January 11th, 2008

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Bratty Big Media Moguls Are Beginning To Exact Revenge On Pro-WGA Hollywooders

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--> Warner Bros Chairman Barry Meyer handpicks who spreads the AMPTP's insults and disinformation about the WGA. The other day, an AMPTP consultant tried to start a rumor that a WGA exec was connected to child pornography.

-->NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker has tried to bump both NBC 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan and NBC Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump from the recent guest rosters of The Late Show with David Letterman whose parent company Worldwide Pants did a side deal with the WGA to hire striking writers. Zucker's network minions tried to convince both men not to appear on the show.

-->Zucker earlier bullied striking NBC comedy writers from Saturday Night Live not to appear on Letterman's first Late Show back from strike hiatus and announce the Top 10. The scribes were ordered by NBC to leave the Ed Sullivan Theater right before the taping. By doing so, they couldn't collect their personal appearance pay. But NBC found out too late that writers for Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Law & Order did the bit and Zucker wanted the names of everyone who participated and worked at NBC.

-->NBC Entertainment co-czar on Monday told his new best friend, the no-talent Ryan Seacrest before the Golden Globes awards show was officially scrapped that, "Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom alive." (Now there's a T-shirt for sale benefitting the WGA strike fund that reads, "Nerdy. Ugly. Mean. Proud of it. WGA.")


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Seth Rogen wants to see Mulder and Scully get it on.

Randomly, MTV asked Richard Kelly and Seth Rogen about the upcoming X-Files movie. You can read the actual article at the source, I just pulled the quotes from it.

"I'd love to see one of their stand-alone weird episodes done as a movie," "Southland Tales" writer/director Richard Kelly insisted. "Just something really trippy that doesn't tie into the whole Black Oil thing."

Funnyman Seth Rogen agreed with that sentiment. "I was a pretty big 'X-Files' fan, [but] they kind of played the Black Oil thing into the ground," he said. "They kind of wrapped it up pretty good in the last one."

"I want to see [Mulder and Scully having sex]," the "Knocked Up" star announced, alluding to the long-simmering romantic undercurrent between the show's two leads. "That's the only thing that will satisfy my Mulder and Scully jones."

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Source: MTV
{fnl}: made of pure goodness!

So who's not talking to who again here?

Weinstein Says He Reached Deal With Writers

LOS ANGELES — The Weinstein Company, one of Hollywood’s biggest independent film companies, is expected to formally announce an agreement with striking writers as early as Thursday, according to Harvey Weinstein, the company’s co-founder.

Speaking at a breakfast interview here, Mr. Weinstein said the company had come to terms with writers on a deal similar to that reached last week by United Artists, the first independent movie company to reach an interim contract with the writers, who have been on strike since Nov. 5.

“We need to get people back to work,” Mr. Weinstein said of the agreement. He said executives of the major film and television companies — which broke off talks with the writers last month — had reacted “negatively” to his decision to reach independent terms. But Mr. Weinstein said he felt an obligation to help break the logjam that has shut down much of the entertainment industry.

According to Mr. Weinstein, the deal includes provisions that will allow it to be superseded by any deal ultimately reached with the major companies through their bargaining group, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

One project that will immediately benefit from the independent deal is “Nine,” a planned film from Rob Marshall, who directed “Chicago.” Anthony Minghella, who has worked with Mr. Weinstein on films like “The English Patient” and “Cold Mountain,” is expected to begin working on revisions of a script that was written by Michael Tolkin, Mr. Weinstein said.

A number of other companies are seeking independent agreements with the striking Writers Guild of America East and Writers Guild of America West. But no major production company has yet broken ranks to seek a separate arrangement with the guilds.


Orlando in Nepal for UNICEF


Orlando Bloom wears flower garlands and a red “tikka” mark on his forehead (local symbols of welcome) while visiting ethnic Tharu children and women at the Sayapatri Community Organization in the village of Dibyanagar in Chitwan district, Nepal.

In his role as an international ambassador for the charity UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), Orlando, 30, toured UNICEF-supported programs in the country’s western region November 30 - December 9, 2007, meeting with UNICEF staff, health facilitators and educators, as well as women’s and other community groups.

Nepal is still recovering from a decade-long civil war that left 13,000 people dead, hampered the delivery of basic services and restricted development of the nation. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of more than 60 per cent of child deaths in Nepal; an estimated 51 per cent of children under the age of five stunted in growth and 48 per cent considerably underweight. However, maternal mortality has significantly reduced from an estimated 539 deaths per 100,000 births in 1996 to 281 maternal deaths per 100,000 births in 2006. Child deaths are also on the decline, putting Nepal on track to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 (the reduction of under-five child mortality and improved maternal health).

Donate now to SupportUnicef.org.

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Jamie Oliver backpedals to save paycheck

The controversy over factory farming methods for British poultry took a new twist yesterday after Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef leading a campaign for better treatment of chickens, wrote to Sainsbury's praising the retailer's "real leadership" in the industry.

The Channel 4 star and face of Sainsbury's advertising campaign was prompted to write by newspaper reports suggesting he was furious that Sainsbury's officials failed to turn up to a debate on factory farming. The debate was part of Jamie's Fowl Dinners, a one-off documentary to be broadcast at 9pm this evening on Channel 4.

In his letter, Oliver, who is paid £1.2m a year by the supermarket giant, says he is "incredibly upset" with journalists "who misrepresent the programme as a whole", referring specifically to an article in the Daily Mirror on Monday.

The chef, who has campaigned for healthier school dinners, says he wishes he was writing "in different circumstances", adding that his words had been taken out of context and his positive comments about Sainsbury's "have all been ignored somewhat (sic)".


Drew Barrymore in a bar fight?

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Nice girl Drew Barrymore is one of the last stars you’d expect to be involved in a bar fight! Drew and her boyfriend, Justin Long, were partying at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on January 5 when another club patron snapped a picture of them with a small digital camera. According to a witness, Drew was upset over the invasion of privacy and complained to a bar employee. A fight broke out with Drew and Justin stuck in the middle. “Drew and Justin ran out of there as quickly as they could,” the witness says. Police were called to the scene to break up the brawl. A rep for Drew had no comment. The night of the brawl, Drew and Justin just wanted to have a good time. David Abithol claims that he was punched for taking pictures of Drew, 32, and Justin, 29. He says he isn’t a professional photographer, only a fan who wanted a picture. 

z beach

another fool failed by the school system

Soulja Boy denies having a Soulja Baby and goes at a couple of media outlets, Gza, Jody Breeze and others:

Wuz hannan dis ya folk Soulja Boy I just wanna let all my fans know that rumor about me having a baby on the way is not true.. So FU*K that site Mediatakeout And FU*K BET Black carpet for lying on me! Every week is something different.. They Said my Mom was dead. They said I got a girl pregnant. They said i got shot.. Wowww it will never end.. You can’t believe shit about me coming from Mediatakeout so if u see it you automatically know dat shit false.. I guess whoever runt that site personally dislikes me lol And Oh yeah this is my only Myspace page all the others is fake. And FU*K D.O.B. for lying and saying im joccin them I never heard of them in my life if I leave a comment on ya page and say yo music tight u should take that shit as i compliment DUMBASS! I got old ass niggaz from Wu-Tang dissin me. Some dude named GZA from Wu-Tang Clan dat was born in 66′ lol, who I never met in my life.. I’m like wow.. Then I seen a video of Jody Breeze talking shit about me? and for WHAT? Cuz they mad at all this Perfection. Don’t hate. INHALE IT IN NIGGA BREATHE IT IN! BASK IN IT!

MediaFakeout stating false ish?? No way.


I personally cannot stand this fool and what he's doing to music. Normally I wouldn't post about him, but this shit is ridiculous. Can it please be required that people take a competency test before becoming famous?

oh, and i dedicate my new icon to ilovemeganm =)
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Glastonbury to have "black American" headliner

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis says he has booked "a black American headliner" in an attempt to attract a younger audience to this year's festival.

The annual music event's line-up is traditionally kept under wraps until the gates open, so fans won't find out who the artist is until June.

But who are the contenders to be the main act at the UK's biggest festival?

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Tracey Loses Fight with Liquor

Tracey Morgan’s wife Sabina has filed for divorce citing that the comedian’s alcoholism has ruined their marriage:

“I have to divorce him. I still have feelings for him, but the marriage is over. “I’m having my lawyer file the divorce papers. I gave him every opportunity since August to stay in the marriage, but he’s failed. It’s terrible that he’s drinking again. He knows he shouldn’t be doing that for so many reasons, his health especially.”

Twenty-two years of marriage gone over some booze. Hopefully Tracey can get it together.


Katherine Heigl casts herself!

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Katherine Heigl has handed herself her next starring role after snapping up the movie rights to her favorite book. The star will play a woman who bonds with a dog after her husband dies in “Lost And Found.”


She reveals, “I’ve optioned a book and there’s a role for me. I love the story so much. It’s called ‘Lost And Found’ about a woman whose husband dies suddenly of a heart attack and she goes to this small island off Maine and finds this dog. It’s sort of about redemption and healing saving herself and this dog.
“I have five dogs and I’m a big animal person so the book is interesting because parts of it are from the dog’s perspective which I loved. In that way, it spoke to me because I give my dogs personalities like if they were a person this is who they’d be.” 


Celebrity Fit Love: Kimberley Locke Dating Her Trainer

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Kimberley Locke is dating someone new — just don’t call him her boyfriend.

