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John Barrowman was once pursued by Valentino

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Torchwood star John Barrowman has revealed he was once pursued by legendary fashion designer Valentino.

The openly gay TV and theater star - who married his boyfriend, Scott just over a year ago, says he’s never slept with anyone to get ahead in the industry.

At the age of 22 he was phoned by Valentino - who made it look like he wanted John to model clothing for him.

John, 40, revealed: “I’ve been approached by famous people but I’ve said no. They wanted me for other reasons. As a trophy. And I don’t want to be a trophy. I want to have my own trophies. Valentino courted me for quite a long time. I wanted to be his friend but I don’t think he wanted a friendship.”

He added to Britain’s Heat magazine: “He gave me a 1959 Rolex but I’m not going to boast about how much it was worth because I actually took it to Christie’s and auctioned it. I didn’t feel comfortable keeping these things. When I was on his boat in the Mediterranean, he gave me this diamond cross with sapphires in it because he said he wanted to see my eyes sparkle against the sapphires as I was swimming in the sea. It’s a different world. As you step aboard his yacht, you get a Bulgari watch given to you.”

“I’ve always stood by the fact that I’ve never slept with anyone to get anywhere.”

“I always joke with Cameron Mackintosh that the only reason he continues to employ me is that I’ve never slept with him.”

John is great friends with fellow Any Dream Will Do judge Denise Van Outen and says he approves of her new love - Joseph star Lee Mead: “He’s got great thighs. And a good bum.”

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