February 8th, 2008


bonnie mckee update (kind of)

Ok so I had a few questions on my post about Bonnie McKee about who she was in August Rush.
She was Lizzy, the Best friend of Keri's character.

This might be old but I dont ever remember this ever getting posted.
Its the video of interviews of the cast and crew at the Screening of it.

about 2:20 you can hear her talk about her character.
I couldn't find any screen caps.

Also on Jan 13 she posted a blog about weird stuff that's been going on in her life.
So, being the quick thinker that i am, I go into the back yard and get the garden hose- what else could I do? I started spraying down all the old dry bushes so that the fire wouldn't spread as fast and it would buy me a few more minutes to clear my stuff out of my room!! There I was, facing now 75 foot flames standing in my socks with my dinky little garden hose, bawling, on Christmas Eve!!

BTW for the role of Lizzy in August Rush she had her hair fried and dyed a few times before they finally settled to keep it red.

source for video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2CAoVCqDr8
and if you want to see pictures from the August Rush premire:

edit:not paramore girl lol also I found the video she was talking about in her blog post on myspace.. If you want to see her after almost getting her house burnt down and crying:

Real Lessons from Fake Presidents

Real lessons from fake presidents

By Patrick Day, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

That great experiment in federal, republic government known as the United States is largely considered a work in progress. With each new president, citizens and historians learn a bit more about its shortcomings and advantages and as every administration ends, we come together and ask ourselves: What have we learned and how can we apply that moving forward?

The Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency taught us how to flex our national might on the world stage, while the George W. Bush era has been widely hailed as a cautionary case against too much arrogance. Our history entails 43 presidents, which means 43 lessons. But Americans don't read history, or so the conventional wisdom goes; they watch TV and go to the movies. We see presidents there, but that doesn't count, right?

Actually, we learn from our fictional presidents. They're made up, sure, but the movies are a font of smart information — such as what to do in a zombie attack. Here are lessons learned from the most effective fake presidencies in recent memory.

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Source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/photos/la-et-fakeprez-pg,0,5784942.photogallery?index=1

Bartlet FTW, imo

Also, this is ontd -worthy not only because of the upcoming noms, but also because it deals with films/televison.

Also, also, a shout-out to my 'homegirls' who came with me to the Spice Girls concert last night! Islanders FTW!
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Susan Sarandon Talks About Her New Role

By Jenny Stewart, Entertainment Editor

Ask 10 people what word comes to mind when they think of Susan Sarandon, and you'll get 10 different answers: fearless, political, talented, formidable, nurturing, smart, down-to-earth. Sexy? Always.

It's her contradictions that make her such a powerful presence on screen. She's played the ingénue opposite sweet transvestites in the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." She's been the object of Catherine Deneuve's lesbian lust in the '80s vampire flick "The Hunger." She was the no-nonsense half of a duo of women road warriors in "Thelma and Louise." She's even been a nun, though a tough and tenacious one, in "Dead Man Walking."

In her latest film, HBO's "Bernard and Doris," she's plays Doris Duke, the late megamillionaire philanthropist who forms an unlikely relationship with her gay butler, Bernard Lafferty, played by Ralph Fiennes. Gay fans are going to love Sarandon in this role: She's glam and gritty, and she may just nab an Emmy along the way.

But it's her work off screen that elevates her to saint status in the LGBT world. A longtime advocate for gay marriage and other LGBT issues, Sarandon brings the same dedication to her personal causes as she does to her movie roles.

Given all that, where does one begin an interview? I only had 15 minutes -- and with "Bernard and Doris" coming up, Sarandon was obviously focused on her new film. But the ever-gracious actress granted me just enough extra time to squeeze in questions about "The Hunger," seeing "Rocky Horror" with her kids, her sexual relationships with gay men in the 70's and 80's and even a quick round of "Who would you rather sleep with?"

You've had some pretty steamy roles in the past. But playing older woman Doris Duke might turn out to be your sexiest role yet. Do you think so?

I think that [lately] I've been playing a lot of what they call the "emotional heart" of the movie -- which usually translates into one of the more boring characters. You know, the wife or whatever, the glue who keeps everything together. So, yeah, to take on a glam role like this was really fun. I'd never been that blonde.

And wow -- that's quite a wardrobe you have in this movie.

Thank God for Donna Karan, who opened up her vault, and for my friend Joe Alisie, who's a nominated costume designer. I'm the type of person who needs someone to dress me, or I definitely don't pull it together like that. It's just not something I gravitate toward naturally.

Joe jumped at the chance to do this. But I don't think he realized we were only going to give him, like, 75 dollars! [Laughs hard]. He started calling all the warehouses, and then people started to offer us jewelry, but we didn't have the money to pay for them. Then Bulgari sent us jewelry. They were very generous. It was this whole sort of thing where everyone was helping out.

How was it playing Doris Duke in the context of this relationship with her gay butler?

In a way, I was the "guy," so it was really fun. Doris Duke was raised in such an isolated kind of way -- it was as if she was raised not to be empathetic toward another human being. So she says and does things I don't even think she understands, nor do I think she understands the extent of the damage that she does, because she was so damaged, and her isolation was so complete.

So I found her act of reaching out to another human being so compelling. He's so damaged and traumatized. It was very moving to me -- the idea of two people taking a chance to be intimate with each other, whether there's sex involved or not, bearing witness to each other's lives.

How closely did you stick to the facts of Doris Duke's life?

Instead of telling the story of all the big things we know about Doris Duke, we concentrated on [other things], like what happens when someone has enough money to indulge all the good and bad parts of whatever she desires. And what does all of that mean? What of herself does she offer to Lafferty? We try to explore all those questions.

Watching "Bernard & Doris," I couldn't help thinking about what a strange existence being a butler must be. Is there anyone in history you could see yourself being "butler" to?

Well, I don't know about "butler," but I would have loved to have been Mary Magdalene to Jesus. I would have loved to hang out with him. He seems like an interesting revolutionary. And I guess she took up some services for him.

But in terms of "rules of the house" and things like that, I'm not interested. However, there is a certain pull to have your life simplified that way. It's much like the pull of cults, when someone surrenders himself or herself to another person.

Ralph Fiennes seemed the perfect choice to play Bernard Lafferty in this film. What do you think of his performance?

Ralph was just dignified, and you really believed he could run a household, you know? It wasn't like he was just playing some silly gay guy. He was so complicated and really chose the higher road.

He was at the top of the list of guys I thought could do it, and when he said yes, I thought, "We'll figure out the script, we'll do this."

Arguably the most touching part of the movie is when Lafferty sings a song to Doris at the piano. I believe the song was "I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart"?

Yeah, he is amazing in that scene. I think that's the one scene that you have to see to understand that she's being completely captivated by him, and that he has a crush on her. And then of course, it gets complicated when everyone starts self-destructing! [Laughs.]

What about your relationships with gay men back in the era of the film?

I remember those times, the late '70s and '80s. I had gay boyfriends. I had sexual relationships with guys who had never been with a woman, and have never been with a woman since. See, in those times you didn't have to define yourself. People weren't demanding constantly that you say what your label was, so it didn't seem like such a big deal, and it wasn't so shocking. It was just a much more generous time. And so I realized in doing this movie just how much times have really changed.

OK, switching topics. Now that your kids are older, do they have a favorite role of yours? For instance, have they seen "Rocky Horror?" And have they seen it with you in a theater?

My daughter Eva saw it with me for the first time when I was filming "Anywhere But Here." I took Natalie (Portman), Thora Birch and Lucas Haas. And I have to say, it was a particularly chaotic screening! As far as my sons go, Tim [Robbins] didn't want them to see it for a while, and I can't remember why he thought it would be objectionable. They eventually did see it sometime during middle school -- on DVD or something.

What did they think?

You know what? I have no idea. They still haven't even seen most of my movies. They've seen the ones that they've appeared in, like "Stepmom." They'll fast forward to their scenes, but that's about it.

You say that so matter-of-factly, but to the average person who's not in the movie business, that's going to sound surprising.

Well, I think it's kind of embarrassing for them. At first, when they were little, they just didn't want me to be anybody but their mom. And my daughter for the longest time told people I worked in a trailer. [Laughs.] They just weren't interested at all.

Now they're older and they're all interested in film. My oldest son is studying film at university, and Eva of course is an actress herself, and Miles is really into music, so they're all much more sophisticated. But they're still not dashing out to see my movies. Eva is actually going to the "Bernhard and Doris" screening, but my youngest son isn't interested at all. Trust me, my kids aren't rushing to see any of my movies.

After 25 years, your scene with Catherine Deneuve in "The Hunger" is still voted one of the best lesbian love scenes of all time. Why do you think it holds up, even now in the post-"L Word" world?

I'm very proud of that. I remember very vividly that when we got to that scene, the only thing that was scripted was the actual rolling around in the bed. And I said to [director] Tony Scott, "You know, everyone knows what happens in the bed, but the real interesting part is how they get into the bed and what happens afterward.

Now, you remember, [Deneuve's vampire character] was supposed to transfuse me during that love scene -- that's what the love scene was for. So they had me posing in lingerie and finally I said, "Hold on. What's the first touch? Where's the first kiss?" So we wrote the part where the wine spills and I take off my shirt, and she changes it, and then we go into the kiss and all of that.

But the other thing is that it was also originally written that I was drunk. And I said, "You know, I'm sorry, but do you really need to be drunk to go to bed with Catherine Deneuve? Wouldn't it be much more interesting if I went to bed with her because I chose to? And because she's hot and I " wantto?"

So because of all that, I'm actually really happy that the scene has proven to be something that people continue to enjoy, because we all had a lot of collaboration on how it came about.

The first day of shooting that scene, I remember everyone was sort of hanging out trying to watch, and then by the third day, people couldn't have cared less. It got boring for everyone on the set! [Laughs.]

For many of my interviews, I like to end with a quick game of "Who would you rather sleep with?" I pair up two people and you have to pick which one you'd prefer ...

