June 24th, 2008

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Paris Hilton’s Masquerade Ball

Back home in Los Angeles following a New York City trip filled with filming, Paris Hilton got all dolled up on Sunday night for the “My New BFF” Masquerade Ball at Kress in Hollywood.

Accompanying the socialite turned reality star were boyfriend Benji Madden, sister Nicky and parents, Kathy and Rick, all there for the filming of Paris’ upcoming cable show.

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More pictures of Mario Lopez and his side chick

Quick recap: Last month, Mario Lopez was dating Karina Smirnoff. This month? Not so much. According to the National Enquirer, Mario was getting a little on the side with 21-year-old Meaghan Cooper — that chick in the pink. You may recognize Meaghan as Miss November in the 2007 Hooters calendar. Anyways that’s Mario and her in L.A. (?) last month. Wow, what a keeper. Too many chicks nowadays are all uptight about mocking the homeless — especially my last girlfriend, she was the worst . . . “Well excuuuuuuse me Miss Cares About Those Less Fortunate Than Her, I’ll just take my bottle of lighter fluid home then.”

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The Shins next album release

The Shins set to self-release next album

But the band could remain connected to Sub Pop

The Shins

After three albums released through Sub Pop, The Shins are going out on their own to put out their fourth LP.

However, the band could still remain connected to the Seattle-based label through distribution, according to reports today.

"The deal will be more of a [pressing and distribution] deal than a traditional record deal," Shins manager Ian Montone told Billboard. "That partner could very well remain Sub Pop, who have done a remarkable job with the band and have a great staff of people who really love music. It could be a digital partner with respect to other rights. All of this is being determined. The first goal is to make the record and see where that takes us."

The band who have sold over 1.5 million albums in the US alone, are looking to sign a deal with a label that will enable them to retain ownership of their masters and utilise the label's marketing and radio promotion tools.

Last year’s ‘Wincing The Night Away’ debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard chart.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/the-shins/37558

T.I. leaks new track, remains sexy while doing so

New music from T.I titled “A Better Day” not sure if this will be on T.I.’s upcoming project “Paper Trail” but it’s a solid track T.I. hasn’t lost his stepped.

I've been listening to this for a few days now but I've just been to lazy to post it. Now everyone who thinks T.I. is sexy but hasn't heard his music can listen. lol And his video for No Matter What is premiering on FNMTV on Friday.
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You can blame Selena for making Demi Lovato famous

The Wall Street Journal wrote an extremely interesting article on Demi Lovato's rise to fame. And guest what? Her BFF Selena Gomez helped her land her lucrative roles with Disney Channel. Here are pertinent excepts: Demi grew up in Texas, competing in beauty pageants, taking acting, music and singing lessons and landing her first television role on the children's show 'Barney & Friends' when she was eight.

Demi and her family' desire to get into the Disney empire was as great as the company's desire to find new talent. Her mom Dianna De La Garza said, 'Take it from someone who tried for eight years to make it, once you get in you're thankful.' Demi insists that Disney allows its actors to flourish as individuals. 'Disney has an image that's not the reality. Artists aren't as manufactured as they appear.'

Disney President Gary Marsh explained, 'There's a very flat learning curve. We know these kids grow up, evolve, experiment. And sometimes they take the right path and sometimes they take the path that they know is a mistake.'

Demi's star turn at Disney had its beginnings when she was 11. Her mother, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a country music singer, took Demi and her best friend, a fellow 'Barney' performer named Selena Gomez, to a 'talent search' in Austin organized by Disney, which was considering developing a 'Lizzie McGuire' spinoff.

Disney casting executives noticed Demi but snapped up her friend. Demi's mom revealed, 'Selena is an adorable looking Hispanic girl, and looks more Hispanic than Demi, and that's what they were looking for at the time.' Demi returned to Dallas, where she was home schooled and continued her acting, singing and music lessons.

In 2006, she attended another Disney talent search in Dallas, and Disney cast her in a short series called 'As the Bell Rings.' Selena was largely responsible for what happened next. She said in an interview, 'I was absolutely determined to get [Demi] on the Disney Channel with me.' So during a break in the taping of, Wizards of Waverly Place, she called Demi out of the audience for an impromptu performance. When she belted out a version of Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man,' 'all of the [executives'] heads completely turned to her.'

Marsh said, 'We realized she needed to be a larger part of our programming.' Thus Demi landed the Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program and Welcome To Mollywood roles as well as her contract with Hollywood Records. In January, her stepfather, Eddie De La Garza become her co-manager, forming a management team that would eventually include Kevin Jonas Sr., father of the Jonas Brothers, along with her agent and publicist.

Demi, on the damage tabloid photos can do: 'I always stop and give myself a reality check, I ask myself, 'Is this something a 15 year old should be doing?' and if it isn't, then I don't do it.'


'The OC' producer joins 'Gossip Girl'

'The OC' producer joins 'Gossip Girl'
Saturday, June 21 2008, 15:41 BST (10:41 ET)
By Dave West, Media Correspondent

John Stephens has been hired as an executive producer on Gossip Girl.

Stephens was approached by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the show's existing executive producers, having previously worked with them on The OC.

"I was a big fan of Gossip Girl - probably embarrassingly big for a 36-year-old man - so that, and the prospect of working with Stephanie and Josh again, meant I probably would have worked on the show for free," said Stephens. "It was a real bonus when they offered to pay me."

Stephens will also develop new shows for Gossip producer Warner Brothers Television under the deal.

If your curious, here is his IMDB Page and listed are The OC eps he was a part of.

source: http://community.livejournal.com/gossipgirltv

Crap Brown and Pon de Forehead ÜBERPOST...

Here's your Chrianna/Rihstopher fix for the day...personally I like the name Rihstopher better...it sounds more ridiculous LMAO

Damn, he's a sweaty boy, ain't he?

So basically Chris Brown and Rihanna are back to being up to that foolywang they call a "very, very close friendship"
Here they are at Powerhouse 2008 on Saturday...Chris was supposed to be performing alone, but you know Rihanna HAD to push her fivehead into the performance as well lol:

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You got it, dude!

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Exclusive: Mary-Kate Olsen Comes to ABC's Samantha Who?

"She started today, and she's terrific."

That's the word from a reliable Samantha Who? insider on the show's latest guest star: Mary-Kate Olsen.

After a tip-off from on-set sources, ABC has just confirmed that Mary-Kate is shooting an episode of the divine, good-versus-evil comedy this week, playing a character whom Samantha (Christina Applegate) tries to "save." (Score one for Good Sam.)

I'm told M-K is only slated to do one episode (airing this fall), and the powers that be are very happy with her performance so far.

Of course, if you saw Mary-Kate tormenting Silas on Weeds last season, you know the girl has serious comedy chops. (Word is she also did some show with a guy named "Uncle Jesse?" Doesn't ring a bell.)

And given the recent news that James Yummer, er, Tupper also will appear in the second season, only one question remains: Is it fall yet?!


How much do you wanna bet that she plays a little pot-smoking hippie who wears baggy, odd clothing. I think it's great that she wants to become a "real" actress. But she needs to try actually.... acting. Instead of looking for roles that are pretty much just her, with less money and no twin.

George Carlin's Last Interview

Ten days ago, on a rainy Friday evening, I had the extraordinary privilege of talking to George Carlin. As far as I know it was the last in-depth interview he gave before he passed away yesterday at age 71. Originally it was slated to run as a 350-word Q&A on the back page of Psychology Today. But I was so excited to talk to him—and he was so generous with his time—that I just kept on going. For question after question he indulged me, speaking thoughtfully about his childhood, his theories about humor, and his creative process.

What struck me most was the joy in his voice as he talked about how much he loved the wonderful, happy feeling he got while writing—which surprised me, given his grouchy stage persona.


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Not for the tl;dr crowd, but very interesting if you were a fan of his.

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Your JonAsss News for the day

Rooney concert Konzert Zapata

Rooney, who recently toured with the Jonas Brothers, dished
details about the boys in the Cosmo Girl! Summer 2008 issue.

Taylor Locke: "Joe is huge on 'bro hugs.' I hug Joe an average of three times a
day. Nick's more of a fist pound guy. Since Kevin is the oldest and closest to
me in age, he gives me a firm handshake. Handshakes with Kevin, hugs with Joe,
fist pounds with Nick. It's natural. I couldn't do it any other way."

Louie Stephens: "On tour, we all tried to hang out when we could. We talked
about what YouTube videos we'd been watching... Nick wants to be president
someday, and Joe wants to be the White House secretary of parties. So Joe is
going to throw the parties when Nick becomes president. I would vote for Nick in
a heartbeat."

Robert Schwartzman: "I think we'll all hang out when we're back in L.A.
together. They have a little idea cooking- they want to start a band with my
brothers [Jason Schwartzman] and me and call it Band of Brothers. Jason would
play drums, I'd play bass, and then we'd have this five-piece band, 'the
Schwartzmann Brothers and the Jonas Brothers.' "

Ned Brower: "Their concerts are crazy. If you're walking by concessions and say,
'Jonas Brothers,' one girl will scream, and then another girl scream. It's like
dominoes and they all scream and wave their glow sticks in the air. They all
have glow sticks!"

Mathew Winter: "Honestly, they're exceptionally together people. They eat
healthy, work out and don't drink or do drugs. They're focused on their careers,
which I respect."


Rooney's first album was good, second album not so much... although I do like
that song "When Did Your Heart Go Missing."



