August 21st, 2008

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Images from the Japanese premiere of Sex and the City, complete with the Japanese versions of the American girls (not really, but they are strikingly similar).

except this girl, Noriko Aota:

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there are so many outfits here that i...just don't understand

lily allen on the cover of september's paper mag

In September's issue of Paper Magazine, British pop star Lily Allen talks about her tumultuous adolescence which involved ecstasy dealing at age 14. Although she has parted ways with her alternative career and has playfully chastised her younger brother Alfie in song about his use of marijuana, she insists, 'I'm not gonna say I'm never gonna do drugs again, because I don't like breaking promises. I just know I'm not a good person on drugs.'

The Smile singer says she attempted to give up her hard-partying lifestyle after she found out she was carrying her then boyfriend, Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers, baby. Allen was reportedly treated for depression after suffering a miscarriage a few weeks in. She says: 'It was the hardest thing for me. When I realised I was pregnant and realised I wanted to have the baby, I made a huge decision – to make my life more stable.'

The star admits to even shocking herself with her bad vice indulgence, recalling herself being hauled out of this years Glamour Women of the Year Awards, inebriated and unconscious.

'I can't believe I got in that state...Because it is totally not in my repertoire to do something like that. I'm actually a bit of control freak', she says.

Famed for her down-heartened blog postings, Lily confesses to ongoing self esteem issues admitting she thinks her own music is 'bad' and that she has a tendency to run from her problems.

'My therapist says one of my coping mechanisms is to always be thinking of a way out.'

On her insatiable pop hits, Allen tells Paper magazine: 'I wake up every day and think I'm actually pretty bad at it. I work hard at getting better. But if this record flops, I'll probably go back to school. I've always liked architecture.'


John Barrowman album & single art plus tracklisting

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Ladies & Gentlemen the time has finally come to announce the release of John’s amazing new album “Music Music Music”, which will be available from Monday 24th Nov and preceded by the Gary Barlow penned single “What About Us?” on Monday 17th Nov.

Produced by Simon Franglen (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand) and Graham Stack (Kylie, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart).. “Music Music Music” is a spellbinding collection of twelve songs that our close to John’s heart, as he explains..

"There are three distinct styles on this record," John explains. "Musical theatre, country and western, and straightforward pop. I wanted to sing songs I've always loved, songs like Bette Midler's From A Distance, Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now and Dusty Springfield’s You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, alongside things like Keith Urban's fantastic You'll Think Of Me”

Drum roll please as we exclusively reveal the tracklisting :

1 What About Us

2. From A Distance

3. You'll Think Of Me

4. I Made It Through The Rain

5. You Don't Have To Say

6. Right Here Waiting For You

7. Uptown Girl

8. Both Sides Now

9. Angel

10. I Know Him So Well

11. I Am What I Am

12. Cant Take My Eyes Off You

The covers for the album and single can be seen at the source
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Tom Hanks is still alive, reads books

A group of A-listers are set to read some Grade-A literature. Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis, among other stars, will recite from the works of Ernest Hemingway in San Francisco this October, says USA Today.

They’ll be joined at the event, which benefits The Painted Turtle, a camp for children suffering from deadly illnesses, by fellow celebs Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and Edward James Olmos.

The staged reading takes place on Oct. 27 at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony, says USA Today.


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Which 90's Series Cast Is Rumored to Be Reunited?
Haters sippin' on some Haterade in the comments. 
Sip, sip, motherfuckers.

ETA: It's not Boy Meets World, people so don't even click if you're gonna bitch.

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Lauren " I'm Proud To Be Mexican" Conrad And Her Tighty - Tights

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Photogs spotted a leather tights-wearing Lauren Conrad leaving her Hollywood Hills home yesterday. The actress was on her way to a photo shoot in Santa Monica. Seriously LC, leather tights? Is this from the Lindsay Lohan leggings collection?


Haha, I bet you Lindsay sends her some of her shitty leggings.

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The C O V E N A N T

First Look: Zac in Linklater's Me and Orson Welles

Seventeen-year-old Richard Samuels (Zac Efron) spends his days dreaming of the bright lights of Broadway. He gets his big break when he happens upon Orson Welles (Christian McKay) and his fledgling Mercury Theatre company. Richard impresses Welles with an impromptu audition and lands a bit part in the Mercury's forthcoming run of Julius Caesar. With Welles's womanizing taking priority over rehearsals, chaos and calamity mark the production from the start. Before long, opening night has arrived and Richard will discover the terrible secrets of show business.

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First Showing | Twitch

Jake Gyllenhaal to Romance Abbie Cornish?

Abbie Cornish is already dating Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, but soon may also be spending a lot of time with Reese’s current squeeze, Jake Gyllenhaal.

An insider tells In Touch that producers on Jake’s next movie are considering Abbie as his leading lady. The sci-fi flick is about an expedition to the moon to start a lunar colony and is due out in 2010.

“This is one of those only-in-Hollywood situations,” the insider says. “It could work out as long as Reese doesn’t visit Jake on the set.”

Can we say a-w-k-w-a-r-d?

Felix Schopgens

The House Bunny LA Premiere

The House Bunny had its premiere Los Angeles premiere at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, CA on Wednesday night (August 20). The whole cast attended the premiere, including Anna Faris, Rumer Willis, Katharine McPhee and Emma Stone.

Also out for the event was Ashley Tisdale, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Demi Moore along with Ashton Kutcher who were there to support Rumer.

The House Bunny opens on Friday, August 22 and is predicted to come in second at the box office with about $13 million, behind Death Race which should see $17 million. Tropic Thunder and The Dark Knight should remain in the top 5 with over $10 million each.


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Felix Schopgens

Hancock Premieres In Japan

Charlize Theron and Will Smith posed together at the Tokyo, Japan premiere for their movie Hancock, at the JCB Hall on Thursday (August 21).

While Hancock has opened everywhere else in the world, the movie is only opening on August 30 in Japan. To date the movie has made over $564 million worldwide.


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Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo Isn't Calling Carrie Underwood

Jessica Simpson insists her beau Tony Romo isn't calling his ex Carrie Underwood.

"I checked his call log," she said Wednesday in an interview with a Nashville radio station.

Of Romo, Underwood tells September's Allure: "The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer."

"Tony and I both laughed at that," Simpson said. "We got a chuckle out of it."

Simpson and Romo seem to be going strong.

"Most of the guys I dated were captivated by my heart but they had different ways of trying to get to me," Simpson says in September's Elle. "Tony understands me.

"He appreciates my talent," she adds. "He's the first person I've spiritually connected with.”

Romo has been supporting Simpson while she works on her country album, Do You Know, due September 9.

"It's the cutest thing," she says.

Simpson dedicated the tune "You're My Sunday" while performing at a country music festival in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Before the song, she told the crowd Romo "is my better tomorrow."

george jetson

Simon Cowell to Sanjaya: "I Sort of Miss You"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
American Idol's Sanjaya Malakar got a little love from Simon Cowell.

In a video message to Extra, the judge told the season six singer: "Hello, Sanjaya. In a strange way, I sort of miss you."

Cowell famously threatened to quit the show if Malakar was crowned the winner, declaring, "He's not going to win!"

But Malakar has no hard feelings these days. His response?

"Well, thank you, Simon," Malakar, 18, responded, according to Extra. "I kind of miss you, too."

Malakar is milking his 15 minutes of fame. He sings in a new nationwide Mutual Insurance Company commercial (Kevin Federline also starred in a spot for them) and is recording an album.

The singer's interview with Extra wouldn't be complete without bringing up his most famous feature: his hair.

So is it gel or hairspray to tame the mane?

"I actually prefer water," he said. "Mousse and gel are gross – makes my hair all crusty."

Tell Us: Do you miss Sanjaya or other past Idols?


Rent Final Performance

So Rent which will be closing on September 7th 2008 is claiming to film their final show and Broadcast it live in theater September 23-28th. WELL I was at the "last show " taping last night and let me tell you it will be something. They had to go back and retape a good amount of the songs and scenes and will be using this for the movie theater's "final performance on September 7th" While cameras will be filming the actual final performance the version we will all see in theaters next month will mostly be of last night's performance which was not open to the public. 100 lucky fans were chosen as well as a lot of Press to witness one of the final shows and while it's a shame it closing the final cast is mixed with some very talented people as well as some really sucky ones. Tracy Thoms from the movie is currently starring in it as well as Eden Espinosa who was Idina Menzel's understudy in Wicked.


Which Olympian slipped her teammate a laxative?

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Which two perky Olympian teammates are really bitter rivals? One spiked the other's protein shake with laxatives before a big competition, but her plan backfired when her nemesis not only powered through the competition but beat her so-called friend anyway.


the laxative slipper: nastia liukin because she just screams bitch to me. and shawn said in an interview after the balance beam competition that she wasn't feeling well during it...

Becki Newton and Michael Urie singing and being fabulous at "Broadway Loves the 80s"

Jamie McGonnigal and Joe's Pub presented Broadway Loves the 80's Vol. 3, a concert that featured your favorite Broadway stars singing their favorite hits of the 'awesomest' decade ever! The sold out concert was directed by McGonnigal and Xanadu's Marty Thomas, with Music Direction by Ben Cohn.

