June 7th, 2008

britney outrageous

The Jonas Brothers approve of Guitar Hero: Suck it Mayer!

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers give a thumbs up and pose for photographers outside their hotel in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

The modern-day Hanson had a concert at RDS Simmondscourt in Ireland and then got ready to leave for a show in Denmark on Saturday.

Fan of the game Guitar Hero? So are the Jonas Brothers!

Kevin, 20, exclaimed, “Guitar Hero is a necessity for us! I totally understand John Mayer’s perspective but for me I think it’s a great way to introduce the idea of an instrument to a generation of a young age. Maybe you would go on from there and transition into actually learning how to play and things like that. I’m the Guitar Hero guru of the Jonas Brothers!”

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This is just an excuse for a JoBro pic spam.
Let the fun begin


T.I. previews new LP, remains sexy while doing so

The lyrics made it sound like T.I.'s pen was actually a match.

The King of the South was igniting each track with a viciousness that could well have fans and critics calling his
forthcoming Paper Trail LP (due August 12) his best since Urban Legend.

Clearly, Tip's half-year-plus under house arrest wasn't just spent building a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower out of Legos ("It took me two straight days," he said of his work). The MC — who recently said he's not angry that he only came in at #10 on MTV News' "Hottest MCs in the Game" — found escapism in his music and, as he played a handful of tracks from his forthcoming album, at times he sounded better than we've ever heard him.

There are boasts such as "Without the braids, I'm the closest thing to O-Dog" and admonishment of peers like, "What the game need with you? They got me."

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I thought "No Matter What" was the first single. hmm I love that song. Either way, I can't wait for this album.

What's your favorite T.I. video?

terry richardson

Producer impressed by Lohan’s work ethic

Lindsay Lohan almost didn't get the chance to change her life with a new movie, which starts shooting Monday.

"Labor Pains" producer Rick Schwartz kept getting turned down by insurers, an informed source tells us.

"[Schwartz] could only find one insurance company to cover her, and even then he really had to vouch for her."

As Carrie Fisher wrote in "Postcards From the Edge," actors with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, to which Lohan has admitted, have difficulty getting film insurance. Lohan is still on probation for two DUI arrests last year.

"Labor Pains" is just the sort of romantic comedy that could turn the talented 21-year-old beauty's career around.

According to the screenplay we’ve obtained, Lohan plays a young woman who pretends to be pregnant so she doesn’t get fired. She thrives on the attention she’s getting despite “carrying a volleyball around on her stomach.” We don’t want to be spoilers, but the script is hilarious.

The movie will be made whether or not there’s an actors strike, since the union gave Schwartz a waiver, Variety reported.

“Lindsay is a tremendously talented actress,” said Plum Pictures’ Celine Rattray, who’s co-producing the film. “We have spent a lot of time with her over the last three months, and she has really impressed us with her work ethic.

“She comes to every meeting 15 minutes early
, to the point where she has shown up a few times before we were ready for her. She is rehearsing every day with energy and focus. She is lovely to her co-stars and the crew.

“We got her insured in the film, and our insurance and bond reps have also been impressed with her good behavior.

“Whatever personal issues she may have had in the past, it is clear to me that work is her total priority.

“She wants to make this role and this film a success, and I truly believe in her.”

Concludes our source: “It’s definitely the kind of movie people want to see Lindsay in, not like ‘I Know Who Killed Me.’”

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Kathy Griffin + Lar Bear = ORGASM




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Source: My Clips from RedLasso; I'm not linking all seven of them right now, sorry.

So basically, it's obvious that Kathy is a member of ONTD. So... who is she? My vote is for larrylurker -- what about you?

where are artists supposed to do their signings and releases now?

The Virgin Megastore in Times Square, that behemoth depository of all things entertainment at the crossroads of the world, will be shuttered in the first quarter of 2009, according to reports.

Vornado, the company that owns the property, is forcing out the struggling chain so that it can up the rents on a new tenant, according to Reuters.

Virgin pays $54 a square foot in an area where rents can easily fetch $700, an executive vice president at Vornado told Reuters.

The chain's Union Square location should also vanish early next year, a victim in part of escalating rents.

source via callusfreaks


'cause i know how much you guys love eisley.

here are two items posted today on ap.net:

first up...

Reports are coming in that Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) was recently married in Austin, TX and that the happy couple is expecting their first child. Congratulations to him and Mischa.



Apparently Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) and Hayley Williams (Paramore) are dating. We have heard this from several sources already, though are waiting for confirmation from the two if this is true or not. omgomgomgomg* (op's note: omgs are from ap.net. i would never omg chad gilbert and hayley williams. but hey, to each their own.)


and, of course, no eisley-related post can be complete without input from eisley mom:

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french first lady to release new album

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French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will release her third album next month, her U.S. label said on Wednesday, a signal that the pop singer is not letting official duties interfere with career goals.

The album, "Comme si de rien n'etait" (As if nothing had happened), comes on the heels of a memoir to be published this week, in which Bruni details her whirlwind romance with President Nicolas Sarkozy, her husband of four months.

The Italian-born model wrote or co-wrote 12 of the 14 songs, and will donate her share of the royalties to unspecified charitable and humanitarian causes, said a spokeswoman for Downtown Records.

The New York-based label will release the album in the United States under license from Bruni's French label Naive Records.

Downtown released her 2007 album "No Promises," in the United States earlier this year. It has sold a modest 6,000 copies to date, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan. Worldwide sales stand at 380,000, said Downtown.

In her book, "Carla and Nicolas, the real story," Bruni praises not only her new husband's "physique," but also his "five or six brains."

According to extracts published in Le Point magazine Wednesday, she also told the book's authors that she had no intention of ditching her singing career.

"I have no intention to change job. I have a function, but it is not a job," she said.


