September 11th, 2008

Rod Stewart Tests His Daughter's Boyfriend

English singer songwriter Rod Stewart has found a novel way of checking out Welsh actor Rhys Ifans' seriousness about dating his daughter Kimberly. Stewart, who has been a rogue himself, will be setting up a series of tests for the 40-year-old actor before he decides to give his blessings. The 63-year-old singer is very determined to protect his daughter, and it seems that his wife, model Penny Lancaster, 37, has been a good influence on him.

"Rod really likes Rhys and wants to get to know him and what makes him tick," the Daily Star quoted Lancaster as saying at the Ivy on Robertson Boulevard. "So he'll see if he can play football, what he knows about cars the music is already a thing they share," she added.

Ifans' pal also elaborated on the tests that Stewart has planned for his daughter's suitor. "Rod thinks that you can tell a lot about a man from his interests, and in the manner he attacks tasks... so he's determined to check Rhys out in full," the pal stated.


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Nicky Hilton Candids

Here are some new candids of Nicky Hilton and her excessively bony legs out shopping earlier this week.

Not much else to say about her that hasn’t already been said a million times.

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Notice her reflection in the car, lol.

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Desperate Nicollette, Lovely Lily

Sheridan's pissy; Lily's movin' in. That's what terribly inside Desperate Housewives tattlers tell us happens to be the sitch over at Marc Cherry's prime-time soap set at ABC.

"Nicollette's always the one causing the most trouble lately," sassed our deep Desperate insider, "it's not that the other gals are so difficult anymore."

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marsden | sex god.

The Soloist Trailer

Trailer for 'The Soloist' - starring Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr., Catherine Keener, Tom Hollander, and Lisa Gay Hamilton.

Journalist Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.) discovers Nathaniel Anthony Ayers (Jamie Foxx), a former classical music prodigy, playing his violin on the streets of L.A. As Lopez endeavors to help the homeless man find his way back, a unique friendship is formed, one that transforms both their lives.

Release Date: November 21st, 2008

Source: YouTube.

Chester Bennington: "The VMAs are consistently clusterf*cks"

For all the pop pomp and circumstance that the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards rolled out, some of MTV's rock stars felt a bit left out. "Where were Foo Fighters and Nickelback?" says Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. "Or even a band like Three Days Grace, who had a pretty big year? There was no Vampire Weekend or Daughtry. It was very one-sided." The singer describes Sunday's extravaganza as "raising the bar of confusion and disarray. The VMAs are consistently cluster-f---s, and this year set a new standard." Part of the problem, he says, was the that the main room had "more seat fillers in there than celebrities, and you had people who were invited sitting out in the streets. Plus, everybody was texting, no one was watching the show. I got super bummed out."


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The paparazzi can't even stand this bitch's smile

After exiting Hollywood's most notorious celebrity motel, the Chateau Marmont, the rising star of 90210 2.0 Shenae Grimes was asked by a group of photographers if she could tone down her smiling just a bit. Grimes felt perplexed by the request and asked why wouldn't they want a photo of her smiling. One photographer said, "We do, but we just want a wide variety of facial reactions. Mad, gassy, sad and so on and so on." Grimes tried her best to look slightly indifferent, but could only achieve a look of mild exasperation.


~i want a perfect body, i want a perfect soul~

Sep 11 2008 2:59 pm,

Radiohead Reveal New Album Details

Radiohead have announced they are close to finishing a new album.

After failing to beat Elbow to the Mercury Music Award on Tuesday, Colin Greenwood told the BBC that the band would complete their new record at the end of their current world tour:

“We’ve finished the main bulk of it and we’re off to Japan in a couple of weeks to finish it off,” Guitarist Ed O’Brien explained. “First we came off tour to do some writing and we wanted to just carry on doing it because it was so brilliant. We’re really excited about it.”

Radiohead also congratulated Elbow for this week’s Mercury Award win: “We've been on tour with Elbow we've played festivals with them and they're lovely people. They've made a brilliant record with The Seldom Seen Kid. It really couldn't have happened to more deserving people, but most of the shortlist was great this year.”


idk, in radiohead time this is pretty fast but they're known perfectionists so who knows when this will come out really
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Eddie Izzard defends Cruise war film

Eddie Izzard is one man showing faith in Tom Cruise's war thriller Valkyrie, quite possibly, but not solely we're sure, because he has a part in it.

The film has had more than its fair share of setbacks including release date changes, a lawsuit from injured extras and even non-compliant sections of the German government.

The British actor told Digital Spy that a recent test screening in the US had gone down very well and United Artists consequently want to bring the release date forward.

The comedian/actor said: "We just tested it in Nevada about a month ago for people who didn't know [about it]. We said, 'Do you wanna see a film? No-one knows what's in it'. It tested really well - so suddenly it was going to go out in February and they brought it forward to December. I haven't seen it yet. I'm intrigued to see."

Izzard added: "As long as we get a good film, we'll be fine. Anything after that is gravy."


Release Date: December 26, 2008

Cake or Death?

Big Brother UK hottie Stuart Pilkington launches YSL’s Touche Eclat For Men.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had no clue who Stuart Pilkington was until I Googled him, and realized he’s pretty huge in the UK where he starred in Big Brother 9. I found this hilarious montage someone created of him from BB9. I’m a huge Big Brother fan, and from what I’ve heard, the UK edition is much more exciting! If anyone knows how I can catch it over here in the states, let me know!

Anyway, this UK hottie helped YSL launch their new line, Touche Eclat For Men. Erin and I have reviewed the women’s version in the past, go here for that review!

It is a make-up essential found in millions of handbags. But now Yves Saint Laurent is launching a version of its Touche Eclat eyeliner specifically for men.

Touche Eclat For Men is unfragranced and will ‘encourage men to use cosmetics as a skin enhancer, rather than to create a full make-up look’, the company claims.

David Walker-Smith, director of beauty at Selfridges, which will sell the product for $45 a pop, said: ‘Men have gone from stealing beauty products from their wives and girlfriends to stocking up on their own. They no longer consider them to decrease their male bravado.’

It follows this year’s launch of ‘guy-liner’ and ‘man-scara’ eye make-up for men by high street chain Superdrug and will add to a booming grooming market for men worth an estimated $14 million annually.

Make Her Up

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Noel Comments On His Attack

(Thursday September 11, 2008 12:57 AM)

Noel Gallagher says he feels like Ricky Hatton after the onstage attack which took place at a show in Canada last week.

The Oasis leader was pushed from the stage midway through the band's headline show at the V Festival in Toronto on Sunday.

He suffered bruising in the incident and required hospital treatment after the concert, prompting the cancellation of a gig in Ontario.

Writing on the band's blog, Noel said the incident was like going through a sparring session with his fellow Manchester boxer.

He wrote: "Someone, who can only be described as a "Canadian", was able to get onstage, somehow managed to evade our crack security team (Trotters Independent Security Service) and assaulted my midrif.

"Can't say much more than that as the perpetrator's gonna get the book thrown at him. Repeatedly. It was all going so well up until that point'n'all."

Oasis are due to make their live return with a gig in New York City tomorrow night.

Felix Schopgens

Nina Garcia Celebrates New Job

Celebrities came out to celebrate with Nina Garcia at Milk Studios on Wednesday night (September 10) in New York City.

The party was hosted by Joanna Coles and Susan Plagemann as they welcomed Garcia to her new job as Fashion Directer for Marie Claire Magazine.

The likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came out for the party, as well as Heidi Klum who recently said “I’m very excited for her, so I’m going to support her.” 

Also in the house was a very busy Lindsay Lohan, who earlier in the day shot new scenes for Ugly Betty and attended the Stand Up For a Cure concert with her mother Dina.

Garcia had some fashion advice for people, “find your own personal style and really wear what looks good on you, as opposed to really trying comply to the trends,”

As for what she won’t wear, “the jumpsuit - but never say never! I might even consider that,” she said.

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ultimate kylie

Theo Tams wins Canadian Idol!

Theo Tams will now 'Sing' his song as the next Canadian Idol.

The 23-year-old music student from Lethbridge, Alta., was crowned the winner on Wednesday night's star-studded finale, beating out Mitch MacDonald, a 22-year-old carpenter and musician from Port Hood, N.S., after four million votes were cast.

Following an evening of performances by Mariah Carey, John Legend, Hedley, Jully Black and last year's champ Brian Melo, it was time to announce the results for the last time.

"After Canada voted more than 33 million times this season ... the next Canadian Idol is Theo Tams!" said host Ben Mulroney.

Tams put his hands to his face in shock before hugging MacDonald.

As red and white confetti fell from the ceiling, Mulroney asked Tams what he wanted to say.

"First of all I just want to say thanks to Mitch. He's a great guy, he's become a great friend and I'm going to be first in line to buy his record. Thanks so much," said Tams, before breaking down in tears.

Tams closed out the show with his brand new single 'Sing,' which will be released to radio stations immediately and available for download Thursday morning.

Immediately following his win, Tams signed a recording contract with Sony BMG Music Canada.

"I just feel so blessed. I just feel lucky. I just feel like one of the first times in my life that I'm just finally where I know I should be," Tams told shortly after his win. "It's such a great, great feeling. I'm just so happy I was able to do it the whole entire season by being myself and I didn't have to change anything and I was still able to make it this far. I'm ecstatic. I can't believe it at all."

