June 11th, 2008

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Actress has a crush on Obama
By: Jeffrey Ressner
June 10, 2008 07:45 PM EST


Every presidential candidate can use a sexy blond movie star to liven up his or her campaign, appear at big money events and rally the entertainment community. Sen. Barack Obama’s go-to Hollywood hottie is Scarlett Johansson, a starlet who trades frequent e-mails with the presumptive Democratic nominee, campaigns tirelessly on his behalf, hosts lucrative fundraisers and even appeared in that “Yes We Can” viral video that got 10 million views in its first week online.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of a backlash. “Even I’m wary of celebrity endorsements,” Johansson told Politico on Friday. “I don’t want to seem like I’m holier than thou. We all have the same right to vote and, especially in this technical age where we all can broadcast our opinions, we all have the opportunity to entice others to vote.” But, she adds, “if the spotlight is on me, I might as well try to direct it on things and causes that I believe in.”

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source by way of huffingtonpost.com
[glee] kurt sweet prince.

Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes at MoMa Party in NYC

Claire Danes and British actor boyfriend Hugh Dancy are all dressed up to the nines at MoMA’s 40th Annual “Party In The Garden” at the Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday in New York City.

The Party in the Garden Benefit Gala honored two great New Yorkers: the beloved MoMA Trustee and patron of the arts Donald B. Marron, and acclaimed multi-award-winning televison, stage, and film director, writer, and producer Mike Nichols. Proceeds benefited the Museum’s general operating fund, helping to make possible its award-winning educational programs.

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I think they're cute and have a certain chemistry even though they're both impossibly skinny. Hugh is cool enough to raid Jeremy Irons closet and keep smilin. He turns 33 in a week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUGH. /shuts up
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Britney Spears' Marilyn burial

Britney Spears has chosen her own burial plot.

The troubled 26-year-old singer visited the Hollywood Forever Cemetery over the weekend and after looking at the graves of Marilyn Monroe and Italian actor Rudolph Valentino, decided she wants to be laid to rest there.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney is fascinated with Marilyn and visits her grave often. Since she's been getting her life together she's been reading about the star and recently has been glued to a book about the actress.

"She's fascinated that Marilyn asked her favourite make-up artist to make her look beautiful after she died and picked her own burial plot. So when Britney saw Rudolph Valentino's grave at the cemetery she shrieked and said she wanted one.

"She told her aides, 'I'm going to live so I want to be brought to the Forever Cemetery when I'm 101.' "

Britney - who was at the graveyard to see a screening of Mick Jagger film 'Performance on Sunday' - has been working hard to get her life back on track following her alleged breakdown in January.


edit: the story is false, Marylin was buried in the Westwood Village Memorial Park.
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And he's just like the rest of them...

“Sugar Mama” Linda Hogan Nineteen Year Old Charlie Hill

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nineteen year old Charlie Hill is seducing Hulk Hogan’s soon-to-be ex in hopes of landing a free ride to college, a new report from the National Enquirer claims. The pair met through the Hogan’s incarcerated son Nick, who is currently serving an eight month jail sentence for reckless driving. Linda had a great time partying with the young dock worker from Clearwater, Florida at the Grand Opening of the Palms Place in Las Vegas on May 31st, but Enquirer spies claim the forty-four year old’s new lover has been bragging to friends about taking the mother of two for all she’s worth.

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Sarah Brightman World Tour

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We are pleased to announce the Mexico, US and Canada dates of Sarah's brand new SYMPHONY WORLD TOUR!

The world's best-selling soprano will kick off her North American tour this November in Monterrey, Mexico, performing a total of 4 shows in Mexico, 18 shows in the US and 10 shows in Canada.

For a complete list of tour dates and on-sale dates, visit the World Tour schedule and look for the news item announcing the tour.

Known for her groundbreaking productions and spectacular stage settings, Sarah's SYMPHONY WORLD TOUR is, without doubt, one of the most highly anticipated tours of the 2008 concert season.

Her 2004 HAREM WORLD TOUR was one of the top-grossing tours in the US, spanned three continents, and played to an audience of 700,000 fans in arenas worldwide. Those who have attended Sarah's concerts can readily attest that they are visual and aural feasts!

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(Tour dates for other countries will be announced later. Please stay tuned...)

SOURCE: Sarah-Brightman.com

First [REC] 2 Teaser Poster Revealed!

The first teaser poster for the sequel to last year's cult horror hit [REC] has been revealed. Wait - there's a sequel?! The Spanish horror site Aullidos.com has debuted this poster and confirms that the original filmmakers behind the first film are back again working on [REC] 2. There is already an American remake of [REC] in the works called Quarantine, but this is a separate project. Apparently Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza decided to go back and make a sequel entirely on their own again. There isn't any information to add to this project yet, but fans of [REC] should definitely get a kick out of this teaser poster.

Here's a brief plot synopsis from the first film: While covering the night shift at a small-town fire department, an ambitious young television reporter (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman follow the crew on a call to rescue an elderly woman trapped in her apartment. Upon their arrival at the scene, the calm midnight air is pierced by the sound of horrific screams, and the television report takes an unexpectedly dark turn. I've heard nothing but great things from a lot of people about the original film. But is a sequel really necessary?

[REC] 2 is both written and directed by Spanish filmmakers Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. The first film, just titled [REC], first debuted at Venice Film Festival last year but has never actually hit theaters in the US. This sequel is shrouded in secrecry and does not have any other information available yet. We will update you once we hear more - stay tuned!

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This is sooooooo exiting!!!!! I've heard rumors about how they're planning to do a prequel and tell the story of La Niña Medeiros!!! How cool would that be?!?

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

The Ro and Co Show, Episode #3: It's great if you have 9:42 to spare of your life like I do...

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3jINvZCt6Q

For the "Who?" crowd:
Ro - Roshon Fegan - plays "Sander" in the upcoming DCOM "Camp Rock"
Co - Cody Linley - plays "Jake Ryan", Miley's boyfriend on Hannah Montana --> legal :)


Maybe I'm tired and maybe my sense of humor is whack, but I was basically dying of laughter over here... Cody Linley's expressions are priceless. You can fast forward through the beginning if you want, the show gets more and more ridiculous as time goes on :P

New Image of Harry & Ginny Hugging from the Half-Blood Prince film!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today a new image from the sixth movie of the franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, appeared in which we can see Harry hugging the actress Bonnie Wright, who plays the redhead Ginny Weasley. See other recent photos that have leaked from HBP film through this link.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set to release on November 21st.

- Potterish

Cue all the Harry/Ginny wank.

Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo

Arsenioooooo Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall has been named host of MyNetworkTV's new comedic clip show, "Funniest Moments."

The hour-long series is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Wednesdays starting in the fall.

Hall returned to standup comedy and toured for the first time in more than a decade. He will be featured in the Weinstein Co.'s upcoming animated film "Igor," which is scheduled for release in the fall.


Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo

my lesbian lover does lesbian-ish things (i.e. "Superwoman" video)

Alicia Keys Becomes Young Mother, Businesswoman, Pharaoh And More In New 'Superwoman' Clip

She won't be leaping any tall buildings or saving the planet from total annihilation at the hands of a well-funded, deranged, criminal mastermind. But in the forthcoming video for "Superwoman," Alicia Keys will be paying homage to all of womankind, in her own unique way.
"The video is representing all kinds of superwomen, and the exciting part is, not only am I able to be myself in the video, but I'm able to play all of these other women as well," Keys told MTV News on the "Superwoman" set this week. The single is the latest from Keys' 2007 LP As I Am, which to date has sold nearly 3.5 million copies. "One example is a woman who is a young mother who is struggling and trying to make ends meet but also has bigger dreams for herself. She wants to go to school, so we'll see her filling out applications. She's a superwoman because it's hard to do all of those things."
In the video, shot by director Chris Robinson (who helmed Keys' "You Don't Know My Name" and "Karma" clips), Keys will also portray a Somali woman, who crosses miles of scorched earth just to supply her family with fresh drinking water, as well as a cutthroat businesswoman and a female pharaoh.
"I love the diversity of it all and how it says, 'No matter who we are or what we're going through, we all are superwomen,' " Keys explained. "It's going to be a pretty incredible journey. It's one of my favorite songs off of the album, and it's just very inspirational, because I wrote it when I really needed to hear some words that said to me that, even when you're not perfect, and you're kind of out of it, and you're off, and you're feeling like a mess, you're still a superwoman. The song, every time I sing it, makes me feel inspired to be however I am that day."
The video, which is expected to begin airing later this month, is one of a handful of projects occupying the singer's time these days. In addition to her current U.S. tour with Ne-Yo and Jordin Sparks scheduled to wrap June 18 at New York's Madison Square Garden, and the premiere of her "Alicia in Africa" documentary set for July 4, Keys has been busy reading movie scripts and working on material for her next album.
"Musically, once I find a comfortable place, which I'm in now, I do tend to create, just to create," she said. "So I can't say I'm working on an album. I just let it develop as it goes. I have a couple of ideas for the next record, and I know how I want it to feel. But I'm just being creative right now, and not forcing it into something.
"It comes naturally, as we grow," she continued. "You just find different sides of yourself that you realize express who you are at that time. When I first started out, I was just brand new to everything. And really, I love the person I was — and I am still that person in many ways — but it's still exciting to grow as a person, an artist, a woman, who just has strong visions and ideas and thoughts. I am proud of my progression, and it represents my growth as a woman. I am definitely feeling my own freedom a little bit more, and my own strength and ability to create the life that I want for myself."
This October, Keys will be seen on the big screen alongside Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning in "Love and Basketball" director Gina Prince-Bythewood's "The Secret Life of Bees."
"It's a beautiful book, and it's a beautiful story," explained Keys, who made her movie debut in 2007's "Smokin' Aces." "Sort of like a finding-your-way story, which is something everyone can relate to. I'm super-excited about it, and I feel it's my best work yet."
Beyond that, Keys said she'd love to be considered for the lead in any Lena Horne biopics, and is gunning for the lead in one of Halle Berry's upcoming projects: a biopic on the life of Philippa Duke Schuyler.
"She was a classical pianist during the '40s and '50s, and she was half-black, half-white," Keys said. "It was a very interesting time to grow up in that way, and be a classical pianist, so it's an interesting story that I would love to be a part of."


