August 2nd, 2008

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big love season three gets a premiere date & season three spoilers!

Season three of Big Love premieres Jan. 11, 2009

and here's more:
• Nicki's going to ditch the "compound chic" look, at least at the beginning of season three. According to Chloë, Nikki starts dressing in "normal" clothes more often, but she may well restore the long skirt look before too long, for a "very particular story reason," according to cocreator Will Scheffer. Hmmm...undercover mission to reinfiltrate the compound?

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this is a bit old, but this was never posted.
probably because hardly anyone here watches it. Which is sad because this is such an amazing show

Bid on the actual artwork from tonights Chelsea Lately Episode!

If you caught tonight's all new episode you saw Chelsea, Chuy, and Rikki (the body guard) all went to an art class where they drew a naked man. They then decided to sign them and have a contest on EBay to see whos drawing will get the highest bid. Currently Chelsea is in the lead with $460, then Chuy with $107, and Rikki with $51. Chelsea mentioned all they money earned will go to a little people's fund.

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britney outrageous

Gerard Butler is headset happy

Wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, 300 star Gerard Butler sticks his hands-free headset into his mouth while chatting on his Blackberry around New York City’s West Village on Friday afternoon.

Mmm, t-t-t-t-tasty!

The 40-year-old Scottish stud sported a leather messenger bag while shopping for shirts and chatting on his cell phone. Gerard was later seen disappearing into a subway station.

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tbh I wish he looked like this 24/7

& just because..


John Mayer, Eric Roberts, and Milo Ventimiglia testify. Official testimony included.

"Actors Eric Roberts and Milo Ventimiglia and musician John Mayer were scheduled to address the hearing to regulate aggressive tabloid photographers. Roberts attended with his daughter, actress Emma Roberts.

"You can't imagine what it's like until it happens to you," Eric Roberts said before the hearing. "It's never OK."

He told reporters his daughter keeps a low profile and hasn't been too bothered by paparazzi."

John Mayer's official testimony....

"I am one of the most media-friendly celebrities around, and my being here this morning is not in contrast with that; rather, it's in keeping with it. There is no doubt that the new frontier of entertainment is taking place informally on the street. Sound bites that used to be given on red carpets and in arranged interviews now take place beside a restaurant's valet stand, and there's no changing that. I don't want to beg the city of Los Angeles to give me 1987 back. I love being a famous musician in 2008. I embrace technology, but I also believe in thoughtfully adapting it to fit within a societal framework. And in the specific areas of both tracking and close-quarter engagement by the paparazzi, there are changes that must be made.

I'd like to define the scope of my argument by first defining what lies outside of it. I'm not here this morning to talk to you about the media at large, blogs, tabloid magazines, or entertainment news shows. I'm not even here to talk to you about photography itself. You don't have to ultimately be photographed to have been dangerously pursued in the attempt of getting a shot. The danger exists in methods and tactics having absolutely nothing to do with picture taking. In fact, removing the camera from the equation is a very effective way of looking at this situation candidly.

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Source 1 and Source 2

nine inch nails minneapolis show postponed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
photo by rob sheridan

8.01.2008: NIN Minneapolis show at Target Center postponed to November 25th
We regret to announce that due to illness, the Minneapolis show originally scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd at the Target Center has been postponed. The band is sincerely sorry for the last minute announcement, but after receiving doctor's orders not to perform, Trent has reluctantly agreed to the postponement.

The concert is being rescheduled for Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at Target Center. All tickets purchased for the August 2nd concert will be honored on the new date. For those unable to attend the rescheduled date of November 25th, a refund will be available at original point of purchase.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

posted by NIN PR at 7:04 PM local time, via mobile.

[source] -where i saw it first
[second official]


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photo (probably) by rob sheridan

The United States Border Patrol in Canada confiscated Alessandro Cortini, a known Italian synthisist, around 3:30 AM local time this morning. Details are unknown regarding the circumstances surrounding said confiscation and we only know as much as Rob has posted on the photoblog (I'm just putting this up now so I can avoid a bunch of emails later because I'm awake at an ungodly hour this morning), so we're uncertain how long Alessandro will be detained and if this is going to throw a wrench into the tour.

We'll wait and see if we need to print up some "Free Alessandro!" t-shirts.

[also from the ninhotline]

maybe that "confiscation" has something to do with the mysterious illness that has befallen one of the members now?

And let the Harry/Ginny wank begin....

Scene description from trailer sheds light on an intimate moment between Harry and Ginny.

According to the USA Today article, "They [Harry and Ginny] are about to kiss [while Ginny is all wet and just wearing a bathrobe] ," director David Yates says. "Then the bloody Death Eaters turn up and cause all sorts of anarchy." Describing the newly added attack on the burrow that sees Bellatirix Lestrange (played by Hellen Bonham Carter) and Werewolf Greyback surround the burrow for an attack that sees it burned to the ground. This occurs while Harry is spending Christmas break with the Weasley so Hermione is absent in this scene.

