February 4th, 2008

Yes, That Was an Arcade Fire Song in a Super Bowl Ad

No, the band didn't have anything to do with it


As you might have noticed, some kind of important televised sporting event happened earlier this evening. A ball was kicked and thrown and men in extremely tight pants ran back and forth across something resembling grass. In the middle, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed, though they didn't really seem to get what all the fuss was about. (Tom didn't even think the occasion was worth shaving for.)

A few minutes after the halftime show, something weird happened. And it wasn't just the realization that holy shit, the Giants actually have a chance here. It was an ad for NFL on Fox, buoying its triumphant montage of sweaty dudes in helmets with the rousing strains of the coda to the Arcade Fire's "No Cars Go".

Verrry interrrresting. We knew these guys were sports fans, but would Win, Regine, and the gang really sell their music to Rupert Murdoch so that he could advertise his football television program?

No, no they wouldn't.

Turns out Fox never even asked the band if they could use their song, and they certainly weren't given permission to do so.

Right now, it's unclear if anything illegal took place, or if the Arcade Fire is owed any money from Fox. The matter is currently being reviewed by the band's camp.


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MALL-- crash

Jesse Camp, where did you go-oooo?

Remember that homeless guy from "Wanna be a VJ" on MTV?

Yeah, whatever happened to him, you ask?

"Camp held his position as an occasional TRL host for one year. Upon leaving he attempted to parlay his MTV fame into a music career, announcing the debut album of his band Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz on the Hollywood Records label. The album sold poorly, and Camp's band was soon dropped from the label. In late 2006, he was reportedly working at a Los Angeles-area pet supply store... In recent years, Jesse Camp has been seen in few television programs. He hosted another music show called ‘Lunch With Jesse’ which however got cancelled in 2000. He was a panelist on two episodes of the hit Nickelodeon TV show, Figure It Out. In October 2006, Jesse was seen doing an impromptu cameo on the documentary by Aron Ranen titled Power & Control LSD in The Sixties." -wiki

Where is he now?

A bookstore!

August 3, 2007

TMZ ran into him last month. They're not sure what he's up to either lol We do know that he quit his pet store job and is now roaming the streets of LA.

He's married too apparently.

My friend said he was a model now, has gained some weight, and looks "hot." She's going to remember what she did with those pictures and give them to me to post!

Wiki Source
TMZ Source
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2008 Empire Award Nominations are in...

Best Actress and Actor noms go to Emma and Dan, among others.

Full List of the Main Categories:

Best Actress
Keira Knightley (Atonement)
Emma Watson (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
Katharine Heigl (Knocked Up)
Angelina Jolie (A Mighty Heart)
Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth)

Best Actor
Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
James McAvoy (Atonement)
Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz)
Gerard Butler (300)

Best Film
The Bourne Ultimatum
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Best Director
Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum)
Joe Wright (Atonement)
David Yates (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz)
David Fincher (Zodiac)Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

- Source
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Mira Sorvino Talks About Being on House & Not Being on DWTS


Scoring a guest role on a top-rated show that airs directly after the Super Bowl is quite a touchdown, but that’s not what attracted the “not very sports savvy” Mira Sorvino to her gig on Sunday’s episode of House. It’s actually her favorite show. In fact, being on the set made her so excited she felt like a “stupid kid.” During a recent press conference, the Oscar-winning actress talked TV and revealed the show she would love to do — if only her management would let her.

“I’m a crazy House fan,” says Sorvino, who also made that fact abundantly clear to Hugh Laurie years ago when the two met up at the Golden Globe Awards. So when the writers came up with “one of the best female characters they’d ever written” — a psychiatrist trapped at the South Pole who falls ill and needs Dr. House to treat her via web cam — they tapped Sorvino to play the role. Though only one episode, there’s been talk it could turn into more after the writers’ strike ends. “I would love to come back for an extended arc,” she says. “It would be fun.”

When not watching House, Sorvino says must-see TV for her is So You Think You Can Dance?.


This is from a couple days ago, but I haven't seen it posted.
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Violet Affleck’s Starbucks Stop

Ben Affleck takes daughter Violet, 2, for a quick stop at Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday morning.

Wife Jennifer Garner reportedly has said Ben’s a bit of a couch potato: “You just can’t get Ben out anywhere. You can have a great conversation with him just so long as you’re not willing to leave the couch. [But] I’ll promise you one thing, Ben is not boring. I think you have to be prepared for anything when you’re married to someone like him because he’s such a talented guy.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I love how they look like they are having a very deep conversation

David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Why did Anna Friel look so full when she left the The Ivy?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actress Anna Friel showed every sign she had enjoyed her dinner when she was spotted leaving The Ivy restaurant over the weekend.

The former Brookside actress wore a dramatic black and gold dress which hugged her new-found curves.

Leaving Los Angeles where she has moved with her two-year-old daughter Gracie and partner David Thewlis, the 31-year-old visited London where she ate at the popular celebrity haunt.

Last month Friel admitted to feeling homesick and now it appears she has found a reason to come back to Britain - decent-sized meals at the exclusive restaurant.

She said recently: "I miss my mum and dad massively. I've never, ever not had a Christmas at home with my parents and LA seems the wrong environment for it."

Friel has recently landed her first major Hollywood movie role as she is set to star alongside funnyman Will Ferrell in a dinosaur comedy called "Land of the Lost."

The stunning actress has been hand-picked to play a sexy scientist in the film, loosely based on a 1970s TV show , due to the success of the supernatural series "Pushing Daisies".

Last night, a Hollywood insider revealed: "TV viewers love Anna. She's extremely popular in the USA."

Collapse )
Friel steps in as Ferrell's 'Lost' friend

"Land of the Lost" has landed a female lead, Anna Friel, to star opposite Will Ferrell in Brad Silberling's adventure fantasy for Universal Pictures.

In this feature adaptation of Sid and Marty Krofft's 1970s live-action kids show, the "Pushing Daisies" star will play the love interest of Ferrell, a disgraced paleontologist who finds himself in a strange prehistoric world.

The Kroffts and Jimmy Miller will produce from a screenplay by Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas, written before the Writers Guild of America strike. Julie Wixson-Darmody is executive producer.

Friel, nominated for a Golden Globe for "Daisies," will next appear in the soccer feature "Goal! III."

source 1
source 2
source 3
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Sticky pucci

who owns it?

A pre-rehab LINDSAY LOHAN stumbles on the red carpet at the Maxim Hot 100 Party in New York City rocking a sexy rainbow bandage-wrapped dress by Herver Leger. Meanwhile, British soulstress JOSS STONE adds a litlte colour to New York Fashion Week donning the unforgiving minidress.



Why The Superbowl Stinks by Jay Mohr.

"The Super Bowl stinks. You probably clicked on this article because you vehemently disagree with me. You wanted to read what bizarre reasons I had to say something so crazy. Well, I know the real reason you clicked on this column. It is because you agree with me.

Let's face it, you can agree with me on this one for one simple reason. The Super Bowl stinks because your team isn't in it. Neither is mine. Neither is your neighbor's ...

The only time the Super Bowl is great is when your team goes to it and wins.

Year after year we all hope against hope that the precious little franchise that we follow will make the leap to the next level and bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

They don't.

This column obviously excludes Patriots fans. You will all be vomiting on the streets of Dorchester in celebration Sunday night. The trophy is yours and you know it. We all know it and that is why we non-Pats fans hate you. The city of Boston is the new "Title Town." The Pats are going for their fourth trophy in seven years. The Celtics are the class of the NBA this season. The Red Sox have won two World Series in one century — I guess that's what happens when you buy your team.

So Boston sports fans, this column isn't really for you. You think the Super Bowl is great because you are always in it. Giants fans are no strangers to the big game, but let's face it: The last time they were there they got beat like a narc at a biker rally.

The Super Bowl is a lot like a supermodel at a party. Everyone knows she isn't going to sleep with the Chiefs. Nope, she pretty much has her eyes glued to Tom Brady these days (in his case, literally). The Super Bowl stinks because in the next decade it will not involve the Eagles, Dolphins, 49ers, Seahawks, Bears, Rams or Falcons. And certainly not the Jets.

As good as your team is or has been, they are a 30-1 shot to make it to the big dance next year (I am penciling in the Pats for next year if that is OK), and 30-1 amounts to lousy odds.

If you don't think the Super Bowl stinks then go ask some fans of the Lions, Cardinals, Texans, Saints and Jaguars. Those teams have never been to the Super Bowl. Not even once, not even due to a clerical error. They have only heard stories about it ... like it's Paul Bunyan, or the '60s. At least those teams have been able to host a Super Bowl. The Cleveland Browns have not only never been within a Bernie Kosar throw of the Super Bowl, they have never been able to host one either.

That hurts. Each year the NFL tells the Browns and their fans, "Not only can you not come to the party, if you throw your own party, we won't show up." I think the Browns should have a game the day after the Super Bowl and call it "The Game After The Big Game." They could host it each year and invite whomever they want. They could give out a little trophy and steal a little of the spotlight from that year's Super Bowl winner.

Trust me, the Browns' availability will not be a problem. Neither will the Cardinals', ever. In fact, just have, "The Game After The Big Game" every year between the Browns and the Cardinals and call it the NIT.

The Super Bowl stinks because it's rare, like a choice rib-eye or ahi tuna. Yes, other than Patriots fans, most people wait a loooooong time to see their squad go. The only thing worse than watching your rival win the Super Bowl is watching your team get there and lose.

