January 13th, 2008


john mayer teaches you a lesson


With Chad, Left, seated. (With glasses)

I'm taking to the blog today to share something with you that I feel more passionate about than I saw coming.
I want to make it short and sweet so that anybody who wants to re-print it can copy and paste without editing...

Went out to dinner Thursday night. My car. One glass of wine. Carpooled from dinner to go out to one more place. Everyone in my car. At the next spot, I do the Diet Coke with Lime thing. My favorite scotch (Lagavulin 16 year) arrives under my nose. "Can't do it," I say. Then I find out my friend has switched to Designated Driver and has a plan that involves everyone getting home safe. Cool. I love Lagavulin when the time is right. Now it's the end of the night and I'm feeling wonderfully buzzy and ready to get dropped off to my house in my car, except the person that was going to follow my car in the DD's car to drive him back isn't in shape to drive either.

It's 2 o'clock in the morning. I call my housemate Chad. Chad's sleeping. He was in the studio all day. I explain to him that I need him to jump in the back seat of my car, ride to the DD's car and drive me back home. Of course Chad says "yes" and comes through like a champ. A champ, I say.

Here's what I want to tell you:

If I, incredibly hot/fugly John Mayer can make that call, so can you.

The distance from the parking lot to my house was about 5 miles, mostly straight shot up the coast of Santa Monica, zero traffic. And I didn't drive it. Me. The guy who gets the VIP velvet rope treatment in life.

Oh, and the call? It's not the coolest you'll ever sound. And the logistics? It's kind of inelegant. You trace the same route twice when all you want to do is fall into bed. But you gotta do it.

This is all coming from a guy who you can be sure would have found a sexier way to get home if there was one available. And there just isn't, especially in LA. (You can be sexy again the next day when you wake up with the rest of your big, beautiful life in front of you.)

I'm not writing this to earn golf claps, it's just that if I'm going to stand in any way as an ambassador of something cool or influential, this is more important than any pair of sneakers or a guitar.

And to give a big high five to the Chads of the world.

See you around



Frances Bean Cobain: the new face of Chanel


Remember Frances Bean Cobain -- the daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain? The rock world's most famous offspring is widely rumored to be the front runner for the face of Chanel's 2008 campaign -- and she's only 15!

I had no idea she was even a model, but apparently Frances Bean is "overwhelmed" by the opportunity and ready for "what the Chanel experience may offer."

Not that she's unattractive, but honestly, Frances Bean is the last person I'd ever expect to be the face of Chanel. (OK, after your weird-looking neighbor who confuses Crocs with "couture.") Are they just looking for anyone young and mildly famous?

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Radar interviews SNL's Kristen Wiig

February issue of Radar. An extended online interview. It's pretty long.

For a long time, SNL had a fabled tradition of debauchery—coke-fueled all-night writing sessions. Are there any remnants of the past with this cast?

It might have been that way a long time ago, and that may have been how the tradition started of staying up all night Tuesday and writing. But no, it's not like that anymore. Now, it's, like, green tea.

Anybody get naked in the offices?
Oh, yeah. Sometimes, you know, people take their shirts off and run around.

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source - radar site

btw, i'm the one who runs that "wiggy" site lol. i was like wtf?
Sarah Jessica Parker
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Happy Birthday BB!

12 January 2008
Birthday girl Melanie C got a surprise on stage at London’s O2 Arena this evening when, just after they had finished singing Mama, the girls were joined on stage by the Spice dancers and asked the entire audience to sing Happy Birthday.

Meanwhile, a huge chocolate cake came up through the stage floor, bearing the message “Happy Birthday Melanie” in icing and topped with a trademark pair of Sporty trainers.

Melanie was thrilled to share the special night with her family, including her mum and dad, who were in the audience at The O2 to watch The Return Of The Spice Girls show. It has truly been a Spice birthday to remember.


Source: The Spice Girls

JoBros Surprise Fans at Gibson Amphitheatre Saturday

For their new tour, When You Look Me in the Eyes, tickets for the first 20 rows will be sold at the box office only.  So of course, fans camped out and waited to get tickets in LA this weekend just to find out that they would be given a wristband and a raffle would be held for the best seats!  Anyways, the JoBros decided to suprise their fans by showing up at the Ampitheatre and announcing that they would be having another show there!  

Source: www.youtube.com
Puppy chillin
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Is ANNA NICOLE SMITH's little girl losing her sight?

Why is their little girl wearing an eyepatch?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is ANNA NICOLE SMITH's little girl losing her sight? Only ET has the truth behind why LARRY BIRKHEAD and Anna's baby is wearing an eyepatch!

"She has strabismus, which is a turning in of one of her eyes, and it's something that we've been looking out for for a while," Larry tells our own MARK STEINES in an exclusive interview. "I've been taking her to the doctors and ... Anna had taken Dannielynn to the doctor [in the Bahamas] to see about it when she was just a few months old."

Common in about five percent of children, the eye condition is perhaps better known as "cross-eyed" and it is something that cannot be outgrown and must be treated. An eyepatch is used to cover the strong eye in an effort to strengthen the weak one.

