October 3rd, 2008

Film - The Old Guard

Peter Sarsgaard on Broadway!

Peter Sarsgaard wants to meet in a coffee bar in Brooklyn, but balks when he gets there.

Peter Sarsgaard is known for playing hard, uncomfortable roles with a weird sort of laconic intensity.

It's crowded with 30-somethings in carefully rumpled hair, funky glasses, sleek laptops, expensive jeans and oh-so-cool graphic T-shirts. The flavor of the day seems to be smug.

He ducks in for a cup to go, a blueberry muffin and a pound of coffee beans.

"It's too trendy in there for me," Sarsgaard says, emerging unrecognized with a laugh.

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I love him and I def. want to see this. And he does not look 37.
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charli xcx 1

britney is mother teresa, looks fabulous anyways

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Britney Spears channels her inner-Mother Teresa as she touches down at LAX airport in Los Angeles after a flight from New York City’s JFK airport on Thursday.

The 26-year-old pop princess, who stayed hidden underneath her white scarf, was greeted by crowd of 40 some odd photographers.

For the past few months, Britney has been filming a DVD with her label Jive, reports one of Britney’s fan sites BreatheHeavy. The behind-the-scenes DVD is said to released concurrently with Brit’s new album Circus. The special CD/DVD combo is expected to sell for $24."

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TV/Movie Filming Locations for 10/03/08 - 10/05/08

10.3.08-10.5.08 Filming Locations


The Unit is filming on Anderson St from 6th St- 7th St in Los Angeles.

Rock of Love was suppose to be filming in Hoover, Georgia tonight but I think it may have been cancelled.

Edge of Darkness is filming in Northampton, MA.

Gossip Girl is filming at The Palace.

SVU is filming inside SUNY Maritime College (address of college and it’s at 6 Pennyfield Ave) from 9am - 10:30 pm. (Be aware that they’ll likely be inside all day, so perhaps try for the lunch hour- it may be 2 pm)

Law and Order: CI is filming near W 13th and 5th in Manhattan.


Hanging out, Hooking Up, Falling in Love is filming at 940 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles.

Bone Deep is filming at 550 S. Hope St in Los Angeles.

The Changeling is premiering (as part of the NYFF) at the Ziegfeld.


The Day the Earth Stood Still is filming at Wilshire Bl, Grand Ave. - Figueroa St in Los Angeles.

T.I. (Featuring Rihanna) will be filming a video at the L.A. Riverbed at 6th St in Los Angeles.

Body of Lies is premiering at the Jazz Lincoln Center.


the lady didn't update the site for 10/2/08 until like noon that day, which really made no sense to post, especially since I didn't come back from class until about 3:30. which sucks since 13 things were filming, including all 3 Law&Order shows, Gossip Girl, and some other shit you guys watch.
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Diddy sees dead people…or maybe it was the Devil

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin scares Diddy into hiding under his bed sheets. In his latest over-the-top video blog, Diddy reacts to the video clip of Katie Couric asking Palin which newspapers and magazines she reads regularly to stay informed.

Diddy responds to the clip while chattering: “Sarah Palin, you scare me. You could be the President of the United States. [Her running mate] John McCain is 72. Boys and girls, vote. I beg you. I’m not coming out the covers. It’s safer underneath the covers!” Watch the video below!

Television rules the Nation
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Britney Womanizer Naked

Britney Releasing A Behind-The-Scenes DVD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You may have noticed a lot of cameras following Britney during her trip to New York City this week. But it wasn't just the paparazzi that got in on the action!

An NYC source exclusively reveals that Britney was being filmed for part of an upcoming DVD she is releasing this year with JIVE! The DVD is said to be launching with the new album, making it a special CD/DVD combo currently priced at $24.42.

New York wasn't the only time Britney was filmed by her own crew. Brit has been photographed being filmed by her bodyguard Lee for months now, including her trips to Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, and all around L.A.

Other reports suggest the footage will also appear on Britney's new website, as well as television networks. "It's part of Britney's image rehab plan," a source close to the Spears camp tells E! News. "They want to shoot footage of Britney in her best light, showing her looking happy and healthy, and then parcel out the film however and whenever they want."

"Some of it may show up on her newly revamped website," reports E!, "which is launching any day now. And the rest could possibly show up as a montage during her music tour or parceled out to entertainment television shows."

"It's all about controlling the images and messages out there about Britney," says our source. "It's old-school public relations, really. It's about finding ways to reintroduce her as that sweet, happy girl, the one people remember before her problems began."

thanks<lj user="proverbial_icon">

Matt Damon asks Ohio to vote

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Matt Damon is urging Ohioans to register and vote this week for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The actor recorded an automated call for the Ohio Democratic Party that asks people to take advantage of a window during which new voters can register and cast an absentee ballot in one visit. That period began Tuesday and ends Monday.

On the call, Damon says to press one to find out about nearby voting hours and locations. He also urges people to volunteer for Obama.

Damon drew headlines last month when he told The Associated Press that Republican Sarah Palin's vice presidential candidacy was like "a bad Disney movie."

i love him. end of story.


edit: I don't know if you all have seen this, but it's pretty funny.
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britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI

Shakira endorses Barack Obama

Shakira endorses Barack Obama

She can’t vote, but that didn’t stop Colombian pop star Shakira from throwing her support behind Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama Thursday.

“If I could vote, I would vote for Barack Obama because I think that he is the person that can bring the world the true American message,” she said, according to the Associated Press.

Then the top-selling singer – who was recently described by Bill Clinton as “a young Colombian woman who loves her country, who doesn't want it overrun by the narco-traffickers and the guerrillas who support them.” – reached a little deeper.

“I feel in my heart that he would be able to reconstruct peace and confidence in the United States, a counter that he appreciates profoundly."

Returning to political analysis, Shakira opined that Obama’s family background could be an advantage against his opponent John McCain.

No polls were available indicating whether her endorsement gave the young Illinois senator a bounce among ex-patriot Colombians.


i wasn't sure who i was gonna vote for... but since Shakira wants Obama... i now know who i am voting for! thanks Shakira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Apple iTunes Lives Another Day

Royalties paid to publishers and songwriters for the sale of digital downloads remained unchanged at 9.1 cents per download Thursday.
Apple had threatened to pull the iTunes plug if the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board increased the fees paid to publishers and songwriters, who feared that the three-member panel might lower the royalties for a five-year period. They had requested an additional 6 cents while the labels wanted to recast the entire pay structure -- a proposal opposed by the songwriters and publishers who feared that plan could reduce their royalties.
Apple -- which has mightily resisted tampering in any way with its 99-cent price point for tracks -- said that if the rate hike goes through and the labels refuse to absorb the entire resulting increase, the iTunes music store would become unprofitable and shutter.
"I never took seriously the idea they would take the store down because of an increase," said David Israelite, president of the National Music Publishers' Association.
Apple said in a statement it was "pleased with the CRB's decision to keep royalty rates stable."
The accord also sets ringtone rates at 24 cents. Ringtone fees were previously negotiated on a contract-by-contract basis.
Last week, songwriters and publishers agreed to the rights to collect 10.5 percent of revenue from webcasters and companies offering music subscription services -- minus any performance royalties already being paid to the labels.

george jetson

EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Joan Hart: Heather Mills Replaced Me on DWTS!

