February 10th, 2008

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Oh Miley

Ryan Seacrest & Miley Cyrus discuss you know, the important things in life

When Ryan Seacrest asked Miley Cyrus if she had a crush on any of the Jonas Brothers, she said, "Ew, no! If I ever had a crush on any of them, it would be Nick." So Ryan responded, "but you do have a crush on him?" Miley exclaimed:
"Maybe. Stop it! It's his job to look hot, like it's my job to be funny. Someone had a sign that said, I'll fight you for Nick Jonas.' I think she wanted to hit me."

Source: http://oceanup.typepad.com/oceanup/2008/02/miley-cyrus-on.html

"It's his job to look hot"? I'm pretty sure he'd rather be known for being a muscian....
And I bet there are lots of people that would want to hit her. She probably tells Ryan to ask her about Nick in every interview

Andrelliott: Meeting Lee

BLake Lewis Blender Interview

so, the new blender magazine has britney (controversy) spears on the cover.

but inside.
and article on our very own bshorty.
I don't have the magazine yet,
but a friend does and typed up the interview for me.
it is. the lolz.

Do you Rock?
Does the beat-boxing American Idol runner-up indeed...rock?

Ever trash a hotel room?
Oh yeah. My band and I, we throw down.

Worst rumor about you?
I'm gay.

Largest number of people you've woken up next to?
Five maybe? Maybe more were scattered around the room. There've been nights of deabuchery.

Biggest celebrity whose home you've gotten drunk in?
Rupert Murdoch. A bunch of celebs were there: Tom Cruise, Tom from myspace. It was surreal.

Worst tour horror story?
I go commando onstage, and once my jeans crotch ripped and my penis fell out.

Ever been declared legally dead?
Almost. I built an igloo and stayed in it for a week when I was 13, and I almost got frostbite.

Ever wreck a car?
I did. It was icy out, and my bitchin' Camaro slid and hit a tree. It was cool!

Ever harbor a fugitive of the law?
No, but I would totall employ an illegal.

Ever gotten lucky on an airplane?
No. I've been waiting for the invitation, as long as it doesn't come from Jordin Sparks.

Stupidest thing you've ever eaten?
Someone dared me to eat a slug once.

What drug won't you ever do again?
Mushrooms. It's sensory overload!

Verdict: Igloo-building? Accidental onstage nudity? Being-gay rumors? This guy rocks hard!

Picture thanks to caznorfe. Interview taken from cakeforever

ETA: The interview is supposed to be in a joke fashion. Him and Jordin are friends.
crustine pickle

"Hoxton Hero" preview clip and "Can't Speak French" video news

EXCLUSIVE: Hear Hoxton Heroes!

It's been locked away in a safe but www.girlsaloud.co.uk can now exclusively bring you a sneak preview of the controversial B side to 'Can't Speak French', 'Hoxton Heroes'.

The track has a cheeky swipe at the cool indie set. See if you can guess who they're singing about in the forum!
I found the preview on imeem as well:

Can’t Speak French – THE VIDEO!

Last week, Girls Aloud shot the video for their brand new single, 'Can't Speak French', out 17th March.

We'll be bringing you the cover and the tracklisting very soon but in the meantime make sure you tune into Channel 4's Freshly Squeezed on 16th February to see the Girls' amazing new video.

Yahoo will be playing it exclusively online between 13th – 18th February.

Make sure you tune in to check it out!

omfg I'm so excited for both the song and the CSF video. All of you haters should give them a try :/
you go ro coco

I know how you all love Britney posts!


London, Feb 10 (ANI): Britney Spears ex-hubby Kevin Federline has agreed to allow the troubled singer see their children, but only on one condition if Britneys mother Lynne sanctions it first.

Lynne is presently taking care of Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James, while K-Fed is away for the New York Fashion Week.

Sources say that the aspiring rapper hopes that Lynne can bring Britney back to her senses, so that the singer can enjoy some time with her kids.

"K-Fed and Lynne get on really well. He hopes Lynne can bring Britney round to see sense so that she can have some face time with her kids, News of the World quoted a source, as saying.

"He knows however dazed and confused Brit gets, she'll always love those two kids with all her heart, the source added.

mini panettones
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Conan on The Jon Stewart Show

So anyone who is anyone became involved in the Conan/Colbert/Stewart feud. No matter what side you were on, I think everyone can agree that the vintage VHS video of Conan on The Jon Stewart Show in 1994 was the clincher. I know I was curious about that interview and I figured other ONTDers would be as well, so here it is.


Today I met Cyclops.

Today was an exciting day at work. James Marsden came into my job at the Aventura Mall in Florida for help today. I noticed it was him while my friend was helping him (Thats ONTD for pointing out he was shooting in Dadeland!). He was really nice to all the employees that helped him.

He went with another employee to be helped and my friend and I were like "we should get an autograph or a picture" but we weren't even sure if we were allowed too, but one of our other employees asked for us. He gave us his autograph and said once he was done he'd come take a picture with us, he just didn't want to cause anything on the floor cause he didn't want to get held up by a bunch of people. So we went in the back and he took pictures with me and two other girls. He was really sweet about it and everything. I told him I loved the last two movies he was in cause I had just seen them both recently and they were real good "feel good" movies. Another girl said she liked him because the movies he made were generally wholesome movies and then he joked that the movie he's shooting now is a little different from that. Anyway... Here the picture.

