January 7th, 2008


how very... surprising

Charity flooded with Calum Best's cologne

Saturday, January 5 2008, 15:46 GMT
By Daniel Kilkelly

A London charity has been flooded with donations of Calum Best's aftershave from members of the public who received the scent as an unwanted Christmas present.

St Mungo's, the capital's largest homelessness charity, has asked for donations of cologne and other toiletries which will be passed on to residents at its hostels.

According to the Daily Star, the charity received more bottles of Calum's scent than any other product.

"It's a bit embarrassing for poor old Calum," a source told the newspaper. "For so many people to donate their aftershave to charity is humiliating. It's unlikely that his smell will ever sell again."

Best is expected to be followed by cameras for his own reality show later this year.

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THE Original

Madonna and director husband Guy Ritchie leave Mehrangadh Fort in the western Indian city of Jodhpur on Saturday with two of their kids — daughter Lourdes, 11, and son Rocco, 7.

Noticeably missing? 2-year-old son David Banda!

Madge has been on vacation in India since New Year’s. “Madonna spent New Year’s Eve with her family at a wilderness camp in the desert,” said Siddarth Singh, whose family owns the nearby Rohetgarh Fort and helped organize the entertainment for the night. The evening included traditional Rajasthani dance and folk music, and even a dancing horse show.

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I think her kids are going to grow up to be douches. Not sure why.
PS. Sometimes I forget Madonna is American.

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The Jonas Brothers — Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick, 15 — pose backstage at their Atlantic City, New Jersey concert with supermodel Christie Brinkley, 53, and her kids and their friends.

Christie’s 12-year-old son is Jack Paris (far right) and his father is developer Richard Taubman. Her 9-year-old daughter Sailor Lee is standing next to Joe and her father is architect Peter Cook.

This picture was taken a little before Joe tripped and hit his forehead on a grate while taping a YouTube video for the group’s video channel. His Hollywood Records rep Lillian Matulic said, “He received a few stitches and is doing great. Their next show is tomorrow night and he will be performing as usual.”

Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana, was also spotted backstage sans Faketana.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s straight, darker do?


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MOAR on Brit's Brit

BRITNEY’S new boyfriend ADNAN GHALIB is a "typical Asian Brummie", according to his pals.

The 35-year-old, who is separated from his wife, grew up in the Small Heath suburb of Birmingham.

He lived with his devout Muslim parents and two sisters, and went to Sheldon Heath Comprehensive School. Then in 1996 he left Britain to pursue his career in the States.

Last year he came home for a holiday and told pals he was "having a hoot" taking photos of celebs. And he has literally been living life in the fast lane, with several speeding convictions under his belt.

A pal said: "I’ve known him for nearly 20 years and he’s a typical Asian Brummie. He could talk the legs off a donkey."

Another added: "Adnan was a charmer and had a real drive to get on in the world. But everyone is gobsmacked he’s with Britney."

His parents are retired after selling a clothing business. They were unavailable for comment last night.

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Artist/Producer BT's Daughter Still Missing

"In recent days word of bt's daughter missing has been spread trough forums and myspace. Back then it was considered as a hoax, unfortunately, THIS IS TRUE! Kaia Nui Transeau (3.5 years old) has been taken by her mother and is now missing. Keep on reading for the full letter BT's assistant sent out and lets help Brian Transeau!

Lynne's full letter:

BT's daugther Kaia Nui Transeau (3,5 years old), has been abducted by her mother Ashley Duff and taken across state lines from Maryland to New York City. We believe that Kaia is in Brooklyn with Ashley, Sarah Riley and possibly others. In the interest of not disclosing private information publicly please contact us with information if you have it, we already have addresses and phone numbers. Kaia was last heard crying to BT on the phone and asking "Daddy please please come get me!!! Mommy is screaming and hit me. I want to come home!" This incident was reported to the police. She was taken from the hotel in Silver Spring, Maryland where Kaia was visiting overnight with her mother at aprox 4 AM and driven to New York City, possibly without a car seat. Kaia has lived solely with her father the entire school year and is most likely extremely upset and confused. It is possible that Ashley may flee to either Atlanta or California. She has been given no consent to travel with Kaia and this was the first visit she's had in several weeks. Thank you for any and all help. We just want Kaia in her home where she belongs with her family at Christmas time. Ashley, we want to help you too and want Kaia to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with you, her mother. Please if you have any information on Kaia's whereabouts or have seen either Kaia or Ashley, contact us: lynne@binaryacoustics.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (BT's assistant)."

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Scientologists threatened Kidman: author

Scientologists threatened to blackmail Nicole Kidman if she spoke out against the controversial religion after her failed marriage to its most famous follower, Tom Cruise, a new book claims.

Author Andrew Morton writes in his unauthorised biography of Cruise that Scientology played a major role in the breakdown of Kidman's marriage to the Hollywood superstar.

A former senior Scientologist told Morton how Kidman's lawyer, Bill Beslow, revealed that Kidman "hated" Scientology by the time Cruise decided to leave her in 2000.

However, she agreed not to speak out against the religion in case she lost contact with the two children she had adopted with Cruise and details of her sex life with the actor were exposed, the book says.

"At this point Nicole hated Scientology but was concerned for the kids," the Scientologist told Morton, according to extracts from the book published in The Mail on Sunday newspaper.

"She did not want to ruin her relationship with them.

"I told the lawyer if she wants to stay with the children she will have to be quiet and not speak out about Scientology."

Morton, who also wrote the groundbreaking biography of Princess Diana, claims that high-ranking Scientologists were concerned that Kidman could be a problem for Cruise because her father was a psychologist and she was a devoted Catholic.

In 1999, about nine years after his relationship with Kidman began, Cruise took part in a "potential trouble source/suppressive person" course, which Scientologists use to pinpoint people in a follower's life who could create "problems".

"The fear was that a lukewarm Nicole could fatally compromise Tom's commitment to his faith," Morton wrote.

The book goes on to say that Cruise has become the de-facto second in charge within the Church of Scientology.

Cruise rejects all of the claims made in the book, branding it "a bunch of lies".

Scientology lawyers are believed to be preparing to sue publishers St Martin's Press.


PEARL JAM's EDDIE VEDDER Shoots First Solo Video

The Pulse of Radio reports that PEARL JAM frontman Eddie Vedder has shot a video for "Guaranteed", according to Billboard.com. The song, which is nominated for both a Grammy and a Golden Globe Award, is from Vedder's collection of solo tunes that served as the soundtrack for the movie "Into the Wild". The clip will premiere on VH1 and VH1.com at 6 a.m. ET on Monday (January 7). It marks Vedder's first solo appearance in a video and features footage of him performing, interspersed with scenes from the film.

Vedder's footage was shot in three hours by director Marc Rocco.

PEARL JAM has made very few videos in its career, which makes a solo Vedder clip even more of a rarity.

The track is up for a Golden Globe for best original song and a Grammy for best song written for a motion picture.

"Into the Wild", which opened in theatres last fall, was directed by Sean Penn and based on the true story of a young man who left his family behind to live in the Alaskan wilderness.


Patrick Dempsey for Versace (Non Britney news)


There's a doctor in the house of Versace. Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr. McDreamy of "Grey's Anatomy," cuts a strikingly modern figure in Versace's spring ad campaign, set to bow in the February editions of select fashion and lifestyle magazines. The campaign was shot by Mario Testino last November in Los Angeles.

Dempsey wears a slim, two-button chocolate brown suit; a white button-down (true button-front for Quinn) shirt, and a deep purple tie in several of the images. The background is clean white, save for a few moody shadows.

In other photos he sports sleek sunglasses, a bit of scruff and a broken-in leather jacket. "I discovered that Patrick is a man who is not afraid to like or even love fashion," Donatella Versace said. "He's got extremely refined taste."

Dempsey is the latest celebrity to pose for chez Versace. Others have included Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and on the women's side, Demi Moore and Madonna, among others.

WWD via thefashionspot because I don't have a WWD subscription
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The Great Underperforming Movies of 2007

With critics and sofa kings churning out their lists for best and worst films of 2007 like Jonah Hill drawing dicks, let’s take a look at the movies that failed to reach general expectations, whether at the box office, creatively, or both. Some of these films carry repercussions for big stars in 2008 (Lions for Lambs), some seem like odd flukes (Walk Hard), and some underperformed with such dreadful flair they helped usher in a new mega franchise from Peter Jackson and New Line (The Golden Compass, natch!). As Bill Murray might put it, “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!” This is what happens when major films drop, flop and roll.


