September 7th, 2008

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Chris Brown infiltrates T.I. and Rihanna’s private set

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The King of the South played The King of Rock during VMA rehearsals this afternoon. During a break in practice, T.I killed time by playing a little air guitar on set. Keeping things light, the rapper sorted out some sound problems while waiting for Rihanna to rehearse their VMA performance of “Live Your Life.”

But before the rapper could really get things started, Rihanna strolled in with Chris Brown. After getting a hug from his collaborator, T.I. asked Chris if he’s ready for Monday: the morning after the VMAs, the two begin production on the heist caper film, Bone Deep.

With T.I. and Rihanna’s rehearsals underway, Chris took a seat to watch… but not for long. “Chris Brown, don’t you wanna be in the mosh pit?” the stage director called out over the microphone.

She needed some stand-ins for the audience, so Chris waved his arms in the air, pretending to be a frantic fan. It didn’t take much to get Chris Brown to make some moves — a little while later, he made his way to the front of the stage and started dancing.

We can’t reveal much more of what happened at Ri’s top-secret rehearsal, but check out photos of Rihanna’s dancers getting into their supernatural hair and make-up.
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Kings of Leon home videos

Beginning September 1 st Kings of Leon will release a new video until their record is released on September 23. These are the videos of week one.

Day 1: About "Sex on Fire".

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I honestly expected shit for 30 days that was like day 1 but these keep getting better. Showing their girlfriends, singing with their mom, smoking pot. They didn't hold back. The album just leaked too. Has anyone heard it/ what do you think? I haven't listened to it. I told myself I wouldn't for this one.
Conan Gunn

She made me lawwwwwffff, I got her autograwwwfffff

Top 10 Female Artists Who Could Kick Oasis’ Ass

Bands, like other groups of friends, often engage in mild, pointless debates during their downtime. Oasis is no different. However, unlike other flippant, amateur bands, the affair is no laughing matter where they’re concerned. Their debates are etched into white crystal towers, there to enlighten the masses.

Or so it is according to Noel Gallagher, who as NME reported Wednesday, has presented the official list of top 10 bands of all time, per Oasis. The criteria are strict: Quoth the band’s blog, “This means the top 10 bands of all time. No solo artists allowed. No female artists allowed. No collectives allowed.”

OK, so we’re talking about bands, not solo artists and collectives. Got it. But something is amiss … it seems for this to be a list of true bands, there will be absolutely no estrogen on it. So do these rules mean Blondie is not a band? What about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I doubt Joan Jett and the Blackhearts would take this lightly.

With respect to the bands Oasis chose, which are indeed 10 of the best bands I can think of, here are the top 10 female artists who could paste Oasis. Yes, disheveled hard-asses who believe Noel and the gang to be above the Beatles... any of these female artists would blast Oasis off the stage, and it’s possible some of them would even last a few rounds in a bar. But for now, let’s keep this clean.

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Why is M-K smiling? ; In other news, Chace is still gay.



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Crawford mostly observed the pre-show quietly through his carefully sultry bangs — until Matthew Settle whipped out his cell phone, scrolled through to something, and passed it down the row.
"SHUT . UP," Crawford mouthed animatedly, snapping awake and gawking at whatever precious comedic cargo Settle had found. He handed it off to Szohr
, who in turn flashed it at Mary-Kate, which elicited a huge guffaw. Seriously, what was this mysterious joke? A photo? A video? An unsolicited text message from Joan Collins? Share it with the rest of the class, guys, because we're dying to know — and whatever it was, we are pretty sure Tiny Olsen hasn't enjoyed herself that much since her day job involved being bounced on John Stamos' knee.

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Charlotte Ronson Afterparty

Nicole Richie waltzed into the Charlotte Roson after party tonight at Country Club in NYC for about 10 minutes and felt the need to rile stuff up. i love Nicole (who was without weave) to death but seriously even Joel avoided her like the plague. She totally harassed me tonight causing Sam and herself to make me delete pictures from my digi  (none of her.) Here is a pic of the Charlotte Ronson after party upon Lilo and Sam arrival. It's okay I still love you Nicole!