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- Source
- Source

Donnie from MTB4 finally gets a CD release date

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As seen on Making The Band...Donnie Klang's NEW album...


is available in stores and online September 2nd!

Pre-order Donnie Klang's debut album 'JUST A ROLLING STONE' and be the first to get it when it drops on September 2nd! Pre-order online at now and you'll get an instant MP3 download of "Take You There" and a Donnie Klang poster!

Catch Donnie Klang @ the following in-store events (ONTD sign anyone?)...

Virgin Megastore 7:00PM EST
Tuesday, September 2nd
52 E. 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-4666 (Call store for details)

Best Buy 6:00PM EST
Wednesday, September 3rd
1050 Old Country Rd.
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 357-9025 (Call store for details)

*Wristbands will be used. Only those who buy a CD will get one!

And tune in to MTV's F'n New Friday August 8th @ 8PM EST to watch the world premiere of Donnie Klang's video for his first single 'TAKE YOU THERE' featuring Diddy!

Source: My email (yes I get email regarding Bad Boy artists... please don't judge me)
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Little Jackie music video

Here is the debut music video from Little Jackie, "The World Should Revolve Around Me", from Little Jackie's album "The Stoop". It's out NOW in the US on S-Curve Records!

Little Jackie is also appearing on vh1's "You Oughta Know".

Source 1:
source 2:

the music video is available in hq in the sources.

eta:  It's also the theme song to "New York Goes to Hollywood"
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The Grohls' slummin' it in Ohio

Edit: That is my boss on the right, not a member of the grohl clan.

Dave Grohl came to eat at the restaurant I work at in Niles, Ohio. He drank very expensive wine, played with his adorable daughter, Violet, and told us that he's working on a new project! Hmmm...

I also learned that they own several scorpions!

Also, his wife is very quiet, polite and gorgeous. They are a really cute family.

Dave with the whole staff. I'm on the far right :)

Source: Me

TED NUGENT To Appear On THE TRAVEL CHANNEL's 'No Reservations'

Expect plenty of outrageous moments when Anthony Bourdain visits legendary rocker and outdoorsman Ted Nugent at his Texas ranch. Tune in to watch Nugent's segment on the "U.S. Southwest" episode of Bourdain's irreverent TV series "No Reservations" Monday, August 4 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on The Travel Channel. Writing on his blog, Bourdain says: "It was inevitable, if you think about it, that I should make television, eat BBQ and play with large caliber automatic weapons with Ted Nugent. It was, I think, only a matter of time." 
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Sure, she can sing and dance like a pro in her High School Musical movies. But can Vanessa Hudgens cut it live? According to the thrilled fans at her concert last night, the answer is an overwhelming YES!

The brunette bombshell was doing her thing onstage at the Alabama Adventure Theme Park in Bessemer, Alabama on the second date of her solo tour in support of her new album Identified.

And Miss Hudgens worked the crowd like a seasoned pro, taking time in between songs to share a bit with the audience before blasting into the next song.

A very animated performer, Vanessa clearly enjoyed every minute of the gig, as she sported several different outfits throughout the night. As for upcoming shows, Hudgens will be playing in Des Moines, Iowa on August 14th and Louisville, Kentucky on August 15th.

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Miley Cyrus Rocks FNMTV

Miley Cyrus flicks her wrists before a live taping of MTV’s FNMTV on Friday at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star, whose album Breakout opened at No. 1 in its first week, performed her hit singles “7 Things” and “Fly on the Wall”. She also joined pregnant singer Ashlee Simpson backstage.

Miley is also set to host this Sunday’s 2008 Teen Choice Awards, which FOX will be airing on Monday @ 8PM ET/PT. She’ll perform “7 Things” again! Mariah Carey will also perform her latest single “I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time.”

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I think it's funny Keira is the go to gal for period pieces


More problems for the big-screen adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. In May Natalie Portman, who was to play Cathy Earnshaw, pulled out because she didn’t think she could manage a Yorkshire accent. Now the film’s director John Maybury (centre), has quit, leaving the future of the movie in serious doubt.
It is not known exactly why Maybury, whose credits include the recent Dylan Thomas movie The Edge of Love, left, but the Daily Mail claims it was down to differences of opinion between himself and the producers over the script and cast (as reported on The First Post, Maybury was never keen on Portman taking the lead role). It seems the project had moved into a direction he was not happy with. In a recent interview, Maybury said that the producers initially wanted "a weird, dark version of the weird, dark tale", but it soon became apparent that was not the case.
The search is now on for a new director – and a new leading actress. Kiera Knightley was offered the part of Cathy after Portman left, but turned it down because she didn’t want to take on a role the American actress had dumped. Sienna Miller (pictured above with Maybury and Knightley at the premiere of 'The Edge of Love') was then approached, but she had other commitments.