Source: MTV

tl;dr for some of you folks, so I tried to bold the interesting bits.
That being said, I heart this dyke so fucking much much. F L A W L E S S . Can't wait for this video. Teenage Love Affair is my fav video for this album so far by a long shot, though. We'll see.
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Chef Tom talks Top Chef

Top Chef's season finale is this Wednesday, with Richard, Stephanie, and Lisa competing for the title. Head judge Tom Colicchio recently sat down with Salon to talk about season four of Top Chef, the judging process, and other celebrity chefs. Here's a rundown of some of the chef's remarks:

* Colicchio doesn't feel pressured to give a woman the title of Top Chef. Plenty of female contestants have been in the finale or come close to winning.
* He called season four's contestants the "strongest group as a whole."
* If you meet one of the Top Chef judges, resist the urge to second-guess their decisions. Colicchio likes to "lecture" people who criticize him. He explained that the judges' deliberations last up to two hours, and viewers only see a few minutes of that discussion. The judges also make their choice to eliminate a contestant based on that week's performances alone.
* Fans were shocked when Dale, a favorite to win, was sent home. Tom Colicchio wasn't judging that week, and confessed that the elimination surprised him as well. However, he was told that Dale's dish was clearly the worst dish of the week.
* He disagreed with a contestant's claim that the key to winning Top Chef is "getting your point of view across." Cooking good food is the way to win.
* When asked if he would hire any past Top Chef contestants, Colicchio singled out Tiffany and Harold from the first season, Sam (season two), and Hung (season three).



He may be known for his summery boho and barefoot style, but Jack Johnson tells the upcoming issue of Men’s Journal that it’s tough to be a star.

Here are some highlights:

Jack on fame: “I’m a pretty unlikely celebrity. I’m a pretty normal guy. I never really had dreams of being famous.”

Jack on how he uses the attention surrounding him for the good: “I realized you can either talk about all these personal things and let people into your life, or you can try to direct all that attention onto things that you’re interested in (the environment). Not just pushing the attention away from me, although that’s positive, too.”

Jack on his upcoming media blackout: “As soon as August comes and I’m done touring, there’ll be a few years where I won’t do any interviews.”


chris bein cute

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone named Chris Brown “Best New Michael Jackson“, so it made sense that Brown told us a story about the King of Pop when he stopped by for lunch last week: “He’s one of the most difficult guys to get to do anything,” Brown says. “I’ve done the World Music Awards [with him], and he’s called me for my birthday — he did it the superstar way and had his security [call] for him and say ‘Yeah, I got Michael on the phone.’”

“[Jackson] was telling me ‘Happy Birthday’ and I was like ‘Thank you, we need to do a record.’ He’s like, ‘Oh, definitely. Will.i.am was telling me about it, so we need to do it.’ It didn’t actually happen how we wanted it, but hopefully in the future it’ll work out,” Brown says.

In the meantime, Brown has plenty of other collaborations in the works — he’s penned a song called “Disturbia” for current flame Rihanna, has done a few tracks for the Pussycat Dolls and is hoping to work with New Kids on the Block. “I’m just getting my pen wet,” Brown says. “And for my new album, I actually got the chance to write a lot more songs.”

Brown’s next record, Graffiti, is still in the early stages, and he says he’s trying “to do stuff that brings all genres of music together” — like a duet with Tim McGraw and another with Sting. “Something different, so you’ll be like ‘Sting and Chris Brown? Huh?’ Because nobody would expect that.”

And just to make sure he has all his bases covered, Brown will also appear in a handful of movies. He’ll be in the graffiti movie Vandals, play a fresh-out-of-high-school football player who trades bodies with an 11-year-old in the Big-esque Traded and star alongside Common,T.I., Jared Leto and Matt Dillon in The Heist,. “My schedule is booked till about 2011,” he jokes.

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Chace Crawford is a TEN

Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford stands pretty at the No. TEN Cocktail Party held at the Covent Garden in London on Tuesday night.

There was a year-long search for the 10 best bartenders from 10 of the world’s most glamourous cities (London, Athens, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, Mexico City, Shanghai and Tokyo). These experts now form the nucleus of the Tanqueray Guild, which launched on this past Monday (June 9) with a dinner hosted at private members’ club, Home House in central London. The tagline of the night was “TEN iconic cities, TEN fabulous bartenders, one perfect Tanqueray”.

This dramatic event saw the No 1 Piazza turned into a cool, contemporary cocktail bar, where 200 VIP guests danced to music provided by gin martini aficionado and couture fashion designer, Giles Deacon.


source/the rest of Chace

Pic Post

Betting on Betty

Ugly Betty beauty Becki Newton promotes the hit comedy at Monaco's Monte Carlo Television Festival, where 113 shows from 24 countries are vying for an award at the prestigious ceremony that runs thru June 12.

Nashville Star

Hannah Montana's Billy Ray Cyrus rocks through classics like "Arcy Breaky Heart" and new tracks from his upcoming album Back to Tennessee, due in October, at the 2008 CMA Music Fest on June 8 in Nashville.

Idol Worship

American Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell, who mad headlines recently after AI's latest winner, hottie David Cook, asked her out on a date at the season finale, performs on the Main Stage at the L.A. Gay Pride fest on June 7.
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Gossip Girl Set to Spinoff

Producers of Gossip Girl are planning a spinoff series set at a girls boarding school by either giving co-star Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey her own series or by introducing a new character in the fall who is then spun off and given a new series.

Taylor, 14, plays a character who is a self-esteem challenged outsider and struggles to fit in. Any spinoff would likely draw on Taylor’s character Jenny Humphrey in the Gossip Girl book series for inspiration, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In the books, a series of public embarrassments (such as appearing in a teen magazine wearing next to nothing) results in Humphrey having to either repeat ninth grade or find a new school.

It is not yet clear whether the spinoff would be picked up for the fall season considering the CW already has Gossip Girl and 90210 in production, as well as One Tree Hill.

In 2000, Taylor, starred in her breakthrough performance in Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as Cindy Lou Who opposite Jim Carrey.


Comedy Central to offer Stewart, Colbert on Hulu

Viacom Inc's Comedy Central
will begin offering full episodes of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and the "Colbert Report" on Hulu.com on Tuesday as part of a test, reversing an earlier position that it would mainly focus on offering its shows on its own sites. The deal to offer these popular shows on Hulu could lead to other Viacom content on the online video service, co-owned by General Electric's NBC Universal and News Corp

"I think with success breeds success. It could open some other doors," Erik Flannigan, executive vice president of digital media at MTV Networks, said in a phone interview. MTV Networks is the Viacom division that runs the Comedy Central and MTV cable channels. 

Comedy Central's two most popular shows also will be available in full-length on ComedyCentral.com, Flanagan said. Previously, only clips of the skits were available. 

Flannigan said Comedy Central aimed to broaden its online audience. Already, Stewart and Colbert's send-up of U.S. politicians are frequently some of the most viewed clips on the web, particularly in the run-up to the November presidential elections

"Hulu in many ways may put the shows in front of some people who might be more casual viewers but who might be interested in what's going on with the elections," Flannigan said. 

Comedy Central will receive a percentage of ad sales sold by Hulu, Flannigan said. 

The test also can be viewed as a coup for the months-old Hulu, which, despite early skepticism, has garnered fans among media companies and viewers. 

In April, users watched more videos on Hulu and its partner distribution sites than all sites operated by broadcasters. 


OK! Magazine's Cover & 'Shiloh Can't Wait to be a Big Sis!' Story

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have much to celebrate with the impending arrival of their twins and the recent success of Angie's film Kung Fu Panda at the box office. And no one is more excited than their youngest child, 2-year old Shiloh.

The toe-headed tot is finally coming around to accepting that she's going to be a big sister and friends say it's a big relief in the Jolie-Pitt household.

"It took her a while, but now she's as excited as the rest of the family," a Jolie-Pitt insider tells OK!. "She puts her hands on Angie's stomach to feel the twins kick and she jumps back and starts grinning!"

Little Shiloh is taking other baby steps as well. The 2-year old has begun sleeping in a big-girl bed and is even almost potty trained.

"She's got her pull-up diapers and tells Mom and Dad when she has to go to the bathroom," a source tells OK!. "She's trying to get the hang of it all on her own — just like she did with walking."

For the entire scoop on how Shiloh is coping with being a big sister, pick up the new OK! — on newsstands everywhere Thursday!


David Spade and Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace are expecting a baby girl

In Touch Weekly is reporting that David Spade and Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, who dated briefly, are expecting a baby girl.

Spade broke up with the 22-year-old before discovering she was pregnant, and he was surprised by the news, the mag says. Although the actor has never publicly confirmed that the baby is his, he has said, “If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility.”

Way to step up, David. You are the father of the year!


Jillian Grace:

Agyness Knows How To Party

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fashion “it” girl Agyness Deyn proves to be the ultimate party girl, only beginning her busy evening out by attending the opening party for the new Chanel boutique on Dover Street.

Afterward she headed out to The Club restaurant with some friends, and later migrated to the Karaoke Box in Soho where she sang her heart out with her pals and had almost too much fun as she stumbled onto the ground at one point.

But the always smiling Agyness laughed it off and continued to live it up through the night, capping the eve off with a girl-on-girl kiss.

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Kate Beckinsale doesn’t give a hoot that she’s a terrible cook, for it lets her concentrate on the other thing that she’s very good at — sex!!!

The British beauty tells the upcoming issue of Glamour magazine that she believes people are divided into two groups – good cooks, and good lovers. When it comes to her, she would rather fall in the second category, as that would ensure hubby Len Wiseman doesn’t go looking for hot sex outside their marriage.

Kate tells the mag: “I’m the worst wife in the cooking department. I always thought you can’t be good at food and sex, but you can always order the food in. I’d rather he didn’t order in the sex.”

matthew lewis

At Home with Miley Cyrus (In Style June 2008)

Not supposed to be the first photo in this series, but srsly, Billy Ray's eyeing the youngest daughter  At first I had hope he was looking at the dog, but his eye line is directly at little sister's head.  (So despite pedobear creepiness, I love that Miley is the only one actually looking at the camera lol!)

