August 24th, 2008


T.I. collabs with Weezy, Kanye, MIA and Jay-Z on new track, remains sexy while doing so

"Swagger Like Us"

Just hearing this line up gave me chills. T.I. Featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne all on one track is crazy! The M.I.A. sample from ‘Paper Planes’ is well in other words is Simply Dope!

T.I. to perform with Rihanna at 2008 MTV VMAs

As recently posted on Rap-Up, has been booked for a live performance with rapper on next month's MTV Video Music Awards. The female singer, who has teamed up with and for "Just Stand Up" single, will reportedly perform her own solo performance "Disturbia" and then share stage with T.I. in the rapper's "Live Your Life" single from upcoming "", which will hit the market on September 30. The collaboration with Rihanna will be T.I.'s first appearance at a major award show since his October arrest before the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.


I haven't heard the song yet. I'm not listening to anymore leaked tracks.

Police arrest 'Wire' actress

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, the actress who played a cold-blooded killer of the same name on the HBO series The Wire, was arrested on minor drug charges yesterday after police picked her up for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial, records show.

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holy cow, i never knew all that crazy shit about her. a+ for authenticity, wire. out of curiosity, i googled the person she killed and got this article for the morbidly-minded. (and those who don't fear tl;dr)

and yes, that's her. yes, she's a girl. yes, she chooses to look like that.
David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Girl's Aloud to audition for sixth member

Pop sensations Girls Aloud are to recruit a sixth member through a TV talent show.

The girl band will audition thousands of hopefuls as part of an X Factor-style series to be screened next year.

All five members will form the judging panel and pick a girl to join them on stage for a live show.

The band - formed during ITV reality series Pop Stars: The Rivals - are considering making the winner a permanent "understudy".

A tv insider revealed: "The girls have never forgotten that reality TV gave them their break. Now they want to give someone else the chance to enjoy a taste of the success they have enjoyed.

"The winner will get to perform with the group on stage during a one-off concert, but the girls hope they'll be able to discover a hidden talent who could join the band as a fully paid-up member.

"The girls have a huge amount of commitments outside the band. It makes sense to look for someone who can stand in if one of them can't make a show."

A band source confirmed the girls were in talks with a production companny to do the show but said a deal was still to be negotiated with a TV station.

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eddiee almost went to jail for hilary duff

That's right.
I went to LA and decided to drop by Hilary's house..again. If you choose not to believe me..then more power to you.

I got to Hilary's house and started taking pictures from the front and then I went up to the house and took pictures from inside the driveway. I roamed around for a bit and then a lady from inside Hilary's house called me which I believe was the maid, she said "Hey, what are you doing!?" I said I was taking pictures. She made me delete all the pictures, but I only deleted two. So I made up this whole lie about my name being Frank and living in Costa Mesa and me coming here on my own. I lied cause she had threatened to call the police and have me arrested. I know lying was the stupidest thing ever but yeah, I did. So she tells me that this is private property and that I can't be taking pictures. I stayed quiet.

Then she gets her phone out and tells me to tell her my parents cell number. I lie, again and say that I don't know my parents numbers and that I don't have a cell phone. She starts calling the police..I freak out so I confess to tell the truth if she promises to keep this out of the police. I tell her that I'm a fan of Hilary Duff and that I came to take pictures. She gives me this whole lesson about respecting her privacy and all that.

Then all of a sudden I see a white car driving up (a range rover or land rover)..inside the car is Hilary and a friend. Driving was her friend and Hilary in the passenger seat. I was in shock. Hilary looked at me talking with the lady so I believe she told her friend to turn the street (to avoid the situation obviously since she knows something is going on). Freaky ain't it. She looked freaking pretty. She looked like the picture below..and I think the friend driving was the lady in the picture below. So I saw Hilary.

Then the lady kept talking and then she called my dad and my dad came to bail me out of the situation and yeah. I got scared, I thought I was gonna go to jail. Yet I was glad that I saw Hilary. YAY (:

I'm never going to the Duff house again.
I gained a sort of new respect towards Hilary after all the things that her maid told me. I rather not say but Hilary really does have it hard. I highly respect her much more now. I felt bad after that but yeah..

Below is a demonstration of all that happened. The red dot is where I was talking to the lady and the red lines is where Hilary's car drove up.

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

The Mole: Should ABC Resurrect the Celebrity Edition?

There's little chance that ABC will bring The Mole back for another season in its current format. The recently wrapped reality series bombed in the ratings this summer, with the big finale pulling in less than three million viewers. When the previous iteration of The Mole struggled to find an audience, ABC replaced it with a celebrity version that ran for two seasons. The revamped series featured such D-list talents as Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen, Tracey Gold and Dennis Rodman. It may not have been respectable, but it was at least marginally successful.

Now that ABC's attempt to revive The Mole with host Jon Kelley has fizzled, should the network green light another celebrity edition? If so, which D-list celebrities should sign up?

The success of shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice has proven that viewers have a strong desire to see people who barely qualify as celebrities competing against one another. Considering America's love affair with the D-listers, now would be a perfect time to resurrect Celebrity Mole. Fans of the franchise may not be thrilled with the idea, but there's no denying that it'd be appealing to watch supposed stars scheme against one another.

Since the previous season of Celebrity Mole featured eight celebrities, I've come up with the following dream cast for the new season:

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Of course, even with my awesome cast lined up there's little chance that ABC will bring back The Mole in any way, shape or form. The network likely isn't interested in trying to resurrect the series yet again, but wouldn't it be lovely to see Abe Vigoda hanging out with Kathy Najimy?

pic sources: google image search and tinypic

what celeb would you want to see on celebrity mole?
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Aunt Jodi Speaks.

I love Jon and Kate Plus 8, and tried hard to ignore the controversy surrounding them. 

