November 3rd, 2007

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Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani and their son Kingston, 1.

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I say that we all get together and construct a plan to kidnap Violet and raise her as our own


 Sorry guys, I wouldve posted this last night, but my html was messed up. I was doing the old school html with brackets and things and Im not used to these new fandangled buttons.

Stargate Atlantis

Hands of Hatred stills

See HoH stills feat. Ice-T, Edward Furlong, Rumer Willis and Brandon Rogers below!!!

Check out stills on my profile from the "Hands of Hatred" short music film I'm Executive Producing. We shot in LA and turned sun into rain, day into night and had a great cast featuring Ice-T, Edward Furlong (American History X, Terminator 2), Rumer Willis and American Idol's Brandon Rogers.

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WTF happend to Edward Furlong? He used to be cute.

*eyewitness* "Lindsay Looked High Today"

the same day she was at Pit Fire Pizza Company...(pics) this older ontd post, LINDSAY LOOKED AND ACTED FUC*ED UP, YET AGAIN.

A reader encounter actress / druggie Lindsay Lohan at a North Hollywood pizza restaurant today and sent in this account:

I saw Linday Lohan at Pitfire Pizza today in North Hollywood. I went in for lunch as usual and as I was walking in saw all of the photographers. I asked the girl at the counter why they were there and she said Lindsay Lohan was inside. I ordered my food and then saw Lindsay. She had two handlers with her, both female and one was seriously rotund. She was just sitting there, no food or drink in front of her and was talking animatedly to the handlers rather loudly. Everyone in the restaurant could hear her say ,'Minimize that.' etc. None of the things she said actually made sense, it all just sounded like a bunch of random sentences. Her handlers just sat there and smiled like she was a four year old they were trying to keep happy. It was totally bizarre. She seemed 'jumpy' and couldn't stop moving. She really got a thrill out of people looking at her.

I sat and waited on my food. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of her with my phone and did so. Then some male parolee type from Cochran prison she had hired as security materialized out of nowhere and barked at me 'No pictures.' Douche bag.

Next, Lindsay, handlers, and ex-prisoner bodyguard moved to an outside table. I have no idea why, because then the paparazzos started shooting photos of her. At the table, she was fidgety and switched seats with one of the handlers. The scuzzy bodyguard just glowered at people like some sort of freak.

Overall, I don't buy the whole 'drug free' Lindsay story. She sounded like she was high on something when she spoke (it was like she was reciting random stream of consciousness poetry) and was 'twitchy' (couldn't stay still). She seriously needs help and I don't mean people who are paid to watch her, but some sort of stable family intervention. Those handlers didn't give a shit about her, they were obviously just babysitters.

Lindsay looks just like her photos in person. Her hair is very blonde and has a 'strawlike' texture. She needs to lay off the bleach. Whomever is employing her now is not doing her any favors. She is obviously an addict.

source = gossiplist & my email inbox

crappy video at source
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Photographer Mark Seliger’s ‘IN MY STAIRWELL’ exhibition

Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester is to present In My Stairwell by internationally renowned photographer Mark Seliger from 25th October 2007 to 24th November 2007. The show features portraits of iconic figures from the world of arts and entertainments, all shot against the backdrop of the bare brick stairwell. Fifty-five In My Stairwell portraits will be on sale at the Richard Goodall Gallery show, all of which are also featured in Seliger’s 2005 book of the same name.

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Adrien Brody

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Lauren: The Worst Pick-Up Lines She's Ever Heard

Ever think that Hills star Lauren Conrad is too picky about guys? Maybe it's due to the awful passes she's been subjected to!

"Pickup lines have become so cheesy, people hear them as a joke now," Conrad, 21, says in the new issue of Us Weekly.

Some of the worst pickup lines she's heard? "A guy the other day said, 'You're a smoking babe and I think you should call me,' and handed me his number," Conrad says, adding, "I just wonder if that's ever actually worked. 'Smoking babe'?"