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Source via OceanUP

I keep going back and forth between Nick and Joe, but yeah, I really do think
Nick is my favorite. I'm sure you all feel like your life is complete now :P
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Michelle Williams Heath Ledger Will Dispute


Don’t look for Michelle Williams at the July 14th World Premiere of Dark Knight. The actress is reportedly furious with the family of her late fiance, Heath Ledger, and threatening to boycott the movie opening-and all other events where the family may be present-until the Ledgers agree to provide some financial support for Heath and Michelle’s young daughter, Matilda.

“Michelle is furious with Heath’s family and threatening to boycott the premiere. Matilda is supposed to be the beneficiary of the will, but Michelle has seen nothing from them. Heath didn’t have much in cash, but there was a big house in LA and a back-end deal for ‘Dark Knight’ [that] could reap millions,” a spywitness reveals to the New York Post.

Heath’s will was written in 2003, before Matilda was born, and subsequently left everything to his father, mother and sisters. Matilda is now considered the beneficiary, and Grandpa Kim Ledger is the executor, but Michelle fears by the time Matilda is eighteen and able to have full access to her inheritence, there will be nothing left to inherit.


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Rihanna: Chris' Mom Approves!

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Rihanna's got mom's seal of approval.

The hitmaking beauty made a trip to GBK Productions' Fire & Ice gifting lounge for the BET Awards over the weekend with her boyfriend, fellow music hotshot Chris Brown and his mom, Joyce Hawkins.

Hawkins, according to a source, was overheard cooing, "Rihanna is the sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated."

And for once, the superprivate lovebirds weren't so private during their hour-or-so-long visit to the lounge. "They came through holding hands and kissing each other on the neck," says the source.

Both Rihanna and Brown also took home their own $5,000 gold watches from Croton, Grace hats, handblown glass art from Robert Kaindl and iPod cases from Guilty Couture. Rihanna also grabbed three pairs of Australia Love Collective boots, including the Vixen, the Nomad and the Party Nomad and helped Brown pick out a couple of pairs of New Balance running shoes.

Sounds like a good day was had by all.

george jetson

Idol Ruben Studdard Obtains Marriage License

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Second-season American Idol champ Ruben Studdard obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama, PEOPLE has learned.

Studdard, 29, arrived at the Shelby County Probate Office in Birmingham with fiancée Surata Zuri McCants, 30, just before noon, filled out the paperwork and walked away with their license, an eyewitness says. Studdard is a Birmingham native.

"They looked really happy," says the eyewitness.

There was no immediate word on when they planned to marry. An Alabama marriage license is valid for 30 days.

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Vanessa Hudgens on BF Zac Efron: "He Showers!"

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Vanessa Hudgens has shot down a report in Star that beau Zac Efron doesn't shower.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," the High School Musical star, 19, told Newsweek in a recent interview. "Whoever came up with that is completely idiotic."

Hudgens reiterated: "He showers! He showers! Believe me, he does."

"Every day?" the interviewer prodded.

"Yes! Of course," the singer/actress replied.

She remained mum about details of their courtship. "It might hurt the relationship," she said. "That's something I have to myself."

Hudgens spoke to Newsweek from San Francisco because part of HSM3 takes place at Stanford University.

"I get accepted," she revealed.

But don't expect HSM: The College Years.

"Not for us," Hudgens said. "We're pretty much done, I think."

Hudgens – who is also planning a tour for her new album, Identified – said she hopes to "relax for a minute" after that.

"Be able to breathe, feel life, buy a house, kind of get situated," she said of her post HSM plans.

george jetson

Michael Johns' Mustache Dreams

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All of the American Idol finalists change their look over the course of the competition, but the newest look belongs to Michael Johns, who is growing a mustache these days.

“I’m bringing it back,” the singer tells OK! of his look. “What the ascot didn’t do for me I’m sure the 'stache will. I just go with the flow and the flow said 'grow a mustache,' so I did.”

Not everyone loves it though. “I think you look better without it,” Kristy Lee Cook tells him. “You look like a serial killer.”

Idol big-wigs aren’t too fond of the look either.

“They’ve tried to get me to shave this but come on, it works,” Michael says. “I grabbed the new cover of Rolling Stone and Chris Martin’s got a 'stache. I’m like ‘if it’s working for Coldplay…”

Check out Michael and his 'stache in all ilts glory on the American Idols Live! Tour, kicking off July 1, this summer.


Wino Still Lightin' Up Her Lungs

So she may or may not have emphysema, but one thing isn't changing for Amy Winehouse –- she's still smoking.

Even though she is having serious pulmonary issues, according to her dad, Wino was spotted inhaling a lung snack yesterday after getting out of the hospital. Her rep tells the AP that she doesn't really have emphysema, just an early-stage condition that could lead that way.

Meanwhile, her dad keeps blabbing, saying that if she doesn't stop smoking the rock, "It won't just ruin her voice, it will kill her." 


After a certain point, you just have to stop caring. It's obvious she doesn't care about herself so there's nothing our caring for her will do.

Heidi Montag Producer: "She's a Born Star!"

Famed producer RedOne — who worked on Heidi Montag's new single "Fashion" — spoke to Usmagazine.com about her latest song and upcoming plans to release an album.

Us: Tell Us about "Fashion."
It sounds amazing. The song is all about fashion and all about her - shopping, clothes, her whole aura. She's really taken it to the next level.... We are working on more [songs], and it's crazy, shocking stuff that will surprise everybody.

So you wrote "Fashion?"
Yes. I'm writing and producing her whole album. We are going to do it big. She finally found someone she connected with — me. It's all about the connection. When it doesn't work with an artist, it doesn't work. With her, it's perfect. You can tell in the music that we connect.

Can Heidi sing?
Definitely. She's really good, and I love her personality and the way it comes through in a song. She makes you believe it. She's great in the studio.

What does Spencer do in the studio?
He just chills - he loves listening to her.

Will she sign to a label soon?
We don't want to talk about that yet. We have offers and big things, but [we're] taking our time. The label is the easiest part. Once you find the right music, it's over!

Where do you see her career going?
I definitely think she's a star. She has a star quality — a powerful personality with no limits. She can do anything and make it sound credible. She's a born star.


Original post with the song if you haven't heard it yet: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/24905369.html

Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind?

Heiress Paris Hilton was leaving Kate Somerville Skin Care Experts Salon yesterday when she took a tumble down the front stairs. After the embarrassing incident, Paris tried to make a quick exit -- only to find that her Bentley's battery died.

Not to worry though, knight in Charlotte armor Benji Madden came to the rescue -- picking up Paris in his SUV.


you can watch the video at the source, its pretty lolztastic

Spice up your life with Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is appearing in a deodorant ad in GQ and Entertainment Weekly. It's cute. Here it is.

Want more? You'll get more! In the MySpace blog of some random dude tracked down by the intrepid journalists of AfterElton.com, the guy talks about being cast in a TV version of the spot, wherein "Doogie exits from his rooftop helicopter and strolls down the hallway of a hospital that is in absolute chaos, all the while staying dry, of course. [Random MySpace dude is] running around with a severed arm and the remains of someone's large intestine.'

Source: Towleroad and After Elton and some random dude's MySpace blog.

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It keeps getting better...-Get ready to get entangled in a Speidiweb.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, reality TV 's couple everyone loves to hate, is ready to weave the biggest and most populated web the Internet has ever seen -- the one and only Speidiweb, their forthcoming social networking site.

“We're about to launch our social website," Spencer tells Extra. "It's going be bigger than MySpace, bigger than Facebook.”

The two are determined to get Speidiweb off the ground running and brand themselves a power couple empire, not much unlike another super-duper couple, David and Victoria Beckham.

“They're great with their branding, but Speidi is going take it to another level," Heidi says. "I mean, I definitely want to surpass both of them.”

Speidiweb might also feature sneak peeks of Heidi's new tunes from her upcoming album. One song that definitely won't be on there, though, is "Higher," the "leaked" single from early winter whose video was much reviled and mocked online.

“I didn't really like the song," the 21-year-old says. "My boyfriend and I shot it in ten minutes [on the beach] as a joke and put it out, but now I'm really in a studio and I'm really doing my album and music.”

Despite the criticism, Heidi says she's not discouraged from pursuing her music goals.

“I think there's people who frown upon and hate on whatever you do, but I think you have to focus on the positive.”




How many of you are going to join?! Let us know how it goes.


After traveling to Louisiana to attend the birth of 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn’s first baby, Britney Spears returned to Los Angeles to resume work on her comeback. But yesterday it was all about R&R as the new aunt stepped out in her new Ed Hardy bikini for a little sun worshipping.


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Haters to the left.

Charlotte Church wants her own rugby team.

Charlotte pumps gas on the day she announces her pregnancy.

Miss Church, 22, who is expecting her second child with rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson, said: "I want between four and six, and Gavin wants eight.

"We're trying to create a little rugby team," she told Jonathan Ross during a pre-recorded interview which will be broadcast on Friday. "I want all my babies young and then I'm going to get married and look fabulous."

Miss Church gave birth to her first daughter Ruby in September, their second baby is due in November. 

Telling Mr Ross of her pregnancy she said: "I didn't drink at all, I love the whole pregnancy process. I thought I'm going to be a nightmare, but it was fine.

"Ruby's a proper daddy's girl," she said. "Gavin helps with everything. Even when I was breast-feeding in the night he'd get up to be supportive because I was knackered."

When asked if she was going to go back to her successful career as a singer she said: "I think I'll try and fit it in around the babies, I'm happy with the simple life, I feel so lucky for everything I have."

She is currently juggling motherhood with preparations for the third series of The Charlotte Church Show which will be broadcast on Channel 4 over the summer.



Holy Smoke! Anne's Ex Popped for Faking

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Anne Hathaway got real smart a few weeks ago and cut bait on her Italian BF, good thing because now he's been arrested on federal wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges.