ETA/More Details: Sam and Lilo walked in and all was cool, Sam actually tapped me as she lead Lilo in. People were taking pics and whatever, no big deal. Mark didn't show up yet. Nicole and Joel walked in late around 11, her hair was about shoulder length without the weave. Joel was actually kinda hot in person...not as fat as he's looked lately. Sam and Lilo walked by and I snapped a pic and Nicole came over and was a total mother hen saying like "why would you do that?" "why did you take a picture?" etc. and actually made me show her my camera and stuff. blah. Anyway I had to delete that pic because she was starting a scene and causing Sam to be upset...who was totally cool prior.

The pic above is Lilo as they walked into the bar to the back area. Here are some pics I took form the actual fashion show, btw.

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The "stars" were out in their droves last night as Mark Ronson turned 33 and celebrated at Madge's pub The Punchbowl.

Ronson had asked his celeb friends to dress up as their favourite album cover for the fancy dress bash.

Radio 1 host and socialite Nick Grimshaw came in a prom dress and trainers as Lily Allen with Zezi Ifore attatched to his arm, Libertines singer Carl Barat dolled up as Adam Ant and Jaime Winstone donned a punk-eqsue ensemble. Comedian Alan Carr donned a permed wig and tights as an ode to Madge.

source + moi.
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rent director pens note for show's final performance

The following note from RENT director Michael Greif appears in the Playbill for the final performance of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Sept. 7 at the Nederlander Theatre.

I'VE HAD MANY CELEBRATIONS LATELY. My son, his sister, their two moms, my partner and I celebrated my son's Bar Mitzvah last April. This marks his transition from childhood to adolescence and marks the moment when my son's need to be taken care of changes to his need to take care of others and embrace adult responsibilities.

I feel like Jonathan's beautiful musical is celebrating a similar transformation. For me, this is Rent's Quinceañera (okay, almost — I first started working with Jonathan and Jim Nicola on a workshop production early in '94). After tending to Rent's extraordinary birth at the New York Theatre Workshop and its amazing life here at the Nederlander, its time for Jonathan's magnificent work to go out and conquer the world.

Like all of you, it grieves me that Jonathan isn't here to enjoy this celebration, but I know he'd be pleased with how his legacy's been cared for. And I know he'd be thrilled to imagine the thousands of upcoming productions in high schools, colleges, regional theaters, community centers, summer camps and opera houses here and around the world for many decades to come. He would thrill to the millions who will get to glimpse his unique view of New York in the early 90's, and be moved by the struggles of the close friends that inspired him.

I know I speak for every musician, singer, actor, director, music director, choreographer, designer, stage manager, crew person, company manager, usher, press rep, marketer, general manager, producer and more when I assert that everyone who gets to work on Rent grows personally and artistically. Our hearts get bigger, more open. Our minds get sharper. We're better equipped to take care of our children and our parents and our friends and the world. We've learned to measure our lives in love, and take no joy or sorrow for granted.


- Michael Greif


So what are you RENT bbs doing today?  I'm pulling out my RENT 10 bootleg to watch later.

I still can't believe it's closing.  It's going to be so weird not seeing the marquee whenever I walk past 41st now.

Kate Bosworth @ Stand Up To Cancer

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Recent cancer survivor Christina Applegate joined fellow survivors Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge along with a who's who of Hollywood Friday night at the star-studded TV fundraiser, "Stand Up to Cancer," as they raised big bucks for charity.

Some of the roster of stars who participated in the program are: Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Lance Armstrong, Josh Brolin, Kirsten Dunst, Jon Favreau, America Ferrera, Neil Patrick Harris, Salma Hayek, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christina Ricci, Goran Visnjic, Forest Whitaker, Charles Barkley, Abigail Breslin, Kate Bosworth, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Garner, Brad Garrett, Tony Hawk, Marg Helgenberger, Rob Lowe and Mandy Moore.

"Stand up to Cancer" aired Friday night at 8 p.m. on CBS, ABC and NBC.

Nice eyebrows!


conan white teeth
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Gary Coleman backs into man outside Payson bowling alley

Gary Coleman backs into man outside Payson bowling alley

Gary Coleman, the former child star of the hit TV series "Diff'rent Strokes," was involved in an auto-pedestrian accident in Payson early Saturday, said Payson Police Lt. Bill Wright.
Coleman, 40, was backing out of a Payson bowling alley around midnight Friday when his truck hit another car and a pedestrian identified as Colt Reston, 24, Wright said.

