June 1st, 2008


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Nicole Richie's Fundraising Friday
Sat, 31 May 2008 at 12:03 pm 

  Nicole Richie arrives at The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation fundraiser to benefit The Children’s Health Fund at Cusp Boutique on Friday in Los Angeles. (Her necklace reads her daughter’s name, Harlow Winter Kate.)

Star Magazine recently reported that Nicole is interested in a role on the hit CW drama, Gossip Girl.
An insider at the mags says: “Nicole’s life has settled down a bit after having her daughter Harlow, she’s eager to get back to work. She’s keen on pursuing an acting career and she loves Gossip Girl.” 

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more of the same at the source

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John Mayer blogs which gets me to ponder


Go back into the annals of beloved '80s films, and you'd be hard pressed to find a movie closer to the hearts of thirty-somethings than The Goonies. I'll spare you the synopsis, as you most likely already know it, but if you don't, no need to worry - you've seen 20 other movies like it in its time. The template: nerdy but affable underdog(s) suffer unrelenting ridicule by jocks in varsity letter jackets but ultimately have their comeuppance, usually stealing a smoking hot girlfriend or two in the process.

In the case of The Goonies, a band of akward, socially outcast kids set off to find a buried treasure, narrowly averting almost certain death and outrunning, among others, a popular high school jock named Troy. Troy is one of the classic cinematic archetypes of the 1980s; the jock. He's good looking, rocks a period-relative badass Mustang convertible, and he's a total prick. All we can do from the moment Troy enters the frame is to wait with baited breath to see Troy lose and the Goonies win.

And in that end, back in 1985 when the underdogs had their day, (and their bag of jewels), and the final credits rolled and we called our parents for a ride home, we realized something fantastic: It's true, we weren't Troy. But for the first time, thanks to The Goonies, we no longer wanted to be Troy. It was okay to be us, thank you very much.

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And yeah, here's the link
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Hope this wasn't posted...

Penn Badgley Gets Wet

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He can lick his nipples and so can you!
Penn on preserving his sexy, what music he finds sexy, the sexiness in contact sports, sexy countries/cities/municipal counties...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chubs.  Fat kids who grow up to be skinny usually do turn out to be real assholes.  All that built up aggression.

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

You too can dress and smell like Miley in the near future!


Just a few months ago industry mogul Miley Ray Cyrus trademarked a ton of 'Miley' merchandise including, dolls, electronics, Christmas tree decorations, cookie jars, etc. In addition to this, Miley hopes to launch her own fragrance an clothing line. She revealed to J-14:

'I would love to have my own clothing line because my style is different from a lot of people. I like starting trends, but I also like to be comfortable. I like to be casual but cute and stylish at the same time.' Miley wants her line to look similar to her favorite designer Marc Jacobs...

"..It's young and it is expensive and couture, but it's not totally unaffordable. It's more funky, and it looks like it just came of the runway, but it's still casual."

Miley is already looking towards her new future. She plans on finishing the Hannah Montana series soon. 'We're doing the movie, and then one more season, maybe two. It's probably going to be one more season though.'



What do you think it'll be called? I'll be conservative and say it'll be called "Rock Star."
Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

jojo gadget


America's favorite Prom Queen JoJo Levesque strutted her body and performed at the Universal Motown And Hearst Magazine's Ultimate Prom on Friday.

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She looks okay, but I'm just confused as to why she'd go blonde. She looked so much better with the red hair... Also, who's the guy in the middle of her and Ashanti?
BB10 Dan smile gif


Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have won critical acclaim for pumping nearly $1 million of their own money into a new private school that will offer organic meals, laptops for every student and an environment of learning based on "equity" and "respect" to create "citizens of the world."

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it's official bbs. we lost another one to lord xenu. :(

Edit: and for the lolz- woll smoth and fronds


'When you come home, I turn to Stone..'

(CNN) -- Actress Sharon Stone said in a statement Saturday that she "could not be more regretful" of her comments this month regarding the earthquake in China, in which she suggested that the quake was an act of "karma."

Sharon Stone made the controversial remarks before she hosted a charity auction at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Yes, I misspoke," said the statement released by Stone's publicist and entitled "In my own words by Sharon Stone."

"I could not be more regretful of that mistake. It was unintentional. I apologize. Those words were never meant to be hurtful to anyone," Stone said. "They were an accident of my distraction and a product of news sensationalism."

Stone said Saturday that she was issuing the statement to set the record straight about the comments she made to a reporter at the Cannes Film Festival.

The statement drew fire from citizens and government officials.

"There have been numerous reports about what I said in Cannes. I would like to set the record straight about what I feel in my heart and end all of the understandings," she said.

"They're not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a friend of mine," Stone said on camera at the time, discussing the Chinese. "And then all of this earthquake and all this happened and I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice, that bad things happen to you?"

Sharon Stone films banned in China after 'karma' comment
Stone reaps bad karma for quake comments
China plans mass exodus from quake zone
Qin Gang, spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, said Stone "should do more to promote understanding and friendship between nations."

French fashion house Christian Dior said it would drop Stone from its advertisements in China after her May 22 remarks.

