February 11th, 2008

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I'm just trying to live but you're all up in my grill

The classless daughter of Hulk Hogan. She told the interviewer from E that she has one thing she wanted to say "They are real" pointing to her breasts. Apparently people have been saying they are fake and Miss Hogan felt that she had to defend her "Ta Ta’s" What a Moron!
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Do you think they're real? I don't. She's a big girl but she's always been so where were her boobs then? In fact, she's thinner now.

source, second picture courtesy of wishing4thepast


I never thought it would happen, but it did. I HAVE A BLIND ITEM!

Which condescending Paris-fucking (or was it Jessica?) douchebag lead singer suffered from a social disorder back in elementary (or whatever grade school is) school? Things were so screwed up inside his head that he thought it was totally normal to run up to his classmates and scream in their ear as loud as he could before running away. Hopefully now he can breathe easier.

Source: A friend who went to elementary grade school with him. I assumed grade = elementary. And the way he made it seem, it was a HUGE problem and NOT typical boy behavior.
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A Kiss from David Beckham Makes Fan Faint

While Victoria Beckham was checking out all the latest in fashion at New York Fashion Week, across the country plenty of women were checking out her husband, David Beckham, during Jermaine Dupri's pre-Grammy party at Hollywood's Club Central.

"Beckham rolled in at about 1 a.m.," a fellow party-goer tells PEOPLE. "He looked like he was having a great time hanging with Jermaine and talking to Janet [Jackson]."

While Beckham played it cool with the party's hosts, it's safe to say he was heating things up among the women at the party. In fact, when one young female fan approached the soccer star and got a quick kiss on the cheek, she literally went weak in the knees – and fainted!

Beckham's reaction: "He looked like it was an ordinary everyday thing," an observer tells PEOPLE. "He just said 'Get her some water. She'll be ok.'"


Prada's models in Milan strut it to the sweet sounds of neo-fascism

Fashion designer Prada, a company worth $5.1 billion US dollars, held a "Spring/Summer 2008" fashion show in Milan several months back. But their choice for the event's soundtrack was a bit odd: As models strutted the catwalk, controversial neo-fascist/"neo-folk" band Death in June's songs played over the P.A.

Prada models strut their stuff to the sound of neo-fascist band Death in June [see below]'s song "The Only Good Neighbour."

(Background info on Death in June: They have been banned from playing cities like Chicago, Portland, Seattle, as well as cities in Germany, Norway, and elsewhere due to inflammatory imagery and allegedly racist/white supremacist beliefs. [The band take their name from June 30, when Hitler's Sturmabteilung (SA - "the brownshirts") stormtroopers were killed]; play onstage in Nazi military uniforms, have extensive support in the white supremacy community, and saturate their LPs with Nazi images, including the SS's death's head, the band's official insignia.)

Anyway, I don't know who the DJ was, or if he even knew what he was doing -- but it's an odd thing, regardless.

Meet the soundtrack for Prada's Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

One source. Another.

Xanadu star Kerry Butler takes a walk on the wild side as part of NBC's Lipstick Jungle

Kerry Butler must have an advanced degree in juggling she's never told anyone about. The popular actress is not only balancing being the star of the hit Broadway musical Xanadu with being mother to toddler Segi, whom she adopted from Ethiopia, but she's also getting ready to record her first solo CD and recently finished filming a recurring role on NBC's new series Lipstick Jungle (based on the novel by Sex and the City scribe Candace Bushnell). Butler phoned TheaterMania while undergoing some physical therapy to talk about her various projects.

THEATERMANIA: Tell me a little about your character on the series.
KERRY BUTLER: Her name is Reese, and she's the assistant to Lindsay Price's character, Victory, who is a fashion designer. When you first see her, she seems like this sweet girl from Wisconsin, but she eventually turns evil and steals her boss' designs, like Eve Harrington. I don't want to give too much away, but I even had to have a stunt double.

TM: How did you get the part? Did you know Lindsay beforehand?
KB: No. I knew of Lindsay, because I was a huge Beverly Hills 90210 fan. I told her I loved her from that show when we met, and she laughed. She's really fun on the show, and we connected instantly. But I originally auditioned for the director Tim Busfield, who had seen me in Hairspray (where Butler originated the role of Penny) and he told me he wanted to use me ever since then. Tim walked me through the scenes at the audition and was a huge help once we filmed. He told me to do much less. Primetime is very different from daytime in some ways (Butler starred on One Life to Live) in that you wait longer for the set-ups; but you still don't get lots of takes.

TM: Right now, you're working on putting together your first solo CD. Can you tell us what to expect?
KB: It's definitely going to be songs that you know, but done in a very acoustic way. I wanted completely different arrangements from the originals. The selection process has been hard; there are some songs I always wanted to do, but we're about to go into the studio and I'm still on the fence about a bunch of others.

TM: You asked your fans, via an online contest, to make suggestions -- and you said you'd record one of them. How did that go?
KB: We got hundreds of suggestions. I knew a lot of the songs people suggested already -- some were on my list -- so we may put more than one on. But there were some songs I didn't think of, and people were very smart about it. Like in one interview, I said I love Liz Phair, so someone sent me songs of hers I didn't know.

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Paul McCartney & Heather Mills Back in Court: Let the Golddigging Commence

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Paul McCartney and his estranged wife, Heather Mills, returned to a London court Monday for the second round of their high-profile divorce.

The fight over the wealth of the former Beatle, who is estimated to be worth up to $1.6 billion, could result in Britain's biggest divorce settlement. According to media reports it could be worth between $20 million and £100 million.

Mills, 40, said nothing as she entered a courtroom at London's Royal Courts of Justice. McCartney, 65, arrived at court after his estranged wife. He said "good morning" as he entered court carrying a black case.

Divorce proceedings in Britain are heard in private, and the door of Court 34 carried a sign saying "No Admittance -- Strictly Private," according to the Press Association.

A media frenzy accompanied the couple's first court hearing in October as they tried to reach a settlement.

Since then, Mills has fired her lawyers and lashed out at the media during television interviews, after sections of the British press portrayed her as a gold-digger.

Mills intends to represent herself, according to British media, at the expected weeklong hearings.

McCartney, meanwhile, has kept silent about their split, with speculation that he is hoping Mills will do the same by signing a divorce settlement that will forbid her from talking about their relationship in the future.

The terms of any settlement would not become public unless the case reached the appeals court.

The couple, who have a four-year-old daughter, Beatrice Milly, married in 2002 after meeting at a charity event.

At the time of their split, they insisted it was "amicable" despite widespread reports of a tempestuous relationship between McCartney and Mills, an ex-model.

In an emotional outburst in a television interview late last year, Mills said she had been driven to the brink of suicide by the media treatment of her.

"Eighteen months of abuse, worse than a murderer or a pedophile," she told British morning television.

oooh the sourcey sourcey

just to clarify: the comment about her abuse is in reference to the media's treatment of her, not the treatment from sir paul
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Complete official photo for 'Doctor Parnassus' revealed

The first official photo from Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has been revealed on the film’s official website (DoctorParnassus.com). Production on Imaginarium was stopped after the accidental death of the film’s star Heath Ledger. Gilliam hopes and plans to finish the film without removing Ledger’s footage. The launch of the official website and this first production photo is probably his way of saying to the world “look, it’s still happening.” The stage as set looks very much like the production art that has been floating around the interwebs for a months (seen inside).

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Lauren on WhoWhatWearDaily.com

lolz- I know most of you disagree with the "trendsetter" part, but I thought I'd share this anyway :)

As our inboxes at WhoWhatWear can attest, Lauren Conrad is a trendsetter in her own right. Her knack for mixing youthful, affordable pieces, from such places as Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, with high-end designer items makes her a sort of poster girl for the pocketbook-conscious and fashionably current young woman.

Source (and my e-mail inbox)

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Welcome back WGA. Here's your pink slips.


The Writers Guild of America may find out very soon that even if its members "won," they also lost. And even viewers who have managed to get through the writers strike with a minimum of entertainment interruptus will likely feel the fallout as well.

Why? Because change is coming. And for the next year, it probably won't be good for writers or viewers.

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It's A Wonderful Life

Zednik in stable condition after having surgery on cut neck

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik underwent surgery to close a deep gash on the right side of his neck and was in stable condition Sunday night after he was cut by a teammate's skate during a game.

"The surgery was successful and he's resting comfortably in the hospital," Panthers spokesman Brian Goldman said.

Blood gushed from Zednik's neck after he was hurt midway through the third period of Buffalo's 5-3 victory, creating a frightening moment that delayed the game for about 15 minutes. There was also a brief discussion about postponing the game altogether.

Zednik was behind the play and skating into the right corner of the Sabres' zone, when teammate Olli Jokinen was upended by Sabres forward Clarke MacArthur. Jokinen fell head-first to the ice, and his right leg flew up and struck Zednik directly on the side of the neck.
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I know there's rarely hockey news here, but I thought this would be post worthy. There's a video at the source if you wanna see it.
Leeloo (T)

TV Lovers We'll Always Love

TV Lovers We'll Always Love

Mulder and Scully
People may debate about these two, but this pair couldn't have been more in love… even if they never showed it until the end. Talk about sexual tension!

David and Maddie
If only they had hidden their feelings like Mulder and Scully did… then the show wouldn't have tanked after they hooked up. But, before that, they were the most entertaining couple on TV.

Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper
There's nothing like young love, and Kevin and Winnie took fans through the flirting, the dating and the nerve-wracking phases of finding that special someone.

Luke and Lorelai
Stars Hollow couldn't find a better match. They may have taken a twisted path, but the series finale left fans believing they'd found each other for good.

Carrie and Big
Whether you were rooting for them or not, no one can forget this forever-tied couple who proved Paris really is the most romantic place on Earth. 

Cliff and Claire Huxtable
This classic couple balanced five kids, full-time jobs and a house full of trouble! They left a mark on TV history with their strong love that held the family together.

Buffy and Angel
Nothing makes fans' hearts ache more than a hot couple, destined to never be "together." But that one love scene they did share was steamy with a capital S.

Rob and Laura Petrie
The TV couple that all others are measured against, the Petries broke ground by showing a sexual connection between an on-air husband and wife.

Ross and Rachel
This famous on-and-off again couple always held a spark for each other over the 10 years they spent hanging out at Central Perk.

Ricky and Lucy Ricardo
Despite Lucy's ridiculous antics and Ricky's outbursts, the Ricardos loved each other more than anything.

Happy Valentine's Week everyone!

edit: I suck at LiveJournal cuts. Forgive me :(

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Katie Holmes is Neck-Piece Proud

Stylish couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise walk the regal red carpet at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum opening at at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Saturday in Los Angeles.

FYI: Katie’s stylish scarf/neck piece is continuous and extends into the tail of her dress.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Aw look at her smile


Travis Barker on Shanna Moakler: 'We Divorced'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The on-again and off-again relationship between former MTV reality show couple Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler is off againthis time for good, he tells PEOPLE.

"No, I'm no longer with her," Barker told PEOPLE over the weekend at the 5th annual Roots Jam benefiting Rock the Vote at West Hollywood's Key Club. "We were actually divorced a few days ago."

Asked if he's found any new romance, Barker says, "I have a beautiful daughter at home, a beautiful son at home. That's where my head is at right now. I don't have time for anything else."

TMZ.com quotes online records showing that Barker and Moakler, both 32, are now officially single. The couple, who in happier days starred in MTV's Meet the Barkers, have two kids together: Landon, 4, and Alabama, 2.

Rihanna Involved in Car Accident After Grammy Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“Extra” has confirmed that Grammy winner Rihanna was involved in a car accident last night following the awards ceremony where she took home a Grammy for Rap/Sung Collaboration for her hit song, "Umbrella."

Rihanna’s reps tell “Extra” that Rihanna was inside her car outside the Island Def Jam party when another vehicle rammed into it. Fortunately no one was injured.


Katherine Heigl’s New Short Blonde Bob

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Katherine Heigl shows off her even shorter blonde bob at a 27 Dresses photocall on Monday at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, Spain.

27 Dresses only dropped 33% at the box office this past weekend, pushing its total to $65.4 million. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson’s Fool’s Gold premiered on top over the weekend with an estimated $22 million.

15+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl’s short blonde bob…

Just Jared


Exclusive First Listen: Michael Jackson’s New Song “For All Time”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Usmagazine.com has exclusively obtained a never-before-heard Michael Jackson song, “For All Time.” 

He recorded it during the original Thriller sessions in 1982, but it was never completed until now. 

Jackson, 49, added new vocals and band tracks to the newly-produced recording, which was mixed by Mick Guzawski. 

The track will appear on Jackson’s Thriller 25 — a re-release to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the biggest selling album of all time — hitting stores tomorrow. Thriller 25 also features remixes of other iconic Jackson songs by Akon, the Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, Kanye West and Fergie

Tell Us: What do you think of Michael’s new song?

US Magazine


Daniel Day-Lewis, Shia LaBeouf Win BAFTA Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Grammys weren’t the only awards show Sunday: London’s BAFTA awards took place across the pond. 

The Awards show, equivalent to the Oscars, named Atonement Best Film, Daniel Day-Lewis as Leading Actor and Marion Cotillard as Leading Actress. 

“I’m definitely not going to be expecting anything, but it’s exciting and we have so many nominations,” Atonement star Keira Knightley told Usmagazine.com

And although she didn’t end up winning (and also said, “it’s very nice that people thought I would be getting one [an Oscar], but it’s fantastic the film has had so many nominations”), she’ll still be celebrating the movie’s win with pal Sienna Miller

“Hopefully, we’ll have a drink later,” Knightley, who donned Valentino, told Us. “She looks good, doesn’t she? I love Sienna…I’d be happy if she won the award she’s up for.” 

Another star who hopes to hit the town? A gold Dior clad Kate Hudson, who told Us, “I’m not a big go-outter. The opportunities, when they come…I always have a drink, but never many!” 

When asked about her movie Fool’s Gold, which opened no. 1 at the Box Office with a $22 million debut this weekend, the actress let out a shout. “Wooooo! Yeaaaah! It feels great, y’know?” she told Us

“Because it means you didn’t let anybody down. And it means you get to go back to work!” 

See below for a full list of winners:

• Best Film — Atonement
• Best British Film — This Is England
• The Carl Foreman Award — Matt Greenhalgh (Control)
• Director - Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men)
• Best Original Screenplay — Juno
• Best Adapted Screenplay — The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
• Film Not in the English Language — The Lives of Others
• Best Animated Film — Ratatouille
• Leading Actor — Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood)
• Leading Actress — Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose)
• Supporting Actor — Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men)
• Supporting Actress — Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton)
• Music — La Vie En Rose
• Cinematography — No Country For Old Men
• Orange Rising Star Award — Shia LeBeouf

US Magazine
Miss Piggy

Oscars special on msn.ca

WARNING: Yes, this is tl;dr material. If you don't care about Oscars trivia, this post is not for you. Thanks.

Worst. Oscars. Ever.

Everyone has his or her own personal Oscar injustice – the year Rocky beat out three bona fide 1970s classics (and one really good biopic) for Best Picture, or the year Martin Scorsese’s directorial brilliance was overlooked in favor of some actor’s flashy filmmaking debut.
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This next article was quite interesting and although there was some stuff I had already read about elsewhere, there were a few stories that are worth it :)

For Every Winner, There Are Four Losers

We reminisce about the oddest Oscar moments
Hmmm, what are my favourite oddball Oscar moments? Hmmm…
Billy Crystal strapped to a dolly and wheeled onstage a la Hannibal Lecter the night The Silence of the Lambs won five Oscars.  Martin Scorsese finally winning Best Director for The Departed, not his best film.  Jack Nicholson owning the front row, year after year, looking progressively more corpulent and bald, Ambien or no Ambien.
Dear Reader, there exist vast stores of memorable and unpredictable gaffage over 80 years of the Academy Awards. Johnny Carson called the show ‘two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over four hours’.
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Oscar Surprises

Even the Academy shocks us once in a while ... here are our favorite examples
Every once in a while it happens: an audible gasp from the audience at an Academy Awards ceremony. Popped eyes and/or raised eyebrows. Visible delight in the crowd. And all because an Oscar that everyone expected to go home with one party, in fact, is going home with another.
Yes, there are such surprising moments during the Oscars, but they are few and far between. Received wisdom from awards pundits and popular momentum favoring one nominee over others often seem to dictate the outcome of big races long before they finish. Ordinary mortals are left with nothing to do at home but watch anticipated winners become actual winners.
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Spider-Man just got hotter... y/n?

I know someone here posted the rumor that Julie Taymor, director of Across the Universe and the person who brought The Lion King to Broadway, was looking to make a Spider-Man stage musical and had Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood in mind for the leads.

Apparently they are going forward with it, since someone on IMDB posted a report from attending a workshop for the musical.

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I miss Britney posts...

While out and about tonight, Britney (and her bodyguard) made a quick trip to a Starbucks in Westwood for a bathroom break. She looked very upbeat before making her way in, but once inside the usual chaos and madness began. Britney planned on dancing at Millennium tonight (there were paparazzi there waiting for her earlier in the evening), but opted not to go. February 10, 2008.

Source: BreatheHeavy.com, Youtube,Hollywood TV & FinalPixx
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Set of Nine in the Afternoon

Panic At The Disco's video for their new single "Nine In The Afternoon" was premiered today. Check out their sexy longjohns and staches over HERE on mtv.com, which can only be viewed by people in the US, which is really retarded and makes me sad.

EDIT: Here's the video for us non-Americans, provided by the glorious caznorfe (it's slightly out of sync):


Catherine Zeta Jones and kids at celebrity golf tournament/ Jamie Lynn & b/f/ Gwen & Gavin with son

Actress Catherine Zeta Jones, 38, receives some support from her children Dylan Michael, 7, and Carys Zeta, 4 ½, at her husband Michael Douglas' celebrity golf tournament today in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Casey Aldridge, 19, and pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, are spotted out and about in Kentwood, Louisiana on 2/8.

Singer and fashionista Gwen Stefani along with her rocker husband Gavin Rosdale spent their Sunday afternoon at a playground in Malibu with their son Kingston. Mom and dad were having a good time and Gavin even put Kingston's pacifier in his mouth!

Pretty soon Kingston will have a little brother or sister to play with, since Gwen is expecting her second child!

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Bloods and Crips in Brit's Pap Pack?

The paparazzi war seems to be escalating to a dangerous level, and we aren't just talking about Britney's questionable driving skills.