Until I saw this  video.

Poor Aunt Jodi. :(

Basically, Kate cut Jodi out of their lives because Kate didn't want Jodi being paid to be on the show. There is much, much, much more to the story... but that's the jist.

Read about it here or here

Aliens In Black

Tommy Girl and Katie Holmes were out in NYC to see "South Pacific" at Lincoln Center last night. Don't ask me which alien robot is which. They are morphing into each other. It's only a matter of time before Stepford Katie is running around in platform sneakers, jumping on sofas, shouting "GLIB," and sniffing at Becks' crotch every chance she gets. It's fucking creepy. They probably have to wear name tags around the house because Suri gets confused all the time and calls Tommy Girl "momma" from time to time. Although, that's what John Travolta usually calls him so it works out.

Speaking of Suri, homegirl is probably covering her ears this morning, because Tommy Girl is prancing around singing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" after watching South Pacific last night.

Here's more of Tommy Girl and his elderly alien robot doppelganger wearing their sunglasses at night. And do you think that when Tommy lets go of Katie's hand, an alien cries? Probably. 

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Kevin Smith on the new 'Star Trek'

Entertainment Weekly should probably hire Kevin Smith to write movie reviews. Heck, they’ve sent Diablo Cody to do set reports!? It seems like Smith is seeing all the films early now-a-days. First The Dark Knight, then Watchmen, and now… Star Trek? Maybe so. The Clerks director was a guest on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show and eludes to having seen JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Lets take a look at the transcript thanks to TrekMovie:

Smith: I saw a movie last night that I cannot talk about.

Host: Was it good?

Smith: It was phenomenal.

Host: Any stars, any break out stars, and do they trek?

Smith: The stars absolutely trek in this film. It is fantastic. Anybody who was worried doesn’t need to be worried–about this film I cannot talk about…It was in very capable hands. The director did a phenomenal job–the director and his crew. Top notch cast and the guy that plays the lead is an instant star. That dude is going to be so famous. He is so wonderful. He picked up a role that I would say is pretty challenging for someone to step into the shoes of, because it is a role that has been played before many times by the same guy.

Host: How do you out Shatner, Shatner?

Smith: I don’t what you are talking about.

Host: I was just saying that as an expression.

Smith: Yes, absolutely, in a world of expressions, I would agree with that…I am so not

Yes, how do you out Shat, Shatner? When Chris Pine was cast in the role of Captain James T Kirk, fans were not pleased. But now it looks like Pine’s turn as Kirk might be the unexpected highlight of the new film.


Opie makes a new movie

Frost/Nixon Movie Trailer and Photos

Universal has released the official American trailer for Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon. We also have some production photos and an official plot synopsis below. Based on a play of the same name, the film tells the story of the series of infamous post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost (Michael Sheen) and former president Richard Nixon (Frank Langella). As always, tell me what you think in the comments below!

Watch the trailer in High Definition on Yahoo. Frost/Nixon hits theaters on December 5th, just in time for award season.
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Source YouTUBE and /Film
terry richardson

Brian Geraghty thankful for Lindsay Lohan

Actor BRIAN GERAGHTY has credited Lindsay Lohan for providing a roof over his head after she helped him land his dream home in the Hollywood Hills.

The 'Jarhead' star was still struggling to land on his feet in Hollywood when a bit part alongside Lohan in Emilio Estevez's 'Bobby' movie landed him his first big paycheck in the film 'I Know Who Killed Me'. Geraghty had mixed emotions about making the thriller - which was shot while Lohan was coping with tabloid scandals, excess and rehab - but he'll always be grateful to the actress for giving him a big break.

He says, "She was really kind to me. I didn't really talk to many of the people on 'Bobby' but Lindsay and I got along really well. Then, when they were struggling to find the character to play opposite her in 'I Know Who Killed Me', Lindsay suggested me. I met with the producers and got the part. It seemed to be a pretty good role and the cast was great.

"[During filming], Lindsay was going through a lot of personal things in the media and there was a lot of pressure on her. She's a tremendous talent but she was very young and she was basically carrying this multi-million dollar movie.

"I've got nothing bad to say about Lindsay - she helped me buy my house."

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The return of Maxwell...FINALLY. D'Angelo, please be next.

Maxwell is back. The hair is not.

The 35-year-old neo-soul singer, whose smooth voice and good looks have melted fans since the '90s, announced his first tour in six years.

The North American tour kicks off in Boston on Oct. 8 and includes stops in New York City and Los Angeles. The live dates will be a "pre-party tour celebration" for the singer's upcoming trilogy album "Black Summers' Night."

Maxwell's last album, 2001's seductively funky "Now," followed on the heels of 1998's "Embrya." It has been 12 years since his 1996 hit debut "Urban Hang Suite" cemented his status as an R&B sex symbol.

Complete list of dates:
Oct 8 Boston/Opera House
Oct 9 New York/Radio City Music Hall
Oct 10 Wallingford/Chevrolet Theatre
Oct 12 Toronto/Massey Theatre
Oct 14 Cincinnati/The Taft Theatre
Oct 15 St. Louis/Fox Theatre
Oct 17 Indianapolis/Murat Theater
Oct 18 Chicago/Chicago Theater
Oct 19 Detroit/Fox Theatre
Oct 21 Minneapolis/Orpheum Theater
Oct 22 Omaha/Music Hall
Oct 23 Kansas City/Uptown Theatre
Oct 25 Denver/Paramount Theatre
Oct 28 Oakland/Paramount Theatre
Oct 31 Las Vegas/Pearl
Nov 1 Los Angeles/Shrine Auditorium
Nov 6 Houston/Verizon Theatre
Nov 8 Dallas/Majestic Theatre
Nov 10 Birmingham/BJCC Hall
Nov 11 Memphis/Orpheum Theater
Nov 12 Atlanta/Civic Center
Nov 14 Greensboro/Coliseum Theatre
Nov 15 Richmond/Landmark Theatre
Nov 17 Washington DC/Constitution Hall
Nov 21 Philadephia/Susquehanna Center

Sources: 1 & 2

To jog your tired memory...

