December 17th, 2007


Naomi Watts' Wedding Secrets

Source- Just

Naomi Watts goes out gourmet food shopping with her son, Alex and nanny on Saturday at Dean & Deluca in New York City.

Naomi, 39, has been dating Liev Schreiber, 40, for a number of years and co-starred in The Painted Veil. Their son, Alex, was born July 25 of this year.

Notice the ring on Naomi’s ring finger! Is that a wedding band we see?

DO YOU THINK Naomi and Liev secretly got hitched already?

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Kate and Devon

Kate Moss for Donna Karan S/S 08 preview

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Kate Moss, hear her roar! That seems to be the underlying tone of Donna Karan's new spring Collection campaign, which features a fresh and vibrant Moss showing off Karan's designer wares on the streets of L.A., that were transformed into Havana, Cuba for the shoot. The images, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, feature Moss--in her first-ever campaign for the iconic American designer--in a pseudo movie-still type setup. According to Karan, the photos have a festive and flamboyant Havana nights theme to them, inspired by the energy of Cuba. "It's very cinematographic in that it shows a rawness but a polish of Kate, someone who has non-stop energy," Karan said. "It's not New York, but Nueva York." The campaign breaks in fashion and lifestyle books in February.
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Ashley excited


Hottie Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl makes an appearance during Z100’s Jingle Ball 2007 on Friday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Earlier this week, Chace partied at Marquee nightclub’s 4th Anniversary Party in NYC Thursday night with none other than American Idol alum Carrie Underwood.

According to People, she threw “her arms around his neck as they danced suggestively.” According to OK!, Chace snuck in a “bunch of kisses and cozied up next to [Carrie] all night.”

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SMGP Shopping

And Just thought you couldnt get enough

Sarah Michelle Prinze goes shopping with friends on Saturday on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Calif.

Last month Sarah Michelle Prinze, 30, legally changed her name from Sarah Michelle Gellar for her fifth wedding anniversary!

WHAT DO YOU THINK she’ll be getting husband Freddie Prinze Jr. for Christmas?

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Zsa Zsa gets her hair did


Legendary Hotel Heiress and great Aunt to Paris Hilton, Zsa Zsa Gabor broke her seclusion yesterday and hit up Guiseppe Franco salon in Beverly Hills. Zsa Zsa has been in her Bel Air home since September after undergoing surgery in her legs for infections. It would seem even at 90, Zsa Zsa still wants to look her best. Hmm. I wonder if Paris will look this good at 90 years old? 

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I hope I still have hair when i'm 90...

Tony Romo fails in front of his boo

Pictures were posted, no article

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Jessica Simpson was certainly as glamorous as any Dallas Cheerleader Sunday night, with her perfectly coiffed hair and miniature Tony Romo jersey emblazoned with a pink number 9. But she wasn't exactly a good luck charm.

Her new boyfriend struggled all game, throwing three interceptions and fumbling the ball twice as his heavily favored Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 10-6. At one point, the network even showed a montage of Simpson, 27, spliced with shots of Romo's bad throws. As commentator Joe Buck noted, "It's never easy to play in front of your girlfriend."

That seems especially true for Romo. The 27-year-old Pro-Bowler ended the game with a quarterback rating of just 22.2 – that's the worst ever in his entire career. (In comparison, his average rating this year is over 100.) His previous low? Last December, when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in the stands.

His latest performance is sure to anger some of the always-outspoken Dallas diehards. In fact, the backlash may have already begun. According to the Dallas Morning News, Romo was heckled outside the arena last night by a female fan who shouted, "Worry about the game, not your girlfriend!"

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mateus 2

Teri Hatcher Got More Work Done?

No. It's that crazed Jacko wandering around Barnes & Nobles. It looks like homegirl got more work done. Either that or he's using tape to hold his face up. What the hell is he doing in a bookstore? Hopefully he's looking for a book on witchcraft to help him reverse the fug curse.  
Somebody get a documentary film crew on his ass right away. This is Grey Gardens, Part II. Jacko is the new Little Edie!  


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Mr. Jackson is crazy hot.
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JJ talks about Cloverfield


Director Matt Reeves has begun doing press for the upcoming JJ Abrams-produced monster flick Cloverfield. Here are some highlights from the various interviews:

On the Movie Poster: “The inspiration came from the poster of Escape from New York. The poster had an image on it of the head of the Statue of Liberty and that image was nowhere in the movie!”

On Seeing or Not Seeing The Monster: “People who have seen the trailer might think we are using this style to avoid seeing the monster, but that is definitely not what we’re doing. We’re using it to build dread and anticipation.”       “But in this movie, you do see a lot. At the end of the day, it still has that huge scale, it’s just that it’s shot from this point of view. So you’re going to see the monster, you’re going to see huge-scale destruction, you’re going to see a lot of crazy stuff!”