Why: When I walked into the theater with a few friends and a flask in my jacket pocket, two truths hit me: Grindhouse was going to flop super hard, and the Internet had not yet crossed over to being “the new flesh,” to reference Videodrome. There were ten people at a nine o’clock showing, and the audience wasn’t even made up of geeks – replace junkies and sketchy pervs with face-hugging teen couples, old farts and jocks and the turnout was equal to a Shaw Brothers triple-feature in suburbia. Clearly, these people didn’t know what they were about to watch, and I soon realized that, well, neither did I. Shock, horror. Planet Terror didn’t come close to Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ 1996 collabo From Dusk Till Dawn in terms of humor, scares, originality or raunch. A scantly clad, one-legged Rose McGowan does not equal Salma Hayek’s fully exposed stripper-vampire fun bags. Before the three trailers started, more than half the crowd had exited with actual boo’s. It says a lot that the directors behind the trailers understood Grindhouse far more than either director. After months and months of QT sweating balls and coke chills over Death Proof and hours spent observing a poster that promised “a white hot juggernaut at 200 mph!” we got teased with a clothed lap dance, a few classy kills, and more vapid chatter from vapid chicks than The Hills. I actually felt sorry for Kurt Russell! You only get one shot with QT, so make sure it’s a biggie (call up and ask Michael Keaton). The entire project was a $70 million cheat, and even worse, the web’s united defenders of Death Proof (U.D.D.P) were informing the majority of bummed QT fans that it was “supposed to be chatty” and “That’s how grindhouse pictures are! It’s genius!” Did they forget all of QT’s “Hard R” and “This film will be what the cool posters promised but never delivered!” rah-rahing beforehand? Even worse was reading Harvey Weinstein’s interview with Nikki Finke (oh, the power of a flop!) where he spouted that his company might separate the two movies and re-release them, which they later did…on DVD. Has the world gone mad?


Why: David Fincher and serial killer movies go together like Woody Harrelson and weed, but even with solid actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Ironman and arguably its most famous, titular star, Zodiac eked by at the box office with $33 million total. The film’s trailers lacked Se7en-ish scares to hook mainstream audiences (as did the actual film), and most critics didn’t push “four star” and “classic” blurbs until, uh, last week (weak dudes!). One of cinema’s definitive police procedurals, even those of us who were stoked on Zodiac couldn’t recommend it to everyone. A dopey friend of mine compared it to reading a newspaper in a theater, pointed to the beloved Fight Club poster on his wall and frowned. You know the type. And the (false) rumors that Fincher’s desired cut would add yet another hour to the lengthy running time made many fans question (and swoon over) the director’s incurable obsession (and sanity).

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More commentary over at the SOURCE.
Britney Spears
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Britney's dad pissed at Dr. Phil, lays smack down on family

Britney Spears’ dad Jamie Spears has angrily banned the family from any involvement or participation with Dr. Phil’s planned Britney-intervention episode, a source linked to Dr. Phil's camp tells Life & Style.

“As soon as Jamie realized Dr. Phil was making public statements about Britney, including assessments of her condition, he got angry. He started making phone calls to everybody in the family, telling them not to cooperate with Dr. Phil.

“Jamie was totally incensed that Dr. Phil—who he knows a little, because Lynne is friends with Dr. Phil’s wife—seemed to be using Britney for self-promotion.

“Dr. Phil had told Jamie everything would be off the record until the show was done.

“But after Jamie made his phone calls, Lynne and Bryan [their son] agreed not to appear on Dr. Phil’s show.”

Who here thinks Lynne Spears needs a healthy dose of shut the hell up when it comes to her daughters?
wf. vessels of a donor look

Dexter to air on CBS

CBS is bringing cable's favorite serial killer to broadcast TV. Starting Feb. 17, the first season of Showtime's Dexter will air Sundays at 10 on the Eye network. Dexter will become the first pay cable show ever to get a full-season broadcast run on CBS, as the network's supply of scripted programs is being depleted by the WGA strike.

Dexter stars Emmy-nominated Michael C. Hall as a Miami police forensics expert with an uncontrollable urge to kill. The series recently delivered a series-high 1.4 million viewers with its second season finale on the CBS-owned Showtime, which is available in 15 million homes. CBS will edit the 12 episodes of the first season to meet broadcast television content standards.

So, Deb is going to become a mute, basically.


Suri Cruise conceived using sperm of dead Scientologist

Bizarre claims about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 20-month-old daughter Suri Cruise has been published in a new unauthorized biography about the Scientologist. Andrew Morton claims that Suri was conceived using the sperm of dead Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. He later compared Holmes’ situation to the horror flick Rosemary’s Baby, in which a woman is impregnated by Satan. Cruise’ lawyer Bert Fields said the idea that Hubbard is Suri’s father is “sick and bizarre.” Morton’s new book also throws accusations at Scientologist groups about Cruise’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman. He claims she was blackmailed after their marriage ended in 2000. Morton alleges Scientologist feared Kidman may be a threat to Cruise so they threatened to release intimate details about the couple’s sex life if she publicly slammed their religion. Bottom line? Fields calls the claims a “pack of lies.” “It’s a boring, poorly researched book by a man who never talked to anyone involved in Tom Cruise’s life or anyone close to him.”

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feeling charitable?!

What's going on, everybody?

As we mentioned in the audio blog, we're moving out of the band's house, and we have found plenty of gems in the process. But since all of us are moving, we started to throw out some things that we realized you might like!

At shows, we ALWAYS get questions like, "Where can I get those shoes?" or "Can I buy that amazing shirt from you?" And the answer is YES! We are selling some really cool things: Soul Glow's stage shoes, the costumes from the Grandma Got Ran Over video, some of Chap Stique's old sunglasses, CD's, etc. The proceeds from the Grandma costumes will be donated to The Onelove (please check out www.theonelove.org, it's a nonprofit organization started by our friend, and it helps out a lot of charities like Invisible Children)!

We've put 2 different sales on eBay, and you can check them out by going to eBay and searching:

1. type in "FF5": or, paste this link in your browser and hit "view seller's other items"

2. type in "Soul Glow Activatur": or, paste this link in your browser and hit "view seller's other items"

These are pretty incredible and unique items. Thanks so much for checking it out, and have an amazing day! We're all very excited about the Heart Support Tour!

Family Force 5

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source: 1 & 2
Britney Spears
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Those close to B. Spears trying to hospitalize her

Sources tell TMZ the "responsible" people in Britney's life are trying to convince her to voluntarily enter a mental hospital.

We're told there's now a consensus -- she'll never get custody of her kids unless she undergoes intensive, in-patient treatment for what appears to be a severe bipolar disorder. But we're told Spears is resisting and does not want to enter a hospital.

And sources say that since her release from Cedars, Brit has "pulled it together, at least on the surface." She is coherent and engaged, but will not voluntarily enter a mental facility -- at least for now.

More on Lindsay Lohan's extra curricular sextivities

They say "a gentleman never tells," But do you really think that Lindsay Lohan is sleeping with gentlemen? That's right, another of Lindsay's conquests has come forward, and given up all the details of what it's like to spend the night with La Lohan. This time it's Alessandro diNunzio, one of Lindsay's three Italian escapades, and he gave (or sold, more likely) his story to News of the World. Here are the highlights (including quite a lot of detail on what it's like to see Lindsay Lohan naked!):

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no golden globes??

NBC set to pull the plug on Globes telecast?
Source says network likely to make announcement this week

NEW YORK - The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and NBC engaged in 11th-hour sessions Sunday to try to save the boycott-stricken Golden Globes, but the network apparently is poised to pull the telecast as a result of the Hollywood writers strike.

A source close to NBC told msnbc.com that the network has already made its decision to pull the Golden Globes telecast, and to expect an announcement confirming the telecast cancellation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“NBC feels that it’s better to have an awards show with no one watching than have a show where no one shows up,” the source told msnbc.com. “They decided this over the weekend, despite saying that they’re still negotiating. Now, what hasn’t been decided is what they’re going to do with all that airtime, and that’s why they haven’t made an announcement yet.”