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Jennie and Shannen are at a 90210 Party

They've surprisingly teamed back up for the small screen, and last night Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth joined the cast of the CW's "90210" to toast the teen drama's return to television.

Partying it up at a posh invitation-only beachside premiere party, Garth and Doherty took turns posing on the blue carpet before mingling with fellow attendees.

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the only reason i like shannen is because she was on scare tactics

Samantha Ronson gets served

Actress Lindsay Lohan's close friend Samantha Ronson was reportedly served with legal papers on Thursday night while she was in the middle of a DJ set.

Ronson was spinning the decks at the Whiskey nightclub in Los Angeles when a legal representative presented her with the documents, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

It is claimed the court-issued papers included a summons demanding that Ronson provide details of her finances as a result of her failing to settle a payment order from an unsuccessful lawsuit against Hilton.

A source tells of the moment the papers were served: "It was quite a scene. Samantha was freaking out."

The case is due to be heard at a Los Angeles superior court on October 6.


Zac Efron: "Vanessa Hudgens outshines all other women"

Zac Efron says girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens "outshines" all other women.

The 20-year-old actor - who has been dating Vanessa since they starred alongside each other in 2006 movie 'High School Musical' - immediately knew that Vanessa was the one for him.

He said: "Vanessa caught my eye straight away. She simply outshines all other girls because of her strong personality. I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in two people having chemistry straight away.

"I don't know what it was with Vanessa but we kind of clicked from the very beginning. She is not just a lovely girl, she is also a sexy and desirable woman!"

Zac also revealed one of the most attractive things about Vanessa is her sense of humour.

He added: "Vanessa is just a wonderful person. I can laugh and talk with her and, most of all, we have loads of fun!"


Ed Westwick goes Page 6

Actor/Rocker/Poet Ed Westwick is featured in the latest issue of Page 6 magazine. Ed talks about all the gossip surrounding him, Chace Crawford, and how he got started in the business.

How he got started:
“At age 6, when my mum put me in a drama program. I quit to play soccer because the two activities both fell on Saturday. But after secondary school, I thought, ‘What the fuck am I going to do with my life, man? I was so frustrated with the idea that you had to figure it all out right away.”

On his fashion sense:

“My style has always been good. Top notch, baby. I like the glamorous indie rock look, like the Libertines. But you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm.”

On his Bromance with Chace Crawford:

“People think Chace is gay, and thought I was gay, that we were humping. It’s not true, but hilarious. People project their fantasies onto people. I’ve never been someone who makes it my objective to go out and pick up chicks. But I’ve met some fantastic ladies here. You know, those amazing conversations where you find yourself in a cafe talking until 2 a.m. and never see them again.”


*Sorry if the cut doesn't work, I don't know how to do it!

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Alkaline Trio-Matt Skiba's Les Paul up for auction on Ebay

Check out Matt's personal guitar up for auction on Ebay here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Current bid: US $3,001.00

You are bidding on Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trios--- 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard '57 Reissue Goldtop guitar!! Serial #7 1532, one owner...Matt purchased this in 1991 and this is his main guitar and has been playing on tour and recording since the year 2000. Lightweight guitar in great shape and comes with the hardcase with tour stickers on it. Email with any questions!!


Unwritten Law Lead Singer Scott Russo Visits 20-Year Old Stroke Survivor and Fan

 Scott Russo Visits 20-Year Old Stroke Survivor and Fan


Former Programming Assistant for 91X/ Channel 933 Loretta Emery checks in: “My nephew had a stroke on July 18 and was paralyzed on his left side, with minimal paralysis of his face. He had an emergency microscopic craniotomy and was in ICU for three days. He was then moved to a private room on the trauma floor at Mercy hospital for over a week.

“Thanks to my friends at UL’s management, I was able to get the lead singer of Unwritten Law in to see my 20-year old nephew last Wednesday, July 30. He stayed and played Joey’s requests for an hour and a half! Gave Joey UL t-shirts, sweatshirt, guitar pick and autographed some things for him.

“Joey was transferred last Friday to Scripp’s Encinitas Rehabilitation Center and has full movement on the left side of his face, is able to raise his left leg and pull his knee to his chest. He is also able to raise his left arm and wiggle his fingers when he concentrates hard enough. He still has a ways to go before he makes a complete recovery, but Russo’s visit definitely inspired him.”

For More Information Please Click Here to Visit SDRadio. net


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Ben Affleck plays poker for veterans

Ben Affleck is upping his stake in politics – with poker.

The Oscar winner, 36, will be in Denver this week for the Democratic National Convention, where he'll be celebrating at more than one political party. Among his official duties: performing at a roundtable event for SeaChange Ideas Forum, packing food for the needy and playing poker to benefit paralyzed veterans.

Colorado first lady Jeannie Ritter, who joins Affleck and Barack Obama's wife Michelle on Wednesday to box produce for the charity America's Second Harvest, tells PEOPLE that Affleck's celebrity, "right or wrong, gives us our traction." But, while she and her teenage children look forward to meeting the onetime Sexiest Man Alive, Ritter says it "pales in comparison" to being with Michelle Obama.

this really bothers me for some reason, and I just can't put my finger on why.


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Beijing Olympics Most Watched Event in TV History

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That's right, Michael, 211 Million Americans watched the Olympics this summer.
That's more than half the population.

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Just for comparison's sake, the Olympics had 840 MILLION viewers in China ALONE.