"I got her a little pirate doll to show her that people wear patches, and it's okay," says Larry, "and daddy wears a patch if he has to to show her it's okay. I've been really aggressive with the patch as much as I can be. At first she was really open to it and it didn't really bother her. Now, she's gotten a little smart because she can pull it off, so it's a little bit harder for me to patch her."

But if the eyepatch doesn't work, or if using medicated eyedrops to dilate the pupil fails, little Dannielynn may face surgery.

"I'm going to do everything to make sure that it's corrected," says Larry, "but having lost Anna and [her son] DANIEL and my dad -- my dad just came out of a simple surgery and he died -- it's just tough for me to think about surgeries with [Dannielynn]."

And Larry staunchly defends any suggestion in the tabloids and on Web blogs that Dannielynn's condition has anything to do with methadone or any medications Anna may have taken during her pregnancy.

"All of the opinions that I had [from doctors], every one of them said that it's very, very unlikely, because no one knows one-hundred percent what causes [strabismus]," says Larry. "But I point-blank ask every single doctor, 'Could any medications that Anna was on have caused this?' and they said that it's more likely that a genetic reason could have caused it."

culkin megamix


Same old Degrassi – but darker

To amend the words of the immortal Zit Remedy, the ongoing adventures of Degrassi really have become "something that we'll never give up."

As the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation gears up to debut tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. on CTV, it has almost been 30 years since the kids – on filmstrips! – first captured the imaginations of young people across the country and worldwide. It is the teen show that has never shied away from attempting to realistically explore issues that young people face; the new season is no different. And Zit Remedy fans be ready, there's a new band roaming the halls of Degrassi High.

"We have a brand-new band that emerges through the second half of this season, a band like we have not seen before. It's fantastic," says executive producer and creator Linda Schuyler. "They are called Studz – S-T-U-D-Z. But they pronounce it stoodz. It's really fun."

The band members of STUDZ, y/n?

Schuyler is in the midst of editing this year's final graduation episode, featuring an appearance by another, more established, musical guest.

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move along, tl;dr crowd, or I'll shank you like a ginger from Lakehurst.

source, of course.

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Have a Boy

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Have a Boy

SUNDAY JANUARY 13, 2008 05:15 AM EST

By Julie Dam and Ulrica Wihlborg

Photo by: Frank Micelotta / Emmys / Getty
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman welcomed a baby boy on Saturday at 10:05 p.m., PEOPLE has confirmed exclusively.

This is the first child for the 27-year-old singer and her music executive husband.

"Christina and Jordan are proud to announce the birth of theirson Max Liron Bratman. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy!" a rep forthe couple tells PEOPLE. "Mom is resting and doing well!"

Despite various media reports that Aguilera had her baby onFriday, Max – 6 lbs., 2 oz. and 20.5 inches – arrived late on Saturdaynight in L.A.

Although Aguilera didn't announcegender of her baby while she was pregnant, she celebrated the bundle ofjoy's pending arrival with a blue-themed baby shower in November.

The singer, who was mum on her pregnancy for months despite rumors and a visible bump, officially confirmed she was expecting in November – eight weeks after Paris Hilton prematurely spilled the beansat the LAX nightclub in Las Vegas. "Congratulations to the mostbeautiful pregnant woman in the world. You're gorgeous," Hiltonannounced to a crowded room, stunning Aguilera and Bratman.

Later in November, Aguilera bared her growing belly on the cover of Marie Claire.In the article, she revealed that although she'd wanted to have a baby,it happened sooner than she'd expected, following a visit from Bratmanwhile she was on tour last April.

"You've heard it takes some time – except with PowerEgg and Super Sperm here," she said. "I'm like, Oh my God, can youbelieve it just happened?"

Aguilera also addressed her silence on the matter inthe earlier stages of her pregnancy, telling the magazine, "Because Ihadn't said anything, people thought I was trying to keep it this big,bad secret, and that's not the case at all. I just wasn't commenting.I'm not being like, 'Hey, everybody, I'm pregnant!' I'm not that girl."

Married to Bratman since November 2005, Aguilera had babies on her mind back in July 2006, when she said on Britain's GMTVmorning show, "In five years' time I'd probably like to start thinkingabout a child." Now, she's gotten her wish – just a little bit earlierthan she expected.

For more news, go to www.christinaaguilera.com

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brad Pitt and longtime partner Angelina Jolie take their 6-year-old son Maddox (sitting in the backseat of the car, not pictured) to dinner at Japanese restaurant Katsuya in Hollywood on Saturday night. Brad’s younger brother Doug (not pictured) was also in attendance.

On Thursday, Brad was seen filming another commercial for Softbank in downtown Los Angeles. In the filming of the commercial, the father-of-four used a wind machine as he chatted on his cell.

Angelina is ready to have her second biological child, according to OK!. She reportedly is scheduling upcoming press tours around a possible pregnancy.

“Angelina is focusing on trying to get pregnant and to hopefully be pregnant around the time of the film’s release,” the source says.