"We absolutely disagree with her hasty comments, and we are also deeply sorry about them," Dior said in a statement from its Shanghai, China, headquarters.

But Stone said she was "deeply saddened by the pain that this whole situation has caused the victims of the devastating earthquake in China."

SOURCE- http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Movies/05/31/sharon.stone/index.html
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kurt cobain ashes stolen

THE music world was In Bloom-in' shock last night after hearing that the ashes of grunge god KURT COBAIN have been PINCHED!

I can also reveal that the wife of the NIRVANA legend, COURTNEY LOVE, is said to be "suicidal" after finding Kurt's remains missing from her Hollywood home.

She had kept the singer's ashes in a pink teddy-bear-shaped bag along with a lock of his hair.

But a couple of weeks ago, she was horrified to discover them gone, along with thousands of pounds worth of clothes and jewelery.

Courtney said: "I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me.

"I find it disgusting and right now I'm suicidal.

"If I don't get them back I don't know what I'll do." The sad news will sicken the millions of Cobain and Nirvana fans worldwide.

Kurt, DAVE GROHL and KRIST NOVOSELIC mesmerised the music world in the 90s with hits like In Bloom and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The band has sold more than 62 million albums worldwide, with classic album Nevermind selling more than ten million copies alone—it's still regarded by critics as one of the greatest albums ever made.

But in 1994, tragedy struck when Kurt killed himself with a shotgun while high on heroin. Some of his ashes were scattered in a Buddhist temple in New York, others were scattered in the Wishkah River near his home in Washington State, and the rest remained with Courtney...until recently, that is.

She said: "They were all I had left of my husband. I used to take them everywhere with me just so I could feel Kurt was still with me.

"Now it feels like I have lost him all over again."

idk if this is true...

another blow to an already failing movie >:O


Following the footsteps of Moaning Myrtle, another "Harry Potter" character has also been reported to be left out from the forthcoming "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". This time, the fans would miss out the eccentric Hogwarts professor, Sybill Trelawney, in the sixth installment of the wizardy movie.

Giving affirmation to Snitch Seeker, a Hamilton Hodell representative stated that the professor of Divination that has been portrayed by actress Emma Thompson since her first appearance in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" will not be included in the drama fantasy tidbit. "She is not in the half blood prince," confirmed the rep.

Like Myrtle, Trelawney supposedly plays an important part in the sixth book. She is the one who hinted to Harry that Draco was 'celebrating' in the Room of Requirement and that Snape was the one who had overheard her telling Dumbledore about the Prophecy involving Harry and Voldermort.

Adapted from J.K. Rowling's sixth "Harry Potter" novel series, "Half Blood Prince" will get into theaters on November 21. It will see once again Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as the three main characters. Supporting them are a list of notable actors, like Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, and Julie Walter. This Warner Bros. Pictures' flick is directed by David Yates.

Current characters cut: Fleur, Bill, Percy, the Gaunts, Trelawney, Hepzibah Smith and Myrtle - anyone else?

Let's not even talk about the epic scenes they've cut - ie the funeral, wedding, awkward Christmas visit from Percy etc


The Hills
Whitney Port is rainbow ready as leaves the Newsroom cafe with a friend in West Hollywood on Friday.

When asked about tensions on the show, she responded, ““Living with girls can be really difficult and it’s inevitable that you aren’t always going to get along.”

The 23-year-old actress has been busy filming with her higher profile co-stars, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.


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ultimate kylie

Troy Dyer disappoints me again :(

Ethan Hawke and his pregnant girlfriend, Ryan Shawhughes, walk their dog in the West Village of New York City on Saturday.

As reported in January, Ethan, 37, and Ryan, 29, first met when she worked as the nanny during his marriage to Uma Thurman. Ethan and Uma divorced in 2003 after five years of marriage and two kids - Maya, 9 1/2, and Levon, 6.

“There’s defininitely tension there,” one insider told OK! about the former couple. “They try to keep it private for the sake of the kids, but now he’s having a baby with a former nanny.”


What?! How is it that I read ONTD every day and still had no clue about this? Did I just not care at the time?


Oh Ethan, where did the reality bites/before sunrise hotness go?

well pin a rose on her nose!

stephanie tanner blogs for ok! about her baby fat and how she's gonna lose it! she'll need to, she was huuge bitch! bigger than clarissa explains sabrina the teenage witch

Actress and new mom Jodie Sweetin has joined the OK! team to blog about her trials, travails and triumphs as she works hard to get back into her pre-baby shape!

 Summer is almost here! I can’t believe it.

Just yesterday it seems like I was huge, pregnant and it was Christmas. Now I have the challenge of losing that baby weight, a struggle for most new moms out there.

And with bikini season approaching fast, I have no time to lose!

So I started myself on an exercise and food regimen to help me lose the 25 or so pounds still hanging around. I’m using NutriSystem as my food program, I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now. I really love it! Good food, I feel full and I can stick to it without feeling like I’m on a "diet."

Then this week I started with a personal trainer, Joshua Love, wow! He worked with me once this week and I’m still sore. But it feels really good to start being active again, it’s so easy to fall behind when you’re pregnant.