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If you think this was posted, ignore it. Didn't show up in google, didn't show up in ljseek.

T.I. collaborates with Busta Rhymes, remains sexy while doing so

Busta Rhymes Enlists T.I., Akon For 'Legal Situations'-Inspired 'Don't Believe Them'

Busta Rhymes had a great reason for stopping in the middle of an interview last week. While talking to MTV Base in his hotel room, Bus briefly paused to field a call about the havoc being caused in another room he had rented.

He had converted this temporary living quarters into a studio, and his production people were adding the last bit of flavor to another mega remix, the second coming of "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water on 'Em)." He brought together legends, an upstart and a couple of the Hottest MCs in the Game right now.

"[The original] 'Don't Touch Me' is a record that I love very much because it's a song that kind of brings me back to the feeling of vintage Busta Rhymes," he began. "Like that hyperactive, feel-good-energy, wilding-in-a-club, carefree, free spirit. Throwing up drinks around and wet up people and just have fun.

"The remix consists of Reek Da Villain, who is a new artist from Flipmode; Spliff Star, the official Street Corner Colonel; Game; Lil Wayne; Nas and Big Daddy Kane. So this remix is definitely a movie, and I had a fun, fun time putting it together with them guys. I definitely want to salute them artists because I'm definitely a big fan of all the dudes that came through and participated on the remix. We're more than likely to be having a phenomenal video for the remix as well, so, you know, you got a lot to look forward to from the kid, Bussa Bus!"

Busta said it took him and his people three days to put everyone's verses together for the remix, which just leaked to the Net. Meanwhile, "Don't Believe Them," another major posse cut on Busta's LP Blessed, features the King of the South and one of the kings of collaboration: T.I. and Akon.

"The record was inspired by the situation that transpired with T.I. right after the BET Hip-Hop Awards. My legal situations were current, and his legal situations were current, and Akon had his, you know, history of legal situations in the past. ... We wanted people to — as bad as things might look for us sometimes — just know that it ain't over until you say it's over at the end of the day. 'Cause nobody can really dictate what the outcome of your destiny, what your life is going to end up becoming, unless you let it happen that way."

Blessed is due in early July.


This is more about Busta than T.I. but I'm running out of things to post. :(
gaspard recline

'Terminator 4' teaser attached to 'The Dark Knight'

An advance look at a marketing teaser poster for McG’s Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins was revealed at the New York Licensing Show. The tagline on the bottom reads “Becoming Self-Aware Memorial Day 2009”

MTV says that the first official teaser poster will hit theaters on July 18th, to coincide with Warner Bros’ release of The Dark Knight. Attached to the Batman sequel will be the film’s first teaser trailer. The film is only a month into production, so it’s likely that the teaser will contain little or no footage from the actual film. And hey, you were going to The Dark Knight anyways, now you have another reason to be excited. And who knows, we might even get a peak at Zack Snyder’s Watchmen too (that is, unless they decide to hold off until Comic-Con).

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins hits theaters on May 22nd, 2009.

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50's Baby Momma stands by what she said & judge orders him to hold property

A judge today ordered 50 Cent to hold on to the property where a $2.4 million house at the center of a bitter dispute with his ex-girlfriend burned to the ground last month.

The judge also ordered the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, to put any insurance proceeds he might receive into a trust account pending the outcome of the $50 million lawsuit filed against him earlier this year by Shaniqua Tompkins. Collapse )


Frankly, I don't believe her craziness. I mean, I suppose I could get him trying to burn her ass up, but I doubt he'd set the house on fire if he knew his son was in there.
go go disco!

Hip Hop Chess Sets

The Hip Hop chess set is an eye grabber because the chess pieces are figurines designed in the likeness of popular Hip Hop artists such as Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliot, Plies and Ludacris.

Lisa Mathews of Incidentals also makes figurines in the likeness of dearly departed artists such as Tupac, Aaliyah, Left Eye and Biggie. The figurines are hand made by Lisa who says it takes about 18 hours to make each piece.

A complete chess set of 32 hand made figurines will set you back $5000 - but isn’t the man in your life worth it? One special piece made in the likeness of your favorite artist is $300.

Place your order with Lisa today and you can take delivery of your own one-of-a-kind Hip Hop chess in about two months. Other high profile owners of Hip Hop chess sets include Ryan Cameron and Jimmy Iovine, president of Interscope Records.

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Ashanti's Label Pulls Blood-Spattered Online Promotion After Protest

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Less than 24 hours after a group of concerned parents and religious leaders gathered outside the Universal/Motown offices in Los Angeles to protest the bloody promotion for Ashanti's "The Way That I Love You" single, the singer's label has pulled the offending "Gotchagram" clip from her site. And, according to one of the protest leaders, the decision came after his group threatened to picket Ashanti's performance at Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday.

"Following discussions with Ashanti, we have jointly decided to remove the TheWayThatILoveYou.com website that hosts the Gotchagram," read a statement issued from the singer's label Wednesday morning (June 11). "Ashanti and her music have always been about self-empowerment and addressing the issues that are most meaningful to her. We stand by our artist and her creative choices."

Paul Porter of the nonpartisan media justice think tank Industry Ears said he was pleased with the rapid response, which he said came from the top. "I just got off the phone with [Motown Records President] Sylvia Rhone," he told MTV News on Wednesday, just before the statement was issued. "And she said they were going to pull it down, and that was the goal, so we're happy about that."

Porter said the decision to can the promotion came after his group threatened to protest Ashanti's performance of the national anthem during Sunday's playoff game in Los Angeles. Just after noon (ET) on Wednesday, Porter provided MTV News with a copy of the e-mail he sent with the protest threat, as well as what he said was the response from Rhone, which read, "The sight [sic] is down, I took it down this morning."

As of 12:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the link to the Gotchagram was still on Ashanti's official site, but it redirected users to her official homepage instead of the offending one.


Michael J. Fox given honorary law degree

He might have been giving an acceptance speech for an Emmy or a Golden Globe, but the "incredible honour" for Michael J. Fox this week was an honorary degree from the University of B.C.

Fox, 46, was ushered through UBC's Chan Centre Thursday morning with a group of UBC grads and other honorary degree holders as part of the week's convocation ceremonies.

"When I received the invitation, I thought, 'What were you thinking?' I have no experience of graduating from university or even graduating from high school," Fox joked, before adding: "This means a great deal to me, I'm deeply moved."

Fox, who received an honorary doctor of laws degree, was one of 10 people -- including Olympian Clara Hughes and architect Bing Thom -- who are being honoured during the six days of ceremonies at UBC between May 21 and May 28.

"It's humbling to find myself among such great people," said Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease.

David Farrar, UBC provost and vice-president, academic, paid tribute to Fox as "the kid from Burnaby who went to Hollywood and made it big."

"With pride and delight, we watched the self-proclaimed 'army brat' emerge as one of our country's most prominent actors," Farrar said.

Fox shot to fame as Alex P. Keaton, a Republican teenager in a Democratic family, on the TV show Family Ties in the 1980s. He also appeared in TV shows and movies, including Spin City, Back to the Future, The Secret of My Success and Bright Lights, Big City.

But his biggest role came in 1991, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disorder that often impairs motor skills and speech.

He didn't publicly reveal he had the disease until seven years later, and in 2000, he founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, which has raised more than $120 million toward Parkinson's research.

During his speech at UBC, Fox's body often swayed with tremors and he sometimes stumbled over his words as he told the grads how "truly honoured" he was to share the day with them.

"No matter what path you take in life, remember that you have opportunity every day, every moment to invent the future you want," he said.

He said he's been lucky to have had different roles in life, including those of actor, husband, father and Parkinson's advocate, and remains inspired and challenged by those around him.

"I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for real impact on the world and in the lives of those around me, and to be a partner in the critical search for answers," he said.

Despite his success, Fox showed he will always be a B.C. boy with roots in Metro Vancouver who will never lose his sense of humour.

"This is not a big speech. I was told to be brief and casual -- that's me, brief and casual," he joked. "I'm working now on my memoirs and the focus is on optimism ... I'm never going to finish it. I'm so happy to be away from it and be home."


he brings me to tears. it's so sad how crippling his disease is.

Confirmed: M.I.A. Cancels European Tour

We had an inkling that M.I.A.'s upcoming European tour might be in trouble — perhaps it was when she announced its cancellation from the stage at McCarren Park Pool on Friday — but last night, amid apparent confusion by her record-label reps, she confirmed it to us: It's definitely off.

“This is my last show. I cancelled the U.K. tour,” she said before performing at the MoMA’s 40th annual benefit “Party in the Garden.” “Nobody knows,” she went on. “This is it. You’re hearing it first. My manager was supposed to cancel it yesterday, but he was watching football — don’t tell anyone — and he forgot. So nobody knows. I guess now they will.” M.I.A.’s concert schedule includes more than just stops in the U.K., but it seemed pretty clear she was referring to all subsequent tour dates. (No word yet on whether Bonnaroo on June 13 is included — mostly because we were reeling too much to ask.)

Is she worried about a fan revolt? No, she said. She thought they’d understand: “I’m canceling because I feel like physically I just have to stop for a second,” she said. “It’s too insane. I was losing a sense of just, like, reality, you know what I mean? I think for an artist like me, it’s so important for me to be in the streets and go to the same shop every day and see the same people and, like, communicate. And it’s really difficult to do that when you’re in the city every day for 24 hours. Like, I love connecting with my band, but I want to actually help them and be a part of peoples’ lives. Which is really hard when you’re on tour.”

Also, she said, touring is really hard: “It takes a lot out of you, physically. I make club music, which means I’m clubbing every night for, like, six months. Know what I mean? So now and again you finally just want to be gardening and get your nails done or something like that.”