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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Divorce Reaching Conclusion This Week

The Paul McCartney divorce drama, which seems to be lasting as long as The Beatles were together, will finally come to a conclusion this week when the two sides meet in London's high court. Mills reportedly wants to settle the case out of court while McCartney believes the court system will see it his and award his ex only a fraction of the $120 Million that she asked for to make the case go away. The London Times reports that McCartney's lawyers believe that Mills will be awarded anywhere from $26-$40 Million.

Proceedings will start on Monday and have been scheduled for six days. Mills has fired her lawyers and will argue on her own behalf if a deal is not reached at the last minute which is rumored. The Times, among other outlets, has reported that Mills wants to get a deal done before proceedings begin. They quote a friend of Mills who told the paper:

“Heather is still hoping Paul will make a deal on the steps of the court on Monday rather than having to face her in court.”

If the former Beatle does take the stand things could get very interesting. Mills has had breakdowns on live television and may make spectacle of herself. Add in the fact that she has made vicious claims about the ex-Beatle things could get very testy with a cross-examination by McCartney's legal team.

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that Mills will do everything in her power to avoid the courtroom. The famed gossip column reports that she has contacted McCartney and will settle for $20 Million despite her public demands of $100 Million.

So, after two years of bitter fighting in the media, will a last minute deal get struck or will gossip writers from across the globe get to cover what is sure to have fireworks from both sides? We'll know the answer in less than 24 hours when proceedings are set to begin.


Team McCartney FTW.
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Heath Ledger Is Finally Laid To Rest

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Heath Ledger’s family and former fiancee Michelle Williams joined hundreds of mourners at a moving private memorial service for the star in his hometown Perth.

Heartbroken Williams wore dark sunglasses and clung tightly to the hand of Ledger’s older sister Kate as they walked into the ceremony held on a local school playing field.

The couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Matilda was not at the funeral.

Williams chose not to wear the traditional black mourning dress in favour of a cream summer dress with black trim.

Ledger’s grief-stricken parents arrived afterward - mother Sally Ledger Bell, with her husband roger Bell, then father Kim Ledger and his wife Ines.

Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett, who was pictured arriving at the ceremony, read an emotional eulogy for Ledger, before Ledger’s body was taken to be cremated at an intimate funeral service attended by 10 close family members.

Other mourners included the model Gemma Ward and Australian actors Bryan Brown and Joel Edgerton, as well as film directors and sports stars.

Musician Ben Harper performed ‘Matilda’ - a song written for Ledger and Williams’ daughter Matilda Rose - during the 90-minute service, which included a video tribute for actor.

“It’s a pretty sad time. We’re finding it difficult to cope,” Ledger’s father said.

Kim Ledger said as he arrived at the ceremony the family was also planning an intimate funeral.

“The funeral will be very, very private,” he said. “There will only be 10 people there, which is my immediate family and nobody else.”

A New York coroner conclusively found that Ledger, 28, died of an accidental mixture of prescription drugs.

*edit* (I added the picture, because she is smiling..not crying, ok?)


AFTER a tragic, tear-stained day of reflection and regret, Heath Ledger's wake turned into the sort of party he would have loved.

As the sun began to set, about 200 mourners swept out of the restaurant on Perth's Cottesloe Beach - where the function was being held - tore off their clothes and ran, cheering and laughing, into the ocean."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally. I saw some images on TV this morning, and  Michelle looked like she was holding on to Heath's sister because she was going to fall at any moment.


Amelle thanks Sugababes for 'saving' her

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amelle Berrabah has claimed that being part of the Sugababes has stopped her from going down the "wrong path".

The singer joined the group in December 2005 as a replacement for Mutya Buena, who quit because she wanted to focus on motherhood and launching a solo career.

"I used to be a right nightmare before I was in the band. I'd drive my mum round the bend with worry," Amelle told the Daily Star. "I'd stay out late, or all night, and not let her know where I was. I really could have gone down the wrong path. Then the Sugababes audition came up."

"I realised then I had the chance to make something of myself and didn't want to mess around any more," she continued. "The band saved me. God knows what I'd be doing now if it wasn't for the girls."

The Sugababes' latest album Change, their first with Amelle, has now sold over half a million copies.

Berrabah has not managed to stay out of trouble completely, however. She was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and committing public order offences last month, while there have also been rumours that she could be axed from the Sugababes due to controversy surrounding her boyfriend Freddie Fuller.


dare i say she looks a lot like Hottie from Flavor of Love in that pic.
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Sarah Harding Gives Clothes to a Charity Shop

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Girls Aloud star's had enough of being clobbered

The GIRLS ALOUD star gave a load of clobber to a charity shop last week, including a silver jacket with her band's name emblazoned on the back.

Sarah, 26, also handed over jumpers, trousers and T-shirts to the Oxfam store in West Hampstead, London, on her visit with lover TOM CRANE.

An onlooker said: "The staff were pretty surprised but really pleased she had taken the time to help out the charity.

"Some of the items were new with the labels still in them."

We are told the hellraising singer has been cutting back on the booze in recent weeks and has swapped her partying lifestyle for romantic nights in and meals with friends.

She has even toned down her make-up and style of dress.