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THIS clearly means she has a mental illness.

To say things aren’t going so well for Britney Spears is an understatement, but when a woman steps out with her hairy armpits for the world to see, that’s just a big no-no!

Julia Roberts and that singer who did 99 Red Balloons way back in the 80s didn’t get away with it and neither will you Britney Jean Spears. So please do yourself a favor - alongside getting your act together and shave those pits. Lord knows you’re familiar with a razor!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*edit; so you guys can argue about something else other than my commentary.

it's just HAIR people.

Once I forgot and walked around with my arms stuck to the sides of my body all day though.


Why Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Named Their Daughter Harlow


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcomed their daughter Friday in L.A.

Though Richie has said they initially couldn't agree on a name, they settled on Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

What does it mean?

"There's a huge trend, especially among young Hollywood, to honor Classic Hollywood with names," Pam Satran, co-author of The Baby Name Bible, tells Usmagazine.com.

She cites Reese Withersoon and Ryan Phillippe and Jason Priestley and Naomi Lowde naming their daughters Ava (Ava Gardner); Greg Kinnear and wife Helen Labdon naming their daughter Audrey (Audrey Hepburn) and Weeds' Kevin Nealon and wife Susan Yeagley naming their son Gable (Clark Gable).

Harlow is the last name of famous 1930s screen siren Jean Harlow.

Patricia Arquette and husband Thomas Jane named their daughter Harlow; Joely Fisher also used Harlow as a middle name for her daughter True.

Adds Satran, "Harlow is the coolest glamour girl name."


Hot New Couple Alert

Adam Brody cosy with Aussie girl

From Confidential January 13, 2008 10:00pm

California Girls not for him ... Teresa Palmer is the Aussie on the arm of OC hunk Adam Brody

THE O.C heartthrob Adam Brody is one American who clearly doesn't wish they all could be Californian girls, after settling into Sydney, squiring Aussie actress Teresa Palmer around town.

    Brody, who became a pin-up to millions of girls playing Seth Cohen in the Orange County-based drama, has started a professional and personal relationship with Palmer, his co-star in the upcoming flick Justice League of America.

    While she's set to kill his character, Wall West aka The Flash, in the superhero blockbuster, it was all sweet lovin' for the off-screen couple, who held hands and cuddled up over dinner at Lotus restaurant in Potts Point on Saturday night.

    Onlookers who contacted Confidential yesterday were stunned to see the celebrity duo, who sat in a party of six, going largely unnoticed for the duration of their meal.

    "They were just the sweetest couple and couldn't stop holding each others hand the whole time," our nosh spot spy said.

    "He signed a menu for a waiter and they posed for a pic but otherwise they were just really cool about being there together."

    Palmer's last public affair was believed to be with her leading man in the unreleased feature film Kids In America, Topher Grace.

    They began dating after meeting on the set, with Palmer dumping her then AFL star boyfriend Stuart Dew to pursue a romance with the Spiderman 3 actor.

    With Justice League understood to be on hold as producers try to tweak the script, the couple were last spotted heading off into the night together in a taxi and overheard planning sight-seeing in Port Stephens.


    We Are So Sad | PageSix.com
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    Busy Day for Mandy Moore

    It seems Katie Holmes has sparked a bangy trend. Fellow former teen sensation Mandy Moore was spotted out and about yesterday sporting an ‘80s bangalicious hairdo of her own.

    The “A Walk to Remember” actress was seen leaving the Bungalow salon yesterday. She was keeping it comfy casual in a pair of sweatpants and a zip-up fleece hoodie, while carrying a flashy red crocodile purse.

    As she made her way back to her Toyota Prius Hybrid, Mandy was greeted by a cute little puppy looking for a celebrity sighting moment of its own.

    And then later, the “Saved” hottie stopped by the Coach Event at Ago in Beverly Hills with a much more dressed-up look. She kept the red crocodile bag, but opted for a more chic retro-looking black dress with white horizontal stripes and some black stockings.

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    Russell Brand is preparing to ditch his trademark "long daft hair".

    The 'St. Trinian's' star is so committed to his budding acting career he says he would be willing to sacrifice his famous messy locks for a role.

    He told Loaded magazine: "I expect I will finally get my hair cut because I am doing films now and it can't always be, 'Napoleon entered, he has got real long daft hair'. It's going to be restrictive. So eventually I am going to have to play someone who has not got stupid hair and that day will henceforth be known as 'haircut day' for me."

    The 32-year-old comedian revealed his obsession with his own hair continues even when he is asleep.

    He said: "I even have dreams about having my hair cut and I wake up and I am like, 'Thank God, I didn't have my hair cut.' "

    Russell - who starred as Flash Harry in school romp 'St. Trinian's' - has just finished shooting his next movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', which is due out in June.

    Girls Aloud (Cheryl) Two Finger Salute

    Lily Allen - I’m completely done with the Cheryl Cole feud now

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Lily Allen has said her war of words with Cheryl Cole is now well and truly over - because the Girls Aloud star sent Lily a congratulations card when she heard about her pregnancy.

