January 29th, 2008


Sam is psycho. LOOK OUT BRITNEY

Sam Received Restraining Order After Saying

"Just Kill Yourself"


Blender magazine didn’t just stick to Britney Spears’ mess of a life but they also delved into her shady hanger-on/manager Sam Lufti. Not much is known about this mysterious Mr. Lufti except that he has several restraining orders against him, one of which came after telling a friend, when their relationship had soured, to “just kill himself.”

Former friend Danny Haines filed the restraining order and speaking with Blender magazine called Lufti “more jealous than a lover” who would refer to him as a “worthless motherf*cker” one minute and then say he “loved” him the next.

Haines eventually cut Lufti out his life, enraging Lufti who then e-mailed naked photos of Haines to his family, friends, and co-workers and threatened him repeatedly over the phone and through text messages, even going as far as saying he hoped his sister would be “raped to death.”

Haines says that in one e-mail to him, Lutfi wrote of Haines’ mother that he hoped “Satan devours her flesh and bones” and he looked forward to the day when he would “p*ss on her burial.”

Why wouldn’t Britney want this guy in her life? Everyone needs a right-hand man to wish death by rape and rapture on their enemies. In this modern era a simple “go away” or “I’ll fix you” won’t cut it. If you want them to know you mean business you have to go big and wish a painful or embarrassing death on someone’s mom.

Seriously try it. Next time a cyclist dressed like Lance Armstrong blows a stop sign and gives you the finger, roll down your window and tell him you hope he dies of cancer and watch him crash into a parked car.

source: SNO


people >> sp >> time and space

One Classy Bitch.

Yeah, idc that the SAGs were last night. Marcia ~FIERCE BREE VAN DE KAMP HODGE~ Cross deserves her own post, because Longwhoria got one, and we all know that Marcia totally owned her on the red carpet (and totally owns her at life in general).

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What's Your Secret, Kathy Hilton?

Behold a bizarre extension of the "famous for being famous" phenomenon. Kathy Hilton, who is famous for marrying into hotel royalty and of course, being the mother of Paris, has launched a signature fragrance.

Kathy Hilton My Secret is available at Macy's, where a 1.7 oz bottle is $52. My Secret's notes include mandarin, white freesia, peony, rose, star jasmine, apricot leaf, sandalwood, vanilla musk and gilded amber.

The bottle is rather juvenile, and the logo looks like the monogram on a hotel soap (kinda like the Waldorf Astoria, which is a Hilton hotel, hmmm. But cheesier.). I can't figure out who they're targeting with this one; someone like my mom, who's around Kathy's age, wouldn't be caught dead with this bottle on her shelf. But young girls who might like the bottle probably don't give a hoot about Kathy Hilton. What gives?

I'm inclined to snark about this fragrance, especially after reading a press release that calls Kathy "synonymous with elegance and sophistication," but I'm in too good a mood to do it. So, I'll leave it to you.

Source: BeautyAddict

(Comments not mine.)

Portions of the "Half-Blood Prince" script leaked.

As most people know I work on the HP films and I have a spoiler.

A whole new action sequence has been added which involves the Death-Eaters (including Bellatrix) attacking The Burrow which results in The Burrow catching fire and being destroyed. There is then a fight in the reeds which surround The Burrow.

I have received some of the script which includes Quidditch, some of The Burrow fight and Dumbledore and Harry going into a memory. I will type this up sometime during the week and post it on here.

-- by Phoenix123

NOTE: This guy has typed up accurate portions of the OOTP script before the movie was even out, so he seems legit.

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- Source IMDd



Trish Stratus is one of our favorite photo subjects.
The super hot former fitness model and revolutionary WWE Diva created one of Canada's greatest television moments when she kissed Pam Anderson during an awards show in the Great White North. When Trish did the kiss, she told her friends she was emulating the famous Madonna-Britney kiss from MTV. "Plus," Trish told one of our sources, "I thought it would be fun to kiss her. And I bet she liked kissing me!" 
Text and pics: http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com/WND/the_news/women_of_wrestling/special_bonus_moment_in_history%3a_the_real_story_behind_trish_stratus_kissing_pam_anderson_20080128677.htm
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The legal battle continues between UFC and Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, but the popular 44 year old champ isn't just sitting back waiting to be deposed. With two movies already in the can, Couture is traveling to China to film his third film. It appears as though "The Natural" has been cast in "Mandrake."
According to leading Mixed Martial Arts news website MMA News Desk.Com  Mandrake is a comic strip that was first drawn in 1934 by Lee Falk. The character has fought aliens, mad scientists and common thugs using his fast hypnotic technique.

"One movie website said that the technique seems to be a lot like an ultra-effective Jedi mind trick mixed with Professor X from the X-Men, in that Mandrake waves his hand and can project psychic illusions to those under his spell," commented MMA News Desk editor Arturo Collozo Jr.

He adds, "So now you take that premise and give it an ultra-cool action-film veneer and you have the movie Mandrake, directed by Chuck Russel and slated for release later this year with Jonathan Rhys Meyers attached to play the conjurer."
Couture just recently finished filming a starring role in THE SCORPION KING: RISE OF THE AKKADIAN.

Text and pic source: http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com/WND/the_news/wrestling/news_on_exiled_ufc_champion_randy_couture_20080127680.htm
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Thanks to: vampiric02 editjournal



by paparazzi. while crying.

In summation:

Britney got into a fight with Sam. Instead of going inside her house, she walked away from her house, hysterically crying for the paparazzi, who proceeded to tell her she looked great and has great style. Then, even they recognized that she should probably get her ass home.

X17 says she got into a fight with Adnan. Every other place on earth says she got into a fight with Sam.

She was driven home by Filipe, an X17 photographer. He then took her grocery shopping. X17 now reports that she is home with her parents.

Most importantly, K-Fed's apparent nickname for Sean Preston is "Money Bags," which is better than "ShouldaHadAnAbortion," which is my mom's nickname for me.

After the cut you'll find updates and pics. It's all very confusing. I know. I also know this is not epic.
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Excuse Me Detective Goren

Dick Wolf, Law and Order creator, taken to court by NBC

Image and video hosting by TinyPic VS Image and video hosting by TinyPic

NBC has sued Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, seeking no monetary damages but instead asking the Los Angeles Superior Court for an interpretation of a contract provision that both sides have been disputing since September.

According to Variety, NBC contends that an agreement inked in 2004 provides Wolf with one additional year of executive-producer fees after any L&O incarnation is granted its final one-season order. Or, if the last order from NBC is for two seasons, Wolf gets no extra coin. Wolf, though, believes he is entitled to a full two-year severance package once a L&O is not renewed. Says a Wolf rep, "NBC Universal is trying to rewrite an existing contract.

NO!! No fighting between my network and the man who is a god in our home for Law and Order. If I could get a painting of Dick Wolf with a Lenny Briscoe angel beside him on velvet, we'd have it with velas lit at all times. And seriously, all 3 shows have improved this year so much.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Wears a Doughnut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah Jessica Parker films a scene on Thursday with her haute couture wardrobe for the ‘Sex and The City’ movie in New York City.

Is it me or does it look like she has a blue doughnut wrapped around her upper body? SJP completed the look with clog-style white ankle boots and pink mini dress.

Release date for the movie is May 30.

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Anna Friel - 'My House Is a Refuge For British Actors'

Actress Anna Friel has been talking about how she stays sane in LA by surrounding herself with fellow Brit actors.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The former Brookside actress has won acclaim for her role in American drama Pushing Daisies and was recently nominated for a best actress gong at the Golden Globes.

She admits to being "slightly scared" of LA in the beginning when she didn't really have a circle of friends and regular work.

But now she has a house and is more settled she finds that she is regularly host to visiting Brits.

"My house has become a refuge for British actors," she said. "Normally everyone has to stay in hotels and everyone's like 'Friel's got a house, let's go and crash at hers!'

"The house hasn't been empty once, we've always had guests and all of them have been British.

"I don't feel too homesick because most of my friends out there are English. I haven't gone out of my way not to meet Americans, it's just happened to be that there's lots of Brits around."

Anna told Newsbeat the LA lifestyle can be fake but she does things her own way, like getting rid of her personal assistant.

She said: "It's very strange. Now I've got publicists and lawyers and managers and agents. Your entourage gets bigger and bigger and bigger."

She has also spoken about the differences between working for American and British television.

On US productions she said: "It's a very well-oiled slick machine. The hours are much longer, the crews are much bigger, the budgets are much bigger - I'm having the best time ever.

"Americans make television like no-one else in the world. The production values are so high. It feels special, it feels exciting."

Perhaps one of the reasons Anna has settled in so well is her ability to adopt the American accent.

