April 14th, 2008

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BOTOX & FACE-LIFTS: What is television doing to its actresses? And are we supposed to pretend we don't notice?

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I know we're all supposed to be watching this season of "Dancing With the Stars" to see whether professional athletics or Broadway provides a better foundation for dance. But I'm pretty sure most of us are far too preoccupied with figuring out whether Priscilla Presley has had the first successful head transplant and why there wasn't a "Frontline" or at least an E! special about it.

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New Narcissa Malfoy HBP onset pics + Possible Trailer Description!

Someone saw the trailer in an editing suite in the UK and this is what they saw:

"Opens with news reports of chaos over britain, then an unknown voice says something like 'Voldemorts no longer in hiding'

You see the trio walking through hogsmead in winter. Then you hear a scream. Then you see Harry in Dumbledores office by a pensieve, Then Dumbledore says 'you've only one chance of defeating him, by knowing everything about him.' Then very quick cuts. From what I remember: You see Slughorn patting Harry on the back, Harry holding the book, Harry and Dumbledore on a boat in a cave, Hermione watching Ron and Lavender kiss (she [Lavender] has HUGE curly hair). Bellatrix peering out of a closet, Harry racing through long grass, the dark Mark over hogwarts, Snape turning to look at someone. [Ends] ... "

PortKey.com has contacted WB for confirmation. It was reported earlier that the Teaser Trailer for Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince comes out on May 16.


Also, new onset pics of Helen McRory as Narcissa Malfoy:

Dumbledore approves

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The Diva is back.

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Spanish singer Monica Naranjo is coming back with her new album, Tarántula, on April after a long hiatus from the music industry. Her first single is called Europa and is already available on iTunes. Mónica is one of the most popular singers in Spain and has sold over 8 million albums worldwide.

Fiercest performance in a long time y/y


she's amazing <33333
Jet Li

REVIEW: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!!!!

Chan and Li

Not since the legendary battle between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in a Coliseum cage match in Return of the Dragon have I anticipated a match between two fighting equals. They are both accomplished Hong Kong action superstars. They both are skilled in the real art of kung fu. One was a graduate from the prestigious China Drama Academy (called a Chinese opera school) where most of today's most famous martial arts stuntmen and fight choreographers come from. The other was a child prodigy from the Beijing Wushu Academy where its national team can seriously kick some major kung fu ass.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li appear together for the first time in the movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. For the first time, we get to see who is better at kung fu. The result: a fight worth repeat viewings on YouTube.

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Chan and Li

Source: Photos
Official Site

ANTM In Trouble For Indecency


The Parents Television Council really, really doesn’t like the nude kids on the block.

Two months ago, the organization filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission regarding Las Vegas’ Feb. 15 season-ender, protesting three shadowy naked women shown on a security monitor.

Now the PTC is railing against reality competition America’s Next Top Model. The New York Post reports that the PTC has filed an indecency complaint with the FCC over the show’s March 26 episode, which featured a fully nude model posing for pictures in bed, Marilyn Monroe-style.

In the show’s defense, the nudity was partially blurred. And from what I remember of the episode, nary a nipple popped up. Several times, camera equipment cleverly obstructed the view of the model, and often bedsheets were strategically placed.

Council president Tim Winter nevertheless called the shoot “irresponsible” and said it “crossed the legal threshold for broadcast indecency.”

He added, “This is not simply a matter of artistic freedom, as some might claim. Rather, this is about a television network intentionally pushing the envelope to establish a new acceptable nudity standard for the broadcast medium.”

Winter maintained that the segment was uncalled for and irrelevant to the Tyra Banks-hosted modelling show. “The entire photo shoot scene, which lasted for more than a minute, is wholly gratuitous and undoubtedly intended to titillate,” he said.

“Parents and families are fed up with such blatant and continued disregard for decency standards.”

The CW had no comment.


Continued disregard? lol. If its such a constant issue then don't watch.
I mean really. If you're watching what your kids are watching and not letting the TV raise them then a moment of nudity really shouldn't be an issue. Do you really think a show titled America's Next Top Model, known for its catfighting, is going to be quality, wholesome programming?

Oh the days when my mommy wouldn't let me watch Power Rangers because she thought it was too violent. At least she tried.

[[Edit]]:: Also. JUST so I can be 12 for a minute. I find -titillate- to be a highly amusing choice of words haha.


In a wonderful turn of events involving Wikipedia and also in no small part due to incredible investigative skills gifted to me by the gods I was albe to to discover that snake-hipped ho Alizee from gay Paris is back in business after a long hiatus

Alizee is filled with what internet people might call "EPIC WIN". Alizee had been toying with my heart for many years by not announcing if she'd be returning to music. Then she just pops up like Fergie in a bath of Crystal Meth!! Expect more about ALIZEE MON CHERI soon. 

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New International 'Speed Racer' Trailer

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Warner Bros. Pictures has updated the official website for the Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer along with a full new international trailer for the May 9 release and 7 mini-clips.

Coming to both conventional theaters and IMAX, the action pic stars Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox, Hiroyuki Sanada, Richard Roundtree, Ji Hoon Jung, Benno Furmann, Kick Gurry, Paulie Litt and Roger Allam.

You can watch and download the new trailer in the adults section and the mini-clips in the kids section at the site. We've included direct links to the trailer below:

QuickTime, High Definition (1080p)
QuickTime, High Definition (720p)
QuickTime, High Definition (480p)


Sex tape, bbs.


Some really like it hot.

In the sordid tradition of peddling raunchy video footage of celebrities a la Paris Hilton, a long-buried sex movie of Marilyn Monroe recently hit the market, a top collector told The Post.

Marilyn Monroe Photo Gallery

An illicit copy of the steamy, still-FBI-classified reel - 15 minutes of 16mm film footage in which the original blond bombshell performs oral sex on an unidentified man - was just sold to a New York businessman for $1.5 million, said Keya Morgan, the well-known memorabilia collector who discovered the film and brokered its purchase.

The footage appears to have been shot in the 1950s. When it came to light in the mid-'60s, then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had his agents spend two weeks futilely trying to prove that Monroe's sex partner was either John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy, according to declassified agency documents and interviews, Morgan said.

The silent black-and-white flick shows Monroe on her knees in front of a man whose face is just out of the shot.

He never moves into the shot, indicating that he knew the camera was there, but Monroe never looks at the lens, said Morgan, who saw the footage.

Morgan said he discovered the film while doing research for a documentary on Monroe, after talking with a former FBI agent who told him about a confidential informant who tipped G-men to the existence of the film in the mid-'60s.

The feds eventually confiscated the original footage - but not before the informant made a copy of it, which is what was just sold by his son, Morgan said.

There are heavily redacted, declassified FBI documents talking about a "French-type" film.

They state the informant "exhibited [to agents] a motion picture which depicted deceased actress Marilyn Monroe committing a perverted act upon a unknown male," Morgan said.

The informant was with at least one mobster at the time, the documents state.

According to the documents, "Former baseball star Joseph DiMaggio in the past had offered [the informant] $25,000 for this film, it being the only one in existence, but he refused the offer.

"Source advised that [redacted name of the mole] informed them that he had obtained this film prior to the time Marilyn Monroe had achieved stardom."

Morgan said he got the deceased informant's name from the former FBI agent who tipped him off to the flick - and was floored after he found the mole's son in Washington, DC, and the man retrieved a film canister from a safe-deposit box and spooled it up.