Why Natalie left

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Kate Moss: Day at the Beach with Lila Grace

This chick definitely knows how to relax in style! Kate Moss was spotted continuing along with her holiday in the sun on the island of Formentera. Joined by her daughter Lila Grace and mother, Miss Moss spent the afternoon yesterday relaxing on the beach and splashing in the ocean, sporting a sexy two-piece bikini. According to reports, Kate was beckoned to the island by designer pal Marc Jacobs, who has been a good friend to Moss through all of her own personal turmoil. And if the rumors are true, Moss will be following up her vacation in Formentera with a trip to the Balearic Islands to check out possible venues for wedding her boyfriend Jamie Hince.


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Smoke Gets In Your. . .

One more for the pwned column

Duchovny unhappy with 'Batman' competition

David Duchovny has blamed the new X-Files film's disappointing box office performance on The Dark Knight.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe opened with an unimpressive $10 million in ticket sales last weekend, which Duchovny put down to having to compete with the Batman sequel.

He said: "I'd prefer if it was a huge hit, but there are mitigating circumstances. We happened to open on the worst day in the history of cinema - the second week of Batman. The only thing worse would be to open with Batman and nobody would've done that."

Duchovny suggested that the movie still has a chance of turning a profit because of its relatively small budget.

"We're competing for the same audience with what they're saying will be the highest grossing film of all time," he said. "What saves us is that we only cost $29 million to make. We're a small movie masquerading as a blockbuster."

stupid overpriced shirt

Jason Isaacs to guest on 'Entourage'!

Jason Isaacs — who plays white-haired wizard Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films as well as Michael Caffee on Showtime's gritty drama Brotherhood — will let his fanboy flag fly when he guest stars on the upcoming season of Entourage. "I couldn't be more excited," he told "I have seen every episode. I can’t tell anyone what I am playing. I can only say I am not playing myself. Christ, I hope no one thinks it’s me. It’s quite a character. I wouldn't want people thinking he's based on my personality!"

Isaacs admitted he got a little star struck while taping the series, which returns Sept. 7. "Even after hanging around with these boys for a few days and playing golf with them, I found it hard to shake off my whole fan geekiness," said Isaacs, who added that he is grateful to Showtime for allowing him the opportunity. "They don’t normally give up their series' actors [to appear on] any HBO show. But I am such a huge fan of the show and they made the exception for me."

He also said that he has "no idea what is in store for the third season of Brotherhood. "The creator just had a baby so I wonder if it is going to turn all soft and cuddly. I doubt it strongly. He's probably going to be more pissed off and grumpy because of lack of sleep so he'll come to work and take it out on these characters." Brotherhood returns to Showtime on Nov. 2. "No one has a good time in Brotherhood," Isaacs continued. "I think that’s why people like watching it because by comparison everyone’s lives are just peachy."

Next up for Isaacs: the seventh and eighth installments of the Harry Potter franchise. "I wasn’t in six so it has been a long hiatus for me and I can’t wait to get back in that world," said Isaacs. "It is easy to get back into the mind of Lucius. I just put on the wig. The thing about that wig is that it is long and straight and the only way to get it straight is to tilt my head back and then I’m forced to look down my nose at people. And suddenly Lucius is back in town.”


He is so freaking adorable.

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American Teen - Exclusive Clip

The touching and hilarious Sundance hit that follows the lives of four teenagers - a jock, the popular girl, the artsy girl and the geek – in one small town in Indiana through their senior year of high school.

r. bils :: nylon shoot

rachel surely you jest!

Rachel Bilson tries to hail a cab on the streets and then walks to restaurant “There’s No Place Like Home” in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 26-year-old O.C. actress then went vintage clothes shopping at “Squaresville” on N Vermont Ave with her female friend.

RB rocked out her favorite pair of her Martin Margiela open toe ankle boots while walking around in Culver City.

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well, i think this is the first time i will admit that i am bored to death with her. while the outfits are cute, they're nothing spectacular and i'm yawning. step it up next time you walk out of the house, bb. oh i'm 21 at midnight and going to the bar so i need some drink/shot suggestions that are fruity and girly because i'm a pussbag. :[

more & bigger pics @ source1 & source2
trey songz shirtless

Trey Songz Post

A still freshly-shaved Trey Songz takes a minute to address his leaked music among other things. Check it Out


Girls Around The World remix by LLoyd ft Trey Songz and Lil Wayne


I have to admit that I'm starting to like "In Ya Phone".  Oh and Trey is also featured on new songs by BG, Huey and AZ if anyone wants to check them out. I haven't heard them yet.

p.s. His body is bangin.