“He’s not officially my boyfriend,” Locke says of Celebrity Fit Club’s notoriously tough trainer Harvey E. Walden IV, who is currently in the midst of a divorce. “[His divorce] is why we’re not a couple yet. That is my rule. Whether you’re separated or married — whatever — I would like it to be cleared up. Until then we can hang out together and have fun together.”

For Locke, romance developed after the Fit Club cameras stopped rolling. “We worked out on the show together for four months and never even said anything to each other,” says the “Band of Gold” singer, 30. “I thought he was mean. I didn’t want him to be mean to me, but then after the show was over and I saw him outside of work, he was really nice.”

Except in the gym. “We do work out together sometimes. We go running and everything, but the whole working out in the gym thing didn’t go so well,” says the American Idol alum, who lost 40 lbs. last year during her stint on Fit Club and later, as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. “Two bossy people? He wants me to do things his way. I want to do it my way — I’m going to do it my way. It didn’t work out.”

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Can George Save the Day?

EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney Offers To Set Up "Mediation Panel" To Solve WGA Strike

Hollywood's Triple-A list actors have started becoming integrally involved in trying to solve the Writers Guild strike against the Hollywood CEOs. I've just been told that George Clooney today is volunteering to personally set up a so-called "mediation panel" including himself and with plans to ask Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and John Wells (the executive producer of ER and a controversial ex-WGA president) to be part of it, plus 3 or 4 bigwigs who are siding with the producers. The offer came in a phone call today with Harvey Weinstein who promptly volunteered to be part of the panel. Clooney suggested its purpose should be to oversee the talks and tell the WGA as each term is bargained "you have to live with this and get over it," and tell the AMPTP "you have to live with that and get over it", Weinstein quoted George as saying. It's also Clooney's idea that everybody would be locked in the room together and not leave until the deal is done.
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George couldn't save Darfur, but maybe he can help here.  He would be a hero if he could bring "The Office" back.

Robbie thinks he has a plan

Robbie Williams goes on strike
Singer threatening to without music from record label

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Robbie Williams had gone on strike in protest against Terra Firma - the company that recently bought his record label EMI.

The star is threatening is withholding his new album, which had been scheduled to be released in September, from the label.

He is striking because, according to his manager, Tim Clark, he believes Guy Hands, the new head of EMI is behaving like a “plantation owner”.

Clark told The Times: “The question is, ‘Should Robbie deliver the new album he is due to release to EMI?’ We have to say the answer is ‘No’.

“We have no idea how EMI will market and promote the album. They do not have anyone in the digital sphere capable of doing the job required. All we know is they are going to decimate their staff.

“EMI can sue or pay up his contract. Robbie needs to know what services EMI can provide to an artist of his standing.”

Meanwhile Coldplay’s manager David Holmes said that his band had been surprised by recent changes at the label, saying that the band were disappointed by the departure of Tony Wadsworth, who used to be head of EMI’s UK and Ireland music division.

“Tony was the reason a lot of bands signed to EMI,” he said. “Artists want to work with music people, not finance guys.”

source: http://www.nme.com/news/robbie-williams/33593

Stephen Colbert for Vice President?

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has been on The Colbert Report a few times over the past year, and during his appearance on Wednesday's show he jokingly asked Stephen Colbert to be his running mate in the upcoming election. Colbert, who abandoned his own 2008 presidential bid back in November, responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes, a thousand times yes." Is it time for the citizens of America to get ready for the Huckabee/Colbert campaign? And will noted Huckabee Supporter/King of the Internet Chuck Norris be the Secretary of Defense?

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It's Time for Notable Quotables!

This Week's 10 Best Celeb Quotes   

Simon welcomes Britney, plus more from Halle Berry, George Clooney and others...  

He looks like a child with a lot of makeup."
Jessica Alba, on meeting Zac Efron at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards (where they both won hottie of the year), to Elle  

"I call myself the Dairy Queen."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on her two-month old son's eating habits, on her first day back at The View

"I could never compete with Sarah Silverman. I will never be able to say the word vagina as many times as she can."
Rainn Wilson, on taking over hosting duties of the Independent Spirit Awards, to Entertainment Weekly    

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Good Morning!

And Happy Friday :)
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Scissor Sisters

Rosie Sends Baby Gifts to Elisabeth Hasselbeck

"Peace prevails" with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O'Donnell, as O'Donnell confirmed to PEOPLE Thursday night that she has made up with her former foe – and even bought her a baby gift.

On her way into the premiere of The Little Mermaid on Broadway, O'Donnell said of Hasselbeck's 2-month-old son Taylor Thomas: "He's very, very cute. I saw him on TV, and I sent him a lovely gift, and [she and Hasselbeck] have been e-mailing each other. And peace prevails."

Hasselbeck returned to The View this week, bringing her baby with her.

As for Rosie's baby gifts, they were in proportion to the scale of the conflict between Hasselbeck and O'Donnell when both sparred on The View.

"I sent something for him and something for his big sister [Grace, 2]," said O'Donnell. "Because, as the mother of four, I know that when the newborn arrives, the most important thing is a sibling gift. For [Taylor], it was a lot of clothes, because babies spit up a lot. I go to Baby Gap. There is a standard newborn gift pack – as much as you can buy at the Gap without being arrested. And a learning gift, a soft shape sorter. And then for [Grace] who is older, I got a tea set that she loves."

O'Donnell says that Hasselbeck herself has bounced back after giving birth – and they've stayed in touch. "We e-mail back and forth," she said. "She seems good. She looks like she adopted, like she didn't give birth. She looks perfectly fit and gorgeous already."


Aww, now doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Kinda like a squirrel? Ro likes squirrels. And dolphins. And pussy.

Suri is...Magical?

They sure do grow up fast in Hollywood! Little Suri Cruise is not even 2 yet, but already mom Katie Holmes says, "She's a very strong woman."

"I'm very proud of her," the 29-year-old actress added to PEOPLE at Thursday's Glamour magazine kickoff event for V-Day's 10th Anniversary. "She's actually teaching me a lot – probably more than I'm teaching her."

The Mad Money star said she attended the event to support friends Eve Ensler (the author of The Vagina Monologues) and Paula Wagner (husband Tom Cruise's production partner) – but she couldn't help singing the praises of her talented toddler.

"She's very smart and strong," Holmes concluded. "And really magical."  

Photo Source

Magical, eh? Cue the bad jokes about Scientology, people. Come on. The only reason I even posted this is to get some laughs of what you guys come up with. Plus Suri is CUTE. But that's aside the point, really...
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EMILY BLUNT says her sex scene with TOM HANKS was ‘Hot’.

The raunchy scene in Charlie Wilson’s War sees the British actress crawling over the Oscar-winning star and she admits that she enjoyed it.

"It was hot. It was surreal!” she says. “And embarrassing because it's just you with your t**s hanging out, and you always hope the lighting's nice.

"But Tom is really sexy. I promise you! He just made it effortless, to do those scenes. And he was so protective of me. He's a real gent."

But she feels that 51-year-old Tom might have been less comfortable getting hot and heavy with a 24-year-old.

"Maybe it was weird for him, because I could be his daughter and I'm friends with his son Colin,” she reveals.

“Also because Tom Hanks is not known for these kinds of scenes, for being that kind of guy - and Charlie Wilson was a massive player, he was really promiscuous. And sexy!"

Despite the fun she had on Charlie Wilson’s War, Emily is not that keen to get naked on screen again.

"There are some people who feel OK and confident with prancing around in their underwear. I wouldn't say I was one of those people. So you just become someone who's good at it."


Up up and away!

Worst. Movie Title. EVER.

Here's the trailer for an Aussie film starring Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine) and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider). It's called Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger. (No, I did not make that up.)

A coming-of-age story about a 13-year-old girl trying to fit into both a posh private school and an ordinary public school.

HEY HEY IT'S ESTHER BLUEBURGER is a comedy that explores what it's really like to be an outsider in your own world. Esther (Danielle Catanzariti) is not like other girls; she befriends a duck, talks to god through the toilet and break-dances at her Bat Mitzvah. Esther's strict all-girls private school, is a daily torment of mind-numbing conformity, overzealous prefects, bell-ringing rituals, bitchy 'Ribbons' and lonely lunchtimes. Her family life has become a pressure cooker driven by her mother Grace's (Essie Davis) demand for perfection. But life changes when Esther meets Sunni, (Keisha Castle-Hughes) the tough cool girl from the local public school, and her mother Mary (Toni Collette). She learns that it's OK to be different and being true to yourself is more important than fitting in.

Youtube and IMDb
I'll be honest, it looks like poo, but I love Toni Collette and will therefore forgive her for it.

EDIT: Yes, Keisha Castle-Hughes was the ORIGINAL knocked up 16 year old. She had the baby a little while ago and called it Felicity-Amore. Thanks to thelovehater and simply_inn0cent for the pictures of Keisha and her baby.
pink moon.
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Alba, Holmes, and Dawson Fight Violence Against Women

What do Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Rosario Dawson have in common? All are A-list actresses, and all support V-Day, a global effort to end violence against women and girls. Founded by Eve Ensler (of "The Vagina Monologues" fame), V-Day celebrated its 10th anniversary Thursday at a star-studded private luncheon sponsored by Glamour magazine. Joining Alba, Holmes and Dawson were Val Kilmer, Kerry Washington, Ali Larter, Gina Gershon, Judith Light and Jennifer Beals.

Since its inception, the anti-violence V-Day effort has reached 119 countries and raised $50 million to increase awareness about violence against women.