Gangs have reportedly infiltrated the paparazzi swarm, according to the New York Post. The gangsters have allegedly been hired as muscle in the escalating battle for the perfect shot. (Photography, that is, but who knows...)

The Post says more and more legit photogs are bailing on the Brit beat, like veteran snapper Nick Stern, who quit the Splash agency this month, and said: "I've heard stories of fights, of car tires being slashed, cars being blocked in."

But photo agency heads like X17's Frank Navarre deny they've hired street toughs:

"They may dress like gang members with large pants and tattoos, but to say they're gang members right now, well, real gang members are not into Britney Spears."

Saying they're not gang members "right now" isn't exactly comforting. Yet another reason to recommend Britney get herself a cappuccino machine, hire herself a barista and stay home.


US networks look to Brits for ideas

 LONDON - The Brits continue to bolster U.S. television with some better ideas.

NBC and ABC are vying to adapt the BBC reality series "Who Do You Think You Are?" in which celebrities explore their genealogy. NBC is Americanizing the BBC's unscripted car-culture series, "Top Gear," as well as the reality show "The Baby Borrowers," where kids find out what it's like to be parents.

David E. Kelley is making a pilot for ABC based on the hit British series "Life on Mars," about a politically incorrect cop and the time-traveler who has to work with him.

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leighton is love

New Gossip Girl!

TV Guide Photobooth Scans:

Source: TV Guide, my scanner and I



Executive Producer Josh Schwartz: "If the strike is over, then on behalf of Chuck and Gossip Girl we are all thrilled to get back to work. Both shows will be back for more episodes—when, I can't quite say, though Gossip Girl will most likely be on as soon as possible. Chuck may not be back until fall to relaunch with Heroes, or it may be back sooner, but both will be back!"

What We're Hearing: Umm...Ditto what Schwartz says. Expect lots more Gossip Girl this season (the CW is crazy for this show and has requested an additional nine episodes to air this season), while Chuck is likely to return in the fall for its second season.


Dolly Parton Postpones Tour, Blames Breasts

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dolly Parton's breasts may be two of the wonders of the world, but the country music icon says they are a pain in her back.

Parton, 62, said Monday she would postpone her upcoming North American tour after doctors told her to take it easy for six to eight weeks to rest her sore back.

"Hey, you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don't have back problems," the folksy singer-songwriter said in a statement.

The tour was due to begin Feb. 28 in Minneapolis, two days after the release of "Backwoods Barbie," her first album of mainstream country music in 17 years. She hopes to hit the road in late April.

Parton, also famous for her big voice, big wigs and big smile, has long joked about her famous bust. When she received a songwriters award in New York last year, she noted that she's been known for two things throughout her career.

"I'm talking about my music and my lyrics,"
she said.

Parton, a member of both the country music and songwriters halls of fame, has been enjoying a renaissance since she released the first of a trio of bluegrass-tinged albums in 1999.

As with other veterans such as Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, Parton found that she was no longer welcome at country radio, and changed tack by delving into roots music. Her releases garnered widespread critical acclaim and a fond examination of her 40-year career.


Carrie Underwood and Her Dog at LAX

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wearing a pink skull and crossbones bandana and a pair of celebrity shades, country star Carrie Underwood tried to sneak her way through Los Angeles International Airport unnoticed on Monday (February 11).

Looking ultra casual and carrying her pup, Underwood is coming off of a good night at the Grammys, having won best female country vocal performance and best new artist (That was last year, right?).

Besides racking up trophies, Underwood also hit the Grammy stage to perform “Before He Cheats” for the Staples Center crowd.

Wearing skimpy black shorts and thigh high black boots, her “super sexy” performance is widely considered a pleasant surprise - departing from her typically family-friendly routine.

Enjoy the pictures of Carrie and her pooch at LAX airport on Monday (February 11) below:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Bollywood stars getting hitched

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MUMBAI: Actor Saif Ali Khan has set media speculation to rest by saying actress Kareena Kapoor and he "would certainly be getting married in the next three to four years." The two have been going steady for some time now.

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Source 1 2

I know there are at least a few other ONTDers who are interested in Bollywood news. I'm in the middle of a Bollywood marathon right now, so I've been googling the actors nonstop.

I'm also in the middle of watching Omkara - which is an unbelievably good movie - and imagine my surprise when I found out that Iago and Desdemona are ~in love~ IRL. I love how incestuous Bollywood is; everyone is either related or dating.

Siegfried & Roy to Make Comeback - One-Night-Only

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn plan to make a one-night-only comeback next February, performing their signature show at a fundraiser more than five years after a tiger attack ended their long-running production on the Las Vegas Strip.

Fischbacher, 68, and Horn, 63, will perform at the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute's "Keep Memory Alive" fundraiser at a location yet to be confirmed. This year, tickets to the charity dinner cost $1,500; the event raised more than $12 million.

Horn was critically injured when the white tiger, Montecore, sank its teeth into his neck and dragged him offstage in front of a horrified audience at The Mirage in October 2003, ending one of the most successful casino shows in Las Vegas history. 

The pair have said they believed Montecore sensed Horn was having a ministroke and was dragging him to safety, rather than attacking him. 

Publicist Dave Kirvin said Monday the German-born duo are working out plans for the act, adding that he would be "very surprised if animals were not part of the performance." 

"Siegfried and Roy and white lions and other endangered animals go hand in hand," he said. 

The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, designed by architect Frank Gehry, is set to open in downtown Las Vegas next year.
On the Net:
Siegfried & Roy: http://www.siegfriedandroy.com
Lou Ruvo Brain Institute: http://www.keepmemoryalive.org 

Yahoo! via AP


Hey there beautiful, when did you get pregnant?

Legendary lothario JACK NICHOLSON uses a foolproof pick-up line to win over the opposite sex - he asks women if they are pregnant.

The As Good As It Gets star, whose ex-girlfriends include Lara Flynn Boyle and Anjelica Huston, admits women expect him to be a smooth-talker - so he catches them off guard with insults.
He says, "You walk up to someone you like and you're feeling relaxed, they think, 'Oh, here comes the shark' and you say to them, 'When did you get pregnant?' You will have somebody off balance after that particular line." And the Hollywood veteran admits that despite reaching 70, he is still pursuing women, "It's not just one romance, you want a lot more."


So what do you think are the best pick up lines?
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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Monday, February 11 2008 @ 04:57:52 CST

Pop acts on television this week include:

Natasha Bedingfield, who performs on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on Monday.

Enrique Iglesias, who performs on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Monday.

James Blunt, who performs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday.

Tyler Hilton, who visits 'The Sauce' and 'Total Request Live' on Monday.

Maroon 5, who perform on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Tuesday.

Ferras, who performs on 'Today' on Tuesday.

David Cassidy, who performs on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on Tuesday.

Idina Menzel, who performs on 'The View' on Wednesday.

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Monday, February 11 2008 @ 05:01:32 CST

Rock acts on television this week include:

Daughtry, who perform on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday.

Panic! at the Disco, who check in via webcam to 'Total Request Live' on Monday.

Simple Plan, who perform on 'The Sauce' on Monday.

OK Go, who perform with Bonerama on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Monday.

Poison frontman Bret Michaels, who performs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Thursday.

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


'Passion' Screenwriter Sues Mel Gibson

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The co-screenwriter of The Passion of the Christ has sued Mel Gibson for $5 million, alleging Gibson conspired against him to deprive him of fair compensation and keep more money for himself.

In the 21-page complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Benedict Fitzgerald accuses Gibson of fraud, breach of contract and unfair business practices.

"Gibson preyed monetarily on Ben, taking advantage of his unbridled enthusiasm for the project and with full cognizance of Ben's fundamental personal and spiritual beliefs," the lawsuit says.

Fitzgerald claims Gibson, who also takes a screenwriting credit on the 2004 film, engaged in a "chronic and conspiratorial pattern of deceit," telling Fitzgerald he'd be working on a small, $4 million to $7 million project that would yield little money for Fitzgerald and none for Gibson.

Although by some accounts the film grossed over $600 million worldwide, Fitzgerald complains he was paid $75,000 and that he had to borrow $200,000 from Gibson for expenses.

Representatives for Gibson could not be reached for comment.


Another Day, Another Drama

Life & Style has obtained a letter from Mark Vincent Kaplan, delivered to Michael Sands (Sam Lutfi's new publicist / Mark Vincent Kaplan's previous legal partner), requesting "copies of any documents you [Sands] intend to produce in response to the subpoena so that we may review the documents to determine any appropriate objection and basis for protective order."

What is Kaplan trying to hide?

An insider tells the magazine: "Mark wants all emails, hand written records, notes, meeting notes, phone call notes and records, anything that has to do with his client Kevin Federline, to be handed over. He doesn't want anyone seeing the things that have been said privately, and doesn't want anyone to know about the secret plans and quotes said behind closed doors with regards to Britney."

The source goes on to say, "there are a lot of people that are starting to see that what's going on is not as pretty as it seems. Britney is mentally ill, and Kevin and Mark Vincent Kaplan have been making her look bad, taking her to court, keeping her from the kids."

This is getting dirty.

