February 5th, 2008


Missy Elliot New Music Video 3-Dz

Here's the music video for rapper Missy Elliott's new single titled "Ching-A-Ling". The Dave Meyers-directed clip just premiered on MTV's "TRL" and it becomes the first ever 3D music video! This song will be featured on the upcoming "Step 2: The Streets" soundtrack, due in February 5th, as well as on Elliott's forthcoming studio album scheduled to hit stores in the Spring '08. Check it out

SOURCE: http://kevipodmusic.blogspot.com/

If only I had the glasses....
Anna the Flapper

'King of the Congas' dies in Cuba

Tata Guines, Cuba's most famous percussionist, has died of a kidney infection in Havana. He was 77.

Guines, whose real name was Federico Aristides Soto, died on Monday, Cuba's state media reported.

The "King of the Congas" shared the stage with some of the world's most renowned performers during a career spanning more than six decades.

In the US in the 1950s, he performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Josephine Baker and Dizzy Gillespie.

He had spent his formative years playing with some of the greats of 1930's and 40's Cuban music.

Despite his success in the United States, Guines returned to Cuba after Fidel Castro's communist revolution in 1959, saying he had never been able to get used to the racial segregation in the US at the time.

"Fame did not extend beyond the stage. Once you left the stage, it was like the signs said: 'Whites only'," he said in an interview published last year.

After spending years away from the public eye, he enjoyed renewed success in 2004 when he performed on the Grammy nominated hit album, Lagrimas Negras - Black Tears.

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Catching up with some Idols.

The "American Idol" Rollercoaster: Checking In On the Show's Biggest Winners and Losers
From Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson to Jessica Sierra and Sanjaya Malakar

Kelly Clarkson
Who? The first-ever Idol victor
Career Peak: Second album Breakaway has gone platinum six times and spawned several monster singles including "Since U Been Gone," "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and the title track
Career Valley: A public feud with label boss Clive Davis in 2007, followed by the cancelation of an arena tour and a cooler reception for third LP My December (which has since gone platinum)
Currently: Up for Best Country Collaboration Grammy for duet with Reba McEntire and touring

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nick cave

la donna will be immobile soon

Opera star Anna Netrebko announces her pregnancy

Anna Netrebko says it is a high note of another kind: She is pregnant and she's getting married.

The 36-year-old star soprano and her fiance, Uruguayan baritone Erwin Schrott, are expecting a child this autumn, Netrebko's management company said Monday.
"We are both very, very happy that soon there will be three of us," Netrebko said in a statement.

It will be her first child. She and Schrott, 35, became engaged late last year in New York.
The Russian-born diva, who holds Austrian citizenship, has been making a film version of Puccini's "La Boheme" in Vienna for German television.

She and Schrott have shared the stage several times over the past few years, singing Mozart's "Don Giovanni" and other works, and they performed together in December in Puerto Rico.
Her manager, Jeffrey Vanderveen, said Netrebko "will keep her engagements as long as her doctors permit it."


For good measure, this is her baby daddy:

Emma, Dan and Rupert... Non-Harry Potter Film Projects

Emma Watson
Title - Ballet Shoes
Character - Pauline
Synopsis - Set in the 1920s, where she plays a poor orphan trying to become an actress.

Daniel Radcliffe
Title - December Boys
Character - Maps
Synopsis - Set in Australia, Maps is one of 4 orphans who go on vacation to the coast and they all have some adventures.

Rupert Grint
Title - Driving Lessons
Character - Ben
Synopsis - Plays the son of a controlling super religious evangelical mother (Laura Linney) and ends up getting a job helping a retired actress (Julie Walters) who happens to be a little fucking crazy.

I know a lot of people, especially from America, haven't seen much of any of these projects, so if you're curious, here is Emma reading Shakespeare, Rupert arguing with an old lady, and Dan in his first on-screen love scene (nothing graphic).

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- Source 1
- Source 2

Dallas Green set to be engaged!!

Dallas Green from Alexisonfire & City and Colour is about to pop the big question to his Much Music VJ girlfriend, Leah Miller...  Dallas has been seen ring shopping and is going to pop the question soon... Will Leah say yes??


Leah told Umm Magazine last year, "I've never really looked at him as a 'rock star'. I just have an extremely talented boyfriend... I love watching him perform on stage. But what I love most is when he sings to me when no one else is around or watching. I visit him on the road as often as I can, and whenever he has time off we spend it with each other... It's obviously hard to be apart from the person you love, but that makes you appreciate them more."

All I can think about is what their kids would look like???



so cheesy if he does it on Valentines day also!!!!
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Is it sad I got a little excited about this?

Sprouse Twins Board 'Suite Life on Deck'

Zack and Cody are checking out of the hotel and taking their hijinks to the high seas.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse will reprise their roles for the new live-action series "The Suite Life on Deck," an offshoot of their hit Emmy-nominated series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." Joining them will be Brenda Song and Phill Lewis from the original series.

"Our audience has shown us that after 88 episodes, 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' remains one of their favorite sitcoms ever," says Gary Marsh, President, Entertainment, Disney Channels Worldwide. "We decided to find a new way for Zack, Cody, London and Mr. Moseby to live 'The Suite Life' in a whole new setting -- this time aboard a luxury cruise liner."

In the new series, twins Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) and hotel heiress London Tipton (Song) enroll in a semester-at-sea program aboard luxury cruise liner the S.S. Tipton. Dutiful hotel manager Mr. Moseby (Lewis) follows to keep an eye on the boss' daughter, who, along with the tourists and students attending classes on Deck Eight, must deal with the twins' mischievous ways.

"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" was nominated for an Emmy Award this year in the Outstanding Children's Program category and has ranked among the Top Five series on basic cable with kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 for the past three seasons.

Source: Zap2It.com

Of course Nosedale's not going to be on the show since she's too big for it now, but what about the mom? Did they just dump her or what? Even still, "Suite Life">>>>>>>"Hannah Montana."
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Can We Just Put The 'There Will Be Blood' Homoeroticism Issue On The Table Already?

[Warning: Some spoilers ahead.] There's been an ongoing There Will Be Blood debate over here at Defamer HQ, with one faction having emerged from the P.T. Anderson masterpiece convinced what we had just witnessed wasn't just a searing allegory encapsulating the epochal struggle between American capitalism and religion, but also some very kinky oil-prospector-daddy on boy-of-the-cloth goings-on.

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sasha eye

the ~ gUiLLeMoTs ~ want you.

we need our dose of good music.

Bit random this. .. but basically, we're changing quite a lot in our live set-up: Alex J Ward, one of our sax players, is pretty busy with his own projects at the moment - DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP // ALEX WARD & THE DEAD ENDS - GO SEE THEM! - so whilst we'll have Christopher Cundy, our other sax player, still very much on board, we're trying to figure out how to fill the Alex-shaped gap..

We may end up not having anyone else extra at all, but one idea is having a female singer with us who can ideally play something else too - sax, a violin/viola, percussion - anything really, we can sort of work around it.

The main thing is just finding someone with a really distinctive, uninhibited voice who could add some harmonies / noises to some of our songs, and obviously, someone who is also able to be on tour a lot of this year.

So. . .if anyone out there thinks they might fit into the strange little sung-glove world of Guillemots, send an email to


with whatever you want to tell us about yourself and some link to listen or download some examples of your voice or voices...




sucks i can't sing.
nor play an instrument.

source: myspace bulletin

Dita Von Teese Flies in Style

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dita Von Teese turns her airport security check-in at LAX airport in Los Angeles into her own personal fashion show on Monday complete with her retro forties look.

Dita was in Austria last week for the Vienna Opera Ball along with Desperate HousewivesTeri Hatcher. Past invitees to the event included: Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Loren, Andie MacDowell and Pamela Anderson.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just Jared

Run, Jamie Lynne, run!

Jamie Lynn ready to run away from Lynne

Forget the parenting classes these two allegedly attended. Jamie Lynn Spears and her mom, Lynne, are no longer sticking together during the teenager’s unplanned pregnancy, reports National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, the “Zoey 101” star is leaving Lynne’s luxurious Kentwood, La., estate and hightailing it to her other parent’s pad.

“Jamie Lynn is moving to Los Angeles to live with her dad,” an insider told the Enquirer. “She wants to be settled in before the baby is born in March or early April — and she wants to be closer to film projects she’d like to start after giving birth.”

But Jamie Lynn’s plans to become a working mom aren’t the only reason Britney’s little sis decided to go west. Lynne’s decided that the teenager’s baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, is off limits.

“Jamie Lynn loves Casey and wants to marry him, but her mom is dead set against it,” an Enquirer source said. “Jamie Lynn knows that once she’s out from under her mom’s thumb in Kentwood, she and Casey will be together.”

Lynne also worries that once her little girl’s in Los Angeles, she’ll fall under another negative influence — Lynne’s older daughter Britney! “Jamie Lynn knows Britney smoked and drank during her pregnancy — and because Britney’s boys turned out fine, Jamie Lynn thinks her baby will be fine too,” the source confided.

conan white teeth
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FIRST Indiana Jones trailer to air on 2/14 on ET

Word is that the FIRST trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


This was rumored before but it is verified by an inside source.