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Wonder Woman actress finds body on river in DC
WASHINGTON - The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s says she didn't do anything extraordinary when she discovered a body this week on the Potomac River in Washington.

Lynda Carter tells The Washington Post she was alone in a boat when she saw the body Wednesday. She says she didn't have a cell phone with her, so she yelled to some fishermen and asked them to call police. Carter waited until rescuers arrived and directed them to the body.

District of Columbia police say the body of 47-year-old Helen Johnstone of Washington was found floating on the river Wednesday. The medical examiner's office has not declared an official cause of death.

Carter says she "did what anybody would have done."

From here.

Except those people in Connecticut.

Audrina Needs Her Space

June 7, 2008 -- IT sounds like Audrina Patridge has had enough of Lauren Conrad's controlling ways. "The Hills" star, known for her sweet nature, has grown so uncomfortable around Conrad that they no longer speak, and Patridge won't stay at the guest house behind Conrad's home as she did during the show. "She hasn't officially moved out yet, but she stays with different people. It's grown so bad between them she doesn't want to be there," said one insider. "If your star starts to burn brighter than Lauren's, there's going to be trouble." Conrad was recently quoted as saying she and Patridge are "still friends." At a recent event for the newly relaunched Dodge Challenger, Patridge was overheard telling Michelle Trachtenberg how she's still looking at apartments. The two also dished on guys and raced each other on the speedway where Rob Lowe, Luke Wilson, Chace Crawford, Snoop Dogg and Carmen Electra cheered them on.

Source:  http://www.nypost.com/seven/06072008/gossip/pagesix/audrina_needs_her_space_114330.htm

Skye Sweetnam's (Let's Get Movin) Into Action f. Tim Armstrong Music Video

ARTIST: Skye Sweetnam
VIDEO: (Let's Get Movin') Into Action f. Tim Armstrong
DIRECTOR: Sean Wainsteim
ALBUM: Sound Soldier


Well check out Skye Sweetnam looking all hot in her super spy suit and then all girly girly in fancy dresses and ish! I like this video because it's playful and makes you feel like jumping in a Naughty By Nature sort of way (except there's no instructional chorus telling you to jump).

In this video, Skye and company are moving like spies through the forest as they make their way to a house. Turns out that they're crashing a boring garden party to inject it with a good dose of wreckless fun. This means pies in the face, streamers in the air, singing on megaphones and just the general agitation of the old people at the party. Truly this is the sure fire way to have fun, isn't it? Well, if there's anything to know, it's this: when Skye Sweetnam tells you to get into action, you better do it. And come on, she asked you nicely.

Source: MuchMusic.com and Youtube.com


Toronto Indie Band Thunderheist (who has been featured on MTV and in NOW magazine) has announced the beginning of their video competition. This band has been making huge waves all over the underground Indie scene with their club banger hits "Bubblegum Music" and "Suenos Dulces". Their next single is "Jerk It" and for this track they have asked the fans to put together a music video for the single. After 2 long months and 10 videos it has come down to the top three!
Here's one of the videos featured (and the best one in my opinion)

VOTE FOR THIS VIDEO HERE >>>> http://www.thunderheist.com/
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ben kingsley to play the villain in upcoming jake gyllenhaal movie

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Ben Kingsley has been cast as the villain in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming movie adaptation of the videogame Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The fantasy adventure project also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, new Bond girl Gemma Arterton, and Alfred Molina, and is being directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Kingsley plays Nizam, who plots to kill his brother King Shahrman and blame it on young Prince Dastan (Gyllenhaal) so he can take the throne. Arterton plays the princess Tamina. Shooting is scheduled to start in July. Sir Ben will next be seen in The Love Guru, 50 Dead Men, The Wackness, Elegy, and Transsiberian. He is currently shooting Martin Scorsese's drama Shutter Island, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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to pay 275,000 in divorce.


Anne Heche has reached a divorce settlement with her ex-husband Coley Laffoon, the Associated Press reports.

The actress, 39, must pay Laffoon, 34, a lump sum of $275,000, along with $3,700 a month in child support for their son, Homer, 6.

A judge also ruled that she must pay 75 percent of Homer's private-school tuition. (They agreed to split the cost of any of their son's "agreed upon extracurricular activities.")

The two wed in 2001.

Laffon filed for divorce in February, citing irreconcilable differences.

Soon after, Heche accused him of frequenting strip clubs, watching porn and being a deadbeat dad.

He fired back in court papers, saying her "credibility should also be called into question as a result of her mental instability, which was highly publicized in her [2001] autobiography entitled Call Me Crazy."


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Having sold more than 18 million albums in the U.S. and 27 million albums worldwide since her professional debut in 1995, Jewel has been honored by the Recording Industry Association of America – which surprised her with a career-milestone plaque on Thursday as she prepared to sign autographs at the Country Music Association festival in Nashville. "This is awesome. Thank you so much," said the singer, 34, the Associated Press reports. Jewel (full name: Jewel Kilcher) released her new album, Perfectly Clear on Tuesday. Its lead single, "Stronger Woman," is already No. 15 on the Billboard chart. This summer, she tours with Brad Paisley.

best jewel single ever, imo

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oprah to be on 30 rock!?


Keith Powell, who plays Toofer on NBC’s much loved comedy 30 Rock, is keeping his fingers crossed that talk show powerhouse Oprah Winfrey will make an appearance next season.

“That’s the rumor,” He told OK! at Bravo’s A-List Awards. “Last I heard, NBC was really, really trying to make it happen. I don’t know if it will happen yet or not.”

But fans of the show aren’t the only ones excited by the prospect of Oprah’s big 30 Rock debut. “There are very few people in the world that if I meet I would hyperventilate over and that would be her,” Keith confessed.