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Is a dance-off in store for Melissa Joan Hart and Heather Mills?

The actress, 32, suspects the brash Brit, 40, stole her spot on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

Hart says she was originally offered to star on the show's first season but passed because she was pregnant.

When she expressed interest in the show's fifth season, "I was bumped for a lady," Hart says on The Bonnie Hunt Show, airing Friday.

"I am not going to mention her name ... a little British chippy," Hart adds. "I think she took my spot, I’m not sure, but I have a little beef with her."

That's not the only rejection Hart faced.

She says she was also turned down by Cesar Milan's National Geographic Channel show The Dog Whisperer because her dogs weren’t bad enough.

"'Ok... so the dog chewed his way through the screen of the window, broke into my house and pooped on the floor and that's not bad enough for ya?'"
Hart says.

During her interview, the former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star also voices her concerns about young Hollywood.

"These kids are like franchises right now," Hart says. "They are not just acting and singing. As soon as you have a TV show or a hit song, all of a sudden, you have to have a clothing line, a fragrance, you've to got put out a country album ... are you kidding me?

"I don’t know how they do it," she goes on. "No wonder they crash at the age of 23."

george jetson

Off the Rack

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Stylish singer and dad-to-be Pete Wentz wants you to know that it’s not easy looking as good as he always does. Pete opened up to PEOPLE about his hair challenges last night in Chicago, where he hosted Gen Art’s 6th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion and sat front-row during the Windy City’s fashion week with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz by his side. “Here’s the thing about hair; I think most people think that I have Lego hair, like I can just take it on and off in one piece, and that’s not quite the case — although pretty close,” he said. “I refer to this [phenomenon] as Lego hair, when people think that about me.” Pete went on to joke about the importance of spending enough time making your hair look good. “I think hair is just, like, the most important thing about you,” he joked. “Besides your soul, or maybe your heart, or maybe your crotch…. Or maybe the order I just put those in says a little something about who I am,” he laughed before heading off with friends to end the night at his bar Angels & Kings.

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Leighton Meester is doing her part to end domestic violence, taking to the runway today to raise awareness for the issue. “I think it’s an issue that everyone can take part in because it applies to everyone,” the Gossip Girl actress told reporters in N.Y.C’s Union Square. “You can be a victim or someone you love can be a victim. The more people are aware, the more it can be prevented.” Meester said as a woman, she has a special interest in the issue. “No matter who is affected by domestic violence, I take it personally, so I think it’s partly my responsibility to talk about it.” The actress donated an old pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes for Marshall’s Shop ‘Til It Stops campaign, a drive to end domestic violence. Clad in a Brian Reyes and another pair of Stuart Weitzman heels, Meester credits her hit show with her transformation into a fashionista favorite. “I adore fashion, and I really have become so much more comfortable in it lately,” she said. “Because of the show, I’ve become more aware of trends and designers, and I’m so much more comfortable dressing up and going all out now.” In between Gossip Girl and New York nightlife, Meester likes to keep it casual. “The more I do the show, the more it makes me appreciate being able to just wear jeans and a T-shirt in my daily life.” Doing good and looking good — does it get better?

1, 2

Review for Rachel Getting Married


(CNN) -- Remember when actresses really lit up the screen? Anne Hathaway rekindles memories of Bette Davis and "Klute"-era Jane Fonda in Jonathan Demme's new film: barely a scene goes by without her pulling on a cigarette.

When Davis took a drag it was a mark of sophistication. By Fonda's time it was beginning to take on neurotic undertones, but was still a talisman of intelligence and seriousness.

Today -- having virtually disappeared from the movies -- the cigarette is a sign of stunted growth, a crutch that Kym, Hathaway's character in "Rachel Getting Married," can't put aside. It's also a substitute for the harder stuff she really craves.

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Fall Out Boy's 'Folie a Deux' Tracklisting Revealed!


It's finalized, Fall Out fans! Nearly a month away from the November 4th release of 'Folie' and we have a sweet (or should I say "suite"?) song list. From FOB's official Friend or Enemies profie: 

Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
I Don’t Care
She’s My Winona
America’s Suitehearts
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet 
The (Shipped) Gold Standard 
(Coffee’s For Closers)
What A Catch, Donnie
Tiffany Blews
20 Dollar Nose Bleed 
West Coast Smoker

The boys released the video for the first single, "I Don't Care," last week, but to the band's dismay, it was not the cut they had approved of.  Yesterday, Pete commented on the status of their preferred version, stating, "i don't think anyone will ever get a chance to see the video the way it was meant to be editted though i hope people find it on the internet and enjoy it anyway. i realize it is fun to tamper with edits as well, only after doing so. haha. oh well maybe youll see it around."


Ludacris's Album Pushed Back


The extremely sexy rapper was previously scheduled to release his next album Theatre of the Mind on October 21st, 2008. The new, delayed release date for Luda's album is November 25th.

Of his album, Ludacris has stated that “It’s all-stars, basically. It’s co-starring people because it’s a movie. Every song is a movie creatively and conceptually."

The moral of the story is that overall we should all take this extra time to brush up on our Ludacris so that by the time his album is released we are all practicing members of Ludacristianity.

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Emma Watson: Chanel Cutie

Enjoying her time at all of the Paris Fashion Week festivities, Emma Watson was spotted attending the Chanel Spring/Summer 2009 runway show earlier today (October 3).

The “Harry Potter” hottie smiled for the paparazzi outside the Grand Palais, looking fit and fine in a space-age-inspired sliver dress with matching jacket, along with a pair of black leggings and strappy black heels.

As for her future plans, Miss Watson recently revealed that she’s putting her acting career on hold to pursue higher education.  “I would like to go to university and complete a degree and so that will mean a break from acting.”

And she’s already figured out what she’ll study.  “If I stay in this country I will read English Literature, and if I go to America I will do a Liberal Arts program.  Any future projects will take second place to university.”

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She looks really pretty and I love that jacket.

pikachu: stumble

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Super producer Mark Ronson (lol) and his new beau Tennessee Thomas are pictured strolling down the King's Road on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Judging by the amount of yawning going on we hope the groovy couple aren't tired of each other already. Mark at one point also looked as though he was in training for the national gurning awards or just a case of windy pops!!

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Bar Refaeli at Party for Ironic Iconic America!


Bar Refaeli has joined poet and performer Rives for a road trip across America, produced by Tommy Hilfiger, to explore beauty, love, design, food and much more. From Buffalo, New York to Catalina Island, California, from Andy Warhol to Barbie, we see American popular culture as an interconnected web, tied together by the observations and adventures of our two characters. It's America like it's never been seen before.