She said: "I don't come out of accent - and my mum doesn't like it if I'm on the phone but I don't know if it's become a kind of superstitious discipline now.

"From the minute I get into my car and I arrive at work, I'm American Anna and at the end of the day I bring my own accent back.

"The crew think it's funny whenever I speak English. They say 'Why are you doing that silly accent? What is that accent?' They think my English is the one I've put on."

Anna is also managing to juggle a successful career with bringing up her young daughter.

Although she admitted that it can be hard, she said it helped to have Gracie on set every day.

"There's no better set for any child to come and visit than Pushing Daisies. She comes in and there's monkeys on the set and fields of windmills and there's now a sweetie shop.

"She comes in and says 'Mummy's got the best job in the world!'"

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izzard stole countries
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NMTB Series 21 Ep 7

antony costa from blue, martin freeman from the office, kate nash apparently devoid of personality, matt horne from catherine tate




source: bbc2 and youtube

from whenever, first one of 2008

*Edit* For FUCK'S sake, I can see why that guy stopped posting these here. Its very, very, very simple. Couldn't be simpler, in fact!
If you haven't watched it, enjoy!
If you have already watched it because you live in England and get BBC2, we don't care!

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In regards to this post earlier http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/19820223.html

Gnarls said on their official myspace

"Hey. Run was not an official leak, but we're not sweating it.

If you happen to see any homemade videos on YouTube using Run, let us know so we can check 'em out. Might as well see if anyone's had fun with it."

But in other Gnarls Barkley news, it looks like we may have a cover and album name for their next collaborative effort.

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Pitbull and Baby Bash announce spring tour

Rap superstars, TVT Records' Pitbull and Arista Records' Baby Bash, come together to co-headline a Spring tour. The cross country tour kicks off in Orlando on Saturday, March 15 in support of their new albums; "The Boatlift" and "Cyclone," respectively. Pitbull and Baby Bash have massive internet followings, are two of the most searched for Latin artists on Myspace, and both have been the #1 Latin artist on the site.
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Nigella will not leave fortune to kids


Domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson has said that she will not leave her £110 million shared fortune to her children.

She told My Weekly magazine: "I am determined that my children should have no financial security. It ruins people not having to earn money."

The successful TV chef and daughter of a former Conservative chancellor has two children, Cosima and Bruno from her marriage to journalist John Diamond, who died of throat cancer in 2001.

Lawson's second husband, advertising moghul Charles Saatchi has one daughter from a previous marriage.

Lawson has sold more than 3 million books after becoming a household name in 1998 with her first cookery book, How to Eat.

Her most recent cookery programme, Nigella Express, attracted up to 3.2 million viewers an episode.

source: ITN

sucks to be her kid but she's right...
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Craig Ferguson passes citizenship test


LOS ANGELES - No need for any more honorary citizenships for talk-show host Craig Ferguson. He's going to be the real deal.

The "Late Late Show" host announced Monday that he got a perfect score on his citizenship test, taken Friday in Los Angeles. The Scottish-born Ferguson will officially be sworn in a few weeks from now.

"All of you people born here, if you had to take that test — well, Canada would be building a fence right now," he said on his CBS show Monday.

It started as a joke last June, when Ferguson received a letter from the mayor of Ozark, Ark., granting him "honorary citizenship" of the town for his kind words about its catfish. Ferguson started a campaign to get the designation elsewhere and is now an honorary citizen of 16,109 communities nationwide.

Deciding to become a citizen of the nation at large required him to take a test with such questions as "What month is the new president inaugurated?" and "Who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court?"

He made it. And in the true American spirit, was already joking that President Bush's final State of the Union address "was like a farewell, special edition of 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'"

"I'm getting cocky for someone who is not yet a citizen, aren't I?" he said.

source: AP

Blind Item

Which reality-show clogged network had to change its casting procedures after a racist internal policy was leaked? Producers had an informal ban on considering cast members who were "too black." They claimed it was because darker skin tones were hard to pick up on camera.


Hmmm VH1 is definitely reality-clogged...

ETA: I saw a lot of people suggesting BRAVO on the blog where I found this. That might make more sense.
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Wino doing well in rehab....supposedly


IT’S not often I have good news about AMY WINEHOUSE – but the troubled singer is slowly starting to win her battle against drug addiction.

The Back To Black star spent her fourth day in rehab yesterday, where she is delighting doctors with her progress.

Especially because she hasn’t even tried to do a runner.

For the first time it actually looks like Amy is making an effort to sort herself out.

She was admitted to The Capio Nightingale Hospital in central London after our shocking video showed her smoking deadly crack cocaine in a seedy flat in Bow, East London, at 5am.

Amy has since received a visit from close friend MATT LUCAS and his boyrfriend on Sunday as the Little Britain star showed his support.

A relieved close family friend said last night: “Although Amy is still taking each day at a time she has done the hardest thing in the world by going into rehab.

“She has been ill and is withdrawing but at least she is sticking with it as she detoxes.

“With her family’s support we are hopeful that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel as she weans herself off drugs.

“She will stay in rehab for as long as it takes even if it is three or four weeks.

“Nobody is saying it will be easy, but things are looking good at the moment and doctors are encouraged.”


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Hang the DJ....Morrissey is sick

Morrissey has been forced to reschedule two London gigs after losing his voice.

The shows were set for tonight (January 26) and tomorrow (27) at the Roundhouse. The former frontman encountered major problems during his set at the Roundhouse last night, bringing the curtain down after just a few songs.

In a statement released this afternoon, Morrissey's representatives said:
"Morrissey's concerts scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night at The Roundhouse have been postponed due to illness.

"The iconic artist lost his voice last night five songs in to the fourth night of a run of six sold out shows at the legendary venue. He has been ordered by doctors to rest for the next four days."

As previously reported on NME.COM, comedians Russell Brand, David Walliams and TV presenter Jonathan Ross took to the stage to try and placate the audience at the show when it became clear Morrissey couldn't continue. It marks a difficult start to his sold out UK tour - his first tour in the UK for two years. He is expected to pick up again in Doncaster on Wednesday night.

An announcement about when the two rescheduled dates will take place is set to be made next week. Ticket holders are advised to retain their tickets until that announcement comes.

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Xzibit Blogs on the Set of THE X-FILES Sequel

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Im in Canada,and its fuckin FREEZING!

Man where do I start,

I apologize for the long time between blogs, so I will make this  a good one. After I finished the movie in New Orleans I went back to LA and took a second to regroup and reset for the new year. I had a kick back new years eve at my crib, had a bunch of people over and brought it in with family. The club scene in LAis cooked and burnt up so that was NOT an option. Jokes and food and lots and lots of henessy went around and it was a great evening. Let me rewind the tape a little and tell you about my hair cut. One day I got up and took my braids down and was about to make the call to get it re braided  I looked in the mirror and put the phone down and picked up the clippers. I cut my hair myself to a little afro. I gotta tell you after Icut it and took a shower I felt preety fuckin good. After 10 years of braids I felt like it was time.

Now after that I got a call from my agents about a Oliver Stone movie named "Pinkville" and there was a part that would be good for me, I got the script and loved it. I went in to read for Oliver 2times beforeI got the offer, I was hyped to travel and do a war film with Oliver Stone because he knows that world so vividly. Well 2 days before we are supposed to get on the plane, I get the call that the movie had been put on hold because of the writers strike. Even though the script had been complete, changes were requested on some of the dialouge and you cant do that wthout writers, everyone agreed and stood on the side of the writers and supported the decision. I got a call a few days later about the new X FILES movie being directed by Chris Carter and he heard I was coming in and flew down to meet me and watch me read. I meet Chris and talked to him about music. I was shocked to see he had heard the song I did "YEAR 2000" where I mention the X FILES in the 3rd verse. He was very direct and nice to deal with, a little while later I got the call to pack my bags for Canada. So here I am writing to all my folks in a ski resort 3hours from Vancouver, Its beautiful but cold. like 15 below 0 cold,.....and Im standing it it.........in a suit........welcome to hollywood. LOL. All bullshit aside I am having a great time. David Ducovnny, Amanda Peet, Billy Conolly and Gillan Anderson are very cool and great people to work with. 

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 Source: http://www.myspace.com/xzibit

Oh Paula...

Check out this "Behind The Scenes" footage of Paula Abdul's music video 
for her new brand song "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" - footage courtesy of
AccessHollywood.com. This track is the first single from Randy Jackson's "Randy
Jackson's Music Club, Vol. 1", due in March 11th. The music video was shot a few
days ago as well as Paula's performance for the SuperBowl, to be aired on
February 3rd.


I didnt know if this had been post or not yet, but i thought it was worth posting...