    The two women have exchanged insults for the best part of a year but Lily admitted last month that she thinks her personal insecurities made her hit out at the other women in the spotlight.

    According to the People newspaper, the congratulations card was the final clincher in their ceasefire. Lily is quoted as saying: “The card swung it. I’m sorry for what I have done to people in the past - I’m growing up.”


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    KANYE WEST and PHARRELL WILLIAMS are taking time out of their solo careers to collaborate with rapper LUPE FIASCO on a new hip-hop album. Fiasco - real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco - has confirmed the superstars will take a break from recording their own material to concentrate on a joint record to be put out under the alias Child Rebel Soldiers.

    Jaco says, "It's definitely happening this year. We call each other by our Child Rebel names - but they are top secret for now." The trio previously united under the guise to record a track entitled Us Placers, which featured on West's 2007 mixtape Can't Tell Me Nothing. The new LP is due for release later this year (08).

    Girls Aloud - Little Black Dresses

    Nicola Slammed by Drag Queen DJ

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts stormed out of G Bar in Manchester after becoming the victim of the drag queen DJ.

    The man on the decks teased her over the mic: "Long live Ginger Spice" and "you dance quite well, you should be in a girl band... Oh no, you're too ugly".


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    DGA not WGA

    DGA, AMPTP to begin negotiations
    Groundwork already laid for Saturday's talks
    By Cynthia Littleton, Dave McNary

    After two weeks of informal talks to lay groundwork, the Directors Guild of America is set to begin formal negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on Saturday, the AMPTP and DGA said Friday in a joint statement.

    DGA talks have taken on heightened significance in the context of the 11-week-old writers strike. Perception in the biz is that DGA has become the de facto negotiator for the WGA given the lack of communication between WGA and AMPTP since the latter broke off the last round of talks with writers on Dec. 7.

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    SAG's contract expires at the same time as the DGA contracts, I think.  And even though it's awhile until directors start walking out too, a successful deal between the DGA and AMPTP can lay the groundwork for a deal between the WGA and AMPTP and possibly end the writer's strike.


    Heather Mills Is A BITCH!

    GENEROUS Sir Paul McCartney spent £8,000 on birthday gifts for Heather Mills — while she was secretly hiring a firm to SPY on him.

    Macca's driver delivered a £2,000 CARTIER WATCH, a £5,000 GIFT CARD from Harvey Nichols, plus bags stuffed with top-of-the range BEAUTY GOODIES.

    A touching handwritten card to her said: "Have an amazing day, despite what's happened. Hope we can be friends. P x."

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    News Of The World

    BAFTA/LA's 14th Annual Awards Season Tea Party

    James McAvoy with wife, actress Anne-Marie Duff
    Sorry to get your hearts broken, bbs

    The BAFTA/LA Tea Party has a long tradition of recognizing the very best filmmaking talent by honoring the British and American Academy nominees.

    Now a staple fixture in the Awards season calendar, this hugely popular event allows Members and guests to relax and enjoy an old-fashioned British Tea Party just prior to the nominations (for Awards shows) being announced.

    The Tea Party is a uniquely elegant affair, and has therefore become hugely popular with Nominees seeking a respite from the hectic and demanding Awards season.

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    Sorry for the lame watermarked gettyimages pics - I don't think any of the blogs have picked up these photos yet.

    Saoirse 1 | 2
    My boys
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    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony hits a homer on Negro League anthem.

    KANSAS CITY -- Bob Kendrick had his misgivings.

    Kendrick, marketing director at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, worried about how the rap group "Bone Thugs-n-Harmony" might pull off writing a song that would serve as the anthem for the Negro Leagues.

    The Bone Thugs singing a mainstream track on baseball? Would the song be a cut that resonated with the traditional baseball crowd?

    Kendrick simply didn't know. He knew that the museum was considering a number of artists or groups to cut tracks for a compilation CD about "black baseball." He never figured the Bone Thugs would be one of those groups.

    "But when I heard it, I was like, 'Wow, this is really good,'" he said. "These young men did an outstanding job of interpreting the Negro League experience and embracing it and appreciating what that experience was about."

    As hip-hop meets baseball, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's "The Negro Leagues Anthem" is a perfect embodiment of the Legacy Award, a celebration of baseball's past and present.

    Music has long been part of that celebration, Kendrick said. In the past, the music was jazz. Kendrick is now hoping that rap might find its place in baseball, as well. If hip-hop does get more ingrained, it could play a part in wooing black youth back to the national pastime.

    Not that music alone is a selling point, but Kendrick can see rap as bridging the generational divide that tends to separate those who like baseball and those who don't.

    The track that Bone Thugs-n-Harmony recorded showed an understanding of baseball. Kendrick said the rappers went in, did their research and captured in lyrics the spirit of the Negro Leagues and the men who played in it.

    "They got a real understanding of what the struggles were, but also how talented these athletes were, as well," he said. "They brought that out in this first track."