-Inside source


Have a good day ontd!

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Mariah's role in Tennessee: It coulda been ugly

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Nicole Kidman famously won her Oscar "by a nose" - but don't expect Mariah Carey to let a fake schnoz come between her and her public.

A source tells us that her character in "Tennessee," produced by Lee Daniels, had to be significantly de-glammed - which didn't go down too well.

"Mariah is the nicest person to work with; everyone loves her," says the snitch. "But she was uncomfortable being uglied up for the part."

Carey plays a Southern waitress who sets off with two brothers in search of their father. While she consented to cornrows, she passed on the fake nose and bushy eyebrows that had been conceived for the part.

"When she saw the nose, she called her people and decided against it," says the source. "She was not a diva about it, but she did seem very insecure about her appearance."

(A source close to Daniels denied the production had suggested she wear a fake nose.)


Clinton/Carey for 2008!
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John Barrowman was once pursued by Valentino

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Torchwood star John Barrowman has revealed he was once pursued by legendary fashion designer Valentino.

The openly gay TV and theater star - who married his boyfriend, Scott just over a year ago, says he’s never slept with anyone to get ahead in the industry.

At the age of 22 he was phoned by Valentino - who made it look like he wanted John to model clothing for him.

John, 40, revealed: “I’ve been approached by famous people but I’ve said no. They wanted me for other reasons. As a trophy. And I don’t want to be a trophy. I want to have my own trophies. Valentino courted me for quite a long time. I wanted to be his friend but I don’t think he wanted a friendship.”

He added to Britain’s Heat magazine: “He gave me a 1959 Rolex but I’m not going to boast about how much it was worth because I actually took it to Christie’s and auctioned it. I didn’t feel comfortable keeping these things. When I was on his boat in the Mediterranean, he gave me this diamond cross with sapphires in it because he said he wanted to see my eyes sparkle against the sapphires as I was swimming in the sea. It’s a different world. As you step aboard his yacht, you get a Bulgari watch given to you.”

“I’ve always stood by the fact that I’ve never slept with anyone to get anywhere.”

“I always joke with Cameron Mackintosh that the only reason he continues to employ me is that I’ve never slept with him.”

John is great friends with fellow Any Dream Will Do judge Denise Van Outen and says he approves of her new love - Joseph star Lee Mead: “He’s got great thighs. And a good bum.”

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MJ Thriller Release

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' set for cinema release
Fans can watch video for free to mark 25th anniversary

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video is set to get a cinema screening in the UK to make its 25th anniversary.

The 14-minute music video will be shown on February 8 and 9 at selected Odeon Cinemas - and fans can watch for free.

Tickets for the event available in advance from the box office of the participating theatre from Wednesday (February 6).

'Thriller' will be shown at 11.30pm at the following cinemas:

Guildford (Saturday Only)
London Covent Garden

source: http://www.nme.com/news/michael-jackson/34103
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Baphomet 1 - by Reoffending
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Gwyneth's Mystery Visit to the Hospital Maternity Wing

Gwyn's Anatomy: The Baby Theory

Rumours are rumbling that Gwyneth Paltrow's mysterious hospital trip was baby-related.

Given the lack of information on Gwyneth Paltrow's mysterious wheelchair ride into a New York hospital on Monday, the void is being filled with persuasive rumours. The New York Daily News reports that the Oscar-winner and self-proclaimed "best friend" of Jay-Z was wheeled into the maternity wing for overnight treatment. Gwyneth spent one night in the hospital before going home. Since then, her rep has become the foremost expert in his field at saying, "It's personal, stop asking." He called this pregnancy theory "guesswork at best."

In the September issue of W, Gwyneth said she wasn't planning to have any more children with her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. The couple already have a three-year-old daughter, the most famous Apple since apples, and a one-year-old son, Moses. At the time, she said she hoped to wait at least four years before revisiting baby-ville. "I have a dream version where I think, maybe in four years I'll have two in a row really quickly again--how fabulous to have a whole bunch of them!" she said. "But then at that point, when everyone's potty-trained and sleeping through the night, are you really going to go back?" If it wasn't for the observation that she was slumped over in her wheelchair, our "guesswork" would be saying that she'd had the doctors put a "closed for business" sign up on her uterus.

The other leading theory, proposed by New York magazine, is that Gwyneth was on a five-day fast that went sour. But truthfully this is probably one of those situations where you beg and you beg for someone to tell you, and they say no, no, no, and then they finally tell you, and you go, oh, I actually didn't want to know that. Unless Gwyneth is terminally ill or getting new boobs, we're cool with leaving this as an unsolved Hollywood mystery.


I really hate the way this Ryan Porter guy reports, but I admit I've never heard that Gwyn and Jay-Z are "best friends". ???!?

idk my bff robert deniro

Tough-guy DeNiro a softy for Obama

"I've never made a speech like this at a political event before. So what am I doing here?" De Niro said. "I'm here because finally one person has inspired me. One person has given me hope. One person has made me believe that we can make a change."

Obama called De Niro "one of the greatest actors of our generation." "Some of you know I now have Secret Service protection," Obama said. "Those guys never smile; they are always cool. But I noticed when De Niro walks in, they're all like elbowing each other - 'Hey!' They were excited. Who wouldn't be excited?"

flaming tree
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Sienna's last chance to avoid spinsterhood

Sienna Miller's marriage ultimatum

Sienna Miller has been given a marriage ultimatum by her lover Rhys Ifans.

Sienna Miller has been told by lover Rhys Ifans, "Marry me or it's over."

The 'Notting Hill' actor issued Sienna with the ultimatum during their recent romantic trip to New York.

A source said: "Rhys is fed up with all the secrecy around their relationship and wants to make it a permanent thing.

"He has asked Sienna to marry him and it's the last time he will ask. He wants everyone to know they are officially an item."

Rhys has told Sienna they must announce their engagement now orend the relationship, but the 'Edge of Love' actress is refusing to be pushed into making a commitment. The source is quoted on the Daily Mail website as saying: "Sienna has yet to make a decision and Rhys can't understand why. Sienna is always trying to avoid the official relationship topic and is happy to keep it a low-profile affair. Rhys has been happy with that but now feels they should decide whether it's going to be long-term or not."

In December, Rhys bought Sienna an engagement ring for her 26th birthday, and hid the specially designed band among a pile of presents.

Rhys - who was first romantically linked to Sienna in August after he moved in to her London home when his houseboat started leaking - has reportedly asked the blonde star to marry him several times. Last November, he is believed to have proposed to the actress by serenading her with a poem entitled 'Marry This Misfit'.


I think he's too good for her, and that's sayin' something!! As long as Rhys doesn't have any nannies around for any reason, she should just say yes and get on with it. ETA: OTOH, I agree with everyone who says ultimatums are creepy. Maybe they should BOTH run for the hills.

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen

Did anyone see how excited Diane Sawyer was about meeting KD? Normally I think of Diane as a stuckup conservative, but she literally looked like an OMGZ FANGURL! when she was introducing her. She even gushed that someone had given her an ipod full of KD songs for x-mas.

Who do you think would win a rollerderby contest? Melissa, KD or Ro or Ellen?

David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Sarah Harding - "I'm Not Going Solo"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has denied claims that she is planning a solo career.

It was reported yesterday that the singer wants to compete with Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield and Kylie Minogue as a global star.

However, she dismissed the rumours in a post on the band's website, writing: "I've just got back from an amazing holiday in Thailand to find out that I'm leaving the band!

"I've got no intention of going solo. Why would I? I'm so excited about 2008. We've got the new single... the tour and a whole lot more."

Harding and Russell Brand have reportedly been approached to appear in a new Carry On movie.

Sarah's full comment
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gail martin

video game movies that never were...

Variety: Grand Theft Auto movie almost happened, possibly starring Eminem.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For years, everyone in Hollywood has wanted to get their hands on "Grand Theft Auto." Big name producers and senior execs at major studios all did their best to convince Rockstar to give up the film rights to their franchise. But the brothers Houser were reluctant, and who can blame them? "Grand Theft Auto" is a huge cash cow and has a bigger profile in the young male demo than most TV shows and movies. And God knows there have been a lot of awful videogame-based movies that hurt the property more than they helped. So, even amongst those able to navigate the Rockstar bureaucracy and talk to the right people, the answer was always "no."
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
But last year, something changed. By the spring, a deal was virtually in place with one of the six major studios to start developing a "Grand Theft Auto" movie. Eminem was quite possibly going to star.
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Bungie: Master Chief was a supporting character in abandoned Halo movie.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In the middle of our Q&A with Bungie writing director Joseph Staten about the fine line that they must walk between making Master Chief a proper character and leaving plenty of space for the player to feel as though he or she is the Spartan warrior, we threw in a question about how the planned-but-aborted Halo movie would tackle the problem of a lead character whose face was hidden by his helmet. To our surprise, Staten not only answered the question, but offered up the fascinating revelation that Master Chief would have in fact been something of a supporting character in Halo film.