This song sounds like its in the 80's...but whatever works for her

This is my first ever post guys :)


taylor kitsch at the NHL allstar game

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Taylor Kitsch, a co-star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, was born in Canada and is a huge hockey fan. He Co-hosted the NHL Rockin’ Skate 2008, Presented by Upper Deck, has been featured in modeling campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch and Diesel, and has appeared in films including John Tucker Must Die and Snakes on a Plane”. Kitsch will be a celebrity judge at this year’s Dodge/NHL SuperSkills breakaway competition.

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the real highlight of the video is watching ovie try and bat the puck out of the air

source & source & source
Tracy Morgan

Kool Aid Got Some Sugar In His Tank

January 29, 2008.
[Originally posted on June 23, 2007]. MediaTakeOut.com obtained shocking photos of New England Patriots running back Laurence "Kool Aid" Maroney. The photo, which was taken from Laurence's Facebook page, shows the NFL running back in what appears to be a moment of passion with another man.

And apparently Laurence isn't hiding this image of him and his male friend. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that, as of yesterday, the photo was publicly available to anyone with a Facebook account.

What's also interesting are some of the quotes found on Laurence's page. We're not sure we understand them all, but then again, we're not sure we want to:
“wash u ass”
-“bout time we got some construda in dis motha[F WORD]”
-“u begul [S WORD]-ting”
-“Your ass backwards if you chase hoes, chase the cheese they come with the [S WORD].”


Dat nigga iz ghey as hell.
z beach

(no subject)

Naomi Campbell’s former assistant has taken her own life recently:

The former personal assistant to supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has leapt off a bridge to her death. Celebrity stylist and personal shopper Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland was found dead under London’s Albert Bridge on the shore of the Thames river near her home in Battersea, South London.

The 28-year-old was seen sobbing on the streets of Los Angeles last year (07) after a fight with Campbell caused her to quit her job as the catwalk model’s assistant. Caribbean-born Sutherland - who was born a boy but underwent a sex-change - was said to have been devastated after the death from pneumonia of her “soulmate” Andrew Richardson, 24, who died just ten days before her suicide. In an email to friends she wrote: “He’s now gone, I’m all alone, my heart is empty, my life is empty. I don’t think life’s worth living after losing a close one.”


Pam | Fangs (Blue)

Barbara Walters Needs To Lighten Up

Kathy Griffin said that she's been banned AGAIN by Barbara Walters and isn't allowed on "The View" anymore. Kathy told Page Six that she was banned for making fun of Babs. She said, "I was supposed to be on 'The View' today. But then I get a call from [producer] Bill Geddie, and he says, 'You were too mean to Barbara [Walters] on your last special, so you can't come on.' Can you believe it? I've been banned before but never re-banned!"

As Babs gets older, she's becoming more of a baby. Hand her a bottle of warm milk. Babs should know better. What she should have done is bring Kathy on the show, confront her, tell her to "go to hell", slap her and then kick her off the show. YouTube gold! Babs missed a perfect opportunity.

Source: D-Listed



Candice Michelle embroiled in controversy again!
10 submissions, including five concepts, and several revisions before Internet powerhouse GoDaddy.com finally had an approved commercial to air during the Super Bowl. But it's not the ad Go Daddy really wants you to see. Indy car driver Danica Patrick stars in the ad, called Spot On. A 2005 ad, parodying censorship, was pulled before its second airing during the game, but the company reported that its market share rose from 16 percent to 25 percent after it aired.
Text source: http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008/jan/29/on-the-air-january-29/
Pic: www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com 
NSFW Candice pics: http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com/WND/the_news/latest_news/cm%27s_secret_stash_2_20080116591.htm
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pregnant much

Dixie Chicks' Martie Maguire Says She's Pregnant
Jan. 29, 2008, 9:28 AM EST
The Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks and her husband, Gareth, are expecting a third daughter.

Maguire, 38, announced her pregnancy on the group's Web site Monday.

She wrote that her 3-year-old twin daughters, Eva and Katie, "are very excited to have a new baby sister."

"Three girls, what a magic number!" Maguire said.

She said the baby is due in late summer.

The report was confirmed by the Chicks' publicist.

Maguire plays fiddle and mandolin in the trio, which also includes Natalie Maines and Emily Robison. Hits by the Chicks include "Wide Open Spaces," "Without You," "Landslide" and "Travelin' Soldier."


depeche mode album on the way

Little bits and pieces are trickling through at a steady pace. The Depeche Mode machinery is getting in gear, and we’ll try to sift through the information, and give you a summary of what’s going on!

As we reported way back in July of last year, Depeche Mode are set to return to the studio in early 2008. Well now we know.

The band met earlier this month, and agreed to hit the studio in March.

Martin’s been writing songs, and has already taken his new compositions into pre-production (ie. not just demos), working with Sie Medway-Smith in Martin’s home studio in Santa Barbara.

Dave has also been writing, although details of his progress are scarce.

EMI in Spain let slip that Mute are hoping to have the album ready at the end of this fiscal year, in time for Christmas. A tentative date of “late November” was circulated to retailers and media in Spain, via the IFPI owned operation Promusicae. Sources close to the band tells us to expect a tour to be announced some time in the early fall of 2008, with tickets going on sale in September or October. A tour would probably not start till early 2009, however.

scarjo sky


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is Lindsay drinking?

January 29, 2008 -- Lindsay Lohan "took a swig of vodka from a bottle of Grey Goose" at the Box Friday night as she partied with Stavros Niarchos, her deejay pal Samantha Ronson, Brody Jenner, and "an entourage of blond 20-somethings," a witness says. Lohan was "trying to keep a low profile and covering her face." Lohan and Niarchos then stopped by West 17th Street spot 1 Oak, where "Lindsay wasn't drinking," say sources, before returning to the Four Seasons Hotel, where they spent the night. Lohan's rep had no comment.

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(no subject)

For those of you who were wondering exactly what was going on in this picture when we posted it about a month ago, here is your answer:

Ice-T is more of the actor-type than the rapper-type and I heard things are getting tight for the brother. You have to understand, Ice is used to a certain income based on doing “Law &
Order.” I heard that he and Coco are now hustling her career along in things like calendars and whatever to get it popping. You know Coco is hot so she is definitely holding it down for her man on the money side. I heard Ice-T has his rainy day stash of cash, but it is definitely turning into a thunderstorm in the world of acting!

That damn writer’s strike got the game fu*ked up right now, even Ice-T has to pimp his trailer ho for dough.

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Posh goes nude for cancer prevention T-shirt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's Victoria Beckham appearing in the buff on a T-shirt for designer Marc Jacobs as part of a campaign to warn people about skin cancer.

The shirts, signed by Posh, will be on sale in Marc's shops starting next week.

Victoria said: "Since we moved to California I have realized how important it is to practice safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys' skin well protected as well.

"Skin cancer is a huge problem, and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc’s initiative."

Wise words, Mrs. Beckham.


Ted c's blind vice

One Pooftah-Patrol Blind Vice

Watch Purcell Poke-Me as he writhes and oozes do-me sex appeal with his trainer on the mats of a Hollywood gym. Poke-Me's muscles tease the girls while the boys steam with envy. But don't look too closely at the sweaty he-man: This once larger-than-life celeb may have a secret he doesn't want his fans (the few ones he has left) finding out—not to mention his ex, supersensitive Slurpa Pop-Off!

Slurpa Pop-Off’s pups may not always escape their closets, but her exes are frolicking out one by one. One of Slurpa’s old boudoir conquests obvs needed something a little more in the sack—like eight inches more, as he’s been known to tryst with transvestites since bustin’ up with sexin’ Slurpa. Another one of SPO’s past and most precious "dating" pets, Purcell Poke-Me, is spotted regularly at a hole-in-the-wall gym on Beverly Boulevard. (Not mine, you heathens!)PPM lives to tone his totally taut bod with personal training seshes early in the ayem. Boy looks completely cut and coiffed—all for naught, perhaps, since the once superpoppy PPO’s poster-boy days are pretty much dunzo. Or so it would seem. Nevertheless, Purcell puts on quite the show, stretching out on the mat oh-so-intimately with his equally arduous and good-looking trainer as the gym bunnies gawk 'n' gawk. Smell-it-all mattress word reveals that Slurpa’s former flame boffs the dudes right 'n' left and hits the bars in Boys Town (and their mostly man-filled gyms) when visiting this coast, throwing drinks back with WeHo’s finest in a way most straight men are not exactly wont to do.