A pal said: "Sarah wants to give off a more sophisticated older image.

"At the end of the day she is growing up and is happy with herself, so this is part of that." And DJ Tom told us: "It is not for a house move or anything - she just wanted to clear some stuff."

ViP snapped up the ten items with a generous donation to Oxfam.

To be in with a chance of getting your hands on the goodies, complete this sentence in no more than 20 words: "I want Sarah Harding's old clothes because..." Send it with your name, address and contact details to: ViP, The People, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AP. Usual MGN rules apply.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
some person and Sarah's old clothes

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(no subject)

Audience walks out in 'sick' Lily Allen BBC chat show debut

She is being touted as the saviour of BBC Three, a hip young presenter whose unique appeal to the internet generation will attract a new audience to the much-criticised digital channel.

But Lily Allen's late-night chat show might not be the huge hit Corporation chiefs are praying for.

During recording of the all-important first programme, more than a third of the studio audience walked out, saying they were bored and complaining it was "horrible" and "limp".

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Praying For A Brown Baby

Oh, Yessica! I want to call her Yessica, because she probably fucking hates it. Yessica MiserAlba! Yes, homey is at it again. This comes from Latina Magazine again and this time she said she's hoping for a brown baby.

"I'm excited for my baby to be brown. I just have to believe the dark gene is going to survive. Cash and I are like, please."

She already said she doesn't want a cool baby and wants her child to only speak Spanish at first. This poor fetus already has so much pressure. It's sitting in her womb, freaking out, writing down, "must be brown, must be nerdy, must speak Spanish or Alba will not loves me."

She also talked about being accepted in Hollywood, because she's so different. Yeah, she sticks out like a sore thumb. NOT. "I was always trying to figure out 'How the hell am I going to be mainstream? How are people going to accept me? When are they going to get a clue that I am American, that this is what America looks like – people like me who are mixed, have different blood, mixed with different ethnicities? When are the people who are hiring for these jobs and writing these screenplays going to realize that?'" Bitch, you are mainstream. She's fucking working constantly. Ugh!!! I want to shake this girl until her brain snaps back into the correct position.

Someone close to her really needs to super glue her mouth shut already. I want to love her so bad, but she's making it hard. Let me love you Alba. Make it happen.


Alli Sims Runs Her Mouth to E! News

In an exclusive intervew with E! News' Jason Kennedy, Britney's cousin Alli Sims said she was indeed denied entry to the pop tart's place on Thursday night...proving it's not just hangers-on but even Spears family members who are having trouble getting to Britney.

"It's kind of true," says Sims. "I drove up there for a minute because I had to go to another party [nearby]...I just talked to her for a second."

In the only on-camera she has given in months, Sims told E! News at the People magazine pre-Grammy party that Britney is "doing well and everything's going to be okay, and I love her to death and she knows everybody is rooting for her."

Sims is optimistic that Britney will "get back to normal and balance out."

yeah okay, suuuure you had a party to go to

Nicole Richie: "Harlow Is Doing Really Great"

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden can't stop gushing about their one-month-old daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

"She's doing great!" Richie told Usmagazine.com at the opening of the Eli Broad Contemporary Art Museum in L.A. last night.

"Really great, thank you!" added the 26-year-old, who looked slim and rested in a pale-colored dress.

Madden — who donned sneakers with his tux at the black tie event, and stayed arm-in-arm with Richie — chimed in: "Yeah, she's good!"

The museum opening was just the first stop on the pair's date night. Afterward, they hit up Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel ? but didn't stay for long.

"We have to get home!" Madden was overheard telling a friend at 11:40 p.m. "She [Harlow] only sleeps three hours at a time. She's with Grandma now, but if she wakes up..."


Paris Thinks It's her Birthday Already

While we can understand the reasoning behind throwing a pre-Grammy party, the idea of a pre-birthday party just doesn’t seem to make as much sense.

But Paris Hilton enjoys reveling in her own glory so much that one birthday just isn’t enough. That’s why the heiress toasted herself last night (over a week early) at a Los Angeles nightclub.
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There should be more comedians on ONTD

NEW YORK, Jan 31, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Comedian Mike Birbiglia shares his most private, awkward and hilarious experiences from his "Secret Public Journal" in the World Television Premiere of "Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing" debuting Saturday, February 9 at Midnight.

At the suggestion of his therapist, Mike Birbiglia started writing down his awkward experiences in a journal. Then he started sharing his journal entries with his fans in a blog called "My Secret Public Journal" and in weekly radio segments on "The Bob & Tom Show" going out to millions of people across the country. Birbiglia taped his all-new, laugh-out-loud special, "What I Should Have Said Was Nothing," in November at New York University's Skirball Cultural Center as he toured the country to support the release of his COMEDY CENTRAL Records CD, "My Secret Public Journal Live."

For the past seven years, Birbiglia has toured the country honing the act that helped make him one of the youngest comedians ever to appear on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and popularized the phrase "Cracker Please" as well as the renaming of George Bush as "Whiffle Ball Tony." This led to Birbiglia's two highly rated "COMEDY CENTRAL Presents" half-hour specials and his COMEDY CENTRAL Records debut "Two Drink Mike." Birbiglia's "My Secret Public Journal Live" follow-up CD received rave reviews. Time Out New Yorkcalled "Journal" "the comedy album of the year" and Punchline Magazine called it "the best comedy album of this generation," in addition to accolades it received from The Denver Post, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Time Out Chicago and Las Vegas Weekly.