The Federline Kids with Kevin... I mean their nanny

source: BreatheHeavy.com and X17.com
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Overheard at the Grammy Awards

Quotes from the Grammy Awards:

"You know it's been 43 years since the first and only time that a jazz artist got the album of the year award. I'd like to thank the academy for courageously breaking the mold this time. — Herbie Hancock on winning the album of the year award for "River: The Joni Letters."
"The record of the year is the ultimate Grammy. It means that you had yourself a pretty big slammy." — will.i.am during his medley of record-of-the-year winners.
"I just got an award given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye? ... Just kidding." — Vince Gill, accepting the award for best country album from Ringo Starr.
"I appreciate everything and I know you are really proud of me right now and I know you wouldn't want me to stop and you'd want me to be the No. 1 artist in the world. And Mama, all I'm gonna do is keep making you proud." — Kanye West, speaking about his late mother as he accepted the award for rap album.
"It's a pity Amy isn't here, but oh well, God bless her." — Ringo Starr on Grammy winner Amy Winehouse, who couldn't obtain a visa in time to attend the show.
"I think it's a great, great song, I think it's a great, brilliantly produced album and I think we all hope she gets better." — Josh Groban on Amy Winehouse.
"She's walking her walk. We all have a walk in life, we have hard and difficult times and going through that chaos often leads to clarity." — Chaka Khan on Amy Winehouse.
"Dad, I know I promised I'd give you my first Grammy, but we might have to fight for this one." — Rihanna accepting the award for rap/sung collaboration.

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terry richardson

paris hilton is an ugly useless cunt

The gloves came off between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton over the weekend as both flopped songstresses tried to get the attention of Timbaland at the superproducer’s Pre-Grammys party in Hollywood on Friday night. Walking into Avalon Nightclub, an enraged Lindsay pointed at Paris and snarled: “What the hell is that bitch doing here? I didn’t know she was on the list.” Paris promptly spat back: “Fuck off, you bitch.”

“Both of them want to work with Timbaland to revive their faltering music careers,” says a spy.
“Both saw the party as an ideal way of getting him on side - but they didn’t count on the other being there.”


this story is probably fake but paris hilton still needs to gtfo

People still support Britney

Lynne Spears asked for prayers. The Web answered.

As Britney Spears' problems have mounted, online support campaigns have sprung into action, offering the troubled pop star good vibes, inspirational poems and even the promise of her own day.

Megan Carruth, a 25-year-old online marketer from Minnesota, launched one of the sites, Prayers for Britney (prayersforbritney.com), in January after hearing Spears' mother, Lynne, respond to her daughter's first hospitalization by issuing a modest request: "Just say prayers."

Carruth's site went up five days later. The pep talks, the positive thoughts, and, more than anything, the commiserating commenced shortly thereafter. A sampling:

• "I am 31 and a divorced mother of 3. I am thankful that my ex-husband didnt [sic] have the money to contest the divorce and custody of my children...Stay prayed-up and stay strong."
• "darling britney—take care of yourself, keep yourself safe--if you feel low wait it out, it passes then pick up the pieces and carry on."
• "Even if you don't want people to pray for you !! We will still be there for you!! Please, Honey Reach out to someone, Reach out to your Friends!! They can help you!!"

In all, there are nearly 200 posts. Carruth says she's heard from thousands more. So far, all but one of the emails has expressed support.

"I think that's pretty gosh darn impressive," Carruth says.

Over at the Official Support Britney Blog (supportbritneyspearsblog.blogspot.com), started only days ago, a drive is afoot for a National Support Britney Spears Day, one month from now, on Mar. 1.

"To show your solidarity," the site encourages, "sport your Brit tees and gear, pick up a copy of Blackout, or just blast 'Piece of Me' while driving down the pike!"

The official Spears site run by the singer's record label, Britney.com, has also become a repository of encouraging words. (Not blessed with the anti-bashing rule as enforced by the likes of Prayers for Britney, its message boards have also become a forum for rants against everybody from Dr. Phil to Spears' pregnant younger sister, Jamie Lynn.)

If there was any question as to what it is about Spears that has so inspired, then Carruth, for one, has an answer.

"She's a human being, she's struggling, she's hurting...and that makes me sad," says Carruth. "I hope that she gets well in the same way anyone who's sick and hurting gets well."

The congregation of Southland Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, expressed the same hope last fall when it shipped off as many as 500 letters of support to the Grammy winner.

The campaign generated headlines, but, according to Cindy Willison, the church's communications and ministry services director, no response from Spears or her camp.

"I'm sure that people in that business are probably suspicious of any outreach to them," Willison said this week.

Still, the online effort goes on. Carruth says she would be "absolutely thrilled" if Spears happened to read her users' posts.

"They're very, very heartfelt," Carruth says.

And compared to the rest of the virtual, if not real, world, her site, she says, "is a safe place."


I understand people still supporting her. Ive been a dedicated fan of Britney since 1999, and im not going to stop liking her because shes going through a rough patch. Shes still Britney.

Also, get over the old picture. I can use whatever photo I want. Every public figure has their share of good and bad pictures.

Survivor Castmates Lesbian Lip Lock!


Past and current Survivor contestant, Ami Cusack and Survivor Cook Islands cast member, Jessica ‘Flicka’ Smith heated things up outside the premiere party for cast members last week.

The bash was held at The Whiskey in NYC and according to the manager, John Bracciante, CBS banned all media and cell phones. So The Sun’s Paul Heyman and crew decided to hang out on the street and interview those who came out for a breath of fresh air or to smoke.

Along comes Ami, and Paul starts talking to her - until they are interrupted by Flicka. Ami, who is openly bisexual, was obviously happy to see her as she immediately embraced her and the two made out. Keep in mind, this is in the middle of an interview, so the cameras were rolling. The girls didn’t seem to care and I’m sure Paul didn’t mind the interruption.

See the video here!


Text: http://www.celebritysmackblog.com/2008/02/11/survivor-cast-mates-lesbian-lip-lock/#comment-12022

Pic (and more pics of the kiss): www.heymanhustle.com 

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sandra oscar

Grammys hit low note

NEW YORK -- Sunday night's Grammy Awards dominated primetime, but the telecast fell to its lowest ratings with adults 18-49 since at least 1992.

The three-hour telecast averaged 18.2 million viewers and a 6.9 rating/16 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to preliminary estimates. That's the third-lowest viewership since Nielsen began electronic monitoring, as well.

Most of the other networks were in repeats against the Grammys, although ABC saw some success earlier in the night with "America's Funniest Home Videos" (9.6 million, 3.0/8) and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (15.7 million, 5.4/12). But everyone else had a rough time including a one-hour repeat "Family Guy" (6.9 million, 3.3/7), an original ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" (8.6 million, 3.1/8) and the entire CW schedule. "Brothers & Sisters" fell to its lowest original rating in its two-year history.

CBS (16.9 million, 5.8/14) led the night in viewership and 18-49 over ABC (12.4 million, 4.3/10); NBC (5.9 million, 2.1/5); Fox (7.4 million, 3.2/8); and The CW (951,000, 0.3/1).

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/ratings/e3ia5690166f1f371d4e8ae2b9c3742fa8b
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ABC 08-09 renewals

ok i am not taking the video off though. it's a masterpiece.

ABC Gives 2008-09 Pick-Ups to Nine Shows

'Pushing Daisies,' 'Dirty Sexy Money,' 'Lost,' 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Desperate Housewives' are among those returning

ABC has picked up nine of its most successful scripted shows for the 2008-09 season, including first-year offerings "Pushing Daisies," [BACK IN 08 "Private Practice," "Samantha Who?" and "Dirty Sexy Money."

In addition to those four new shows, ABC gave no-brainer early pick-ups to "Desperate Housewives," "Grey's Anatomy," "Lost," "Ugly Betty" and "Brothers & Sisters."

"The strength of our schedule this fall was unprecedented and speaks for itself," says Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment. "We're looking forward to building on that success."

None of ABC's pick-ups can be considered a real surprise and a number of programs on the network's schedule remain currently unrenewed, including freshman drama "Women's Murder Club," the Emmy-winning "Boston Legal" and "Men in Trees," which still has an unholy number of unaired episodes in the can.

A more interesting question isn't which ABC shows will be back next season, but which ABC shows will be back with new episodes later this season.

With the writers strike finally at an end, networks will have to decide which shows will be put back into production to yield fresh installments later in the spring and which will just hold off for next fall. It's expected, for example, that ABC will get new episodes of "Samantha Who?" but that "Private Practice," "Pushing Daisies" and "Dirty Sexy Money" are all done for this season. Also expected to shoot new episodes are "Desperate Housewives," "Grey's Anatomy," "Ugly Betty," "Boston Legal" and "Brothers & Sisters."

Thus far, there's no word on the fate of "Cavemen" and "According to Jim."

brought to you by zap2it and ytmnd

here's a list of shows updated hourly thanks undersea

Tyra is a bitch

Thirty-nine year old Jodi Hughes was ecstatic when she discovered that her children, seventeen year old Jordan and ten year old Nick, had secretly submitted her name for a “Holiday Girl Party!” makeover on an episode of the Tyra Banks Show after she’d been diagnosed with Stage Four cervical cancer and lupus. Jodi has been left begging for an apology after what she claims was humiliation and mistreatment at the hands of Tyra.

From the moment the family of three stepped off of the plane, they sensed there would be trouble:

“Jordan and Nick-who is legally blind-were left sitting on a curb outside the studio lot for hours with no food, no phone, and no money while Jodi underwent her “transformation,” according to a National Enquirer report.