BWW TV was there to make sure you didn't miss one 'bedazzling' minute. In this, 'like totally' exclusive clip Ugly Betty stars, Michael Urie and Becki Newton sing some of your favorite television theme songs, old school 80's style!


A Hundred Million Suns

Snow Patrol to release new album in October

'A Hundred Million Suns' will be out on October 27

Snow Patrol will release a new album, 'A Hundred Million Suns', on October 27.

The Scottish band will precede the release of the album with a single, 'Take Back The City', out October 13.

The album, which will be the band's fifth, was recorded this summer in Berlin and Ireland with producer Jacknife Lee.

Speaking about the album frontman Gary Lightbody said, "I'm so proud of this record. Everybody played out of their skin. Garrett [Jacknife Lee] continued his progression from maverick genius to one of the best producers in the world.

"Musically, lyrically and sonically the best record we've made."

'A Hundred Million Suns' will be the band's first album released since 2006's 'Eyes Open', the UK's best-selling album that year.

mateus 2

Gay Project Runway Romance Sealed with Matching Rings

Jarett Wieselman of the New York Post's Popwrap checks in with Project Runway designers Wesley and Daniel and reveals that the two are living together and are wearing matching rings that look like belts. They also talk about what happened to their relationship when Wesley was eliminated earlier in the season.

Watch it (Warning: spoilers), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Coldplay to Release Another Album in 2009

Coldplay to rush-release new album?

Band apparently already recorded follow up to 'Viva La Vida'

Coldplay are reportedly set to release a new album in 2009 - despite the fact that the band's last record, 'Viva La Vida Or Death And all His Friends', was only released in June.

A report in The Sun (August 21) suggests that the band's 'Viva La Vida..' sessions with producer Brian Eno had been so successful that they were now looking to rush-release a new album of already recorded material.

A source at the band's label EMI said: "The 'Viva La Vida...' sessions were incredibly fruitful. They gelled brilliantly with Brian and recorded much more music than they could fit on one album.

"The majority of the follow-up is already in the can, though they will have to go back into the studio at some point to add a few more songs."

Frontman Chris Martin previously revealed that the band had recorded a song with Kylie Minogue, titled 'Luna', which didn’t make it onto 'Viva La Vida...', saying that the song "will be on a record we will put out in 2009".

However a spokesperson for EMI denied reports the move would let the band out of their record deal with the label, telling NME.COM: "Contrary to inaccurate reports in The Sun, Coldplay are signed to a long-term record deal with EMI and are committed to produce a number of albums. The band's relationship with EMI is both long-term and positive."

Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Radiohead have all recently left EMI. The label was taken over by private equity firm Terra Firma in 2007.



John Lennon murder: Killer Mark David Chapman gives new details of shooting

Mark Chapman is shown as a member of a YMCA group in 1975

According to a newly released transcript of a parole hearing earlier this month, Mark David Chapman, 53, said contrary to reports in the media, he did not call Lennon's name before shooting him.

"I don't recall saying, 'Mr. Lennon'," he said.

"I think that was something the press elaborated on. That didn't happen. He didn't turn. I shot him in the back."

Lennon was killed in New York in 1980 as he was returning to his apartment building with wife Yoko Ono.

Chapman, a former maintenance worker, said he started planning the shooting three months earlier after seeing Lennon on the cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

"I just saw his face and it seemed like it all came together, the solution to my problem of being confused and feeling like a nobody," he said, according to a newly released transcript.

"And I said, 'Wouldn't it be something if I killed this individual? I would become famous, I would be something other than a nobody'. And that was my reasoning at the time.

"I perceived him at the time, and wrongly judged him to be a phony. Here he is at this ritzy building and he had been singing of love and other things at that time; it angered me."

Chapman also said he felt ashamed and sorry for killing Lennon.

He has spent almost 28 years in Attica prison in New York.

Ono, who has previously written to the parole board opposing Chapman's release, did not offer any testimony at his fifth and latest and fifth parole hearing on August 12.

Chapman said he had a job offer on a farm in upstate New York. However his request for parole was rejected "due to concern for the public safety and welfare".

His next hearing will be in August 2010.


Sanjaya goes Nationwide!

I'm surprised that Sanjaya is still relevant but I hope he is saving up! He got picked up by Nationwide Insurance to do their latest ad.

"I think it turned out really funny," said Malakar. "I know from personal experience that Life really does Come at You Fast. I went from being an unknown singer to appearing before of millions of people as an American Idol contestant. Now I am doing a commercial for Nationwide Insurance. I'm excited to see what happens next in my career."





It’s D-Day — as in Delivery Day — for Gwen Stefani! The singer checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and is scheduled to give birth via C-section at 10 a.m. PT. This will be the second child for Gwen, 38, and her husband Gavin Rossdale—and it’s in the same hospital where she gave birth to son Kingston, 2. "Gwen's so excited to have this baby because she gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy," her pal reveals to In Touch. "She is ready to meet her new baby and get her body back."


i swear shes been pregnant for like a year. i hope she has a girl!
OT:  i cant insert links for some reason, anyone have the same problem?
Felix Schopgens

Want To Party With Miley? It’s $250

Disney have thought of a new way to make more money out of Miley Cyrus fans, they are now selling tickets to help celebrate her 16th birthday with the singer at Disneyland.

Miley turns will turn 16 on Nobember 23 but the event will be held on October 5, tickets for the “Miley’s Sweet 16 — Share the Celebration,” will cost you $250 and will be up for sale on August 30.

Click here to watch a video of Miley speaking about the event, including her saying she will perform at the bash.

flawed hollywood


Girls Aloud 'Dream That Glitter' Autobiography On The Way
Girls Aloud have written an autobiography, which will be released in the Autumn. The joint effort is named 'Dream That Glitter' and was written by the five-piece this year.

To celebrate the release, which is due in time for Christmas, the girls will also be doing an in-store book signing at Waterstones in Piccadilly, London. According to their official site, the in-store will take place on October 9th between 5pm and 7pm.

Girls Aloud are also rumoured to be releasing their new album this Winter and will be performing the first single live on the recently returned X Factor - which stars member Cheryl Cole as a judge.

ugh i would like some info about the album or at least single #19 plz because news in aloudland is slow :/

More Performers Announced For VMA's

Rihanna, Paramore, Pink Join Lineup Of 2008 VMA Performers
New acts join already-announced performers Lil Wayne, the Jonas Brothers and Kid Rock.

In the past couple of weeks, Lil Wayne, the Jonas Brothers and Kid Rock have all been confirmed to take the 2008 Video Music Awards stage. But what about the ladies? Viewers concerned about the lack of female artists at the big show can stop worrying.

On Thursday (August 21), MTV revealed that pop-punk outfit Paramore, who've been nominated in the Best Art Direction in a Video and Best Rock Video categories, will be returning to the VMAs as performers, as will Pink and Rihanna, who could walk away with the Moonman for Best Female Video.

Paramore will rock the crowd with a lively performance of their hit "Misery Business," while Pink is set to perform her new single, "So What," and Rihanna will deliver her latest smash, "Disturbia." A list of presenters and additional acts gracing the VMA stage will be announced in the coming weeks. This year's awards show, which airs live September 7 at 9 p.m. from the legendary Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, will be hosted by British comic and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-star Russell Brand.

source -

fuckin japanese woodblock curls

kevin smith watches the ~*~watchmen~*~

Kevin Smith says 'Watchmen' is astounding (insert 'but' here)
Written by Jeff Jensen

While comic book aficionados wonder if Warner Bros. will release its controversial superhero flick Watchmen as scheduled next March, one famous fan of the groundbreaking graphic novel says he’s seen Zack Snyder’s $100 million opus, and judging from his reaction, it appears all the fuss the film has stirred up is worth it.

Clerks helmer Kevin Smith — who apparently was invited to see the film at Snyder’s invitation shortly after Comic-Con last month — has posted an unabashed rave for Watchmen over at MySpace: “I saw Watchmen. It’s f---ing astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthusiasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off. Remember that feeling of watching Sin City on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you’ll come close to watching Watchmen.”

Of course, depending on how you felt about Sin City, Smith’s assessment may or may not strike you as impressive. So asked Smith — currently prepping his R-rated lewd laugher Zack and Miri Make A Porno for a Halloween premiere — to expand just a smidge: “My God, the flick is amazing.” Okay. And? “Anything more and I start getting phone calls.” Fair enough.

Smith’s gush might be encouraging for those who’ve long doubted that even a good film could be distilled out of Watchmen’s dense, complex story, let alone one that’s “f---ing astounding.” But there is still reason to worry: as EW reported in July, Snyder is currently endeavoring to trim a nearly three-hour version of Watchmen (which is believed to be the iteration Smith saw) down to two hours and 25 minutes, the studio’s desired running time, even though Snyder’s preference is that the movie be released as long as possible.