    He said he hopes the rest of the tracks on the CD will cover the same kind of momentum. The working title hasn't been picked, but Kendrick refers to the project as "A Hip-Hop Salute," which is essentially what it is.

    The finished project, which will raise money for the museum, will be 100 percent positive. It will not be denigrating in any fashion to the legacy of baseball, Kendrick said.

    "We've got complete control over content -- over what hits the street with this project," he said. "We would never want to relinquish that. This is about pride, and it is about the spirit that made the Negro Leagues so special."

    Kendrick is looking for the CD to hit the streets in late summer. Right now, he's got one track completed, and it's pure rap from artists with a hardcore reputation. Their work will surprise people who might expect Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, rappers from the east side of Cleveland, to stick to its street-talk ways.

    Those people will have the same reaction he had, Kendrick said.

    "I loved it," he said. "I loved it."



    Bjork assaults news photographer

    5:00AM Monday January 14, 2008
    By Beck Vass

    Iceland's singing and songwriting sensation Bjork attacked a Herald photographer on her arrival at Auckland International Airport yesterday.

    This is the second time the singer has attacked a journalist - the last time was in 1996 after a long flight to Thailand.

    Bjork, who is in Auckland to perform at the Big Day Out on Friday, tore photographer Glenn Jeffrey's shirt in half, after he photographed her arriving at 7.50am yesterday.

    Jeffrey, a news photographer of 25 years, said Bjork was accompanied by a man who asked him not take photographs.

    "I took a couple of pictures and I got about three or four frames of her ... and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy and tore it down the back.

    "As she did this she fell over, she fell to the ground. At no stage did I touch her or speak with her."

    Bjork said nothing throughout the incident but the man with her was saying: "B, don't do this, B, don't do this,"' Jeffrey said.

    Jeffrey spoke to Auckland police yesterday. He said: "I don't see being assaulted as I'm working as a press photographer as an acceptable thing.

    "If anybody assaults anybody you have the right to a legal recourse, whoever they are."

    A spokeswoman for Auckland International Airport said staff would review video footage if police requested it.

    The incident bears the hallmarks of another attack, in 1996, during which Bjork famously attacked a reporter after a long flight to Thailand.

    She later apologised for the attack, which is now posted on the YouTube website.

    source via bjorkish

    Ben Lee and Ione Skye engaged

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    "I've been out of contact over the holidays as I was in India with Sakthi Narayani Amma. Once again, it was a huge experience, full of blessings and lessons, and one that left me with some big news to share with you. I am getting married. Its very exciting. Funny how before this trip I didn't feel ready, but now I couldn't feel more ready. My gorgeous fiancee, Ione, and I have known each other for 11 years and have been dating for just over a year, and I am psyched about making this commitment with such a wonderful partner."


    WHO? Ben Lee is an Australian singer (and Claire Danes's ex). Ione Skye played Diane Court (the female lead) in Say Anything.

    Another lulz worthy article from News Of The World

    Britney vows to become a Muslim

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    BRITNEY Spears' Brummie boyfriend is a gold-digger who ruthlessly snared her with an 18-month charm offensive, the News of the World can reveal.

    Paparazzi boss Adnan Ghalib BRAGGED to family and friends two years ago that he planned to steal the heart of a Hollywood star so he could secure an exclusive that would net him a fortune.

    And he confided in pals that he had set his sights on Britney after spotting her vulnerability while trying to snatch pictures of her.

    Last night HE was plotting to sell TOPLESS pictures of Britney, 26, and BOASTING in detail of their drug-fuelled sex life, saying she loves him to TALK DIRTY to her in his Birmingham accent.

    But SHE was telling pals how much she's in LOVE with Ghalib, 35 and that she plans to MARRY him and convert to his faith, ISLAM.

    Collapse )

    dr. jacobi

    Paging Ellen Page: The Golden Globes are calling!

    Where will "Juno" breakthrough star and Golden Globe Best Actress in a Comedy nominee Ellen Page be tomorrow afternoon at, oh, say, around 6 p.m, when the winners are annnounced?

    "Well actually I’m thinking I might go to Six Flags. It’s like a huge amusement park. Like really awesome roller coasters. So when I found out the Globes was cancelled I was like, 'Well I’m gonna go to Six Flags!" So I’m probably gonna be on roller coasters - I think I have a photo shoot in the morning but then I think I’m gonna go and ride some roller coasters."

    Is she disappointed?

    "No. It is what it is and worse things have happened in the world. A lot more people are being hurt by the strike a lot more than I am. Its – I can’t do anything about it. I support the writer’s… ahhh… whatever."

    Yeah, whatever. But I bet she has her cell phone with her.


    Jenna Jameson wins award for mooning the crowd (and forgetting her panties!)


    Jenna Jameson has been named "MOST EXCITING CELEBRITY CATWALKER" by Heatherette Fashion designer Richie Rich, most likely based on her 9-11-07 performance at Gotham Hall (isn't that where Batman meets Commissioner Gordon?) in New York City.

