August 27th, 2008

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Moving In Together

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R&B’s hottest young lovers are on the lookout for a love shack. Singing superstars Rihanna, 20, and Chris Brown, 18, have yet to confirm their rumored romance but have nonetheless spent the past month shopping for a new Los Angeles condo, which they plan to share.

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Torchwood series 3 press release

Filming for the third series of the smash hit drama Torchwood, created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, has begun in Cardiff.

Due to transmit in 2009 on BBC One, the series – called Torchwood: Children Of Earth – sees the team embarking on a single action-packed adventure as they battle for the future of the human race against the fiercest force they have encountered.

The highly-motivated Torchwood team are John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones.

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Bratz vs Barbie, Not 100 million not 40 million..

Yep it went WAY down... :)

For Immediate Release

MGA Corrects Media Reports: Mattel is Awarded $20 Million in
Damages, Not $100 Million as Reported

Los Angeles, CA –August 26, 2008 – In light of the verdict in MGA Entertainment’s
trial against Mattel, MGA today said that certain media reports regarding the damages
awarded in the trial are inaccurate.
The jury awarded $20 million to Mattel in damages. Some media reports have
incorrectly reported that Mattel was awarded $100 million.
MGA said that the jury made its award pursuant to a variety of legal claims, each based
on the same damages theory, and subject to the Court's instruction not to be concerned
about duplicative damages. MGA pointed out that during the trial Mattel even conceded
that the damages it sought were overlapping and duplicative.

MGA further stated that it intends to appeal any amount of awarded damages at the end
of the case.
“We are pleased to have this trial behind us,” said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA
Entertainment. “We can now concentrate all of our energies on what we do best -
providing dolls and other toys that are the consumers’ first choice.”
Whoo hoo!

So far below the almost 2 Billion Mattel wanted :)
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Ashley Tisdale Gets Colored Up

Always willing to try out a new look, Ashley Tisdale showed off a brand new shade of hair when out and about in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 26).

The 23-year-old looked cute in a black sleeveless top with bright blue pants and her celebrity shades, sashaying past awaiting paparazzi.

More at site

Okay I don't dress the best but her taste in clothes is so damn awful. She cannot pull off that colour it's quite a horrible colour (well to me). Which celeb do you think has the best style when candid? Mine, hate to admit is BB V...
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Do You Recongize These "Nasty Nuns"?

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"My impure thoughts have gone way beyond inanimate objects..."

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What Movie Would You Most Like To Waste Your 2008 Christmas Watching?

Xena and Gabrielle's rekindling in "Bitch Slap"
Tom Cruise's Nazi epic "Valkyrie"
Frank Miller's Sin City style flick "The Spirit"
Leonardo DiCaprio's and Kate Winslet's titanic reunion in "Revolutionary Road"
Jennifer Aniston's and Owen Wilson's romantic comedy "Marley & Me"
Adam Sandler's next attempt at comedy with "Bedtime Stories"
None of the Above (I'll Be 2 Busy Playing "Gears of War 2" Online)
Just None of the Above

Behind-The-Scenes Video, Movie Stills, and Character Posters @ The Source
candy swirl

Remember this movie?

Lionsgate recently released a film adaptation of horror novelist Clive Barker’s story “The Midnight Meat Train,” but don’t feel bad if you didn’t catch it in theaters. In Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world, it showed on only one screen — and only one time. It didn’t screen at all in New York.

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The Trailer:

Director Ryuhei Kitamura is the guy who made Versus eight years ago (he's also planning to remake it.)

Article source:

The Fall DVD Release Date!

Starring Lee Pace and directed by Tarsem, this movie is finally coming out on DVD 9/9/08! This was released limitedly in May 2008 across the United States after it was shown at the Toronto film festival in 2006.

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this movie is brilliantly gorgeous. if you've seen The Cell, I understand your reservations with Tarsem, but this is a beautiful movie that should not be missed!

Pacey to see Joey on Broadway

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Katie Holmes can count on one familiar face in the audience of All My Sons besides Victoria Beckham: Her former Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson!

Asked at Monday's NYC Fringe premiere if he'll see Holmes on Broadway, he told reporters: "Of course! Of course!"

Suri, a big fan of Broadway, will also watch mom!

But he said he doesn't really keep in touch with his Creek co-stars.

"How often do you talk to your college friends?" he asked reporters. "I mean, I talk to Michelle [Williams] every once in a while. I talk to Busy [Philipps], who is just about to have a baby, every once in a while."

(Head's up, Josh: She just gave birth to daughter Birdie.)

Meanwhile, Jackson said he recently moved in with his girlfriend, Diane Kruger, in NYC.

The biggest adjustment to playing house?

"Half of the wardrobe I lost," he told Us.

"Maybe it’s a male thing," he said, "but we are like pack rats. There was this shirt from when I was 8, and I was like 'No, I might wear that some day!'" But things like that had to go!"


Chinese ridicule London's part in closing ceremony

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Chinese press and bloggers have been less than favourable about London's contribution to Beijing's Olympic closing ceremony – criticising contributions from the London Mayor Boris Johnson and David Beckham.

As the torch was put out in the "Bird's Nest" stadium, one blogger described Mr Johnson as "arrogant, rude and disrespectful" when he accepted the Olympic flag. There were mixed opinions too about the eight-minute cameo performance featuring a London bus, Beckham, the singer Leona Lewis, Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page, dancers and singers.

The Titan Sports Daily contrasted the "neatness" of the Chinese performers with the "outrageous outfits" worn by the Britons. Unlike the Chinese custom which tends not to reveal their weakness to the outsiders, "the British seem to like to laugh about their stupidity in a funny way", it said.

"During the performance, when the London bus pulled over, all the passengers waiting for the bus rushed into the door at the same time, which truly damaged the British image," it added.

In the run-up to the Games, Beijing officials had run a campaign to "civilise" the city's inhabitants, teaching them of the importance of queuing in Western culture.

It also complained that Lewis and Page were not A-list celebrities. "Unfortunately, the singer and Jimmy Page are absolutely not famous enough to be known or recognised by millions of the Chinese audiences. As for David Beckham, he was supposed to kick the football towards the red circle in the centre of the 'Bird's Nest'. In the end, just like any of his penalties at a football match, he totally missed it. He kicked the ball to the left and dropped in the crowd, then was picked up by a lucky Chinese volunteer who would not let go of the ball."

The Daily First praised the use of a red London bus, but questioned whether the performance had anything to do with sport or the Olympic Games. Mr Johnson was also criticised for accepting the Olympic flag with one hand only.


& londoners are rude!!!!

Colin Farrell, YES PLZ!!!

Farrell (and norton) stars in Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory starring Colin Farrell, Edward Norton and Jon Voight is set for release on October 24.
The film, directed by Gavin O'Connor, follows police corruption in a family of New York cops

Norton plays a homicide detective assigned to investigate the precinct run by his brother - Noah Emmerich.

Farrell stars as the investigator's best friend, an officer who may or may not be 'dirty'.

The film's release has been hampered by delays. It was due in cinemas in March of this year.


The trailer looks sooo good.

colin, Bring sexy back

movies // parveen

Daniel Radcliffe in Manhattan

Daniel Radcliffe was spotted in Manhattan today, out and about with his ipod on.  The small star is coming to Broadway to reprise his role as Alan Strang in the play EquusEquus is quite the departure from his role as Harry Potter; in Harry Potter Daniel is a wizard prodigy who does battle against evil forces, in Equus he plays a deranged teenager who has a sexual obsession with a horse.  So, I'm guess this might draw a different crowd.

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Does Project Runway need a "Fresh Design"?

The fifth season of "Project Runway" returned under a cloud. In April, it was announced that the series was leaving Bravo for Lifetime, and that the network's parent company, NBC Universal, was suing to stop it from leaving.

Later, there was news that the show would film part of its sixth season in Los Angeles, followed by an announcement that the series' producers, Magical Elves, will quit after this season because they don't own the series.

Just as Magical Elves defined a new subgenre of reality programming with their cleanly produced, sharply edited fashion design competition, "Project Runway" essentially defined Bravo even more than "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," which preceded it by a few years and helped give the cable network new direction.