This dude is hilarious.

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Queen Of The Night Indeed!!!!

Stars Come Out to Davis Pre-Grammy Bash
Feb. 10, 2008, 9:41 AM EST
Whitney Houston's appearance at Clive Davis' celeb-soaked, pre-Grammy concert party fueled speculation that the diva would be among the night's performers — but her only time in the spotlight came when the music mogul introduced her in the audience.

Houston, who is working on her comeback album, didn't get on stage Saturday night, but the event didn't lack for all-star performers — Alicia Keys, the Foo Fighters, Daughtry and Akon were among the Grammy-nominees who sang at the VIP event. Others there from music and Hollywood's A-list included Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, new mom Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden and Richie's father, Lionel.

source: http://entertainment.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=299971

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Madonna Exercises in Private

Madonna has reportedly angered members at a New York gym by taking over the facility when she wants to exercise.

The singer is said to turn up at the posh Reebok Sports Club and demand that she gets equipment to herself. And she asks that certain areas are blacked-out so she can work out in private, it was claimed.

A US newspaper reported: “Members were furious after staff closed off a row of six treadmills in anticipation of her arrival.

“Those working out in group exercise rooms are even forced to sweat in blackened-out rooms [making] two floors of the gym look like a prison with shuttered gates so nobody can catch a glimpse of Her Madgesty.”

Madonna, 49, owns an apartment close to the gym on the city’s Upper West Side.

A spokesman for the Material Girl star was unavailable for comment.


Honestly, couldn't she afford to get her own equipment?

Katie unhappy with botched boob job

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jordan has confessed her recent plastic surgery has ruined her sex life.

The mother-of-three recently had a boob reduction and a nose job but isn't happy with her new breasts and blames them for ruining her once wild sex life with spouse Peter Andre.

She said: "Pete loves it all and he prefers my boobs smaller. He said the other day that I am his perfect woman. When we have sex, I just lie there dead so it's fine. I don't move. Poor Pete, though - he paid for my surgery and he goes to kiss me and I back off because I don't want him to touch my nose."

Jordan - real name Katie Price - is also disappointed with the size of her new boobs, because they are still too big.

The 29-year-old star, who previously boasted a massive 34GG bust - said: "When I saw my boobs I was disappointed because they looked big and I wanted them to be a lot smaller.

"My words to the doctor beforehand were, 'I want to go a lot smaller. More pert. More stuck-on looking. But I still want people to think I've got big boobs.'

"They look fine in a bra but they hang too low when I'm standing up and it's really bad when I'm lying down. There's about a four inch gap. I've also got indents so you can see where the implant is sitting."

Katie added: "I'm really disappointed. In fact I'm going back to the States to get them re-done."

But the surgery, which has been booked for six months time, means she will have to delay plans for another baby.

Katie added: "This is the other annoying thing - he said he will re-do it in six months and then there's the recovery time after that and it means I won't be able to have another baby for 18-months, so it's set that back as well."

Katie said she is so upset with the staggering £43,000 cosmetic surgery that she is warning others to stay natural.

She said: "I can't believe this is the first time I've paid for surgery and this is the first time it went wrong.

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Blake begs Winehouse not to leave him

Amy Winehouse's husband has begged the troubled singer not to leave him in an emotional love letter.

Blake Fielder-Civil feared that Amy would be furious with him for disclosing details of their turbulent relationship to his mother Georgette, who then gave an exclusive interview to a Sunday newspaper. Georgette explained that her son had threatened to divorce Winehouse if she did not check into rehab, and revealed how the star had fallen asleep during visits to jailed Blake.

In his letter to Amy, Blake has vowed that he will prove his loyalty to the singer and her family by disowning his parents.

"Baby, oh darling. Please don't leave me Amy. I'm so worried that now you're thinking straight you'll realise I'm not worthy of you. Oh God, please don't leave me,
" he wrote. "I'll do anything to show you my heart and loyalty is with you."

"Me and my family are finished for good. No visits, phone calls, nothing," he continued. "I love my new family and can't wait to show them I'm not just a f****** loser and that I can look after their daughter. That's if you can find it in your heart to trust me.

"Your my family now, if you'll all have me. Pls don't leave me Amy, Pls. I love you so much, Blake xxx."

Amy's father Mitch Winehouse confirmed to the News of the World: "Amy was furious with Georgette's attack - but Blake's letter left her in tears. She asks you to publish it to show how determined they are to beat drugs and save their marriage and their lives. I support that - as long as it is a drug-free relationship."

The C O V E N A N T

Keira Knightley & James McAvoy @ BAFTAs

Actress Keira Knightley keeps it classy in a tiered column gown at the Orange British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA Awards 2008) at the Royal Opera House in London on Sunday.

Keira, 22, is nominated for Best Leading Actress for her work in Atonement. Other contenders for the title include Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Julie Christie (Away From Her), Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) and Ellen Page (Juno).

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Actor James McAvoy [and Anne Marie Duff] arrive at The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008 at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden on February 10, 2008 in London, England.