"It literally started from one woman's voice ... and it's exponentially grown," said Dawson, a V-Day board member who was inspired by her mother and grandmother's political activism. "It's about embracing being a female and reclaiming that." Dawson performed a poem about New Orleans, calling it "the vagina of America."

Alba, who made her stage debut performing "The Vagina Monologues," also offered a poem at the luncheon. But first she warned the crowd that she was "popping out" of her dress.

"If you guys don't know, I'm pregnant," she said, as her fiance, Cash Warren, beamed. "You're all women. I think you understand your breasts are engorged and your stomach is getting bigger by the second."

Holmes said she was inspired to become a part of V-Day by her friend (and Tom Cruise's longtime business partner), Paula Wagner. "It's important for women to support each other and communicate with each other and be each other's friends," Holmes said. "We should be working on stopping violence for people, for everyone."

When Ensler called for financial support from the well-heeled audience, donations poured in. The future of women is the future of the human species," she said. Last year's V-Day luncheon raised over $200,000, said Glamour editor Cindi Leive. V-Day will publicly celebrate its anniversary with a two-day event at New Orleans' Superdome in April.

Source: Associated Press

is it just me or does Katie Holmes look uncomfortable being around humans?
wf. vessels of a donor look

In honor of the new season of Psych premiering tonight..

We love two things here on PopWatch: lists and the debates that follow them. And so, we've created the PopWatch Duel. Here's how it works: We'll ask two celebs for their picks on a certain topic. You'll decide whose responses are better by casting a vote in the comments section. (They'll try to tell themselves that they don't care who wins.)

In honor of Psych's return tonight with the first of six new episodes (Fridays, 10 p.m., USA) we asked stars James Roday (left) and Dulé Hill (right) to name the five pop-culture mysteries they'd like solved.

Their responses...

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8 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Geeks

As any nerd can tell you, being smarter than everyone else has a price. Poor social skills, being grossly over or under weight, being terrible at sports. Skin problems, probably bad eyesight ... you get the idea.

Yet, there is a whole class of nerds who break that universal rule, who somehow wind up smarter than us, yet also, are so good at kicking ass or being hot that they've got legions of adoring fans. Maybe they're just lucky, or maybe they turned their backs on God and sought solace in the infernal embrace of a giving demonic patron. The fact is, it is not fair that these people exist and we suggest you take it up with your local clergy.

We're talking about people like ...

#8. Natalie Portman

When Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman was 10 years old, a representative of Revlon found her at a pizza parlor and asked her if she wanted to model. Portman turned her down and said that, all things considered, she would much rather act.

Portman was a straight A student in high school, although it was a public school and we can tell you first hand that most of what they teach involves premarital sex and how to keep your gun properly oiled. While playing the Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace, she skipped the premiere to study for her final exams. This, by the way, got her into Harvard (If you ask us, it's really a toss-up between the Ivy League and non-alcoholic sparkling cider at the kids' table with baby Anakin).

Portman was a research assistant in a psychology lab and put in some time working for the youngest law professor in the history of Harvard, Alan Dershowitz. You may remember him as a member of O.J. Simpson's legal "dream team," permanently earning himself another place in history as somebody you never want to get in an argument with about anything, ever. He even gave her a shout out in his book The Case for Israel.

By the time she got her bachelor's, she had studied four languages in addition to Hebrew, the language of her birth, had been published in professional science journals twice, killed an ass-load of aliens, and generally made us look like big human-shaped piles of poo. Seriously, when we were 10 years old, we wanted to be doctors or space cowboys or, at the very least, fire fighters. The closest we've gotten so far is one of those little shiny red fireman helmets.

Recently Natalie returned to the ground she covered with Dershowitz when she starred as anarchist apprentice Evey Hammond in the terrorist fable V for Vendetta. This got her invited to Columbia to speak to a class on terrorism and antiterrorism and, more importantly, bridging the raw, seemingly eternal divide between comic book and Star Wars geeks.

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Suga turns SOUR

Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah arrested



Singer held after alleged criminal damage

 Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah was arrested yesterday (January 10) after allegedly attacking a woman’s car.

Berrabah was arrested by police at around 10:45am GMT in Aldershot after allegedly attacking a car belonging to a neighbour of hers.

She was questioned for four hours by police, who told The Sun: “A 23 year-old woman from London was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and public order offences. She has been bailed to appear at Aldershot police station on February 21.”

Source: http://www.nme.com/news/sugababes/33591

This girl is so ghetto, where the hell did they find her?
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Will She Show?

Britney's Last Chance

TMZ has learned that Monday's custody hearing could be one of the most important days in Britney Spears' life. We're told Brit must show and face the judge if she's got any hope of getting her kids back. Our sources tell us if she doesn't show, or is uncooperative, it could be curtains for her custody case.

What's more, police sources tell TMZ that Commissioner Scott Gordon will hear firsthand eyewitness accounts of last Thursday's breakdown from LAPD, firefighters and paramedics who were on scene. We're told they're not going to paint a pretty picture.

Also, we've learned the L.A County Sheriff's Department isn't taking any chances -- they're ready for anything. If Brit Brit loses it in court, they'll be there to "handle" the situation. Wear your heavy boots!


I think a poll is in order...

Poll #1119632 Brit Brit

Will Brit show up for Monday's court hearing?

Yes, on time.
Yes, but late.
No, she'll call in sick or have some other "excuse."
No, she'll blow it off.
britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI


Giada De Laurentiis attends Mad Money movie premiere

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anyone else think Todd is a raging homosexual? i mean, hes a clothing designer... i cant have a clothing designer at my party. i mean, there would be girls in their bathing suits.

also... shes 5 months and has a small bb bump... but then again she is like really petite.
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Marion Jones Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

Juiced Jones Gets Six Months

A judge has just sentenced disgraced Olympic champion Marion Jones to six months in prison. Gimme that medal!

Jones, who recently returned her three gold and two bronze medals, had begged a judge to keep her out of the slammer. The 31-year-old former runner and long jumper was one of the most celebrated female athletes in the world -- until it was revealed she routinely used performance-enhancing drugs.

She recently admitted to lying to a federal investigator in 2003, and confessed that she took steroids "several times before the Sydney Olympics and continued using it after." What a role model.



Also... CLICK HERE if you wish to read a more comprehensive and detailed article about this case from CNN/SI.

Fight Club: The Musical

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is just a bad....bad....idea. David Fincher had a little chat with MTV where he mentioned doing a Fight Club musical. It doesn't look like he was joking. He wants to debut it on Broadway in 2009. That's the 10th Anniversary of the movie. Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, is reportedly on board. Trent Reznor is considering writing the music.

Listen, I'm all about shirtless dudes singing and dancing, but this has "major embarrassment" written all over it. Think of the insurance costs alone. These Broadway actors will not like being hit over and over again and even with "fake stage fighting" it's bound to happen. They are too precious and pretty for that. They are queens! Hearing Tyler Durden screech a high pitch "owwww" after accidentally being hit is not my idea of a good time.

Bail on this Fincher. Bail on it now! Spiderman the Musical with music by Bono is bad enough.


Clive Owen on set of "The International" in NYC, 1/11

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The International, an action-thriller about an Interpol agent who investigates corruption at powerful banking institutions.
Variety says the film will be directed by Tom Tykwer, with shooting scheduled to begin in September.

Eric Singer wrote the script and Mosaic Media Group’s Charles Roven and Richard Suckle are producing, along with Lloyd Phillips. John Woo, Terence Chang and Jeff Lurie are executive producing.

Clive Owen, who previously starred in Closer for the studio, also stars in New Line’s upcoming Shoot ‘Em Up and The Golden Age for Universal. He’s also been cast to reprise his role in the Sin City sequel.


Ovechkin, Capitals agree to 13-year, $124 million contract extension

WASHINGTON -- Alexander the Great has a contract worthy of his nickname -- the first $100 million deal in NHL history.

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis (right) and Alexander Ovechkin negotiated the first deal in NHL history that guarantees nine figures of income.

Alexander Ovechkin signed a $124 million, 13-year contract extension Thursday with the Washington Capitals, a handsome reward for the charismatic 22-year-old Russian who has been a nonstop goal-scorer since coming to the NHL in 2005.

"I'm happy I stay here," Ovechkin said. "It's my second home. I like the fans. I like the team. I like everything here."
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More Info on OJ

O.J. Simpson may be headed back to Vegas jail

Prosecutors say ex-NFL star violated bail terms by calling co-defendant

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O.J. Simpson is in custody in Florida on allegations that he violated terms of his release on bail by calling one of his co-defendants in a Las Vegas armed robbery case, a court official said Friday.

Prosecutors allege that Simpson, identifying himself as "Miguel," telephoned Clarence "C.J." Stewart on Nov. 16 and expressed frustration with Stewart's testimony at a preliminary hearing, court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer said.

That was two days after a Las Vegas justice of the peace ruled that Simpson, Stewart and another co-defendant should stand trial on 12 charges, including kidnapping and robbery.

 Clark County District Attorney David Roger was filing a motion Friday to revoke Simpson's bail, according to a court clerk.

Simpson was to go before a judge Wednesday.

"We understand he's in the custody of his bail bondsman in Florida right now and will be brought to Las Vegas for the hearing," said Elana Pitaro, a clerk for District Court Judge Jackie Glass.

A bail bondsman at You Ring We Spring bail bonds in North Las Vegas declined to comment.

Simpson was freed Sept. 19 on $125,000 bail after his arrest on allegations he and several friends burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint.