There's a new mascot for every Super Bowl, but not necessarily new teams. Jay Mohr says the Patriots are always in the big game but the Browns never get there.

Oh, lord, the misery. You came sooo close and failed. You remember just a few years ago the Carolina Panthers were battling it out for the title? The Panthers! They were there and failed and now they look like little kitty cats. The Rams, Eagles, and Raiders have all made appearances within the last eight years, and by the looks of things it might be 80 years before any of them get back.

The Super Bowl stinks because so few of us ever get to go. Corporations hoard all the tickets so that by the time the average fan gets to get to the game, his $500 seats are so high he feels like he is watching the game from an airplane.

The Super Bowl stinks because the halftime show always highlights someone who personifies everything that football isn't — melodic and graceful. Football is violent. Is it too much to ask that the music match the visuals? Prince, Justin Timberlake and Tom Petty are all talented artists, but in a game that can end with ruptured spleens, torn ligaments and concussions, I would like to hear an appropriate tune. Maybe some Pantera? How about some Maiden? What could be a better setting for an NWA reunion? Minus Eazy, of course.

There are many, many reasons why the Super Bowl is the pits. For me the biggest reason it stinks is that I'm not going.

That stinks.

For all of you lucky creeps out there with tickets ...

Best of Lucky,
Jay Mohr"

This was written on January 31st, just an FYI. But he makes some good points..it's funny...

David // Ziggy - Lou

David Bowie Joins 'High School Musical' Star in 'Will'

Are fans of "High School Musical" and Ziggy Stardust about to have an awkward meeting of the minds?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Bowie is in talks to play an unspecified role in the coming-of-age comedy "Will," which will star "HSM" leading lady Vanessa Hudgens.

Also added to the cast of the Walden Media/ Summit Entertainment co-production are Liam Aiken and Lisa Kudrow, who join Hudgens, Aly Michalka and Scott Porter.

Todd Graff and Josh Cagan wrote "Will," which focuses on a high school outcast (Aiken) who forms an unexpected bond and an unexpected band with the most popular girl in school (Hudgens). The story culminates at their school's battle of the bands.

Kudrow will play the mother of Aiken's character.

Best known as one of the most influential musicians of the past 40 years, Bowie's acting credits include "The Hunger," "The Last Temptation of Christ" and, most recently, "The Prestige."

Aiken was last seen in "Fay Grim" and "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events."

"Friends" and "The Comeback" star Kudrow was featured in the December release "P.S. I Love You." She has "Powder Blue" and "Hotel For Dogs" on tap.

David, WTF? Please, don't let this be true...


And just because it brings the lulz every time I watch it:

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Eddie Murphy is Out the House

Eddie Murphy just sold his Granite Bay, Calif. home for $6.1 million. The actor shared ownership of the vacation home with his ex-wife of 12 years, Nicole. Goodbye marriage -- hello money!

The L.A. Times reports that the giant crib has a home theater with an arcade, tennis court, gym, pool, spa and outdoor kitchen equipped with a barbecue. The home features 10 bedrooms and is 11,000-square-feet -- and that's just the main house. There's a detached guest house that's 5,200-square-feet with two suites!

Yes, the Murphy's have five kids, but this is ridiculous!


If Anyone Still Cares...

Coldplay deny new album is called 'Prospekt'
Chris Martin and co are 'weeks away' from finishing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Coldplay are close to finishing their fourth studio album - and denied reports about what the record will be called.

The foursome revealed they have pretty much finished the highly anticipated LP, apparently due out May 19, and are in the final mixing stages.

Writing on their blog the band explained: "Mixing has been slow and painstaking but that's just the nature of the beast. So... give us another month or so and we might just have an album worthy of your patience."

They revealed the names of two tracks recorded before Christmas – 'Lovers In Japan' and 'Strawberry Swing' - and also clarified that, despite reports stating otherwise, their new album will not be called 'Prospekt'.

They have yet say what the follow-up to 2005's 'X&Y' will be titled.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/34059
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Nanny claims that Jordan is a bad mother.


Jordan infamously fired her nanny on reality TV and now the nanny is fighting back. Becky Gauld told all to the News of the World and a lot of it involves Harvey. Hand me my fucking shank, Jordan is about to get it. These are some things Becky claims:

Jordan pretends to be a perfect mother on camera, but off camera she's very selfish

She allows Harvey to eat 20 chicken nuggets at once, even though the doctors told her that if he over eats he could die.

She was questioned by social services after Harvey burned himself in the bath

She taught Harvey to say "fuck off" so she could have a laugh

The nanny only saw Jordan put her kids to bed 4 times in 18 months

More under the cut:
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Source: dlisted.com

Poor baby :(
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Angelina, Unplugged

Angelina Jolie's Onstage Revelations

With Brad Pitt in the audience and her latest director Clint Eastwood to present her with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Outstanding Performance of the Year Award for A Mighty Heart, Angelina Jolie signed autographs and posed for photos Saturday night with scores of fans who filled the streets.

She then took to the stage to discuss her career and reveal a few candid nuggets from her off-screen life.

Among Angelina's revelations:

• She retains fond memories of sharing a single acting scene in Tomb Raider with her father Jon Voight, from whom she's currently estranged. "Strangely enough, the scene was about a daughter and her father who had not spent their lives together and had a lot of questions for each other ...[It was] kind of therapeutic for us to get some things out and talk. We spent that time as two artists, and it was a special time. It was an important time."

• When her ex-husband and Pushing Tin costar Billy Bob Thornton was mentioned, she said, "I thought he was an amazing artist, and still is."

• Prior to screening the famous tango scene clip from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she was asked if she or Pitt was the better dancer: "I think we're about equal," she replied. "Equally not so good."

• Despite starring in several high-tech productions, she's technologically challenged in real life: "As Brad knows, I don't really how to turn on a computer."

• After back-to-back clips featuring romantic scenes with Brad in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and her and Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, Jolie said she looked like she was "out on one date and went out on another." Given the choice between former [Pitt] and current [Damon] holders of PEOPLE's "Sexiest Man Alive" title, she said, "I'm going with the first one."

• Both she and Pitt were initially reluctant to take on their roles in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but "obviously I'm very glad I did it – It changed my life."

• Asked if her humanitarian efforts were an even greater passion than acting, she chose a third alternative: "I love being a mom, and I think that's my big passion: being with my family."


Good Morning! :)

Who's hungover?
ant-man; scott

o hai hermione

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

WHO’S that on the blower (phone) to Harry Potter’s pal Hermione Granger?

Perhaps it’s the Hogwarts staff with some ideas for hangover-busting potions.

Not that actress EMMA WATSON, 17, would have been drinking, of course.

She was snapped chatting on her mobile and speeding off in a chauffeur-driven car after leaving London club Amika on Saturday night at 2.30am.

After co-star DANIEL RADCLIFFE’s impressive club alcofrolics, I get the feeling there are some new contenders for the Bizarre Caning Crown.

hp sauce

lord byron

Writer Jeremy Brock Explains Revisiting Brideshead/BenBaby Pic Post

What I've Done to Brideshead

Writer Jeremy Brock explains why he won't be trying to ape the classic television adaptation...and lays to rest those shocking rumors about that teddy bear. 

There are very few television dramas that live on in the public consciousness. Brideshead Revisited is one. Even today, mention the title to anyone over 35 and they will invariably conjure for you the image of Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons, leaning languidly on that classic car with a garish teddy bear for company. 

The fact that the programme was made more than 20 years ago seems irrelevant. It belongs in that pantheon of television events, along with Diana's funeral and the 1966 World Cup, that remain embedded in our collective memory. We were there. Even if we weren't.

Imagine my surprise when, three years ago, I was asked if I'd be interested in the heretical prospect of a screenplay for the cinema.

(new pic: Hayley Atwell, Ben Whishaw, and Matthew Goode)

Collapse )

Under the cut you will find:

- Rest of article.

- A picture of Emma Thompson as Lady Marchmain.


izzard stole countries
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Roseanne Barr: My Presidential Decrees

Triple teachers' and policemens' pay and raise the bar accordingly.

Establish a union of the working poor with the Attorney General as their lawyer.

Replace Organized Religion with strict observance and enforcement of the Golden Rule during my first administration.

Foreign policy statement: "Hey, how's it going? We're your global neighbors. Here's our number if you need something."

Back our currency with yummy baked goods

Abolish the IRS

Birth control in the water supply for the the first two years of my administration.

All sewer and septic tank maintenance performed by convicted corporate criminals.

All medical testing performed on child molesters and animal abusers.

Minimum weight for supermodels: 140 lbs

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/roseanne-barr/my-presidential-decrees_b_84575.html


Amy Winehouse’s Pub Mission Put On Hold

Looking better each and every day, British soul singer Amy Winehouse was spotted as she exited her central London rehab clinic to go for a walk on Monday (February 4).