The HFPA, whose 100-odd members organize the ceremony, is pushing NBC to pull the plug on the broadcast because that will prompt the Writers Guild of America to lift its pickets and enable stars to attend the January 13 event. On Friday, the Screen Actors Guild said its members would not cross picket lines to attend.

NBC and its chief Jeff Zucker had through the weekend maintained that it will broadcast the event. But one person with knowledge of the situation described NBC as trying to find ”a middle ground,” potentially including a scaled-back event or a postponement. As of late Sunday, NBC was said to be close to yielding to the HFPA’s request for the Globes to be taken off the air.

Were a postponement agreed upon, the Globes would likely have to occur before Oscar nominations are announced on January 22, which buy only a week or two, a very small amount of time for an interim agreement or larger strike resolution to take place. The Beverly Hilton may also not be available for the following Sunday, January 20.

It’s unclear how much contractual wiggle room NBC would have if it sought a postponement that the HFPA didn’t want.

As of Sunday night, Dick Clark Productions, which produces and co-owns the Globes, was readying for preproduction in the way it would for any awards broadcast that’s one week away. It’s unclear what its involvement would be if the Globes were to go on without a telecast.

The weekend conferrals between the HFPA and NBC come after a Friday in which the guilds essentially shut the door on star attendance for an NBC-aired show.

With NBC continuing to say it will broadcast the event, SAG said that conversations with members had resulted in the collective decision not to cross the picket line.

“After considerable outreach to Golden Globe actor nominees and their representatives over the past several weeks, there appears to be unanimous agreement that these actors will not cross WGA picket lines to appear on the Golden Globe Awards as acceptors or presenters,” SAG president Alan Rosenberg said.

Also on Friday, a number of prominent talent-publicity firms, including BWR, 42 West and Stanley Rosenfield, announced that their clients would be no-shows.

“After much discussion by our clients, we have concluded unanimously that the actors we represent will not cross the picket line out of respect for the WGA membership. Our clients are extremely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press and would love the opportunity to be recognized for their work but will only do so in the event that NBC and Dick Clark Productions reach an interim agreement with the WGA for the Golden Globes,” the group said.

Meanwhile, Dick Clark Productions, which has said that it has offered terms to the WGA similar to those that Worldwide Pants negotiated, also jumped into the fray. It released a statement saying that it “has reached out to the WGA on numerous occasions, from the very beginning of the WGA strike, and offered to enter into an interim agreement similar to the agreement reached by Worldwide Pants” and was “disappointed that the WGA has refused to bargain with us in good faith.” It also noted that it was not a member of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television and Producers, the studios’ bargaining ram.


i'm totally all for the writers in this situation, but this makes me sad.  i love the golden globes :(

Down wit tha swirl???


Amy Wino's jailed husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is not happy that Wino fled to the Caribbean with her ex-boyfriend. Wino spent her holiday with George Roberts (above, but it's an old pic) and Blake wants an explanation. A source told the Daily Mail, "He is furious she was with George while he was locked up. She has lapped up the sun while he's been on his own feeling miserable. He doesn't like her friendship with George as it is. Being in jail, he feels more and more detached from Amy. He also wants an explanation, but he's desperate not to lose her."

During Amy's last visit with Blake she told him she wanted a baby. Crack baby! She feels that a baby will bring them together and help them focus on something positive. Looks like a baby wasn't on her mind while she was on holiday. Sources say that she loved spending time with George and he helped her get her mind off of her troubles. Yeah, I'm sure he did.

A source said, "The truth is Amy and George have been having a blast. They used to date and had a very passionate love affair. They are still very close, Amy wouldn't have invited him otherwise."

Blake's going to flip the hell out when Wino pops out a black baby. Classic.


it was only a matter of time before she went ~back to black~  ;)

/lame lol

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Britney Beware! Adnan Is Setting You Up!

X17 sources have confirmed that the photo agency that works with Adnan Ghalib, the photographer who has befriended Britney, is actively pitching the story of Adnan's relationship with Brit and pictures of the two of them together to the British tabloids and they're asking for a whopping $5 million!!!

According to our source, Adnan's agency, Finalpixx, has pitched photos of Brit with the pap during their brief trip to Palm Springs on January 2. The pair reportedly checked in to the Parker Hotel around 2 am and checked out five hours later.

Apparently their offering is weak -- just the pap and the pop princess sitting on a couch with her hand on his knee. So far none of the British tabs has been willing to pony up the hefty seven figures Adnan's agency is asking.

Is Britney aware of what's going on? Maybe she's giving her favorite photog a little gift? If not, WATCH OUT, BRITNEY!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MODS can you approve the post? I didn't take the picture from X17.

Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Star Jones & People Magazine Editor Speak Out on Britney

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Two days after Britney Spears was removed from her home strapped to a gurney after a standoff with police in which she allegedly used her two young sons as hostages, she was sipping a mimosa and laughing hysterically in Palm Desert with her new boyfriend — a 35-year-old paparazzo.

It’s all evidence, her family is saying, that the troubled pop star has serious mental disorders.

In the notoriously fractious Spears family, “People” magazine managing editor Peter Castro told TODAY’s Hoda Kotb on Monday, there is just one thing most observers can agree on.

“The only thing that’s unanimous in this whole thing is that everyone is in agreement that Britney leaving the hospital so soon was an absolute, colossal mistake and very destructive on her part,” Castro said.

He added that family and friends believe she is mentally ill.

“Sources very close to the family told ‘People’ magazine over the weekend that they believe that Britney has been suffering from bipolar disorder for a very long time, also postpartum depression,” he said. “That may explain this behavior.”

Spears lost total custody of her children after her Friday meltdown. They are now staying with their father, Spears’ former husband Kevin Federline, who last year had won primary custody of the boys.

Earlier on Monday, former prosecutor Star Jones, who has her own show on TruTV, had told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer that Spears could be facing serious legal problems.

She had been ordered in September to take parenting classes and avoid drugs and alcohol when with her children and apparently has not obeyed those orders.

“Child endangerment is a possibility,” Jones said. “Britney may be looking at a contempt of court situation. She has a court order since Sept. 17 of what she’s supposed to do. She has violated that order time and time again.”

But more important, Jones said, is the star’s mental health.

“The first thing is, there needs to be some sort of evaluation mentally on where she stands,” Jones said, adding that Spears’ family could petition a court to have her involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for evaluation and treatment.

On Sunday, TV psychologist Dr. Phil, who is said to be admired by Spears’ father, Jamie, paid a surprise visit to Spears in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was being kept for evaluation, supposedly for 72 hours.

“According to our sources, Dr. Phil is revered by Jamie Spears, the father, and he asked Dr. Phil to come there as this sort of messianic figure,” Castro told Kotb. “The only problem is Britney didn’t agree with that. As Dr. Phil was talking to her, she was packing and she was out of there.”

Castro said Spears has just one person left in her corner, and he wasn’t impressed that it is Adnan Ghalib, 35, a paparazzo who works for Finalpixx. According to People’s Web site, the two have recently spent time in Los Angeles area motels and on Sunday, after she walked out of the hospital before her 72-hour commitment was up, they went to the Daily Grill in Palm Desert around 10 a.m.

The magazine quoted a Grill employee as saying she ordered a champagne mimosa cocktail.

“No one can believe she hooked up with this guy,” Castro said. “People believe he’s going to sell his story, the story of ‘My Love of Britney,’ for millions of dollars.”

Castro said that Spears has been an eruption waiting to happen as her personal life has continued to spiral out of control. The slide seemed to have accelerated when she lost custody of her children.

“Apparently, Britney was a ticking time bomb,” Castro said. “She was sort of giving these airs that she was OK with this whole custody thing — being very cool about it, going out and about — but, in fact, she snapped. Our sources tell us that on the day they came over to take the kids away, she banged her head against the wall and went completely mental and finally just had it.”

Jones said she needs real help, not grand gestures by celebrities.