Simpson has maintained that he was retrieving items that belonged to him. He and the two other men are scheduled to stand trial April 7.

His lawyer, Yale Galanter, did not return phone messages seeking comment.

Source: MSNBC

I just don't understand why they are persecuting him like this.  I guess the world doesn't understand the concept of "innocent until proven guilty".

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K-Fed Wants Da Deets / Kaplan To Request No Visitation for Brit Until At Least April?

K-Fed to Cops: Tell Me What You Saw!

K-Fed wants to know what happened at Brit's house!

TMZ has obtained the minute order from a court hearing yesterday, where K-Daddy's powerhouse attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan have formally requested a full report on exactly what went down at Britney's house last Thursday. He is also requesting the release of all the names of LAPD officers who responded to the scene.

As we just reported, those officers and other emergency personnel are set to testify in open court about what they saw.



eta -- Usmagazine.com is reporting the following:

Source: Federline's Attorney Seeks to Have Britney's Visitation Rights "Cut Off Completely"

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline's attorney, will ask in court on Monday that Britney Spears' visitation rights "be cut off completely until the trial in April," a source close to the case tells Usmagazine.com.

"That means no interaction with the kids until then," the source adds.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Saleisha gets cut...but not her hair


Looks like the fallout from the TYRA-GATE America's Next Top Model scandal isn't over yet. (To read about the scandal - click here). MediaTakeOut.com is hearing whispers that Elite modeling agency may have cut Saleisha's contract down from three years - to only one year.

According to a person claiming to be familiar with Saleisha's arrangement with the top agency, Elite is trying to drop Saleisha from its ranks. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "[Elite] wants to walk away from Saleisha altogether, but that would look too bad. So they're just going to put her on the shelf and wait for her contract to expire."

Dang, that's cold. You know what, Saleisha really deserves better - it ain't really even her fault. If anyone's to blame for this whole mess, it's Tyra and the shows producers.


Edit: The original source doesnt have a working link either to the scandal. But its nothing new--just the fact that she had done previous work like Tyra show, Wendy's commercial, etc. Sorry guys :/
HMNI complicated

R&B artist blind item

Whistleblower: The Un-Fortunate Crooner

What former R&B hit-maker with once-long-flowing now shorned locks has relasped again into booze and cocaine abuse? His former label shelved his last album (and a self-release has yet to become available), because the brave but troubled singer dared to sing not only about his female lovers, but a male lover as well! Openly bisexual to friends and those in-the-know, the heartthrob hasn't been lucky in love. A New York source tells TNU exclusively:

"He was dating a European model for some time, and she broke his heart. [Crooner] always seems to be the one getting left. I know he recently fell into a severe depression, which was followed by some serious party boy habits. If you look at him you can tell. He looks worn these days."

Sad. And The New Urban loves this guy, too...

Blow the whistle, y'all...


i'm guessing maxwell, the guy who made that song "fortunate". i've heard he's not looking as fine as he used to.

**this post is dedicated to my freaky friday partner jiai1 , who encouraged me to scout out this site. thanks so much bb!**

ETA:  here's a pic of the new maxwell below the cut.  thanks so much hiphopdiary!
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Jonas Brothers before they were famous

The Jonas Brothers performing on the Early Show in 2004. This video has never been posted on the internet before and was posted for the first time today on youtube

and FYI yes they are singing a christian/religious song


and for the record

1. they are dressed VERY normal in this video
2. nick doesn't have a fro
3. nick was originally supposed to be a solo singer with joe and kevin as backup
4. they are not Jewish...

their dad was a pastor at an assembly of god church (which is like really crazy and they speak in tounges and shit)

and was a big part of starting christ for the nations music. http://www.cfnmusic.com/ if you wanna check it out.
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Meet Diablo Cody

From her MySpace Blog:

"I will be talking about Juno and signing copies of the spankin'-new script book* tomorrow evening at Book Soup on the legendary Sunset Strip. 5 pm. Be there or (traces square-shape in air w/ index fingers.)

Please come. I want to meet you all.

*And yes, I will also sign Candy Girl and anything else, and if you want to bring your Juno-loving 12-year-old, it's fine because I won't be talking about dildos and stuff this time."

Source and Source

I wish I could go :(
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Keira Knightley on Cover of February Issue of W Mag

Keira Makes W Magazine's A-List

Keira Knightley strikes a smoldering pose on the cover of the upcoming issue of W magazine, on newsstands January 22. The issue focuses on Hollywood's hot A-list -- from power brokers to power geeks, like 'Juno''s Michael Cera, Jonah Hill of 'Superbad' fame and 'Napoleon Dynamite''s Jon Heder.


So who wins for worst cover of the day -- Keira, or Katherine Heigl?
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Duh Of The Day

Claim: Katie Holmes Signed Contract, $3M a Year Prenup

Andrew Morton makes some explosive allegations in his new book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography (out Tuesday). Among them: wife Katie Holmes signed a contract to commit to Scientology and that her father brokered a high-paying pre-nup.

Us Weekly distills the accusations in its latest issue, on newsstands now.

Morton claims Cruise had Holmes sign a document before they started dating that allowed "Scientologists full control over her life." The alleged document required Holmes to "turn only to Scientology's treatments" for herself and her children's welfare and "must never use psychiatric care or psychiatric drugs."

Morton maintains that Holmes' father, Martin, an attorney, negotiated a pre-nup that would award her $3 million for each year of their marriage.

Holmes' rep had no comment and the Church of Scientology told Us, "Ms. Holmes never signed any agreement."

Holmes – praised for her glam makeover – recently congratulated Nicole Kidman on her pregnancy and attended the Critics' Choice Awards.

For more on the Cruise rumors, check out the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.


Is anybody actually surprised at this news?

backstreet boys icons, backstreet boys, nick carter icons, aj mclean, nick carter

Top 10 Albums in Soundscan History

I searched as far back as the 1st, and saw nothing except for Soundscan results for 2007..

1. Come On Over/ Shania Twain (15,449,000)
2. Metallica/ Metallica (15,077,000)
3. Jagged Little Pill/ Alanis Morissette (14,557,000)
4. Millennium/ Backstreet Boys (12,099,000)
5. Soundtrack/ Bodyguard (11,798,000)
6. Supernatural/ Santana (11,643,000)
7. Human Clay/ Creed (11,504,000)
8. No Strings Attached/ N Sync (11,104,000)
9. Beatles 1/ Beatles (11,097,000)
10. Falling Into You/ Celine Dion (10,768,000)


ETA: nadsatshoot made a good point in saying that these results are from 1991 on.
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Bale vs. Depp?

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Christian Bale is in talks to join Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies," director Michael Mann's Depression-era crime drama.

An adaptation of Bryan Burrough's book "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-43," the Universal Pictures project follows the government's attempt to stop the criminals John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd. Depp is playing Dillinger.

Bale would play Melvin Purvis, who led the FBI's manhunt for Dillinger and captured more public enemies than any other agent in FBI history.

It was Purvis who uttered, "Stick 'em up, Johnny" when he confronted Dillinger outside Chicago's Biograph Theatre in 1934, moments before the gangster was shot dead by FBI agents. Ben Johnson played Purvis in the 1973 movie "Dillinger."

Production is due to start later this winter in Chicago and other Midwest locales. The job is not expected to conflict with Bale's commitment to play John Connor in the fourth "Terminator movie, "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins," which will follow "Enemies."

Bale will next be seen in this summer's Batman movie, "The Dark Knight."

News source, Pic source.

Best casting news ever, yes?
Film - The Shining

Hayek in Uni Horror Drama 'Freak'

Salma Hayek has been cast alongside John C. Reilly in the Paul Weitz-directed movie adaptation of British author Darren Shan's hair-raising children's novel.

Salma Hayek has joined John C. Reilly in Universal Pictures' horror drama Cirque du Freak, which is being directed by Paul Weitz (About a Boy, American Pie). The project is an adaptation of British author Darren Shan's hair-raising children's novel, the first of 12 installments, three of which have already been optioned by Universal. The story centers on a vampire (Reilly), a member of a circus who becomes intertwined in the lives of two young boys. Hayek will play the circus' bearded lady. The role marks her first acting project since coming off of maternity leave. Shooting starts next month.

Don't love the pic, but I think she is fierce beyond words.

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♥ L Word: Alice Sunglasses

Paris Hilton: Lesbian?

I know you guys hate Paris Hilton but...whatever.

AfterEllen's Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. reports that Paris Hilton was spotted cuddling with Kate Moennig and Daniela Sea (two stars of the L Word) at the season 5 premiere of The L Word. And apparently she also wants to guest star on the show.

"Yes, that's Paris in a black wig and gray hat, snuggling with Kate Moennig, Daniela Sea and an unidentified woman (anybody know who that is?). After the premiere party, Paris was seen leaving with Kate, and the two continued partying at lesbian night at Falcon, a lounge on Sunset Blvd.

E! Online's gossip columnist Marc Malkin even cited an "eye witness" who told him that Kate and Paris were seen "holding hands" there. And we all know "holding hands" automatically equals "lesbian"!

Malkin then went one step further and identified Kate as "the openly gay star of The L Word" in a video report you can watch here. The only problem? Kate has rarely spoken about her sexual orientation, and she has never said that she is a lesbian. In fact, in a 2000 interview with the New York Observer, she was identified as straight and said that she was seeing an actor in Los Angeles "who knows what he wants."