Ironic Iconic America Official Site | (Watch 'Behind the Scenes' it's hilarious) | Source

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i just called to say... i have blind items

1) "Which celebrity couple of the moment are actually nothing more than vague acquaintances? The supposedly loved-up duo have only ever met each other in front of the cameras" [Mirror]

2) "So, our singer and her husband are back for I think the third appearance in this space. You remember them don't you. She had a baby and the marriage all fell apart. Well sometimes you may see them out together. What you don't see is the fact that she makes out with other guys right in front of the husband. Oh yes, they are still married although it is in name only. Now as for other activities she does in front of the husband, still no word. Working on it though." [CDaN]

3) "This celebrity has been out of the spotlight for a little while. You are in for a real shock when you see her. Bones and veins popping out everywhere. She has always been slim, but she now looks completely emaciated. Stylists are hard at work crafting wardrobe and hair and makeup to mask the problem for public appearances. They even discussed having her wear a slimmed down version of a fat suit - to make her look as if she was of normal weight - but the celeb nixed it." [BlindGossip]

4) "Which male celebrity is siding with the NY cat kicker? When he heard about the volatile boyfriend who murdered his girlfriend’s cat, he replied “F*** the cat. If it bit me, I would have killed it too.” It’s hard to imagine words like this pouring out of his mouth, as his public persona is one of being a really nice guy." [BlindGossip]


Nas and Kanye Love Kiwis!

And I don't mean the delicious fruit, though I'm sure they love those, too, because they are really quite tasty.

I'm talking about New Zealand! Nas and Kanye West have announced shows in Auckland and Wellington, on December 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Kanye West is fresh off his highly successful Glow in the Dark tour, while Nas recently headlined the awesomely awesome annual Rock the Bells festival. A recent connection between the two came when Kanye West used his blog to compare Soulja Boy's creativity and hidden meaning to that of Nas's Illmatic. As this is obviously a horribly mistaken claim, it is a interesting that it did not affect their relationship.

The general consensus is that Kanye and Nas are two of the best hip hop artists out right now, though Lil Jon fans may not agree. Either way, this concert is set to be orgasmic at the least.


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Looking Fine As Hell Like Always

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hugh Jackman looks smokin’ hot during a photo shoot on Friday morning in Sydney, Australia.

The Aussie actor, who turns 40 next Sunday, had the two favorite females in his life visit him on set–his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their 3-year-old daughter Ava Eliot.

Next month, Hugh will be ramping up his press coverage. His upcoming movie, Australia, opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, November 26! This romantic drama from Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge), which is set in pre-World War II Australia, stars Nicole Kidman as an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch, and Jackman as the cattle driver who helps protect her property from greedy English cattle barons.

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Lil Jon Says Britney's Album 'Will Be Big'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Britney Spears's upcoming album, Circus, promises to deliver club-banging dance hits that will land her back on top, according to music producer and rapper Lil Jon.

"It's going to be a big album," he told PEOPLE at the VH1 Save the Music Hip Hop Honors after party in New York Thursday night. "Britney is very intelligent and she's really set up [for success],"says Jon, who is one of the album's producers. "She is focused and she wants it again, so it's definitely going to happen for her."

He also expects the record to be a mainstay in the clubs. "Her stuff is all about making people party," he says.

Spears's last album, Blackout, stalled due to her much-publicized personal drama. Rapper Fabolous, who remixed the single "Break the Ice," told reporters at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors taping earlier in the night that "we weren't able to do a video because of her condition at the time."

He adds: "A lot of people count her out, but she's been able to bounce back from adversity. She's back looking, if not as good as before, even better. I would love to do more remixes for Britney."

Spears is set to release Circus on Dec. 2, her 27th birthday. She debuted the first single, "Womanizer," last month on New York's radio station Z100. She told the radio show that a tour is "definitely" in the works for next year.

Source: People

Jessica Stroup and Dustin Milligan are dating.

AWWW!! I think they make a really cute/hott couple. 

Source: http://90210.sytes.net

90210's Jessica Stroup and co-star Dustin Milligan caress in a passionate kiss. Dustin was seen leaving Jessica's home early afternoon after spending the night. He was carrying an overnight bag and holding a bundle of clothes. The couple kissed for several minutes holding each other tightly. Jessica was seen smiling happily before departing on their separate ways. September 21, 2008, Los Angeles, California

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Jim Jones Thinks He Has Swagger Like T.I., Is Mistaken.

In this recent interview with Complex magazine, the quasi-legitimate rapper Jim Jones has some choice words for the ever-sexilicious T.I.:

Complex: What about T.I?

Jim Jones: I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it.
You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?” Which one? Lemme hear it! When the bitches want to fuck you and the niggas want be like you, who got the swag? Niggas with money and fame always going to look like they doing something ’cause they got the camera in front of them. But the cool dudes always stick out no matter where they at.

Jim Jones also discusses his new mix of the smash hit song "Swagger Like Us." Jones's version is called "Jackin' Swagger From Us", which, if you ask me, is a misnomer because it implies he has swagger to jack.

This is my estimation of how this would make T.I. feel - Angry, but in a sexy way:

To Complex.com for the full interview and a chance to hear Jim Jones rap about his imaginary swagger
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Samantha Ronson Hasn't Visited a Gym in Years

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
How does Samantha Ronson maintain the trim figure she showed off during her recent romantic Mexican getaway with Lindsay Lohan? It's all in the genes.

Ronson, 30, who's rarely seen wearing anything other than jeans, sneakers, and her porkpie hat, told PEOPLE that she was "never more unhappy" about being snapped in her bathing suit during her trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. But the deejay is laughing off the incident – and the Internet buzz it generated.

"That's very funny," Ronson said after hearing that fans were impressed by her svelte figure.

When asked about the secrets to her slim physique, Ronson, 30, told PEOPLE that less – a lot less – is more: "No gym – well, not in the last five years. All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!"

Not that she doesn't indulge in the occasional cardio activity: "Sprinting through airports to catch flights," Ronson added about her workout "regiment."

The deejay even jokes about one of her only vices: Marlboro Reds. "I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!" she said.

Emotionally, she's in even better shape, thanks to her relationship with Lohan. A friend close to the actress says Ronson is "the best and happiest thing to ever happen to Lindsay."


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Johnny Being Offered $55 MIL To Reprise Role

Disney has offered Johnny Depp $55 million to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean film, according to Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times. That payday surpasses the previous Hollywood record for a single performance, formerly held by Tom Hanks, who is currently receiving $49 million for Angels & Demons, the follow-up to The DaVinci Code. That's a lot of swag, but there's only one Johnny Depp, and with some $2.7 billion in the bank from POTC films, Disney knows a real treasure when they see one...