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Gettyimages, CelebUtopia


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Elephant Eye Films has updated its site to now show Tennessee with a new release date, and a new poster!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tennessee, with Mariah alongside actors Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck in the lead, is now scheduled for release in Spring 2008 (Winter 2008 previously).

Elephant Eye Films, as first mentioned here, is a New York City-based company that produces, distributes and sells independent feature films.


omg mc looks so ~street~
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little miss trouble
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Rehab star Amy is all smiles after getting her teeth fixed ahead of Grammy performance tonight

Amy Winehouse is all smiles these days – after finally being granted a US visa and getting her teeth fixed.

Despite the star's changing luck, she will not be performing live at tonight's celebrations.

Instead, the 24-year-old, whose album Back to Black has been nominated for Grammys in six categories, will sing via a satellite link from London.

She had previously been denied entry to the US but will be staying in the UK to focus on her recovery as she is weaned off drugs – and her sparkly new teeth.

Emerging from a second visit to a London dentist yesterday, Amy flashed a bright white smile to onlookers before being escorted by her father Mitch back to the centre she is receiving treatment in.

This is a far-cry from December when she was spotted with gaps in her mouth suggesting her teeth had fallen out.

A friend close to her admitted at the time: "She has one missing from the front of her mouth, and another one at the back which is less visible.

"Her mouth is full of holes and she is desperately worried she is going to lose more. She has actually pulled a tooth out herself, which is absolutely disgusting."

"Her gums are always red and sore as a result of it and some of the teeth are loosening."

Rehab appears to be agreeing with Amy in more ways than one.

The singer seemed focused, was well-dressed and had even painted her nails red for the occasion.

Then and now: Amy's dental work has helped the star return to her former sexy self

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Aww, I'm going to miss it. First stop rehab, then a trip to the dentist to fix the snaggletooth... taking notes, Kristen Dunst?

My Celebrity Encounter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this event, as I was shirtless and high in a nightclub on Saturday night. Despite that, last night I met Carson from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy! He was very nice and I only chatted with him briefly. I told him about my "affiliation with a very popular celebrity-gossip blog", and asked if I could interview him sometime, and he agreed! So stay tuned, interview with Carson + ohnotheydidnt exclusive pictures coming up!

Source: heaven

I think we're going to have a lot to talk about.
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Olsen Twins Drama

Ashley Olsen Hates “Bossy” Sister Mary-Kate Olsen

It looks like Michelle Williams isn’t the only person who’d like to peck Mary-Kate Olsen’s eyes out. MK is also going through a “rough patch” at the moment with the equally famous twin sister, Ashley, tabloids snitches dish.

Mary-Kate’s bossy divatude has finally driven Ashley away.

“Ashely can’t stand Mary-Kate. She will always love her, but she can’t deal will all the issues and scary mood swings. Mary-Kate is tough to be around even for her sister,” a Star Magazine insider reveals.

And it doesn’t sound like Mary-Kate’s friends like her very much at the moment, either. Mary-Kate’s temper tantrums are beginning to tap dance on the last nerves of pals of the twenty-one year old:

“Whenever I’ve seen her at parties, she orders people around. She was putting cigarettes out in other people’s drinks! She knows she’s incredibly famous, and she knows that’s a weapon she can use to get what she wants.”


Remember these pictures of MJ's kids?

Jackson's Baby Mama Speaks Out

The mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest kids is angry, after learning her children were photographed without their face masks, according to the Daily Mail. The King of Pops little prince and princess were caught walking around unmasked for the first time. Debbie Rowe claims that it was her idea, not Jacko's, to mask the children for their own safety, after receiving multiple kidnapping threats.

This isn't the first time Rowe has worried about their safety. In 2006, after Michael's latest legal problems, baby mama tried to regain her custody rights -- that she forfeited when she divorced the man in the mirror.


Sarah Michelle Gellar gets nude for charity

Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar is auctioning off naked photos of herself for charity.

The pretty actress posed for revealing new photos in a little black dress, which was later removed from the photo to make the star appear totally nude.

The sexy shots will be auctioned off on website eBay.com to raise funds for the Coalition of Skin Diseases.


Writers Getting a Deal and Still Whine

LOS ANGELES - The Writers Guild of America moved swiftly Sunday toward a resolution of its 3-month-old strike, with guild leaders deciding to recommend the contract to members and ask them to vote on a quick end to the walkout.

By asking writers to vote separately on ending the strike and accepting the contract, the union cleared the way for the entertainment industry to return to work almost immediately.

Membership meetings will be conducted Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles to allow writers to decide whether the strike should be called off, said Patric Verrone, president of the Writers Guild of America, West.

"This the best deal this guild has bargained for in 30 years," Verrone said.

The tentative contract secures writers a share of the burgeoning digital-media market, he said, including compensation for Internet-delivered TV shows and movies.

"If they (producers) get paid, we get paid. This contract makes that a reality," Verrone said. But, he added, "it is not all we hoped for and it is not all we deserved."

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holy source, batman!

Zac Efron wants you to know that he loves HSM

Zac Efron is such a sweet guy. He says there was no way he could be the one to take away High School Musical from all us fans!

In a recent interview with Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, Zac says, “Seriously I am not going to be the guy who takes ‘High School Musical’ away from all the fans. We owe everyone too much. ‘High School Musical’ is a project I hold very close to my heart and I am going to complete the franchise.”