With a slew of famous faces having stopped by in the past, we wondered if Ms. Winfrey would play herself or some kooky character. “She’d have to play herself,” Keith added, “I think we’ve talked about her so much she’d have play herself and then you’d have to watch me loose all bowel movements.”

OK! even had a story line on hand for them — Oprah should play Keith’s love interest. “Ah, please! Write a letter. I’ll tell you who to write the letter to- Tina Fey. You need to write her and give her that story line!”

if you wanna bump lezgo aiight lata


I'm off for a few weeks, finishing the album supposedly. I'm going to LA. It's been almost a year since I was last in America and I can't wait. I'm going to have 1 in n out burger when I get on the plane and then I'm only eating sushi for my whole trip. I hope they let me in this time. This is going to be my face at immigration

Anyways I'm at the airport, Heathrow terminal 3, beautiful view

I just bought some wicked Bose headphones and a Mac make up bag, nice lady from air New Zealand just told me the flights delayed till 5 ................ BORING! I think I might eat an apple.

By the way, the Mystery Jets new album is soooooo amazing, the song with Laura marling is great, but Flakes is my favourite track I think. Erol Alkan produced the record and I think it's the best album I've heard this year. Sounds pretty 80's in parts in fact it inspired me to do a Joe Jackson cover the other day, Stepping Out. Don't worry you'll never have to hear it.

So when I get back to Londres in a few weeks time, my flat will be ready to move into. I'm beyond excited, it's taken me 8 months to do it up; it was in a right state when I bought it but it looks amazing now. I've got a bath in my bedroom, yikes, and a remote control fire. I've been collecting art for years, but I've never had my own lace to put it all up in so, I CAN'T WAIT. Then it's summer and I'm not playing at any of the festivals, so I can just hang out and go and see bands, instead of having to leave straight after the gig, get on the bus and drive to the next one.

Write you tomorrow, I'm going to try and update the blog more now, I read something about kanye West posting 8 times a day, well I can't do that, mainly because I'm no way near as interesting, and I don't have as much to say, but I'm up for blogging more now.


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matt willis in rehab...because of wino???

British singer Matt Willis landed himself in rehab once again, after spending just one night with troubled singer Amy Winehouse.

Willis, who had been a part of the band Busted, was rushed to the The Priory after his fiancée, Emma Griffiths gave him an ultimatum to either clean up or forget marrying her.

Griffiths, who is a presenter, was very furious with Willis when he went back to Winehouse’s pad after a night out last month, and was even more upset when she saw the state he was in when he turned up at their North London home.

“He went too far after the night out with Amy. He was so out of it he started swinging at photographers,” Mirror.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

“He and Emma are supposed to get married next month and have a massive magazine deal but she told him he needs to sort himself out before she becomes his wife. She made him promise that he would give up drugs and heavy drinking - and she’s devastated he broke that promise. But Matt loves Emma and wants to do everything possible to win her back,” the source added.

Willis’ first visit to The Priory had been in 2005 for alcohol abuse, and then in 2006 he was re-admitted for his addiction to weed, which he was smoking at least a joint a day for eight years.

The singer is not the only one who has landed himself into trouble with Winehouse, last month it was revealed that her timid ex-lover Alex Haines was sacked for alleged drug taking.

Another to have been affected by her was former tour manager Thom Stone, who quit after handing in a doctor’s note, which said heroin had got into his blood after he’d been on the road with her.

There have not been any comments from Willis’ spokesman as yet. (ANI)


T.I. to produce movie starring Chris Brown, remains sexy while doing so

Chris Brown's Movie Career Heats Up, With T.I.-Produced Heist Movie, Shane Sparks Dance Flick On Horizon

HOLLYWOOD — He may not have taken home a popcorn trophy at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards— where he lost the Breakthrough Performance honor to Zac Efron — but if the gold carpet was any indication, Chris Brown, the hottest singerand dancer in the music business just happens to be also the hottest young actor in Hollywood.

Both T.I. and "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks revealed exclusively to MTV News — in completely separate interviews — that they're in talks with Brown to star in their next feature films.

"I have a script that I'm working on called 'Bone Deep,' over at Screen Gems, that I'll be starring in with Idris Elba," T.I. said, name-checking the British actor who co-starred with him in "American Gangster" and with Brown in "This Christmas."

At press time, Brown's reps said he was working on two movies, "Heist" (which is presumably the T.I. project) and "Traded," and is in talks for "Phenom" a film about a high school basketball player.

"It's a new-age, young, hip-hop 'Heat,' " Tip said, comparing his film to the 1995 classic that brought Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino together.

T.I. will star in and produce the project, and the MC hopes to cast Brown as a young member of a fun-loving criminal crew. "These are young, cool, well-dressed, articulate bank-robbers," Tip explained. "We're actually contemplating Chris Brown. I don't know how concrete that is, but we're contemplating it. ... He'll be the little homey.

"You can definitely expect action, definitely. It will be very entertaining," the "ATL" star promised of his producing debut. "In music, I'm on both sides: the executive business end as well as the artist/performer end. And film is no different."

An excited Sparks told us his next big-screen project "is a movie called 'The Jump-Off,' and it's like a 'High School Musical' meets 'You Got Served.' " (This is probably the movie Brown's reps call "Traded.")

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Mmm.  I'm really interested in this Heist movie.
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paris & co.

Paris Hilton and contestants arrive at Tao Las Vegas for the taping of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF in Las Vegas on Friday night.

On the show, Paris must choose between 20 contestants to become her new best friend. Along the way she will be teaching them the secrets to celebrity living, like partying with her rocker boyfriend Benji Madden at a Sin City hot spot


gaga oh lala

Jared Padalecki and Sandra McCoy are no longer engaged.