"When the Beijing Olympic Games kicked off two weeks ago with a four-hour spectacular, more than 840 million people in China tuned in, perhaps the largest television audience in history for a single event."


Margaret Cho Talks Gay Marriage and Obama, remains sexy while doing so

Sunday Conversation: Margaret Cho

JUST PLAIN FOLKS: Her parents were reluctant to appear on her new reality TV show, says Margaret Cho. “They thought I was going to punk them.” They turned out to be good improvisers.
The comedian is returning to TV, with parents and pals in tow.

By Choire Sicha, Special to The Times
August 24, 2008

COMEDIAN Margaret Cho is back on TV. Her slightly scripted reality program "The Cho Show," costarring her parents and pals, premiered Thursday on VH1 and runs for seven episodes. P.S. She thinks it'll be back for a second season.

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maura tierney goes back to theater & talks about er

Previews of Nicky Silver's Three Changes began Aug. 22 at Playwrights Horizons. Prior to Wednesday's tech rehearsal, Maura Tierney takes time to discuss the play, as well as her Emmy-nominated role as Abby Lockhart on TV's "ER." (She's already taped her last two episodes, which will be seen early in the series' upcoming 15th, and final, season.)

Telling her that the show's publicist kindly sent me a copy of the five-character dark comedy, Tierney says with a laugh, "Great. Maybe you could tell me what it's about."

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Abby is only in two episodes?!  WTF?

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i'm here to bring the ~lolz~

NAKED BOYS SINGING!, the fifteen-song celebration of the male form hit yet another milestone: it began its tenth year on Saturday July 26th.  The Naked Boys are appearing on New World Stages Stage 4, graciously shared with the other (clothed) Boyz of New World Stages: Altar Boyz!  New World Stages is located at 340 West 50th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues.  Naked Boys plays Fridays at 10:30pm and Saturday evenings at 6pm.

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It's like... you need to be seriously packin' in order to be in this show or something.

Joe Jonas: "It was weird writting [a song] about a boy"

Jonas Brothers recently worked with Demi Lovato on her debut album 'Don't Forget'. They said it was a great experience, but a little strange. Joe laughed, 'It was weird writing a song talking about a boy!' Kevin added, 'We were like, 'So this is what girls go through.'

Also, the guys have just announced that they will be joining Nick's ex girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, to co headline the Concert for Hope benefit on September 14. The concert will help benefit the cancer research and treatment organization City of Hope.

pink flowers & a book

the cheno is going to release a christmas album

 On October 14, 2008 Sony BMG Masterworks will release Kristin Chenoweth's new Christmas CD A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND CHRISTMAS. For her third album, Chenoweth covers a wide range of Christmas songs from "Christmas Island," popularized by The Andrews Sisters to Kristin's personal favorite "Come On Ring Those Bells."Recorded at Capitol Recording Studio's legendary Studios A & B where Sinatra, Judy Garland and Nat King Cole all etched their Christmas standards, A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas is an eclectic combination of full orchestral arrangements, along with big band, a bit of tropical island flavor, pop and country.

In addition to well-known Christmas classics such as "Silver Bells" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas," Chenoweth reinterprets Louis Armstrong's modern standard "What A Wonderful World" and children's favorite "Sing," (originally written for Sesame Street's loveable Big Bird) into a Christmas songs with the help of acclaimed producer Robbie Buchanan (Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow) and Executive Producer Jay Landers (Streisand, Midler, Manilow, Celine Dion, and Josh Groban).

The album also features new compositions of "Home On Christmas Day," co-written by Grammy Award winning producer Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Celine Dion) and Jay Landers and "Born On Christmas Day," with lyrics by Grammy winning pop/soul singing legend Peabo Bryson.

On choosing to record a Christmas album Chenoweth says, "From the minute I signed with Sony Classical eight years ago, I wanted to record a Christmas album. I grew up listening to Barbara Streisand's Christmas album, and that was such an inspiration to me. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am blessed and excited to be able to do my own Christmas album."

This fall Kristin will be featured in a new comedy Four Christmases directed by Seth Gordon and starring alongside Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn.  She also continues her role in ABC's Pushing Daisies for which she was recently nominated for an Emmy. Kristin can also be heard as the voice of the fairy, Rosetta, in Walt Disney Picture's Tinkerbell this fall and she just wrapped filming the independent film, Into Temptation, directed by Sundance filmmaker Patrick Coyle opposite Jeremy Sisto.


Love her.  Totally getting this album.
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Leonardo DiCaprio HAS DINNER with Hydra Properties CEO

Hydra Properties CEO Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim joined Leonardo DiCaprio at the famous BLT restaurant on Sunset Blvd for dinner in West Hollywood. The two discussed at great length the importance of everyone doing their part in keeping the environment as eco-friendly as possible, and the challenges that we still face in achieving full awareness and participation from the public in making our world a better place . The two were joined by Hollywood.TV and Dubai.TV founder Sheeraz Hasan and Dubai.TV host Janeen Mansour.

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Evan Taubenfeld producing the band 2nd Thought for Cartoon Network's PROPS

pretty sure this wasn't posted just because no one cares about him, but i'm bored and maybe 5 people out there give two shits.

"2nd Thought was chosen as one of the top 20 most talented kids in the nation. After America voted, they were in the top six and received a once in a lifetime experience. For more check them out at "

the lifetime experience = meeting evan taubenfeld, formerly of avril lavigne's band (currently in his own band called the black list club), and having him produce for them.

the video is also on friends or enemies, if the youtube doesn't work for anyone.

ps his brother plays guitar for demi lovato, if that interests anyone.

Source, 1 2 3 4

The NY Times reviews Yaya DaCosta in "The First Breeze of Summer"

Yaya DaCosta as the young Lucretia is courted by John Earl Jelks as Harper in the revival of “The First Breeze of Summer.”