Witnesses said Coleman became irritated after Reston photographed him.
The two argued in the bowling alley and then moved outside, Wright said.
Reston was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident because neither Coleman nor Reston were cooperative at the scene, Wright said. Police didn't issue citations to either man.

Wright said there are "indications" that alcohol was a factor in the incident.
Coleman, who lives in Santaquin, most recently made headlines when he and his 22-year-old wife of less than a year, Shannon Price, agreed to appear on TV's "Divorce Court" on May 1 and 2. The couple wed last August after meeting on the set of the 2006 comedy "Church Ball." Soon after, the marriage dissolved and both spoke publicly about "intimacy issues" in their relationship.


So basically he yelled at a dude for taking his picture, then hit him (and another car) with his car. Its stories like this that make me love ontd.

-Edit- TMZ says this:

Coleman's bodyguard told KABC that 24-year-old Colt Rushton approached Gary and his wife at a Payson, Utah 10-pin and asked to snap a cellphone photo of the "Different Strokes" star. After Gary said no, Rushton continued to harass Gary -- and was eventually hit by Gary's truck after darting behind it while Coleman was leaving.

Rushton's more violent side of the story goes like this: He says Gary's wife snatched his cell phone from him, and Coleman threw several punches at him before getting behind the wheel. Colt said he was trying to get his cell phone back when Gary threw his truck into gear and backed into him, knocking him to the ground.

TMZ: Brit's Mom Didn't Spill The Beans

More on Lynne Spears so-called "tell all" book about Britney. Lynne supposedly says a few days before Brit went completely mental, Sam Lutfi said, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave."

Here's the deal. That story has already been told and, by the way, it's true. Lutfi even told us what he meant was that no one cared about Britney and she'd be dead without him. And, for the record, we never bought Lufti's story.

As for the London Sun getting an advanced copy of Lynne Spears' book -- something's rotten in Denmark. The Sun has said the book claims Britney lost her virginity at 14 and started taking drugs at 15, etc. etc. We're told none of that appears in the book and it's more about Lynne being a heroic mom. For the record, we're not buying that either.


I can't believe TMZ isn't saying anything rude or hurtful for once. Hmm.
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Bai Ling and her pussy outside the Playboy mansion

And by pussy, I mean her big yellow cat. Oh, that sounds even worse doesn't it?

Her name is Qiji, In Chinese it means "Magic", she is one, so adorble, in the morning she is all over me start at 5am, she is crazy, but beautiful, she moves her pows like she is dancing on my face and make me wants to call the police at one point, because she is so strong only 6 months, but stronger than me, but I let her, well when you love some one you will adjust to it, you know we human beings slave for love, but I think this is such a great quelity that I am so proud of, I got scratched by Qiji, because its her first time went to the red carpet, so many cameras, all the flash lights shinning on her, it was crazy, she freaked out one moment, and she dose not like cars, anyway, this is something new in my life that I am sharing with you, give love then you will also receive love, like I am experence with her my magic......

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I needed some laughs this morning, and Bai Ling's blog is always good for them. Shame that her camera phone is so crummy. Honestly she was amazing in Red Corner... not quite sure what happened to her after that. And I stared at this entry for at least 10 minutes and I still have no idea what it's about.
.the game is on!.

R.I.P. Anita!

Silent movie star Page dies at 98

Anita Page was a key figure as the silent movie era ended

Veteran actress Anita Page, whose career dated back to the silent movie era, has died aged 98 in Los Angeles.

Page counted Buster Keaton, Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford among her co-stars during an 84-year career which saw her start out as an extra in 1924.

Her big break came in 1928 when she starred alongside Crawford in Our Dancing Daughters.

More recently, she had completed a cameo role in forthcoming horror movie Frankenstein Rising.

Page died in her sleep at home on Saturday morning, friend Randal Malone told the Associated Press news agency.

Her daughter, Linda Sterne, said her mother had been good friends with Marion Davies and Jean Harlow, and for a period in the 1930s had lived as a guest in a California castle owned by newspaper magnate William Hearst.

"She was the best mother I could have," Sterne said. "She was wonderful."

Page starred alongside Chaney in 1928's While The City Sleeps, while the following years she co-starred in musical The Broadway Melody, the first talkie to win a best picture Oscar.