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David Thewlis - Deer in headlights

Kate Nash teams up with Cheryl Cole and talks about the Spice Girls

POP babes Kate Nash and Cheryl Cole are set to com­bine their creative skills.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Kate has offered the Girls Aloud cutie the chance to write for her fanzine. Chezza, 24, jumped at the idea and now she is thinking over her musings. Lovely Kate – whose single Pumpkin Soup is released today – told me: “We first met at T4 On The Beach this summer when Cheryl came up to me and said how much she liked Foundations.

“Then last week we bumped into each other again while Girls Aloud were recording the Top Of The Pops Christmas special.

“We got chatting and I asked Cheryl if she wanted to write for my fan­zine. She said she’s going to e-mail me something.”

Cheryl, 24, backed this up by praising Kate to me. “She’s a very talented artist,” she said.

“A lot of people are saying there are so many girls out there now doing similar things but that’s ­rubbish.”

As one of the lead­ing females in music this year, Kate, 20, has firmly established herself as a woman with a strong sense of something to say.

However when it comes to the Spice Girls, who played London at the weekend, Kate’s verdict is split.

She mused: “I think the Spice Girls getting back together is a bit weird. When you grow up I think you should aspire to do different things.


“It seems a bit like greed now – but it is Christmas, so money in your pocket... f*** it, why not tour.”

Kate will be spending Christmas Day nestled with her family in their London home.

“We love playing party games and getting out Sing Star to sing along to,” she said. “My sister makes great cocktails so we’re usually a bit drunk by the evening.

“We’ve got our two dogs so we’ll take them for a walk and dust off the booze.”

Sounds perfect to me.

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Ny post blind items

WHICH fetching newscaster's bottom line is way in the black? Ladies who lunch noticed, as she exited Le Cirque in a pair of curve-hugging pants, that her asset management is over-leveraged . . . 

WHICH showbiz couple had a secret split last year? When the gorgeous star caught her man in bed with her sister, he had to promise her a baby before she would get back with him . . . 


Ina Hanging On Like FG

Bitch, Please.

Katherine Heigl: "I Always Tell It Like It Is"

Katherine Heigl isn't one for keeping her opinions to herself.

The feisty actress, 29, dubbed her flick Knocked Up "a little sexist," called her Grey's Anatomy character a "ratings ploy," defended T.R. Knight against Isaiah Washington, and now says she may skip the Golden Globes if the writers' strike doesn't end.

"I always tell it like it is," she said at a screening for her new comedy 27 Dresses (out January 11) in Beverly Hills Friday.

Still, she added, "you kind of pick and choose your moments to be brutally honest."

"I think most women have been in the position of being a real people pleaser at one time or another in their lives. I kind of got over that in my early 20s."

"I just sort of think if you couch what you feel too often, you're not really being true to yourself," Heigl said.

Heigl will marry singer Josh Kelley, 27, on December 23. T.R. Knight will be her bridesman.


breakfast at tiffany's

AFI Awards 2007





30 ROCK 


yay dexter!! did anyone watch the finale last night? thoughts??

Victoria Beckham: "He Does Have A Huge One, It Is Like A Tractor Exhaust Pipe!"

International fashion icon Victoria Beckham says soccer stud husband David's manhood has not been digitally enhanced in his new underwear advertisement for Giorgio Armani.

The new promotional campaign, which was unveiled on Monday features the LA Galaxy player in various seductive positions. Victoria revealed:

"I'm proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

According to UK department store Selfridges, sales of the entire Emporio Armani underwear line rose on average by 30 percent across the range.

Source Wicked Youth
Burn Notice

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The star wore black. And rubber.

The new Knight Rider KITT car made its public debut Wednesday. And as leaked on the blogosphere last month, it's a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.

"Quite honestly, we thought this was the coolest looking car," said Dave Bartis, an executive producer on NBC's upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, set to air in February.

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Why did they have to use a Ford? Why couldn't they use a Camaro?
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Donda West 911 Call Released

Donda West -- The 911 Call

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made the day Donda West died.

West died last month after undergoing several cosmetic surgery procedures by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner has performed an autopsy, results are still pending.

Dramatic 911 Call -- Part Two

We have more of the frantic 911 call made by Donda West's friends and family. In the second part, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR.

Source One

Source Two

R.I.P., Dr. West.

For the record: I'm not going to listen to the tape, but I know that some people will want to and that's why I posted it.

Fergie Does Blender

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Fergie joins Akon,, and Kanye West as one of the artist contributing a remix to the deluxe, 25th Anniversary Edition of Michael Jackson's Thriller, due February 12.