Tams said finding out he won was the biggest rush of emotion he ever felt and he actually didn't think it was going to be him.

"I just felt so proud and even more proud to be standing up there with Mitch ... and all I wanted was my Mom," he said with a laugh. "I was like, 'Mom! Get up here!"

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Walters (Mrs. Weasley, not Baba) Advises Younger Self

British actress Julie Walters has penned an open letter to herself as a 33-year-old - telling her younger self to listen to Sir Michael Caine.

The Mamma Mia! star wrote the note in Books Quarterly Magazine - and dishes out advice she thinks she needed to hear when starring in 1983 movie Educating Rita.

She writes, "When Michael Caine tells you to pace yourself, listen to him.

"There's a scene in Educating Rita where you have to cry - and if you start crying in preparation from the minute you wake up, you're not going to have any tears left when the moment comes and you'll look like an awful red blob."

It's kind of adorable because it's her.
Film - The Old Guard

10 Worst Updates of 1930s Classics

Anticipating the worst from Diane English’s new remake of The Women is not just typical low expectations regarding remakes in general. My dread is specifically based on dissatisfaction with remakes and updates of films from the 1930s, arguably the best decade in cinema (it is certainly my favorite). While I may recognize and appreciate some favorable redos, such as DePalma’s Scarface (of which I’ve never really been a fan), Mazursky’s Down and Out in Beverly Hills and the multiple repeats from Hitchcock, I am more often disappointed with attempts to recreate ‘30s classics, even when I approach them with already low standards.

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I didn't even know about some of these, like the Eddie Murphy one, but I suppose that's a blessing.
EDIT: FYI, The Women remake currently has a 0% on RottenTomatoes (out of 15 reviews).


Kanye West Arrested, Videotaped by TMZ

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kanye West has just been arrested at LAX for felony vandalism.

A still photographer was trying to take pics of Kanye at the American Airlines terminal. According to our guy on the scene, Kanye allegedly confronted the photog and smashed his camera to the ground.

Our photog then began videotaping the scene when Kanye's assistant grabbed our camera -- a struggle ensued and the assistant threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it.

When Kanye realized our camera guy had videotaped the incident, he rushed our guy and yelled, "Gimme that f**king tape!"

Both Kanye and his assistant have been arrested and will be booked.


Erik, our cameraman, is on his way back to our offices now, after being interviewed by LAX Police. Here's how he said it happened.

Erik says he was at Terminal 4 (American Airlines) when he noticed a still photog taking several pictures of Kanye West. Erik says West rushed the photog and grabbed his camera. A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, "Police, Help!" Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces.

Erik then went over to Kanye, his camera rolling, when Kanye's assistant walked up to him, realized Erik was taping, and said, "Give me the camera, give me the camera." Erik responded that he had a press pass and had a right to shoot. The assistant then gabbed the camera, ripped off the mike and viewfinder and then grabbed the cam and smashed it to the ground.

Source, Source

Keep your eyes on here-
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Prince to publish coffee table book

By Kamau High

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Prince will release his first book, "21 Nights," in October. The lush coffee table book of photographs depicts Prince during his 21 night-stand at London's O2 Arena in 2007. Included with the book is a new CD of his music.

The photographs, which show Prince doing things such as lounging on a bed in his pajamas, picking out his stage wardrobe and doing sound checks, are shot by Randee St. Nicholas the fashion photographer and music video director.

As such, the pictures are carefully styled and posed. The back of the book includes a list of the clothiers, apparel makers and candle suppliers whose goods are depicted.

The book is sprinkled with short phrases, poems and song lyrics. The accompanying CD "Indigo Nights" is a 15-track representation of what a Prince after concert performance is like.

This is not Prince's first foray into alternative distribution of his music. In 2007 he bundled copies his CD "Planet Earth" with U.K. newspaper The Mail on Sunday.


Laila Ali Gives Birth to Her First Son

And in this corner, weighing in at 6.8 lbs., measuring 19 inches long and wearing the white diapers, is Laila Ali's littlest prize fighter ... Curtis Muhammad Conway!

The American Gladiator host, 30, and her husband, retired NFL star Curtis Conway, 37, welcomed their first son together, she announced on her Web site Thursday. (

"Although mom and baby are both healthy and happy, there were some surprises during labor that altered Laila's birth plan," the statement said.

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New Kids on the Block latest Album #2 in the US but #1 in our hearts (and Canada)

US rapper Young Jeezy has topped the US Billboard 200 album chart with his new record The Recession, keeping New Kids on the Block from the top spot.

It is the second time Jeezy has scored a number one after topping the chart in 2006 with The Inspiration.

For the first time in 14 years, the newly reunited New Kids entered the chart with The Block, which made its debut at number two.

The group's last album, Face the Music, peaked at number 37 in 1994.

The Block has given New Kids their best week in the US chart since Step by Step climbed to number one in 1990.

Last week's number two, The Game's Lax, slipped one place and Kid Rock's Rock N Roll Jesus fell to fourth place.

Slipknot's Roadrunner album All Hope Is Gone is at number five in the new chart, followed by The Jonas Brothers' A Little Bit Longer.

Step by Step
Film - The Old Guard

'Lost' Girl Alex Finds 'Cold Case' Gig

Looks like Ben's little girl is all grown up -- not to mention, well, alive.

Tania Raymonde, best known as Ben's late daughter on Lost, is joining the cast of Cold Case as a funky lab tech and, despite the actors' 14-year age difference, a potential love interest for Danny Pino. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Okay, there's something a little wrong with that.

Much like Pino's character, Valens, Raymonde's alter ego, Frankie Rafferty, has a street-smart vibe that comes from growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Philly. Rumor has it Frankie is also full of secrets.

Big secrets.

Raymonde starts shooting later this month, and her first airdate is slated for November.

I was shocked at what happened to her on Lost. I didn't think they'd have the balls to actually do that. O_____o

Lauren Conrad Inks a Three-Book Deal

She's already a reality star and a fashion designer, but Lauren Conrad is adding another title to her crowded resume: Author.

Conrad, 22, has signed on to write a three-book series of young adult fiction for HarperCollins, the publisher tells PEOPLE. The books – the first of which is scheduled to hit shelves in the summer of 2009 – will be loosely inspired by Conrad's own experience going from an ordinary teen to a reality TV star.

"It's definitely influenced by my own life," Conrad tells PEOPLE. "The books are about a girl who moves to L.A. and stars in a reality show, so obviously there are some similarities."

So will Hills costars like Heidi Montag, Specner Pratt or Brody Jenner wind up as in Conrad's series? Not exactly. "I'm not trying to do a fictional story based on all my friends in my real life because their stories aren't really mine to tell," says Conrad, who has gone through many dramas on her MTV show. "Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life, but it is in no way calling anyone out."

Conrad's best gal pal and The Hills costar Lauren Bosworth has already been offering advice. "I run ideas by Lo and I'll ask for her opinion because I value my friends' opinions," says the budding author, who has completed the outline for the first book.

But not everyone in Conrad's life has been clued in to her plans to pen a series. "Honestly I haven't told everyone," she admits. "I've told my best friends and they have all been really supportive. Nobody was worried."


TMZ Kanye Attack Caught on Tape, Booked and Released

[TMZ] just got the video of Kanye West grabbing a still photog's camera.
Click to watch
You see Kanye (in a gray hooded sweatshirt) and his bodyguard/road manager (in the red) grabbing the camera away from the photog. It appears the bodyguard, Don Crowley, gets the camera and Kanye gets the lighting component. Crowley smashes the camera to the ground and Kanye does the same with the light.

Erik, [TMZ's] camera guy, then comes closer and the bodyguard then comes up and wrestles his camera away, ultimately breaking it.

As [TMZ] first reported, both Kanye and his bodyguard were arrested for vandalism. They're both being held on $20,000 bail.



Film - The Old Guard

Michael Douglas to play Liberace

Michael Douglas is set to play Liberace in a biopic of the flamboyant Polish-Italian pianist.

Steven Soderbergh is busy developing the project, and has drafted in Richard Lagravanese to write the script.

Soderbergh also wants Matt Damon to play Scott Thorson, who sued Liberace for palimony in 1982, claiming the pair was lovers.

Liberace - real name Wladziu Valentino Liberace - was a huge star in the 1950s and 60s, famous for his showmanship and glittery suits.

He repeatedly refused to acknowledge his homosexuality, right up until his death from AIDS in 1987, at the age of 67 - even successfully suing a British tabloid for suggesting he was gay.

No release date is currently scheduled.

I did what Kathy Griffin calls "retracto-head" when I read that, but IDK, it might actually be cool, esp. if Soderbergh's involved.
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Gordon Ramsay gives cooking tips, you DONKEY!

The secret of cooking meat is in the resting. I find it so dispiriting when I cut into a steak and watch all the juices leak out on to the plate because it hasn't had time to relax and reabsorb all that goodness. Always start with your meat at room temperature. This is particularly true of thin cuts such as steak.

If it is still fridge-cold when you start cooking, the outside will be burnt before the centre has had time to warm through. If you are cooking a rare fillet, for example, give it two and a half minutes on each side and let it rest in its own juices for three. Then, just before serving, roll it in its juices again before flashing it through a hot oven.

Mind you, at home I'm more interested in cooking with less popular, cheaper cuts, which can be far more flavoursome and rewarding. They usually require slow-cooking methods, such as poaching, braising or stewing, to tenderise them. Adding a sweet element, such as fresh or dried fruit, can help to cut the richness.