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Sources: Variety Blog
Old GTA poster
Newsweek Halo Interview
Agent Smith...wet.
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Self-proclaimed "experts" say they know how to fix Brit's life

What's Next For Britney Spears?

Her past is peppered with shaved heads and strip shows. The experts say her future is to go undercover.

It seems like Britney Spears has been just a tad on the overexposed side since... what, 1999? But seeing footage of her on a daily basis hasn't helped us understand how she's capable of making life-altering decisions the way normal people change their hair, and to change her hair like normal people eat cereal.

Four experts in their fields have suggested what Britney should do next to curb her compulsion to scandalize and reignite the career [she] abandoned.

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WTF. Now everyone and their uncle knows how to Fix BritBrit. What a totally random bunch of people (experts?!?) to ask about What Britney Should Do. And that "Specialist" guy referring to Brit as nothing more than a "brand" just like her perfume is kinda creepy! Plus: No, I don't think everyone will simply "forget" everything Britney has done in six months if she just goes on a nice long vay-cay, bb. Also: Never take fashion tips from someone who openly boasts about having dressed Sum 41. I did LOL at the "casual Fridays every day" remark, though.
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The Canadian SIM
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Helen Mirren is hot, Queen or not.

Helen Mirren's Queen return

Dame Helen Mirren wants to film a sequel to 'The Queen' focusing on the British monarch's golden jubilee celebrations in 2002.

Dame Helen Mirren wants to film a sequel to 'The Queen'.

The 62-year-old actress - who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in the movie which followed the monarch's life the week after the death of Princess Diana in 1997 - would love to make a movie about the queen's golden jubilee, which she celebrated in2002.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper as saying: "'The Queen' was such an individual, idiosyncratic film. It was one of a kind. You can't repeat that. People have asked, 'Is there going to be a sequel?' Yes, let's do the golden jubilee. That would be interesting."

However a spokesman for Stephen Frears, who made the film, was quite coy about the idea.

He said: "I wouldn't really like to say."

Mirren recently revealed she regrets turning down an invitation to dine with Queen Elizabeth. The 'Calendar Girls' star fears she is now out of favour with the royal family after movie commitments stopped her from accepting an offer to attend a reception at the queen's London residence Buckingham Palace.

She said: "When they invited me I was filming the movie 'National Treasure' in America and I wouldn't have been able to get back from London in time for the next day's work so I had to politely decline.

"Buckingham Palace said they understood but I do wonder if I've blotted my copybook."


Hot damn! I want to look like her when I'm 40, let alone 62! And I think it'd be cool to see her do another movie as Queen Elizabeth II. She totally rocked the first one. Let's just hope Lizzie hasn't barred her from Buckingham for missing that lunch date...

Edited to straighten out the wonky photo formatting - sorry about that!

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2008 Juno Nominations!!

The 2008 Juno Nominations were handed out this morning...

Celine Dion received a leading six Juno Award nominations earlier this morning... Following behind her with five Juno nods each were: Toronto-based artist Feist, Vancouver's Michael Buble, and Napanee, Ontario's, Avril Lavigne.
Montreal's Arcade Fire, Burlington's Finger Eleven and Blue Rodeo received three Juno nods each as well... Hosting the Juno festivities will be Canadian comedian Russell Peters - great f&%kin' choice!!

Peters said today, "I'm excited to be hosting The Juno Awards - a show which I never would have watched... until now!!"

The Juno's air April 6th!!


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P Diddy & Super Tuesday

P Diddy urges youth to vote
The star speaks out on 'Super Tuesday'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

P. Diddy is urging young people to simply "Go vote".

The hip-hop star, who launched the Citizen Change organisation in 2004 to raise youth awareness about the importance of voting, is speaking out again in time for the 'Super Tuesday' presidential primaries today (February 5).

"If we want to stop the war, if we want to get the economy better, I think that young people need to understand they have to take matters into their own hands," Diddy told the Associated Press.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, refuses to endorse any particular candidate, saying, "I didn't really want to get in the political game but I wanted to see young people become empowered. That's where my attention is at."

Diddy acknowledges that November's US presidential election that sees presidential hopeful Barack Obama vying for the Democratic nomination along with Hillary Clinton, will go down in history.

"To have an African-American man and a woman in, it's going to go down in history as the most historical election," he said. "And I think that young people will have a hand in the result."

source: http://www.nme.com/news/p-diddy/34121

New Janet Interview + Pics

'Success Is a Gift From God'
When asked what molded her moral character, Janet Jackson credits her parents' insistence on work, her self-discipline and her mother's faith. Janet Jackson is one of popular music's biggest stars, having sold more records than any female recording artist--with the exception of Mariah Carey. Publicly, she is the sexy songstress with a knowing wink. Privately, she lives a very different life.

Janet Jackson, in reality, is not like her public persona. She is more the modest, upright, self-disciplined woman her devoutly Christian mother raised her to be.

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Lookin' good, bb

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Coleen McLoughlin in Barbados

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"If you don’t live in England, you’ve probably never heard of Coleen. She’s engaged to soccer star Wayne Rooney. Yes I said it, soccer. I refuse to call it football. And you know what else, it’s a damn ‘trunk’ not a ‘boot’ and elevators are called ‘elevators’ not ‘lifts’. And don’t even get me started on your so-called soccer riots. I’ve seen more cracked skulls at an AYSO game. Don’t laugh Denmark. Tomorrow’s your turn."

from celebslam.com

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Trent Reznor - b&w
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Paris on the L Word???

Paris Hilton's lesbian show

Paris Hilton has revealed she is to star in hit US TV show 'The L Word', about a group of lesbians.

Paris Hilton is to star in a hit lesbian TV show.

The hotel heiress - who sparked rumours she is experimenting with her sexuality after being spotted at Los Angeles' renowned lesbian nightspot The Falcon Club - will soon film an upcoming episode of 'The L Word', a US programme that follows the lives of a fictional group of lesbians.

She said: "It's true. I have no idea what kind of character I'll be playing, but it's a good show!"

Paris - who discovered last year her grandfather plans to donate most of his $2.3 billion fortune to charity when he dies - also admitted she would prefer to be rich than famous.

She added to website Parade.com: "I think it would be better just to be rich, because then you don't have to deal with anything else. You can just have everything you want and not have to deal with the press and people following you.

"But being rich doesn't even matter, either. I have both, and it doesn't even make any difference. I could be happy if I had nothing. So it's not, it's not really about money to me."


Ha ha ha! RIGHT! She was already rich, and she MADE herself into paparazzi-bait, so buh-bye to that statement's validity, Einstein. And could they possibly have fit the word "lesbian" into that crap article just a few more times?? Ugh, I can't believe that they're going to let her be in an episode. And I hardly call that "starring in" the show. Loved her quote about not knowing what the character will be, "but it's a good show!" Sigh. STFU, Paris.

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Meet the New 'Bachelor '(ABC)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sometimes finding love can be a long journey. For the latest Bachelor, it’s at least a Transatlantic one.

British “global financier” and business development manager Matt Grant, 27, will star in the latest incarnation of ABC’s reality romance series The Bachelor, when the 12th season premieres March 17.

The London-based hunk is “totally charming and [a] witty English gentleman [who] works with millionaire businessmen, but he has something on his mind that is more urgent than any business deal — he wants to find the love of his life and to start a family as soon as possible,” the network says.

For his part, Grant, who has four brothers (all married!), says picking his love from 25 single American ladies puts him in a “privileged position.”

“It’s a combination of going with your heart and your head,” he told Drew Lachey Monday night on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. ” [It’s] just trying to get as much information about the individual, their lives, what makes them tick, what makes them laugh.”

Tell us: How hot is Matt Grant compared to previous Bachelors? Will you watch his season of the show?

Sarah Jessica Parker
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New Ashlee Simpson Song


And it pretty much sucks, but that isn't too surprising. It sounds like an Ashlee rendition of "Breakin' Dishes" ("I don't want to fight, tonight") only much less fierce. I do like the opening line of the chorus though ("I just wanna colour outside the lines").

This track is from a 3-track EP available digitally as of today and will be featured on the upcoming album "Bittersweet World".

Source: YouTube, iTunes
Attempting to give a damn

Sarkozy and Bruni Win Lawsuit

Mods, why the reject? It hasn't been posted, there's no hotlinking... At least give me a reason.

PARIS (Reuters) - A French court ordered budget airline Ryanair Tuesday to pay damages to President Nicolas Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni for using their picture in an advertisement but the sum was less than Bruni had sought.

The court ordered Ryanair to pay symbolic damages of one euro to Sarkozy and €60,000 ($88,870) to his wife. Bruni, at one time one of the world's most highly paid fashion models, had been seeking damages of €500,000.

Sarkozy and Bruni sued Ryanair over the advertisement for cut price tickets published in Le Parisien newspaper last week, featuring a photo of the smiling pair.

The advertisement showed a cartoon bubble above Bruni, the scion of an Italian industrial dynasty, reading: "With Ryanair, my whole family can come to my wedding."

The French president and the Italian-born model and singer were married in a small ceremony in the Elysee Palace at the weekend, setting the seal on a romance that has fascinated the world's press since it was revealed two months ago.