Does this mean that Malkin outed Kate Moennig? Her representatives did not return our request for comment, but all I can say is, if anyone in Hollywood is planning to come out, please don't do it by announcing your relationship with Paris Hilton. I think I'd even prefer Lindsay Lohan.

There is one last disturbing tidbit to emerge from this unfortunate situation (and you thought it couldn't get any worse!). According to "a source" quoted on the obviously reliable site GossipGirls.com (I'm being sarcastic), Paris wants to be on The L Word and was actually seen talking to Ilene Chaiken.

Geez, if talking to Ilene means you want a guest spot on The L Word, I'm never going to be able to interview her."


Note to the mods: Sorry if this was posted already, but it's the first I've seen of it.

Yes, my lesbian friends, that is Paris Hilton in a black wig doing what most of us only dream about. (Not me though, sorry, I prefer Tasha)

Poor Baby.

OJ Simpson's bail has reportedly been revoked ... and he's heading back to jail!

FOX News reporter Adam Housley is reporting that the Juice is set to fly to Vegas from Florida today, and will arrive in the early evening. According to Housley, the bondsman actually revoked the bail, which he legally can do, because he learned that the Clark County D.A. has filed a motion to revoke O.J.'s bail. As to why, we don't know yet, but it appears to be related to some sort of phone message. Someone stole my s**t!

You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds -- O.J.'s bondsman -- had no comment.

UPDATE: A court official confirms Simpson will be brought before a judge next week on allegations that he violated terms of his bail.

Source: TMZ.com

Also, if anyone is interested, TMZ is streaming live from the Santa Monica Pier asking people if Britney should be committed. So far it's just a live view of the scenery. Good, job, TMZ. On the ball as always.

Nicole Richie is giving birth right now too

X17online can report exclusively that Nicole Richie is at Cedars Sinai NOW, apparently ready to give birth!

And you'll probably be able to guess who else might be there ... we're hearing Ms. Xtina may also be in the Cedars maternity ward right now!!!

more news coming ...


EDIT: More info

Nicole Richie is giving birth.
Joel Madden was spotted walking into the delivery area of L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
He was overheard saying, "She's going to start pushing soon."

Bro Benji is also there.
Stay tuned! 

EDIT: More

Baby Kaboom! Nicole and Christina in Labor!

Oh, baby! Both Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera are in labor at Cedars-Sinai!

Us is reporting that the "Simple Life" star has checked in and will soon deliver her bundle of joy. And multiple sources have confirmed to us that Christina is there too. Maybe they can share a room?!


: Richie's mom, Brenda, has arrived with two others and has been escorted by the plain clothes security to see her daughter. 


A smiling Lionel Richie and his wife Brenda have arrived at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Mom Brenda showed up first with two others and was escorted by the plain clothes security.
Then Lionel showed up with Richie's half-sister, Sophia. 
They all headed to the labor and delivery area.
Richie arrived at the hospital late Thursday.

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Jan 10, 2008

Jon McLaughlin To Perform At Sunday's Colts Game

Former Anderson resident and national recording artist Jon McLaughlin will perform his song “Industry” during halftime of the Indianapolis Colts game Sunday. The Colts take on the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Divisional playoffs beginning at 1 p.m. at the RCA Dome.

McLaughlin, 25, is a graduate of Anderson High School and Anderson University. He toured nationally in 2007 promoting his album Indiana.




Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All Access Music Group is reporting that Mariah's new single whose title is still to be determined is impacting Top 40/Mainstream radio stations on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Although "All Access" gets its data directly from the record labels, please consider this a tentative date until an official announcement is made.

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January 10, 2008 -- A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys isn't afraid of a little drag. The singer with meticulously sculpted facial hair went shopping with his girlfriend at the Betsey Johnson store in Los Angeles and apparently got a little jealous of the frocks she was trying on. Our spy said, "A.J. started trying on dresses too, and while showing off in a dress with a poofy skirt, he cracked, 'This is going to be on my next album cover.' "


idina menzel: live in hollywood

popbytes.com mini review

good morning everybody! last night i had the privilege to attend idina menzel's showcase in hollywood to kick-off the release of her debut album i stand due in stores january 29th - you might know her from playing maureen in rent (a tony nominated performance!) and elphaba in wicked (a tony winning performance!) plus she stars in enchanted and sang the closing song for beowulf! she is a total knock your socks off singer - the album was produced by glen ballard who idina mentioned was on the top of her list of people to work with - she was so adorable and way humble (and very appreciative she was given the opportunity to make an album) plus her hubby hottie taye diggs was in the audience and it just so happened that it was their 5th wedding anniversary (they've been together for twelve years in total - ms. menzel mentioned taye was the first guy she was able to use the toilet in front of - it was a really funny aside!)

right after she mentioned it was their special day - idina sat down and sang a track called where do i begin? and she got all teary eyed - it was such a beautiful & romantic song - i got chills down my spine - right after she finished mr. diggs hopped up on stage to give his lady a big hug and kiss - so sweet! in total she sang about 6-7 songs - all of them she knocked out of the park - it was so amazing to be so close and hear her sing like she does - for sure i'll be mentioning ms. menzel again here on popbytes - also make sure to check out her youtube channel! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! 

source & source

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Uma Thurman To Face Creepy Stalker

While fame definitely has its upside, the downside of stardom can be equally as bad. And it looks like Uma Thurman will have to face her stalker in court, as he just refused a plea deal.

Thurman’s lawyers proposed a plea deal with Jack Jordan, who is facing charges of harassment and felony coercion, to allow him to enter a mental health program in order to avoid having to take the case to court.
But Johnson reportedly refused, saying he wanted to see the “Kill Bill” actress “close up.” His lawyer, George Vomvolakis, told press, “My client has expressed a serious desire to go to trial.”

So what’s next? It looks like the harassment/coercion case will go to trial, with Johnson facing up to the maximum sentence if he’s found guilty. And after his creepy reasoning for turning down the plea deal, it’s safe to say he’ll be found guilty.

Enjoy the pictures of Uma leaving the salon.

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Britney posing for 'Rolling Stone'?

The mirror is reporting that Britney Spears is set to do a spread for Rolling Stone magazine. Not many details available as of now but the idea is being considered as we speak (that is if Britney can cooperate) ...

Music bible Rolling Stone is putting her on the cover of next month's edition - an honour she hasn't been given since she was just 17 when she appeared in bra and hot pants and holding a Teletubby toy.

Pop's fallen princess even appeared on the cover of the American OK magazine this week posing with her sons.

A source said: "This horrible mess has taken over and ironically helped to boost sales."

But the source was quick to deny accusations that the record label had manipulated her to boost sales.

"Britney is close to record label head Barry Wise and tells him exactly what she wants to do," she said.

Shocking pictures this week showed the intoxicated star being whisked to hospital after a child custody dispute led to a stand-off with police.

A judge later awarded sole custody of two-year-old Sean Preston and Jayden James, one, to dad Kevin Federline and issued a restraining order against her.

The source went on: "After her latest breakdown it was too late to pull the single from release. And if it had that would only have served in upsetting her more."

But she added, ominously: "No one knows what the Rolling Stone piece is going to be like or if Britney has been directly involved - she's like a loose cannon. It would be better if they scrapped the idea all together."


Might be bullshit, but who really knows.


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Yet another new song title! MariahDailyJournal is now able to reveal that "Touch My Body" is one of the tracks from the much-awaited, new Mariah Carey album. This song, according to our source, is also being considered for the lead single.

Thus far, this site has confirmed 4 new song titles: "Touch My Body," "I'm That Chick You Like," "Migrate," and "Heat." More details about Mariah's upcoming album will be posted as soon as they become available.

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Details of What Went On Inside Brit's House During "Hostage Brituation"

Brit to Cops: "I'm Fucking Hot"

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ about the craziness in Britney's house the night she was committed. It involves profanity, nudity, drugs and wild mood swings.

Sources say when the cops showed up, Britney was locked in the master bathroom with Jayden James. Officers saw Britney from the backyard holding Jayden, who did not appear to be upset. Britney refused to come out for nearly three hours. When she did, all she was wearing was panties. Britney was incoherent, screaming at the cops, "What the f*** are you doing in my house? I know who you are." She continued ranting, "I don't need your f***ing help." At one point Britney, whose moods swung wildly from laughter to rage to sobs, hollered, "You will do as I say."

At some point Britney put on a see-through nightgown. Before police took her outside, they wanted to cover her with a sweater, and she screamed, "Don't cover me up. I'm f***ing hot."

Britney's assistant and nanny were present during the standoff. At one point the assistant told the police that Britney had been "popping pills" all day. Her code for medication was "vitamins" and she repeatedly demanded, "Get me my vitamins!" Officers found a bottle of Prozac in her bedroom.

Sam Lutfi arrived and told officers that he and the others around Britney "knew this was coming for a long time," but didn't know how bad it would be.

The assistant also told cops that earlier in the day, Britney showed no concern about attending her deposition and would not heed her warnings to show up on time.

Sam told law enforcement that Britney had been extremely unstable and had recently purchased a house in Malibu on a whim, began moving furniture in and then changed her mind.

As for Jayden James, the reason cops took him to the hospital was because there was a small bruise on his leg. Britney insisted the bruise occurred on Kevin's watch. Police took Jayden to Cedars as a precautionary measure.

We're told police will testify about the insanity at Monday's custody hearing.

And one more thing -- the nanny told cops that Britney would frequently dress up to the nines for no reason. She would walk around the house and change back.


Comedian David Alan Grier Welcomes a Girl

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor-comedian David Alan Grier and wife Christine Y. Kim had a baby girl on Friday, the couple tell PEOPLE.

