June 8th, 2008

Pete Wentz: "I Hate Birthdays"

Rocker Pete Wentz hates celebrating his birthday - because he feels uncomfortable receiving gifts from his loved ones.

The Fall Out Boy star is so fearful of getting presents, he dreads turning one year older.

He tells America's E! network, "The truth is I hate my birthday. I don't like it at all. It's because I realised I'm bad at receiving presents."

"I'm really bad at receiving presents so I get really nervous around my birthday and I really don't want people to give me presents."

However, the 29-year-old was happy to receive an extra special gift from his new wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz - his very own motorbike.

"My wife gave me a motorcycle for Christmas, and that was pretty awesome. I haven't learned how to ride it really that well."


Amy Winehouse Racist Chant

Amy caught on tape! Again!


AMY Winehouse faced ruin last night - caught on camera revelling in SEX in a public place, out of her head in a CRACK den and singing an astonishing RACIST chant. Our bombshell revelations - based on sickening video footage and over 400 shocking still photos - will stun fans and threaten to torpedo troubled Amy's rock career.
The damning scenes were filmed by her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, currently in prison facing trial for GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. We were handed the explosive material by a former friend determined to show the world just what power Blake wields in manipulating the vulnerable young star. In a sequence shot in 2007—weeks after the couple eloped to wed in Miami—they are in a dingy crack den with DelBoy-style bamboo patterned wallpaper. Action Amy, 24, and a pal called Sarah giggle as they sing a string of racist lines set to the tune of kiddies' favourite 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
Blake pretends NOT to record the unfolding events and eggs them on, saying: "Can we have a sing-song of it?" Sarah is at first reluctant but soon warms to the action as Amy enthusiastically sings: "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips! "And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!" She repeats the first line over again and on the word "Nips" Amy pulls her eyes into slits then pushes her boobs up in a gesture to her nipples. The girls' efforts are greeted warmly by Blake, who pledges: "Well done. I promise I wasn't recording it."
He then adds to Sarah: "I swear on your life. I swear on your life." As the camera pans back we see a coffee table in front of Amy. On it are SIX cigarette lighters and what appears to be HEROIN on a foil-a typical druggie scene set for "chasing the dragon" by heating the drug from below then inhaling the smoke through a tube.

One of the new dossier of Amy pictures shows her in a smart flat surrounded by all the familiar junkie paraphernalia. On a table in front of the snarling star is a home-made crack pipe fashioned from a small brown bottle. Silver foil-used for heating deadly rocks of crack cocaine—is strewn about. Amy, who has a worrying history of self-harm, is clearly seen with a mystery cut on her left hand. A further section of video, shot in the bamboo-papered den, reveals the disturbing relationship Amy and Blake have.
Amy is out cold on a dog-eared purple couch in broad daylight while Blake records her slumber. He says: "This is how you sleep when you haven't slept for two days. "I just want to film you sleeping. I think it's fascinating when people see how they sleep." A friend called Eddie joins him, and Blake quizzes him on the causes of their fatigue. Eddie says: "Bit of E (ecstasy), little bit C (cocaine), and a few beers, watched telly, smoked crack." Some of the most bizarre photos show Blake and Amy horsing around on a bed, their faces almost touching, and swapping white tablets from mouth to mouth.
Another catches Amy, obviously out of her head and clutching her homemade crack pipe, as she turns hooded eyes, deadened by the drug, to the lens. In further scenes the depths the couple have sunk to is illustrated by the seedy sex scenes Blake was eager to record on video. One shows a disinterested Amy pleasuring him with one hand while chatting matter-of-factly on a phone held in the other. Our source said: "What's really telling is Amy's clear lack of enthusiasm. From her demeanour, she looks under the influence and it appears Blake probably is too. Videoing something like that is so sleazy."

(taken from the NOTW early edition Sunday exclusive)

Hayden Launching Music Career With Candie's

As part of the latest deal linking its teen clothing line to a young female music act, fashion brand Candie's will help promote the song "Wake Up Call" from "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere's forthcoming album from Hollywood Records.

The ad campaign will begin at the end of July, while the song will be released digitally Aug. 5. "Wake Up Call" will appear on Panettiere's still-untitled debut album, which is slated for 2009.

Candie's announced an advertising and marketing pact with Panettiere in February. The brand's incorporation of her music into the campaign follows in the footsteps of its deal last summer with Interscope and Fergie, whose songs "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Glamorous" were promoted in Candie's TV commercials.

While best-known to audiences as world-saving cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC's "Heroes," Panettiere's record deal with Hollywood precedes her prime-time success from the past two years, according to Hollywood Records senior VP of marketing Ken Bunt.

"We had to work within her crazy schedule to determine what direction she wants to go with her music," Bunt says. "Wake Up Call" is a reggae-flavored pop song that was written by Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane and Josef Larossi, who have previously written tracks for Geri Halliwell, Diana Ross, Il Divo and Westlife.


Nicki 2

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Britney's Pussycat Dolls Cameo Premieres Friday The 13th

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Britney's cameo in the Pussycat Dolls' new music video "When I Grow Up" premieres June 13th on the new MTV video show "F'N MTV," which is hosted by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz according to MTV.com.

"An unnamed source told the magazine that Spears had a "small part" in the video, which was shot Wednesday in Los Angeles. A "set source" told UsMagazine.com that Spears does not interact with the group in the video, and shot her scenes at the Warner Bros. lot Wednesday while the Dolls filmed in Hollywood. "In the scene shot [Wednesday], Britney is driving in a car," the source said. "They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic — that is it. Of course, Britney looks hot and blonde. It is a very short sequence, but [Britney] had a lot of fun with it. Britney really likes the Dolls' music and when she saw them on the MTV [Movie Awards], she was totally down to do the video."


Andrelliott: Meeting Lee

Would You Eat of David Cook?

Custard's Last Stand honors David Cook

American Idol winner David Cook is the flavor of the month.

Custard's Last Stand created "The David Cookie" Concrete for its June Flavor of the Month. The treat is made with Swiss chocolate frozen custard, blended with Reeses Cups and peanut butter syrup along with Oreo Cookies.