“Somebody’s got to step in, and it can’t be a television psychologist,” she said in a barely veiled shot at Dr. Phil. “It has to be somebody who’s going to take care of her.”


miley is a playa


Miley Cyrus is going to start filming the Hannah Montana movie in April. One problem, she will most likely be shooting in Tennessee far away from boyfriend Nick Jonas! Miley told Twist magazine:


"I like to do cute things. I went to Nick's house as a surprise once and I left a card on his door that said, 'Take two steps forwards. Take two steps to the side. Turn around 10 times.' And when he turned around. I was there!"

Miley said she will miss Nick while she is away filming. For now, she and Nick still have a few months to be close in California together. Nick is currently working the first season of J.O.N.A.S. and he promises to leave plenty of time open for Miley:

"When we're at home in California, we like to ride bikes around the neighborhood or get Pinkberry."

Nick's favorite topping is Fruity Pebbles! As for the future, Nick plans on staying close with Miley no matter where their careers take them:

"We have one of those things where it's always just kind of there."

Source wickedyouth

Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Cruise’s camp bashes Morton, unauthorized bio

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Representatives for Tom Cruise wasted no time in speaking out against Andrew Morton’s new book “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,” saying that even though Cruise has been “a top star for 25 years, (Morton) never spoke to Cruise’s business partners, directors, studio executives, friends or family, and the list can go on.”

Morton, who has also written a number of dubiously sourced biographies and entered the public eye with his biography of Princess Diana, has been threatened with lawsuits from the Cruise camp at virtually every step of the publishing process. Morton goes so far as to claim that he’s been forced to vacate his home out of fear of retribution, but sources close to both Morton and Cruise claim the author knows he can’t back up many of the book’s claims.

Among the claims in the book is that Cruise is the de facto No. 2 leader of the Church of Scientology.

“The guy is a liar,” says one source who is very familiar with Morton’s writing process. “It’s shocking what little legitimacy any of his work has.” Indeed, even publishers in England — a country with very liberal libel standards — are wary of their countryman’s claim, and will not publish the book in England. Moreover, in 2005, Morton lost a libel case in Africa, and was made to pay Kenya's Chief of Justice 45,000 pounds for a statement Morton made in his biography of former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi.

One of the more troubling aspects of the tome, according to insiders, is that this time around Morton involves Cruise’s children. “Anybody who would stoop as low as to insult Tom’s children deserves to be called out on the lies. He says that Suri was ‘conceived like Rosemary’s Baby,’ which is like calling her the devil. That’s outrageous and insulting,” says one source.

A variety of other issues in the book involve clear inconsistencies or falsehoods, according to Cruise's camp:

-In one instance Morton refers to Dustin Hoffman as Cruise’s best man in his wedding to Nicole Kidman then later claims that Cruise’s close friend (and noted Scientologist) David Miscavige was his best man.

-Morton resurrects the rumor that Scientologists “planted a meadow of flowers for Tom and Nicole to run through.” For years, scores of Scientologist sources and non-Scientologist sources claim that the “meadow” existed long before Tom and Nicole’s union.

-Morton claims that Miscavige accompanied Cruise and Holmes on their honeymoon. Not only was Miscavige spotted in London by a number of people at the same time he should have been with Cruise, but a source claimed to be on a plane leaving Italy after the wedding with Miscavige.

At best, Morton’s book is a best-of collection of Cruise rumors, most of which (if not all) have been refuted time and again. At worst, the book appears to be a personal attack on Cruise and his family. “He’s got an agenda, this is what Andrew Morton does. It’s just outrageous that he gets away with it.”



I guess since Britney has been M.I.A. the papz have to resort to the Dlist. Here are semi recent pics of Corbin and His dad Coming from the Vancouver Airport after wrapping up his new film Freestyle

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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Monday, January 07 2008 @ 03:34:20 CST

Pop acts on television this week include:

Joshua Radin, who performs on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Tuesday.

'American Idol' alum Jessica Sierra, who visits 'The Tyra Banks Show' on Wednesday along with others on 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' to talk about her struggle with drugs, including her mom's own addiction, and her controversial sex tape.

Former 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey, who visits 'The Sauce' on Thursday and 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Friday.

And there are reports Britney Spears father Jamie and others could tape a show on 'Dr. Phil' about the troubled singer on Monday to air later in the week.


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Monday, January 07 2008 @ 03:36:56 CST

Rock acts on television this week include:

Dropkick Murphys, who perform on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Monday and Friday.

MGMT, who perform on 'The Late Show' on Tuesday.

Morrissey, who performs on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Monday.

Velvet Revolver, who perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday.

OneRepublic, who perform on 'Last Call' on Wednesday.

Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town, who visits 'The Tyra Banks Show' on Wednesday along with other 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' participants to discuss what it was like watching himself do crack on camera and how staying sober is an everyday struggle.


R&B Acts On TV This Week
Monday, January 07 2008 @ 03:36:29 CST

R&B acts on television this week include:

John Legend, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday.

Ayo, who performs on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Thursday.

Mary J. Blige, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Thursday.


Rap Acts On TV This Week
Monday, January 07 2008 @ 03:35:57 CST

Rap acts on television this week include:

V-I-P Party Boys, who visit 'The Tyra Banks Show' on Wednesday to discuss how sex and drugs get tangled with fame. One of the group's members may have taken his drug use too far and the other two confront him with an intervention on stage.

Ice Cube, who visits 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Wednesday and 'Total Request Live' on Thursday to promote his new film 'First Sunday'.

Fat Joe, who gives a first look at his new video on 'TRL' on Wednesday.

Lupe Fiasco, who visits 'Tavis Smiley' on Wednesday.

Chingy, who performs on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Thursday.



Britney show cancelled.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dr. Phil McGraw has pulled his planned show dedicated to Britney Spears, he announced on his Web site Monday.

"As was widely reported this weekend, at the request of concerned family members, I visited Britney Spears in the hospital. The details of that visit will, of course, remain private," he said in a message online.

"We had planned to tape a Dr. Phil Now show today, focusing not on the tabloid side of Britney’s latest problems, but instead on the very serious issues surrounding this case. Clearly, it is not just Britney's family struggling to find a way to protect adult children who cannot be ordered or compelled to seek help.

"Because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family, I have made the decision not to move forward with the taping at this particular time."

"Britney and her family are in our prayers, and we ask that they be in yours."


You know it's because everyone criticized him.

I Love New York 3??


January 07, 2008. You knew it couldn't last. One of MediaTakeOut.com's most trusted VH1 insiders is claiming that New York and Tailor Made have officially ended their relationship.

MediaTakeOut.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Tiffany "New York" Patterson is asking VH1 to grant her another season of her hit show I Love New York. New York is claiming that her relationship with Tailor Made ended shortly after the reunion show was taped and that she wants another season of I Love New York so that she could find the man of her dreams.

But there's more. Our VH1 insider claims that it wasn't New York that broke up with Tailor, but the other way around. The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com, "Tailor Made [is saying that] the overbearing differences between them have become too much."

The two have reportedly been living at separate residences for the past two weeks.


I personally don't believe it- I heard there were pictures of them taken last night out somewhere.. anyone know for sure??

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go go disco!

Just make sure you bring your barf bag.

Sherri Shepherd and Star Jones-Reynolds are set to share the stage – all in the name of vagina.

The BV Newswire has learned that the former co-host of 'The View' and her replacement have both been announced as cast members of a black-centric version of 'The Vagina Monologues,' which is scheduled to hit three cities starting next month.

Los Angeles based production company YYP & Associates, LLC is presenting the production of Eve Ensler's award winning play, which garnered raves during its long-running Off Broadway turn.

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Look what else has got smaller

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Before and after ... star's face looks different after her Xmas breast reduction surgery

I HOPE JORDAN nose what's she's doing.

The beauty's cosmetic surgeon was perhaps a little busier than we anticipated in Beverley Hills before Christmas.

As well as having a well publicised breast reduction, Jordan, real name Kate Price, seems to have downsized her conk.

In the contrasting pictures above, it certainly looks like she's had some straightening done.

Though, as yet, it's unclear whether her new nose was part of hubby's PETER ANDRE'S Christmas present, along with her new boobs.


So I guess that´s why she blamed her prolonged stay on a "chestinfection". Lol.
Skins gen 1 cassie [bench]

Dr. Phil records intreview with Entertainment Tonight for Britney - airs tonight

Britney Spears: “Turn to the People That Love You” - Dr. Phil

TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw has recorded an interview with Entertainment Tonight, due to air this evening.