But that doesn’t mean that he wants to play the teen heartthrob forever. In fact, that’s just the reason he chose his most recent role in Seventeen Again. “It would have been really easy to go and play a kid. I could’ve done that in any movie. But playing a 37-year-old guy who is a kid is a little bit more interesting,” Zac told Billy. “It’s great when you have personal experience playing a character. For instance, ‘High School Musical.’ It was pretty easy. I was playing a high school kid in his first love. Everyone has been there – I had just been there.”

Billy tried to get Zac to open up about Vanessa, but Zac quickly put that topic of conversation to rest. “I think specifically relationships, it’s sacred ground. That’s something that needs to be between two people. Everyone else can get their noses out.”

britney outrageous

Dita at Clive Davis pre-grammy party

Dita Von Teese (in Christian Dior) is wonderful in white at the legendary Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Dita, 35, and fellow partygoers enjoyed a perfect performance of the first-ever pairing of Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli. The two performed “The Prayer”, their duet slated for the awards show the next day.

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Megan Fox's ghost obsession

Megan Fox is obsessed with ghostly British TV show 'Most Haunted'.

The 'Transformers' star got hooked on the programme when she was in London shooting upcoming movie 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People', and admits she can't get enough of the spooky series.

She said: "I'm absolutely obsessed with that show 'Most Haunted', and I love the host Yvette Fielding."

Megan tried to persuade her 'How to Lose Friends...' co-star Simon Pegg to take her on one of London's famous ghost tours, but he refused.

She said: "I wanted to go on the Jack the Ripper tour, but Simon wouldn't go with me, so I didn't go in the end."

'Most Haunted' is a TV programme that investigates paranormal activity in locations through the UK.

It is broadcast on Living TV in the UK, America's Travel Channel and the W Channel in Australia.


Lohan joins hearing awareness drive

Actress Lindsay Lohan and pop singer Annie Lennox are the latest stars to add their names and images to a hearing loss awareness campaign.

They have posed for musician Bryan Adams as part of the Hear the World campaign, created to raise awareness about the importance of hearing. They join other celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Placido Domingo, Moby, and "King of Calypso" Harry Belafonte who have taken part. Each individual is photographed with their hand behind their ear to convey an attempt to listen or hear. The campaign, created by hearing device manufacturer Phonak, calls attention to the social and emotional impact of hearing loss, which affects more than 10% of the world's population. Some 500 million people worldwide are hearing impaired and the number is expected to increase to 700 million by the year 2015. Belafonte, who has hearing loss, said: "Good hearing is extremely important. It has a lot of impact on personality. I noticed (when my hearing got worse) that my voice changed, and I had to speak more loudly. "People thought that I was speaking more aggressively, and I didn't mean to be aggressive at all. I just think people should be very, very conscious and protective of their hearing."

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rob and big break up :[

according to skateboarder clyde singleton's blog, rob & big are not special buddies anymore:

oh yeah.. i got some news- Rob & Big are not "friends" anymore. theyre wrapping up their final season, and as Biggie would say, "Things Done Changed". these cats aren't cool no more, and you heard it here first..

no word on why..... but when they were on jimmy kimmel recently they said that big is married and moved out (and his wife is supposedly pregnant).

i think this is big's wife:

i'm sad because i thought they would be bffs4ever.

mtv site for rob & big

Dolly’s Breasts Are More Famous Than She Is

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dolly Parton , who recently made an appearance on the Hannah Montana show and helped Miley Cyrus get even more famous, told Ladies Home Journal that her breasts are definitely keeping her afloat– fame-wise, that is. The country star told the mag that her breasts have made life easier for her and that she’s not afraid to talk about enhancing her assets. (Was it a secret? Honestly.)

Dolly said that “They served me well–I don’t know if I’m supporting them or if they’re supporting me. But of course I’ve had them jacked up a bit. And they’re part of the persona. It always takes a bit of pressure off me.”


thank you 8 lbs 6 oz baby Jesus for this national treasure

daniel day-lewis hearts heath ledger

Day-Lewis slams media 'circus' around Ledger death

British-born film star Daniel Day-Lewis blasted the media "circus" Friday surrounding the death of Heath Ledger after his moving dedication of a top award to the Australian actor last month.

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i did not see this posted.
let's just sit back for a moment and contemplate this beautiful, amazing man. sigh...


Jack Nicholson: Jack Nicholson is not sexy!

He might be rather old, rather bald and have rather a belly on him these days, but there are still plenty of us who would happily stare at Hollywood’s most famous lothario over a candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not that Jack Nicholson himself can fathom what it is we find sexy about him. ‘It’s very hard to think of yourself in those terms. I see myself in the mirror every morning, and I’m looking the Devil right in the face,’ the 70-year-old actor tells us. ‘I don’t relate to what’s said about me – how famous I’m supposed to be, how much of a sex symbol I’m supposed to be – and I don’t think I could function, really, if I started to believe all that stuff.’

Plenty of the ladies do believe it, though – the actor has had relationships with a string of women including Angelica Huston and Lara Flynn Boyle. Jack, who stars in the new film The Bucket List, out next week, famously says he ‘only takes Viagra if I’m with more than one woman’ and isn’t afraid of sexy movie scenes, despite turning 70 last year. ‘I want to see more middle-aged sex on screen. It happens – I know it happens – so why not show it? There’s a scene in The Bucket List where my character comes out of the bathroom on his private jet with a beautiful woman. But I wish there’d been more – I hoped there was going to be. It’s a vacuum which needs filling,’ he says.