The Rehab singer is currently undergoing treatment for drug addiction at the Capio Nightingale Clinic, which has put a mission to save her favorite local pub on hold. Collapse )
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Dennis Hopper's Daughter Writes Book...Bunch of people star in promos

"Celebutautes" is a book written by Amanda Goldberg (daughter of film and TV producer Leonard Goldberg) and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper (Dennis Hopper's daughter).
In honor of the release, Celebutantes has release several short scenes on video featureing an all-star cast :
-Autumn Reeser as Lola Santisi. Autumn's probably best know for playing Taylor Townsend on the O.C.
-Wilson Cruz as Julian Tennant -- Wilson starred on Broadway as Angel in Rent, he was in My So Called Life, he's in the soon to be released movie, He's Just Not That Into You.
-April Bowlby as Willow Fox -- She had a recurring role on Two and a Half Men.
-Michelle Borth as Kate Woods -- She's on the HBO show Tell Me You Love Me.
-Mike Vogel as Will Bailey -- He's in Cloverfield.
-Katrina Begin as Cricket Curtis

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source: http://www.myspace.com/celebutantes_book
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Ina Hanging On Like FG

Larry :)

Larry King Gets Bai Linged

Beverly Hills, hello! Larry King showed up to Ago with his two sons and 48-year-old wife Shawn yesterday -- where the Kings nearly came face to face with that crazy chicken dancer, Bai Ling.

While showing his 7 and 8-year-old sons an old photo of him from one of the autograph seekers, he marked the date by saying, "That was pre-heart attack."

Keep a keen eye out for Bai Ling, trying to drumstick her way into the King family picture.


Aww, Larr Bear <3

Lily Allen’s Relationship Blues

It hasn’t been a very fun year for Lily Allen so far. First she suffered a miscarriage, then her boyfriend Ed Simmons dumped her. And then yesterday she got a parking ticket!

The “Smile” singer was spotted risking a second ticket by parking on a doctor’s bay as she returned home last evening. But she didn’t seem to care. 

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{fnl}: made of pure goodness!

Sassy girl.

Adele's album debuts at chart top
Adele has two Top 40 singles as well as the number one album

Singer Adele's debut album, 19, has gone straight to the top of the UK chart in its first week.

The 19-year-old Londoner, who won the BBC's Sound of 2008 poll last month, also remains at number two in the singles chart with Chasing Pavements.

Another of her singles, Hometown Glory, has entered the chart at number 32.

Swedish DJ Basshunter has the number one single for a fourth week with Now You're Gone - Hot Chip's Ready for the Floor was the highest new entry at six.

Yorkshire band One Night Only's debut single Just For Tonight leapt 30 places to occupy the number nine position in the singles chart, while singer-songwriter David Jordan's Sun Goes Down moves up 12 places to number 10.

Welsh hard rock band Bullet For My Valentine's second album, Scream Aim Fire, is a new entry at number five.

Last week's number one album, Scouting For Girls' eponymous debut, fell to number two while Nickelback rose to number three with All The Right Reasons.

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant saw his collaboration with Alison Krauss, Raising Sand, slip to number five.


This girl is fantastic. Now give us Duffy's album, yeah?
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Orlando Bloom helps Courtney Love stay sober....right.

Courtney Love has credited actor Orlando Bloom with helping her to stay off drugs.

The singer said Bloom changed her life by introducing her to Buddhist chanting.

She told Access Hollywood: "We chant every day. The 12-step programme demands that you have a spiritual practice that you do daily."

The 43-year-old added: "I love Orlando for this. He doesn't mind being outed as a Buddhist. I don't mind talking about it because it has changed my entire life, changed everything - restructured my body, restructured my physicality. Truly I can, not all the time, but I can take joy at really s****y situations."

the creek: why she chose pacey

PaleyFest 08 - Vampires, Gossip Girls, Mad Men and The King.

Paley Center for Media announced their 25th Annual Paley Festival line up this morning. Very few surprises were included, but they listed the official lists of people who will be in attendance (some of them are working lists).

Panelists include: Elvis '68 Comeback Special, Pushing Daisies, The Comedy World of Judd Apatow and Friends, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion, Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, Damages, Dirty Sexy Money, Tracy Ullman's State of the Union, and Mad Men.

Collapse )

The 2008 Paley Festival will be held at the Cinerama Dome @ the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, CA from March 14th to March 27th, 2008.

Tickets for members go on sale February 7th and to the general public February 10th.

More information can be found at...

Source and my email this morning

Michael Pitt hates press junkets, loves heroin.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet at Sundance screening of "Funny Games"

Poor Michael Pitt. The actor is in town to promote Michael Haneke’s shot-for-shot American remake of his own Funny Games, an intelligent but grotesquely disturbing film about two polite, well-dressed young men (Pitt and Brady Corbet) who invade the vacation home of an upper-middle-class couple (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth) and their son, and then begin physically and psychologically torturing them for no apparent reason.

Collapse )
Collapse )

For the record I am finally overcoming my own addiction..to Michael Pitt. I've never been to film school and have seen all of Haneke's films, so there.

Collapse )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Kiefer: Smile

No Nightmare on Englund's Street

Robert Englund's term as Freddy Krueger may have come to end.

Platinum Dunes and New Line rocked the horror world last week when the production entities announced they were working together to overhaul the "Nightmare on Elm Street" brand (full story here). A number of industry sources recently phoned in to shed some light on the early discussions going on behind-the-scenes regarding "Nightmare"...and none of them include Englund starring as Krueger.

The franchise facelift includes discovering a new actor to polish up the finger knives and play the iconographic dream role Englund has practically made his second skin since '84.

Disheartening news for the fans, maybe, but rumor has it Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is taking "Nightmare" back to square one...as in fresh start, hitting the reset button, making it their own (think "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" '03 and Friday the 13th '09). Because of this decision, they'd like to find another actor to carry the new Krueger into future films.

Again, early talks. Script-wise, nothing can be sealed up until the WGA strike meets an end...and it sounds like that may be sooner than later.

source: shocktillyoudrop

I hope this movie fails

oh, and LOL @ the title of this flick..

src: YouTube
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Kiefer: Smile

when will it stop?

Superhero! The Movie trailer

Starring: Sara Paxton, Leslie Nielsen, Drake Bell, Christopher McDonald, Kevin Hart, Marion Ross, Ryan Hansen, Jeffrey Tambor, Brent Spiner

Plot Summary: Finally, the guys behind the outrageously silly "Scary Movie" franchise have used their own 'special powers' to spoof superhero movies. After being bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly, high school loser Rick Riker develop superhuman abilities like incredible strength and armored skin. Rick decides to use his new powers for good and becomes a costumed crime fighter known as "The Dragonfly." However, standing in the way of his destiny is the villainous Lou Landers. After an experiment gone wrong, Lou develops the power to steal a person's life force and in a dastardly quest for immortality becomes the supervillain, "The Hourglass." With unimaginable strength, unbelievable speed and deeply uncomfortable tights, will the Dragonfly be able to stop the sands of The Hourglass and save the world? More importantly, will we stop laughing long enough to notice?

Release Date: March 28, 2008

src: comingsoon.net and youtube

Billy Zane is the HBIC


Kelly Brook plans to marry fiancé Billy Zane this year.

The British actress is determined to tie the knot with her 'Titanic' actor lover in 2008, after postponing last year's ceremony following her father Kenneth's death in November.

Brook said, "We were going to going to get married last year but then my father was diagnosed with cancer so obviously we just weren't able to do it. "I'm torn between having something really small in England or something in Greece because that's where Billy is from." The former 'Smallville' star admits she is terrified about having to choose a wedding dress.

She said, "Choosing the dress is the scariest thing. I think it will depend Brook location and climate. My favourite all time wedding dress is the one Grace Kelly wore. She looked spectacular. She had that mystery about her."

Brook and Zane got engaged in 2006 after meeting on the set of 'Three' in 2005.

Source: http://www.azcentral.com/ent/celeb/articles/0204kellybrook-CR.html
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McLovin Interview

Christopher Mints-Plasse (McLovin) gettin some love from the ladies at Maxim's Super Bowl Party:

Superbad's 18-year-old breakout star McLovin, aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse, dropped by the Maxim Super Bowl party this weekend to swill as many virgin coladas and shirley temples as he could get his greedy, puberty-stricken paws on. But before the little mixologist got crazy with the soda gun, he talked about his new movie, his real age, and "thug life" among other things.

Check out the video interview right HERE


Thom is scared to fly

Thom Yorke to overcome fear of flying for Radiohead tour
Band talk about European summer dates

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Radiohead have spoken about their looming European summer tour – their first full one in five years.

Speaking to Radio 1's Newsbeat guitarist Jonny Greenwood said he looked forward to heading out on the road again.

He said: "I've thought of it (touring) solidly since the last tour, I'm addicted to it and I can't wait. It's like backpacking in enormous luxury, you get to be in a different city every day but without any of the effort of travelling. It's an easy way to see the world and you get to play a show in the evening. It's a great life."

However, he added it can be exhausting being on the road and admitted: "We enjoy it for three months and then we get tired and ill and then it gets stressful. But for those first three months, it's great."

Lead singer Thom Yorke added that his biggest stress on the road was overcoming his fear of flying.

"I try not to think about it," he said. "It's in case you mess up, in case you get ill, lots of things. Getting on a plane I hate with a passion, I try not to panic all the way through. It gets worse but you just kiss the ground when you get there and carry on."

Radiohead’s tour kicks off on June 7 in Dublin.