Sauce Source

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thank the lord: mischa and taylor are over

Mischa Barton’s relationship with Rooney frontman Taylor Locke ended on September 5, just shy of their seven-month anniversary. And according to an insider, it was Mischa who pulled the plug. The couple had just returned from a nearly three-week safari and charity junket through Africa and all that togetherness seems to have been their downfall. “Mischa and Taylor’s romance worked because they spent so much time apart,” an insider tells In Touch. “He’d be on tour or she’d be working in Europe and they talked over the phone or e-mail.” The insider explains that spending 24 hours a day in close proximity with Taylor, 24, caused the 22-year-old actress to rethink her future with him. “They fought almost every day on the trip,” the insider says. “She broke up with him just a few days after they returned to LA.” “They’d only see each other for a few days at a time,” says the insider. She has a thing for musicians: She also dated Cisco Adler.


Victoria Beckham Eats? Well, she used to...

Posh Joins Ramsay as a Restauranteur

Victoria Beckham has been busy making headlines with her haircut, debuting her line and celebrating with MJ at New York Fashion Week, but when she returns to LA there's another project waiting — opening a restaurant! Last year we heard rumors that the Beckham’s were considering teaming up with their pal Gordon Ramsay to open a new eatery, and the famous chef confirmed at the GQ Men of the Year Awards that he and Posh will be opening up a restaurant. The Beckham family should feel right at home with the menu of British comfort food like fish and chips. Sounds like Eva Longoria's Beso might have to make way for a new hotspot among this circle of celebrity BFF’s.


They say that you can never trust a skinny chef... how can you take Victoria's word that the food at her restaurant will be good?

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Katy Perry kissed....Russell Brand? WTF?

Kissed A Girl star Katy Perry has revealed she's "obsessed" with X Factor winner Leona Lewis and also snogged Russell Brand.

The Californian singer was chatting to Scott Mills on his Radio 1 show this morning, ahead of her debut UK gig at London's Water Rats tonight.

She said that she'd finally managed to meet her heroine at the weekend's MTV VMAs.

She told Scott: "I met Leona Lewis who I'm obsessed with and I passed by the Jonas Brothers, they kept me 10ft away though! I met Russell Brand who I'm in love with. I love him, he's so great - he's got the worst sense of humour in the best sense…I got every single joke."

Katy also revealed that she had loved host Russell Brand, and despite some complaints from Americans in the audience at the VMAs, she thought his risque humour was spot on.

She said: "We loved it…...If I could host an award show I would probably be as cool as he was. It was amazing…..perfect!"

She also revealed that though there was no romance between herself and the lanky comedian, they had shared a brief snog.

"We kissed once!" she admitted.

Former Christian singer Katy has had a huge worldwide smash with I Kissed A Girl and has been the UK Number One for the past five weeks. Her debut album proper One Of The Boys gets it's UK release meanwhile on September 22.

She previously released an album under her birth name of Katy Hudson back in 2001 on a Christian record label.

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Zachary Quinto talks Trek, has a giant, hairy V on his chest

Playing different roles means finding part of each character in himself, according to Zachary Quinto.

As reported by Hardcore Nerdity, there are both differences and similarities in playing Sylar and Spock. "I think there's elements of the characters that echo each other but I think they echo each other from very different, opposite ends of the spectrum. Each of the characters employs a stillness and a sort of rich internal point of view that informs the way that they behave and the way they relate to people around them."

Taking on such rich characters means figuring out how to portray them accurately, which more than just playing them as "good" or "bad." "It's great fun to have characters that are rich and that are full of challenges and full of rewards and both of these characters are clearly that," explained Quinto. "So as an actor,...I don’t really approach a character as to whether or not it's good or bad, I just approach a character as to where it lives in me. And I think for numerous reasons both of these characters find...these very different characters both find life in me."

When asked if it was a relief to play the more emotional Sylar after playing the controlled Spock, Quinto said, "I think that's the thing. That's kind of where there are similarities, both of these characters are very contained and very controlled. So letting loose in the sense of engaging and or indulging in these instincts or impulses to murder and let loose in a violent kind of way...for me it was more like coming home when we came back to work on the show after going away on a new and uncharted excursion with the movie and the sort of scale and size of the franchise and the iconic nature of the character that I was stepping into. There was a tremendous sense of completion when I finished the film and a tremendous sense of familiarity when I came back to work on the show."

Make it SOurce

Mr. Riley '11

Actor Ashton Kutcher launches gossip website for girls

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — In what could have been a sequel to one of his own smash television shows, Ashton Kutcher played celebrity-geek this week as he launched an irreverent gossip website for girls. Katalyst Media partners Kutcher and Jason Goldberg made a pilgrimage from Hollywood to debut the Blah Girls at a TechCrunch50 gathering of promising technology startup firms in northern California.

The interactive online cartoon program launched at features three young female characters that dish the dirt on celebrities and pop culture in unabashed girl talk.

An online social networking component of the program aimed at teenage girls lets viewers chime in with comments and exchange emails with Blah Girls whose responses are personalized with artificial intelligence software.

"There are plenty of gossip sites, but ours is an original take written from the perspective of the teenage girl," Kutcher told AFP in an interview at TechCrunch50.

"It is not potshots at famous people. It is humor that takes on the notion of fandom. I think girls will appreciate these characters are reacting and talking back to them."

Kutcher and Goldberg say their first online endeavor stems from their success reaching teenage audiences with television programs such as "Punk'd" and "Beauty and the Geek."

"It feels like a natural extension, but a very different avenue," Goldberg said of setting out with Kutcher on what they hope will be the first of a series of increasingly interactive online shows.

Katalyst is tuned into the teenage demographics and companies interested in reaching that segment of the market. Kutcher and Goldberg came to TechCrunch50 to connect with people adept at the latest Internet technologies.

"We know our weaknesses," Kutcher said as he gestured toward technology startups demonstrating slick new offerings in a cavernous San Francisco Design Center.

"We are the babies here. We are surrounded by people that know more about this business than what we know." Sponsors of the three-day startup confab include technology giants Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, MySpace and Norton from Symantec.

"New technology spills out of conferences like this," Kutcher said. "I'm a bit of a geek about it. Learning keeps you from getting old."
On the Net:
The Blah Girls:

Source | AFP
Flashy and Pretty

Rose McGowan is an idiot.

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan has said she would have joined the IRA if she lived in Belfast during the Troubles.

McGowan stars in Fifty Dead Men Walking, an adaptation of IRA informer Martin McGartland's autobiography.

"My heart just broke for the cause," she told a news conference ahead of the film's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Mr McGartland said her comments were naive. "It's easy to say this sort of thing when you live in LA," he added.

Ms McGowan said: "Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems, but I understand it."

However, Mr McGartland, who still lives in hiding, said the situation in the late 1980s was very different with daily killings in Belfast.

"Rose McGowan's comments were insulting to victims of IRA terrorism and she should apologise," he said.

The film also stars Jim Sturgess as Mr McGartland and Sir Ben Kingsley as his British handler.


Is her face melting?

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Attack of the Show sued, by Cougars?

This is the greatest lawsuit we've seen all month -- maybe all year -- and it's all over three chicks who are pissed at being branded "cougars" on national television.

Let's start with the important information. For those unfamiliar with the term "cougar," it's defined as "a sexually cunning 35+ female who is on the hunt for a much younger energetic male," at least according to the lawsuit.

Now onto the controversy: Three women are furious after they went to a club called Chapter 8 in Agoura Hills -- SoCal -- back in 2007 and wound up being featured on a G4 program called "Attack of the Show" -- in a segment called "The Great Cougar Hunt."

According to the suit, the ladies were portrayed as "older women who were attempting to pick up younger men at Chapter Eight, which was described (on the show) as a 'world famous cougar hot spot.' The segment describes cougars as the easiest and most ravenous prey for younger men."

The cougars three respectable ladies claim they were filmed without giving consent, and swear they "were not attempting to meet or 'hunt' younger men, or any men for that matter, on the day the video segment was made."

They also thought it was important to put this line in the lawsuit: "In fact, Plaintiffs do not date younger men at all."

The threesome claims the show was so "highly outrageous and offensive," that they're suing G4 and the two hosts of the show for more than $1,000,000!!!!!

FYI -- nowhere in the lawsuit do the ladies ever mention how old they are -- information that could be vital to the outcome of this highly important, extremely monumental legal battle. Calls to G4 were not returned.

The moral of the story: You mess with the cougar ... you get the claws

moz transcends time
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'Speed-The-Plow' Meet and Greet

Photobucket Image Hosting's cameras were on hand as the cast and creative team of the 20th Anniversary revival of David Mamet's Speed-The-Plow held their "Meet & Greet". Speed-The-Plow will begin previews at the ETHEL BARRYMORE THEATRE (located at 243 West 47th St.) on Friday, October 3, 2008 with a new official opening set for Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 at 7pm.

The cast includes: Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Jeremy Piven ("Entourage", Fat Pig) as film production exec Bobby Gould, three-time Tony-nominee RAÚL ESPARZA (The Homecoming, Company, Taboo) as ambitious producer Charlie Fox and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) in the pivotal role of Karen, the temporary secretary to executive producer Bobby Gould, a role which was originally played on Broadway by Madonna. Neil Pepe (David Mamet's Romance, Ethan Coen's Almost an Evening) will direct. Performances will be Tuesdays at 7 pm, Wednesday-Saturday at 8 pm, Wednesday and Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 3 pm. Tickets will be sold through or 212-239-6200.