Ryanair had admitted the advertisement was facetious and offered to make a 5,000 euros donation to charity but its lawyers argued that as a high profile couple, Sarkozy and Bruni had to accept inconvenient attention.

The ruling comes a day after Ryanair warned that high oil prices and a weaker British economy could hurt its profits in the 2008/09 business year.

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Katie Price opens up about recent surgeries

Glamour model comes clean about her new face

Jordan has finally confessed she's had a nose job.

The glamour model had the rhinoplasty op when she went to California for a breast reduction over Christmas.

She looked so different when she returned from LA, paparazzi at Heathrow airport hardly recognised her.

'It's no big secret,' Jordan laughs.

'I've always had a thing about it. It's not something I needed doing but I said to the doctor: “If you could change anything about me, what would you change?”

'I was stood there in my knickers and bra. He could have given me liposuction, anything, and he said he would do my nose.'

And the mum-of-3 couldn't be happy with her new look.

'I'm pleased with my nose,' she tells OK!

'Before it was more animal looking - wider like a cat - but I don't regret having it done. It's cute now - it's a cute fake ski-jump!'

But despite the touch up, Jordan, 29, insists she didn't have lip fillers, cheek implants, a chemical peel or a face lift as reports have suggested.

The only extra surprise is her teeth – she forked out £25,000 for new veneers that were fitted just days before she flew home.

Source 1
Source 2

Love this bitch for actually owning up to her plastic surgery unlike most celebs(ie posh and her nasty fake tata's, who btw, used Katies recommended surgeon). I'm not so sure how accurate that quote is about hating her new boobs, OK! usually takes shit out of context and puts it on the cover, so we'll see...

Grateful Dead reunite for Obama on Super Tuesday


Grateful Dead and Deadheads reunite for Obama

Saying Barack Obama embodies political hope absent since Robert Kennedy was slain 40 years ago, three surviving members of the Grateful Dead rock band reunited on Monday for the first time in four years to back the presidential candidate.

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you don't hear a whole lot about the dead here on ontd, but this was a HUGE deal to my boyfriend.

go hillary!

John Mayer Frolics on Maiden Voyage of “Mayercraft Carrier”

Sorry! I can't figure out how to embed so go here for the (nsfw?) video:


The first-ever Mayercraft Cruise Carrier sailed from Miami, FL to Freeport, Bahamas this past weekend, bringing with it John Mayer, his handpicked roster of singer-songwriters and a few thousand enthusiastic fans (ranging from the single twenty-somethings to families and aspiring Mayer clones). Despite recently shutting down his official blog due to being “done & dusted & self conscious & back to work,” Mayer took every chance he could to show off for his fellow passengers during the three day cruise.

On Sunday morning, Mayer opted to don a Borat bathing suit and take a short jog around the upper level of the Carnival Victory’s Lido Deck — much to the joint amusement and horror of the crowd of about fifty catching mid-morning rays. Check out his attention-drawing get-up above.

The rest of the weekend’s top Mayer moments included:

-Sunday afternoon’s acoustic set on the Lido deck: after admitting he had been drinking earlier in the day, Mayer took a bathroom break midway through the forty-five minute set and returned for a medley of “Sucker,” “Love Soon,” and “Man on the Side” — three older tracks that hadn’t been seen on set lists for quite some time.

-Sunday’s fan club Q&A session: between Borat and the acoustic performance, Mayer took time to answer questions from a few hundred fan club members, shedding light on some of his inspirations, his mother’s influence on him and offering an impression of the vocal similarities between Janis Joplin and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson.

-A surprise solo from Mayer during Colbie Caillat’s Saturday night set, for which Mayer came on stage dancing before joining Caillat on “Battle.”

-Mayer’s headlining sets Friday and Sunday: since the largest performance space on the boat could only fit one half of the audience at a time, the headlining gigs were split into two sessions. For each, Mayer and his seven-piece backing band put on a two hour set consisting both of setlist rarities and standards, all of which had a fresh energy thanks to some time off the road over the last few months.

Source is the link above.

Pics in this post: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/20083077

Best Weekend Ever. Also met Sherrod Small which was AWESOME cause he's SO nice and hilarious. Yay.

Lindsay Lohan in Harper's Bazaar

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. That probably goes double for magazines. But we don't care—this is the best Lindsay has looked in a long time! (Even if Harper's Bazaar did go overboard on the airbrushing.) So, we're gonna take a very shallow leap and say this must be the best she's felt in a long time! She even seems wiser as she reflects on the past year in her interview: "I wasn't taking any time to just sit and live and breathe. I was going, going, going, and that ran me down." So, we're just gonna ignore the part where she contradicts herself and says, "I have it in me to go, go, go. I'm still young. I love life. I love music and being around that. I love people, and I'm a very social person." Lindsay is pretty again, and that's all that matters.

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David and Victoria Beckham to adopt?

David and Victoria Beckham are hoping to adopt a little girl after the footballer's visit to Sierra Leone, according to a report.

According to Grazia magazine, the couple were moved by the plight of African orphans following the footballer's recent charity trip to Sierra Leone

Beckham and Victoria have long spoken of their wish to have a sister for their three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. 

David spent four days in Sierra Leone in his role as a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations' children's charity UNICEF two weeks ago. 

During his trip, David witnessed a birth and gave immunisation drops to a newborn baby.

Upon his return to his adopted home of LA, the footballer said: "I was close to tears. I had to step back and take a deep breath.

"I'm a very emotional person and I'm even more emotional now I'm a parent. 

"But what stopped me crying was knowing that what these kids are going through is far worse than my feelings."

Beckham, according to Grazia, has told friends they are seriously considering adopting following his trip and has sought advice from celebrity pal Tom Cruise, who adopted son Connor and daughter Isabella with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

The publication quoted a friend as saying: "Adoption is something David has been talking about for some time.

"If there is one subject that can move him to tears, it's the thought of being unloved, uncared for and with no hope or future.

"It was only when David started planning his trip to Sierra Leone that they began talking about adoption again. It's clear they both think adoption is great.

"Tom has talked to David about how adoption changed him and how he's been able to change the lives of two amazing children."

Spice Girl Victoria has often spoken of her wish for a girl and admitted she is saving her hundreds of expensive handbags for her future daughter.

She said: "I think of them (bags) as an investment. Someday, when I'm lucky enough to have a girl, I will pass them along to her.

"It would finish the family off to have a little girl."

The couple originally planned to try for a fourth child last year, but Victoria's Spice Girls reunion and fashion duties meant they were too busy.

A spokeswoman for the Beckhams said: "They both publicly have said that while they admire people who go through the adoption process, their focus is raising their own three boys."

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/showbiz/showbiznews.html?in_article_id=512423&in_page_id=1773



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Meet Team (Kathy) Griffin and be on TV - TONIGHT!!

Learn How to be a Celebrity Assistant with Tiffany Rinehart, Jessica Zajicek and Tom Vize

Special Guests JUST ADDED Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak & his assistant Julie Roebuck

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 from 06:45 PM to 09:30 PM TONIGHT!!
Location: Marina Del Rey
Click on the link to register!

Kathy Griffin's Very Own Personal Assistants Tiffany Rinehart, Jessica Zajicek and Tom Vize

Don't miss your chance to be on TV and be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood experience! Here's your opportunity to learn about one of the most unique professions in the entertainment business, celebrity assistants. Kathy Griffin's three assistants, Tiffany Rinehart, Jessica Zajicek and Tom Vize, otherwise known as Team Griffin, will tell you everything you need to know to make it as a celebrity assistant.

You'll learn:

* What a celebrity personal assistant does on a day-to-day basis

* Organizational strategies that will keep you one step ahead of your boss

* How to keep your celebrity boss happy

* The pro's and con's of being a celebrity assistant

* How to handle the pressures

* What a celebrity looks for in a potential assistant

* Plus Q & A!!!

EXCLUSIVE: This class will be taped and included as part of Bravo's hit reality show "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List"!

Jessica Zajicek: It's not easy to be an assistant in Hollywood, but it's a job that Jessica does with love, patience and a good sense of humor. Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, Jessica Zajicek headed to the "glamour" of Los Angeles and was working as an apprentice in a salon, when a client asked if she would be interested in a job as a personal assistant. Jessica was ready to switch gears and try something new, so took on the role of Kathy's personal assistant, friend and partner in crime.

Tiffany Rinehart: Tiffany Rinehart hails from Tracy, CA, a small town in Northern California. She graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach with a degree in Journalism-PR and a minor in Marketing. She always wondered how someone became a personal assistant, but never really thought she would be one - let alone Kathy Griffin's. She found Jessica on MySpace and sent her a message asking how one becomes an assistant. Luckily Jess and Kathy were looking for extra help at the time. She came in for a trial day and they all clicked really well. The rest is television history.

Tom Vize: A former TGI Fridays employee, Tom Vize is the latest addition to Team Griffin. He was hired as Kathy's dog walker, but was quickly promoted to tour manager and all-around Man of the House. Tom enjoys beer and porn in his spare and not-so-spare time.

source's MySpace bulletin.