Is Purcell going to be the next Lance Bass to come pirouetting out of the closet? His well-manicured mane says yes, but his well-known mucho macho aggression suggests otherwise. Slurpa’s been known to toe the bi-line herself. Maybe these two should replay the charade all over again?

it's not Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, or Jared Leto

Source: www.eonline.com

**everyone on the comments section seems to think it's Nick Carter, which would make Paris Slurpa Pop Off AND the dog murderer. Clues:

"Larger Than Life": Back Street Boys song

"The once superpoppy poster boy": Again, his old Backstreet boys days. Britney's only superpoppy famous ex would be Justin Timberlake and he's been ruled out by Ted.

The mention of Lance Bass would also suggest that this is a former boy band member.

Also, the "well-known mucho macho aggression" could be about when Nick allegedly beat Paris.
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Lightspeed Champion joined by Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) for Strokes cover

Lightspeed Champion (aka Dev Hynes, ex of Test Icicles) celebrates the release of his new album with a sort of secret show at the London club White Heat on January 22. He performed under the name pun lovin' criminals and was joined onstage by musician friends including Alex Turner for a cover of The Strokes song Reptilia.

Dev talks about that night on
his personal blog.

Lightspeed Champion will be touring throughout Europe and North America over the coming months - you can find dates via his MySpace page.

Related videos from the White Heat gig can be found at the source.

Edit: OK, which one of you bitchez tipped off stereogum. lol

Give Tracy Credit

"30 Rock" funnyman Tracy Morgan had busboys at The Plumm searching high and low for a credit card he thought he'd lost. A spy at the West 14th Street spot last week told us, "Tracy came with a group of friends and ordered two bottles of Veuve Clicquot." In no time, Morgan "ripped off his shirt and was dancing on a banquette," said the onlooker. "He thought he lost his credit card and staffers were searching for it." Morgan "finally admitted to his waitress that he found it in his pocket — right before asking her if he could father her baby."

lol, i love this wackjob

Circus Tour

photo op

How come Justin Timberpuss and his boyfriend always manage to look more fug every time we see them?! "No for real, are you kiddin me??"

First came the cheating rumors and now.. we get photos of them together and smiling...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

fuckin japanese woodblock curls

what would you do before you KICKED DA BUCKET?

What's On Your Pop Culture "Bucket List"?

From a steamy romance with Christian Bale to seeing the Clash play live to dancing with Paula Abdul, you shared the pop-culture wishes you'd most want to fulfill if your time was running out.

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What would be on your celeb "Bucket List", oh dearest ONTD members?

For me I would also like a steamy Christian Bale romance, Meet Tom "Lord Xenu" Cruise and drink Daniel Day-Lewis' milkshake.
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2007's 20 highest grossing female musicians

1. Madonna
$72 million
The ever-morphing singer still outsells artists half her age. She tops the Cash Queens list thanks largely to her record-breaking Confessions tour, plus income from album sales, an apparel line with retailer H&M and a deal with NBC to air concert footage

2. Barbra Streisand
$60 million
The 65-year-old legend, with 145 million albums sold worldwide to her credit, drew legions of die-hard fans to her short (and rare) concert series that wrapped in Europe last summer. Some tickets sold for upward of $1,000 apiece.

3. Celine Dion
$45 million
The Canadian diva's landmark Las Vegas concert drew some 3 million fans and grossed upward of $450 million during its five-year run, which ended in December.

4. Shakira
$38 million
The Colombian chanteuse shook her trademark hips from Mexico to India on a tireless tour that saw her perform 111 concerts before it was over.

5. Beyoncé
$27 million
The former Destiny's Child front woman is an endorsement darling, boasting deals with blue-chip brands like American Express, L'Oreal and Samsung.

6. Gwen Stefani
$26 million
Her last album, The Sweet Escape, peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts, her best performance as a solo artist. The 38-year-old platinum blonde also has an endorsement deal with HP, her own fashion label and a recently launched fragrance.

7. Christina Aguilera
$20 million
Critics adored the retro stylings of Back to Basics, her third studio album, which also proved popular with fans. Aguilera also inked deals with Pepsi and Orange, a European cellphone operator. In January, the 27-year-old welcomed her first child, Max.

8. Faith Hill
$19 million
Country's beauty-queen crooner joined husband Tim McGraw on the road for the Soul2Soul II tour, one of the year's fastest-selling, top-grossing American concert series, beating out even the U.S. leg of Madonna's Confessions tour. Hill also belts out NBC's Sunday Night Football theme song.

9. Dixie Chicks
$18 million
Despite vehement criticism from country fans of their anti-war, anti-Bush politics, the Dixie Chicks proved their resilience with their seventh studio album, the Grammy-winning Taking the Long Way Home. Though it immediately topped country and pop charts, the tour to promote the album was hit-or-miss. The Chicks canceled dates in Texas and Oklahoma following refusals from several radio stations to advertise the event.

10. Mariah Carey
$13 million
The 37-year-old pop and R&B diva makes good money off of her extensive catalog. (Her 10 studio albums have sold over 100 million copies worldwide.) The musical director for her last tour, dubbed The Adventures of Mimi, was longtime collaborator Randy Jackson, judge of American Idol.
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Striking screenwriters become novelists

Hollywood writers turn to Plan B: the novel
Back-burner literary projects move to the forefront as the strike continues.

As the writers strike drags on, there's at least one small corner of the industry that hasn't been grinding to a halt over the last months: literary departments at the major talent agencies, which are getting inundated with book proposals and story ideas for novels from out-of-work screenwriters.

"Some of our writers who have ideas but never had the time are turning to their book projects," said Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, an executive vice president of the William Morris Agency's literary department.

Lydia Wills at Paradigm agreed that "back-burner projects" are now getting more attention, noting a surge in "book pitches and novel writing" among her agency's Hollywood clientele.

But although the strike has given screenwriters who've long had novels percolating in their heads the impetus to finally get the darn things written, there's also a cruel reality: Because book fees are small change compared with the big payoff of a Hollywood script, it's a treacherous hedge, a gamble on something that might not even cover one month's rent, let alone a house note.

Most are undeterred. Screenwriter Mark Haskell Smith ("Playing God," "The Inheritance") is using the downtime as an excuse to get his fourth novel finished. There may not be a big check waiting for him, but he's content that the tome will at least find its way to bookstores. He turned to fiction, after all, because he didn't want to see another good spec script languish.

"I had an idea for a movie," he said. "I thought rather than hear an executive tell me that the writing was good but the story was too dark, I would just write a book instead. I didn't want another rejected script."

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p.s. the gloverfield post has vanished

Harlow Madden’s Godmother: Paris or Sophie?

Back on January 11th of this year, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcomed their new baby daughter Harlow Winter into this world. And only weeks later, they’re welcoming their first public spat as parents.

Reportedly the dispute is over the issue of who will be Harlow’s godmother. The Simple Life starlet is pulling for Paris Hilton to fill the role, while the Good Charlotte rocker has his hopes set on Sophie Monk, his twin brother Benji’s fiancé.

And they’re in a deadlock over the issue. According to a source, “Joel doesn’t think Paris is up to the task ... He’s lobbying for Sophie.”

Whether it’s Paris or Sophie remains to be seen. Let’s just hope this little disagreement doesn’t snowball into any serious drama. We’ll let you know when a decision is made.

conan white teeth
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Brit Shops for Car During Intervention

Brit Shops for Car During Intervention

Posted Jan 29th 2008 3:44PM by TMZ Staff

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes anger surrounding the Britney Spears' intervention, and the anger is directed at one Sam Lutfi, pictured here with Brit and mama Lynne today at Beverly Hills Mercedes.

As TMZ first reported, the family is staging an intervention so Britney can get help for her bipolar disorder. Family sources say they are furious at Lutfi, claiming he pushed Brit into going to B.H. Mercedes today to buy a new car -- in the middle of the effort to save her.

One source says the family believes Lutfi has been a "counterproductive, disquieting force" who has done nothing but harm.


Things to notice in this photo:
-Open coffee cup while walking. Who does that?
-Check book, in blue. Just like mine! Omg brit and I are twinzies!
-Mama Spears has on the same hoodie as last night. Not to fault her, it might not have been that dirty, just sayin.
-Brit's purse and lipstick match. A big no-no, says Mr Jay.

highly amusing Clay Aiken interview/profile in New York magazine

This interview/profile is full of choice quotes. Just a sampling:

Surely he must have needs. Urges. He contemplates this in silence for 20 or 30 seconds. “Ah think maybe I don’t! I mean, not really. I’ve just kind of shut it off, maybe. Is that bad?”


“I do this because if I didn’t my mother would snatch me bald-headed.”