Custard's Last Stand opened in Lee's Summit in 1989 and specializes in frozen custard. There are and three Custard's Last Stand locations in Lee's Summit, 1802 N.W. Chipman Road, 111 S.E. 291 Highway, and 308 S.E. 291 Highway, including David Cook's hometown of Blue Springs and one store in Warrensburg.

For information on Custard's Last Stand visit www.custardslaststand.com.

source 1 source 2
if you wanna bump lezgo aiight lata

Slipknot promises "controlled chaos" on next album

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Nearly four years have passed since the release of Slipknot's "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)." But members of the masked metal act have little doubt that its as-yet-untitled fourth studio effort will appease its loyal fans, known as the Maggots.

"It's going to rip your face off," Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor told Billboard.com with confidence. "I don't think the world will be ready for this album."

Declining to provide an album title or song names, Taylor described Slipknot's forthcoming set -- which is being recorded in the band's home state of Iowa and is tentatively due August 12 via Roadrunner Records -- as a "very dark" cross between "Vol. 3" and 2001's "Iowa."
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The Daily Mail analyses David Tennant's lovelife

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The tall, dark-haired figure flitting through the lobby with a lissom blonde on his arm may have looked distinctly familiar, but the discreet staff at Cardiff's premier five-star hotel were never going to let on.

Not that they were being rude - employees of St David's Hotel and Spa are renowned for their polite attentiveness. When it comes to a valued customer by the name of David Tennant, however, they are aware that it really doesn't do to pry.

After all, who is to say how long tonight's companion will be on the scene? As became apparent this week, the Dr Who star is romancing perky blonde co-star Georgia Moffett - his fourth known conquest from the programme's cast and crew since he landed the role three years ago.

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The Gits Movie Set For Theatrical, DVD Release In July

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With an innovative sound that coupled hardcore punk with heartfelt blues, The Gits were poised to break into the mainstream, but they would sadly never achieve the success of contemporaries Nirvana or Pearl Jam. On July 7, 1993, singer Mia Zapata was murdered -the apparent victim of a rape/homicide.

It was a crime unsolved when Kerry O’Kane began shooting her debut feature. In the interim, however, fans, friends and celebrities like Joan Jett and Nirvana helped raise money to reopen what had become a cold case file. Mia’s death had reverberated throughout the music community, and Mia’s killer was brought to justice as the cameras rolled as the first case in Seattle solved by DNA samples.
The Band. The Music. The Legacy. One tragic night changed it all. The Gits.
Movie trailer



i'm so happy that there are The Gits fans here!

don't touch me shitter

what's this I hear about violins on television?

Leonard Stern, chairman of Hartz Mountain, a large developer in Secaucus, pledged $200,000 to rescue the northern New Jersey chapter of Gilda's Club.

Stern, who said he would make the donation on Monday, told News 4 New York that he made his decision after watching a Friday evening News 4 New York report on the closing of Gilda's House in Hackensack, N.J.

On Friday, The Bergen Record first reported that Gilda's Club Northern New Jersey would have to suspend operations on Saturday because of lack of funding.

Fundraising had become more difficult for the club, which provides free services to cancer patients and serves as a safe haven, amid high gas prices and a sluggish economy and it could no longer meet its budget, reported The Record.

With 800 active members, including 120 current members of its support groups, the Hackensack club had served nearly 3,000 people since it opened and is part of a larger network across America and Canada created in honor of Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989, reported The Record.

Gene Wilder, Radner's husband, created the national organization to honor his late wife, who believed in the power of laughter and friendship as an ultimate healer.

Gilda's Club Northern New Jersey was elated to learn about Stern's generosity, calling him "an angel."

The organization released the following statement: "We feel like we're in a scene from 'It's a Wonderful Life.' Mr. Stern has truly made many lives more wonderful! We can't thank him enough for his generosity!"


Gilda = my hero. Seriously.


A&E Greenlights Swayze Series — with Doctor's OK

A&E has ordered 13 episodes of The Beast, a drama series starring Patrick Swayze as an unorthodox FBI agent dogged by Internal Affairs. Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year but has been responding well to treatment, and his doctors cleared him to return to work.

"I have searched for quite a long time to find a character that is this multilayered, unpredictable and downright entertaining," says Swayze in a statement, "as well as a project this current and cutting-edged."

The Beast and Ben Bratt's The Cleaner (premiering July 15) mark A&E's first original scripted dramas in six years. Production starts this summer in Chicago, says the Reporter, with an eye on an early 2009 bow.

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amanda jo Earheart found dead.


Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, a fitness model, was found dead on Thursday, June 5, 2008. Amanda was the girlfriend of a convicted steroid dealer, David Jacobs. Amanda and David were both discovered dead in his house in Plano, Texas.

Amanda died from a gunshot injury to her head. There were rumors that a murder and a suicide were involved. The police had not released their statements. At press time, there was very little information on this case.

David was convicted in May for a steroid scam. He was accused of selling steroids to some NFL players. He gave the names of those players to the NFL. He was sentenced with 3 years probation time for being involved in an international steroids ring.


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Damage control!

~ONTD Exclusive~

A rumor I posted about Jared Padalecki cheating on Sandra McCoy has been deleted. Ms. McCoy contacted me through LiveJournal, e-mail, and phone, and asked for the entry to be taken down. 

The rumor is completely untrue. The split was mutually amicable. Fangirls, chill out. Jared is not a douche. 

I apologize profusely for posting it. Seriously, incredibly sorry. But this is a gossip site, so don't kill me.

So spread it around . . . Jared is awesome, Sandra is awesome. DO NOT ASK JARED CRAZY QUESTIONS at conventions, please.

Source: Me

Mods, check your e-mail at weeatcelebs@gmail.com for explanation.
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Trent Reznor talks to The NY Times, remains sexy while doing so

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TRENT REZNOR’S home is on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, up a maze of climbing one-lane roads that baffle a rental car’s GPS navigation. It’s perched on a dizzyingly steep slope with a panoramic view of smoggy downtown.

At the moment Mr. Reznor isn’t living there. The place has become a full-scale construction site after a kitchen renovation somehow spread to the entire house. But one room remains neat and dust-free. It’s the studio where Mr. Reznor, recording as Nine Inch Nails, made the two albums he has delivered this year: the instrumental package “Ghosts I-IV” and the latest set of Nine Inch Nails songs, “The Slip,” which was released as a free download from nin.com on May 5.