Speed-The-Plow is Mamet's scathing portrait of the film industry and the people who are willing to sell their souls for sex, fame and fortune.
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For more information visit

Pivs is looking hot, raul bb lay off the sun, and emoss I wish you weren't a Scientologist

gaga smize

tyra hearts britney

tyra talks about britney spears in her blog:

Did you see the MTV Video Music Awards last night? If so, you couldn't miss the svelte Spears rocking that super-sparkly, silver Versace mini-dress. Aside from showing off her banging bod, Britney also swept the awards, winning Video of the Year, Female Video and Best Pop Video for "Piece of Me."

Though there was all sorts of hot gossip that Britney would be singing in the show's opener, no such luck. She did, however, do an opening comedy sketch (okay, it wasn't hilarious) with "Superbad" star Jonah Hill, who tried to slip her some tongue. (Can you blame the guy?) Still, it was a big night for the former pop princess.

Even though she's been nominated for 16 Moonmen in the past, she'd never won until last night. And she definitely blew her last VMA appearance out of the water. Which brings us to one very important question: After all the K-Fed drama and the tabloid fodder about her oh-so-cute baby boys, is Brit finally making a full-blown comeback?

With those gorgeous golden tresses and her fantabulous vintage garb, Brit certainly looked the part of a comeback queen. You tell us: Were the VMA's Britney's first stiletto-clad step to bringing back her career?


i know it's kind of old, but it's nice to see that tyra loves britney so much. btw those pics are from a while ago, they're not new obviously

So Superhead is getting married TODAY.

I should have been more specific with this entry:
Superhead has been "twitting" about her upcoming nuptuals to a mystery man via her Twitter page. The following are excerpts from that very page about the pending nuptuals:

"Getting married on the 11th to a GUY. lol. No one u'd know.Where? Dunno. Vegas? Dress? Probably not. Bachelorette party? Hmmm... "

"A cake? LOL.Nah.Getting married is his dream not mine.It's not a big deal.Really.My big dream is to make more $$$.Like the ring tho."

"Nope! he won't be on any blogs & the only photos u might see will have 2 be if someone catches us out.Other than that this is private."

"Aw, I love Vegas. haven't been in over 4 yrs. Quick & easy, in & out & off to the honeymoon. Yessssss!"

"LOL. Anyway, I got my damn ring today & the pre-nup is signed. What's fucking with that!"

"How do i keep snagging husbands? didn't u see that brown bag video? LOL."

"Won't tell. Would like to enjoy as normal a life as possible. My WHOLE life isn't for public consumption. Just what I choose."



Superhead = Karrine Steffans

Who the H E L L is wifing this chick, does he not know who she is or something? Did he not see the brown bag of booty beads?
James Franco 2


Sarah Jessica Parker may be an A-list movie star, but her priorities of being a mother come first.

Taking a break from her various career projects, the 43-year-old actress was seen taking her son James to school in New York City today.

Running her daily errands didn’t stop SJP from showing off that she’s a proud supporter of Barack Obama. Upon leaving, she showed off a new denim jacket with the words “BARACK N ROLL” emblazoned on the back.

The support doesn’t end there. The style icon is set to join Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to host a fundraising fashion show for the Democratic presidential contender during the final day of Fashion Week.
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Source | FYB
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David Thewlis Metro interview

David on f***ing Brando film

Actor David Thewlis, 45, first came to fame in Mike Leigh's grim 1993 work Naked. He's gone on to play werewolf Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films and can be seen as a Nazi concentration camp commandant in The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, which is out today. He grew up in Blackpool and now lives in Los Angeles with his actress partner Anna Friel.

What were the ups and downs of playing a Nazi?
Trying to understand someone who was impossible to comprehend was a real challenge. It was difficult to get my head around his motivation. I usually base my performances on people I’ve met, which was impossible playing a monster such as this. I did a lot of research to familiarise myself with the period.

It’s a child’s view of living on a Nazi concentration camp. Were you worried a film like that could seem to be in very bad taste?
Yes, it could have been done badly. I love the finished product, I’ve seen it three times and I’m moved by it each time. It’s not heart-warming, it’s miserable and grim. People are left sitting there in stunned silence. I’m very proud of it. I can’t imagine people watching it on their first date and having a nice meal afterwards.

When was the last time you saw Naked, the film that gave you your big break?
About ten years ago. It’s not the sort of thing I sit down and watch on a regular basis. I don’t do that with many things. It’s always with me – it’s responsible for what happened with my career afterwards.

Is there an expectation you should only do worthy, arty stuff after a film like that?
I’m proud to have done a film like Naked, which has gone down in cinema history. It opened lots of doors for me. It’s hard to get into movies at the level I’m at without a strong beginning. Mike Leigh said recently that ‘the tragedy of David is he’s never had a part like that again’, which I found a bit offensive. I’ve had a nice time since then, actually.

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For those interested, there are a couple of podcast interviews with Thewlis located here and here.
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America Fererra now verbally rolling her eyes at Gossip Girl

America Ferrera says TV depicts female friendships in a skewed light.

"Like, if you're watching The Hills or 90210, all the backstabbing shapes the way we act," the Seventeen cover girl says in the magazine's October issue.

"I mean, I love Blake [Lively]; she's a wonderful friend of mine, but shows like Gossip Girl kind of condition us to be mean."

The Ugly Betty star, 24, says she has managed to keep her own friendships – especially with her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costars – cat fight-free.

"One of the most wonderful experiences I've had with girl relationships was working with them [Lively, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn] on Sisterhood. I'd worked with other girls before and it was pretty catty," said Ferrera, who counts Tamblyn as "one of my closest friends."


Fantasia explains why she left "The Color Purple" on Broadway

"Fantasia Barrino has come clean about why she left The Color Purple before its official end on Broadway. The actress said she developed a tumor on her throat that left her feeling drained and too exhausted to keep up her nightly schedule.

"I couldn't get enough sleep and sometimes onstage, I could taste blood ... every now and then," she tells Sister 2 Sister magazine. "They (producers) would send me to the hospitals and they would say, 'Well, she's dehydrated; that's what's making her tired.' They would put IVs in me. But it just wasn't enough."

Eventually, Barrino sensed that something was seriously wrong and visited a top throat doctor in Los Angeles. With the use of a small camera, the physician discovered what he thought was a cyst. The singer recalls, "I went into surgery and he came out and told my mother it was a tumor."

Barrino is now healthy following surgery, but the entertainer says she is still "hurt" by some of the negative publicity that surrounded her missed shows. At the time, there were rumors that she had gotten pregnant.

"It really hurt my feelings. ... I told my manager, 'Please, somebody protect me,' because I've never missed a show. ... I like to perform," said Barrino. "I felt like, after I had my surgery, nobody knew about it. 'The Color Purple' didn't know about it, my record company didn't know about it, and I was very hurt by that. ... I wasn't receiving any flowers, any balloons."


I'm not normally a fan of her voice, but she killed it at the Tonys.


Adrian Young of No Doubt still a drummin'...

Adrian Young drumming at Ben Sherman Macy's Passport Fashion Show in San Francisco

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
post from his wifey Nina Young on the No Doubt Fan Forum(in other words, the place of LULZ)
Hey Guys, What's going on? Just wanted to let you, the best fans in the world, know that Adrian (and his incredible drumming) will be featured in the Ben Sherman Macy's Passport Fashion Show in San Francisco next week (September 16, 17, 18) and in Los Angeles the week after. If you're going to be around either city, we'd love to see your support! xxx's and ooo's Nina
WHEN?American Express Opening Night: 6 p.m. Wednesday, September 17; Gala Evening, 5:30 p.m. Sept. 18.]

WHERE? Herbst and Festival Pavilions, Fort Mason Center in San Francisco]

HOW MUCH? Runway seats are $200 and available through Blue Room Events at 877-252-7814; General Tickets are $85 and available at

I will definitely be lurkin' :D

Source:No Doubt Fan Forum and Examiner
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Felix Schopgens

Jessica Simpson Stops By Letterman

Jessica Simpson stopped by the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City on September 11 to tape an episode of CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman.

The singer continues on her promotional duties for a second time today, earlier she stopped by ABC’s The View where she performed her song Remember That.

The year-old singer spoke about some rumors that have sprung up, including one she is pregnant (she denied it) and the second if she is moving in with boyfriend Tony Romo.

After hesitating for a moment, Jessica said “no comment, I gotta get used to saying that.”

Barbara Walters also asked if it was true she had changed all her numbers and e-mails so no old boyfriends could get in contact with her, she confirmed she had.

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movies // parveen

Gerard Butler Still Loves You


Gerard Butler poses with a Japanese model at the P.S. I Love You press conference at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan.

P.S. I Love You was released in December 2007 in the U.S. but the film will open in Japan on October 18, 2008.

At the press conference, Gerard received flowers, played with a camera, and posed with Japanese model Keiko Mayama.

The 300 star will soon begin work on The Untouchables: Capone Rising, where he be playing the lead role, Jimmy Malone.