And there's worse!

"I had a guy come up to me and ask for a Band-Aid and I said, 'No, I don't have a Band-Aid.' Then he said, 'You're supposed to ask me why,'" she tells Us.

When the ever-friendly Conrad played along and asked him, the pickup artist replied, "Because I scraped my knee when I fell for you." Conrad recalls, "I didn't understand it. I was like, 'Did you really fall?'"

Still, Conrad realizes it can be intimidating for anyone -- including herself -- to approach members of the opposite sex. She admits, "I've pretended to know a guy before" in order to get his attention. "I said, 'I think I know you from somewhere.'"

Adds Conrad, "It's hard to walk up to someone out of nowhere and be like, 'Hi, I'm Lauren.'"

Tell Us: What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?

For more on LC's love life and her dating rules, pick up the new Us Weekly, on newsstands now!

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Nicole Atkins, artistyoushouldknow.

Here's what Blender magazine's blog has to say about the performance:
WHO: Nicole Atkins
WHAT: "The Way It Is" (The Late Show)
WHY: Last night's Letterman appearance marked New Jersey singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins's network TV debut, a big moment for any artist trying to jump start a legit music career. To say she made the most of it doesn't quite do the performance justice. Atkins — who specializes in an anachronistic and eerie combination of girl-group pop, country-ballad sway and Broadway pomp — nailed it. If she didn't gain at least a few thousand fans because of the gig, we'd be shocked; hell, we feel converted ... and we thought she was quite talented already. Sounding a bit like a cleaned-up Amy Winehouse with a serious Roy Orbison jones, Atkins led a grand-piano and sleigh bell-enhanced band through the wispy showstopper "The Way It Is" with the power of a woman possessed — the song's titular acquiesce is fraught, to say the least. Atkins's song about a long kiss goodbye offers a perfect hello. Next stop, iPod ads?

Source: Blender

she's absolutely brilliant!
Billie Jean

Thriller 25 will feature four new songs and four remixed tracks

Michael Jackson Appearing on Cover of Ebony Magazine

Michael Jackson was in Brooklyn, New York, recently to shoot a cover for Ebony magazine's upcoming issue, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the world's best-selling album of all time: 'Thriller.'

According to a person on the set, the "King of Pop" was "sweet" and went "on and on about kids, though, saying how much he loved them."

Jackson has been working on a 25th Anniversary Edition of the album, featuring four new songs and four remixed tracks, due next year. Kanye West, and Akon are said to be involved in the production of the reworked material.



DRAMA!! Riley's Myspace - Lohan's boyfriend - STOLEN camera, phone, luggage - LAWSUIT against x17

ok, so a snowboarding friend of a friend of mine is Riley Giles, Lohan's new man. He's on my friend list on myspace and sometimes he posts bulletins.

There was one weird one on October 28th where he was bitching about only being known as "her boyfriend" instead of by his 'real' name. He also was going on about x17 and how they were the only paparazzi around for this low-key dinner they went to in LA at some "hot spot". So they give the car to the valet and when it comes back a CAMERA, PHONE, and BAG OF LUGGAGE were STOLEN from the BACKSEAT (not too smart I guess... always supposed to at least lock valuables in your trunk). So the x17 paparazzo weren't talking to them about what they 'knew' and supposedly he and lohan were going to 'take legal action soon'.

I couldn't get a screenshot because he deleted it about 2 days later. (I found one at gossiplist after doing a search, though)

He also posted some other newer bulletins (that haven't been deleted, yet). In the first one, he (mis)spelled that the 'theifs' were x17 and that their stuff was returned. and another one about how he doesn't like talking about shanna moakler?

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made my inhershoes

Sarah Silverman

Long time reader but first time poster!

