January 31st, 2008

David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Angry ex-Sugababe Mutya gets her claws out

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Here's one way to make your point.

Ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena made sure no one missed hers as she jabbed a set of extra long talons in the air while making a hasty exit from a nightclub last night.

Mutya was a bit tetchy last night, baring her airbrushed claws at photographers outside Dolce nightclub in Soho.

The huffy singer stormed out of a party - held by super-producer Timbaland after getting into an argument with another girl, and had to be calmed down outside by Big Brother loser Charley Uchea.

But not before first brandishing her two-tone pink and white Cruella de Vil like talons.

Perhaps she was a bit annoyed by the fact that star guest Justin Timberlake didn't show up.

Justin and Timbaland are in town to film Madonna's new video Four Minutes To Save The World.

Not looking too bothered by the no-show, Timbaland surrounded himself with women and guzzled champagne.

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britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI









oh my god.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of her Jan. 4 standoff with authories, around 11pm PT on Wednesday, five LAPD squad cars arrived at Britney Spears' house in The Summit, the gated community on Mulholland Drive, above Beverly Hills. Additionally, three helicopters — though not all may be police helicopters — are hovering overhead.

Britney's mother Lynne Spears, who appeared to have begun to patch up her rocky relationship with her daughter this week, pulled into the Summit gates shortly after and the elite community's emergency rear gates (used for fire/rescue) have just been opened, so perhaps an ambulance is on the way.

Both Britney pal Sam Lutfi and his nemesis, her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, are believed to be in the house with the singer. Adnan had spent the day with her, including a two-hour long late lunch at The Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel.



An X17online photographer has been in touch with Britney's friend Sam Lutfi and Sam tells us "everything is fine."

He did not elaborate on the supposed suicide attempt nor did he go into any detail about Britney's current state.

Meanwhile, Lynne Spears has arrived at the house -- she rushed there after receiving an urgent phone call from someone inside Britney's home -- possibly from Britney herself.

There is still no ambulance at the scene.


ty oyfreakinvey for the brutiful banner.

edit 3:
It seems as if there was some unnecessary urgency in a phone call Lynne Spears received tonight around 10:15 pm PT -- Lynne was worried that her daughter had attempted suicide, but now she has told X17online that "Britney is fine."

What isn't clear is why police arrived at Britney's home around 10 pm and cordoned off Britney's home and placed themselves at the gate to Brit's neighborhood.

We hope Britney is safe and that whatever emergency happened almost two hours ago has been taken care of and is over.


TMZ has learned that the police are back at Britney Spears' Beverly Hills home, but police officials would not reveal the reason why.

Almost 60 paparazzi -- way more than usual -- several local news vans and a helicopter are on the scene. A TMZ photog described the crowd as being very similar to the one that was camped outside her home on the night she was taken to the hospital, though no ambulances have been spotted thus far.


Over 100 photographers outside The Summit now. News crews, helicopters. Still no news from inside.


UPDATE - Police on the ground and an LAPD helicopter are still on the scene, two hours after they arrived tonight.


Britney About to Be Temporarily Committed

Sources tell TMZ Britney's psychiatrist visited her tonight -- as we first reported, she is under the daily care of a shrink who is giving her medicine for a bipolar disorder. The shrink was alarmed at her reckless driving and her conduct and has decided Brit needs to be hospitalized on another 5150 hold.

He has called for police who are en route. No one has entered the house yet.

Contrary to an online report, Britney has not tried to kill herself.

We're told Lynne Spears is at the house and is upset with the shrink. Sam Lutfi is in favor of the 5150, given Britney's mental state.

Britney is basically non-responsive about the whole thing -- out of it.

Story developing ...


There is 20 police cars heading towards The Summit as we are writing this. This just reached us - there is an ambulance on its way as well.



Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Britney's psychiatrist got in touch with the North Hollywood division of the LAPD and set tonight's events in motion.
As we first reported (see below) the shrink told cops that he was alarmed at her driving and her "downhill behavior" we're told the Captain at the North Hollywood division told officers "something must be done."

The EMS just arrived and we expect Britney will be taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center.




There is an Internet report circulating that Britney tried to commit suicide, but people inside the house dispute that.

Now law enforcement sources tell us the psychiatrist who called police never mentioned anything about a suicide, but rather her reckless driving and erratic behavior.


Britney Went Willingly

TMZ has learned the plan to get Britney into UCLA Medical Center had been hatched for days -- it was aborted last night, but executed just minutes ago. And we're told the plan was so intricate the FAA had cleared airspace in route to the hospital.

Back at her house, Britney's psychiatrist told her she was going to the hospital. Her response was, "Is something wrong?" She was not resistant. She made hot chocolate and waited before paramedics arrived and placed her on a gurney.

We're told the psychiatrist felt her condition had deteriorated. Britney had not slept since Saturday -- a day and half longer than she stayed up in recent memory.

The reason she's at UCLA is her new treating psychiatrist practices out of that medical center.

We're told during her initial 72-hour stay she cannot be forced to take medication against her will. If, however, she refuses to take meds, the plan is for the the psych to go to court and have Britney held for an additional 14 days, during which time he can administer proper medications.

And this ironic -- twist Lynne Spears and Adnan drove to the medical center in the same car. A source tells us when Lynne found us Britney was being committed, she blamed it on Sam and was extremely agitated. When Brit heard that, she screamed to her mother, "Shut the hell up."




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kitty gwen

Audio goes out at Spice Girls concert in Boston

I was at the AMAZING Spice Girls concert in Boston this evening and during their last song after the confetti was shot out from canons, the audio suddenly went out!

Some speculate that a fuse blew out after the confetti went off.

Basically the girls looked around quite awkwardly, still singing and dancing, and went on with the show. Eventually it went back on but it was REALLY awkward.

Here's the video of the audio going out:

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muse { dom } ; photobooth

Beck's new tattoo is actually of Posh. JSYK.

As you can see from the close up, the image is a copy of his favourite photo of his wife - a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shot - she did for Pop magazine four years ago.

The £2,500 image is Beckham's 11th tattoo by his personal tattooist Lou Malloy.

and here's the picture of victoria that apparently inspired it. warning: slight nipple protrusion. perhaps NSFW if you're a nun?
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ribbed for her pleasure

you're stewed, buttwad!

Remember that episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where Warren creates a robot girlfriend who goes berserk? If you don't, you should: It was probably the stupidest thing Buffy ever did before the canonical Season 8 comics turned Dawn into a giant.

Well Joss Whedon has finally explained himself for that blunderful episode, and the reason may surprise you. In an interview with GeeksOn podcast, the show's creator explained that that particular episode was fueled by his hatred for the John Hughes classic teen comedy, Weird Science.

"I hate Weird Science not a little," he said. "I find it offensive. The boy fantasy of building a girl. Obviously, we were doing the nasty version of it, because I find it grotesque."

Apparently, Whedon found the idea of building a female sex machine so offensive that he kept said "Buffybot" around for an entire season for Spike--probably the show's most popular character--to hump.


Ha, whatever. Weird Science is fucking awesome. Methinks Whedon is just jealous that HE didn't get to turn Bill Paxton into a giant drippy blob.


Voluntarily CommBRITed '08
(name by ~me~,  fatale_noir)

would you like some hot chocolate?

the pic is from the last time she went crazy 

if you are just waking up, here's what you need to know:

-early reports from x17online stated that Britney had attempted suicide.
-that was later proven false
-apparently Britney's psychiatrist organized it for Britney to be taken to UCLA Medical Center, to receive mental help
-This is the hospital that her psychiatrist works at.
-Britney remained calm, drank some hot chocolate, and waited for the ambulance.
-She was co-operative, and voluntarily went along.
-there were helicopters, 40 police cars, 18 cops on motocycles, 100 papz, and Britney got air space cleared for her.  ~diva~
-Britney didn't sleep for 72 hours, and her police codename is "The Package"
-For more, read the post


updated at 8:38 a.m.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a LA County Superior Court judge has just signed a "5150," meaning Britney Spears is on a three-day psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center.

We're told there is a "good possibility" that it will be extended to 14 days. We've also learned there have been several parallel attempts to get Britney on a 5150. Her lawyers, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott, secured a new psychiatrist late last week -- he's the one who triggered the 5150 last night.

At the same time, we're told Britney's mother, father and brother have been "working closely with the LAPD for weeks" to get her back in for psychiatric care. There is a dogfight now between Britney's family and Sam Lutfi over who will make medical decisions, however that fight is now put on hold because the judge now makes the call.

