November 12th, 2007

Britney Trying to Wean Off Cocaine?

Drug offers cocaine addicts hope

After decades of failed attempts to find a drug that helps addicts kick cocaine, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say they have finally found a medication that looks promising - a drug currently approved to treat sleepiness.

Addicts who took modafinil - used to treat narcolepsy and help pilots and night-shift workers stay alert - were about twice as likely to avoid cocaine in a given week as those who received a placebo pill, according to a small Penn study published this month in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Patients taking the medicine, marketed as Provigil, were also nearly three times as likely as unmedicated counterparts to stay off cocaine for a three-week stretch - 33 percent vs. 13 percent, said Charles Dackis, chief of psychiatry at Penn's Medical Center-Presbyterian and lead investigator of the 62-patient study.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse funded the Penn study and is paying for three longer, larger studies as well.

Article Source.

Provigil is very well known to help addicts and curb impulsiveness.  The court prescribed this med to her and considering they called her a "habitual, frequent and continuous user of alcohol and controlled substances" it makes one wonder, especially on a high dose of 200mg.


Edit: The photo of BritBrit's purse is of the prescription Provigil inside, for no confusion!

rachel bilson on chuck

rachel bilson makes her debut tomorrow at 8 PM EST on chuck on nbc as lou, a love interest for chuck. the issue, of course, is that he's pretending to date his cia agent, sarah [if that's her real name].

this show is so funny and very much worth watching! november sweeps=best guest stars. i can't be the only oc fan excited about this.

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Dan Humphrey and Tyra Collette together??

Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward and Penn Badgley are set to star in The Stepfather, a Screen Gems remake of the 1987 thriller, says Variety. Adrianne Palicki is in negotiations to round out the cast.

The studio is aiming the film as more of a Hitchcock-style thriller than the original. The story centers on a teenage boy (Badgley) who discovers his soon-to-be stepfather isn't all he appears. In fact, the man who fell in love with his mother (Ward), might be a psycho who murdered his previous family. Palicki would play the boy's girlfriend.

"Nip/Tuck" star Walsh plays the title role originated by "Lost" star Terry O'Quinn. O’Quinn played the role in a 1989 sequel as well.

The redo will be directed by Nelson McCormick (Prom Night) from a script by J.S. Cardone. Greg Mooradian and Mark Morgan of Maverick Films will produce.

Production is aimed to start in March or April.


Holy crap, the original scared the heck out of me when I was a kid, as did crazy Locke. This remake should be interesting. And yay for Penn Badgley getting a lead role! I love you, Dan Humphrey!
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djs are hot

KROQ Accoustic Christmas Line Up Night One


Keep listening to KROQ and check back to for ticket on-sale info, and details on Night Two.
If you're not already a KROQ Street Team member, sign up now for free, and watch your email for exclusive info.


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Hayden Panettiere @ Smashbox Studios

Hayden Panettiere returns home Sunday with a handful of shopping bags after a day doing a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles. The Heroes babe has recently been out of work because of the writers strike. There were no weekend pickets and no negotiations scheduled. Not very good news for us tubers!

FYI: Smashbox Studios is located in Culver City at the intersection of Hayden Ave. and Higuera Street.

However, there is an all-new episode (”Four Months Ago”) of Heroes tonight @ 9PM ET/PT on NBC. Tune in!

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More Pictures at the source for you Hayden Pantenehair fans...
Attempting to give a damn

Angelina's Wardrobe Issues

It's hard not to envy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie – pictured with arm wrapped round one of the world's sexiest men, actor Brad Pitt at the premiere of her new film Beowulf.

But on closer inspection, the star was having a few wardrobe malfunctions - including her leather trousers splitting at the seams.

First, Angelina got herself into a somewhat sticky situation as the sexy star's Christian Louboutin stiletto shoe got stuck in a wad of chewing gum on the red carpet.

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i have a mullet. i don't care.


FALL OUT BOY rocker PETE WENTZ is amused to have been included on a recent list naming the unsexiest men - insisting he deserves the honour because of his mullet haircut.
Wentz, who is dating sexy singer Ashlee Simpson, featured in website AOL's Completely Unofficial Top 11 Unsexiest Men countdown, but claims not to take jibes about his looks seriously.
He tells MTV, "I'm just happy to be nominated. It's funny, I got on People's Most Beautiful list because of eyeliner, and I got on AOL's Most Unsexy because of eyeliner too. It was the reference in both of those. "And I don't really view myself as a particularly attractive person. So it doesn't really bum me out that much. I have a mullet. I don't care."


Christina's Drag Queen Filled Baby Shower

Miss Christina had a festive carnival-themed baby shower over the weekend in which a few choice drag queens and even Gwen Stefani were in attendance. Gwen dragged her hot husband Gavin Rossdale along even though men typically don’t go to these damn things.

Christina, you’re fierce, but lookin’ a bit of a mess here. Maybe she wanted to blend in with all the drag queens.

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Nicola Roberts's Lily Allen Comeback

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Lily Allen called Nicola Roberts ugly...Nic's Girls Aloud bandmates rushed to her defence. But Nic herself is keeping schtum on the subject.

When asked why she was being so restrained on the Lily versus Girls Aloud feud, the 22-year-old told Metro: "Sometimes it's not worth it. You just have to think, it's silly and pathetic and I'm not going to rise to it.

"But when someone says something so nasty and uncalled for (as Lily calling Nic ugly) then you really want to jump in.

"I really wanted to say something back but decided she (Lily) wasn't worth it."

Big up the measured attitude, Nic...

The Girls Aloud lass also dished the dirt on her (numerous) phobias - including flying, water, people in her wardrobe, and the catsuits the girls had to wear for their Sexy! No No No video shoot.

"We had to put lubricant all over our bodies and it felt like we were swimming around in the suit, it was disgusting," said Nic.

She added: "I just panic about things. I've got a very wild, over-active imagination."
Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, 22, is 'the best pop star in Britain', says Heat magazine's Mark Frith. Famed for her ginger locks, she's one-fifth of Britain's premier pop group whose hits include The Show and Sexy! No No No. She gives out fashion advice in new DVD Style, out today. New album Tangled Up is released next Monday, with single Call The Shots out a week later.

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z beach

who wore it better?

Halle vs. Mandy

Halle B. rocked this hot semi-corseted Dolce and Gabbana dress recently at the Rome Film Fest’s Things We Lost In The Fire premiere. But Mandy Moore rocked it first back in August at the Dedication premiere.


damn. must feel tough to get owned by a pregnant chick.

Superhead: Lil Wayne Is My JOHN LENNON, I'm His YOKO ONO

Superhead gave an in depth interview in this months's issue of Vibe Magazine. Here are some of the highlights:

Let's talk about Lil Wayne

Weezy! Oh God, it's been like 7 months now. It was hard at first because I had to learn how to love him. He's not like any other guy. It's like he's from another planet. When he wakes up in the morning, he may not talk to you. He might just get dressed and leave. It doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. It just means he's about to go to work and he's in his zone and has nothing to do with you...