So, My friends and I are Denny's junkies and go there weekly. Well we live in a small town called Altoona in PA. Tonight Sarah Silverman did a show up at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pa ...which is only about 30 minutes from our town. Well, my friends and I were outside while they were smoking and walks past this girl in dirty sweats..a big black trench coat with a big black shirt and a ugly old ski cap that looks like it was her grandfathers. We didnt pay any attention to her because we honestly didnt recognize her. We go back inside and we are friends with most of the waitresses so they came over and were like "Sarah Silverman is here but you CAN NOT go see her!" So of course we were like well why the hell not? She had came in and told the manager that she did not want anyone coming over to her and making a scene. So the manager informed the waitresses that if they brought attention to her in any way they would get in trouble. Sadly, we didnt go over to her or anything, not like I would really want to. I dont find her humorous at all. But she left quietly but she like walked really fast and low key trying not to get noticed. Outside in the parking lot was a HUGE tour bus ... you would have honestly thought she was a huge rockstar (not very low key eh). I wanted to get an ONTD sign SO bad! But I didnt want to get any of my friends in trouble.

I know this post is boring but I just wanted to let you know that we can all laugh at her for trying to think she is a huge celebrity when no one really noticed her until she came in and was like "DONT LOOK AT ME!!!". She just looked like a girl who has been ridden hard and put away wet too many times. 

Source: myself and the local Dennys!

I tried to get pics as she was leaving but she walked to fast and my camera phone sucks =(

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Not bad Brit...not bad

Britney Spears looked, gasp, normal in her sweater and jeans out with her friend Sam yesterday afternoon.

Dare I say that the lightened hair color that Brit debuted with her (blech) Halloween outfit looks pretty good? Her afternoon was interrupted, however, when a man came and served Britney with papers.

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Get ready for *~*fabulous*~* Dumbledore!

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that Michael Gambon is "camping it up" for the latest Harry Potter film after author JK Rowling revealed Albus Dumbledore is gay.

Gambon, 67 - right - often cast in sinister gangster roles, is giving the wise old wizard a whole new direction.

Daniel, 18, said: "Well, he's been camping it up around the set like nobody's business. There was a scene when Michael had to come in and tell someone how much he loved knitting patterns. He just adored saying that."

Daniel also tells Parkinson tonight, on ITV1 at 10.45pm, he plans to shake off the Potter tag with new roles.

Ryan's Butt

Heroes Ending Early?

Heroes' second season may be coming to a close a lot sooner than expected due to the forthcoming apocalypse, also known in some circles as the damn writers' strike.

Sources confirm that the show is going back and shooting an alternate ending to the Dec. 3 episode that, if used, would allow the episode to function as a season finale in the event of a strike. Originally, the episode was only supposed to serve as the conclusion of the current "Generations" arc. Should an 11th-hour agreement be reached and a strike averted (fingers crossed!), the alt ending would likely be scrapped.

In related news, the reality of this whole thing is only now hitting me. And I'm not happy.


Now this shit is getting out of hand, no one interfers with my shows...especially HEROES!
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It's Like That - From Mimi DVD!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

New Clip from Mariah's New TOUR DVD!

Watch a sneak preview of The Adventures of Mimi Tour DVD! To the right is a medium-quality video of Mariah performing "It's Like That" which she recorded at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on October 8, 2006. The DVD is scheduled for release in most countries the third week of November.

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I'm drowning, srsly drowning
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My Chemical Romance being sued?

The University of Maine's Student Government may pursue legal action against the band My Chemical Romance. After canceling Saturday night's show, Student Government sent the band two letters demanding compensation for costs incurred. These costs include advertising, money paid to outside contractors and cancellation fees. These costs total over $20,500.

The band canceled on Thursday, stating that drummer Bob Bryar's health was going to interfere with Saturday's performance. The band then played a concert on Friday night.
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My Chemical Romance did offer to reschedule at a mutually convenient date, but Mitchell declined. "It is an educational experience. Going through this kind of gives us things that we need to look out for in the future."


I think this is total bullshit.
Bob has indeed hurt his wrist, and didn't even go to the MTV EVMAs or whatever because of it.  They've gotten a replacement for their upcoming shows until he is better.
And they are going to continue with the lawsuit for educational experiences?!  You don't sue people because it's educational!