“I will tell ya I wore this shirt in 2004 and I still fit into it. Because let me tell you: I got fat on that Paxil! I gained 30 pounds. And then I stopped tookin’ it … Tookin’ it. Pah-leeze quote me on that!” He lets fly one of his giddy guffaws.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Clay Aiken is communicating with a groomer about his plans for his famous red hair. “We’re just kind of experimenting—if we can get it where we don’t have to cut it, wonderful. If we have to cut it, cut it,” he tells her. The stylist stares back at him, blankly. She has just met him and she will probably never see him again after this photo shoot, and she has pancake makeup and a blow-dryer but no scissors. “Oh, ahm not even talkin’ about today,” he says. “I mean big picture.” She still looks confused but asks what he will be wearing for the shoot. “We wore one of the possibilities,” he says, pointing at his sweater. “The warmer of the possibilities. But I don’t know, what are we wearin’?” He goes into the bathroom with his tour manager, Mary, and reemerges in a purply-blue striped shirt and a tie made out of matching material. “I will tell ya I wore this shirt in 2004 and I still fit into it. Because let me tell you: I got fat on that Paxil! I gained 30 pounds. And then I stopped tookin’ it … Tookin’ it. Pah-leeze quote me on that!” He lets fly one of his giddy guffaws. “I stopped takin’ it, and I swear twenty pounds just fell off.” It was for anxiety, not depression, Aiken says. “I was always nervous in public situations, and then I went from nobody lookin’ at me to everywhere I go, even if they don’t come up to me, they’re…” He mimes whispering and furtive glances.

Ever since Aiken placed second on American Idol in 2003, he gets recognized everywhere, always. “Even in New York. I was always told people in New York don’t care, and I think they probably don’t that much, but there’s a little bit of a different thing about Idol. I was with the woman who runs the ambassador program for UNICEF”—Aiken was appointed an ambassador in 2004—“so she’s worked with Katie Couric, people who are very recognizable, and she was one of the people who said that to me. And it was funny because a minute after she said it, as we’re walkin’ down the street, no fewer than five people said something to me. Just screamin’ from across the street! She said, ‘Ah have never seen anything lahk this in my life!’”

Although Aiken can depend on the adulation of strangers, he doesn’t know anyone in New York and is worried he will be lonely now that he’s moved here to take a role in the Broadway musical Spamalot, based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “I almost cried on the first day on my way to rehearsal,” he says. “I’m here until May 4, and I’ve never lived alone before.”

Realize: Before Aiken journeyed to Los Angeles to appear on American Idol at age 24, he had never been on an airplane. He had barely left his native North Carolina, except to drive west to the Tennessee border or south to Myrtle Beach with his beloved “Mama,” who wrote him inspirational notes on his lunch bags every day and to whom he dedicated his best-selling 2004 memoir, Learning to Sing. The book is an account of his childhood as an “insult magnet” who “looked like Howdy Doody,” and his stunning post-Idol rise to fame. (Aiken was the first artist in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to debut at No. 1 with his first single. His album sold 613,000 copies in a week, more than any debut solo artist’s had in a decade. Aiken has now sold over 6 million copies of his three albums. His fans are obsessed with him and call themselves Claymates—they subdivide by nationality into Claysians and Claynadians and so on.) In Learning to Sing, Aiken writes, “I want to use my voice to inspire good in others. I never want to produce anything that a family could not enjoy together.… I do this because it feels right. I do this because if I didn’t my mother would snatch me bald-headed. As she should.”

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Kate Hudson begged Matthew McConaughey to wear deodorant

Actress Kate Hudson begged Matthew McConaughey, her co-star in upcoming flick ‘Fools Gold,’ to ditch his ‘no deodorant’ rule during love scenes.

McConaughey refuses to wear deodorant or cologne but insists that he showers a few times a day.

However, the actors natural ‘musk’ was a big turn off for Kate and thus she bought him natural deodorants hoping he’d wear them.

"She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says, ‘Would you please put this on?’ “I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant," ContactMusic quoted McConaughey, as saying.

The actor insisted that Hudson is his only co-star who has ever complained about his smell, adding that a good diet and regular showers help him stay fresh.

"I take a few (showers) a day," he said. (ANI)

Ewwwww. Nonetheless Ilu, Kate Hudson and your love fern
ant-man; scott

NME Awards 2008 - all the nominations

Arctic Monkeys have led the way in the Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 nominations, picking up seven nods between them - and now YOU can decide who wins.

The Cribs, Klaxons and My Chemical Romance are also among the bands who did well in the first phases of voting, making it onto this year's shortlist.

The awards are now only a few weeks away, on February 28 at their new home, the Indig02 in north Greenwich, London.

Take a look at who is left in each category, and then cast your vote via NME.COM/awardsnominees. Remember and get your votes in by 10am on Monday February 25.

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Cheryl Cole planned baby AFTER Ashley confessed to drunken encounter

Cheryl Cole made plans to start trying for a baby with her football star husband even after he confessed to his drunken encounter with another woman, she has revealed.

Ashley Cole's night with 22-year-old Aimee Walton hit the headlines last week. The Girls Aloud singer, 24, has told how she had known for six weeks about her husband's illicit night out with a woman who claimed they slept together.

In a revealing interview that took place just days before the story became public, Cheryl said they had set a date to start working on a family.

This was after Cole confessed to his wife, according to reports, that "something happened last night but I was so drunk I don't know what."

She told OK! magazine: "My schedule with Girls Aloud is booked up to the summer and then we're having a break and I want me and Ashley to have some time together, so that we can enjoy each other as a married couple before anything else.

"That means so much to me. Then after that we can start working on that baby. "I want to be a young mum so I can go out with them like my mam does."

Cole has also told OK!: "You just can't work through affairs sometimes. Trust is so important to me."

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Vanessa Hudgens album news

Vanessa Hudgens is busy recording her second album and she’s hoping to finish soon. Actually she’s set to complete the recording before she begins filming her new movie, Will!

Vanessa will record 20 songs, of which 12 will be chosen for the still untitled album. 3 or 4 additional songs will be added as bonus tracks. 19 songs has already been recorded and the last will be recorded during the filming of her new movie, Will.

The first single of the album is now being chosen and Vanessa will film the music video shortly. Many thought Whisper would her first single but Vanessa didn’t like it.

The album is set to come in mid-April but might be pushed back until after High School Musical 3 is finished shooting. Stay tuned for more Baby V news!


Stupid slut goes topless again

Paris Hilton has stripped off for the February 2008 cover of style magazine 944.
Paris is featured on the upcoming cover sporting just Calvin Klein panties and a floppy black hat, her left hand supporting her head as she covers her breasts with her right arm.

The magazine will hit newsstands in early February.


EDIT: Here's the cover.

Thanks scifijunkie !

CONFIRMED: Gwen Stefani Pregnant with Second Child

Gwen Stefani and her rock star husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their second child, Rossdale's father confirms to PEOPLE.

"They and the whole family are delighted," Douglas Rossdale tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Reps for Stefani were not immediately available for comment.

According to Britain's The Sun, the singer is 13 weeks pregnant. She has long said she's wanted another child.

Stefani, 38, and British-born Rossdale, 40, wed in London in September 2002 and have one of the coolest kids in showbiz: Kingston Rossdale, who turns 2 on May 26.

Stefani has described Kingston as a "chilled-out little guy. He's just like another person, except that he's super-cute and super-entertaining."

When it comes to his son, Rossdale recently said, "Finally, I got something right."

Grandpa Rossdale sings Kingston's praises too. "He is a great lad," says the senior Rossdale. "And we are very much looking forward to another grandchild."


source: people.com

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Spin Magazine's Artists to watch in 2008

Spin's Who's Next?

Looking for the hot sound in '08? This is what we predict: Glass-smashing garage punk and genre-mashing pop. Weed-infused hip-hop and Ivy League-schooled geek rock. Forecasting stardom is a foolish task, but expressing excitement is something we're good at. So here are eight up-and-comers we're rooting for.

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yay santi ! :3

What do you think, ONTD? Which band or artists do you think will blow up in 2008?

Sherri Shepherd says shes never voted in her life

On The View this morning, Sherri Shepherd recounted her close call of almost missing the cutoff for registering to vote via absentee ballot for the election in November. (Shepherd resides in New York, but is a California resident.) And apparently this is the first time that Sherri will be voting...ever! Having turned 18 in 1985, the now-41-year-old has missed out on the past five presidential elections because she "never knew the dates or anything." She said it was important to vote in this one, though, because otherwise, she wouldn't have a right to complain on The View about whomever is elected for an entire year. (She probably meant to say "four years.")

we have cookies, come to the dark side


Filming of Michelle Williams's next movie, Blue Valentine, has been put on hold while the actress copes with the death of Heath Ledger, a source tells PEOPLE.

"We will hold off until she is ready," says a source connected with the film. "The production is in the process of sorting it out in respect to her."