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Clips (read: Full songs) from Disney's Princess DisneyMania album

Released: September 30th, 2008


1. Emily Osment - Once Upon A Dream
2. Demi Lovato - That's How You Know
3. Ashley Tisdale - Some Day My Prince Will Come
4. Vanessa Hudgens - Colors Of The Wind
5. Christina Aguilera - Reflection
6. The Cheetah Girls - So This Is Love
7. Colbie Caillat - Kiss The Girl
8. Kari Kimmel - It's Not Just Make Believe
9. Raven-Symone - Under The Sea
10. Jordan Pruitt - Ever Ever After
11. Keke Palmer - True To Your Heart
12. Amy Adams - Happy Working Song
13. Sierra Boggess as Ariel - Part Of Your World
14. Disney Channel Stars - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

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Making my only Disney post for the day... :P Eh, the songs aren't too bad, but it sucks that they mostly just recycled old songs. It's kind of a letdown. Sometimes I like the upbeat versions better, 'cause, well... the original versions make me cry.

Also, I just came across this, and had no idea this existed, lol:

Wonder why they didn't use that one!

Shannen Doherty with her hunky man yesterday - 10/2


Riding high on her big 90210 comeback, Shannen Doherty was seen shopping at Samy’s Camera with a hunky younger man yesterday.

The pair left the store with professional rented camera equipment.

Private photo-shoot perhaps?

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old actress is opening up about her ex-hubby Rick Salomon’s sex tape, branding Rick’s co-star Paris Hilton as “disgusting.”

She tells the new issue of Details magazine: “I look at what he did with Paris and think, ‘God, that’s disgusting.’”

Nonetheless, Shannen does not regret her relationship with Rich. She adds: “I haven’t made the best choices in men, but there was something that Rick provided that was amazing to me. I never had someone make me laugh so much. I was madly in love. It was a really hard marriage. When it ended, it was a heart-crushing thing.”

Let’s hope Miss Doherty’s new man is as big of a catch as he appears to be!

Source: http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/53801/shannen-dohertys-hunky-new-man/

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Shirley Manson on Last Call with Carson Daly

A post about Shirley on The Sarah Connor Chronicles revived my love for her and for Garbage.

She was on Last Call with Carson Daily last night. He's boring, but she's amazing no matter what.

I never saw this show. Is it worth it? I mean, even if just for Shirley?

Plus, she also has an official fan page at Facebook HERE.

There are some cute pictures of her dog, her mom and herself.

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Debbie Harry, Lil' Wayne and Pharell will all appear on Folie à Deux

It's perhaps testament to Fall Out Boy's clout that even when they're publically denouncing rumors about big-name musicians making cameos on their albums, there's a pretty good chance that those big-name musicians actually will end up making an appearance of some sort ... and they'll probably bring along some of their friends too.

Case in point: Last month, an underage — yet apparently very knowledgeable — blogger named Justin Goldberg posted on his site that Kanye West and Lil Wayne were lined up to make appearances on FOB's Folie à Deux album, citing "a reliable source."

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I'm kind of excited to see where this album goes.

T-Pain and Wife expecting 3rd child

This is an exciting time for T-Pain. First and foremost, the father of two tells the Boombox his wife is pregnant with their third child, to go with their four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. And by the time baby number three is born, the collaborator extraordinaire may have another hit album on his hands.

Source: http://www.theboombox.com/2008/10/02/t-pain-celebrates-new-album-with-new-baby/

Congrats to T-Pain and his wife. I'm still surprised he is only 23 years old.

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Lauren Hooked Up with Justin Bobby? -- Absolutely Not True (BS Story Of Today).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*********************** Update, Totally False *************************************

Have an update for ya on our Audrina-Justin Bobby-Lauren ménage à blah from yesterday. None of the babes' reps would comment—clearly they have worse rumors to flame out. However, a Hill-y friend couldn't stop chuckling when we inquired about the rumored backstabbing bed hopping, calling the whole thing "completely false and actually quite funny."

We gotta agree with her, personally. We think the whole incestuous mess between these folks is comedic gold. Good thing for Whitney she's jumping ship to New Yark—tho we totally see her falling headfirst into the Gossip Girl crowd, which is just as bitchy as back West but even chillier (and we're not talking' about the weather). Guess L.C. can go back to shining her halo while Heidi continues her reign as villainous supreme. For now, anyway.

********************** Original Story **********************************

We thought Heidi Montag was supposed to be the villainess on The Hills. Well, you might wanna put away those Team Lauren shirts ‘cause, apparently, little Goody Two–shoes ain’t so innocent after all—if you believe those who are currently whispering in friggin’ overdrive from the semihottie show.

Can’t say we’re that shocked, actually. If you get sucked into the awfulness that is The Hills, then you’re aware that Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad have had quite the rocky friendship this season. Offscreen, Aud moved her stuff out of the house a couple of weeks ago, but they would still try to fake that they’re all chummy and crap. Well, there’s no hiding their hatred now.

This weekend in Vegas, A.P. hosted her own party while Conrad celebrated Lo’s B-day at another club. So why has it all of a sudden come to a head? Justin Bobby!

Audrina, we’re told, is fuming because she found out that her on-and-off lover, Justin, and former BFF, L.C., hooked up behind her back. Man, if this was actually captured on film we might even watch the show! Supposedly, A-doll has been running around town trying to find out any info about the incident that Mister Bobby himself has supposedly confessed to. Lauren denies it, natch.

So could this be why the two gals are no longer top MySpace friends and why Lauren’s mood is “shocked”? You can bet that Justin Bobby will get out of all this unscathed, 'cause, well, guys always do.

Our take? Totally wouldn’t put it past L.C., 'cause word on the T-town street is she ain’t the prude type. Hardly. But we think it makes Audrina look a little pathetic, to be honest. True, girl code was violated, but don’t let it get back to us how desperately you’re seeking answers, A. Très tragic and high school. But then this is The Hills, isn’t it?



Lauren is Dating Kyle Howard. BTW, LC threatened to sue Ted Casablanca.
Perez Hilton is Next.
sh: malec b/w

The Spying Game: 30 Elite TV/Movie Operatives

Geek-hero Chuck isn't the only one who digs spies (particularly Sarah) -- here's an arsenal of agents we want on our side, like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Austin Powers.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Wow, a list that doesn't completely suck for once! I really wish that Jack Bristow and/or Irina Derevko were on the list, because as much as I love Syd, she isn't exactly in their league. But EW definitely made up for that by putting Cary Grant in Notorious on their list, because that is probably my favorite movie ever, but it always gets overlooked because of Hitchcock's other fabulous movies.
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Rachael Ray Denies Having Throat Cancer Scare

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rachael Ray is shooting down reports that she had a throat cancer scare and is about to be silenced for two months by surgery.

The bubbly Emmy winning talk show host is having surgery – but it's not as serious as reports suggest, according to her rep.

"Rachael is the picture of health. She is having very minor surgery to remove a benign cyst on her vocal cord," says Charlie Dougiello, a spokesman for Ray. "It's a common in-and-out procedure that she will have in early December and it will not adversely effect any of her daytime show or Food Network tapings."