"Beat It 2008" is her addition to the album.

The Duchess also graces the cover of the Jan./Feb. Blender, out Christmas Day, as Woman of the Year.

In the mag, Fergie Ferg dishes about celebrity: "People put celebrities on a pedestal and act like they’re perfect. But I'm more like the people’s artist — the same way Diana was 'the people’s princess.' I'm a little more human than other artists. I’m not afraid to show my flaws."

We couldn’t agree more. Just check out that cover!

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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Sunday, December 16 2007 @ 10:39:08 CST by MusicMan

Pop acts on television coming up this week include:

Nick Lachey, who visits 'Live with Regis and Kelly' to promote 'Clash of the Choirs' on Monday before the show kicks off that night on NBC and runs thru Thursday

Colbie Caillat, who performs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Tuesday

Blake Lewis, who shows his new video on 'Total Request Live' on Wednesday

Ashley Tisdale, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' with her new nose on Thursday

Celine Dion and James Blunt perform on a holiday concert edition of 'Larry King Live' on Friday

Karmina, Sheryl Crow, Fergie and James Blunt perform on the CBS special 'A Home For The Holidays' on Friday


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Sunday, December 16 2007 @ 10:40:45 CST by MusicMan

Rock acts on television coming up this week include:

OneRepublic, who perform on 'The View' on Monday

Angels and Airwaves, who perform on a holiday concert edition of 'Larry King Live' on Friday


R&B Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Sunday, December 16 2007 @ 10:40:23 CST by MusicMan

R&B acts on television coming up this week include:

Mary J. Blige, who is on '106 & Park' all week, 'Total Request Live' on Thursday and 'The View' on Thursday

Babyface, who performs and is interviewed on 'The Tyra Banks Show' on Monday

J. Holiday, who performs 'Suffocate' on 'TRL' on Monday

Patti LaBelle and Kelly Rowland take part in NBC's 'Clash of the Choirs', premiering on Monday night and continuing nightly until Thursday. Meanwhile, Patti performs on 'Today' on Wednesday and visits 'Tavis Smiley' on Friday

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Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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Spears might bring fame to little known designer

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Not so famous designer Marina Toybina is hoping that Britney Spears' new video will bring her fame because the pop singer wears one of her dresses in the promo.

Toybina was elated when Spears picked a black satin dress from her line for the video Piece of Me which recently premiered in the US, reports. Toybina owns the couture label Glaza and is hoping Spears' new look will bring her other celebrity clients.

She said: "The wearable art is specifically designed for private clients and reputable fashionistas. I have always wanted to collaborate with Britney Spears - it's an honour to finally be able to do so on the music video and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Love her, but I dont really care about this movie...

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Emmy Rossum has joined the cast of the sci-fi adventure "Dragonball," a live-action adaptation of a popular Japanese comic

"Heroes" actress Eriko Tamura and Korean pop star Joon Park are also coming aboard the 20th Century Fox film.

Justin Chatwin stars as a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects known as Dragonballs. James Wong directs.

Rossum received a Golden Globe nomination for her breakthrough role as Christine in the 2004 movie adaptation of "The Phantom of the Opera." She recently released an album, "Inside Out," and is selling Christmas music on iTunes.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter 


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My favorite person on earth shout-outed us, y'all!

Rich, of FourFour fame and glory and wonderment, had lots to say about the "America's Next Top Model" *cycle* 9 finale (as he does with every episode of that legitimate show), and here's the part where he mentioned being mentioned by us! (though, he would've rather been mentioned under better circumstances):

Made by Rich, obvs.

2. Oh, and I was so so so happy when Chantal got the first picture during the first elimination.

No, it's not because I cared that much more about Chantal than Jenah (really, I'd attempt to decide which of them I hated more but again: melty brain). The real reason for my happiness was that weeks and weeks ago, I was checking this blog's stats and referrals and saw that I was linked to on ONTD. Yay. I love ONTD love. So I clicked over and it was a spoiler post that named Saleisha and Jenah in the Final 2. It used screenshots I took and credited me. Usually I find such a move a nice courtesy on the source-free Internet, but this was the one time I wished my images had just been stolen. Burned my eyes, it did. I don't need to see that. As much as I don't care who ends up winning, I certainly care about the process of the show. I died a little that day. Imagine my surprise when as this episode aired, I found out that the spoiler was at least partially wrong. It felt like a Christmas miracle. Don't get me wrong: a feeling of overwhelming joy didn't overtake me. It was more akin to the pleasant surprise that comes when you realize that you didn't take all the Vicodin from when your wisdom teeth were removed two years ago and you just happen upon a few remaining pills. And with that, I'm going to take a long, colorful nap.