The band play the following dates:

Dublin Malahide Castle (June 7)
Paris Bercy (9, 10)
Barcelona Parc del Forum (12)
Nimes Arenes (14)
Milan Civica Arena (18)
Southside Festival (20)
Hurricane Festival (22)
London Victoria Park (24, 25)
Glasgow Green (27)
Manchester Old Trafford Cricket Ground (29)
Amsterdam Westerpark (July 1)
Roskilde Festival (3)
Berlin Wuhlheide (8)

source: http://www.nme.com/news/radiohead/34071
Anna the Flapper

Spend the night with Olivia Hussey

VALENTINES DAY- Thurs, Feb. 14

Marc Huestis Presents

in Collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura

40th Anniversary Screening (Archive Print!) of

Franco Zeffirelli's ROMEO & JULIET

with star OLIVIA HUSSEY ("Juliet") LIVE!

(Tickets $25 Adult, $12.50 Youth Available at 415 863-0611,

489 Castro &


Purchase tickets online at TicketWeb.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told on the Most Romantic Day of the Year.....

A 40th Anniversary Screening of the Archival Print of ROMEO & JULIET

With Its Stunning Star Olivia Hussey ("Juliet") Live in-Person!

Interviewed by SF Sweetheart Jan Wahl

With a Love-ly Musical Performance by Connie Champagne,

Mark Mardon & Boris Goldmund on the Harp

All In the splendor of the Majestic Castro Theatre

SOURCE: email inbox and http://www.castrotheatre.com/s-events.html

ONTD fan sign opportunity? I might go.

Arcade Fire could be going to court

Arcade Fire's surprise Super Bowl appearance could end in court
Band could be considering suing Fox TV after half-time show

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Arcade Fire and US TV network Fox TV could become involved in a lawsuit, after it is alleged that the network used their music to soundtrack an advert without permission.

The band's song 'No Cars Go' was used in an advert for the NFL which was aired during the halftime show of the Super Bowl last night (February 3), which took place in Glendale, Arizona.

However, according to Pitchfork, Fox TV did not ask the band's permission to use the music in the advert.

The group's representatives are said to be looking into the matter.

Advertising during the Super Bowl half-time show costs $100,000 per second of broadcasting time.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/arcade-fire/34060
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Download Festival 2008

This year's Kerrang!-sponsored Download festival will take place the weekend of June 13 to June 15 and will be headlined by Welsh rockers Lostprophets, Orange County punkers The Offspring and one other legendary rock band TBC!

Other bands confirmed for this year's festival include metal gods Judas Priest and Finnish love metallers HIM.

Stay tuned to Kerrang! dot com tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) at 4PM GMT when we will be announcing the fnal headliner and at 7:30PM for another two bands who will be playing Britian's biggest and best rock festival.

Tickets for Download 2008 will go on sale on February 8 at 9AM. Prices are as follows: a full weekend ticket: £130, standard camping: £20, camper van: £40, family zone camping: £20, lockers: £11, parking £10 in advance or £15 on the day. There will be a variety of ticket packages available to buy, including the RIP packages (a VIP package) from £315. For Club or VIP Experience packages, please call 020 7009 3484 to discuss your requirements.

Disabled customers can call 0121 767 9729 to discuss accessibility arrangements. Please note, disabled customers will be provided with one free ticket for their helper, where required. Should additional helper tickets be required, please call the disabled access ticket line on 0121 767 9729 or email access@downloadfestival.co.uk

For more details and up-to-the-minute news, please visit www.downloadfestival.co.uk.

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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, February 04 2008 @ 03:39:13 CST by MusicMan

Pop acts on television this week include:

Sheryl Crow, who performs on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and 'The View' on Tuesday.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, who visits 'Total Request Live' on Tuesday and 'The View' on Wednesday.

Kate Voegele, who visits 'The Sauce' on Tuesday.

Colbie Caillat, who performs on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday (artist announced).

Paula Abdul, who visits 'The Late Show' on Wednesday.

A Fine Frenzy, who performs on 'The Late Show' on Wednesday.

Former *NSYNC star Joey Fatone, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Thursday.

Paris Hilton, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday.

Enrique Iglesias, who performs on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Friday (artist announced).

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Monday, February 04 2008 @ 03:43:37 CST

Rock acts on television this week include:

Lenny Kravitz, who visits 'Total Request Live' on Monday and performs on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Thursday and 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Friday.

Counting Crows, who perform on 'The Sauce' on Tuesday.

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


R&B Acts On TV This Week
Monday, February 04 2008 @ 03:42:06 CST

R&B acts on television this week include:

Danity Kane, who visit 'Total Request Live' on Monday.

Jill Scott, who performs on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday.

Omarion, who performs with Bow Wow on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Tuesday.

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


Rap Acts On TV This Week
Monday, February 04 2008 @ 03:41:30 CST

Rap acts on television this week include:

Missy Elliott, who visits 'Total Request Live' and '106 & Park' on Monday.

Bow Wow, who performs with Omarion on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Tuesday.

Lupe Fiasco, who performs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday.

'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Last Call with Carson Daly', and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' musical guests aren't being announced in advance during the writer's strike.


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Kelly Osbourne: Men + Internet Dating = Sexual Predators

Kelly Osbourne thinks most men who use internet dating are "sexual

The 23-year-old star insists she would never use the web to find a man
because she believes the internet is "perverted".

She said: "I'd never go on one of those online dating sites. It's weird.
It's full of sexual predators. The internet was created for knowledge and
now it's perverted."

Kelly admits she also finds it difficult to trust men after being hurt in
the past.

She said: "I've fallen head over heels twice in the 'love is blind' way and
got hurt. Now I'm so guarded that when it comes to that point I jump ship.

I'm frightened I'll get hurt again."

Kelly has previously dated rock drummer Matt Emerson and The Fields' bassist
Matty Derham.

She recently complained that all British men are "wimps" and admitted she
was on the lookout for a real man.


Opiate for the Masses sign w/ Century Media!

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES Signs Worldwide Deal With Century Media Records

In an ever-changing and volatile music industry, it remains a constant challenge for new bands to break out and make a name for themselves on their own. However, one quartet from Los Angeles that simply refuses to let the state of the industry deter them is OPIATE FOR THE MASSES, whose undying, unparalleled work ethic and captivating live performances ultimately caught the attention of Century Media Records. The label has never seen anything quite like OPIATE FOR THE MASSES, whose sheer collective talents and hunger to succeed is refreshing to find in this day and age. Century Media quickly signed the band to a worldwide deal and are beyond ecstatic to bring something this innovative to the forefront of the scene.

The group’s talents and determination are also well respected by their peers.

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) states: “OPIATE FOR THE MASSES...I think they're going to be big.”

Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) agrees: “This is the band to look out for in 2008. They are a great rock band with an edge, and certainly a must see live. They will f*ck you up.”

Joey Jordison (Slipknot) further comments: “OPIATE FOR THE MASSES is nothing short of hypnotic. Tracks such as ‘21st Century Time Bomb,’ and the somber lull of ‘The Habit,’ make this new album a must have for fans of industrial, goth, metal and new wave.”

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES are also proud to announce the addition of renowned bassist Anna Kjellberg (ex-Drain STH, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Revolting Cocks) to the fold, which immediately adds another great dynamic to their already devastating live show. The group, rounded out by Jim Kaufman (guitars, synths), Ron Underwood (vocals) and Seven Antonopoulos (drums), are now undoubtedly at their very best and have honed this newfound energy into the songs that ultimately craft their most ambitious work to date.

They recently completed work on their much anticipated new full-length album, Manifesto, recorded by two Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producers: Ulrich Wild (Slipknot, Deftones) and John Travis (Kid Rock, Buckcherry). The new offering is a propulsive mix of sheer hard rock aggression, soaring melodies and electronic experimentation that could be best described as Alice In Chains meets Prodigy. The disc is destined to breathe some new life into the ever changing and sometimes stagnant musical climate. Manifesto is slated for a summer release. Feel free to visit myspace to check out some older tracks, photos and videos.

Kaufman further comments: “Since its conception, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES has been a band in a constant state of transformation. Unwilling to change course merely to fit in among the flavors of the week, this band has gained popularity by blazing new trails for others to follow. The completion of our latest and boldest album, Manifesto, signals a new era for the band's experimentation, yet the resulting sound is something more accessible to the masses.

“We are also extremely pleased with the addition of world-renown musicians, Seven Antonopoulos and Anna K, as their great recording and live contributions added so much depth to our arsenal. The group feels that the final puzzle piece has been put into place as it has teamed up with Century Media to release this musically ground-breaking record. This is such a great opportunity for band and label alike. Both parties are comprised of forward-thinking, hard-working and true fans of music.”

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES created a solid buzz and diehard fanbase with their self-produced debut album, The Spore, backed by a slew of major tours alongside Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, My Chemical Romance and Static-X, among countless others. They were also a featured act on the inaugural Taste of Chaos tour. A track from the upcoming album, “Dead Underground,” originally appeared on the Saw III soundtrack and exposed the band to a whole new audience.

Manifesto is pummeling, yet captivating and even somber at times. This album was made to cause a stir, both politically and introspectively. With a new face and a new sound, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES have experienced a real coming of age and are now poised for greatness. The hard rock revolution has begun.

SOURCE: Century Media and their manager.

Mrs. & Mr. Kat McPhee leaving for Honeymoon...

Fresh from her weekend wedding at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, Katharine McPhee and her new husband Nick Cokas were spotted at LAX airport.