The National Enquirer had reported that Ray, 40, was scared she had throat cancer, which required surgery that would prevent her from speaking for about two months and would disrput her work schedule.

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Elizabeth Hurley to Launch Organic Food Line

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Elizabeth Hurley has gone country.

Inspired by her life with husband Arun Nayar and son Damian, 6, on their bio-dynamic farm in the English countryside, the actress-model, 43, tells PEOPLE, she is "developing a line of products … with a view that they're not only going to be healthy, because they're organic, but I'm obsessed that women find alternatives to eat which are low in fat."

Hurley, a dedicated supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, spoke to PEOPLE in New York Thursday before flipping a switch to light up Bloomingdale's in pink for the month of October – to raise awareness for breast cancer.

She says her organic farm produces low-fat products, which may help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

"I think we know now that many issues with women's health can be linked back to their diet," she says. "We've been saying for a long time that many breast cancer specialists recommend sticking to as low-fat a diet as possible, which all has to do with how estrogen is stored in the body."

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Ben Folds to have live recordings on iTunes

Ben Folds records live songs to be on iTunes the next day

Ten new songs will be recorded throughout tour

Ben Folds is set to release 10 live tracks, recorded over 10 cities on his current tour.

Folds has teamed up with iTunes for the venture, which will see Folds record a song at each show, and Folds himself will make a new cover for each track using Photo Booth. The song will be sold on iTunes the very next day and is part of a new programme called ‘The Sound of Last Night… This Morning’.

At the end of the tour, the tracks will be compiled and sold as an album. Fans will be able to buy the album at a reduced price, based on the songs they've already purchased.

Folds is touring to support the release of his third solo album ‘Way To Normal’ produced by Dennis Herring. The record was recorded at Folds’ own studio in Nashville, TN and features a guest appearance from Regina Spektor.

The tour continues tonight at the Embassy Theatre in Ft. Wayne, IN.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/ben-folds/40219
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Usher at Dsquared² fitting in Milan.

Usher was in Milan, Italy on Thursday at a suit fitting with Fashion designers Dean and Dan of Dsquared2. Dean and Dan will be creating the suits for Usher’s upcoming “Ladies Only Tour.”

Yep, Usher got his swagger back. He is looking mighty fine in those suits.

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I'm loving that they're all in his crotch. I would be, too. And I'm posting his new video again just for the people who haven't seen it! WARNING: NSFW


Beysus Christ-Carter Descends Upon Bermuda

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Last night, Beyonce Knowles braved tropical rain storms when she performed a 2-hour gig at The Bermuda Festival which took place at the National Sports Centre on the small island of Bermuda. The 27-year-old superstar wowed the audience with energetic performances of pre-Destiny's Child hits such as 'Survivor', 'Independent Woman', and 'Say My Name,' as well as her solo hits like 'Dangerously In Love' 'Me, Myself and I,' 'Get Me Bodied' and 'Irreplaceable'. She was reportedly paid a staggering $1 MILLION DOLLARS for the one-off gig. She was paid $500,000 for an appearance at the Bermuda music festival, with a further $500,000 to cover her expenses.

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Leona Lewis shopping in London with her hottie BF today

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Enjoying a day off from promoting her international hit album, Leona Lewis spent some quality time with her longtime boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa in London today.

The picture perfect duo hit up the Harvey Nichols upmarket department storewhere they purchased a number of designer goodies.

Always the gentleman, Lou carried his lady love’s bags while she steadfastly texted on her phone.

Leona is in her native London to attend the upcomnig MOBO Award. She’s up for three trophies, including Best UK Female Artist and Best Album. She battling against fellow female powerhouses Estelle and M.I.A.

From: Faded Youth Blog

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Lauren Conrad Spotted With Her Man Kyle Howard (He is A Democrat -- Yay)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As for fellow Hills star Lauren Conrad's maybe-boyfriend Kyle Howard...

He's also voting for Obama. “I feel like the vibe from the other side is just a bit more stagnant and more of the same,” the My Boys actor said. “I feel like if we need to do anything right now, it’s try a little bit of change. The chances of us doing that are way better with Barack.”

No doubt Howard and Conrad gave us more reason to think they’re an item last night. Not only were they sitting at the same table for most of the evening, but by the end of the party they had been spotted making out more than once.

Lauren Conrad And Kyle Howard At One Night Club.

Shady Chlo

'You're half lesbian?' Eamonn Holmes asked Salma Hayek and ends up looking like a fool

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Eamonn Holmes was left red-faced today after wrongly announcing Hollywood actress Salma Hayek was a lesbian on live television.
The 48-year-old presenter made the embarrassing gaffe while interviewing the Ugly Betty star on This Morning, which he hosts once a week with his partner Ruth Langsford.
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Hilary Duff - Reach Out (Richard Vission Remix)


Richard Vission's remix for "Reach Out". Sounds good! No Soft Cell/Rihanna beats here. The remix is track 11 on Hilary Duff's new 'Best Of' that comes out Nov. 11!

1. Reach Out
2. Holiday
3. Stranger
4. With Love
5. Play With Fire
6. Wake Up
7. Fly
8. Come Clean [Remix]
9. So Yesterday
10. Why Not
11. Reach Out [Richard Vission Remix]
12. Holiday [Remix]

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Amy Winehouse: "My Nose Is Going To Fall Off"

AMY Winehouse's persistent drug use has left the troubled star's nose so "weak" she is concerned that it's about to fall off, according to a new report.

"Amy knows that her nose is next to fall apart — she admitted to me that it feels weak at the bone," a source tells Fox News columnist Neil Sean.

Amy herself has addressed the nose issue. "Yeah, it's a problem, but it's my problem so leave it," Sean quotes her as saying.

Meanwhile, Amy's friends are said to be so worried about the Grammy Award winner they are keeping watch over her 24/7.

According to a report from earlier in the week, the Rehab hitmaker's pals have been forced to give up their prior commitments and stay with Amy at her Camden, North London home to ensure she doesn't do anything she might regret.

A source told The Sun, "No one wants to leave Amy on her own – she's in a very fragile state at the moment.

"Her most loyal friends are terrified she is going to do something which she can't overcome.

"She's been to hell and back already but some fear she’s going to get worse before she gets better."

The singer, 25, is also facing arrest after allegedly punching dancer Sherene Flash last week.

Source: http://www.showbizspy.com/article/Report-Amy-Winehouse-Concerned-About-Her-Nose/179659


Simon Cowell silenced by new judge

It seems Simon Cowell has met his match on American Idol in the form of new judge Kara DioGuardi.

"I can't get a word in edgeways. She never shuts up," he told Extra.

Kara joins resident Idol judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon himself for the next season of the popular US talent series, and has already made her mark at the show's auditions.

Simon said that, despite early reports, everything is 'fine' on the judging panel between Kara and Paula.