Zach Braff-alike Raffaello Follieri is due in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday, accused of lying to an investor, claiming he had been appointed the chief financial officer of the Vatican.

Cops say because people believed his faux Vatican connection, he was able to buy properties owned by the Catholic church in the U.S. at a way cheaper rate.

Story developing ...

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/24/glad-anne-h-cut-that-guy-loose/

Hefner suffering back problems as a result of all of his sex.

LOS ANGELES — For someone who has been around for 82 years, Hugh Hefner is in better shape than most men half his age — but it seems all those years of exerting youthful energy behind closed doors is starting to take its toll.

"I have some aches and pains and I have had lower back problems since the '80s," Hefner told Pop Tarts. "Too much time in bed rustling around with friends," he said with a laugh.

But even though Hef has built his Playboy empire on hedonism and heterosexuality, he applauds the recent movement in California that allows gay couples to legally wed.

"I’m thrilled. Playboy has been [a] proponent of free choice, and that includes homosexual freedom as well. We have to change the laws related to all of that," he said.

It is this open mind and freedom of expression that have made Hef one of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry (and the first recipient of Spike TV guys' choice "Alpha Male" Lifetime Achievement Award for 2008). But Hef had to rebel against strong repression to be the men’s magazine mogul that he is today.

"I've pursued my own personal dreams from the very beginning; I'm a romantic and always have been that way. I dreamed impossible dreams when I was a kid," Hef said. "I was raised in a very typical Midwestern Methodist home with a lot of repression. There weren’t a lot of hugs and kisses in my home, and I charted my own course."

But on the opposite end of hugs and kisses, we couldn’t help but question whether there is any truth to all those rumors that Hef’s three leading ladies bicker much more than what we see in their E! reality show "Girls Next Door."

"Girls will be girls, and there are moments where they will disagree," he admitted. "The amazing thing, quite frankly, is that we're all together after six years."


Britains Got Talent Star to perform with Whitney Houston

Singing starlet Connie Talbot is set to perform a duet with troubled pop diva Whitney Houston.

The seven-year-old who captured the country’s hearts when she starred on Britain’s Got Talent, will sing with the American superstar at a German charity event.

Connie will sing I Will Always Love You with Whitney at the November event after covering the hit on her debut album.
Connie’s mother, Sharon Talbot, said: “It is so exciting for all of us, we can’t believe it. “Connie likes all the singers with the big voices like Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis but she thinks Whitney is the best singer in the world.” She added: “I will be the one who will be star struck but Connie treats absolutely everyone the same, she does not think she is any better or more special than anyone she meets.”

Whitney shot to fame in the 1980s and then went on to star in Hollywood films in the 1990s. But her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown led to drug addiction and personal problems. 


Jack Black used to put Coco Pops up his butt.


Jack Black - who recently became a father for the second time - admits he found unique ways to entertain himself when he was a child, and found the chocolate-flavoured cereal highly amusing.


The ‘Kung Fu Panda' star said: "I also put Coco Pops in my butt. Why? For comedy and experiment. I was a scientist and I discovered you could put a lot of them up your butt."

Jack, 38, recently revealed he is desperate to lose weight so he can star in more nude scenes.

He said: "When I saw my rear end in my nude scene in 'Margot at the Wedding', it actually had a double chin. I've joined a gym because the next time you see me naked I'll be trim."

Jack also said he wanted to slim down because he was getting worried about his health.

He added: "I want to feel good too. Now if I eat a cheeseburger and fries, it tastes so good at the time and then right after it's like, 'What did I do? Why?' "


Hilary Duff joins Cool School

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Hilary Duff, who won raves for her role as an Asian superstar in the political satire "War, Inc." has found a way to beat the heat, joining the cast of the new comedy "Stay Cool."

Duff co-stars in "Cool" with Winona Ryder, Sean Astin, Chevy Chase and Jon Cryer. The project comes from filmmakers Mark and Michael Polish, and begins shooting next month.

It is described as a "knowing-your-age comedy," centering on a successful author (Mark Polish) who is forced to confront an unrequited high school crush (Ryder) when he returns home to deliver a commencement address to graduating seniors.

Duff will portray a sexy high school senior who flirts with the visiting author and invites him to the prom.

The actress has been slowly moving beyond the tween audience that powered her to stardom with the Disney TV series "Lizzie McGuire" and a succession of chart-topping albums. She will be back in the studio to work on her fifth album this summer.



Alan Thicke gets eco-friendly

oining musician James Blunt in cruising the streets with an all-electric Mini Cooper is Growing Pains star Alan Thicke. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominee is becoming the new spokesperson for Hybrid Technologies — a firm that develops and markets lithium-powered products worldwide. They’re also responsible for commercializing the process that guts the mini of its conventional engine in favor of the electric kind (which at last read, will set you back a cool $60K). 

Said Thicke of the relationship,  “As a Baby Boomer Consumer, I’ve been part of the problem so now it’s time to be part of the solution. Hybrid Technologies allows me to cut back on emissions and eliminate fuel costs without sacrificing luxury or performance. I’ve set many examples for my kids – pro and con – but this is definitely one of the better ones. I feel like a smart guy in a smart car!” 

Raima Sen in FilmFare Magazine - June 2008

Yesterday I posted about Preity Zinta, actress who appeared / will appear in films such as Heroes (with Salman Khan), Salaam Namaste, and Om Shanti Om, to name a few.

Today, Raima Sen, sister of Riya Sen. She has been in films such as Chokher Bali and Parineeta.


The Sen Sisters are not new in the tinsel town and though both are poles apart in nature, both have their own fan following. Riya Sen is bubbly, sexy and a glamdoll where as Raima Sen can steal any show with her innocent, demure looks and acting skills. Recently, Raima’s role in ‘Manorama - Six Feet Under’ got rave reviews.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the actress from the June edition of Filmfare magazine. Looking at the scans, all one can say about Raima’s look is – The killing innocent look!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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matthew lewis

Will Smith kisses David Letterman

Will Smith was on Letterman last night, and there were two (cheek) kisses exchanged .

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Letterman: Every time I see you, you just look better and better, and I’m wondering, because when you get to be my age you start thinking about…
[Smith puckers lips, leans in and closes eyes]
Letterman: Oh stop it.
[Then Letterman leans in twice and lets Smith kiss him on each cheek]
Smith: Once you go black, you never go back Dave.
Letterman: This has taken an unforeseen direction.
Schaeffer: Black is one thing, but this is ridiculous
Letterman: How old a guy are you, is where this is going?
Smith: I’m 39…
Letterman: You look like you’re 29 for the love of God.
Smith: David! My 40th birthday is this year, September 25.


Sorry guys, I forgot to add Woll Smoth
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Kathy Griffin: I Never Slept With Steve Wozniak

Kathy Griffin says she never went all the way with her ex, Apple co-founder billionaire Steve Wozniak.

"We were dating, but were just friendly. I never f----d him or anything!" she told Usmagazine.com during a visit to our NYC offices last Thursday.

"The truth is," she added, "we really were friends the whole time."

See photos of other newly single stars.

They definitely had their laughs together, she said.

"When we went to the Emmys together, I put on this really huge engagement ring and didn’t tell him," she told Us. "There are these great photos of me posing with this great big fake diamond ring.

"He didn’t notice!" she added. "I was like, 'Oh, by the way at the Emmys, I had on a fake engagement ring!' And he was like, 'Oh, that’s very funny.'"

She announced their split in April (they met in 2007 after he watched her perform).

After they called it quits, she said "he met someone very quickly and then they [got] engaged."

No hard feelings, said Griffin, who plans to visit Wozniak (who appears on her Bravo reality show) in Saratoga, New York, on July 11.

"I have had dinner with them, and she’s a thousand times more appropriate!" she said. "I hate to say it, but in the Bruce, Demi, Ashton [scheme of things], I’m the Bruce!"


Britney Spears, Kevin Federline Meet in Court

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are both at L.A. Superior Court for another custody hearing.

Spears, 26, has also rehired her former divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, court public information office Allan Parachini confirms to Usmagazine.com.

Spears, in tan Capri pants, a white T-shirt and straight hair, is seated in the front row of the courtroom with Wasser, lawyer Blair Berk and her father, Jamie. Federline, 30, is also in attendance with lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

The two have not yet made eye contact, according to an onlooker.

The couple last appeared in court May 6, where Spears was granted extended visitation — three days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.— of their sons Sean
Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 20 months.

Story developing.


We're hearing today's proceedings have to do with Brit getting overnight visits with her tater tots. They're all in court, along with -- as TMZ first reported -- Brit's old lawyer Laura Wasser. She's back -- and sitting by Britney's side. Brit's drinking from a water bottle and her hair looks dirty, and K Daddy's there in a suit, sporting his usual mohawk.

They just took a bathroom break, and we're waiting for the proceedings to start again.

UPDATE 10:00 AM PT -- After the bathroom break, Britney and K-Fed were both sworn in by the clerk. When it was Brit's turn, the commish asked her to state her name and she just said, "Britney." The commish then said, "Full name, please." Then she replied Britney Spears. The Commish then granted a request to close the courtroom.


Brit's Hearing Produces Ch-Ch-Changes to Custody

There has been a change in the visitation agreement between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline -- but neither side is giving out specifics.

We're told Britney was looking for overnight visits, but details were not released -- nor will they be.

Britney and Kevin both left court in good spirits, with Britney smiling and engaging with reporters as she left. The Commish was pleased with the progress on both sides.

As TMZ first reported, Laura Wasser is now Britney's attorney in the custody case. Wasser was Brit's attorney earlier in the case, but dropped Brit as a client after Spears repeatedly ignored her advice.