Ultimately, "Project Runway"'s influence and example has been excellent for Bravo, good for the rest of television, but bad for itself. And as it limps through its fifth season, that's become painfully clear.

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What are your thoughts, ONTD? Agree? Disagree?

Good to know.

If you think Matthew McConaughey is a character, wait until you meet his mom.

In her new book, I Amaze Myself! (, Kay McConaughey dishes on everything from her son Matthew’s conception to how her husband died in a compromising position with her!

“On Monday mornings, he and I often said goodbye by making love,” Kay says exclusively in the latest issue of Us Weekly. “But one day, all of a sudden, it just happened.

"I knew that something was wrong, because I didn’t hear anything from him. Just nothing," she says. "But it was just the best way to go!”

And when her man couldn’t be revived, she made sure he was taken from the house in the buff.

“I was just so proud to show off my big old Jim McConaughey — and his gift,” she says.

The mother — who tells Us, “I would love to be on Oprah!” — also says that her most famous son, 38, was a happy accident.

It was just after she’d married Matthew’s dad for the third time.

“I was deciding, ‘Do I want to have another baby? Do I want to have an affair? Or go back to school?’” she says. “That’s when Matthew was conceived. We had tried for 16 years and no baby. So Matthew was a big surprise!”


Dad thinks Lindsay Lohan is drinking again

Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, should be celebrating his pre-engagement bliss, but instead he’s worrying about his oldest daughter, Lindsay.

“I’ve been up and down the road (in discussions) with my ex-wife (Dina) and it’s to the point now that I’m going to confront Samantha and Jenny Muro (Lindsay’s production assistant) myself,” Michael says of why he is speaking out.

What has stirred Lohan’s ire? He feels Lindsay is drinking again and her partner, Samantha Ronson, is to blame.

“Samantha drinks and passes the drinks under the table to Lindsay, and behind the scenes it gets worse and worse,” says Lohan. “Sam is using my daughter. My daughter isn’t working because she’s always with Sam. Even my ex-wife knows it. She just isn’t doing anything about it.”

Lohan hasn’t yet decided how he’ll proceed with handling the situation, but he has begun taking responsibility in his own life.

A rep for Lindsay says, “This is totally a lie and untrue.”

He says he’s been in contact with Kristi Kaufman, who made the claim that Michael fathered her daughter some 13 years ago. “Kristi Kaufman has been called and we have agreed to go through a mutual lab (for a paternity test) over the next 30 days,” says Lohan.

He also chimed in on another scandal, that of John Edwards. “The only advice I can give anyone (in his situation) is be upfront, be honest and we have to try our best never to make the same mistakes again.”


Whitney Port Trades The Hills Drama for NYC

Your favorite Hills girl, Whitney Port, didn't appear to be missing her friends back in LA yesterday as she got cozy with a new guy outside the Diane von Furstenberg offices in NYC. Judging from the cameras behind her, it looks like Whitney was working on her rumored new show, although for the time being she's still very much a part of The Hills' drama.

On Monday night's episode, she got promoted at People's Revolution while things continued to heat up between Lo and Audrina. Lauren had yet another showdown with Heidi at Stephanie Pratt's birthday party, but between all those plot lines we still had our eyes on the food, gorgeous makeup, fashion and gadgets.

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What do you think of Whitney's man? :\

Take a ride with Kourtney and Khloe

Why walk through the airport when you can get pushed around on a luggage cart?! We spotted Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian resting their tired feet at JFK airport yesterday. After rounds of appearances and interviews, the Ks have headed back home to California where they will continue to tape their lives for the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Oasis in Seattle

Oasis kick off world tour in Seattle

Watch Noel Gallagher's acoustic set from last night's gig

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Oasis kicked off their world tour in Seattle last night (August 26).

The band - supported by Ryan Adams - played the city's WaMu Theater as they got their 2008 dates underway.

Opening with 'Rock N Roll Star', the band included the likes of 'Lyla', 'Slide Away', 'Supersonic' and 'Wonderwall' in the set along with new songs 'The Shock of The Lightening', 'Ain't Got Nothin'', 'To Be Where There's Life' and 'Falling Down' among others.

Noel Gallagher also performed an acoustic version of 'Don't Look Back In Anger' that you can watch fan footage of below.

'The Masterplan', 'Champagne Supernova' and 'Cigarettes And Alcohol' also featured.

Closing the show by returning to their traditional final song, a cover of The Beatles' 'I Am The Walrus', Noel introduced the crowd to new drummer Chris Sharrock, who was playing his first full gig for the band.

However Gallagher jokingly warned the audience not to get used to the new man behind the kit because Oasis were "trying to break Spinal Tap's record" for number of drummers.

Oasis played:

'Rock 'N' Roll Star'
'The Shock Of The Lightning'
'Cigarettes And Alcohol'
'The Meaning Of Soul'
'To Be Where There's Life'
'The Masterplan'
'Slide Away'
'Morning Glory'
'Ain't Got Nothin''
'The Importance of Being Idle'
'Don't Look Back In Anger'
'Falling Down'
'Champagne Supernova'
'I Am The Walrus'

Thanks to fans Matthew Chalmers for setlist, Ray Carr for the picture

Did you go to the gig, or have you got tickets for any of the upcoming Oasis shows? Post your reviews and comments below using MyNME.

Meanwhile Oasis have announced a one-off UK show, taking place the Eden Project in Cornwall. Fans must register for the ticket ballot from Friday (August 29).


This is my video I took -- was excited to see that NME used it in their post

Heidi and Spencer: Fun in the Fruit Department

Stepping out bright and early, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were out grocery shopping/posing for pictures at their local Gelsons on Wednesday morning (August 27).

As the MTV reality co-star couple stocked up on essentials, the always-playful pair engaged in a pretend “sword” fight with some gift wrap before stopping so Heidi could pose with melons in the fruit department.

According to a source on the scene, Heidi also “climbed inside the cart for a quick push around the store before heading to the checkout with a trolley laden with goodies.”

And the timing of “The Hills” stars’ little photo op couldn’t be better, as Heidi’s basking in the success of her now-viral workout themed music video “Overdosin”.

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I Support R/S & R/T

David's Rhys mistake

David Thewlis has said he prefers living in Los Angeles because no one mistakes him for Rhys Ifans.

The Harry Potter star - who plays werewolf teacher Professor Remus Lupin - lives in Hollywood with girlfriend Anna Friel and their daughter Gracie, but told Total Film that in Britain he was always being confused with the Welsh Notting Hill actor.

David said: "Here in LA I never get mistaken for Rhys Ifans. In the UK people would ask me twice a week what Julia Roberts is like; I bet now they'd be going on about Sienna."

The 45-year-old actor plays a Nazi commander in new Holocaust movie The Boy In Striped Pyjamas, in which he reveals he was impressed by his young co-stars.

He said: "Although we were making a horrific story, in between takes we all laughed a lot. They were brilliant kids who kept me entertained. I'm not a great fan of child actors - and I don't mean the Harry Potter kids! British child actors can be a little too articulate. They're not always spontaneous. But in this case they were and that's why the film works."

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Priyanka Chopra opens up in ‘Vogue’

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With a row of films like ‘Chamku’, ‘Drona’ and ‘Fashion’ set for release in a few months, Priyanka Chopra is definitely on a high these days. No wonder, the fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ chose this beauty to grace their covers for the September edition.

This issue reveals a lot of unknown facts about Priyanka including stuff like Priyanka has a thing for sweet and sour treats like jeera goli, that her career plans never included modelling and that she takes to the pen the way a fish takes to water. The issue also tells about how the gal’s aunt used to call her ‘Kaali’ and it was actually her Mom who should be attributed for her entry into the tinsel town. It was Priyanka’s mother who sent ‘passport sized snaps’ of Priyanka wearing a suit as an entry for the Miss India competition, something that was meant to be sent to Australia for a scholarship exam in an engineering college!

This and lot more about Priyanka in the September issue of ‘Vogue’!