[Laughs] That's funny! I'll do it.

... and this is probably the first time your name isn't included as one of the people to choose from! For the record, you and Angelina Jolie get chosen more than anyone else.

Well, I definitely would sleep with Angelina Jolie!

OK, Anne Coulter or George Bush?

Oh my God! I think I'd kill myself. Neither one of them.

Dick Cheney or Henry Kissinger?

Oh, no! Another terrible one! I just can't be forced to answer that one. It's too horrible. I think I'd take the devil before either of them.

Charlotte Rampling or Jacqueline Bisset?

[Immediately] Charlotte Rampling.

Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?

Oh that's really funny. That's a good one. How about both of them at the same time?

Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi?

Oh, Jesus, these are hard! Hmm. Well, I guess Nancy Pelosi. I'm just not a huge fan of Hillary's.

Jane Fonda or Ann-Margret?

[Laughs.] You know, I think Ann-Margret, because I think she'd be more fun in bed.

Madonna or Chrissie Hynde?

Chrissie Hynde. Absolutely.

Jodie Foster or Ellen DeGeneres?

Oh, Ellen for sure. I just find her very sexy, and very funny. Plus, she's a great dancer!

Amy Winehouse or Howard Stern?

Oh, Jesus ... Amy Winehouse, but only after she gets out of rehab.

Catherine Deneuve or Julie Christie

Well, I've already slept with Catherine Deneuve, so I'd go with Julie Christie.

Editor's note: We're so grateful to Sarandon for granting us extra time for the fun stuff -- but, oh, the questions we never got to. Here's what we missed:

"If they were to do a lesbian remake of 'The Graduate' and you were in the Anne Bancroft role, which young actress would you choose for the Dustin Hoffman role?"

"Is there a difference between younger actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger taking gay roles compared to a seasoned, older actor like Sean Penn playing gay in the new Harvey Milk film?"

"What did you think when you first laid eyes on Brad Pitt on the set of 'Thelma and Louise?' And who do you think is more attractive: Young, pretty-boy Brad or weathered, handsome, activist Brad?"

And, of course: "Who are you voting for in the election and why?"

Susan, call us back!


I think he's totally adorable tbh

Last December, hottie Aussie actor Jesse Spencer from House dropped by the morning talk show,The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, but they didn't air the episode until this last Tuesday. See the entire extended video interview here. He lets slip a couple of House spoilers, but nothing too major.


LOLZ@Juliet hitting on him rather relentlessly... not that I blame her...
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Ryan Phillippe’s Fatherly Duties, New Film

It was father-son time on Wednesday, as Ryan Phillippe was spotted taking his son Deacon to the market in Brentwood to pick up some groceries.

In a family album moment, Ryan stopped the cart to give a hug to his little guy while zig-zagging throughout the store’s aisles.

As far as Ryan’s professional life is concerned, the former Mr Reese Witherspoon is returning to the big screen with a politically oriented MTV production.

“Stop-Loss” will be released on March 28th and stars Ryan as an Iraq War veteran struggling to adjust to the effects of the war. Co-starring in the film are Ryan’s rumored real-life love, Abbie Cornish, along with Channing Tatum and Rob Brown.

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After the Strike: When Your Favorites Will Return!

With an end to the three-month-old WGA strike imminent (yay!), the networks have quietly begun outlining plans to salvage what's left of the current TV season. At the same time, I've been quietly picking at my moles to get a preview of those plans — the results of which appear in chart form below.

Keep in mind that the following information remains extremely tentative and is subject to change (and probably will). In other words, I strongly suggest you refresh your browser at least once an hour to ensure that you're getting the most up-to-date scoop possible. Ausiello Report

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's the shows that I've seen the most comments about that we have not been updated on yet.

30 Rock
Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.

Expected to shoot 4 to 6 new episodes to air in April/May.

No new episodes expected until fall.

The Office
Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.

Four pre-strike episodes remain. Four additional episodes will likely be shot; unclear whether they'll air on NBC or go straight to DVD.

So which show are you most excited to see back? And will viewers return to their favorite shows?

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Larry Birkhead Leaves Tribute to Anna Nicole Smith

Although Larry Birkhead, former lover of Anna Nicole Smith, has not updated his Web site since November – when Smith would have turned 40 – the home page underwent a moving makeover on Friday, the first anniversary of her death:

Anna Nicole Smith

Image and video hosting by TinyPic






Where were you when you found out the news about her death?
And wow...can't believe it's been a year already.

Dr. Drew says media should stop protecting stars and report on drug abuse

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Drug abuse in Hollywood is almost as old as the Hollywood hills themselves, but the fondness celebrities have long had for cocaine, prescription painkillers and other dangerous substances goes largely unreported until someone ends up in rehab or dies of an overdose.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, the man behind the VH1 hit show "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew," says the media have a moral responsibility to start reporting on celebrity drug abuse in the wake of the shocking drug-related death of actor Heath Ledger and the drug-addled travails of pop star Britney Spears.

"We have a saying in the addiction field: ' You're as sick as your secrets,"' Pinsky said in an interview from Los Angeles on Thursday.

"Secrets keep addicts ill and cost lives. Families that have addicted members learn to operate with secrecy. And Hollywood is operating, and the media with them, like a sick family. If this secrecy hadn't been maintained, Heath Ledger could be alive today."

Several celebrities, among them Kirsten Dunst, Amy Winehouse and Eva Mendes, have entered rehab in the wake of Ledger's demise, perhaps scared straight about where their proclivities could lead. And there are also signs that Ledger's death has forced news outlets to examine their past tendency to keep quiet about stars struggling with drug problems.

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Delta Burke Is NOT in Psych Ward

Follow-up to this post:

Delta Burke has not checked into a psychiatric facility, a rep for her husband, clarifying earlier reports, tells PEOPLE.

"Delta is in a clinic – not a psych ward – to adjust medication," said Henry Bollinger, the press rep for Burke's husband Gerald McRaney. "This is something she does once or twice a year."

He added that the former Designing Women star, 51 suffers from a "number of conditions" including depression, high blood pressure and diabetes.

On Wednesday, stories circulated that the actress had checked into a psychiatric hospital for obsessive-compulsive disorder and "hoarding." "The tabloids have blown it up as if she's landed in a mental institution," Bollinger said. "It's not true."

The rep said it's not clear how long Burke will remain at the facility. "Based on past experience, it's anywhere from three days to two weeks," he explained, adding that the drug-evaluation process is complex. "They eliminate everything and then monitor her as they reintroduce the same drugs or new drugs, then see how she responds."

Burke – best known for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker on Designing Women – was most recently seen in the Hallmark Channel's Bridal Fever. She starred opposite McRaney (of Major Dad fame), her real-life husband of 18 years.

Girls Aloud (Cheryl) Two Finger Salute

Cheryl refuses calls from husband Ashley

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cheryl Cole has been refusing to take calls or listen to apologies from her husband Ashley, following reports that he cheated on her twice in 2007.

The Girls Aloud star is living with a close friend and is unable to face speaking to her partner because she is so upset and angry, say reports.

According to The Sun, Cheryl couldn't watch Ashley play football for England on Wednesday because she "can't even stand the sight" of him.

"Cheryl goes from one extreme emotion to another. One minute she’s hopelessly distraught and in floods of tears, the next she’s furious," said a source.

"She didn’t watch the match because she still can’t even stand the sight of her husband."

England and Chelsea football star Ashley is reportedly hopeful he can still win his wife back, but her friends and family are keen for the split to be made permanent.

The source added: "Ashley is desperate for Cheryl to come home because he knows the more time she is away with people who hate him, the more she will be turned against him.

"None of her family or friends want Cheryl to take him back. It’s abundantly clear to her now he can’t be trusted and the truth is she simply doesn’t know how many people he has slept with or paid off."

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what the fuck thurston

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Daydream Nation, Soon to Be a Teen Comedy Movie Starring That Girl From "Heroes"
Save the cheerleader, save the album

Daydream Nation: Sonic Youth's masterpiece, the inspiration for two decades of indie rock, still sounds great today, the greatest album of the 1980s, "You'd be hard pressed to find many fans of indie rock who don't have some love for this record."

Daydream Nation: Forthcoming teen comedy directed by Michael Goldbach, starring "Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panettiere and maybe Kieran Culkin, "the producers are hoping to reinvent the coming-of-age story for the 21st century, calling the film an intellectual comedy a la Juno and Election."

See also: The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait, Just Like Heaven, Things We Lost in the Fire


quoting i_custard: This movie has nothing to do with Sonic Youth or Thurston Moore but the title. They are not involved.

enjoy thurston though
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Hey Mama

Kanye to pay tribute to his Mom at the Grammys

Three months after his mother's sudden death, Kanye West is planning an emotional tribute performance at the Grammy Awards.

The rapper – who's up for eight nominations, including album of the year and rap album of the year for Graduation – has not been officially announced as a performer for the Feb. 10 awards show.

But an insider tells PEOPLE that West, 30, had a rehearsal at the Staples Center Thursday afternoon, performing a moving medley of his hits "Stronger" and "Hey Mama."

West's mother Donda died of heart disease and other factors Nov. 10, one day after undergoing cosmetic surgery. She was 58.  

Source: http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20173658_20177016,00.html
http://a.abcnews.com/images/Entertainment/7bdab6a2-71f6-42bb-9c26-37e88fd500fe_ms.jpeg (picture)

I love Kanye, I can't wait to see this ....
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Knope 2012

30 TV Shows You'd Bring Back from the Grave

Freaks and Geeks, although they'd have to recast all the roles...Maybe just a very special "where are they now" episode. —Shannon

Angel. The darkest, most complex and interesting, and best of the Joss Whedon shows, especially during Season 5 when it was wrongly canceled. —LMB

Sports Night. What a great show — everybody went on to greater things except the second lead (whose name escapes me...but he was a cutie). (Editor's Note: It was Josh Charles. And, yes, he was a ''cutie.'') —TVSlave

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Source: ew.com

Some Exclusive Photos From Katharine McPhee's Wedding

From the kiss to the cake, go inside the singer's [Katharine McPhee's] Feb. 2 nuptials to producer Nick Cokas:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katharine McPhee, 23, gets down on the dance floor with her new husband, producer Nick Cokas, 43, during their Feb. 2 wedding reception at St. Viviana's in Los Angeles. The couple tied the knot earlier at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church before 305 guests (including McPhee's pal Rumer Willis).