"We're doing well," a tired Kim said from her hospital room after delivering the couple's first child. They had not yet picked out a name, she said.

Grier, 51, and Kim, associate curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem, were married in July and had been splitting their time between New York and Los Angeles.

Kim said last October she was having a smooth pregnancy.

"We're really excited. I have no morning sickness, no bizarre cravings" she said. "As far as David is telling me, unless he's lying, I haven't had any crazy, hormonal mood swings. It's been a pleasant pregnancy so far."


Everybody seems to be having a baby today. Lol. And congrats to them.

ETA: The couple have chosen the name Luisa Danbi Grier-Kim for their daughter. Danbi means "sweet rain" in Korean. Luisa weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and is 20 inches long. She was born by planned c-section, surrounded by family members in the operating room, at 1:04 p.m.

Doctor Who 2nd most watched UK show of 2007

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's official, the Christmas special Voyage of the Damned is now the holder of the highest chart placing in Doctor Who's 44 year history.

The Broadcasters' Audience Research Board has now published final viewing figures for the week ending 30th December 2007 giving the Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, an official rating of 13.31 million viewers. Final figures are more accurate than the initial overnights and take account of those recording the programme and watching it within a week.

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Torchwood Series Two press launch video

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can be seen at the source.

How cute are John & Naoko?!
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Keifer Still Doing Time --and Laundry!


TMZ has exclusively learned that Keifer Sutherland will not be released early -- he's gotta do his full 48 days.

According to officer John Balian of the Glendale PD, Keifer's not gonna get the Michelle Rodriguez. His release date is scheduled for January 21.

Kiefer is still behaving well, and is considered an A+ type of inmate. He does not complain about anything and is still on laundry duty. He was never assigned to kitchen stuff.

Sutherland has not received visitors throughout his stay in jail -- no one came during the holidays -- or his birthday, but he gets tons of mail from fans all over the world.


With the theme of babies...Salma Hayek Takes Baby Valentina Shopping

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Four-and-a-half months after giving birth, Salma Hayek was spotted out in public for the first time with her baby daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault.

Earlier today, Salma and her daughter made a few stops in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, hitting furniture stores Kartell and Cassina.

A souce on the scene tells: “Looks like Salma is getting serious about preparing her house for domestic family life. She walked with two other women (family?) and held little Valentina gently in her arms.”

In other news on the Frida actress, she recently returned to work - which now finds her promoting tetanus shots.

According to press reports, “The Ugly Betty producer has been unveiled as the spokeswoman for the One Pack = One Vaccine initiative, a program that aims to provide tetanus shots for underprivileged mothers and infants in Asia and Africa.”

Along with this, Hayek, 41, will also be raising money for UNICEF.

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(no subject)

Jessica Alba hates Perez Hilton

Jessica Alba is pissed over Perez Hilton’s claims she is ashamed of her Latin heritage. Perez has dubbed the actress “Jessica ‘Don’t call me Latina’ Alba.” The pregnant Sin City star insists the bloated blogger is picking on her because she wouldn’t have her picture taken with him.

“It was all because I wouldn’t take photos with him at a nightclub. It would probably be smart for me to hang out and kiss up to what’s his name, Perez. Of course I’m proud of my heritage. That’s all I know. I only know a Mexican-American upbringing.”


Mark Hoppus (+44) at the Honda Civic Tour

Because there is often too much Tom DeLonge news on here, here is a Mark Hoppus post...

Mark Hoppus attended the Honda Civic Tour launch party (January 10), in which Panic! At The Disco was announced as the headliners. Below are some pictures of Mark at the event.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The tour kicks off April 10th in San Francisco at the Warfield Theatre and will close with an unforgettable performance at The Honda Center in Anaheim, Ca. on June 14th. Full schedule, on-sale dates and support acts will be announced at a later date.

Hi My Name Is Mark, Getty Images (search for Mark Hoppus)

Christina Not In Hospital - YET!


Despite reports that Christina Aguilera has checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. today for the delivery of her baby, her rep told PageSix.com that, “She has not.” PageSix.com first reported that Christina will be giving birth by C-section to her and hubby Jordan Bratman’s first child. The nine-months-pregnant pop star is ready to pop any day now! Stay tuned…


What Britney Can Expect In Court on Monday

Despite somewhat startling details being released about Britney Spears' behavior during her meltdown last week, and her subsequent early checkout from the psych ward, and vagabond’s tour of California and Mexico a source close to Britney’s lawyer is telling PageSix.com that Commissioner Scott Gordon is expected to reinstate the pop wreck’s visitation with very limited and brief visits.

Sources close to the singer’s attorney Anne Kiley anticipates that, at Monday’s child-custody hearing, Commissioner Gordon will issue a visitation schedule consisting of (at the most) three two-hour visits a week conducted in the presence of a court-appointed monitor. A source familiar with the case says it’s very unlikely that the judge will strip Britney of all contact with the children. 

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Girls' Night Out with the Girls Next Door

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Girls Next Door stars Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson enjoy dinner and drinks at the five-star Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

“This is girls’ night out,” a friendly Kendra told photogs. “Hef didn’t join us — he’s at home….”

The time was 9:00 PM and likely passed the 81-year-old publishing magnate’s bedtime.

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Holly and Bridget look so horrid here
King K

(no subject)

Ali Larter attended the Glamour Magazine V-Day Luncheon yesterday (I know there was an article posted about it earlier, but I don't think there were any Ali Larter pictures).

Is this just a bad angle or has her head always been kind of...big?

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I usually think she's always stunning, but something looks...off here. she's still pretty, though.


Clay Aiken is "Not Going To Discuss It"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Clay Aiken, who makes his Broadway debut next week in "Spamalot.", was recently interviewed by Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh.

Below are excerpts / highlights from the interview which starts off nice but quickly turns ugly:

NEWSWEEK: How's the "Spamalot" rehearsing going?
Clay Aiken:
I'm sore. I couldn't even get off the toilet the other day. It hurts so bad. I don't know if it's I'm not coordinated or using muscles I never had to use before.

Like what?

My legs. Having to remember three, four, five [taps feet]. I can't move and think at the same time.

Did you know your socks don't match?

I have a bunch of striped socks. It's too difficult to match them, so now I just pick up two in the morning. Even if I wear a tux to an awards show, the socks never match.

Have you seen "Spamalot"?
The first time I saw it I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. My tour drummer is the "Spamalot" drummer, and [he] said you've got to see it again.

Are you a Python fan?
I thought Monty Python was a person until three months ago.

How did you get into a fight with that lady on a plane?
I'm not going to talk about it.

I was just curious because you've never talked about it.
I did talk about it.

What about the Kelly Ripa thing?
I'm not going to discuss it.

Did you think it was homophobic?
I'm not going to discuss it.

What do you want to talk about?
I think we're done.

Can we talk about something fun?
No, we're done. I thought NEWSWEEK would be more reputable. I'm surprised.

But I think people are curious about it.
It was a year ago. This is NEWSWEEK. It's not the National Enquirer. I'd hate to have a job where I had to be rude to people.

We're just having a conversation.
Change the subject! I'd never take a job where I had to do something that I didn't want to do.

What about all those Ford commercials on "American Idol"?
That wasn't a job.

It was part of your job.
It wasn't a Ford commercial. It was a music video. It was a completely different thing.

I'll change the subject. What do you do for fun?
I watch the news. I read news magazines, but I'm reconsidering that now.

Are you going to watch "Idol"?
I haven't watched since season four. I compare it to high-school football--if it weren't for high school, we wouldn't be successful, but I don't need to keep going to the football games.


It's sad that the interview went bad / sour. But as I was reading this, I was kinda hoping this was being caught on camera just for the reactions.

LAPD Crime Report In Britney Case

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD wrote up a crime report in connection with last week's standoff at Brit's home.

Sources say cops wrote a Child Endangering Report which is now under lock and key at the LAPD. Sources say this is a preliminary investigation report, meaning the LAPD can conduct further inquiry and possibly even arrest Spears if they determine a crime was committed. We're told the report was written because of all of the events at the house -- including locking herself in the bathroom with Jayden and violating the custody order.

We're told it's unlikely the LAPD will arrest Brit since the custody court is all over the matter 


Christina IS having her baby despite what Page Six said.

I just thought I would post this...This isn't an article but you may all be familiar with www.celebrity-babies.com there is a girl on there her name is "Sarah" and she works for the site. This girl also posts at the very popular board www.thejjb.com and she posted tonight in this thread: http://jjb.yuku.com/topic/226426?page=2 (post #39 btw)

That Christina IS having her baby today.  Also if you read further on through the thread she is giving updates on Nicole being there in the hospital. Her latest update is that Nicoles father is there and that her source is thinking she already had the baby. Keep checking the thread as she might post more info. I just thought I would post this for those you that want to keep up with it. =)

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(01/11/2008 4:51 PM)

Best Celeb Scoop '06

OMG this is insane. My source told me Christina is DEF there despite what the rep said, Nicole is in the middle of delivering, and another minor celeb also just had their baby. 3 in one day! 

E! online says Christina is at the HOSPITAL!!!

Word on the street is that Christina Aguilera is already at Cedars awaiting a very special delivery—and we're not talking 'bout the Domino's kind.

She has allegedly been there since last night, but when Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin checked in this morning, her rep said there was nothing to announce...yet.

But will Nicole Richie beat her to the punch? She's also expected to give birth at Cedars any day now. (For publicity's sake, we hope the ladies are at least a couple of days apart!)