"You see instantly that it's Marilyn Monroe - she has the famous mole," Morgan said.

"She's smiling, she's very charming, she's very radiant, but she's known for being radiant," he said. "She moves away, and then it [the footage] stops."

Last month, he brokered its sale, leading the informant's son to a wealthy New York businessman who wants to keep this unseemly part of Monroe's past buried.

"He said he's just going to lock it up," Morgan said.

"He said, 'I'm not going to make a Paris Hilton out of her. I'm not going to sell it, out of respect.' "

Source: http://www.nypost.com/seven/04142008/news/regionalnews/hard_core_marilyn_106443.htm
kate walsh

"Housewives" down, "SNL" up in ratings

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Less bump for 'Desperate Housewives'
The returning ABC hit comedy sinks to a series low, a 5.7 in 18-49s, for a 22 percent drop from its last outing prior to the strike

The latter’s first original episode since January averaged a 5.7 adults 18-49 rating last night, according to Nielsen overnights, a series low and off 22 percent from its last post-strike episode, which averaged a 7.3 rating.

That’s not to say “Housewives” bombed; it was still far and away the night’s top show, and it boosted ABC to No. 1 for the evening in the demo, while averaging nearly 16 million total viewers.

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This time, 'Saturday Night Live' has it
The ratings are up smartly for the NBC skit show

Saturday’s “SNL” averaged a 5.2 metered market household rating at 11:30 p.m., its top rating for an April original episode since 2005. The long-running NBC skit show bettered the same night last year, which averaged a 4.9, by 6 percent. And it topped last fall’s 4.5 pre-strike average for originals by 16 percent, putting all half-dozen episodes that have aired since the strike above the prior average.

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I actually thought last night's episode of "DH" was pretty funny. And it had "OC" hottie Chris Carmack shirtless too (update: thanks to dnfrommn for posting the pics!).
anderson cooper

Insiders suggest Katie Couric for Anderson Cooper trade

Katie Couric for Anderson Cooper?

A blockbuster trade of TV superstars was floated Friday by TV insiders as a solution to CBS' Couric problem.

Cooper, CNN's prematurely gray prince of cable TV, would replace Couric as the anchor of CBS' "Evening News." He already is a contributor to CBS' "60 Minutes," they said.

And CNN will eventually need to replace the iconic Larry King, who is 74.

Why not Couric, who remains a marquee talent despite being a $75 million flop for CBS, the insiders said.

"Take Katie off the 'Evening News,' let her do Larry King, and then let Cooper anchor," one network source said.

Couric, 51, has said only that she was "working hard and having fun" since word broke this week that she was heading for a humiliating exit after just 18 months as anchor.

During her tenure, CBS has been mired in third place in the ratings and, as a result, cost the network millions in lost revenue.

Asked about the speculation that Couric could be cable-bound, a CNN spokeswoman said, "Larry is the best there is; he will be here for a long time."

While much of the water cooler talk at CBS is about Cooper, network executives are also enamored with David Gregory of NBC - the network that once employed Couric.

Couric, according to various published reports, would depart after the inauguration in January - if not earlier.

If Couric did split earlier, most likely CBS veteran Harry Smith would keep the anchor seat warm until a permanent replacement was picked, the sources said.

CBS could also ask veteran newsman Bob Schieffer to fill in - as he did after Dan Rather left - and get an instant ratings bump, the sources said.

The first woman to solo anchor a network evening news broadcast, Couric drew huge audiences after she left the "Today Show" and moved to CBS in September 2006.

She couldn't live up to the hype, and last summer she complained in a magazine interview that the job was tougher than she expected.


I don't know if I'd be satisfied with only 30 minutes of Anderson... and he probably wouldn't fill in for Regis anymore, either...

Sly Does Jury Duty - Acts Rambo-esque over Bag of Skittles

Sly StalloneSly Stallone showed up at an L.A. courthouse today for jury duty ... and almost immediately got pissed off at the candy machine -- throw the book at that contraption!

Rambotox was escorted into the jury room by six -- count them, six -- deputies and an assistant, who filled out all of Sly's paperwork.

Stallone then retreated to the vending machine, apparently in search of a particular type of candy. When it wasn't there, Sly said, "Oh s**t," and then went to another machine and got Skittles.

He was pacing up and down in the jury assembly room. One prospective juror says Sly was "disruptive," speaking loudly as he paced back and forth. At one point, Sly screamed, "Oh f**k." The prospective juror says it looked as if Sly got a Skittle stuck in his teeth.


Britney Writes Apology Letter to Kevin

Desperate to restore a sense normalcy in her life, Britney Spears is making amends with her friends and family, and has been sending them letters apologizing for her past. Her reconciliation attempts with former hubby Kevin Federline go even further.

MSNBC reports that Brit-Brit wrote an eight page letter to K-fed owning up to her past failings as a wife and mother, and promising to “move on to a healthier life.”

Says a source: “Since their face-to-face meeting on Easter, Britney has started confessing to Kevin how she feels about him. She says, ‘I love you,’ and she really seems to mean it.”

The source adds that Britney is recovering well.

“She’s really doing so much better. Britney said she’s finally dealing with the issues that she was ignoring for so long and is getting over her anger.”

We’re all for Britney’s full recovery, but a reconcilation with her babydaddy appears to be a serious step in the wrong direction!!!


Michael Lohan to Reopen Divorce Case Against Wife

They're at it again!

Michael Lohan says he plans to reopen his divorce against his ex-wife Dina, claiming that she has made it "hard as hell" for him to see their three children.

"I gave her the family house, all the furniture and the $200,000 she owed me just so that I could see my kids and have a relationship with them," Michael tells New York's Daily News.

He says Lindsay's grandparents also haven't seen their granddaughter "even though my father is dying, and my mother was in a car accident on Easter.

"[Dina] told me, 'It's up to the kids if they want to see their grandparents,'" he adds. "But she's made no effort to put them in touch or make this happen."

Michael also says Dina's upcoming E! reality show was — gasp! – his idea.

"It's the exact same show I pitched," he claims. "She even used my title."

On Monday, Michael released a statement, insisting that "Lindsay has NOTHING to do with me opening my divorce case or any other suits that are being filed against Dina."

He said that "Dina uses people, gets what she wants and then turns her back on them or claims the ideas were hers all along. She thinks the law doesn't apply to her or her family since they always get away with things and use Lindsay's name to do it."

us weekly
bottom&#39;s up!

ooooo, she mad!

A whole new level of low.
Current mood: disgusted

The sheer fact I have to write a fucking blog like this, is not only gross but is by far the saddest moment I have ever had the displeasure to be a part of.... What truly confuses me, is if you don't like me or my lifestyle, thats fine. don't come to my page, don't watch my shows. The only mans opinion i care about is that of my father and my son....
I know and believe in my heart that my ex husband is an amazing father, I always knew he would be and thats why I fell in love with him, married him and had children with him.
what he does in his past time with our children is his business, WE have one goal and that is took make sure our children know they are loved. With that being said.....
since our reality TV show and the fan base my "children" have received, I have chosen NOT to post pictures of them on my myspace, I don't run around Malibu with them in a paparazzi infested colony. just cause I don't call TMZ and have them take pictures of me with my kids, does not mean i am not a good mother. I am a amazing mother and the time I spend with my children is MY time and my business and NO ONE should be put in a position to have to write this EVER!

apparently I have to parade down robertson once a week to be seen as a involved, loving great mom! I am well aware that hollywood has a dark side but i will NOT stand for this and nor should anyone else have to.

you think by writing things about me, you are hurting me. your NOT, your hurting innocent children and I think its fucking disgusting and a truly whole new level of LOW in journalism. ( if that's what you even want to call it)


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Garbage's Shirley Manson's solo album put on hold

Shirley Manson of Garbage spoke to The Scotsman about her forever-in-the-works and apparently now on-hold solo album:

"An interesting slew of names has been connected with the project – everyone from Jack White of the White Stripes to Paul Buchanan of the Blue Nile, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and solo singer Beck. But whether some, all or none of these have been involved (Manson, in one of her more stubborn moments, refuses to elaborate), the project has hit the rocks.