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Oh finally some PDA.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban display some PDA after Nic’s pregnancy check-up at the hospital Thursday morning in Nashville, Tennessee.

After chatting for a bit, Keith,climbed back into his car with three bodyguards as they headed off to the venue for his concert that evening.

Nic, 40, also took time to spend shopping with Keith’s parents (white and red shirt) on Saturday in Nashville.

The last set of pictures include Ms. Kidman talking on the phone as she heads to the spa after finishing her yoga class on Friday in Nashville as well.

The Aussie power couple expect their baby late next month.

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dog the bounty hunter!

Waiter, I did not order 3 extra large sides of FUG with my chicken satay. Last night, was not the night to be dining at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. Imagine trying to enjoy a delicious plate of lobster whatever with two dogs on one side and a gummi bear on the other? One glance at Dog's cockatoo mullet is enough to have me screaming for the check. You could make fried rice on Dog and Beth's skin

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T.I. is humble about his turn as Track Master, remains sexy while doing so

Speedboats are whizzing through the water in this upper-upscale Atlanta community, but their passengers have to acknowledge the King of the South. Passersby yell, "Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy!" or "T.I., what's up?" as they spot Tip, sitting on his deck overlooking the lake by his house. And you thought T.I. would be the noisy neighbor, not the other way around.

"T.I. ain't making no noise," the calm King said with a smile.

T.I. gave us a preview of some of the tracks from his Paper Trail album last week, and without exaggeration, we can tell you the material was excellent. The project really has the potential to be his best since Urban Legend. Look out for a heater he has called "I'm Illy."

Last week, while Tip was celebrating the birth of his sixth son, Major, his nemesis Shawty Lo was getting at him on the Internet. Shawty showed the world Tip's high school picture from what he claimed to be a place of learning outside of Bankhead, Georgia. But the CEO of Grand Hustle Entertainment continues to laugh off L.O.'s jabs.

"I never looked to gain acknowledgement or recognition by mentioning another person's name," he said, explaining that he sees his and Lo's career paths as being totally different. "If it was an issue between me and another person, it was an issue between me and another person. It wasn't a publicity stunt or marketing tool."

Tip reiterated that a back and forth with another rapper is the last thing on his list of priorities.

"That's nowhere near my train of thought right now," he explained. "Back when that was my train of thought, we didn't have those problems. Since it's well known that that's not what I'm on right now, then it's easy to make those comments or take that approach."

When asked if he considered Shawty competition, Tip laughed loudly.

"I'm sorry," he said. "Compa-who? Man, that was funny! Nah, man. [Lo going at me], it's a cry for attention, dog. At the end of the day, Units in the City in stores right now! Go get it! That's what's that's for. I never felt I was in a position where if this person don't mention my name, I will just die. I went for mine and made people say my name. That's the separation [between me and him]."

Tip is also distancing himself from a lot of other MCs by fostering his talent for making beats. He's been in the lab lately making tracks for the Bawwwssse.

"I was in the Grand Hustle studio. We sat down. [Tip] told me he wanted to produce five records for me," Rick Ross said of his work on his next LP, Deeper Than Rap (due at the end of 2008). "I was like, 'Wow. It's all good.' We sat down, and he played some beats for me. It was one of those special moments, 'cause I got so much respect for him as an artist, as a lyricist, as a CEO. Now he reeled me in as a producer. Real talk. I'm not saying he's gonna sell them [beats] to everybody, but he laced me."T.I. is humble about his turn as Track Master. "It's absolutely an honor and a pleasure people would even consider allowing me to produce for them," he said. "I take it very seriously. I enjoy it a lot. it brings me outside my comfort zone. It makes me sharper. With rapping, I feel I can do anything. With producing, I'm real meticulous."

Tip and his co-producers like to sit down with his collaborators in the studio, rather than just sending beat CDs. He might also throw a hook on an instrumental as well.

"It kinda depends on the artist," he said of his sound. "We can get real pretty, real clean. I think most of our music, they say, sounds like it has real broad sound to it. When you hear 'T.I.'s making a beat,' and you hear what I do, you don't really get what you're expecting. You don't get the trap music. For some reason, we concentrate real hard on that. The things we do, it sounds like somebody who's been doing music for a minute is supposed to be on there. Not everybody can just pull off the things I do."

Tip has just added onto his Grand Hustle roster with upcoming MCs Young L.A. (Tip and Dro appear on L.A.'s new record "Ain't I") and B.O.B., whom we all know from
"Haters" (we see you, T.J.!).


Ah, I fixed the videos Mods. I keep laughing at his laugh in the first video. And Shawty Lo needs to

</div> </div>
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Amy Winehouse apologises for racist chants, sex and drugs in yet ANOTHER home video

Follow-up to this post and this post:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has apologised after being caught in yet another shameful video which shows her surrounded by evidence of drugs and singing racist chants.

The home video footage was filmed by husband Blake Fielder-Civic, who is currently in prison facing trial for GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Amy's latest shocking video comes just days after Sir Ian Blair called for celebrities caught taking drugs on camera to be put on trial.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said jurors should be given the chance to decide if illegal substances have been taken, reasoning that: 'a sensible jury would not expect people to be snorting talcum powder'.

The video, which was reportedly handed to the News of a World by a friend, shows Amy, 24, and another woman singing racist football chants to the tune of children's song 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.

However they have replaced the words with 'Blacks, pakis, gooks and nips' followed by: 'And deaf and dumb and blind and gay'.

A coffee table can be seen in the background displaying six cigarette lighters and a substance which looks like heroin on a foil.

In another section Blake, 26, asks Amy to perform a sex act on him in the public stairwell of a hotel.
This is followed by a confused sequence showing shots of the steps and carpet.

Further footage shows Amy asleep while a friend Eddie discusses which drugs they have taken. He tells Blake 'A little bit of E, a little bit of C and a few beers, watched telly, smoked crack.'

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Here's the 'News of the World' video:

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snoop tell beyonce to make some babies!