On his recent visit with recently hospitalized Britney - McGraw, 57, said: “I want to make it very clear that I went to see Britney at the request of her family. That was private and it will stay private. I’ve been working with this [Spears] family behind the scenes for a long time, longer than you can imagine. We decided to pay her a visit in the hospital. Getting into Cedars-Sinai is like getting into Fort Knox. I was met at the elevator by a family member then we all left at the same time, because she had been discharged.”

On tabloid criticism surrounding his association with the Toxic singer, he said: “They are waiting for her next melt down. They want to criticize me for trying to help her? Get real. She needs less publicity, not more!”

His message to Britney: “You can make this okay. Your family loves you. You may not always agree with what they say, with what they do but they’ve loved you when you weren’t lovable, he said. “Turn to the people that love you and listen. You have two children and you are the one in this world to protect them. There is no sacrifice that Lynne won’t make for you and there is no sacrifice that your father won’t make. They are the people that want nothing from you, and everything for you.”

Britney got a visit from McGraw - who shot to fame following appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1995, shortly before she was released Saturday.

He told CBS’ The Early Show this morning that Lynne Spears initially called him to intervene.

Amidst the growing negative publicity, McGraw has now cancelled his Britney special and vowed to keep the details of their conversation private. “As was widely reported this weekend, at the request of concerned family members, I visited Britney Spears in the hospital,” his statement said. “The details of that visit will, of course, remain private.

“We had planned to tape a Dr. Phil Now show today, focusing not on the tabloid side of Britney’s latest problems, but instead on the very serious issues surrounding this case.

“Clearly, it is not just Britney’s family struggling to find a way to protect adult children who cannot be ordered or compelled to seek help.”

The statement continued: “Because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family, I have made the decision not to move forward with the taping at this particular time.

“Britney and her family are in our prayers, and we ask that they be in yours.”

gaspard recline

Heath Ledger on 'Doctor Parnassus' set

Heath Ledger takes stripes to the extreme as he reviews his lines for the the new Terry Gilliam fantasy adventure The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on Sunday in London.

The 28-year-old actor was seen wearing black-and-red-striped fingerless gloves as well as orange-black-gray-and-white socks over his jeans. Top that off with an oversized purple beanie and purple shoes with orange laces… and you’ve got one striped-crazed Heath Ledger!

Model Lily Cole and 2′8″ costar Verne Troyer were also spotted on set.

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Mariah Carey is a bitch

When Inside Hollywood asked Mariah Carey about doing a duet with Jennifer Lopez, she had this to say:

"I'd rather be on stage with a pig — a duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain't going to happen."

Meow! Put an apple in J-Lo's mouth because she is done!

I can't say I blame Mariah because she would sound great a-capella while I would be afraid to hear what would come out of J-Lo's mouth if she tried.


z beach

RiRi post =)

Rihanna was spotted shopping this weekend at Barney’s and Fred Segal in Beverly Hills. Those pink shoes have her name written all over them.

The woman next to her is dying to look that good while trying on shoes.

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ia. those shoes were made for RiRi.
on another note:


feel free to rep your team =)

Jennifer Aniston is desperate

Actress Jennifer Aniston is supposedly so desperate to become a mother that she is secretly auditioning a selection of attractive male acquaintances for the role of “sperm donor.”

A source close to the actress said: “With her biological clock now ticking urgently, Jen’s weighing up the relative qualities of all her make friends to soon make the decision which of them is her best bet as a sperm donor.

“Looks, intelligence and personality are all in the equation because she wants beautiful, bright children to make her life complete. Once she’s reached a decision, she’ll pop the question to a surprised bachelor, explaining she doesn’t want marriage - just babies!”

Potential candidates supposedly include current lover Lewis and ex-boyfriends British model Paul Sculfor and Vince Vaughn.

“While Jen may have soured on marriage after her divorce from Brad Pitt, she’s still desperate to start a family. She has a beautiful mansion complete with nursery all fitted out, millions in the bank and a select band of eligible guys, one of whom she’ll soon pick to be a daddy.”


Anthony Bourdain Speaks His Mind with No Reservations

Monday, January 7, 2008
by Joseph Hudak

Tonight, the always-candid chef-writer Anthony Bourdain begins his fourth season of redefining and re-energizing the staid travelogue genre with his sharp and often hysterical series Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (10 pm/ET, Travel). First up: A culinary tour of Singapore. Bourdain served up his take on the upcoming season and today's celebrity chefs.

TVGuide.com: So did you have a Singapore Sling or two?
Anthony Bourdain:
No, absolutely not. Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It's one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It's a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.

TVGuide.com: Where else do you travel this season?
New Orleans. Berlin. Romania/Transylvania. And Jamaica. The Jamaica show has easily the single scariest, most terrifying scene we've ever done. We went caving, or spelunking, at this guano-slicked cavern in the middle of the jungle. It was mind-blowingly frightening.

TVGuide.com: Your uncensored, blunt voice-overs often leave us wondering, "Did he really just say that?" How much grief do you get from the suits at Travel about your narration?
I have to say they've been really good. They've let stuff sail through that I was frankly surprised by. I'm on TV on the strength of a fairly obnoxious, overtestosteroned, salty book [2000's Kitchen Confidential]. So nobody expected me to morph into Tyler Florence overnight. They had a pretty good idea what was coming.

TVGuide.com: The last time we interviewed you, you said the three things you don't travel without are Imodium, your iPod and your cigarettes. Has that changed?
Yeah, I quit smoking about four and a half months ago. I'm a daddy now. I have an 8-month-old daughter and I can't smoke around her in my apartment. I live on a high floor and I had to go 11 floors down every time I wanted a cigarette. It just became harder to smoke than to quit.

TVGuide.com: Do you worry about your cholesterol?
Funny you mention that, because I was just together with a whole lot of chefs. And one of them joked that back in the day, we'd all get together and talk about the job or girls or cars or whatever. Now all we talk about is, "How's your cholesterol level?" [Laughs] Every chef I know, their cholesterol is through the roof. And mine's not so great.

TVGuide.com: You've been at odds with the idea of the celebrity chef — lately Rachael Ray.
I'm exhausted by the certain knowledge that no matter what I do or say, she's just going to get bigger and more popular and more influential. It's railing against the tide — or the surf at this point! [Laughs] I can only hope that when she rules the world, she allows me to live.

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Back In LA

Cute couple, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson made their return from a holiday trip to sunny Miami, Florida on Saturday (January 5).

Spotted at Los Angeles International Airport, the couple are coming off of hosting duties for a happening New Years Eve party at Shore Club.

While celebrating the change from 2007 to 2008, rumors of an engagement between the musical duo were sparked after Ashlee was spotted with a ring on her left finger.

But both sides have since denied the claims, with a Simpson rep simply stating: “Ashlee is not engaged.”

Nonetheless, the two have been together since late 2006, making it much further than most ever expected.

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epic fight - pwnd
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Comedian Mark Malkoff lives in IKEA for one week.

PARAMUS, N.J. - When Mark Malkoff thought about where he could stay while his New York City apartment was being fumigated for cockroaches, he quickly ruled out friends' places (too small) and hotels (too expensive).

Instead, the comedian and filmmaker decided to move into an Ikea store in suburban New Jersey, where on Monday he unloaded two suitcases of personal belongings into a spacious bedroom set at the Paramus store.

At night when the store is closed, he says he'll play laser tag with security guards and even plans to host a housewarming party.

"The fact that Ikea is letting me do this is mind-boggling," said Malkoff, lounging on a bed in his new room. "There's no way I'm going back. I love this way too much."

Malkoff, who works for Comedy Central's "Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert" as a ticket handler, is allowed to stay until Ikea closes at about midnight on Saturday; the store, famous for its low-cost do-it-yourself furniture, is closed on Sundays.

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EDIT: Source: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/newjersey/ny-bc-nj--livinginikea0107jan07,0,7823097.story

The 'bitch' is back

She's not a bitch, but she plays one on TV.

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth -- known simply as Omarosa -- is actually quite pleasant, considering how many tempers she's sent flaring throughout her reality TV career.