"I had a lot of material, but unfortunately I played it for my record label and they thought it was very 'noir', which I took as a huge compliment until I got home and realised they didn't mean it as a compliment at all. As a result we're sort of at an impasse. I don't know what will happen. I think, maybe, they have a different idea of the kind of career I should have to the one that I want."

Source: www.ohmygodwhatever.com

Pete Doherty Gets Pampered

" Pete Doherty is getting "five-star" treatment in jail.

The troubled rocker has been given his own cell, a TV, radio and bunk bed in a secure unit of Wormwood Scrubs Prison, in London.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "He is on the segregation unit because of who he is. It's thought he could be vulnerable. It's basically the five-star treatment which takes most prisoners weeks of good behaviour to achieve. "

Doherty was jailed for 14 weeks after breaking the terms of his suspended sentence.

Judge Davinder Lachar ruled the Babyshambles star was in "breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his order and using different drugs" when handing down the sentence earlier this month.

Doherty has reportedly been adjusting well to prison life, with the help of video messages from former girlfriend Kate Moss. He has also been getting involved in prison activities, including auditioning for the part of Romeo in a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' and has vowed to work on the next Babyshambles album. "

gaga oh lala

JKR Whines

Harry Potter Author Testifies in NYC
April 14, 2008, 10:50 AM EST

J.K. Rowling says her efforts to halt a publisher's "Harry Potter" lexicon have been crushing her creativity.

Rowling says she has stopped work on a new novel. She says her federal court case has "decimated my creative work over the last month."

Rowling is suing RDR Books to stop publication of Steven Vander Ark's "Harry Potter Lexicon."

She told the court on Monday: "This book constitutes wholesale theft of 17 years of my hard work."

RDR's lawyer, Anthony Falzone, defends the lexicon as a reference guide. Falzone calls it a legal effort "to organize and discuss the complicated and very elaborate world of Harry Potter."

When Rowling's lawyer asked how she felt about Harry, she replied: "I really don't want to cry." But she looked like she was about to do just that. WAAAAAAAAAAH $$$$


STFD, JKR. This excuse may have been applicable if this was going on pre-book seven.


VOGUE.COM can exclusively confirm that those fashion-world whispers are true and the supermodel, who starred in a series of raunchy videos for the label just last year, is now officially the face of AP's bridal range.

A spokesperson for the label confirmed to us this morning that Nick Knight has already shot a series of six images for the campaign, in which Moss stars as a bride who, we are tantalisingly told, has a "last minute change of heart".

The campaign, which is set to launch next month, will run for one year - putting paid to last year's rumours of a falling-out between Moss and Agent Provocateur's founders, Serena Rees and Joe Corre, once and for all.

Source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/vogue_daily/story/story.asp?stid=51980

American Idol's Top 5 Most Shocking Eliminations

 Thursday night's unceremonious ousting of an American Idol former frontrunner, hunky Australian rocker Michael Johns, has sent shockwaves across the blogosphere. Servers are melting and megaherting under the pressure of all the angry message board stampedes. And astounded viewers are still rewinding and re-rewinding their DVRs--trying to confirm if it was all just a hallucination, or if Michael really did get cold-bloodedly cut in what might have been the meanest, most unsportsmanlike Idol elimination ever. 

But this is hardly the first Idol elimination shocker. Practically every season, some fan fave who seemed untouchable, invincible, virtually guaranteed a golden ticket straight through to the Hollywood finale...gets cut. For some of these prematurely ejected rejects, it's sadly the end of an era, but for others it's just the beginning of a fabulous new career. 

Let's hope Michael Johns falls into the latter category...

Anyway, Michael's exit this week was surely a surprise, but it wasn't the biggest upset in Idol history. So here, in honor of Johns and in ascending order of overall shockingness, are the five biggest surprise eliminations over the past seven seasons.


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Ina Hanging On Like FG

Ashlee's Pregnant!

Exclusive: Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant, Usmagazine.com has confirmed.

The singer, 23, is expecting her first child with fiance Pete Wentz, 28.

Simpson and the Fall Out Boy frontman announced their engagement Wednesday.

"We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," Wentz's rep told Us. "Beyond that there is nothing to say."

Simpson's rep had no comment.


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Celebrity metrosexual Ashton Kutcher graces the May issue of Details magazine.

Ashton, a practicing Kabbalist, on religion: “I’ll use whatever works. I’m not a follower of this or that religious leader. More wars are started because of religious leaders, and people are following and they don’t know why….That is religiosity. That is what turns people into robots.”

Ashton on his decision at 27 to settle down with then-42-year-old Demi Moore: “I’ve literally just been voted the world’s most eligible bachelor and I’m like, I’m going off the market. I’ve found the one. If I had thought about it I would have been like, Nah, nah. But what can you do? When you’re in that deep, you can’t think.”


wtf at "did you have sex at work today" & the real world being the best show

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bad news for fans of highly unwearable, commercially unviable (but superfun!) clothing label Heatherette: We hear from a source close to the designers that the company, known for featuring celebrity models and throwing perhaps the most raucous show during fashion week, has quietly gone out of business.
The demise of Heatherette has been months in the making. The label actually canceled their fashion week show in February, though founder Traver Rains claimed at the time that he and partner Richie Rich were simply reorganizing the company and would be back in time for next fashion week. The reorganization was supposed to involve finding a new financial backer after Rich and Rains burned through the $6 million given to them by the Weisfeld Group, owner of urban streetwear outfit FUBU; a source tells Radar that the duo's efforts were unsuccessful, and that Rains and Travers have now amicably parted ways. (Another reason for the closure: the market for clothes that only extraordinarily flamboyant homosexuals and busty transvestites can wear is probably not a big one.)