The movie – a relationship drama centered around a young couple struggling with their marriage – also stars Ryan Gosling, who Williams was rumored to be dating after they were spotted strolling together in New York before the holidays.

Production on the film was set to start on February 25, but has been moved back to an indefinite date.

"We're hoping she will still come back and do the film and are happy to wait," the source says. "The film is tailor made for those two so of course we would want to wait. You can't get much better than them."

Williams had just finished shooting her last scene in the film "Mammuth" in Sweden when she received the news of Ledger's death.

Source: People

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Naomi Watts doesn't approve of the 'Oscars'

Naomi Watts doesn't approve of the Oscars.

The 39-year-old star - who received a Best Actress nomination for her role in '21 Grams' in 2004 - believes filmmaking should not be a "competition" .

She said: "I'm not going to lie, it's nice to get recognition from your peers. It means a lot. But I also feel one's work shouldn't be judged against someone else's. It's not a competition."

The 'Funny Games' actress also dislikes the amount of campaigning which goes on during the build-up to the Oscars.

She said: "You get asked to do an enormous amount of publicity to promote your chances, and I don't necessarily think it works.

"It isn't what acting and making movies is all about. When I wasn't nominated for 'Mulholland Drive' in 2001 everyone kept saying 'Oh, sorry you're not nominated', when the thought of being on the shortlist hadn't even crossed my mind in the first place."

The 80th Academy Awards are due to take place with a star-studded ceremony at California's Kodak Theatre on February 24.


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Kid 'Gladiators' return
MGM carries syndie series' sword

LAS VEGAS -- After the recent successful launch of the new "American Gladiators" on NBC, MGM's domestic TV distribution is digging into the archives to bring out the mid-'90s kids series "Gladiators 2000," hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

"Gladiators 2000," which was designed to be a companion to the original "American Gladiators," features teens competing in games that challenge their physical abilities as well as their knowledge of nutrition, fitness and the human body.

Also Monday, MGM said it had acquired U.S. syndication rights to Tribune Entertainment's home improvement series "Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls." MGM is looking to seal two-year renewals for "HouseCalls" at NATPE, where the company also will be selling "Gladiators 2000."

MGM is offering 39 half-hour episodes of "Gladiators 2000" at NATPE for a fall 2008 launch in syndication.

"The series offers stations a unique alternative to weekend (i.e., educational) programming, and with the current success of the new NBC version of 'Gladiators,' it's a great fit," MGM Worldwide Television co-president Jim Packer said.

Added "Gladiators" executive producer and original series creator Johnny Ferraro: "It took almost eight years to get the first 'American Gladiators' on television but only a few months to get 'Gladiators 2000' on the air because of the tremendous popularity of the original series. Bringing the show back for today's hard-to-reach audience is a wonderful initiative."

The news about "Gladiators 2000" follows the studio's recent announcement of a multimedia campaign for "American Gladiators," which MGM co-produces with Reveille, that features a cross-city tour and the development of a cartoon series as well as a broadband site, AmericanGladiators.com, to be launched Wednesday at NATPE.

"HouseCalls," which was cleared in more than 70% of the U.S. this past season, had been distributed by Tribune. MGM is taking over after Tribune's decision last month to shut down its distribution arm.

" 'Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls' is an established series with a loyal following on TV and online," Packer said. "In taking over the distribution from our partners at Tribune, we already have a head start in getting the series renewed given the success they've had in clearing the show and selling the barter time."

MGM is offering 22 new half-hour episodes for next season and the following seasons, along with the nine previous cycles.


LOfuckin'L @ that vintage Seacrest
I can't believe I get paid to write summaries on this shit all day at work :/

Baby Spice with her Baby boy (plus Mel B, Victoria, Geri with their kids at airport)

Emma Bunton arrived at Heathrow airport yesterday with baby boy Beau in tow ahead of the tour

Their fanfare reunion comeback tour had been billed as the big goodbye they had always wanted to say to fans.
And ahead of that world tour, the Spice Girls were keen to point out that they were definitely not in it for the money, it was all just about saying "thanks" to their followers
Yet it seems that half of those supporters are still waiting for their big chance to wave the Girls goodbye..

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Rich Cronin...eats fresh

Couldn't find this posted so..

Wonder what Rich Cronin has been up to? Looks like some commercial work! Well, maybe. I got a random IM from RichCronin linking me to what looks like a Subway commercial/song by Rich Cronin and someone else. So, here it is below:

The Jared Song video

I don't know how to embed, sorry!

Source: Me/Richcronin username on AIM
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Super Smash Bros. Wii Character Roster Revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Super Smash Bros. is set to release this Friday on the Nintendo Wii in Japan, but some gamers have already managed to buy a copy, and because of that, spoilers about secret characters and more have finally been revealed to the world.

The secrets are now coming out as the game is in the hands of gamers, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is no longer a secret.

Japanese gamers have already uncovered many secret characters in the game.

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Okay, so this isn't 'celebrity news'. But past big video game news has been reported in the past, and this is a HUGE leak that's causing a massive shitstorm on the interwebs. But reject it at your discretion, mods.
Pam | Fangs (Blue)

The Grays Love Kathy Griffin

Posted Mon. Jan. 28, 2008 9:40am by Jarett Wieselman

It was all about Britney, Botox and Barbara at Kathy Griffin’s sold-out show in NYC’s Madison Square Garden last night but there was one celeb that couldn’t fly under the radar: Anderson Cooper. CNN’s silver fox was sitting sixth-row center and the evening became extra special for those in his vicinity once Kathy launched into a 10-minute bit about the anchor!

Sporting a baseball cap (his attempt at going incognito) and a polo shirt that granted everyone access to the gun show, Anderson squirmed in his seat as Kathy likened him to a “yummy panini” that she wanted to let drip from her mouth.

Anderson, who Kathy says is loved equally by the boys and the girls, shared co-hosting duties with the flame-haired comedienne as they rang in the New Year together for CNN. Obviously good buds, Kathy also recounted a hilarious story from that night when Anderson got a “Have a Happy New Year” text message from Ryan Seacrest, who was down the street hosting his own countdown spectacular.

But the most giggle-inducing moment came during a clip montage that opened the show when Kathy played 30 seconds from her season of Celebrity Mole when Anderson made a guest appearance, and channeling his inner diva called Kathy a bitch. The Coop buried his face in his hands while the three guys he sat with laughed hysterically. Hmmm, Anderson at a Kathy Griffin show with three dudes — as Kathy would say, “It’s just a rumor…”

Source: PageSix.com

weather the storm

Photobucket Photobucket

Eva's Advice to Jessica: 'Weather the Storm'

Talk about parallel lives: Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson both cheer a guy named "Tony" who wears a number 9 for a Texas team.

Only, Longoria's been there first – and long before Simpson got labeled a jinx on boyfriend Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, Longoria felt the heat for seeing now-husband Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs.

"When I first started dating Tony (Parker), I got the same flack, and this was so many years ago that people don't remember," Longoria told PEOPLE on Saturday. "If he had a bad game, it was my fault, if he got injured, it was my fault, if he had a good game, it wasn't because of me."

Longoria's advice to her fellow Texan: "You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you."

Simpson, 27, got ribbed by Cowboy fans when Romo, 27, had a bad late-season game while she was in the stadium, but Longoria says Simpson can learn from the happily married Desperate Housewives star.

"Believe me, they are not thinking of us when they are on the field, particularly Tony Romo, who has 10 linemen coming at him," said Longoria, 32, while promoting her upcoming film Over Her Dead Body. "Do you think that he is really thinking about Jessica the moment that he is about to get sacked?"

Still, Simpson appears to be taking no chances. After Romo's off-game, Simpson has stayed away from the stands, and wasn't expected to attend Sunday's Dallas-New York Giants playoff match.


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Ali Larter's Chocolatey New Gig

Don't lick the walls. An all-chocolate room was unveiled in Manhattan on Tuesday — a pre-Valentine's Day creation complete with furniture and artwork made of the sweet stuff.

"It's the perfect bit of sin," said Ali Larter, star of TV's "Heroes," of the Godiva chocolate "pearls" that are her private daily indulgence.

Here, they were dripping off the chandeliers above the dining table, which was a sea of stars, truffles and crescents — all chocolate, of course, under glass.

Larter is the celebrity face hired by the Belgian chocolatier for its annual Valentine's Day promotion contest. This year, anyone who buys the winning box of chocolates — for $23 and up — may win the chocolate room. It is to be re-created in a suite of Manhattan's Bryant Park Hotel for a pampered getaway weekend for two in May.

The winning box — sold only in North America — will contain a note informing the buyer of his or her good luck.

While no doubt a shameless commercial promotion — created by Los Angeles designer Larry Abel — the demo chocolate room set up on the sixth floor of an East Village building packed a tasteful, artsy punch.