This is a little last-minute, but they just posted this. I live in Philadelphia so, I'm a no-go on this. I am also poor. SOMEONE DO IT!
Eternal Sunshine

Barry Morse dies at 89

LONDON - Barry Morse, who played a detective pursuing the wrongly accused Dr. Richard Kimble in 1960s TV series "The Fugitive," has died, his son said Tuesday. He was 89.

Hayward Morse said his father died Saturday at University College Hospital in London after a brief illness.

Born in London in 1918, Morse trained at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and appeared in British repertory and West End theaters before emigrating in 1951 to Canada, where he became a regular on radio and television.

The actor's Web site estimated he played more than 3,000 roles on radio, TV, stage and screen over a seven-decade career.

In 1963, he was hired by producer Quinn Martin to play Lt. Philip Gerard on "The Fugitive." The series ran for 120 episodes over four seasons, teasing audiences with the cat-and-mouse pursuit of Kimble, wrongly accused of murdering his wife, by the implacable Gerard.

"He thought it was a good show — well filmed, well directed and well acted," Hayward Morse said. "He had nothing disparaging to say about 'The Fugitive.'"

Morse also played Professor Victor Bergman in 1970s science fiction series "Space 1999."

In 1966, he was named artistic director of the Shaw theater festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, rescuing it from financial crisis.

Morse was a lifelong devotee of playwright George Bernard Shaw, and his son said reviving the festival, which produces the works of Shaw and his contemporaries, was his proudest achievement.

Morse is survived by his son and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

His family planned a private cremation.


Seriously, why is everyone dying at once? It's crazy!

For all the, "Who!?" comments about to ensue: CLICK HERE!

Restraining Order Claims Sam Drugged Brit


TMZ has obtained a copy of the restraining order issued last Friday in the Britney Spears saga. We've reported on the order but we just got a hard copy. The documents allege Lutfi drugged Britney.

The order requires Lutfi to stay 250 yards away from Britney, UCLA Medical Center, her parents' homes, siblings' homes, childrens' homes and Britney's homes.

According to the document, "He has cut Britney's home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything."

According to a declaration filed by Lynne Spears, on January 28, Lynne and Jamie arrived for an intervention -- "Sam had told Britney that she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan, her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids, and that she does not deserve the kids."

The documents claim Sam said, "Adnan is gay ... Britney came into the room looking for Adnan ... Britney then asked me, 'Is Adnan gay?"

At one point, Britney "picked up a bottle of pills and read part of the label and asked us, 'What does insomnia mean?' Sam told her that the pills will help her stay awake." Lynne continues, "Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney's pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdal (an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia and bipolarity) and Seroquel." The docs continue, "He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain."

According to the docs, Sam then encouraged Brit "to do tequila shots." The document then claims Sam said, "let's all do toasts with wine." Brit refused to drink.

Lynne claims before leaving for the drug store that night, Sam gave her drugs upstairs "to make her more light-hearted, happy, and fun."

During a dispute later that night, Sam allegedly said, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave."

The docs claim Brit "changed her three dogs' clothes many times" in an agitated state."

Brit said, "Can I see another psychiatrist so I can see my babies?" Sam responded, "If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you should do what I tell you to see your babies."

At one point, Brit allegedly said, "I want my Daddy up here. I want to talk to my Daddy."

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/05/brit-restraining-order-blow-by-blow/#continuedcontents

Documents here (very disturbing, tmz was being nice imo): http://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_documents/0205_sam_brit_wm.pdf

MUTHAFUCKIN  ~CREEPY~.  I hope he is out of the picture for good because he is the scum of the earth tbh.

"Dancing with the Stars" for Hillary?!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Producers of the "Dancing with the Stars" tour want to tango with Hillary Clinton!

TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter Jared Paul, co-producer of the "DWTS" tour, sent to Hillary -- inviting her to shake her groove thang -- on one of the next stops on the tour. Paul sent the letter after Hills told Tyra Banks in an interview that she might like to compete on "DWTS" someday. Depending on today's primary results, it may happen sooner than she thinks!

Hillary knows how to hustle for votes, but can she do the hustle?!

A call to a rep for Hillary Clinton was not immediately returned.


i say fuck it, it'll give her a reason to shave her legs
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Kelly Carlson dating former hockey player...

Kelly Carlson and Tie Domi... who would've ever thought?! The Nip/Tuck star has been seen at A LOT of events with the former Toronto Maple Leaf which sparked the rumours of a romance... 

Kelly put the rumours to rest and confirmed the romance to Mad Dog & Billie on Toronto’s 99.9 MIX FM Morning Show...

She may be dating him - but does she know about his recent party appearances WITHOUT her?! Click here and here for more details on that!! 

Hmmm... drama to follow...


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Christina Aguilera phone-in interview with Ryan Seacrest.

As she celebrates today's release of her new DVD set Back to Basics: Live and Down Under at Best Buy stores, new mom Christina Aguilera phoned into Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show this morning.

She revealed how her newborn son Max has inspired her to write her next album and also recalled her experience being pregnant.

"It's so weird to watch the [Back to Basics] DVD and know I was pregnant with this little guy in my belly," she said. "It's amazing."

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Lauren Conrad Goes FIDM-ing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aspiring fashion designer Lauren Conrad parks in an underground garage and heads up to The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old Hills star is currently attending classes at FIDM.

mark cosmetics is also going to treat one lucky markgirl and a friend to the full star treatment - without the hassle of dealing with the paparazzi!

Enter now for a chance to win:
- a 3 day, 2 night trip to Los Angeles
- Lunch with Lauren at one of her favorite restaurants
- A shopping spree with $500 cash for the winner and a guest, plus a map to Lauren Conrad’s top 5 shopping destinations

Source: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/02/05/lauren-conrad-fidm/

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uh huh...

Mellencamp Asks McCain to Stop Using Tunes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At some recent John McCain campaign rallies, John Mellencamp’s “Our Country” and “Pink Houses” have been booming out over the speakers. Uplifting heartland rock must have seemed like a smart pick, but there’s just one problem: Mellencamp is an ardent Democrat. And, until recently, he supported John Edwards – who had been playing “Our Country” and “Small Town” at his rallies. Mellencamp hasn’t yet made a public response, but his reps are quietly reaching out to McCain and asking him to stop playing his tunes. (McCain’s press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Not to mention that the far-right types whose votes McCain is seeking won’t love the mildly progressive lyrics to “Our Country,” which call on the government to “help the poor and common man” and suggest that “there’s room enough here for science to live/ And there’s room enough here for religion to forgive.” And does McCain really want to associate himself with those “Pink Houses” lines about the “simple man” paying for the “the thrills, the bills and the pills that kill”?

source: http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2008/02/04/mellencamp-asks-mccain-to-stop-using-tunes/
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Who Is Sam Lutfi?!?

We have been hearing alot about Britney Spears and her so called "Manager" over the last few months. I have been wondering about this guy and who the hell is he. So I did a little looking around the web and came across a site that might give us a little more info about the asshole.

Sam Lutfi was born August 16, 1974 in Los Angeles. This makes him a 33 yr old Leo. A Leo is defined as “Stubborn yet impulsive. Showy, dramatic and sometimes vain. Have a sunny demeanor and love to be the center of loved ones' adoration. Make a great actor.” astrology.com

Name: Sam Lutfi
AKA: Osamah Lutfi, Osama Lutfi
Born: August 16, 1974
Hometown: L.A.
Title: Producer

According to IMDB, he was the producer of a few movies we never heard of a few years ago, Crossing Cords (2001) (associate producer), Circles (1998) (executive producer), Bug Buster (1998) (producer). These are obvious failures. His film “career” seems to end in 2001.


He did get an “extra special thanks “ for Underworld (2003) and Underworld: Evolution (2006) … whatever the hell that means. I am pretty sure it means… friends to the director or producer, or coffee boy, etc. but no actual involvement in the production. Those are successes he wasn’t really a part of.

MSN lists him as producer for SFX: Life Behind Bars (2001) a 48 minute movie about dirt biking.

His LinkedIn claims he is an "Independent Media Production Professional", has 8 connections and says he went to USC. He is currently interested in contacts for “consulting offers”, “new ventures”, “expertise requests”, “getting back in touch”.

No one ever really heard or talked about him before October 2007 when he went to the DMV with Britney to get her Cali driver’s license and now he’s known as “Britney Spears Friend”, “sidekick”, “cling-on”, “Howard K. Stern”, and sometimes “producer”. FOX Sources say he was introduced to her by her mother, Lynn. According to public documents, he’s had numerous tax liens and a couple of lawsuits brought against him. FOX also says his real name is Osamah Lutfi.

In 2000, he lost a judgment of $34,246 when a San Francisco cleaning company sued him and his partner, D-movie producer Ted Collins (aka Edward W. Collins III). According to records, the judgment has not been satisfied. They worked together on two failures Circles and Bug Buster.

At the end of October, there was a rumor that he had stolen Britney’s diary and was trying to sell it to the tabloids for some $2 million.