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Mr. Riley '11

Kirsten Dunst in Depth

After nearly 20 years in the spotlight, the all-American blonde reflects on her new lease on life

On a shelf in Kirsten Dunst's cozy Nichols Canyon home, high up in the Hollywood Hills, among volumes of poetry by Anne Sexton and biographies of Zelda Fitzgerald and Deborah Harry (whom she hopes to soon play in a movie about Blondie), sits a plastic-framed copy of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology Code of Honor. Kirsten, who has gone by the nickname Kiki since she was a small child and couldn't pronounce "Kirsten," is not a Scientologist. This was a relatively recent gift from Tom Cruise, with whom she starred in 1994's Interview with the Vampire, her breakout film that garnered her a Golden Globe nomination at the age of 12. She likes to show the Code to everyone who comes to visit, as if it were a piece of artwork like one of the Mari Eastman canvases hanging above her fireplace.
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Source |

The cover was posted here yesterday...

Excerpts from "Through the Storm"

Big Mama Spears talks Justin, JL, Brit Brit, Vegas Wedding and Scum Lutfi.

On Sam Lutfi: Sam came into my daughter's life when she was at her most vulnerable. Brokenhearted about losing custody of her precious boys, she was floundering, ripe for a predator to come along. Why didnt I ride in on a white horse to help save my child? Our estrangement was so complete at that time that I couldn't even get her phone number. One night the phone rang and it was Sam. He told me Britney had been visiting with the boys, but when it was time for them to go home to Kevin's, she locked herself and Jayden in the bathroom. Later I found out Sam had told Britney that Kevin had called and told her she could keep the boys longer. I was terrified. If it weren't for the fact that I had to be with Jamie Lynn, I would have flown to L.A. on the next flight I felt split in two, on one hand by the needs of my pregnant 16 year old, on the other by my 26 year old, obviously in deep crisis; both girls seemed to need me with the same intensity. When I saw the photo of her in the ambulance, her brown eyes haunted, something inside me broke. and,,20224514,00.html

A Hit on Scum Lutfi seems pretty fitting...

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'Blue Collar Comedy Tour's' Ron White arrested in Vero Beach


VERO BEACH, FLORIDA - Comedian Ron White has one more arrest story to use in his skits.

The Vero Beach Police Department arrested the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" star on Wednesday on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

An anonymous tipster told Vero Beach Police detectives an airplane would be landing at 5 p.m. at the city's airport with a passenger carrying illegal drugs, said Officer John Morrison, spokesman for the Vero Beach Police Department.

White, on the Treasure Coast to perform at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce, was booked at the Indian River County Jail at 6:07 p.m. Wednesday and released at 8:06 p.m. after posting $1,000 bail, said Deputy Jeff Luther, Indian River County Sheriff's Office spokesman.
Only White and the pilot were on the plane, and the 51-year-old comedian was cooperative with detectives, who during the search found less than 3 grams of marijuana and a pipe to smoke the drug, Morrison said.

White began his sold-out performance at the 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre more than an hour late Wednesday and is scheduled to do a second sold-out show there Thursday.

He is best known for his days on the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" with fellow comedians and friends Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.

Holding a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigarette or cigar in the other, White often includes jokes in his acts about being arrested and charged with public intoxication after being thrown out of a New York bar and booked in Texas with the alias "Tater Salad."


Street Musicians to premiere Dig Out Your Soul in the US

Oasis to premiere new album in US via street musicians

Buskers to debut band's unreleased tracks on streets of New York tomorrow (Sept 12)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oasis have announced that they will debut a handful of tracks from their forthcoming album by having street musicians perform them tomorrow (September 12) on the streets of New York.

The band, whose highly anticipated album 'Dig Out Your Soul' is due out in the US on October 7, will not be performing the tracks themselves. Instead, they will meet with several buskers for a private rehearsal tomorrow morning, after which the street musicians will take to the different parts of the city to perform Oasis' new tracks 'The Turning', 'Bag It Up', '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady', and new single 'The Shock Of The Lightning'.

The event is a collaborative effort among the band, New York City's marketing and tourism organisation, and the band's label Warner Bros. Records.

The street musicians will perform at locations including subway station platforms at Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station and Astor Place. A full list of street locations can be found at


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

erica durance tv guide fail ville interview.

The time is now for Smallville to take the Superman mythos to the next level by teaming Clark and Lois at the "Daily Planet." With the CW series' season premiere a week away, sought to squeeze some "scoop" out of Ms. Lane herself, Erica Durance. Here in Part 1, the actress updates us on her episode count, braces for the critical storyline laid before her and, yes, reveals the last thing I expected to hear her say. — Matt Mitovich First things first: How many episodes do we have you for this season?
Erica Durance: All I know is I'm doing more than my 13, but they won't tell me how many yet. Those sneaks. Don’t they know you have bills to pay? Shoes to buy?
Durance: It is sneaky, right?! Now that we're doing Lois and Clark at the "Daily Planet," do you feel as if, more than ever, all eyes are on you?
Durance: I would go crazy if I felt deeply that way. I would go insane! But what I do feel, because we're moving more towards that mythos, is that I have a lot more to do in each episode. I'm more involved, Lois is finding herself more, and she definitely is becoming that journalist that everyone loves. She's brushing shoulders with Clark a lot, so we have a lot of fun interplay. She'll go to investigate something, thinking that she's the one solving the problem, and meanwhile he's speeding around saving her a lot. It's quite funny.

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there are like 5 clois fans on ONTD. i don't care though. i fucking love clois. and erica durance.
charli xcx 1


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here are the rules for Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island. The U.S. Army will make drops that contain supplies to build a boat. Players will have to build two boats that will eventually get them to another island. Somewhere on that second island is a treasure chest containing $300,000. The problem is that each boat can only contain 4 people which means alliances will need to be formed early on. In order to get on the boat, you'll need more than just an alliance. You'll need a key. There are 3 ways to get keys: winning an elimination challenge, being the player who receives the most votes and is therefore safe from elimination, and if an eliminated player gives their key to a remaining player. Seems easy enough.

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James Franco

Josh Hotnett Sues over Alleged Public-Sex Story

Josh Hartnett wants an apology and has slapped a defamation lawsuit against Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper for alleging he carried on a "sexual dalliance" in a public area of a London hotel, the BBC reports.

Hartnett, 30, who is in the British capital awaiting the start of previews for the West End stage production of Rain Man (in which he'll play the role created by Tom Cruise on screen), called the newspaper's purported claims "not only untrue but a complete fabrication," according to his lawyers, who also labeled them "defamatory and unsubstantiated."

Hartnett, reportedly speaking on ITV's This Morning, called the news story, which also claimed he and his alleged partner were purportedly filmed on closed-circuit television, "rubbish. The paper said it was 'rumored' I was caught on CCTV. But how can you have a rumor about a video? It would be on the Internet [by] now."

Source |

Original story posted here.

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Joel Madden Protects Nicole from Cameras

I was googling pictures from the Charlotte Ronson Afterparty I attended last weekend and came across this article in MetroMix New York. As per my previous post Nicole approached me and made me delete a pic I took of Lindsay and Sam [she was in the background], Joel took that duty over for her when a Metro Mix photog snapped a pic of Nicole. I'm not bashing Nicole, I just think its funny:

Held at The Country Club, Charlotte Ronson's after-party attracted stylish supporters, as well as A-listers, from Samatha Ronson and special gal pal Lindsay Lohan, to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. We'd offer a photo of Nicole Richie, but boyfriend Madden threatened our photographer if he didn't delete the image. Our reward? A chance to photograph Joel himself. We left happy though, fueled by the free drinks and the quality people-watching.

More pics at the source:
Metromix New York
Dair Met Steps Hands
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Ebert Assaulted at Movie Screening by Another Critic

Thursday, September 11th 2008, 4:00 AM

 Roger Ebert with his wife, Chaz Hammelsmith

The audience at the Toronto Film Festival press screening of "Slumdog Millionaire" didn't know they were also going to get live entertainment Saturday.There'd been lots of Oscar buzz about Danny ("Trainspotting") Boyle's flick, about a poor Mumbai guy who wins a girl and becomes a national hero by going on a game show. So the screening room was packed.

Soon after the lights went down, a source tells us, "a man in the audience started yelling, 'Don't touch me!' People looked around and shrugged. Ten minutes later, the voice yells again, 'I said don't touch me!'"Again, people shrugged off the disturbance. But a few minutes later, says our source, "the guy stands up in the darkness and thwacks the guy behind him with a big festival binder. He hit him so hard everybody could hear it. Everyone freaked out and turned around."

The thwacker? New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick.

The thwackee? Esteemed Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert.

After battling thyroid and salivary gland cancer for years, Ebert, 66, can no longer speak. "Apparently, Roger was just trying to tap Lumenick on the shoulder to signal him that he couldn't see the movie," surmises our source. "He was trying to ask him to move over a bit."

Though Lumenick seemed surprised to see whom he had struck, he offered no apology, according to another source.

Lumenick didn't return a call and e-mail by deadline. Ebert's agent declined to comment. Lumenick's lashing didn't prevent Ebert from enjoying the film. The critic walked out of the screening with two thumbs up — and handed Boyle a note saying he's bound to get an Oscar nod.

Lou came to my attention when Heathus passed away. He took alot of criticism for spitting on his grave 2hrs after his death. Link to "eulogy" is below.