Hanging in the "living room" was a painting built entirely of multicolored chocolate pieces inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss." Above the dining table was a "canvas" dripping with brown and white chocolate — a takeoff on Jackson Pollock's signature "drip" paintings.

And instead of words, books opened to a mound of chocolates.

You could actually sit on the plush sofa, which was chocolate-graced only on its sides, and the walls are made of chocolate.

There were a couple of "dont's" in the room: lighting the fireplace (with its chocolate logs and mantle) and the candles (all chocolate).

In addition, sinking into the easy chairs was discouraged — unless you wanted to rise with a chocolate-covered derriere.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Exclusive - Brian Austin Green Disses Megan Fox

Seems Brian Austin Green and his hot “Transformers” girlfriend Megan Fox are headed for splitsville -- Bauer Griffin Online has the exclusive pics and scoop on Green, who broke down over lunch today and went on an hour-long rant session with a buddy over his long-time girlfriend Fox.  Bauer Griffin Online sources overheard Green’s entire emotional conversation about his troubled relationship, how everything is always on her terms and how unfair their relationship is.  Don't know what your complaining about Brian...you're dating one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood.  And thank goodness she's a working actor.....cause you're not.
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A rumor hit the Internet earlier this week that Disney Channel had canceled Hannah Montana. The 'news story' even quoted Miley Cyrus saying 'the past three years have been great.'

Well, Tigerbeat magazine contacted the real Disney representative and they said:

"The internet reports are COMPLETELY FALSE, including comments from the fictitious Disney Channel spokeswoman Janey Moore."

LOL at whoever made up the fake spokespersons name. Hey JANEY! So, this means there are still going to be new Hannah episodes on the way, as well as a big screen movie! Are you so excited now?

source oceanUP

and yes, i'm rly excited. i hate how disney always cancels shows after like 3 seasons. jamie lynn whore's show on nickelodeon will probably get another season after she throws her baby away just like her sister did.

Jennifer and Marc's baby names revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They're not yet born, but Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony have already picked out names for their twins. Star has learned exclusively that the parents-to-be have chosen Max and Emme!

On Jan. 18, the day before the 38-year-old Grammy winner's fabulous baby shower at New York City's chic Gramercy Park Hotel, J.Lo's mom, Guadalupe, was spotted picking up two gold-rope baby ID bracelets engraved with those names from Genesis Jewelers in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Unfortunately for Guadalupe, she wasn't alone in the store, and another shopper heard exactly what she ordered!

Tinkerbell Cute

NKOTB announcement this friday????

Since hearing about this rumored reunion I started doing different searches... I stumbled onto something interesting... Best Buy has pre-orders listed for 2 NKOTB CD re-releases ("Hangin' Tough" and "Step By Step"). They're releasing this friday, February 1st. I'm really hoping these re-releases come with a very special announcement and not what all the hype amounts to.

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Japan's Princess Masako accused of slacking

Tabloids bash Japanese princess for 'slacking off'

Reuters January 24, 2008

TOKYO — Japan's crown princess, suffering from a stress-induced mental illness and unable to perform most of her royal duties fully, is under fire from tabloids for slacking off by wining and dining with family and friends.

Headlines such as: “A full private life: Official duties only twice, but over 50 outings,” have even prompted the government to launch a rare campaign against “false” reports.

The often feisty weeklies have closely tracked Princess Masako, a 44-year-old Harvard-educated former diplomat, and her struggle with illness that many royal watchers say was brought on by the stress of adapting to the rigid palace life.

The latest round of bashing by the tabloids gathered steam after reports that Princess Masako and her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, dined with friends at a three-star French restaurant in December, staying out until past midnight.

The Imperial Household Agency has set up a section on its website dedicated to “correcting” what it called erroneous reports.

On Thursday the agency posted a protest against one magazine for reporting that Princess Masako had cut short New Year's rituals at the Imperial Palace and instead had lunch with her parents.

“Although she is said to be under treatment, some people around the emperor and empress, who performed strenuous duties all day, are raising doubts,” wrote another weekly, referring to what it called “The New Year's Incident”

The tabloids have compared Princess Masako with Empress Michiko, her 73-year-old mother-in-law, who is often portrayed as putting official duties above anything else, even sacrificing her health.

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Jessica Alba: "It's hard not to fall in love with your co-stars"

The 'Fantastic Four' actress - who is expecting her first child with her
movie producer fiancé Cash Warren - insists it's easy to forget you're
acting and become attracted to your on screen love interests.

Jessica told New magazine: "For me, it's a lot easier to be in a
relationship while doing a movie because there is absolutely no chance that
it would ever get confused that it's anything but professional.

"When you're both single, the lines are blurry. People are affectionate,
you're away, you're not at home or in an environment that you are used to...
that's when people get more confused about things.

"If you're with someone in real life, it's easier to separate yourself and
have a good time and be confident as an actor. I prefer to keep it

The 26-year-old actress has also revealed she fell for 29-year-old Cash
because he is romantic, funny and manly.

She added: "First of all, he is funny. That's a huge thing for me. I love
funny guys. I think all girls love funny guys. Cash is the only person who
knows that I am a comedian. And he's manly and romantic. I like a guy who's
in touch with his feelings, but can also watch sports and hang out with my
dad. That's important."


Sorry about the weird spacing. Its like that from the source.

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As my scanner had broken and i can't find this interview anywhere on the internet.. i typed it up. 
UK Star magazine interviews the wonderful ALAN CARR!

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Source - me and Star magazine [UK] I've bolded the 'funny' parts for you tl;dr people

People cash in on Britney's mistakes

“For a growing number of people and businesses,” writes the Associated Press’ Jeremy Herron, “Britney’s saga is about money: Every time she sinks to new lows, cash flows. And these days, no one is above the fray.” Not even the Associated Press!

And wouldn’t Herron know: His wire service alerted all employees that Britney is a big deal again, even though she’s such a wretched mess that that they’ve already prepped her obit. But there he goes, bouncing between the revenues of the tabloids, celebrity blogs, photo agencies, and entertainment shows — and glossing over any notion that the AP might also be inhaling a slice of the pie.

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Kaplan Files Motion To Squeeze Brit Out Of $500k

K-Fed's Lawyer Wants Five for Fighting

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has filed a motion asking the court to make Britney pay attorney's fees. If the motion is granted, we've learned Brit will be on the hook for more than $500,000 since last July.

Here's how it breaks down: The court has already awarded Kaplan $120,000 for fees earned between July 30 and October 8, 2007. We've learned in today's motion Kaplan is asking for fees in excess of $300,000 for work performed between October 8 and January 24, 2008. On top of that, Kaplan is asking for in excess of $100,000 for fees he will accumulate between now and the end of the custody trial, set for April.

A hearing on Kaplan's request for attorney's fees is set for March 10.


Another day...

Nickelodeon brings back 'Zoey 101'

At least one Jamie Lynn Spears mystery is over.

The younger Spears sister's popular TV character is back at her fictional California boarding school, although the pregnant 16-year-old star of the children's show "Zoey 101" is continuing to stay out of the limelight herself.

"Zoey 101" concluded its third season last month, shortly before Spears, younger sister of Britney Spears, announced she was pregnant with her teenage boyfriend's child. The show has continued to air in repeats since then, with little fanfare from the network, leading to speculation that its fourth season might be shelved.

"The new season is under way. It premiered last night," Nickelodeon spokeswoman Marianne Romano told The Associated Press on Monday.

Filming of the show's fourth season, which was planned to be its last even before Spears became pregnant, was completed last summer.

The third season ended with a cliffhanger episode in which Spears' Zoey Brooks moves to England with her parents, only to learn that her longtime school friend Chase is in love with her.

The new season begins with another plot twist in which Chase (played by Errol Flynn's grandson Sean Flynn) persuades his family to send him to school in England, learning afterward that Zoey has returned and professed her love for him.

Spears, who once helped promote the show heavily, has kept a low profile since announcing that she is pregnant, and that Casey Aldridge is the father.

"She is on hiatus," her publicist, Holly Shakoor, said Monday.

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Grammy-winning country singer LeAnn Rimes puts her best abs forward in a bikini shot on the latest cover of Fitness magazine. WOW!

Here are the few of the tunes that keep LeAnn pumped for her workouts:

– “Stronger” - Kanye West
– “The Pretender” - The Foo Fighters
– “Broken City” - Audioslave
– “Hurt” - Nine Inch Nails
– The Soundtrack from Grey’s Anatomy
– Selections from David Gray

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I prefer 80s music during my workouts tbqh.


Miley Cyrus is the new Jesus

Miley Cyrus took time out from her current Hannah Montana tour to visit sick children in hospital.