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10 Celebrities I Have Spent the Night With

01 November 2007

Before you get excited, I will remind you that I work all-nighter flights so my definition of spending the night with someone is different than most. Some are more famous than others, and some are definitely more memorable than others. In no particular order, I offer you my random 10 celebrities.

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- This was long before the days of anorexia, they were still teens. Teens that wore Chanel and Marc Jacobs to be sure. They were dream passengers, polite,quiet and with exceedingly well behaved hangers on. Their lawyer (who resembled Kramer from Seinfeld ) got the names of any crew members that had children and sent them incredibly large boxes of the girls videos, dolls and clothes. Large, appliance sized boxes.

2.Newt Gingrich- As a rabid Democrat I really wanted to dislike him, I swear I did. He had actually aged so much it was only the paperwork that made me match the name to his celebrity status. it was his lovely ( and much younger ) wife Calista that won me over. She was so friendly I felt like maybe we would be doing lunch or catching a flick together next time I was in Dc. Well, not really but you know what I mean.

3.George Michael- In case you think I am fawning over each celeb, let me introduce the passenger who needed a seat for his ego. Mr.Michael ( who has a long, tongue twisting Greek surname) feels he is above speaking to a member of the crew. His associate would repeat everything I said to George, who would whisper his reply which was relayed to me. Talk about a time waster. No one sitting in first class gave a hoot who he was and I think that disturbed him. His rudeness caused me to inform the people waiting outside customs that George Michael was entering soon, and filled them in on what he was wearing. Being that this was Brazil, he surely had a shrieky mob on his hands as he left customs.

4.Patricia Neal-What a class act. This lady was classy from head to toe. She exhuded elegance in a way that people today do not. Her stroke did not diminish her classiness at all. Beauty knows all ages and anyone would be lucky to look like her in their golden years. Sophie Dahl, you have a cool granny!!

5.Michael Hutchence- He was on his way to Australia for the final time. He looked so very kooky,scruffy,dirty that I asked for his boarding card, he did not look like a typical business class passenger. Once I realized who he was I will freely admit I asked the gate agents to upgrade him,which they did. He had trouble making eye contact with anyone and seemed really sad.

6.Sarah Ferguson ( aka Princess Fergie)- Funny and down to earth. We seem to get all the 'lesser' royals, I suppose British Airways has a lock on all the big royals. Fergie got on the plane looking like a million bucks (500,000 pounds with the current exchange rate). She took off her makeup, changed out of her designer suit and then became so every day plain Jane that she could have been anyone. She told us to call her whatever we wanted ( no official titles for her, too snobby!) and mentioned whatever we called her would certainly be kinder than names the press had thought up. Before landing she reversed the process and became the glamour girl again.

7.Jane Seymour- Her sister works as a customer service agent for my carrier at Heathrow. She sits in first or business class while the children sit in the back with the nannies. She is lovely but seems to have no handle on the kids. Never went back to check on them. Ever. During an 11 hour flight.

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Celebrity Real Estate: Buy & Selling

I've become addicted to realestalker.  Thought I'd share some recent posts.

BUYER: Katherine Heigl
LOCATION: N. Berendo Street, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,550,000 (sale)
SIZE: 3,690 square feet, 4 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Magazine quality updated Southern Colonial, reminiscent of Architectural Digest. High ceilings, dark wood floors & large crown molding + inviting verandas. Large living room w/ fireplace + formal dining room, both surrounded by lush gardens. Cozy den w/ built in entertainment center & French doors to read veranda. Ground gourmet kitchen w/. industrial appliances + breakfast area. French doors to private well planted grassy yard w/ "splash" pool & spa. Great floor plan for entertaining. Gated drive + 2 car garage.

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Lindsay Lohan's new tough-guy bodyguard is on the hunt for a pushy photographer who kicked the actress during a Halloween fracas in an underground parking garage.