Shots Fired at Party with Usher and Nelly

Gunfire erupted early Saturday at an Atlanta nightclub party sponsored by Jermaine Dupri and attended by music stars Usher, Nelly and Sean "Diddy" Combs. A security guard was reportedly wounded. "I'm sad this incident happened because it interrupted a beautiful and loving party. But I'm happy none of my people or friends got hurt. And the party continues," Dupri tells PEOPLE in a statement. The shots were fired at about 3:30 a.m. at the party at Dreamz ATL after some guests were allegedly double-charged by security guards to enter, DeKalb County police spokesman Marcus Hodge tells WSBTV. Rowdy guests were escorted outside, where the shooting occurred, Hodge says. A club security guard was shot in the arm. He was treated at a hospital and released, Hodge says. The party also was attended by actresses Gabrielle Union and Regina King and actor Larenz Tate. "I didn't hear the shots, but around 3:30 a.m., everybody started ducking," party guest Nigel D. of tells PEOPLE. "Nobody really knew what happened. It was dark in the club. And everyone was trying to get out of the VIP area, but there were so many people no one could really move." An announcement was made that the sound wasn't shots but a bottle popping or a speaker problem, "But people, including the celebs, were still trying to leave, so I don't think anyone believed them," he says. "I got outside, and the cops shut the club down. No one inside could leave and no one outside in the parking lot could leave either. One of my friends was stuck inside the club and people were scared that the shooter was still inside."



Emma Roberts & Alex Pettyfer "Wild Child" Promotion in Manchester

Hollywood duo love Manchester

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EMMA Roberts and Alex Pettyfer are two of the hottest young stars in Hollywood and they were almost as excited about being in Manchester as the Rainy City was to have them here.

Emma, niece of Julia Roberts, says: "I love what I've seen of Manchester, it seems really cool. And I love The Ting Tings at the moment so being in their home city is great."

Her Windsor-born male co-star Alex adds: "The people here are lovely and the city is really cool. I tried to get out to experience a bit of it last night but I made it as far as the hotel door and realised I was exhausted. I'll be out tonight though."

He is already well known in the UK as a teen heart-throb for starring roles in Tom Brown's Schooldays and the movie Stormbreaker.

The pair, both teenagers, are in town for the premiere of the summer's big teen movie, Wild Child, and were the centre of attention at last night's fabulously glamorous film launch at the Trafford Centre.

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30 Fucking Pages!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is Saint Angelina laughing at us for already making plans to rush to the newsstands on Monday morning to plop down a few dollars for 30 pages of pictures of her precious twin messiahs. Yes, 30 fucking pages of baby pictures alone. Gawker reports that the hos at People closed the issue last night and the entire spread clocks in at around 30 pages.
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Alessandra Ambrosio set to give birth today

According to a bulletin from Marisa Miller's official MySpace page, her fellow Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio is going to give birth today in Florianopolis, Brasil, after her water broke. The news was told to Miller by Jeisa Chiminazzo.

Alessandra, who is expecting a baby girl (reportedly named Anja) with her boyfriend, businessman/entrepreneur Jamie Mazur, first officially announced the news of her pregnancy on March 7th, 2008, on her website. This is the first child for both Ambrosio and Mazur.

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Bets for the next celebrity MILF to give birth? My money's on Gwen Stefani.

Source, although it went out in a bulletin to friends.
Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

What happened to Aly & A.J.?

Image Hosted by

Alyson & Amanda Joy Michalka showed off their beautiful tanned skin at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Party on Friday.

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Tan isn't their color, IMO =/ But I think A.J.'s new haircut is growing on me. Aly also has really nice teeth, mmhmm.

ETA: OMG YOU GUYS. I went to make a Selena Gomez post and clicked on the wrong thing and fucked everything up. I'm sorry. Sorry for the confusing guys, did NOT mean to do that!
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Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Zefron and BBV to live together?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are 'deep in love and ready to take the next step,' an insider told National Enquirer. Vanessa reportedly talked Zac into giving up his apartment and moving in with her while they were in Turks & Caicos recently.

Vanessa has been house hunting since they returned from vacation. The insider spilled, 'She has her heart set on one place in particular, a cozy four bedroom, three bath Spanish style house in the Hollywood Hills. She's been dreaming of owning a home for the last year, and now she's finally ready to pluck down the $2.3 million for the house.'

Zanessa are going to wait until after Vanessa's summer tour is over before they move. The source added, 'She's been pushing for a live together situation for the past year.'