In the wake of Twentieth Century Fox’s lawsuit against Warner Bros. over Watchmen’s distribution rights — a complaint that seems to be valid, based on available court documents — some fans fret that Snyder might be asked to cut even more to improve its chances at being profitable. The angsty logic, expressed on a different geek hub message boards, goes like this: if Warner Bros. has to settle with Fox, or is forced to share revenue with Fox, the $100 million movie becomes even more expensive for Warner Bros. Sure, Watchmen might be great at 145 minutes, but if it’s good enough at a shorter length, which could generate an extra showing per screen, per day, that’s more money for the studio. (We tried to run that bit of thinking past Snyder himself, but he declined to comment.)

As Watchmengate — perhaps the priciest whoopsie! in Hollywood history — continues to obsess fans and bloggers, there’s been much speculation about how much money might be at stake here. The Hot Blog’s David Poland at theorizes that Warner Bros. might have to fork over $25 million to settle with Fox. Then again, Fox might get even more if it becomes a profit participant in the film, provided the movie does blockbuster business, and especially if Fox gets dealt in on after-theatrical revenues like DVDs. Indeed, Warner sources indicated to EW last month that the property’s above-average potential as an ancillary media cash cow was a big reason why Warner Bros. greenlit the picture. Already, the studio could milk Watchmen for at least three different DVDs: the already-announced The Black Freighter companion disc, an animated film based on the graphic novel’s comic-within-a-comic; the theatrical version of the film; and possibly a separate director’s cut that restores Snyder’s three-hour vision and integrates the Black Freighter story into Snyder’s narrative, a kind of “absolute edition” of Watchmen: the movie the director is very keen on making available to fans.

Regardless, even Kevin Smith believes that no matter how the Warner Bros./Fox flap resolves itself, fans will be able to see Watchmen on March 6, 2009. “Nah,” Smith tells “There's no way that situation doesn't get ironed out.”


I have such a love/hate relationship with Kevin Smith. I usually so tl;dr about his movies but I love his serious nerdery. And omg I will watch the director's cut of Watchmen so gd much it's gonna be ridiculous.
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Khloe Kardashian Interviews Stars At The House Bunny Premiere

Known on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as the one most likely to say exactly what she's thinking at any given time, cheeky short-term jailbird Khloe Kardashian is steering her way toward a career on the other side of the red carpet.

At the premiere for The House Bunny, Khloe conducted a series of exclusive interviews for Celebuzz with the stars of the film and other noted celebrities.

Check out Khloe's breezy chat with Anna Faris, Rumer Willis, Ashley Tisdale and her sister Jennifer Tisdale, who stars in the film. For two more video interviews with Khloe on the red carpet, visit her
recently-launched website

Click here to see the exclusive video on : Celebuzz

Harry Potter: Delayed but not Forgotten

by Mike Krumboltz

August 20, 2008 01:05:15 PM


Think Harry Potter is over the hill? Think the boy wizard no longer garners fanaticism among his fans? Think again, muggle!

Upon hearing that Warner Bros. would delay the release of the sixth film from November to June, fans turned to the Web to voice their displeasure in ALL CAPS. Warner Bros., eager to keep the herd of angry nerds from storming its gates, quickly responded.

The president of the studio, Alan Horn, released a statement explaining that the decision was not taken lightly, and even pointed out a silver lining. With the sixth film, "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," pushed back until June, fans won't have to wait as long between it and the seventh (and final) flick, scheduled for a November 2010 release. 

As far as silver linings go, this one is stretching it, especially if the last film gets delayed as well. But the fact that a studio president responded to online grumbling is, in and of itself, news. 

Various stories focusing on the delay cast a spell over the Buzz, including this cheeky item from Defamer. For anyone who wants to read Mr. Horn's full letter, MovieWeb has a copy of the entire missive. And, for the hardcore Harry worshipers, CNET reports that Scholastic will sponsor an all-day read-a-thon of the boy wizard's first adventure. The event will be broadcast live on the Web on September 23 (barring any delays). 


pink moon.
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Generation Mix: Youth TV Takes the Lead in Diversity Casting

LOS ANGELES — The red-carpet area at the premiere of the Disney Channel’s new Cheetah Girls movie last week looked less like the typical Hollywood cast party than some sort of United Nations session.

Adrienne Bailon, who plays Chanel in the trio of Cheetah Girls, drew on her Ecuadorean and Puerto Rican roots and chatted in Spanish with a television interviewer. Meanwhile Kiely Williams, an African-American actress who plays Aqua, and Sabrina Bryan, who plays Dorinda and whose real name is Reba Sabrina Hinojos, answered questions and waved to fans.

Deepti Daryanani, an actress from Calcutta, and Rupak Ginn, an American actor whose parents emigrated from India, wore outfits inspired by their roles in the television movie, “The Cheetah Girls One World,” in which the group travels to India to star in a film after one of its members misunderstands an invitation to Bollywood as one to Hollywood.

Other Disney stars in attendance included Brenda Song, the daughter of a Laotian Hmong immigrant father and a Thai-American mother, who starred in the Disney Channel movie “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior”; Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, a daughter of Filipino and Spanish parents, and her “Camp Rock” co-star Roshon Fegan, who is part Filipino; and Shanica Knowles, an African-American actress who plays a high school rival of Miley Cyrus’s character on “Hannah Montana.”

“This group of people is reflective of the life we all live right now,” said Debra Martin Chase, an executive producer of “The Cheetah Girls One World,” which will be shown Friday on the Disney Channel.

“One-third of the U.S. population is now nonwhite,” said Ms. Chase, one of a handful of prominent African-American producers in Hollywood. “That is reflected in the Disney Channel projects because they are committed to diversity. It has been a priority for them all along.”

None of which should be particularly surprising in the 21st century, except that television in general seems to be caught in one of a series of repeating cycles in which diversity all but disappears from the small screen.

Consider, as a contrast, what the red carpet will look like at next month’s Primetime Emmy awards ceremony. Of the 26 men nominated for Emmys for lead or supporting actor in a drama, comedy or mini-series, all are white, most of Anglo-Saxon descent.

The record of diversity is slightly better among women. Of the 15 nominees for lead actress in a drama, comedy or mini-series, two are members of ethnic minorities: America Ferrera, who won in the comedy category last year for “Ugly Betty,” and Phylicia Rashad, nominated for the television movie “A Raisin in the Sun.” Three of the 10 nominees for supporting actress are members of minority groups as well: Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and Vanessa Williams of “Ugly Betty.”
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source: New York Times

I don't watch Disney or any of that, but I found it fascinating that kid shows are always a million times more diverse than those marketed to teens and adults (I'm looking at you CW). even when I was a kid, sesame street and all that had more people that looked liked me than any other shows

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Tiki Barber Denies Calling Colleague the "c-word"

It's at the 30 second mark.

The video was nine days old by the time it became a minor blogosphere sensation Thursday, but it was difficult to ignore:

Was that really the famously buttoned-down former Giants running back Tiki Barber aiming a wildly offensive word at MSNBC colleague Jenna Wolfe?

MSNBC and Barber insisted it wasn’t, no matter how it sounded.

Barber, Wolfe and Brian Williams were in Beijing debating whether it is more important for a country to finish atop the total medal count in the Olympics or atop the gold medal count.

At one point Barber turned to Wolfe and said, “You’re a total medal ----.’’

To many ears, it sounded like an offensive word usually aimed at women. But MSNBC said Barber meant to say “You’re a total medal count,’’ meaning Wolfe was on that side of the ongoing debate.

I would never disrespect a colleague and friend with that kind of language,’’ Barber said from Beijing through an MSNBC spokeswoman, who said Barber had no idea of a budding controversy until she informed him of it.

It’s disappointing someone would intentionally misrepresent the hard work Jenna and I are doing.’’ Barber and Wolfe co-host “Olympic Wrap-up’’ from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

MSNBC said in a statement, “Tiki and Jenna were discussing total medal count versus gold medal counts and Tiki’s words were unclear.’’



Ten things you never know about Christian Bale

Showbiz Desk

Not so long ago, Christian Bale was best known as a Huey Lewis-loving serial killer in ‘American Psycho’. A serious performer most famous for his commitment to his craft (he once dropped a third of his body weight for a role), he spent years as a cult player before stepping firmly onto the A-List with 2005’s Batman Begins. Not content to help revive one flagging franchise, the former child actor now has a second in his sights in the shape of next year’s blockbuster ‘Terminator 4’. As new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’ wings its way into cinemas later this month, we unveil ten fascinating facts about Hollywood’s most dedicated star.

1. Christian and his three sisters were born in Pembrokeshire, Wales to a commercial pilot dad and circus clown mum. He spent his childhood moving around the UK and Portugal before settling in Bournemouth for four years.

2. Christian hung around with circus performers as a child and shared his first kiss with an acrobat named Barta.

3. Christian made his TV debut in a Lenor advert at the age of eight.

4. The attention following 1987’s Empire Of The Sun nearly put 13-year-old Christian off acting for life. He says: “It was horrific. I was almost crying in interviews and running away during press conferences, pretending I was going to the bathroom and just disappearing.” He adds that the interest made him feel like a “ponce”.

5. Christian almost landed Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic but the producers felt it would be “unfair” to have two Brits playing two Americans. He was also considered for the part of Will Turner in Pirates Of The Caribbean, but lost out to Orlando Bloom.

6. Christian stopped eating red meat after reading about a piglet called Wilbur in children’s book Charlotte’s Web. He is now an active environmentalist and supports organisations including Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation.