The American Idol and her producer hubby looked happy to be heading to their honeymoon, and upon their arrival it looked as though they had brought enough luggage to stay for a month.

The newlyweds are coming off of a fairytale weekend, and according to McPhee, everything was just as she hoped it would be.  She told press, “(Nick) is the love of my life.  This is a once in a lifetime occasion and everything is just perfect.”

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mah diet pills are wearin off

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John Travolta listened to my advice and shaved the dead pussy that usually lies on his head, but he's made it worse. He's replaced the dead pussy with what looks like spray-on hair! It looks like a pile of wet shit sitting on his scalp. Diaper head! It's ok John. You can be yourself. Tommy Girl will still love you tomorrow.

Here's John with a head full of diarrhea at a Super Bowl party on Saturday.

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Playboy Throws A Super Bowl Party

Leading up to the big game, Hugh Hefner threw his always-hot Playboy Super Saturday Night Party last night in a 52,000-square-foot tent in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Famous faces in attendance included the likes of Tiki Barber, Alyssa Milano, Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia and The Hills’ Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad, who wore a sequined zebra-stripe mini-dress.

According to press on hand, “Hef, chief girlfriend Holly Madison and the other Girls Next Door held court on the dance floor beneath a slideshow of vintage Playboy stills and partied the night away with their fellow guests.”

Meanwhile, to help balance the mostly-male crowd, “a busload of college girls from the University of Arizona arrived, strutting down the red carpet in a barrage of short cocktail dresses, stilettos and whitened smiles.”

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Has Kimora Lee Simmons become a Scientologist? Gossip writer Janet Charlton claims the fashion mogul "distributes Scientology pamphlets to the 12 to 18 year old inner city girls who buy her clothing line."

Charlton also says Simmons has "designed her own colorful cover for the standard Scientology 'Way to Happiness' booklets.

Meanwhile, Simmons' Baby Phat/KLS Collection runway show took place over the weekend during New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with lots of celebs in the audience, including her beau Djimon Hounsou, Tyra Banks, LisaRaye, Vivica A. Fox and Amerie.

The former wife of Russell Simmons may have had a harder time than usual getting to her fashion show venue. Charlton also claims that Kimora was "stripped of her illegally obtained 'official city business' parking placard that allowed her to park anywhere in Manhattan without a care in the world."


they must be stopped...

Coroner: Cough Syrup, Sleep Apnea Caused Pimp C's Death

An overdose of an over-the-counter drug, along with a pre-existing health condition, led to Texas-based rapper Pimp C's death, according to an official with Los Angeles County Department of Coroner.

Los Angeles County Asst. Chief Coroner Ed Winter said an overdose of Promethazine/Codeine syrup and sleep apnea contributed to the death of Chad Butler, known in the rap world as Pimp C.

Promethazine/Codeine, a cough syrup, is a drug that is frequently referred to in music lyrics.

Winter said Butler's death has been ruled an accident.

Butler was found dead in a room at Los Angeles' Mondrian Hotel, a longtime music industry hangout not far from the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, where he had performed Dec. 1 alongside rap veteran Too $hort.

Pimp C and partner Bun B were pioneers of Southern rap and hit the mainstream with their cameo on Jay-Z's hit "Big Pimpin'." UGK, along with Geto Boys, are considered to be one of the people responsible for introducing Texas as the "third coast" of hip-hop.

The duo's career was derailed when Butler was jailed for three years in 2002 on gun charges. He released an album while in prison and this year the group made a comeback with the critically acclaimed album "Underground Kingz," which included the hit "Int'l Player's Anthem (I Choose You)," featuring OutKast.

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'The Happening' teaser trailer

In the 20th Century Fox release, starring Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo and Betty Buckley, a couple goes on the run from an apocalyptic crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity.

Shyamalan’s first R-rated feature will hit theaters worldwide on Friday, June 13th, 2008.


ha ha ha ...


Neil Jackson cast as henchman Mr Slate in `Quantum of Solace`

American actor Neil Jackson has landed a role as a henchman called Mr Slate in the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace".

The 31 year-old actor was recently added to the film's entry on IMDB. Although being far from reliable for facts during production, the casting was confirmed by Jackson himself.

Writing on his MySpace page back on Friday 9th November, Jackson wrote "I have just received confirmation that I will be playing the role of Mr. Black in the up-coming Bond movie, tentatively titled Bond 22, set to start shooting in Jan 08."

His character was renamed during pre-production to Mr Slate.

Jackson updated his MySpace blog on Wednesday 19th December with the news, "I finalized contracts a few days ago to play the role of Mr. Slate in the new, as yet untitled, Bond film. Details are a little sketchy at this point, but I do have a big fight with 007".

Jackson, a former amateur boxing champion, has previously appeared in the 2005 epic "Alexander" as well as TV series "Blade" and "Stargate SG-1".

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his myspace

Yeah, he's not American. The article has it wrong. :(

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Who won the Superbowl? Who gives a fuck, how were the RATINGS?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Most-Watched Super Bowl Ever

Fox says it's official: Sunday's suspenseful matchup between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants was the most-watched Super Bowl in history, according to time-zone-adjusted fast national Nielsen estimates provided by the network.

An estimated 97.5 million viewers, up 5% from last year, tuned in to watch the Giants achieve a last-minute upset of the previously undefeated Patriots to make Super Bowl history.

The show was the second-most watched television program of all time, behind the 1983 finale of "M*A*S*H," which was viewed by 106 million people. The previous most-watched Bowl, with 94.1 million viewers, was Dallas vs. Pittsburgh in 1996.

Sunday’s game scored a 37.6 rating among adults 18 to 49, making it the highest-rated Super Bowl in the demo in eight years. The 1996 Super Bowl remains the highest rated with a 41.2 rating.

This year’s Super Bowl was followed by an original episode of “House,” which earned a record-setting 12.8. "House" was the highest-rated scripted program on any network in two years and was up 29% from last year's post-game airing of "Criminal Minds" on CBS. House had 32.78 million viewers.

Overall, Fox enjoyed its highest-rated night ever in the demo and in total viewers, as well as posting the highest-rated night on any broadcast network in at least 17 years.


BTW I hate football.  They play for 2 seconds then stop...play for 2 more seconds and stop, they take a half hour game and make it 4 goddamn hours.  It's disgusting
terry richardson

lindsay lohan on glamour uk (march 2008)

In her first post-rehab interview, the actress says she's ditching her old ways.

Six months after leaving Cirque Lodge in Utah, Lindsay Lohan is opening up about her party-girl image, getting back to work and how she's ridding her life of bad influences – and the wrong people – by sharpening her instincts.

"There are friends that have been hard to hang out with because they've gone done a different path," the actress, 21, tells the U.K. edition of Glamour for its March issue, in her first interview since being in rehab. "But it's hard because I'm the kind of person who wants to trust everyone."

Despite the temptations put before her and others of her generation – Lohan expresses empathy for Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse – she insists she's comfortable with her own company.

"I'm fine being alone during the day, but I hate being alone at night. I like having friends around me, but now I'd much rather be at home," she says, pointing out that she now suddenly has more hours of the day to fill, which she tries to do by writing in her journal and watching TV.

"That's not to say I'll never go to a club again," she says, "because I'd be lying."

Finally, asked what she believes is the biggest misconception others have about her, Lohan replies, "that I don't have my head in the right place. That, and probably that I'm not a good person ... because actually I am."


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More On The New Kids

Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre Attend Super Bowl Party

"In baseball and basketball, when you have a best-of-seven championship, the best team always wins," said former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg. "But with football it's one game and sometimes the worst team can come away with a victory."

Wahlberg's boy band bro Joey McIntyre concurred.

"Even a 10-6 team can win the Super Bowl," McIntyre said.

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February 3, 2008 -- THE New Kids on the Block reunion is much further along than the group would care to admit. Although the early-'90s boy-band sensations aren't ready yet to announce they're preparing for a comeback, a source says Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight have been secretly working with legendary music manager Irving Azoff. "They've been going to a studio in Orlando and recording the album. It's just about done," says our source.


New Kids on the Block BACK!

Twenty years ago New Kids on the Block released their breakthrough album, Hangin' Tough, catapulting the five singers to superstardom and ushering in the boy band era. Six years and 70 million albums later, the band broke up. Today? Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Jonathan Knight, 39, brother Jordan Knight, 37, Donnie Wahlberg, 38, Joey McIntyre, 35, and Danny Wood, 38 - now older kids, reunited and feeling groovy again. All five recorded a new song in Orlando last November. The mellow ballad debuted on the band's Web site on Jan. 29, playing over a video that teased, "Are you ready?" "I loved being a part of the group and have always thought maybe someday we'll get back together," Danny Wood wrote on his MySpace page on Jan. 28. "You just never know when your someday will come."


New Kids On The Block Preview a New Song

There's a new ballad on the block.

Nearly 14 years after breaking up, the '90s boy band New Kids On The Block are back with a new ballad on their official Web site.

The song (its name isn't revealed) plays over a promotional video for the band that says the Kids once had it all – a $1 billion in album sales, millions of fans, with music that "influenced a generation" – but then "walked away from it all."

The video next teases the a comeback, asking: "Are you ready?"

The song, a source says, was recorded by all five Kids last November in Orlando.


Also used: the_nkotb & www.nkotb.com

EDIT: I added a couple more pictures.

Here we go again ...