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Hilary Goes Green

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Hilary Duff arrived at an office building in Los Angeles, California as she stepped out of her Mercedes G-Wagon in these EXCLUSIVE shots! We’re not sure about the gas mileage on the Mercedes, but it seems Hilary is making a conscious choice of another kind- which energy drink she puts into her body! She carried a Freedom Energy Drink with the logo ‘Conscious Revolution’ on the back. The drink was featured in MTV’s 2006 reality TV show entitled “Twentyfourseven” and is generating quite a buzz. We bet it helps sales when a young and beautiful starlet carries the drink around for the paparazzi to snap!

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Few more pics at the

Don't whine! There's only a few I left out.


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17 year old Carlton Grant Jr. ,the son of dancehall artist Spragga Benz (Carlton Grant sr) [], was killed by the Police in Kingston,Jamaica on Sunday morning August 24th:

Carlton Grant Jr., the 17-year-old son of dancehall artist Spragga Benz, was shot and killed by local police in Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday (Aug. 24). Cops say they stopped two men on a bicycle in the Kingston 8 area and when they approached them, one of the men began firing at them, according to Radio Jamaica. The police said they returned fire and the men fled. When they searched the area; they found Grant Jr. suffering from gunshot wounds and in possession of a .45 semi automatic pistol. Grant Jr. was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Spragga Benz (born Carlton Grant, 30 May 1969, Kingston, Jamaica), is one of Jamaica’s most famous [Spragga Benz], whose real name is Carlton Grant, combined with soca star Kevin Lyttle to rise to the top of the Billboard Single Chart with the dancehall remix of Lyttle’s ‘Turn Me On’. The song climbed the charts for 12 weeks until August 12th, 2004 where it reached #1.


Another Buzz Blind

Uh-oh! Our actress has been a bad, bad girl. Besides being known for her, uh… let’s call it ‘sexual prowess,’ and causing trouble with her relationships, our girl is now being called out for stealing! We can’t say what, but this time, it’s not a man that doesn’t belong to her. It’s something that could land her in prison!
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Rapper DMX Drops the F-Bomb During his Bond Hearing

I'm no legal adviser by any means, unless you count the time I told my friend to run from the scene of a crime and tell his mom the car was stolen after we crashed it into a tree going 60 mph thanks to a night of drinking shots of 151 at a not-so-local strip club for my 19th birthday (true story), but I don't think you should curse at the Judge during your bond hearing.

The only thing more childish then DMX's scoff at proper court etiquette is the Miami Judge demanding the rapper's lawyer tell his client the witty comeback he came up with after DMX dropped the F-Bomb and stormed away from the video feed hearing.

The artist, born Earl Simmons, was handcuffed outside of a Wall-Mart store in Miami August 14th on a Arizona bench warrant issued for the New York native after he skipped a pretrial conference on four counts of possessing drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of marijuana.

Who is More of a Dick?

DMX for dropping the F-Bomb
The Judge for going on a powertrip
The Attorney for laughing at the incident
Me for watching this clip

george jetson

Anne Hathaway: "I Was Afraid of Obama the First Time I Saw Him"

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Anne Hathaway admits she wasn't initially sold on Barack Obama.

"I was kind of afraid of Obama the first time I saw him," she told the Associated Press at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. "I thought, 'I've been burned by guys like you before.'

"I've been burned by politicians before that I wanted to believe in and just didn't live up to it," the newly single star explained. "And I was afraid to trust him and I was afraid to have hope when I first kind of became aware of him."

She said she had a change of heart "around the time that he gave his speech on race.

"I just said, 'I can't deny how I feel about you, Barack Obama. I want you to be the president. I want you in the White House,'" she said.

Not only does she believe Obama can "cause change," she said, but "he understands how hard it is.

"I just heard the other day, he just paid off his student loans two years ago," she said. "And so when people talk about financial issues and the higher cost of education, he really gets it."

She added, "I think he's the sort of person that inspires us all to be our best selves.

Hathaway is among the famous faces under the Creative Coalition banner who are attending DNC luncheons and forums to discuss issues facing the Democratic Party.

She said she isn't against the idea of celebrities being politically active.

She said there is a perception that "we're all out of touch. How could we possibly have an awareness of what real Americans feel and think and need because we just ride around in limos and - I don't know - buy diamonds all day long?

"But I don't know anyone like that," Hathaway went on. "I'm certainly not like that. I'm a passionate American, and that's what I am first and foremost."


Kelly Clarkson's upcoming CD - Aggressive, Haunting, Classic

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic recently spoke with ABC News Radio, and here's what he had to say about Kelly Clarkson's upcoming CD, due to drop in November:

OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder did quite a bit of work on Kelly Clarkson's forthcoming CD, and when asked to describe it, Tedder told ABC News Radio, "The sound is, in a word, amazing." He added, "She was talking about how she thinks it'll be better than any album she's put out so far. The last song we did [together] is my favorite song I've done since 'Apologize' or 'Bleeding Love' or whatever. It's very haunting." Tedder raves, "I've never been more excited about material that I've worked on with any artist, to be quite frank."

Saying the sound of the record is "all over the place," Tedder explains, 'She's gonna have really aggressive, in-your-face rock/pop, but she's also gonna have orchestral, Mozart moments of classical rhythmic stuff. It's great."

No doubt Kelly is going back to the formula that worked for her-made-for-radio hits. But, I hope, in the meantime, she's brought along at least a bit of the adventurousness displayed on My December. Which, by the way, is one of those underrated albums that will be appreciated more as time passes, I predict…

gurl formula is borin but go head work it out mama
george jetson

Wedding Bells for Hef?

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According to Hef's second girlfriend Bridget Marquart, 34, next season of The Girls Next Door features a "huge wedding." So of course we have to ask, could Hugh Hefner, 82, finally be tying the knot with main girlfriend Holly Madison, 28?

Bridget was reportedly overheard dishing about the show, hinting that she and fellow girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson, 23, will be moving out of the Playboy Mansion once season five wraps.

"She said they will be moving on since Holly is Hef's main girlfriend," a source tells OK!. Holly is also getting more involved with the magazine. "Holly is taking a bigger role in the company, directing pictorials," the source added.

For the twice married Hef, let's hope third time's the charm!

george jetson

Off the Rack

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren’t the star designers to try their hand at a jewelry line these days. Beyonce and mom Tina Knowles are adding a jewelry line to their already-successful brand House of Dereon. The mother-daughter design team have partnered with jewelry company Carolee, who also produces jewelry for Lauren by Ralph Lauren, ABS by Allen Schwartz and Brooks Brothers, to create a complete collection of jewels consisting of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. All the pieces will incorporate various metals, man-made pearls, crystals and more. “I am so passionate about jewelry. As both a designer and a stylist, I know the important role jewelry plays in completing your total look, ” Tina Knowles said in a released statement. What’s better, the line will be completely affordable, with prices ranging from $16- $68. Look for the House of Dereon’s new jewelry collection at major department and specialty stores in Spring 2009. Tell us: Will you wear Beyonce’s jewelry?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Need a little fashion inspiration? Look no further than actress Tara Reid’s new line of dresses and bikinis. Mantra, which Reid is debuting today at the Project show in Las Vegas, features T-shirts, dresses, bikinis, ponchos and hoodies decorated with trinkets, charms and beads in eight bright colors that are meant to inspire emotions. “It’s about putting into the universe what you want in life: Red means love, pink is friendship, green is lucky, black is protection,” says Reid, who found inspiration in her longtime hobby of making charm bracelets. “You’re gonna have a story when you wear this bikini or when you put this dress on: You’ll either get love or meet a new friend or you might meet a guy.” Indeed, her two-piece swimsuits — which come in string, boy short, halter, and bandeau styles — also feature flirty messages like “Catch Me If You Can” or “Single and Ready to Mingle,” and her T-shirt dresses have cut-out backs strung with hand-made chains. And while Reid hopes to see the items (priced between $65 to $180) in major department stores by early next year, she admits that she’s just happy being creative. “I feel like I’m in a really great place in my life, and I love what I’m doing,” she says. “I love acting but I can’t hire myself. If this works, then we’re in business. If not, I tried.” Find out more about the line at

1, 2
headshot » tobias


Link to Preview of Metro Station's Yahoo! Music Session. Many lulz ensue.

Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso's band Metro Station are performing their electronic-rock hit "Shake It" on Yahoo! Music later this week – and PEOPLE has an exclusive first-look at the session.

Guitarist Cyrus, 19, formed the band with co-vocalist/guitarist Musso, 19, in 2006 after being introduced by their moms on the set of Hannah Montana. (Both Trace and Mason have sibiligs who appear on the show: Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso.)

Although Trace's sound is completely different from that of his younger sister and dad, country star Billy Ray Cyrus, he says he has learned a lot about the music business from his family. "I watch what Miley and my dad have gone through – they've been really level-headed through it all and made really smart decisions," he recently told PEOPLE. "I learn from them and I think my sister learns from me in many ways as well."

Miley, 15, admires her brother's band and the advice he's given to her about her own brand of pop music. "They're awesome," she told PEOPLE this spring. "As an artist he knows what goes into [making music] and he can tell when I’m slacking off or if I could have done something better."

Trace – he's the guy in the clip with tattoos and facial piercings wearing a Slayer T-shirt – says he grew up a fan of '80s hair bands. "Bands like Poison, Rat, White Snake, I was obsessed with as a kid growing up. A lot of my style and how I dress comes from that era – the tight pants, a lot of black," he says. "Then after I got older, I got into more current stuff like Green Day, blink-182. That was where I got a lot inspiration for songwriting."

Metro Station finishes a summer tour with Good Charlotte next week and will return to the road in the fall on a headlining tour in support of their self-titled debut album.


Replacements Drummer Steve Foley Dies of Overdose

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Steve Foley, who played drums with the Replacements at the tail end of their career, died last weekend in Minneapolis. He was 49. According to local media reports, Foley died after accidentally overdosing on prescription medication.

The 1990 selection of Foley, who played in such Minneapolis bands as Curtiss A, Wheelo and Snaps, as the substitute for original Replacements drummer Steve Foley has become the stuff of legend.

According to Jim Walsh's oral history "All Over But the Shouting," frontman Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson bumped into Foley at a local bar and procured a ride from him to an audition. In the car was a copy of the brand new Replacements album "All Shook Down," prompting Westerberg and Stinson to look at each other and then exclaim to Foley, "You're already in."

Foley then toured with the band until its final show on July 4, 1991, in Chicago's Grant Park. Afterward, he and his brother Kevin joined Stinson's band Bash & Pop. Of late, he was working as a car salesman in Minneapolis.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, visitation will be held 11 a.m. Friday (Aug. 29) at Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapel in Edina, Minn., with burial to follow at Lakewood Cemetery.


Shannen Doherty & Jennie Garth Cover Entertainment Weekly

Rumored rivals Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth locks arms on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The reunited-at-last pair will dish on their rocky past, unlikely reunion and why the new show shocks even them! The cover feature with Shanne, 37, and Jennie, 36, will later appear on

“There was almost a comfort in knowing that I was getting to work with somebody who had been on the original with me and gone through the same experiences,” Shannen recently told Radar.
“Like, ‘Okay we’ve been through the war together already.’ I never even gave any thought to it being awkward. I know how much I’ve grown up since then. I would assume that she’s grown up the same amount.”

90210 premieres @ 8PM ET/PT on Tuesday, Sept. 2 on The CW. 

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Hip Hop Mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight Arrested in Las Vegas

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hip Hop entrepreneur Marion Knight, better known as Suge Knight, was arrested in Las Vegas Wednesday morning after reports he was allegedly beating a woman and had a knife in his hand.

"This was apparently Marion Knight's girlfriend that was riding with him in his car at the time. She started punching him while in the car (he was the driver and she was the passenger) in an effort to escape she grabbed the steering wheel and steered it to the curb. That's when she got out of the car and tried to run and he caught up to her," said Lt. Chris Carroll, Metro.

Knight is booked for assault with a deadly weapon, battery, domestic violence and possession of a controlled substance.

Knight is the co-founder of Death Row Records. He made headlines in Las Vegas in 1996 when rap artist Tupac Shakur was murdered in a drive by shooting. Shakur was a passenger in Knight's car at the time of the shooting.


Mad Men Beauty: Get the Look


Remember the days when women didn’t feel the need to slather themselves in self-tanner or run to the doc for another botox injection? You know, way back in the day when beauty arsenals featured nothing more harmful than Pan-Cake makeup and prickly hair rollers. We’re feeling a little nostalgic, and that’s why we can’t get enough of the ladies of “Mad Men.” As makeup artist Lori Taylor of Smashbox Studios, which supplied some of the makeup for the show, explains, “We’re looking back to a time when things were good, and makeup and fashion go hand in hand with that.” Check out our suggestions and Lori’s tips on how to cop the enviable styles of Joan Holloway, Betty Draper, and Peggy Olson.

I have never had the patience (or ablity) to create a "look" from a television show or beauty magazine.


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Before she was famous: Pictures of Eva Longoria as a lingerie model

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Before taking up residence on Wisteria Lane, Eva Longoria's desperate quest for fame saw her try her hand at lingerie modelling.

The star posed for a racy underwear campaign seven years ago when she was a struggling actress eager for her big Hollywood break.

The recently unearthed pictures show the 31-year-old in a series of barely there ensembles and at one point she is sprawled seductively across an animal print chair wearing underwear and PVC boots.

Eva readily admits she was always hungry for stardom, citing 'ambition' as her favourite word.

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Mackenzie Phillips Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Possession

"One Day at a Time" actress Mackenzie Phillips was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the LAX airport police told

At 1 p.m. ET, LAX airport police responded to Terminal 4, where Phillips was screened by the TSA. During a secondary screening process, Phillips was found to be in possession of what appeared to be a small amount of heroin and cocaine, Holcomb said.

Phillips was arrested on the felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and transported to the airport police station for further investigation.

Phillips, 48, has had a long history of drug abuse.

Big Bang

NKOTB + Lady GaGa = Orgasm

as we all know the new kids on the block are set to release their fifth full length studio album, "the block," on september 2. it just so happened that their album just recently leaked. i'm sure you can find a music blog out there to download the album. one of the tracks from their album is features ontd favorite, lady gaga. all i can say is that this track is amazing. give it a listen here. if this is what she can do with nkotb, i can't wait to hear what she has done with the upcoming britney project.


conan white teeth
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"Top Chef" Villain Cooked for DUI

"Top Chef" Villain Cooked for DUI

Knives out: The most-hated bad boy in the history of reality cooking shows just spent some time in the cooler for allegedly consuming a little too much of the good stuff.

Marcel Vigneron -- the runner-up in "Top Chef" season two -- was pinched early Saturday morning on suspicion of DUI off the PCH in Laguna Beach. Marcel was initially stopped for speeding, but after showing signs of intoxication he was given a blood test and was taken into custody. Bail was set at $2,500.

The popo didn't Ginsu his license -- he can still drive despite the DUI. The arrest was first reported by the OC Register.


Pushing go on tour?

Forget daisies, ABC is pushing pies.

To coincide with the second-season premiere of Pushing Daisies, the network is launching a mouthwatering marketing scheme sure to ingratiate itself to hungry fans across the nation—or send them into a diabetic shock trying—by kicking off the Pushing Daisies Touch of Wonder Tour.

The tour will hit 10 cities across the U.S., with pop-up facsimiles of Ned's bakery, the Pie Hole, offering free pie to all comers.

Even those without a Nielsen box.

Upping the charm factor, each Pie Hole will be decorated to match the show's set, with episodes playing at the ersatz shops and series paraphernalia aplenty gracing each location—paraphernalia that, of course, will be made available to the pastry patrons for a small price.

Pushing Daisies' second season kicks off Oct. 1, nearly 10 months since the last new episode aired. 

For "Daisies," ABC is outfitting an Airstream trailer to resemble the Pie Hole, the fanciful bakery at the heart of the show. In addition to sampling free pie, visitors will interact with an upbeat restaurant staff, check out props from the series and watch footage from the show on plasma TV screens.