Kidding. I ate that shit years ago!

We love you, too. Or, at least I do. I don't know about the rest of these jokers.

source (it takes you to the rest of the update; bookmark it and live it, bbs! - here's what I wrote about it (includes several of Rich's screenshots because he rules at living), if anyone cares; it's OK if you don't, I wouldn't.)

Twue Wuv

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Call it a belated birthday celebration. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted out and about Hollywood on Saturday afternoon, the day after Vanessa turned 19-years-old.

Keeping it casual in jeans and button down tops, the twosome hit up a trendy, celeb-friendly eatery where they were spotted canoodling over some tapas.

While Vanessa got a brand new Audi S4 for her b-day, it was Zac who escorted his High School Musical girlfriend around town. Making their way back to Zac's ride, the happy couple joked with one another as the paparazzi snapped away.

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lydia | illuminate front

Casey Calvert's death an overdose.

Hawthorne Heights' Casey Calvert Died Of Accidental Substance Abuse, Autopsy Says
Just-released autopsy lists prescription medications, as well as opiate, as cause of death.

By James Montgomery

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert died due to the "acute combined effects of opiate, citalopram and clonazepam intoxication," according to the just-released results of an autopsy performed by the office of the chief medical examiner in Washington, D.C. The autopsy listed Calvert's death as accidental, though it added that it was brought on due to "substance abuse." Both citalopram (also known by the brand name Celexa) and clonazepam (also known by the brand names Klonopin and Rivotril) are prescription drugs, the former an antidepressant and the latter used to treat seizure disorders and panic attacks.

Calvert was found dead on Hawthorne Heights' tour bus outside the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., on November 24.

MTV News will have more on this story shortly.


"Desperate Housewives" Will Air Final Pre-Strike Episode in January

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Desperate" Episode to Reveal Who Died in Sweeps Tornado

Sunday, January 6 — that's when it will be confirmed who died in the tornado that struck Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane in the Dec. 2 episode. It also could be the last original episode fans see this season if the WGA strike isn't resolved soon. Luckily, it's a good one. "It's even better than the last," says a source. "It's super-gripping, it addresses so many storylines and it answers so many questions that viewers have been asking all season."

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Edit: Because some of you care, "Brothers & Sisters" has three new episodes remaining. The first will run after this new episode of "DH" on January 6th. The rest will run after "DH" reruns most likely with Jan. 20th being the season finale (unless the strike ends).

3 Martini Breakfast

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Happy Hour for Amy Winehouse happens a little earlier than normal. Wino was out drinking with her pals at 6am. Yesterday morning she was boozing it up with friends before going to church. Well, church being the deli. I mean, she does worship candies and crisps.

MTV reports that Wino has been put on suicide watch, because she can't live without her Blaaaaaakeeeeee. Wino will also be questioned by police this week in Blake's case, because they think she might have been involved.

Wino is my drunk idol. After boozing I can barely get my ass in a cab without throwing up all over the place. Wino can pull herself together and go to the store for milk and shit.

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Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans: OTP?

They'd only been apart for a handful of days, but Rhys Ifans made sure his airport reunion with girlfriend Sienna Miller was one to remember.

The 39-year-old Welsh actor arrived at Heathrow airport with a huge bouquet of flowers, much to the delight of Sienna, who had just flown in from whirlwind trip to LA.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Future Simon

Photoshopping Fun

Thought fans of this *amazing* movie would enjoy.  Check out the original theatrical post of Once versus the DVD cover - it's photoshopping hell:

Few things:
- Glen Hansard is wearing a completely different outfit to quote the source, "He now looks more like an ad for Urban Outfitters than a musician who is actually bundling up from the cold."
- Tried way too hard to make it Christmasy - too much red/green tints
- You have no idea they're walking on a guitar
- THE WORST is that their hands suddenly touch.  The whole point of the movie is that they don't....

Regardless, the movie comes out Tuesday  on DVD- you all should see it!


This Week's New Releases

The following cds and dvds are being released tomorrow Dec. 18th

  • Mary J. Blige "Growing Pains"
  • Chingy "Hate It or Love It"
  • Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) "Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo"
  • Lupe Fiasco "The Cool"
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    • Balls of Fury
    • Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)
    • Bring It On: In It To Win It
    • Cinderella II
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Britney Spears
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Pam and Rick NOT divorcing

TMZ has learned that Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon have reconciled -- and the divorce is OFF! (No. We are not kidding).

A source close to the couple tells TMZ they had a huge fight, but have now made up and everything is hunky-dory.

On her website today, Pam hinted that she and Rick are "working things out."