Catholic Church protests new 'Equinox' Ad Campaign

The Catholic Church is up in arms over the latest ad campaign from fitness giant Equinox. Apparently The Pope doesn't like an Equinox advertisement depicting Catholic nuns sketching the netherparts of a nude male model. The controversial ad is just one in a series of racy flicks released by Equinox last month.

“It says a great deal about this perverse obsession in both the fashion industry and the advertising industry of exploiting and mocking and sexualizing Catholic religious imagery,” says C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

But Equinox is defending it’s right to be raunchy, the chain says: “Our ad campaigns are based on personal motivation and fantasy and throughout history the body has been considered a form of art.”

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I knew these fuckers were shady

Adnan Ghalib and Osama Lutfi selling "tell-all" books on Britney's life

Both Britney Spears‘ unofficial manager and paparazzo lover are shopping proposals for a pair of tell-all books about the pop star’s psychotic breakdown to American publishers.

”That should tell you something about their true devotion to Britney and her interests,” a Spears insider says of Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

”These guys better get those books out real fast,” says a former member of Britney’s legal team. ”This story is changing daily. Unless those books include information the public already doesn’t know, those ‘tell-alls’ won’t mean much, given what may happen to Britney in the days and weeks to come.”

tcr - WHY?!
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Roberto Gari Dies at 87

Actor and Artist Roberto Gari Dies at 87

By Robert Simonson
04 Feb 2008

Roberto Gari, an actor with several Broadway credits who also had a career as an artist, died Jan. 22 in Manhattan of a heart attack. He was 87.

Mr. Gari, born in Brooklyn, was on the stage by the age of four, appearing in vaudeville under the name of Jackie Hayes. He danced with Vera-Ellen in the 1944 Broadway production of A Connecticut Yankee and later landed the lead role in the same production. His other Broadway credits included Sadie Thompson and Nellie Bly. The latter was produced by Eddie Cantor, his father-in-law.

In between his stage debut and Broadway debut, Mr. Gari attended the Art Students League, studying under Will Barnett and Ethel Schwabacher. His work was vaguely impressionistic and often took popular figures and subjects as its subject. His most famous work was the well-known painting of Judy Garland that was on display in the lobby of New York's Palace Theatre for decades. It now rests in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.

In recent years, Mr. Gari, possessed of a long, angular face, prominent nose and droopy white moustache, received much work in prominent print ads, and played Amy Sedaris' dead, rigor mortis-stricken father Guy Blank on Comedy Central's "Strangers With Candy." Mr. Gari's marriage to Janet Cantor ended in divorce. In addition to his son Brian, of Manhattan, Mr. Gari is survived by his daughter Amanda Abel of Sherman Oaks, CA, and granddaughter Allison Abel of Sherman Oaks.


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"American Idol" wannabeen Sanjaya Malakar may not have learned how to sing like a diva -- but he sure can act like one!

TMZ spies spotted Sanji and his similarly coiffed sis, Shyamali, getting their free swag on -- and their attitudes -- this weekend at the Hanes Style Villa in Arizona.

After picking up thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and spa treatments, we're told Sanjaya wanted a photog to give him $20 for taking his pic.

Not to be upstaged by her brother, Shyamali got in on the prima donna act by telling another style suite photog, "We're not taking a picture unless we know what we're getting." Along with swag, the dynamic duo appear to have picked up a bad rep.

Source: TMZ.com

Lies, ALL lies.
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Katharine McPhee Weds In Beverly Hills

Former "American Idol" contestant Katharine McPhee has wed producer Nick Cokas.

McPhee, 23, and Cokas, 42, who met in 2005, were wed Saturday at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church.

Some of the guests included former American Idolers Kellie Pickler and Mandisa as well as Rumer Willis.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

this is what the happy couple looks like: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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*the news had been posted, but not the pics.

The pictures are not great, but at least we get to see our girl Rumer.right?


2008's Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies According to Someone Else's Opinion

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

It’s been 19 years since Harrison Ford put on his fedora and broke out the bullwhip and, evidently, there’s still a demand from baby boomers for the 65-year-old actor to recreate that movie magic. Teens and twentysomethings are too young to understand the phenomenon that was Indy, and with this fourth edition in turnaround enough times to make a studio exec’s head spin, here’s hoping Spielberg and company can bring some vitality to a franchise that was once cinematic gold. (May 22)

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what do you all think of the list? i am pumped for all of them except hellboy because the first movie was so boring I don't even remember the plot anymore, and i love comic movies. tbh i really just wanted an excuse to post that hilarious brad pitt picture that makes me laugh.
source, girlfriend

Gisele Didn't Make Naked Super Bowl Promise

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Talk about overshadowing Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction: Sports fans – and others – were hoping for a rare treat following reports that Gisele Bündchen promised to run naked through New York's Times Square if the Giants beat her boyfriend Tom Brady's New England Patriots in the Super Bowl Sunday.

Sure enough, the Patriots were upset, losing 14-17, leading CBS Sports to remind the former Victoria's Secret model about her promise to strip down for the people of Manhattan.

Only problem? Gisele's agent says the supermodel never made such a pledge. "She didn't say it. This is ridiculous," her agent tells PEOPLE. "What's wrong with the world?"

The world, it appears, will have to live without naked supermodels running through the streets – settling instead for Eli Manning and a ticker-tape parade.



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Naomi Campbell Kicks Off Carnival In Rio, Steals Big Naked Baby Jesus' Thunder

Brazil, a place sadly devoid of supermodels, called upon the talents of one Miss Naomi Campbell to help ring in Carnival in Rio de Janeiro:

Supermodel Naomi Campbell helped Brazil’s Carnival get off to a majestic start as the colourful event kicked off in Rio de Janeiro.

Honouring the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in Brazil, the 4,200-strong Sao Clemente samba group’s lavish floats represented the riches and cultural heritage brought by the Portuguese.

Campbell’s star power was contested only by a float bearing a large, naked baby Jesus who seemed to be battling Werner Syndrome:


The C O V E N A N T

British Zac Efron and Gay Rumors

Search for the British Zac Efron

High School Musical UK? Disney is scouting for the next generation of talent to star in its successful franchise - and beyond.

Any parents whose children are obsessed with Disney's High School Musical need to prepare for the house of the mouse's latest entertainment initiative: a grab for talented youngsters in order to boost the franchise and British-originated production.

The company that launched the careers of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will this week announce a sizeable investment of time and money in a behind-the-scenes talent search to find the British Zac Efron.

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Zac Efron: I don’t mind gay rumours

Zac Efron has said he isn’t bothered by the constant rumours that he’s gay.
Zac Efron

Zac’s sexuality has been under ongoing suspicion since he rose to fame in High School Musical and Hairspray - and his relationship with HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t really helped fan the flames.

But he explained recently, he doesn’t mind: “Honestly, if the worst these people can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle it.”

The quote is from the Details Magazine Article.


New Releases Feb 5th edition

The following albums and videos will be officially released tomorrow 2/5.


  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive "The Definitive Collection"
  • Basia Bulat "Oh, My Darling"
  • Betty Buckley "Quintessence "
  • Terri Clark "The Definitive Collection"
  • Rosemary Clooney "Sings for Lovers"
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    • Across the Universe
    • Christina Aguilera "Back to Basics: Live and Down Under [DVD]"
    • Anthony Bourdain Collection 2
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      Edit: The Christina DVD is a Best Buy exclusive.

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      source 2
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All Of Today's Britney Court Updates

Jamie Wants to Shit Can Brit's Divorce Lawyers

Adam Streisand has just told TMZ in the hallway the conservators (Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet) have asked the court for the power to terminate the services of Britney's divorce lawyers, Trope and Trope.

Sources tell TMZ Jamie is especially irked that the Trope firm has a good relationship with Jamie's arch enemy, Sam Lutfi.



Conservators to Lufti -- Open The Damn Door!

In court just a few minutes ago, a lawyer for the conservators said they have been trying to serve Sam Lutfi with a restraining order prohibiting him from seeing Brit, but he has refused to open the door to accept service.

They mentioned that Lutfi has spoken on the phone with Britney, allegedly in violation of the restraining order.

TMZ knows Lutfi had indeed spoken with Britney over the weekend.



Lawyer Says Brit Worth $40 Million

TMZ is in the courtroom where attorney Adam Streisand just asked the court commissioner to 86 Jamie Spears as conservator of Brit's estate.

Streisand said Brit's estate is worth $40 million. He also said Brit is in the middle of a $17 million IRS audit with her record label Jive Records and she has 15 different businesses.

Streisand asked that the Commissioner name Northern Trust Bank and Howard Grossman, Brit's business manager, as conservators.

Here's the rub-- the Commish wasn't convinced that Streisand, the second cousin of Babs, was properly retained by Britney. So far, no decisions have been made.



Mentally, Brit is Out to Lunch

In court today, a court-appointed lawyer told the Commissioner he visited Britney yesterday just after 5:00 PM PT in the hospital. He concluded that Brit is not currently competent enough to understand the nature of the current legal proceedings, nor does she appreciate the impact that it has on her life.

The lawyer also said Britney lacks capacity to retain a lawyer.

That could be a big problem for Adam Streisand, who is trying to prove that Britney hired him.



Brit's New Lawyer -- A Real Yent!

TMZ has learned Britney's new lawyer, Adam Streisand, is related to Babs herself, and he's not afraid to name drop!

