American Ambassador for the pet adoption campaign. "This guy pulls up next to me and says, 'Hey' and makes kissing noises. I ignored it. Then he said 'Hey' and made the kissing noises again. The third time he did it, I thought, 'I'm tired of being bullied and I'm not going to be frightened' – and I turned to him."

Huffman proceeded to dress down the man. "'What's the matter with you? Are you sick? That's disgusting and rude and I'm not taking it.'" she told him. "He looked all offended and his feelings were hurt, and I thought, 'Great I have a sensitive heckler.'"

Then she discovered the doggone truth. "As I pull away feeling like a warrior, I felt a little cold nose on my neck," said Huffman. "Tucker had his head right behind mine, which I didn't know. The guy was talking to the dog, and that's why his feelings were hurt."

Summed up Huffman: "I'm a jerk."

The actress had much kinder words for Jennifer Lopez, a fellow participant in last month's Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

"I was really impressed with her," said Huffman, who has competed there for the past six years. "I'm in the sissy celebrity division, which J.Lo was not in, nor was Matthew McConaughey, where one person runs, one person bikes and one person swims. I just do the running and my time is slower every year."

Added the actress, "I'm working down the ladder of success."


i freakin' ADORE her

charli xcx 1

paris checks out

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'Late last night, we caught up with Paris Hilton making her way out of LAX International Airport in Los Angeles.

So, just where was she headed? London!!!

Following her transatlantic flight, Paris was in top form as she offered photogs a quick pouty pose while leaving the Sanderson Hotel.

Dressed in an animal print wrap dress, black pumps and a velvet bag, Miss Hilton was kicking off a night of drinks and debauchery.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning to find out what embarrassing and potentially image-damaging escapades she got up to!"

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TV/Movie Filming Locations for 10/8/08

10.8.08 Filming Locations

Burn Notice is filming at Miami-Dade County (Off Duty) Police in Miami, FL.

Edge of Darkness is filming in MA, we have two conflicting stories, they will either be in Nothampton for one more day or they are moving to Deerfield.

Prison Break is filming near Center St and Ducommum in L.A.

Dirty Sexy Money is filming at 200 N. Spring St (today and tomorrow) in L.A.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is filming at 1360 E 6th St in L.A.

Sit Down and Shut Up is filming at Molino St & Palmetto St in Los Angeles.

Numbers is filming at 2234 S Pacific Ave in L.A.

Law and Order: CI is filming near E 72nd and Madison in Manhattan.

CSI: NY is filming at on E. 4 St and Broadway in NYC.

SVU is filming near W 19th and 5th in NYC.

Law and Order is on 10th Ave in NYC, signs spotted between 26th and 27th.

Fringe is filming at Brooklyn College on Campus Road in Brooklyn.

Gossip Girl is filming in Dumbo, Brooklyn, around Water/Front St & Main.

Lipstick Jungle is filming in Brooklyn as well, somewhere around Milton St and Manhattan Ave.


what an exciting day tomorrow is my children
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Pamela Anderson at war with Cate Blanchett

PETA supporter Pamela Anderson is at it again and this time she has Australian actress Cate Blanchett and her fashion designer friend Giorgio Armani in her sights.

The buxom blonde and PETA mouthpiece has sent an angry letter to Armani's best buddy Blanchett over the designer's use of fur in his clothing collections.

In the letter sent this week, the animal advocate wrote that while the Aussie actress was at Armani's shows and the launch of his new boutique in Milan, she was nearby in Lake Garda hosting a PETA benefit, which raised $50,000 for an upcoming campaign urging people to shun Armani until he makes good on his public promise to stop using fur.

"Cate, as you are such a huge part of Armani's publicity machine, would you please urge him to keep his promise and leave fur out of his future collections?" Anderson wrote.

The animal rights group claims that Armani's winter collection, going into stores now, includes fox and rabbit fur in some pieces.

PETA said the fur-filled collection comes a year after Armani told Time magazine that he "spoke with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur."

An official response from the designer yesterday said the company planned to cease using fur other than rabbit fur in future collections.

"As a luxury fashion house, which has always been attentive to this issue, we feel we are being unfairly targeted in comparison to our competitors," the company said.


I find it rather funny that Pamela Anderson is basically demanding something of Cate Blanchett. That being said, I don't like the skinning of live bunnies. :(