On the days he’s not here, I do nearly an hour of cardio on my own. I can’t wait to keep writing for OK! about my journey back to being in shape. This will be one challenging trip!

SOURCE: http://www.okmagazine.com/jodiesweetin
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floating doll

MCR - Daily Mail Protest Documentary Trailer


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When some people are depressed and alone they turn to alcohol to ease their pain. Others may turn to Drugs to get any bad thoughts out of their system. Some turn to sex and some turn to God. The youth of today turn to something alot more wholesome. Music. Specifically My Chemical Romance (MCR). You know, I just found out that more than half of all MCR fans have suicidal tendancies. Thats still 40% lower than the Muse statistic but its very high. My tip is to listen to Weezer instead... specifically Pinkerton. Rivers Cuomo > Gerard Way. Anyway, did you hear about that Emo protest against the much-loved Daily Mail that happened on Saturday in London? We did and we decided to go along and interview a few people about what happened. We waited until the official press stuff was finished and just started filming. The following trailer has only been up for 7 hours but has been viewed 10,000 times thanks to our good friend Perez Hilton... so stay tuned for the full documentary film in the following week! THIS IS AUDIOJUNKIES TELELVISION. THIS IS EMO: THE MOVIE

Just follow this link!

YouTube Source

+++ some of the pictures from the protest +++

Jonah Hill is fatter than Ricky Gervais

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Fucking hell.

Ricky on his blog for his new movie, "This Side of the Truth":
Week thirteen - May/June 2008

A short while ago I told you about the bee that terrorized Jonah Hill.

Well it came back.

Here they both are in action. With me. Also watch out for a late appearance by Louis CK.
Source: 1, 2

My favourite part is Ricky interrogating him and seeing him try to scurry away. No one can escape Ricky Gervais, boy.


Tom & Katie are a Baldi Bunch

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dine at e. baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

The couple was accompanied by their daughter, Suri, 2, and Katie’s parents — Kathleen A. Stothers, a homemaker and a philanthropist, and Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr., an attorney specializing in divorces.

e. baldi is a pizzeria, trattoria, & wine Bar that serves traditional Tuscan cuisine.

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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- More than 100 Los Angeles-area firefighters are battling a large fire on a back lot at Universal Studios, fire authorities said.


Filming may have been going on at the time the fire broke out early Sunday on the Universal Studios back lot.

There were also reports of an explosion in the southern California amusement park said Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Frank Reynoso.

The three-alarm blaze began about 4:45 a.m. (7:45 a.m. ET) Sunday and reportedly damaged two "prop" buildings, including a chapel, and a popular ride called the "Cyclone," Reynoso said.

"It will be awhile before we have it under control," he told CNN.

Television footage showed the blaze burning through the roofs of structures at the park and large plumes of smoke.

Firefighters were dropping water on the blaze from helicopters.

"We don't know what the cause of this is," said Reynoso.

Reynoso said he heard reports that filming may have been going on when the fire broke out.


EDIT:: Just an update on the fire from the CNN website:

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Firefighters contained a massive fire Sunday at Universal Studios that destroyed the building housing the King Kong exhibit and damaged a video library vault, officials said.


Filming may have been going on at the time the fire broke out early Sunday on the Universal Studios back lot.

More than 400 Los Angeles-area firefighters are battling the fire in a backlot of Universal Studios, which is adjacent to the theme park.

A plume of gray smoke clouded the skies above Universal Studios more than three hours after the fire broke out early Sunday.

At least four or five structures were damaged or destroyed by the three-alarm blaze, a fire official told reporters on the scene.

The massive fire prompted officials to move back the studio theme park's opening time from 9 a.m. to noon PT (3 p.m. ET), a Los Angeles city councilman said.

The studio tour will be affected by the blaze, according to a statement from Eliot Sekuler, vice president of Universal Studios Hollywood.

The 2008 MTV Movie Awards, scheduled to be broadcast live from the park Sunday afternoon, will not be affected, an MTV representative said.

The blaze began around 4:45 a.m. PT (7:45 a.m. ET) Sunday. Two "prop" buildings, a chapel, and a popular ride called the "Cyclone" were among the damaged structures, according to Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Frank Reynoso.

Television footage showed the fire burning through the roofs of structures and continuing to blaze hours later.

"It will be awhile before we have it under control," Reynoso said.

Firefighters were attacking the large blaze by helicopters. 

"We don't know what the cause of this is," Reynoso said.

There were reports of an explosion shortly after the fire broke out, he said.


Reynoso said he heard reports that filming may have been going on when the fire broke out.


Young Woman Held 8 Years in Cellar Gets Own Talk Show


VIENNA, Austria - Television was once her only window on the world. Now Natascha Kampusch - still adjusting to life after spending 8 1/2 years in an underground cell - is starting an improbable new career as a TV talk show host.


Less than two years after staging a dramatic escape while her captor was distracted with a phone call, the young Austrian woman whose ordeal stunned people worldwide is going prime time.