(True love just never dies yall)
m trigger

Hoffman talks erotica, sex, death and chocolate

Dustin Hoffman: If I Had A Vagina

FOR THOSE of us who grew up with The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy, Dustin Hoffman remains an emblem of American cinema's last burst of glory, the gritty and innovative art movies of the '70s. At 70, Hoffman continues to put his shoulder to the wheel in film after film, most of them not in the slightest bit gritty or innovative; recent examples include voicing a character in an animation called Kung Fu Panda.

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smoking cat

ode to a bad eye-talian accent....

Image Hosted by

TV cook Giada De Laurentiis reveals to Redbook that her pregnancy “was a complete surprise — not planned at all. It was never that we didn’t want children; it was more like, ‘If we have them someday, great. If not, that’s fine, too.’ ”

She is married to Anthropologie clothing designer Todd Thompson.


She annoys me to no end, I am forced to watch her sometimes because my kids like her *rollseyes*
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First Video Clip of "The X-FILES" Sequel - Behind the Scenes

Attention X-Philes! We have obtained a special behind the scenes video of David Duchovny and Amanda Peet shooting a scene from the upcoming X-Files sequel in Vancouver. Are you excited? I know that you are. Hell, I'm excited for you!


FYI, Gillian Anderson is on vacation in India. She starts filming her scenes in 2008.

Video Producer: Britney Spears a 'Beautiful' Pro

After last week's preview of Britney Spears's new video, "Piece of Me," its producer, Wayne Isham, is now offering some insight into what it was like to work with her on it.

Spears gets nothing but high marks, according to the producer, whose credits include videos for Madonna, Metallica, Faith Hill and 'N Sync.

"On set," says Isham of Spears, "she was very professional, excited to work and beautiful as always. I was impressed with her focus as she choreographed the dance herself. Her endurance was remarkable, as we had a long day."

He adds, "She almost outlasted me, which is amazing! It was a pleasure to work with her again."

The video is intended as a broadside against the paparazzi. It features the pop star, 26, in a black bra and ripped jeans, alternating a short cropped fur vest with a longer white fur coat, and singing about the photographers who hound her day and night.

As Spears writhes in front of a multicolored display, photographers are seen jostling below a lighted window, snapping pics of a band of Britney look-alikes who are dressing for a night out.


Whoever made that picture is so fierce

Is Nelly Furtado Already Married?!

Image Hosted by

Check out the extra gold band on homegirl’s finger next to the rock! We think Nelly is married!

Nelly Furtado looked amazing at this weekend’s Y100 Jingle Ball in Miami while hanging out with Natasha Bedingfield & Timbaland. Her blond hair has totally grown on us!

If you are married, congrats Nelly we love you!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Source: We Love Celebs
WTH Jackie!

Another Day, Another Drama

Brit Gets Gas -- Kaplan Ready to Give Some

The buzz we're hearing is that K-Daddy's lawyer is going to court tomorrow to send a message -- there are consequences when you party the same day you say you're too sick for court.

If you recall, last week Britney was a no-show for her depo but later that night, she hit up two gas stations and the Four Seasons Hotel. We're told tomorrow's hearing in the custody case is all about that night. From what we hear, Mark Vincent Kaplan may ask the judge to prevent Brit from regaining any custody until she sits for her deposition.

He may also try and block Brit's lawyers from taking depositions on the K-Fed side until their client takes the oath.

Tomorrow could be very interesting.


See icon.

Morrissey Greatest Hits Tracklisting

This LP is due in early February for international release:


* = new tracks.

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bw red bow
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guys of gossip girl visit TRL

Screw the Upper East Side, Times Square is the place to be!

Gossip Girl guys Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford soak up the paparazzi attention outside the MTV studios in Times Square, New York City Monday afternoon after an appearance on TRL.

Check out the super chummy TRL photobooth pics of Penn, Ed and Chace!

Tune in Wednesday, December 19th @ 3:30 PM ET/PT on MTV to catch the pretty boys in action.

Curious to see if Santa will be good to our favorites on the Upper East Side? Check out the all-new Gossip Girl episode “Roman Holiday” this Wednesday, Dec. 19 @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW. Blair’s (Leighton Meester) father, Harold (guest star John Shea, Lex Luthor from Lois & Clark) makes his debut…

And if you missed it, peep Chace Crawford naked!


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one more reason to make fun of rhianna

Okay, let's start from the beginning. In this post, Rhiyawna was gushing about her celeb crush. We all made fun of her because she's a loser who doesn't know how to act in hollywood. Now, she's backtracking:


Rihanna continues to shoot down rumors that she hooked up with actor Josh Hartnett.

"This is what really happened," the 19-year-old singer tells Allure magazine. "He and my management, they have each other's contact information. I went to (the New York club) Pink Elephant, and he came by. All of a sudden, the next day, I'm seeing that we were kissing and hugging up each other."