Jodi says her highly-anticipated makeover turned out to be nothing more than “a new dress and a cheap, painful hair weave.”

In fact, Tyra’s hair weave sent Jodi to the ER:

“Her scalp became so badly infected from the hair extensions she received from the show that she had to have them surgically removed in the emergency room!”

The Bettendorf, Iowa native tells The National Enquirer:

“Do you know what it’s like to grow your own hair again after months of chemotherapy-only to have it all chopped off again? It’s devastating!”

Tyra later slammed the cancer survivor with a gag order and threats of litigation which prevented from publicly blasting the show for one year.

“We didn’t want a cent from them,” Jodi says. “All we wanted was an apology.”

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Ashlee Simpson In-Store Appearances!

Ashlee Simpson
In-Store Appearances

Thurs Feb 14 @4:30 PM
Wal Mart 15220 MONTFORT DR. DALLAS, TX 75248
Meet Ashlee & get a copy of her new single “Outta My Head” autographed

Thurs Feb 21 @ 4PM
Wal Mart Store #2815 Rolling Meadows, Il (store #2815)
1460 Golf Rd Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Meet Ashlee & get a copy of her new single “Outta My Head” autographed

New York
Mon Feb 25 @ 7PM
Wal Mart Store #5295 Farmingdale, NY 901 Broadhollow Rd
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Meet Ashlee & get a copy of her new single “Outta My Head” autographed


More Club Appearances Added!

Tues Feb 26- New York
Marquee Club
289 Tenth Ave
New York, NY 10001

Thurs Feb 28 - Long Island
Mirage Night Club
737 Merrick Ave
Westbury, NY 11590

geffen records

Celebrity Signings

Julie Andrews
4/2/08 Barnes and Noble- Union Square in New York City
4/8/08 Disneyland in Anaheim, California

Victoria Beckham
2/15/08 Saks- Michigan Avenue in Chicago IL

Jimmy Carter
4/28/08 Barnes and Noble- Fifth Avenue in New York City
4/30/08 Borders Books- North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL

Chelsea Handler
4/23/08 Borders in Boston, MA
4/24/08 16th Street in Oak Brook, IL

Idina Menzel
2/14/08 Borders- Columbus Circle in NYC

Tori Spelling
3/11/08 Borders- Columbus Circle in NYC
3/14/08 Barnes and Noble- Grove Drive in Los Angeles

Gene Wilder
3/17/08 Barnes and Noble- Grove Drive in Los Angeles
3/26/08 Barnes and Noble- Fifth Avenue in NYC
3/29/08 NY Avenue in Huntington, New Jersey


Britney News

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

New documents were filed in the Brit conservatorship hearing last Thursday -- and now we know why the conservators want to give Brit's business manager the ax.

Lawyers for the conservators accused business manager Howard Grossman of ignoring their ground rules. One lawyer wrote in a declaration that she told Grossman "he was not permitted to give Britney any money, credit cards or access to money or credit cards or to meet with her ... at the Beverly Hills Hotel or anywhere else."

The lawyer claims Grossman defied the order by meeting Brit at the Bev Hills Hotel last week. The lawyer, Jeryll Cohen, is pissed off because Grossman also directed Bev Hills Mercedes to deliver one of Britney's cars to the hotel without first getting the conservators' permission. Cohen says Grossman's lame excuse was that "he wanted to build her [Brit's] confidence in him."



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In a declaration filed in the Brit conservatorship case, a lawyer for the conservators accused Sam Lutfi of demanding money from poor Brit.

Attorney Jeryll Cohen wrote, "During the telephone conversation, Mr. Grossman [Brit's business manager] told me that he had numerous e-mails from Osama (Sam) Lutfi in which Mr. Lutfi made various demands, including demands for money. Mr. Grossman told me he did not comply with Mr. Lutfi's demands."

Cohen and the other lawyers have asked the court commissioner to let the conservators fire Mr. Grossman, in part because they say he has refused to provide copies of Lutfi's e-mails to them.

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For ONTD Members in Toronto: Meet Jenny McCarthy...

Win tickets to see Jenny McCarthy exclusively!!
someone get an ONTD sign!!

Jenny will be speaking for the FIRST and ONLY time in Toronto about: A Mother's Intuition - How to Overcome Any Obstacle ~ Recovering Autism... she'll be here Saturday, March 15th and we are giving you a chance to meet her!!

So you want FREE tickets eh?! It's very simple...

Email: info@holisticworld.org

Subject: Is This Happening- Jenny McCarthy Contest

Include in the email your name, email address and phone number and
ANSWER the following question: What famous Canadian comedian is Jenny McCarthy currently dating?

One entry per person. From all entries submitted, ONE lucky winner will be drawn to WIN (2) tickets to Jenny McCarthy’s presentation at the Holistic World Expo-valued over $100. (Each ticket provides access to the show and speakers for the WHOLE weekend!) 


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Jesse Metcalfe Deserves To Get Hit By Other Men

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Following one of the most brutal punches caught on tape, British rapper Mams opens up on why Jesse Metcalfe deserved to be on the receiving end of a fat knuckle sandwich. Mams, a budding rapper whose new album is about to drop, has worked with artists and producers like Snoop Dogg, Joel Madden and Scott Storch. TMZ caught up with the punch-happy rapper in Beverly Hills today -- and he explains his itchy fist flew into Jesse's mug.


Click the picture to view the video
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Miley Cyrus Is Drunk & Clubbing Already

Collapse )

Last Thursday night, Best of Both Worlds baller Miley Cyrus was spotted straddling the curb leaving Club Social in Hollywood. Are her high heels just getting stuck in the grass, or do you think she had a few too many vodka and tonics in the club filled with much older, attractive men? From what we've seen with Lindsay Lohan and other fallen starlets, it's obvious that celebrities can drink at any age in Hollywood. Do you think Miley is already getting tipsy?

source oceanUP

Spokesman Quit Team Federline Over Spears' Attacks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PR guru Michael Sands quit as the spokesman for Kevin Federline's lawyer this week, because he's sick of attacking Britney Spears.

Sands fears attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan has gone too far in his custody battle with Spears, and he felt he could no longer be part of team Federline.

He explains, "This is overkill, it made my stomach turn. Every time we had to go into court, yes we have to protect the kids. But every mother, healthy or unhealthy should see their kids. ... You can't blame someone for mental illness.

"Mark Vincent Kaplan needs to lay off. Everyone has to lay off before Britney dies accidentally."

Sands urges Los Angeles authorities to put "bipolar Britney" in hospital "for a year" and let her see her kids.

Thanks to Kaplan's efforts, Spears has been stripped of her custody and visitation rights to her kids by Federline.

And he thinks it's time for Spears' ex to "step up to the plate" and stop hiding behind his attorney.

Michael Sands, who severed ties with Mark Vincent Kaplan earlier this week, admits he's disturbed about Federline's reluctance to speak publicly about his ex-wife's health issues.

Sands believes Federline is the best parent to govern the former couple's young sons, but the public relations expert would like to see Britney's ex speak out.

He tells Life and Style magazine, "Kevin Federline needs to get on TV and say, 'I'm learning about Britney's bipolar disorder.'

"He needs to step up to the plate and not hide behind the shield of his lawyer and be a man. He could become a hero instead of hiding. ... He's got to step up and help Britney."

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z beach

soo...f*ck lent

Rihanna & Chris Brown post!!

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rihanna...bitch, i.will.cut.you.

oh, and so i think i realized what makes chris' voice so appealing (since ppl always bitch ask). ok, so he's not vocally amazing, so what? but imo, his voice is refreshing & fun. kinda reminds you of the warm spring days of your childhood =)


Amy Winehouse Wins @ Life (Finally)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amy Winehouse couldn't make it to Sunday's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles – but that didn't stop her from stealing the show.

The troubled 24-year-old singer won five awards – including record of the year, song of the year and best new artist – and rocked the crowd with a live-via-satellite rendition of "You Know I'm No Good" and "Rehab."

After her emotional acceptance speech, the Back to Black singer addressed the crowd gathered in London at the Riverside Studios.

"I can't believe I've won five awards," she told the intimate crowd, including her mother Janis, father Mitch and older brother Alex. "It's a shame I couldn't be there to accept the awards, but I'm so proud and happy that I had the opportunity to perform for the Grammys in my hometown of London with my family and friends around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Although the singer received last-minute visa approval to enter the United States, she could not make the trip to Los Angeles in time.

Instead, Winehouse, who checked into a north London rehab facility last month, after she was taped allegedly smoking crack, made Sunday night a family affair.

The Winehouse clan and several of Amy's friends enjoyed a late dinner at London's Riverbank Park Plaza hotel, before heading off to the performance at around 2:30 a.m.

Although the concert location was supposed to be kept secret, and admittance was strictly limited to friends and family, crowds gathered outside the venue chanting "Amy! Amy! Amy!"

Cuba Gooding, Jr. (in town for the BAFTA awards) was on hand to introduce her performance which, thanks to the time difference, kicked off at 3:41 a.m. London time.

Winehouse is continuing with rehab and, according to a statement from her U.S. rep, is "following her treatment plan rigorously and making wonderful progress."

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country lovin'

so it's official or what?