I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted. I bet Zac's all like "DNW!" Personally, I like Zefron and Ashley Tisdale better together. :: shrugs ::

Image Hosted by

Just rock with it. ;9

Sorry for being annoying, lol. Hopefully I got it right this time.
-crosses fingers-

Super huge NextSelection post! :-D

Cassie's "Complex" Magazine Scans.

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+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Cassie's "Official Girl" remix featuring Lil Wayne.
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+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Cassie getting asked by the paparazzi if she's dating Diddy.

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+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Ryan Leslie's video shoot for his new single: "Addiction" w/ Fabolous.

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+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Ryan Leslie @ The Grand in NYC w/ Chanel Iman.

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01, 02, 03, 04, 05.
Brit Slave.


A solo Pete Wentz was seen at a Los Angeles studio taping scenes for his upcoming MTV show yesterday.

Looking nothing short of emolicious, the Fall Out Boy bassist was all business as he filmed numerous scenes for FNMTV, the visually spastic, weekly show which unveils artists’ brand-new videos and encourages multi-platform audience participation.

Pete started off August F’N right with a live performance from Miley Cyrus. The adorable and oh-so pregnant Ashlee Simpson is clearly a fan of the teen queen because she stole Pete’s roll for a second on the show and introduced Miley’s live performance.

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After spending all week chasing around their 5-month-old twins, new parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony treated themselves to a night out last night at STK in Los Angeles.

After munching down on some overpriced steaks, the power couple was all smiles amid a sea of photographers as they departed the celeb hotspot in their Rolls-Royce.

Meanwhile, it appears motherhood has not affected J.Lo’s diva status one bit. The actress/singer/designer reportedly orders her hubby to take over diaper duty in the middle of the night - so she can get her beauty sleep.

He says, “Jennifer pushes me out of bed to go and check on the twins if they are crying. Absolutely.”
But he insists he relishes his role as a father: “We share the parenting responsibilities. We are a team. I love being a dad and that is a big part of it. My family is strong and my foundations are good and they give me so much energy. So I have energy to look after them and energy to work. I am on top of the world right now.”

she looks great! love her dress.

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T.I. addresses some internet gangstas, remains sexy while going so

T.I. - If I wasn’t from Bankhead - don’t you think it would have come out before now?

I found this video over at I’mHip-Hop - What up, L? - of T.I. speaking on Shawty Lo, and the Bankhead Beef situation, and, I have to say he makes a lot of sense.

If T.I. really wasn’t from Bankhead - you’d think it would have proven by now. The truth doesn’t stay hidden forever - people do talk. Ask Akon, or Rick Ross, or Plies, or…well, you get my point.

What I like most about hearing T.I. speak is that his intelligence and humor always shine through. He doesn’t sound just plain ign’ant - like this guy.


He's so funny. I love listening to him talk.


Britney's "Amnesia" Track Details.

An insider close to Fernando Garibay, a confirmed producer for the upcoming album, has revealed exclusively to some of the details for an upcoming track Britney has recorded entitled "Amnesia." The insider says: "If it really goes on the final album, I bet it'll be a smash hit! It's kind of Britney fighting with a voice inside her, and damn... it's a huge fight, with an aggressive and uptime instrumental. And be ready, Brit is screaming in the studio."

They went on to reveal a bridge from the song:

"It's kinda amnesia / (baby, just forget it) / what you save only weighs you / and all I want is to be free / (to fly higher than ever) / so baby get out of my way / (I ain't still the same) now you are in my freaking game / and it's hotter than ever / (it's kinda amnesia)"

The track, contrary to reports, does NOT feature Justin Timberlake - nor does the other Garibay produced track titled "Quicksand."

source one

not the most reliable source, obviously, but the two tracks Amnesia and Quicksand were both confirmed tracks on Fernando Garibay's official website.

source two
Dair Met Steps Hands

Future Box Office Bomb Delayed Until 2010


'Prince Of Persia' delayed by a year

Friday, August 1 2008, 10:24 BST

Disney has pushed back the release of its video game adaptation Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time by a year Coming  Soon reports. The adventure film's June 19, 2009 release has been shifted to May 28, 2010, moving it away from the debut date of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

However, the film is now scheduled to arrive in cinemas a week after Shrek Goes Fourth and a week before Marvel's Thor.

Prince Of Persia is currently filming in the UK and Morocco under the direction of Mike Newell. Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Alfred Molina and Sir Ben Kingsley are among the cast, with Jerry Bruckheimer serving as producer. 


guide you

Colin celebrates anniversary,opens regatta and keeps on being awesome

YOUNG Dublin athletes were joined by Colin Farrell on July 9 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Special Olympics Ireland.
Colin and Special Olympic athletes Kate McHugh and Josh Hennessy blew out the candles on a cake to celebrate the organization, which provides the sports training and competition programme for people with an intellectual disability.