Once the psychiatric hold ends, something has to give.

Stay tuned.

updated at 9:26 a.m.

Parents to Sam: She's Ours Now

TMZ has learned Britney's parents have won round one in the tug of war with Sam Lutfi. We're told the doctors at UCLA are now "fully cooperating" with the parents in the treatment of Britney Spears, however, the war probably is not over until a judge signs an order as to who has control.

By the way, the men in white coats are giving props to LAPD's "SMART Unit" which specializes in mental health cases for coordinating the events that went down last night and early this morning.

The area in front of UCLA is barricaded and police everywhere.


Police confirmed to the Associated Press early Thursday that she had been taken from her home by ambulance. A Los Angeles police officer, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter, told the AP the 26-year-old pop star was being taken to "get help" but did not say where the ambulance was going.


Sam Not Welcome At Hospital

An X17online photographer reports that Brit's pap "boyfriend" Adnan Ghalib is inside UCLA Medical Center with Lynne Spears right now.

Our photographer saw Sam Lutfi attempt to enter the hospital and Sam was denied and was told to leave the premises.

The fighting between Lynne and Sam has been going on for weeks, if not months. Sam was worried, recently, that Lynne was more in Adnan's favor than his own. Lynne, on the other hand, is concerned about Sam's intentions and now, it seems, for her daughter's safety when she's in Sam's care.

Question - how could a guy who is trying to sell tapes of intimate moments revealing Britney's illness be considered a friend? Setting up her daughter for personal financial gain - friend or foe?


edited at: 6:29am


TMZ has learned there is a bitter fight underway as this story is published. It's taking place in the halls of UCLA Medical Center. As of right now Jamie and Lynne Spears have been told they are not calling the shots in making medical decisions on behalf of Britney. Right now, it appears Sam Lutfi is in the driver's seat, but that could all change.

Sources tell us after Britney's stay at Cedars earlier this month, she had her lawyers draft paperwork making it clear she did not want her parents involved in making medical decisions on her behalf. We're told her dad had gone ballistic back then, screaming and swearing at Lutfi -- even pushing him -- in from of Britney.

As for what paperwork was signed, the cleanest thing would be if Britney signed a durable power of attorney, giving someone power to make medical decision on her behalf in an emergency. We are told no such document was signed, but somehow Britney made it clear she wanted Lutfi to make those decisions.

Right now, the doctors at UCLA are working with Lutfi and not the parents, but lawyers have been called and the tension in the air is thick.

As for Britney, we're told she's not only calm, the doctor's have just given her a "cigarette break!"

Stay tuned.


edited at 6:40 a.m.

Britney was Cucumber Calm -- Almost Kumbaya

Unlike the last time she was committed, this time around Britney Spears was all about peace and silence as she waited for cops and paramedics to take her away.

At her home earlier in the evening, we're told Sam Lutfi informed Brit he had been working with her psychiatrist and the cops and she would be going back to the hospital. At that point, we're told, Lynne Spears became extremely upset and accused Lutfi of trying to control her daughter. Brit then told everyone to "shut up," saying "I'll do what I need to do."

After that, Britney demanded complete silence. She sat on the floor and began passing notes to Lutfi, Adnan and others as they waited for the cops and emergency workers. Utterly different from the last time.

Stay tuned.


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Kate Moss Gets a New Roomie: Her Mother

In the digital age, it’s good to see that people are still using old fashioned ways of doing things. And Kate Moss showed her affinity for analog photos as she left Snappy Snaps in London with some film for her camera.

And it sounds like the supermodel has welcomed a new roommate into her luxurious new home - her own mother. Reportedly Kate hopes that having her mom Linda around will give her new pad a “family feel” and provide a more stable environment for her five-year-old daughter Lila Grace.

A source told press, “Kate wants a more stable home life, and thinks Linda will give her that. She recently turned 34 and wants to tone down the partying lifestyle. She will no doubt find it tough though.”

With her mom moving in, Kate will also have a live-in babysitter. “Linda will be helping to look after Lila Grace, but she will also make sure the new home doesn’t turn into a 24-hour party house, which it is in danger of becoming. She wants to make it a nice home for her granddaughter.”

“The house is being totally renovated at the moment, and Linda has been able to choose how her new room will look. It’s nothing fancy, but she has a massive luxury bathroom all to herself. She has moved all of her stuff into the house and the move will be as permanent as it has to be. Kate’s happy to have her there for as long as she wants.”

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Jamie Oliver "most trustworthy celebrity"

Jamie Oliver has been voted the most trustworthy celebrity when it comes to believing star endorsements.

A poll of 2,000 people - carried out by UTalkMarketing.com - said they were most likely to buy brands endorsed by the celebrity chef.

This is good news for supermarket chain Sainsbury's; they pay Jamie millions of pounds to promote their goods.

Gary Lineker - who promotes Walkers crisps - came in second place, Myleene Klass came third, while Carol Vorderman made it into fourth place.

The poll also highlighted celebrities the public least trust.

And it looks like it's bad news for Brand Beckham, as Victoria was voted the star from whom we are least likely to buy.


Kelly Brook in InStyle Magazine

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On the photo shoot outfits:

“They’re beautiful clothes. But I was a bit frightened at first” She admits. “But it’s lovely to have a fashion director see my potential for growing up. After all, I’m 28 now, so my style ha to evolve.”

On the tragic loss of her father:

“When my dad was diagnosed, my whole life turned upside down. Everything else went on hold really and I spent the whole year with him.”

“I really got to know him and I developed much more tolerance… I found myself really growing up because I recognised him as a person, not just my dad.”

“It was beautiful. I feel so grateful.”

On her relationship with Billy Zane:

“I think it can be great having a long-distance relationship. You can have great rendezvous in hotels all over the world. It can be all very James Bond.”

On their wedding plans:

“I’m torn between having something really quiet and small in England or something in Greece because that’s where Billy is from.”




Thurston Moore Releases iTunes Live EP

Thurston Moore isn't just an author and a scorer of porn flicks (NSFW), he's also a solo artist! Who'da thunk, right? Okay fine, between last year's Trees Outside the Academy and its accompanying tour, the Sonic Youth frontman has stayed pretty active in the solo game.

Time to add another solo goody to Thurston's resume: the Live From SoHo EP, an iTunes exlusive that hit the digital retailer yesterday. It captures Thurston accompanied by SY drummer Steve Shelley, Chris Brokaw, Samara Lubelski, and Matt Heyner performing at the Apple Store in New York City's SoHo neighborhood last October. The set list consists of nine tunes from both Trees and Psychic Hearts, Thurston's previous solo album.

As previously reported, Thurston and the rest of Sonic Youth will head Down Under in February for a series of shows before he and the New Wave Bandits play an NYC date with Roky Erickson on March 1.

Live From SoHo:

01 Silver>Blue
02 Off Work
03 Fri/End
04 Never Day
05 Honest James
06 Trees Outside the Academy
07 Queen Bee and Her Pals
08 Feathers
09 Staring Statues

Sonic Youth:

02-16 Auckland, New Zealand - Bruce Mason Centre *
02-18 Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre *!
02-19 Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre *
02-20 Melbourne, Australia - The Metro *!
02-21 Melbourne, Australia - The Metro *
02-22 Adelaide, Australia - Fowlers Live Courtyard *!
02-23 Perth, Australia - Beck's Music Box (Perth International Arts Festival) *
03-01 New York, NY - Webster Hall (Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits show) #

* performing Daydream Nation
! with Scientists performing Blood Red River
# with Roky Erickson

father ted: dreams

"might you tell me where it goes?"

It seems even Oscar-winning Australian actress Cate Blanchett is not immune to the Duke of Edinburgh's talent for gaffe-making.

When the Elizabeth actress met Prince Philip recently, he failed to recognise her, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

When Blanchett explained she worked in film, he reportedly began talking about his DVD player.

"There's a cord sticking out of the back of the machine. Might you tell me where it goes?" the newspaper quoted him as saying.

According to the paper, he appeared "nonplussed" when she politely responded that she was an actress not a technician.

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Katie Holmes Lunches at Joan’s

Staying away from the spotlight since a recent week long press run in New York City for her new movie Mad Money, Katie Holmes popped out earlier today to grab a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third.

Dressed in a pair of jeans, a black top and a green scarf, Holmes made her way past photographers as she walked out of the popular Los Angeles eatery behind one of her hired security guards.