Sandra McCoy sent this e-mail to her fansite, http://www.sandramccoy.4fans.net/:

Dear Lena,
It is true. Jared and I are no longer engaged. I did not want this information to have to come from me, but I felt it was necessary to confirm it in order to protect Jared from being asked questions about it this weekend in Dallas. Contrary to what you may have heard/read, our split was not caused by any fowl play on either of our parts, we simply decided that it was not the right time for us. We still love eachother very much, but we want different things in life, and it's a simple as that. Please know that it is extremely difficult for me to write this, and I can only imagine how hard it would be for Jared to have to talk about it in front of hundreds of fans. So I am answering the questions now with the hope that no one will make Jared have to speak about it publicly. Your support past, present, and future is very much appreciated.

Thank you for everything,

Source and

This post is dedicated to boogabooga_xx aka Lam.


Anne Hathaway gave costar pink eye!

I know there is a lot of Anne Hathaway hate here, so I figured some would enjoy this...

Anne Hathaway gave Steve Carrell pink eye when they kissed in new movie ‘Get

The 25-year-old beauty – who stars as Agent 99 in the spy comedy – said she
was suffering from itchy eyes when she filmed a particularly raunchy scene
with her co-star Steve.

She said: “There was a health scare last year and a certain contact
solution, I won’t say the name of it but it was the one that I use - gave
you conjunctivitis. I also had a sinus infection at the same time. So I had
to go up to Steve, my eye is red, puffy and dripping green - I’m snotty and
I’m just like 'Come here!'

However, Anne revealed she was unaware she had pink eye – more commonly
known as conjunctivitis – and was forced to ring the film’s producer Alex
Gartner to warn him.

She added to ‘Fox News’: “I told Alex, ‘You might want to call Steve and let
him know I had pink eye and my tears kind of got in my mouth, so he might
want to worry about that!

But I'd do the kiss again in a heartbeat!


anita baker to tour for the first time in nearly a decade

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

R&B veteran Anita Baker, 50, is hitting the road this summer.

The eight-time Grammy winner will criss-cross the U.S. for her first major tour outing in nearly a decade.

Baker, best known for hits like 'I Apologize,' 'Sweet Love,' and 'Giving You the Best That I Got,' will kick off her national tour on June 13 in Vienna, Va. at Wolf Trap's Filene Center.

Her tour will end on Sept. 26 in Los Angeles at the famed Greek Theater.

The recently divorced mother of two took time off from the music industry in the mid-1990's to focus on her family life.

In 2004, she returned with her first full-length studio album called 'My Everything' (Blue Note).

Since then, the Detroit-bred singer has begun performing spot dates, with recent headlining turns at both the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival and the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

Baker's complete tour schedule is listed below:

June 13 - Vienna, VA - Wolf Trap Filene Center
June 20 - Aspen, CO - Rio Grande Park
June 21 - Primm, NV - Star of the Desert Arena

July 12 - Clarkston, MT - DTE Energy Music Theatre
July 24 - Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Live
July 31 - Rama, Ontario - Casino Rama

August 15 - Baltimore, MD - Pier Six Concert Pavilion
August 16 - Portsmouth, VA - nTelos Wireless Pavilion

September 26 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre

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jon lion

"Everybody was super nice!"

Alexa Vega talks about Broken Hill, the actors (a bunch of no names) and director, and her experiences in Australia

Can't see this?

Click here to go to the YouTube page

Source: Her MySpace

I didn't realise I had her on my F/List, but she just bulletined this a little while ago. For those of you saying 'Who?', her IMDB is here - she's the kid from Spy Kids, and some other shit after that. Can't tell you more 'cause IMDB's not working right now.

Style Jury: Don’t Feed The Animals

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can say what you want about this tragic display of creativity but this Harajuku girl will always have a warm seat on the Wu Tang tour bus.

Tomoe Shinohara rocked a killer hair piece made out of premium yaki to the Chanel Mobile Art event in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday. That T. Error Mari really out did herself this time! Gold star for you!

Would you rock a yaki tiger perched on top of your head? I think I may just place an order for one of these suckas. I’m trying to look sharp for Pastor Appreciation Day in July. Killing you hoes in the congregation!

Source: http://www.crunktastical.net/2008/05/30/style-jury-feed-animals/

FN MTV "Speidi" Commercial

Pete Wentz has this new show on MTV called FN MTV.
It's a whole half hour of music videos.
The commercials feature Spencer and Heidi. Speidi.
It airs Friday June 13 at 8pm/7pm (my21stbirthday/olsentwinsbday)


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source: me, my tv and youtube

the speidi one is hilarious, pete looks/sounds like such a creep! haha
Ghost World

Pete Doherty skips gig and misses Carl Barat's birthday.


Anyone seen Pete Doherty?

Not only was the junkie rocker absent from a solo gig in France on Thursday night, but he failed to show up to the 30th birthday bash of best mate Carl Barat in London - although a look-alike in a porkie pie hat was fooling a few people.

But what a shindig the party animal missed...

A reveller at the plush Pigale club, in Piccadilly told us: "Carl's pals had a jazz player perform Kylie hits when he arrived. And Sadie Frost and Jodie Harsh went mad on the dancefloor. A cake fight ensued that had everyone in stitches."

Meanwhile Paris went potty searching for Pete.

Excuses offered to his fans at Paris's Rex Theatre at 11.30pm, two hours after he was scheduled to play, included he was left stranded for five hours on a broken Eurostar train.

But one angry fan said: "I was on the 4.25pm that got into Gard Du Nord at 7.50pm and experienced no problems at all." Over to you, PD.


LC And Stephanie Pratt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lauren Conrad was spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles on Friday night (June 6th). LC was out with Stephanie Pratt.