Sam Lutfi’s Quotes About Britney:

Regarding the pregnancy rumor: “It’s BS. Don’t know who made it up. J.R. doesn’t even know what’s up. It’s fake. Completely fake. Just wrapped her music video. Going home to sleep.”

Regarding the X17 charity auction: “It’s something Britney wanted to do to counterbalance all the rumors and negativity in the press. All she can do is be herself, love her kids and do small things like this to help people.”

Regarding trying to sell Britney’s diaries: "Britney doesn’t have any diaries."

Regarding losing custody of her sons: “She is doing okay, it has been a rough day. But she is feeling very optimistic about the future.”

Regarding the missed drug tests that count as failures: "There were scheduling conflicts and some errors in communication as to times and places for drug tests, etc., but they're all squared away now."

It’s amazing how two people can only be friends for like two months and basically live together. It’s also amazing how someone with utter failures can still call himself a “producer”. Maybe his latest producing project is Britney. Only problem is that he produces unsuccessful horror and sports flicks, not exactly the production qualities a pop star needs. Oh well. I don’t know him but his resume sucks. I wouldn’t hire him to clean my apt nevermind anything more important. God, why does she like these losers?

When Sam Lutfi met britney last year, they were both going through transitions. She had begun distancing herself from all of her old intimates; he had been barred by a restraining order from contacting Danny Haines, a 29-year-old man from Orange County who had been his close friend for two years.

There are at least two other outstanding restraining orders against Lutfi. Documents for both cases demonstrate his violent temper. This third case, however, raises deeper and more chilling questions about Lutfi’s character, and about his relationship with Britney.

Danny Haines, who spoke exclusively with Blender, met Sam Lutfi on MySpace in the fall of 2005. Haines was at a low ebb when they met, he says. The bare outlines of his situation bear some resemblance to Britney’s: His professional life was adrift, his relationships with old friends and family were in disrepair and he had some secrets that he didn’t want anyone to know.

Lutfi was fun to be with. He claimed to be friends with celebrities from Kate Beckinsale to Roseanne Barr, and he seemed to know every nightclub bouncer in L.A. With Lutfi, Haines says, “it seemed like you could break all the rules.”

Their fun was fueled by long, confessional conversations in which Haines described his unsatisfying, distant relationships with his family. Lutfi’s account of his own background—he grew up in a tight-knit family in Woodland Hills, California, where his mother reportedly owns several gas stations—sounded ideal by comparison.

Haines says Lutfi wanted to know everything about him—­every secret, every problem—and Haines complied. It seemed that nothing shocked Lutfi, even when Haines, who is straight, told him about some X-rated, homoerotic modeling he had done for a photographer he’d met online.

Haines remembers the night when Lutfi offered to straighten out his life: “He said, ‘I can help you. I can help your parents. But you need to be honest with me. If you’re lying to me about anything, I’ll know.’”

To Haines’s fractured ego, Lutfi’s social skills and emotional intelligence were magnetic. He encouraged Haines to “stand up for myself” and at the same time worked to become indispensable to him. Lutfi ingratiated himself with Haines’s family, acting as a go-between and informal counselor.

Haines says their relationship was not romantic or sexual but that Lutfi was more jealous than a lover. He could be supportive one day and vicious the next, leaving voicemails tracing extremes from “You’re a worthless motherfucker” to “I love you, man. I love you to death.” He says that although Lutfi also made some feckless gestures toward an old-fashioned con job—Haines claims Lutfi borrowed about $18,000 that he did not pay back, though Lutfi’s mother finally settled much of the debt—Lutfi reserved most of his energy for emotional blackmail and extortion. “Everybody hates you,” he wrote to Haines, suggesting that Haines should just kill himself: “Seriously, sleeping pills, LOTS of them … ” (Lutfi declined to comment for this story.)

When Haines finally cut the cord, Lutfi humiliated him. He ­e-mailed naked photographs of Haines to his family, friends, colleagues and employer. Then he texted and called incessantly, telling Haines he hoped his sister would be “raped to death,” according to the restraining order. In an e-mail about Haines’s mother (“that Mormon bitch”), Lufti wrote, “I hope Satan devours her flesh and bones,” and said he looked forward to the day when he would “piss on [her] burial.”

Such communications moved Haines to seek the restraining order, which also protects his mother from being contacted by Lutfi. A few months later, Haines says that Lutfi called his brother-in-law to say he’d met a celebrity whom he wanted to set Haines up with. Later, Haines saw photographs of Lutfi with Spears in the tabloids. In those pictures, Lutfi was wearing a bodybuilding shirt and baseball cap that he had taken from Haines.

Haines, whose relationship with Lutfi was the subject of a few obscure blog comments after Lutfi’s other restraining orders were reported in December, says that he subsequently received an e-mail from Lutfi’s sister’s address, which he read as a warning: “One of your friends is writing to some magazines about your history with my brother … I don’t think that’s wise for him to do.” The warning came with what sounded like a threat: “Those pictures and your history isn’t so positive either and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to be public as well.”

Informed of the details of Haines’s relationship with Lutfi, Jamie and Lynne Spears, who declined to discuss Lutfi on the record, both expressed grave concern to Blender about his ongoing involvement in their daughter’s life and have encouraged Haines to go public with the story.

“If Sam’s not doing anything wrong with Britney, if he’s not ­worried about being exposed,” Haines asks, “why would his sister be saying, Don’t talk about my brother and his past?”

Britney showed at least a glimmer of sanity when, on Saturday, January 5, she reportedly ignored “Dr. Phil” McGraw, the TV therapist who surprised her at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, then spoke about the visit to Entertainment Tonight. But even he would have been an improvement on Lutfi, who, Haines says, described himself as an “unlicensed counselor” in the court hearing that led to the restraining order.

The symbiosis between stars and sleazebags is as old as show business. The story rarely has a happy ending (see Anna Nicole Smith), and talent alone saves no one (see Judy Garland). Lutfi’s personal history adds a frightening element to the unsavory task of forecasting Britney’s fate.

Info: http://www.britneybash.com/2007/12/02/who_sam_lutfi

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Juno star-turned-Hollywood “it” girl Ellen Page snags her umpteenth magazine cover by gracing the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Cute!!

Ellen on why her character in Juno resonated with audiences so much: “It’s a teenage female lead we’ve never seen before. She dresses like she wants, says what she wants, and doesn’t apologize for it…. Girls haven’t had that sort of character before. We don’t have our Catcher in the Rye.”

Ellen on her reputation as a Hollywood outsider: “Sometimes I think I come off as a Hollywood-hater, and it’s not true. I’m not some judgmental prick. It’s not like I’m ‘Boo hoo! People like the movie.’ You know what I mean?”

Ellen on the roles available for young actresses: “You either have the rich Laguna Beach thing, where the only thing they’re worrying about is what jeans to wear to impress Bobby or you have the girl who dresses in black and cuts herself.”

Ellen on her post-Juno plans: “It’s kind of daunting to be a young actor with some stuff happening. I could do the whole [Hollywood] thing if I wanted, but I’m not going to. I look at someone like Johnny Depp or Kate Winslet and they seem to be strong individuals who have decided to take risks and be unique…. It could be easy to rush into something, so I want to take my time to figure out what’s really going to get me excited.”

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oh HELL no

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Canadian songstress Feist won the Seventh Annual Shortlist Music Prize for her album 'The Reminder' yesterday (February 4) in Los Angeles.

She became the second female singer to win the accolade - the north American equivalent of the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize, after last year's triumph by Cat Power.

Feist beat the likes of Arcade Fire, MIA, LCD Soundsystem, Justice and five other acts.

Feist was chosen by a panel of judges including Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol, who said of the record: “The album of the year for 2007 or any year I can think of: it’s modern and classic all at once. There are so many kinds of beauty in this record.”

Feist is the first Canadian to win the prize.


fuck. that.

Morrissey bares his arse.

Singer Morrissey has shocked some sections of the media with the decision to include a picture of his arse in the artwork of his New greatest hits cd
Staff at Mojo were surprised when they recieved their copy. In case they were in any doubt who's bottom it was the sleevenote credits the pic thus: “Morrissey’s arse photographed by Jake Walters”.

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In the piece in mojo they are mentioning they would wouldn’t have enjoyed doing the apostrophe. but oh god would I ever have been there with bells on!!

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ashley olsen bryant park drop off

My boyfriend and I were walking down 40th on Sunday night and noticed a black expedition pull up and stop. I swore it had to be a celebrity since we were at the side entrance of Bryant Park. We stood there a second and sure enough out came Ashley Olsen. We followed her for a minute while she walked to the back entrance before the paparazzi came along. I've seen other pictures on here from the night we ran into her.

OMG it's Michelle Tanner from jenny alison on Vimeo.

Ashley Olsen contd... from jenny alison on Vimeo.
Miss Piggy

Oscar Nominees Urged to Attend Ceremony

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Sid Ganis, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and chief defender of its strike-threatened Oscar show, took the gloves off on Monday. Well, one glove anyway.

At the annual nominees’ luncheon at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Monday, the usually congenial Mr. Ganis gave the assembled actors and filmmakers something of a lecture. But it was a sweetly diplomatic one — about the importance of keeping Oscar night on track, even if striking screenwriters picket the ceremony.