7. Christian is nothing if not thoughtful to his viewing public. If he puts on an accent in a film, he’ll keep it going in all promotional interviews so the audience doesn’t become confused.

8. Is Christian as obsessive in life as he is about the roles he plays? “The only thing that I’m obsessed with is sleeping and, actually, it is more than an obsession, it is a pleasure,” he reveals. “I love sleeping so much that I could do it 12 hours a day if I didn’t have to turn on the alarm clock... and still, sometimes...” Hmm, we know the feeling!

9. Christian married Sandra (Sibi) Blazic, Winona Ryder’s former assistant, in Las Vegas in 2000. The couple are so secretive about their family life that the name of their three-year-old daughter has never been released. (It is widely believed to be Emmaline).

10. Christian insists that his growing status has not had a huge impact on his life. He says: “I still do all the things I’ve always done. I would never want to give up a life of just bumming around, and hanging out by the freeway, or cemeteries, or the parking lot of the 7/11. I would hate to give that up.”




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guess who!

so i was at the dollar store with my cousin this afternoon & ontd knows how much celebs love to endorse products there

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SOURCE: me, untiitled & my enV

edit// CORRECTED that it was Ronaldo not luis.
also, the bath towel girl is (or at least was, at one point) ScarJo but a lot of people think it's her & charlize's lovechild so i guess that works too.
edit2// pics reuploaded, should be working now. suck it photobucket!
and the socks have the legit adidas/nike logo on the front, but when viewing the actual socks, you can tell they are fake.
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Russell Brand Entertains the Ladies

Ready to take America by storm as he hosts the MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks from now, Russell Brand was spotted taking advantage of time in the States with a trip to the Urth Cafe in West Hollywood on Thursday (August 21).

According to a source on the scene, Brand kept various ladies entertained while at the cafe for breakfast - seemingly enjoying all that America has to offer.

Meanwhile, the British funnyman has denied rumors that he’d been offered the lead role in the remake of cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Brand’s agent told press: “It’s news to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted him but they would have plenty of hoops to jump through.”


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Gossip Girls


Sex (and Love and Death): Woody’s World Steams Up


Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” 

When Javier Bardem first notices Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen’s new film, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” his penetrating gaze is a wolfish one that has seldom been seen in Mr. Allen’s screen work. It is not as though his films haven’t acknowledged male lust; they are steeped in longing. But that desire is usually camouflaged by layers of shyness and nervous banter. Pretty women like Ms. Hall and Ms. Johansson, who play two Americans vacationing in Barcelona, are to be admired and wooed with smart conversation, but they are not raw meat to be pounced on and devoured. 

Mr. Allen’s typical alter egos are variations of the neurotic nebbish he has so often played. Brainy, not brawny, they seduce with charm and wit, not physical magnetism. One reason movie critics heaped such lavish praise on his movies during the “Annie Hall” period was that so many of them were fuzzy-haired brainiacs like Mr. Allen, living more in the mind than in the body. Mr. Allen, like his homely Hollywood forerunner Fred Astaire, is a profoundly reassuring role model for male nerds of all ages. Despite his lack of sex appeal, he often gets the girl, and it can even be Julia Roberts.

When in his work have you seen a hookup in which a hunk and a babe make eye contact and fall into ravenous lovemaking? Mr. Allen’s disdain for the jock-cheerleader ideal was encapsulated in the famous scene in “Annie Hall” in which his character, Alvy Singer, approaches a golden couple on the street, remarks that they look happy and asks how they account for it. The young woman replies, “I’m very shallow and empty and have nothing of interest to say.” Her companion adds, “I’m exactly the same way.”

Mr. Bardem has bedroom eyes and is sort of a hunk. In “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” his character, Juan Antonio, a painter, eventually has his way with both Vicky (Ms. Hall), a straitlaced student of Catalan culture who is engaged to a yuppie go-getter, and Cristina (Ms. Johansson), a restless, moody aspiring artist with a talent for photography.

His seductions follow his initial suggestion that the three have sex together, an offer that the prudish Vicky rejects. All that is shown of each encounter is some moderately passionate kissing before the camera retreats. As always in a Woody Allen production, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” like many of his films, has antecedents in European cinema. Here the obvious forerunner is François Truffaut’s “Jules and Jim,” but instead of two men and a woman Mr. Allen gives us three women and a man. Penélope Cruz plays the third woman, Maria Elena, Juan Antonio’s volatile ex-wife, a fellow painter who crashes back into his life while he is living with Cristina. Ms. Cruz’s spitfire, who suggests both Jeanne Moreau’s Catherine in “Jules and Jim” and Marion Cotillard’s Édith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose,” is casually bisexual. Cristina, Maria Elena and Juan Antonio share an interlude as a ménage à trois.

Maria Elena is also the hot-blooded European version of the dangerous, headstrong women played in earlier Allen films by Judy Davis. The difference between Maria Elena and Ms. Davis’s characters in “Husbands and Wives” and “Deconstructing Harry” indicates that Mr. Allen views European sexuality as more advanced and sophisticated than that of uptight America. Where Ms. Davis’s women are bitter, frustrated neurotics, Ms. Cruz’s Maria Elena, for all her gun-waving craziness, is tempestuous, free-spirited and sexually uninhibited. It is the difference between Joan Crawford and Sophia Loren.

The racing erotic pulse of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is an encouraging development for Mr. Allen, who, for all the talk about relationships in his films, views arguing couples more as self-absorbed therapy patients than as lovers. If his dialogue weren’t so witty, you’d beg them to shut up.

That view changed decisively in “Match Point,” from 2005. There, the illicit lovers played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ms. Johansson were portrayed as hungry young animals in a movie that aspired to be a film noir on the order of “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” But as their sculptural lips locked, there was no sign of a passion strong enough to incite murder, because for all his sleek good looks Mr. Rhys Meyers was still a cold fish.

Despite the sensual loosening up of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” it still follows the romantic pattern of all Mr. Allen’s movies. The male protagonist is often older (sometimes a lot older) than the women he pursues. (In real life Mr. Bardem is 39; Ms. Johansson and Ms. Hall are in their 20s.) He clings to the role of teacher and guide, flaunting his wit, erudition and self-deprecating humor. His love interests run to childlike eccentrics who are relatively unthreatening. The young Diane Keaton was a girlish neurotic kook, Mia Farrow a waifish tomboy and Mariel Hemingway, in “Manhattan,” a schoolgirl.

Juan Antonio, in addition to having erotic magnetism, is a suave bon vivant and knowledgeable Barcelona tour guide. Most important, he is a serious artist, an exalted status in Mr. Allen’s universe that puts him on the same plane as the professors, intellectuals and filmmakers who inhabit his films. Among this elite, lovers lacking intellectual curiosity, the gift of high-culture gab and a post-Freudian vocabulary are no better than peasants. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is the first Woody Allen film to infuse this lofty world with serious body heat.


i dunno why nytimes is making such a big deal about this film.

Michael Phelps' New Baltimore Pad

Michael Phelps has plunked down $1.69 million for a condo on the waterfront in Baltimore, Md. Here's the headline -- practicing in that pool ain't gonna win him any medals.

His new pad is 4,080 sq. ft. (check out the model in the photos). The complex has a rooftop terrace, a private screening room, a state of the art gym, a clubhouse with pool tables.

If you're wondering where the money came from, Phelps was projected to earn between three and five mil this year even before the gold.

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Felix Schopgens

Mean Girls 2

It seems like Hollywood have no plans to stop touching classic movies as Paramount Studios have announced they have their direct-to-video department has been given a branded name, a production and release plan for everything from prequels, sequels and spin-offs to franchises that were big hits in movie theaters.

The department will be called Paramount Famous Productions and headed by former Universal Studios Home Entertainment president Louis Feola.

So what movies are they going to butcher do? The just wrapped productions on “Without a Paddle : Nature’s Calling“which is a sequel to the 2004 movie that grossed over$58 million in theaters.

They are also working on a sequel to hit movies such as Mean Girls, Grease, Road Trip, Naked Gun and Bad News Bear.

According to The Hollywood Reporter straight to DVD sequels on movies such as Bring It On and American Pie usually sell around 1 million - 2 million copies, which is just as money as 300 made at the box office.


Rhys Ifans is not doing well since Sienna Miller left

Actually, that's a bit of an understatement.

First there was the drunken rage at the party of his new girlfriend/fuckbuddy Kimberly Stewart on August 19. And then it just kept going downhill from there.

He may have been unlucky in love lately but there was no excuse for Rhys Ifans turning nasty. Because fighting in bars ain't big Rhys, and it ain't clever. Especially at your age.

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arch wave

David Archuleta Post!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Archuleta "Crushes" Cook on Charts

David Cook topped David Archuleta in their American Idol showdown, but now the little D has gotten some extra-large revenge.

The 17-year-old Archuleta's "Crush" has debuted at No. 2 on the Hot 100 singles chart, besting the No. 3 opening of Cook's "The Time of My Life" in June.

In fact, Archuleta just netted the biggest bow since Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" also debuted at No. 2 back in January 2007.