Meanwhile speaking to People magazine about Audrina Patridge, LO Bosworth said “Honestly I think that Lauren and I have been making a sincere effort to reach out to her, I feel like we’re all kind of in a dark place right now.”


foxy brown and rick "kimbo slice" ross are officially a couple

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Hip-Hop industry has a new power couple, as Foxy Brown and Rick Ross are now an item, AllHipHop.com has learned.

Sources from both camps have confirmed the couple are dating seriously and that Brown, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, is making plans relocate to Miami in order to be closer to Ross.

“They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna the next Big Hip-Hop couple,” an inside source told AllHipHop.com. “They both are in love.”

Foxy Brown has grown close to Rick Ross’ family, his kids and his mother, who wants the pair to get married, although the couple is taking things one step at a time.

In addition to their new romance, both Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are working new music.

Ross is currently working with a number of producers for his new album Deeper Than Rap.

He is also working to launch his record label, The Maybach Music Group.

Foxy Brown is in the studio working on her highly anticipated album Black Roses, which does not have a release date as of press time.

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Religulous - Trailer

Religulous - Trailer

Scroll for Trailer in Flash

Watch it at Apple's Source in HD

The documentary RELIGULOUS follows political humorist and author Bill Maher as he travels around the globe interviewing people about God and religion. Known for his astute analytical skills, irreverent wit and commitment to never pulling a punch, Maher brings his characteristic honesty to an unusual spiritual journey. Directed by Larry Charles (BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), RELIGULOUS will mark Charles’ first feature project since the critically acclaimed, wildly successful BORAT. Jonah Smith and Palmer West of Thousand Words (A SCANNER DARKLY, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) and Bill Maher are producing.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Nolan Bushnell in Atari

Photobucket Photobucket

Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to star as Nolan Bushnell in Atari, a biopic about “the founding father of electronic gaming”, who was the inventor of Pong and founder of Atari.

Screenwriters Brian Hecker (Tribeca short film Bart Got a Room) and Craig Sherman (Pop Warner’s biopic) sold the pitch to Paramount on Friday, and DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way will produce. Hecker and Sherman told THR that they hope to play with elements from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Tucker.

Bushnell was an engineering student who went from fixing broken pinball machines to launching the Atari Corporation in 1972 (a reference to a check-like position in Go, one of Nolan’s favorite games) where he created Pong, which is often regarded as the world’s first video arcade game (which is actually untrue, as Computer Space launched a year earlier). A home version was released in 1974 and took the world by storm. Nolan sold the company to Warner Communications for a mere $28 million, to get the capital to release the Atari 2600, credited with popularizing the use cartridge based console video game systems. By 1979, the 2600 was the best-selling Christmas gift. By 1983, the company had sold over 8 million units. Nolan also created Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre (later known as just Chuck E. Cheese).

Having grown up a kid of the 1980’s, I have a huge amount of respect for Nolan Bushnell. That said, I’m not sure if his story is worth telling on the big screen. It seems more of a Pirates of Silicon Valley type of story. And I’m not knocking Pirates, it’s considered a cult classic among tech geeks, but there is a reason that that movie was made for television. And with over 20 projects in some form of development, as producer or star, I’m not sure DiCaprio will ever find enough time to clear his plate to do this film.

Among his other films in development, DiCaprio is also attached to play felon Jordan Belfort in Warner Bros’ The Wolf of Wall Street and James Bond creator Ian Fleming in Fleming. The actor/producer has taken on many real life roles over the years including author Tobias Wolff, poets Jim Carroll and Arthur Rimbaud, counterfeiter Frank Abagnale Jr. and aviator Howard Hughes.



New Eva Mendes Poster for The Spirit

 Yahoo! Movies has debuted a new poster featuring Eva Mendes as Sand Saref in writer/director Frank Miller's The Spirit, coming to theaters on Christmas Day. The action-adventure, based on the Will Eisner comic book, stars Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Paulson, Paz Vega, Jaime King, Dan Lauria, Stana Katic, Johnny Simmons and Louis Lombardi.

Click the image to view the full poster!

mini panettones
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Miley Cyrus Smoking A Cigarette?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Obviously, someone went pretty insane watermarking this photo, but if you look closely in this picture, you can tell that it is Miley Ray Cyrus' hand holding a cigarette. She's always had really skinny, somewhat wrinkly hands. They also made a new collage of Miley and Thomas Sturges' passionate makeout session. Thanks Daisy!

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Oh guuurl

Kendra Wilkinson: Camera Shy?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is Kendra camera shy?

The Girls Next Door have been on our television sets for four solid seasons in a row, and fans just can’t get enough of the lovely Playboy bunnies. Recently, we reported that our resident Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner wasn’t up to marrying any of the three women he kept so close to his heart. The reason behind this? Hefner says it’s a personal choice and that he hasn’t had much luck with marriages. Too bad for Holly Madison, then, who has been very vocal about wanting to walk down the aisle with Hefner and eventually have his kids.

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goofy movie

circus anyone?

Wee Man Stumps for Cirque du So-Lil'

And in case you were looking for news from the 3' feet and under beat, Wee Man -- aka Jason Acuna -- was at LAX a few days ago and dropped a little knowledge for us about his new gig on "Celebrity Circus."

click to see video


lol @ 3 feet under beat.

timberlake, romo, lauer break 100 on u.s. open golf course

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and singer Justin Timberlake may not be qualified to play in the U.S. Open, but both proved they could break 100 Friday on Torrey Pines’ South Course.

The pair joined “Today” host Matt Lauer and a regular guy from Omaha, Neb., in a foursome bent on disproving Tiger Woods’ theory that it takes a pro to beat the course.

Romo, who missed qualifying for the U.S. Open this spring, won with a 13-over 84. The beefy quarterback, who boasts a 2.2 handicap index, barely broke a sweat playing the first nine holes in 5-over 40 but slowed as the six-hour round wore on.