Family’s Future in Grandma’s Flashbacks

Her teenage grandson, who has all the shortsightedness of youth, finds it hard to grasp that the gentle, Bible-quoting Lucretia Edwards was a seriously sensuous woman back in the day. But anyone who sees Leslie Uggams’s performance in the Signature Theater Company’s smooth revival of “The First Breeze of Summer,” Leslie Lee’s less-than-smooth drama from 1975, should have no difficulty connecting Lucretia’s disreputable past with her decorous present.

This is not just because this show, the opening entry in a season devoted to the work of the estimable Negro Ensemble Company, offers an onstage version of Lucretia’s younger self in the exquisite form of Yaya DaCosta, in a lovely New York debut. As played by Ms. Uggams, a mind-boggling 41 years after she became a Broadway star in “Hallelujah, Baby!,” Lucretia exudes a sweet grandmotherly serenity, for sure.

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ETA: Here's a video interview where Yaya discusses the play. Just click the picture.  

bucky barnes

Beckhams Escape Unscathed After Crash

Victoria Beckham and her husband David escaped unscathed following a terrifying car crash in France on Friday.

The couple was visiting their home in the village of Bargemon, close to the French Riviera, last week (beg18Aug08) before the soccer star was due to fly to Beijing, China to take part in the Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday.

But on the way to Nice airport to catch his plane to China, the pair was involved in a horrific crash, which left their black Bmw with a smashed windscreen and extensive damage along the passenger side.

David Beckham reportedly smashed the car laterally into a wall - leaving his wife severely shaken.

Beckham was photographed embracing a tearful Victoria in the car and comforting her, before he raced to the departure lounge with her father Tony Adams. Beckham was forced to run to catch his flight, leaving his distraught partner with the wrecked car.

No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the accident.


LOL @ him leaving Posh to catch a flight.
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Green Lantern Future Looking Bright...If Greenlit...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A few years ago, we reviewed the GL script Robert Smigel wrote with comedian Jack Black in mind -- D.C. and Warner Bros. wisely decided against going down that route, maybe we had something to do with that when we shit all over it.

But, there has been quite of bit of buzz lately coming from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green's newest take on the Green Lantern and I managed to find a copy in my hands.

Let me start off with saying that within just reading the first few pages, I knew Berlanti, Guggenheim and Green had gotten the character right.

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Text heavy but worth the read if your a fan
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wtf happened to shannon elizabeth

rottentomatoes presented "What The Hell Happened to Shannon Elizabeth?"

Thirty-four-year-old Shannon Elizabeth got her first big break in 1999 as Nadia, the busty foreign exchange student in the R-rated comedy hit American Pie. Nearly ten years later, Elizabeth is now best known for... her role as Nadia, the busty foreign exchange student in American Pie. This week, following years of unsuccessful bids at television and film stardom and having devoted considerable time to her "second career" -- playing professional poker -- Elizabeth appears as a hooker in Deal, a new video release that we also note is currently enjoying a solid zero percent on the Tomatometer.

How, we ask, did this come to be? How did a ShoWest Star of Tomorrow (class of 2001) find herself in barely-released feature films and noticed more for her hobbies (and her breasts) than her craft?

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who is classy in hollywood these days?

In response to this post from the Huffington whatever titled "Where Are All The Classy, Smart Female Stars Today?"/the apparently joan allen is god article.

Classy Actresses Are Easier to Come By Than HuffPo Contributor Seems to Think. It's not like we can even necessarily argue with his taste for Joan Allen, to whom he ascribes the sense of sophistication, glamour and taste evident in icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Vivian Leigh and Greta Garbo.
this idea that one contemporary actress is the last classy woman standing got us thinking: Pound for pound, what's Joan Allen got that a handful of others don't?

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Buzzfoto Blind Item

Everyone has been speculating that this star calls the paps when they go out. Sorry, but if you’re assuming this, you’re assuming wrong. Oh, that doesn’t mean calls aren’t being made, because they are. They just aren’t coming from the star. The star is actually annoyed that they can’t seem to escape the snapping of the cameras. How is it that the camera always finds our star? Maybe our star should ask their best companion who is or was seen with the star lots and lots. Funny how the two were together in all the fotos. When honesty can’t always be the key factor in a relationship, becoming famous can. Oh the shame and deceit! Could it really be true?

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conan white teeth
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(no subject)

Closing Ceremonies start at 8pm EST, but there is some stuff on now too

NO set topic (well, Olympics) l NO spam l NO porn l NO fighting l HAVE FUN!

OH BTW If you ARE anywhere near the Olympic Stadium, or KNOW someone there, have them take a picture of an ONTD sign in front of the Birds Nest Stadium for us. I know we'd all really appreciate it

<3 ,3

Good Girl Gone Broke

Is Rihanna Broke?

Rihanna's now ex-business manager Patricia Williams has been recently fired as she says "for no good reason, all in ignorance" and is "livid" with Rihanna & her management company Rebel One's decision to fire her. Rihanna recently met with Williams to check on her accounting affairs and was shocked to see that almost all her money was missing. She instantly accused Williams of "stealing her money." "I'm a professional Business Manager, I have a staff of more than a dozen, I have worked for many high profile actors, musicians and multi-million dollar corporations. Why would I steal from Rihanna?" She continues, "I showed her all the paperwork and tried to explain to her the circumstances but she wouldn't listen. She called me all sorts of horrible names and stormed off. I now feel compelled to share with the world the background story as I will not allow my name to be slandered."