After a decade of marriage and three children later, rapper Snoop Dogg has a few words of advice for new husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles.

"I told them to go home and make babies," he told reporters at the Dodge Celebrity Event in Rosamond, Calif. "They should, that's the next step as far as marriage, having kids ... add on to the family, so hopefully that's what they'll do."

When asked if he'd be planning on adding to his already full nest, he shook his head, grinning. "No. I'm good."

Snoop's key to lasting marriage? "Communication, and being able to fight and get back up," he says. "To have misunderstanding and [then] get some understanding."

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Lisa Marie Presley left the Waverly Inn last night looking like she was about to deliver baby herself, just so she can use the umbilical cord to strangle the paps and her goofy ass husband. I don't know how grouchy ass Lisa Marie looks at her Caddyshack reject of a husband every single day without completely losing it.

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Sam Sparro brings gay Christian disco home to Oz

Soulful Sam Sparro was born in Australia, the son of gospel preacher Chris Falson, but he hasn't performed there in a while as he's been too busy poncing around America with the likes of Mark Ronson - who featured Sparro as guest vocalist at this year's Coachella festival - and very nearly but not quite making it to #1 (damn you, Madonna!) on the UK singles chart.

Well, all that's changing as the sparrow flies home in July for concerts in Melbourne and Sydney. He will be delighting inhabitants of the former penal colony on:

July 11: Miss Libertine, Melbourne
July 16: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

In the meantime, for those who were grooving on Robyn a few posts down, Sparro is playing some UK dates with her this month as well. And for those who thought Robyn probably smelled like sweaty balls, well, Sam Sparro also smells like sweaty balls, but on him it's hot, because it's the fresh, summery sweat of gay Christian passion. Give it a sniff for yourself at the following dates:

June 7: Carling Academy, Birmingham (with Robyn)
June 8: Astoria, London (with Robyn)
June 10: Academy 2, Manchester (with Robyn)
June 11: UEA, Norwich (with Robyn)
June 12: Carling Academy, Bristol (with Robyn)
June 25: Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
June 27: Bowood House, Wiltshire
June 29: Glastonbury Festival
July 4: Wakestock: Abersoch
July 5: Wireless, London
July 26: Long Marston, Global Gathering
Sept 6: Bestival

Of the outfit he purchased for his upcoming Glastonbury appearance Sparro confided to the Guardian newspaper: "All I can say is that it's very colorful and, also, waterproof." Well!

When will Sam Sparro be back in the States again? I don't know! But his album comes out on June 24. And if you haven't the faintest idea who the fuck the man is, here is the video for his recent number one number two UK single, "Black and Gold":

So, that was nice, wasn't it? Nice...for your soul!! Did you suspect that the slinky singer was secretly proselytizing you with the power of booty-bumping rhythms? It's true! Sparro confirms: "It is about God, yeah. I do like to have faith in something that is bigger than me...Mariah Carey." No, he's kidding. He actually means Jesus.

Source: mostly his website and asorted news feeds, and then I also found this weird interview on Youtube which is where I got the Mariah Carey quote.

Oh, also, he doesn't always dress like Fred Astaire.
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Dame Edna Post

Dame Edna and Graham Norton call the psychic hotline on last night's (in USA, anyway) Graham Norton Show:


The Dame Edna/Alanis interchange is also funny, but I don't have time to find it before work.

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Last.fm Loses Warner Music Group

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Warner Music Group has pulled its music from Last.fm’s free on-demand music streaming service in an apparent dispute over compensation rates.

Last.fm began removing Warner artists from its service earlier this week at the label’s request, according to a source familiar with the situation.

In a statement, Last.fm parent CBS said, "We are currently negotiating a new agreement with Warner Music Group and are working hard to build the most comprehensive music service on the Web."

Last.fm's on-demand service still carries music from Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group and other labels. In addition, songs by Warner artists can still be heard through Last.fm's Internet radio service.

Last.fm has been one of a growing number of online services to offer consumers free, ad-supported access to music with the blessing of the majors. CBS acquired Last.fm in May 2007 for $280 million.

In February 2007, Warner became the first major to sign a content deal with Last.fm. In recent months, the label had been continuing to provide music to the site on a month-to-month basis.

But since joining Last.fm, Warner had grown increasingly disenchanted with the service’s compensation rates, a source familiar with the situation says, arguing that they were “completely out of whack” with competing services like imeem and News Corp.'s forthcoming MySpace Music joint-venture music service with Warner, Universal and Sony BMG.

Moreover, Warner has been frustrated by Last.fm’s failure to proceed with its plans to launch a music subscription service, the source says.

Warner owns equity stakes in imeem and MySpace Music, but not Last.fm.


Lmao @ potatoboat....POST YOUR CHARTS!
Felix Schopgens

Bono's got some shoes

U2 frontman Bono gains an extra few inches in a pair of black platform shoes, aka creepers, at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party in Stud House, Hampton Court on Saturday in Kingston, England.

Accompanying him to the charity event was his wife Ali Hewson.

Bono is about 5′6″ tall and likes wearing shoes several inches high. On this occasion, his shoes featured cross-like symbols on the tops.

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Delaaaaayed Devotion

Duffy is shocked at the success she's achieved and revealed that sometimes she wishes she could "hide" away from the fame.

The 'Mercy' hit-maker told MSN, "I feel like I want to hide all the time but I can't, you know? If you really think about you as a person, I think there's always two sides to you."

"There's that person who when you get home at night is tired and wants to go to bed and there's the other side that says 'Oh, I'll just go for one drink'." Added Duffy.

"So it's almost like that. Sometimes I want to hide because I feel very overwhelmed by it all but then there's the other side of me that's so passionate about music, that can't deny that this is something I really want to do."

After gaining high sales for her debut album Rockferry in the UK, the Welsh singer is now enjoying similar success in the US.

"I've been so busy and we've been doing so many places at once that I never sat down with any hope or expectation, you know?" says Duffy. "And really the record is doing its own thing, it's bizarre," she explained. "It's like a steam train that I'm watching and waving off and all I can do is follow it."