"Here’s another photo from the Grammy events last night. We REALLY love Carrie Underwood’s flapper-esque Naeem Khan dress! It’s a bit of a different look for Carrie, but we think it suits her! Another thing that apparantly suits Carrie is her rumored-beau Chace Crawford. We heard they came into the Sony/BMG party holding hands. Guess the cat’s out of the bag for Carrie and her Gossip Guy."

i dont watch gossip girl or think chace is cute but i still think carrie underwood is a gigantic bitch so chace = too good for her.

source = buzzfoto

Beyonce is Fat

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The famous singer Beyonce Knowles performed at the 50th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last night. Besides her solo performance, she was joined by the legendary Tina Turner.

She changed clothing a number of times during the night. She wore a long silver-blue dress to the awards ceremony. To the delight of the male public, she appeared on stage in ultra short green shorts.

However, it seems that the r’n’b diva has gained a few kilograms, and in doing so, started rumours of an alleged pregnancy. Beyonce has recently married the famous rapper Jay-Z, and they both had their rings tattooed on.

However, she did not manage to leave Tina Turner in her shadow on the stage, because, despite her age, she was still wild during her on stage performance.


and in case you missed it:

Tina Turner > Beyonce x infinity
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Leona Lewis Has Love From Whitney Houston

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Leona Lewis has a new fan - Whitney Houston. After Leona sang at music mogul Clive Davis's do the diva told us: "My God, she's a baby me."

And Leona squealed: "I can't believe Whitney knows who I am."

We were in awe of Whitters' new "taut" looks, a far cry from when she was on crack. So far, we wonder if she's had some surgical help.

Leona is happy now:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


disappointing whitters :(

Paris Hilton Designs Costume For The Pussycat Dolls Birthday Performance

In case of you haven’t heard, Paris Hilton will be shaking her laffy taffy with the Pussycat Dolls in celebration of her twenty-seventh birthday this President’s Day weekend. Paris will ring in her birthday at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge at Caesar’s Palace on Saturday night, and The Hottie & The Nottie star has designed her own skimpy lingerie for her birthday night performance with burlesque revue.

“I’m designing my costume, something sexy. I’m gonna practice all week… I’ve been the emcee for the Dolls, but this will be my first time singing and performing with them. I’m totally nervous but it should be fun.”



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Looking toned, trim and glowing with health, Mariah Carey was recently snapped frolicking on a beach in the Caribbean. There was no sign of the plumpish curves that were apparent last year, when the singer stepped out in a tight-fitting black dress. And it is all down to Mariah - who turns 38 next month - changing her lifestyle in a bid to keep pace with younger stars.

Her decision to shape up came after she ballooned from a UK size 8 to a size 14 six months ago. For Mariah, it was a crisis point. A source close to the star tells us: "She kept having to raid old closets for bigger clothes or buy new stuff.

Finally, she just said to herself: 'You're stronger than this - you can be any size you want.'"

Mariah is not alone in hitting a low as she nears 40. New research by Warwick University found that women are programmed to get depressed as they hit their 40s, confirming the theory of a "mid-life crisis". The good news is - as Mariah proves - it's never too late to regain your sexy shape by making diet and lifestyle changes. Mariah lost two stone and regained her fab figure by following a low-fat diet of fish, soups, veg and fruit - lots of blueberries, plums and grapes, which contain anti-ageing antioxidants.

She told a friend: "I discovered that I actually like munching on carrots, celery and even broccoli. "I still eat a lot of bland fish and soups but I've almost cut out the snacking on chips and cookies. "That stuff was really adding to the weight-gain and giving my skin an unattractive, waxy look. But I don't miss the junk food at all now."

Thrilled with the results of her new regime, she told a friend: "I'm muscular and have a butt and thighs, so I'll never be as skinny as Paris Hilton. "But I think I look good and I feel good, too. I hope I'm turning a few heads for a while to come."

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Stephanie McMahon is pregnant

According to wrestlingnewsdesk.com, Stephanie McMahon-LeVesque is pregnant with a 2nd child. Stephanie is the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and wife of Raw superstar Triple-H (Paul Michael LeVesque) is due in July, according to several different sources within World Wrestling Entertainment.


Robbie Williams hits the slopes

Robbie Williams, singer, hotness, and cad in general, but in a fun way, was spotted in Mammoth, CA getting his snow on.  No word on if he's a skiier or a snowboarder, but he looks like he had a good time.  Or maybe he just liked the lodge part where you get to drink some coffee after a hard day on the mountain. Yes, I said Robbie Williams and coffee in the same sentence, he's sober now, right?

He was joined by friend, Max Beesley.

Looking good though... why don't I go to Mammoth...

ha ha ha ...

Bond video/news.

(Click the picture or source to go to a video about the Panama shoot.)



Production crew left shaken and stirred when robbed by locals

James Bond has a new enemy – Panamanian gangsters who are terrifying the makers of his next film Quantum Of Solace - reports the Daily Star.

007 bosses have started filming in Panama City for the Casino Royale follow-up starring Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton.

But an advance party of crew members were left shaken and stirred when they were robbed by locals.

The film-makers then asked a local gang for help, a move which only enraged a rival mob who themselves vowed to target the movie team.

So Bond chiefs also tried to make peace with the second gang – although muggings and theft of equipment has continued.

They have also put local police on the case, who have their very own licence to kill because they have vowed to shoot on sight anyone hassling film-makers.

Our source said: “They’re very worried that the cops will actually kill someone. It’s getting very tense.”

Panama officials are furious since they hoped the production would bring welcome publicity and an economic boost to the Central American country.

The Bond crew will film for a week at the Cultural Institute in Panama City’s Old Town, which has been kitted out to look like a hotel.

One scene will feature an assassin trying to kill Bond in the hotel lift, claim sources.

Film-makers also plan to shoot scenes in Panama’s northern province of Colón and then move to Italy to film a classic Bond car chase featuring 150mph supercars and massive explosions.


African Americans "outraged" by offensive T-shirt.

At least I'm guessing they are. Aren't they?

In, possibly, the worst "Stand By Your Man" moment, Kelis donned a jacket with the N-word bedazzled on her back at the 2008 Grammy Awards show. We can assume the singer's bad taste was an attempt to support her husband, rap star Nas, who caught flack in November when he announced that his 10th studio album would be entitled [insert the N-word here].

Nas is no stranger to controversy. The rapper released 'Hip-hop Is Dead' in 2006 and ruffled feathers as he criticized the entire genre. Critics and hip-hop elite alike assumed the rap star was directing his angst toward Southern hip-hop, which has been accused of lowering the standards of rap with its lack of solid lyrical content. The album was slated for a February release, but a single has yet to be dropped.

Source: SOHH.com

Justin Chambers is doing just fine after stay at UCLA Medical Center


Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers is said to be doing “just fine” after his brief stay at the psychiatric ward of the UCLA Medical Center, according to his co-star Chandra Wilson. The actor, who plays Dr. Alex Karev, voluntarily checked himself in to the hospital at the end of January to seek help for a “sleeping disorder.”

Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on the show, says that her colleague is recovering well. She said, “Everybody goes through stuff. It’s no different than anybody else in the world. We just happen to be in the public eye…..Justin’s doing just fine.”

source: www.icydk.com
  • ohh_hay

Pee on Me, Bobby B.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, now it comes out that the King of R&B is a sleepwalker who pees.

The 39-year-old singer Bobby Brown was caught on camera trying to urinate on Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider on the U.S. Big Brother-style country music show Gone Country. The "Don't Be Cruel" chart-topper walked up to Snider in his sleep and dropped his pants.

"I’m laying in my bed and all of a sudden I hear Bobby Brown stirring. He started walking over to my night table and he was getting his junk out. First of all, I thought I was going to be raped by Bobby Brown. Then I was like, 'He’s going to pee on me.' I started snapping my fingers to get his attention and I'm shouting, 'Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! That's the toilet over there!' Next thing he headed to the door of the room and was about to pee there - so I'm shouting, 'No, no!' His next stop was our closet, I was picturing him spraying all our clothes down, I'm like, 'No, no!' Finally, he went into the bathroom and heard it hit water, rather than tile or wall.”

An apologetic Brown said: "This sleepwalking has been bothering me for years. I need help. If there's anyone out there who helps sleepwalkers who pee, please call me."



Sienna Miller passes her driving test at 26-years-old


Sienna Miller will no longer have to rely on chauffeurs and taxis to travel, because she has finally passed her driving test. She was handed her drivers license after taking the test twice, and has reportedly splashed on a $60,000 sports car to celebrate.

She says, “On my first test, they asked me to reverse into a bay of cones. I put my foot down, reversed at high velocity and completely flattened the cones. I did the girlie thing and burst into tears, but the instructor was having none of it. He told me to get out of the car and apply for another test.”

And the 26-year-old was so determined to pass, she signed up for a week’s worth of intensive lessons and took the test again. “I passed on the second attempt a few weeks ago. I’ll be in LA for the next few months filming the movie GI Joe and it’s like a ghost town if you can’t drive.”

source: www.icydk.com 

Michelle Heads Back to Work

After attending a memorial for Heath Ledger in Australia on Saturday, Michelle Williams was seen in New York City on Monday [see post below for strangely inappropriate picture] 

She was in town to shoot additional scenes for her upcoming movie Mammoth.

On Saturday, Ledger, Williams' ex and the father of 2-year-old Matilda, was memorialized in his hometown of Perth, Australia. A service attended by hundreds and private funeral was held for 10 of his close friends and family.