“It got really tough to stay sharp,” he said, nodding toward the 18th hole, where he had his only double bogey after hitting into a bunker.

Timberlake, suffering from allergies, seconded Romo, although his game improved over the last four holes with two pars and two bogeys as he went into “Michael Jordan mode.” A 6.0 handicap index, he parred the 18th to finish at 27-over 98.

“It’s just inhuman, how well they strike it,” he said, referring to Woods and his ilk.

Timberlake, outfitted in a dashing black trilby hat and tuxedo-stripe pants, started hamming it up with the gallery once his taut dancer’s swing started to go south, blowing on the ball as it rimmed the seventh hole without any luck and asking the crowd to approve his drop into the rough at the edge of the fairway.

He couldn’t blame his troubles on Mother Nature, either, after he skipped off the course after teeing off at the first hole and making a beeline for the men’s room.

“Excuse me! I knew I forgot something,” he called out to laughing spectators in his soft Tennessee drawl.

Lauer scraped by with a 100 on the par-71 course despite playing with a 6.2 handicap index. He came back from an early quad and a series of double bogeys to make a par 5 on the final hole.

“It’s not easy,” he said. “I didn’t think Tiger made an outrageous statement.”

The only one of the four who didn’t seem to mind the scores was John Atkinson, a medical salesman from Omaha, Neb., who was chosen from 56,374 essay applicants to play in the challenge. He finished with a 43-over 114.

“At some point I just didn’t really care,” said Atkinson, who is undergoing treatment for advanced inoperable lung cancer. “I just wanted to enjoy it.”

Atkinson had a 56-person cheering section with him. They shouted “C’mon, Johnny!” when his ball hit the green and gave sympathetic claps and “awws” when he disappeared into the bunkers.

His friend, Dave Leahy, said the crowd joined Atkinson as he trained in Omaha to prepare him for the pressure playing in front of an audience.

“He was out there every Saturday with 50 people pretending to be the gallery and wearing a mike so he’d get used to it,” Leahy said.

He gave his caddy, noted sports psychologist Bob Rotella, a sweet shrug after chasing the ball around the green before making his putt on the fifth hole.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for him,” said his wife, Lori. “It doesn’t matter.”

Woods told reporters last year at Oakmont, generally considered the toughest golf course in America, that no 10-handicapper could break 100. With Torrey Pines refurbished into a 7,643-yard “monster”—the longest in U.S. Open history—it served as a suitable stand-in for the challenge, hosted by Golf Digest magazine and NBC.

Torrey Pines, named for the rare gnarled trees that dot the cliffside course, will be the first city-owned golf course to host a U.S. Open starting next Thursday.

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John Revolta is still working that leather bear daddy look. You know Tommy Girl dresses up like Boo Boo from Yogi Bear and they play "hide the honey pot."

I can't look at these pictures of Johnny without imagining a butt plug in his a-hole, clamps on his nippies and a leather ring on his man clit.

Here's John with Nick Loren at Nick's album release party in NYC last night

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lol at the commentary!

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Celebrity funnyman Chris Rock was the victim of a practical joke while on tour in South Africa, after being pranked with accusations he had sex with a British minor, a prosecutor said Saturday.

"It was a hoax, it was for one of the US (United States) reality television programmes," said National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Tlali Tlali.

The US comedian, who is on his "No apologies" tour in the country, was duped by rumours he was about to be arrested for sexually assaulting a minor in Britain.

"They pulled one on him, information got to him that the South African Police Service was going to arrest him. Acting on that information he quickly approached lawyers who brought an urgent application at the Johannebsurg High Court where judgement was in his favour," Tlali told AFP.

Tlali said Rock had sought clarification on the charges to be brought against him.

A fake prosecutor, one of the cast members for the television show, appeared in court Monday urging that Rock be taken into custody, however the judge ruled he could not be arrested or detained without a proper warrant.

"This one went far, it must have been organised quite carefully," said Tlali, who said when prosecutors discovered the following day it was a prank there were mixed reactions with some slamming it as a waste of time, while others saw the funny side.

It was not known which television show was behind the prank.

idk, i posted this VIDEO because i think its funny as hale...i don't think the prank is too funny...and idk what kind of reality show this would be...

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Larry moving Dannielynn away from LA.


Larry Birkhead has purchased a 10,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house in his hometown of Louisville, Ky., for himself and 21-month-old daughter Dannielynn, he tells PEOPLE.

Birkhead, 35, says the house, which has 40-ft. ceilings and is modeled after a Sicilian church, was never completed, needs a lot of work, and right now "looks like a haunted house," but he loves it.

"When I walked in, I said to myself, 'This is our home!'" says Birkhead.

He adds he might sell the Los Angeles house where he's sometimes haunted by memories of its former occupants – Dannielynn's mother, Anna Nicole Smith, and half-brother Daniel, who both died from drug-related complications.

"At first, I couldn't imagine parting with it," says Birkhead. "Then I realized I was probably holding on to it for the wrong reasons, thinking to myself that would ease the pain of losing Anna and Daniel. I have always thought that it would be great for Dannielynn to grow up in her mother's home; however, there is no yard as it is over a canyon."

He adds: "There also isn't any little friends for her to run around with – which makes the idea of Kentucky even more inviting."


Class Act

Jamie Spears takes an additional moment to flip the bird on the paparazzi - Jun 07, 2008


Everyone in the Spears family has such class.

Eta: Apparently its an old picture, but the photo itself was just released today so I guess it can count as new.

Ledger's Joker is 'Terrifying', Says Director

The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan has paid tribute to the dark acting skills of late actor Heath Ledger - branding his performance in the movie "terrifying."