Despite his eagerness in the bedroom department, Jack is suffering the perils of ageing.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Advertisement‘You do lose energy. I used to rely on my legs to get me out of trouble. I was The Dodger, I could get in and out of parties without people I didn’t want to meet even knowing I’d been there, I could skip away from difficult situations, but not any more,’ he says. ‘And I can’t stand around at work as much as I once did. I have to take a long walk from my car to my seat and I gauge how fit I’m feeling by whether or not I have to stand against the wall and take a breather.’

He also admits to not being able to pleasure the ladies as much as he did in the good old days.

‘The stamina goes, somewhat, and you have to adjust. And it’s not just the legs that go, it’s other areas too – if you know what I mean…’ Still, with an alleged 2,000 lovers under his belt, he’s had more than his fair share of duvet action over the years...

The actor admits to having plenty of tantrums, most spectacularly while playing his favourite sport with showbiz pals. ‘I’m famous at my golf club for laying down in a bunker and kicking my legs in the air, screaming, like some spoilt child, because I’ve just played a particularly bad shot. And to think I took up golf to help me relax…’ he laughs. But, despite having more diva tendencies than Mariah Carey, Jack has no regrets about his infamous behaviour. ‘I don’t look back and feel guilty about the way I’ve behaved. I didn’t tread on anybody when I was starting out, I’ve never climbed on anybody to “get on”. I feel I have a good amount of integrity, as far as what I’ve done in life.’

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My name is Warren R Batman
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Well this should help with the rehab I guess

Hawley Arms Goes Up In Flames - Amy, Kate & Pete
Left Without a Watering Hole

A major blaze has swept through one of the favourite haunts for Kiwis in London – the famous Camden market area.

Thousands of residents and Saturday night revellers at nearby pubs were forced to flee the district, as flames leapt metres into the air and explosions rang through the night.

One of the most famous street markets in Europe burning out of control and illuminating the London sky. It is a much-loved shopping and socialising destination for tourists and locals alike – an amateur cameraman filmed the blaze after it took hold of the Hawley Arms pub.

It is believed the fire may have been caused by a gas cylinder exploding in a market stall.  At first there were fears it was a bomb after people reported hearing a loud bang and shattering glass, but investigators say there is no suggestion of terrorism or arson.

“The crews were faced in the very early stages with a very severe fire which they very quickly asked for additional resources and back-up on,” Fire Brigade spokesman Guy Foster said. “Crews have been working very hard to try and bring this fire under control.”

The fire caused extensive damage to the Hawley Arms Pub which is a favourite haunt of celebrities. Kate Moss, Pete Docherty and Amy Winehouse are among those who drink there. As 100 fire-fighters fought the blaze, police closed off roads and tried to keep pub-goers away from the flames.

“Oh, it’s awful isn’t it?” one local commented. “I mean look at how high the flames are. I mean they’re like 30 feet high.”

It is unclear at this stage what extent the markets have been damaged – however firefighters say they can confirm there were no deaths and no injuries.

Well this sucks - I'm moving to England from New Zealand in 4 weeks and a mate was going to take me there :(

EDIT: Eep, forgot to add that I had a stall at the Big Gay Out in Auckland today, and Kate Bosworth was there :o Apparently her parents live in West Auckland? She's much prettier in real life and didn't look as skinny as she used to. I would have asked for a picture but she looked so relaxed I would have felt like an asshole.


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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love [Live from Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party!]

UK singing sensation Leona Lewis performed her new single "Bleeding Love" at Clive Davis's Pre-Grammy Party held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night. This was actually Leona's first American performance! So it must have been a huge moment for her you know plus lots of the most succesful US artists were in the audience watching her singing. And she did great! Remember Leona's debut album entitled "Spirit" will be released in the US on April 8th. Check it out

source http://kevipodmusic.blogspot.com/

more garrett pictures

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i love this kid, he's one of my favorite actors, i think he's incredibly talented and i can't wait to see his new project and see where his career goes in the near future but ( and i'm trying really hard to be nice about this ) he doesn't look good imo. he keeps loosing weight, i'm pretty sure he has on makeup, and i really hope his hair is for his new movie. :-[ what do my fellow hedlund supporters think?

The strike is OVER!!

R. Ben Garant who plays "Deputy Travis Junior" on Reno 911 updated his MySpace about an hour ago with this:

The strike is over!

we didn't get everything we wanted , but we never would have gotten what we did without the strike.

we got slightly better than the DGA, and its a pretty good deal.

and, importantly -- we will all be back to work monday morning -- writing fart jokes for a brighter tomorrow.

thanks for your patience, gang.

-r ben garant

remember the scabs of '08 -- and still..

f**k sumner redstone. (sorry, boss)

Now that sounds official to me. Woohoo!
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Actress Isla Fisher is a circus freak?