Archuleta is the first runner-up to outperform the reigning champ since the head-to-head matchup between Clay Aiken's "This Is the Night" and season-two victor Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings." Aiken topped Studdard with what became the best-selling single of 2003.

"Crush" is the biggest bow by an Idol contestant for a song never performed on the show—in comparison, his show single "Imagine" actually underperformed with a No. 36 debut. Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" is the only other nondebut single by an Idol contestant to reach as high as the No. 2 spot.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Secret Diary of a Call Girl trailer

A bustier Billie Piper performs a racy striptease in the back seat of a limousine as she reprises her role for hit ITV2 drama The Secret Diary of A Call Girl 2.

Clearly she hasn't let her first pregnancy hold her back, as the actress tantalises viewers by losing her top and peeling off her jeans in a promotional advert for the new show.

Billie leaves little to the imagination as she wriggles out of the clothes, and replaces them with just a trenchcoat and a pair of high heels.

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Sources: 1, 2 & 3.
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The joke's on McCain: Late-night comedians lay off Obama

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Study: Late-night comics lay off Obama

A hilarious new study of late-night political jokes, due to be released later today, finds the network comedians clearly avoiding humor about Democratic candidate Barack Obama, while piling the jokes on President Bush and Sens. John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

From January through the end of July, the Center for Media and Public Affairs watched Conan, Leno, Letterman, Colbert and Stewart to examine the percentage of jokes for each candidate. On network late-night shows, there were 169 jokes about Obama, compared to 328 for McCain. On Comedy Central, however, the difference between Obama and McCain was close, with 207 and 201 jokes, respectively.

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Let's face it.... "white haired dude" is just funnier than "black guy".

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The World's Most Boring Couple

Why is it that I hope that they break up? What have they ever done to me?

Dessert, Flirt, and Hurt:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Vanessa Minnillo and her boyfriend Nick Lachey partied at Crown Bar nightclub in West Hollywood, California the other night. Amid reports of cheating, fights, and breakups, late night hot-tubbing, the two seemed happy to be together. We are skeptical and see stormy weather in the future. Vanessa has a new makeup line out called Flirt. The line consists of two different palettes of eye shadows and lip gloss. Interesting. We think it is a bad omen. Why? Think about it. Jessica Simpson, Nick’s ex, opened her Dessert makeup line in the spring of 2004. The two divorced in 2005. Maybe there’s something about makeup that makes a girl make-up, then break-up with Lachey. We’re just saying.

Also, I'd never thought of the makeup thing. It's silly that the two names rhyme.
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batfreak hot

mtv screws everything up for radio affiliates re: stefani birth

So this is the email I got sent being an "affiliate" for MTV about the Gwen Stefani birthin'

Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 3:44 PM
Importance: High



      Gavin Rossdale has been a father since May 26th, 2006, when his wife, Gwen Stefani, gave birth to their son Kingston. Now, according, Gwen has given birth to baby number two, a girl named Zuma. When we last chatted with Gavin, he filled us in on what type of dad he is.

      (Actuality #1) “Some people, like when I grew up, my dad worked so much I wouldn’t see him ever. Like six days a week, like eight in the morning until eight at night, that was normal, it was fine. It’s not a sob story, it was just a reality right? Now, I’m like loaf guy, you know because I am there every morning because you know when I go to work, I don’t really start until around 11,12 or one.”

source: my email.

Here's the news from Gwen's official site:

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale

permalink | Posted by IGA on Aug 21, 2008 | Views: ( 41)

Kingston, Gwen and Gavin Rossdale welcomed the newest member of their family- Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale - at 12:46 PST on August 21, 2008. The couple's second son, Zuma was born weighing 8.5 lbs. Mother, baby and family are all happy and healthy.



Who's Dancing This Year?

The list of Dancing With The Stars stars for the upcoming season has apparently been leaked.

The official announcement isn’t until Monday.

Anyway, with no further ado, here are this year’s list of dancing D-listers.

Kim Kardashian
Lance Bass
Toni Braxton
Brooke Burke
Maurice Greene
Cody Linley
Susan Lucci
Warren Sapp
Misty May-Treanor
Ted McGinley
Mark McGrath
Cloris Leachman
Jeff Ross

Our thoughts? Any early faves?


Lauren " I'm Proud To Be Mexican" Conrad Will Not Pose For Playboy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

L.C Says NO To The King Of Pimps.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ellen K on Ryan Seacrest's radio show said Lauren ran into Hugh Hefner at STK and Hugh asked her to pose in Playboy but Miss Conrad declined.

Approved By LC's bitch (Lo) and Her Fat Friend.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Mr Hefner, you asked the wrong person. Please approach SpaceWatcher (aka Audrina) and Heidi Monho next time, they will gladly accept.
[hp] the last marauder
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Bringing back all sorts of happy - albeit excessively nerdy - childhood memories...


in “Stuff Happens” Premiere
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Back when we were tooting our own collective Discovery Communications horn about the launch of the first TV channel dedicated to green living, Planet Green, we gave you a brief glimpse of the new series Stuff Happens. Now that the start of the 13-part series is drawing closer, here’s a bit more about what you’ll be seeing.

Bill Nye Shows Us Where Our Stuff Comes From, And Where It Goes
Hosted by perennial TreeHugger favorite Bill Nye, Stuff Happens will delve into the secrets of the everyday things around us that we take for granted: What goes into making them, what goes into us when we use them, and what are some unintended environmental consequences associated with them.

Episode One: The Bathroom
In the premiere episode, Nye explores the private porcelain palace called the bathroom. Some of the stuff that happens there may be unmentionable, but it all has an environmental impact—an impact we can reduce in painless ways that could make a big difference.

Nye tackles everything from toothpaste (does it endanger orangutans in Borneo?), to cosmetics (how many pounds of chemicals does your skin absorb over a lifetime of using cosmetics?), to toilets (what kinds of "super bugs" are growing in our municipal water systems due to flushing old prescription drugs down the toilet?)

Series Starts Tuesday, September 2, 9PM ET
Tune in for the series premier of Stuff Happens on Tuesday, September 2 at 9PM Eastern to see if Bill Nye can save the planet from the peril of sludge. Then tune in weekly at the same time, Tuesdays, 9PM Eastern, to see what other product life-cycle journeys Nye takes us on, and what simple changes we can all make to reduce the environmental impact of the things we love.

Don't deny it: You're all secretly excited for his return to TV.

hilary candids

Still trying to shake off the recent engagement rumors, Hilary Duff opted for some retail therapy yesterday (August 20) with her mother.

The “So Yesterday” songstress was on the lookout for an antique hat stand in Beverly Hills and from the looks of things, she was successful.

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Win Teddy's Autographed Flip Video Camera!

Real Magic TV ( has been putting these super cool Flip Video Cameras into the hands of the artists and their fans to capture new angles on stage, and backstage. Each month Real Magic TV will be giving away a video camera used and signed by a featured artist. This month's featured artist is Teddy Geiger!

Just visit to enter for free!
And don't forget to see Teddy in "The Rocker" with Rainn Wilson!
:bryce fairy03:
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Now Introducing: Stark Sands!

“I’ve always wanted to do a Broadway musical. That, and shoot a gun in a war movie, but I can check that off the list now.”

“I’ve been lucky to play a soldier several times,” says Stark Sands, the scene-stealing star of HBO’s acclaimed Gulf War miniseries Generation Kill. Stark, 29, has indeed become the go-to guy for playing young men of valor. After a Tony-nominated turn on Broadway as a WWI soldier in Journey’s End, he also donned a uniform for Flags of Our Fathers. “I have an intimate respect for ­people who put their lives on the line in the name of service,” he says. Stark’s latest character to do so, Kill’s Dartmouth-­educated Lt. Nate Fick, goes from earnest to disillusioned over seven episodes—shot last year during one sweltering South African summer. “Filming in Africa with 25 other guys was like being in a fraternity,” he says. But Stark wasn’t always part of a band of brothers. The Dallas native got his start playing Lauren Ambrose’s hippie love interest on Six Feet Under—a role he landed straight out of USC in ’02. Lately the Nolita resident has been eating at Mexican Radio, reading at McNally Robinson and plotting a future that doesn’t involve leading men into battle. Not that it hasn’t been rewarding. “Actual Marines have thanked me for telling the real story and not some Hollywood BS,” says Stark of fan reactions. “It means so much because we made this for them.”

The New York Post

I ♥ him and his portrayal of Lt. Fick. Fick is like all shades of awesome. And he totally needs a hug since he's competent and it's not his fault that Encino Man and Casey Kasem are asshats who can't find their own asses in the night.

Kendra getting her own show?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of the Girls Next Door may be moving out and moving on after the E! reality show’s fifth — and likely last — season. “Kendra Wilkinson has been offered her own reality show about starting her life over again when she moves out of the Playboy Mansion,” an insider tells In Touch. “Hugh Hefner knows her time is coming.”


Jean Reno in intensive care.

LEON star JEAN RENO has been rushed to hospital after suffering a serious heart attack, according to reports.

The 60-year-old was on holiday on the Caribbean island of St Barts with his wife Zofia Borucka when he was taken ill on Thursday, August 21.

The couple had been staying at the home of French singer Johnny Hallyday.