"You know what - it's fine," he said, "I don't think girls in general like working with other girls. That's quite normal. It could have been a lot worse."

However, although TV's Mr Nasty isn't normally shy about coming forward with his opinions, he refused to get drawn into commenting about another lady that is currently holding American attention - Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

"Me being British and coming over here and commenting on politics would be the craziest thing in the world," he said. "So you know what, I just sit back and enjoy it and somebody's going to win."

source: http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/article.html?Simon_Cowell_silenced_by_new_judge&in_article_id=336571&in_page_id=7&in_a_source=

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It's blind item time!

She set her sights on him for a come up. She executed a plan and seduced him. He told his friends the sex was mind blowing and she took him to places he had never been before. She had him so whipped he could barely concentrate on his career. She wanted it all the time, in the bedroom and in public. He wasn’t an exhibitionist so they settled for the bedroom. She whipped it on him so bad, he did all the screaming and moaning doing their encounters. When she wasn’t using her skills, she used every type of sex toy imaginable. Soon, he dumped all his women to concentrate on her, over time, she became his significant other. Now, the sex has worn off and he’s not into her anymore. She’s telling friends that she thinks he’s creeping with groupies and he’s acting distant. She’s also complaining about them not having sex as often as before. She’s running scared because most of her life is centered around his success. Without him, she wouldn’t get invited to industry events or shown respect. She's holding on to him for dear life but he doesn’t seem interested anymore. He’s even telling friends he’s fallen off and he blames her. “I was so consumed with her, I neglected my career.” His boys are telling him, “Maybe you should leave her, get your career back on track and you can be the player you once were.” Right now, he’s undecisive and his significant other is walking on egg shells around him.


It's obvious who I think it is Usher and Tameka, but the first think I thought about after reading the sex toys part was of course, "WHY YOU LEAVE YOUR ASS BEADS HERE?!" Anyway, what do you guys think?
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Lauren Conrad Slams Speidi And Perez Hilton -- It's On Bitches

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LC: LC finally finally gets rid of her most dangerous bottom feeder (Audrina Patridge) .

I woke up this morning in a unfortunately familiar situation. Once again someone has mysteriously called Perez Hilton and had him post another insane and completely false rumor about me. Hmmmmmm... I wonder who it could be? I'm baffled... What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart? I really wish I could figure out who would do this. Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands (between pathetically staged paparazzi shots), that has a relationship with Perez...? No one comes to mind. If anyone can figure it out can you please let me know because I am truly stumped.

The rumor I'm referring to is that I "hooked up" with Audrina's non- boyfriend Justin.(eww.) This accusation is insulting on so many levels. I'm being accused of being a bad friend, a slut and a liar all at once. It would actually be funny to me if people weren't taking it seriously. Do they think I was swept away by his wonderful manners and his commitment to my friend? I love it when guys burp in my face. So hot! Seriously?? I have never even been in the same place as Justin when Audrina wasn't around. I have been there for Audrina for years of ups and downs with this guy. Now she is accusing me of hooking up with him?? It's the most awkward position to put me in because I can't defend myself without putting both her and Justin down.

Bottom line, I did not and would never hook up with Justin.

The worse thing is knowing that a friend, that I've known for years and even shared a home with, thinks that I'm capable of that kind of betrayal. I would NEVER hurt a friend like that!

Audrina - We promised we wouldn't let people get into our ears and make us fight. You KNOW I didn't do this and I have never given you a reason not to trust me. What you are doing is hurtful and I don't want to fight with you. Whoever is telling you these things does not have your best interest at heart. I have always been there for you and now I'm being attacked for something I didn't do. We are supposed to be there for each other when other people do this to us and today you are the one doing it to me. Today you are the reason people are saying mean things about me. You asked me if I did this and I told you I didn't.



The only thing I like about her blog is the fact that she called
Perez Hilton out. He has bullied her for over a year, I guess she
can't take his shit anymore.

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Adnan Ghalib: "I'm The Most Hated Man In America"

He's right!!! Adnan Ghalib spoke with Ryan Seacrest's sidekick "Negative Natalie" on Ryan's kIIs FM radio show this morning to defend himself against the sex tape allegations, in which he stated: "I know that people hate me, I know that I'm one of the most hated men in America." Aww is there an emergency? Somebody call the waaahmbulance. Shut the hell up you psycho! You're not liked cause you used a girl in her lowest lows to get a taste of fame!

The sidekick even defended Adnan saying: "Everything he said was in consideration of Britney's feelings... He didn't want it [sex tape story] to overshadow the good stuff that she's doing... He was very nice." Guess she doesn't realize the douche is a smooth talker. She got played.

Source: http://www.breatheheavy.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1223067364&archive=&start_from=&ucat=&
Dair Met Steps Hands
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Gyllenspoon Troubles?

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are discovering that absence does not make the heart grow fonder. The couple, who started dating in early 2007, are struggling to maintain their relationship now that Jake is working 19-hour days in Morocco and London on his next potential blockbuster, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

"This is his first epic, and his mind is on his work," a pal of Reese's tellsStar. "They talk on the phone and e-mail, but he's not 'there.' Reese is wondering if this is how it's going to be between them every time he's out of the country filming."

The relationship hit such a rough patch that Reese, 32, flew to London for a quick rendezvous with Jake, 27, at The Dorchester hotel in mid-September.

"They really needed to reconnect and remember why they were in a relationship in the first place," says another source. "While there, they even went house hunting for a place because Jake will be using London as his home base until December. Reese doesn't like the formality of a hotel for her and her two kids."

Hopefully, celebrating the holidays together "will get them back on the same page," adds the source.


crustine pickle


the supposed tracklisting for Out of Control!
1. The Promise
2. The Loving Kind
3. Rolling Back The Rivers
4. Love Is The Key
5. Turn 2 Stone
6. Untouchable
7. Fix Me Up
8. Love Is Pain
9. Miss You Bow Wow
10. Revolution In The Head
11. Live In The Country
12. Bonus Track: We Wanna Party.

CHERYL COLE sings a heartfelt song about a cheating partner on the latest GIRLS ALOUD album and pleads “Just be faithful to me”. I’ve had the exclusive first listen to new album Out Of Control and I can report it is yet more pop perfection from the lovely ladies. And on the track about cheating, called Love Is Pain, Cheryl — whose husband ASHLEY did the dirty on her — ends the song with a heartbreaking solo.

The girls, pictured exclusively on the album artwork, sing: “What you are, what you say, it don’t matter to me. “What you know, what you don’t, it don’t matter to me, just be faithful to me.” Then in an emotive solo to end, Cheryl sings: “Love is pain, you’re insane, feel like I could wipe you.” It is a punchy number and will make uncomfortable listening for Chelsea ace Ashley.

The girls have continued their long-running partnership with pop writer and production supremo BRIAN HIGGINS for the album. The rest of the collection has a mixture of ballads and the relentlessly upbeat, catchy hits we have come to expect.