After the service, guests ran into the nearby ocean. "After a while Michelle Williams came down and went swimming in her dress. Security guards were waiting for her with a towel when she emerged," a witness told Usmagazine.com.

"Everyone in the water started slapping the water and shouting, 'Heath,' in kind of mass relief that the stress of the occasion was behind them," the witness added.




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Paris Hilton left her pussycat at the vet almost two weeks ago and still hasn't gone back to get her. And now, the woman from whom Paris adopted the cat says Paris can't have the cat back -- because she's abandoned it!

TMZ has learned that Miss P adopted the puddy tat -- which she named Prada -- at the Kris Kelly Foundation last May, about a week before she headed to Lynwood Jail. After Paris was released, we're told she knew she had to have Prada neutered, but didn't get around to it a few weeks ago, on January 30.

But here's the problem -- nobody came back for Prada! About a week later, Kris Kelly herself called Paris to find out what happened, but she still hasn't heard back as to what to do with Paris' pussy.

Paris' people say this is nothing to meow about. The cat was to be dropped off to be neutered and then delivered to one of Paris' peeps. That apparently hasn't happened yet. But Kris tells us that it's "a clear-cut case of abandonment" (no pun intended, we think) and has decided not to return the cat.


omg Paris bad pet owner!
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She's Back from Iraq!

After leaving the US earlier this week for a UN Refugee mission to Iraq, Angelina Jolie was back at LAX.  She's still wearing that trench coat and doing that annoying "cover the baby bump with my very large bag" trick.  I really hope she does not think she's fooling anyone.  But I'm sure that there's a part of her that believes if she doesn't mention it, it isn't happening and no one cares.  And I don't know why we care either.  It's biology, not a miracle people.


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by Pamela Chelin

"Starting Out In The Evening", shot in a mere 18 days, is the latest film from New York writer/director Andrew Wagner. An adaptation of Brian Morton's novel of the same name, the story centers upon a famous aging novelist, Leonard Schiller (Frank Langella) whose books have gone out of print. As he tries to write what could very well be his last novel, he is struggling against writer's block and life, itself, when Heather, a young master's thesis student (Lauren Ambrose) enters his life creating an interesting and challenging dynamic between the two characters. Meanwhile, Leonard's only daughter, Ariel (Lili Taylor), a pilates instructor who is approaching forty, is at a crossroads in her life. While her biological clock ticks, the time left in her romantic relationship may be ticking rapidly, too. "Starting Out In The Evening" is a well-acted, emotionally affecting story about facing oneself, challenging oneself and making choices.

I had the opportunity to talk with the film's down-to-earth star, Lili Taylor. The 40 year-old Brooklynite chatted with MMM about the complexities of her newest film role, her love of New York City, giving back to the neighborhood kids, her desire to direct, and, perhaps her most challenging role to date-motherhood.

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Eight Is Enough

What happened to.......

Dick, 79, Willie, 47, and Adam, 39, recently resurfaced at a restaurant in Van Nuys.

Dick has a line of high-end dog food that is intended to be indistinguishable from dishes that a human would eat.

Willie recently appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" and spent years playing Christian superhero, Bibleman.

Adam owns four America's Tires stores in the Sacramento area.


I always think it's interesting to see what happens after people leave television or movies.
I wish more celebrities would leave the industry and get real jobs.......People that come to mind:
Lindsay Lohan, Jesse Metcalf, Tara Reid, Hayden Christensen
(just to name a few).

Who would you want to leave the industry?

Miley Cyrus is a terrible role model

Consumer Reports (via OK! Magazine) is really, really mad at Hannah Montana. Like they aren't going to text or IM her for at least a week. Yeah, they are pissed! They are angry over a little scene in her new 3D concert movie. No the scene doesn't involve drinking, drugging or sexing! It involves seat belts!

They are calling Miley out for a scene in the movie where she's riding in the back of a Range Rover with her daddy. Neither of them are wearing seat belts. The driver should have hit the breaks really hard and watched the Cyrus' fly! Hey! Every good movie needs an action sequence. They even could have gotten that "stunt Hannah Montana" to do it.

Consumer Reports writes:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in about 55 percent of passenger vehicle fatalities in 2006 (the latest data available), the occupants were not wearing seat belts. Even worse, in the 13- to 15-year-old age group, that percentage climbs to 65 percent. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by these grim statistics because a 2002 survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that when parents were dropping teens off at school in the morning, nearly half the teens weren’t using seat belts.

It seems to us that Miley, her father, and Disney had a perfect opportunity to help influence teens and counteract—rather than encourage—this trend. Then again, as Hannah herself sings, "Everybody makes mistakes." Maybe Hannah, Billy and Disney, will take a tip from the rest of Hannah’s song and get it right next time around: "Nobody's Perfect! I gotta work it! Again and again 'til I get it right. Nobody's Perfect!"

Oh snap! They are fucking peeved with lil' Miley. They are even bringing the statistics out. I agree with them, so let's banish Miley for good! Send her to the place where all child stars go....Vh1!


Nicole Richie looks like hell

New mommy, Nicole Richie, was out again last night at a couple of Grammy parties. She was looking a little Rachel Zoe-esque. She didn't have that "hungry for virgin blood" look on her face the way Rachel does, but she definitely had a little essence of Zoe. It's sort of like the essence of Clenbuterol.

She needs to go home and SLEEP.


Reese: I Want My Kids Teased and Bullied!

Who doesn’t have ’Nam-like flashbacks to a childhood of being tormented mercilessly? (Try growing up with the last name “Hancock” — we’ve heard ’em all, folks.)

Reese Witherspoon’s new film, Penelope, is about a girl who stumbles through life as an outcast because she has pig ears and a snout. If you guessed that there’s some sort of lesson in there about inner beauty, then it looks like repeating second grade worked out for you — congrats!

See what Reese had to say about the film on Good Morning America after the jump…

On being made fun of:
“Those are sort of formative experiences. I wouldn’t want my children to miss out on any of that teasing and bullying. Don’t you think it kind of makes you who you are — when you don’t make the soccer team?”

On kids today being overpraised:
“That’s the thing that drives me crazy about today: Everybody wins the award, everybody’s the MVP? No! They’re not, OK? I distinctly recall the two weeks of crying because I didn’t make the volleyball team. But it made me interesting, you know?”

On life post-divorce:
“I feel very grateful. I’m really lucky… I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. It wasn’t easy. But I’m finding some peace.”

On making Valentines with her kids:
“It’s too fun. It’s like having a second childhood. You get to do it all over again.”

On being the highest-paid actress in Hollywood:
“I think you only see the success because that’s the thing that screams the loudest. The failures don’t talk so loud. I’ve had movies that were stinkeroos!”

On being grateful for her awkward childhood:
“I was always really short and really underdeveloped and had big Coke bottle glasses. I think that’s where I got a personality from, man. I wouldn’t give any of it back, not a day.”

Oh Reese, we’ll see your Coke bottle glasses, and we’ll raise you braces with overbite-correcting rubber bands in neon pink and green (it seemed like a good idea at the time.)
Circus Tour


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Lindsay Lohan Taps Ne-Yo for Upcoming Project

While photogs snapped shots on the 2008 Grammy Awards red carpet, R&B sensation Ne-Yo confirmed rumors that he'll be working with Lindsay Lohan on her upcoming project.

Lohan had a turbulent 2007 with a stint in rehab and multiple arrests, including a July 24, 2007 arrests for possession of cocaine and transportation of a narcotic, but the actress/singer is prepping the follow-up to her 2005 sophomore effort 'A Little More Personal (Raw).' There's also been rumors that 50 Cent will make an appearance on Lohan's forthcoming album.

Ne-Yo has confirmed rumours that he is collaborating with Lindsay Lohan.

Speaking at last night's Grammy Awards, the rapper told E! that he was currently working on material for the actress.

He said: "I think that Lindsay is one of those people that when she's focused, she can accomplish anything.

"They said they wanted something kinda dancey, kinda up-tempo, so that's what I'm going to give her."

He added that he would not tolerate any unprofessional behaviour from the star, saying: "You come to the studio with me, you come to work."


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Lenny Kravitz Hospitalized in Miami

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 11) - Rock star Lenny Kravitz was admitted to a Miami hospital Monday suffering from severe bronchitis, a spokeswoman for the singer said.

The 43-year-old musician had been suffering from a series of severe respiratory tract infections in tandem with the flu since mid-January, and the illness has evolved into bronchitis.

"Due to extreme dehydration and fatigue, doctors were unable to control it with outpatient treatment and advised the singer to check into the hospital. He was taken this morning to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami for immediate treatment," the spokeswoman said in a statement.

Details on his condition and expected length of stay were not immediately available.

His illness forced him to postpone a trip to Europe to promote his album "It Is Time For a Love Revolution," which was released last week.

Kravitz, famed for his hippie-influenced lyrics, rose to fame in the 1990s with such tunes as "Are You Gonna Go My Way" and the Grammy-winning "Fly Away."

From here.
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Finally.. Someone good in GI JOE! Who?? Dr. Who, that's who!

Dr. Who Joins G.I. Joe

Destro recast with Eccleston.

by Stax

February 11, 2008 - It looks like relatively unknown Irish actor David Murray won't be playing Destro in the G.I. Joe movie after all. The lead villain role has reportedly recast, with English actor Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who, 28 Days Later) now playing the Scottish arms dealer.