The Pie Hole staff will hand out "Daisies"-branded trinkets, including spatulas, pie cutters and magnets. Waitresses riding on daisy bicycles will direct audiences to the site of the faux Pie Hole as part of what ABC is calling "The Touch of Wonder Tour. "

ABC will let viewers keep track of the Pie Hole's journeys via a newly launched Web site,

Meanwhile, to hype "Opportunity Knocks," ABC is mounting what it calls a "Block Party Mobile Tour."

Massive trailer trucks will visit 14 cities, bringing the game show directly to various neighborhoods. As in the show, families in each community will get a chance to play the "Opportunity Knocks" game in front of friends and family.

In addition to serving food and drinks to all, the tour will give people the chance to compete for various prizes, including a Blu-ray DVD player, a high-def TV set, gift cards and ABC gift packs.

Here's the full list of lip-smacking stops:

Aug. 31: Anaheim, Calif.
Sept. 7: San Francisco
Sept. 10: Los Angeles
Sept. 12: Las Vegas
Sept. 14: Phoenix
Sept. 17: Denver
Sept. 20: Dallas
Sept. 24: Chicago
Sept. 26: Philadelphia
Sept. 29: New York  


Source 2

Subject: Lauren, Audrina and Brody Chilling In Cabo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All’s well that ends well!

After seemingly being on the splits following Stephanie Pratt’s disastrous birthday party, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Brody Jenner looked cozier and closer than ever as they rang in Brody’s 25th birthday at the LG Villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico today.

The entire fourth season of The Hills is based on the friction between roommates, former friends and estranged loves. For some reason, we don’t think art is imitating life when it comes to this reality show



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Gos Perfection

Watchmen Magazine covers - VERY Hi-Res

The September 2008 issue of the Brazilian movie magazine SET features four collectable Watchmen covers with portraits of Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian.

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Although I love how Laurie even has the "funny little mole." So perfect.

SOURCE <--- Has other awesome pics and news for Watchmen

Because this very underrated band needs some ONTD love....

Welsh quintet People In Planes have announced the twelve song track listing of their upcoming Wind-up Records release Beyond The Horizon. In order, the songs are

1) Last Man Standing
2) Mayday (M'aidez)
3) Get on the Flaw
4) Pretty Buildings
5) Better Than Life
6) Flesh And Blood
7) Beyond The Horizon
8) Know By Now
9) Tonight The Sun Will Rise
10) I Wish You'd Fall Apart
11) Vampire
12) Evil With You

The second album displays People In Planes' intuition for making diverse music in its very essence as they worked with four producers in seven different studios across America, England and Wales in a quest to create something musically and sonically diverse. They succeeded, through the counterbalance of producers which included Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida, Queens of The Stone Age collaborators 'Eleven,' Panic At The Disco producer Matt Squire and Doves / Massive Attack producer Dan Austin, who they had worked with on the early demos for their debut As Far As The Eye Can See.

Months ago, the quintet shared "Pretty Buildings," as a first offering from these numerous sessions. The track, available at digital retailers, while being posted on blogs across the Internet, was received with raves from dozens of tastemakers, and thousands of fans. Newsweek exclaimed, "This ballad, rich in melody with strong, searching lyrics, shows why this group is one to watch." The first single from Beyond The Horizon "Mayday (M'aidez)" will be available via iTunes on May 6, bundled with "Last Man Standing" and a video of "Pretty Buildings."

Guitarist Peter Roberts offered, "Touring for Beyond The Horizon has felt like a re-birth in as much as we've spent a year fine tuning the record, and consequently every chord change feels like a special one! The dynamic of the band is now even vaster in the lead vocals being a two-pronged attack, arrangements and sonic capabilities are even grander, but essentially song wise - people are already singing every word of our first Internet release 'Pretty Buildings'. Thank God for the web."

Beyond The Horizon will be released on September 9th, 2008!

Video for "Pretty Buildings"



I know this is kind of old, but I have never seen this band posted on here. I just saw them live in Philly and they were amazing!

Shut up, Solange

Can't figure out how to embed this, but here is a hilarious interview with Solange where she gets all up in arms about a question the reporter didn't even ask. I guess she assumed the reporter would ask about Jay-Z's 40/40 club closing and just went off on this poor reporter for no any case, SHUT UP, SOLANGE. Nobody would know who your broke butt was if it weren't for B and Jay.

Unfortunate Inglorious Bastards casting news.

Quentin Tarantino turned John Travolta's entire career around with a memorable role in "Pulp Fiction," and now he's lending a similar hand to Mike Myers. According to Variety, the comedian who packed them in with the "Austin Powers" series and is the voice of the world famous green ogre "Shrek," is set to join the cast of the director's WWII thriller, "Inglorious Bastards."

No, this isn't some bizarre revamp of Myers character Fat Bastard from the "Powers" films. Instead, Tarantino's long-awaited drama will find Myers playing British General Ed Fenech, a military genius who helps devise a plan to take out a number of Nazi leaders. He'll join an already intriguing cast that includes Brad Pitt, Eli Roth (the "Hostel" director), B.J. Novak (the latest breakout star of "The Office") and another Tarantino comeback candidate, Nastassja Kinski ("Cat People").

While it's unclear how dramatic "Bastards" will be in tone, this isn't the first time Myers has stepped out of his over-the-top comedy comfort zone. In fact, he was one of the few actors to receive strong reviews in the 1998 drama "54." And that's a big compliment considering what a mess that misfire was.

Still, this role couldn't come at a better time. After the disappointing returns for this summer's "The Love Guru," the industry was questioning whether Myers could succeed at anything but the International Man of Mystery. And rumor had it that the failure of "Guru" had Myers working on putting "Austin Powers 4" on the fast track. It's still anyone's guess if and when that will occur, but, happily, "Bastards" will keep him busy once production begins Oct. 15 in Germany.


Hope she does better here than on Broadway

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FIRST LOOK: Katie Holmes on ABC's "Eli Stone"
Episode 2.02 - "Grace" - Promotional Photos
Source =

Katie is lookin' fine but that still ain't gonna make me watch this shit. The show lost me when George Michael was singing in his living room.

Oh yeah and the guy (Jonny Lee Miller) was once married to Angelina Jolie. I loved "Hackers".

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pink flowers &amp; a book

"a chorus line" documentary to premiere in toronto

The 2008 Toronto Film Festival will screen "Every Little Step," a new documentary tracing the recent Broadway revival and original production of A Chorus Line.

James D. Stern (Hairspray) and Adam Del Deo produced "Every Little Step," which traces the casting of the 2006 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line and explores Michael Bennett's original creation of the show. The 96-minute documentary includes original actor/dancer testimonials from A Chorus Line's initial workshop tapes featuring the voices of the original 1975 cast members.

Revival cast members, including Tony nominee Charlotte d'Amboise, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam and Chryssie Whitehead, appear in the documentary, as well as Tony Award-winning original A Chorus Line cast member Donna McKechnie and Baayork Lee, who staged the 2006 revival.

In addition to highlights of "I Can Do That" and "At the Ballet," "Every Little Step" features A Chorus Line's Tony-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch, who discusses the history of the musical and how "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three" almost didn't make the cut in 1975.

"Every Little Step," executive produced by Doug Hansen, Christopher Chen and John Breglio, will be presented Sept. 6, 8 and 13 as part of the Toronto Film Festival.


I want to see this so, so, so bad!


Bob Dylan Is A Gay Confederate General

Dressed like a gay Confederate general — pencil mustache, powder blue waist-coast, flat-brimmed hat, tight pants with racing stripes — Bob Dylan spent the first 1/8th of his show clearing his throat in song. Which was not awesome. But perhaps to be expected from a 67-year-old, who’s spent most of his life on the road and the last 20 years on a tour that’s gone on so long fans call it the “Never Ending Tour.”

By the third song, he was mumbling and speak-singing, still phlegmatically, but in a way that wasn’t defined by hacking and almost sounded sonorous compared to the openers. Some boomers sitting near me looked on with curled-lips, but most everyone else seemed to know the score: Annunciation is not a hallmark of modern touring Dylan. Nor is playing familiar songs straight. But his band, including long-time bassist Tony Garnier and four other crack improvisers, always makes everything swing.