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The Summer of Brownface

by Michael Idov of New York Magazine

Outside of color-blind Shakespeare adaptations, cross-race casting has been one of Hollywood’s obvious taboos for decades now — a no-no so basic it didn’t even merit discussion. No more: Enough Hollywood stars are enthusiastically applying bronzer in 2008, either for a quick gag or for a serious leading role, that we’re forced to hesitatingly declare this movie season the Summer of Brownface.

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Erykah Badu opens Marymoor season with celebratory, energetic set
By Patrick MacDonald

Erykah Badu is a groove, a mood, an attitude. A sorceress as much as she is a singer, she summons a variety of spirits and assumes various personalities, creating a world all her own. She's spacey and earthy, weird and wise, silly and serious.

Badu draws you in with her slinky rhythms and intriguing half-sung, half-rapped lyrics, until you find yourself swaying and slow-grinding to the music, and smiling at her quirks and her unique personality.

At her performance Thursday night in Redmond, opening the Concerts at Marymoor's season in Marymoor Park, Barack Obama's historic triumph could be felt in the crowd even before she spoke about him toward the end of her two-hour set. There was a feeling of celebration in the air, an almost palpable feeling of pride.

Badu called Obama "a spirit of light and energy" and said "change is ahead." She was quick to add, however, that she doesn't want a change in politics as much as she wants "a change in the system."

But her out-there look and style -- she wore an enormous Afro wig --tended to mute the political messages in the songs from her new, politically oriented album, "New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War." But the big, excited, dance-oriented crowd seemed to care more for the rhythms than the words -- except maybe for "On & On," her No. 1 R&B hit from 1997, which everybody seemed to mouth along with her.

Backed by a seven-piece band (including a DJ) and four female background singers (and occasional dancers), she opened with "Amerykahn Promise," the first cut off the new CD. She followed with "The Healer" in which she sang/rapped that hip-hop is "bigger than religion" and "bigger than the government." The crowd heartily agreed.

The Roots set up the good feeling for the night with a much-too-short 30-minute opening set. Drummer/leader ?uestlove's playing was machine-gun sharp, while rapper Black Thought and the rest of the band were in peak form.

Nature smiled on the show. Dark clouds hung overhead, and it became cold and blustery, but it never rained. A rainbow even appeared shortly before Badu arrived onstage.

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State of Emergency

Björk and Sigur Rós Hold an Outdoor Concert

Björk and the rock band Sigur Rós will hold a free outdoor concert in Reykjavík on June 28.
The artists perform to increase awareness of the nature. “We are destroying the image of Iceland by building more aluminum factories” Björk told Morgunbladid.
Börk, Sigur Rós, Ólöf Arnalds and foreign artists will perform in an outdoor concert to be held in the Botanical Garden in Laugardalur Reykjavík on June 28.

“Neither me nor the guys from Sigur Rós are nature experts and no politicians either, but we travel a bunch and we know a lot about the image of Iceland abroad. We are very far behind in the field of Green thinking. I went to South America for two months and there I saw paupers recycle. We cannot be 30 years behind […] we should be leading the way.” Björk told Morgunbladid.

According to Björk, the image of Iceland is being destroyed by the number of aluminum factories. “If they build an aluminum factory in Helguvík, it will be the first thing tourists see when they arrive in Iceland [at Keflavík airport] then they will drive past [The aluminum factory in] Straumsvík on the way to Reykjavík. That is just like shooting yourself in the leg. This is bad for your future as a green country and for the tourism. It is also bad for Icelandic artists who are aiming at international success, because we are trying to promote the image of purity, clean nature and our relation to nature” Björk says.

Björk says she has thougt of an outdoor concert for a while. “I’ve been keeping up with international environment protection and I’ve wanted to make some input. […] I’m not against dams and aluminum factories but there are so many other green options.

Björk says it is important to be optimistic in environment protection. “The battle for the nature often gets so intense and negative, we don’t want to do that. We are not going to say what should be forbidden and what not. We are simply going to ask “What about the other options?” The 21st century won’t be the age of oil, but an age of recycling, green thinking and co-operation with nature” Björk said.


any icelandic ontd-ers? :o

'Brokeback Mountain' to premiere as opera in 2013

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The New York City Opera commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based on "Brokeback Mountain," the 1997 short story by Annie Proulx that became the basis for a 2005 movie that won three Academy Awards.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in spring 2013, City Opera said Sunday. It will be City Opera's second Wuorinen premiere, following "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," which was based on a Salman Rushdie novel and opened in October 2004.

"Ever since encountering Annie Proulx's extraordinary story I have wanted to make an opera on it, and it gives me great joy that Gerard Mortier and New York City Opera have given me the opportunity to do so," Wuorinen said in a statement.

"Brokeback Mountain" is a cowboy romance about two ranch-hand buddies who start a homosexual affair when they meet on the fictional mountain in 1963.


more news from the most perfect family ever <3

Expectant yummy mummy Gwen Stefani throws on a mesmerizing maxi dress as she drops off son Kingston, 2, at her parents’ house in Orange Country, Calif. on Saturday.

Her parents babysat Kingston for a little bit while Gwen attended a party in Bel Air. Kingston sucked on his pacifier while being pushed around in a stroller by his grandfather, Dennis Stefani.

Gwen’s husband, Gavin Rossdale, recently explained to MTV why he won’t do a duet with his wife and wants to to avoid combining their professional and personal lives. He said, “It’s bad enough with the whole intrusive, paparazzi-celebrity-weird-photo life. I like mystery. The people I care the most about, whether it’s in music or films or art or whatever, I don’t really need to know anything about them. The less I know about them, the better, because then I can just have my own unfiltered image of them, and whatever they do publically, for me, can just work its magic. When we get burdened by people at Starbucks, it just takes away from that mystery.”

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I only posted a few pictures, there's a helluva lot more at the source. Plus, I think Gavin should do a duet w/ Gwen, imho. He gave a stupid reason, honestly... and Kingston really shouldn't be on a pacifier anymore (my girl said so =p)... thoughts???
peewee tape

Michelle Williams and Heath Spawn.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michelle Williams takes a leisurely walk through New York City on Sunday with her daughter Matilda, 2 1/2.