"I enjoy reality TV," says Omarosa, 33, whose faux-bitchy 'tude has graced over 20 reality shows, including The Apprentice (Season 1), The Surreal Life and Fear Factor -- and will return tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice, where 14 B-listers compete to raise over $1 million for various charities.

"I have the luxury of going into a situation where I have an opportunity to control and create my character. I get to do what I want, wear what I want and look the way I want."

Even if that means looking like a cold-hearted you-know-what. Omarosa's brash behaviour first got her noticed on Apprentice, where she butted many heads before getting fired in the ninth week. And who could forget her nasty Surreal Life disputes with fellow you-know-what Janice Dickinson?

So it's no surprise her Celebrity Apprentice co-stars -- including actor Stephen Baldwin, KISS rocker Gene Simmons and Sopranos star Vincent Pastore -- were a little shocked to see a kinder, gentler Omarosa on the set. Well, at least until shooting began.

"We had a couple of meetings before the show aired and everyone was saying, 'Oh, you're so nice,' she laughs. "(Then I said) 'I enjoyed getting to know you all, but as soon as the cameras come on I have a job to do.' "

Omarosa says her "naughty side" will be fully intact when The Celebrity Apprentice premieres tonight, but insists she's grown since her first trip to the boardroom.

"I can truly tell you that there has been an evolution in all things Omarosa," she says. "And I had to change because all my 13 competitors have had an opportunity to watch me. I had to come up with a whole different game plan."

Since Celebrity Apprentice contestants are playing for charities -- not jobs -- Omarosa says there's more camaraderie than in the first six seasons of Trump's series. But, being a Youngstown, Ohio, native with a masters degree in communications, she used her formal education and street smarts -- not her celeb status -- to get an edge on the competition and impress The Donald.

"I didn't let my ego make decisions for me," says Omarosa. "When you have celebrities you're dealing with egos. I checked my ego at the 14-karat-gold door of the Trump Castle."

Omarosa figured her toughest competitors going on the show -- which has the contestants rushing around New York City using their contact lists and business sense to rally up funds and awareness for their charities -- would be Simmons and Latin media bigwig Nely Galan. But folks such as actress Marilu Henner, country twanger Trace Adkins and America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan -- who appeared on a British version of The Celebrity Apprentice -- were shockingly savvy.

"I think that you will be very, very surprised at the people who rise to the occasion and the people who crumble under the pressure," she says.

As in past seasons, the contestants have to work long hours, meet deadlines and win challenges to get ahead in the game. The prize? A $250,000 bonus cheque for their charity.

Joining The Donald on the panel are his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Trump Jr., along with Trump employee George Ross. Famed business tycoons will also plant themselves on the boardroom's new rotating seat each week.

Whether or not Omarosa makes the cut, she has other ventures on her hands. The former director of White House personnel for Bill Clinton continues to work in politics, has a line of golf clubs coming out and is involved in an African version of Apprentice.

But she won't think twice if another reality show offers her a chance to expose her inner thespian.

"I hear people say, 'Oh, why do you keep doing those reality shows?' And I say, 'How many roles do you think there are for African-American women on American TV?' "

source: http://winnipegsun.com/Entertainment/Television/2008/01/03/4750172-sun.html
TV Show; PD -- Olive and pie

Tim Reid in rehab?


January 07, 2008. MediaTakeOut.com is hearing whispers that actor Tim Reid - best known as Tia and Tamara Mowry's father in the hit TV show Sister Sister may have just checked into rehab.

Word is that right now he's staying in The Life Center of Galax - an alcohol and drug treatment facility in Virginia.

crustine pickle

CW Reality Show Premiere Dates

-"The CW turns up the heat this midseason with the next installment of its reality franchise PUSSYCAT DOLLS PRESENT: GIRLICIOUS, premiering February 18 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) as part of its new Monday line-up."

-"The CW's most popular series AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL returns for its tenth cycle on Wednesday, February 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) with a new crop of aspiring models vying for the title and international supermodel Paulina Porizkova stepping in as a new judge on the panel of experts."

-"The fifth edition of The CW's social experiment BEAUTY AND THE GEEK makes its debut on Tuesday, March 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET).

info about other shows @ source.


Jessica Alba graces Elle

Jessica Alba is the February 2008 cover girl for Elle Magazine as photographed by Gilles Bensimon. Internet snippets below!

On meeting Zac Efron at the Teen Choice Awards: “He looks like a child with a lot of makeup. I was like, ‘My God, you’re just a little kid.’”

On turning 27 this April: “I’m anticipating it… I’m feeling old, yes… 27 was when Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison all died.”

On being more sober CEO than purring sex kitten: “I think there are ambitious girls who will do anything to be famous, and they think men in this business are used to women doing that. Contrary to how people may feel, I’ve never used my sexuality. That’s not part of it for me. When I’m in a meeting, I want to tell you why I’m an asset, how I’m a commodity, how I can put asses in the seats, not, ‘There’s a chance you’re going to be able to f— me.’ That’s never been my deal.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Jessica Alba’s cover shoot with Elle here.

Cover shot details: Strapless dress from Gucci with hoop earrings from XIV Karats, Beverly Hills, and a diamond ring from Cartier.


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well...at least someone's going back to work.

Striking Hollywood Writers Reach Deal With United Artists

Monday, January 07, 2008

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES  —  Striking Hollywood writers have reached a deal with Tom Cruise's production outfit United Artists Films to resume working while the strike continues against other studios.

The deal announced Monday was the first reached with big-screen producers by the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike since Nov. 5. Terms were not disclosed.

"United Artists has lived up to its name. UA and the writers guild came together and negotiated seriously. The end result is that we have a deal that will put people back to work," said Patric M. Verrone, president of the Writers Guild of America, West.


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Sorry if this was already posted, but the official announcement was just recently made, so it's not really a repost.  Plus, I didn't see the other post.  At least it's not the Hayden/Milo crap reposted for the 8th time.


Jessica Alba hates being pregnant

Looks like the “New Baby Blues” are starting a little early for expectant mom Jessica Alba. The engaged Fantastic Four beauty has routinely been snapped working out at the local gym since announcing that she is expecting a little bundle of joy, and for good reason; a rash of pregnancy-induced acne has Jess down in the dumps about her body image. According to tabloid reports, the actress was recently heard crying: “I’m ugly and fat!”


Sophie Monk and Benji Madden split up

January 08, 2008 12:00am

POP chick and occasional Hollywood pouter Sophie Monk may have something to pout about, with whispers the blonde starlet and her Good Charlotte fiancee, Benji Madden have split.

Confidential understands Monk has returned to Aussie solo, almost a year to the day since the US guitarist proposed.

Speculation the couple were having problems first surfaced when Monk cancelled a scheduled appearance at Carols by Candlelight, citing "family reasons".

Panned by local critics after a poor showing as a presenter at the AFI awards in Melbourne, Monk cut a forlorn figure battling the barrage on her own, when she was spotted in the days that followed, jogging on her own through a Rushcutters Bay park in Sydney.

Yesterday, Monk's father was reluctant to comment on his daughter's single status, when contacted at the family's Gold Coast home by our Brisbane colleagues.

"There's nothing to say and I'm best to say nothing. You're best to talk to her manager," her dad Andrew said.

Madden and Monk were noticeably tense when the couple jetted into Sydney late last year (pictured), ahead of his band's concert tour.

While his brother Joel has been snapped attached to Nicole Richie since the group returned to Los Angeles, by comparison Madden and Monk have slipped off the radar together entirely.

Calls to Monk's Sydney-based manager were not returned yesterday.

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Circus Tour



In an exclusive from CelebTV.com, Britney Spears and paparazzo Adnan Ghalib were spotted the day the pop star was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The two are not saying whether they are a couple, but CelebTV.com cameras spotted the duo sharing a lollipop and relaxing at a bungalow in Santa Barbara on Saturday night.

CelebTV.com also has exclusive video of the married Ghalib, 35, and Spears, 26, holding hands and kissing while making a Starbucks run the following day.

The two have become regular companions lately. A source at Finalpixx, where Ghalib is a paparazzo, confirmed earlier to CelebTV.com that the photographer and Spears have been getting close in recent weeks, but would not go as far as saying the two are dating.