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Shaq & Miley

Before getting traded from the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O'Neal went to a Hannah Montana concert in Miami with his family -- including his soon to be ex-wife, Shaunie. Shaq and Shaunie are in the middle of a bitter divorce, but were all smiles backstage. Shaq (in red) also posed for a photo with Miley's mom, Tish.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/07/shaqs-family-outing/
Wow, I didn't know Shaq was the guy in red. Anyone else not like Miley's mom?
hyuna dad

mean people make koda kumi cry

Koda Kumi appeared on FUJI TV: FNN where she gave a televised public apology about the "rotten" scandal. This apology is for her making the comment "when women turn 35, their amniotic fluid goes rotten, so I'd like them to have a child by 35." Since then, she has had harsh criticism from her old fans that are bitter because their amniotic fluid is about to rot. Here is the video of her crying. :'(


(no subject)

Scott Weiland Enters Rehab

Following Velvet Revolver’s concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, and following his arrest for driving under the influence back in November, singer Scott Weiland voluntarily entered a rehab facility, according to a statement from the band.

Weiland’s rehab stay forced the cancellation of the band’s show tonight in San Diego and jeopardizes Velvet Revolver’s planned Australian tour, even though the promoter states, “We have not been told that the tour has been affected and right now I can say that it is still 100% going ahead.” The Australia jaunt is scheduled to start February 15th, meaning that Weiland has seven days to get clean.

How this affects the apparent plans for a Stone Temple Pilots reunion (and whether Weiland was just hyping an STP reunion because he was chemically altered) remain to be seen.


Online Petition for World Tour

Led Zeppelin fans launch online petition for world tour
Plant, Page and co urged to hit the road by fans

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An online petition to get Led Zeppelin to undertake a world tour has been created on campaigning site Youchoose.net.

Over 8,000 people have signed up so far.

The manifesto for the petition outlines the belief that it wasn’t fair that UK fans got to see Led Zeppelin at their reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena on December 10 last year, and that the band should, as a consequence, tour the globe.

The organisers of the petition claim to be in contact with Led Zeppelin’s promoter, and claim that they are "excited over the interest" the petition has generated so far.

See the online petition for yourself at Youchoose.net.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/34209
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gaspard recline

Kidman does 'Bazaar'

Before any signs of bumpage, mum-to-be Nicole Kidman took time out of her busy schedule to pose for the February issue of Australian Harper’s Bazaar.

The 10th anniversary cover shows Kidman in a tribute to Marilyn Monroe with it’s cover caption Some Like It Hot .

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Daniel Craig & Keira Knightly = UK Gay Fantasies

Daniel Craig is the British actor gay men most want to go on a date with.

The James Bond star topped the poll of single homosexual guys, conducted by dating website www.gay-PARSHIP.co.uk, after receiving 31 per cent of the vote.

Daniel - who starred as Francis Bacon's gay lover George Dyer in 1998 film 'Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon' - was followed by 'Atonement' star James McAvoy, who came second with 18 per cent of the vote, and Colin Farrell, who finished third.

Jude Law and Ewan McGregor rounded off the top five.

Keira Knightley - who has a lesbian love scene with Sienna Miller in upcoming 'The Edge of Love' - topped the female fantasy list with 35 per cent of gay single women naming her as their dream date.

'Titanic' star Kate Winslet came second and was followed by 'The Mummy' actress Rachel Weisz in third place.

'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' actress Helena Bonham Carter and Kate Beckinsale were also named as lesbian fantasies.

Daniel recently revealed he asked Bond bosses to let him film a gay love scene in new 007 adventure, 'Quantum of Solace', saying: "Why shouldn't we have a gay scene? I think, in this day and age, fans would accept it."

British actors gay men would love a dream date with top five:

1) Daniel Craig (31 per cent)

2) James McAvoy (18 per cent)

3) Colin Farrell (15 per cent)

4) Jude Law (13 per cent)

5) Ewan McGregor (12 per cent)

British actresses gay women would love a dream date with top five:

1) Keira Knightley (35 per cent)

2) Kate Winslet (26 per cent)

3) Rachel Weisz (13 per cent)

4) Helena Bonham Carter (12 per cent)

5) Kate Beckinsale (12 per cent)


Living PLush, logo, lp logo, livingplush

David Lynch. More than a film maker.

david lynch

On the evening of December 23rd in Milano, Italy I treated my day as I would any other. I was glad to be on vacation, excited for the holidays, and had a an itch to go to a museum.

This day in particular, I wanted to see the works of David Lynch. The exhibit "The Air is on Fire" was at Trienale Design Museum and had been calling me for quite sometime. A man that is known mainly for his films. More specifically, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, and maybe even more for his work on the series Twin Peaks.

Most people do not know that he is also, a painter, photographer, sculptor, designer, but above all, a master of multimedia. I had no idea how much I would gain from this experience.

david lynch

Let me begin by saying, that the exhibit may be dark, sadistic, mentally unstable, I don't know, but what I can say for sure is that he is a man of immeasurable talents.

His work, starting with the paintings, invoked many emotions in myself and my company. The certain elements he used to bring forth feeling...... shadows, use of minimal or muted colors, dolls heads and arms, deformities, smoke, feces, blood, nudes, insects, word play. All coming together to not only make you feel uncomfortable but at times, question why exactly you do.

This is his way, surrealism, bringing your dreams or more so, your worst nightmares to life. He is known for exploring the underside of America or the dark side of Hollywood in his films and in all of his other art. The bringing life to the subconscious is something I believe to be true for his work.

Read Full Article and See All Photos at the SOURCE:

The Breeders, CSS And M.I.A. For Summercase

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Breeders, CSS and M.I.A. have all been confirmed amongst the batch of bands for this year’s Summercase Festival is Spain.

Also joining them for the event will be Maximo Park, Mystery Jets, The Stranglers plus Pete & The Pirates.

This year sees Summercase return for a third year and it will once again host two sites in Barcelona and Madrid.

Two day tickets for the festival are on sale now for the early bird price of 95 euros up until April 15.

Last year saw The Jesus And Marcy Chain, OMD, The Flaming Lips, Bloc Party and LCD Soundsystem all grace the Summercase stage.


quitting music = PLAYING MOAR FESTIVALS ilu maya

Lots of bidders for Death Row Records--who will bankrupt themselves trying to buy them?

Warner Music Group (WMG) has bid $25 million to buy the catalog of bankrupt Death Row Records, the Rap label run by Marion "Suge" Knight, which owns the works of Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. WMG has been named the lead bidder in Death Row's bankruptcy proceedings, according to the New York Post, though competing bidders have until April to put in a better offer. The administrators running the bankruptcy estates of Death Row and Knight have asked the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles to approve the bidding procedures and leading bid at a February 26 hearing. Knight and Death Row originally filed for bankruptcy in April 2006, listing $137 million in debt and just $4.4 million in assets.
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EXCLUSIVE: Sam Lutfi Could Face Jail Time

A source on the inside the LA County Police Department has told me that the police captain is deeply concerned with the deposition made by Lynne Spears about Sam Lutfi and they are looking to possibly press charges.

This means in the next couple of days Lutfi could face possible jail time for admitting he had drugged and manipulated Britney Spears.

I just made a call to Michael Sands, Lutfi's new publicist who said he would 'look into the situation and ring me back within an hour.'

An update to come...



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Paris Hilton was seen out with Simon Rex last night. They were spotted "canoodling" and making out. You know...gross stuff. Gross stuff coming from them. This is actually good news. Paris used to date Simon back in the day, so it's nice that she's keeping her skank contained.

Her hair looks like it was cut with a machete. She looks like a guinea pig. A whorey guinea pig!

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10 Years, 10 Disasters: The Worst Grammy Looks

From Christina's X-rated dress to Britney's puffy prom gown, check out a full decade of bad Grammy fashion.

#10. IMOGEN HEAP (2007)

The best new artist nominee was at one with nature on the red carpet – literally. Clad in flowers and lily pads, and holding a frog, the ethereal singer capped off her look with a potted plant on her head.

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daily nkotb update w/ queen_norleans

Donnie Wahlberg: Head of the NEW NKOTB?

I have to admit something..I just spent the last hour in a chatroom..how nerdy is that? BUT ladies, it was all in the name of New Kids On the Block Gossip! Scott from the old Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch held a chat session to talk about his new Funky Bunch..but ended up by being bombarded with questions from NKOTB fans. Here’s what I found out:

+ The new NKOTB single is named, “Going Out of My Mind”

+ They will be doing a reunion which starts over seas (Bummer to the Max for us Americans)

+ Donnie is the one who spear headed the reunion and is ‘going to make it real cool’ for all the fans

+ Despite rumors there are no plans for a reality show

All that chatroom excitement has made me tired..time for bed! I’ll be back tomorrow with more NKOTB Reunion News.

SOURCE & the_nkotb

For the record, no, I did not write this. It was written by someone that submitted it over at www.nkotblog.com.

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Kim Lo, that is! PageSix.com is reporting that the celebrity stylist stopped by Britney's mansion yesterday afternoon to work on the Queen B's hair.

The pop princess apparently wanted a "long and sexy" cut - and Kim spent four hours at the Summit making sure he gave Britney just that!

Britney was described as being "polite and calm" while Kim did his thing, at one point calling to check in with Jamie Lynn. At one point, she was heard saying "I want to start focusing again; I want to figure out the system."