The set list, available online at (awesomely with streaming snippets), was split mostly between songs from the last two albums, “Love and Theft” and “Modern Times,” and ’60 era classics. You’d only know by looking online, but early on, he did “John Brown,” an impassioned anti-war protest from 1963 not released on album until “Unplugged," and, a few songs later, “Wheels on Fire,” which he and Rick Danko wrote together back when the Band was his band.

The highlight of the night, unquestionably, was an emphatic, stripped-down version of “Masters of War.” The rhythm section took the lead — George Receli issued out cannonball blasts from his kick-drum. And somehow, perhaps as sign of the song's importance, Dylan sang clearly. “Come masters of war / You build all the guns…”


(no subject)

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Billie Piper has never gone in for the extreme levels of grooming enjoyed by her fellow starlets.

And it appears pregnancy has done little to change her laid back look as she stepped out, covering up her bump, with a lightweight jumper dress.

The 25-year-old is clearly happy to leave her dressing up for the small screen.

Billie who is seven months pregnant with her first child with husband Laurence Fox, 29, stepped out in a baggy grey jumper dress as she flip flopped to the chemists with a mobile phone clasped firmly to her ear.

And her loose jumper dress proved to be a comfortable choice as she walked to the shops near her Midhurst, Sussex home yesterday.

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FBI arrests man over leak of Guns N' Roses songs
Aug. 27, 2008, 1:23 PM EST

Federal authorities say they have arrested a blogger suspected of streaming songs from Guns N' Roses unreleased album, "Chinese Democracy," on his Web site.

FBI agents arrested 27-year-old Kevin Cogill on Wednesday morning on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. Federal authorities say Cogill posted nine unreleased Guns N' Roses songs on his Web site in June.

The songs were later removed.

According to an arrest affidavit, Cogill admitted to agents that he posted the songs on his Web site.

"Chinese Democracy" is a much anticipated — and repeatedly delayed — new album by Guns N' Roses that is more than 10 years in the making.



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Hot Toys is releasing a 1/6th scale figure of The Joker in “Bank Robber” mode. The figure stands 12-inches tall, features 32-points of articulation, and comes with a choice of two removable heads, one with a huge grin, the other with the slicked back hair. Accessories include a removable clown mask, handgun, a bigger gun, duffle bag, smoke and fragmentation grenades, playing cards, gotham city money and more.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I can't imagine the filthy things that will be done with this toy.

O.J. Simpson's daughter Arnelle in knock-down fight with dad


Cops rushed to the Florida home of O.J. Simpson after his eldest daughter knocked him to the ground in a brawl over his girlfriend Christie Prody, sources said.

"Arnelle had a fight with Christie over Christie's behavior. That's what started the whole thing," a source told the Daily News.

"Christie has some problems with drinking, and Arnelle got mad. O.J. said 'Don't talk to her like that,' and Arnelle pushed him."

The source said Arnelle, 39, called 911 in a fit of guilt after she toppled the 61-year-old on Sunday, giving him a minor head injury.

The police report does not mention O.J.'s fall, but the National Enquirer, which first reported the row, quoted a source saying O.J. was "cut on the back of his head, blood was coming out the side of his mouth and his lip was cut."

The Enquirer said Arnelle was furious with O.J. for dishing out money to Prody, 32, while his high school sweetheart - Arnelle's mom, Marguerite Whitley - has to work at WalMart to make ends meet.

Arnelle also lashed out at OJ for "ditching" Whitley to marry Nicole Brown Simpson, the Enquirer reported. O.J. was acquitted of Nicole's murder in 1995. Two years later, a civil jury found him "responsible" for the killing.

"It wasn't a big deal," the source said of Sunday's scuffle. "He wasn't all cut up."

The police report says the altercation ended when Arnelle agreed to leave O.J.'s house "in order to let things calm down."


Lots of domestic violence today....

{bleach}: strawberry guardian

Because this is epic + J-pop needs love on ONTD too.

Oricon Charts: Arashi spreads "truth", Amuro still on top

Arashi's newest single, "truth / Kaze no Mukou e," dominated the singles chart this past week at 467,000 in sales. This sets the new 2008 record for opening week sales, surpassing KAT-TUN's "DON'T U EVER STOP," which sold an initial 382,000 in May. Arashi also holds the record for best-selling single so far this year with "One Love" currently at 492,000, though "truth" is already close to overtaking it.

Porno Graffiti's "Gift" took #2 with a comparatively low 58,000 in sales, while the "Macross Frontier" song "Lion" came in at #3, trailing by only about a thousand copies. Buono! also made the top ten as "Gachinko de Ikou!" ranked #6.

On the albums chart, Namie Amuro held the #1 seat for her fourth straight week, moving an additional 88,000 copies of "BEST FICTION." The closest new Japanese release was "Makai Yuugi," the album for the "Detroit Metal City" movie, making #4 at 20,000 copies.


It blows my mind how JE groups sell this much when their singles/albums aren't even available as digital downloads. Imagine the madness when Johnny Kitagawa finally realises iTunes exists. D: Also, Namie Amuro is the HBIC and I love her.

Picspam this post with your fave JE boys if you want, idk.
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El Mariachi shot up

Cuz ONTD LOVES this show already! More of the boys of 90210...

A LOT more in a couple cases

*Kellan Lutz, Michael Steger, Adam Gregory, Ryan Eggold, and Tristan Wilds

See more of this photoshoot in the new In Touch Weekly, on newsstands this Friday according to ET.


THE GIST: The classic teen drama gets an update that’s utterly of the moment, following a Kansas family’s fishout- of-water move to the nation’s zestiest zip code.

HOT FOR TEACHER: Expect scandalously sexy sparks between handsome teacher Ryan, played by Ryan Eggold, and a very familiar face. “Kelly Taylor is now the counselor at the high school, so Jennie Garth and I have some interesting stuff together,” Ryan reveals to In Touch. Something tells us that Brenda may be jealous!

And for those precious few who wondered about the shirtless brunny who was eyeing up Kellan in the evil AutoPlay vid from yesterday...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In Touch Weekly website & ET via my TV

*hope the source is right this time, mods
terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan rebuffs earlier lesbian relationship with Courtenay Semel

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has denied that she ever had a lesbian relationship with Coutenay Semel before she began seeing DJ Samantha Ronson. She said so while replying to a question about her alleged affair with Semel, while she was walking DJ Samantha Ronson. "No, that's not true", the Mirror quoted Lohan as saying.

Coutenay Semel, daughter Terry Semel, the head of internet giant search engine and portal Yahoo, had recently claimed in papers that she was Lohan's first lesbian love before she hooked up with producer Mark Ronson's sister Sam.

Meanwhile, Lohan and Samantha seem to have taken their relationship a step further by meeting each other's mothers.

britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI

M.I.A., 'Paper Planes,' and coasting to fame on 'Pineapple Express'

M.I.A., 'Paper Planes,' and coasting to fame on 'Pineapple Express'

M.I.A has always known that her unique blend of world music and politically minded hip-hop would be a hard sell. “In the beginning people were like, well, where the hell does this s--- fit?” recalls the rapper who was born in Britain but is of Sri Lankan descent. “When I started off in England, HMV or Tower Records would come to meetings and be, like, we just don’t know what this genre is. I don’t really fit in between Rihanna and Beyoncé.” Indeed, for a long time, it seemed that M.I.A. was getting more good reviews than she was selling records. But now the 31-year-old has crossed over with her Clash-sampling single “Paper Planes,” which received a huge boost by being featured on the Pineapple Express trailer. After the jump, EW talks to M.I.A about her newfound success and why it’s really messed up her early retirement plans.

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haters to the left bitches. in before, 'I LIKED HER BEFWHORE PINEAPPEL EXPRESS.' bc yall little bastards DIDNT.
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Drawing (Fall Girl)

Keira blames paparazzi for leaving her friendless!