At the Australians in Film 2008 Breakthrough Awards in Beverly Hills this past Thursday, director Gregor Jordan announced the formation of a Heath Ledger scholarship fund to help struggling Australian actors. Each year, one young actor from Australia will be given the chance to make it in Hollywood.

Gregor, who befriended Heath after directing him in 1999’s Two Hands, said, “It’s going to involve a number of benefactors and there’s been a lot of interest already. I was talking to Michelle Williams, his partner and the mother of his child, today and Michelle has said she would be very proud and happy to be the first benefactor.”

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Wonderful Life child actor dies

wl.jpg picture by coolerthanpie

Bob Anderson, who played the young George Bailey in classic Christmas film It's A Wonderful Life, has died at the age of 75.

Anderson was 12 when director Frank Capra cast him as Jimmy Stewart's youthful counterpart in the 1946 film.

He was seen during flashbacks to the adult character's childhood.

He stopped acting in the 1950s and moved behind the camera, rising from second assistant director to production manager on movies and TV shows.

During his acting years, he also appeared in the 1940 Shirley Temple film Young People and 1945's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

After giving up acting, he served in the US Navy as a photographer on aircraft carriers during the Korean War.

On the 50th anniversary of It's A Wonderful Life in 1996, Anderson told the Los Angeles Times about filming a scene where his character was slapped by a drunken pharmacist, played by HB Warner.

"He actually bloodied my ear," he said. "My ear was beat up, and my face was red and I was in tears.

"At the end when it was all over, he was very lovable. He grabbed me and hugged me, and he meant it."

In 2006, It's a Wonderful Life topped a list of the 100 most inspirational films compiled by the American Film Institute (AFI).

if you wanna bump lezgo aiight lata

Lily must be bored... blogging again

I’m in

So, they let me in. Hello America, it's nice to be back. Tis Sunday so I don't really know what Emily and I are going to do today, probably meet up with my Auntie Kai for brunch and then go and buy some shampoo, conditioner and a good hair dryer, and then do my hair. Amazing, eh?

Immigration was funny; they only kept me for an hour or so. I was listening in on one of the immigration officer's conversation with one of her colleagues. She had allergies, she was sneezing a little and someone said, "Bless you". She said she had read somewhere that "in America, we wash more than any of the other countries" she went on " yep, we wash every day, but we have more water than in the other countries, so they don't wash as much as we do". And then the best bit " too clean, that's why we sneeze, because were used to it being so clean, when there's a little dirt or dust we can't take it" and interesting theory I thought, suffice to say the first thing I did when I arrived was have a shower.

It is 5 am, and I am jet lagged to fuck. We did go to my favourite sushi place last night ita-cho on Beverly. The miso eggplant (aubergine) is to die for, and the grilled peppers were pretty killer. "To die for, killer?" Oh my god, I think I am getting old and uncool, I just used naff adjectives to describe something I like. Like my mum saying groovy or yumsville, oh my god I'm going to be sick. I hope that was the jet lag talking.

The flight was lovely , and Emily got an upgrade so thank you to the lovely people at Air New Zealand for being so nice to us, oh yeah they drove us to the gate on one of those buggy things as well , which was really fun , never been on one of those before . I don't think all the business men liked us very much, some pink haired weirdo and Emily causing trouble at the front, ha ha.


I'm gonna go to the gym now, laters x x

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The Making The Band 4 Tour made a stop last night in Vegas at The Pearl.  And a fight went down backstage between 2 of the female performers.   While Cheri Dennis was also a performer, sources say the fight happened between members of “the group”.  That means nobody but Danity Kane

After more than 15 minutes passed the original starting time, photog sources on the scene report that a producer stated in a low key manner that one of the performers was freaking out backstage and did not want to perform. Apparently a fight had broken out between a couple of the performers requiring security guards to step in to separate the girls. About twenty minutes late, Danity Kane took the stage with no apparent sign of the backstage struggle.  Sounds like it’s not all kosher in the Dollhouse.   I just want to know which two it was because my money’s on D. Woods to win that ish regardless.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she had to pimp slap Aubrey out of her Aubrella land. Hopefully we’ll find out when MTB 5 starts up.  Y’all know Diddy loves to showcase the bitchassness.

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Soul singer, songwriter and producer Dwele, will release his highly anticipated 3rd studio album Sketches of a Man on June 24th through KOCH Records. His newest video/song is entitled, “I’m Cheatin’” and it was produced by G-1 (the same dude behind his biggest hit “Find A Way”).

The song is a mind bender which tells of a man who loves his girlfriend’s conservative side as well as her care-free side and dreams of cheating on one with the other as if they were two different people. “It’s based on a true story that I put a spin on. Unless you really pay attention, you might get the wrong idea,” Dwele admits.

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sloane what

Scary spice and Charlotte Church to replace Sharon


British singers Mel B and Charlotte Church are in the running to join Simon Cowell and pop star Dannii Minogue on the upcoming fifth season of The X-Factor. Charlotte and Mel are presently in talks to replace rock n’ roll wifey Sharon Osbourne on the top-rated UK talent competition.

“Sharon has wanted more money every series since The X Factor started. This time, she was demanding $5 million. It was too much and we called her bluff…..Mel’s in pole position to join the judging panel. She’s ideal and Simon Cowell is eager for her to join the team,” one insider tells the British Daily Mail. “The producers know having Charlotte [Church] on board would be a huge boost.”



this post is endorsed by Mel B's old spice girl moonboots and trousers


Jessica Alba In Labor?

Rumor has it, that sexy Jessica Alba is in labor! The 27-year-old and her husband Cash Warren were due in late May, so this could be it!

She was seen being wheeled into Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Hubby was seen holding "birthing balls." Ya, she'll want those.

I'm not going to hold my breath on this one - hence the whole Angelina Jolie has had her twins debacle.

If she is in labor, we'll wish her good luck! Hopefully baby Honor arrives safe and sound.

Source, Source

Take this with a grain of salt

Amy Winehouse Apologizes For Racist Video

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In typical fashion, Amy Winehouse popped out of her London pad on Saturday night to chat it up with anyone and everyone who decided to drop by.The Rehab singer first opened her door to speak with journalists following further damaging allegations in the Sunday papers.