The Mean Girl star's mean guy, an ex-Israeli Army soldier, chased away the kicker after he attacked Lohan as she left a Beverly Hills restaurant - and then asked other snappers to identify the man.

When they couldn't, the bodyguard asked one to find out who the guy was and tell him, "I want to meet him personally."

The mystery bodyguard has been by Lohan's side for weeks and has established a fearsome reputation among the paparazzi regulars who follow the actress all over Los Angeles.

As he barged his way through the paparazzi army waiting for his boss, he declared, "Everyone in my way is gonna be pushed."

But he added to Lohan's misery as he accidentally closed the door of her black Suv on her injured leg, prompting the actress to yelp.

Seconds before, Lohan cried, "Ow, I got kicked in the leg," after her bizarre attack.

Once she was safely in the car, the actress' minder stormed off after the kicking cameraman, fuming, "Who was that?"

Travis B

Moolah :(

WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah Passes Away

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

WWE is saddened by the passing of Lillian Ellison, who was known to sports-entertainment fans as Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah.
She passed away last night in Columbia, S.C.

In the world of women’s wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Fabulous Moolah.
She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport, or any sport for that matter.
And with more than 50 years in the business to her credit, she established a legacy that will never be forgotten, making her name synonymous with female wrestling.

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So sad. Her skits with Mae Young were pure comedy.


Stop The Presses

Victoria Beckham drives! I can’t believe she’s driving her own ass around for once. Isn’t she better than that?

She had her initials embroidered into her car seats? Bitch, needs to get over herself. She's a backup singer in the Spice Girls and married David Beckham. She wouldn’t be nearly as famous without him.



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{snow white} beautiful dreamer

Death at Olympic trials.

Top distance runner Ryan Shay, 28, dies during U.S. Olympic marathon trials in New York.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Top distance runner Ryan Shay died during the U.S. men's Olympic marathon trials Saturday after collapsing about 5 1/2 miles into the race. He was 28.

Shay was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital and was pronounced dead at 8:46 a.m., New York Road Runners president Mary Wittenberg said.

"It cuts a knife through everybody's hearts," said Wittenberg, whose group organized the race.

She said Shay received immediate medical attention. The medical examiner's office said an autopsy will be performed Sunday.

"There were several layers of medical response. It was very quick," said Wittenberg, who would not elaborate on what steps were taken.

An ambulance carrying Ryan Shay leaves the course of the US Olympic Men's Marathon Team Trials in Central Park in New York.

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Jonas Brothers Visit LA's KIIS FM

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

JoJo Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles welcomed the Jonas Brothers on his show on Friday (November 2) before a crowd of screaming young girls at the Guitar Center Studio for the Top 9@9.

The siblings talked about Timbaland, Kevin celebrating his birthday on Monday, reaching #4 on the countdown, who's dating who, a woman who tried to impersonate their mother, and did a speed round of questions.

They also performed 'Year 3000' and 'S.O.S.'. Listen to the interview at

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Fishy Conversation With Hayden


Environmental cheerleader Hayden Panettiere was in Hollywood yesterday, where she continued her quest to save her blowhole'd buddies with this message: "Make a change!"

The fin-loving fox recently jetted over to Japan to join ranks with the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd -- and wear a bikini -- in an effort to raise awareness about the killing of whales and dolphins by fisherman. Hayden proclaimed, "Wherever the problem goes, I hopefully will follow."

As long as she's in a bikini, so will the photogs.


Hartnett 'Cursed' With Small Eyes.

Movie hunk Josh Hartnett hates his looks - because he doesn't look like a rock star.

The Pearl Harbor actor fears he looks like a "Midwestern kid who's corn fed," and not as "cool" as he'd like to be.

The pin-up, who has reportedly romanced beauties like Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson, tells Flaunt magazine, "I would like it if my face had maybe a little bit more character. I've been cursed with very small eyes that are difficult to emote with."