According to IESB.net, the last minute casting change is due to Murray, best known for his role as a jumpy thug in Batman Begins, not being able to score a visa in time to work in the U.S.

G.I. Joe begins filming this week in Los Angeles under the direction of Stephen Sommers. The cast includes Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Marlon Mayans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

- Fox Walden

Christopher Eccleston in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

Eccleston's credits include The Others, eXistenZ, Elizabeth, and Shallow Grave. He most recently appeared in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising as the villainous Rider, and he also did a stint on the TV series Heroes as "Claude."

{art} sweetest music to my ears.

Since there was a Dirty Jobs post earlier...

'Mythbusters' Gets All 'MacGyver' On Us

What do you get when you take one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows, and combine it with one of the kitschiest shows the late 1980’s and early 1990’s had to offer? I dare say you get pretty darn good television. For their 100th episode, airing February 20, the crew over at Mythbusters are tackling some of the most famous impromptu inventions by mullet bearing TV star MacGyver.

In a preview clip screened by B&C, Adam and Jamie test to see whether pure sodium, immersed in water, can really cause an explosive chemical reaction big enough to bust down a wall. The small scale results looked promising.
The team will also see if it is possible to build a plane a plane out of bamboo, duct tape and a small engine (below). The episode will conclude with a MacGyver challenge, pitting co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman against one another in a timed competition to see who can match MacGyver’s creativity in picking locks, developing film with household liquids, building a compass and designing a homemade signaling device for attracting the attention of a rescue helicopter.

Mythbusters originally started out testing urban legends, such as whether a magnet could erase your credit card (no) or whether eating poppy seed muffins can cause you to fail a drug test (yes), but in recent seasons the show has really let loose on Hollywood myths and viewer recommendations. Mythbusters recently aired a pair of specials examining some movie myths from the James Bond flicks.
Mary Donahue, the production executive in charge of the show for Discovery Channel, told B&C that the show is expanding their reach and testing common sayings (the show recently tested to see just how easy it is to shoot fish in a barrel and whether a lead balloon could actually fly).

In addition, the show has big plans for future seasons, including working with NASA to debunk moon landing conspiracy theorists. Adam Savage has also said in interviews that one experiment that he would love to run would be a test of natural selection, though he acknowledged that there are obvious technical problems in running an experiment of that scale.

The fact that they test such a wide range of myths, both plausible and far fetched, is a big part of the show’s appeal. After all, how many shows would celebrate a 100th episode with a tribute to MacGyver? For most programs it would be ridiculous, for the Mythbusters it makes perfect sense. Now if only they could test the myth of whether Richard Dean Anderson knew how ridiculous his hair looked, I would all be set.

source it.

Sorry mods about the last submission. I fixed it now!
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Tolkien Estate files suit against New Line Cinema- Might delay THE HOBBIT

Bleurgh. And things were starting to look oh so fantatic. 

By ALEX VEIGA, AP Business Writer 2 hours, 22 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES - The estate of "Lord of the Rings" creator J.R.R. Tolkien is suing the film studio that released the trilogy based on his books, claiming the company hasn't paid it a penny from the estimated $6 billion the films have grossed worldwide.

The suit, filed Monday, claims New Line was required to pay 7.5 percent of gross receipts to Tolkien's estate and other plaintiffs, who contend they only received an upfront payment of $62,500 for the three movies before production began.

The writer's estate, a British charity dubbed The Tolkien Trust, and original "Lord of the Rings" publisher HarperCollins filed the lawsuit against New Line Cinema in Los Angeles Superior Court. If successful, it could block the long-awaited prequel to the films.

Robert Pini, a spokesman for Time Warner Inc.'s New Line, declined to comment.

The films — 2001's ""The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," "2002's "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," and 2003's "the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" - have reaped nearly $6 billion combined worldwide, according to the complaint.

The estimate includes everything from box office receipts to revenue from sales of DVDs and other products.

The plaintiffs seek more than $150 million in compensatory damages, unspecified punitive damages and a court order giving the Tolkien estate the right to terminate any rights New Line may have to make films based on other works by the author, including "The Hobbit."

Such an order would scuttle plans by New Line to make a two-film prequel based on "The Hobbit." "Rings" trilogy director Peter Jackson has already signed on to serve as executive producer on the project, which is tentatively slated to begin production next year, with releases planned for 2010 and 2011.

"The Tolkien trustees do not file lawsuits lightly, and have tried unsuccessfully to resolve their claims out of court," Steven Maier, an attorney for the Tolkien estate based in Britain, said in a statement. "New Line has not paid the plaintiffs even one penny of its contractual share of gross receipts despite the billions of dollars of gross revenue generated by these wildly successful motion pictures."

Maier also claims the film studio has blocked the Tolkien estate and the other plaintiffs from auditing the receipts of the last two films.

The lawsuit claims J.R.R. Tolkien established a trust through which he signed a film deal in 1969 with United Artists. After Tolkien's death, his heirs created the charity in the author's name.

Meanwhile, the original agreement terms were picked up by Hollywood Producer Saul Zaentz, who produced an animated film in 1978 based on the "Rings" books, and eventually licensed the rights to make live-action films to New Line.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs said they have spent the years since the movies hit theaters trying to negotiate a settlement with New Line.

Other disputes over the film's earnings have surfaced in recent years.

In 2004, Zaentz sued New Line, claiming the studio cheated him out of $20 million in royalties from the film trilogy, which he optioned to New Line for a percentage of the movies' profits.

He and the film studio reached an out-of-court settlement a year later.

Jackson's production company also tangled with New Line in 2005 over profits from the films. A lawsuit was settled last year.


Alright, what's up with New Line's practices? How many times do these folks have to be sued to get their shit together. I hope this gets settled ASAP cos now that the Writer's Strike is over, this was finally gaining some speed. AH!

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Harlow Made Nicole Hotter

Joel Madden is in love with his new baby daughter, Harlow, and she is in love with ... her mother – at least for now.

She's "definitely a mama's girl," the rocker told PEOPLE before a gig as a deejay at Prive Las Vegas on Friday. "Right now she needs mom because all she does is eat. I have a feeling that when she starts talking she's going to be a daddy's girl."

Harlow Winter Kate Madden, who was born Jan. 11, is the first child for Madden, 28, and girlfriend Nicole Richie, 26.

The night in Las Vegas was the Good Charlotte singer's first one away from his daughter, and the reason he agreed to deejay was because the club donated its door proceeds to the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation, he said.

"It's really hard being away from her. I think after having Harlow we are already in love with being parents," he said. "It's cool to watch Harlow with Nicole because they already have a real special bond. It's cute. I have my own little bond with her too."

As far as Madden's bond with Richie, that's stronger than ever too. "She's a wonderful mother and she looks really hot already," he said. "The girl is gifted, man. Women hate her because she looks good being pregnant and then has the baby and looks sexy. There's something so attractive about her now. It's a motherly glow."

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Josh Duhamel Still Hasn't Dumped Fuggie Fug (WHY?!)

Fergie's Man Balances Golf and Grammys

Fergie's fiancé had one busy weekend! Before the Grammys on Sunday night, Josh Duhamel apparently hadn't seen his woman in weeks. Fergie had been busy touring overseas and reportedly wanted Josh to escort her to Clive Davis' legendary pre-Grammy party on Saturday night.

But Josh was busy playing golf with his boys in Pebble Beach and already had hosting duties at the Dockers Final Round bash that night. The Dutchess ended up hitting the Clive Davis party solo. Luckily, Josh jetted back to L.A. Sunday morning in time to escort his lady to the Grammys, where she performed with John Legend.

And even though she didn't win any awards, the two lovebirds celebrated together afterward, hitting the Universal bash and schmoozing with hip-hop heavyweight Nelly. Looks like Fergie's future hubby has mastered the art of spending quality time with the boys and supporting his sweetie. Well played, Josh!


Star Wars: The Cartoon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Star Wars" is returning to the big screen in animated form.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" will open in theaters on August 15, ahead of a series of 30-minute "mini-movies" that will premiere on the Cartoon Network and TNT cable channels in the fall.

"I felt there were a lot more 'Star Wars' stories left to tell," said "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who will executive produce the project. "I was eager to start telling some of them through animation and at the same time push the art of animation forward."

Both the film and TV mini-movies will mix favorite "Star Wars" heroes such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala with new ones like Anakin's Padawan learner, Ahsoka. Palpatine, Count Dooku and General Grievous round out the cast of sinister villains poised to rule the galaxy. Lucasfilm already has produced more than 30 episodes of "The Clone Wars."


alec and tina looking hot in gotham mag


Fey: Doing It Her Way
When 30 Rock won 2007's Emmy for outstanding comedy series, Tina Fey's little-show-that-could-got the kudos it deserved–and so did Fey, as executive producer and writer.

For Tina Fey, 2007 was a good year—until the beginning of November.

The 30 Rock creator, writer, and star had made it through the first season of her NBC show without it being canceled (despite some less-than-stellar ratings); picked up the Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series; and even found time to star in her own American Express commercial. But in mid-November, when I chat with Fey after her Gotham photo shoot with costar Alec Baldwin, there’s only one thing on her mind: the nine-day-old Writers Guild of America strike.

“This is the first week we’ve really been unemployed, so it’s been OK,” she says. “It still feels like it’s just a snow day. But I’m worried that this will be long, and I’m worried about our crew and the people who need the work on a day-to-day basis.”