"Natascha Kampusch Meets ...," a chat show featuring local celebrities, debuts Sunday evening on Puls4, a new private cable channel.

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Linda Hogan goes wild!


Why didn't the glass break?! Why?! I would think that Linda Hogan's fugly mug is capable of breaking even the strongest glass. Even the weight of their desperation didn't break that shit.

Linda Hogan and her 19-year-old boyfriend must have brought on the dry heaves with their dirty dancing moves at last night's opening party for the Palms Place Hotel in Las Vegas. And yes, he's 19. NINETEEN. If he's 19 then I'm an embryo. His body looks like it's been affected by 20 years of intense beer bonging.

Hulk Hogan is dating a Brooke look-alike, so Linda might as well too. You know Brooke looks like Linda's man toy without the make-up, fake hair and a few days of not shaving.

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The coffee might have not kicked in yet, so it could just be me, but something is off about these pictures of Demi Moore. The woman is usually the hottest cougar in the room. Ashton Kutcher's fugness is probably reflecting onto her. He's slowly sucking the hot (thanks to $500,000 worth of plastic surgery) out of her. It's divorce time. When someone starts fucking with your looks, the marriage is over.

I still don't know what she sees in his hairy ass (and you know that shit is hairy). Seriously, he probably poops out hair balls. I know the woman isn't dickmatized. Ashton totally has taquito dick. It's short, skinny and full of cheese.

Wait....is 45-year-old Demi knocked up? Ack! She sort of has that pregnant bloat. Well, she can't do much worse than the first batch.

Here's coyote boy and Demi at the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball last night.

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L.A. Times' 1st Annual "The Envelope Primetime Screening Series"

Sorry bbs, the screening/panel for "House" is sold out, but you can still reserve a seat for the BattleStar Galactica event.

The Los Angeles Times and Envelope editorial staffs are pleased to present The Envelope's first annual Emmy screening series. Each of the award-worthy programs in the limited series was selected by Los Angeles Times and Envelope editors based on prestige factor and talent availability. Screenings will be introduced and followed by moderated talent discussions guided by our editorial staff. We hope you will join our select audience to take part in The Envelope's innovative new public forum.

Date Show Speakers Moderator Time
Mad Men (AMC) Actors Jon Hamm, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser, Robert Morse, John Slattery, and creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner
Mary McNamara 7:30pm
6/4/07 Big Love (HBO) Creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, actors Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin Mary McNamara 7:30pm
6/5/08 Damages (Sony Pictures TV) Actors Glenn Close and Ted Danson; screenwriters Todd A. Kessler, Glen Kessler and Daniel Zelman Kate Aurthur 7:30pm
6/10/08 Breaking Bad (Sony Pictures TV) Actors Bryan Cranston, RJ Mitte, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Aaron Paul; exec producers: Vince Gilligan, Mark Johnson Tom O'Neil 7:30pm
6/11/08 Battlestar Galactica (SCI FI) SCI FI and The Envelope invite Guild members, press and fans to join the stars of Battlestar for an exclusive celebration commemorating the hit show's final season with a full-length preview of the mid-season finale in HD Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. Geoff Boucher 7:00pm
House (Universal/Media Studios) Actors Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps Mary McNamara 7:30pm

If you are interested in attending one of the Envelope screenings, please email EventRSVP@latimes.com. Please include your full name, name of series you'd like to attend and if you will be bringing a guest.

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Shauna Sand reality show?


It took me like 10 times to count how many words made up "A Shauna Sand Reality Show." Hopefully, I got it right. If not, suck it anyway. So..... Shauna Sand was outside some joint with her daughters last night looking like mother of the year. This woman is consistent. Consistently glamorous! Since Shauna is putting out a shoe collection, she really needs to make exquisite lucite heels for young girls. I hurt when I see Shauna Sand's daughters wearing common chonklas and slip-ons.

Earlier in the day, Shauna was working her usual corner in Hollywood. No, she was getting some free crap at the Platinum Gifting Lounge at the W Hotel. Shauna showed up with her estranged husband, Romain Chavent. They were supposed to get divorced, but it looks like they fucked and made up. That's not even the good news. Shauna told the photographer that she's going to star in a reality show with her husband. The show will follow their journey of "falling back in love" together.

This sounds like the greatest television experience of all time. Shauna Sand, lucite heels, a hot French dude and a love story? Shauna better clear her mantle, because she's going to get an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Nobel Peace Prize, Peabody Award and AVN Award for this shit! Amazing.

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dr. jacobi

teaser poster for Heartless

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ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at the teaser poster for 21 star Jim Sturgess' Heartless, the Philip Ridley thriller that begins shooting in London and the Isle of Man on June 8th.

Sturgess stars opposite Clémence Poésy (In Bruges, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Noel Clarke, Timothy Spall ("Harry Potter" films, "Sweeney Todd"), Eddie Marsan (Miami Vice), Joseph Mawle and up-and-coming UK actors Luke Treadaway and Jon Macmillan.

From an original screenplay by Ridley, the contemporary "Faust"-themed story centers on a young man (Sturgess) who is tricked into a deal with a demon and then fights to save his soul.