Stay tuned for all the happy news!

Source -
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Shortest Trip EVER

They're baaaack!

TMZ has just seen Brit's paparazzo boytoy Adnan Ghalib leave her house in Beverly Hills in a gold Mercedes. Britney, we're told, is still in her house -- but we won't believe it til we see her!

The two were seen cavorting south of the border in Mexico earlier today in a black SUV. That vehicle, TMZ has learned, was a rental and was returned early this afternoon. Hope they got the extra insurance!

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It is what it is.

terry richardson

lindsay lohan dating adrian grenier

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend.

The 'Georgia Rule' star and Adrian Grenier have been on a string of dates and were seen enjoying an evening at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday night.

A source said: "Since their relationship is new, they want to keep things as private as possible."

Last month, Lindsay was spotted at 'Entourage' star Adrian's New York apartment.

Adrian was rumoured to have dated Paris last August although they both insisted they were just friends.

Circus Tour

brit brit and her signature wig.

Unlikely couple Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib returned to Los Angeles yesterday after a less than 24 hour trip to Mexico.

Upon their arrival back in Cali, they made a pit stop at Brit Brit’s home in Beverly Hills and then it was back to business as usual.

After dinner, gas station stops and a wardrobe change, Britney showed off her best circus freak attire, and her properly trained, gas pumping papparazzi pet.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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A quick Duff update.

Hilary looked GORGEOUS in these candids from January 9th

view more photos from this set at the source

view more photos from this set at the source

sorry I just gave the links, I didn't have time to add the pics!

EDIT; if you don't like hilary, why bother commenting saying how much you don't like her?
it's igorant and a waste of time

Justin Timberlake, Michael Jordan, Sir Charles lined up for Super Bowl party

A confirmed (for now) guest list has been released for the Super Thursday event Jan. 31 at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale.

Rap superstar and music mogul P. Diddy will host a block party outside the Scottsdale mega club while inside the club, pop singer Nick Lachey and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, the two-time defending Sprint Cup champion, will host a pre-party for their Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic, to be held Saturday Feb. 2 in Scottsdale.

Guests scheduled to appear include Michael Jordan, Peyton and Eli Manning, Justin Timberlake, Lance Armstrong, Alyssa Milano, Taye Diggs, Tony Romo, Joey Fatone, Matt Leinart, Charles Barkley, Wilmer Valderrama, Brooke Burke, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Emmitt Smith, Alice Cooper, Phil Michelson, Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp, Carson Daly, Vanessa Minnillo and Carmen Electra.

The street in front of the club, Indian Plaza, will be turned into a block party with an outdoor stage where P. Diddy will perform after the R&B group Next and the local rapper Pokaface.

Doors open at 8 p.m., red carpet arrivals are schedule to begin at approximately 9:30 p.m. and P. Diddy is scheduled to play at 11 p.m.

Tickets are $175 to the block party and P. Diddy concert. VIP tickets are $1,100 to the Lachey/Johnson party inside Axis/Radius. They're available online at ticketmaster.com, and outlets including Fry's Marketplace, Macy's and Ritmo Latino stores, or at 480-784-4444. Or you can buy tickets at Axis/Radius at 7340 E. Indian Plaza, and Suede at 7333 E. Indian Plaza, both in Scottsdale.


Club link

Toy Story 3 set for release in 2009! Its official!

The third instalment of the Toy Story films is being prepared and has the full support of Tom Hanks, who voices one of the main characters in the film.

Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 is slated for release in 2009 and is expected to have Tim Allen as well as Hanks returning to the cast.

Hanks, who voices the role of the cowboy hero Woody, said producers are "preparing the third one right now".

Lee Unkrich, who co-directed Toy Story 2, will be at the helm of the latest installment.

And whatever adventures he and the screenwriters think Woody and Buzz Lightyear should get up to is likely to be met with no resistance from Hanks.

"I'll do anything they want me to do, they're like mad scientists," the Oscar-winning actor told Jonathan Ross on his Friday night show.

He also revealed on the show that he has a curious obsession: typewriters.

Apparently the Forrest Gump actor has 80 typewriters, which he describes as "a low-cost addiction"

"I'm insane, I'm mad about typewriters," he said. "I rotate them, I travel with them, it's my only vice."

Circus Tour

fierce as shit, baby, ugly as hale

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Shar Jackson says her ex, Kevin Federline, is holding up well during the ordeal with Britney Spears.

"He's good," Jackson, 31, told PEOPLE on Thursday at the GBK luxury suite in the Beverly Hills Thompson Hotel. "I talked to him the other night and he's fine. He's just happy that the boys are safe. That's his biggest thing, making sure that the boys are in a good place and that they're happy. And they're happy.”

Federline, 29, now has sole legal and physical custody of his sons with ex-wife Spears – Preston, 2, Jayden, 1 – following the pop singer's meltdown. A hearing is set for Monday on whether to resume Spears's visitation rights.

Jackson, who has two children with Federline – Kori, 5, Kaleb, 3 – has remained close to her former boyfriend, speaking with him "all time," she says.

Jackson says that for the sake of the boys Spears should focus on her own needs right now.

"I'm just one of those people that believe you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else," Jakson says. "My only advice would be take care of yourself. If you need help for whatever reason, go get it. Do whatever you have to do for those babies."

rainbow cadillac

Spice Girls Fuck over the Aussies

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The Spice Girls may have initially included Sydney as one of their world tour pitstops, but hopes that they’ll actually fulfill the obligation are fading fast. Late last year they cancelled their announced Sydney date to allow for more performances in London and now an inside source at their record company, EMI Music, has let slip that they don’t expect the Spice Girls to make it to Australia.

“Let’s face it, scheduling a massive one-off concert like this in a country so far away was never going to happen,” they said, citing logistic and financial reasons as to why Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Baby and Scary wouldn’t make it down under. “Unless they tour the whole country, the Spice Girls won’t be stopping off in Australia.”

They suggested the original false announcement was a clever tactic to increase album sales before Christmas.

With the cancellation of the original date, and the fact they continue to book new dates in Europe and America, this source could be on to something.

Source= http://www.samesame.com.au/news/local/1834/The-Spice-Girls-Arent-Coming.htm

'Chipettes' to be 'Alvin & The Chipmunks' Sequel?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Believe it or not, “Alvin & the Chipmunks” is about to cross the $200 million box-office mark, could become the most successful family film released in 2007, and is already the highest-grossing talking animal/live-action cartoon adaptation ever. All this can only mean one thing: Chipettes.

“There has been a lot of talk about it,” revealed Janice Karman, one of the film’s producers. “A lot of people have been asking about the little girls.”

For those unfamiliar with the various incarnations of Dave Seville and his squeaky-voiced sidekicks, the Chipettes are a group of female chipmunks named Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor, who were first introduced to audiences in the early Eighties. Now, as the team behind “Alvin” begin planning the sequel, their thoughts keep returning to the little girlfriends that were voiced by Karman.

“We’re hoping that there are all sorts of new things going on; we loved doing this movie, and we love the new look of it,” agreed Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., son of the legendary Chipmunk creator and producer on the movies. “We just want to take the chipmunks where no other chipmunk has ever gone before.”

To some, the Chipettes’ appearances on Alvin’s Eighties TV show represented equality for little girls; to others, they were the lame equivalent of Star Wars’ Ewoks or Cousin Oliver from “The Brady Bunch.” The stars of the new film, however, insisted that they’re eager to get their characters some chipmunk lovin’.

“I have a big crush on all of them,” insisted “Simon” voice Matthew Gray Gubler. “I want to see them naked…I’d pay to see that.”

“I would very much like to see that,” laughed Justin “Alvin” Long. “They’re hot. What are you going to do?”

While a sequel to one of the biggest family hits of the year seems like a no-brainer, however, Bagdasarian and Karman might want to keep Justin Long away from their marketing team. “I’ve got a great tagline, by the way, for the Chipettes movie if they do come out in the sequel,” he grinned. “It’s ‘This spring, the Chipmunks get vaginas.’” 

MTV Movie Blog


Kevin Federline releasing another album

Apparently, K-Fed thinks the popazao go-round wasn’t enough for his fan, I mean fans. The failed rapper is going to throw his hat back into the rap game, to give it another go.

His first offering, Playing With Fire, was met with less than favorable results. On top of that, when he released the album, Britney Spears filed for divorce soon thereafter.

According to sources, K-Fed has been producing and nurturing new artists. Hopefully he stays out of it personally, we don’t need that unleashed on the world again.

And all of this on Britney’s dime, though? Tsk. Tsk.

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BREAKING: Black Friday at ABC Studios as writers erased from the roster

The force majeure ax has swung at ABC Studios, which today notified more than a dozen writers that it was terminating their overall deals as a result of the strike.

While all the major studios had previously suspended deals for their scribes, the ABC Studios move reps the biggest actiom yet by a major to cut ties to talent.

Among the scribes terminated: Bill Callahan (“Scrubs”), Larry Charles (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Sean Bailey (“Gone Baby Gone”) and the team of  Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia (“That 70s Show,” “Surviving Christmas”). Thesp Taye Diggs, who had a production deal at ABC Studios, has also had his pact terminated.

Agents were still notifying clients of Disney’s action, and more names are expected to leak out over the weekend. Other studios are said to be seriously considering taking similar action.

“The ongoing strike has had a significant detrimental impact on development and production so we are forced to make the difficult decision to release a number of talented, respected individuals from their development deals,” ABC Studios said in a statement late Friday.