Norman Weisfeld, the owner of FUBU who brokered the Heatherette deal, could not be reached for comment. Neither could former in-house publicist Lysee Webb, but that's because she's already got a new job at Paper.


i guess amanda lapore is out of a job, i always thought traver rains was hot though

CBS Unveils Its 2008 Summer Schedule

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

CBS has unveiled its 2008 summer schedule. Here is some of the press release...Bolded the more interesting parts of the press release:

CBS to Present Nearly 90 Hours of Original Programming, Including Three New Reality Series, Two New Dramas, a Summer Edition of "Big Brother," Two Mixed Martial Arts Live Events, "The Tony Awards" and a New Chapter in its "AFI's 100 Years" Series

"Greatest American Dog" (Working Title) Premieres Thursday, July 10, 8:00 PM

"Million Dollar Password," Hosted By Regis Philbin, Premieres Sunday, June 1, 8:00 PM

"Jingles," (Working Title) from Executive Producer Mark Burnett, Debuts Sunday, July 27, 9:00 PM

"Big Brother" Returns with Three Weekly Editions Beginning Sunday, July 13

Mixed Martial Arts Comes to Primetime Network Television for the First Time with Two Live Events, Saturday, May 31 and Saturday, July 26

"Swingtown" Premieres Thursday, June 5, 10:00 PM (NEW PREMIERE DATE)

Original Drama Series "Flashpoint" Debuts Friday, July 11, 10:00 PM

"The American Theatre Wing's 62nd Annual Tony Awards" to be Broadcast Sunday, June 15, 8:00 PM

"AFI's 10 Top 10" to Air Tuesday, June 17, 8:00 PM

New Summer Time Periods for "Without a Trace," "Numb3rs" and "Cold Case"

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ComingSoon.net, CBS (for full press release)

Josh Groban at LAX Being Fine as Hale

Yesterday, the ever-pleasant big-voiced Josh Groban got ready to depart from Los Angeles International Airport.

Josh wore a funny hat (yay), flashed a nice smile (yay), and carried a Mac laptop (yay). He also wore Ugg boots (*silence*).

Considering Uggs are the slipper that's (almost) socially acceptable to wear in public, we suppose if one is to wear Ugg boots in two thousand and eight, wearing them for comfort while traveling is probably the best bet.

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i did not write this commentary, obviously. my baby can wear any kind of footwear he deems acceptable, tyvm.

josh >>>>>>> you.

also, the title was originally "Josh Groban to Airplane: You Raise Me Up." i almost vomited.

this post is dedicated to my bb shannonknits, welcome bb!

Source: http://bauergriffinonline.com/2008/04/josh-groban-to-airplane-you-ra.php?bfm_index=7&bfm_page=0

E=MC² in stores TOMORROW, people. GET it, got it? good.

Mariah Carey MTV 52/52 Promo Commercials

awesome. featuring snoop dogg as the voice of JJ with some choice one-liners: "my ears just vomited"/ "i'm dropping a deuce on her bed" / "they're calling it the next 'hills' but with twice the bitches" / "i thought i heard someone choking a cat"

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loved this. seriously. nice to see mariah making fun of herself, and snoop as JJ was good stuff. oh, and haters can ~migrate up out the door please kthx.

source (includes "performance" clips i didn't post)
Pushing Daisies (Chuck) Peeking

Anna Friel's love letters

Anna Friel writes love letters to boyfriend David Thewlis to let him know how much she's missing him.

The British actress - who has won critical acclaim in the US with her new TV drama 'Pushing Daisies' - is currently living in Los Angeles with the couple's two-year-old daughter, Gracie, while 'Harry Potter' star David stays in Britain, and Anna is determined to keep the romance alive.

She said: "I think the element of surprise is the most romantic thing. And I still love writing letters. I know there's email and everything but I like letters, and I like flowers of course - just like every other girl.

"I've been known to write love letters to David. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I like the old school way of doing things."

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Stupid, Spoiled Whore of the Day

Kim K: I'm a Rich Bitch, You're Just a Valet

How dare a valet keep Kim K waiting for her Bentley. And how dare he suggest she drives a Mercedes -- that's like a Honda Civic for filthy rich folk.

The Tush threw a hissy fit outside boulevard3 last night -- berating the valet before driving off to the next non-event in her precious life.


LOL! Ho, sit down.

2 New 'Girlicious' Tracks

Clips of two new songs by the new girl group 'Girlicious' have leaked onto the internet. 'Girlicious,' which is being chronicled on the reality show "The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious" on The CW, filmed the video for their first single 'Stupid Shit' this past week. The show is still airing and the winners have yet to be announced, but you can clearly hear who wins by listening to the clips.

'Stupid Shit' - First single-

'Like Me' - Promo single (video shot, airing on finale of show)-

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Ina Hanging On Like FG

And Another One Bites the Dust...

Carmelo Anthony Busted for DUI

NBA star Carmelo Anthony was arrested on suspicion of DUI early this morning.

The 23-year-old Denver Nuggets forward was driving on Interstate 25 in Colorado at around 4:00 AM when he was pulled over and taken into custody. Anthony was driving a silver Mercedes and police say he was stopped for failing to drive in a single lane and failing to dim his lights.

Anthony's attorney, Dan Recht, said, "He cooperated by consenting to a blood test, the results of which will not be available for approximately two weeks ... There was no accident and no one was hurt."

He is due back in court on May 14.


Well, that sucks.
Nadja - Proenza

US Vogue May 2008: Gwyneth Paltrow by Steven Klein

Gwyneth Paltrow is back for yet another Vogue cover–and she looks like she’s from another planet (we mean this in the chicest possible way). The actress is wearing a gold, tissue-lame, embroidered Pre-Fall 2008 dress by Oscar de la Renta, Robert Lee Morris cuffs, and is accompanied by an Iron Man mask that was lent to the magazine by Marvel Comics.

the dress:

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Avril Lavigne's concert "awkward, overly staged" sez Canada.


Avril Lavigne's concert at the Air Canada Centre last night is best illustrated by the singer's mock discovery near the end of her 75-minute set.

"Oh, what's this up here?" asked the 23-year-old Napanee native, gesturing to a hulking assembly of equipment behind her.

"A pink sparkly drum kit. You guys want to see me play it? If I mess up, you can throw your glow sticks at me, or whatever."

Of course, there was no chance of either: every aspect of the show, her third and biggest production ever, has been polished to monotony – like the pink glitter eyeshadow that matched her highlights, guitar and mic stand. In any case, Lavigne has a committed following that doesn't seem to mind the gradual diminishment of the natural insouciance that marked her 2002 debut.

The young millionairess is straddling a pretty fine line these days as an L.A.-based missus glossy enough to make Richard Blackwell's Worst Dressed List (which didn't stop her from unveiling her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn, last month) while trying to remain relevant to a core audience of screaming eight- to 18-year-olds.

Proclaiming it "good to be back in my home country, Canada," the entertainer kicked off the show with "Girlfriend" and "I Can Do Better" from her third disc. The Best Damn Thing, followed by "my first single ever," "Complicated." The performance featured hits from her 2002 breakthrough, Let Go, and 2004's Under My Skin.

Lavigne's pleasant, robust voice has matured nicely and the songs she co-writes, from hard-rocking to pop punk, are neatly arranged singalongs. But the staging of the show was problematic.

The constant changes in tempo didn't allow for a single climactic moment. The highlight should've been when Lavigne, channelling Alanis Morissette, accompanied herself on piano complemented by guitar and percussion. But instead of bringing the song to its natural denouement, she abruptly got up, walked to the other side of the stage and segued into another tune so the crew could set up for the next song in her stead.

And she looked awkward executing basic choreography – marching, skipping – amongst the athletic dancers who did the heavy lifting.

Then there were the uninspiring costume changes (I see Blackwell's point), from black to denim and back to black, one of which left the stage empty save for video footage of Lavigne for about five minutes.

Given to brief, clichéd stage patter, Lavigne dedicated songs to "anyone who has been a fan of mine since day one" and "any girl out there who always gets what she wants."

Source (The Toronto Star)

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ANF (Halsey)

Pete Wentz denies pregnancy

Is Ashlee Simpson pregnant? And, if so, is that the reason she and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz announced their engagement last week?