If I had my choice, Wayne would be in my pool with my son playing f*cking volleyball, but that's not the kind of person he is right now. He'll be 25 in two weeks and I'm 29, but I'm willing to wait until he's ready. In the meantime he's like my best friend. He's my John Lennon and I'm his Yoko One, and together, it just works.

Was the song "Prostitute" written for you?

He called my house at four in the morning ... and sang it to me. He was like 'That's your song.' I listen to it everyday over and over and over in my car. That song is our relationship. I feel sorry for anyone who loves me right now, because I can't shake Wayne. And I'm not going to


One. Bitch step off my man.

Two. Bitch thou is looose you will never be no ones wifey.

Three. How the fuck does this ghetto bitch know who John and Yoko are???


OH NOES!!!!!!!!

Britney Who? "Blackout" Drops Like a Rock

After just two weeks, it looks like Britney Spears' new album is sinking fast down the charts -- and now the record's facing competition from a couple of serious divas; Alicia Keys and Celine Dion.

Various music industry sources predict that Brit's week two sales will be somewhere less than 100K, about a 70% drop, and with the big albums from Keys and Dion coming, sales could be a lot more grim here on out. It's a good thing, then, that someone in the Spears family is trying to make some money -- Page Six reports that Britney's mom, Lynne, has actually hired her own manager, to presumably help with her new career as an author of a parenting book.


Happy Monday!

RIP (again) Jahunka :(
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OMG IGGY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iggy on the Set!

He's the famous puppy everyone is talking about, but only we have him on our set!

Iggy helped Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart tape a Public Service Announcement to help bring awareness to the importance of pet adoption.

Watch the exclusive footage with Iggy Monday night, and see the PSA air for the first time on Tuesday, November 13.


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Brit's Reps Explain Positive Drug Test

Brit's Peeps Say Drugs are Prescription, Bitch

More Britney Spears people are coming forward, in the wake of the TMZ story that Britney tested positive for drugs last week.

A Brit source tells us, "The only thing that comes on the results are the prescriptions, that the court doctor prescribed." The source added, "There has been no illegal drugs or even alcohol in any of the test results."

We know Britney is seeing a shrink as part of the ongoing custody brouhaha. That could be what the source was talking about with respect to the court doctor.


Anna Nicole Smith's drugs were prescriptions, too...
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Hugh and Liz Planepool to New York

English Stars Arrive in NYC

If I were a gossip queen, I would say that Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant may have briefly joined the mile high club yesterday, as they took the same New York flight from London. But in reality, I imagine they both knew they were going to be in NYC at the same time, so the ex-couple decided to do the journey with the company of each other.

Although, they must have been aware it would cause a bit of interest with the paps, because after they landed they left the airport via different exits. Cue the “Liz and Hugh rekindle love” or “Is Liz’s marriage on the rocks” headlines.

mateus 2

Lindsay and Samantha together again

 I can't tell you WHY Lindsay thought it would be cool to chill with Sam on Nov. 11. I thought we were done with all these kiddie games. All I can say is I sure hope they were meeting up one last time to say goodbye. Even though these girls have been friends through some fun and rough times, everyone knows you can't hang with the DJ while you're in recovery. DJs are walking advertisements for drugs and parties. Just being in the presence of a DJ still makes me want to snort a line! DJs are fun people to party with. NO FUN to recover with! SAY GOODBYE LINDSAY! Say goodbye. 

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Ugh she's looking rougher than usal.


Lindsay's VIP Driver

Lohan's Celebrity Chauffeur

Lindsay Lohan went on yet another shopping trip yesterday -- leaving a celebrity buddy waiting in the parking lot next door to Diavolina while she shopped.

Watch the video to find out who plays part-time driver for LiLo.


The devil's baby has a name

Elizabeth Hasselbeck announced the name of her son on The View a couple of minutes ago. His name is Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck and weighed 7 lbs 15 oz.

SOURCE: The View and my TV (and ME for actually bothering to watch the show today)

...Taylor Thomas?!

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Jay-Z's Kind Words for Kanye

Jay-Z Sends Love to Kanye West's Mom

Jay-Z dedicated his sold-out Sunday night concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York to rapper Kanye West's mother, who died over the weekend. Near the end of his nearly two-hour set, the rapper asked for a moment of silence to pay respect to Donda West.

"Let's get serious for a minute," Jay-Z told the energetic crowd during his encore performance. "This show is dedicated to Kanye West who had a death in the family." The crowd quickly became silent. "We got you, Kanye. Stay strong," he added before launching into his final song of the night, "Roc Boys."

mateus 2

Shakira Bides Her Time Before Marriage


Colombian beauty Shakira was in attendance for the “Love in the Time of Cholera” premiere last night in Hollywood.  And while she’s been engaged for over six years now, she doesn’t sound like she’s in any hurry down the aisle.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress told press, “We’ll get married eventually, or we won’t, but we’re together and that’s what matters. We love each other and we want to stay like that. Why fix something that’s not broken?” 

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More photos at the source
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It's Love & Sex Monday, Y'all - Holiday Movie Edition!

Holiday Movie Romances

These hot Hollywood duos will warm your heart during the most wonderful time of the year:

: Patrick Dempsey & Amy Adams (Nov. 21) From McDreamy to McDisney! This classic Disney fairy tale, combining live action with animation, finds an idealistic princess (Adams, 33) falling for a jaded Manhattan divorce attorney (Dempsey, 41). Producer Barry Josephson tells Us: "He influences her with logic and guile while she influences him by opening up his heart."

Walk Hard
: Jenna Fischer & John C. Reilly (Dec. 21) Despite a pickup-truck load of failings - from drug addiction to serial philandering - rock star Dewey Cox (Reilly, 42) is ultimately saved by the love of his longtime backup singer (Fischer, 33). Fischer tells Us: "It's a satire of musical biopics like Walk the Line."

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CNN Confrims Kanye's Mom Died While Going Under the Knife

Confirmed: Kanye's Mom Dies Following Cosmetic Procedure

Kanye West's mother Donda died Saturday in Los Angeles and now CNN is confirming she passed away following a cosmetic procedure. She was 58. The publicist for the rapper's mom did not give details about the procedure or the exact cause of death.


eta: In case people were wondering, it's being reported that she was undergoing both a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck at the time of her death.
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Deacon Wants to Deliver Pizza; Gets His Wish

Reese Witherspoon's Son Gets Job Offer

Having famous parents sure can be helpful to one's career. Just ask Deacon Witherspoon.

Though only 4, the son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe (his folks are divorced) has a job all lined up for himself now that his mom reportedly told Britain's Daily Express that she and Phillippe aren't anxious for the boy, or even his older sister, to go into showbiz.

"He wants to be a pizza delivery boy," the Walk the Line Oscar winner, 31, is quoted as telling the paper. "Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's hard to see how it could be a career as such."

Have no fear, Reese, the Pizza Hut people are assuring the concerned mom. They have a job waiting for Deacon. And not just a job, they say in an open letter to the child made public by Extra . But an entire career.

"Dear Deacon," writes Sandi Karrmann, identified as the "Chief People Officer" for the pizza chain, "We recently heard that you want to be a pizza delivery driver when you grow up. How wonderful! You've got several years to go before you can join our team, but in the meantime we're sending you a few things, so that you can practice."