Adam is Barbra's second cousin, though he's said publicly said they don't speak and that she's a very private person.

But we're told in private, Adam's quite willing to talk about the lineage.

Adam has been brought in by Trope and Trope to challenge Brit's conservatorship -- in particular, the appointment of Brit's dad, Jamie.


Whew! I'll update the entry if anything new comes up, though at some point I'll be on my way back from work and won't be around the computer for an hour or so. If something earth-shattering happens in that time and you don't see an update, feel free to post it yourself. :)






Britney Court Blow-by-Blow

Here are the headlines from today's court hearing:

Jamie Spears is still the co-conservator of Britney's estate, as is Andrew Wallet.

The Commissioner did not give the conservators the power to fire Trope and Trope, Brit's divorce lawyers.

The Commissioner said, based on the restraining order, Sam Lutfi can have no contact whatsoever with Britney -- including e-mails, phone contact, etc.

The Commish extended the conservatorship to Valentine's Day.

The Commissioner said Adam Streisand had no legal basis for claiming he's Britney's new lawyer. There will be a hearing at some point to determine just how mentally competent Britney is.


Brandy's Mother Suing Kim Kardashian For Alleged Credit Card Abuse

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

R&B singer Brandy Norwood's mother filed a lawsuit Monday R&B singer Brandy Norwood's mother filed a lawsuit Monday against Kim Kardashian accusing her of running up more than $120,000 credit card charges without Brandy's permission.

The suit, which also names Kardashian's siblings Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr., alleges they ran up the charges while Kim worked as Norwood's stylist in 2006 and 2007. It seeks the return of Norwood's money plus 10 percent interest.

Kim Kardashian denied the allegations, telling PEOPLE she and her siblings had Norwood's permission to make the purchases.

"We have her signature on all items," Kardashian says.

In the lawsuit, Norwood's mother, Sonja Norwood, who is also her manager, alleges Kim Kardashian had only been authorized in 2004 to make one purchase on Norwood's American Express card in Kim's then-capacity as a stylist. (Norwood's brother, Ray J, also appeared in the infamous sex tape with Kim).

But later, Kardashian, now starring in the E! reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, made unauthorized purchases and passed on Norwood's card number to her siblings, who also then made unauthorized purchases, including for items in two Kardashian family-owned clothing stores, Dash and Smooch, for a total of $120,636.


Sarah is appearing at Paley 08

Just in – Sarah Michelle Gellar confirmed for PaleyFest08’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion on Thursday, March 20 at the Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood ! Other confirmed cast members include Amber Benson (“Tara Maclay”), Nicolas Brendan (“Xander Harris”), Emma Caulfield (“Anya”), Eliza Dushku (“Faith”), Seth Green (“Oz”), James Marsters (“Spike”), Michelle Trachtenberg (“Dawn Summers”) as well as creator Joss Whedon. Additional panelists to be announced at a later date.

For the PaleyFest08 schedule and ticket information, please visit www.paleycenter.org.

Billie Jean

Thriller 25

- Will.I.Am Interviewing Quincy Jones.

- Michael and Will.I.Am in the studio.

- Akon in the studio laying out vocals for WBSS.

-Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Omarion, Wyclef Jean, and Pharrell; talk about Thriller.

Source: Youtube

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She already has a massive soap career, but who knew that Deidre Hall doubled as a firewoman?! The fabu 60-year-old was in Beverly Hills, with her bright yellow jacket distracting everyone from asking questions!

TMZ did manage to quiz Deidre about Britney ... and she went all Marlena on us!

So what do you think about Britney Spears?

Deidre: What a sweet heart...why don't you all just leave her alone?

Pap: That's a great idea

Deidre: It starts with you ya know.


'Survivor' Winner Richard Hatch Loses Tax Evasion Appeal, Remains in Jail

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Richard Hatch holding his prize $1 million check)

Wesley Snipes got off the hook (more than less) for tax fraud a week ago, but former Survivor winner Richard Hatch wasn't so fortunate.

Hatch, who won $1 million during Survivor's first season in 2000, had his tax evasion conviction upheld on Friday.

Since 2006 Hatch has been serving out a four-year three-month sentence in a federal prison in West Virginia for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million award, $327,000 he earned hosting a Boston radio show, and $28,000 in property he obtained.

In the appeal which was filed in Dec. 2006, Hatch argued that CBS had agreed to pay his for his taxes after he witnessed members of Survivor's crew secretly handing out food to contestants. CBS denied that any agreement was ever made, and no evidence exists to support Hatch's claims. It didn't help Hatch's appeal that some of the charges were completely unrelated to income provided by CBS.

On Friday the court decided to strike down his appeal, claiming in a 52-page decision: "The failure of Hatch to present any evidence of such conversations when invited by the court strongly suggested that no actual promises were made, and no such 'deal' actually existed. It was not the court's right, much less duty, to put words in Hatch's mouth."

Hatch is scheduled to get out of prison in October 2009.

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Oh no she didn't

Tyra Takes Her Claws to Karlie Kloss

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Look away. She dares you.Photo: Imaxtree

Model Karlie Kloss is on the rise, but we're not sure if that's a good thing if Tyra Banks is in the audience. If you've not seen it, the Kloss walk features a kind of stoned death stare; she moves in slow motion, swaying her head from side to side in such a way that if laser beams were to suddenly shoot out of her eyes — and we suspect they might any minute now — she would obliterate everyone in the first two rows. So when Kloss floated by Banks at the Jill Stuart show this afternoon, Banks noticed. Tyra excitedly tapped her purple-haired neighbor, indicating this was the moment she'd been waiting for. Her eyes adopted the same couldn't-give-a-shit glare as Kloss; she dropped her chin, and slowly swayed her head from side to side, transforming herself into a Kloss zombie. Her companion laughed excitedly and so Tyra did the routine again. And again. Then she turned to her other front-row neighbor, the ubiquitous Nigel Barker, and did it again. Nigel shook his head and, though we didn't hear their conversation, they seemed to agree they didn't know what the hell Kloss was doing. Whatever it was, it's been working: The girl's barely 15 years old and has been owning the runways all week. —Amy Odell

Colbert Is Not Amused

Conan/Colbert Feud Continues Tonight


Posted February 04, 05:30 PM


I'm not sure how many of you watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report as well as our show... But tonight, you will DEFINITELY want to see all three. I don't care if you have to go to a wedding, a funeral, or both. BRING A TV AND WATCH IT. Put a cover on the couch and a diaper on your butt, because things are gonna get crazy! DO NOT MISS THESE SHOWS.

Tonight, History is made.

Tonight, Destiny takes hold.



[EDIT: Video from tonight's episode of Conan:
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300 hunk Gerard Butler grabs lunch with a mystery male at Melrose Bar & Grill in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon.

After lunch, the 38-year-old Scottish actor was surprised to see a parking ticket perched on the windshield of his Lexus. Being a good sport about it, Gerard showed paparazzi his disappointment (and his sense of humor) over the ticket.

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With news about a temporary restraining order being issued against Britney Spears‘ sidekick Sam Lutfi, more questions are being raised about this man who seemingly appeared from nowhere to become an integral fixture in the pop star’s life.
According to Ken Dungey, Lutfi often brags about the control he has over Britney. On January 19, Ken invited Sam to his birthday party. Ken explained what happened in an email to Bitten and Bound:
Sam called on the night I had my birthday party on Saturday the 19th, he had Britney sing Happy Birthday to me then she got on the phone and talked to me for a minute. Then Sam wanted to display his power he has against her.

Sam said “watch this, see how much control I have over her” and he said” Britney, I’m going to go to Orange County to Ken’s for his Birthday party” Sam always held the phone up so I could hear whatever Britney was saying. Anyways, I heard Britney say ok, let me get my jacket, then Sam whispered and chuckled and said to me “watch this” then he said ” no Britney, I’m going to go by myself, she went crazy starting to cry and said :” no Sam please don’t leave me here alone” and she was at his knees and he was laughing saying ” get up off the floor bitch.” then she ran out of the room crying and yelling.
These are the things I want to get out so everyone can see how he really treats her behind closed doors.
Please Andrea help me spread the word.

He included a text message Sam sent right after the incident:


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Lol Twilight

Kristen Stewart Wants A ‘Twilight’ Series That Sucks…In All The Right Ways

Published by MTV Movies Team on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 11:27 am.
Article by Alexandra Gambardella

“Harry Potter” did it for wizards, “Lord of the Rings” won big for hobbits, and “Narnia” brought it home for the talking woodland creatures. But can a soon-to-shoot movie similarly turn the creaky film cliché of vampires into the next multimillion-dollar fantasy flick franchise?

“The movie is called ‘Twilight,’ ” 17-year-old “Into the Wild” actress Kristen Stewart beamed when we recently spoke to her. “[’Lords of Dogtown’ filmmaker] Catherine Hardwicke is directing it in Washington. It’s based on a book that’s pretty popular [among] young adult, high school kids.”

Although Stewart and co-star Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory!) will soon film only the first movie, they’re already talking about turning the vampire storyline into a series that really sucks. And since the latest book sold over 150,000 copies in its first day alone, Bella and Edward fans everywhere are already counting down the months until the film’s release.

“People really love these books,” said Stewart. “Right now it’s a trilogy, and a fourth book is coming out, so hopefully we’ll get to shoot all four.”