Well, according to a pair of well-known gossip publications, the answer to both questions is a resounding "yes."

Of course, Wentz begs to differ.

In an e-mail to MTV News, he denied reports that that surfaced Monday (April 14) on the Web sites of OK! magazine and Us Weekly that he and Simpson, 23, and Wentz, 28, are expecting their first child.

"There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood," he wrote. "This is all news to me. I can't wait for the story about how I'm really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. ... I mean really, this is crazy. ... I mean we're engaged, that's true, and happy about it."

Asked again if he was denying reports that Simpson is pregnant, Wentz replied, "Yeah."

OK! and Us Weekly both cited unnamed sources close to the couple in their stories. OK!, which reports that the baby is due in October, offered as "proof" an account of Ashlee dealing with a "fierce bout of what appeared to be morning sickness" during a lunch at Malibu's Chart House restaurant.

"Ashlee would like to walk down the aisle before she's showing," a source told OK! "Although she's very cute the way she's always checking out her belly now and asking everyone, 'Am I showing yet?' "

The report then goes on to say that the couple are currently living in Simpson's Hollywood Hills home, but that "they are already talking about finding something more kid-friendly."

Us had reported that a source told them Simpson was pregnant shortly after her engagement to Wentz was first announced last week. When asked about the report by MTV News, Simpson's rep replied: "Engaged."

On Monday, a spokesperson for the couple added fuel to the speculation by declining to confirm nor deny this week's rumors. "We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," the rep told MTV News. "Beyond that there is nothing to add."


As if this wasn't obvious
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Police Recommend DUI, Child Endangerment Charges to DA for Sambora

Child Endangerment Charge Recommended Against Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora (seen here in his mug shot) is facing misdemeanor DUI and child endangerment charges -- police confirm to "The Insider" that they have recommended both in relation to his March 25 arrest.

"The case went over to the court early last week. It is now their decision whether or not they will charge him with both, one, or no pending charges," a police spokesperson tells us.

No formal charges have been announced as of yet. A court date has been set for May 7.



hand to phone

oooooo, she really mad!

Dear Diary (part 1)
Current mood: horny

Dear Diary

It's 7pm and I just woke up. I kicked all the 18 yr old boys out of my bed and I immediatley called my bff perez and gave him all the juice...I was in an extra man eating mood so i started off fucking the UCLA football team... sadly none of them had girlfriends, or fiances or wives, so I knew they wouldn't fill my void... before i could go anywhere i had to get my drink on.. so after 10 shots of patron, a bottle of everclear, i was getting warmed up.. how will I ever be taken seriously if I don't get a DUI and my crotch shot, fuck I've been trying for months now! I called the paps and let them know the kids were gone for the weekend and I was ready to get my cougar on! meet me at the bar and have the cameras ready...I have to say it was a slow night...the only dude worth talking to was 25 but fuck it...he had a bag full of blow and we laid it out on the table... who needs to go in and out of the bathroom when your as hot as me! bathrooms are for rookies! after numbing all my guilt and insecurities away i sure and hell didn't feel like i was getting the attention i deserved..I mean have you gone to www.whosdatedwho.com I will never catch up to my idols this way! I had to hook up with at LEAST 6 more dudes to meet my quota! who knew whoring, gold digging, and breaking into porn....I mean making a "stolen" sex tape! would be so hard! fuck it! it was my night to party! I fell on my face a couple times but i made it to the top of the bar where after a couple irish car bombs i danced to the beat in my own head....I knew i was one step closer to my dream. I blacked out a couple times driving home and I think I may have hit a deer but still no DUI. the night was a bust...I guess ill go back to bed. love and kisses

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This week's new CD and DVD releases

The following CDs and DVDs are being released tomorrow 4/15

  • Absentstar "Sea Trials"
  • Air "Moon Safari: 10th Anniversary Edition [CD/DVD]"
  • American Princes "Other People"
    Collapse )

    • Alien Nation - Ultimate Movie Collection
    • Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem
    • American Dad, Vol. 3
      Collapse )


      Interesting to see some of the bands releasing albums, who I thought died off. I'm quite sure many people cared about them the first time around like Everclear, James, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Phantom Planet, and White Lion(with only one original member)
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Party Monster Writing

MSI to Tour

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Mindless Self Indulgence ready to rock America
April 14, 2008 06:04 AM
By Kym Kilgore
LiveDaily Contributor

Electro-metal rockers Mindless Self Indulgence [ tickets ] are in the midst of a world tour to support their forthcoming album, "If," and they'll kick off the North American leg later this month.
The New York-based band has already trekked though Australia, New Zealand and Japan this year, and is currently in Europe. The group is set to launch US and Canadian dates April 29 in Cleveland, OH, and visit clubs and theaters from coast to coast through June. The co-ed act will also appear at the May 3 Bamboozle festival in East Rutherford, NJ.

Special guest The Birthday Massacre will join MSI on the road, and a variety of other bands will open. North American dates are listed below and those overseas can be found at MSI's website, along with details about which bands appear on each date.

MSI's new single, "Never Wanted to Dance," is currently holding steady at the top of Billboard's Hot Singles Sales Chart. The song is off the new album, "If," which is expected to hit stores April 29. The set will be released in three different formats: standard and deluxe versions, and a double-vinyl version. Fans can preview another new track, "Mastermind," at MSI's MySpace page.

"If" follows 2005's "You'll Rebel to Anything," which broke into The Billboard 200 and snagged the No. 1 spot on the magazine's Top Heatseekers chart. Last summer, Mindless Self Indulgence also put out its first DVD, "Our Pain, Your Gain," which captures a three-night performance at New York City's Webster Hall.

[Note: The following tour dates have been provided by artist and/or tour sources, who verify its accuracy as of the publication time of this story. Changes may occur before tickets go on sale. Check with official artist websites, ticketing sources and venues for late updates.]

April 2008
29 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom
30 - Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre

May 2008
1 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live!
2 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
3 - East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands Complex/Bamboozle
4 - Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
6 - Jacksonville, FL - Freebird Live
7 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
8 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
9 - Orlando, FL - The Club at Firestone
10 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
12 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
13 - Houston, TX - Meridian
14 - Dallas, TX - The Palladium Ballroom
15 - San Antonio, TX - Scout Bar
16 - Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
21 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre
23 - San Francisco, CA - The Grand Ballroom
24 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern
25 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
29 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
30 - Seattle, WA - Showbox SoDo
31 - Spokane, WA - Big Easy Concert House

June 2008
1 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Croatian Cultural Centre
3 - Edmonton, Alberta - Starlite Room
4 - Calgary, Alberta - The Warehouse
6 - Salt Lake City, UT - Avalon Theater
7 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
8 - Omaha , NE - Sokol Auditorium
9 - Kansas City, MO - Beaumont Club
10 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion
12 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
13 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theatre
14 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
15 - Milwaukee, WI - The Eagles Club
18 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall
20 - Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room
22 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
23 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts

(no subject)

Canongate secures Boosh book

Canongate has beat off stiff competition in a 13-publisher auction to
secure The Mighty Boosh Book this week. Editorial director Nick
Davies paid a "competitive sum" for the title, which will be written and
illustrated by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt.

Agent Caroline Chignell at PBJ said that although the pair were offered
higher advances, they chose Canongate because it "epitomises the
philosophy of Boosh--risk-takers and creative individuals". Davies is
convinced "it will be the biggest humour book of the year".