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disney chicks

Ready to take the stage at the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow night, Selena Gomez was up bright and early to catch a flight out to Los Angeles on Saturday (August 2).

Dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans with sandals and a peace sign wrap around her neck, the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star left her New York City hotel - being chauffeured over to JFK Airport, where she was greeted by an awaiting swarm of paparazzi.

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While some celebrities have serious issues with substance abuse, the only thing Ashley Tisdale seems that she can’t live without is her morning java.

And the “High School Musical” hottie was spotted furthering her caffeine addiction with her regular morning trip to a Toluca Lake, California café for a cup of coffee.

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raven lookin

Adrianne Curry blogs: The Abortion debate-ProChoice or ProLife?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
Yep, I'm going there. My last blog brought up quite the abortion debate. I myself am pro-choice. There are thousands of babies that people dont want, get abused, and turn out to be the scum of the earth when they grow up. Why should we add to that? I personally believe that until the central nervous system develops, it is NOT killing a baby. It doesn't even look like a baby by then. Just an alien blob! I am lucky because I have never, nor will I ever be faced with the desicion of abortion (unless I am raped). However, just because I personally would never make that decision for myself, who am I or anyone else to tell another what they should do? I do cringe at the thought of a more developed fetus getting the ax...but from personal experience, i don't remember anything about the womb or my birth. in fact, I don't remember anything till I was 3 or 4!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

oh K-Fed.

Earlier today we reported that Kevin Federline was allegedly 'shocked' that his ex Britney didn't fight harder for their kids.

A source close to K-Fed reportedly told British magazine Closer, "Kevin loves his sons, but he didn't aim for sole custody. He wanted to be a co-parent and didn't expect Britney not to fight for custody."

But when caught up with K-Fed at the “Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Skins Classic” gold tournament on Tuesday, he was singing a different tune. Kevin wouldn’t discuss his divorce settlement, but he did talk about parenting.

When asked if his responsibilities to his children have become overwhelming, he said, “It is what it is. I don’t know how to explain that, I am who I am, I love where I am at.”

In regards to the constant media scrutiny surrounding his life, he said, "I don’t know, I just don’t pay attention to it I guess. I don’t watch TV, no Internet, its pretty awesome actually, gives me a lot more time to spend with my family and my friends.”

Now that his 2-year divorce battle has been cleared, we asked Kevin if he would go back to rapping, “That I don’t know, I am not giving away anything but there’s a lot of stuff coming.”

So what's next for Kevin Federline? “Winning this tournament.” Since all the proceeds from the tournament went to charity he said, “I am going to go for Shecklers foundation…if it was up to me I’d go for the kids.”

On a lighter note, K-Fed warned us that he's become a pretty avid golf player. “Don’t ever play golf with me," he joked. "When I go out there nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

Check out our exclusive interview with K-Fed video:
Kiss (by me)

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WTF? Tanorexic European designers?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Valentino today at lunch.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Roberto Cavalli earlier this week on vacation.

sources:, and
This post brought to you by: ~ronaldo~ Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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It's Sunday night and I miss my show.

Shawn Pyfrom attends "The Do Something Awards" Pre-Party for The 2008 Teen Choice Awards at Level 3 on August 2, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Shawn thanks you for the kind words.
Sasha Pivovarova

Robert Pattinson is Plain Gravy


Harry Potter star Robert Pattinson, aka Cedric Diggory, rocks out a Plain Gravy t-shirt at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX ‘Tony Hawk’ edition launch party held at 6121 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Friday night.

The 22-year-old rising British actor will soon portray Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, a novel by Stephenie Meyer. Here’s a plot synopsis via IMDB: Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is a girl just trying to survive Forks, Washington- the town with the worst weather in the United States- because her mother’s just married a baseball player. Edward Cullen (Pattinson) is one of five teenagers adopted by the amazingly intelligent and handsome Dr. Cullen, and all he wants is to guard his eerily beautiful family’s secret- that they’re all vampires who’ve given up hunting humans. Can Edward keep up the “vegetarian” lifestyle when he falls for Bella, whose blood has a scent sweeter than anyone on the planet’s? Or, more importantly, can he protect her from others who don’t have the same amount of self-control?

Twilight is set to open nationwide on Friday, December 12.

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Old but good news for Tim Roth fans out there

Tim Roth to star in Fox's 'Lie to Me'
Grazer, Nevins to exec produce Baum drama

Tim Roth is set to make his television series starring debut in "Lie to Me," a one-hour from Imagine and 20th Century Fox TV that is being eyed for a bow early next year. Fox has picked up the drama to series, with a 13-episode commitment.

Brian Grazer is exec producing with Imagine TV prexy David Nevins and writer-creator Sam Baum.