According to British tabloid reports, Winehouse is said to have appeared in a video, shot in 2007 by her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil, singing a racist song.

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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Raise Funds For Raisa Gorbachev

Orlando Bloom cuddles up with supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr on the dance floor at the third annual Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party, held at the Stud House, Hampton Court Palace on Saturday in Richmond upon Thames, London, England.

I’m guessing Miranda had to use ample double stick tape for this event!

The night raised funds for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation - an international fund fighting child cancer in Russia and to fund research to help eradicate this life-threatening disease.

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I smell an ONTD sign bbs!!

The cast of TWILIGHT will be appearing live at the 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego held in July. Scheduled to attend are director Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward), Cam Gigandet (James), Rachelle LaFevre (Victoria), Edi Gathegi (Laurant), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Stephenie Meyer!* This incredibly talented group will be participating in a panel discussion, autograph signings, and more!  TWILIGHT surprises will also be at the Summit Entertainment booth (#4413) throughout the weekend.

The Summit Entertainment Comic-Com panel discussion will take place on Thursday, July 24, 2008 in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center. Time of the panel is still TDB, but if you're planning on going to Comic-Con this year, make sure you get tickets for Thursday.  There are no 4 day tickets left, so buy single day tickets for the days you want to be there. Get to the hall early and make sure your are in line Thursday morning. so you won't miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to interact with the cast of TWILIGHT!  

*Talent attendance subject to change.

pic source


Nicki 2

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Selena Gomez at the “A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival” charity event

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Disney sensation Selena Gomez keeps it cute at the “A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival” charity event at the Wadsworth Theater on Sunday in Los Angeles.
The 15-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star took pictures and signed autographs at the event, which was sponsored by Disney and benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
As well as the Jonas Brothers, Selena wears a purity ring on her left ring ringer that says “True Love Waits”.

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I Know This Was Posted Before But It Didnt Have Any Pictures of the Painting so UPDATE

"The six paintings feature in a Glasgow exhibition by Peter Howson.

Howson, who has battled drug and alcohol addiction, said the pictures were intended to act as a warning against drugs.

A spokesman for Doherty said: "Peter Howson has never met Pete as far as I am aware, so I don't know where he's getting hi"s inspiration from."

He added: "We have not seen the drawings and I don't see how Peter knows that much about Pete's lifestyle."

Howson became established in the 1980s as one of the "New Glasgow Boys", a clique of painters concerned with portraying social issues.

He is also known for his distinctive figurative paintings of the Bosnian war and the singer Madonna.

Howson said: "Pete Doherty is someone who has really interested me over the last few months.

"His spiral downwards reminds me of what I went through myself and I can identify with the way he is acting.

"Me wanting to paint him dead was pointing the finger at him and saying 'You can influence a whole generation'.

"He could, if he wanted to, become the right kind of hero."

and the picture...

ya candle burned out looong before ya legend evaa diiiiid


Usher = Bobby Brown's "Mini Me"

BlackVoices.com has exclusively obtained an advance copy of Bobby Brown's memoir Being Bobby Brown: The Truth and Nothing But..., where Brown also revealed his past relationship with R&B superstar Usher - who he calls his "little mini me."

"I've always considered myself 'The King of Stage.' To this very day, I still don't think anyone can get with me on the stage. I own the stage," Bobby Brown confidently proclaims in his new autobiography.

"I watched one of Usher's shows and he basically did my whole show. It was as if it was me on stage. The thing about it is, I love seeing that. It's a compliment to me as a performer."

The former New Edition singer seemingly understands Usher's reason for emulating his stage performance, to a point in which he once took elements of Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown.

"I think you take parts of whoever is the hottest act of that era and you incorporate that into your own style," Brown explained. "It's just like taking buttermilk, eggs and corn meal, you whip it up bake it and you have cornbread."

It's quite obvious he gave that same advice to a young Usher, who he said he once personally trained.

However, what many people don't know about the two is the truth to their alleged scuffle that took place at a past birthday party for Usher.

"When I walked into the party I ran into Usher and we immediately gave each other a hug," he explained. "While he was holding me, he turned to the side and kinda put my neck in a playful choke hold and started squeezing me. I tried to tell him that I couldn't breathe but he couldn't hear me because the music was loud. It didn't help that he was drunk. I was yelling, 'yo, yo, yo let me go! I can't breathe!' He was excited to see me and he was just expressing himself with this gesture. He was so drunk he didn't realize what he was doing."

Following various attempts of telling Usher to let go, Brown had no other choice but to react with aggressive force.

"I picked him up and held him over the DJ booth which had a nice little drop down below. When I did this, I guess his body guards felt like I was threatening his life so they came to his rescue. They came and pulled us apart which looked like a scuffle to the people around looking on."

Although the situation got a bit out of hand, Brown confirmed it was nothing more than the media blowing everything out of proportion.

"The industry is filled with a bunch of fakeness that I can live without," he said. "I'm going to let them do what they do and I'm going to keep on being Bobby!"


GOD I want "Being Bobby Brown" on DVD SO MUCH.

looks like sasha, ursher, and weezy f. baby will be sharing the stage, bbs

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In a recent interview with XM radio, rapper Lil' Wayne confirmed that he will be taking to the stage with Usher and Beyonce to open the 2008 BET Awards with the 'Love In This Club' remix:

"It was suppose to be a surprise that I and Beyonce are performing with Usher when I open up the show."

I'm guessing he was high or something when he let the cat out of the bag; emphasis on the word 'surprise' lol. In any case, no doubt all eyes will be on Beyonce's showing, which will serve as a record 6 performances at the annual ceremony. It's evident, BET know the 'Deja Vu' singer is a ratings winner.

wooosh faraday

It's Leonard Cohen Bitches

Legendary singer returns to stage after 15-year absence from limelight

After a series of "rehearsal shows" in eastern Canada, legendary singer/poet Leonard Cohen is officially kicking off his world tour in Toronto.


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Link 2

For once, the spelling errors aren't mine!
Whats your favorite Leonard Cohen song? Mines Teachers but The Partisan is a close second

Jessica Alba and Husband Cash Warren Welcome Baby Girl

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have welcomed a baby girl.