While noting hopeful signs in talks between writers and production companies, Mr. Ganis said, “Regardless of those circumstances, which are beyond our control, we will be presenting the awards as scheduled.”

A film producer and former studio chief who generally favors the soft pedal, Mr. Ganis stopped short of telling the nominees that they really ought to show up for the ceremony, which is scheduled to be broadcast by ABC on Feb. 24.

But, he reminded the gathered film stars, who included George Clooney, Ellen Page and Viggo Mortensen, the Academy Awards are not just about business but also about recognizing cinematic achievement.

It would be such a terrible shame if, through no fault of yours and no fault of ours, the current conditions prevented us from shining that brightest possible light” on the very people who were gathered at the luncheon to bask in what he called their “nominee-ness.”

And to bolster his point with a little humor, Mr. Ganis displayed an official certificate of nomination that read, “Must be present to win.”

During the lightly lubricated lunch (sushi and elaborate salads to go with the open bar), Mr. Ganis spoke in front of several hundred people, including actors like Hal Holbrook and Casey Affleck; directors like Tony Gilroy and Michael Moore; producers like Scott Rudin; and executives like Robert A. Iger, who is the chief executive of the Walt Disney Company.

The mood was lighter than it might have been just last week, given reports that writers and production companies have tiptoed close to an agreement that could end a three-month strike by the Writers Guild of America West and Writers Guild of America East before Oscar night.

Within the striking guilds a ferocious debate has divided writers into two groups: those who would grant the Oscars a truce in order to use the ceremony as a bully pulpit, and those who would inflict damage on the studios, and ABC, by chasing celebrities away from the show.

The threat of pickets wrecked last month’s Golden Globes ceremony. The usual red carpet fashion procession and scenes of supping celebrities were replaced by an elaborate, and star-free, news conference after actors — prodded by the Screen Actors Guild — boycotted the show.

A rapid end to the labor dispute would let the academy turn its attention back to its annual fight against windy acceptance speeches. At Monday’s lunch, however, Mr. Ganis’s own remarks clocked in at nine minutes.


While I personnally support the writers, I really want the Oscars to take place... I hope they'll settle this before Feb. 24!


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J Lo Is a Ho With Twins!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jennifer Lopez confirms she is pregnant with twins

Break out the matching onesies! Jennifer López will have not one, but two babies! The singer's father, David López, has announced that his daughter is having twins.

"Yes, twins. The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it's a hereditary thing," the grandpa-to-be said in an interview on the show Escándalo TV (Telefutura). When asked how he felt about the big news, López expressed his happiness for his famous daughter. "I'm very proud. Jennifer has yearned to be a mother for many years," he said.

With the 38-year-old singer's due date getting closer and closer, her dad says he already has gifts ready for the babies. "In Puerto Rico it's custom to buy an azabache [black stone] bracelet for babies to protect them from the evil eye, it's part of our culture," he explained. What Mr. López didn't reveal was the sex of the babies, but we'll find out soon enough. Congratulations, Marc and Jennifer!


say hi to stretch marks bitch

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take off the mask {xtina}
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Rhianna is hocking Umbrella-ella-ella-as and other misc. celebs


Rihanna pictured at the reveal of her new umbrella line with Macy’s NYC on Tuesday. Rihanna Umbrellas are set to retail exclusively at Macy’s this Spring, with prices ranging for $20 for a single-colored umbrella to $50 for a two-toned canopy style.

Cassie attended the premiere of Step Up 2: The Streets in Cali on Monday night. The singer has a role in the film.

Kelly Rowland was spotted getting some sun on a Miami beach this weekend. See more photos here.

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Source: concreteloop.com
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Ty Ty taped a segment for her show today at the Jill Stuart show. Uh oh. Tyra's doing the list. Ty Ty with more power. Imagine not being the on the list and having Ty Ty Banks tell you this.

She would first go on about how she wasn't on the list once and how it changed her life and made her such a strong woman. Then she would turn on you and say that you need to take responsibility for not being on the list. She would say all of this while only strong blinking twice like an animatronic creature.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Please reply with your favorite Tyra gif.



Press Announcement: Vanity Fair Cancels Oscar Party

After much consideration, and in support of the writers and everyone else affected by this strike, we have decided that this is not the appropriate year to hold our annual Oscar party. We want to congratulate all of this year's nominees and we look forward to hosting our 15th Oscar party next year.



I thought there were strong rumours about the strike ending soon? This seems a little premature.
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More updates for those who care.


Jamie Says Brit Believes Sam Stole Her Stuff

Posted Feb 5th 2008 8:08PM by TMZ Staff

Britney SpearsIn Jamie's declaration, he said, "Britney then told me that there was some property of hers that Sam Lutfi had wrongfully taken. She asked me to help get it back. I told her that I would."

Remember, a police report was filed claiming a theft at Brit's house.


Jamie to Brit: I Gotta Cook for the Super Bowl!

Posted Feb 5th 2008 8:00PM by TMZ Staff

In a declaration signed by Jamie Spears, he claims on Sunday, February 3, "I was unable to visit the hospital during the day because I had to work: I am a cook, and I was catering a large Super Bowl party."
Read the docs
Jamie continues, "While I was working Britney called my cell phone at least four times. She called me about every 20 minutes." During one call, she said, "Daddy what are you doing?" Jamie responded, "I told her I was cooking. Britney said, 'What are you doing cooking, daddy? Why are you not here with me?' I told her, 'Baby, daddy's got to work.'"

Jamie continued, saying that Britney asked him to "hurry up and get here ... because you gotta get me out of here."

Jamie said Brit asked him to bring her some vanilla ice cream.

When Jamie got to the hospital, Brit was unreceptive. "I leaned over to kiss her. She turned her head away from me. I said to her, 'I love you.' She said, 'No you don't.'"

Britney became upset, claiming "someone was lying to her" about who was keeping her at UCLA. Jamie said, "No, I'm not keeping you here." A nurse came in to tell Brit that the hospital was keeping her there, not her dad.

According to the declaration, "Britney told me that she had fired her lawyers and that she had new lawyers."

Jamie's Lawyer Denies "Hostile Takeover"

Posted Feb 5th 2008 7:55PM by TMZ Staff

Jamie SpearsAttorney Jeryll Cohen, who reps Jamie, submitted a declaration to the conservatorship commissioner, claiming Brit's divorce lawyers got it all wrong when they assumed Jamie was a control freak.

In the declaration, Cohen says Ron Rale, a high-powered lawyer at Trope and Trope, "accused Mr. Spears of attempting 'nothing more than a hostile takeover of our client for improper purposes.'"

Cohen says Jamie was looking "for the least ugly way to save this young woman's life, bring her back to her babies, and keep her safe from predators."


Jamie Feared Lutfi Might Get Wise

Posted Feb 5th 2008 7:45PM by TMZ Staff

Britney SpearsBritney's dad, Jamie Spears, submitted a declaration in support of the conservatorship, stating that they didn't tell Britney about the conservatorship because given her "emotional and psychological condition and her dealings with Mr. Lutfi, I believe Britney is incapable of keeping information from Mr. Lutfi. In particular, I believe if she knew I was planning to seek a conservatorship, she would tell Mr. Lufti about the planned conservatorship."

Story developing ...


Britney Will See Kids Again

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Britney Spears still has at least 10 days of quality time in the psych ward of UCLA Medical Center.

But, according to an insider closer to Spears' custody battle with Kevin Federline, the "Gimme More" singer's successful completion of her hospital stint would put her on track to regain visitation rights with her children after her discharge.

"It will be monitored visitation, of course," the source tells E! News. "But still, she'll get to see her kids. They are just looking for signs that she's stabilized. But look, if she continues to take whatever medication she needs and sees her doctors regularly, they won't keep her kids from her."

Federline, 29, is aware of the possibility and isn't opposed to the visits.

"As long as she in a stable place, mentally, and there's a monitor there, he's okay with it," the source says.

Spears, 26, hasn't seen sons Sean Preston or Jayden James for more than a month. She is scheduled to remain hospitalized through Valentine's Day. The next hearing in her custody case is Feb. 19.

Separately, the K-Fed camp took a shot from Spears' side on Monday. Michael Sands, the spokesman for Federline lead attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, was the latest person to be subpoenaed in the long-playing custody clash.

Spears' legal eagles at Trope and Trope served Sands Monday, compelling him to submit to a deposition.

While Sands is not commenting on why Team Britney want to talk to him, his attorney, Randolph Wright, offers that they might be trying to press his client on what he knows about Kevin Federline's lifestyle.

"That would make sense," Wright said. "Why else bring in a top media consultant hired for Kevin's case and try to depose him? It seems to me they are trying to find out about the relationship between my client and Kevin Federline."

But Wright added that he suspects Trope and Trope will gain very little by grilling Sands.

"My guess," said Wright, "is that is will be a very short deposition."


i think this calls for a celebration

suck it k-fed

In Memoriam: Void drummer Sean Finnegan (1965-2008)

Dischord Records is reporting the sad news that drummer Sean Finnegan of Void passed away on Wednesday January 30th from an apparent heart attack. Sean played with the early hardcore act while the band was active from 1980 to 1983, and was most recently working on the set of HBO show The Wire.