Not that she failed to get goofy, of course - in addition to breaking out her British accent, she also facetiously pretended to be her own assistant as she talked about her eagerness to get her cars back (although she might be a little less eager if she knew what happened to them while she was in the hospital!)

Kim's focus, however, was squarely on Britney's hair - or, more specifically, her fake hair.

Lo also advised the pop princess to "put the wigs away, this is crazy. You don't want to be crazy" - at which Britney reportedly laughed.

We hope we've seen the last of the wigs too - after all, now we know what they mean!


i'm well aware that his name is actually Kim Vo....blame x17 lol

Frances Bean Cobain: 'I'm Not My Parents'


Clay Aiken, move over. There's a new Broadway baby on the horizon.

Frances Bean Cobain, 15, the daughter of Courtney Love and late grunge legend Kurt Cobain, is headlining as the star of Evita, Grease and Beauty and the Beast – all for a fashion spread in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Still, the backdrops are appropriate, says her mother. "Frances grew up on musicals. I think musicals comfort her," Love, 43, tells the magazine. "She's a gay man trapped in a woman's body, like me."

The beautiful brunette also has a head on her young shoulders, aware that most interest in her stems mainly from her lineage. "I get it, I really do," she says, "but at the same time it's creepy."

"These people are fascinated by me, but I haven't done anything," she says. "If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I'm not my parents."

Without dismissing the accomplishments of her folks (her father was dead before she was 2), Cobain advises, "People need to wait until I've done something valid with my life."

As for what that will be – Broadway dreams and admiration for Dita Von Teese's style, notwithstanding – she's thought about photography and/or journalism (there may be a summer internship at Rolling Stone).

Even so, 'I'm taking my time," she says. "But I get asked what I want to do all the time because of my parents, because of the life I live."

And while she gets along with her mom, despite the occasional typical clash, Cobain sings praises of her paternal grandmother, who lives in Olympia, Washington. The teen calls her "the most constant thing I've ever had. I'm really lucky because I've been able to go places and meet people you can only dream of, but she's probably the person I respect most out of anybody in the world


wow, she sounds really down to earth and real for a child of celebs/music icon. Really refreshing...
Betty love.

ME concludes accidental overdose from heroin for Brad Renfro.

Since I agree TMZ goes overboard with the breaking news stamp, I changed the pic.

In a sad conclusion to a tragic life, the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed that actor Brad Renfro died from an accidental overdose of heroin.

The cause of death was ruled "acute heroin/morphine intoxication," and the drugs were injected, according to the coroner's office. "The final manner of death has been ruled an accident," the coroner reported. The 25-year-old former child actor was found dead in his L.A. home on January 15.

TMZ was at a court hearing last August when Renfro told a judge he was trying to get his life back together and get clean. He had been scheduled to return to court on February 27 for a status check.


It's not surprising, but it's still sad :(
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Randy Jackson presents...


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The show finally premiered last night on MTV, after we were able to catch a glimpse of the dance crews on the 1.5 hour casting special that aired 2 weeks ago. The videos were just uploaded 2 hours ago. Randy Jackson produces & Mario Lopez hosts a show where dance crews from different regions of the US (they were separated for auditions) compete and even battle each other for spots to make it to the finals.

In case you missed it, Collapse )

**Femme 5 needs to GTFO. It's like watching 7-year olds in a dance recital. Not good. They moved to LA to "pursue their dreams" after their audition was successful. I will ROFL if when they are kicked off next week.

sources: The videos are directly linked to youtube & blurry screencap via myself
and this for reference & voting

EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ Sam Lutfi's Mouthpiece

What about these alleged charges from the LAPD that are being filed against Sam for drugging and manipulating Britney?
"If alleged charges are filed against Sam for drugging and manipulating Britney, I believe they may be misinformed. Because Britney Spears has been undergoing mandatory drug testing as required by the courts. It is known publicly that spears has been going through drama with the shaving of her head and drugs prior to Sam entering her life last October."

Why did Sam give her prescription medications when he is not a doctor?
"Sam had been giving prescription medication smashed up to Spears via a psycho-pharmacologist. It was a cocktail of sorts. It was pills that she had to take and he took care of her."

Who was Sam to Britney?
"Sam was Spears manager. if you look at the movie "Frances," Britney is the 21st century version of Frances Farmer. Spears has mental illness called 'bipolar disorder,' I know this because my ex-wife suffered from it."

What was Sam's thought about her recent hospitalization?
"What her family did by putting her away and locking her up like Farmer, as some monster, was totally wrong. She needs to be put on good medication and not receive the type of treatment she currently is."

Was Sam using her for money?
"You know what JJ, you need to speak to Howard Grossman..He has all of her money. Do you think he is trying to help her? Sam doesn't run her financial empire and never has. "

Who is Adnan?
"Adnan is the culprit of the videos and photos being sold. Not Sam. Adnan was married two times and he will probably be deported soon because he used his last wife just to have citizenship in the states. He actually sold his story for a lot of money to EntertainmentTonight and the Insider, despite reports of that being untrue. I know this for a fact!!! He is using her just as much as he has used everyone else he has come in contact with."

Last word?
"Sam is out of Spears life completely and has hired me to speak on his behalf. He won't be doing any sit downs with media in any form. That isn't his style!"


Amy Winehouse Gets U.S. Visa After All

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The U.S. government has reversed its decision and is saying "yes, yes, yes" to granting Amy Winehouse a visa for Sunday's Grammy Awards.

But because of the tight timing, reps for the nominee say she's going to stick to her plan to perform live via satellite from London.

"Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved and timing complications, Amy will not be coming to the U.S. this weekend to perform at the Grammys in Los Angeles, however she will still be performing via satellite broadcast from London as previously announced this morning," her label says in a statement.

The statement adds: "Amy would like to thank all of those people, and in particular the staff involved at the U.S. Embassy in London, who have all worked so hard to expedite her application. She is very sad not to be attending the prestigious awards in person, but wishes to express her heartfelt gratitude to all of those involved in the process."

kate walsh

MSNBC Suspends Anchor for Chelsea Clinton Comment

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A distasteful comment about Chelsea Clinton by an MSNBC anchor could imperil Hillary Rodham Clinton's participation in future presidential debates on the network, a Clinton spokesman said. In a conference call with reporters, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson on Friday excoriated MSNBC's David Shuster for suggesting the Clinton campaign had "pimped out" 27-year old Chelsea by having her place phone calls to celebrities and Democratic Party "superdelegates" on her mother's behalf.

Wolfson called Shuster's comment "beneath contempt" and disgusting. "I, at this point, can't envision a scenario where we would continue to engage in debates on that network," he added.

MSNBC said Shuster, who apologized on the air for his comment, has been temporarily suspended from appearing on all NBC news broadcasts except to offer his apology. "NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks," MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said, adding the network was hopeful the debate would take place as planned.

Clinton and Obama are scheduled to participate in an MSNBC debate Feb. 26 from Ohio, which holds its primary March 4. The Clinton campaign has pushed hard for as many debates as possible with Obama, but Wolfson said the Feb. 26 debate could be jeopardized.

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This is such bullshit that you can't talk about Chelsea Clinton still. She's old enough to fend for herself now. I love her *style* today versus her dorky kid pictures of the 90s.

Ladytron New Album and Tour Dates

The Liverpool-based quartet announce the June release of LP4, and gear up for a supporting U.S. tour.

Emerging from a lengthy stint in a Parisian studio, electro-pop mavens Ladytron are finally set to return with Velocifero, the follow-up to 2005's opus Witching Hour, slated to land stateside June 3 courtesy of their new label, Nettwerk Music Group. The new record was produced by Ladytron with additional production by Alessandro Cortini (Modwheelmood, NIN), and Vicarious Bliss of Ed Banger Records (Justice, etc), and mixing courtesy of Michael Patterson (Beck, P. Diddy). Not coincidentally, Ladytron will hit the road this spring alongside sonically like-minded outfit Datarock, and also appear at this summer's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Ladytron tour dates:

5/20, Edmonton, AB (The Starlite Room)
5/21, Calgary, AB (The Warehouse)
5/23, Vancouver, BC (Commodore Ballroom)
5/24, Seattle, WA (Showbox)
5/25, Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
5/27, San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)
5/29, Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda)
5/30, Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda)
5/31, San Diego, CA (The Belly Up)
6/2, Salt Lake City, UT (In the Venue)
6/3, Denver, CO (The Gothic)
6/5, Dallas, TX (Palladium Ballroom)
6/6, Austin, TX (Stubbs)
6/7, Houston, TX (Meridian)
6/8, New Orleans, LA (House of Blues)
6/10, Orlando, FL (Club Firestone)
6/11, Tampa, FL (Czar)
6/12, Miami, FL (Studio A)
6/13, Atlanta, GA (Variety Playhouse)
6/15, Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo Festival)
6/16, St. Louis, MO (The Pageant)
6/17, Chicago, IL (Vic Theater)
6/18, Detroit, MI (St. Andrews Hall)
6/25, New York, NY (Terminal 5)
6/26, Philadelphia, PA (Theater of Living Arts)
6/27, Baltimore, MD (Sonar)
6/28, Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
6/30, Boston, MA (Paradise)
7/2, Montreal, QC (Metropolis/Jazz Fest)
7/3, Quebec City, QC (Theatre Imperial de Quebec/Summer Fest)
7/4, Toronto, ON (Harbourfront Centre)

Bad Romance 2

Does this girl look familiar to anyone?

I was just watching an episode of Beauty and the Geek from 2006 and realized that Megan, the winner, is the same Megan on Rock of Love 2.

Beauty & the Geek

She is also a Playboy model. Idk if she is a 'reality TV show actress' or something, but that's kind of lame. I think it's more lame that she's a model and WON a Beauty & the Geek and is now on Rock of Love. Anyone care about this?

Source: Me & my keen attention to detail.

Also, incase anyone cares, here is her myspace.

**Edt- I guess this is sort of old news, but it is new to me a lot of people apparently... it was never posted so I thought would post it and apparently I cleared up some confusion for a lot you guys! But sorry it's kind of old!