    "It was a great fashion show, one that already had NY Magazine, The NY Times, The NY Post, The Daily News, and The Hollywood Reporter in attendance," commented www.mmanewsdesk.com editor Matthew Cooper, whose website covered the entire escapade by Jenna (her boyfriend is UFC Legend Tito Ortiz), "Jenna is a brilliant self-marketer, and she knew how to steal the show away from Kim Kardashian and all the TMZ girls."

    Jenna Jameson was the world's most famous adult film star when she suddenly retired from the industry last year, devoting time to her Virgin Comic Book series and still producing movies for Club Jenna. "She's got an awful lot of projects for anyone to handle," commented www.mmanewsdesk.com's Cooper, "and her branding continues to be as strong as anyone in Hollywood today!"


    You can check out the photos for yourself here: http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com/WND/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=187&Itemid=44

    Jenna will be appearing in LA this week, walking the catwalk again.
    Who knows what she has up her skirt ... I mean her sleeve ... this time!

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    wino & ronson?

    Blake Fielder-Civil is believed to be "furious" about Amy Winehouse growing closer to music producer Mark Ronson.

    Amy's husband, who is locked up in Pentonville prison on charges of GBH and attempting to pervert the course of justice, reportedly fears that Mark will manage to steal her heart while he is away.

    The News of the World claims that Winehouse and Ronson checked into a hotel room together in the early hours of Saturday morning, following a late-night recording session.

    "It's the last thing Blake needs to hear right now," a friend told the newspaper. "He's furious about how close they are."

    The pal added: "Blake's fearful that Mark has much more in common with Amy than he does and is worried he'll steal her away."

    Amy and Mark worked together on her best-selling 2006 album Back To Black.


    ronson or kitty-buying pete doc.
    what a pickle.


    Mel C to spend £10k on tattoo removal

    More pics of mels tats

    Melanie Chisholm is reportedly planning a £10,000 course of laser treatment when the Spice Girls' reunion tour comes to an end to have her numerous tattoos removed from her body.

    Mel is said to accept that it might take up to two and a half years to remove her 10 pieces of body art but is willing to invest the time to make sure it is done properly and minimise scarring.

    An inside source told the News of the World: “Mel is determined to have her tattoos removed as soon as the tour is over because they remind her of all her unhappy times.”

    “Having to parade around the stage every night in tiny costumes has encouraged her to make the decision.”

    “It’s going to be a massive job and very painful but she thinks it’s worth it.”

    Mel’s ink includes a bold cross on her left arm, a phoenix across her shoulders, the word “Angel” on her stomach”, Thai writing on her wrists and a dragon on her right calf. She expressed her change of heart about them for the first time last year, saying she thought they were a "ridiculous thing" to have had done.

    - This is probably most definately true, she's been going on about how she hates them for ages... and this is why I'm never getting a tattoo!

    Cup & Papers

    Christina Aguilera's message to the fans + NEW video for Save Me From Myself

    Dear fans,

    Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.

    In honor of our love for each other and our growing family, I have put together a special video for the song "Save Me From Myself" off my Back to Basics album. This video is very dear to me as it includes actual footage from our personal wedding video!

    Just a little something to say "thank you" for your undying love and support. It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!

    Please download and enjoy...

    With all my love,


    Source: http://christinaaguilera.com/christina_message.html
    arrested development

    Youth in Revolt?

    "Youth in Revolt" script
    Posted by Jeffrey Wells on August 26, 2007 at 06:32 PM

    Gustin Nash's 125-page screenplay based on C.D. Payne's Youth in Revolt. The film will star Michael Cera (the wry, moralistic, level-headed thin guy with the I'm-only-partially-here personality in Superbad -- I'm explaining because he's not a household name) as "Nick Twist" when it goes before the camera sometime...I don't know when it's going before the cameras.

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    Tomorrow is white hoodie guy day

    Sheriffs to Brit -- Good Luck Getting Into Court!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ if Britney arrives at the courthouse tomorrow -- she's on her own. The Sheriff's Dept. has had it with her.

    Sources tell us Britney has been "totally uncooperative" with the Sheriff's Department -- she had never worked with deputies by giving them information as to when she'll show, etc. We're told the Sheriff's Department has thrown up its hands and has no plans to assist her in getting in the building tomorrow. She'll have to find her own parking and navigate her way through the media crush.

    Our sources say, however, if Britney works with her lawyer and the attorney drives her to court, they would be open to dealing with the lawyer to arrange her passage into the courthouse -- but that will be last-minute.


    Don't forget to go to TMZ tomorrow for the live stream. Maybe someone in LA can pick up some Taco Bell for them.

    M. Ward & Zooey Deschanel Make Beautiful Music Together

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Actress Zooey Deschanel has been dabbling in music since 2001, performing in a jazz cabaret with fellow actress Samantha Shelton, taking on singing roles in movies like 2003's 'Elf' and 2004's 'Winter Passing' -- not to mention that she was chosen to play the legendary Janis Joplin in the biopic 'The Gospel According to Janis.'