The Barbados born singer has had four back-to-back albums, including a re-release since her debut of "Pon De Replay" in 2005. According to Williams, Marc Jordan, manager and owner of Rebel One Management has been taking care of Rihanna's financial situation with her. "Def Jam doesn't fund Rihanna properly, so Marc uses the money Rihanna makes from third-party endorsements and from tours to fund her album and music videos."

Since 2005, Rihanna has been sponsored by the likes of JC Penny, Samsung, Covergirl, Secret, Venus Breeze etc,. and has gone on two major tours, most recently label-mate Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark" Tour and with Pussy Cat Dolls across Europe. "I don't want to disrespect Marc's name. He is a fantastic manager and genuinely believes in Rihanna. But he uses her money to fund her future projects because he believes he can break her in the world-market. Her album sales are not nearly as close to her single sales and he knows that if she is only known as a 'singles artist' she will only be as good as her last hit. Unfortunately, he didn't inform his client and I'm receiving the brunt of it."

Why is Def Jam lacking in funding support for there act? Why was so much money spent? How much exactly? Williams continues,"Her record label Def Jam has put out 3 albums in a time span of 2 years. A lot of that was orchestrated through her management Rebel One. It was never Def Jam's intention to release so many albums back-to-back but Marc Jordan found loop holes and ways to make it happen. A lot of the money Rihanna made through her endorsements between CoverGirl Cosmetics, Samsung. Notice that majority of Rihanna's videos have a cell phone in it?

"After the release of Rihanna and Teairra Mari, Def Jam had intention to drop both acts because their album sales were not successful. Her manager fought to get [S.O.S (Rescue Me)] and quickly tried to negotiate with as many companies as possible. Nike picked up the song and funded a video. This brought the hype back for Rihanna in the company's New York office. Majority of the official 'S.O.S' video was funded by Samsung because the record label was only willing to put up a small amount. Once 'S.O.S' picked up digitally and at radio, Def Jam agreed to fund the rest of her album. Jordan instantly got a video shot to 'Unfaithful' (he negotiated with video director Anthony Mandler to drop his price and would be given more videos from Rihanna in return). Then they shot 'We Ride' which was an extremely cheap video to create. 'Break It Off' was released as a third single, but again, Def Jam was unhappy with the sales of her album "A Girl Like Me" and refused to shoot a video.

At this point Rihanna was opening up for the Pussy Cat Doll's in Europe. She was making $30,000 a show but she didn't see any of that money because it was needed to fund her next album, which is now known to the greater public as a 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. The song "Umbrella" was found & Jordan fought again for Rihanna to have it. They shot the video, which CoverGirl funded half of, and the song became a success. When the record label had their meeting with Music Stores across the U.S to order her album for shipment, the numbers weren't coming in the way that they expected.

When the album's first week numbers came in at less than $150,000, the label was shocked. Def Jam's President LA Reid was livid! Umbrella was #1 for 11 weeks! Any other artist would have sold way more first week. T-Pain even did better in sales than her that week. Def Jam told Jordan they were no longer funding the album, so Jordan needed money again to pay for music videos 'Shut Up & Drive' and 'Dont Stop The Music'. Almost $250,000 was spent to have those videos created. Plus, an additional $120,000 to shoot 'Hate That I Love You'.

Jordan was noticing that 'Dont Stop The Music' was picking up, so her persuaded the label to support it at radio in the U.S and the remaining singles, and they did." Then came for the repackaging of her album 'Good Girl Gone Bad', which is called 'Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded', that entire project was funded through Rihanna's money. 'Take A Bow' was bought through her money, the video was created with her money and so is her most recent video and single 'Disturbia'.

The label didn't even want to pay a dime for anything! Close to $750,000 was spent on those two songs alone. And now she expects to see money in her account? Williams states that Jordan, her publicist from well-respected public relations firm 42-West, Alicia Silverman has built a lot of hype around Rihanna's name but the singer has only made "a little bit above a million" and "all of it was spent on making her as big as she is now. It's not my fault that she only has $20,000 to her name."

Source: MediaTakeOut who got the story from this blog.

A lot of this stuff is just rumors right now but I can definitely believe it.
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The Top 10 Opening Moments In VMA History
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The VMAs are synonymous with wacky and controversial moments. And those particularly unpredictable opening acts have made the show stand out from all those stuffy Hollywood kudosfests. That's why, in preparation for this year's big show on September 7, we dug into the MTV vaults to bring you the top 10 most memorable show starters in VMA history.

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The 6 Most Depressing Happy Endings in Movie History

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Let's face it: very few hit films end with the credits scrolling over dead puppies and weeping children. Movie audiences pretty much demand happy endings.

But sometimes Hollywood slips one past us, giving us a supposed happy ending that is actually depressing as hell once you give it a little thought. Collapse )

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley Wishes Fans Would Focus on Her Work, Not Her Weight

LONDON — Looks like rail-thin Keira Knightley is not having a lot of luck with her film career since "Atonement."

Fresh from her so-so film with Sienna Miller, "The Edge of Love," the walking X-ray has just released to the public a new royal-based movie “The Duchess,“ already being panned by some critics.

Keira told me recently: “I wish people would focus on the work rather than my weight ... I am just lucky, naturally very thin, and if they studied my art a bit more the films might get somewhere at the box office."

With that, the haughty gal stormed off. But I was lucky — The diva refused to talk to the media at her recent premiere. Is it a wonder that her films bomb so much?
Source | FOXNews

*I've changed the photo. My deepest apologies to anyone that was traumatized or offended by the photo before. I'm sorry :(

White middle-class men face discrimination at women-dominated BBC

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White middle-class men are the most discriminated against group in television, Jeremy Paxman has claimed.

The Newsnight presenter, 58, pointed to a string of women senior executives as evidence of their growing dominance in the industry.

And he even said he had advised white middle-class men not to bother going into TV because they have little chance of succeeding.