Reno was airlifted to Fort-de-France hospital.



He is expected to be released later today :)


Phelpsian Cereal

Phelps is Grrrreat! says Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Prototype of the packaging released by Kellogg's]

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) - Move over Tony the Tiger, here comes Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

The record-setting swimmer will soon be appearing on boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes.

Kellogg Co. made the announcement Tuesday. The winner of eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics will be featured on Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes boxes expected to be in stores by mid-September.

Battle Creek-based Kellogg says the images of Phelps that will be used will highlight some of the most memorable moments of the games.

The 23-year-old Phelps is a Baltimore native who has lived and trained in Ann Arbor in recent years as part of the University of Michigan-linked Club Wolverine.

news source | photo source

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Ron/Hermione - CoS

Alan Rickman talks about his ~~sexy voice~~~

Q: Was your voice this wonderful always, or is this a lot of training?

A: My voice. Well, I don't know, I hear something completely different to everybody else. No, my voice teacher had a constant struggle. And likewise people working with diction. Huge problems. My voice teacher at the time, who was called Michael McCallion - sadly dead now but is the author of a very fine book about voice and speech in the theatre - he said, "You sound as if your voice is coming out of the back end of a drainpipe." So, clearly I had work to do.

Q: A BBC survey voted the perfect man's voice as a blend of yours and Jeremy Irons.

A: Hey, ho! (Laughs.)


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

UPDATE: E! News has confirmed Gwen Stefani gave birth this morning. We still don't know whether it's a boy or girl, but sources say the baby's name is Zuma. More details to come as we get them!



Update: It's a rock band in the making: Gwen Stefani and her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed their second child, a son, on Thursday in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has learned.

The couple named the boy Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, a source says.

I'm going to Wichita, far from this opera for evermore

Jack White discusses James Bond collaboration with Alicia Keys

'I wasn't myself anymore' says White Stripes man

Jack White has spoken out about his collaboration with Alicia Keys on the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film 'Another Way To Die'.

The White Stripes and The Raconteurs frontman, who wrote, produced and sang on the track, said that he's been wanting to collaborate with Keys for quite a while.

“After a couple of years of wanting to collaborate with Alicia Keys, it took James Bond himself to finally make it happen," White said in a statement. "Alicia put some electric energy into her breath that cemented itself into the magnetic tape. Very inspiring to watch.

He added that the collaboration "gave me a new voice, and I wasn't myself anymore. I drummed for her voice and she mimicked the guitar tones, then we joined our voices and screamed and moaned about these characters in the film and their isolation, having no one to trust, not even themselves. Maybe we became them for a few minutes."

White said that the Memphis Horns played on the song, which is the first duet in Bond history, as well as "some of Nashville's finest. It might be the first analogue Bond theme in 20 years. We wanted to push soul into those tapes, and join the family of Barry, Bassey, Connery and Craig," he said.

The film, 'Quantum Of Solace', is due to hit theatres in November. Meanwhile, White kicks off a series of European festival dates with The Raconteurs on Saturday (August 23) and begins a North American tour on September 16.


Maria Sharapova’s Powershot Diamonds

Maria Sharapova (in Lanvin) unveils the new Canon PowerShot Diamond Collection at Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport on Wednesday in New York City.

At the event, Maria unveiled five diamond-studded Canon PowerShot SD 1100 IS Digital ELPH cameras, with an estimated value of about $12,000 each.

On Thursday, August 21, you can visit the Canon Center Court at South Street Seaport, NYC, where you can pose with Maria Sharapova for pictures.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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suri 4

Audrina Patridge posts pics/blog about Vegas

"I went to Vegas this past weekend to have some fun with my girlies. We did the usual laying out and hanging by the pool. Then we ate dinner at Social House and went to see LOVE the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show. It was so amazing!

Later we met up with some friends and went to Christian Audigier's club where we danced all night and celebrated my sister Casey's 22nd birthday. It is a such an awesome place because it's inside and out and the décor is so edgy ~ I totally recommend that you guys check it out next time you are in Vegas. We had a lot of fun and it was a great getaway on my weekend off!

What are some of your favorite weekend getaways? Leave them for me in the comments!"

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A few more pics at source.
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Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfrieds hot lesbian sex scene- BACK!

Megan Fox has filmed a “really hot” lesbian love scene for her new movie.

The ‘Transformers’ actress romps topless in bed with ‘Mamma Mia’ star Amanda Seyfried in zombie film ‘Jennifer’s Body’.

A source said: “The two girls make out hardcore, rolling around in a bed. It was a really hot scene.”
In ‘Jennifer’s Body’, Megan plays a possessed cheerleader who goes on a killing spree murdering her male classmates.

Megan recently hinted she would be sharing a passionate smooch with her co-star Amanda, revealing: “I eat and seduce everyone. There's a lot of kissing everyone – boys and girls. All kinds of craziness."

This isn’t the only highly-anticipated big screen lesbian kiss.

Scarlett Johansson recently revealed she enjoyed locking lips with Penelope Cruz in new Woody Allen movie 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'.

She said: "Everybody wants to know what it was like. Penelope had less facial hair than a guy so it was certainly more pleasant. It was better than kissing Jonathan Rhys Meyers in 'Match Point'.”

‘Jennifer’s Body’, also starring Adam Brody Amy Sedaris and J.K. Simmons, hits cinemas worldwide in 2009.


Anneliese Van Der Pol in Vanities at the Pasadena Playhouse

Chronicling the comic journey of three vivacious Texas teens from cheerleaders to sorority sisters to housewives, liberated women and beyond, this tangy tale of coming-of-age in the '60s and '70s is a musical scrapbook of an era that had to be lived to be believed.

With a tunefully evocative score by David Kirshenbaum and Jack Heifner's hilarious adaptation of his long-running off-Broadway smash, Vanities, A New Musical offers a snapshot-sharp portrait of the lives, loves, disappointments, and dreams of best friends caught up in times that are a-changin'.

Vanities is playing at the Pasadena Playhouse from August 22 to September 28, 2008. Click here for more details.


Lily Tomlin tree drama

Tree Cutting Sparks Dispute At Lily Tomlin's Home
LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― Police were called to a neighbor's dispute at Lily Tomlin's Sherman Oaks home over a pair of eucalyptus trees.

The comedienne apparently contracted with an arborist to chop down the trees over the objections of her neighbor. The two trees sit on an easement shared by both properties.

"She's another celebrity that wants her way," said neighbor Cory Steel. "She wants the trees down."

Officers stopped the tree cutting, but it resumed as soon as the officers left. City officials were also called on scene and questioned the tree cutters, who stopped because they lacked a license to cut the trees.

Tomlin had consulted an arborist, who told her the trees have some rot and were at risk, Steel said. Steel hired another arborist, who disagreed with the first arborist's report.

"Previously, she's told me she's afraid of the trees," Steel said. "So I went out of my way to maintain the trees, and she ignored me."

Tomlin issued this statement:

"It is true the trees have been knocked down. The trees were on Ms. Tomlin's property, she was advised by the arborist to remove them because they were a hazard to people on the premises. They could potentially tip over and kill someone. Her attorney and police were present at the time to make sure things were done accordingly."

video at source here

she called into the local news to talk about it. she said the word "arborist" at least 30 times

Rehab Deaths at Dr. Drew's facility


PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- A local rehabilitation facility, reportedly run by celebrity rehab specialist Doctor Drew Pinsky, is under investigation after three patients die in five months.

The facility is located on Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena.

Deaths are considered relatively uncommon at rehab and psychiatric facilities. Investigators found multiple deficiencies at a Pasadena facility that is causing some alarm.

Alex Clyburn, a 23-year-old university student, became addicted to painkillers after a car accident. His family thought that Aurora Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena was the best place for his rehab. However, now, his mother says it was a deadly mistake.

"He was admitted ... We left him at 10 at night. He was dead, stiff, rigid and unresponsive at 7:15 in the morning," said Arline Clyburn, Alex's mother.

Clyburn is more than a concerned mother. She is a former clinical nurse coordinator at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute. She spoke to Eyewitness News with her attorney on Thursday. Clyburn says a Las Encinas staff member assured her that Alex would be closely monitored. However, there were signs that he died long before anyone at the hospital noticed.

"He was cold, rigid, stiff ... liver mortis and rigor mortis at 7:15 in the morning. That means several hours went by," said Clybrun.

The death is one of four incidents investigated by the State Department of Public Health in five months.

The day before Clyburn's death, another young man obtained another patient's medication and overdosed.

This August, a patient hanged himself. In addition, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times, a 14-year-old patient was raped by another 16-year-old patient.

The facility touts that celebrity physician Dr. Drew Pinsky is on its staff. Pinsky is a radio show host and anchor of a VH1 series on celebrity rehab. Pinsky's patient list includes actor Gary Busey, stripper and onetime candidate for governor Mary Carey, and actors Daniel Baldwin and Jeff Conaway.

In a written statement Pinsky says:

"I had no direct knowledge and no direct participation in the recent care of the patients in question."

According to the hospital's Web site, Pinsky is one of 11 co-directors. The hospital is restricted from comment because of patient confidentiality laws.

Arline Clyburn has notified the hospital that she plans on filing a lawsuit.