Tom Delonge On the Demise of Blink 182

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tom DeLonge (Angels and Airwaves) recently spoke about how mistrust led to the demise of Blink 182.
From the Article"‘OK, if I’m going to go home to be with my kid, how about if I at least start doing some demos, so that way it’s at least not lost time.’ And then they said ‘Now you’re trying to record without us.’ I said ‘No, I’m just trying to be constructive when I’m at home.’ And they were just paranoid.”

DeLonge’s career intentions also became an issue after Hoppus and Barker were mistakenly copied on an e-mail from Geffen Records in which the label offered DeLonge a solo deal. DeLonge insists he would never have left Blink to go solo, but the memo only raised the level of mistrust, and in the end, the conflict split the band."

(Read the full article by clicking here)

gaspard recline

Paramount sends free milkshake to press

This is pretty awesome. Paramount Vantage has sent /Film blogger Peter Sciretta a There Will Be Blood themed coupon for a free milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery.

You have to give Paramount Vantage credit. They’ve decided to embrace the cult popularity of the “I Drink Your Milkshake” quote from Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Today I had to sign for a couriered letter. The return address said nothing more than the THERE WILL BE BLOOD logo.

I open up the letter and am greeted with the black card seen above. In white TWBB font it reads “I Drink Your Milkshake”. Inside the black card is a coupon for a free milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery and the text “I Drink it up!” “from your friends at Paramount Vantage”, as seen below.


Once More, With Feeling

Paris Hilton, still wearing the Woman of the Year medal she was awarded by the Harvard Lampoon, serenaded Boston's Estate nightclub on Wednesday night.

The heiress hosted the club's first anniversary fete. And while Beantown is best known for their tea party, these pics make us suspect Paris has spiked her chamomille.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Two new pics from 17 Again

From the interview with AH:

“How close were you to not doing ‘High School Musical 3?’” Billy [Bush] asked Zac. “It’s time to be honest with Uncle Bushy. You thought about it!”

“Oh gosh. No, seriously I am not going to be the guy who takes ‘High School Musical’ away from all the fans,” Zac said. “We owe everyone too much. ‘High School Musical’ is a project I hold very close to my heart and I am going to complete the franchise.”

The rest is sort of rehash of previous 17 Again and other interviews so I'll spare you the redundancy.

There is now video.

conan white teeth
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Kat Von D -- Next Mel Gibson?

Upon being fired from "Miami Ink" last year, tattoo artist Kat Von D allegedly signed a photograph addressed to her former boss, Ami James, and drew a swastika and a flaming Star of David on it. Subtle, no?

TMZ has obtained the photograph in question, a headshot of Kat that reads, "Burn in hell Jewbag." No one witnessed Kat write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on "Miami Ink," tells TMZ Kat personally handed him the photo.

Poll #1135430 Offensive?

Is this offensive?

Yes, unless it was to a friend as a joke who was in on it and thought it was funny

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Alli Sims is Taking Sides

Alli Sims (Britney's pal, former assistant and self-described cousin) obviously hasn't been in Tinseltown long enough to attend media classes. You know, the type that help you deal with pesky press questions.

Alli was probed by a video crew outside of Avalon last night (we're so glad family grief isn't keeping her home at night) and seemed confused by the concept of "No comment."

When asked what she thought of Sam Lutfi, she pleaded the fifth and then added, "I think he's good."

And when asked about Lynne Spears' allegations that Sam drugged Britney, she replied, "No comment. It's pretty bogus."

Hey Alli, "no comment" means you're not going to say anything one way or the other.

And it seems we're not the only ones who have noticed her chatty ways and possible disloyalty to the Spears family.

Alli was denied entry to Brit's Summit home on Thursday night.

The paparazzi masses were confused to see Sims pull up to the guard gate around 7:45 p.m., only to be told by security to do a U-turn and leave the entrance.

A family source confirms to E! News that the reason Alli is persona non grata at the gated community is because she's on the outs with Jamie and Lynne, who spent most of Thursday inside Casa Spears with her daughter.

Says the source: "Alli is on the list."

What "list"?

It's a group of names Papa Spears compiled of Britney's former entourage who are not allowed to visit the recently dehospitalized pop star—including Sam, whom Alli defended.

Guilty by association, we guess.


Lynne Spears Named Weekend Conservator of Britney's Boys

Marc Jacobs has commanded that Kevin Federline attend his fashion show tomorrow, and so, Mr. PopoZão must make the trek to New York City, because only total idiots say no to the king of fashion.

Ignoring the obvious question of what in the name of Louis Vuitton is M.J. planning to do with K-Fed, the next concern is who's gonna to watch over Britney's babies?

A source tells E! News that Lynne Spears is supposed to take a break from trash-talking Sam Lutfi and head over to Federline's Valley home to babysit today, which we're guessing is going to stretch through Kevin's visit to the Big Apple.

(K-Fed's rep has confirmed he is going to the Marc Jacobs show and will be in NYC for one day on business meetings but would not comment on who's caring for the children.)

Oh dear! Is anyone else concerned by this? Not only is Britney freely roaming the streets of Los Angeles, but Lynne knows how much her daughter misses her boys (according to her statement to the court).

Could the Spears women be up to something? Can conservator Papa Spears handle Brit all on his own? Is this just an elaborate scheme hatched by Sam to lure Lynne away from Britney's house? What if this somehow results in Britney being committed again?

Ack! Hopefully, we're just being worrywarts, and the babysitting session goes smoothly. Pretty please avoid bringing the crazy this weekend, Spears family!


Javier Bardem Left Depressed After ‘No Country’ Haircut


Spanish actor Javier Bardem suffered from “full-blown depression” after having his hair styled into a bizarre 1970s-style bowl-cut to play a sadistic killer in Oscar-nominated movie No Country For Old Men.

Bardem, who is a favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor prize at the upcoming Academy Awards for his performance in the Coen Brothers film, was so ashamed of his new look, he avoided venturing out in public.

His co-star Josh Brolin says, “He was depressed during the process… He felt like he wouldn’t have sex for three months. Full-blown depression. I mean, bad. (He) didn’t like the way he looked. He’d stay home for hours on end. He wouldn’t go out.”

Bardem admits he was surprised by how his unusual look affected him psychologically.

He says, “You see yourself, you see the haircut. You don’t realize that it’s affecting you in a very delicate way, through your own psyche. What happened to me was that after a couple of weeks, I was a little bit - a little bit - strange to myself. There was something that was not familiar. It was like, ‘What am I doing here?’”


source: icydk.com

I think he's a sexy man.

Teen Vogue on Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port: "It Was Time for Them to Move On"

Despite reports, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port weren't given the pink slip by Teen Vogue.

"I just thought it was time for them to try something new," Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley told Usmagaizne.com at the Ralph Lauren fall fashion show this morning. "An internship is a short thing, and I just felt it was time for them to move on a little bit."

Women's Wear Daily had reported the magazine decided to part ways with the MTV reality show because of the girls' wild lifestyles of clubbing, makingout and feuding.

"I think that’s really why Teen Vogue had had their moment with them — it went into another zone," their boss, editor Lisa Love, told Us.

Asked if the show is scripted, Love replied, "I think why they say all that is because there’s so much editing.

"They shoot reality and somehow it’s changed in the editing room to appeal to things, I don’t know," she said. "I’ve never watched the show.

"They were great interns in the beginning," Love added of Conrad and Port, "and then it’s time for interns to go some place else, right?"

Seems like Conrad has already moved on. She recently unveiled her new clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection.

What does Love think of her designs?

"I think it’s more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, very simple basics."

Still, she said the duds could "possibly" be featured in a larger facet in the magazine.


Jessica Alba Speaks Out About Her Latina Roots

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jessica Alba, who has long been dogged in the blogosphere by accusations that she's abandoned her Latina roots, is hitting back in a new magazine interview.

"I always took pride in being Latina," the actress says in the March issue of Latina magazine.

Alba, who recently announced she is pregnant with fiancé Cash Warren's baby, also says, "I'm excited for my baby to be brown. I just have to believe the dark gene is going to survive. Cash and I are like, please."

Responding to rumors that she cut loose from her Mexican heritage, she says, "I never said that. Cut loose from what? Why would I want to cut loose from the only family I know?" (Alba's father is Mexican-American, though both of his parents were born in California. Her mother is of Dutch and French descent.)

In the magazine, which hits stands Feb. 19, Alba says she initially struggled to be accepted as 'mainstream' in Hollywood. "I was always trying to figure out 'How the hell am I going to be mainstream? How are people going to accept me? When are they going to get a clue that I am American, that this is what America looks like – people like me who are mixed, have different blood, mixed with different ethnicities? When are the people who are hiring for these jobs and writing these screenplays going to realize that?'" Alba says.

"I always took pride in being Latina, it's something I always embraced," she adds. "But when I got shunned, it made me feel really bad, like maybe I'm not."

She says that now she loves her Latin features. "I like that I look different; I like having flavor. I think it's funny that women get their lips injected, butt implants – everyone wants to look like us now."

As an expectant mom, some of her assets are even more enhanced. "When you're pregnant, your breasts are engorged and your stomach is getting bigger by the second," she says. "But it's awesome. It's the best time ever."

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Lauren Conrad Collection Show-Off

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lauren Conrad shows off her the announcement of the Lauren Conrad Collection being sold in stores now.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old Hills star was spotted walking back to her car with a gal pal, after a visit to the hair salon in Los Angeles.

Later, Lauren made a pit stop at the gas station where she filled up her tank with gas.

Lauren Conrad Tote from the Linea Pelle Collection.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Source: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/02/08/lauren-conrad-collection-show-off/

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"Obama Girl" didn't vote. lulz

Amber Lee Ettinger, aka "Obama Girl", didn't vote this Super Tuesday in the New York primary.

On Tuesday night, City Room ran into Ms. Ettinger at an election-watching party in Greenwich Village and asked how things went at the polls.