Whitey need not apply
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High School Musical Pep Rally | Vote

Inside the Pep Rally

ET's Kevin Frazier was with Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale and a thousand lucky 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' fans, who were surprised when Zac and Ashley joined other stars for a pep rally and exclusive sneak peek at the much-anticipated new film.

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ETOnline 1, 2

Stars want YOU to register to vote

Declare Yourself

Founded by television producer and philanthropist Norman Lear, Declare Yourself was launched in 2003 as the culmination of the Declaration of Independence Road Trip, which took an original copy of the historic document on a national tour.

Celebrity ties:High School Musical 3 stars Zac Efron, Monique Coleman, Matt Prokop and Olyesia Rubin; Ugly Betty's America Ferrera; singer Sean Kingston; Heroes' Hayden Panettiere; Greek stars Spencer Grammer, Jacob Zachar and Scott Michael Foster.

On filming PSAs on the set ofHSMin Utah: "We worked closely with the film's director, Kenny Ortega. He's so passionate about the cause, and a lot of the kids were excited about it. When we got there, a lot of them were champing at the bit" to participate, says Diana Nguyen, associate director of Declare Yourself and producer of the HSM PSAs. "You won't see Vanessa (Hudgens) and Ashley (Tisdale) because they were dancing on the set and filming the movie the whole time."

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broadway post

BroadwayWorld Gives You The Trailer For The Final Performance of "RENT"

BroadwayWorld is pleased to bring you this 30 second trailer for the RENT Final Performance Feature Film.  The Hot Ticket, a part of Sony Pictures, is releasing RENT to select movie theaters for four shows only in September - a way to bring the show to audiences across the country one last time.  The Hot Ticket will take audiences to the heart of New York City to celebrate the conclusion of the 12-year Broadway run of RENT the revolutionary, landmark musical.  This memorable presentation will feature special closing night extras, when original cast members of the Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical are expected to join and celebrate in the farewell festivities.  The presentation is produced by the Academy Award-winning producers

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"Wicked" To Celebrate Its 5th Anniversary With Benefit Performance

As part of its 5th Anniversary celebration this October, the Broadway smash WICKED will present THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD NOT TAKEN, a one-night-only, all-star benefit performance featuring scenes and songs from the original drafts of WICKED.  The benefit will take place on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm at the Gershwin Theatre (222 West 51st Street) and will be directed by Matt Lenz. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on September 5 through Ticketmaster.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the New York Restoration Project.  Celebrity casting will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Tragedy Strikes In Episode 10 Of "The [title of show] Show"

[Tos]sers all over were shocked with the conclusion of the tenth and final episode of season one of "The [title of show] Show".  What had been a fun web series full of jokey jokes and doodly doos ended in a mysterious tragedy that will be resolved in the next season.  While I don't want to give too much away, I will say that there may be one less "[title of show] Show" cast member returning for season two.

To view the full episode (I highly recommend watching the other episodes before this), click here.


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Broadway's "Phantom Of The Opera" Has Closed

This August, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Cameron Mackintosh will take the extraordinary step of closing down THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, the longest-running show in Broadway history, for four performances to install a brand-new Digital Sound System to bring the production's sound design technology into the 21st Century.  The producers are investing an estimated $750,000 into installing the state-of-the-art system.  Now in its phenomenal 21st Year at The Majestic Theatre (247 West 44th Street), the record-breaking production, directed by Harold Prince, continues to play with no end in sight.

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Sonny Malone/ Cheyenne Jackson of Xanadu
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So it seems to be a trend here to question if JC Chasez's is gay or not...

Well I was browsing around iTunes store and found this little gem.


Source: Me and iTunes store.
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fat and reality television-- plus-size sideshow

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IT’S the suffering that sells.

Before-and-after television needs a deep reserve of misery, and particularly on weight-loss shows the “before” returns in rhythmic waves of humiliation and self-loathing:

•In a faded snapshot on the Joy Fit Club segment of “Today,” an obese young woman in a frizzy perm and bulging shorts gamely holds up a fork at a family picnic.

•Newly slimmed down contestants on “The Biggest Loser,” don their lost weight — padded fat suits — to race one another across a beach in the hot sun.

•The 500-pound heroine of “Ruby,” a new documentary-style series on the Style Network that is scheduled to begin in November, piles bricks under her bed so it won’t splinter under her weight.

The lows drop ever more excruciatingly downward before rising up in a frenzy of exertion, deprivation, extensive weight loss and a new life. And then the cycle starts over again: a new season of “The Biggest Loser” or “Celebrity Fit Club,” fresh variations on “X-Weighted,” “Big Medecine,” “Honey We’re Killing the Kids,” “Bulging Brides” or “I Can Make You Thin” — binge viewing for a nation obsessed with weight.
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I think this article is interesting food for thought (in a manner of speaking, of course). How do you feel about these type of shows? tbh, I don't think the Biggest Loser is a good idea because losing all that weight so fast just makes me think they'll gain it back quickly. I think my favorite treatment of this subject on reality tv has been that one episode of True Life, with the cutie who modeled.

Also, all that talk of food made me hungry. There wasn't anything good at the school dining hall tonight. :-(

Leo & Kate Recreate Famous 'Titanic' Moment

From an article about Revolutionary Road...

It's 3 a.m. on a crowd-clogged New York City street and Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet have spent the past few hours trying to fall in love.  So far, they've come up just short of true romance.  The point of diminishing returns is drawing dangerously close on the set of Revolutionary Road, where the Titanic stars are struggling with an important party scene in which they must meet, connect, and set themselves up for a life of misery together.