Keira Knightley hates being chased by the paparazzi as it ruins her social life.
The ‘Atonement’ star is well known for her distaste of snappers who try and secure photos of her personal life.
And the actress has admitted her pals fail to invite her to social events in case they are harassed by eager photographers.
“One of them (friends) asked me if I would mind not going out with them to a
restaurant one evening as they find the whole paparazzi thing
alarming,” Contactmusic quoted her, as telling Britain’’s Tatler
“I don”t blame them. It can be very intimidating,” she added.

Picture Source
Mr. Riley &#39;11

NBC apologizes for Mitcham ‘gay’ snub

NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel has issued an apology for his reporting team not mentioning on air that gold-medal diver Matthew Mitcham is gay and has a partner:

“We regret that we missed the opportunity to tell Matthew Mitcham’s story. We apologize for this unintentional omission.”

The statement comes after an NBC spokesperson defended the network’s decision not to mention it.

Zenkel’s response was pretty short and sweet, but is this case closed? They blew it and acknowledged such (after, as I said, defending the decision).

Does Zenkel mean what he says? We’ll see. Couldn’t they make good by doing a story on Mitcham on one of their news or talk shows? That would ceratinly show a deep acknowledgment that they messed up.

The real test will come the next time they’re faced with such an opportunity. Do the commentators mention next time that the athlete they’re reporting on is gay? And now, at what point does NBC or any other media company feel the responsibility to mention someone’s sexuality? I can’t imagine that the softball or soccer commentators mentioned the sexual orientation of lesbian players out there (there were three out American lesbians between the two sports). But on the flip side, I haven’t heard anyone getting up in arms about it. I wonder why.
Source | OutSports

aussieBum clip

We were fortunate enough to meet Matthew prior to competing in the Beijing Olympics. Everyone in the company watched Matthew dive. To witness this man winning gold was a moment we will talk about with great pride - an Australian who choose to believe in himself. The footage was shot by Kiah at aussieBum.

Source | Youtube
Dair Met Steps Hands
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Heath and Michelle Both Nominees in 09?

We hinted at it in our 'Fall Movie Preview Pt 2.' piece: Michelle Williams' performance in the Kelly Reichardt-helmed drama "Wendy & Lucy" is supposed to be astonishingly powerful. We've also heard it from insiders very recently and we'd heard it from some of the glowing reviews at Cannes.

Reichardt of course, directed the understated and amazing under-the-wire indie fave, "Old Joy," in 2006 and we've been looking forward to her follow-up ever since. Anne Thompson taking a look at some of the performances to watch out for at the Toronto International Film festival says much of the same when it comes to talk about Williams' performance and notes an odd and eerie possibility: could Michelle Williams and the late father of her child, Heath Ledger both be Oscar nominees come February 2009? (it wouldn't be the first time, they were both nominated for "Brokeback Mountain")

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More 90210 News arent you EXCITED? no me niether.

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry has denied reports he is reconsidering a return to the show's new spin-off after initially rejecting a role.
The 41-year-old actor, who played bad boy Dylan McKay in the original teen hit, passed up an offer to join his former castmates Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty in the new 90210 series in June.
But Perry has been rumoured to be returning to the show - appearing as the father of Garth's new TV son - but he insists there is no truth to the claims.
His spokesperson Arnold Robinson tells WENN: "This story is not true. Luke is not appearing on the show."

The actor initially explained his decision to not take part in the programme: "I can't re-imagine it currently. It's just not something that I've thought about to be quite honest, I don't see it happening."


Ben Gibbard pays a visit to Jenny Lewis

Ben Gibbard decided to drop in on Jenny Lewis and see how amazing Acid Tongue is.

If that is too slow/not working you can go here. Scroll down a bit and hit "listen."
The song is the title track from the album "Acid Tongue" which will be released on September 23rd. This track includes guest vocals from Chris Robinson (The Black Crows) and Johnathan Rice.

Source, Source

I'm so excited for this album. I just bought my pre-order, here, today. Speaking of Chris Robinson, since he plays with Phil a month before, is anyone going to any of the Phil Lesh and Friends shows in New York?
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BriWi wearing Aretha hat

'Samantha is using Lindsay,' says Michael Lohan


LINDSAY LOHAN'S dad has launched a stinging attack on her lesbian lover SAMANTHA RONSON.

MICHAEL LOHAN accuses the DJ of dating his daughter purely to boost her fame, after hearing Sam may pen a 'tell-all' book about her life.

Michael said: "I've shut up about this long enough. Samantha is using my daughter.

"People never even knew who Samantha Ronson was until she met Lindsay.

"She was just some Los Angeles DJ. And now she's writing a book? I am at my wit's end with this stuff.

"This is not in Lindsay's best interest.




“Let's just say I hope Lindsay starts opening her eyes and realises who the people using her are.”

Michael also accuses Sam of reintroducing Lindsay to booze, despite the former child star seeking treatment in rehab for her drinking problems.

He told E! Online: "Samantha drinks and passes the drinks under the table to Lindsay, and behind the scenes it gets worse and worse.

"Sam is using my daughter. My daughter isn’t working because she’s always with Sam.

"Even my ex-wife Dina knows it. She just isn’t doing anything about it.”

Meanwhile, Michael is reportedly set to get hitched to blonde model ERIN MUELLER.

According to sources in the US, Michael popped the question to the 24-year-old beauty but will not be tying the knot until "some family issues are resolved." 


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SamRo and Lindsay Respond to Michael

In the continuing Lohan dramaz, Samantha and Lindsay respond to Michael Lohan's comments.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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i really don't want to say anything because i feel like he wins- he, being the man who is so desperate for attention that he goes to the media whenever possible- i know i am being used, i am just a pawn- easy to sacrifice in order to feed his addiction. I was angry when i first read his attack on me, but- for me- i believe that actions speak louder than words... so now i just pity him- i am not standing in his way- i am not the reason that he has no contact with his daughter- he is- his need to throw a tantrum for the whole world to hear is- i am not going to go into a play by play defense- i feel no need to publicly defend my role in lindsay's life- i'm just sorry that she likes me more than him.

p.s. i'm not the one that is so lost that i need to use my relationship with lindsay to earn a living.... i am, always will and always have been here for her for her- not for anything I think it's safe to say that there is not now and never will be a tell all..... written by me..... when does your book come out mr. lohan?

source: myspace

I can't believe Dina hasn't commented yet!

Updated with Lindsay's myspace blog now

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If you have something to say to me, say it to my face- that's what i have believed my whole life- don't be a coward and say it to others first, let alone all the media in the world- i think we know where the rest of this blog is going...

If you guessed it had to do with my father- then you guessed right! It really hurts, because i have tried- after all that my mother and siblings have gone through, i really tried to make things work- For the hope of having a father again-wanting things to change- even though people have said, some people will forever remain the same.

Having said that- the people were right, and he is yet to change- but this time, without his daughter by his side- He has become a public embaressment and a bully- To my family, my co-workers, my friends, and a girl that means the world to me (its obvious who that is).

He has no idea what is going on in my life because i have chosen not to involve him in it- His recent attack on my life and my loved ones is simply for an ADDICTION THAT HE HAS- FAME. Why he feels the need to comment on anything in my life that i may want to keep private, is beyond comprehension- If he really cared about me and my life, then he would learn to respect my wishes by staying out of it.

Samantha has not and would never sell me out. Nor has my mother, who is wonderful.

This further proves that any information that my father has about me or the people in my life is internet based- and about as accurate as a page six item.

I'm not going to engage any further, though i probably could go on...

I have said enough, i have a therapist, and it is not the the camera man at x17.

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Matilda Ledger Gives Mommy the Runaround

Michelle Williams got her cardio workout in by chasing after her precious daughter Matilda down a NYC street on Wednesday.

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This is the cutest!
george jetson

Teairra Mari Warns Rihanna to “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth"

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Teairra Mari officially launched her comeback journey with a new sexy spread in this month’s KING magazine. The former Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam singer shows off her ass-ets in KING, while revealing her feelings about ex-boss Jay-Z and past label mate Rihanna.