Brit Gets Overnight Visitation w/ The Boys

TMZ has learned the Commish has awarded Britney overnight visitation with her boo boos. Break out the Star Wars pjs!

Sources tell us Brit Brit, who has been slowly gaining visitation back inch by inch, has made such progress the Commish agreed in court today she's ready to have sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with her overnight.

We hear Britney's parenting coach Lisa Hacker was at the hearing today, and answered several questions from the Commish. Britney, who was all business in the courtroom, smiled as she left the courthouse.

They'll be back in court again July 15th.


My bb daddy Tony Kushner getting married!

Tony Kushner and his partner, Mark Harris, are going to California for a now-legal wedding. “Mark and I are going to get married in California very soon,” the playwright said at the Shakespeare in the Park premiere of Hamlet. “Then we’re going to be recognized in New York as legally married.” The pair held a commitment ceremony in 2003, so this go-round will be a purely legal matter. “We’re going to go before the county clerk,” said Harris, a freelance writer. “But it means I get health insurance.” Kushner thinks same-sex marriage will soon be legal in other states. “Like in Massachusetts, Californians will realize that gay people getting married is not a problem for anyone, and then the rest of the country is going to fall in line.”


omg tony i love you please marry me you're amazing and a legend


Heather Locklear checks in


Heather Locklear's checked herself into a psychological treatment facility in Arizona.

The actress' rep tells PEOPLE "Heather has been dealing with anxiety and depression. She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment."

As TMZ first reported, Heather's doctor called 911 back in March, concerned that she was suicidal.


that all sucks, glad she is getting help.
Felix Schopgens

Paris Wears Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton was spotted out in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon (June 23) wearing her love for her dog Tinkerbell on her tank while out shopping.

It was quite the embarrassing day for the hotel heiress, as she was was leaving Kate Somerville Skin Care Experts Salon she slipped on the stairs, when trying to rush to her car, the car door wouldn’t open. So Paris called up her boyfriend Benji Madden, who then came to pick her up.

Expect to see a lot more of Paris in the next few weeks as her movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera, will be released on August 8th. The Lionsgate movie is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV), in the movie Paris plays, Paul Sorvinos, daughter.

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source and more pics

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Larrys wife in rehab!


Larry King's wifey #6 (or 7?) has checked herself into rehab for an addiction to painkillers reports Page Six. 48-year-old Shawn Southwick King has been married to 7,689-year-old Larry King for 10 years. They have two brats together.

A friend of Larry's said, "Shawn is in rehab for medication issues related to her chronic migraine problem." He forgot to mention that Shawn's vagina is also in rehab for severe emotional trauma due to years of having to kiss and hug Larry's shriveled up snail.

If you were married to the dead, you would be on heroin, PCP, meth, ludes, coke, painkillers, Nyquil, booze, freon, peyote, jankem and more! Your kitchen would look like a Miami Vice episode.

You know that when Shawn checked into rehab, the rehab bitch asked her, "So what brings you here?" She responded, "I'm married to Larry King." Rehab bitch shouted, "Give her the works!"


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Allison Sweeney expecting.


Biggest Loser's host is about to have a major makeover of her own.

Alison Sweeney is expecting her second child, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The 31-year-old blonde – also known for her long-running role on the soap Days of Our Lives – made the "big reveal" Monday night in front of the Season 6 cast.

"She told them that, in a season all about family, hers is about to get bigger," says her rep, Carrie Simons.

The actress and her husband, Dave Sanov, have a 3-year-old son, Ben


Sam Sparro is neither female nor black, remains sexy while (not) being so

Sam Sparro
reveals his sex and race

Sam Sparro's album 21st Century Life comes out in the US this July, and the first single, Black and Gold, is still hovering around the upper end of the UK charts.

The male pop star seems like a thing of the ’80s today. Why is that?

I think because mainstream music has been so hyper-masculinised by hip-hop culture in a lot of ways. In the ’80s everyone was a bit campy. Nowadays in hipster culture, you can’t tell who’s gay and who’s straight, but in mainstream American culture it’s still fairly misogynistic, a bit homophobic and very masculine. And I think danceable pop music is associated with being a bit girly.

You write and co-produce your music. Is it important for you to be recognised for more than just your voice?

I guess it’d be nice for people to know that I do create the music and write the songs that I’m performing. For me, I know what I want to create in my head, and I have the skills and ability to do it. I just prefer doing everything myself, and the process of being alone and creating something from scratch.

I read Chaka Khan was amazed to discover that you were white. Do you get that a lot?

Well, I was in Dublin and had an interview with this journalist who said she thought I was gonna be this big black man. In the previous sentence she said, “Your video’s on TV all the time, you must be thrilled!” I thought, well, you’ve obviously never seen the video.


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And plus, Black & Gold (Marcussen Album Version) is apparently (source: ONTD commenter) a free itunes download this week only. Woo free music get it fast. I guess go to the itunes site or open your itunes application or whatever, I don't have itunes I don't know how it works.

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doll head

Coldplay Radio Station

Coldplay get their own US radio station

'30 Days of Coldplay' launches next month

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Coldplay will have their very own US radio station, which launches next month to coincide with the kick off their North American tour.

'30 Days of Coldplay' will feature exclusive live performances from the band on their tour supporting their new album 'Viva La Vida', as well as band interviews, rare import tracks and other selections from the Coldplay catalogue.

The month-long programme will broadcast on XM Radio's channel 51 from July 15 until August 15.

The North American leg of Coldplay's Viva La Vida Tour is set to kick off July 14 in Los Angeles.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/37594

Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis exclusive: new album and single details announced

The Gallaghers' new album will be out in October

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oasis will release their next studio album, 'Dig Out Your Soul', on October 6 on their Big Brother label.

The album will be preceded by a single, 'The Shock Of The Lightning', on September 29.

The LP, which will be the band's seventh studio effort, was produced by Dave Sardy, who also worked on Oasis' last album, 2005's 'Don't Believe The Truth'. It was recorded in London's Abbey Road and mixed in Los Angeles.

Comeback single 'The Shock Of The Lightning' was written by Noel Gallagher and features his brother, Liam Gallagher, on lead vocals.

Speaking about the album Noel Gallagher said: "I wanted to write music that had a groove; not songs that followed that traditional pattern of verse, chorus and middle eight.

"I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic; more driving. Songs that would draw you in, in a different way. Songs that you would maybe have to connect to – to feel."

Of 'The Shock Of The Lightning', Gallagher added: "If 'The Shock Of The Lightning' sounds instant and compelling to you, it's because it was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast.

"'The Shock of The Lightning' basically is the demo. And it has retained its energy. And there’s a lot to be said for that, I think. The first time you record something is always the best."

source: http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/37588
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Sean Avery blogs.

Everyone I've told about this dream of mine has been asking me: "Why would a 28-year-old pro hockey player want to be an intern at Vogue?" I guess the answer could be complicated, but to me it's simple: I like clothes. Always have. What started innocently enough with my first tie-dyed Chip & Pepper shirt at age 12 has evolved over a decade and a half into a closet full of Dries Van Noten, YSL, Dior, and Costume National, to name just a few. (Strange as it may seem, I think women's clothes are especially interesting — there are so many options, and they can tell more of a story.) And somewhere along the way, this love of clothes led me to what's become known as "the bible of fashion."

I don't watch sports. I don't read about sports. Generally, other than spending a lot of time in dressing rooms both at home and on the road, I don't hang out with other athletes. Over breakfast in hotels when the Rangers are on the road, I read the Style section in The New York Times. Some people question whether I'm straight; others give me compliments. Some women find it a turn-on. My teammates are very supportive and cool about my interest in fashion — sometimes they even ask for my advice on what to wear. But I'd be lying to you if I said that I don't take some verbal abuse from opposing players for the clothes I wear, or for my interest in something — "fashion" — that I think sounds a little frightening to narrow-minded blockheads. I also realize that this isn't necessarily their fault — they think it's what they're supposed to think.

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people voguemen

its super long but its worth the read in some parts.

Brooke Hogan: "I Don't Talk yo My Mom Anymore"

Does Brooke Hogan know best?

You can find out for yourself in the upcoming issue of Us Weekly as the daughter of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan opens up about the troubles her family has been facing.

Currently, her father and mother are in a pretty ugly divorce; her 48-year-old mother Linda is dating a 19-year-old named Charley Hill. Her brother Nick is serving an eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving. Meanwhile, Brooke is moving on with her career. The pop singer is hitting the small screen with her own reality show, Brooke Knows Best.

Brooke on her mother dating a teenager: “Honestly, I don’t know what to say because I can’t relate to her right now. I’m extremely shocked. I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore. I see her at the jail visiting Nick and she asks me why. I say, ‘I don’t condone what you’re doing. I’m on my path, and you’re on your path.’ I told her, ‘I’d love to have you in my life, to see you and talk to you, but the kind of things you’re surrounding yourself with, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Brooke on her parents’ split: “I could see my parents growing apart. I told them, ‘Nick and I are grown-up enough to understand that if it’s not right, don’t force yourself to be together for us.’ I don’t think the stress of Nick’s accident or being on Hogan Knows Best helped the situation, but they were already heading in that direction. It was starting to get painful for all of us. Sometimes all this makes me break down, but most of the time, I can look at it and think, we’re all still alive; we all still love each other. I just want to see them happy.”

Brooke on hearing about Nick’s accident: “I just went silent. Fifteen minutes later, I started having panic attacks: shaking, crying, freaking out….When I saw John in the hospital, it was just so hard. I couldn’t stop thinking about the last time I saw: He and Nick were just chilling on Clearwater Beach. I miss John like crazy. He ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with us six or seven days out of the week. And he was really funny, like a Jim Carrey sense of humour. He was as close as to my as my brother.”