Jessica Alba loves being pregnant -- says its "awesome"

With fiancé Cash Warren by her side, Jessica Alba can't help gushing about her impending baby joy.

"It's awesome," she told PEOPLE Thursday in L.A. at Glamour magazine's kickoff for V-Day's 10th Anniversary. "It's the best time ever. I have two movies coming out, a baby, a fiancé – everything."

The 26-year-old actress, who's due in late spring or early summer, said the pregnancy has been smooth so far. But, she admitted, "I'm more tired, more hungry than normal."

Alba – who also recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Warren, 28, the baby's father – also said she's enjoying a rare break from acting.

"I don't know if anyone wants me in their movies [when I'm] six months pregnant," she joked. "I'll get the fire and I'll want to work again, but right now it's a time to relax and sit back."

For now, the actress is focused on a more personal project: "I bought a new house a couple weeks ago. I'm in nesting phase."

Later, Alba joked about her growing baby bump as she performed "My Short Skirt," a scene from Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues.

"I hope [my dress] won't pop while I'm up here," she said. "And if it does, you're all women, and I think you'll understand it. [When you're pregnant], your breasts are engorged and your stomach is getting bigger. . . . And the ass, too, that's getting bigger by the second!"

britney long hair

Didn't see this posted.

InTouch cover "completely false"

Jamie Lynn Spears' rep has blasted In Touch Weekly for their current cover story, calling their reporting "completely false."

The tabloid reported the pregnant teen was "dumped" by boyfriend Casey Aldridge and that he had demanded a paternity test.

"The In Touch story is completely false. They did not fact check," Spears' rep tells Usmagazine.com.

"They are still together and he has not asked for a paternity test," a source close to the 16-year-old actress told Us yesterday.

Last week, Spears' Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, got a ratings boost from the surprise news of her pregnancy. Spears, 16, was recently seen studying for her GED.


this news isn't as fun as it used to be :[
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my best friend leslie said nick jonas is a slut

Rock star Nick Jonas and TV stars Selena Gomez and Devon Werkheiser spilled their  hearts out in the recent issue of Popstar magazine. Nick revealed that Miley Cyrus  wasn't his only love (and Jordin Pruitt as well for that matter!) He said:

"Growing up, my biggest crush was.. I don't know if I should admit this. Hmmm.. let me think, S Club 7, the brown haired girl, I remember I watched S Club 7 every Saturday morning at 11."

OMG, Rachel Stevens! She used to be so cute.. then got old. Wizards of Waverly Place starlet Selena Gomez spilled: 

"For three years, I had a crush on my best friend. I'm a guy's girl, so we'd hang out a lot. I finally told him when we moved out here, when I left..

..We stayed friends, and it was totally okay, which was good, because I didn't want to lose our friendship. Usually I'm the type to tell someone, but I guess I've never like someone as much as I liked him, so it was a little harder on me."

Star of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Devon Werkheiser dished:

"When I was younger, I was always the crush kid. I would just like one girl all the time then she would reject me. I was always yearning for girls! It's sad, I was a sad little boy! Now, I have a huge crush on Keira Knightley. Why her? Her striking beauty and amazing talent. The accent always helps! Then she was in The Jacket and put on an American accent and that made her even hotter somehow."

source oceanup

moar kissing tips

J-14 magazine compiled the top kissing tips from the people you know best :] Make sure to keep this advice on your mind for Valentine's Day ;]

1. Be Yourself. Mitchel Musso: "It just needs to be natural."

2. Don't Rush It. Lauren Conrad: "I didn't kiss a boy till I got to high school and all my friends had. It's just a matter of waiting it out."

3. Anticipation Is Good. Jennifer Lopez: "Sometimes, it's better to hold out and not kiss someone for a long time."

4. Take Charge! Ashley Tisdale: "Sometimes, guys just don't get it. You kind of hint to him, and you're like, 'Come on!' I'm the type of person that would say, 'Are you gonna kiss me already or what?'"

5. Feel A Connection. Miley Cyrus: "I think you've gotta have chemistry with that person."

6. Wait For The Right Moment. Alicia Keyes: "We were walking around the park and it was dark, and he was singing 'Always and Forever.' And so, I couldn't help it!"

7. Put Feeling Into It. Justin Timberlake: "A kiss shouldn't come from the mouth. A kiss should come from the heart."

8. Don't Go Tongue-Crazy. Cody Linley: "One of my friends was like, 'Spell the alphabet with your tongue. Make an A and then B.' That's a bad idea."

9. Loosen Up. Beyoncé: "I was so nervous, and I didn't want to open my mouth or put out my lips. So I just game him these awful tight lips!"

10. Don't Overanalyze. Zac Efron: "If you mess up the first time, you can't get self-critical."

source oceanup

U better work*~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scalpel junkie Jenna Jameson offers onlookers a coy peek at her mutilated assets as she storms the runway at the Troy Kingdom fashion show in Los Angeles on Thursday.

After working the red carpet in a flirty minidress, the 32-year-old Triple X-small pornstress slipped into some designer sweats and patent leather platforms to stutt her stuff à la Naomi Campell amid a packed audience.

Jenna spent much of 2007 denying accusations that she’s only skin and bones. It looks like for 2008, we can add scar tissue to that list!

am I crazy or is her boob job scar visible?

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chanel fashion
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Helen McCrory/Narcissa Malfoy Interview

Despite being one of Britain's foremost actresses, Helen McCrory is rarely recognised in public. Recently, a taxi driver refused to believe who she was. "You're not Helen McCrory," he said. She was unable to convince him of the truth. I can see how he made the mistake. In the flesh, despite having given birth only a few weeks before, she is slight, pretty and, although a formidable presence, does not remotely resemble Cherie Blair, whom she portrayed so convincingly in Stephen Frears's film The Queen. "I've often sat down with people talking about a film I've been in and they haven't realised I was in it. I think they're just being weird by not saying anything until I realise what has happened," she says. Not that she is phased by any of this: "What really matters to me is what my peers think."


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lol guys speculate!


gemma wardings

Britney buys Adnan a new Mercedes SUV


It must be a real nice day for Britney and Adnan today, lounging at Britney's mansion in the Hollywood Hills ... and then making a pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in the valley. Is that Adnan's new gold Benz???

is that Adnan talking at the 1:50 mark? it's either him or the paparazzo saying "please, i will hook you up, bro. obviously" OH HELL NO ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DRAMA.


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Jessica to Sit Out on Tony's Game

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If the Dallas Cowboys lose their NFC playoff game against the New York Giants this Sunday, don't blame Jessica Simpson. The pop starlet will not attend the game to cheer on her new boyfriend, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Cowboys fans and players alike have been openly critical of this new relationship, citing Simpson's presence at a December 16th game as being part of the reason why Romo had, statistically, the worst game of his career. Ironically, his previous worst stats were last season when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood attended the Dallas versus Philadelphia game.

Fans have also expressed disappointment over the time Simpson and Romo are spending together. The two vacationed last weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her parents and a few of his teammates. Romo had to defend the trip to the press, arguing that it did not take his focus away from the upcoming game.

Simpson's publicist says she will watch Sunday's playoffs from home, as she is busy working on a new album. The effort, a country record, is expected for release later this year.

Question: What would you prefer Jessica do to boost her career?
1. Pose for Playboy (a pictorial directed by her father, of course)
2. Publish a Thesis
3. Leak a sex tape
4. Attempt Suicide, but fail.
5. Attempt Suicide and succeed. (actually, I don't even think she'd know how to kill herself)


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Sarkozy's girlfriend is pregnant!

French president Nicolas Sarkozy's fiancee, former supermodel Carla Bruni, is pregnant with his child - less than two months after their high-profile relationship began. The news comes as Sarkozy's ex-wife Cecilia launched a blistering attack on the couple and the "slappers" that the president surrounds himself with. Bruni's pregnancy has been confirmed by doctors in Paris, French website 20minutes.fr reported last night. Reporter Allain Jules said he received the information from a source at the American Hospital in the Paris suburb of Neuilly, where Bruni had been last week for a scan. He said: "I am told that she had a scan and the pregnancy was confirmed." The couple met at a party on November 23, just one month after the president divorced his ex-wife Cecilia, and are said to be getting married on February 9.

Jules said: "They had a whirlwind romance after meeting at a party seven weeks ago, and have been almost inseparable ever since. "If she is indeed pregnant it may explain why they are planning to marry so soon after meeting." French showbiz reporter David Leroix said: "Their relationship is going at 100mph. "They are clearly completely besotted with each other, and there is no reason why if Miss Bruni has fallen pregnant either by accident or design, they should not have the child. "If it's the case, they are doing the right thing by getting married as soon as possible and I am sure the French people will support them in this."

source = http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=507506&in_page_id=1811
Adrian smile

Paula Abdul Performing at Super Bowl?

Paula Abdul Performing at Super Bowl?


(FROM TV GUIDE) – TVGuide.com's Michael Ausiello reports that Paula Abdul is in talks to perform live in Fox's Super Bowl telecast on Feb. 3. (Fox would not confirm.) The network already announced that Tom Petty is headlining the halftime show, but it also added that other guests could be added as the date nears. Ausiello reports that a source said Abdul is rehearsing a music video for a duet with fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson, which will be the first single off Jackson's upcoming album, Music Club Vol. 1, and that if she does agree to perform at the Super Bowl, Abdul would likely incorporate choreography from that video in her Super Bowl act.

Oh lord I hope not...