    What's more, the silver-screen beauty contributed vocals to fellow multi-talent and former boyfriend Jason Schwartzman for his new band, Coconut Records, on their 2007 debut, 'Nighttiming,' and Deschanel announced in December that she had her own album on the way. With the producing help of folk singer M. Ward, she's finished her debut, planned for release later this year.

    Deschanel met Ward on the set of the upcoming Martin Hynes-directed, Sundance-approved film, 'The Go Getter,' in which the pair cover Richard and Linda Thompson's 'When I Get to the Border.' "I was amazed by the quality," Ward said of Deschanel's songs, which she played for him at his request. He told the AV Club, "I just had an incredible time working with her. She's an amazing talent, and a genius vocalist ... I'm looking forward to people hearing this record."


    John + Britney = The Ultimate Post

    January 13, 2008 -- DOES John Mayer have a thing for nutsy Britney Spears? In the February issue of Cosmopolitan - in which Mayer was voted the magazine's "Fun Fearless Male" of the year - the singer/songwriter joked that there's "nothing hotter than my woman in a straitjacket." However, in the same Cosmo Quiz, Mayer relays that sex on a first date is a "bad idea," so maybe wild and crazy Spears wouldn't be the best match for him.

    source: nypost

    And a little something extra... (pick this up on Tuesday, btw)

    source: cosmo (tryjm)
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    It was all part of his master plan...

    THE Britney Spears' saga continues, with the latest reports claiming the Piece of Me singer is being conned by her new British paparazzi boyfriend, who is just after her money.

    The UK’s News of the World reports that Brit’s new beau Adnan Ghalib has bragged to friends that he had deliberately set out to snare Spears to help himself to her riches.

    The paper also claims Spears has completely fallen for his British wiles, asking him to talk dirty in his accent and going property hunting on the weekend

    And in another patently bizarre Britney moment, the couple were photographed in LA on Friday at a car dealer, with Britney wearing her wedding dress to ex-hubby Kevin Federline.

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    Guiliani Girl REBECCA DiPIETRO's smokin' new photo shoot!

    She's definitely one of our favorite photo subjects.

    A former WWE-ECW interviewer whose relationship with Batista had everyone's tongue wagging behind the scenes in WWE.

    After being dropped by World Wrestling Entertainment, Rebecca became an internet sensation with her appearance as one of the Giuliani Girls in the sequel to the "Obama Girl" internet videos..

    But now, Rebecca has blasted out in 2008 with all new bra and panty pictures that are simply awesome.

    Source: http://www.wrestlingnewsdesk.com/WND/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=557&Itemid=1

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    Miley Cyrus Tries To Return $14,000 Dollar Christmas Gift & Is Denied

    Hannah Montana diva Miley Cyrus has apparently already let fame go to her head. Miley tried to return a $14,000 diamond heart necklace given to her by record label, Walt Disney Records, as a Christmas gift for outstanding sales.

    According to Star magazine, Miley stopped by high-end jewelry store Chopard on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on December 28. An eyewitness revealed:

    “Miley was complaining about how she thought her label would have bought her something bigger and more expensive. And when Chopard wouldn’t take back the necklace, Miley left the store in a huff.” 

    Maybe the necklace was ugly and Miley wanted something different? I'm sure she's making Disney millions.. if only they could buy her a better sense of style :\

    sorse oceanUP
    Ina Hanging On Like FG

    Official ONTD Golden Globes Discussion/Winners Post

    Beyonce says...

    ...it's time for the Golden Globes! Kinda. :\

    ecctv was going to make this post, but she is feeling under the weather and so she asked me to make it instead. But please do enjoy the graphic that she made for all of us:

    Please use this post to discuss the press conference that will announce the Golden Globes winners, airing at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) on NBC.

    Feel free to talk about the nominees, winners, writer's strike, or whatever else. Also feel free to post pictures/videos of your favorite nominees/stars/etc. Basically, this post is somewhat of a free-for-all, and hopefully it'll be fun enough to make up for the fact that the normal show (and all its awesome drunken star moments) eludes us this year.

    After the cut, you will find a list of all of the nominees. I will update the list as the press conference continues by making the winner in each category appear with bold text.

    If you want a printable "score card" so you can follow along at home (and make predictoins), please CLICK HERE.

    Thanks, and have fun! :)

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    eta: Apparently the press conference is being aired on CNN live, whereas NBC has a bunch of other filler shit and might be delayed a bit...


    eta 2: Now that the press conference is over, feel free to use this post for any OT shit you've been dying to post/ask, if you want to.

    Anna loses her Golden moment

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Anna Friel was one of a host of British stars putting on a brave face after being robbed of the chance of glory at the Golden Globes.

    The 31-year-old, who was nominated for an award, had bought a dress in anticipation of last night's planned red carpet show.

    But the glitzy ceremony was called off after Hollywood actors said they would boycott the event in solidarity with striking writers.

    The winners were to be announced at a low-key news conference in Beverly Hills.

    However, Friel and fellow Britons Keira Knightley, 22, and James McAvoy, 28, both nominated for awards for Atonement, were determined to keep their spirits up and donned their glad rags for the annual Baftas tea party instead.