She was born this weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Alba's father was overheard saying "she's beautiful." Warren -- in a T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap -- was spotted carrying food into the maternity ward Sunday.

Her rep had no comment.

Alba, 26, and Warren, 28, announced they were expecting last December. (See more surprise pregnancies here.)

During her pregnancy, Alba admitted, "anything could make me incredibly angry or break down crying. That’s not something I’m used to.”

Her one fear about mommyhood: Breastfeeding.

She told Extra she had a dream, and "it had to do with breastfeeding, which is the only thing I’m paranoid about. More than giving birth.”

She and Warren got engaged after announcing their baby news.

They quietly wed in the Beverly Hills courthouse's ceremony room on May 19.

They just moved into a $4 million Beverly Hills home with their three dogs.

"It's a lot of stress to buy a house, have a baby and get married in six months," she recently told USA Weekend. "It's a lot of life-changing decisions. I'm really, really secure and happy in my relationship."

wooosh faraday

Interview with Frank Zappa's awesome son

Describing Frank Zappa's music to someone who has never heard it is a bit like describing New Orleans to someone who has never been there. You can mention the obvious: It's colorful, raunchy, a bit absurdist, truly original and can be just as complex as it is banal. But you can't fully understand it until you've experienced it.

For Dweezil Zappa, son of the late avant-garde rocker and composer, reviving the Frank Zappa experience is the driving force behind "Zappa Plays Zappa, " the tribute show he organized to honor his father's music and help it reach new audiences. Now beginning its third year of touring, "Zappa Plays Zappa" has garnered consistent praise from critics because of its no-nonsense, profoundly respectful renditions of the Frank Zappa catalog. The show comes to the House of Blues on Wednesday.

One of the most prolific artists in American music, Frank Zappa's career spanned more than 80 albums and 30 years, spent largely at the fringes of popular music and comfortably planted in the avant-garde with chamber pieces, rock operas and orchestral works. But, since his death in 1993 from prostate cancer, Zappa has been remembered more as an underground hero with a cultlike following -- someone who wrote wacky songs dedicated to breasts and beer (literally) -- rather than a serious American composer.

Just as New Orleans is often misunderstood as simply a frivolous bed of indecency, Zappa's music often is shelved as a lewd novelty act. For Dweezil Zappa, the determination to illuminate his father's musical legacy has informed every aspect of "Zappa Plays Zappa, " which he performs with a cast of accomplished jazz and rock instrumentalists, as well as Ray White, who toured with Frank Zappa in the 1970s and '80s. In a recent phone interview, the 39-year-old guitarist shared his hopes for the tour's third year.

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Frank Zappa = the original bad ass

I love his son, he's  adorable


Allie DiMeco Bikini Myspace Pictures Leaked

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Naked Brothers Band (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Naked_Brothers_Band_%28TV_series%29) member Allie DiMeco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allie_DiMeco) is Myspace bikini picture taker just like the Disney girls!

Nickelodeon is stepping up the competition.. these are bit more hilarious.

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This is the Allie girl:
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T.I. performs live for the first time after arrest, remains sexy while doing so

T.I. was at one of DC’s most-buzzed clubs, Love, on June 6 and performed his newest joint, “No Matter What.” I think this is his first performance after being locked up. They were giving tickets away on the radio and people were selling them on craigslist but from what I heard it was crazy.

Here is a clear version of his new single "No Matter What"


I wish he was doing a show close to me. And I love this song. It's in my Top 5 of T.I. songs. The song lyrics are in the sidebar to the video for anyone interested.

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yet another reality show coming to a television near you...

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Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson, veterans of the CMT reality series "Gone Country," are reuniting with the country music cable channel, this time in a new series titled "Outsider's Inn."

They will join forces to run a bed and breakfast in rural Tennessee. The eight-episode series kicks off with "Brady Bunch" veteran McCormick stumbling upon an inn that overlooks the Great Smoky Mountains and decides to lease it with the option to buy.

Upon realizing the gravity of this undertaking, McCormick brings in Brown and Wilson to help her: McCormick takes over management of the inn and property, R&B singer Brown becomes entertainment director, and Wilson (of Wilson Phillips fame) assumes the role of master chef.

Episodes will feature eclectic houseguests and new problems for the trio to tackle. Production is under way in Newport, Tenn., for an August premiere.

Nicki 2

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Christina Aguilera Breastfeeding Two Year Old Max

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File this under Ewwwww!! Christina Aguilera has a “Dirty” plan for hanging on to her ample post-pregnancy bosom. Christina “loves her fuller cleavage,” which she credits to breastfeeding, and she “wants to keep it as long as she can,” according to a Star Magazine spy. The “Fighter” singer is so enthralled with her E-cup cleave she’s decided to keep breastfeeding her five month old son Max until he turns two.

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amy winehouse-brownfront

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden’s Vegas Weekend

For the second straight evening, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden took in the Vegas nightlife - this time in celebration of Allison Melnick’s birthday on Saturday night (June 7).

Joining the former Simple Life star and her Good Charlotte rocker boyfriend at Tao nightclub were Paris’ sister Nicky and her beau David Katzenberg - with the group mixing it up with a little drinking, dancing and socializing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Long ass Sienna Miller article

Sienna Miller: a sense of theatre
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 07/06/2008

She is known for her turbulent public romances, individual fashion sense and a free-spirit sensibility that infects her films. Yet Sienna Miller's 'naughty', frolicsome side has often obscured a more serious ambition. Murphy Williams finds she has her sights set on credibility

At the age of 18, Sienna Miller enrolled for a three-month course at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, fresh out of Heathfield boarding school in Ascot. It proved a baptism of fire. 'On the first day, the teacher was going round the class, asking people what they wanted from the experience,' she remembers. 'I said, "To lose my attachment to what people think." He said, "OK, come up here." So I went up on stage, and he said, "Dance." I said, "No" and he said, "F***ing dance!" So I started to dance, and after two minutes he got this wooden box and started to bongo on it, and I went mad and went for it because I was so mortified, but then afterwards I didn't care what people thought in the room because I'd made such a fool of myself.'

Sienna Miller: 'I really aspire to family relationships, but I don't know if it's my nature to be that grounded. I'm the black sheep'

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