Roth will play Dr. Cal Lightman, a scientist who pioneered the field of deception detection. The doc is a human lie detector, skilled at reading the human face, body and voice to uncover the truth in criminal and private investigations. The fact that the character can apply the same skills to his personal life complicates his relationships. The science in the show is genuine, based on the work of Dr. Paul Ekman.

Robert Schwentke is directing the pilot, which will shoot in August.

Roth was pursued for three months by Grazer and Baum. The actor agreed over the weekend, after a lunch with Baum.

Gig will rep the first TV regular series role for Roth, and the first TV work he has done since making several appearances in British TV dramas in his early career. Roth just starred in “The Incredible Hulk,” “Funny Games” and “Youth Without Youth.”

In addition to “Lie to Me,” Imagine and Fox are teamed on the returning drama “24.” Grazer’s also in the midst of production on the Ron Howard-directed “Angels & Demons” for Columbia Pictures.

catch me at the border

wtf are you wearing, chuck?

Ed Westwick Stops for Snacks

We spotted Ed Westwick indulging himself with some treats from the snack table on the set of Gossip Girl this afternoon. It looks like the costume designers were channeling Chuck Bass' inner Prince because he has on a LOT of purple! (Do you think he smells like lavender too?)

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I can totally imagine him smelling like lavender. Especially with that outfit. Although the sight of his chest hair makes me think he probably smells like something else too. Like sweat and smoke or something. IDK, I'm overthinking.

Bernie Mac Death Rumors Untrue

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CHICAGO (STNG) ― Since it was announced that Bernie Mac was hospitalized in Chicago for pneumonia, prank phone calls have been rolling into newsrooms and radio stations alleging the "King of Comedy" has died -- a statement his publicist calls "absolutely untrue."

Mac, 50, who lives in the south suburbs, is responding well to treatment and should be released soon, Mac's publicist Danica Smith said Friday.

Smith said she received multiple phone calls from news outlets Saturday asking her to confirm whether or not Mac has died.

"It is a very horrible rumor," Smith said. "It is absolutely untrue. Nothing has changed from yesterday."
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a Tearful Sienna in desperate bid to win back billionaire oil heir lover after he runs back to wife

"‘She is perceived as nothing more than a home-wrecker. It would be different if her movies did big numbers at the box office, but they don’t."

Sienna Miller is said to be ‘devastated’ after her married lover ran home to his wife and four children.

Sienna, 26, has been furiously calling and texting oil fortune heir Balthazar Getty after learning he had returned to Los Angeles to attempt a reconciliation with his wife, Rosetta.

A source said: ‘Sienna and Balthazar were in New York for a few days together and then he told her he was going to LA to work and see his kids. But the reality is he is desperately trying to get back with his wife.

‘He realises he’s made a terrible mistake. He is trying to keep Sienna at arm’s length and hasn’t told her it is over yet so she is going frantic.

‘She has been calling and texting him constantly and is planning to go to LA herself as she believes she can win him back if they have a face-to-face meeting.

'She’s devastated that he has distanced himself from her both emotionally and geographically.’

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..can you say 'billionaire oil heir' 10 times fast?


Jamie Kennedy News

idk if this was posted and idk who else cares but me :) this is semi-old old news, but good to hear for Jamie fans!

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I'm a big Jamie fan and I'm considering entering this contest although I don't know if i'd be able to act cool around him, as lame as that sounds. So, ONTD, should I enter? Will anyone else?

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weird penelope cruz interview; it made me say 'uh' out loud

Should we do this interview in English or Spanish?
I would ask you in which language are you going to write it. And depending on that, we'll do it in that language.

I should tell you that I don't speak Spanish.
Well, that's it!

Let's get this out of the way. What was it like kissing Scarlett?
Really, Scarlett and I have run out of lines to say about that. We're calling Woody to give us some material. People love that subject. The only thing which is honest, the set was very crowded that day. But I don't have anything else to tell you about it.

Did you have to do any research?
Very funny.

Aren't you a funny person?
In interviews, I completely lose my sense of humor. I lose at least 50 percent, if not more.

Why is that?
It's unfortunate, but I think you're obligated to do that in a way. I try to do what feels honest. We're always talking to strangers in interviews. So it would be fake to talk like you knew that person for years. So why not pay attention to what's natural, which is that the situation is not natural. And then I think it's OK to be guarded or decide what things you want to talk about.

But I always approach an interview like I'm talking to a friend.
I imagine if I was on your side, that's the best attitude to have. The whole interview, we're going to be talking about interviewing!

OK, new subject. I read that you take in stray cats. Is that true?
I have a couple, yes, that I have found in the streets.

And you keep them now?
Of course. I didn't drown them in the river.

Is it true that you have 883 tattooed on your ankle?
It is true, but I never say why.