The company's gifts to the boy include a Pizza Hut uniform "that's just your size," writes Karrmann, who also sent a mini-delivery car "for you to polish your driving skills," as well as gift cards for Pizza Hut pizzas.

Also included: encouragement. "We have delivery drivers who have worked for us for 10, 15, even 20 years!" says the letter. "And the same Pizza Hut drivers who deliver hot, fresh pizzas right to your door have gone on to become successful business, doctors, lawyers and, yes, actors."

In closing, Karrmann advises, "Deacon, keep on dreaming big and know that we're saving a spot for you on our team."

As for Witherspoon and Phillippe's other child, 8-year-old Ava, her mother is quoted in the Express as saying, "My daughter wants to be a scientist, but they are both at the stage where it changes from one week to the next. Neither has said they want to be actors, but you never know."

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So Glad She Just got a V-12 Car...

Britney's Driving Woes Continue

Days before Britney Spears famously ran a red light with her kids sleeping in the back seat and the court appointed parenting monitor seated beside her in the passenger seat, Britney put her their lives in danger by driving on the wrong side of the road. With her son sleeping in the back seat Britney crossed over into oncoming traffic to overtake a vehicle in front of her while chatting on her cell phone to the disbelief of the parenting coach.

Britney is already in hot water because of the red light incident with Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline’s lawyer, calling an unscheduled court hearing for Wednesday to look into the pop star’s driving habits and this latest moving violation could strengthen the case to have Britney banned from driving with the kids in the car.


Why haven't they taken her license away yet? Better, why did they give it to her in the first place?!?!

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Bud Bundy's Amazon Woman

David Faustino's got himself a new girlfriend -- and she's got a good 8 inches on him! (your joke here).

TMZ caught the former "Married ... with Children" star outside of the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson Blvd. last night, where the recently divorced Faustino showed off his hot, long-legged lady friend.

See, size doesn't matter!


I don't know about you all, but for me this picture comes to mind right now:

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So Then What Was It?

Analyzing Britney's Urine -- It's Not Provigil

There are reports circulating that Britney's positive drug test last week was the result of Provigil, a prescription for treatment of narcolepsy. Well, we're told it ain't so.

In generic drug testing -- the type performed on Britney -- there is not a special screening for Provigil.

In addition, we know the tests actually performed on Spears (until last week) all came back negative, and she had been taking Provigil before that. The plot thickens.


What do you think it was?

Poll #1087352 Brit Brit Drug Drug

What Did Britney Test Positive For?

Benzodiazapines (Xanax, Valium, etc.)

Robbie Williams Teams Up With Mark Ronson

mark ronson brother of samantha ronson lover of lindsay lohan one time lover of robbie williams.

Brit-pop legend Robbie Williams, 33, is planning to record part of his upcoming album in an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The 'Coke & Tears' songster wants to take advantage of the acoustics in the 4,500 year old Great Pyramid of Giza. Robbie, who is working on the new album in LA with producer Mark Ronson, will fly out to Cairo next month. A source reveals:

"Robbie has heard the chamber of the Great Pyramid has the best acoustics in the world. He's going to go and sing a few notes in there to see if the sound is as impressive as expected."


Fashion Faceoff: French Connection Dress


Rosario Dawson
celebrated the 2nd anniversary weekend of Tao Las Vegas on Saturday in a sequined minidress by French Connection. The Grindhouse actress finished off her look with cute pink heels with purple straps.

Vanessa Hudgens wore the same colorful minidress to the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party back in September. The High School Musical star completed her look with a pair of simple black Christian Louboutin pumps.

***I say Rosario.

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we still like TI and we still look fly

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It appears that Clifford is spending his time on house arrest wisely:

A representative for the Grammy-winning artist, 27, says he has already completed six new tracks in a studio inside his Georgia home. T.I. hopes to release the disc, which he’s calling Paper Trail, in September 2008. The album’s title refers to the fact that T.I. is writing his new lyrics down — a practice he abandoned after his 2001 debut, I’m Serious. Each of his four subsequent albums, including this year’s T.I. vs. T.I.P., was composed without the aid of pen or paper. “He wanted to take more time to really put something down [this time].”

It’s good that he now has taken the time out to produce some quality music, good for him, nothing like some well thought out lyrical ammo.

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Is Brandy A Lip-Syncer?

Brandy's Sound System Crashes

Was pop singer Brandy doing her best Ashlee Simpson on Sunday, or did someone just forget to pay the electric bill?!

Either way, her performance at the annual Sensationnel Hair Idol competition (we're not kidding!) in Washington D.C. quickly turned chaotic, when both music and lyrics abruptly cut off midway through a performance of "Who Is He to You."

"Brandy absolutely wasn't lip-syncing," her rep tells TMZ. "She was singing live." After briefly being joined on stage by 5 year-old daughter Sy'rai (who she almost forgot on stage-- paging Britney!) and lil' bro Ray J, Brandy wrapped up her set by performing "Almost Didn't Count" -- a cappella.


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Camel Toe Alert!

Sharon Stone: Pubic Instinct

Sharon Stone appeared at a charity event in Miami and it appears that she forgot her dress.

Wearing only a slinky vulvalicious catsuit, the 49-year-old pudenda revealing star put forth her genitalia best to support the Make-a-Wish f
oundation, which makes unusual wishes come true for ill children. Like camel rides.


Tbh, considering some of the vajayjays we've been subjected to recently, this is a camel toe I can get behind.


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Naked Man Tasered in the Ass at Girl Talk Show

As we know, Girl Talk shows can get pretty crazy. But Friday night's performance at the Gargoyle Club on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis will go down in history as the craziest Girl Talk show yet.

Here's the short version of what happened: According to various sources including reader emails, the Washington University student paper Student Life, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Riverfront Times, Girl Talk's set was cut short after a man exposed himself and got Tasered in the ass.

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Weezer Announce Release Date for New Album

Mark your calendars, boys and girls. The new Weezer album, which the boys are affectionately referring to as "Album Six" for the moment, has a release date. I bet you want to know what that release date is, don't you? Here, just have it: April 22, 2008. Hey, that's Jack Nicholson's birthday! Coincidence?? Er, probably.

"Weezer fans truly have something to look forward to," gushed Weezer bassist Scott Shriner about the new Weezer album on the Weezer website. "The entire band has accomplished some of its most challenging goals as a group and as individuals. It's all coming together on this album." Throw your Weezer signs in the sky, guys!

Of course, that's hardly the only thing cooking in camp Weezer of late. As previously reported, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo-- the one with the Ice Cube cover-- lands December 11 via Geffen. You know, I listen to a lot of Ice Cube when I'm all by myself too.


MAKE IT GOOD, CUOMO. I've been disappointed in the last few Weezer albums.

Javier and Penelope get shy

Penelope Cruz made her way around LA this weekend, doing her best to avoid being photographed with her man Javier Bardem. Even though these two let the cat way out of the bag with their romantic trip to the Maldives, it doesn't look like they're ready to flaunt their relationship all over the states yet. We bet they still managed to have some fun behind closed doors — Javier had a lot to celebrate this weekend since his No Country For Old Men is getting rave reviews.