Her other work included two of Keaton's sound films: Free and Easy in 1930, and the following year's Sidewalks of New York.

She also starred alongside Walter Huston in 1932's Night Court, and The Easiest Way, in which Clark Gable had a small role.

But Page stopped acting when she fell in love with US Navy aviator Herschel House. The couple married in 1936, six weeks after they met, and she settled down to life as an officer's wife, hosting many parties at their home in San Diego Bay.

After House died in 1991, Page returned to acting, starring in suspense thriller Sunset After Dark in 1994.



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Britney Spears has requested three dressing rooms for her highly-anticipated comeback appearance at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards tomorrow night.

According to whispers from the Rumor Mill, Brit has demanded that one dressing room is equipped with a 360° mirror, another has a pilates area, while the third dressing room will be used to store her ten outfit choices.

Britney has also requested scented candles, a personal dresser, masseuse, steamed veggies, sushi, Kabbalah, and a bowl of fresh fruit.


Ashlee and Pete Expecting Twins

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz could find themselves facing another round of twin rumors.
Pete's buddy, hip-hop artist Tyga, says that the parents-to-be are expecting not one, but two bundles of joy.

"They're having twins," Tyga said in an exclusive interview yesterday at the House of Hype's pre-VMA barbeque. "They're really happy."

Either Tyga spilled the beans or he's repeating an internet rumor that Pete started earlier this summer…

In June, Pete sent the internet into a tizzy when he referred to his and Ashlee's unborn baby as "them" during an Arizona radio interview. He quickly denied they were having twins, explaining to blogger Perez Hilton that he was just trying to be vague about the pregnancy.

A rep for the couple insists only one baby is on the way. "It is not true," the rep said of Tyga's twins report.

Pete, 29, and Ashlee, 23, were married on May 17 at her parents' L.A.-area home. Eleven days later the young rockers announced that Ashlee was preggers.

Pete's band Fall Out Boy is up for a VMA tonight for Best Rock Video for the video for their cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It."
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Post

Ashley Olsen wasn’t the only twin out on the town in New York City on Saturday (September 6), sister Mary-Kate was photographed enjoying herself at the Rock and Republic Fashion Show as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009.

While enjoying the show Mary-Kate spoke and joked with Gossip Girl stars Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr before heading back stage to hang out with John Legend.

Mary-Kate also posed for pictures with designer Michael Ball and Rock & Republic president Andrea Bernholt.

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Ashley Olsen seemed in good spirits as she attended the BlackBerry Pink Curve Hosts Intereix 15th Anniversary Party with Verizon Wireless at the Bowery Hotel in New York City on Saturday night (September 6).

22-year-old Olsen was without her boyfriend Jason Bartha as she enjoyed her night out, even posing for photographers which is a rare thing when it comes to the Olsen girls.

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Channing Tatum Is Engaged

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Channing Tatum showed off some smooth moves in Step Up, but nothing compares to the proposal he choreographed for his girlfriend Jenna Dewan.

On Friday, Tatum asked her to marry him in Maui in front of close friends invited under the radar to surprise Dewan.

The Cullman, Ala., native first met Dewan, 27, on the set of their 2006 dance hit Step Up, but the pair has always remained coy about their dating life.

When asked about Dewan, Tatum, 28, would only tell PEOPLE: "She's so incredibly sweet."

Dewan must be a lot of fun as well judging from Tatum's description of his dream girl. The actor told PEOPLE in 2006 that he would love to be with "someone who doesn't take herself too seriously and can be a goofball. Because everyone's a nerd inside, I don't care how cool you are.",,20223755,00.html?xid=rss-yahooheadlines
ant-man; scott

hermione spends her galleons

Emma magics up a £1 million ski chalet in France

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has wasted no time dipping into her £10million fortune.

The actress, who was granted access to her substantial savings account when she turned 18 this April, has bought a £1million ski chalet in fashionable Meribel, France.

Emma, who ranked 55th in a recent poll of the country’s wealthiest youngsters, is spending thousands having the property renovated and is planning a lavish house party when the works are completed.

A chum says: ‘The house is Emma’s way of celebrating her recent straight As at A-level and finally getting her hands on some of her hard-earned cash. She worked really hard this year and didn’t have much of a birthday party so this was her present to herself.’