Brooke on Nick in jail: “When he was sentenced, I was in shock. I’ve always been there to protect him, and this is the one time I can’t stop anything bad from happening. The thing that keeps me going is being able to visit him and see him through the TV screen. But that even sucks because I want to hug him and talk to him in person and see the colour of his eyes….He’s doing great now: He’s put weight back on– he lost 20 pounds in solitary. He’s getting his cleaning on ’cause that’s what his job is in jail: He’s a janitor! I tell him, ‘When you get out, we can go to the beach, we’ll eat your favourite foods, I’ll cook you dinners.’ I give him tangible things to think about.”

Brooke on coping: “I’ve been praying a lot and reading books that keep me positive: The Secret, The Power of Now, Harmonic Wealth. I tried therapy once, and after they tried to charge me 100 bucks for an hour, I was like, Screw this! My main therapy is talking to my friends. If I don’t let my emotions out, I will explode!”

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change in visitation schedule for ms.spears!


Britney Spears was granted a change in her visitation schedule with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James at a hearing Tuesday.

"There was a change in visitation status that was ordered by Commissioner Gordon this morning," Los Angeles Superior Court spokesperson Alan Parachini confirmed after the hearing, which was attended by Kevin Federline and her father (and co-conservator) Jamie Spears

The details of her visitation, however, are unclear.

"I'm not at liberty to answer any questions about the nature of that change," Parachini said. (TMZ.com had reported that Spears wanted overnight visits.)

Asked by Us if she were happy with the court outcome, Spears (clutching an Ed Hardy purse) smiled and told Us, "Yes."


Blake Lewis dropped from Record Label

The post-American Idol curse continues, as season six runner-up Blake Lewis revealed in an interview that he has already been dropped by his label, Arista. Lewis signed with the label last August and released his debut album Audio Day Dream in December. The album has sold roughly 300,000 copies since and has not charted any singles. In the interview with Maximum Threshold, Lewis expressed that he never really wanted to sign with a major label but that his second place win behind Jordin Sparks required it. It’s been a rough stretch for Idol contestants not named Clarkson, Underwood, Daughtry and Cook: Both Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee, season five’s winner and runner-up, were dropped from their respective labels after eighteen months and season two champ Ruben Studdard was dropped from J Records for falling “short of expectations.”


wf. vessels of a donor look

SVU casts the new ADA

Well, I guess we now know one of the candidates Lucas didn't invite to Vegas. Michaela McManus (aka One Tree Hill's Lindsey) is joining the cast of NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as the new assistant district attorney, effective with this fall's Season 10. McManus will play the ADA assigned to the Special Victims Unit, thus following in the footsteps of predecessors Diane Neal and Stephanie March.

McManus, who attended NYU's graduate acting program, had a recurring role as Lindsey Strauss on One Tree Hill. Are you ready to see Linds in the courtroom?

britney outrageous

George Michael Teeses Fans

George Michael feels real good with Dita Von Teese by his side.

When the British pop singer launches his 25 Live tour tonight in San Diego, he'll also debut a new video during his performance of "Feeling Good," the song he performed on the finale of ABC's Eli Stone.

Von Teese appears in the video doing what she does best—her burlesque act. She wears, among other things, a rhinestone-covered dress and matching underwear. She also is seen swinging in a birdcage and frolicking in her signature champagne glass.

"I’m a huge Wham! fan, and this will be the highlight of my career," Von Teese told the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper last month. "I have been perfecting my routine and I’ve also been doing Pilates."

This is Michael's first North American tour in 17 years and includes 22 cities.

Mods..I changed the picture
Not to be confused with this george michael..
Felix Schopgens

Hancock For TRL

The cast of Hancock appeared on MTV’s TRL on Tuesday afternoon (June 24th). Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman all appeared on the show, this is one of the first appearances that all three have done together.

They joked around backstage and while the show was broadcasting. Charlize also appeared on NBC’s the Today show before heading over to the MTV studios in New York City.

Hancock is released July 2, Charlize recently sat down The Dish Rag, here are some snipits from the interview:

On what superpowers she would like in real life:
I don’t know. Somebody told me that Will [Smith] wanted to read minds. That would probably be my least favorite one to have. That would scare me. It would be like, “Wow, they really think that?” I think it would be fun to see people naked. That could be scary as well, but I think that would have a sense of humor about it.

On if there is any one person she would like to see naked:
No, I just think it would be fun to walk down the street and see people nude and them not knowing.  I guess that’s the element that makes a difference, them just not knowing. Because when we’re nude we tend to suck it in and just to see some dude taking the garbage out [laughs]. I don’t know.

On being voted Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman alive last year:
I think everything in life has to be taken with giant heaps of salt. I think you have to –- especially in this industry. Look, it’s a great compliment. It’s really sweet, but there is no such thing as “the sexiest woman alive.” So it’s a compliment that they thought that, but I don’t walk around aiming to live up by any means to some standard that you just couldn’t.

On how she stays in shape:
There’s this pill that you take [laughs].   It’s not a mystery. You have to be healthy, and you have to work out and eat good and you have to drink water. I don’t necessarily do that every day, and I was a smoker for many years, and I’m sure all of those things will one day show on my face, and I hope I can welcome them gracefully because, boy, it’s been a great life.

On picking serious films or fun films:
No, and I think Will might be the person who can actually change this (perception) in our industry.  We have been so compartmentalized as actors. We go in and do the really small independent films that are critically acclaimed and award-winning, and then I think people think you go and sell out and you do this big movie because you need to get a big paycheck and the material is not so great, and it’s evident you’re doing it for the money.

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source and 20 more pics

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

BILLIE Piper thinks she has blown her chances of Hollywood stardom by going topless in a role as a high-class hooker.

Her steamy scenes in ITV’s Diary Of A Call Girl have pulled in record viewing figures in the US.

But Dr Who star Billie, 25, fears she went too far for Americans.

She said: “Someone said the other day, rather viciously, ‘What A-list stars get their t**s out?’

“And then I started thinking, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done? I’ve ruined my future career.’”

The actress, who played Belle de Jour, said: “You know, you get photographed on the beach topless. After all, they’re only breasts.”

But a boss at US cable channel Showtime, which screened the series, said: “Billie has the looks and ability to make it very big in Hollywood.”

Pregnant Billie is now filming a second series.

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Denis Leary talks to TV Guide about minisodes, Season 5 of Rescue Me

The summer would be just a little less hot without the boys from Ladder 62. Fortunately, FX is keeping our Rescue Me passion stoked with 10 "minisodes" (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET and also at Crackle.com). The five-minute standalone vignettes will premiere June 24 as a sort of preview to the strike-delayed fifth season (which isn't kicking off until April '09). Series cocreator and star Denis Leary chatted with us about those, as well as the status of Tatum O'Neal. — Mike Flaherty

TV Guide: These minisodes seem ideally suited for a show like Rescue Me.
Dennis Leary:
Yeah. It would be really hard for another drama to do them. But we have comedy and drama, as well as giant action sequences, which play well in small doses. People will get a taste of everything they like about the show.

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Linkin Park: Building Houses

What They've Done

Considering that they’re a bunch of smart former art school kids who decided to make music together, it’s not surprising to learn that the guys in Linkin Park are more concerned with using their stature to promote global relief efforts as opposed to living in shameless rock star excess. Mike Shinoda explains what inspired the multi-platinum-selling musicians to establish Music for Relief and offers fans a chance to meet the band and score primo tix for LP’s Projekt Revolution Tour with an online auction that supports the cause.

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sir ian

Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Sitting in a Tree

We wondered why Agyness Deyn was attending the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards last night. We know she sings that song "Who" for the Five O'Clock Heroes and all, but was she really a member of the club so soon? Perhaps not quite yet. "Albert Hammond Jr. is bringing her," a PR woman handling the event told us before she arrived, referring to the Strokes guitarist. "Maybe there's something there," she happily added. She only recently broke up with Josh Hubbard of the Paddingtons, but could it be true? Are Aggy and Albert an item?

All signs pointed to yes as the night wore on. First the two unabashedly engaged in public displays of affection on the red carpet — an embrace here, a kiss on the cheek there. Once inside, we snagged a minute with the apparently happy couple, Hammond's arm never relinquishing Deyn's waist as the two sipped on cups of coffee. We asked Deyn, outfitted in a tight-fitting black cocktail dress, how her music career was going. "I just collaborated with a friend's band, just for fun. I think that's out in a few weeks in the U.K.," she answered. "Is it not out yet?" Albert asked her. "No, it's out June 26," she replied. "Really. So you kind of did promo before? She just came back from doing promo. It's amazing. I wasn't there, but." So he's keeping tabs like her No. 1 fan. Innnnnteresting.

Then when we innocently inquired how the two met, they cast telling gazes into each other's eyes. "That's a bit personal, sorry," Deyn replied. Back to music then! Will she tour this summer? "I really don't know my schedule," she said. And, just like that, the lights went dim, Desmond Child and Rouge took the stage, and we were ushered back to our seat left pondering a possible Agyness appearance in the next Strokes video and/or tour and what their first duet might be called.
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There was a gael post today, and when there's a gael post, there always has to be a diego luna post.

So, here is the trailer for his movie Mister Lonely:

In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.


idk, I just wanted there to be a diego post. This movie is supposedly now playing in random theaters.

OneRepublic European Tour Dates + video from spanish tv

8 Offenbach (Germany)
11 Hamburg (Germany)
14 München (Germany)
18 Köln (Germany)
23 Southampton Guildhall (UK)
24 London Forum (UK)
25 Manchester Academy (UK)
27 Glasgow Academy (UK)
28 Newcastle Academy (UK)
29 Sheffield Academy (UK)

1 Bristol Academy (UK)
3 Birmingham Academy (UK)

More dates for Portugal and Spain will be added but I guess many other european countries too.