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they're so hot together! ilu javier...can't wait for love in the time of cholera....
house // wilson wins at life
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Grunny is awesome.

Exclusive Interview: 'Heroes' Star Greg Grunberg

You may remember him as Sean on Felicity or Weiss on Alias or his role on any other show created by his childhood friend J.J. Abrams, but now Greg Grunberg is best known as Officer Matt Parkman, the telepathic cop on NBC's Heroes. Though some fans have been down on Heroes this season, the most recent episode changed a lot of minds, and Grunberg couldn't be more excited about what's to come.

BuddyTV spoke to Greg Grunberg about everything related to Heroes and some things that aren't. He talked about the possible impact of the writers' strike and what viewers can hope to see in the immediate future, revealing when the Big Bad Biohazard storyline will be resolved. Grunberg also spoke about reuniting with his Felicity father Alan Blumenfeld (now playing Parkman's father) and about how awesome Alias co-star David Anders is. And for Lost fans, Grunberg clued us in to the fate of the character he played, the pilot of Oceanic flight 815. Continue reading for the full transcript and audio file of the interview.

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go go disco!

Hola Hovito!

Jay-Z took some flicks for Blender Magazine. Yes, his lips are big. Yes, they're REALLY big. So there, I just saved you from posting the obvious.

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Update: Jay-Z's "American Gangster" Projected To Sell Over 400,000 Units

Jay-Z's tenth studio album, American Gangster, is projected to sell between 425-450,000 in first week sales.

According to, American Gangster is on track to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 this week, selling between 425,000 to 450,000 units and officially tying with Elvis Presley for second place among artists with the most No. 1 albums. Last year Hov's highly publicized comeback album, Kingdom Come, which also came out in November, sold 680,000 copies.
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Kanye West's Tribute to His Mom

I was actually looking for this everywhere last night, because I remembered how cute it was, and couldn't find it anywhere. Thankfully MTV has put it up again. It's Kanye & Donda performing "Hey Mama" together. It's not exactly news, but I thought it was appropriate, and sillier things have been posted.

(Click to watch.) Even Kanye West haters will be moved by this. R.I.P.

dedicated to mattchew

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Heather Mills has a recording of Paul McCartney calling her a "one legged bitch" reports The News of the World . Heather reportedly has that tape along with several others locked up in a bank vault for safe keeping.

A source said, "There are other recordings Heather says prove Paul referred to her as a ‘one-legged bitch'. She's hoping this shows people what she's had to put up with, and will let the public make up their own mind about who was to blame for their split."

Heather also has a tape of Paul's daughter, Stella McCartney telling her, "I hope you lose your other fucking leg!"

Those McCartneys! Such comedians. They should take their act on the road.

The source claims Heather started recording her phone conversations a while ago.

One legged bitch?! How is that so shocking? She's a bitch and she has one leg. I don't see the problem!

Heather is major paranoid! Get that ho a fatty already!

source: DListed

Britney is donating 100% of the proceeds of "Blackout," to UNICEF


Britney Auctioning Signed CD, Donating Proceeds To UNICEF

Britney signed "Blackout," her latest cd, and is donating 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF. Britney penned her autograph and "#1" on the jewel case as well as her auto on the CD itself. The bidding starts at $25.00. May the best Britney fan win! Check it out HERE! 

Source : X17

Good job Britney it makes me proud to be a Britney fan. 
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Two New Developments in Kanye's Mom's Death

Fire Department Called to Donda West's Home

TMZ has learned Dr. Donda West was at her home when 911 was called.

We're told that at 7:35 PM Saturday night, paramedics responded to a 911 call and transported West to nearby Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey. We're told it was a "sick person call."

A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ that an unresponsive West was brought to their ER around 8:00 PM Saturday night. They attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.

West died at the hospital later that night.


Donda West Warned About Surgery

TMZ has learned that just weeks before Donda West died, a plastic surgeon refused to perform procedures on her because of a health condition that could have led to a heart attack.

We've learned Beverly Hills physician, Dr. Andre Aboolian, was set to perform a tummy tuck and breast reduction on Ms. West, but told her she needed to get clearance from an internist whom Dr. Aboolian recommended. We're told West never went to that doctor, and subsequently had the procedures performed -- but not by Dr. Aboolian.

Source One

Source Two

This is all so sad.

R.I.P. Ms. West.

Rihanna opens up about drug addicted father, childhood dreams and new bad girl image

Check out Rihanna's interview for the November issue of Britain’s YOU magazine. She dishes about her crack addict father, Justin Timberlake,  her new image and her childhood dreams.

Rihanna on her father, a former crack addict: “I had seen the marijuana and cocaine around him but I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that my mum didn’t like it, and they were always fighting about it. My mother was a very strong woman and tried to shelter us from as much as she could. But she was working, and he was at home, so there was only so much that she could hide from us. He’s OK, he’s drug-free now. He got over it a while ago because my mother wouldn’t let us go and see him otherwise. So he gave it up for us.”

Rihanna on working with Justin Timberlake: “I was so starstruck at being in the same room as him.”

Rihanna on her good-girl-gone-bad image: “I felt I was embarking on a whole new image, a whole new journey. I wanted to differentiate myself from the past. I have come into my own and I know what I’m doing now. I’ve called the new album Good Girl Gone Bad because I was determined to do it my way, I was sick of listening to what everyone else wanted. This is the way I like to look and sound, so I became very rebellious – that’s the attitude of the entire project. And some older people there, who tend to be very judgmental, are not pleased with my new image. But I’m not bad in a godless way”

Rihanna on drugs: “”I don’t want those problems. Even they didn’t want that to happen to them, and it’s a very sad situation. Outside the business, it’s easy to criticise them. It’s not hard for that kind of problem to happen, but you have to have good people around you to make sure it doesn’t. Artists work so hard and the people around them keep pushing, forgetting they’re human. And in turn the artist also forgets she’s human and stops caring – and that’s when you get lonely. If you travel the world and start to zone out in your hotel room, you turn to different things for comfort”

Rihanna on her free time: “I live on my own in LA and at first my mother was a little concerned because she gets worried about my health. When I’m not working, I love just lying on my patio, listening to the breeze. It reminds me of the Caribbean. I’m travelling so much, but there’s nowhere like home. Sometimes I get so lonely, and it’s frustrating. Most of the time I’m in a different time zone to everyone else when I call them up – but then I’m a citizen of the world now.”

Rihanna on her childhood dreams: “To have recorded Umbrella, which became such a huge hit, and to make three albums in under two years – I had none of this in my dreams when I was a child. All I wanted to do was to make music all over the world.”


Kate Hudson Gets Around.

Kate Hudson is rumored to have already moved on to her next Hollywood hottie - Heath Ledger.

Hudson famously dated Owen Wilson after splitting from her husband Chris Robinson - and then funnyman Dax Shephard after the split from Owen.

Now she has been spotted smooching Heath, who himself is only recently single after his recent split from wife Michelle Williams.