And there are a few surprises thrown in as well. The album ends with drum’n’ bass track Live In The Country about moving to the countryside — complete with farm animal sound effects. The song is clearly heavily influenced by SARAH HARDING, who is a big drum’n’bass fan and has spoken repeatedly about her desire to get away from life in London.

There are a couple of Eighties-inspired tracks and one in particular stands out. The Loving Kind is the result of a collaboration with the PET SHOP BOYS. The team-up came about when NEIL TENNANT was recording in the studio next door. He popped in to say how much he loved the girls and walked out agreeing to work with them.

Miss You Bow Wow and Rolling Back The Rivers are also contenders to be released as singles.

Other album highlights include Revolution In The Head, an infectious dance track which sees NADINE COYLE making her rapping debut.

Drum’n’bass, rapping and animal noises weren’t words I was expecting to be writing in association with the new Girls Aloud CD.

But with these girls’ incredible success, it is all Aloud.

i'm sure whether this is legit or bullshit because it's from The Sun but omggg


Rowling 'makes £5 every second'

JK Rowling is the world's highest-earning author, making more than £5 every second over the past year, US business magazine Forbes has announced.

The Harry Potter writer, who made a total of $300m (£170m) last year, wrote the first of her best-selling books about the boy wizard in 1997.

Her income was six times more than literature's next-biggest earner, James Patterson, of Along Came A Spider fame.

The magazine described her work as "a children's literary sensation".

Potter franchise

A Forbes spokesman said: "It was wizardry that transformed JK Rowling from a destitute single mother on welfare into a best-selling billionaire.

"Over on the big screen, her Potter franchise has already generated $4.5bn (£2.5bn) at the worldwide box office - and she still has three more flicks to come."

Since the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was published, the series has taken the world by storm.

The books have sold more than 400 million copies and been translated into 67 languages.

The final instalment of the series, Deathly Hallows, has sold 44 million copies since it came out last summer - including 15 million in the first 24 hours, the magazine said.

Elsewhere on the list was horror author Stephen King in third place, followed by Tom Clancy, best known for his 1984 novel The Hunt for Red October.

At number five was Danielle Steel, with John Grisham and Dean Koontz equal in sixth place.

Best-selling author of Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett, was in eighth place, while Janet Evanovich, the writer behind the Stephanie Plum novels, was at number nine.

US writer Nicholas Sparks rounded off the top 10.

source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7649962.stm



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Britney picks up her kids

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Britney and her father Jaime Spears picked up her two son Sean Preston and Jayden James from school earlier today. This is the first time we’ve seen Britney pick up the kids from their day care and the kids were ecstatic to see her. The kids were seen hugging Britney and smiled when told they would be leaving with Mommy.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Giambattista Valli

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yves Saint Laurent

I'm loving her first outfit (color!), but idk about her makeup in the second. Too much blush in my opinion, but dayum she can still be so ~amazing~ and omg her hair is down!

Sorry mods, I fixed the pictures' sizes. I didn't realize they were that big.



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terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan's interview with Marie Claire UK

Lindsay Lohan is cover girl for the November issue of Marie Claire UK magazine. If you recall, Lindsay was recently cover girl for the US version of Marie Claire as well.

In her interview with Marie Claire UK, which appears to have been done at the same time as the US one, Lindsay opens up about a lot of concrete issues in her life:

On her dad: “It was kind of just like whether [my dad] was gonna be there, what he would be like. We didn’t know what to expect from him, which was difficult. I knew so much at the age of 12 – I’d seen so much. So it’s surprising to me that I got into certain things that I got into, because I knew not to.”

On her stint in rehab: “It was like a vacation, because no one bothered me.”

On having children: “At some point, I want to adopt a kid as well. A child in need or a new born from another country. I’m not sure.”

On Samantha Ronson: "She’s a great person."

On making music: “Obviously I want to sell records, but I do it because I find it therapeutic. In music I can be myself.”

On being a star: "It’s a lot of pressure because everyone’s depending on you. And your mood when you go on set, everybody feels it. This business is very go go go. You’re constantly surrounded by people, then everything stops. So you kind of feel invalid in a weird way. And it can get depressing."

On her dads other daughter: "I don’t know what’s going on with it. I haven’t asked him any questions. Apparently, we’ve been in the dark for so many years we’ve gone through enough with him. Enough is enough. I’m shutting down communication with my dad for a bit until he decides to be a grown up."

On being branded "LiLo" by the tabloids: "It’s weird, it’s like where do they get those things from? Whatever, it’s fine."

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Wow how Cycle 4 of her

Top gap toothed Aussie model FAINTS at Alexander McQueen show

we are awaiting video


Well if the heels don't get you - the corsets will. According to an eyewitness report, three weeks after Abbey lee Kershaw came a cropper on the runway at New York's Rodarte show due to the height of Rodarte's platformed Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, Kershaw finished off Friday night's Alexander McQueen show in Paris not falling, but in fact fainting on the runway - a combination, in their opinion, of the tight corset and perilously high heels she was wearing.

According to photographer Sonny Vandevelde, who was photographing the show from the auditorium and not backstage, as usual, Kershaw fell just as she was about to exit McQueen's 'runway' space - the bare concrete floor of a venue in the 19th arrondissement.

To add to the absurdity of the moment, McQueen had decorated the runway backdrop with a number of plush toy animals [correction, stuffed animals] - and made his bow at the end of the show in a giant rabbit suit.

"She fainted - out cold" said Vandevelde.

"When she was coming to the end [of the runway], back near the [entrance] ramp, I could tell she was having difficulties, because her steps were getting shorter and shorter, they were more like baby steps. I was reading her face and I could see 'struggle' all over it and I was thinking, 'She's not going to make it'. But then she made it to the top of the animals and I thought she was OK, that's why I turned my back on her to to go back to the main room.

"As soon as the show finished, [model] Ali Stephens (OF THE CK 4) came running out to her mother to say, 'OMG, did you see that?' - she said Abbey had fainted. I asked if Abbey was OK, Ali said 'Yes, she's fine - the corset was too tight. But she's OK now'"

According to Vandevelde, Kershaw was helped backstage by two members of McQueen's production crew and did not walk in the finale.

Scabbey we are all praying for you




Beyonce records 70 songs for new album

Well, aren’t we just talented.

Beyonce Knowles got so carried away while making her new album - she ended up recording over 70 songs.
The former Destiny’s Child star spent nearly a year in the recording studio, laying down tracks for her currently untitled record, which is set for release next month.

And the singer admits she did overwork herself, but only because the new LP is so important to her.

She says in a statement on her official website, “I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me.

“I am in a different place right now and I wanted people to see the many sides of me.

“I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby. It is the most time I have spent on any project since my first records as a member of Destiny’s Child.”


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Eva Mendes Thinks American's Are Prudes!!!

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has slammed Americans for glorifying violence while remaining prudish about nudity on-screen.