Emma - Hermione Granger in the hit movies - was born in Paris and speaks fluent French. She is a keen skier and has told friends she plans to invest more of her millions in property.

‘Like her co-stars, Emma has received some pretty sound advice about money,’ adds the friend. ‘She always wanted a ski chalet and she’s having a great time doing it up. She’s looking forward to having friends to stay.’


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Are you fur real?!1

Star Magazine are reporting that Britney and her grotesque ex-"manager" and favourite con Adnan Ghalib recently spent a weekend together in Vegas. If this was true, it'd be the first time the pair have met since he was slapped with a restraining order in January.

Is it just me or does Adnan look more disgusting than ever? That man is so damn ugly.

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Rihanna Poses With T.I.

Taking a break from rehearsals, Rihanna and rapper T.I. posed together on Sunday (September 7) outside of the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA.

The pair will later take the stage at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards to perform a duet on the songs Live Your Life and Whatever You Like.

Rihanna will also perform her single Disturbia.

Don’t forget to keep checking back at our VMA section for the latest arrivals and VMA pictures.

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2008 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet Arrivals / Pre-Show

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Sunday, September 7, 2008 - 8:00 PM ET - MTV

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Post will be updated with arrivals. If you come across pictures, feel free to post and discuss in the comments.

And...a separate post will be made about an hour or so from now to discuss the show as it airs.

Red carpet stream - Click Here (thanks divaty)
Steam the show online - Here, Here, Here, or here (thanks petitedaze, anitajoint, whateverpssh, scouselucas)
emily scared

CSI: Extended Promo and EW Preview

Fall TV preview: ''CSI'' -- How the crime procedural will solve murders without its ''King,'' William Peterson

William Petersen has a magnificent trailer. Parked just a few steps from the Universal soundstage where reigning Thursday-night ratings champ CSI is filmed, the 40-foot retreat with leather furniture, custom cabinetry, and a spacious back bedroom is specifically designed to keep Petersen happy — as if such deluxe accommodations (not to mention the distinction of being one of TV's highest-paid actors) would be enough to keep him probing synthetic corpses for years to come. But it's not.

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And here's the extended promo:

Source 1
Source 2
BS } blue


So i was watching mtv as a way to procrastinate for studying for an AP US History test I have tomorrow, and what did I see? The little VMA ad in the corner has a quick flash of an exciting message: BRITNEY OPENS SHOW
I guess thats as official as you can get! A few post below, there is confirmation that she has arrived on set and is in the backstage dressing room. Rumors have been flying with both confirmation and denial, so this is setting things straight. Britney will indeed be gracing the VMA stage in a few short hours. Set your tivos, y'all!

oh and just some VMA trivia: Britney Spears has performed countless times on the VMAs but has yet to actually WIN a moonman award.

SOURCE: mtv, my television, mac photobooth (sorry for the bad quality pics lol)

IM SO EXCITED! This is the only reason to watch it tbh. I have full faith that she has learned from her mistakes and will do great. Assuming she is doing a song/dance performance, im excited to hear the new song and im wondering what on earth she will be wearing. I also wonder what her acceptance speech will be if she wins any/all of her nominated categories. ILY BRIT IM ROOTING FOR YOU! dont let me down!!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Another year, another attempted comeback for Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards.
The rebounding pop queen is hoping to complete a do-over of sorts as she kicks off Sunday's awards ceremony, not with a performance, but with an appearance MTV Networks Music Group President Van Toffler has described as "fun and unexpected."

:( whatever i just want bb girl to look fierce as fuq!
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Ashlee Simpson shops

Enjoying the beautiful weekend weather, pregnant singer Ashlee Simpson stepped
out for a bit of shopping at Senna cosmetic studio in Beverly Hills on Saturday
(September 6).

The soon-to-be-mommy looked summertime sexy in a navy-and-white striped
maternity tank top with dark wash jeans and a pair of brown suede boots.

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i'm sad that her last album didn't do well. it was actually pretty good
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Bassist Gareth Davies leaves Funeral for a Friend

Hi there everyone

It's with sadness that we announce Gareth Davies has left Funeral for a Friend. As some of you may know, Gareth has been living in America for the past couple of years, and recently got married. Ultimately, the strain of traveling between continents has taken it's toll and Gareth made the decision that it would be in the best interests of himself, his family and Funeral to leave the band. We totally respect and understand his choice, wish him all the best in his future and we thank him for being part of our lives for the past 6 years. We'll miss him.