The Hollywood stars were seen at New York hotspot the Beatrice Inn and onlookers told the New York Post they spent the night “kissing and making out”.

However, a spokesperson for Hudson said: “This is absolutely untrue. They ran into each other and chatted briefly, but that was the extent of it.”


oh, right.

Many reports have surfaced about Britney Spears using prescription medication for drug addiction and or narcolepsy. But new reports prove otherwise.

In a recent study performed by Dr. Papa Razzi at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Provigil has proven to be a prescription drug used to invent and create false stories. "Provigil enhances tabloid gossip to increase traffic and viewers on the Internet," says Dr. Razzi. "Many people take prescription drugs for one reason or another, but most aren't publicly photographed with it for humiliation and investigation," he continues.

Other reports say Provigil treats a Starbucks addiction. In a study performed by Dr. Thomas Matthew Zano, "Provigil blocks the xanthine alkaloid compound found in coffee, and suppresses the psychoactive stimulant that results from the caffeine found in Starbucks frappacuinos," reports the Doc.


this weeks cd and dvd releases

The Following CDS and DVDs will be officially released tomorrow 11/13

  • AFI "I Heard a Voice: Live From Long Beach Arena"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "T.H.U.G.S." (13 previously unreleased tracks)
  • Boyz II Men "Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA" (producer: Randy Jackson)
  • Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford"
  • Richard Cheese "Dick at Nite: Your Favorite TV Themes Loungified"
  • Dane Cook "Rough Around the Edges: Live From Madison Square
  • Dan Band, The "A Dan Band Christmas: Ho"
  • Desperation Band "Everyone Overcome"
  • Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works"
  • Céline Dion "Taking Chances"
  • Dirty on Purpose "Like Bees [EP]
  • Duran Duran "Red Carpet Massacre"
    Collapse )

    • The Addams Family - The Complete Series
    • Africa: The Serengeti
    • Amazing Grace
    • Avenging Angel
    • Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    • Black Books: The Complete 3rd Series
    • Bon Jovi "Bon Jovi: Lost Highway in Concert [DVD]"
    • Christmas Time In South Park
    • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition)
      Collapse )


      Welcome to the 4th quarter Christmas season.
      I want the Zeppelin and AFI and Duran Duran, even if it is tainted by Timberlake and Timbaland
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Ne-Yo's "Do You" feat. Utada Released In Japan

Ne-Yo's "Do You feat. Utada” will be released on Nov 21st exclusively to digital outlets in Japan.

Utada collaborates with Ne-Yo, a NO.1 selling R&B artist in the U.S. This digitally exclusive single, “Do You feat. Utada” is out Nov. 21st. This is part of Ne-Yo’s worldwide initiative, where he has been collaborating with the hottest female singers in each territory. Other collaborators include hit singer Natasha Bedingfield from the UK, Sarah Connor the pop icon from Germany, and world renowned R&B Vocalist, Mary J. Blige in U.S.

Now Ne-Yo has worked with Utada, one of his label mates as a Japanese collaborator. He was introduced to her songs by Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, Chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group and Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, President / CEO, Def Jam Recordings.
Ne-Yo has said, “She has great voice and I’m sure it will work perfectly”.

The much anticipated collaboration will be available digitally on November 21, 2007



Frank Iero Leaves Tour Suddenly

Guitarist, Frank Iero, of My Chemical Romance was missing from his usual spot during their show tonight in Aberdeen.  Due to a "personal issue", Gerard Way announced to the crowd, Frank has flown home and Matt Cortez is currently filling in.  Cortez filled in for bassist, Mikey Way, while he took a recent break.

No further details are available at this time.

Source: Concert goer at Aberdeen show

Seattle & the OC: get yr ONTD signs ready!

guess who's doing a couple signings this weekend? it's our favorite gossip girl, Chace Crawford. he'll be out in the OC on Saturday and Seattle on Sunday. someone HAS to get a shot of him with an ONTD sign. bonus points if you somehow fit a carrie underwood reference onto the sign.  you know you love it...

xoxo, gossip girl.

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Jennifer Aniston wants Tom Brady to sell water

"Jennifer Aniston understands that in order for people to fall for dishing out $3-$4 for a bottle of water, it has to be sexy. As a recent investor in Glaceau’s SmartWater — and the female advertising face for the brand — she’s learning the ropes of what it takes to dupe people into thinking tap is bland and bottled is good.

Her latest move is to recruit the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, as the male face of SmartWater.

Why did Brady sign up? Surely, it wasn’t for the money! Brady said he drinks Smartwater as an alternative to “sugary” drinks. “It’s a replacement product that’s better for you, whether I’m working out or for the morning when I wake up,” he said in an interview with USA Today. “If you’re going to put something in your body, it may as well be something that’s efficient.”

Right. Thank God SmartWater is around to provide this incredible product. How did we all survive before it?

Folks, products marketed and branded with names like “SmartWater” are luxury alternatives to something readily available. If you have crappy water, a.) please save yourself some cash and pick up gallon jugs of water from the supermarket or local co-op and then b.) petition the hell out of your municipalities to correct whatever is wrong with your water. Over 90 percent of water systems in the United States meet the EPA’s standards for tap water quality. Don’t be duped by people making bug bucks off slick marketing!"

Source & Source

Ina Hanging On Like FG

A Living Legend and a Legendary Tool

Dick and Ryan Reunite for a Rockin' New Year's Eve

Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest will be back as the hosts of the 36th "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," kicking off the countdown to the New Year with a three-and-one-half hour special, starting at 10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 31 on ABC.

As in past years, the action will take place in New York's Times Square -- especially as the ball drops -- but also will cut to Hollywood for additional portions of the show, which will feature top names in music.


UGH, Dick Clark >>>>>>> Ryan Seacrest, why do they even need both of them? I know Dick's speech is still a little off and they're probably gonna use Seacrest for the longer interviews/segments/whatever, but still...

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Angie Harmon Shopping with Big Ass Jeep

Angie Harmon is Ready for Armageddon

“Women’s Murder Club” (I never heard of it either) star Angie Harmon looks ready for anything in her military-esque army jeep while out grocery shopping.

Wait, you don’t know who Angie Harmon is? Does the Assistant District Attorney on “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” ring a bell? How about the time former New York Giants defensive back Jason Seahorn proposed to her on the “Tonight Show?” Or maybe you remember her as that hot chick on another episode of “The Tonight Show” who talked about getting pulled over by a police officer while not wearing any pants because she had just sat on a mound of fire ants?

If none of that jogs your memory, all you need to know is that she’s a hot mom, married to a former NFL player, and drives a kick ass army jeep.


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Remember when "Law and Order" was good?

P.S. - I guess I believe the author of the article when she(?) says that she doesn't really know who Angie Harmon is, considering the fact that it says she was a star of SVU. WRONG, Ms. Harmon is au natural.

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Rosie Announces Charity Gala, Auction

Rosie Wants Us to "Help Kids and Win Great Prizes"

Here is an email that Rosie O'Donnell sent out today - announcing a gala for her Rosie's Broadway Kids charity, as well as several items/experiences up for auction (the proceeds of which to benefit RBK):

Hello Stranger Friend!