Meanwhile, Katie is once again the subject of baby rumors after recently being spotted purchasing a “Big Sister” T-shirt for her 21-month-old daughter Suri.

However, a source is now claiming that the Batman Begins actress has planned to shoot a movie and then have another child by the end of the year.

“She had it all figured out. She would shoot her new movie and then get pregnant,” told the insider, adding, “She was hoping to have the baby by the end of the year, go back to work next spring and have another film out by the end of 2009.”

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Britney Spears gets her own Ballet show, called "The Meltdown"

"The very public problems of US pop singer Britney Spears are rarely out of the headlines, but now her troubles are being put on the stage by one of Britain’s leading modern dance companies. The Rambert Dance Company have set the 26-year-old’s battles to music and dance in an interpretation called Meltdown that takes in her hounding by paparazzi photographers and when she shaved off her hair in a tattoo parlour. Choreographer Hubert Essakow said that like many people, he became interested with the singer’s problems about a year ago and thought it would provide good material for a show. “I thought this was a really modern day tragedy, this reversal of fortune. I saw somebody who had such great hope and was adored by millions of people then goes down the wrong route,” he told BBC television Thursday. “I thought it would make an interesting story and try to translate this into dance.” In an extract of the show in the broadcaster’s report, Britney is seen dancing in a pink crop top, black PVC hotpants and a pink stetson and harassed by photographers in menacing black costumes. She is eventually carried off by dancers dressed as doctors in white coats. The show will be performed Friday as part of the Rambert’s new season of choreography at London’s Southbank Centre."

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Grey's Anatomy Doc Expecting

Kali Rocha by Eric Charbonneau/ WireImage.com
Grey's Anatomy doc Sydney Heron has a bun in the oven — in real life. Kali Rocha tells TV Guide that she's three months along. "I'm pregnant!" a glowing Rocha, patting her barely there baby bump, said at Tuesday's premiere of Over My Dead Body.

Asked if she had an inkling on whether it's a boy or a girl, Rocha said, "I keep hearing this theory that if you look very rounded in the face and you [get sick] a lot, it's a girl. I have a round face all the time, but I didn't [get sick] once. The theory also says that if you are feeling good and have a square jaw, it's a boy. So I have no idea. Maybe I have a hermaphrodite."

Look for Dr. Heron to return to Grey's sometime in the future. — Clare Kleinedler


Like my 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub pregnancy post, I don't know who this person is because I don't watch Grey's....
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Paris Hilton Looks DECENT?

Paris Hilton posed for photos outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater last night. She was making an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote her new movie The Hottie and The Nottie. Even more surprising than her movie not going straight to video, are the fans waiting outside and presenting her with a bouquet of roses. Apparently these people are so inspired by Bigfoot they’ll brave the New York cold just to scream “Paris, we love you!” and the always popular, “Viva la genital sores!”

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Cheryl Cole Hasn't Eaten In a Week

HEARTBROKEN CHERYL COLE has not eaten for a WEEK since The Sun revealed her husband ASHLEY cheated on her.
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Friends and family were last night deeply concerned for the health of the Girls Aloud star, who was said to be “close to collapse” and suffering dizzy spells.

Cheryl, 24, discovered last Thursday night that Chelsea and England defender Ashley, 27, had played away from home with hairdresser AIMEE WALTON, 22.

The trauma of her marriage meltdown has left Cheryl unable to eat a thing, and she is now losing weight because she can only stomach fluids.

A source close to the Geordie singer said last night: “Everyone is really worried about Cheryl.

“She didn’t eat for a couple of days and everyone close to her understood because she was so upset.

“But time has dragged on and she has now gone the best part of a week without a proper meal.

“She was already incredibly thin because she had been working out for the Girls Aloud video.

“But she just doesn’t have the frame to cope with losing any more weight.

“She can’t force food down because she is still in shock. She’s been having dizzy spells and is close to collapse. It’s really worrying.”

Cheryl moved out of the marital home in Oxshott, Surrey, on Tuesday to spend time at a secret location thinking about her future.

She had initially vowed to stand by Cole - but further revelations about his cheating left her in tears again.

After exclusively revealing Cole’s sleazy one-night stand with Aimee, The Sun told how the millionaire footie ace offered his blonde conquest cash to have an abortion.

News of Cole’s reckless behaviour with glamour model BROOKE HEALY, 23 - when he refused to use a condom for another illicit sex session “because Chelsea give us check-ups” - then sent Cheryl over the edge.

The devastated beauty has locked herself away and has been sitting in silence because she cannot even bear to listen to music.

The source said: “Cheryl is really isolating herself. Songs on the radio upset her because she feels all the lyrics relate to her marriage breakdown. She is having a horrible time.”

Meanwhile Cole was smiling and larking about with Chelsea pals at training yesterday as he apparently put his marriage woes behind him.

Cole appeared more worried about his ball skills than the fact his wife had moved out.

Despite his efforts at training, he was left out of the squad for last night’s game against Reading - having already missed Chelsea’s FA Cup match last weekend.

Boss AVRAM GRANT insisted Cole’s personal troubles had nothing to do with the decision. He said: “He’s a professional. He’s ready.”

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights


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I’VE got my hands on the lyrics to the tune deemed too controversial to make Girls Aloud’s latest album.

Hoxton Hero was pulled from Tangled Up after whipping up a frenzy with its attack on London trendies and socialite wannabes.

The girls take a swipe at the folk who hang out in arty east London’s Hoxton area and those who populate wealthy party capital Primrose Hill.

That’s the area made famous by the likes of Kate Moss, 34, and Sienna Miller, 26.

And you can bet the likes of 18-year-olds Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe won’t be too happy when they hear it, not to mention all the other wannabes.

Sample lyrics include: “Just cos your dad knew the Rolling Stones/You’ve got the Primrose set in your cell phone/Don’t kid yourself you’re an indie clone.”

A source close to the band explained: “Girls Aloud have always pushed the pop envelope.

“But when this track reached the ears of their record label a few people started getting really twitchy.

“It was all set to go on Tangled Up when it was decided at the last minute to whip it off so as not to offend anyone.”

However, the ditty – co-written by the girls and top production team Xenomania – will feature as the B-side to GA’s new single Can’t Speak French, out on March 17.

I say go for it, ladies. Those wannabes drive me round the twist too.

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iron man and tyler perry

New Iron Man news. Also a giant poster for the new Tyler Perry film.

Iron Man Super Bowl Spot to be Everywhere
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Looks like you won't have trouble finding the Iron Man Super Bowl TV spot online after it airs during the big game. Check out this bit from the Wall Street Journal:

Paramount Pictures is using its ad spending to promote the May release of superhero film "Iron Man." People who watch the game on TV will see a commercial for the movie. People who visit any of the major online Super Bowl ad polls will also see the spot. Visitors to MySpace can see an Iron Man profile on the site. And if people search for terms related to Iron Man on Google, it will turn up there as well. On ESPN.com, ads will show the TV spot and prompt visitors to go to the "Iron Man" Web site to register for downloads and giveaways.

Iron Man looks awesome, I'm really excited for it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Iron Man
Tyler Perry
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conan white teeth
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Cover Story: Angelina Jolie Pregnant!

Of all the A-list names on the red carpet at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, Angelina Jolie was the one on everyone's lips as they wondered what the Oscar winner might be hiding beneath that long, billowing Hermes gown — an unusual style pick for an actress known for tight, body-hugging outfits.

And now OK! has learned that Angelina is indeed expecting baby no. 2 with boyfriend Brad Pitt and that the actress is over the moon about bringing another child into the world.

"Angie has wanted a second biological baby for some time now," a friend of the star tells OK!. "And the minute she's pregnant, she just glows. She's the type that doesn't want to scream it to everyone, but she has the quiet, expectant mother glow. Her smile says she's the luckiest woman in the world."

But while all is well now, the pal says it did take some persistence for Angelina to conceive. Earlier this month, OK! reported that the star was trying to work her upcoming press tour for her new film Wanted around a possible pregnancy.

The actress also sought the help of a nutritionist. "When Angelina decided to get pregnant, the nutritionist told her that she needed to start eating more calories a day," one source tells OK! "She was averaging 1,000 to 1,100 calories a day, and the nutritionist wanted her to bump it up to between 1,600 and 1,800 a day."

For the full story on Angelina's pregnancy, pick up a copy of the new OK! — on stands everywhere Thursday!