The Brokeback Mountain star filmed his final scenes as the Caped Crusader's nemesis The Joker for the forthcoming Batman film last year, just weeks before his tragic death in January.

And Nolan states the actor's final film sequences are spectacular - likening him to a shark who expertly brings "chaos" and "mayhem" to the evil role.

Nolan tells Britain's Empire magazine, "Our Joker - Heath's interpretation of The Joker - has always been the absolute extreme of anarchy and chaos. (And) what makes him terrifying is not to humanise him in narrative terms. We didn't want to show what made him do the things he's doing, because then he becomes less threatening.

"I like to say he cuts through the movie like Jaws. He just kind of comes and goes and causes complete mayhem."

Earlier this year, sources close to the late actor claimed playing the manic role pushed Ledger into a depressive state, insisting he took sleeping tablets in order to rest after a playing the dark character.

Toxicology results released in February reported Ledger, 28, was killed by an accidental overdose of prescribed medications.


Ashlee Simpson hates being pregnant

A pregnant Ashlee Simpson isn’t beaming with pride over her changing baby body. Ashlee recently confessed her fears about her expanding waistline and changing figure in a tearful phone call to her mom Tina, Life & Style spies say.

“Ashlee called me in tears the other day,” Tina reportedly told Ashlee’s big sister Jessica while mom and daughter were on a Memorial Day trip to Nashville last weekend. “She said, ‘Oh my gosh, Mom, did you see those pictures of me on the beach? My stomach looks like a rectangle. I look like Spongebob SquarePants!’”

According to the tab, Tina tried reassuring her youngest daughter that she is still very beautiful, but to no avail:

“I told Ashlee, ‘Aww, honey, no, you’re beautiful-you’re pregnant ...’ She said, ‘but I look so fat!’”


Mischa Barton: Charity Event Candids

Mischa Barton showed off some very interesting pants at the 2nd Annual Design for Humanity Charity Event Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

She’s appearing next in the Assassination of a High School President alongside Bruce Willis which is coming in August.

Hopefully the costumes in the movie aren’t as questionable as the spandex/jean concoction worn in these pictures.

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stop the drama

Can you name this guy?

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Source: My yearbooks and my flickr account

He was never ugly, so no real embarassing photos. Although, the slicked back hair and braces wasn't his best year. I tried to find a 6th grade photo that I swore I had, in which he had the bowl cut that pretty much every guy had back then... but I couldn't find it.

All photos are from either Cascade Middle School or Auburn High School yearbooks - Auburn, WA. We graduated in 2001.

Khia interview at V-103 + Her Lil' Kim esque picture! (Cut fixed?)

Recently Khia stopped by the Porsche Foxx show on V-103 in Atlanta to promote Nasti Muzik. And as you guessed there was hatin on the Queen. Porche kept cutting Khia's mic off and most of the callers were rude. Being the queen Khia is, she took over the show promoting Nasti Muzik (JULY 22ND). She even discussed the possibility of her own tv/radio show and showed support for Obama. And like she always does, she hater walked!
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Sources: Part 1, Part 2, Image
live: double trouble


Jonas Brothers Dig Dublin 

The Jonas Brothers perform at the Royal Dublin Society and open up for Avril Lavigne in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

Nick, Kevin and Joe rocked the night away with the Canadian singer and brought some music over to the other side of the pond. The trio plan to open for Avril for her remaining shows in Europe and then branch out into their own tour in Canada and the U.S..

Earlier in the week, JoBro completed a contest with Breakfast BREAKS and emphasized the importance of breakfast! 

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Joe is the only semi attractive one. 


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Nightline's Martin Bashir diagnosed with brain tumor

I have a brain tumour but I'm getting on with my life, says Diana inquisitor Martin Bashir

By Katie Nicholl
Last updated at 10:16 PM on 07th June 2008

Martin Bashir, who became a household name after his extraordinary TV interview with the late Diana, Princess of Wales about the break-up of her marriage to Prince Charles, is suffering from a brain tumour.

The 45-year-old former Panorama presenter confirmed yesterday that he has a tumour growing on his pituitary gland but plans ‘to get on with his life’.

The potentially life-threatening condition was discovered after the celebrity interviewer was treated for a serious knock to the head last month.

According to sources in New York, where Mr Bashir lives with his wife Debbie and their two children, the presenter suffered the injury on the set of his Nightline show for ABC news in America and was taken to hospital for stitches.

It was only following a scan that doctors discovered the tumour on Mr Bashir’s pituitary gland, which is at the base of the brain and helps to control growth.

‘It has been a very worrying time for Martin and his family but the good news is that the specialists do not want to operate on the tumour yet,’ a family friend said last night.

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T.I. "ain't trippin", remains sexy while doing so

Kanye West, 50 Cent, T.I. React To Their Placement On 'Hottest MCs In The Game'

Kanye West waited a long time to react to being crowned the "Hottest MC in the Game" by the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust earlier this month — but he made sure it counted. 'Ye sharedhis feelings with the crowd at the sold-out Chicago show of his Glow in the Dark Tour.

"They talk about the [Hottest] MC list," a sweat-soaked West told the audience at the United Center. "I don't know if y'all heard about this. But I brought the Grammys home for y'all. And now I brought that #1 spot home for y'all. 'Cause every time I rhyme, I rhyme for y'all. Everything I do, I do for y'all. Chi-Town in this b---h. Chi-Town on the map. Chi-Town King of rap, and Lupe got my back."

Lupe Fiasco came in at #7 on the list.

Backstage at the show, Kanye shared his feelings a bit further with MTV News: "Ah man, that's dope. ... No, seriously ... That's really, really, super dope."

Some of the other MCs who made the Brain Trust's top 10 have also been responding to their rankings.