And she confirmed our suspicions that she’s extremely uncomfortable being the center of attention. “I’m an artist and it’s really difficult when you become the art, and you’re like, ‘Look at me!’ every day,” she said. “I was never supposed to be like that. I’m eight things [painter, film director, musician, etc.], and I’ve figured out that you can get pleasure from being all of them, and that’s great. But I don’t want to be the thing. And that’s what touring is.” She went on. “ Music is about people,” she said. “It is a party. But I never became a musician because I wanted to be famous, or I’m an extrovert and stuff like that. The touring part came last. Like, I already signed a record deal, put my record out, and did everything. My first-ever time standing onstage singing was already six months into my, like, contract and stuff, which is unheard of. No one does that. But I was just really petrified. It scared the shit out of me.”

M.I.A. says she has no plans to make up her canceled dates. But she hasn’t forgotten her fans; she just wants to reward them a different way. “I’ve been writing on tour. I’m really into writing new songs,” she said. “I’m going to put out a new record instead. At the end of the day, I’m here, you know.”

ha ha ha ...


Quantum Of Solace - 10-06-08
Daniel Craig injury on `Quantum of Solace` set, also small fire at Pinewood

James Bond actor Daniel Craig sliced off the tip off one of his fingers filming an action sequence - reports the Daily Mail.

Craig, 39, was taken to hospital today while the 22nd Bond movie, 'Quantum of Solace' was being shot at Pinewood Studios.

It is the second time in two weeks that Craig has been injured during filming. A week ago his face was cut and required eight stitches.

But after the injury to his hand in the morning he was back on set to resume filming in the afternoon.

'There was quite a lot of blood and it was decided he needed to go to hospital for emergency treatment,' explained a member of the Bond production team.

A spokesman for production company EON said that the actor was taken to see a doctor as 'a precaution'.

The accident is the latest in a spate of mishaps that have plagued the latest Bond film.

At the weekend a fire broke out and caused severe damage on an outdoor Bond set at Pinewood.

The 007 studio at Pinewood had been open for only a year after it had to be rebuilt after a previous fire destroyed a giant replica of Venice during filming of the last Bond film, 'Casino Royale'.

Two stunt men were hurt in separate car accidents while filming Quantum of Solace on location at in northern Italy in April.

British engineer Fraser Dunn, 29, crashed a £134,000 Aston Martin DBS into the water at Lake Garda in northern Italy.

During the same shoot an unnamed Greek stuntman suffered serious head injuries in a car crash.


Ina Hanging On Like FG

I like to Kick, Stretch, and Kick! I'm 50!

Ashlee Simpson Starting to Show Bump

Weeks after confirming she's expecting, a pregnant Ashlee Simpson is starting to show.

The newlywed popped by Hollywood's RenMar Studios in a flowy maxi-dress with a plunging neckline on Monday.

Her husband Pete Wentz recently admitted he was "nervous ... the first time I ever went to the doctor's office."

But after hearing the baby's heartbeat, "I felt totally content and at peace with everything," he said. "It feels good."

Simpson recently canceled her summer tour in light of her pregnancy.

"The truth is I want to put on an amazing show for you the next time I come to your town," she said on her MySpace page. "I promise I will be back, better than ever and ready to rock out."

Simpson and Wentz wed in Los Angeles on May 17.

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Brit & Mel -- Together Again

Britney and Mel's Cigar Club Rendezvous

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson had a smokin' date Tuesday night – at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club.

For more than two-and-a-half hours, the singer, 26, and the actor-filmmaker, 52, met in what was confirmed to PEOPLE as a more of an ongoing guidance session than a business pow-wow.

For their rendezvous at the members-only Havana Club, both showed up separately shortly before 7 p.m., well into the third game of the NBA finals between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics, which was playing at the bar. As for the smoking and watering hole itself, habitués include Ben Affleck, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Danny DeVito.

When Spears arrived, her bodyguard drove a Jeep Commander into the underground parking garage, and she exited with her blonde hair up and pulled back by a white headband. Also with Spears were her assistant Brett and a bodyguard.

"She looked pretty in her new Capri jeans a blue blouse, white shoes and a brown bag," says a photographer. Earlier in the day, Spears was seen shopping at the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, where she purchased the new jeans and tried on several necklaces.

"Britney looked like a doll with bright red lipstick," added the photog, who described her as "very quiet" and "with a serious look on her face as she walked in to the Havana Club."

By contrast, an upbeat Gibson left his silver Lexus with the valet and walked in holding what was described as a "man-purse" up to his face and a look of "okay, you got me" as paparazzi snapped his picture.

Around 9:30, Spears left the club for home, while Gibson hung around until about 11.

The two – once neighbors inside a Malibu enclave (Spears now lives in a gated community in Studio City) – began being seen in public together in March, at dinner in a restaurant. It was then learned that Gibson and his wife, Robin, had been looking in on Spears once she had checked out the hospital in February.

In may, Gibson and his wife, and Spears and her father, all vacationed together in Costa Rica.

doll head

Coldplay Postpones start of N. American Tour

Coldplay postpone North American tour

But free Madison Square Garden show not affected by delay


Coldplay have postponed their forthcoming tour of North America, citing production issues as the reason for the delay.

The band, who are gearing up to promote their fourth album ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends’, will now start the tour proper July 14 in Los Angeles instead of June 29.

As previously reported, the band will play three free shows in London, Barcelona and New York and these shows will not be affected by the postponement,

The band issued a statement saying the aforementioned production delays are to blame for the rescheduling and added:

"We're very sorry, but we promise you a show worthy of your patience and understanding when we start in mid-July”.

The dates have all been rescheduled with tickets still valid for the new dates.

The new dates are:

Los Angeles, CA The Forum (July 14, 15)
San Jose, CA HP Pavilion (18)
Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena (19)
Chicago, IL United Center (23)
Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center (25)
Pemberton, BC Pemberton Festival (27)
Montreal, QC Bell Centre (29)
Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre (30)
Hartford, CT XL Center (August 2)
Washington, DC Verizon Center (3)
Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden (4)
Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place (October 20)
Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena (21)
East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center (26)
Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills (November 3)
Orlando, FL Amway Arena (7)
Sunrise, FL Bank Atlantic Center (9)
Atlanta, GA Philips Arena (11)
Kansas City, MO Sprint Center (13)
St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center (14)
Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center (16)
Houston, TX Toyota Center (18)
Dallas, TX American Airlines Center (19)
Denver, CO Pepsi Center Arena (21)
Salt Lake City, UT Energy Solutions Arena (22)
Phoenix, AZ Jobing.com Arena (26)

source: http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/37244

I will get married soon: Salman Khan

I will get married soon: Salman Khan

Controversies never eluded Salman Khan but the original six-pack boy of Bollywood has learnt the tricks of the trade and the rules of the road.

With experience Salman has become more patient and diplomatic. He takes one question at a time and answers articulately. TWF Bollywood correspondent caught up with the actor who now entertains millions of TV audience as the host of a game show “Dus ka Dum” on Sony.

Weren’t films enough?
Nothing but only the format attracted me. I never decide things, it just happened. I thought the format was interesting, easy and would appeal to many.

Yes, it is easy for the contestants. Dus Ka Dum has an easy format and for this the contestants need not be extraordinarily educated or intelligent. This game show does not embarrass the contestants if they fail.

So you are comfortable hosting this show?
Oh certainly. It also does not require the host to be very intelligent. I think they got the right person to host this show. (Winks)

Is that confidence?
See, I might not be the best host but I don’t think anyone else could have done this job better. I will do pretty much the same thing…acting and I know that is the only thing I can do to my best ability.

After Amitabh Bachchan and SRK you are hosting a show. Does that mean competition?
No way…please… You can’t compare three individuals. We all have different styles. And I feel it’s very unfair to compare me with Amitabh Bachchan…someone who did films like Sholay and Deewar.

And what about SRK giving you some handy tips on hosting this show?
(He...he…he…pauses…ha...ha…ha….) How could that even come to your mind? Why will he give me tips? And why should I take tips from him?

Tell me how would you avoid the media attention now? You have always stayed away from limelight. You will be seen on television now.
See, I have changed a lot. I like answering things straight. So it won’t be a problem. Earlier I had said many things openly, which got lost in translation. But they never bothered me but these days I feel scared.

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Conan Gunn

The 25 Most Notable Musical Offspring (+ some fun Yahoo user comments)

Being Jakob Dylan has to be difficult. His new Rick Rubin produced solo album, Seeing Things, is quite good, but he's still the son of that other guy, Bob Dylan, to whom people not even related get compared to on a regular basis. The one thing you have to admit is that if there ever was a "New Dylan" on the music scene, Jakob certainly qualifies.

Growing up in the shadow of fame and greatness has to be unusual. People want to know you because your mom or dad is so cool? Kids are supposed to be horrified by their parents. And parents are obligated to embarrass their children whenever possible. Going into the family trade is risky business. I wouldn't want any son of mine trying this blogging business. He belongs in the coal mines or the North Pole with the rest of the elves.

What any reasonable parent wants is simple. A tax deduction for each child and what in business is called ROI--a return on investment. You want your child to succeed and pay for your nursing home and new teeth. Can't say I blame you.

Here are 25 notable musical offspring. I didn't say most successful. In the eyes of their parents, they're all winners!

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Jahunka3: I'm Hungry!

Hulk Hogan: "God's Will" That John's a Vegetable!!!!

 Hulk Hogan almost broke down last night on "Larry King," but his outrageous behavior over his derelict son's criminal behavior was in full blossom.
Hulk Hogan: Click to watch
For starters, Hulk said he felt Nick's accident, which put friend John Graziano in a vegetative state, was God's plan to make John a better person.

As for Larry.....no questions about Hulk going to Hooters after the sentencing, no questions about rubbing his daughter's ass, no questions about Linda saying she was the real victim. Oh well. 


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Alyson Hannigan - Pretty in Blue

Thank the TV Gods!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Exclusive! Gossip Girl Boss Says Spinoff Rumors Are Not True

Attention, Upper East Siders: "Little J" has not left the building.

This is the latest coming out of Camp Gossip Girl after the Hollywood Reporter reported this morning that executive producer Josh Schwartz and his crew are working on a Gossip spinoff, most likely surrounding Taylor Momsen's character, Jenny Humphrey (aka Li'l J), who was the subject of a spinoff series for the Gossip books.