Weinsteins pick up 'Cristina'


Jan 31, 2008

The Weinstein Co. has picked up North American distribution rights to Woody Allen's romantic comedy/drama "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," starring Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

Patricia Clarkson, Kevin Dunn, Rebecca Hall and Chris Messina also star in the tale of Vicky and Christina (Hall and Johansson), two Americans vacationing in the title's Spanish city, who become part of a chain of romances involving an artist (Bardem) and his nutty ex-wife (Cruz).

A steamy menage a trios sequence between Bardem, Cruz and Johansson was the talk of the American Film Market when it previewed in Santa Monica in November.

Another selling point might be the offscreen romance between Bardem and Cruz. The pair also are coming together for the Weinstein Co.'s adaptation of the Broadway musical "Nine" for director Rob Marshall.

The film marks Allen's sixth partnership with Bob and Harvey Weinstein, one that began in their Miramax days with his 1994 comedy "Bullets Over Broadway" and continues this month with "Cassandra's Dream." A 2008 release of "Barcelona" is planned.


I'm so going to see this.

Robert Downey Jr. honored at ShoWest


Jan 31, 2008
"Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. will be honored as male star of the year at ShoWest 2008.

Downey will be feted at a March 13 awards gala set to close the exhibition confab. ShoWest begins March 10 at the Paris and Bally's hotels in Las Vegas.

"For almost four decades, Robert Downey Jr. has been entertaining moviegoers with a resume of films that is as diverse and impressive as anyone could imagine," ShoWest co-managing director Mitch Neuhauser said.

"Iron Man" bows May 2 from Paramount, in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment.

Downey next appears in Dream?Works' "Tropic Thunder," an action comedy unspooling Feb. 22. He also will appear in DreamWorks' "The Soloist."

ShoWest is produced by Nielsen Film Group, a unit of Nielsen Business Media, parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.


I srsly love this flawed man

Voluntarily CommBRITed '08



Sources inside UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney checked into the facility using an alias. We will not divulge the name, but what happened inside is bizarre.

Our sources say Britney said she was on Adderall, a stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, and was taking up to ten laxatives a day. Side note - cameras caught Spears a few days ago picking up a bagful of laxatives.

We're also told, when she was admitted, Britney accused her mom of "sleeping with my boyfriend." She wasn't specific on who she was referring to.

We're also told for a time she was hurling swearwords at her parents and staff.

source: TMZ

don't forget guys, Britney didn't sleep for 72 hours 


DESTRO Unmasked.


IESB Exclusive: G.I. Joe's DESTRO Unmasked! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Sanchez
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The villains are now complete…yesterday we brought you the news that Arnold "The Mummy" Vosloo would portray Zartan in the new G.I. Joe film and now we've got DESTRO!

Everyone knows Destro, even if you don't know the comics very well you must know the animated series theme song "…fighting Cobra and Destro, G.I. Joe!" The question is, who will bring this madman to life in Stephen Sommers' big screen adaptation of the Real American Hero?

Well, the IESB has got your answer…Destro has been cast, it's David Murray.

David Murray, mainly an actor of theatre, has been described as a cross between Alan Rickman and Clive Owen. A strong, good-looking dark haired actor, it is said he can pull off the "aristocratic snob" perfectly.

And although Destro had a minor role in the original animated "G.I. Joe: The Movie," he is the main baddie this time around.

In the comics and the animated series, Destro’s full name is James McCullen Destro XXIV, and is Laird of Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands.

He is currently the head of M.A.R.S. (Military Armament Research Syndicate) and wears a mask forged from Beryllium Steel.

His sense of honor, calm and cool demeanor and love for the Baroness character are his key traits. As a businessman, Destro is cutthroat and unyielding. He uses his own troops, the Iron Grenadiers, and hires mercenaries to stir up conflict in dangerous regions, then sells weapons to those armies. Continuing a tradition started by the first masked Destro, he will even sell to both sides of the same war.

On the back of all your action figures at home, Destro is described by Hasbro as,

DESTRO is the faceless power behind Military Armaments Research System, the largest manufacturer of state-of-the-art weaponry. To DESTRO, war is man's most natural state: the fittest survive and the greatest technological advances are made. He maintains a luxurious lifestyle around the world. DESTRO provides high-tech arms to any side able to meet his price and will incite war where it does not exist. He dons his silver battle mask (a family tradition) and enters battle himself, either with COBRA Command (DESTRO is their major weapons supplier) or against them if it's better for business. DESTRO respects the G.I. JOE team for their combat skills and expertise, but abhors them for wasting such skills to maintain peace. He's totally dedicated to seeing them undermined, subverted, or destroyed!

David Murray has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, London, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edinburgh, Strasbourg and all over Ireland in theatre, music and films such as Veronic Guerin, Hunted, Out of Season, The Prisoner, Flick, The Cassidys. and Cowboys & Angels and had a bit part in Batman Begins as the "Jumpy Thug".(wth)

For the theatre he has appeared in Dream, Macbeth, South Pacific, Riders to the Sea, The Plough and the Stars, Romeo and Juliet, A Slice of Saturday Night, The Forbidden Planet, Exiles, The Ginger Man, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Cherry Orchard.

David Murray joins Dennis Quaid (Hawk), Arnold Vosloo (Zartan), Channing Tatum (Duke), Sienna Miller (The Baroness), Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Rachel Nichols (Scarlett), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Heavy Duty), Said Taghmaoui (Breaker), Marlon Wayans (Ripcord), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Rex) and Byung-hun Lee (Storm Shadow) in the live action G.I Joe directed by Stephen Sommers set to be released August 7, 2009.

I dunno, i may be alone on this, but i always thought destro was black.. Although i wasn't super big into the lore, but in the 80s cartoon, he had certain features, and the voice.. Like michael clark duncan or something.

oh and this is for kiddisaster

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Dr. Phil: Britney's Hospitalization 'A Good Thing'

Having appeared on both Good Morning America and Today earlier this week to bolster his position after a spokeswoman for the Spears family said he had violated their trust by speaking out about the condition of Britney Spears, TV's Dr. Phil McGraw spoke out once again on the troubled pop star – this time with the women on The View Thursday.

He revealed that his hospital visit with Spears in early January was simply as a possible means to "start a low-key dialogue that might make her open to seeking help," and noted that, according to most recent reports, that is the direction that is being taken.

"If that starts [her] on the road to intervention," he said, "then that is a good thing."

McGraw's View guest appearance in New York coincided with Spears's trip by ambulance to UCLA Medical Center earlier Thursday morning in California for a second round of psychiatric observation.

McGraw said he knew nothing more about Spears's condition than what has been reported. He also said that since he and her family have been at odds over his issuing a statement after visiting Britney, he has not been in contact with the Spears family.

He added that as far as his visit with Britney in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is concerned, "I will not disclose what took place."

On Today, McGraw said he wished Spears and her family well at this difficult time.


(no subject)

Frankie Muniz on Ex-Fiancée: 'It's a Very Awkward Situation'

t appears Frankie Muniz isn't quite over his ex-fiancée Jamie Gandy.

The actor (who recently ran into her at West Hollywood nightclub Hyde), poured his heart out to PEOPLE Wednesday at a press conference to talk about his new job as a driver for 2008 Pacific Coast Motor Sports team.

But when talk moved to romance, Muniz, 22, explained: "I am not engaged anymore. I'm still with her ... kinda."

"It's a very awkward situation," he adds. "But we're best, best, best friends. And if there was anyone in the world that I wanted to be with, it'd be her. With the racing, it's very difficult, the traveling around."

Muniz, who appeared at the Hard Rock Café in Universal City for Wednesday's press conference, is in his third year as a professional racecar driver, and second year with the team. But what does he think of his fellow celebrity racecar drivers?

"I don't want to sound conceited, but I don't think there has been an actor or celebrity-turned-racecar driver that has made it as high up on the racecar circuit as I have," he says. "So I don't think there's anyone who can keep up with me. And that's just me being honest.

"I want to race Michael Schumacher, seven-time world champion. And I can compete with him."


(no subject)

Paul McCartney Clears Up Health-Scare Reports

As the second anniversary of his separation from Heather Mills approaches, Paul McCartney has had to face a new strain: a flurry of well-wishers concerned with his reputed heart condition.

"I'm happy to say that I feel great and I have passed my most recent medical [exam] with flying colours," McCartney, 65, writes – with British spellings, of course – on his newly redesigned Web site.

"What happened was, over a year ago during a routine medical examination, there was a minor irregularity which I needed to have tests for and which I have now been assured is completely fine," he says.