Udated, Ebert's Response under cut

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MySpace, Artist on Artist: Zooey Deschanel and Brian Wilson

Featured Interview

The Hollywood Bowl provided the quintessential, Los Angeles backdrop for a chat between legendary performer and former Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, and actress and She & Him singer, Zooey Deschanel. Watch as the California natives share their thoughts on harmony, recall the first shows they saw at the Bowl and Zooey confesses which one of Brian's songs brought her to tears.

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That paragraph is so poorly written, and I actually edited some of it (adding commas and apostrophes). Also, I don't think I've ever heard Zooey speak so ... much?

Jessica Mauboy goes solo...hooks up with Flo Rida

Jessica Mauboy - the girl from the outback who stole the hearts of millions of aussies in the fourth season of Australian Idol - has quit trashy pop group The Young Divas and is about to launch her solo career. And it looks like she's got a hit on her hands.

Her debut single Running Back was leaked online yesterday and posted on Mauboy's official myspace page. The track was produced by Audius and features US rapper Flo Rida and will be released in October, 2008.

Check it out below.


I have had this song on repeat for the last half an hour lol

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Usher on the set of his next single 'Trading Places' and arriving at ServiceNation earlier today.

Usher is better known for his hot music and scorching stage moves, but he's also an advocate for public service and responsible youth. The singer will be one of the speakers at the ServiceNation Summit set for today and tomorrow (September 11th and 12th) in New York City.

Usher was recently named the Youth Chair of ServiceNation, a national service campaign. At the Summit, he will challenge America's youth to get involved and participate in community service activities both during and after the Summit.

The Here I Stand singer recently launched the youth voting campaign "I Can't But You Can," which gets young people involved in voter awareness and registration campaigns. More information can be found at

The ServiceNation Summit will also be the site of tonight's debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. The conference is designed to bring together leaders of all ages and all sectors to celebrate the power of citizen service.

The Summit also comes before the Service Day Of Action, set for September 27th, when people across the country will be called upon to demonstrate the power of service for change.

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Sources: 1, 2, 3.

Britney's VMA comeback named "the greatest comeback ever"

Britney Spears' recent MTV Video Music Awards appearance has been named the greatest comeback ever.

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Top 20 Big Returns:

1. Britney Spears

2. Take That

3. Kylie Minogue

4. John Travolta

5. Robert Downey Jr.

6. Robbie Williams

7. Frank Sinatra

8. Bon Jovi

9. Kate Moss

10. Spice Girls

11. Hugh Grant

12. Patsy Palmer

13. Jamie Lee Curtis

14. Jade Goody

15. Paul McCartney

16. New Kids On The Block

17. Jamie Theakston

18. Woody Allen

19. Angus Deayton

20. Michael Barrymore


"I want to get pregnant so people won't think I'm anorexic"

Keira Knightley wants to get pregnant so people won't think she is anorexic.

'The Duchess' actress - who is often criticised for her slim figure - believes she would get a break from her detractors if she had a baby.

She said: 'That's a good reason to have a kid. They won't say I'm anorexic any more. S**t, I've got to have a child.'

The 23-year-old actress - who recently revealed she has been feeling 'jumpy' after a passer-by jumped out and screamed abuse at her while she walked alone near her London home - also claims the constant questions about her weight are 'not appropriate'.

She added: 'I can't win. One week I'm anorexic and now my curves are too big. I mean really? It's a joke. What's next? Am I too tall, too short? Well, I'm sorry I'm me.

'It's so predictable to be asked about it, but to me it's not appropriate.'

The star's actor boyfriend Rupert Friend - who she met on the set of 'Pride and Prejudice' - recently revealed he is in no rush to have children and is not planning to propose to Keira any time soon.


Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes: Out in NYC

It’s a very somber day in New York City as the world remembers the tragedy that happened seven years ago with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. And Katie Holmes looked a bit reserved as she left her apartment this morning.

The “Mad Money” mommy sported a tucked-in black blouse underneath a black coat teamed with a pair of baggy (Tom’s) jeans and black flats as she toted a massive red bag down the street.

As for Katie’s hubby Tom Cruise, it sounds like he’s wanting in on the Shrek action, and he’s being considered to voice a character in the forthcoming “Shrek Goes Fourth.”

A source told press, “I got an email from one of our regular sources at DreamWorks, whispering in my ear to let you know that Tom Cruise is being considered to voice one of the villains in Shrek Goes Fourth’. Very little is actually known about ‘Shrek Goes Fourth’, other than that it’s supposed to reveal Shrek’s origins and explain how he got to the swamp. Does that make it a prequel? I hope not.”

Tom wants to do a film that his kids can watch. A lot of his films are very adult – whether in theme or in humour – and he wants to something a bit more lightweight for a change. Suri is a massive fan of all things Disney, and Tom things she would be really tickled if his voice was used for the baddie in the film.”

Gossip Girls
Source | GossipGirls

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Brit Slave.

Is Lindsay back on coke?

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on Wednesday night at a benefit for “Stand Up For a Cure” in New York City.

Ironically, the smoker was there in support of lung cancer research! However, that wasn’t the only thing amiss as the actress sashayed her way down the red carpet.

As La Lohan struck pose after pose for awaiting photogs, it was hard not to notice what appeared to be a white substance in one of her nostrils.


I love Lindsay so I don't want to believe this. What do you think, ONTD?

PS. Source has a bigger picture.

Adele confused about her song being banned in the U.S

Adele's hit song 'Chasing Pavements' has been banned in the US for its homosexual connotations.

The record - which has proved a huge success in Adele's native UK - has been dubbed a gay anthem by Americans, who think the title is referring to gay men who cruise around looking for sex.

Adele has now blamed the reference for damaging her chances of making it big Stateside.

She said: "Some weirdo on the internet wrote that 'Chasing Pavements' was about being gay, which isn't true at all.

"Because of that some radio stations in the States wouldn't play it. The guy wrote it on the Urban Dictionary website, which I've used for years and 'chasing pavements' was never on there as a slang term before."

However, the 20-year-old singer is not going to let the issue get her down, because she isn't interested in breaking America anyway.

She added: "I don't like flying. I hate it, and I don't want to start taking Valium, so I'm not going to get over there much."


Eva Longoria isn't pregnant, she's just fat

Eva Longoria has denied rumors she is pregnant, insisting she is “just fat”.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress – who plays Gabrielle Solis in the hit TV show – has scoffed at the rumours she is expecting her first child with husband Tony Parker and claims she has just put on weight.

When asked if she is pregnant, Eva replied: “No, I’m just fat!” ‘Desperate Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry recently revealed 33-year-old Eva is trying to conceive.

Marc said: “Eva is desperately trying to get pregnant with Tony. After they phone their doctor, she promised me I will be the next call!”

The new 'Desperate Housewives' series is giving Eva the opportunity to practice her mothering skills.

Set five years in the future, Eva's character is now a mother of two.

Marc added: "Gaby is having a very tough time being the mother of two overweight, hyperactive children. But Eva is having a marvelous time playing her!"

miguel  ⁄ ⁄

The SPIN interview: Patti Smith (better known as the HBIC)


In the three decades since her debut, Patti Smith, rock's poet laureate and subject of a new documentary, found domestic bliss and endured tragic loss. That longevity shocks even her: "When I did Horses, I never expected to make another album."

With casual androgyny now as common as rehab and pop-star poetry a recurring joke, it's hard to imagine how strange Patti Smith must've seemed when she exploded out of New York with Horses 33 years ago. Defiant, literary, and rocking, Smith's debut, and the albums that followed, weren't only great pieces of art, they were life-changers. Just ask Michael Stipe or Courtney Love. They were life-changers for Smith, too: Feeling burned out, she recorded only one album between 1980 and 1996, choosing instead to spend time with her husband, former MC5 guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith, and their two children. "I'd given all I had to give," says Smith, 61, speaking from the hills of Spain, where she's staying with relatives of the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. "I had to go away if I wanted to learn to be a human being."

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Trailer for Clive Owen's 'The International'
One big bank is out to kill us all...

It's been a while since we last saw Clive Owen in a good film, 2006's Children of Men in fact, but his next flick, The International looks pretty cool if you ask me despite the fact it is about a killer bank. The fact it stars Clive Owen, Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller-Stahl is enough for me actually, but check out the trailer for yourself and you make the decision.The International hits theaters on February 13, 2009.

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matthew lewis

NPH talks with about hosting creative Emmys, and feeling swell

Jodie Foster is the star everyone thinks of when we think of a child actor who's made it big. But even Foster's impressive career trajectory may not match that of Neil Patrick Harris, the former Doogie Howser M.D. star who has grown up into a career that is literally breathtaking in its breadth and diversity. Harris followed Howser with a string of well-received dramatic and musical roles, including parts in stage productions of Sweeney Todd, Assassins, Proof, The Paris Letter, and as the Emcee in Cabaret, a role that started to alter his squeaky-clean image.

Then, in 2004, came Harris' daring turn as a deranged, sex-obsessed version of himself in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. That led to Harris landing the break-out role of the heterosexual Barney Stinson on CBS' How I Met Your Mother for which he has since received two Emmy nominations.

Still not enough? Harris has since proved he can also perform a mean magic trick and host a talk show with ease. He recently appeared on Sesame Street as the Shoe Person Fairy, and even agreed to be a spokesman for Old Spice.

Is there anything Harris can't do as a performer? Did we mention he can juggle and walk a tight-rope?