If you have a question about a rehab facility, or any hospital, you can check out complaints at the Department of Public Health.

video at source here

local news has been interesting today
jiàn tā de guǐ!

Botox never looked so good...

Site launches for the modern day remake of the 1939 Cukor film, The Women.

Starring an all-female cast of Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Carrie Fisher, Cloris Leachmen, Debi Mazar, Bette Midler and Candice Bergen. etc.....

Includes Trailer, Pics, C&C Info, Downloads and a news & info blog called "The Vault".

Opens in theaters September 12.

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Source: me;;

I love Cloris Leachman!

Anyone watch the Roast of Bob Sagat? "I have five vibrators older than most of you. The difference is ... mine still work."

7 MTV-Defining Stars Who Wouldn't Be Allowed on MTV Anymore

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After word emerged yesterday that MTV was planning an extreme dieting beauty pageant, we knew it was time to ask ourselves, "Do we still want our MTV?" Many of us grew up in a time where the network was perceived as alternative, cutting-edge, and cool, though it's hard to picture the stars who made it that way getting a foot through the door of the modern-day MTV casting office. Here, then, are seven iconic MTV personalities who would have no place on a network that now fills its programming with multiple iterations of the "spoiled rich girl" reality genre:
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conan white teeth
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New Odd Couple: Winona Ryder and Tom Green

Winona Ryder is picking up Drew Barrymore's sloppy seconds. No, she's not dating Justin Long, but she was seen out on a date with Tom Green.

A source tells the National Enquirer that the two were cuddling at a bar in Hollywood last week, and friends say their romance is blossoming. Sick! How is it possible to get romantic with Tom Green! Hopefully this is just a rebound for Winona.

She just split up with Blake Sennett a couple weeks ago, and that's definitely not enough down time!

After Johnny Depp, it was all downhill for Winona. Such a shame.


headshot » tobias


Metro Station gets interviewed on Good Morning America.

I went on a Trace Cyrus fansite just so that I had an excuse to use my sexy icons. And it's ALL FOR YOU, ONTD.


Edit: Sorry to be such a stickler, but I had to delete the comment someone posted of a harlequin fetus. Ugh, that shit is grody. Almost as grody as Trace.

Another 90210 Post

Tori Spelling
may not be appearing on the new 90210, but she wishes the show much success.

“As of now there are no plans for me to be on the show,” Spelling told popular radio host Sean Valentine of 104.3 MY fm’s Valentine in the Morning.

Spelling and the CW network both issued separate statements recently that she would not be joining the show as originally planned.

This came on the heels of Internet rumors that the 35-year-old actress’ former co-stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were offered more money to star in the spin-off.

Still, Spelling says she only wants the best for the remake. When Valentine said he’d be boycotting the show since she wasn’t going to be part of it, Spelling replied, “Oh, watch it!”

She continued: “I hope it turns out to be a really great show, just for my dad’s legacy. I was originally a part of [90210] and it was something pretty phenomenal, so I hope it turns out great.” (Aaron Spelling was the producer behind the original ’90s hit.)

One person lobbying for Spelling’s return is Garth, who is starting a “Bring Back Donna Martin Campaign.” Garth said recently, “I know Shannen probably doesn’t share the feelings that I have for Tori, but I love Tori like my sister.”


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Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are most likely dating


Taylor Swift says that Joe Jonas is just a friend. But the Jonas Brothers cutie fueled all those "Are they an item?" rumors when he turned up at the country star's concert on Sunday night.

Hiding among a group of people, Jonas, 19, arrived at the Rascal Flatts concert in the West Palm Beach Cruzan Amphitheatre five minutes before Swift, 18, took the stage.

"I spotted Joe quickly, but he was trying to hide from the crowds by tucking in-between a few people," says Mishelle Rivera, Assistant Promotions Director for Miami's Y-100 Radio. "He was wearing a baseball cap and real casual dress so he wouldn't stand out."

Rivera and her friends saw Jonas near the soundboard – next to Swift's dad – ready to watch Taylor, who sparkled in a sleeveless turquoise sequin dress and cowboy boots, perform her number one hit, "I'm Only Me When I'm with You."

"He watched only her performance, then walked backstage to the meet and greet area," says Rivera. "But when he saw people start to recognize him, he hid. It was real obvious he didn't want people to know he was there to see Taylor."

A surprise guest at a couple recent Jonas Brothers concerts, Swift shot a cameo for the band's upcoming 3-D movie in New York City last week.

In July, she denied to PEOPLE that she and Jonas are an item, saying of Joe and his two brothers, "We're all friends."

Reached by PEOPLE on Thursday, Swift said through her rep: "He's an amazing guy and anybody would be lucky to be dating him."

And on Aug. 5, when Ryan Seacrest asked Jonas if he was dating Swift, he replied: “She’s a great girl ... I think anybody would love to go on a date with her.”

Asked whether the two are dating, Swift's publicist said, "They are friends and she’s friends with all the Jonas Brothers." A rep for the Jonas Brothers had no comment.,,20220565,00.html

Photos thanks to callusfreaks

Sienna Miller's Home Vandalised! (fixed)

SIENNA MILLER's London house has been attacked by yobs.
An exterior wall of Sienna's home in North London was daubed, in capitals, with the word 'SLUT'.

The black spray-painted graffiti also included an unsettling circular symbol - which looks like an attempt to recreate the sign for Satan.

The actress has attracted controversy for her relationship with married man BALTHAZAR GETTY.

However Sienna maintains that he split from his wife before they got together.

The clumsily written graffiti materialised despite the apparent presence of security lights and a burglar alarm system on the outside of the building.

I personally think thats plain out of order man! I think the girl has been punished enough!

cokate and doeperty

spotted at Death Cab

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Death cab for cutie, Melbourne Sunday night..... An Horse were the supporting.
OH AND SHOTS OF THE BOYS IN THE BAND from Tuesday arvo myspace secret show.....
pics are big, sorry!

Source: me, my camera and death cab tix
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Lord Bowler has passed :(

Actor Julius J.Carry III, most famous for his role as “Sho Nuff” in the 1985 action-comedy “The Last Dragon,” has passed away. He was 56.

According to his mother, the Rev. Helen Carry, executive minister of Christ Universal Temple in Chicago's West Pullman neighborhood, he died of complications from pancreatic cancer, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Chicago native had a TV and film career that lasted almost three decades in which he landed a steady stream of acting job on TV shows including "The White Shadow," "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.," "Tales from the Crypt," "Murder She Wrote" and "Murphy Brown."

But it was his role as Sho'nuff, accompanied by his wild, frizzed-out ’fro and outlandish version of samurai gear, demanding to know from his followers, "Who da mastah?" to which they respond, "Sho'nuff!" that he became most famous for.

Carry is survived by his wife, Naomi; a brother, Ronald; and his mother, the Rev. Helen Carry.

Services are being arranged. 

I'm sad now, and I've never heard of The Last Dragon, he'll always be Lord Bowler to me. RIP Julius Carry.
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Ina Hanging On Like FG



-- Beach Volleyball (Men's Final)
-- Track & Field (Men's 400m; 110m Hurdles, Triple Jump, Decathlon; Women's 200m) at the ~BIRD'S NEST~
-- BMX Racing
-- Women's Platform Diving Final
-- And More!

Current Medal Standings:

Click HERE for complete medal standings

Click HERE for a competition schedule

Click HERE for your local TV/Online listings

Click HERE for an Olympics news wire



NO set topic (except Olympics)
NO spam
NO porn
NO fighting


Dark Knight Script answers Two-Face Question.

Aug 20 2008 3:41 PM EDT

'Dark Knight' Script Answers Highly Debated Question: Did Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent Live Or Die?

Despite memorial service in the film, many fans thought villain would return for 'Batman 3.'

By Shawn Adler

It's already the second-highest-grossing movie of all time, a gigantic cultural juggernaut that will soon break $500 million domestically. If you haven't seen "The Dark Knight" at least twice, well, you haven't really seen it at all. And, yet, for some people, the ending of the latest Batman film is still a complete and utter mystery, especially regarding the fate of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent, the villain played with such delicious glee by Aaron Eckhart.

(Massive spoilers ahead if you're one of the two cave-dwelling people in America who has yet to see "The Dark Knight.")

Does he die? Does he live? Even though he falls from a great height at the end of "Dark Knight," and even though there's a memorial service in his honor soon after, and even though it seems bloody obvious given Batman's sacrifice (can you tell which side we believe?), fan opinion on the matter has been bitterly divided. On MTV Movies Blog posts about potential "Batman 3" villains and themes, commenters argued back and forth over the matter, refusing to budge on what they think is right.

They might not have budged before, but now, like Dent himself, they have been pushed.

The script for the blockbuster sequel was made available for purchase on Tuesday and soon after found its way online. It's a long read at 167 pages, but fans looking for confirmation on the fate of Dent need only look at page 163.

"Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken," the stage direction, written by brothers Jonathan and Christopher Nolan, reads. "DEAD." (Capital letters their emphasis, not ours.)

Although some already are arguing that because it refers to the character as "Dent" and not "Two-Face," it's possible the villain could make a return appearance, but Gotham's D.A. is always referred to as Dent throughout the script, even after his transformation.