"You can't even go out with a friend who's a celebrity and have a good time without people making (bleep) up," Rihanna says in the magazine's January issue. "Well, at least he's good-looking, right?"

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Okay Rhi, we get it. You got embarrassed and now you're trying to cover your fivehead. Cassie LOLz @ you

chicken lady

Mikhail Baryshnikov article about "Beckett Shorts"

This pic behind the cut because it's so awesome even though it's old.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Beckett Shorts" is my kind of Super Bowl: four short works by the most intense and radical playwright of the 20th century, directed by Joanne Akalaitis—a giant of the avant-garde, and plenty intense and radical herself—with incidental music by Philip Glass, the best-known living composer. (And—speaking of incidental—Akalaitis's ex-husband.) It features Mikhail Baryshnikov, who's never done Beckett before and admits he's still struggling to understand the plays: "Why the hell I'm doing this, I don't know." But he also maintains that the production was "the opportunity of a lifetime," and he's got a unique and startlingly accurate take on just what kind of pieces these are—"like children's plays for adults."

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Ryan Gosling Being Hot

Some pictures of Ryan Gosling walking around LA with his iPhone on December 16th.

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SOURCE: here

BB is lookin' good! I don't care if he's fat/has facial hair, I'd still do him in a second.

(and I'm not saying he's fat in these, I just mean when everyone freaks out when he gained weight.)
0_disco cowboys
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Trailer for Scissor Sisters new DVD "Hurrah - A Year Of Ta-Dah". The full 19-track live show recorded in 2007, at London's 02, along with a behind the scenes documentary the Scissor Sisters on the tour itself. The DVD also includes a nine-song live CD, music videos, a double-sided poster and JAKE SHEARS SHAKING HIS STICK AT BABYDADDY (Rated NSFW for PENIS TWIRLING).

NSFW source

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messier messiah

(no subject)

Chris Simon takes Leave from New York Islanders

NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Simon took a leave from the New York Islanders on Monday, agreeing with the team that he needed time away from hockey following his latest penalty for attempting to injure an opponent.

Simon missed the first five games of this season while completing a 25-game ban — his sixth NHL suspension — meted out in March. He could be in line for another long penalty after he took down and stepped on Pittsburgh's Jarkko Ruutu last weekend.

"The actions of Chris Simon on Saturday do not reflect what the New York Islanders stand for," team owner Charles Wang said in a statement. "They were reckless, potentially dangerous and against our team concept of grit, character and heart.

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This was the incident. Ewww.

news source:

Ugh... I used to love him when he was on the Rangers. When I was young and dumb :(
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Conan and Jay to return to the air on January 2 - without writers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" will return with all-new episodes on January 2, according to a statement from NBC. The shows had been in reruns for two months because of the Writers Guild of America strike.

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Source: Seen first on NoFactZone, reported by CNN

@ mods: So far, everything had been speculation. This is actually breaking news. :-)

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Heroes Star Ali Larter Gets Engaged

Heroes star Ali Larter and her longtime boyfriend, actor Hayes MacArthur, got engaged over the weekend, PEOPLE confirms.

"It's true," says a rep for the actress. "They're thrilled."

This will be the first marriage for both. No wedding date has been set.

Larter, 31, has made it clear she has been more than ready for a proposal from MacArthur, who recently appeared in The Game Plan.

"I told my boyfriend after three weeks that I wanted to marry him and that we could do it tomorrow," Larter recently said. "I look forward to that time when I'm home with babies."

And in August, Larter she was madly in love, adding that MacArthur has "brought light to my life. I feel lucky every morning when I wake up and see him."



QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE made an appearance on a holiday-themed episode of the Travel Channel show "No Reservations". The episode, which aired on Decemebr 10, features chef Anthony Bourdain cooking a traditional holiday feast at his Connecticut home while the QUEENS are rocking out in his basement. When the band emerges, they're sporting horribly tacky Christmas sweaters.

Bourdain previously told that the episode would also involve karaoke, surly adolescents and a Japanese businessman. "It's a traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas meal with turkey, all the trimmings, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie… some Christmas carols… and a vicious brother-on-brother knife fight," he said. "We spent a fair amount of time spraying stage blood onto my niece and nephew's face. What's a holiday special without violent mayhem? I think it's an honest reflection of the holiday season."

Watch QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's appearance on the Travel Channel show "No Reservations" below.


Jeremy Piven, Lauren COnrad and Brody Jenner party in Chicago

“Entourage” star Jeremy Piven was recently spotted partying at Chicago hot-spot Cabaret. He was in the company of some pretty ladies, but wasn’t lookin’ too pretty himself!