Then there was the matter of his well-chronicled coming out in November of 2006, something that has made him one of the most famous out gay men in America. Even more impressively, he managed his coming out in a way that not only didn't hurt his career, but has probably helped significantly.

Take that, Jodie Foster!

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I would hang out with Neil and David and play board games and watch Tivo. Call me, bro, we'll hang.

Some bitch tries to get more money out of T.I., remains trashy while doing so

MEANWHILE: T.I. rolls his eyes and puts dinner in the oven, remains sexy while doing so.

Big lawsuits are poppin' for T.I.

The Atlanta-based rapper was slapped with a palimony suit by the mother of his two boys, who claims she can't raise them on the $2,000 a month he's currently giving her.

The lawsuit, filed in Fulton County Superior Court by 29-year-old Lashon Dixon, alleges she and the 27-year-old rapper (whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris) have known each other since their teen years, long before he established himself as the multiplatinum-selling "King of the South."

The two never married but had a pair of sons, ages 7 and 8.

Per the complaint, Dixon is seeking a court order upping his monthly checks commensurate with the millions he's now earning from his album sales and a burgeoning business empire that includes a film unit and a clothing line.

T.I.'s publicist at Atlantic Records could not be reached for comment.

The palimony suit is the latest legal headache for the MC, who also has two sons with his fiancée, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, a member of the defunct R&B band Xscape.

Earlier this year, the performer pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges for attempting to purchase illegal guns from an undercover agent. He was sentenced to a year in jail, which he will serve once he completes 1,000 hours of community service.

T.I. most recently performed at last week's 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. He is set to drop his latest album, Paper Trail, on Sept. 30. The lead single, "Whatever You Like," topped Billboard's Hot 100 chart after its release in July.

It must really fucking suck to have some bitch hanging onto your nuts, watching your money and trying to get more when you start to do better than you have in awhile. T.I. is VERY family oriented, there's no doubt in my mind that he is very active in the lives of those boys and this bitch just thinks that she can have whatever she likes. HE WASN'T TALKING TO YOU SKANK >:-O

I'll laugh until my head comes off, I'll swallow till I burst

Radiohead ballet comes to London

'Ride The Beast' features all the band's 'Kid A' 'hits'

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'Ride The Beast', the ballet choreographed to the music of Radiohead, is set to make its London debut later this year.

The show, put on by the [url= ]Scottish Ballet[/url], uses a number of the band's songs, drawn mainly from their experimental album 'Kid A'.

Tracks used include 'Hunting Bears', 'Idioteque', 'The National Anthem', 'Fitter Happier' and an acoustic version of 'Creep'.

As previously reported, 'Ride The Beast' was debuted in Edinburgh last year, but the ballet will now visit Glasgow, London, Inverness and Aberdeen as the last part of a three-part show.

Choreographer Stephen Petronio explained his choice of music for the piece, saying: "Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste.

"They sail through genre and form effortlessly and passionately and their music demands a physical response from me that bypasses reason. I have to live with music so intimately while creating with it, I simply have to work with music I love."

'Ride The Beast' will be performed at:

Glasgow Theatre Royal (September 18-20)
Edinburgh Festival Theatre (25-27)
London Queen Elizabeth Hall (October 4-5)
Inverness Eden Court (7-8)
Aberdeen His Majesty's Theatre (10-11)


I think these guys might just be the next Vampire Weekend!!!!!

Hamburg has dedicated a city square to The Beatles to commemorate the time the band spent there in the early 1960s.

The band periodically stayed in Hamburg from 1960-62 to play clubs along the city's raucous Reeperbahn street.

The Beatles honed its early sound at Hamburg venues including the Kaiserkeller and Star Club.

The commemorative square, which Hamburg Mayor Ole von Beust officially opened, is marked by a dark granite circle 29 metres in diameter which looks like a record.

It features steel sculptures of each of the Fab Four.

To one side stands a sculpture of original Beatles' bassist Stuart Sutcliffe, who died of a brain haemorrhage in Hamburg in 1962.


TLC host cleared in domestic violence case

By Jenny Rizzo

TLC host Andrew Dan-Jumbo's name has been cleared and all charges against him were dismissed today. The popular star of the hit TV makeover show "While You Were Out" and "Take Home Handyman" lived in Buffalo for a time and was arrested on charges stemming from a domestic violence incident back in March.

Dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, Dan-Jumbo exited Amherst Town Court with his attorney today. Instead of being relieved that the charges were dropped, the TV star is frustrated with the judicial process. "When the initial charges were filed, both parties wanted nothing to do with this case. The District Attorney refused to acknowledge our wishes and has dragged us through this whole farce. I've been in town twice now, to appear in court," said Dan-Jumbo.

The witness in the case did not show up to court today, which prompted the dismissal of the misdemeanor assault charge and the petit larceny and harassment charge. Dan-Jumbo says it was a private matter that should have been left that way and accused the district attorney's office of having a vendetta against him. 7 News tried reaching District Attorney Frank Clark today, but his office told us there is no comment on the Dan-Jumbo case.

This isn't Dan-Jumbo's first brush with the law in Erie County. Last summer he was arrested for an altercation at the Mash Bash, sponsored by the American Red Cross. But those charges were also dropped.

News video at the source

terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan Baby Rumors Intensify

Despite a firm denial from the actress' rep, Lindsay Lohan IS planning to have a baby with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, according to American magazine Star.

Reports the Mean Girls star was planning to have a baby with Ronson were originally floated by British tabloid the News of The World. Lohan's rep at the time insisted the claims were "absolutely not true."

But a source tells Star, "Lindsay told Sam that she's been feeling more and more maternal in the past few months and she wants to get pregnant.

"Sam was completely overjoyed, because starting a family with Lindsay is a dream come true for her.

"They both think that Samantha's older brother, Mark Ronson, would be the perfect sperm donor.

"They agree that it's the best way for Lindsay and Samantha to have a baby together."


"Guess who" fans should scroll down in slow-mo.

Lily Allen's shoes no doubt raised more than a smile, if not a full on belly laugh as the singer stepped out in west London wearing a pair of gaudy, gravity-defying platform soles.

But it was the rear view which caused the most amusement, as the shoe designers Chanel decided to hack the heel in half and insert a huge gilt logo into the middle of it.

Despite their unusual appearance, the shoes are highly sought after.

Chanel's Bond Street store confirmed the £430 from the French fashion house's Spring Summer 2008 range shoes are almost sold out.

The glum-looking singer was seen wearing the platform soled shoes as she headed to the recording studio.

But with those shoes on her feet, you would have thought she could have raised a smile!



But I want her label to release her fucking album!

george jetson

Ciara Suing Vibe Magazine For Fake Nude Photos

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In the October 2008 issue of Vibe Magazine, the men are treated to something that many have been wishing for. That wsh is to see Ciara in her birthday suit. The problem is we’re talking about Vibe Magazine not Playboy. Why would someone pose nude for Vibe Magazine ? That’s exactly what Ciara is saying because as she states she was fuly clothed when she did the photo shoot.

The singer is claiming that after the shoot was done, the publisher had the clothes airbrushed away. Vibe has been in the news recently with Robin Thicke who claims that he was told he couldn’t be on the cover of the magazine because he isn’t black. SInger Mary J. Blige also had a run in with Vibe when the cover photo that she chose with the publisher was switched to one that made her look depressed and troubled during her “No More Drama” phase. Stay tuned.

george jetson

Off the Rack

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The wait is over! The famous British high-street retailer has launched a U.S. website along with Kate Moss’s Autumn collection. Americans can finally get their hands on the supermodel’s exclusive line for Topshop and other goodies that the retailer has to offer without having to pay heavy exchange rates or trying to convert sizes — this site features prices in dollars and American sizing. Topshop will also be offering its first U.S. customers a free and exclusive Kate Moss charity T-shirt, benefitting the Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organization that helps seriously ill children and their families cope through entertainment and education. Stars like Jennifer Hudson, Keira Knightley, Mischa Barton and more have all been spotted in pieces from the store — so what are you waiting for? Shop Topshop U.S.A. now!

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Heidi Klum knows what it takes to make a good pair of jeans, and she’s not afraid to shake it! “It’s very important to have a little bit of something fun on the butt,” she told PEOPLE Tuesday, shaking her derriere at an event to celebrate the launch of her fall/winter 2008 denim line, Heidi Klum by Jordache. The model and Project Runway judge wore a sheer blouse and a pair of jeans from her line — complete with “booty bling” on the back pocket — to greet fans and sign autographs at Bloomindgale’s in Manhattan on Tuesday. Working on the line, Klum learned that how a pair of jeans fits on a girl’s behind is the most important thing to consider when designing. “The first thing girls do [when putting on a pair of jeans] is turn around and look in the mirror and they look what their butts look like,” she said. “It just has to look right and as perfect as possible.” Unfortunately, her jeans were the only thing Klum wanted to talk about, playing coy when asked about recent reports that Jennifer Lopez would be the guest judge for Runway’s season finale. “Maybe,” she said with a grin.