"The media have only just recently reported an exaggerated version of this and that is why people have been asking me if I am ok," he also recounts, adding, "The media reports have, as usual, completely distorted the story, calling it an angioplasty, which is entirely untrue, and this is why so many friends have been concerned about my health."

Not that he isn't grateful, saying: "I would like to thank all of you and my friends and relatives for your concern and I’m very happy to put your minds at rest, although I have secretly been enjoying all the sympathy I’ve been getting!"

He signs off with, "I look forward to a rocking 2008! Love, Paul."


(no subject)


Sources tell PageSIx.com that Britney Spears' legal team has been instructed by the pop star's family not to talk to Sam Lutfi.This move follows reports that the situation at Britney's Beverly Hills home devolved last night as Britney's parents argued with Sam, Britney's sometime manager, over her wellbeing. 


He should know that Britney's sick of toy soldiers

Miss America toothless & outed contestants pig out on donuts

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The newly crowned Miss America, Kirsten Haglund, has a little secret....she's missing a tooth! Seen HERE and in the video link below at 15 seconds in, Kirsten Haglund, formerly Miss Michigan, pops out her front tooth and reveals it's fake!


ALSO, outed Miss America contestants pig out on donuts between takes

Instead of sobbing in the corner or putting on that pageant-perfect fake smile, the outed Miss America contestants ferociously pigged out on donuts off the side of the stage while the pageant continued. As they downed their frosting-covered carbohydrates, they watched as a toothless, once Anorexic girl from Michigan, in an ensemble reminiscent of the 80's, is crowned Miss America 2008.

TLC & YouTube

details on the hospital brit brit's in

X17online spoke to a former UCLA psych ward resident, who's painted a grim picture of what Britney Spears will be going through at the medical center over the next few days.

According to the source:

  • Britney will be held for at least 72 hours, and up to 14 days if the LA County officer deems her a danger to herself and others.
  • Britney will be supervised around the clock by nurses and security, unable to even bathe by herself.
  • Over the first few days, Britney will be encouraged to sleep as much as possible, and will be administered sleeping pills, as well as Ativan (an anti-anxiety medication) to help her do so. Meds are doled out three times a day.
  • Visitors are allowed to come one hour a day during the week, between 6:30 and 7:30, but on the weekends the stay is extended from 1-3. Visitors are allowed to bring food (although our source says UCLA's food is pretty decent!) but they cannot keep it or any other contraband (sharp objects, razors, etc.) in their rooms.
  • The psych ward consists of two wings, with 10 rooms each. Although there are 2 beds per room, it's doubtful that Britney is sharing with anyone. None of the rooms have televisions, although there is a tv in the common area.
  • The patients are divided into two categories: addicts and bi-polars, with the highest risk patients restrained by wristbands in their beds.
  • Our source said that most of the patients are from 18-50 years old, with at least half of the residents were considered high risk, and therefore restrained.
  • The ward is an extremely "tough" environment to live in, with patients getting quite agitated and screams being heard all hours of the night. Our source said there were also many fights that broke out in the common area, due to general paranoia, not to mention the fact that many patients are detoxing.
  • After the first few days, Britney will most likely be put on Depakote Seroquel and Lithium for the bi-polar, and Ativan for anti-anxiety.
  • A doctor will pay Britney a visit once a day, asking her questions like "are you able to sleep?" "Are you hearing voices?" "Are you paranoid?" "Do you feel like harming yourself?" "Do you think about committing suicide?"
  • Britney will not be allowed outside during the first 72 hours, after that, she'll be allowed to visit an outdoor court for one hour a day, at 3pm.
  • There are several different groups to keep patients busy throughout the day, including Arts & Crafts, as well as a group called "Journal", where patients are encouraged to read the newspapers to keep up on current events and life on the outside.
  • She's allowed to be in her own clothes, with a green, hospital issue robe worn on top, and nothing else but a wristband that contains her social security number and her date of admittance.
  • It sounds like an extremely tough environment, but probably the best thing for Britney at the moment. Mariah Carey showed drastic improvement after her month-long stay back in 2001!

    Source~ x17online.com

    Get well bb :(
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    Michael Jackson (left) let two of his kids, Paris and Prince Michael, roam the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas without their usual masks -- and they're damned cute!

    Looks like the apple fell far from the tree. Very, very far

    source: TMZ

    (no subject)


    With all the drama that her daughter Britney's been going through lately, is it really surprising that Lynne Spears just wants to take her daughter home?A source close to Lynne told X17online directly that the Spears matriarch wants to bring Britney right back to Louisiana as soon as the UCLA Medical Center clears her for release. 

    Our source says Lynne has apparently grown worried about Britney's choice of friends over the last six months - particularly Sam Lufti.

    Lynne is concerned about whether moving Britney out of Los Angeles might affect her ongoing custody battle - she doesn't want to negatively affect Britney being about to get her sons back. But she feels Britney needs to recuperate and get treatment before she'll be able to parent effectively.

    We just hope Britney gets some help - and by this point, we don't care where she gets it!


    I hope Britney at least stays for 14 days and then Lynne brings her to Louisana for awhile

    (no subject)

    RUMOR CONTROL: Did Miley Cyrus Dump Nick Jonas For this?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    OMG, what would Miley's best friend Lesley Patterson say about this?! Well, this rumor is completely untrue. While Miley Cyrus is 'friends' with Wesley Quinn they never 'dated.' Wesley is in boy band The Factory with Ashley Tisdale's backup dancer boyfriend Jared Murillo. He also danced in her Headstrong mall tour.

    While Miley has still not confirmed her relationship Nick Jonas, Niley's strong bond is definitely not being threatened by Wesley! Here are some pictures of Wes, do you think he is cuter than Nick?

    Under the cut is a clip of Wes backup dancing for Tis.

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    Zoe Saldaña talks about playing Uhura in Upcoming Star Trek Film


    STAR TREK update
    Zoe Saldaña sheds a little light on playing 'Uhura'.
    by Wilson Morales January 29, 2008

    While speaking to blackfilm.com on 'Blackout, which will be shown on BET before its release on DVD on Feb.5th, Zoe Saldana talked briefly on her upcoming roles in 'Star Trec', where she will play Uhura..

    The character was orginally played by Nichelle Nichols in the original series 1966-1969 and all the star trek films up until Star Trek VI The Undicovered Country.

    What attracted you to the film?

    Zoe Saldana: (Director) J.J. Abrams had expressed an interest in working with me and he had liked my work. For an actor, that's all you need. That's all you want. To get the acknowledgement and respect from your peers; and so I went out and met him. He then said, 'I don't need to see you anymore' and I felt really good. I felt like I did it. I earned it.

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    (no subject)

    Pink Floyd Photo Contest

    "Hey Everyone,

    Check out the interactive photo contest Votigo.com has launched. You can upload and vote on photos that best represent Pink Floyd's catalog for your chance to win a Pink Floyd "Oh By The Way" Boxset.

    Check it out here:



    Source: My MySpace bulletins
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    Truly Outrageous!

    OK, I know the ONTD crowd skews pretty young so I don't know how many of you are going to be able to relate to this post. Anyway, here goes.

    Back in the 80s, there was a cartoon called Jem about the many (mis)adventures of the pop star title character and her backing band The Holograms. I just found out that Jem's singing voice was provided by Britta Phillips, who used to be in the band Luna and is now 1/2 of Dean & Britta with her husband Dean Wareham.

    Here's a sampling of Jem

    And here's the Dean & Britta song
    Words You Used To Say.


    (no subject)

    Jenny on the block remained out of sight Wednesday.

    While reporters camped outside a Manhasset hospital waiting for news about the pregnant Jennifer Lopez, her representatives said Wednesday she had not given birth. And the hospital continued to deny she is a patient there.

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    David Thewlis - Peace

    Cheryl Cole gets motivation from Britney Spears

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Cheryl Cole has been answering a fan's question on the official Girls Aloud website.

    The fan wanted to know if the band had considered releasing a fitness DVD.

    Cheryl answered: "We have had offers to make one many times but it's not something we're interested in.

    "We haven't got time to be honest. It takes a lot of training.

    "The only reason we have bodies like that on tour is because of the training leading up to the tour.

    "All the dance routines, everything is so frantic. But I get motivation from Britney's 'I'm a Slave 4 U' video. I watch that and think,

    'Let me get in the gym.'

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    (no subject)

    Before she was taken to UCLA Medical Center, Britney Spears made a quick mid-day stop at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, California, Wednesday. 