The 15-year-old star is in the middle of her Best Of Both Worlds tour which will see the teen play a staggering 69 live shows concluding in Miami, Florida, on January 31st.

But before taking to the stage in Washington D.c. on Sunday, the star paid a visit to the Georgetown University Medical Center and Children's Hospital as part of a scheme set up by the Tracy's Kids charity.

Cyrus met around 100 parents and their children, and happily posed for pictures and signed autographs for all of the ill youngsters.

ha ha ha ...

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Olga Kurylenko puts love on hold for James Bond

New James Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is vowing to shun romance on the set of 007 movie "Quantum of Solace" - because she doesn't want a man to distract her, reports ContactMusic.

The 28-year-old Ukrainian beauty will play the role of Bond's side-kick Camille in the 22nd installment of the super-spy franchise and she won't let a relationship stand in the way of the biggest role of her career.

She says, "I don't want a boyfriend. I don't have time for it. I am going abroad for six months, filming in Europe and Panama. Who can cope with that? "I think it is easier this way. I want to be totally involved in the movie. I get up, go to the set, work, go back and go to bed. But that is how I want it. I love it."

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She smiles

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba tapes her interview on The Late Show With David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday in New York City.

Alba helped promote her upcoming horror thriller The Eye, out on Friday. She stars as a blind woman who receives the ability to see after an eye transplant–but it allows her to see into the supernatural world.

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Cute coat!


Mischa Barton: "Like, my life, is like, so hard! Ugh!"

Mischa Barton never wanted to be an actress

Former The O.c. star Mischa Barton never wanted to be an actress and only settled on the profession when she was cast in the hit show.

The 22-year-old appeared in a handful of TV shows and films - including hit soap All My Children and 1999 movie The Sixth Sense - before she landed the role of Marissa Cooper in the successful teen drama.

But Barton, who left the show shortly before it ended in 2007, insists acting was more of a hobby for her - and if she hadn't shot to fame in The O.c., she would be doing something completely different.

She tells Moviehole.net, "There was a brief time when I was in my early teens when I considered dropping acting, and I wasn't that into it. I was one of those kids who was willing to try other things, other careers, and go to college. I just happened to get cast on The O.c., but I was never set on it."


this is fucked up

Rooney to open for the Jonas Brothers

Hey Everyone,

We got a last minute call from the Jonas Brothers to join them on their upcoming US tour. As most of you know, they have a very big touring following and we're excited to expose our tunes to a new audience. The shows are sold out, but check your city to make sure. We're organizing a contest to give away spots on our guest list on all the shows. Check back soon for details.

After this tour we go straight to Europe until mid April, then return home for a short break. We're putting together our own US headlining tour, not co-headline, a proper headline tour, with great opening acts. We should have more info shortly, but I know it will begin sometime in May.


so far they're opening from january 31st - March 4th but more dates might be added later.

source: http://www.myspace.com/rooney and disneychannel  
open up and let me in


It has been rumor up to now but TheOneRing (thanks to Susan Thea for sending in the tip) has a video that confirms, albeit in a foreign language, that yes, he will be directing The Hobbit. Guillermo Del Toro is a god among men and directors, I have always believed, and thus, I can’t imagine the collective urlgasm the web is going to have with, not to mention cinema fans everywhere. TheOneRing writes:

The following YouTube video confirms that Guillermo Del Toro will be directing ‘The Hobbit’ films. UPDATE We have an additional inside source which says that the deal is NOT signed yet, however it has a 99% probability of happening. The parties are agreed and we should expect an official announcement after the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) Strike. Our source also mentions that Howard Shore was instrumental in making this arrangement. That means we can expect Howard Shore to compose the score. (yea!)


I loved Pan's Labyrinth so I'm hoping this will be just as ~*~magical~*~


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Ballet Version of Edward Scissorhands

"An acclaimed ballet version of Johnny Depp’s 1990 cult classic Edward Scissorhands is set to cut a swath through Australian theatres.

Made with the blessing of Depp and the film’s director Tim Burton, this oddball modern-Gothic fable about a boy with scissors for hands has been playing to sell-out audiences in Britain and America since its London debut in 2005.

This lavish production in which a shock-haired outcast wanders into candy-coloured mid-50s America is bound to do the same when its Australian tour brings it to His Majesty’s Theatre from July 1 to 6.

Sending expectations through the roof is the creator of Edward Scissorhands, British choreographer Matthew Bourne, whose revolutionary Swan Lake featuring a rugby scrum of feathered hunks had audiences gasping when it played in Perth last year. Bourne’s new work — a loose adaptation of the original film — has made just as big a splash as Swan Lake, with Time magazine declaring: “Edward’s magic shears make shear theatrical magic.”

Traditionalists, however, continued to turn up their noses at Bourne’s shameless populism and trademark blurring of the lines between ballet and theatre. He calls it musical theatre while cynics have dubbed his productions “dansicals”.

At the tour launch at the Sydney Opera House yesterday, Bourne said he had been dreaming of turning Edward Scissorhands into a ballet since he emerged in the early 1990s as Britain’s most exciting young choreographer.

But it took almost a decade for him to persuade Burton, co-writer Caroline Thompson, film composer Danny Elfman and 20th Century-Fox to give him the rights to recreate the struggle of Pinocchio-like Edward to find acceptance in prejudiced middle America.

“In a way Edward Scissorhands is Tim Burton,” he said. Bourne got the mother of Helena Bonham Carter, who is the partner of the London-based Burton, to cajole the director into seeing one of his productions.

Bourne was most nervous about Johnny Depp as he was the one who gave Edward his soul. It took many months but Depp finally caught up with the show in Los Angeles.

“He spent an hour with the company and tried on the hands. He wrote to me afterwards and said he was ‘teetering on the edge of tears all the way through it, mate’.” "

tbh this sounds awful

source: http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=77&ContentID=56404
conan white teeth
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N.E.R.D. Joins Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour

N.E.R.D. Joins Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour
January 29th, 2008 | Author: Jake Paine

Kanye West has historically toured extensively in the summer. Whether it was as an opening act for U2 in 2006, or his appearances at festivals, one of the biggest entertainers in Hip Hop was predicted to do bigger things for the summer tour season. Even lately, as West has appeared in smaller spot dates alongside A-Trak and Kid Sister, many eyes are on summer's epic production shows.

On Kanye's blog [click here], the super-producer and emcee indicated that longtime supporters N.E.R.D. will be joining him on this summer's Glow In The Dark Tour. The trio of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley is said to be finishing up their third album, N.3.R.D. The group has taken a four-year hiatus from their previous two gold efforts.

The tour, as of last May, was also said to feature choreography from Jamie King of Madonna fame. West, an admitted frequent concert goer of the legendary Pop star, said that he was so moved by Madonna's stage show that he wanted the direction for himself.

It is likely that G.O.O.D. Music acts Common, Consequence, Malik Yusef and others would also be part of the tour, though no formal details have been released.

and of course

If theres a Kansas City show, and you go, look for a white girl terrified to dance but rocking out internally, and you will have found me.

Fucking love this man.

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Sam is such a piece of shit.

Sam Lutfi called Harvey Levin a few minutes ago, Britney by his side,
and railed about the story we posted that Brit's family believes Lutfi
is poison.

Lutfi said there was no intervention last night, but then said
Britney's family "barged in." For the record, the family is staging an
intervention and Lutfi has been kept in the dark.

Lutfi said of the family, "They have an agenda. Their agenda is
jealously because they don't fit in. I do. They see her three times a year."

Britney was by the phone during Lutfi's conversation with Levin. Lutfi
claimed he did not force Britney to buy a car, asking Brit, "Did I
force you to buy a car." In a heavy southern accent she responded, "No." He
continued, "Do I ever bug you." She replied, "We argue."

Lutfi said Britney's mom is fine with him -- it's her dad who's a
problem. Family sources tell TMZ that's baloney -- both Lynne and Jamie "are
on the same page," feeling like Sam is a "megalomaniac" who is
motivated by "evil."

Source: TMZ

You're right, Sam. What has her family ever done for her? You've
always been there since day 1! In fact, her life has only improved since
you've entered it!

Celebrities in Phoenix, AZ

For all in Arizona:

Finally, celebrities come to Phoenix!! My boyfriend is in the National Guard and has been assigned, with a couple of his friends in the Guard, to man the doors at the Skye bar this Friday and Saturday night. There's a celebrity VIP event going on there, and the bar is open until about 5-6 am on those days.

Some of the celebs in attendance include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, P. Diddy, Alicia Keyes, Jordan Sparks..
Tickets to the event cost over $1000, but I'm sure there will still be photo opportunities available!

Source: my boyfriend :)