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Angelina Jolie may have her hands full caring for her newborn twins and four other children, but she still finds time for another passion — fashion! Jen Rade, Jolie’s longtime stylist, told PEOPLE at W’s New York Affair this week that despite Angie’s large brood, it’s not hard to get the mother-of-six on the phone to discuss her sartorial options. “No, [it's not tough], but she’s definitely got a lot going on. Any time you talk to her there’s a lot of kids in the background, that’s for sure.” Rade is working with Jolie to dress her for the Changeling junket later this month, as well as the film’s premiere October 4th. “It’ll be her first big US appearance since having the babies,” Rade says. “I feel some pressure, but I think I can do it. We’ve been doing it for five years together.” Is it a challenge finding clothes that work for Jolie’s post-pregnancy body? “Not really. She’s breastfeeding so the boobs are bigger, but no. It’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to it.” Rade describes Jolie’s style as “kind of classic with a rock and roll edge” and says she loves working with Angelina because “she’s funny and smart.” Plus, she’s a fab mom: “She loves it — or else she wouldn’t do it.”

1, 2, 3

Viggo gets his yerba mate confused with pot

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VIGGO MORTENSEN's favourite tea often causes him problems on his travels - because airport security officials think it's pot.

The actor refuses to travel without his beloved Argentinean Mate, which often confuses the authorities - because it looks like a bag of weed.

And it doesn't help that Mortensen, who grew up in Argentina, drinks his tea with a pipe.

He was recently stopped on his way to the Toronto Film Festival in Canada.

He says, "They asked me if it's (pipe) a bong or a pipe to smoke pot. I've made the mistake of putting the mate in a plastic Ziploc bag instead of its original packaging, so that it ends up looking like pot. At first, they (officials) always think the worst, but then you explain to them what it is, and it's always been OK."

Mortensen explains he likes to travel with his own yerba because he finds it difficult to find in local stores around the world.


LOL that happened to me too a couple of times.
don't touch me shitter

Another incredible teen horror remake: starring Rumer Willis!

Summit Entertainment's remake of Mark Rosman's 1983 THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, currently titled Sorority Row, is currently prepping to shoot in Pittsburgh this October. The film is being produced by Summit (Step Up I and II, Never Back Down, Twilight) and directed by Stewart Hendler (Whisper).

Actresses Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets) and Rumer Willis (The House Bunny) have been cast in principal roles, according to Nancy Mosser Casting.

In Mark Rosman's original, after a seemingly innocent prank goes horribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters are stalked and murdered one by one in their sorority house while throwing a party to celebrate their graduation.


Oh, well, this is from the makers of Twilight and Step Up 2 The Streets! CLEARLY we're in good hands.

The original sucked, but at least it had funny '80s hair. So, of course this isn't a surprise, what with all of the CLEVER people running the modern horror industry, but I have just three words for them:


pink flowers & a book

musical numbers announced for broadway on broadway

Musical numbers have been announced for the 17th annual "Broadway on Broadway" concert Sept. 14 in Times Square.
Drew Lachey, the second season champion of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" who is currently playing Patsy in Broadway's Spamalot, will host "Broadway on Broadway," the annual, free outdoor concert in Times Square that celebrates the upcoming theatre season.

Among those scheduled to make appearances and/or perform are Bebe Neuwirth, Charles Strouse, Stephen Bogardus, Sierra Boggess, Ashley Brown, Kerry Butler, Tevin Campbell, Carolee Carmello, Jeffry Denman, Kerry Ellis, Bailey Hanks, Cheyenne Jackson, Beth Leavel, Hunter Parrish, Kerry O'Malley, Tony Roberts, Tom Wopat and Ace Young.

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The performers will be backed by a 30-piece orchestra.

Presented by Continental Airlines and produced by The Broadway League and the Times Square Alliance, the 17th annual event will begin at 11:30 AM ET. Over 50,000 fans are expected to enjoy the concert that includes performances and/or appearances from stars of Broadway's musicals and plays.

In a previous statement Lachey said, "It is an honor to be hosting this year's 'Broadway on Broadway.' I am delighted to be a part of the Broadway community and I love this great city. I look forward to showing the Broadway fans from New York and around the world just what we have to offer."

Host Lachey, a member of the pop group 98 Degrees, made his Broadway debut in Rent.


Okay bbs, who else besides myself is going?


Josh Jackson Will Go Missing Soon; Church of Scientology Will Play Dumb

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Obviously, the cover is about this story:
According to reports in Grazia magazine he had become concerned after seeing recent photographs of the working mother looking gaunt and tired, with black circles under her eyes.

'Katie has been looking skinny and depressed and, like any concerned friend, rather than do nothing Joshua wanted to check everything was OK,' the source told the magazine. 'They haven't spoken in a while and, naturally, he was worried.

'So he just decided to drop by. It was really sweet, he just turned up unexpectedly with a bunch of flowers and said: 'Hello stranger.' Katie was shocked, but so happy to see him. It was a wonderful surprise. She gave him such a big hug.'

Source: In Touch Weekly

Even though I still think that story is bullshit, I think I speak for everyone when I say SAVE HER, JOSH. SAVE. HER.

If Josh goes missing, this will be my face (courtesy of loglady):
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30 Rock Webisodes

New “Internet-Only” plotlines pile on the fun while providing unique product placement opportunities.

NEW YORK, NY (Sept. 10, 2008) When popular actress Jennifer Aniston announced last week that she would be appearing in a guest spot on NBC’s smash hit “30 Rock” as a "free-spirited, Fatal Attraction-like stalker" named Claire Harper, a former roommate of Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon who begins an obsession with the show’s Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) that quickly leads to a nude scene for the two, television critics rose in their seats as one to cheer the show’s writers for introducing a plot twist sure to drive increased viewership metrics.

Now the “30 Rock” worm turns once again as it was announced by the show’s producers that Aniston’s stalker character – a down-and-out Chicago-based talk show host that the show’s writers call “a female Jerry Springer” -- will have her own set of stalkers on the show who will pursue her through a number of prime-time NBC shows and in some innovative Internet-only episodes reminiscent of Federico Fellini, Tim Burton and “Hairspray’s” John Waters.

“It’s a bizarre-yet-commercial plot twist designed to take the show in an innovative-yet-lucrative multiplatform direction,” says Fey, the show’s executive producer. “Our intention is to make television industry history while at the same time avoiding potentially injurious FCC fines.”
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tbh, the misspellings make the article kinda sketchy. But webisodes with Jennifer Aniston and Chris Meloni? Sign me up.

eta - I think the article is trying to say that basically Jen will play a stalker, who sees a therapist (Chris Meloni), who's wife creates a reality show about her (Jen), in which she (Jen) is stalked as well.

Mr. Riley '11

Lance Armstrong: I Want Women "Hotter Than Doughnut Grease"

Los Angeles, CA (BANG) - The cycling champion - who has dated several famous beauties including Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow - doesn't have a certain "type" of woman and is happy to pursue any attractive female.

He said: "I don't discriminate - on anything. I like women who are hotter than doughnut grease."

Lance also spoke about beating testicular cancer, admitting overcoming the disease inspired him to help others suffering from cancer. The 36-year-old sportsman, who was given a 50 per cent chance of survival in 1996 after the cancer spread to his lungs and brain, told Men's Vogue magazine: "With a life-threatening illness, you win and you live on. You lose and you die. After I gained that perspective, I hated the notion of losing."

Lance recently revealed he has "never got any complaints" about his bedroom abilities, despite his grueling training sometimes getting in the way of his sex life.

He said: "I had sex if I had the energy. I wasn't one of those guys who believed in the myths about the guy losing his chi.

"But the fact is that if you are riding your bike five, six, seven hours a day, you are not a sex champion. You're just not. You have fatigue, low testosterone and a lower libido. But you know, I never got any complaints!"
Source | AHN
Tom Cruise

How Keira Knightley & Dominic Cooper Prepped for Love Scene

When it came time for stripping down to shoot their love scene in the 18th-century period movie The Duchess, Dominic Cooper said costar Keira Knightley assisted with his choice of codpiece.

"I knew there was a scene in which I had to get naked," Cooper, 30, told PEOPLE at Wednesday's special Chanel and Vogue screening of the film in New York for the Cinema Society. "It wasn't gratuitous, but still quite overwhelming. There were a series of devices I was offered to wear which protect my [naughty] bits. And I gave Keira the choice in a very gentlemanly way, 'You can chose either the furry soft, the pink diaper or the Spandex."

Although Cooper, who was also seen (though not in the altogether) in Mama Mia, considered all three "horrifying"], when it came to Knightley "I showed her the devices, offered my opinion and she chose the diaper."

Why the diaper? "Because she wanted to humiliate me," insists Cooper. "She laughed and laughed and laughed. That's what made the scene quite comfortable [to shoot]. We realized how ridiculous it was."

He Said, She Said
That, however, isn't quite how Knightley, 23, recalls the filming and the specific costume prop.

"I don't remember choosing," she tells PEOPLE. "I think he's making that up. Unless I was feeling particularly malicious, I don't think I would have chosen to put a man in a skin-colored diaper. I could have been feeling particularly malicious, however, that's entirely possible."

As for how Cooper looked in – and out – of the diaper, "He's a good-looking guy," said Knightley.

Added Saul Dibb, director of the movie, which also stars Ralph Fiennes: "It's always the women who are naked. In this one, the men are naked, largely."
Source | People

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"As you all know, BuddyTV visited Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and the rest of the gang on the set of Supernatural last week. The boys were in the middle of shooting episode 6, entitled “Yellow Fever,” but they were so gracious to take time out of their busy day to talk to us. Today, I bring you the first of our Supernatural video interviews, and who better to begin with than Jensen Ackles?"