    "Around 3 o'clock, Britney came in and was completely out of it," an employee tells Usmagazine.com of Spears. "She's come in before, but we've never seen her this bad. 

    "She was like a zombie... like she was sleepwalking," the employee says, adding that she "didn't stay to eat." 

    She picked up Adnan Ghalib, who met up with her there, and "then left," the employee says. "It was all over in three minutes."
    About 10 hours later, Spears was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center as part of "a carefully orchestrated intervention." 

    Click here to see the events that led up to Spears' latest hospitalization. 



    Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears' close friend and self-proclaimed "manager," is lashing out this morning at Lynne Spears while speaking exclusively to Access Hollywood.

    When Sam was asked how he and Lynne Spears were getting along following Britney's second hospitalization, he sounded off, saying he does not think Lynne cares about Britney.

    "No. Her mother is not someone who cares about her daughter, she's only concerned with herself. Sad but true. She was too busy getting a manicure to come over yesterday, despite her daughters (sic) pleas. Sad, very sad," Sam wrote to Access in a text message.

    Lutfi was present outside of Britney's Studio City home when she was taken away for hospitalization Thursday morning. He was also seen trying to gain admission to UCLA Medical Center, although Lynne reportedly denied him visitation rights.

    Two night's ago, Spears had a verbal altercation with Lutfi — lashing out at him in full view of the cameras.

    "Will you please get out?" Spears said. "I don’t care about them right now. I want to drive my ****ing car!"

    Spears offered the expletive-filled rant in her British accent as she sat in the passenger seat. Lutfi agreed to Spears' demands and let her take the wheel.


    All together now: STFU OSAMA!

    SMGP Afraid of Andy Garcia.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar said that while shooting "The Air I Breathe" she had to walk off the set, because Andy Garcia was so realistically violent. In the scene Andy had to beat up Brendan Fraser and then turn on Sarah's character.

    She said, "I had a hard time separating the scene from what is reality. And at one point I had to leave. I didn't know the scary side of Andy. I'm a small girl, and he doesn't let go. When he throws me up against a wall - that's actuality."

    Welcome to the world of working with real actors. You're not acting opposite fake vampires anymore or CGI dogs.

    (Its Called Character acting Sarah bb)


    (no subject)



    Britney Spears' boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has reportedly been hiding a secret first wife - a marriage even the bride's parents did not know about. 

    Birmingham paparazzo Adnan is being divorced by current wife Azlynn Berry, 26, after watching him playing around with famous new love Britney Spears.

    But now it has emerged he was actually secretly married before that - at the same time as he applied for a Green Card in the States. 

    Now legal experts say that if he did not declare that he was divorced it could threaten the status of his residency - and get him kicked out of America. 

    "He could certainly get deported," said immigration lawyer Brad June. 

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    Britney Spears's children were safely with Kevin Federline when the pop singer was taken to the hospital Thursday morning for the second time for a psychological evaluation, a source tells PEOPLE.

    Federline, 29, was not directly involved in these latest events, "but he was aware of what was happening," says a Federline friend.

    "Kevin legitimately wants Britney to get better. He wants her to be in their sons' lives. He wants them to have a loving relationship. He wants her to get healthy so she can be the mother they need and deserve," says a Federline friend.

    This is the second trip to a hospital this month for Spears. On Jan. 4, she was forced into the hospital following a tense custody standoff involving sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. A court commissioner has since stripped Spears of visitation privileges.

    Another source says that getting medical help again for Spears, 26, "has been planned for a long time. Her family is behind this." 

    • sasa418

    Juliana Margulies pops one out

    Actress Julianna Margulies, 41, and her husband Keith Lieberthal are new parents after welcoming their baby, Julianna's rep confirms first to CBB. The sex of the child and birth details are not being released at this time.

    The pregnancy was announced in August. The former ER and Sopranos star tied the knot with Keith in November.

    EDITED: Julianna's parents confirm that the couple welcomed a son, named 
    Kieran Lindsay Liberthal.

    Source: Celebrity Baby Blog @ http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2008/01/julianna-margul.html

    Kieran is ok, but Lindsay?!

    • x0x08

    Westlife's Kian Egan going bald


    Is Westlife star Kian Egan losing his golden locks?

    30th January 2008

    He shot to fame as a fresh-faced heartthrob, but it appears age is now catching up on Westlife's Kian Egan.

    The 27-year-old singer showed clear signs of male-pattern baldness as he emerged from London's Dorchester Hotel yesterday.

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    Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey's pregnant g/f have a hair-raising night on the red carpet

    Kate Hudson may have spent hours being primped and preened ahead of the Hollywood premiere of her new movie last night, but her polished look didn't stand a chance against a rather aggressive gust of wind.

    The actress, who walked the red carpet to promote Fool's Gold, looked a little frazzled after blustery conditions left her hair - and little blue frock - in a total mess.

    She wasn't the only one caught of guard - costar Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves also struggled to maintain their composure as posed for photographers.

    his girlfriend looks hot, but that dress was a bad choice obviously. lol

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    FULL Heath Ledger drug video released

    Splash News has released the Heath Ledger Drug Video that Entertainment Tonight was shamed into pulling from the schedule. The approximately eight minute vid doesn’t actually feature any drug use by Ledger, but the footage is still troubling and NSFW.

    I will not post the video here, but you can see it at the link below if you're interested:


    Heres the contact information for splash news:



    105-107 Farringdon Road
    EC1R 3BU
    United Kingdom

    Tel: 0870 934 2666
    Fax: 0870 934 2669

    I know we dont want this here, but it is news and the Anna Nicole drama was posted, so why not this? Write complains at splash news if you would like to see the video taken down.

    How to Get Rambo to Eat Bean Curd

    We take Dinner: Impossible's Robert Irvine out of the kitchen and turn up the heat, asking him a series of ridiculous questions.

    On Dinner: Impossible, chef Robert Irvine is presented with unfathomable assignments. He then completes them. (OK, so the title is kind of a misnomer.)

    My mission: track Irvine down at a wine festival and ask the former military man with world-class knife skills inane questions tenuously linked to his life’s work. Irvine can handle tests in heavily orchestrated reality, but can he handle the imagination of a nervous freelancer four glasses into a wine tour of southern Sicily?

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    Riley Skinner Nekkid

    As a freshman, Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner was named to the ACC All-Freshman team and earned MVP honors in Wake's Meineke Car Care Bowl win over UCONN. And now he's adding to his legend by showing off pictures of his cock. Hooray! An anonymous tipster wrote:

    the reason i am writing is that the egotistical riley has been photgraphing himself naked and selling his pictures [Ed. note: This, obviously, seems unlikely, and has been disputed]... it is becoming a school wide phenomenon as almost everyone on campus has seen these photos. i feel like this deserves national attention. the photos have been sent to me [...] if you wish to pick up this story, email me and i will send the photo.

    Collapse ) What do you guys think? I think the cobra covering his cobra looks a bit...small.

    Source: http://www.withleather.com/photo.phtml?post_key=4875&photo_key=1169
    moves like xtina

    Because ONTD could use some classy

    10 Questions for Susan Sarandon

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Do you enjoy your recent roles as much as your older ones? —Pierre-Henri Gayte, Buc, France

    I'm kind of turning into Gene Hackman, doing a lot of these juicy, supporting parts. But I don't mind. My ego isn't bruised by not playing the lead. It's nice not to carry an entire film. I'm a little bit lazy—I suffer from inertia.

    I was deeply moved by your performance in Dead Man Walking. How do you feel about the use of capital punishment? —Yao Fei, Nanjing, China

    I am viscerally against it. I think it is done capriciously and arbitrarily, depending on color and income. I don't believe it is the government's place to kill citizens under any circumstance—especially when it is done badly.

    How do you feel about President Bush throwing his weight around in the Middle East? —Roham Rashtchy West Palm Beach, Fla.

    It has been a disaster. There is a huge disconnect between the real war and the politicized war. I wish that our representatives had more experience with the real war. If any of the men who were eager to get into this war had actually been in one, they would have found a way out.

    How would you feel if a woman became President? —Melvin Haas, Walla Walla, Wash.

    There's absolutely no reason why a woman shouldn't be in that office, but I am not sure about this woman. It's insulting to assume that because you're a woman or a person of color, you would automatically back any woman or person of color. It's a little more complicated.

    Have your political views ever prevented you from landing a role you really wanted? —Robert Coupee, Poole, England

    I don't know how you would know. People probably think of me as Debbie Downer—I have become kind of a joke in terms of activism for some people. But it is like worrying if your slip is showing when you're fleeing a burning building. You have to prioritize.