The news came as Virgin Books signed up a business memoir by founder
Sir Richard Branson. Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global
Entrepreneur is due in September from Virgin UK and US. It is the first
title in a five-book deal agreed when the Random House Group acquired 90%
of Virgin in March 2007.


Sorry about the earlier hotlink, mods! I didn't realize until after I'd submitted.

Ice Cube endorses Go'Bama

Ice Cube told the Lime Wire Music Blog he will endorse Go'Bama in the upcoming election:

LWMB: Have you endorsed a Presidential candidate?
Ice Cube: "Yeah, I’m going for Obama."

LWMB: Would you campaign for him?
Ice Cube: "Nope. Nah, I ain’t gonna. I don’t know enough about him to do all that, and he ain’t never asked me. But he’s definitely gonna get my vote."

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(no subject)


Just hours ago, Nicole Richie was spotted on her way to a studio in Hollywood.

After spending the weekend with her biological mother, it was back to work for this busy mom.

On this occasion, Mrs. Madden opted for a sensible outfit, rocking a white tee, grey jacket and skinny jeans. Never one veer away from ending a sentence with an exclamation point, the style maven jazzed up the emsemble with a pair of funky multi-coloured basketweave sandals.

Our thoughts on Nicole funky footwear?


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rumored book cover!


Faith Evans is writing her memoirs and it’s set to hit shelves August of this year. The rumored book cover is above. Here’s the synopsis:

KEEP THE FAITH is Faith Evan’s first person account of life at ground zero of hip-hop’s greatest generation. She’ll share the truth about the love affair that changed her life, and the innuendo that rocked the hip-hop world to its core. From her passionate and tragically short-lived life with Biggie, Faith will finally lay the true story on the line. We’ll get to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of P Diddy; nobody knew either quite as wellas Faith.

I wonder if this will conveniently be pushed back to drop at the same time as the Notorious movie.


jane x rafael

Jonas Brothers LAX

The Jonas Brothers arrive at LAX coming back from their adventures in London, where they met with the Queen of England and played at Islington Academy.

This spring, the Disney Channel will feature a reality series, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, which will give short behind-the-scenes snippets of the on- and offstage lives of the musicians. Starting July 4th and through Labor Day, The Jonas Brothers will be on a 38-city North American tour.

This fall, the band will appear in a Disney Channel TV series, J.O.N.A.S., playing rock stars who are undercover spies.

More pics of the Jonas Brothers making their way through LAX…

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this weeks edition of YO Spencer!


YO SPENCER! I'm 24 and after months of threatening, my parents finally cut me off. Do you have any suggestions on how I should budget myself so I can keep living large without going broke?

Just keep up appearances. Buy knock-off designer threads, fake ice, go to expensive restaurants, and order only soup and a cranberry juice. Don't buy girls drinks unless it's a special case. Or just get a rich girlfriend. Nobody says there's anything wrong with a sugar momma if you treat her right.



adult swim fans: meet this hottie.

Seth Green

"Plus, you may have heard that [adult swim] has a new line of mini-figures
coming out from Kidrobot! Well, we are happy to announce that the Scientist
and the Robot Chicken from our show will be part of the collection. In
extra exciting news, a bunch of us will be at the *Kidrobot store in LA,
Thursday, April 17 from 6-8 PM for a special signing.*

Doug Goldstein, Tom Root, Matt Senreich and Seth Green will be there for
Robot Chicken, and Dana Snyder (Master Shake, Granny), Brendon Small and
Tommy Blacha (Metalocalypse) and Carolyn Lawrence (Orel) will be there too."

miley says hai

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Brittany Snow gives a prom dress.

Brittany Snow has made a student’s dreams come true, by giving the broke teenager her homecoming dress to wear at her high school prom.

The 22-year-old missed her own prom because she was filming U.S. TV drama American Dreams, but she did manage to go to her high school homecoming in a blue dress she designed herself, and which was made by the show’s seamstress.

During an appearance on Rachael Ray on Friday, Snow surprised student Samantha Danico, who can’t afford to buy an expensive prom dress, by handing over her frock.

Snow said, “DonateMyDress.org are doing this thing where celebrities are giving their dresses to this organization (who) are giving them away to people who maybe don’t want to spend $400 on a dress.

“So I have a surprise - I’m going to give you my dress.”


 who's dress would you want/have wanted for your prom?
JD Time cannot mend

DeppWatch 08

Depp Gracious After 12 hours of Filming

April 14, 2008

I'm writing this four days after the end of DeppWatch 2008, and my ears are still ringing. I know people say this kind of thing all the time, but I've never seen anything quite like it.

You may have heard Johnny Depp was in town last week, filming scenes at the Paramount Theater for Michael Mann's new movie Public Enemies . And wherever Depp goes, his legion of adoring fans goes with him.

The people I met during DeppWatch redefined the concept of dedicated fan for me. They started showing up on Saturday, a full two days before Depp was expected to arrive, and by 6 p.m. Monday, there were probably a thousand people standing on the steps of North Island Center, waiting for a glimpse of Don Juan DeMarco himself.

They lined the back entrance of the Paramount, hoping to see Depp emerge from his black Ford Expedition. They stopped him in traffic, hoping to get a handshake or a hug. They staked out his trailer, waiting for more than 12 hours for Depp to return and pose for pictures with them.

And they stood in the rain until after midnight, when Depp emerged, his long day of filming behind him. I've never seen a crowd so excited about anything.

People would rush up to the front, have their 30 seconds with Depp, and come away crying and unable to breathe. The noise was astonishing, young girls pledging their love at the top of their lungs.

And I have to say, Depp impressed me. He'd been inside the Paramount for more than 12 hours, shooting one scene over and over again. He must have been exhausted. But he spent time with everyone he could, and was unfailingly gracious.

The people I met during DeppWatch '08 (we really need to make a logo for that) were all very nice, and very earnest in their affection. It would be easy to write them off as kind of crazy, but during that post-midnight, rain-soaked meet-and-greet, I think I saw why people follow Depp everywhere. He made everyone feel like their long wait was worth it.

For me, it was another reason why it's so cool to work in this city. Next time an A-list movie star comes to town, though, I'll bring earplugs.

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Shia LaBeouf Falls into Dark Fields

Shia LaBeouf waits for his luggage at baggage claim after landing at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 21-year-old Transformers actor kept his head down most of the time, trying to avoid attention from fans.

Shia just signed on to star in a techno thriller called Dark Fields, according to Variety.

Neil Burger (The Illusionist) will direct the Universal pic, which is based on Alan Glynn’s novel 2002 The Dark Fields.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Omg that bag ( or whatever it is) =not cute.. But LOL at the little girl


O.M.G.~!!! Perfume performing Ceramic girl at the end of 'Sumire 16' as its ending theme

from the source:

"Perfume" is the techno pop girls unit in Japan.

This song "Ceramic Girl" is collecting music of their new album "GAME" 4/16 release.
This movie "Ceramic Girl("Sumire 16" Ending Mix)" was made for ending theme of TV drama "Sumire 16" broadcasted in BS FUJI.

In addition, I may make a mistake because the Japanese text is the thing which I heard from a sound. I intend to make it some other time again as soon as I know official texts.


OMFG! and game comes out tommorrow. I can hardly STAND the wait!
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(no subject)

Newly engaged and rumoured mother-to-be Ashlee Simpson has been making headlines recently and the world wants to know how the conservative Simpson family is taking the news.