We'd like to take this opportunity therefore to welcome Gavin Burrough (Ghostlines/Hondo Maclean/The Future) to the family. Gav is a super-tall, super-talented dude whom we've all known a long time and we're sure you're gonna love him as much as we do.

Weird fact - Gav was born on the same day as Gareth. AND both their names begin with a G. Crazy stuff.

Look forward to seeing you on tour.

Funeral For A Friend 2.0



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2008 really really sucks. =/

hayden p, ashley t

Wearing a low-cut shirt featuring a giant peace symbol, Hayden Panettiere was all smiles as she landed at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (September 6).

The 19-year-old starlet was returning home following a busy week of promotional duties in New York City for her hit show “Heroes”.

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Spending quality time together, Ashley Tisdale and her co-star boyfriend Jared Murillo were spotted out on a dinner date at Gindi Thai restaurant in Toluca Lake on Saturday (September 6).

For her evening meal out, Ashley was sporting a black sleeveless shirt with an embroidered neckline with a matching black leather handbag, a pair of distressed jeans, and leather strap sandals.

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Hef's Girl a Brunette?

Kendra Wilkinson Goes Dark!

"Playboy’s wildest Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson came out on Saturday night sportin a whole new look…as a brunette!!

She hit up a few pre-VMA parties. The TAG Recordes presents: History in the Making - The Offcial VMA Kickoff Party held at Avalon as well as the Pre-VMA Party Presented by SwaggMedia held at the Ivar.

Wow, what a difference. I actually kinda like it, but I’m not too sure if this is a wig or the real deal. It’s no secret how Hef likes his blondes…does he approve??!!"

Original Source.
[justified] the way back
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Coach Don Haskins dies at 78

EL PASO, Texas – Don Haskins, credited with helping break color barriers in college sports in 1966 when he used five black starters to win a national basketball title for Texas Western, died Sunday. He was 78.

Texas-El Paso spokesman Jeff Darby said the Hall of Fame coach died Sunday afternoon. He had no other details. UTEP was previously known as Texas Western.

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I know he may not have been the most famous or glamorous person on the face of the Earth but he was an important one.

Katy Perry claims to be a "Metrosexual"

Katy Perry says she is "metrosexual".

The 'I Kissed a Girl' singer - who is currently dating Gym Class Heroes' star Travis McCoy - insists she is not gay, but has experimented with her sexuality in the past.

She said: "I have kissed a girl - it was delightful! I'm a metrosexual. The fact of the matter is that we live in a very metrosexual world. You know, a girl might walk into a bar, meet a boy and discover he is more manicured than she is. Is he wearing foundation and a bit of bronzer? But he is buying me drinks at the same time!"

Katy also denied reports her religious parents were against her controversial single, insisting they have supported her in everything she has chosen to do.

She added: "I think it's important for parents to be in tine with what their kids are doing, from listening to this or that, to having a 'Grand Theft Auto' weekend, where they are digitally raping the other characters.

"My parents are definitely happy for my success. I think if they did it their way then maybe I wouldn't be singing a song with this subject matter, but I'm an adult and I make my own decisions now."


(no subject)

Sunday, September 7, 2008, 2:17 pm PT: Britney Spears is here! Like, on the lot and everything! She rolled up in a black limousine on the Paramount lot, decked out in a electric blue tank top [and no pants? -- ed. JK, she was very ostensibly wearing pants, rumormongers], flanked by a fleet of beefy security guards. She quickly made a bee line for a backstage dressing room, where she’ll presumably remain until showtime. (Note: beefy security team frowned on me snapping photos of Brit’s actual arrival, so all I ended up with is a photo of the door she entered instead).

Nearby, Paramore guitarist Josh Farro killed time outside his dressing room, plinking out a somber tune on a baby grand piano. And Kid Rock, hair pulled back in a pony tail, Detroit Tigers cap pulled low on his head, made his way to catering, to load up on carbs for his performance tonight (or maybe get a beer or three).