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Lauren Conrad hosted a Dreams for Kids Holiday for Hope fundraiser at Crobar in Chicago on Friday night and the drama surrounding her was so surreal it sure as hell felt like a dream. Or nightmare, I should say! Conrad was nice, but her publicist was the most offensive rep I’ve encountered in over four years of working in celebrity journalism!

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A friend of mine was at the club that Brody was at on Saturday and she said that he got there at about 1:30 am and stayed until 2


Of all the stupid things Adrianne Curry has done...

Brady Bunch star threatens separation over lesbian photos

Former Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight threatened to leave his model wife Adrianne Curry when she posed for sexy lesbian photos - as a birthday gift.

The incident, which was caught on camera for upcoming reality show My Fair Brady... Maybe Baby, left the upset actor suggesting the couple separate.

The girl-on-girl photos, which Curry has since repeated with a pal for Playboy magazine, were supposed to end a feud over baby plans - but they started a new one.

In the tense episode, which will air in January, Knight says of the photo gift, "It is the physicalisation of my worst fears. It creeps me out. I want a separation."


I know a lot of men who would love to see some girl-on-girl action involving their girlfriends/spouses, but this is Adrianne Curry we're talking about...

EDIT: I found a Russian forum that posted the Playboy photos. Don't know if they're the ones Chris is so pissy about. Obviously NSFW AT ALL.
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Little People Season 5 sneak peek--- Did Matt Rolloff beat DUI charges????


History: WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oregon (July 21, 2007) – Matthew Roloff, the well-known farming father on TLC’s “Little People Big World,” was arrested last month on allegations of DUI.

Roloff was driving a white, 2005 Chevrolet van on West Union Road in Washington County, when officers spotted the vehicle, which appeared unable to stay within its own lane. Sheriffs pulled over the vehicle and identified the driver as the 45-year-old Roloff.

After being cited, Roloff was later released.

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I love this show but can not stand Jacob, that little brat needs a beating, Zach needs to STFU, Molly needs a boyfriend and Jeremy well I just hope Jeremy doesnt end up on "Where are they now?" pictures on TMZ

So who would you do? Matt or Amy? and you must pick one!, me and my tv

Ashley Tisdale: "They Always Joked About Me Being The Uncoordinated One."

Singing starlet Ashley Tisdale spilled secrets of growing up in the latest issue of Tigerbeat magazine. Did you know she was uncoordinated and used to go horseback riding all of the time? Ash revealed:

"When I was younger, I was too hyper to be in ballet class. I was always running around. My mom and sister are really good dancers, so growing up, they always joked about me being the uncoordinated one.

I started singing when I was 8 and booked my first audition. My parents were like, 'If it's mean to happen, it's meant to happen.' The success of High School Musical changed my life, but hasn't made me a diva..

..But it's still fun to play someone like Sharpay. There were so many times when I didn't get a job or a movie that I wanted, but I kept going. My advice to you is if you have a dream and want to do it, just work hard and anything can happen. Dreams do come true!"

Do you think Ashley is a beautiful Barbie or a devious diva?



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ashley tisdale apologizes

Ashley Tisdale just made a public apology to her fans and friends in Miami and Philadelphia, where she backed out of her Jingle Ball performances.

Here’s the public apology from the 22-year-old High School Musical star:

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be at the holiday shows this weekend. I haven’t fully recovered from my surgery and had to make the difficult decision to cancel the appearances.

When my surgery was scheduled, we didn’t think it would be necessary to cancel the shows because my doctor thought I would heal in time. Unfortunately, the deviated septum was more significant than we originally thought so the healing process is taking longer.

The last thing I ever want to do is disappoint my fans. I flew out to the east coast with the dancers and crew still hoping I would be well enough to perform.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday season.

I love you guys!


Stam is Fierce Forever & Always

Fellow pin-ups Adrian Grenier and Jessica Stam join forces as they host a star-studded N.Y.C fundraising gala for the Water Crisis Charity at the Metropolitan Pavillion on Monday.

The dogooding event aims to raise funds to build freshwater wells in Africa and to increase awareness of the global water crisis.

When the eco-friendly pair hosted the ball last year, they raised $250 000 which helped more than 25 000 people to gain access to clean and safe drinking water.

In supermodel terms, that works out to about 3 or 4 sashays down a Parisian runway.

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Hollywood Writers Reject Award Shows

The union representing striking Hollywood writers has denied requests to allow their members to write for the Oscars Hollywood's biggest, most glamorous showcase and the Golden Globes.

The board of directors of the Writers Guild of America West rejected the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' request for an interim agreement for writing services, a person close to the guild said Monday. The person, who was not authorized to comment and spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to say when the decision had been made.