Framestore-CFC who recently won both the OSCAR and the BAFTA for their VFX in The Golden Compass, will design the mythical creatures that appear in the movie.



i'm excited, thanks to jim

(no subject)

7th Annual Crysalis Butterfly Ball, Brentwood, California
May 31, 2008

Katherine Heigl, Eric Dane, Kate Walsh, Rebecca Gayheart, Eva Mendes, Jordana Brewster, Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winter, Mila Kunis, and others.

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EDIT:  added a few more pics.

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Tae Yang’s Debut is a Success

Big Bang's Tae Yang made his official comeback (or solo debut) with his new single, 'Look At Me (나만 바라봐)', and second single, 'Pray (기도)', via MBC 'Music Core' on the 31st. Tae Yang's performance seems to have been quite a success, despite the nasaly vocals, an overflow of charisma helped him charm the audience.

Tae Yang was introduced by his fellow Big Bangers, Dae Sung and Seung Ri, who were hosting that night's show. Being named, "the highlight of tonight's show," Tae Yang performed his second single 'Pray', followed by his title track 'Look At Me'. Despite his simple wife beater getup (a white tanktop, and a black sleeveless vest for the 2nd performance), he was able to show his fans a powerful, charismatic performance.

Tae Yang's performance probably had a bit of an effect on the female population, but will he be able to beat the Wonder Girls and their pedo-male fans? He may have a chance, as long as he shows some more skin and catches the attention of his own kind, Korea's gay male population that is.


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PLACEBO andheartssemicolon

A message from Stefan about his side project and a little info RE what Placebo is up to::



Stefan here saying hi to everyone. Just want to say I’ve got an album coming out in June with my side project Hotel Persona. This is something I’ve been doing in my free time from Placebo over the past couple of years with some friends in London. It’s basically a collection of tracks we wrote for fun to play at parties, nothing to take too seriously! It’s pop music with a dancefloor beat, and lyrics sometimes bordering on comedy. Kind of exploring the entertainment value of music and making something a little more light hearted than what I am used to, something people with a couple of drinks in them could understand and sing along to! Some of the tracks are a little more serious and some quite intimate and fragile, and we’ve also got a couple of guests to bring some flavour.

Placebo is currently writing the next record and will record it this year, so Placebo fans shouldn’t be worried that this project is taking away from that.

Hope you can have some fun with it like we did!!


omfgz, I loooooove Placebo.
Any other Placebo fans out thurr?


Sorry modz, I forgot the source...

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Sarah Larson Forges On!

George Clooney's mannequin call girl is on her own now that he's cancelled his lease with her. Sarah Larson put on a brave face to attend the opening of Palms Place Hotel in Vegas last night. Scratch that. Her brave face is her only face. That shit don't move. It takes a skilled wax artisan a couple of hours to give the ho a different expression.

Yes, Sarah was a guest at last night's party. The ho better not get too comfortable because she'll be back to serving Jello shots in a bikini next week.

Verne Troyer and Constantine Mouralis were also at the party. Sarah better have turned up the charm to snag one of these eligible bachelors. Although, I don't know if she can handle Connie's magnet stare. That shit could melt her ass.

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Update on Joakim Noah

Bulls' Joakim Noah gets probation, fine


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah accepted a deferred prosecution agreement Wednesday in his marijuana possession case, resulting in six months' probation and a $200 fine.

The former Florida star was charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and for having an open container of alcohol early Sunday in downtown Gainesville. As a first-time offender, he was eligible for the deferred prosecution agreement, the State Attorney's Office said.

The charges will be dropped in six months if Noah meets the terms of his probation.

Noah also must pay $206 in traffic fines for two citations he received Sunday on the University of Florida campus. Noah was ticketed for driving with a suspended license without knowledge and not wearing a seat belt.

Noah led the Gators to consecutive national championships before being selected ninth overall in last June's draft by the Bulls. He averaged 6.6 points and 5.6 rebounds in 74 games as a rookie.

Source: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5grsfW8EXL2_wFoDYTL_OvikE57qQD90V2QQG0

Yeah, really can't imagine him being a Dad. Or even taking care of a hamster tbh.

50 Cent doesn't even call son after suspicious house fire

The mother of 50 Cent's son angrily slammed the superstar rapper as an uncaring father who didn't check on the boy after a suspicious fire ripped through his Long Island mansion. Shaniqua Tompkins and two of her children - including the rapper's 10-year-old son, Marquise - had to race from their luxurious Dix Hills home early Friday when it was consumed by flames.

Yesterday, she returned to the charred $2.4 million house to retrieve some belongings - and scorch her former lover. "Tell him to call his son!" Tompkins screamed at reporters gathered near the Dix Hills house.
"He didn't even attempt to call his son to see how he was doing!" she said. "A good father would do that!"
Tompkins had earlier claimed that 50 Cent was behind the blaze, which fire officials said was suspicious because of its speed and the size of the flames. A 5-gallon gas container was found on the edge of the sprawling property hours after the fire erupted about 5 a.m.