I just emailed Schwartz himself to get the real story, and he tells me the rumors are not true:

"Not sure how this got out there, but no plans for spinoff at this moment," Schwartz tells me. "The books do have a spinoff, but we have nothing in the works right now other than making sure season two gets off to a great start."

Holla! Personally, I'm thrilled to hear that Schwartz is keeping his creative mojo focused on the two shows we already know and love: Chuck and Gossip Girl, you?

A well-placed source inside the CW also tells me there are no current plans for a spinoff; however, "If the second season does as well as we expect it to, then we'll probably try to make it happen."

You know you love it.
TV Gossip Girl


Curly hair is back, you say?

 Young trendsetters bring curly hair back in fashion....


After seemingly years of the poker straight, flat-ironed look, curly, wavy hair is making a comeback, with starlets like Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, Leighton Meester, and Britain's Leona Lewis wearing the trend. In March in Britain, sales of do-it-yourself perm kits had doubled from the past year, according to UK's Daily Mail. Are these starlets taking their cues from 80's inspired hair as well as fashion? 

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Source: http://www.easier.com/view/Lifestyle/Beauty/Hair_Care/article-166457.html
Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-524168/Return-perm-Big-hair-leads-Eighties-comeback.html
cd: you see the view?

Katherine Heigl pulls out of Emmy race

Katherine Heigl, who won the Emmy last year for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, has chosen to withdraw herself from Emmy consideration this year. As she tells The Envelope:

“I am truly grateful for the honor that the Academy bestowed upon me last year. I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the Academy organization, I withdrew my name from contention. In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials.”


Linda wants Hulk thrown in jail

(click the pic to view the documents)

Linda is asking a judge to cite the Hulkster with contempt of court, because he allegedly didn't ante up money for a $4.2 million Vegas condo, as required by the judge. Yes, the judge ordered Hulk to pay for a party pad. We love the law.

The condo was in escrow when the divorce was filed and the court order required both Hulk and Linda to close the deal and then put the asset in the community pot. Linda has put her share in but Hulk hasn't.

And here's the kicker. In the legal papers, Linda is asking the judge to throw Hulk's ass in the Pinellas County Jail, where Hulk and Nick can sure scheme to hatch the post-pokey real-ality show. Dis and gusting.


Y SO SRS?: Ledger tribute for 'Batman' premiere

There will be a tribute to Heath Ledger at the Dark Knight premiere next month.

Director Christopher Nolan has dedicated the superhero movie, which opens in New York on July 14, to the late actor.

Nolan has reportedly also added a memoriam to Ledger at the end of the movie.

Ledger's family will attend the screening, according to the Los Angeles Times. His performance as The Joker was his last full film role. 



'90s boy band New Kids on the Block join lineup for MMVA performers

The '90s boy band New Kids on the Block are the latest addition to the celebrity lineup set for this weekend's MuchMusic Video Awards.

The pop quintet is preparing to release a new album and is gearing up for a reunion tour roughly 15 years after breaking up.

The boys join MMVA performers that also include Rihanna, Kardinal Offishall with Akon and the dance crew JabbaWockeeZ.

Presenters include Mel C of the Spice Girls, Rainn Wilson of "The Office," "Gossip Girl"'s Chace Crawford and gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

The bash airs June 15 from MuchMusic's streetside studio on Toronto's trendy Queen Street. Leading nominees include Hedley, Belly and IllScarlett.



Duran Duran make history

Duran Duran have become the first pop group to perform at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The museum opened its doors for the band - who performed in the famous Louvre Pyramid, designed by IM Pei.

The gig was organised as part of a fundraising effort for the 18th century Decorative Arts Gallery of the museum, which is due to re-open in 2011.

Singer Simon Le Bon said he hoped the show had "put a smile on the Mona Lisa's face".

'Worthy cause'

The performance marked a first for both the band and the museum, which has never before allowed a pop concert to take place in its grounds or buildings.

Le Bon added: "It was a great honour for us to be asked to perform at this prestigious event in one of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Paris and for such a worthy cause to the arts.

"We are all great lovers of the arts and have visited the museum's works many times. Helping to raise funds for this incredible institution is a tremendous privilege for all of us."

The money raised will be used to restore a Louis XV drawing room, originally created for the Hotel Villemare, which will be featured in the Decorative Arts Gallery.

Duran Duran will return to Paris on the 2 July to perform at Le Cigalle, with Mark Ronson.

They will then play four dates in the UK at London's O2 Arena.

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Namie Amuro is old

J-pop princess Amuro Namie (30) is to perform at the upcoming concert for shareholders of major record label Avex. The June 22 show at the Saitama Super Arena is described as the biggest ever by the company, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. In fact, with Sony's event being attended by about 7,300 people, the 20,000-seat arena show is probably the biggest by any music company. Held each year after the annual shareholder's meeting, the event was held at the Tokyo International Forum for the last seven years. It usually features the label's top stars, such as Hamasaki Ayumi (29), Koda Kumi (25), and Otsuka Ai (25). But Koda has had a bit of a difficult year and Hamasaki has the Osaka show of her national tour on the same night. So Amuro has stepped in to headline the show. It's her first appearance in eight years and she is long past the heyday of her popularity when she was the first singer to be dubbed a "pop princess" in her teens. But she had some success with a recent single, has a greatest hits album coming out on July 30, and a 15-arena tour starting on October 25.

I love how much the reporter hates Namie, rofl.


George Michael 'to retire from touring', returns to the banana stand


George Michael has announced two major concerts in London to mark the end of his 25 Live Tour, and says he does not intend to tour again.

The star has labelled the dates at Earl's Court in August "The Final Two".

It is a nod to his sell-out Wembley Stadium show, The Final, with Andrew Ridgeley in 1986 - when he brought the curtain down on Wham!

The 25 Live Tour began in Barcelona in 2006, and has so far played to more than 1.3 million fans across Europe.

Michael will head to north America later this summer, before finishing the tour in London on 24 and 25 August.

"These very special shows will naturally feature Michael's hits, some tracks not previously performed in Britain, and a stunning new stage set," a statement on his website said.

"These shows are truly not to be missed by any George Michael fan."

The concerts, both of which will be filmed, will feature "a stunning new stage set," the statement added.

It is understood that the shows will mark Michael's retirement from touring - although he may play special one-off concerts and charity events in the future.

Since he first found success with Wham! Michael has enjoyed one of the most enduring careers in the history of pop music.

He has sold over 100 million records worldwide and achieved seven US number one singles, 11 number one UK singles and six number one albums. 


Nicole Richie Post

Nicole Richie peddling reality show to find the next...Nicole Richie?

Childbirth, it seems, brings out the entrepreneurial spirit. Just ask new mom Nicole Richie, who's looking to stage a comeback of sorts to the same genre that made her a star, of sorts. EW.com has learned that the former coheadliner of The Simple Life has been pitching a reality show that would scour the country for the next, well, Nicole Richie. According to one exec who's heard the pitch, the unscripted show would take seven girls from across the U.S. and test their ability to achieve insta-fame. Richie and a panel of judges would then whittle down the competition in preparation for the live finale, at which time the winner — drumroll, please...would be awarded her own reality show! Word is at least three cable networks are interested in the pitch.


Nicole @ St-Germain and Satine Trunk Show for Alexander Wang

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N_K Tongue Roll

Meet India's best actress!!!


Meet India's best actress!

It has been a great time for 23-year old Priya Mani ever since she appeared in Ameer Sulthan's Paruthiveeran.

Priya Mani, a Malayali born and brought up in Bangalore, was introduced to films by Bharatiraja. She shot to fame with her second film, Balu Mahendra's Athu Oru Kana Kaalam.

Paruthiveeran, an off-beat film based on a rural theme was not only a commercial success in 2007 but a critically acclaimed film too. She won the Best Actress award at the 9th OSIAN Cinefan film festival for Asia and the Arab world while Paruthiveeran was adjudged the best film. Soon she was chosen by the IFFI 2007 (India International Film Festival) to light the lamp at the inauguration in Goa last year.

And now a National Award for Best Actress for her portrayal as Muthazhagu, the village girl who transforms the ruffian lead character, Paruthiveeran, into a mature human being.

Ever since the announcement of her coup, her phone has not stopped ringing, and her house is flooded with the media all eager to interview her.

In between giving interviews to various television channels, she spoke to rediff.com.

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Chris Evans Dating Vida Guerra?

Chris Evans cozies up to new rumored girlfriend Vida Guerra outside a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old Fantastic Four actor will be featured in this year’s Vanity Fair “Movies Rock” issue, alongside Ashley Tisdale, Rodrigo Santoro and Brittany Snow. Also in the issue is a recreation of a scene from West Side story featuring Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes as Tony and 10,000 B.C. actress Camilla Belle as Maria. Photographs by Mark Seliger.

Vida, 34, is a Cuban-born model/actress and frequently models for men’s magazines.

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Miley Cyrus 7 Things Debut JunE 28 On ABC


Miley7thingsslut_2 Along with The Haunted Mansion premiere Saturday, June 28 [8:00-10:00 PM ET] on ABC, Miley Ray Cyrus will host a short segment featuring a behind the scenes look at the making of her new music video for '7 Things.'

Then Miley and director Brett Ratner will introduce the video. Breakout track listing under! I'm so happy, 'The Driveaway' is on the CD, I hope it's the duet with Noah Lindsey!

1. Breakout      
2. 7 Things    
3. The Driveaway    
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun    
5. Full Circle    
6. Fly on The Wall    
7. Bottom of the Ocean    
8. Wake Up America    
9. These Four Walls    
10. Simple Song    
11. Goodbye    
12. See You Again

Pre-order it here


Boob Job Is The Reason Behind Sarah Laron/George Clooney Split

Cheating, growing up apart...boob job? That wasn't really on my list of plausible reasons for a break up, but in Hollywood, you just never know. Did George Clooney and Sarah Larson split because she got her breasts done and George wasn't ok with that?