First performance in Spain.

This is their first tv appearence in Spain last week. They performed Apologize on Operación Triunfo (the spanish equivalent to American Idol).

Source:  www.myspace.com/onerepublic
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Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf film Transformers 2

I know some of the Shia stuff was posted earlier but none of this was.

Shia LaBeouf and costar Megan Fox shoot scenes on the set of Transformers 2 on Tuesday afternoon on the campus of Princeton University in Princeton, NJ.

In this scene, Shia’s character, Sam Witwicky, fumbles with some school books while on the phone.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be released in 3-D tentatively on June 26, 2009. Michael Bay is at the helm once again.

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this post is approved by Megans favorite group in high school N Sync

pink flowers & a book

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Spice Girls' Mel B to Host Miss Universe Pageant

Spice Girls' Melanie Brown has been named as co-host of this year's Miss Universe Pageant alongside Jerry Springer, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

"I'm thrilled to be a co-host of the Miss Universe pageant," says Brown in a statement.  "I believe the diversity and dedication that the pageant brings inspires and empowers young women across the globe."

Brown is working on a solo album, which she hopes to release later this year.  Her TLC music game show, The Singing Office, which she co-hosts with Joey Fatone, debuts this week.

The pageant will air live from Vietnam on July 13 from 9-11 p.m. EST on NBC.


I love her.  <333

3 more years of Steve Carell in The Office

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Almighty Creator of The Office, Ricky Gervais, said this on his blog today:
Week seventeen - June 2008

Had some great news today about the American version of The Office.

Steve Carell (now one of the most bankable film stars in the world) has just signed up for another three years with us. He is the hardest working man in Hollywood and the harder he works the better it is for me. I mean... well done Steve you are wonderful.

I had to wear a beard for one day on This Side of The Truth and I hated every minute of it. Steve had to do months of that in Evan Almighty and I heard he didn't complain once. He is a very nice man and deserves all his success. I am just as dedicated to my art without compromise but only between the hours of 9 and 3pm.

We are also working on a spinoff series of The American Office but I can't tell you anything about that yet.

I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow for HBO for the stand up special. They said, "can we get you in your stage outfit?" I said, "yes" and put a clean black T shirt in a carrier bag ready to go.

Today I did an interview for American Esquire. It was great but I have to do the photo session in New York. Luckily I have another clean black T shirt.

NME radio officially launches on 25th June (my birthday. What a nice homage.) The show we did is now available as a free podcast on iTunes. Please download it now. Go on... for my birthday. Thank you

Get iTunes (here if you don't have it already) and get the special podcast here. It's only just gone up so if it's not listed yet just subscribe and you'll get it whatever.
Source: Praise be to you Almighty Gervais.

There are no images of them together so I've made one up.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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200 complaints take this commercial off the air . 2 men kissing.

This Heinz Deli Mayo ad featuring two dudes kissing was taken off the air after receiving more than 200 complaints in one week from a bunch of sensitive whores. I mean, the ad doesn't even have tongue or a salad toss. The whiners bitched that the ad was "offensive" and "unsuitable to be seen by children" and also forced them to talk about same-sex relationships with their kiddies.

Heinz UK said, "It is our policy to listen to consumers."

Several gay rights group have already asked for a boycott of all Heinz products. One of the HBICs of Stonewall, a gay rights group, told The Telegraph, "We're shocked that an innocuous ad should have been withdrawn in this way. I can't imagine that Heinz would respond to protests about black people featuring in their adverts."

Heinz needs to send me the addresses of all the 200 measly skanks who complained. I'll send them private videos of all the kinky homo shit I can do with mayo. Give them something to really complain about. Mmmm....mayo. I can eat that shit by the spoonful. I can eat mayo and butter sandwiches all day long. But not Heinz! I'm a Hellmann's lover anyway.


terry richardson

Keira Knightely compliments Lindsay Lohan

Keira Knightely and Sienna Miller were in London this past week for the premiere of The Edge Of Love and the girls of course spoke to MTV News.

The film tells the story of poet Dylan Thomas and his two lovers in wartime Britain.

And our girl on the red carpet, Laura, asked Keira if she was disappointed Lindsay Lohan pulled out of the film.

Knightley told MTV: “I’m a huge fan of Lindsay’s work, I think she’s a wonderful actress. I’ve only met her a couple of times but she was so lovely.

She continued: “I think it would have been a completely different film with her playing that role. I now can’t imagine what it would have been like without Sienna. I’m incredibly proud of the film and I’m so proud of the work Sienna has done in it.”


this makes me like keira more


I'm so disappointed.

Now I present to you the first teaser poster for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

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this SUCKS.


why is twilight all fussed over when we know nothing about Half Blood Prince, and it comes out earlier? :(
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Mila Kunis

Coldplay's free NYC concert marred by errors

NEW YORK - With London and Barcelona under its belts, Coldplay kicked off a week of U.S. promotion hosting a third and final free concert at New York's Madison Square Garden on Monday.

The 70-minute set featured mostly material from the new album "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends," which was released last week, with a smattering of old hits.

Frontman Chris Martin made several jokes about the free nature of the concert, skipped around the stage, and acknowledging the band's newfound place atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with the song "Viva La Vida."

"Somehow this made it to No. 1 in your country," Martin began. "It just goes to show you what good marketing and a handsome bass player can do."

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Shaq gets slapped by sheriff for rap about Bryant

(AP)—Shaquille O’Neal will lose his special deputy’s badge in Maricopa County because of language he used in a rap video that mocks former teammate Kobe Bryant. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory word and other foul language left him no choice. Arpaio made Shaq a special deputy in January and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial posse earlier this month.
“I want his two badges back,” Arpaio told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct.”
Shaq was seen in a video posted on the celebrity news and gossip Web site TMZ.com rapping that “Kobe couldn’t do without me.” O’Neal skewers the Lakers’ star, with whom he won three straight NBA titles from 2000-2002 while with Los Angeles, for not being able to win a championship without him.
“I was freestyling. That’s all. It was all done in fun. Nothing serious whatsoever,” O’Neal told ESPN.com Monday. A call to the Suns on Tuesday seeking comment from O’Neal was referred to his public relations firm, which didn’t immediately respond.
Arpaio, who describes himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and is best known for feeding jail inmates green bologna, clothing them in pink underwear, and making them work on chain gangs, said he didn’t expect his actions would teach Shaq a lesson. But he hoped he learns that as a role model who wants to someday be a full-time sheriff, he needs to know his words matter.
“Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think that either conduct should be out there publicly, even if media wasn’t there,” Arpaio said.
O’Neal previously served as a reserve officer with the Miami Beach Police Department while playing for the Miami Heat. He also volunteered with the Tempe Police Department after being traded to the Suns in February .

Link to Kobe rap

Williams Denies Feud over Will

Michelle Williams
is not feuding with Heath Ledger's family over the late actor's will, her rep tells Usmagazine.com.

According to the New York Post, Williams plans to skip the upcoming Dark Knight premiere because Ledger's family will be there. A source says she is still "furious" with them because she "has seen nothing" from Ledger's will.

But her rep tells Us: "The presumption that Michelle ever intended to attend The Dark Knight premiere is unfounded, but to say she is 'boycotting' due to a rift with Heath’s family is absurd.

"It is time to allow this family to go about their lives without this continued scrutiny and speculation." 


kanye blogs about bonnaroo.


i totally believe him on this one. i saw him a few weeks ago and he put on an AMAZING show. it's obvious he works really hard.

Rocking Head

Shruti Haasan talks about her rock band, father, & a Bollywood project

In the interview below, Shruti Hassan talks about her band, father, an an upcoming project.

Considering your parents are actors, why are you singing?
My father is not known as a musician or a singer but he sings very well. I have grown up listening to music at home.

Have you been training since childhood?
Since I was 14, I have been learning Hindustani music from Suresh Wadkar in Mumbai and later I continued my training from pundit Manohar Kulkarni in Chennai. I did a two-year training at Music Institute, Hollywood, in jazz, country music, western singing and writing songs. From then on, I have written about seven songs which I use it for our rock band—Shruti Haasan and the Extramentals that was started in February 2008.

What made you start your own band?
Instead of being on my own, I thought of collaborating with all talented people and forming a band. All our band members-Jerry on the drum, Krishnan on the bass, Bryan on the guitar have made a mark for themselves in their respective creative fields. We have performed in Cochin and Bangalore. It was well received in all the places and I am really excited to perform on June 24 in Mumbai.

Considering you all are not budding artistes, any plans of making some music for any movie?
Not as yet. We hope to compile all our original songs and release an album in future. Then we shall take it further from there and give the music lovers a different and unique dimension of music.

Being Kamal Hasan’s daughter, has it made a difference in your music career or as a performer?
Nothing on the professional front, but personally, he has always given me the freedom to do what I want. He wishes me to be independent and make my career on my own merits.

You are also trying your hand at acting; what kind of pressures are you facing considering your lineage?
I am no Sarika or Kamal, but I’m Shruti Haasan who has her own style and talent. If people are going to compare me with my parents, then I wish to tell them to fetch one of their movies and watch.

There are talks that you will be debuting in Vashu Bhagnani’s film Kal Kisne Dekha and also a Tamil movie opposite Madhavan.
They are all rumours. I’m going to debut in Soham Shah’s Luck which is produced by Asthavinayak. Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan will be in the film.

Will you give up singing then?
Till the time I can manage both; nothing is impossible as long as one can plan their schedules.