"I know, but I can't say," said the source with a laugh.

can't embed sorry


Crazy Days and Nights Blind Items

#1 This stud male tennis player who has been linked with several female celebrities in some very high profile relationships over the past few years was spotted opening his hotel room door in the nude to this male reality star who does his very best to make sure that everyone thinks he is Mr. Heterosexual.

#2 This celebutante is seriously considering a contract where she would marry or at the very least get engaged to this famous daddy celebudude. (Not Kevin Federline)


I know alot of ONTD'ers will be upset by this piece of news

The filming of the movie “Blonde and Blonder” may have garnered a host of attention when its star, Denise Richards, tossed two laptops belonging to the paparazzi off a hotel balcony, but her project, which co-star’s Pamela Anderson, is heading straight to DVD.
The feature film, which pairs Richards and Anderson as two challenged blondes who witness a mob hit and are accidentally mistaken for assassins, will be released on DVD February 5, Film Studio announced today. 

As previously reported on Access Hollywood.com, after being pursued by the paparazzi while filming the project, Denise reacted, tossing the laptops off a Richmond, British Columbia hotel balcony. 

“It was wrong,” Denise told Access in November of 2006. “I saw one of the photographers, went up to him and offered to give him a few nice shots and asked him to please leave so we can focus on our scene. He wouldn’t and he got really belligerent and he was saying vulgar, nasty things to me and made a derogatory remark about my family. I just did what I did and I feel terrible.”

In August of 2007, Denise and Pam reportedly settled a lawsuit with the two photographers who sued the actresses over a host of complaints related to the incident.


Circus Tour

becks blogs!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“Hello and a happy new year to you all,

I’ve had an incredible start to the year already! I was lucky enough to receive the Football Writers Tribute Award last night, which was amazing for me personally. I was pleased to have Sven Goran Eriksson and Bryan Robson there at the ceremony saying a few words about my career. Both of them have achieved much in the game and are good people. It was also very emotional watching the highlights of my career so far. I’m so proud of what I have accomplished and I know I still have plenty more to offer. It was a special night for both me and my family, who were also there with me, and I hope I can create some more memories to add to the ones recognised yesterday evening.

I’m currently spending my days at Arsenal’s training ground, making sure I keep myself fit during the MLS off-season. It’s nice to be back in the UK even though the weather is a bit chilly! I’m definitely missing the Californian sun, and it was very kind of [French soccer manager] Arsene Wenger and Arsenal to let me train alongside the squad and use their facilities. I’m working hard to keep fit and to give myself the best chance of being called up to [Italian soccer manager] Fabio Cappello’s first England squad next month.

Hope you all had a peaceful & restful festive season.
Here’s to a great new year.


my stammy

Angelina Angry Over Brad's Relationship With Steve-0

Why is Angelina Jolie keeping her eye on Steve-O? A report from Star Magazine claims that Brad Pitt has found a new part time friend in the Jackass star. That leaves Jolie pretty unhappy, as she really doesn't like Brad to smoke cigarettes, let alone be around someone that likes to enjoy a blunt every now and again.

Steve-O has been caught with pot more than once – but Brad still partied with him, an insider tells the magazine. “If you hang out with Steve-O, “you’re at least going to get a contact high, because he smokes all day long," the source deadpanned in the published article.

The report claims that Jolie has her eye on the situation and she is still fuming. "(Brad) still smokes,” another insider tells Star. “He sneaks cigs behind Angie’s back.” At the Cannes Film Festival in May, “He stayed outside, smoking and drinking,” says a witness. “He looked stressed, like he was trying to get his fill because he had a limited time to enjoy his cigarettes."

Now Jolie is worried that with friends like Steve-O Brad may start partying. “She doesn’t think Brad should smoke pot or anything else,” an insider tells Star. “She wishes he’d drop all that. A drink once in a while is OK. But that’s it.” Steve-O recently told high Times that he is a pot enthusiast, and he was giving up all other drugs.

How random, but he was on Jackass so I can see a connection

**EDIT** Here is the video of Brad Pitt on Jackass, thank you boltonlove.


Kelly Osbourne claims Paris Hilton poisoned her

Osbourne claims pal Paris Hilton poisoned her while partying.

The 23-year-old star - the daughter of former drug addict and alcoholic Ozzy Osbourne - claims she suffered her first case of alcohol poisoning during a night out with 'The Simple Life' star.

Kelly told friends while partying with Paris at Las Vegas nightclub Noir last week: "Paris gave me my first alcohol poisoning!"

According to the New York Daily News newspaper, Paris was then overheard laughing: "I did?! That's hot!"

Kelly checked into rehab in 2004 to be treated for an addiction to painkillers.

Her 22-year-old brother Jack has also been treated in rehab for alcoholism, class A drug addiction and abuse of prescription drugs.

Their mother Sharon Osbourne has previously accused singer Courtney Love of introducing Jack to drugs when he was just 15. The former Hole singer has vehemently denied the allegations.



American Idol Alum Jessica Sierra Sentenced

It's back to rehab for former "American Idol" finalist Jessica Sierra. The singer appeared in court Monday morning (January 7) in Tampa, Florida, and pleaded no contest to charges of disorderly intoxication and obstruction of an officer, which prompted Judge Daniel Perry to reluctantly agree to send her to rehab for a year.

The Tampa Tribune reported that Perry sentenced Sierra to spend the next year at the Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California — a facility he had reservations about because it has hosted TV programs in the past. He was concerned that Sierra might use the stint as a means of boosting her career, the paper reported.

"I don't want this to be some steppingstone for her to have a career as a recovering addict," Perry said.

Sierra's sentence also includes two years of probation, stemming from an incident on December 1 at a bar in Ybor City, Florida, during which the singer allegedly got into a heated confrontation with bar personnel and police after she was ejected from the bar. Perry also prohibited Sierra from doing any interviews or appearing on TV during her recovery, including any promotional spots for the upcoming reality show, "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew," which debuts on VH1 this Thursday.

The host of that program, Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist, spoke on Sierra's behalf during the brief court appearance, according to the paper, telling the judge that the "low level" treatment she received on the reality show was not enough to deal with her level of addiction, but that a yearlong stint in treatment would give her a better chance for recovery. A spokesperson for the courts did not return calls for comment at press time and Sierra's lawyer, John Fitzgibbons, could also not be reached for comment.

During the December arrest, Sierra, 22, was ejected from the Full Moon Saloon and, after confronting patrons on the street, allegedly became combative with police as they tried to arrest her, calling the officers names, vomiting in the police car, yelling racial slurs and offering sexual favors in exchange for her release, according to an arrest report.

The arrest violated Sierra's probation from an incident in April of last year, which resulted in charges of cocaine possession and felony battery, after she allegedly hit a bar patron in the head with a glass; she also pleaded no contest in that incident. Tampa TV station WTSP reported that Perry warned Sierra that if she doesn't follow the rules of the rehab center she will be brought back to Florida and put in prison for a year.

Pinsky said that Sierra had already completed her portion of the "Rehab" show before the December arrest, and he described her as a "courageous" patient, who had been "on the street" doing drugs before she sought treatment. He also said the singer, who is pregnant with her first child by a man she has only described as "a rapper," made some "very poor choices" during her drug-using phase, including a video the paper said he described as "symptomatic of her addiction." Pinsky and Sierra reportedly discuss the video — which TMZ has reported is a sex tape — on the show.

In a preview of the VH1 show screened by the Tribune on the day before Sierra's sentencing, the paper described a scene from the second episode of "Rehab" during which Sierra breaks down in tears while discussing her mother's death from a drug overdose while the singer was auditioning for "Idol." During the group therapy session, Sierra talks about how she hates her mother for abandoning her, doing drugs and becoming a prostitute and becomes so upset after revealing the information that she becomes desperate for a drink, saying she would have "chewed the alcohol swabs" at the facility if she could have.


Halle in Feburary InStyle

Didn't see this posted...

Halle Berry holds tight of her baby bump in the February 2008 issue of InStyle.

The cover headline reads: Halle! Her key to finding happiness at least. (Read: Making beautiful babies with Gabriel Aubry is the key to happiness.)