T.I., who was #2 in 2007, fell to #10 in 2008 due to his time out of the game while on house arrest. The King of the South didn't see his move down as a slight.

"I didn't take it personally, you know," Tip told radio host Ed Lover last week while visiting the personality's New York radio show. "I think it had a lot to do with the fact that when they was putting the list together, I didn't have any music out. At the time when they was judging how hot people were, I was on house arrest.

"I ain't trippin'," Tip added. "They gonna have to do another list. Jeezy is the homie. Everybody else on the list is the homie. I tip my hat and salute everybody else who made the list. I was just with [Andre 3000] last night. He was like, 'I appreciate it. I appreciate still being acknowledged, you know.' "

On Sirius Satellite Radio over the weekend, 50 Cent once again voiced his displeasure with the Brain Trust. 50 was up two spots from his 2007 #8 ranking.

"I shouldn't even be on that list," 50 said. "To be honest, I shouldn't even be categorized with them [other MCs on the list]. It doesn't even matter. Look at the people who are actually creating the list. None of them have made a hit record or [borne] the pressure of doing it."

50 suggested that MTV News get some MCs to help make up the next "Hottest MCs" list.

"Not necessarily the artists now," he said. "Artists who have previously created hit records, that understand the art form. You got a bunch of people who, because they interviewed rappers, they feel that they know. Because they read XXL or The Source. They  don't understand."


cuz we haven't had a T.I. post in a while

someone call this guy?

Paramore's Hayley Williams' ex-stepfather is selling her stuff on ebay.
She posted this in the band's livejournal:

so... i've decided to do this. it was only half thought out but i'm doin it anyways.

i saw that post someone made about the "handwritten book" on ebay. yes, it's mine. hahah. i don't remember being a sad child but i definitely loved horror films at a really young age. i guess that was reflected in this particular assignment. anyway, that's not exactly what i'm posting about. i'm actually posting about the seller of this item. it happens to be my ex-stepfather. who is... well... insane, hence the reason he is my EX-stepfather. so, while i can laugh at the fact that a bit of my past has surfaced, i have to admit i felt like throwin shit when i saw the username. to be honest, i'd love to post his full name. where he works. possibly a phone number??? then all of you could show him what it feels like when your personal life is out there for everyone to put their hands on. fortunately for him... living with him for 7 years wasn't quite enough to make me turn out just like him... or was it?
don't buy it. i'm gonna buy it. hahaha.



ebay auction

<a href="http://paramoreband.livejournal.com/46373.html>source</a>


The Lotus Rolling

The Lotus takes many forms, and wears many guises, and starting today, Juggalos nationwide will be granted their chance to witness the current incarnation of Dark Lotus, as The Opaque Brotherhood mobilizes, and the most devastating tour of 2008 makes its way towards each and every one of you! Juggalos may not recognize the five petals, as the wave of new sights and images overloads their eyeballs, but they know that Lotus is Psychopathic Records' darkest and dopest, and soon they will find themselves amongst the Brotherhood, while the rest of the world is trampled underfoot!

The two month tour starts tonight in Columbus Ohio, at the LC Pavillion. Let the records show that Colombus will be first to fall as the horde moves onward, and if any of you have missed the omens, you better click here for Dark Lotus tour dates. That link has all your locations, dates, and links to buy tickets.

You will have time to prepare for the Lotus each evening, bearing witness to the first wave of musical armageddon, in the forms of:

The R.O.C.
and Haystak

While your brain struggles to interpret the images that assault you, and you strain to recognize the petals in their new forms, you can stumble over to the merch booth, and pick up your limited edition flavor! Available only on the Opaque Brotherhood Tour, you will find the Rare Deluxe Edition of the Opaque Brotherhood album. It's the full length album, plus 4 bonus tracks, not available anywhere else! That's all the devastation of the newest Lotus album, plus an EP's worth of tracks! In addition to that, you can grab The R.O.C.'s first Hatchet House release: Welcome to the Darkside!. This debut EP features The R.O.C. droppin straight Juggalo love, and it features Jamie Madrox, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Blaze. If you've never checked out an R.O.C. album, this is the one to try, cuz it's the underground legend's dopest sounds yet, and it's only available on this tour and at www.hatchetgear.com!

Don't miss this tour Juggalos, or you'll be one of the confused few left gazing upon its horrific aftermath!



Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Want Any More Children

Kate Beckinsale has ruled out having more children because her daughter, Lily, doesn’t need any siblings.

“We’re such a merry little bunch as we are. Maybe I will at some point but I feel I have everything I want. Lily is the perfect child. She is really so much fun and into the same things as me. I am my mum and dad’s only child so I don’t really have the mindset for more children.”

Kate married her husband, Len Wiseman, in 2004.


Mary-Kate admits to arguing frequently with her sister and talks about fame

Mary-Kate Olsen admits she and twin sister Ashley often argue.

The actress - who shot to fame with her sibling aged nine-months-old when they both played the role of Michelle Tanner on hit US TV show 'Full House' - says they don't always agree, but thinks their differing views help their creativity.

Mary-Kate - who has her own clothing line with Ashley - revealed: "We don't agree all the time. The way we go about business or designing or making a decision is that we come at it from two completely different angles that at the end of the day, even when we don't think we're agreeing with each other, we are agreeing. We're just getting there in different ways. Unless you're a twin, you honestly can't know how close twins can be."

Mary-Kate also finds it difficult to understand fame and finds it "weird" when her picture is taken.

She added: "It's weird to be called a celebrity or talk about it. I don't talk about being a celebrity in my business meetings. I don't talk about it with my friends. It's not a part of my life. It's a media perception of who I am. It's very weird.

"I mean, if I see a paparazzi shot of me walking that's in a magazine or something at some event, it's as if I see it from an outsider's point of view. There's like a character, almost, and then there's me."