"George really didn't want her to get the boob job. She asked George if she could do her recovery at his house and he agreed."

But then things went sour.

"They had a huge fight and he left the house. Sarah read in the media that they'd broken up and freaked out because George hadn't told her anything.

He had to explain himself because she'd found out with the rest of the world."

At least Sarah has other options to fall back on.

"She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy. Now that she's famous, she'd never go back to cocktailing."



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Charlize Theron blasts celebrities who constantly court media attention, branding their attitude “sad” and “ugly”, in the July issue of GQ magazine.

Charlize on fame-obsessed stars striving to be paparazzi fodder: “It comes across as this really sad need for approval. I’ve heard people make comments like, ‘You don’t really want to be in the tabloids but you need to be for your career.’ They believe it’s actually important. It’s not. It’s ugly.”

Charlize on suggestions that actresses should welcome the tabloid attention: “People say, ‘That’s your job.’ It really isn’t, actually. It’s not my job to go out there and make an ass out of myself.”

Charlize on stars who spread their personal lives over the pages of glossy magazines: “Like, your life belongs to us now? That’s the deal? I didn’t get that memo. It wasn’t sent to me and I didn’t sign it. So, f*ck you.”

Charlize on her tough South African upbringing: “It made me resilient. When you come from a harsh landscape you have to get on with it. Theres not a lot of whining about sh*t.”

Charlize on glitzy celebrity parties: “I’d rather get drunk on red wine and talk with people I love. Friends come over and we cook, take long walks and hang out on the beach.”

Charlize on her desire to become a mom: “I want a family. I want to enjoy every moment.”

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Timbaland gets married

In a statement from Monique Idlett, Timbaland's new bride (and publicist):

"Timbaland is ecstatic about his marriage to the lovely, beautiful, and gracious Monique Idlett. She is the love of his life and the two will most certainly live happily ever after."

Kidding ... Us Weekly confirms the two wed in sweats yesterday in Virginia. They'll have a formal wedding in Aruba on June 22. The couple have a baby girl together, Reign, who was born last year.

go go disco!

'Marvin' headed to the big screen!!

F. Gary Gray will direct "Marvin," a biopic of Marvin Gaye, the iconic singer who was shot to death by his father in 1984. C. Gaby Mitchell ("Blood Diamond") is aboard to write the script.

David Foster will produce with Duncan McGillivray, and next week they will shop to studios and financiers a package that includes the complete music rights to Gaye's catalog, including the hits that made him Motown's biggest solo male star.

Those tunes include "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Heard It Through the Grapevine," "What's Goin' On" and "Let's Get It On." Plan is to have the star of the film lip synch to Gaye's recordings.

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freaks and geeks - les boys

Another Seth Rogen movie...

Seth Rogen Web video turns feature

Jay Baruchel co-stars in 'Apocalypse'

Can the end of the world be funny?

Mandate Pictures thinks so, and it's turning a short Internet trailer Seth Rogen did with his friends on the subject into a feature film.

"Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse" will star Rogen and Jay Baruchel and be written and produced by Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg.

The story revolves around two guys who, with the end the world unfolding and the planet invaded by monsters, are ready to kill each other after being cooped up together for too long.

Goldberg and Jason Stone came up with the story, adding into the mix Rogen and Baruchel, pals and fellow Canadians since their "Undeclared" days. Stone directed a short trailer for it last year in the hopes that the concept could one day be turned into a movie. (A short film is currently in post.)

One day came sooner than later when Mandate, which has been looking for ways to continue its push into comedy following its massive success with "Juno," aggressively pursued the project and beat out several suitors.

"It was exciting for us when we convinced these guys to try a business outside of the studio (system)," said Kahane, who is exec producing with Stone and Baruchel.

The deal that the two parties have carved out is unique in that it gives Rogen and Goldberg full creative authorship of the movie and significantly -- allowing for a few financial parameters that both sides have agreed to -- final cut.

"You don't do it for everybody," said Kahane on the subject of final cut. "You do it for people who you get to know over a period of time and you get a sense of whether they are your kind of people or they aren't. Sam Raimi has final cut on every Ghost House movie we've ever had. ... Sometimes you want to get into bed with talent you want to trust and are willing to show them that trust contractually."

The plan is to hire a director this summer and, with a budget in the range of other Rogen movies, shoot in 2009, working in concert with Rogen's packed schedule. The multihyphenate is currently working with Adam Sandler on Judd Apatow's latest directorial effort, an untitled comedy, and then plans to shoot "The Green Hornet," which he and Goldberg are now writing, early next year. That action comedy has a June 2010 release date, recently pushed back from a year earlier.

"He's busy, but he's also unbelievably focused on his business," Kahane said. "I've never seen anyone turn around material faster or notes or whatever. He's good."

Tendo Nagenda will oversee the project for Mandate along with Kahane.

Rogen and Goldberg are repped by UTA, with Rogen additionally repped by Principal Entertainment.

Baruchel, who appeared with Rogen in "Knocked Up" and will next be seen in "Tropic Thunder," is repped by CAA and Thruline Entertainment.

Stone is repped by CAA. 

For anyone who hasn't seen it, Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse Internet Trailer

Kamal Haasan's daughter to debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After filmmaker Harry Baweja's son Harman, it's the turn of another star child to be launched in tinsel town. Kamal Haasan's daughter, Shruti, has signed her first Hindi film, Luck, which will be directed by Soham Shah of Kaal fame. She will make her debut opposite Imran Khan, Aamir's nephew.

The film would also star Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Chakraborty, Danny Denzongpa, Ravi Kissen and Rati Agnihotri. Luck will be produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd.

If sources are to be believed, Shruti will do a lot of action sequences in Luck. The action director will be Allan Amin.

The shooting will start on July 8 in South Africa, where it will be shot in a start-to-finish schedule.

The background music is scored by Salim Suleiman (Chak De! India).

SHRUTI shrewtee!!!!

SRK punishes Rani & Karan!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's something you don't see everyday -- Rani Mukherji [Images] and Karan Johar [Images] being punished! 

And meting out justice is the king of entertainment himself, Shah Rukh Khan [Images]. And no, this is not a scene from a Bollywood comedy.

Rather the setting was a classroom, SRK's [Images] in fact, where the actress and the filmmaker had a lot of fun. The duo was up to no good as they cheated on the questions during a special shooting of Star Plus' Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain.

A peeved host, then decided to punish his errant students by making them stand up on the chairs. But like all of Karan's stories, all's well that ends well, and the three made up towards the end. 

That's not all, Rani and Karan even made a killing on the show! While Karan pledged his share towards charity, Rani is still mulling on what to do with her's.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Don't know if its been posted: Marvel Announces Next Four Films

Marvel Announces Next Four Films - Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers!
May 5, 2008
Source: Yahoo
by Alex Billington

In connection with the official earnings announcement for Iron Man, Marvel has announced its next four upcoming films after 2009 and spilled a few more details on additional projects in the works. The huge success of Iron Man this past weekend has instantly greenlit the sequel, now set for this same weekend in 2010. Following that will be Thor in June of 2010. And then 2011 is the year where we'll see it all begin - Captain America and The Avengers will finally make their debut. Some additional details were also mentioned on a few other projects. One thing is clear - Marvel is really starting to build an interconnected universe of superheroes and we'll start to see all of their movies connecting over the next few years.

Iron Man 2 - April 30th, 2010
Thor - June 4th, 2010

The First Avenger: Captain America - May 6th, 2011
The Avengers - July, 2011

As we already know, Stardust's Matthew Vaughn will be directing Thor, however no other details have been announced for that project. Marvel Studio's David Maisel did also say that Thor will actually be introduced in Iron Man 2, which is one of the crossovers in the works. In addition, in 2011, the Captain America movie will lead directly into The Avengers. Whoever is cast as Steve Rogers aka Captain America will essentially be making two movies at once - since the character will be introduced in the first movie and head straight into The Avengers.

Regarding more Hulk movies, Maisel's response was "we definitely plan on continuing." But we all know that depends on how well Edward Norton's reimagining does this June. In addition, Maisel gave this last update, "I can't give any other updates other than to say it's in development and everybody's excited about Spider-Man 4." This is definitely a very promising future for Marvel and I'm certain the comics community is abuzz today with much discussion on all of the upcoming films.

As for the rest of this year and next year, we've got The Incredible Hulk coming up, Punisher: War Zone this fall, and only X-Men Origins: Wolverine for 2009. Do they have something else in the works that they'll spring on us last minute for 2009? Or will that be a more mellower year as we lead into the more exciting 2010 and 2011? What do you think about all of Marvel's upcoming line-up?

Source: FirstShowing.net
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OMG ~Controversy~

CFDA Panel on Skinny Models: Coco Rocha Admits to Using Diuretics

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The CFDA hosted the "Beauty of Health" event last night to address the never-ending too skinny model problem plaguing fashion. Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Coco Rocha joined forces to actually speak candidly about the issue. Kors suggested agents send only suitable girls to castings to avoid unnecessary rejection. “Sending a girl when there's little chance of her being booked throws a 16-year-old into a tizzy. The odds of a girl being booked for my show and Rick Owens’s are slim.” Coco Rocha was next up to the podium, where she revealed that a couple of years ago, when she weighed just 108 pounds, yes, people warned her “you need to lose more weight. The look this year is anorexic. We don't want you to be anorexic, we just want you to look it.” As one would imagine, that kind of pressure is hard to withstand, and Rocha eventually gave into it: “Last season I took diuretic pills. Once I took so many on an empty stomach that I was doubled over for hours. That's the last time I ever did something so terrible to my body.” Rocha wants designers to use larger fit models so samples are a little easier to wear (making sample sales easier to bear) and to stock healthier food at shows. “No one wants to be caught with that photo ‘Model Eats Cake.’”