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Bill & Oprah Showing Their ~Love~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Summoning the "God of second chances," former President Clinton appealed for votes for his wife in African American churches in Los Angeles on Sunday, nudging close to an apology for having used language that many thought was racially insensitive.

As he tried to secure for Hillary Rodham Clinton the strong support he enjoyed from African Americans, Clinton went out of his way to say that he understood the tension between voting for her, at his request, and casting a ballot for Barack Obama.

Though the word apology never came out of Clinton's mouth -- nor did the name Obama -- the tone of his remarks was a reversal of dismissive remarks last month, when he called part of Obama's pitch a "fairy tale" and compared his South Carolina victory with one of the primary wins in Jesse Jackson's ultimately unsuccessful candidacy.

"We have to find a way to choose without division," Clinton told congregants at Brookins Community AME Church in Leimert Park. "To disagree without discord. To celebrate the shattering of all these phony categories that have kept Americans apart too long."

The Obama campaign answered the visit by the surrogate-in-chief with a raucous rally featuring its own roster of influential endorsers at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion. In addition to Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Kennedy, California first lady Maria Shriver was at the rally -- and was formally introduced as part of the Obama camp.

Winfrey made essentially the same argument to women as former President Clinton made to African Americans: No knee-jerk voting, please.

"Every part of me believes in the empowerment of women," Winfrey said. "But the truth is I'm a free woman. Being free means you get to think for yourself and you get to decide for yourself what to do."

The dynamic of the day matched that of the California race as the last frenetic weekend before Tuesday's vote came to a close.

read the rest here

well miss Oprah, THIS free woman wants to see hillz in the white house ok?
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Angela Kinsey reveals baby's sex

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I read Jenna's blog and she is right my belly is ridiculous! When we went to Target, I was thrilled to see that they have really long tank tops and t-shirts. I stocked up. I need something to cover my bump! I don't think I'll be sporting the half shirt look during my pregnancy. :/ I texted Jenna my new weight (106!) from my last doctor's appointment and she texted me back, "I think I'm going to kill myself." Lol. And yes I am having a little girl. I couldn't be more excited! I hadn't bought any baby clothes but when we were at Target I had a total melt down in the baby section. The little girl clothes are so cute! I had to stock up. And I'm posting some new pics from my recent trips etc... Fyi doing the red carpet pregnant is crazy. The photographers yell, "Show your belly, point at your belly, have Jenna hug your belly!" And on and on!

Angela's Myspace

I love her so much.
Also, for all the people who are like "WTF 106?!", Angela's 5'1". Still, it makes me want to cry and eat a box of doughnuts.

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Anti-Gay Violence in Super Bowl Ads Still Not Funny

You'd think after last year's Snicker's Super Bowl brouhaha that the NFL and advertisers in this year's big game would've gone out of their way to avoid anything that smacked of homophobia or involved physical violence against gays.

You'd think that, but you'd be wrong.

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will.i.am, Common, ScarJo, & Kate Walsh get political

You guys, I don't even have a icon non-cynical enough for this post. I couldn't be grumpier about celebrity endorsements in politics, but this video just seems sincere and ... moving. I was moved. Lawrence Lessig, at his blog comments that "it means something important about the potential for this man to bring together a nation, to signal change, to inspire, that he is literally the only candidate for whom something like this can look real."

I agree.

Plus, everyone knows Kate Walsh wouldn't steer you wrong.

Video features appearances by:

Jesse Dylan
John Legend
Scarlett Johansson
Kate Walsh
Tatyana Ali
Adam Rodriquez
Herbie Hancock
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Kelly Hu
Amber Valetta
Eric Balfour
Aisha Tyler
Nicole Scherzinger
Nick Cannon

and Barack Obama

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izzard stole countries
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Rosie O'Donnell Talks Presidential Politics

Rosie O'Donnell
Burned Up and Burned Out by Politics
Posted February 4, 2008 | 02:07 PM (EST)


President Bush almost killed me. It's true, and I have the scars to prove it -- multiple scars that are part of the public record -- you saw them in magazines and on my show, and you can see them on my blog frequently -- no twelve year wait required.

It was 2000, and the Republican National Convention was on television. The whole affair felt something like a home invasion, with a chronically smirking and arrogant George W. Bush as ringleader. Not wishing to be robbed of my optimism and hope at the time -- or to tumble into depression and despair -- I shut off the TV and decided to go fishing.

I needed gear, so I went to the store and bought a few things, including a knife, which I used to cut the price tags off of the fishing poles.

Now, I could have stabbed myself 100 times in the hand and not managed to do the damage I did with that one poke to the inside of my middle finger. I went all out, though, and got everything -- skin, ligaments, tendons, nerves. Maximum impact, including a particularly nasty staph infection that almost left me dead.

That's my personal war story from the demoralizing Bush years, and probably a minor one, considering the 935 documented lies told by the Bush administration that thrust us into an unjust war, killing thousands of Iraqi civilians and nearly 4000 Americans. One near-death experience probably pales in comparison to the $9 trillion dollar debt heaped upon the collective back of America, or the gross war profiteering by corporate friends of Cheney and Bush, or even the $10 billion dollar third-quarter profit Exxon recently reported.

Still, it hurt like hell, and the scars and swelling are there as a reminder. I was right to feel repulsed by Bush. Nearly everything his administration has done or stood for in the years since has been tainted by lies and corruption.

I've stuck mostly to newspapers and internet news sites since Bush took office. It's less painful to read Bush's stumbling, dishonest commentary in print than it is to see it live and in color -- with all that cocky, cowboy arrogance -- the kind that declared "Mission Accomplished" in 2003 knowing full well that the "mission" was based on lies, and that the "accomplishment" would leave American troops in Iraq for years to come cleaning up the mess.

It's a new season, with an election on the horizon, but like many others I have felt burned up and burned out by politics. While I've never tripped over to the apathetic side, I have been leery of politicians in general, particularly those who claim they have what it takes to clean up the catastrophic mess that will be Bush's enduring legacy, and America's decades-long burden. I just don't want to be stabbed again, literally or figuratively.

Tentatively, I've begun to watch politics on television again, For the most part, outside of some very unfortunate and unnecessary mudslinging, I find the Democratic candidates surprisingly easy on the eyes. When they break away from the sick political disease of backbiting, their optimistic messages of real change, relief, and hope resonate more clearly.

Hillary Clinton is not light on political experience or plans. Her deep knowledge, assured confidence, and personal strength shines through her speeches. While some would deride her for her background, few can argue that it hasn't been substantial enough, or encompassing enough, to qualify her for the presidency, which is an argument that has been used against her chief opponent, Barack Obama.

Obama is invigorating. A silken-tongued master of hope-filled speech, an eloquent narrator of the American dream. "Yes we can," he says, and the cheering crowd, inspired, rises to its feet. His background is more eclectic, and his roots more exotic than Clinton's, but only two of his eleven years in politics were in the U.S. Senate. Is it enough? His proponents say it is, and even call his relative inexperience an asset -- there's no politics as usual if you take out the usual kind of politicians.

It's still early yet, but so far I find both candidates believable. They are different, with a different mix of talents to bring to the political table, but they both seem to have the passion, plans, drive, and intelligence I want in my next president.

Could a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket be our future? I hope so. I think America would benefit from the strengths of either individual, but if those strengths were combined, we might just have the Democratic powerhouse the country needs to turn itself around, and back into peace, prosperity and opportunity.

May they both release the desire to receive for oneself alone -- and save the world together.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rosie-odonnell/burned-up-and-burned-out-_b_84868.html


"Hippie Hippie Shake" Gets Score by Dario Marianelli

Dario Marianelli has been signed on to score yet another film produced by Working Title (he previously scored the recent Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award-nominated Atonement as well as Pride and Prejudice). The new project is Hippie Hippie Shake, a drama taking place in London at the end of the 1960s during the hippie era, starring Cillian Murphy and Sienna Miller under the direction of Beeban Kidron (Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, Swept from the Sea). Marianelli has also begun work on Joe Wright's next film, The Soloist.


ABC's "The Mole" Casting Calls

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As you may already know, ABC's "The Mole" is returning for another season. No, Anderson Cooper won't be hosting. There is no word of a host yet. There aren't any contestants yet, either...which is where you come in...

Casting for the next season has begun. Below is casting information and open call dates:







Mole Casting
Oh dear!

'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

'General Hospital' actress Kepler dies

Actress Shell Kepler, who for years played the gossipy nurse Amy Vining on the TV soap opera "General Hospital," has died. She was 49. Kepler died Friday at Oregon Health & Science University hospital, which did not give the cause of death.

Kepler's busybody character on "General Hospital" was a fan favorite and enjoyed a long run, 1979-2002.

In addition to her run on "General Hospital," she was also in a 1982 Joan Collins film, "Homework," and a couple of episodes of the situation comedy "Three's Company."

On the side, she was a businesswoman, marketing clothing on the former Home Shopping Club. She said in a 1994 Associated Press interview that her "Lacy Afternoon" collection had sales topping $20 million that year alone.

Kepler was born in Ohio and the family moved to California when she was 10. She recalled in 1994 that she didn't yet have a driver's license when she began trying out for film roles.

"I managed to get my girlfriends to drive me to auditions because I wasn't old enough to drive. I was a rather ambitious kid," she said.

She moved to Portland after her TV career and became involved in charity fundraising.


Awww,   RIP.  :(