We want to let you know about several extra special opportunities to help support kids by contributing to Rosie's charities.

On November 19, Rosie's Gala will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Rosie's For All Kids Foundation and the creation of a new home for Rosie's Broadway Kids (RBKids)—the Maravel Arts Center. The evening will be quite extraordinary with performances by the RBKids and Paul Simon who will join Rosie and friends to celebrate the generosity of all those people who have made a difference in the lives of so many amazing children over the past 10 years. All are welcome—we hope you can join us! Click here for more info.

For those of you who can't make it to the Gala, you can still show your support by bidding on one-of-a-kind experiences in Rosie's Gala auction at

  • Attend the Grammy Awards and after-party
  • Lunch with Arianna Huffington
  • Join Billie Jean King as her guest at the US Open
  • Meet Diane Sawyer at Good Morning America
  • Spend time on the set of All My Children with Susan Lucci
  • Take a backstage tour, attend rehearsals, and meet the cast of Harvey Fierstein's new Broadway musical, A Catered Affair

The auction starts today and continues through December 5 and features many more exciting "lots" donated by Rosie's celebrity and corporate friends. All proceeds from the auction go to RBKids.

There are many other ways to support the charities' efforts and programs for kids. Learn more about their work and how you can help ar and

Thank you for all that you do!

r blog team

Source: My email (I checked the "Subscribe to Mail List" option one time while asking a question on her blog b/c I thought it might increase the chances that she would answer... I was wrong.)

No matter what we think of Rosie (and trust me, I disagree with her on A LOT), it's hard not to appreciate all that she does for both her charities and other causes.

dumb bitch diaf

Paris Hilton denied a role on broadway because she cant dance

Paris Hilton just flopped a dance audition for “Chicago” because “she simply can’t move,” says choreographers. The show’s producers often invite movie and/or TV stars to take over major roles… and Paris aimed to shine as either Roxie or Velma… But when choreographers taught her simple dance moves, Paris was “too stiff” for anything beyond her trademark nightclub booty-shakin’, said an insider, who added “It didn’t help telling producers she ‘knew nothing’ about their show because she ‘hardly ever’ goes to the theater.”

Circus Tour


David Beckham is an Armani Underwear Model

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

David Beckham has been tapped by Giorgio Armani to launch his Emporio Armani underwear collection in the U.S., according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Becks shot the Armani underwear ad campaign in Los Angeles late last week with fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

David’s underwear ads will hit fashion magazines worldwide beginning with the January issues (that means David Beckham underwear shots starting next month!


(no subject)

Kim Kardashian's TV show gets renewed for a 2nd season

Who needs The Simple Life? After being on the air for just one month, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is such a big hit for E! Entertainment Television that they’ve already ordered up a second season.

It ranks as the number one show among women 18-34, in its Sunday night timeslot (Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET), against all other ad-supported cable networks.

“The buzz surrounding the series is huge and viewers have clearly fallen for the Kardashians,” says Lisa Berger, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Series Development for E!

The series chronicles the real-life chaos and drama inside Hollywood’s ultimate blended family, which consists of Kim, her “momager” Kris Jenner, stepdad, Olympic track and field gold medalist Bruce Jenner, a younger brother and four sisters. —Karen Salkin


Even super skinny stars suffer from every girl's worst nightmare: STRETCH MARKS!

Last week, super-skinny songstress Amy Winehouse was snapped flashing her cleavage - complete with unsightly stretch marks. At age 24 and yet to have children, she is hardly a prime candidate.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But, in today's climate where celebs wear 23in waist jeans and slip into size zero clothes, these angry-looking scars are no longer solely the badge of the overweight or pregnant.

"Traditionally, society has always associated stretch marks with excessive weight gain, be it through diet or pregnancy," says Dr Russo, a cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director of London's Rejuvenation Clinic.

"But the growing and frightening trend for extreme skinniness is revealing a whole new category of stretch mark sufferers."

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  • lj071

Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, November 12 2007 @ 04:46:08 CST by MusicMan

Pop acts on television this week include:

Celine Dion, who visits 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on Monday and performs on 'Today' on Wednesday

Jonas Brothers, who visit 'Total Request Live' on Tuesday

KT Tunstall, who performs on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Wednesday

Jessica Simpson, who guest co-hosts 'The View' on Thursday

Maroon 5, who perform on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday

Duran Duran, who perform on 'Good Morning America' on Friday

Sunday's American Music Awards on ABC feature performances by Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Maroon 5, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Duran Duran, and Jonas Brothers, and presenters Natasha Bedingfield, James Blunt, Sheryl Crow, 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus, 'High School Musical' stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, and 'American Idol' season six winner Jordin Sparks


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, November 12 2007 @ 04:43:19 CST by MusicMan

Rock acts on television this week include:

Juliette Lewis and the Licks, who visit 'The Sauce' on Monday

Avenged Sevenfold, who visit 'The Sauce' on Tuesday

Plain White T's, who perform on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' on Wednesday

Fall Out Boy, who visit 'The Sauce' on Wednesday

Angels & Airwaves, who appear on 'Total Request Live' on Thursday

Sebastian Bach, who appears on 'TRL' on Thursday

Motion City Soundtrack, who perform on 'The Sauce' on Thursday

Sunday's American Music Awards on ABC feature performances by Lenny Kravitz and Daughtry, and presenters Slash and Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver


R&B Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, November 12 2007 @ 04:18:36 CST by MusicMan

R&B acts on television this week include:

Chris Brown, who visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Monday and 'The Tyra Banks Show' on Friday

Aretha Franklin, who performs on 'Today' on Monday

Alicia Keys, who performs on 'Today' on Tuesday, 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Wednesday and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Friday, and co-hosts 'Total Request Live' on Tuesday

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BBVagina shopping for lil sis

Vanessa Hudgens
goes shopping for her younger sister Stella’s birthday in Studio City on Monday with mom Gina.

The High School Musical star stopped at Baskin Robins where she picked out a cute-looking cake for her Stella. She then picked up gifts at Best Buy and Target including a swivel 19-inch monitor.

Stella turns 12 tomorrow (Tuesday). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STELLA!

P.S. Yes, she is wearing boyfriend Zac Efron’s beanie again!


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Collapse )She looks better than normally.

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shut up ho

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EVAN Rachel Wood has no problem kissing women. "I'm not a lesbian, but I don't think it's weird or gross or anything," the hottie girlfriend of Marilyn Manson tells YRB magazine. "I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm bisexual - I don't sleep with women. But I definitely appreciate women and there have been times where I have been attracted to a woman." Wood, who stars in "Across the Universe," adds: "I'm not afraid of sexuality. I think too many people get s - - - and get called skanky or a whore just because they are sexual."

glasses, Jesse
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First the White Stripes...

Get the Matchbox Twenty CD, Exile on Mainstream, loaded onto a USB wristband.
also comes with:
*How Far We've Come Music Video
*PDF of the CD Booklet
*Desktop wallpapers and Icons
*Behind the Scenes Studio Footage
Cost: $24.99

also available
Exile IN America LIVE USB Wristband
The Exile IN America Concerts will be recorded live each night and loaded to the Matchbox Twenty wristband that plugs into any USB port.
edit: cost: $30.00

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For some reason I will forever love this band, but I think this is so stupid.