A spokesman for the 32-year-old rapper denied the multiplatinum artist had anything to do with the blaze. Fitty issued a statement Friday expressing gratitude that his son escaped the fire. Tompkins had been living with her new boyfriend at the house.

The rapper, who was born Curtis Jackson, had been trying to get Tompkins evicted from the home in recent months. Tompkins countered by filing a Manhattan Supreme Court suit claiming she's entitled to half of 50 Cent's fortune. The blaze ignited just days after Tompkins' boyfriend and two of his pals got into a fight with 50 Cent's bodyguard at the Manhattan office of Tompkins' lawyer.

Pic of the son for the curious:

pretty ricky talking about their new member and their upcoming album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They've lost a group member but Pretty Ricky is still going strong. In this SOHH exclusive we talk to Baby Blue, Spectacular, Slick and the brand new group member 4 Play about how they plan to take it back with their upcoming release, 80's Babies.

Last fall internet rumors started swirling around Pretty Ricky, saying the group from Miami, Floria was breaking up. Though PR didn't disband, they did lose a member. Pleasure, the R&B singer is no longer a part of Pretty Ricky. Luckily, the guys didn't have to look far to find the replacement who Baby Blue describes as a "perfect fit." 4 Play, a singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,was right in front of their eyes.

"On the last tour; the Late Night Special Tour, I was on tour with them boys," 4Play said. "When everything happened I happened to be in the right place at the right time."

With their new member in place, the group set out to make an album that was a throwback to the days when albums consisted of more than just a few singles and a lot of filler tracks.

"We wanted to take it back to the 80's where R&B first met hip-hop," Baby Blue explained. "Where it was real baby, where it was real music. Pretty Ricky is real."

Although they looked to the past for inspiration Slick Em is quick to point out that Pretty Ricky has evolved since their last release, Late Night Special.

"This time around Pretty Ricky growed up because of where we been," he said. "We done traveled the world, we done been to places we never thought we woulda been, Mars and back. We done even went to Pluto."

Spectacular, agrees saying that the new 80's Babies album is stacked with big songs. "We got hard hits like Tyson fights but mo hits than Mayweather fights," he says.

80's Babies is scheduled to hit stores on August 26th, 2008.


matthew santos: more than just a hook singer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Crossover potential usually comes in packages similar to Nelly Furtado and Gwen Stefani – go through a genre transformation, go through an audience expansion. Mathew Santos, on the other hand, went through no genre change and an audience expansion. “People want to draw that line for you, but I’m not having it,” says Santos when the touchy topic of genre comes up.

If his name sounds familiar, it makes sense. Matthew Santos is the voice on Lupe Fiasco’s first Top 10 hit, “Superstar.” The Minneapolis native lent his flexible vocals to an R&B hook, but R&B is far from the appropriate word to describe the music he creates. “Just because you can sing R&B doesn’t make you an R&B singer. Just because I’ve had folk/rock songs doesn’t make me a folk/rock artist. I can sing blues and opera, but that doesn’t make you an opera singer.”

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Felix Schopgens

Ashley Tisdale: HSM3, Here I Come Again!

Ashley Tisdale and backup dancer boyfriend Jared Murillo arrive at LAX in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The couple caught a departing flight to Salt Lake City, Utah to finish filming High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Ashley made sure to bring along her pet pooch, Maui, who traveled like royalty in a Louis Vuitton pet carrier.

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source/more pics
Felix Schopgens

PCD Rehearse

Pussycat Dolls are performing at the MTV Movie Awards in LA this evening, here are some photo's of the girls doing their rehearsal. This is only the second time the band will be performing their new song, When I Grow Up.

Don't forget to keep checking back for pictures of the red carpet arrivals.
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source/more pics

For the Twilighters!

Thank you, treegap

The moment you’ve waited, and waited, and waited for has arrived! That’s right, we’re thrilled to offer you the first complete scene from “Twilight” exclusively from the MTV Movie Awards preshow. Watch it below, or click here to view it in glorious high-definition (note: you international Twilighters can access the HD clip without a problem…just click on the blue button on the left of that link).

BUT WAIT! Before you watch this, turn on those webcams! We want you to record your reaction to seeing this for the first time, and upload it to YouRHere.mtv.com. We’ll be selecting some of the best to run on MTV and MTV.com! To upload your video, simply click on “Create An Upload” (you’ll have to first register for a free account if you haven’t already). Make sure to tag your video as “Twilight” so we can find it! Now turn on your cam, and geek out!


Update on RBD - Pregnancy Thing

In relation to an 'article' that I posted yesterday, there has been some more development on the issue of Christopher Uckermann and if he indeed get someone pregnant...(click to read more)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Christopher Uckermann’s mom announced that he called to tell her that the pregnancy rumor wasn’t true.

Oh, man! We wanted an RBD baby. Oh, well. We’ll just have to wait until Anahi gets knocked up.

Source: Latin Gossip

I must say that it is rather amusing that his MOTHER made a statement.

For those of you who have no idea who RBD is...here is there Wiki info: RBD
Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Trace comes out of hiding and speaks


Metro Station member Trace Cyrus told In Touch Weekly at Z100's Zootopia that his sister Miley Ray, 'loves' his tattoos. 'My mother has tattoos, too. I could totally see my mom
going with Miley to get her first one. She took me!'