Now that Dent is definitively dead, does it change fan opinion of the movie or mean something different for the franchise moving forward?


That's a bloody shame.  I wish Two-Face was the villian for the third movie.
In other news, does anywhere know where I can watch the movie Towelhead online?  I wanna watch my bb Aaron. 
Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Demi Lovato talks about her birthday, thinks crying on stage is lame, and has a big fucking mouth

Link: via disneychannel

God I'm so wierd. I don't like Demi Lovato, but I'm strangely fascinated by her, so I keep posting random stuff about her. I mean, I find her extremely obnoxious, yet... I don't get it. Do you?

To be fair though, Selena's video was posted so I figured I post her response.


Also. the new HSM 3 song, "I Want It All", starring Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel, will premiere during The Cheetah Girls: One World movie. (If you didn't watch Demi's video, her video for "Get Back" premieres after the movie.) So we've got two new Disney video premieres to look forward to tomorrow.

Link: via disneychannel

Looks promising.

(no subject)

The Hills star Whitney Port is continuing to make her climb up the fashion world.

According to Fashioinista, the 23-year-old aspiring fashion designer will be quitting PR firm People’s Revolution to do in-house PR for designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

This will all go down during Season 4 of The Hills, which premiered this past Monday.

The DVF offices say they “can’t confirm” anything. And there’s no word on whether Lauren Conrad will follow in her footsteps once again.


(no subject)


Earlier this week reports surfaced that Gemma Ward, the baby-faced, blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauty, would be retiring from modeling to pursue her blossoming acting career. But today we have news to the contrary, straight from the model herself.

"I was surprised to wake up this morning and read news of my own retirement. While I am taking some time off currently to rest and enjoy the company of friends and family, I am still very much a (excited and enthusiastic) working model and actress. I'm only 20, for God's sakes."

Hear that? She's only 20. Let the girl have a break! Her agency, IMG, did confirm for us, however, that she will be taking off through the end of September, which means we won't be seeing her on the spring 2009 runways. That said, we'll be watching carefully to see where she plants herself for her modeling reappearance. It's bound to be something big.

gerard 3d

Alkaline Trio Scare Marilyn Manson, Lull Tegan Quin

Can't embed. Click for video interview and performances at the source.

One would be hard-pressed to find rockers from this generation that have prompted more covered eyes and ears, slack jaws and overall parental disgust than Marilyn Manson. It should be noted, however, that this is the same guy who once painted Avril Lavigne's nails while the two, as she put it, were "kickin' it." See? He's nice, gentle and plays well with others. That said, it may come as no surprise that the erstwhile Brian Warner suffers a little fright himself. Namely, that of Alkaline Trio.

"Marilyn Manson is a hero of ours," Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba told Spinner when the band stopped by the Interface. "We've asked him to do videos with us and stuff, which he's also agreed to do. He was very nice about it and then we blew it somehow."

"Being too frightening," drummer Derek Grant chimed.

"He heard we did way too much drugs and never slept," Skiba said, "which isn't true. So he didn't want to do it."

Alkaline Trio have since one-upped their dream collaborations with Tegan Quin, one-half of sister duo Tegan and Sara, who joined the band at the Interface for a rendition of T&S's 'Wake Up Exhausted.' "Being able to work with Tegan has been tops on our list," Skiba said.


I hate T&S but fortunately you can hardly hear her. I love Dans voice and this performance is great. Sorry if you can't access the video, I know how much of a pain in the ass AOL vidoes can be. I would have uploaded them to youtube but AOL videos usually get removed within a few hours anyway.
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Adele's Messy Night Out

Is there a new party girl in town?

Chasing Pavements star Adele Adkins put the likes of actress Jaime Winstone and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding to shame last night as she proved she was anything but the shy, retiring type with a five-hour bender.

Starting her evening by attending The Wackness screening at the Curzon Soho, the night ended with the songstress throwing up in the toilets at swanky members club Bungalow 8.

Earlier on – when the 20-year-old was still sober – Adele chatted with theBuzz about her new album.

She told us: “I think people will be surprised by what I bring out next – it’s real bluegrass music. It’s not radio music. People won’t be able to sing along to it, like my other songs. I’ve written about three tracks and am about to head to the States to work on more.”

Despite her pleasant demeanour at the cinema, Adele, whose album 19 is up for a Mercury Prize next month, was less than happy to encounter a group of photographers waiting outside.

An onlooker said: “She shouted: ‘Why don’t you f*** off?’ and even ran straight into a busy road to get away from them.

When that didn’t work, she tried covering her face with her jumper. Her friends were trying to calm her down.”

But once at Bungalow 8 in Covent Garden, she started to let her hair down, drinking beer – some of which she spilt on herself – before starting to knock back shots.

She then got up to dance to a Lauren Hill song, shouting “She’s my most favourite singer ever!”

Taking a break from her dancing, Adele confessed: “I’ve already thrown up once – I didn’t have dinner.”

But it seems the partying soon caught up with the long-haired star and she called it a night at 1am.


This is totally going to be the next 'We Are The World'

Everybody and their mother is in some new song called, "Just Stand Up". It's supposed to raise a bunch of money on iTunes for cancer research. All I can think of when I hear these ensemble songs is We Are The World but this one's got a pretty decent hook even though there's no Michael Jackson action.

Artists: Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood song.

:bryce fairy03:
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Stark Sands makes people wish they were chicks working on the Generation Kill Set

If you haven’t been staying home Sunday nights to watch HBO’s Iraq-war mini-series Generation Kill, you should be. Based on the award-winning book by Evan Wright, an embedded reporter for Rolling Stone, the series follows the Marines of the First Recon Battalion through the first 40 days of the Iraq invasion. And since the creators of The Wire, Ed Burns and David Simon, are behind it, there are graphic war images and hilariously offensive curse words galore. Leading Bravo Platoon 2 through hostile towns in this past weekend's episode is 29-year-old Stark Sands, the Nolita resident who played Lieutenant Jimmy Raleigh in Journey’s End on Broadway. We talked to Sands about his six months in the African desert and how the set became a glorified frat house. Collapse )

NY Mag
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Michael Phelps Is the ‘Young Jeezy of the Swim World,’ Asserts Young Jeezy

Michael Phelps’ run at the Olympics — eight gold medals, seven broken world records — is unprecedented, and according to Phelps he couldn’t have done it without Young Jeezy. Phelps typically listened to the Jeezy/R. Kelly collaboration “Go Getta” before hitting the pool, which Jeezy himself doesn’t find surprising. “All my music is inspirational,” he told Rolling Stone’s Evan Serpick. “You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.”Collapse )

Rolling Stone
OH | Wood Throwback

Exccesively Photoshopped Covers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's no secret that magazines and other media outlets use Photoshop to make their cover models look "just so," but is lightening or color correcting a photograph the same as completely changing the way a person looks? Is this practice of over-photoshopping contributing to damaged body images of Americans?

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That baby just had gas, whatever. Also, the title of this post has been changed, because not all of them are horrendous =D

The Office Season 5 Premiere Promo Photos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

THE OFFICE -- "Weight Loss" Episodes 501/502 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kate Flannery as Meredith Palmer, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Creed Bratton as Creed Bratton, John Krasinski as Jim Halpert, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin, Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone, Amy Ryan as Holly, Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez, Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson, Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor, Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Collapse )

No Dwight/Angela pics. No Pam/Jim pics. GTFO NBC promotions staff.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Emma Watson has written a new message on her official website, where the actress reveals she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art over the summer. The actress, who portrays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, wrote that she took a course at the prestigious academy in London, England where she “made so many friends and learnt so much.” This school is noted for such distinguished alumni as fellow Potter actors Alan Rickman and Kenneth Branagh to name but a few; you can learn more about the Academy via this link.

Source: The Leaky Cauldron
Britney Spears - Elle sunglasses

Michael Ian Black blogs two days in a row...

The Beach

This weekend was my wife’s birthday and so I did not object when she suggested spending the day with the kids at the beach. I do not like the beach. I do not like the beach at all. Why? For starters, sand. If I had to rank substances upon which to eat a fun picnic lunch, sand would rank near the bottom, right above lava. Sand and eating do not mix, and yet eating seems to be one of my family’s two primary beach activities (the other is complaining about the heat). No matter how much plastic wrap you swaddle your food in, it is pretty much impossible to avoid getting some sand in your mouth, which is roughly the same as putting a horseshoe crab shell in a blender and then eating the result. Plus, sand always works its way into my butt crack. My entire ass region has enough problems without adding sand to the mix.

Collapse )


Clothing Optional Resorts

When I was writing about the beach yesterday I started thinking about clothing optional resorts. As somebody who is kind of a perv, I obviously like this idea, but the more I look at pictures from these places, the more I realize "clothing optional" is just a euphemism for "unattractive required." What is about walking around with with your flapjacks flapping that appeals to the out-of-shape set? Nudists always say their particular proclivity isn't about sex, but I think that's bullshit. What else could it be about? After all, playing naked volleyball is the same as playing uncomfortable volleyball; it's not the kind of thing you'd do unless you really wanted to see some seriously jiggly ballsacks.

Collapse ) &