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It's Blind Item time!!

This one happened over the summer at a festival which had about twenty groups. The headlining group was given a heads up that this A+ list female film actress wanted to meet the band. This actress has a history with bands and it didn't really come as a surprise, except they had no idea she was a fan. The band was really excited though because they had not been headliners long and this was someone they all had crushes on over the years. So, our A list actress shows up and brings a female friend who just went away for some water and then never came back. The actress hung out with the band the three or four hours prior to their set, and was fun and drinking and sharing stories. She did some flirting, but nothing serious. She kind of rebuffed advances from each of the group and just kept saying, "wait until after." Immediately after the show, when they went to their trailer to change, the actress was waiting there. Naked. It was after, and she wanted them. All. Two hours later she had taken them all on several times, and gave them each a sweet kiss before she left. Her female friend was right there at the front of the trailer door as our actress emerged, and even had water.

From what I understand this is the first time the actress had taken on the entire group. She has however taken on multiple members of groups, but always after the show.


umm Lindsay @ Coachella maybe?? idk

hot mess

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Amy Winehouse reportedly fell asleep 3 times during an interview.

The troubled singer is also said to have slurred her words and rambled incoherently.

'Oh God, what is wrong with me? 'There's something wrong with me. I'm just really drowsy at the moment,' she explained after waking up. 'I'm so sorry.'

In her chat with Jody Rosen of US magazine, 24-year-old Amy denied being a drug addict.

'I don't have the time,' she claimed. But she was less certain when asked if she was an alcoholic.

'I don't know,' she admitted. 'I'm a really big drinker. I used to be there before the pub opened, banging on the door.'

Jody Rosen was shocked by Amy's bizarre behaviour and describes her appearance as being 'hunched, heavy-lidded and just frail'.

'Now her words are slurred, her eyelids drooping. Her head wobbles into a nod,' he writes. 'She falls asleep for a second, wakes with a start, mutters and drops off again. The smouldering cigarette in her left hand falls to the floor.'

The star's manager tells the Daily Star: 'Amy takes prescription medication, which makes her drowsy.'


Dog's getting sued

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The victim of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's racist rant announced today that she plans to sue him.

Monique Shinnery, who was repeatedly called "n----r" by Chapman on tape told The National ENQUIRER: "I'm going to sue Dog Chapman."

Chapman not only subjected her to racist slurs, but he also attacked her character in subsequent TV interviews, even though he had never met or spoken to her.

His public attacks on her character pushed Monique over the edge.

As he attempts to save his TV show, Chapman has appeared on two national TV shows offering tearful - and at times bizarre apologies - for using racist slurs. But he has continued to damage Monique's reputation while trying to dig himself out of trouble, she told The National ENQUIRER.

"I want justice," Monique told The National ENQUIRER. "He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television. If I'm ever going to hold my head up in public again, I need to stand up for what is right."

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Time for some Ro-Ro ya'll

Rosie O'Donnell Considers Doing a Show Online

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Courted by NBC for a possible cable talk show, then spurned for speaking out of turn about it, Rosie O'Donnell says she doesn't need the mainstream media to have a program anyway.

"I'm going to figure out a way to do a show here, in my blogville, because I really think it's the next way anyway," O'Donnell says in her latest video blog post, uploaded Friday to "Who the hell wants to work for a company with three letters that's just going to get mad when you tell people what you're doing?"

Speaking from her home office, and having just gotten up, O'Donnell seemed relaxed, and amused by NBC's decision. "Listen, I'm too old!" she says with a chuckle. "When you're young, you do those things. 'Yes, I won't tell anyone! Lock me in the NBC vault!' "

She added wearily, "I don't know, it's alright. I really do believe everything happens for a reason."

Source: here

Young Hipsters Find Love

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Arctic Monkey Alex Turner and Yoof TV presenter Alexa Chung have survived their first relationship test - he's met the parents. Luckily the Chungs gave the rocker the thumbs up when he went back to their house for Alexa's 24th birthday dinner last week. A pal said: "He was a bit nervous as it's only been two months, but he is serious about their relationship".

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Tara Reid fails

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

‘Scrubs’ stars reveal least favorite guest stars

At the New York Comedy Festival’s panel discussion with the cast of “Scrubs,” which ends its seven-season run this year, it was revealed that the cast had a guest star they’d rather forget: “Tara Reid. She smelled like cigarettes and alcohol.” Ouch. On a brighter note, Keri Russell and Brendan Frasier earned high marks.

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Jordan: I dress up as a nun in the bedroom

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katie Price enjoys a few role play games with husband Peter Andre as it spices up their sex life.

'There are no holds barred for me and Pete in the bedroom,' she says. 'Our favourite thing at the moment is dressing up.'

The 29-year-old glamour model says she recently donned religious garb to please him.

'I've been wearing a nun's outfit, which really turns him on,' she reveals.

'Maybe he likes it as I look all pure and virginal.'

And it doesn't stop there. Jordan admits that her husband is equally enthusiastic about getting into character.

'Peter dresses up too,' she tells the Daily Star. 'My favourite outfit for him is Zorro - he looks sexy in that.'


(no subject)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ol' Dirty Bastard Day - November 13th!

Tomorrow (November 13, 2007) marks the third anniversary of the death of Hip Hop legend, Ol' Dirty Bastard. Following the trend that seemingly started with the death of Tupac, fans have joined together to promote November 13 as Ol' Dirty Bastard Day. On this day, fans are urged to show respect for the fallen Mr. Jones by calling their local and national radio outlets to request the hits of ODB in celebration and memory of the Wu Tang icon.

ODB passed from congestive heart failure stemming from a drug overdose.

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mac n chloe

Talia Shire returns to the silver screen.

Jason Schwartzman's mama has returned to acting. Her new film, Pizza with Bullets has finished filming and she's got another film in production (the House of Terror). Her guest appearance on Cavemen was canned due to the writer's strike but it appears that Talia has a new role to fall back on in her son's soon to begin production film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which will be directed by Wes Anderson.

Sources: linked within the entry + here.

I kind of hate her but personal reasons a side, she's a really great actress and I'm glad she's back to acting full time and not just in cameo appearances in her son's lame music videos.
Ina Hanging On Like FG

MJ Has Defaulted on Neverland Mortgage

Jacko's Backo Against the Wall in Neverland Default!

When news broke last week that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was in foreclosure, his rep was quick to slam the reports, proclaiming that Jacko "was never in default of the loan." Off the wall?

It appears so, as The Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter (yep, that's the full name) has obtained a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell" that makes it clear that the property is in foreclosure, because the loan and interest in the amount of $23,212,963.83 is way, way overdue. The notice specifically states that "a breach of, and default in, the obligations for which the Trust Deed is security -- has occurred" -- because payment hasn't been made.

A silver lining for the King of Pop? The document says that he can still offer the property for sale, as long as the deal gets sealed before the foreclosure is wrapped up. Jackson's rep says that her earlier statement stands.