We were a little skeptical that the talk was more than just show, something to counteract model Ali Michael's recent publicity for being dumped from shows when she gained a few pounds. But the reaction post-panel was, we'll say it, surprising. Could change be afoot in fashion? Phillip Lim is planning to have more food for the girls at castings and shows. “We used to just have water. And lots of fruit at shows. I’ve also sent Ali Michael flowers with a note saying, ‘You’re perfect as you are. See you next season.’ Love that girl, so proud of her for standing up.” Doo-Ri chimed in too: “From a designer’s perspective, too skinny is scary. My clothes are made to be filled out — it’s tough enough with jersey!” As we left in the elevator with Kors, he mused, “The next one we need to do is about skinny people who work in fashion: editors, buyers, stylists. That’s called ‘Why Does This Sample Fit Me?” —Kendall Herbst

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

let the weight wank begin

Meet Harman Baweja.........

Harman Baweja is not your usual debutant actor who is unsure about himself, and very self-conscious offscreen. Harman knows exactly how his makeup should be, what the camera frame should be, what the backdrop would look best on his black shirt... 

What separates him and the regular debutant is the amount of expectations he is carrying on his shoulders because of his hugely-hyped debut in Love Story 2050

Harman was born on November 13, 1980 in Chandigarh. After the anti-Sikh riots in November 1984, his family moved to Mumbai. 

Before he became an actor, he dabbled in hotel management in Switzerland -- "I dropped out after a year because I hated it" -- and then assisted his father, film director Harry Baweja, for seven years. 

And then Love Story 2050 happened. Directed by his father, the film also stars Priyanka Chopra, Harman's rumoured girlfriend. I asked Harman to talk about their film together. 

Also Watch: Trailer: Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050
Ina Hanging On Like FG

It's Looking More and More Like Paul Newman Has Cancer

Longtime Friend: Actor Paul Newman Has Cancer

Paul Newman's longtime friend and neighbor says the 83-year-old actor has cancer.

Writer A.E. Hotchner — who partnered with Newman to start Newman's Own salad dressing company — tells the Associated Press that Newman told him he had the disease about 18 months ago.

Hotchner did not say what kind of cancer.

The news comes after the actor released a statement amidst rumors of his failing health.

"Newman says he's doing nicely," his rep said in a one-line statement to the press late Tuesday.

The actor's health has been under speculation after he canceled several appearances and appeared gaunt in a photo with Martha Stewart that ran on her Web site. Numerous outlets reported that Newman was diagnosed at Manhattan's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Last year, Newman announced he was retiring from acting.

"I'm not able to work anymore as an actor at the level I would want to," he said on Good Morning America last summer. "You start to lose your memory, your confidence, your invention. So that's pretty much a closed book for me… I've been doing it for 50 years. That's enough."

The actor — who has been nominated for nine Oscars and won for the 1986 film The Color of Money — is also known for his philanthropy. He created the Newman's Own brand of organic foods and donated the company's profits to charity.


The picture above is from last August; here are the pictures of Paul taken a week or two ago that Martha posted to her blog:        



Shamita Shetty in a promotional video for ‘Hari Puttar’

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Last week, the Madh Island was all fun as the ravishing Shamita Shetty shot for the promotional video of the film, ‘Hari Puttar-A Comedy of Terrors’, with Zain Khanfor. The song was titled as ‘Tutari Baje’ and the shooting was done in a bungalow situated right at the edge of sea shore. Shamita, looking hot as usual, was all too luring for a ten year old kid. 

In the film, Hari Puttar- A Comedy of Terrors, Zain plays a guy who is fond of Shamita. In the video, it is shown that Shamita walks into Zain’s life, his home and what happens after that. 

Shamita and her gang of friends kept troubling, pinching and throwing pillows at Zain Khan. The shot was okayed after some nine takes. Zain got impatient with all the pinching and getting pushed around. Every time the director called out for more animation, Zain was seen exclaiming ‘Hey, ours is not an animation film!’. 

This is Shamita’s first promotional video for any film and talking about it, Shamita said,

“Yes, I have never shot for a promotional video where I am not acting in the film. There were two reasons, one that the film’s concept and the song is exceptionally good and second that the head of the production, Munish Purii is a dear friend of mine. When he approached me for the song and discussed the details, the way they wanted to shoot it, I was really impressed and readily agreed”.

Hari Puttar

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part of the weekend never dies

(no subject)

"Dear Scarlett, I listened to your album, and it's wonderful. You are completely correct that people who don't like it are 'haters' who are 'jealous.' I myself often have to deal with haters and…"

American people: Were you aware that the entire time Barack Obama has been wooing us with his oratorical style, his sensible policy ideas, his sense of humor, and his big, sincere eyes, he was carrying on an e-mail flirtation behind our backs with none other than Scarlett Johansson? The two have been e-mailing since they first met, Johansson told to Politico this week. She didn't turn over the e-mails themselves, which the Website says she described as "thoughtful" and "more than a brief line or two," but reported that much of their correspondence was about the campaign — she wrote to congratulate him on his performance in the ABC debate, for instance, and he complained back that it was "difficult." But there were times when their conversation strayed out of the political realm. And it doesn't sound pretty.

He has followed her career as well, telling her that his favorite performance was her turn in “Lost in Translation.” He’s a “huge movie lover” and “knows who every actor is,” she said.

Johansson is flattered and surprised that Obama spends so much time answering her e-mails. “You’d imagine that someone like the senator, who is constantly traveling and constantly 'on' — how can he return these personal e-mails?” she asks. “But he does.” Well, duh. You're Scarlett Johansson! Your quirky-classic features and creamy bosoms are the fantasy of every red-blooded blue-state male in America! Does she think this is happening to girls all over America? Wait a second: Is it? We're going to have to hire a private eye to suss this out.

source and source.

Stars set the ramp afire at IIFA in Bangkok

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IIFA awards, 2008, was completed yesterday on June 9, amidst much glamour and glitz. June 7, Saturday night in Bangkok, saw leading cine stars Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Takia, Zayed Khan and the likes walk the ramp for a charitable event to raise funds for families of workers adversely affected during production of films.

While Kareena did it for Manish Malhotra’s designs, ‘De Taali’ stars, Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesh Deshmukh and Ayesha Takia walked the ramp in the works of designer Vikram Phadnis. The lead pair of the much awaited ‘Love Story 2050’, Priyanka and Harman Baweja flared Rohit Bal’s designs and the cast of the forthcoming ‘Mission Istanbul’ including Zayed Khan and Vivek Oberoi , showcased the look of their soon-to-be-released film on ramp. Ms Thailand Universe Khun Farung Yuthithum was another attraction at the event.

The IIFA fashion extravaganza hosted by director Karan Johar and choreographed by Lubna Adams, also showcased designs by Alta Moda, Mufti and Sabyasachi among others.

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Justin Timberlake is NOT Pregnant

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If Justin Timberlake has plans with wed girlfriend Jessica Biel, he's not sharing them on national television.

During a humorous interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday, the singer denied that he was getting hitched when asked, point blank, by the talk show host.

"Am I engaged? In what?" Timberlake asked, telling Leno, "I'm engaged in a conversation with you." Timberlake also denied that he (or Biel) are expecting any children, joking with Leno, "I'm not pregnant."

Still, he shared his affection for Biel.

When asked if he was dating her, Timberlake confirmed that it's true to the applause of male audience members. Echoing their cheers, he added, "woo is right!"



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A reliable source informed me that the tentative release date is December 9, 2008 with the first single scheduled to impact radio in early October. He also informed me that Jive wants to release two singles before the new album.

I have a contact who works at Sony/BMG Canada in their headquarters in Toronto.

He gave me the same information and a little extra information. He is the Events/Promotions Manager. He got this information in an email sent from Sony/BMG headquarters.

December 9th, 2008 is the tentative release date on Sony/BMG's release schedule for the 4th quarter.


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eminem prank calls cool james

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Eminem to Slim Shady to "Jason from Miami"? Marshal Mathers popped up Tuesday night on his Sirius Satellite Radio station, Shade 45, to pull a prank on LL Cool J. L was a guest on Tony Touch's "Toca Tuesday" show when fans started to phone in.

One caller was "Jason from Miami," who challenged LL to a round of "Name That Tune," in which "Jason" would recite the Queens legend's lyrics and L would have to guess which one of his songs was being rapped.

"Hold your nose, dead bodies are around/ I leave scratch marks under the tears of a clown," Eminem rapped in character. Cool J immediately recognized his song "Eat 'Em Up L Chill."

More lyrics came: "The president woke and he called the pope/ The pope climbed to heaven on a golden rope/ PS. the Lord raised Michelangelo from the dead/ So he can make a fresh painting of my head." Cool J was two-for-two, answering "My Rhyme Ain't Done."

"You sound good saying them joints. Damn, B," LL laughed, still apparently not hip that he was talking to Em. "That sounds like you need to write some bars, homie."

Em finally started reciting his own rhymes from "Lose Yourself" and revealed himself. Cool J laughed. Slim Shady told LL he had been a longtime fan and remembered their only meeting, years ago in a Foot Locker.

"Listen, man, you got this relationship with Dre," Em said. "You're cool with 50, so when are we gonna hang out? I got cable at my house, and the game is on."

Tony Touch was able to sneak in a question to Em about what he's up to musically. Slim has been on hiatus since late 2006 and was hospitalized with pneumonia last December, fueling tabloid rumors that he had gained an unhealthy amount of weight.

"Everything is good," he responded. "I'm just in the studio now working on songs."

Cool J is working on new material as well. His next album, Exit 13, is slated for sometime this summer.

for old times' sake...a little old school ll


Meet an all new and gorgeous Amisha Patel!!

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Who’s that girl? That was the response from the gaping and dumbstruck admirers when they caught a glimpse of the latest pics from ‘Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic’ with Amisha Patel in an all glamorous and transformed avatar.

Yes, tis true. Amisha baby is going all glam for her next release in which she plays a character named Mallaika.

“My character is extremely entertaining, but she is very different from me. I’m educated and I’ve never been a giggly girl. Even her body language and mannerisms are very different. It was difficult as I had to learn how to act like an airhead bimbo,” says Amisha.

Amisha also has a sizzling number with Saif Ali Khan in the film about which Amisha has got lots to say, “A lot is happening in the song as it’s the turning point in the film. It’s the first film in the history of Indian cinema that has a song that has lip sync under water.”

Well, with the hot pics all over the net, temperatures are already soaring it seems!