Here’s the table-of-contents description: A thriving career. A hot boyfriend. And a sure-to-be- adorable baby (due any minute). It would be easy to envy Halle Berry—if she weren’t so nice. Here, the secrets to what makes her tick.

Interview highlights should turn up soon!


Even though it's so over-used: Another Day, Another Drama for Britney

As Brit's new friend Adnan tries to shop the story (complete with pix and video!) of his murky relationship with the fallen pop idol, we can't help but wonder if Britney's aware of what's going on, or if Adnan is just setting her up?

Video of the pair sharing a coffee, a kiss and a lollipop allegedly shot in Santa Barbara Sunday (and looking very staged) has surfaced on the web today, but our photogs were in the seaside city all day yesterday, where it poured rain non-stop - yet the video shows no sign of the precipitation.

We believe that the pair was actually in Palm Springs, not Santa Barbara - is the switch-up just to throw other agencies off their trail, thus making the video even more valuable?

The agency Adnan's affiliated with, Finalpixx, was reportedly shopping around that video for $300,000 this morning when they realized that having made the clip viral online was probably not a good idea so they disabled it.

Seems their original asking price of $5 million for Adnan's story is dropping by the minute!


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miley cyrus eats at morton's, looks like hooker on 1/6/08

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Taking her three-month-long “Best of Both Worlds” tour to the nation’s capital, Miley Cyrus was spotted out with pals for a relaxing evening in Georgetown last night (January 6).

Dressing up in a fancy red dress as she headed to Morton Steakhouse, the Hannah Montana actress tried to keep things low-key, but was still swarmed by fans wanting autographs as she made her exit.

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kermit boinging

Are Carrie and Chace an item???

Someone snapped a cute picture of American Idol alum Carrie Underwood and Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford getting their PDA on at the Nashville, Tennesse airport over the weekend.

Here’s how it went down: “Carrie (wearing a Betsey Johnson coat) was waiting for him and as Chace was walking down the stairs, she ran to him. There was major PDA. Making out and cuddling while waiting for his bags.”

And to make things even more official, Chace’s younger sister, Candice, confirmed that Carrie and Chace are dating!! Check it out here. It’s around the 28-minute mark.

Candice said, “He was on Ellen this past Monday and they asked him about his little sister. Apparently, they got a picture of me winning Miss Missouri USA and flashed it up there. The big story was that me and Carrie Underwood, they’ve been dating, look alike. Poor guy! He is now being told that the girl he’s dating looks like his little sister.”

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Anthony Bourdain disses Rachael Ray

It's back from Feb 07. It's an oldie but a goodie:

Bourdain's thoughts on our favorite girl:

Complain all you want. It's like railing against the pounding surf. She only grows stronger and more powerful. Her ear-shattering tones louder and louder. We KNOW she can't cook. She shrewdly tells us so. So...what is she selling us? Really? She's selling us satisfaction, the smug reassurance that mediocrity is quite enough. She's a friendly, familiar face who appears regularly on our screens to tell us that "Even your dumb, lazy ass can cook this!" Wallowing in your own crapulence on your Cheeto-littered couch you watch her and think, "Hell...I could do that. I ain't gonna...but I could--if I wanted! Now where's my damn jug a Diet Pepsi?" Where the saintly Julia Child sought to raise expectations, to enlighten us, make us better--teach us--and in fact, did, Rachael uses her strange and terrible powers to narcotize her public with her hypnotic mantra of Yummo and Evoo and Sammys. "You're doing just fine. You don't even have to chop an onion--you can buy it already chopped. Aspire to nothing...Just sit there. Have another Triscuit..Sleep...sleep..."

Ina Hanging On Like FG

It's Official: Golden Globes Canceled

65th Annual Golden Globes Canceled, Replaced by NBC Newscast of HFP Announcing Winners


HOLLYWOOD, CA, January 7, 2008 – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced that the recipients of Golden Globe Awards in 25 categories will be revealed during an hour-long HFPA press conference at The Beverly Hilton to be covered live by NBC News beginning at 6:00 pm PST on January 13. “The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards” NBC telecast and champagne dinner in The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom is officially cancelled.

We are all very disappointed that our traditional awards ceremony will not take place this year and that millions of viewers worldwide will be deprived of seeing many of their favorite stars celebrating 2007’s outstanding achievements in motion pictures and television,” said Jorge Camara, President of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association. “We take some comfort, however, in knowing that this year’s Golden Globe Award recipients will be announced on the date originally scheduled.”



But at least Rumer Willis won't get to be Ms. Golden Globe now! Thanks to littlestarletta for making that observation.

eta: Nikki Finke (of Deadline Hollywood Daily) has the preliminary schedule for what NBC will be airing on that day (thanks tube_fiend):

There will be a press conference this afternoon announcing that the Globes Awards ceremony will not go on. Here is the plan:
-- At 9 PM there will be a press conference covered by NBC News announcing the Golden Globe winners. (9pm-10pm)
-- At 8 PM, we are negotiating with Dick Clark Enterprises for a one-hour retrospective/clip show.
-- At 7 PM, we will air a Dateline with clips and interviews with nominees. (Currently scheduled to air for two hours on Saturday night.)
-- At 10 PM, we will broadcast an "Access Hollywood" style, Golden Globes party show...visiting the various parties in Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to AA

The next time you walk into your local grocery store, you may see the likes of Lindsay Lohan grabbing a box of Frosted Flakes. Yesterday the “Mean Girls” actress was spotted doing a little grocery shopping in West Hollywood.

And it was a busy day for the troubled singer/actress. After she hit Bristol Farms (a popular celebrity grocery store), LiLo headed over to Urban Outfitters on Melrose.

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As the day drew on, it became time for her return to her usual Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the West Hollywood Lion’s Club. And after her New Year’s champagne-chugging mishap, it sounds like she needs it.

Lindsay kept it cool and casual in a black and grey printed hoodie with a blue skirt and some black stockings. And her hair is starting to show more of her natural red hue beneath the bleached blonde look.


David Spade Has Heart Attack? Some will be disappointed...


A rumor has been floating around that David Spade had a heart attack after collapsing in his gym. But TMZ has learned it is not true -- though Dave isn't exactly in fighting shape, either.

Sources tell TMZ that Spade has been fighting severe bronchitis and a sinus infection over the past week, and was on the road for three gigs during his illness. When he returned to L.A. yesterday, Spade decided to go to the gym to work out, but collapsed after an adverse reaction to antibiotics. He was taken to the hospital and put on an IV, and is now resting at home and on the mend.



I have the feeling these "sources" aren't being totally honest about what's up with David. Maybe it's just because he was bff with Chris Farley. I'd hate to see him have a tragic end, too.

Shirley Animated

Pajiba's Ten Worst Movies of 2007 (a list actually worth reading)

The list is long but hilarious and insightful to read. It's definitely the best-written 2007 list I've seen. Be patient, it is worth it. I've bolded the best bits for the tl;dr crowd. Don't just skim this list; read the reviews. They're excellent.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While a lot of critics, including ourselves, have been boasting that 2007 was a great year for movies, it certainly was not without its share of stinkers. And while, perhaps, there weren’t as many cinematic atrocities this year, the ones that did make it to the silver screen seemed to be worse than in years past. It was as though filmmakers were taking the terrible ideas of 2000-2006 and actively trying to make them worse: Norbit was seven steps down from Big Momma’s House, Delta Farce was more agonizingly awful than Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Balls of Fury was worse than one of those one-joke comedies because it didn’t even have the one joke, and, somehow, filmmakers managed to even make torture porn more deplorable.

And in celebration of those celluloid cesspools, we here at Pajiba present you with the Golden Pajibas: The 10 Worst Films of 2007.

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JIVE still cares about the Backdoor Boyz

TMZ talked with a Jive Records spokesperson who told us, "Reports about Jive Records dropping Backstreet Boys are completely untrue. The group is about to embark on a worldwide tour in support of their album, Unbreakable, starting Feb. 16 in Toyko, as well as some high profile television appearances."

Well, that's sure a relief!

Um, not really. Maybe they should drop Brit Brit.

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Oh hay!

Taking a break from swimming in the Pacific Ocean with pal Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson was anything but relieved to spy a cameraman spying on him -- while he relieved himself.

Luckily, he had time to shake it off.