The Daily Mail did a nice story and interview on actress Isla Fisher who is promoting her latest romantic comedy, Definitely, Maybe. The 32-year-old Fisher is an interesting and funny interview and has a very interesting life.  She has been a working actress since age 16, has some nice film credits and just in case things slow down she has sold two comedy scripts to major Hollywood studios, has voiced one of the characters for the forthcoming Dr Seuss movie, Horton Hears A Who!, and is due to start filming Confessions Of A Shopaholic (based on Sophie Kinsella’s bestseller), as the lead character, Rebecca Bloomwood. Her private life is busy as well. She has been engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen, better-known-as Borat, since 2004. The couple, have a three-month-old daughter Olive.  Here are some quotes from the interview:

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No Joke -- Mencia Lands Mansion

Alleged joke stealer Carlos Mencia just purchased a $4.4 million house in Encino -- an upgrade to make room for visitation by his massive family. He has 17 siblings! No, really, 17!

According to the L.A. Times, the 8,500 square foot home -- purchased from "Say It Isn't So" actor Eddie Cibrian -- has two master-bedroom suites, six en suite bedrooms, family room with a wet bar, banquet-sized dining room, home theater with seating for 15 or more, a pool, barbecue pavilion and six-car garage.

Who's laughing now?


I hate this guy.

Joe Jonas CAN sing but no word yet on his sexual preference

Preview of the movie CAMP ROCK from Access Hollywood

Every time I think I'm close to the heart
of what it means to know just who I am
I think I finally found a better place to start
But no one ever seems to understand
I need to try to get to where you are
Could it be your not that far?
You’re the voice I hear inside my head
the reason that I'm singing
I need to find you
I gotta find you

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Everyone's favorite drug giving, puppy hiding guy

Sam Lutfi has come out of hiding! E! News has learned that despite the restraining order filed against him by Jamie Spears, Britney's been phoning her former manager/confidant for the last several days. Sam's response: "Not true."

She's not the only one who wants to reach out to Sam. Process servers can't seem to track him down—going on nine days now—but multiple sources confirm to E! News that Lutfi attended Paris Hilton's birthday party at Area on Saturday night...in plain sight!

Inside Area, sources tell E! News that "a relaxed and happy-to-be-out again" Lutfi partied in a VIP area with other Brit-Packers Alli Sims, Hilton and Brit pal Claus Hjelmbak. "At one point, they all toasted and cheered Britney," says an Area partygoer.

Sam was seen arriving at Area around 11:15 p.m. and left around 1:30 a.m., being ushered quickly into an SUV by a security detail and driven off down La Cienega Boulevard.

Here's a hint for Jamie Spears' process servers: We hear Lutfi is currently holed up in his West L.A. apartment—and if that doesn't work, try Paris' next bash?


Wood Allen casts LARRY DAVID in movie?????!/1/13;?@1/2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Have you ever exited a Woody Allen movie thinking, "Sure, that was neurotic, but was it really neurotic enough?" Apparently Allen has, as the director has cast Larry David as the lead in his next feature film. David is best known as writer/creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfield, in the former of which he portrays a comic persona that bears more than a little resemblance to Allen's. David actually worked with Allen previously on Radio Days and Oedipus Wrecks (Allen's third installment of New York Stories), but both roles were extremely minor. One fortunate effect of this casting is that while previously actors have tried to channel the Allen character's neurotic behavior, in this case it may just come naturally.

Cast alongside David is Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe). Other than these two pieces of information, details about the film are still sparse, which is normal for Allen. It is known, though, that after his four years spent filming in England and Spain, this next project will reunite the director with his beloved New York City and will be a comedy. The picture is set to begin shooting in April.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While all of this info has been released about Allen's feature for next year, a great deal of information has also leaked about his current project, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, according to The New York Post, the film contains a "steamy lesbian sex scene" between its leading ladies. The film's stars are also said to later have a threesome in the movie, which, despite his many films based around love triangles, would also be a first for Allen. While it sounds a little bit like a fanboy's wishful thinking, this does correspond perfectly with what Bardem told MTV about the film.


I've never been into Woody's movies, even the old ones that are always called the best. But I'm into Larry David a LOT

And seeing as how Image and video hosting by TinyPic is in the movie, we can ALL only HOPE she and LD have a HOT SEX SCENE!

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Roy Scheider, Actor in ‘Jaws,’ Dies at 75

Roy Scheider, a stage actor with a background in the classics who became one of the leading figures in the American film renaissance of the 1970s, died on Sunday afternoon in Little Rock, Ark. He was 75 and lived in Sag Harbor, N.Y.

Mr. Scheider had suffered from multiple myeloma for several years, and died of complications from a staph infection, his wife, Brenda Seimer, said.
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Victoria and Cruz Go to FAO Schwartz

Victoria Beckham and her very lucky little boy Cruz took advantage of her day off from the Spice Girls Tour in New York City.

Victoria looked oh-so-chic as she took Cruz first to stock up on toys on 5th Avenue and then later went for candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar on the Upper East Side.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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So fierce. I want her red pumps.

Amy Winehouse
  • mantber

Amy Winehouse Grammy performance + Speech

-Cuba Gooding Jr Presents Amy Winehouse. The world holds its breath. She is not...doing her best imo.
She shouts MY BLAKE mid performance
She sings "No Good" and "Rehab." Irony is at an all time high.
She says "I'd rather be at home with My Blake."

Amy mouthed "im so nervous" AND had the best most honest real reaction of the night and I loved it.

~Commentary by Liz~


I teared up a little for the speech - she looked so shocked