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Water Sex?


Naomi Campbell is a Trip-Cameras snapped the supermess stumbling out of a party in Capri, Italy last night. She must've been walking on her tipsy toes.

THIS IS FOR YOU. LOL, please post your funniest drunk pictures. I don't have any, because I only drink water.


Joel Madden Loves the Fish

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are balancing parenthood and coupledom by carving out time for dinner dates.

"We go out like once a week," Joel Madden told PEOPLE at the opening of SugarFish sushi restaurant in Marina del Rey on Monday night. "We take a night to ourselves once a week."

The couple also trade off baby duties. "I'll stay home with the baby one night and then she'll do the same – we do that a lot," says Madden.

While Richie readily admits her life now revolves around baby Harlow, she and Madden still hit some of their favorite spots together.

"On our nights off we always go to Nozawa" sushi in Studio City, adds Richie, "so it was really special to be able to come here tonight."

Fish Taco

how will weezy/n.e.r.d./alanis do on the charts this week?


New Lil Wayne Album Will be Year’s Biggest Debut, Targeted for 900k+

In Weezy we trust.
The music industry finally has something to shout about.

Thanks to an unprecedented pre-release blitz and the smash single, "Lollipop," Lil Wayne’s eagerly awaited Cash Money/Universal Motown release Tha Carter III is on target to sell more than 900k albums this week, almost twice as much as the previous record-holder, Mariah Carey’s E=MC2, which debuted with 475k last April. That’s based on one-day sales reports from beleaguered music retailers grateful for a little hot fun in the summertime.

With brisk foot traffic across the country this Father’s Day weekend, there's no telling how much highter Tha Carter III could go. Not bad for an album which leaked all over the web last week.

It’s the biggest debut week ever for Sylvia Rhone’s Universal Motown, topping Nelly’s total of 714k back in June ’02.

Slip N Slide/Atlantic Tampa rapper Plies’ Definition of Real, which includes guest appearances from Ne-Yo, J. Holiday, Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx and The-Dream, looks to be in the 225-250k area. The prolific hip-hop artist is reportedly about to drop a second disc by the end of the year.

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo’s band alter ego (with Shay Haley) N.E.R.D. come out with Seeing Sounds, their first album for Interscope, which will sell about 90k, give or take.

Rock crit and Louisville jam band acolytes My Morning Jacket are receiving big buzz for their latest on ATO, Evil Urges, which could do as much as 50k in first-week sales.

Alanis Morissette gets over the loss of boyfriend Ryan Reynolds to Scarlett Johansson with her new Maverick/Reprise album, Flavors of Entanglement, by consoling herself with 45-50k in sales.

Hitting retail on Tuesday is Coldplay’s Viva La Vida on Capitol, with EMI’s immediate future banking on its success.

Don’t feel too much pressure on yourself, Chris Martin.

The market was up 5% vs last week, down 14% vs same week last year and now down 11% year-to-date. We now return you to your regularly scheduled web-surfing for porn.

i don't recall any huge marketing/pre-release blitz for weezy other than the album being pushed back like 29038202 times. good for him though.

wooosh faraday

Kimmel, Carolla, Knoxville Not to Blame for Mangled Manhood

Let the record show that Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Knoxville are not perverters of other people's private parts.

An actor who claimed he was tricked into putting his penis in a mousetrap during a DVD promotional appearance on Carolla's syndicated morning radio show has dropped his negligence suit against the host and alleged accomplices Kimmel and Knoxville.

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13-Year-Old Fan Of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Hangs Himself After Being 'Bullied On Internet

According to the Daily Mail, a 13-year-old British fan of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE hanged himself after being bullied on Internet social networking sites for his clothes and love of "emo" music and punk rock, his parents believe.

Sam Leeson killed himself in his bedroom after suffering months of "sickening" abuse from cruel youngsters who bombarded his home page with offensive emails.

The schoolboy was tormented about his love of heavy metal, "thrash" metal and "emo" music — a style of hardcore punk whose fans wear dark clothes and have long hair.

His devastated parents and siblings believe he was driven to take his own life by the abuse and name-calling he received on the sites.

Read the entire article from the Daily Mail.


Rajeev’s Aamna : Just Friends

Never mind their talent, good looking men’s romantic liaisons also touch the heart.

With Rajeev Khandelwal being linked to Aamna Sharif many envious women’s dils have been bruised. But Rajeev insists that there is no love brewing between the two.

Yes, he may have held a special screening for his dear dost, and she may be going all about town raving about his histrionics in his debut film Aamir, but the truth, Rajeev insists, is that Aamna is a friend and more dear as they both started their television careers together. “It’s as simple as that,” he tells us, denying rumours of any pyaar-vyaar. And about what Aamna has to say about Rajeev in Aamir, it’s simple again: “Rajeev has really done a very good job in this unusual film.” Like we expected it to be any other way! There seems to be a mutual admiration society here.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
Say hello to Dakota Johnson, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and cover girl of Aspen Peak’s Summer/Fall issue.


And while she’s only just started her modeling, the gorgeous celebuspawn says she’s got her eye on acting. “I don’t know where I’m going to be tomorrow or in a week. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m not rushing anywhere. I know I’ll be working with IMG (her modeling agency), continuing acting classes, and in a year maybe go to the Academy of Dramatic Arts to study more. But I know I’m going to be an actress.”

As for who inspired her to get into showbiz? Certainly not her superstar parents. “Audrey Hepburn, in thinking of personality and character. She’s such a beautiful person.”

From: Faded Youth Blog-izzle


someone's feeling a little insecure lol :(

Carrie Underwood: "I Scare Guys Off!"

Nashville's golden girl Carrie Underwood is one of the hottest country acts around, and yet despite her undisputed beauty and talent, the former American Idol can't seem to find love.

At this CMA Music Festival, there was buzz mounting that Carrie had a new man, 26-year-old Ryan O'Nan, whom she met through his employer and Carrie's tourmate, Keith Urban.

The pair had been on a handful of dates, including down-home parties in Nashville and outings at the Four Seasons and Mix nightclub in Las Vegas last May. Following weeks of whispers, the duo was rumored to finally be going public at the festival, but when the shy Southern gal sadly showed up solo for the big ceremony on June 6, it seemed that love had once again gone wrong for the American Idol.

So just what caused the relationship to flame out so quickly — her success? "I scare guys off," Carrie, who previously dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, 28, and Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford, 22, tells OK!. "I don't really need any help."

While the blonde beauty may blame herself for her bad luck with men, it appears that Ryan's rumored roving eye may have played a role in her most recent split.

"Ryan is a really fun, nice guy, and he and Carrie never run out of things to talk about, but he has a reputation as a player, and she jokes that he's bad news," a source close to the 25-year-old star tells OK!.

For the complete story on Carrie's love-life woes, pick up the new issue of OK! — on newsstands everywhere Thursday!

Source: http://www.okmagazine.com/news/view/7246

No complaints here about her 'scaring off' Chace<3
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Carmen Electra is a woman of many talents. She's an actress, dance performer, nude/bikini/fitness model, stripper-obics entrepreneur. And now, she's about to become a 3 time Mrs. Somebody. The first two marriages, to basketball legend and publicity hound Dennis Rodman and to musician extraordinaire Dave Navarro ended in divorces. 3rd time a charm, Carmen?

"It's funny, everyone else puts so much pressure, [asking], 'When are you getting married?' " Electra told People Magazine at the Dodge Celebrity Challenger event at California's Willow Springs Raceway. "If it was up to everybody else, we'd be married and divorced already."

But Carmen has perhaps conquered the wedding blues with a racy new series of pics for international
publications (available here: http://www.heymanhustle.com/images/carmen/carmengal2.html). The gorgeous one-time protege of Prince has not lost her ability to sex up the camera.

Carmen and her fiance, guitarist Rob Patterson got engaged Las Vegas during her 36th birthday weekend, have been busy traveling the world. They've gone from the United States to Dubai, then to New Orleans and then to Boston to meet Patterson's parents. Thoughts of the Mile High Club only scratch the surface on conversation about the two on Online Message Boards.
Regarding the upcoming marriage, Electra commented "We're taking it slow, and we're happy."  No comments on the Mile High Club. 


Source: Text and pics: http://www.heymanhustle.com/images/carmen/carmengal2.html

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Priyanka Chopra on tress - care (Hair - June 2008)


There is no denying the fact that Priyanka Chopra is blessed with lovely tresses and what better way to cash it out than to grace the covers of magazine ‘Hair’. Priyanka Chopra had been quite in news these days for her shocking red hair for the forthcoming ‘Love Story 2050’ and now, that she has re-colored her hair, poor things must have undergone quite a lot of stress.


This issue of the mag will have tips from Miss Chopra about tress-care. It says that when Priyanka is on a day off, she likes her hair away from her face and loves to wear it loose. Also her hair-advice to the readers is that not to blow-dry your hair unless required and drink lots of water.

Anyways, the way these lifestyle and fashion magazine covers have been invaded by our Bollywood beauties, no wonder if we find that soon our models are rendered jobless! Point to be noted ladies.

Tresemme, Tresemme, Oo La La

Could Britney Win an Emmy?

After one all-too-brief season of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, who would have ever thought that someday you might hear an awards presenter say, "And the Emmy goes to... Britney Spears"? Well, the pop star has come one step closer to making that into a reality with her inclusion on the ballot of possible Emmy nominees.

For her double-shot guest appearance as Abby on CBS hit How I Met Your Mother, Brit-Brit is one of 41 actresses on the official ballot released by the Academy of Television
Arts & Sciences to its voters. Keep in mind, this is the list that is whittled down to the final nominees for the September ceremony.

Other notable names also up for Academy consideration are Sarah Silverman for her guest shot on Monk; Mary-Kate Olsen, who won over many Weeds fans during her extended run as a pot-dealing Christian on the Showtime hit; Alyssa Milano for her role as Billie on My Name is Earl; and Scrubs star Sarah Chalke, who is on the ballot for guest-starring as Brit's boss on How I Met Your Mother.

We'll find out just how well Britney fared when the final nominees for this year's Emmys are announced later this summer.