The Hitch star was at the centre of controversy in August, when an advert she filmed for Calvin Klein was deemed too sexy for U.S. TV and banned by several of the major networks.

Mendes has since insisted that she is proud of the promo, which saw her writhing semi-naked on a bed.

And now the star has hit out at American censors for allowing gory shows to appear on TV, yet being too heavy-handed when it comes to naked scenes.

She tells People.com, “I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity. We seem okay with violence, but nudity we race to criticise and censor. I’m not at all ashamed or frightened about showing my body.”

Source: http://icydk.com/2008/10/03/eva-mendes-thinks-americans-are-prudes/

Britney's 6-month sex ban

Britney Spears' parents have reportedly slapped a six-month sex ban on their daughter to prevent any bumps in the road on her way back to the top.

Fiercely protective Jamie and Lynne Spears feel that Britney's downfall was linked to the men in her life and want their daughter to refrain from any male contact for a while.

With two failed marriages, a relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib and reports of a supposed sex tape, the troubled star's questionable taste in men has often come back to haunt her.

A friend tells Now, “Jamie and Lynne feel she’s so close to cracking the big time again that they don’t want anything to get in her way.

“They’re desperate to ensure that it won’t happen again. Their worst nightmare is that she gets involved with someone else who’s just trying to use her for her money or to further their own career.”

Britney's dad already has control over her financial assets until December - whether he can do the same with her sexual habits remains to be seen.

charli xcx 1

justin long post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Actor Justin Long was seen out this afternoon at the 101 Cafe at the Best Western hotel in Hollywood, lunching with a lovely young lady.

Has Long finally found true love with a non-famous femme?

After having a bite to eat, Justin joked with his gal pal in the parking lot, while she flirtatiously laughed and played with her hair. Following a long hug goodbye, the pair left in separate cars.

Long is well known for his very funny role as the personification of a Macintosh computer in Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertisement campaign. However, he may be best known for his recent string of romantic relationships with some of Hollywood’s most desirable A-list actresses. Justin was recently involved in a very public relationship with fellow actor Drew Barrymore, with whom he split this past summer, after which he was rumoured to be stepping out with Kirsten Dunst.

Perhaps unlucky-in-love Long has found true love at last? "

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Shady Chlo

PEACHES GELDOF has been branded a "monster" by her MTV bosses

It seems SIR BOB's bratty blonde has a stinking attitude to match her socialite reputation.

But then again, if your life was a whirlwind of freebies, parties, goody-bags, rock star boyfriends, quickie marriages and your birth name was Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof... maybe you'd be a little obnoxious too.

MTV bosses have slammed the 19-year-old after collaborating with her on a new documentary in which she attempts to edit a magazine.

A senior executive was forced to heavily-edit the one-off programme after running the content by the production company’s co-founder - Bob Geldof.

But Heather Jones, MTV’s UK managing director for content and creativity, said no amount of editing could portray Peaches in a positive light.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She said: “Bob founded Ten Alps (the production company) so he had a final say in the content. But she’s a monster!

"Everything that comes out of her mouth is horrendous and that will still show through.”

But before you start feeling sorry for PIXIE's big sis, she's hardly doing herself any favours after throwing a huge strop in Ireland last night.

She was due to DJ at the House of Fraser relaunch, but arrived an hour late, stayed for less than a minute and walked away in a huff.

One snapper said: "Peaches Geldof played with her wedding ring, sulked, refused to DJ and was very reluctant to pose."

Disappear Here airs on MTV on October 19

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Cheerleaders banned for using Katy Perry song

Three cheerleaders have been suspended from school sports events after performing a routine to Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl'.

The trio used her number one hit as backing music at an American football match in Texas.

"We liked the song, we liked to twirl to it," cheerleader Jordan Downey told KLTV. "It was fun. There was no backdoor meaning. We just wanted to twirl."

However, Downey admitted that if she could go back in time, she would change her decision to use the track.


Suri Cruise has a crush on Zac Efron!

Suri Cruise has a crush on Zac Efron.

Two-year-old Suri Cruise is effortlessly one of the prettiest little ladies in Hollywood–but her taste in men is going to need a little work.

Suri has her very first crush on singing-dancing heart-throb Zac Efron, mom Katie Holmes has been laughingly telling pals.

The tot is reportedly a devoted fan of the High School Musical franchise and has been watching DVDs of the Disney smash nonstop since she first spotted Zac in the series a few month ago.

Star Magazine writes: “She loves dancing along with Zac. Suri’s a huge fan of Zac’s work in Hairspray, too.”


Megan Fox has had a lot of plastic surgery done

Back in 2004, Megan Fox had a girl-next-door image with light-brown hair and cute features. But now, four years later, the 22-year-old resembles Angelina Jolie more than her former self, with jet-black hair, pouty lips, a refined nose and bigger boobs.

According to experts, who have not treated Megan, the Tranformers star may have had lip injections, a nose job and breast implants. Dr. Kevin Tehrani, medical director of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, speculates, “Her upper and lower lips appear fuller. It looks like she had Restylane or Juvéderm injections.” New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Romo believes she underwent rhinoplasty, too: “The bridge of her nose is thinner and the tip is more refined.” As for her new curves, Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a plastic surgeon at Sadick Dermatology, thinks she had her breasts augmented. “The well-defined contour of an implant is apparent,” he says. “She was probably an A cup and became a large B.”

Though Megan was beautiful before her transformation, she’s confessed to serious insecurities. “I don’t feel very attractive or feminine,” she’s said. “I feel like a boy.” But now that she’s become a bona fide bombshell, Megan’s finding that her new look comes with a challenge — to be appreciated more for her work than her appearance. “I’m not going to apologize for my looks,” she says, “but there’s much more to me than that.”


Compare the first pic with this one:

PETA’s Halloween Solution: ‘Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen’

If you don't have a Halloween costume picked out just yet, PETA has some suggestions for you. It's part of their latest crusade against the Olsen twins, whom PETA calls "Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen." "After all, only someone as heartless as a troll would wear the skins of dead animals," PETA trumpets. (To hammer their point home in their special PETA way, they've created an interactive feature that allows you to dress up Hairy-Kate and Trashley in dead animals dripping with blood. It's legitimately scary.) They're offering to send free Trollsen masks (pictured above) to anyone who places an order before October 12. Or if you can't wait to get your costume on,  You know, PETA, it's a commendable effort, but their hair usually looks way more mussed than that. And Trashley on the left there wouldn't wear red lipstick. When we dress up, we like to be accurate, thank you very much.

source  The mask here  Peta site
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This is now an Ozymanwhishaw Post

He is so incredibly awkward and lovely. Couldn't you just listen to this dandy-ass motherfucker talk for days? His voice is like buttah. "I never seem to notice when people are flirting with me." I'm not surprised, Ben. I'm not surprised. OH AND I LOVE HIS FASHUN SENZE.


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Hayley Atwell is kind of fierce. Not as fierce as:

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