“I didn’t get a chance to vote today because I’m not registered to vote in New York,” she said.

So where is Obama Girl registered to vote?

“New Jersey.”

Um, but didn’t New Jersey also hold a primary?

True. The problem, she explained, was that she was sick in New York City and was unable to get back across the Hudson River to the polls in Jersey City.

“I was in Arizona for the Super Bowl — every time I get in the airplane I get sick,” said Ms. Ettinger, who did manage to make it to the Svedka Fembot election returns party at Chinatown Brasserie at Lafayette and Great Jones streets. (The Fembot campaign for the White House, the Svedka marketing manager assured us, is not a commentary in any way on Hillary Rodham Clinton, who defeated Mr. Obama in both New York and New Jersey.)

Too bad. Obama could have used her vote in New Jersey.


Whatever bitch, I still got a crush on Obama. I'm not an American, but I reeeealy hope he wins this thing.
mitch banana

Tony Romo Ignores Attention over Jessica


Tony Romo keeps his cool on the field and off of it – even when it comes to his love life.
The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who is currently in Hawaii to play in this weekend's Pro Bowl and enjoy some downtime with girlfriend Jessica Simpson, says he steers clear of romance talk.

"I came to an understanding a little while back that no one is going to remember me in five or seven years anyway so let them talk and say what they want to say," he tells FoxSports.com. "In seven years, I'm going to be off doing whatever and living normal so it's like, 'Work hard. Try to do things right in life and forget about the rest of the junk.'"

Asked how his life has changed since he began dating Simpson, his pal Terrell Owens jumps in to crack, "I think he's in way over his head."

But Romo only smiles and brushes off the idea that he can't handle the attention, which has not always been favorable.

I'm "definitely not [over my head]," he says. "I don't read the stuff like everyone else does, so it doesn't affect me. If I were to watch and read everything that is written and said, as a human being it would probably be difficult."

Meanwhile, Romo and Simpson have been spotted together getting cozy poolside at the players' hotel in Hawaii, according to USA Today. 

David Thewlis - In Black & White

JK Rowling wants to see a Democrat in the White House

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If JK Rowling had a magic wand, she would make Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama president of the United States, the best-selling Harry Potter author said in an interview published by the Spanish daily El Pais on Friday. Rowling confessed she was "obsessed" with the US elections because of the negative influence US foreign policy has had in other countries, including Britain and Spain.

"I find it a pity that Clinton and Obama have to be rivals because both of them are extraordinary," Rowling said.

Asked whether Harry Potter was her hero, the author said her real- life hero was the late Robert Kennedy.

Rowling said she disliked being a public personality and preferred a writer's life in solitude.

"Everything we do in life is an attempt to deny death," she said on commenting on the theme of death in her novels.

"I feel very drawn to religion, but at the same time I feel a lot of uncertainty. I live in a state of spiritual flux. I believe in the permanence of the soul," Rowling said in her only interview with a Spanish newspaper to date.

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'Project Runway' Walks the Real Runway

NEW YORK (AP) -- For Victoria Beckham, there was a clear winner at the ''Project Runway'' show Friday at New York Fashion Week. But she wasn't telling who.

Beckham is a guest judge for the two-part finale, which airs Feb. 27 and March 5.

''That one person really made me smile,'' Beckham said. ''Everything I saw, I would wear myself.''

Five remaining contestants presented collections Friday to a celebrity-studded audience at the Bryant Park tents. There was some reality show synergy in the front row with Tyson Beckford and Nikki Taylor of ''Make Me a Supermodel,'' Padma Lakshmi and Ted Allen from ''Top Chef,'' and a few former competitors from ''America's Next Top Model'' on the runway.

Several ''Project Runway'' contestants choked up at the sight of the overflowing audience. Only three collections will be televised on Bravo, but producers want to avoid giving a hint of who the finalists are.

Christian Siriano, the contestant fans love to hate, was a tent favorite with an avant-garde collection playing with feathers, oversized ruffles and curvy blazers with wide shoulders and flared hips.

Rami Kashou focused on beautiful dresses, using softly layered draping, ruffles and a checkerboard weave. Models were styled as goddesses for the collection he said ''celebrates women.''

Jillian Lewis showed standout coats -- one with a wide collar in metallic herringbone, and another with cut-outs in the elbows and a ruffled hem showing a peek of red.

Chris March, the costume designer and fan favorite, went for high drama with velvet, beading and brocade. He also showed his sense of humor with his use of a hair-like fringe and a flowing halter dress embossed with the image of the Mona Lisa.

Kathleen ''Sweet P'' Vaughn had a very wearable collection, playing with trends seen elsewhere this Fashion Week of mustard yellow, purple and exposed zippers. A green-gold tiered dress and long coat were standouts.

''It's going to be very, very hard for us to judge them today,'' said host Heidi Klum.

The last contestant to be ''aufed'' by Klum, Ricky Lizalde, said he was rooting for Jillian and Rami. ''I think both of their crafts were up to par,'' he said. He didn't comment on Christian, a vocal critic of his.

Lizalde, who is probably best known for his frequent crying, said he felt good about how he was portrayed.

''I wasn't a jerk. It was a little tough watching myself cry every week, but once I got over that and realized I wear my heart on my sleeve, I was OK with it,'' he said.

The winner of ''Project Runway'' gets $100,000, a car, an editorial feature in ELLE magazine and the opportunity to sell a line on Bluefly.com. An extra challenge, ''Sew Not Over,'' will be judged by fans online and shown on Feb. 21 through March 6.

Outside the tents, a fan approached the show's fashion guru, Tim Gunn, with his own signature line: ''Did they make it work?''

He smiled and answered, ''Yes.''

I'm rooting for Ferosh.
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idk my bff Billie Joe

Billie Joe Armstrong: Stop Filming My Gigs!

He tells fans not to put them on youtube...

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has urged fans not to record gigs and upload them to the internet.

Armstorng was playing with his side project Pinhead Gunpowder in Los Angeles earlier this week when he told the audience to put their cameras away.

He said: "YouTube can't own everything. There's also something called memories."

The band’s gig at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Monday (February 4) was their first since 2001.

Armstrong formed the group in 1991 but his rise to fame with Green Day meant he had to put the project on the back burner.



guess who is gracing canada with their presence?

There's some kids from Germany - you may have heard of them - called Tokio Hotel. They've sold kabillions of albums overseas and with the singer barely 18, they're already gigantoid superstars. Well, so far they've yet to break the North American market - key word being YET. Thanks to your votes, one Tokio Hotel video has been chosen to debut on MuchMusic, and the dudes will be here on Monday to perform live on MOD! Now, it's only a matter of time before the shriekers and screamers fill the streets for these German gents. Excuse us while we dig up our Zac Efron-level earplugs

source: my muchmusic newsletter email

yes, tokio hotel is appearing on much on demand on monday.
someone please go and get a fan sign. it would be gold. i would if it wasn't reading week and i was at home doing 2 essay proposals and catching up on 5 books i haven't read
Ryan's Butt

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Day26 Debut Album Cover

The official album cover for Day26's debut LP hit the net recently. The guys, stars of MTV's Making The Band 4, are set to release their self-titled album on March 11th via Bad Boy/Atlantic Records. 

To get a hi-res view go to the source.

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...It's not bad, but it's kinda boring. I also don't think it's wise to release them a week ahead of Danity Kane since DK they will more than likely crush the boys.
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Circus Tour

why, jesus?

Justin Timberlake signs on to star in 'The Open Road'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Looks like Justin Timberlake is starting to take this whole acting thing rather seriously. The mega-selling pop singer has just signed on to star in writer/director Michael Meredith's drama The Open Road, in which he'll play a young man trying to reconnect with his father (Jeff Bridges) as he struggles to get the old man home to his ailing mother's bedside. Kate Mara (Brokeback Mountain, We Are Marshall) will play Timberlake's girlfriend while Mary Steenburgen will take on the role of the mom. The film is scheduled to begin production this month in Louisiana.


who keeps casting this fool? stick to music justin!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Fear Kali

BoBBy Trendy in search of assistants and interns!!!


Reply to: see below
Date: 2008-02-08, 2:12PM PST






SEND ALL INFORMATION TO: designintern08@yahoo.com


Anyone from ONTD gonna try for this AMAZING experience?

/ sarcasm
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The interview takes a few seconds to get started, ignore the cheesy intro:

He reveals that he’s working on his new album and has just shot the video for his 5th single “Butterfly”! He talks about his crazy fan girls and taking his shirt off in videos.

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Hillary Clinton has cast her fashion vote.

The Democratic presidential hopeful backed out of a Vogue fashion shoot
(earning criticism from editor Anna Wintour) but was game when it
came to spoofing her style in the Fashion Police section of the new
issue of Us Weekly, on stands tomorrow.

Of a tropical-colored, ankle length coat at a Feed the Children event
in 2000, Clinton quipped: "I'm a big believer in recycling -- even

She also mocks her own wedding dress, joking, "They got the idea for
the Seinfeld 'puffy shirt' from me."

Clinton has attracted the likes of America Ferrera and Amber
, while opponent Barack Obama is endorsed by Oprah and
Scarlett Johansson.

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Dair Met Steps Hands
  • ky02121

New York Post Article Trashes Ledger, Aussies Livid

Aussies enter Ledger 'selfish' debate

February 9, 2008 - 9:21AM

Angry Australians have bombarded a US newspaper's website after a columnist sledged Heath Ledger.

Andrea Peyser, in her scathing column in the New York Post, described the late Australian actor as "reckless and greedy" and "selfish".

Peyser also wrote Ledger chose to "self-destruct" with prescription drugs with little regard for his daughter, Matilda, ex-fiancee Michelle Williams and his parents.

The column was initially supported by bloggers on the New York Post website, with one applauding Peyser's view with: "How nice it is to finally see someone state the obvious."

Another blogger wrote: "That was the best article I have seen since this all started!"