( More......... )
( More......... )



And here's video of Shruti at the Rolling Stone Launch Concert a couple months ago

t.i. black and white

T.I. speaks at townhall meeting, remains sexy while doing so

As part of his continuing quest to avoid real jail time save the youth, Clifford takes part in a “Silence The Violence” Townhall meeting at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago. I like to kid Cliff, but he makes some good points in this clip and I get the sense that he’s actually connecting with his audience rather than just sitting up there and fulfilling community service requirements.

I agree, he makes some good points.  He talks about that voting PSA he did for BET that everyone was hating on. I doubt most of you will watch it, but you need to.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

news about the band from "just my luck"

... unfortunately nothing ~scandalous~ like manginas, romps with Lilo or setting pubes on fire. :(

McFly And The Mail On Sunday Unite To Give Away New Album ‘Radio:ACTIVE’

Multi platinum pop act McFly and the UK’s leading weekend paper The Mail On Sunday have agreed a deal that will see the band give away new music to millions of people across the UK and Northern Ireland.

In a revolutionary deal for an act of their genre, McFly will give away their brand new album ‘Radio:ACTIVE’ free exclusively with The Mail On Sunday on July 20th, allowing the band access to the paper’s 5.8million readers.

McFly are back with a bigger sound and a brand new agenda. Last year the band opted to leave the major label that launched them in 2004 and helped them achieve multi-platinum sales success.

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Source: Daily Mail
mlb: panic

Kat Von D and the new Motley Crue record.

TWO amazing things are going down today!!

Motley Crue is performing on The David Letterman Show


Their new album "Saints of Los Angeles" is out today!! Fuck yeah!!!

I guess, without sounding like a fuckin' commercial, this is the first time in a relationship where I can honestly say I'm SO proud and stoked for my other half! It's been one hell of a ride watching Nikki work his ass off putting together, not only the album, but the tour as well (Crue Fest).
I know what it's like to have a lot on my plate, and still try to balance a work life with family time, as well as some kinda social life, and maybe if you're lucky, some alone time! Nikki has somehow managed to do ALL of that, AND on top of that - be a rad father! Jesus!!!

But those are the qualities I admire in the people in my life.

It's weird, 'cause Nikki has made being with someone, a completely new trip for me. Ya know, I always wanted to meet someone who was just as driven as I am, dedicated to the stuff they're passionate about, leading a busy and productive life. I figured that's gonna be the only way a guy was gonna be able to put up with my hectic ass schedule... and low and behold, BAM! I meet Nikki, and he is all of those things - and more...

But just as much as I wanted to be with someone who had their own thing goin' on.. its a blessing and a curse at the same time. Right now, Nikki's in New York, doing the Letterman thing, and then starting the beginning of a gnarly long touring schedule... and you know what?

I fuckin' hate that I miss him so much! ... And to think this is just the BEGINNING of the tour, and the beginning of my filming schedule for Season 3... so I'm gonna be equally as slammed... Finding time that will allow me to fly out and visit him has been pretty damn hard...

BUT, as difficult as it is to sleep at night without him next to me.. this is what we asked for! HA!

And even though I'm over here in Hollywood, and Nikki's off and about all over the country, I wouldn't want it any other way. I can be proud, and excited for him from a distance...

ANYWAY! The point of this was to share with you guys how happy I am to see all of this stuff come together in the end for Nikki, and know you guys will all agree with me when I say the new album is truly fucking RAD!!!

Lemme know what you think, if you hear it, or catch them on Letterman!
Maybe send him a virtual High Five here on myspace, for kickin' major ass!!

Kat Von D

PS. If you guys get a chance to listen to the song, "Animal", it's one of my personal faves, even though its the only slow jam on the record... Some of those lyrics were derived from Nikki and I's back and forth text messages in the first few months we were dating.... (Awwhhh... yes, you can puke now!)

Source: her myspace blog
Oh yeah, I forgot my obligatory "NIKKI SIXX, HOW COULD YOU!?!?"

James McAvoy has second thoughts about keeping his trousers on


Scottish actor James McAvoy is having second thoughts about covering up for a scene in his new movie Wanted - because even he thinks it's ridiculous his character is wearing jeans. 

McAvoy's hitman character emerges from a paraffin bath after removing bullets from his body and even the actor has trouble believing he'd go through all that with his jeans on.

He tells WENN, "I was quite happy to go throughout the entire movie fully clothed, but that scene with my shirt off, there was no reason for me to have any clothing on. The fact that I have a pair of jeans on is kind of stretching the realms of reality, but I had a scene hugging Terrence Stamp shortly after and I so did not want to do that naked." 

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constantine welcome to my world

10th Annual Provincetown Film Festival with Gael Garcia Bernal!

Gael was at the 10th Annual Provincetown Film Festival this week end. Here's some pictures of him.

With Tarantino: Perhaps the most touching moment of the weekend came when diminutive Mexican heartthrob Gael Garcia Bernal accepted the Excellence in Acting Award. “I feel like Miss Mexico,” he said through tears. Tarantino (who recieved the award Filmmaker on the Edge Award), of course, could not resist a reply, cooing “I feel like Miss Guatemala.” Boston.Com

With on-and-off girlfriend (but apparently on) Dolores Fonzi:

Source: Gael Fan

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Are In Love and It is Sickening.

ONTD needs more of Josh. These pics are kind of old but they haven't been posted and he looks hot.

So here's a ton of pics of Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger at Cannes, a Fendi party and an amfAR dinner and they are adorable. I have no witty retort, I have nothing. They're cute and harmless.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Above pic not related but lol at him waiting patiently as she poses.

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jacob the jeweler sentenced to two and a half years in prison

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Rappers had better stock up on their yellow-diamond tennis bracelets and sapphire-sprayed platinum chains, because the king of bling is going up the river for a while.

Jacob "The Jeweler" Arabov — the infamous New York diamond merchant who has outfitted countless rappers, NBA players and even onetime Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani — was sentenced Tuesday (June 24) to two and a half years in federal prison for lying to investigators about his part in a multistate drug ring.

According to The Associated Press, Arabov, who pleaded guilty in October to falsifying records and giving false statements, as part of a deal with federal prosecutors, was given seven months off his potential three-year-plus sentence for his extensive charity work. He was also ordered to pay a $50,000 fine (barely enough to buy one of his low-end chains) and forfeit $2 million to the government.

"I feel ashamed that I broke the laws of this country, a country that has been so good for me," read a statement from Arabov, a 43-year-old Russian immigrant sometimes known as Jacob Arabo. "I will carry this shame for the rest of my life."

Arabov has gotten shout-outs in multiple Kanye West songs ("Touch the Sky," "All Falls Down," "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"), not to mention tracks by 50 Cent, R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Fabolous and Young Jeezy. He was arrested at his Manhattan shop in 2006 and accused of being part of a conspiracy to launder about $270 million in drug profits. Officials dropped the money-laundering charges against the jeweler as part of his plea agreement.

He was among 40 people indicted in the scheme orchestrated by the Black Mafia Family, which ran drugs out of Detroit beginning in the 1990s. Arabov will report to prison on January 15, and the judge in the case said he might have to receive drug treatment while in prison because he tested positive for cocaine following his arrest.

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Kristanna Loken gets married

Kristanna Sommer Loken and Noah Dalton Danby (son of the late world famous realist painter Ken Danby)
were wed on the Tenth of May 2008 on her parents fruit farm in upstate New York. The ceremony was held in the orchard amongst the beautiful white apple blossoms. Kristanna arrived at the ceremony with her father Chris, in his 1971 Buick Riviera. The very same car Kristanna was brought home from the hospital in. At the end of the ceremony monarch butterflies were released and were drawn to the light color of Kristanna's dress. The butterflies will also pollinate the trees. Barry (photographer and long time friend of Kristanna's), then gathered the wedding party around the farms oldest tractor for a wedding party shot. The reception commenced in a big white tent between the pond and the petting zoo. It was truly a fairytale in the orchard...


Source: http://www.kristannaloken.net/kristanna_noah_wed.html

cristiano ronaldo ily..keep wurkin it with ur broken english*~*

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has dismissed talk that the Spanish champions would be willing to pay 100 million euros (155 million dollars) to sign Manchester United's Portuguese playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Real Madrid will never pay 100 million euros for anybody," Spanish sports daily Marca quoted him as saying at a sports even in Madrid on Monday night.

Calderon's comments come just two days after Real's German coach Bernd Schuster said the club would be willing to pay that amount to secure the services of the 23-year-old winger.

"For such a player we will pay what is necessary because what counts for us is to win the Champions League," he told German TV station DSF.
Marca, citing unnamed Real officials, said the Spanish club had an offer of 85 million euros in the works for Ronaldo which it will partially finance with the sale of its Brazilian atttacker Robinho to Chelsea.

Real hope to officially unveil Ronaldo on July 7 at its Santiago Bernabeu stadium at an even where it expects to draw 60,000 people, it added.
The club will only unveil the player after FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta's confidence vote on July 6 which was requested by two supporters who were angered by the Catalan side's poor performance last season so as to not embarass him, Marca reported.
"Real Madrid is a gentleman and does not want in any way to hurt Barcelona," a Real official told Marca.

Manchester United have repeatedly said the player - whose contract runs until 2012 - is definitely not for sale.
United earlier this month reported nine-time European champions Real to UEFA for trying to unsettle their prize asset, currently on a 120,000 pounds-a-week contract but who could see that sum double if he switched to the Bernabeu.

After Portugal were ousted from the Euro 2008 last week following a 3-2 defeat to Germany, the 23-year-old star said he would announce his future intentions in "two to three days".


b/c ontd needs more soccer posts.