On Jay:
“I was calling Jay my father. I love you like my father because my father is not in my life. Jay didn’t even call and tell me [I was dropped]. I was hurt.”

She also talks about Lil' Wayne:
“He’s a good friend; we’ve hung out a couple of times. I was attracted to him for a second, but then it grew into a nice friendship. He’s a charmer, like an old-school kind of guy.”

And when the subject turned to Rihanna, Teairra got downright catty. Teairra took offense to some comments Rihanna made to Atlanta’s Peach magazine regarding her dismissal from the Roc. Rihanna said, “You have to be good to people. I could very easily say its all karma…”

“They asked her how she felt playing second fiddle to me, which I never felt [she was]. She had the number-one song in the country on Hot 100; I didn’t, so she couldn’t be playing second fiddle to me. When I heard that I was upset, like, ‘Why would she ever go there? Keep my name out your mouth, sweetie.”


eta: for those who don't know who she is; her 1st single:


The Ataris - New Tour Dates

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The Ataris just added a handful of tour dates! There are also a couple of "Blue Skies" acoustic dates. More U.K. "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts..." acoustic tour dates will be added soon.

More new studio videos and likely some samples of brand new demos from The Ataris will be added at any minute now so keep checking back at for updates!

9/7 - Lafayette, IN - Turn Indiana Blue Festival - Riehle Plaza (ACOUSTIC)
9/12 - Elwood, IN - The Wonder Bar (21+)
9/13 - Blufton, IN - Quonset Building (4-H Fairgrounds)
9/18 - Tempe, AZ - Tempe Market Place
* 9/23 - NEED SHOW!! - New Jersey or Pennsylvania
9/24 - Scranton, PA - Tink's
9/25 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
9/26 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s
9/27 - Gwynedd Valley, PA - Gwynedd-Mercy College
9/28 - State College, PA - The Sozo
9/29 - Cleveland, OH - The Agora
* 9/30 - NEED SHOW!! - Lansing / Ann Arbor / Grand Rapids or Pittsburgh
10/2 - Hazel Park, MI - Days Hotel
10/3 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
10/4 - Muncie, IN - The Launching Pad
10/8 - Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction (ACOUSTIC)
10/9 - La Jolla, California - Porter’s Pub (ACOUSTIC)
10/10 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Skate (ACOUSTIC)

10/24 - Newport, Wales - TJ's (ACOUSTIC)


SLIPKNOT Goes Head-To-Head With THE GAME For Top Spot On BILLBOARD Chart

According to Hits Daily Double (the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS), SLIPKNOT's new album, "All Hope Is Gone" is poised to sell between 230,000 and 250,000 copies in the United States during its first week of release. The CD will go head-to-head with Geffen rapper THE GAME's "L.A.X." for the top spot on next week's The Billboard 200 chart.
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As he turns 50, is this what Michael Jackson should really look like?

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What could have been: An experts' image of Jackson (left) and how he looks today after surgery (right)

He is almost always in a wheelchair, wearing a bizarre outfit and so frail he appears to be at death's door. 

Meanwhile, his record-breaking career seems a thing of the past. From all accounts, he is not motivated to do anything. He has no real plans for the future and is deeply in debt.

So, with the passing of his 50th birthday, how did it all come to this?

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Travis Barker + DJ AM - "Fix Your Face" Mixtape/Download, Eventual Album

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Travis Barker seems to be drifting even further from the rock flock by teaming up with in-demand, genre-hopping turntablist DJ AM to form a freewheeling rock-hip-hop hybrid known as TRV$DJAM (you can download its new mixtape, "Fix Your Face," for free at

The duo -- a kind of beat-driven version of the revolving-door rock collective Camp Freddy that already has hosted such high-profile guest stars as Paul Wall and Warren G -- will perform its third of three sold-out shows at West Hollywood's Roxy Theatre tonight before going on to serve as house band for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7.

Three years ago, in the final countdown to Blink-182's acrimonious breakup, Barker reached out to DJ AM to collaborate after becoming inspired by the performance of a hip-hop DJ and a percussionist in New York. The L.A.-based disc jockey was initially skeptical.

"I was kind of apprehensive at first," DJ AM said. "I was thinking, 'Less is more.' Me juggling two records at the same time can be a lot for people to handle. Drums on top could have been too much."

He continued: "I hadn't heard his remixes and didn't know how amazing a drummer Travis is. But we got together, I threw on James Brown's 'Funky Drummer,' one of the most sampled beats in hip-hop, and 'I Know You Got Soul' by Bobby Byrd. His face would just open up; he would match the beat perfectly. I thought, 'Damn, this is fun.' It's like a skeleton you get to put the clothes on. And once the clothes are on, you yank out the spine."

Although both Barker and DJ AM already have solo recording contracts with Interscope Records, the two, who also have performed together a handful of times at the club LAX in Las Vegas, plan to record an album together and tour as TRV$DJAM.

Source1, Source2
omg ohno

'Gossip Girl' Star Ed Westwick Gives S2 Preview

'Gossip Girl' Star Ed Westwick Says Chuck Will Have 'More Of An Adventure' In Season Two
The glamorous teens will face new love triangles when the steamy CW drama returns on September 1.

Mark your calendars, "Gossip Girl" fanatics: The much buzzed-about CW teen drama is returning to the airwaves for its second season on September 1 at 8 p.m. ET.

Currently, the gang is in Manhattan shooting all over the place, and Ed Westwick, who plays resident cad Chuck Bass, told MTV News that he's happy to be back at work. "It's been great," he said. "It's been intense, and we're very excited to get back on the air and get back out there.

"When you're working on it, and you're on the inside of it, you don't find yourself getting caught up in the buzz," Westwick added. "But we're aware of it, and it's fantastic, and it makes us feel our work is a success."

The actor could only reveal a bit about what fans have in store when the show returns. Of course, it almost goes without saying that you should expect lots of sex, drugs and pretty new faces. "There's new characters that are going to be introduced, and there will be twists and turns and all the usual love triangles," he teased. "And I think the issues and things that we touched on in season one will be explored more.

"Personally, my character has more of an adventure and more of an exploration of his motivations and why he is the way he is," he continued vaguely.

But what about Chuck's relationship with Leighton Meester's Blair Waldorf? In the season finale, Chuck got cold feet about their relationship (and the hots for an interior designer), leaving Blair to jet off to France with a random young business exec. Everyone is dying to know if those two crazy, mischievous kids will make it work.

"Basically, we left off in season one with Chuck making the decision not to pursue Blair, and I think he spent the summer contemplating that," he said. "When we come back in season two, we see how he is with his decision."


I find him sooo attractive in this creepy rapist kind of way.

ALSO although I like Chuck/Blair I do not want him to reform because then he will be boring.
come as you are.
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a facebook movie? really?

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Writer-producer Aaron Sorkin, creator of "The West Wing," is about to get a whole lot of friends on Facebook.

Sorkin, one of Hollywood's highest-profile writers and TV show creators, is in negotiations to write an untitled film project about the founders of the popular social networking site that Scott Rudin will produce for Columbia.

Sorkin broke the news on Facebook when he opened up his own account.

"I understand there are a few other people using Facebook pages under my name -- which I find more flattering than creepy -- but this is me. I don't know how I can prove that, but feel free to test me," he wrote before going on to talk about the movie project.

"I figured a good first step in my preparation would be finding out what Facebook is, so I've started this page. (Actually it was started by my researcher, Ian Reichbach, because my grandmother has more Internet savvy than I do and she's been dead for 33 years.)"

Sorkin also asked the Facebook public for any stories relating to the site.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg while studying at Harvard along with pals Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Membership at first was restricted to Harvard students, then expanded to all Ivy League schools before going on to open up to all universities and high schools in Canada and the U.S. The site now has more than 100 million users worldwide.

He's fielded offers in the billions of dollars, but Zuckerberg has steadfastly remained independent.

Sorkin's most recent screenwriting credit is the Tom Hanks-starring film "Charlie Wilson's War." Rudin has "Revolutionary Road," starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and the film adaptation of the Broadway play "Doubt" coming out this fall.


How many of you think this is actually going to make it into theatres?