Sean's family will receive friends today from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 PM at Harry H. Witzke's Family Funeral Home in Ellicott City, Maryland. In lieu of flowers his family ask that donations may be made to the Fisher House at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Our deepest condolences to Sean's friends and family.

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Edison Chen apologizes for his pinky-peen.

he's referring to this.


what is he even talking about? sounds like he's speaking of a huge natural disaster or an act of terrorism.

his people deny its him and say its been photoshopped .. lol. there were other pictures of him numming on the box of TWINS star Gillian.

source = 'videos being watched right now....' on YouTube.

Bonnaroo Lineup Announced!

June 12-15th in Manchester, Tennessee


and others....
Jack Johnson
Kanye West
Robert Plant And Alison Krauss
Phil Lesh And Friends
My Morning Jacket
The Allman Brothers Band
The Raconteurs

Willie Nelson
Death Cab For Cutie
B.B. King
Sigur Ros
Levon Helm And The Ramble On The Road
Ben Folds
The Bluegrass Allstars featuring Luke Bulla, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and Bryan Sutton
Umphrey's McGee
Iron And Wine
Yonder Mountain String Band
Swell Season
Talib Kweli
Derek Trucks And Susan Tedeschi's Soul Stew Revival
Gogol Bordello
Broken Social Scene
Robert Randolph's Revival
Rilo Kiley
Lupe Fiasco
Against Me!
Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings
Pat Green
Tegan And Sara
Solomon Burke
Drive-By Truckers
The Avett Brothers
Israel Vibration
Abigail Washburn And The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck
Phil Lesh/Larry Campbell/Jackie Greene
Aimee Mann
The Fiery Furnaces
Orchestra Baobab
Ghostland Observatory
José González
Dark Star Orchestra
Minus The Bear
Donavon Frankenreiter
Lez Zeppelin
State Radio
Jakob Dylan
Two Gallants
The Sword
Vampire Weekend
Little Feat
Nicole Atkins
The Felice Brothers
Mason Jennings
The Lee Boys
Black Kids
Serena Ryder
Steel Train
Grupo Fantasma
Back Door Slam

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They DID sing "Take Me or Leave Me"!

When I posted last week about Neil Patrick Harris and his broadway baby David Burtka duetting in the all-homo, all-showtunes benefit Broadway Backwards, someone in the comments was trying to get people to vote for them to sing "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent.

Well, guess what? That's exactly what they sang! Did ONTD's almighty lobbying power tame the great white way, or is that just what they were going to sing anyway?

Here's a picture of them singing it. They are only pretending to be annoyed with each other. They are acting!

Before I show you more pictures from the show, NPH gave a cute interview afterwards about his scenes in the upcoming Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantánamo Bay. Harris told the world:

"It's the very next day, so I'm still the same Neil Patrick Harris you saw before," NPH explained. "I have not attempted rehab. I might have gone on another bender since you've seen me. Maybe not on the same drug. Maybe a new drug."

(Okay, I am reading this as NPH tactfully letting us know that the "NPH" character might be smoking a new drug, but will not be smoking any pole. Say it ain't so! The interview continues...)

What was it like riding on a unicorn to pose for the movie's posters?

"It was a little hard...I had to ride it without a saddle, and it was in a green-screen room, and I had to ride it up a ramp and turn around. And this unicorn is very unfamiliar with a crew and green screen, and you don't have a saddle to hold on to. So there was lots of calming, nurturing touches... It was very Horse Whisperer–y."

Oh, Doogie, [concludes the journalist at the source - I would never call you Doogie, Neil] you can whisper to my unicorn any time.


Wut?? Boys in towels, y'all! The male ensemble is singing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My [Ample Chest] Hair," from South Pacific. This image should really go under the cut, but I'm leaving it out here to lure people in. In the interests of full disclosure, though, nobody under the cut is naked. Sorry.

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation, died Tuesday at his home in the Dutch town of Vlodrop, a spokesman said. He was thought to be 91 years old.

"He died peacefully at about 7 p.m.," said Bob Roth, a spokesman for the Transcendental Meditation movement that the Maharishi founded. He said his death appeared to be due to "natural causes, his age."

Once dismissed as hippie mysticism, the Hindu practice of mind control that Maharishi taught, called transcendental meditation, gradually gained medical respectability.

He began teaching TM in 1955 and brought the technique to the United States in 1959. But the movement really took off after the Beatles visited his ashram in India in 1968, although he had a famous falling out with the rock stars when he discovered them using drugs at his Himalayan retreat.

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dw | carbon prevails

Muse's H.A.A.R.P Tracklisting Confirmed.

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Also included on the DVD will be behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery. The CD/DVD will come in a special artworked package as well as a dual case edition.

Source: Muse Official

The rumor tracklisting from NME was posted on ontd_muse a couple days go, but it's nice to see the comfirmed. Yay for T.I.R.O, Hoodoo, Soldiers Poem, and Blackout. Boo for lack of City of Deluson. :(
Now hopefully there will be a proper Region 1 release. :)

Eric Dane's Fight Against [Skin] Cancer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For actor Eric Dane, the first sign that something was wrong came right after the new year, when the Grey's Anatomy star glanced in the mirror and saw what looked like chapped lips but clearly wasn’t.

“I went to my dermatologist,” Eric reveals in an exclusive interview in the new issue of OK!. But the last thing the 35-year-old expected was to be diagnosed with skin cancer. “He said it was malignant tissue caused by sun damage."

The malignancy was treated by freezing the cancerous tissue off with liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately for Eric, the actor had a severe reaction to a cream given to him for his lip after the treatment . “My skin is very sensitive," the actor most famous for playing Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan, explains to OK!, "and my lip was traumatized by the procedure I had to go through.”

His lip’s overreaction to the medication created a painful scenario that made eating difficult, if not impossible. “I didn’t eat very well for a couple of weeks and lost a bunch of weight,” Eric explains, estimating that he dropped at least 10 pounds off his 6'1" frame while dealing with his cancer.

“Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States,” Dr. Micki Ly, a Maui, Hawaii-based dermatologist, explains to OK!. “More than a million cases are diagnosed annually.” But Eric was extremely wise to act quickly in dealing with it, she says. “The mouth is a bad area for a malignancy because they spread faster in mucosal areas, of which the mouth is one.”

For the complete interview with Eric — including how this cancer scare impacted his relationship with wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart — pick up the new issue of OK!, on sale everywhere Thursday.

OK! Magazine

Isla Fisher on the set of 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' with baby daughter Olive

New mom Isla Fisher shows off her gorgeous daughter Olive Cohen on the Stamford, Connecticut set of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Clinging on to her baby tight, the Aussie actress was truly radiant as she returned to work less than three months after giving birth to her first child with Borat funnyman Sasha Baron Cohen.

Isla is so pretty.

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Larry Birkhead Visits Anna Nicole's Grave

(Courtesy Entertainment Tonight)

Nearly a year after Anna Nicole Smith passed away, Larry Birkhead took their baby daughter, Dannielynn, to visit the graves of her mother and brother Daniel in the Bahamas.

In a special, multi-part interview with Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, airing on Wednesday, Feb. 6, Larry speaks out on why he decided to take 17-month-old Dannielynn to visit the grave. “It's tough. Even though she doesn't understand, it was important for us to come. One day I can tell her that we went to visit her mom.”

The graves of both Anna Nicole and her son Daniel remain unmarked, said Birkhead, because their headstones are still being finalized. "A rough draft came back with a sketch of a picture I didn't care for. I could just hear her hitting me over the head saying, 'Why did you let that picture go down!?'" Birkhead reveals that the design of the headstone will be "so grand and big. It's going to encompass Daniel's stone too."

Larry admits to ET and The Insider that he doesn’t like that Anna Nicole and her son are buried in the Bahamas. “I know that Daniel didn't want to be here and I know that his mother was only here because of what was going on between us with the paternity question. To me it feels really odd." He is leaving the decision on whether to move the graves to Dannielynn, however. "I'm going to leave the decision to Dannielynn when she's older. It would probably be very hard, if not impossible to take both of them and I definitely don't want to separate them."

OK! Magazine

Mars Volta Meets Erykah Badu


" Omar Rodriguez-Lopez will be heard on Erykah Badu's forthcoming album 'New Amerykah (Part One, 4th World War).

Rodriguez-Lopez was conscripted by Badu along with other guests, 9th Wonder, Madlib, Mike Chavarria, ?uestlove and R&B singer Bilal.

'New Amerykah' is Badu's first full-length album in more than seven years. The last major release for Badu was 'Mama's Gun' in 2000 although she released the EP 'World Wide Underground' in 2003.

The first single of this album, 'Honey', recreates images of Rufus, Diana Ross, The Beatles and Olivia Newton-John.

'New Amerykah (Part One, 4th World War)' will also be released on USB. "

they just need to reform at the drive-in already, the new album is fail

source: http://undercover.com.au/News-Story.aspx?id=4031