Conan Gunn

Bangkok Craptaculous

Cage's 'Bangkok' tops worst movie weekend since 2001

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hollywood is stumbling into fall.

After a record $4.2 billion in movie ticket sales this summer, the industry suffered its worst weekend in seven years, with the top movie at the box office doing less than $8 million.

The auspicious honor goes to the Nicolas Cage assassin flick Bangkok Dangerous, which managed to take the No. 1 spot with just $7.8 million, according to studio estimates from box office tracking firm Nielsen EDI.

Despite the weak debut, it was enough to knock the Hollywood spoof Tropic Thunder from the top spot after three weeks at No. 1. Thunder has done $96.8 million and should reach blockbuster status next weekend.

The House Bunny was third with $5.9 million while The Dark Knight remained in the top 5 two months after its release, taking fourth place with $5.7 million. The Batman sequel has racked up $512 million.

The espionage thriller Traitor was fifth with $4.7 million, lifting its overall sales to $17.7 million.

The weekend after Labor Day is traditionally one of Hollywood's slowest, thanks to kids returning to school and the start of the college and pro football seasons.

But a particularly weak slate of films left ticket sales for the top 10 movies at just $47.6 million, the lowest since Sept. 21-23, 2001.

Ticket sales were down 23% from the same weekend last year.

Final figures are due Monday.

ultimate kylie

Not VMA related (WHAT?)...2008 Canada's Walk of Fame inductees

Stars with Canadian roots lauded at Walk of Fame

Shutting down a stretch of Queen Street just east of Etalk's massive film festival party, Canada's Walk of Fame designated their newest stars to Bryan Adams, Frances Bay, James Cameron, kd Lang, the Kids in the Hall, Steve Nash, Daria Werbowy and Michael J. Fox.

Inside the Four Seasons Opera House, James Cameron was introduced by his Alien star Sigourney Weaver.

"I've been to outer space twice with this guy," Weaver said. "I always felt in good hands."

Cameron, speaking, "from the heart, which is usually a disaster," said humility is the thread linking Canadians.

"Being king of the world, it's not a trait usually associated with me," the three-time Oscar winner said, "but being Canadian has taught me humility before the great task."

Toronto Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo introduced Steve Nash, the two-time NBA most valuable player from Victoria, B.C.

"Watching this in Victoria, trying not to be sick, wondering how I've been able to draw yet more attention to myself, are my family and friends," said Nash, who also mentioned his Portuguese wife getting tired of him pointing out all the Canadians in film and television.

Model Linda Evangelista introduced Bryan Adams, who sold 65-million records and was the most under-dressed man in the room, and spoke of his breast cancer hospital in St. Catherines and mentioned his idol, Wayne Gretzky.

"You can realize your dreams in this country," he said. "I'm living proof."

Fittingly, the Kids in the Hall were self-deprecating, scatological and hilarious. "You know how when your mistress starts calling your house? This is the opposite of that," Mark McKinney said.

90-year-old Frances Bay, taking the stage in a wheelchair, received the night's first standing ovation.

"You can take a girl out of Canada," said the actress, "but you can't take the Canada out of the girl."

Fashion Television's Jeanne Beker introduced supermodel Daria Werbowy, the 25-year-old from Mississauga who's been on the cover of Vogue 25 times, before Ron Sexsmith inducted kd Lang -- the night's second standing ovation -- and Michael J. Fox closed the show.

Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, told the audience what his mother did with his first Emmy.

"She put it smack dab in the front hallway," he said, "right next to my brother's boxing trophy and my sister's trophy from curling. That's what it means to be Canadian."

The Tenth Annual Canada's Walk of Fame awards will be broadcast Sunday night on CTV at 7 p.m.

-- Ben Kaplan, National Post

To be honest, usually Canadian things like this make me roll my eyes but this is a cool group of people. Michael J. Fox was my first crush at the age of 5. I absolutely loved Family Ties and slept with his picture under my pillow. TMI, I know. Anyone else miss The Kids in the Hall?

I also had no idea that Daria has been on the cover of Vogue 25 times! That's insane

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Jessica Simpson Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

Wearing a short and sparkly black frock with a plunging neckline that had camera operators on high alert for a wardrobe malfunction, Jessica Simpson made her Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday night.