ONTD who are your fav soccer/futbol players?? pics


india arie to make broadway debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

India.Arie on Broadway — produced by Whoopi Goldberg. The Grammy-winning singer will make her Broadway debut in a revival of Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf."

She will open in the play Sept. 8 at Circle in the Square.

Preview performances begin Aug. 19 in what will be a revised and updated version of the play, which was an off-Broadway hit for the Public Theater in 1976 before transferring to Broadway for a run of more than 700 performances.

The new production will be directed by Shirley Jo Finney and choreographed by Hinton Battle, a three-time Tony winner.

"For Colored Girls...," a prose-poem portrait of black women in America, originally featured Shange and Trazana Beverley, who won a Tony for her performance.

Goldberg has been involved in productions of "Thoroughly Modern Millie," her own "Whoopi ... The 20th Anniversary" and a revival of August Wilson's "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom."

courtesy of wiki: i had never heard of the play, so i looked it up and this is what its about...it sounds amazing, tbh
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf is a 1975 stageplay by Ntozake Shange. First performed at the Bacchanal, a woman's bar outside of Berkeley, California, it was first produced in New York City at Studio Riobea in 1975; produced Off-Broadway at the Anspacher Public Theatre in 1976; and produced on Broadway at the Booth Theatre that same year. A heavily edited version of the play was made into a TV movie in 1982 featuring Shange, actresses Laurie Carlos and Tony Award winner Trazana Beverly from the stage production, dancer Sarita Allen, and with noteworthy early-career performances by Alfre Woodard and Lynn Whitfield.

For Colored Girls brought to the stage a perspective on what it is to be female and black in the modern United States that many in the Civil Rights Movement era found groundbreaking, especially in the fact that it was, and has continued to be, done in mainstream American stage and media venues. According to Hilton Als in The New Yorker's Critic's Notebook (March 5, 2007), "...all sorts of people who might never have set foot in a Broadway house -- black nationalists, feminist separatists -- came to experience Shange's firebomb of a poem. ...[T]he disenfranchised heard a voice they could recognize, one that combined the trickster spirit of Richard Pryor with a kind of mournful blues."

Structurally, For Colored Girls is a series of twenty poems — referred to as a "choreopoem" — performed through a cast of nameless women, each known only by a color: Lady in Yellow, Lady in Purple, and so forth. The poems deal with love, abandonment, rape, and abortion. The performances of the nine actresses are equally focused on their specific stories; e.g., Lady in Blue’s visceral account of a woman who chooses to abort her baby; Lady in Red’s horrifying tale of domestic abuse. The performances are sharp and bone-chilling. Shange's own name means “she who walks like a lion” in isiXhosa, and her writing doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to these hard-hitting issues. Her dealings with the hardships of physical and emotional abuse, the strength of unity, and the tragedy of loss have a focus and passion that has made the play and its incarnations last a generation.

The play has its moments of laughter and joy as well. Lady in Brown embodies the tenacity of youth as she runs away from home to live with Haitian liberator Toussaint L’Ouverture. And although the play expresses a certain dissatisfaction with the roles men have played in its characters’ lives, it transcends male-bashing and becomes a message of self-respect and reverence. The end of the play brings together all of the women for “a laying on of hands,” where Shange evokes the power of womanhood as the Lady in Brown begins the mantra “I found God in myself/ and I loved her/ I loved her fiercely.”

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Jonas Brothers' dad talks about their purity rings

The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings as symbols of their commitment to remain virgins until marriage. Their ordained minister father, Kevin Sr., strives to make time for the family to worship and give thanks for their blessings.

He revealed to USA Today: 'The boys made a decision when they turned 12 years old to put those rings on their fingers. We didn't give them these rings as a pledge of perfection, but as a reminder of values. Our hope is that they'll always know that there's a good, right way to treat the opposite sex.'

Joe added, 'Even songs we write today, if you really listen to the lyrics, it can be about love songs, but it's also about our relationship with God. It's simple. We're Christian guys in a rock 'n' roll band.'

wf. vessels of a donor look

The Discovery Channel stars sing Boom Dee A Da

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs), Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild), the crew from Deadliest Catch, Josh Bernstein (Into the Unknown), Ben Bailey (Cash Cab), and a chorus of children sing the infamous Boom Dee A Da song from the Discovery Channel commercials.

The commercial it was inspired by:

I'd give Mike Rowe a Dirty Job. I have also been watching this non-stop for like, 3 hours now.


Vanessa Paradis for MIU MIU

>> Out with the Kirsten Dunst, in with the Vanessa Paradis for Miuccia Prada's scuba-inspired Fall 2008 Miu Miu collection.  Prada chose the former Chanel face because of her "powerful independence" and "overlapping qualities of fragility and feminine strength."  Looks like Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have been here to work their usual . . .


Here's a closeup of Vanessa's outfit on a runway model.


You can click here to see Kirsten's ads from Spring 2008.

The initials on the outfit is really lame, plus Kirsten's clothes are better, imo.
movies // parveen

Clive Owen is an Italian Icon


British actor Clive Owen hits the gray carpet prior to the Giorgio Armani show, as part of the men’s Spring/Summer 2009 fashion collection, at Milan fashion week, in Milan, Italy on Tuesday.

The 43-year-old actor has recently been filming scenes with co-star Julia Roberts from his upcoming movie, Duplicity, in Rome.

Clive has also been signed up to co-star along Naomi Watts in The International, set to be released in February of 2009. Tom Tykwer will direct the film.

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Commence the filthy comments.

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Santogold being sued by............ Santo Gold???

When Googling hipster-friendly American pop/R&B/hip-hop singer Santogold, you may discover a guy named Santo Gold. He's a musician and actor whose credentials include starring in several strange infomercials for gold chains and a "space wrestling" movie. If you think these two artists' names are a tiny bit similar, you wouldn't be alone, because Santo Gold is suing Santogold for name infringement.

Santo Gold (real name Santo Rigatuso) has slapped a lawsuit on Santogold (real name Santi White) and her record labels, Downtown Records and Lizard King Records. Santo Gold says he's been using his stage name since 1983. Santogold says she got her moniker from a classmate sometime in the '80s.

Santo Gold wants an injunction to stop Santogold from using her current stage name or any that may be "substantially similar" (does this rule out Saint O'Gold, then?). Santogold's self-titled album, along with her website, santogold.com, have led Santo Gold to say Santogold is "crushing" his "hopes of continuing his music and acting career." He wants compensation for money he claims he's lost and profits Santogold may have made for using her stage name. He also wants all the items Santogold has ever produced under that name recalled and destroyed.

Santo Gold wears sunglasses and says that since Santogold's back-up dancers wore sunglasses when they recently appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, this constitutes image appropriation. Further, Santo Gold says Santogold admitted to image appropriation in an interview with trashmenagerie.com where she apparently said she was purposely wearing jewelry similar to Santo Gold.

Whether Santogold will still be known by that name or something else when she plays with Coldplay next month remains to be seen. But she'll open for the chart-topping British band at Montreal's Bell Centre on July 29 and Toronto's Air Canada Centre the next night.

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Source: Chartattack

CRY MOAR. Wearing sunglasses is image appropriation? Give me a break.
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james franco lolz

words from her stalkuh

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'Britney fears she'll die at 27,' says author

Britney Spears admitted that she fears she will not live to see her 28th birthday, according to the author of a new expose about the troubled pop star.

Ian Halperin, a biographer and journalist, had spent 18 months studying the Toxic singer as an undercover paparazzo, getting closer to the star and her inner circle.

Halperin has penned down all his findings in a new book, which he hopes will hit the shelves by Christmas (08).

The singer, who already claims to be suffering from drug abuse, bipolar problems and suicidal tendencies, revealed to Halperin personally that she fears she will die at 27.

"She told me she feared she'd die at age 27 (her current age) she is 26, just like other music stars, like Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain," Contactmusic quoted Halperin as saying.

The biographer, had also ironically penned a book about Kurt Cobain - who lost his life at 27.

Joplin and Cobain aren't the only members of the sinister 27 Club, rock greats Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones all perished before their 28th birthday.

Kevin Spacey insists his head is not big

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor Kevin Spacey has denied rumors that he is getting bigheaded and expanding his entourage, WENN reports.

Rumors were swirling that Spacey has become a “diva” – that when he travels he has “bodyguards, several publicists, a makeup artist, a personal hairdresser, someone styling him . . .”

However, Spacey sees all of these claims as ridiculous, defending that often he does not even have any “entourage” for regular travel. He only has hired help when he is going on the road for a press or media engagement. In this way, the 21 actor is no different from any other celebrity.

Insists a representative: “A publicist, a groomer and security are there when he does press. Just like they are for any other stars.”

The Hollywood star recently appeared in HBO’s Recount, which depicted the controversial Bush versus Gore presidential election.

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Chezza leave that himbo!

Ashley and Cheryl Cole in Spain

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Can anyone - perhaps a divorce attorney - shed some light on why these two are on holiday together?
We’re quite certain that most women - even the most butterfly and princess-hearted ones - would have kicked Ashley Cole’s admitted cheating, lying and vomiting-on-a-random-skank-self to the kerb. At high speed.
But not Chazza. One must admire her ability to completely ignore her former statements about infidelity.

“This generation is really having it pushed down their throat, that being a footballer’s wife is the be all and end all. It’s not. What if you get cheated on or beaten up? What are you going to do then? Stay there for the Chloé handbag? I don’t think so.”

Hmm. Admire, or perhaps as in our case, mock and serve up a hefty dose of bitch, please to the table. Cheryl, we do love you, yet your love life confuses and annoys us almost as much as your swimsuit choices.
Are we being too harsh, dear readers? Do you support the reconciliation?