Is it an area code?
No, and it's not a Harley-Davidson. It's not the different things that have been said.

So everyone can have a theory?
I don't think anyone cares. It's my own tattoo.

And it's your own ankle.


Lilo and Ronsons at Lollapalooza

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There was LiLo, hanging with a friend and trying not to pay attention to the fact that everyone in the area was looking at her. There was Samantha, waiting to go on. And then there was the even better known member of the Ronson family, DJ and uber producer brother Mark, an attention magnet himself. And to throw a certifiable rock god into the mix, there was the man himself, Slash — yet another surprise guest for Perry to spring on the crowd.

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Russell Brand gets reined in for MTV Video Music Awards

BRITISH comedian Russell Brand, known for his controversial way with words, has been banned from making certain jokes when he hosts the MTV Video Music Awards.
The British comic has been warned by show bosses there are specific things he definitely can't say.

He explained: "I've been warned when I'm presenting there are two things I'm never allowed to say.
"One - **** and two - Scientology.

"There is one sentence that could join both of those words but I'm going to try and not say it."

Russell is worried he will not be able to control his mischievous instincts.

He added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I have a real problem when people tell me not to do something.

"When I was going to meet the Queen of England, the protocol people told me how to bow, not to curtsy and not to speak until I was spoken to.

"But all I could think of was, 'Grab her t*t.' "

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star also claimed he hates not being famous in America.

The 33-year-old funnyman, who has long backcombed locks, said: "People say you must enjoy it that no one knows you're famous in America but I hate it.

"Without fame, this haircut makes me look like someone with a mental illness. I want everyone to know who I am. I have to carry a laptop around with me so I can explain I am a celebrity."

The MTV Video Music Awards take place in Los Angeles in September.


ok ONTD, what are your favorite VMA performances? Mine:

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day wants less Diddy drama, more gay husbands

By Brandon Voss

Do you got a First Aid kit handy? Because even though tabloids and bloggers may try to damage her rep, Aubrey O’Day’s gay fans always have her back. Now making her Broadway debut as Tracy Turnblad’s rival Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray, the 24-year-old Danity Kane diva gives us a Diddylicious preview of what’s to come.

HX: Tell me about your connection with gay men.
Aubrey O’Day: Besides the fact that I was one in my previous life, all my best friends are gay men. Till I was about five years old, my first nanny and housekeeper was a black man with AIDS. I grew up with him, and he actually died in my house. From then on, I was very exposed to the gay community and to HIV and AIDS awareness, which spawned my charity, F.A.N., Fight AIDS Now, which targets youth AIDS internationally. I had a very liberal family; I’d say my parents have more gay friends than straight friends. But I’ve always been very accepting of any type of person. I have friends who are heavily religious and conservative, and I have drag queen sex show friends that go nuts.

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because you can never be too tan.

Bitch, what crazy white person lied and told you that?
Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
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Pride and Glory NEW trailer

director: Gavin O' Connor
with: Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voigt

Originally scheduled for release on March 14, 2008, New Line pushed the release back to 24 October.


I think this movie got an unfortunate release date, though, near the one of "Righteous Kill"..the themes are pretty the same (another "The Prestige"/"The Illusionist"? -the battle in my heart was won by Alfred Borden, my fronds- we'll see)

Christina Applegate Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

This just in:
Sources confirm to ET that 36-year-old "Samantha Who" star Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
The star rose to fame as a teenager on "Married with Children."
ET will continue to update the story all weekend as we confirm more details.




Only one month after her ex-boyfriend Lee Grivas was discovered dead in his apartment — the victim of an apparent drug overdose — Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, a rep for the actress confirms.

"Benefitting from early detection through a doctor-ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening," reads the statement from the 36-year-old Samantha Who? star's rep. "Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery."

Christina has long been a supporter of breast cancer research and prevention. Her mother, Nancy Priddy, is a breast cancer survivor and in 2003 the Married...With Children actress acted as the spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day, a fundraiser to benefit Women's Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.
source: ok magazine
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I boozed a little to audition for Doolittle, admits Keira

Oscar-nominated actress Keira Knightley has revealed how she won the lead role in a new film version of My Fair Lady - she was tipsy at the audition.

The 23-year-old Atonement star admitted being so stagestruck by performing for famous theatre impressario Cameron Mackintosh, who is co-producing the film, that she needed Dutch courage.

‘It was in front of Cameron himself, so the only option was to get drunk,’ she said. ‘I probably did slur my words. I can’t remember.’

Knightley will play Eliza Doolittle opposite Daniel Day-Lewis as Henry Higgins - and she plans to sing all the classic numbers, including Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? and The Rain In Spain, herself.  The full interview with Keira appears in the September issue of Glamour magazine.