In an effort to stoke passions, director Sam Mendes (Jarhead), Winslet's real-life husband, has been cranking up the volume on a Dean Martin ballad each time they launch into the scene.  After 13 takes, with patience running on fumes, someone cues up the music again--only this time a practical joker has replaced Dino with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," the syrupy but strangely stirring anthem from Titanic.  Suddenly, it's as if someone pressed the pause button.  Everyone freezes for a good five seconds.  And then, without saying a word, DiCaprio wraps Winslet in his arms, she spreads hers, and they re-create the iconic hood-ornament image that was wallpapered all over the planet 11 years ago.  The 300 or so extras and onlookers explode into applause, juicing the stars enough to nail the scene on the next take. 

Here's to hoping they'll include this outtake on the DVD!..doubtful since Mendes is srs bsns.

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New Lacuna Coil DVD and Cristina's new blog post

Here are the details of the Lacuna Coil's first ever DVD release, entitled 'Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)'
The double DVD, which is a celebration of all things from the band's Karmacode album and subsequent touring cycle will be released on Nov. 25th in North America, and will include:

·Remixed and remastered live performances recorded in 2007 at the Loudpark Festival (Japan) and Wacken Festival (Germany).
·The band member's individual personal mini-movie features.
·All of the promo videos from the Karmacode album.
·Behind-the-scenes tour features filmed around the world.
·10 competition winning, fan-created videos.
·A link and key to the band's new album preview website!
·Plus much more!

A "Limited Edition" 4 Disc Package will include:

·A 5.1 mix of the "Karmacode" album on audio DVD.
·A bonus CD with the Wacken Open Air audio live material.

A detailed track listing and cover art information will be released shortly.

Andrea Ferro (co-vocalist) further comments: "In the past we've been asked a million times about when we were gonna put out a band DVD. Truthfully, we never felt like it was a priority, and we didn't want to release something just because the market was asking for it.

"The Karmacode tour brought us to many different places around the world for the first time and we managed to record some of those great, outstanding shows where the interaction with the people was just magic. This DVD is a beautiful reminder of where we have been in the past three years with all our body, mind and soul."

In a recent Myspace blog, Cristina talks about presenting at the 2008 Kerrang Awards, which were filmed on the 21st of August in London, as well as her trip to London.
You can read the whole diary in Cristina's blog

Sources: and

Björk Blögs

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Time to Put it Right

i saw in the last issue of iceland's newspaper in english : “grapevine” , that valgeir sigurðsson was credited for having written all the instrumentals for my album vespertine . could i please offer a correction :

i have noticed last 7 years that mr. sigurðsson has often been credited for either writing or producing that album . i´d like to say that he didn´t write it or produce . he was a computer programmer for a third of it and a recording engineer for a third . The other two thirds were done by other engineers and programmers .

here is the creditlist to show you the correct crediting of vespertine .
i don´t understand where that misunderstanding has come from

could be one of four options :

1 :the pop critics of this world have not totally yet worked out the difference between engineering , programming , writing and producing electronic music . visually this appears very similar . a man/woman sitting in front of a computer . not as different as for example a drummer , a brass arranger and an engineer . but these are 3 completely different jobs which journalists must start to see the difference

2: it could be that this is some degree of sexism . m.i.a. had to deal with this with the respected website where they assumed that diplo had produced all of her kala album without reading any credit list or nothing , it just had to be , it couldn´t have been m.i.a. herself ! it feel like still today after all these years people cannot imagine that woman can write , arrange or produce electronic music . i have had this experience many many times that the work i do on the computer gets credited to whatever male was in 10 meter radius during the job . people seem to accept that women can sing and play whatever instrument they are seen playing .but they cannot program , arrange , produce , edit or write electronic music .

3 : i´ll admit that one thing could confuse things : people have to use their ears and actually read the creditlist to get this information . all the music i have made : like for example string arrangements , synthbasslines or programming of electronic patterns , i never play myself live because i want to give 100% of myself into the singing i either ask the computers to play it or i get other musicians to play it . this could confuse things .

4: one thing that could have kept this misunderstanding alive is that neither me nor valgeir sigurðsson have bothered to correct it

but i am doing it now

i hope this correction will be a positive input into more discussion about this


p.s. just read that credited nico muhly for the choir arrangement of “hidden place” from vespertine . also that he has done string arrangements for me . this is not true . journalists : please read the creditlist before you write your articles


for the tl;dr whiners- someone called valgeir sigurðsson keeps being credited for writing the instrumentals for her album vespertine when he didn't.

The PCD Doll Domination World Tour Setlist ?

Taken from - I’m part of the tour staff that PCD is starting next year and I think your fansite is one of the best in the web so i’ve decided to share a little more exclusive stuff minding PCD.I’m gonna send you the second part of the DollDominationWorldTour setlist, the first part will be announced on the following months.The tour starts in January win Canada and this is what’s up next:

Some of the shows aren’t yet confirmed

02.05.09 - Manitoba, Canada
02.06.09 - Quebec, Canada
02.08.09 - Barcelona , Spain - not confirmed
02.09.09 - Lisbon, Portugal
02.12.09 - Berlin, Germany
02.13.09 - Madenburg, Germany
02.16.09 - Munich, Germany
02.20.09 - Hamburg, Germany
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"Desperate Housewives" takes on a weighty issue

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That Madison DeLaGaraza, Demi Lovato's little sister, she's playing Gaby's daughter this year on DH, FYI

The Democratic National Convention in Denver was abruptly postponed today when word came out about a minor squabble on the "Desperate Housewives" set. Ricardo Chavira, who plays Carlos, groused to TV Guide (in the edition that'll hit newsstands on Thursday) about the upcoming season's storyline involving Gabrielle's (Eva Longoria-Parker) overweight daughters.

"Seeing [struggles with weight issues] in my family and [considering] the childhood-obesity issues in the United States right now, should we be making fun of it?" Chavira ponders aloud.

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