Trace expects his world famous sister to get inked on her 18th birthday. He added that his tattoos have special family significance. Pointing to his arm he said, "This one says 'Mom' and this one is a line from my dad's song 'Hey Daddy.'"



IDK, just LAOWL. You guys think she'll get one on her 18th birthday? You gotta love this family.

John Barrowman looks at porn ... for science!

This week, John Barrowman made a quick unpublicized trip to Southern California. You might think he was there for the cock, but he came primarily to take part in a study at the Human Genetics Lab at UCLA.

The research was filmed by the BBC for an upcoming documentary themed around the scientific search for what makes people gay or straight. In the documentary, Barrowman's brain activity will be observed in an MRI machine while he looks at naked pictures of both sexes.

He'll also have his DNA examined and compared with that of straight men and other gay men.

The BBC also reportedly set up a meeting for him with his first high-school girlfriend and lets us eavesdrop as they catch up on old times. You can look forward to the 3-part documentary in August or later.

The source concludes with this cryptic remark:

"JB should be back in London by now, just in time to knock out another Nancy."

What the hell does that mean, British readers? Does he beat up transvestites, or what?

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Selena Gomez loves Hayley Williams and wants to be in a band (fixed!)


Princess Protection Program starlet Selena Gomez is one of the fastest rising singer/ actresses in Hollywood. As she closes in on a deal with Hollywood Records, she revealed her musical recording aspirations to Popstar!

"I want to start on my album this year, actually. I'm excited. I'm going to do it a little bit differently than the other Disney Channel stars have done it. I'm going to be in a band. I would like to be in a band. I want to be the female lead singer..

..and then four guys in a band. Kind of like Paramore. Just something a little bit different, like maybe a girl version of the Jonas Brothers. My musical style is more rock, but I definitely love slow, passionate songs with a Christina Aguilera feel, so it's going to be a mixture of both.'

Selena said that her musical idols are, 'Paramore, for sure, which gave me the inspiration of being in a band. She's so confident and she's a girl and she's gotten a lot of stuff for being a girl and being in a band, but now look at where she is after all that she's gone through. I admire her very much.'




ETA: Yikes, I've been having problems with this post. I added in the pic and here's a clip of her singing "Cruella DeVil" off Disney Mania 6. I don't think she deserves a recording contract, but I still think her voice is better than Miley's.


Travis to return despite injury - Big Brother Australia

Flamboyant Big Brother housemate Travis is expected to return to the reality television compound today after a failed practical joke last week caused serious damage to his eye.

The squeaky voiced 21-year-old was in the bathroom on Friday afternoon when fellow contestants Rory and Ben squirted shower gel onto his face.

Some of the substance went into his eye and the pain became progressively worse during the course of the evening.

Travis was treated by Big Brother medical staff before being taken to hospital and examined by two eye specialists, a show spokesman said.

Doctors are confident the damage is completely reversible and he is expected to make a full recovery, the spokesman said.

Travis will be required to wear an eye patch upon re-entering the house.

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Spoilers for the DCOMs that you love to hate (fixed!)


Channel Guide Magazine did an interesting interview with the Camp Rock
where they spilled plot and character details.

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year Poster

Blonde beauty Ashley Tisdale spilled High School Musical 3 secrets to
Dish of Salt! She also told J-14, "Sharpay is close to everybody now, but
she still has a villainous side."

Corbin Bleu added about his on screen relationship with Monique
, "Chad has put basketball in between the two of them. She tells him,
'Look, you need to ask me properly to go out with you.' Chad just assumes that
they're going to go together. She really puts him in his place."

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Yep, I posted way too much shit today. If none of this interests you, please
enjoy these random Jonas gifs, some courtesy of coutourified :):




Lost's Naveen Andrews, Jerry Cantrell, Billy Idol jam with all star band Camp Freddy

CAMP FREDDY's final sold-out show of their month-long May residency at The Roxy in West Hollywood culminated Thursday night (May 29) with a special appearance by Billy Idol. Idol, guitarist Steve Stevens and drummer Brian Tichy treated the packed house to a cover of THE DOORS' "L.A. Woman", also featuring THE DOORS' own Robbie Krieger on guitar along with CAMP FREDDY. The crowd went wild when Idol, Stevens, Tichy and CAMP FREDDY — Billy Morrison, Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch and Chris Chaney — launched into Idol's classic hits "Dancing With Myself" and "Rebel Yell".

"EMI" (SEX PISTOLS) (with Mark McGrath, Naveen Andrews):

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When you have one foot in the underground and one in the mainstream, it can be a difficult battle trying to maintain your identity and still continue to reach out to new audiences. Few musicians have been able to navigate this minefield better than Sri Lanka-born, England-based MC/producer/artist/fashion designer/label owner Maya Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.).

It's obvious from M.I.A.'s politically charged lyrics and outspoken views that she is not only challenging the status quo - she's out to smash it.