Ashlee was heading out of town with her big sister this afternoon from LAX. Both girls looked beautiful and happy as always, but we wonder if Jessica is genuinely happy that her younger sister has beaten her to the punch…twice. Will this ignite the fire in Jessica and Tony Romo’s relationship to speed things up? While Ashlee’s fiance Pete Wentz released a statement to MTV refuting the recent pregnancy rumours, other reports confirm the news, and say that she may be due in October.

Clad in a loose-fitting grey tank top (concealing the first signs of a bump??), Ashlee smiled her way through the ticketing line. Aunt-to-be Jessica arrived donning a Cowboys hat, cowboy boots and carrying her little dog in her arms.

News of Ashlee and Pete’s engagement and potential pregnancy have just surfaced so the world will have to wait eagerly to hear from Jessica and the Simpson parents about their reaction to the sudden changes.


and so that this is relevant i dont believe she's preggo but what do i know.


Ruby Maguire’s Saturday Stroll

Tobey Maguire takes his daughter, Ruby Sweetheart, 17 months, for a little walk around the block in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The father-daughter duo ate at Mauro’s Cafe inside Fred Segal on Melrose Ave with jewelry designer mama Jennifer Meyer. After the short lunch, Jennifer and a gal pal took Ruby for a shopping spree.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Her head/forehead area reminds me of Christina Ricci's tbqh..

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Heidi haters unite! (even if i ♥ her!)

The Hills
‘ feminist hero Heidi Montag rapped during her guest appearance on Monday’s TRL. Here’s how her freestyle went, which rapper Nelly gave an “A” for effort:

Yo, yo
I got Heidiwood
I’m wearing it all day
I like it, so what do you got to say
You got apple bottoms, what
You know what’s going up
Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing
You know what I like to say
Everyday, I’m in New York
It’s all good this way


Heidi also shared her craziest fan moment while on TRL: “The other day at Benihana, there was a table of girls and they were like, ‘TEAM HEIDI!!!!’ Those are my girls.”


pikachu: stumble

(no subject)

Lily Allen's a fashion casualty as she wears nurse's uniform on the red carpet

It was the glittering world première of a new British film and the country's top celebrities slipped into their gladrags ... except for Lily Allen.

Wearing a dress that seemed more like baggy hospital gown than a sleek red-carpet frock, the pop star arrived with her younger brother Alfie for the the Flashbacks of a Fool première.

Actor Alfie, who stars in the film, was just as scruffy as his sister, 22, and teamed a pair a grubby trainers with his suit. Despite her new attention-grabbing blonde locks, Lily appeared to be hiding behind a pair of red-rimmed sunglasses.

However, she left the premiere looking glum - perhaps a result of her recent falling out with Alfie's girlfriend Jamie Winstone.
Lily's blossoming friendship with the actress - who was a notable absentee from the screening - has taken a dramatic turn for the worse after a row erupted when Lily accused her of taking over her friends.


A source says: “Jaime and Lily were really close at one point. They would go out partying together with Lily's pals, including Agyness Deyn Laura Hollins, and talk on the phone regularly. It was nice to see. But Lily started to notice that her mates, some famous and others not, were starting to see Jaime without inviting Lily.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Mark Speight was found hanged

Monday, 14 April 2008 17:18 UK

TV presenter Mark Speight was found hanging on the roof of a building next to Paddington railway station, British Transport Police have said.

Collapse )

Source: BBC

Revealed: The spot where tragic TV star Mark Speight's body hung undiscovered for six days
Monday, 14 April 2008 19:07 UK

The body of grieving TV presenter Mark Speight may have lain undiscovered at Paddington Station for up to six days, police sources said today.

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Source: This Is London

Ryan Seacrest Sort of Apologizes to Michael Johns

Michael Johns Interview: Ryan Seacrest blames his Cruel Elimination Trick on Nigel Lythgoe

    * Ryan mentions that Michael was way taller than him on stage. Hm.
    * He apologized to Michael about leading him to believe he might be safe right before he cut him. Ryan says, “Nigel, he concocts all these scenes…the note was ‘refer back to last year, get them thinking they may be staying another week, and then let them know they are gone’.”
    * Ryan was surprised and bummed that Michael was leaving, because they’d chat off stage.
    * Ryan says that Simon and Randy both liked Michael personally. They were all really excited to put him through when he auditioned. Ryan promises to play his first single on KISS when it’s released.

listen to the Ryan and Michael HERE


p.s. here he is  on Access Hollywood

Ivana Trump gets hitched for the FOURTH time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The groom wore white, the bride wore pink - and those of a sensitive disposition averted their eyes.

Ivana Trump's fourth wedding was never going to be a day for shy and retiring types and the £1million ceremony lived up - or down - to expectations.

The groom, a 35-year-old jobbing actor called Rossano Rubicondi, arrived to the Rocky theme and was joined by 25 male supporters - or groomsmen as they are known in the U.S. - all dressed in white.

Not to be outdone, his 59-year-old bride wore a pink and white crystal-studded gown as she walked up the aisle to Il Divo's version of Unchained Melody.

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Brody Backing Barack -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Another fight could be brewing on The Hills! This time it may be about, of all things, the presidential election.

Heidi Montag made headline news recently when she announced she supports Sen. John McCain.

Well, now Brody Jenner tells me he’s for Sen. Barack Obama.

“He’s just cool!” Jenner said at last night’s Wrigley party for the NBA Entertainment League at club LAX in Hollywood. “I mean, he’s young and I think people would take us more seriously with Iraq and everything...Personally, I think we’re either going to have a woman president or we’re going to have a black president, which are both amazing. Right now it’s time for change, and I think both of them are great. But [Obama] is cool. I just think he’s cool.”

A spokesperson for Obama could not be immediately reached.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Alyson Hannigan - Pretty in Blue

TV Spoilers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, Lost, Weeds and More!

Kim in Sarasota, Fla.: Any more info on The Office spin-off?

As of now, a concept for the new series has yet to be decided. But I'm visiting the Dunder-Mifflin set tomorrow, so if you have ideas, don't hesitate to post 'em below. I'll try to whisper 'em in Greg Daniels' ear. [Side note: Just found out they are shooting the freaking finale tomorrow.]

Victoria in Goldsboro, N.C.: I love Dancing with the Stars and was wondering if you ever hear any backstage gossip about the dancers? I really want to know if Mark and Sabrina from last season are still together?

My understanding is yes, they are still together. Sabrina has been backstage watching during at least two shows, and I hear they still appear to be very close! Also, Julianne Hough is
romantically involved with any of her former partners, contrary to popular belief. Korbi just recently spotted her out in West Hollywood, holding hands with longtime on again, off again love, Zack. You may remember him as a finalist on Dance War: Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann.

Mac in Marietta, Ga.: Anything on The Real World?

The 20th season begins this Wednesday in Hollywood! I've also just been told that a movie chronicling the life of San Francisco cast member Pedro Zamora is about to start production. Word is producers are currently casting for a few of his roommates, including Puck, Judd and Pam. His lover, Sean, whom he married on the show, will also be a character, as will his parents and siblings. Though it's been fourteen years since Pedro, a 22-year-old living with AIDS, gained nationwide attention on The Real World and subsequently lost his battle with the disease, many of us can still recall his sweet demeanor and the determined way in which he educated others about his plight. MTV had no comment on the project.