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Doc that Performed Surgery on Kanye's Mom Speaks Out / Kanye Releases Statement

Donda West's Doctor -- I'm the Victim of "Sleaze"

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams has told TMZ that he was the doctor who performed cosmetic surgery on Kanye West's mother Donda before she died.

Dr. Adams told TMZ her death, which followed a tummy tuck and breast reduction, was unforeseen and could have been caused by a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

Dr. Adams tells TMZ West consulted with him over a period of four months. He says she changed her mind numerous times, sometimes greenlighting the surgery and sometimes halting it.

As for the TMZ report that Beverly Hills doc Dr. Andre Aboolian refused to conduct the surgery because of a medical condition that West had, Dr. Adams said of Dr. Aboolian, "he is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance."

Dr. Adams says he did nothing wrong.


Well damn...


Kanye Releases Statement on Mother's Death

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Kanye West has released a statement following the death of his mother, Donda, on Saturday.

The statement reads: "Kanye West, his family and friends would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and kind words that have come in from across the country since the death of his mother, Dr. Donda West.

"After working in higher education for 31 years, Dr. Donda West and Kanye West co-founded the Kanye West Foundation with the mission of helping to combat the severe dropout problem in high schools across the country. The first and signature initiative of the Kanye West Foundation is Loop Dreams. Designed to capitalize on students' existing interest in hip-hop, Loop Dreams challenges students to learn more about what's behind hip-hop culture in order to help them develop skills, express themselves creatively and be empowered.

"In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Dr. West's name to the Kanye West Foundation/Loop Dreams Teacher Training Institute. Those donations can be made by visiting the Foundation’s website,, or by mail at Kanye West Foundation, 8560 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069.


Colm Meaney discusses the American remake of Life On Mars

Life on Mars, the recent BBC UK television series which sent actor John Simm's detective back to the caustic world of police work in the 1970s, was a massive cult and critical hit. So when it was announced that David E. Kelley's production company would be creating an American pilot for ABC, fans were a little concerned. But with the pilot in the can, actor Colm Meaney, who plays Philip Glenister's character Gene Hunt, says all is well. Rotten Tomatoes caught up with him on the set of his new film, 3 and Out alongside Mackenzie Crook and Imelda Staunton, in London last night to find out more.

"It may be an American remake, but they've cast two Irish actors in the film." Meaney told us, "Jason O'Mara plays the young guy who gets sent back to 1972, and I'm Gene Hunt, the precinct captain in 1972. I'm his boss."

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Nadine Coyle is a bitch

Girls Aloud star regrets Metcalfe break-up

Nadine Coyle has revealed that she regrets breaking off with Jesse Metcalfe - insisting that her behaviour was "selfish".

The Girls Aloud star thinks she overreacted when she saw the 'Desperate Housewives' actor snapped with another girl.

22-year-old Nadine admitted that she still feels guilty for dumping the actor while he was in rehab centre in Los Angeles earlier this year receiving treatment for an alcohol addiction.

Coyle told Contactmusic: "It was hard - he was in rehab. We were just about to go on tour. I was selfish, I have to say. I really hurt Jesse over that whole situation and I've regretted it since".

However the Derry-born star has once more dismissed speculation that she is back with Metcalfe.

She insisted that she has moved on since the couple ended their relationship in April.

The pair have recently been snapped together in LA, sparking rumours that they had rekindled their year-long romance.

But Coyle revealed that she is now dating other men, saying: "Jesse and I get on really well, but I'm always all over the place with work and it's hard to have a relationship. I have been out on a few dates since splitting from him, though."

(new album "Tangled Up" out in 1 week)

English actor David Thewlis’ first novel explores madness via black comedy.

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David Thewlis doesn't look anything like his most famous cinematic character, Remus Lupin, the lycanthropic Hogwarts wizardry professor from the "Harry Potter" movies. In fact, shambling down from the L.A. home he shares with his companion, actress Anna Friel -- now a star in her own right with her critically acclaimed new TV series "Pushing Daisies" -- and their 2-year-old daughter, Gracie, Thewlis bore a much closer resemblance to his formerly most famous film persona, the downtrodden nihilist Johnny from Mike Leigh's 1993 low-life picaresque, "Naked."

Tall, bearded, in ravaged jeans and an Army-green Boy Scout-inspired shirt, Thewlis cut the figure of an artist detached from mundane concerns. That he has now become a first-time novelist, with the U.S. publication of "The Late Hector Kipling," only completed the image.

"I love L.A.," he said, from behind gold-rimmed sunglasses as he fired up a Marlboro Light, the first of several indications that Thewlis hasn't completely abandoned the vices and demons that he channeled so productively on-screen in 1993's "Naked."

As for the novel, which he started working on seven years ago: "I knew it would be a black comedy. And I also knew it would be about a descent into madness."

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ONTD Sign?

Join the Spice Girls in an intimate studio for a LIVE taping of the BBC television special, ‘Children in Need’!

This Friday, November 16th, The Spice Girls are recording two songs and an exclusive interview at CBS Studios in Hollywood that will be part of a live special in London!

How often do you get the chance to be a part of a small audience that gets to watch the Spice Girls for FREE???

The minimum age to attend is 16 and the arrival time is 9 AM. For more information and to request tickets, please use the following link. Thanks!

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Alicia Keys - SMILE
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Alicia Keys:Requested - Videos

R&B star Alicia Keys taped for BET a mini-concert on early October and on Friday night the channel finally aired the show that is called "Alicia Keys: Requested." Click on the links above to watch the performances that have leaked so far. All i gotta say is that Alicia was as usual FANTASTIC! Remember, "As I Am" hits stores on November 13th.

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Paparazzi seriously hurt while stalking Britney tonight

TMZ has confirmed a paparazzo on a motorcycle has been seriously injured while chasing Britney Spears.

The accident, first reported by That Other Blog, happened around 5:00 PM tonight, roughly a mile from the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. Several cars were in line chasing the pop princess when one hit another photog on a motorcycle, throwing the rider off the bike and on to the road. We're told the rider was injured seriously and transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His current condition is unknown.

SOURCE: TMZ & Britney-Pics

EDIT: I feel bad because being in a car accident is terrible and I hope he makes it and I hope his family is okay but at the same time...what do these guys expect? They are reckless and greedy. It's really a no win situation.


8:20 PM PT Update:
We have just learned that the person that was ran over is actually not an actual paparazzo but instead someone who takes part in chases in order to “tip off” agencies about the whereabouts of celebrities. He is therefore a “spotter”. He does not work for any agency.

7:35 PM PT Update:
We were just informed the paparazzo is alive, but in critical condition. He suffered broken legs, broken arms and a broken back, according to our source.

Story developing…

An X17 paparazzi has just ran over another paparazzi on a motorcycle while chasing Britney Spears who had just come out of The Four Seasons Hotel. Our source tells us that this ocurred as the caravan of chasers were making a right turn on Santa Monica Blvd. and Rexford Dr. in Beverly Hills. The paparazzi was hit by a silver range rover and was literally smashed under its wheels. From what we hear, the body went into seizure and then it just stopped moving. It doesn’t look like he made it, according to our source.