    Collapse )

    Audio of this and a few pics at the source.

    I love her (& Tim).
    Ryan&#39;s Butt

    (no subject)

    Another Album Push Back!!!!

    After being pushed back for the zillionth time, Nicole Scherzinger's debut solo album "Her Name Is Nicole" has been pushed back AGAIN - to JUNE 23! I don't even know why they're wasting time on this album. So far most of what we've heard sucks, and Nicole has already shown us she lacks star quality we all thought she had when she was leading the Pussycat Dolls.

    Evidently, she can't survive without them. Her solo career is deader than a graveyard. People have lost their jobs over her album and they're still trying to push it. Folks are possibly struggling to eat and pay their bills because of her shitty ass. If I were

    Source: http://www.toyas-world.com/

    LMAO, I bet now she wish's  she didn't turn those Britney songs downNicole I had faith in you but it's time to just scrap the entire thing, you're the pop version of Mya. 

    If I was in charge of this album, I would scrap it, send her back to PCD and if they have another successful cd then we'd try her solo career again.


    truTV Axes "Star Jones Show"

    TMZ has learned that truTV (formerly known as Court TV) and Star Jones have "mutually agreed to cease production of the "Star Jones Show." The show has been in production for less than six months.

    The network said Jones would still serve as a contributing legal expert for the network.

    TMZ tried to contact Star, but she was not available for comment

    source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/01/31/trutv-axes-star-jones/


    TMZ has learned actor Justin Chambers, Dr. Alex Karev on "Grey's Anatomy," checked himself in to the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center this week. Yes, it's the same place...

    His rep confirmed to TMZ Chambers checked in on Monday and checked out yesterday.

    The rep claims Chambers, a married father of five, was "exhausted and suffers from a sleeping disorder. He went in voluntarily to get some help."

    Chambers was in the same ward where Britney is being treated.


    Lil Jon Adds Sports Athletes To BME Click

    Award-winning beatsmith Lil Jon is diversifying the line up of his BME Click by adding various action sports athletes to the fold.

    Among the newest members of the Click are pro-skateboarders Greg Lutzka and Ryan Sheckler (from MTV's Life of Ryan), pro-snowboarders Danny Kass and Dingo, and pro-surfer Travis Mellem.
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    Wait a minute this is too deep

    Mariah Carey spends $150,000 on cosmetic surgery

    Thirty-seven year old Mariah Carey looks sensational, and you can, too….for just $150,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.

    “Part of the reason she looks so natural that she might have been having various moderate procedures over the years, instead of a few huges ones all at once that cause one’s appearance to look unnatural and jolting,” Detriot-area plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn tells The National Enquirer.

    Dr. Youn estimates that the five-octave Grammy Award winner has spent between $10,000-$15,000 for rhinoplasty, $7,000 for liposuction of the hips, waist, and abdomen, and $8,000 on new breasts. The doctor also suspects Mariah has been dabbling in Blue Peel chemical peels, “to smooth out her fine lines.”

    “Mariah appear to be thinner now, mainly evident in her waist and hips. This may be the result of well-done liposuction to contour her body in a leaner, more athletic look. Her cheeks are a bit fuller also, and one possibility for this is very tasteful, conservative fat grafiting to keep her cheeks plump and youthful,” Dr. Youn tells the tab.

    “Mariah’s nose looks a touch thinner and longer than it did before. The tip appears to be a bit less round, which may be the result of a very subtle, well-done rhinoplasty.”



    Contrary to published reports, Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert did not lock lips at a club on Tuesday night, Paris’ rep tells OK!.

    “It’s false,” a rep for the Simple Life star tells OK!. “Elisha and Paris are good friends and Elisha has a boyfriend. Paris doesn’t kiss girls.”

    The 26-year-old socialite reportedly engaged in a lengthy makeout session with Elisha, 25, at New York City's Tenjune and were "all over each other." But they were actually in close proximity for another reason.

    "They were talking close due to a loud restaurant," the rep says.


    Rosie blogs about Britney Spears

    Posted by ro on January 31st, 2008 at 11:19 am

    the search for excellence
    a film by mark lewis
    i need 2 know him

    here is the crime and confusion
    4 all involved
    the illusion of connectedness
    six degrees

    this artist man stranger
    gets it
    my desire to move in closer
    is huge

    tony kushner
    we have been in rooms 2 gether
    miles apart
    fame imposed - my own lack of belief

    the old man at the beach
    listening for the beep
    waving a silver disc
    its here

    i could spot it
    perfect ping
    divine yellow
    i didnt have any of my own

    i have never spoken to tony krushner
    i saw the POV doc about him last week
    it profoundly moved me
    his everything

    here is the fame game
    i could call him
    if i were brave enough
    i am not

    my puppy is sleeping next to me
    i get 2 b a new mom again
    with a kid who wont grow up

    ferret oh ferret
    stealer of socks
    go to PBS.ORG
    buy this asap

    trust me
    a loving best in show
    complete with a rainbow bridge

    this wont read well
    crazy they will scream
    every artists final fear
    the spectators scowl

    i want someone to hit enhance
    on the mavericks web site
    the water bluer
    the angels flying in neoprene brighter

    greg long won
    next year i am going
    there - to church
    no matter what

    whenever young girl stars
    came on my show
    i tried to warn them
    go to school

    follow jodie
    she did it
    u can too
    save urself

    she was parkers age when i met her
    lil souther girl with a tiny twang
    yes maam she smiled

    she wanted it
    the mothers always said
    as way of both apology and explaination
    in the dressing room

    vivi would
    if i let her
    support r family
    with her light and talent

    its not mine 2 sell

    they could not have known
    at the start
    that this would b the result
    it is sold as the answer

    if i had a magic wand
    i would will her the strength
    windex all windows
    watch the sun warm her soul

    they scream in er’s
    u can be jolted back 2 life
    then cared 4 thru full repair

    staph infection
    blood clot
    drug addiction

    only the most brave
    go into the big waves
    even mark foo
    went under

    all together now
    we pray


    L.A. Reid: "I Never Gave Up on Mariah or Janet"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Record executive Antonio 'L.A.' Reid is confident he can revive the careers of R&B singers Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson because he never stopped believing in their star power.

    The Island Def Jam boss was eager to sign both artists to his label - despite the commercial failure of their respective albums released by Virgin Records. After signing Carey in 2002, her subsequent debut with Island, The Emancipation Of Mimi, has gone on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide - and Reid is convinced Jackson's upcoming album Discipline will have similar success.

    He says, "I firmly believe in truly talented people, particularly talented superstars. I believe if you have the talent, it's just a question of someone refining it and helping to make the right creative decisions. Talent always wins in the end; you're never over. As a matter of fact, I find that the marketplace generally is much healthier for icons than it might be for new artists, and I think that has been proven for many artists. When you look at the Eagles' success or the recent Led Zeppelin success, it tells me that people who grew up on these artists always love them, they just want them to make the right record. So I never really give up on them."

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    Natalee Holloway case solved: Joran van der Sloot confesses!

    After months of undercover investigation by Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, the Natelee Holloway case has been solved. According to De Vries she was indeed murdered by Joran van der Sloot.
    Van der Sloot confessed while secretly being taped. The parents of Natalee Holloway have been informed of these new facts by De Vries personally. Aruba has reopened the case, which was closed last month.
    Peter R. de Vries was going to show his scoop on prime time Dutch TV, this Sunday, but website Volkomen Kut found an open dir of de Vries his personal website, with a transcript of the program on it and beat him to it. The program of De Vries will be broadcast in a extra long tv-special on SBS6.

    So much for the runaway scenario. She was dead all along.

    Collapse )

    Source for the picture


    emma watson passes driving test!

    " Hello everyone,

    I have some exciting news for you today..I passed my driving test at 10 O'Clock this morning!! It went really well and I am so pleased I can be independent in getting myself around now. My exams went pretty well too, thank you to everyone who wished me luck.

    Have a great day 

    Emma xxx  "



    Mariah Wants You To TOUCH HER BODY

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The new Mariah Carey single is titled "Touch My Body," HITS snoop Jeff McCartney¹ has learned. "It's classic midtempo Mariah with a BIG hook," says the Jeffster. The track, written by The-Dream and produced by Jermaine Dupri, will be delivered to Top 40, Rhythm and Urban next Tuesday at precisely 6:30 pm EST and will officially go for adds 2/11-12.

    Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB) now lists "Touch My Body" as impacting Mainstream radio on Monday, February 11, 2008.

    Jeff McCartney is the Program Director of KZHT 97.1 FM in Salt Lake City, Utah


    set your calendars lambs!

    lotion power activate!

    form of: butterfly!
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    (no subject)

    Justin Timberlake got one heck of a 27th birthday surprise on Thursday (January 31) when Madonna presented him with a cupcake and champagne on the set of her new video, Madge's representative told MTV News. The clip, for "4 Minutes to Save the World," is currently being shot in London with director Jonas Åkerland (Maroon 5, James Blunt) and will feature JT as well as Timbaland. The track will appear on Madonna's yet-untitled LP, due this year. ...


    Ashley Tisdale Was CHEATED On!

    she must have always been the 'ugly' friend

     Ashley told M magazine:

    "At the time, he liked someone else. Back then, cheating to me was like talking to another girl, even if only on the Intern

    Luckily, Tis is so strong that she didn't let the cheating boy walk all over her. She said:

    "Stick up for yourself if you think it isn't right and you're not happy with the way a person is acting. Just say, 'I don't need you.' No one can own you."

    She admitted:

    "In high school, I did like the most popular guy, but then I realized he wasn't that cool. The most popular guy usually has a big head and he's into himself just as much as girl would be. That just turned me off."

    Well lucky for Ash, she found love again on the set of High School Musical 2 with her backup dancer Jared Murillo. And,  Ashley says she is the happiest she's ever been!

    Britney Spears dated her backup dancer too! Remember, Kevin Federline? Hopefully, Ash doesn't turn into Brit!

    source oceanUP

    Xenu is pissed!

    Suspicious Envelopes Sent to Scientology

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Several envelopes containing white powder were sent to the Church of Scientology in what appeared to be a hoax that prompted street closings and evacuations in Southern California, the FBI said Thursday.

    The envelopes were mailed to at least 19 church addresses in Los Angeles and Orange counties, and began showing up Wednesday, the FBI said.

    Glendale police shut down a street for two hours and Tustin authorities evacuated 60 people from buildings as hazardous materials teams were called in.

    The FBI said initial tests indicated the powder was harmless but more tests were being conducted.

    The church declined to comment Thursday.

    The Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology was established in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and claims 10 million members around the world, including celebrity devotees such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    conan white teeth
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    (no subject)

    NEW YORK - JANUARY 31: (ITALY OUT, NY DAILY NEWS OUT, NY NEWSDAY OUT) Talk show Host Tyra Banks and guests burn their bras on January 31, 2008 in New York City. The bra-burning was in honor of the book 'B.O.O.B.S' about breast cancer survivors

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    Britney Could Be Involuntary Commitment Candidate


    Sources at UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney Spears has been classified as "G.D." - Greatly Disabled. That is a huge and dangerous deal. That means the patient is unable to take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter. Being G.D. is one of the criteria for involuntary commitment.

    Several health care professionals tell us Britney has fallen into a "manic state" due to her bipolar disorder. We're also told, she arrived at the hospital this morning at around 2:15 AM but wasn't admitted until 4:15 AM, because she was causing such a scene in the hospital.

    We first reported that Britney accused her mother of sleeping with her boyfriend. Now we have more. We're told Britney screamed, "the only reason she's admitting me is because she wants to be alone with her boyfriend! She wants to sleep with my boyfriend!!" Britney never said exactly who she was talking about.

    When Brit calmed down, she talked about her kids, how much she misses them and how it's unfair that she doesn't have them.

    Source: http://www.tmz.com/2008/01/31/britney-could-be-involuntary-commitment-candidate/

    John Mayer hearts Paula Abdul


    John Mayer is praying for the day that he can appear as a guest performer on American Idol because the Grammy Award winner and his guitar have a huge crush on Idol judge Paula Abdul.

    “He’s had a thing for Paula for years, but he’s weird and shy about it,” a friend of the thirty year old ex of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt tells Star.

    “He still listens to her old music like ‘Straight Up’ and ‘Opposites Attract.’ He likes her breathy voice and thinks it’s sexy.”

    According to Star:

    “When the forty-five year old former pop star released ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,’ her first single in more than a decade, John was ’so exicited.’ He said that, ‘That’s my Paula.’”

    Is anyone else upset about being on dry land this week? Responsibilities suck.

    source: popcrunch
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    (no subject)

    Britney Spears's latest hospitalization could finally give her the help she needs – if she's more willing to accept treatment this time around, experts tell PEOPLE.

    Unlike her dramatic Jan. 3 hospitalization – in which a wild-eyed Spears was captured on camera being hauled away – her current hospital stay had been planned in advance, sources say, and did not involve her children.

    What's more, sources say Spears was more receptive to treatment this time, which experts call a promising sign.

    Other key differences between then and now:

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    • nessism

    Britney: 60 hours and still going.

    According to the ever so reliable X17 paps--Britney has been awake for 60 hours...running around L.A. with no sleep. I believe them.

    Now for the BREAKING NEWS:
    Britney and Adnan met up at Jerry's Deli in Studio City earlier today to share a meal and spend some time together. As you can see they weren't the only ones who thought this was a great day to spend out and about. It's been a fantastic day in L.A and our favorites, Britney and Adnan seemed to think so as well.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Just because I am so sick of Britney

    Celebs attend Obama/Clinton debate at Kodak Theatre

    Among the stars in the crowd at tonight's Democratic Debate in Los Angeles were Diane Keaton, Jason Alexander, Pierce Brosnan, Rob Reiner and Stevie Wonder. And before anyone asks, no Pierce's wife was not there and there will be no pictures of her showing off her hot self in this post.

    Both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton sought common ground on basic Democratic policies on immigration, health care and tax relief in their first one-on-one debate, but grew testy at times in trying to distinguish themselves as the candidate best able to assume the presidency. Neither side, of course, would admit that their real hatred stemmed not from politcal differences but built up sexual tension and that they could be the next Destro and the Baroness if they'd just STFU and give into their crime of passion.

    So we'll just have to settle for this MadTV skit until it happens.


    "21" International Trailer

    21 is based on the novel 'Bringing Down The House' by Ben Mezrich; the 'true story' of a group of MIT card counters who take Vegas for millions at black jack. The big-screen adaptation (renamed 21) stars Jim Sturgess (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE), Kate Bosworth (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and Kevin Spacey. We've seen an earlier trailer (which I actually thought was better), but today we've got the International one with some more footage:

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    Kate Moss to Be Married

    " Kate Moss is planning to marry her rocker lover at London's Claridge's hotel.

    The catwalk beauty - who started dating The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince last August - was seen picking up wedding brochures at the plush venue sparking rumours she plans to hold her nuptials there followed by a lavish reception in one of the many decadent ballrooms.

    A source said: "Kate looked radiant when she came by to pick up the wedding brochures. She has the air of a woman who is loved and looked after."

    Kate regularly visited Claridge's when she was dating Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty.

    However, since their split last July, she has favoured London's Dorchester hotel, where she held her 34th birthday party earlier this month.

    The source added: "It was generally assumed Claridge's was a bolthole for her and Pete and she wouldn't be back again, so you can image the buzz when she showed up."

    Kate reportedly proposed to Jamie during a 12-hour lovemaking marathon just a month after they started dating.

    When the couple emerged from their night of passion, Kate allegedly told friends, "We're engaged." "

    hasn't she admitted time and time again that she still loves pete? wtf, jamie hince is a bitch for stickin' with this hoodrat.


    source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1501119/story.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=10490125

    Barney and Burtka get Broadway backwards

    Neil Patrick Harris and boyfriend David Burtka are among the stars to perform at Broadway Backwards 3, an evening of gender-bending showtunes to benefit New York's LGBT Community Center. The lovers will duet together, much in the same way they walked out of an airport together in the following photograph:

    Click it, it gets bigger!

    Also performing are Len Cariou (the original Sweeney Todd), Charles Busch (author of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom as well as the tamer, Tony-winning The Allergist's Wife), and Malcolm Gets, the moody, sexually ambiguous colorist from TV's Caroline and the City! I know!

    The show costs $250 fucking dollars, but $25 Student Rush tickets will be available one hour before it starts. It's all happening on February 4, except for the walking out of the airport part, which already happened on Wednesday.

    Other source

    [Oh hey, turns out you can vote online for what NPH and Burtka will sing. What does ONTD want to hear? We have the power!]