    Friel, clearly disappointed at not being able to attend a major awards where she was nominated, told Metro: 'On the day I found out they weren't going to happen, my stylist was in the car and I had all these dresses in the back of the car. It was like torture.'

    However, the 31-year-old, who was nominated in the category for Best Actress in a TV Series for hit show Pushing Daisies, said her dress would not go to waste.

    'I'm not going to tell you what dress it was because I am going to wear it to something else!'
    said the former Brookside star.

    The actress, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, is signed up for six-and-a-half years to the US series, where she plays the childhood sweetheart of a pie-maker who brings people back from the dead.

    She said her mastery of the US accent had got her noticed in Hollywood. 'Everyone at work now thinks I'm doing a phoney accent when I talk in my British voice,' she added.

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    Save the whales! Hollywood teams up in Orca campaign

    More than two dozen celebrity actors, singers and producers apparently have joined a campaign to return a captive killer whale named Lolita to her home waters of Puget Sound.

    Calling on friends in the entertainment business, actor Raul Julia-Levy has offered endorsements from actors Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Jean Claude Van Damme and Harrison Ford; musicians Janet Jackson and 50 Cent; and producers Jonathan Sanger and Ed Elbert. Many other famous names are on the list.

    Howard Garrett of Orca Network, who has been leading the Free Lolita Campaign for 12 years, said Julia-Levy's passions have breathed new life into the effort. The goal remains to purchase the 40-year-old Lolita from Miami's Seaquarium and reintroduce her to close relatives still swimming free in Puget Sound.

    "We have known from the beginning in 1995 that we would need some celebrity or nationwide spokesperson and a big donor," Garrett said. "Raul is working on both. He has some very good connections."

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    Violet Affleck is Toy Crazy

    Proud parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are back in Los Angeles after spending several months in New York while Jen starred in the Broadway play Cyrano De Bergerac.

    Ben and Jen (both 35) were spotted on Saturday, taking their daughter Violet, 2, on a shopping spree at Toy Crazy at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif. Afterwards, the Affleck-Garners stopped off at City Bakery for coffee.


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    Game poster.

    I don't think I saw this posted, but here's a possible teaser poster for Gerard Butler's (also starring Michael C. Hall and Milo Ventimiglia) movie Game.

    The film is set in a dystopian future of implanted nano-devices, where the ultimate online simulation environment is humans remote-controlling other humans in mass-scale, multiplayer online gaming. Kable is a worldwide sensation, and the top-ranked warrior in a game called "Slayers." With his every move tracked by millions, he battles to regain his identity and bring down the system that has imprisoned him.

    The movie has just started filming and will have a 2009 release.

    Bb is looking hot! I'm excited to see this and Nim's Island (April 4, 2008 release).

    [glee] kurt sweet prince.

    (no subject)

    Dancy, Ritter in the bag for 'Shopaholic'

    Hugh Dancy and Krysten Ritter have joined Isla Fisher in Disney's romantic comedy "Confessions of a Shopaholic," which P.J. Hogan is directing and Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

    Based on the best-selling novels by Sophie Kinsella, the movie centers on a compulsive shopper (Fisher) in Manhattan up to her neck in debt who becomes a financial-advice columnist.

    Dancy stars as the editor of the financial magazine where Fisher works. Ritter plays Fisher's best friend.

    Tim Firth, Tracey Jackson and Kayla Alpert worked on the script.

    The movie is scheduled to go before cameras next month in New York and Connecticut.

    Mike Stenson, Chad Oman and Ron Bozman are executive producing. Jason Reed oversees for the studio.

    "Shopaholic" makes the third movie Dancy has done for Bruckheimer, following "King Arthur" and "Black Hawk Down." His other credits include "Ella Enchanted" and "The Jane Austen Book Club." He is repped by WMA and Untitled.

    Ritter, repped by Innovative, appears in "27 Dresses."

    Source: Hollywood Reporter

    CAN'T WAITTTTT!!! Hush up. I like rom coms.

    John Mayer does Timberlake

    Messin Round
    January 14, 2008

    Starting to get back into production head, searching for new sounds on a Sunday afternoon... My (anticlimactic) take on "I Think She Knows Interlude". It's probably not all that close to the actual recording. I'm too lazy to learn it for realz.

    Heard this in the car today, wanted to try it out... Collings I-35 through a Roland Space Echo pedal, Cornish NG-2 Fuzz and Fender '64 Vibroverb... Looped through a Boomerang pedal.

    From his blog last November:

    Lovestoned/I Think She Knows (Interlude) - Justin Timberlake - Not so much for the "Lovestoned" part, but for the 45 seconds of ultimate sonic bliss that is "I Think She Knows. It's JT's breakthrough moment as an artist; a novel mix of Coldplay guitar lines, hip hop beats and a vocal approach somewhere in between. When that track comes on I spend the first 3:30 preparing for the awesomeness to come. Then I yell at the speakers, "Make this 4 minutes long and put it on the next disc!"

    This is so cool. I like picturing his typical guitar faces while watching this.

    source: honeyee