A call and an e-mail seeking comment from the academy were not immediately returned.

Meanwhile Monday, the guild released a letter rejecting the request from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globes. The letter said that granting a waiver "would not advance" the guild's ongoing battle with studios to negotiate a new contract.

In a statement, the Globe organization expressed measured unhappiness.

"The Golden Globe Awards, which has a long and friendly relationship with the Writers Guild of America, is obviously disappointed that the WGA denied its request for a waiver," the group said.

But it said it was "encouraged by the fact that the WGA has announced that it plans to negotiate agreements with independent production companies" and would attempt to reach a deal for the upcoming Globe ceremony.

A separate letter Monday to the academy denied the use of clips from movies and past awards programs that could be shown during the Oscars award show in February.

The producers of the two awards ceremonies had sought a waiver from the guild to allow writers to work on them.

Writers are in their seventh week of a costly strike.


some dumb news about a finalist in a shot at love

A fundraiser for the band at a Coral Springs high school went down -- in flames -- before it ever began.

The band at Taravella High had hoped to raise money by charging $5 for autographs of Deerfield Beach firefighter Dani Campbell, one of two contestants left standing on an MTV reality show about a bisexual woman searching for love.

But when school district spokesman Keith Bromery learned of the Monday afternoon effort, he prodded other school district officials to take a look at the show -- A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila -- online. The result: the fundraiser was canceled.

Bromery said it doesn't matter that the show involves bisexuality. It does matter that it involves sex, however.

''The episode that I saw was a woman in various degrees of undress laying prone on a bar with guys drinking shots out of her belly button,'' Bromery said. ``Does that answer your question?''

He said he had never heard of the show before Monday.

An organizer of the fundraising effort said word about Campbell's appearance had spread throughout the state and autograph seekers were expected from as far away as Key West and Orlando.

The show is among the top 15 shows on cable and one of MTV's most popular. It features Internet sensation Tequila, a bisexual woman who has built a MySpace network of more than two million friends. All season, she has been searching for her true love, whittling a cadre of 16 men and 16 women to one of each gender.

Campbell, a lesbian, was going to appear at no charge at the band fundraiser. She is a self-described ''futch,'' not totally feminine but not totally butch.

One episode featured Tequila giving Campbell's grandmother a lap dance.

Tila makes her decision, between Campbell and Bobby Banhart of New York, on Tuesday night.

''This person, whoever pulled the rug under this event...if they had known who I am they wouldn't have done it,'' Campbell said, adding that she hopes that students see her as a positive role model.

``They think it's a remedy I've come up with for how to be positive. I want everybody to be as confident as I am, and as positive as I am. This goes for anything -- gay, straight, black, white.''

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Douchebag wins Footballer of the Year Award, i nearly destroy work computer in blind rage

AC Milan's Kaka has been crowned as Fifa's world player of the year.

The Brazilian midfielder beat off competition from Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi to take the prize.

Kaka has had a glittering year for AC Milan, during which they won the

Champions League, and has won the Ballon d'Or award for the European footballer of the year, FIFPro's world player of the year voted by fellow professionals and World Soccer's player of the year.

Messi came second, and Portuguese winger Ronaldo was in third place.

Kaka said: "Tonight is a really special night for me - it was a dream for me just to play for Sao Paulo and one game for Brazil. But the Bible says God can give you more than you even ask for."

Ronaldo said he was hugely honoured to be short-listed for the award -

which has never been won by a Premier League player.

He added: "I was so pleased when I got nominated. The first thing I did was

tell the people closest to me.

"I called my mother and told her, and then my brother and my sister.

"It's a real honour for me to be considered one of the three best players in

the world."

The award is voted on by all national team managers and captains, and this

year's shortlist contains three young players nominated for the first time.

Kaka added: "It shows that this is a new era in football, a new cycle is


"They were great players before, but now the new players are starting to make


more of his shit at the SOURCE


i really hate that fucker and i wish he would DIAF. he is not the best footballer in the world and he is a huge douchebag. also, Ronaldo is better than Messi. IJAF.
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Julia Roberts Still Hates The Paparazzi

Pretty Woman Pretty Peeved at Paps

You'd think that after she risked life and limb to skewer a pap for filming her children at their school, photogs would be a little more respectful of Julia Roberts.

Not so. After Roberts obliged paps with plenty of shots across the street from her NYC house -- on the condition that they leave her alone, they did quite the opposite, following and shooting her the next day at her bank, and staying on her tail for three full blocks before a bystander stepped in to act as a bodyguard.

Her last word? Julia chastised the snappers for "embarrassing" themselves.


LOL at the bum going all Chris Crocker on the paparazzi for her!