When the content of Peyser's column was reported in Australia yesterday, it stirred up a wave of support for Ledger, with Australians posting angry responses on the website.

"Shame on you Andrea Peyser," Les from Sydney wrote. "You are disgusting and vile."

Other Australians compared Peyser to Australian writer Germaine Greer, who criticised Steve Irwin soon after his death.

"You and Germaine Greer should get together - you are well suited (she made badmouthing the dead an artform, too) - just stay away from Australia though!" Rhonda wrote.

Margaret from Sydney told Peyser: "He is dead now. Just let him rest in peace".

Another Australian, Tilda, wrote on the website: "Firstly can I say that as an Australian I am appalled by your so-called insight into the untimely death of an actor who was known for commitment and excellence."

The reaction was not all negative, with some Australians supporting Peyser's view, including one from Ledger's hometown of Perth.

"As someone who comes from Heath's hometown, I can say you're absolutely fundamentally right, and most people are simply swept up in the strange activity of caring way too much about a celebrity they've seen in a few movies but never met," Ben, from Perth, wrote.

Ledger, 28, an Oscar nominee in 2006 for Brokeback Mountain, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on January 22.

The New York Medical Examiner's Office ruled Ledger died from an accidental overdose of prescription medications.

Toxicology tests revealed Ledger had consumed a powerful mix of five prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety pills and an over-the-counter antihistamine.

A funeral for Ledger is expected to be held in Perth tomorrow.

Link to original article

I just think she's trying to make a name for herself.

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The C O V E N A N T

Will Ali Lohan Make Music with Zac Efron?

Ali Lohan
Move over, Lindsay Lohan!

I just got word that producers of Disney’s upcoming High School Musical 3 are considering Lohan—that is, LiLo's 14-year-old sister, Ali—for a part in the flick, which finds Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) as high school seniors preparing for college.

A source tells me Lohan could be up for the role of a spoiled little princess. Think of her as a Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) in training.

Lohan is no stranger to singing. Her debut album of Christmas music, Lohan Holiday, was released in November 2006.

A rep for Lohan confirmed Ali is up for a part. "She is auditioning for it," the rep said.

E! Online Planet Gossip

dw - beards are cool

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'Twilight' Gives The Green Light To Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon For Book-Turned-Movie

'Messengers' actress Kristen Stewart also set to star in flick based on popular vampire series.
By Larry Carroll

LOS ANGELES — In the past few years, some would-be fantasy franchises have soared higher than Harry Potter at a Quidditch game, while others ("Eragon" and "The Golden Compass," for instance) have died as brutally as Gollum at Mount Doom. Now, two more actors have joined what is shaping up to be a beloved, bloodsucking blockbuster — with hopes that "Twilight" marks the start of a brand-new day.

"Rocket Science" actress Anna Kendrick and "Just Jordan" star Justin Chon are the latest additions to the soon-to-shoot vampire flick, joining Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison (a.k.a. Cedric Diggory in the "Potter" series). Based on the #1 best-selling series by Stephenie Meyer, the flick begins shooting in Washington at the end of this month with "Thirteen" filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke at the helm, and is intended to launch a series containing at least three films.

The 23-year-old Kendrick will be playing the pivotal role of Jessica Stanley, a classmate to Stewart's main character, Bella. Jessica — best friend to the teen who opens the film by reuniting with her estranged father in Forks, Washington — is a chatterbox who helps Bella adjust to her new school, but eventually has a falling out with her over the affections of heartthrob Mike Newton. She makes appearances not only in "Twilight," but also the sequels "New Moon" and "Eclipse."

Chon, meanwhile, has been cast as Eric Yorkie, a key member of Bella's high school posse. Described in the books as a 6-foot-3 student with greasy hair and a poor complexion, he is one of the first students to befriend Bella at her new school and eventually asks her to the dance. An admitted geek, he claims to have a girlfriend of his own, but is undoubtedly jealous when Bella falls hard for Edward Cullen (Pattison), a sexy student later revealed to be a 100-year-old vampire.

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lol at "the pivotal role of Jessica Stanley" and "Eric Yorkie, a key member of Bella's high school posse". haha what?

Teaser Image for Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

This weekend, the first image of what will be Heath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, will be posted on the film’s website. Quick Stop Entertainiment has received a fraction of that image from director Terry Gilliam. A rumor was going around earlier this week that this film would be scrapped or re-shot due to the untimely death of Ledger, but that information was found to be false, and Gilliam will be going forward with the project as planned.

Gilliam, the visionary director behind Twelve Monkeys and The Brothers Grimm (also starring Ledger), is known for the vibrant and haunting images in his film. This image is no exception. I love the attention paid to detail on that stage and what appears to be mannequins in the forefront. What confuses me is that this is only a portion of the image that will be put on the website. That’s kind of crazy. Yes, we live in a world of marketing–The Dark Knight brilliantly utilized Comic Con to show us an image of the joker and a teaser that had already been leaked, I remember hearing multiple descriptions of the Cloverfield trailer before it came out–but a teaser or a teaser image? That’s awesome.

So what could the rest of this image be? My guess is that it will contain Dr. Parnassus himself, portrayed by Christopher Plummer. Most would guess that because they didn’t reveal the whole image it probably contains a shot of Heath as well. Will this be a promotional shot or a still from the movie? Lots of questions…

Either way, we’ll know when www.doctorparnassus.com goes live this weekend.

UPDATE: The whole image is now up!

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You cant Stop the Motion of the Ocean

OK! has learned exclusively that Britney Spears left her house this afternoon in an unmarked black Escalade and went on a shopping spree along Rodeo Drive. An eyewitness says the former pop star hid in the back of the SUV so that she wouldn' t be spotted by the paparazzi. Accompanied by her Israeli bodyguard, Brit then made her way to Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood where she is right now!

Apparently She Starts Shooting her New Video Tomorrow

Stay tuned for more details!


The Oprah Store

What's Oprah got in store?
FANS' PARADISE | Star's comfy shop features her passions, gurus

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What would it be like to walk into Oprah Winfrey's consciousness?

You can get close by walking into the new Oprah Store, a mishmash of the star's sayings, passions, gurus and even her closet, right down the street from Harpo Studios on Chicago's Near West Side.

Perhaps you'd need to make a purchase and delve deeper into the experience.

In that case, feel stress-free in an Oprah nightgown and baby-soft socks, writing in your "Passion" journal while sipping hot tea from a mug emblazoned with one of Oprah's favorite quotes. "Live Your Own Dreams" is always a heart-warmer.

It's all about comfort and self-expression -- and lots of attention from hovering salespeople -- at the store at 37 N. Carpenter, set off by large acrylic O's that light up at night on the entry walkway. Inside, bamboo, pastel colors and a brightly lighted loft set the tone.

Oprah fans have had a week to browse the 5,500-square-foot store.

The most popular item? On Thursday morning, 70 shoppers snapped up $13 cosmetics bags decorated with blue, yellow, pink and purple O's.

The setting ranges from subtle messages -- small O's hardly visible on the pockets of workout shirts and pants -- to out-and-out Oprah worship, with photos of Oprah and her favorite causes on the walls, and a TV mounted on a wall rerunning "The Oprah Winfrey Show's" 20th anniversary special.


Trendiest: Glass-bead and telephone-wire bowls and baskets handmade by women in Africa, from $45 to $120.

Prettiest: Handmade beaded key rings in the shapes of a giraffe, crocodile, elephant and giraffe, $8.

Smartest: Books by Maya Angelou, fitness guru Bob Greene, relationship expert Robin Smith and diet doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen.

Altruistic: Profits from the sale of sweat shirts, T-shirts and other clothing dedicated to Oprah's charitable Angel Network and her African school are returned to those causes.

Coordinated: This one is a tie between attire for small dogs, with a $24 Polo shirt, $12 collar and $15 leash, and a workout outfit for people, with a $30 T-shirt, $40 drawstring pants, $5 socks, $6 water bottle, $46 gym bag and a $16 baseball cap for bad hair days.

Most retro: Velour jogging outfits with an O zipper pull, $100.

Sexiest: A pair of Gianfranco Ferre brown crocodile ankle boots from Oprah's closet, $300.

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The Polyphonic Spree's latest single/video "We Crawl"

While you may have suspected that The Polyphonic Spree lived together in a commune or all shared one big bed, like The Monkees, the truth is very different as we see in their new video “We Crawl.” The video was shot giving each member of the band a video camera to shoot themselves singing the song in and around Dallas going about their daily business, sans robes or military-inspired fatigues.

The band members walk the streets, feed their kids, play their instruments and pick up their robes from the dry-cleaners, with relatively few shots where we see more than one of them at once. The song’s chorus of “Together we’re better” feels appropriate here, as we see the individual members who make up the band and hear what happens when these 23 people get together.

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people >> sp >> time and space

Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber Expecting First Child.

Desperate Housewives actor Kyle MacLachlan and his wife, Desiree Gruber, are expecting their first child, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby is due in July. "We are really excited," says the mom-to-be, 39, who is president of Full Picture and executive producer of Project Runway.

MacLachlan, 48, also starred on Sex in the City and will next be seen in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

The two have been married for six years after having first met in a chiropractor's office. "We just started talking," Gruber tells PEOPLE. "We always say, 'Thank goodness Kyle had a bad back."

Friday proved a big day for Gruber. Besides confirming her baby news, she wrapped the Project Runway season with pal Heidi Klum.

"We just left the finale at the [Mercedes Benz Fashion Week]) tents," Gruber says. "It's been a great day."

Klum is also happy for the prospective parents, says Gruber. "She's so excited. Heidi wants all her friends to have kids. She wants her kids to hang out with our kids."


Yay! I fucking love Kyle.