"The biggest thing coming out of England right now are singers like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen," says the 30-year-old MC over the phone from New York, prior to a five-hour photo shoot for the Sonar festival. "I think questioning the status quo for them is doing lines of cocaine in the toilet."

Although Arulpragasam is fiercely independent, making some of her own beats, building her own websites, making her own videos and handling all the art work for her albums, tours and merchandise, there are immense pressures on her to start bridging the gap between her faithful underground fan base and her new mainstream following. Even though her genre-bending music explores universal issues of suffering, struggle and revolution, she is still courted by fashion magazines and designers who want to her to model and strut her stuff on the red carpet.

"I fight for creative control every day. I wake up and the first two hours of my day are fighting for that little bit of space to do what I feel is right. It's really weird. It's a fine line. Half the time I don't do shit because I am actually genuinely busy doing crappy little things that make me happy," Arulpragasam says. "I want to make my little pictures, do my little paintings, build my own little website and do my little videos. That actually takes time. I think that works out for me in the long run because it means that I don't have time to sit around and do fashion spreads in magazines, which is a good thing.

"You just have to prioritize and realize what is important. At the end of the day, I have to make music or art because it actually helps me. It is the only therapy that I can afford to do. If I am trying to work shit out to try and help myself figure shit out and you help other people in the process, than that's a good thing. I don't know if I am helping anyone by looking good in a magazine."

While Arulpragasam has been able to live in these two very different worlds successfully, it hasn't come without a price.

"It is really difficult. There are sacrifices you have to be willing to make," she says. "You have to understand you are never going to fucking be U2 and fucking sell out stadiums.

"At the end of the day, bands like The Clash could question the status quo, but it helped that they were white. I think it is really difficult to be the other voice and get away with questioning shit without people getting pissed off. You have to be able to take the fucking punches as well."



Awww Nigel, you didn't even cast Rachel as the white rabbit you c**t

vvv Wanky text below not mine - also, some people haven't seen this yet and it was let through by the mods despite it apparently being posted. Guess I need to make my ONTD net bigger, sorry for shitting in your cornflakes but I'm sure you'll cope ;) xx

Manson's "Phantasmagoria" Stills and Poster Art
I was taking a look through what those crazy horror bastards over at Arrow in the Head have posted and noticed they recently linked to some fantastic first shots of Marilyn Manson's upcoming directorial debut PHANTASMAGORIA: THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL courtesy of the production group behind the film Wild Bunch. The plot synopsis doesn't really go into any detail about the film but it does paint the picture of a deeply tormented man whose obsession with a girl named Alice, his own terrifying nightmares and fractured psyche lead him into a world that's probably exponentially more f*cked up than Wonderland.



Victorian England.

A haunted writer in an isolated castle is tormented by sleepless nights and visions of a girl named Alice. He finds himself becoming a symptom of his own invention.

“Now all my nightmares know my name.”

He is Lewis Carroll. Terrified of what waits for him each night.

Text Source
Pic Source


Although I am considerably less enamoured with ole Nigel Wobblebits than I was when I was in say 1996, I must say how INCREDIBLY AWESOME it is that the Alice in this is a foxy redhead. On behalf of gingers everywhere, I'd luck to say a big up yours to the Mallory Pike stereotype. Boo ya.

EDIT: American McGee's Alice >>>>> Phantasmagoria anyway

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After attending last night’s opening of the Palm’s Place Condo Hotel in Las Vegas, Jessica Simpson popped up at San Diego International Airport with her Dallas Cowboys quarterback beau Tony Romo.

For the airbound outing, Jessica wore a red and white maxi dress while Tony kept hidden under his baseball cap, per usual.

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Mitch Mullany, star of 'Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher', Dies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Comic Mitch Mullany died May 25 in Los Angeles from a diabetic-related stroke. He was 39.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, June 8 at 2 p.m. at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

Born in Oakland, Calif., Mullany started his standup career in the Bay Area and then appeared on "The Wayans Brothers" as White Mike. He starred in his own WB Network show "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher," and in 1999 wrote and starred in feature film "The Breaks," released by Artisan Ent.

He appeared in feature film "The Sweetest Thing" and then hosted ABC reality series "All American Girl."

Mullany also appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."


I'm really sad right now, you guys.  Way too young.

Question: What are some symptoms of die-uh-beetus?  I fear I might have it. :(  And I'm not kidding BTW, it runs in my family, my mother has it, I don't want to ask her though, she'll get on my case.


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Oh yeah, GUNS. He was hot.

MTV Movie Awards

i will be posting new videos of speeches and performances

Twilight Clip from MTV Movie Awards

Coldplay Viva La Vida

PussyCat Dolls - When I grow up

Tropic Thunder

source: www.youtube.com
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'Public Enemies' News

Leelee Sobieski has landed a role in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies,” starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. She’ll play the last girlfriend of bank robber John Dillinger, played by Depp. Sobieski was last seen opposite Al Pacino in “88 Minutes” and she’ll next star in thriller “Night Train,” alongside Steve Zahn and Danny Glover.


I have an unreasonable dislike for her so this information bums me out. 

Looking at Johnny and Christian makes me happy, though.

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