Cecily from Hollywood, Calif.: I'm so excited they turned The Starter Wife into a series. When will the show return and is everyone in the cast coming back?

The show is scheduled for the fall lineup, and according to Debra Messing the "intention is to have as many of the original characters back as possible." She also dished that this coming season will be entirely original from the two books that created the miniseries in the first place.

Wendy in Miami: When does Heroes start up again? Are they back on set? Any scoop?

My good friend Hyla over at our satellite radio show Yo on E! just chatted up Zachary Quinto who said: "We go back into production in two weeks. Everybody is looking forward to getting back and reconnecting and reapproaching the whole new season. I think everyone is really excited and the writers are all regrouped and rested...I haven’t gotten any scripts yet, so I’m expecting them probably within the next week or so."

Izabela in Iguassu Falls City, Brazil: People in Brazil are loooving Moonlight. Do you know if it is coming back for season two?

No word yet from CBS, but I would be stunned if it didn't come back.

Spoilers behind their respective cuts:

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nothing new
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Vague, scarcely worthy of a spoiler cut.
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Garth Nix to Pitch Sabriel Film

MEGASELLING FANTASY AUTHOR Garth Nix is poised to take Hollywood by storm. He has assembled an A-list dream team in order to bring Sabriel, the first book in his Old Kingdom trilogy, to the screen. The group will pitch the package to studios later this month via Steve Fisher at APA. Nix is co-writing the screenplay with Dan Futterman, actor and Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Capote, and Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner at Plan B (Brad Pitt's company) will produce. The director will be Anand Tucker (Shopgirl, Hilary and Jackie). 

Nix's approach is a departure from the typical selling of a film option, which usually happens well before an entire team is coordinated. But the author, who majored in screenwriting in college, decided in 2004 he wanted to at least co-write the script of any potential Sabriel adaptation, as well as “try and team up with filmmakers whose films I admired and respected”. Nix also wasn't entirely uninformed about the process, having formerly worked on options and book-to-film agreements as an agent with Curtis Brown Australia. “I knew [pre-packaging] was at least theoretically possible”, he said. 

Nix was willing to wait for the plan to take shape. It wasn't until the end of 2006 that he got a promising inquiry—from Futterman, who happens to be a friend of Nix's New York book agent, Jill Grinberg. Grinberg had given Sabriel to Futterman to read many years earlier, and Futterman, who says he was “bowled over” by the book, now wanted to adapt it. For his part, Nix says he was “blown away” by Futterman's Capote screenplay—and thus, the foundation of the package was in place. 

The pair made a list of about a dozen directors to approach, and Futterman went off to India to film A Mighty Heart, in which he played the part of Daniel Pearl. There, he gave a copy of Nix's book to Gardner, the producer of the movie; soon thereafter, she and Kleiner were on board. Finally, last fall, Nix got an e-mail from Tucker's production company. Tucker shares his and Futterman's vision for the film, says Nix — it's “an opportunity to make a fantasy film that [is] not only a great adventure story, but a compelling human drama — as was achieved by the films of The Lord of the Rings”. The three have already begun outlining scenes, said Futterman. 

Planning for the pitch was delayed by the writer's strike last fall, and resumed in February, though given the globe-spanning parties involved, iChat video has been a must. “Just working out the time zones is no small achievement,” said Nix. 

But he is confident that his emphasis on working with particular people will pay off. Though book sales alone inspire optimism — the trilogy is published in the US by HarperCollins and has sold over 2 million copies and is translated into 36 languages — what's crucial is “who will serve the material right,” says Gardner. And giving Sabriel the best chance to become a great film, says Nix, “will also pave the way for films of Lirael and Abhorsen.” 


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Disney Wants Demi Lovato To Be 'A Miley'

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Britney Spears to Hilary Duff to Miley Cyrus to Demi Lovato? Apparently, Disney thinks so. (Still, we all know Selena Gomez really is the best!) Disney Channel has pushed the 'As the Bell Rings' star into Camp Rock followed by touring with the Jonas Brothers and filming Princess Protection Program. Demi also just signed with Hollywood Records, a Disney record label and hopes to release a debut album this fall. Disney Ch. Entertainment President Gary Marsh revealed, 'When we find someone, we as they say in poker are willing to go all in.' Full in depth article from Forbes.com under the cut! New Miley?

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A Special Message To The Newly Named ‘Twilight’ Fans, Straight From The Stars

You’ve watched the brand-spankin’ new set visit video so many times that “I don’t know; they’ve got brooms!” is your new personal catchphrase. You’ve read so much about Stephenie Meyer’s cameo in the “Twilight” film that you’ll know exactly where to look for her come December 12. Maybe you’ve even posted some very nice things about yours truly, which I completely appreciate — although let’s be honest, MTV Movies Blog reader “Lyndsay”: a “worldwide Larry Carroll Appreciation Day” just seems to be shooting a tad high. Hell, I doubt my wife would even celebrate it.
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New 'Speed Racer' featurette

Although May 9th is still a few weeks away, Warner Bros. is throwing out everything they've got on Speed Racer. Finally they're showing us the best parts! A high definition five-minute featurette for Speed Racer has been released and it kicks some serious ass.


You can also watch this Speed Racer featurette in High Definition at Apple.

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, directors of the Matrix trilogy and producers of V for Vendetta. The movie is based off of the Japanese manga and anime series originally known as Mach GoGoGo that first debuted in the 1960s. Speed Racer hits both regular and IMAX theaters this summer on May 9th.


Another 90's band has reunited

The Pulse of Radio reports that FILTER has expanded its upcoming live schedule as the band gears up for the May 13 release of its first new album in six years, "Anthems for the Damned". The trek, which kicks off on April 24, now includes 20 dates, including headlining shows and radio festivals. Frontman Richard Patrick told The Pulse of Radio why he's especially looking forward to playing as many concerts as possible. "You know, I quit drinking, I quit smoking, so the only real benefit to that, other than like having pink lungs again after five years of not smoking is the fact that I can sing really, really well, and it really makes my job easy and fun," he said. "So I'm actually just super-excited to just sing as many nights in a row as I can and just play as many shows."

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Trouble brewing for Dr. Phil's show?

A new chapter in Dr. Phil’s publicity crisis was written over the weekend, and some sources close to the show wonder whether he’ll survive his latest stunt. The host and his show is under scrutiny for posting $30,000 bail for Mercedes Nichols, one of the eight teens arrested for severely beating another teenager in Florida.
The “Dr. Phil” show issued a statement saying “certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re: the bail being paid),” but a source close to the production fears that this incident could be the final straw for the show.

“It’s getting desperate behind the scenes. Dr. Phil is so demanding, and there’s a feeling anyone will do anything for the get. But it creates chaos. I don’t know how much longer everyone can take it,” said the source. (The talk-show host earlier this year came under fire for spreading word that he’d visited Britney Spears at Cedar-Sinai at the request of the family, and was going to be the one to save the troubled pop star.)

Does that mean Dr. Phil’s days with the show are numbered? Rumors about Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo productions cutting ties with Dr. Phil have been circulating for months, but even if Harpo did pull out, it’s still CBS TV Distribution that does the day-to-day production of the show.

Credibility concerns seem to be front and center at the moment. “People don’t trust him like they used to,” another source revealed. “The Britney incident was beyond embarrassing for the entire show. How do you bounce back from this?”



Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24096960/