Performing "Come On Over," the first single from her new country album, Do You Know, before a nearly-sold out house that included her parents, her grandparents, aunts and uncles "...from all over Texas," she told Nan Kelley, host of Opry Live, felt "like a homecoming to me."

"I can't believe I am here!" Simpson, 28, said.

Audience members, it seemed, couldn't believe her costume choice. "I think she should have put some clothes on," one viewer said. While another one responded to how she liked Simpson's performance with: "I loved that new girl, Crystal [Shawanda] – and she was dressed appropriately."

Front-row fan Mandy, who was chosen by GAC out of the audience as "Jessica's biggest fan" and given the chance to go backstage for a meet and greet, gushed,"I think everything she does is perfect. I love her!"

Also helping make Simpson feel at home at the 83-year-old institution was country legend Loretta Lynn, who watched Simpson's emotional performances of "Remember That" and "Sippin' on History" from the wings before taking the stage herself.

Though Simpson, Patty Loveless and newcomer Crystal Shawanda were warmly received, it was Lynn who brought the entire audience to its feet before she sang a single note of her classics "Fist City," "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "The Pill."

During Lynn's feisty performance, Simpson took photos of her long-time hero and visited with her at length in a private office backstage, where Lynn advised the younger star not to read her own press. "Just keep doing what you're doing honey and you'll be fine!"

Opry Live will be re-broadcast through Wednesday on GAC. Simpson performs on Good Morning America's Fall Concert Series Tuesday morning, and on The View and Late Show with David Letterman Thursday.



Holly dumps Hef????

Amid rumors that Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze Holly Madison has been hooking up with another major playboy (magician Criss Angel), a Playboy Mansion insider not only confirmed that the rumors are indeed true, but also exclusively told Scandalist that Holly is leaving him. “[Holly] told Hef that she is moving out of the mansion and breaking off their relationship,” said our source as we were hunting for gossip at MTV’s VMAs.

Wait! There’s even bigger news … Because Bridget and Kendra are intending to leave to pursue their own careers, Hef is looking to replace all three bombshells from Girls Next Door. “Hef is actively seeking three new girls to replace them immediately,” said our source.

Could it be true? Holly always seemed to be the most loyal and devoted to Hef. Has Criss Angel worked his magic on yet another Hollywood lady — making her disappear from her long-term relationship with Hef?


Jordin Sparks Defends Purity Rings on VMAs

Not everybody is laughing at Russell Brand at this year's Video Music Awards.

Jordin Sparks spoke out against the British comedian's jokes about the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings before introducing T.I.'s performance.

"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring," Sparks, 18, told the crowd, off-the-cuff, "because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut."

The former American Idol's comments were met by an audible cheer from the crowd.

During his opening monologue, Brand had poked fun at the Jonas Brothers, suggesting that they should be taking advantage of their celebrity to win dates. (Brand, himself, is a famous lothario in his native England.)

Sparks has long spoken publicity about holding onto her virginity. She, too, wears a purity ring.

Later, Brand returned to the stage to offer an apology of sorts.

"I didn't meant to take it lightly," the host said about his purity ring remarks. "I don't want to piss off teenage fans." Still, Brand, whose apology soon morphed into a series of off-color jokes, said, "Promise rings, I'm well up for it. [But] a bit of sex, it never hurt anybody."


lol @ John Legend's face

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All your favorite Heroes actors in pictures...

Tonight was the taping of the countdown to the Heroes premiere that will be aired on September 22nd before the first episode of season three. Seeing as I got tickets and we were all allowed cameras at the event, I have tons of pictures of the cast. We got to stand right next to the red carpet because there were no seats left and the actors walked right past us every time they came out of the limo.

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pumpkin eters

Evil Dead: The Musical in 3-D.

SpookyDan stumbled on some big news at this week's TIFF. The Evil Dead Musical is coming to theaters in 3-D, according to Screen Daily! Creators Christopher Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle are set to co-direct the amazing adaptation of the stage play that has been running here in Toronto for a while. The film should go in front of the cameras in Toronto sometime next spring.

"I got a change to see it last weekend," says Spooky. "For fans of the film, it's amazing, for non-fans, it’s a blood soaked comedy with some great music. The highlight song is called 'What the Fuck Was That?' " Watch for more details as they come in.


I never had a chance to see the show, but I've listened to some of the songs and they're pretty epic.