Kat Von D Strikes Back

After a signed image of Kat Von D came out today that was reportedly sent to her former employer Ami James at Miami Ink, she has been called a racist well Kat Von D took to her myspace a few minutes ago to clear up this story. Here is a bulletin she sent out.
See after the cut
Source- Myspace Bulletin from Kat Von D

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TMZ has learned that Britney Spears' divorce lawyers, Trope and Trope, have filed papers requesting to be removed as her council. There is a hearing scheduled on this for March 10.

Could this be the first step in the process to bring back Spears family fav Laura Wasser? Stay tuned.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/08/britneys-lawyers-want-out/


Conservators to Dump Brit's Manager!
TMZ has confirmed that one of the things that went down in yesterday's hearing involving Britney's conversatorship is that the commissioner granted the conservators the power to fire her manager, Howard Grossman.

Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Howard Grossman to turn over "all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears" to Brit's dad, Jamie, who, along with attorney Andrew Wallet, is the court-appointed conservator of Brit and her estate.

Though the firing hasn't gone down yet, we're guessing the reason Brit's fam wants him out is because Grossman has a very cozy relationship with Sam Lutfi -- something that makes Brit's family very uncomfortable.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/08/conservators-to-dump-brits-manager/


Britney's at Millennium Dance Studio right now -- is she prepping her next music video??? Yea!!!

Is Britney feeling better? We're there and we're going to ask -- stay tuned!


Looks like her dad is getting everything he wants...slowly but surely lol

BIG Mayer Post

Yesterday singer/songwriter John Mayer showed up at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills with a mystery girl...


source: flynet

Collapse )

John Mayer has his eyes set on Misca Barton, *gag*.

John and Mischa spent the night flirting with one another during Hollywood manager Benny Medina’s recent birthday bash on the Sunset Strip, spies tell In Touch Weekly.“John was flirting with Mischa big time and she seemed to be enjoying it,” a spywitness tells the tab. “I heard her say, ‘John is really so much cuter in person.’”

“I gave him my number,” Mischa was later heard gushing to BFF Nicole Richie.

John Mayer to Perform at the Grammys. Attended a pre-party last night.

Lots of parties have been thrown this week as bigwigs gear up for music’s big night. In the last 72 hours, In Style magazine, Fuse TV, and the Grammy Foundation have hosted shindigs to celebrate everything from hip-hop to doom metal.

Pre-Grammy party-goers included Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Musiq Soulchild, Natasha Bedingfield, Paris Hilton, Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Mark Ronson, Taye Diggs, Chris Daughtry, Adam Levine, Kat Von D, John Mayer, Chrisette Michele, and John Fogerty.

source: vh1

Mayer's dinner date with Travis Barker

Travis Barker and John Mayer were spotted leaving Il Sole restaurant in West Hollywood after having dinner together. They were said to have been laughing and joking, having a good time together.
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source: dailystab
horny christmas

It's Been Awhile...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Britney Spears has been quiet since the first several hours of being released from the hospital the other day. She hit up Millennium Dance Studio in West Hollywood today. Rumor has it she starts shooting her new video tomorrow. She has on her famous ripped up fishnets along with her traditional Starbucks, hold the whip this time though..

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Obama's "Celebrity Army"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For all their outsized influence in American society, celebrities have enjoyed relatively little power in helping to sway modern-day elections. Sure, Hollywood bigwigs rarely miss an opportunity to voice their support for a chosen candidate, but their impact has typically been felt in the fund-raising arena, and more often during the Democratic primaries, when a celebrity endorsement is less liable to create a backlash among more conservative voters. Americans may flock out and buy soap, beer or cars because of celebrity endorsements, but voters by and large don't like being told whom to vote for by their favorite TV superhero or movie superstar.

But this year, in a Democratic presidential nomination race that has defied convention at every turn, celebrities are playing a much bigger role than usual. Rather than just lending their endorsements, stars from the worlds of music, TV, and movies are taking active roles in getting the word out, particularly in Senator Barack Obama's campaign.

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Amy Sedaris does short film for Microsoft

Amy Sedaris is featured in a new short film for Microsoft Word 2007. Rabbit Rescue is part of a series of short films included in Microsoft’s Office 2007 online ad campaign. Amy worked on this with Paul Dinello (of Strangers With Candy). Look for a cameo appearance by her own rabbit, Dusty (the black & white mini-rex that's eating sprinkles and wearing a chef hat)!

(This is the cutest thing ever. I can't get enough of that rabbit that works at the computer!)

SOURCE: AmySedarisRocks.com
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The X-Files at WonderCon 2008 on February 23 in San Francisco

Mulder and Scully: Best TV Couple EVER?        y/n?

Saturday February 23         2:00-3:15       20th Century Fox: The X-Files
The truth is out there, again—finally! A new motion picture based on the phenomenally popular, award-winning series The X-Files is in production. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson—making their first-ever joint convention appearance—join director-writer-producer Chris Carter and writer-producer Frank Spotnitz to share their thoughts about the long-awaited film, and answer your questions. 

Source: http://www.comic-con.org/wc/wc08_prog_sat.php

FYI, the term "shipper" was created by The X-Files fans during the early 90s.
terry richardson

lohan replaced by brittany muprhy; and shes not happy!

Lindsay Lohan’s long stint in rehab forced her to drop out of Poor Things, starring Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Chris Evans and Rosario Dawson. But the actress is not happy about the casting of her rumored replacement, actress Brittany Murphy. We hear Lindsay has a dislike for Murphy that is very personal, and even includes catty text messages between the two stars. Poor Things stars Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis as a couple of over-the-hill pals who decide to start their lives over again as con artists.


Funeral for Heath to be held Saturday


A private funeral for Hollywood actor Heath Ledger will be held in Perth today, his family says.

Ledger's father Kim Ledger said the funeral would be limited to 10 people, and would be held today at Penrhos College in Como, south of Perth.

Mr Ledger fronted a large media pack in Perth today and told them the media would be welcome to take photos of people arriving for the funeral at the exclusive girls' school.

"The funeral will be very, very private and there will only be 10 people there, immediate family and nobody else.''

Mr Ledger said the family appreciated the massive outpouring of grief from the public over Ledger's death, and the support they had received from family and friends. 

"It's a pretty sad time and we're finding it difficult to cope by ourselves, let alone cope with everybody around the world. Having said that we do really appreciate the outpouring and the emotional support from all over the world, which, suffice to say, we're luckier than most families, most families that are in our position, our grieving position, don't have that kind of support. So thank you all very much. That's all I've got to say.''

While arrangements have been made to allow the media to photograph those arriving for the service, Mr Ledger asked the media to respect the family's privacy. 


I guess this is it. Rest in peace, Heath :'-( 


Addicted to plastic surgery

Ashley Tisdale getting breast implants

Ashley Tisdale’s critically panned nose job isn’t stopping the High School Musical star from going under the knife again, this time Ashley wants to amp up her washboard bosom with a breast augmentation. “Ashley wants curves. She wants to be sexy and not to look like a stick-thin model. She wants to look like a model.”

“Ashley hated her new nose at first, but now she loves the results,” Tisdale tattle tells Star. “Once it healed and the swelling went down, she thought about having more work down.”

“She’s already trying on padded bras to pick her new size!” Star Magazine reports.

But don’t expect to see Ash’s new bust anytime soon, the actress has decided to wait until she wraps up shooting on High School Musical 3: Senior Year before undergoing the surgery.

“Ashley has consulted a few doctors, but that’s it,” says a friend.


Kirsten Dunst is NOT in Rehab

If Kirsten Dunst is in rehab, she isn’t at Cirque Lodge. The director of Cirque Lodge Treatment Center has issued a statement denying tabloid reports that this week that claimed the Spiderman starlet had checked into the Utah facility where she was seeking treatment for an unknown problem.

Director of Operations Gary Fisher simply said: “Nope, not true.”

Friends of the twenty-five year old actress claimed that she had been forced to seek treatment following her “erratic behaviour” at Utah’s recent Sundance Film Festival.

“Kirsten desperately needed help. She has been acting really erratic and is extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears. She not in a good place right now, but thankfully, she’s getting the help she needs.”

“She’s never really been the same since she broke up with Jake. Never.”


Paris Hilton is now corrupting children

Paris Hilton has a range of dolls coming out. They aren’t meant to look like her, her wonky eye was too difficult to recreate in a doll without moving eyes, but she has styled them and their accessories.

"Little girls who cannot get enough of US showbiz personality Paris Hilton will be able to buy fashion dolls that wear dresses chosen by the millionaire heiress herself. Simba Toys, a German company, launched the range Wednesday on the eve of the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, the world’s top toy event.

The Hilton dolls will go on sale in Europe this year alongside Simba’s existing doll character, Steffi Love, which competes in a fashion doll market dominated by a US rival, Barbie."

As for an adult doll ...

Paris Hilton turned down the chance to have a sex doll made in her image - because the idea freaked her out. Hilton hated the thought of strangers making love to a doll that looked exactly like her, even though the venture would have made her a fortune. She says, “I turn down perverted things, some sex things. Like a Paris Hilton blow-up doll. “They were like, ‘They’ll sell for $50,000 each, it’ll be the real-life you.’ And I’m like, ‘I really don’t want a real-life me with anyone, anywhere. No!’



Madonna's 'chest hair' reaction to skin cream

Madonna is rubbing male hormones on her face. The Material Girl has started a strict regime of massaging her skin with testosterone cream due to it’s toted ability to increase muscle mass, boost energy, improve memory, and ward off mood swings. But Madge has got a hairy surprise that’s a bit more than she bargained for.

“Madonna is hip to all the antiaging stuff,” a Star Mag mole says of the almost fifty year old pop music legend. “She’ll try just about anything, as long as it’s legal,” the spy says.

But there is a downside: “She’s developed some unwanted chest fuzz!”

jbj smile

twice in one day


So the official New Kids On The Block site/mailing list has sent out an e-mail about their first official update.

"Our little website seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention lately. As promised, a first of many from www.nkotb.com. Remember to check back soon and often for the latest and greatest."

And this video:

Has been added to the site.

SOURCE & www.nkotbfans.com for the PB version of the video