"It's difficult to be expressive with my eyes unless it's in a close up, and that's not the best thing for an actor."

"I live in New York and everybody wants to look like a fucking rock star... I don't look the way I'd like to look."

I don't give a damn about his small eyes. We could do the horizontal mambo any day of the fucking week.

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Veteran Neighbours star Ian Smith has quit the Australian soap after 20 years. The actor has played coffee-shop owner Harold Bishop on and off since 1997 but is now retiring from his 30-year showbiz career. He will film his final scenes this month but has agreed to return for a number of special appearances next year. Smith, who was also an actor and scriptwriter on Prisoner, originally left Neighbours in 1991. He returned five years later when his character was seen suffering from amnesia.

One Neighbours insider called him "the heart and soul" of the programme, saying: "Ian really set the tone of the show, both on the set and behind the scenes." They added: "As well as being a consummate professional, he's all about creating a positive vibe that brings the cast together. He will be very missed but at least he'll be back to say 'hi' next year." Smith's exit is a further blow for the soap, which has failed to attract more viewers despite a much-hyped re-launch earlier this year.


i can't handle this. first vera in coronation street and now harold :[ maybe he'll go live with madge in emmerdale.

i fucking hate kelly brook

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Snake-hipped Kiwi admits he's in awe of his partner

Kelly Brook seems to make her Strictly Come Dancing partner Brendan Cole hot under the collar.

When they first met, the professional dancer got so flustered, he completely lost his concentration.

'He seemed quite shy and couldn't remember any steps,' Kelly, 27, recalls.

'I don't know if I was intimidating but he had to go away for 10 minutes. He seems more confident now.'

Judge Craig Revel Horwood believes Brendan, 28, still has a crush on his partner.

'Brendan's lusting after Kelly like mad,' he insists.

'Kelly's no fool, but thank God she's engaged to Billy Zane – Brendan has a habit of pushing his advances.'

But Brendan says he wouldn't try any saucy moves.

'She is out of my league,' he admits, but he does think she's the most talented female on the show.

'If you had lined them all up I would have picked Kelly out myself,' he reveals. 'She's a very lovely young woman.'


she is a stupid whore, y/n?


Waste of Spaced

Director Wright angry at remake plans

Spaced director Edgar Wright has launched a furious attack on the TV executives remaking the comedy for American audiences.

Wright said he was 'infuriated’ about the plan, which he feels may damage the reputation of the original series – especially as he knew nothing about until he read about it in the press.

He added that his friend Simon Pegg, who co-created the show with Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes), 'would like nothing more than to pull the plug' on the remake for the Fox network.

Yet despite Wright knowing nothing of the plans, the American producers touted his name in connection with the project.

Writing on his MySpace blog, the director said: 'I was going to try and stay silent on the subject of McSpaced, as it's usually a lot classier to keep your head held high and your trap firmly shut. [But] I'm thoroughly miserable about being dragged into the whole process.

'I'm pretty sure that while Simon and Jess would get paid for the reversioning of their original scripts, they don't necessarily have the power to call the whole damn thing off.'

'Any self respecting fan of the show knows that along with Simon, Jess and [producer] Nira Park, I put my heart and soul into that series. So the implication... that we may be involved in this new version absolutely pains me.

'I'm told after the fact that the makers of McSpaced had wanted to get us involved, but were told they couldn't pay us to be consultants. Either way, to not even make a courtesy call prior to making that announcement just a little rude.

'I don't especially want to get into a war of words about it, but I am deeply pained that people think I've sold out and am whoring out our baby to a big network for a pile of dirty cash. This could not be further from the truth.’

Wright was paid a fixed fee to work on the original show, and gets no repeat patments and has no rights to the format of the show, which are owned by Granada.

Adam Barr, who has previously worked on Will & Grace, is reworking the show for a pilot episode. 

*edit for the lulz*

From his blog:

"I'm reminded of a meeting about seven years ago, when Granada USA has previously tried to make a SPACED U.S. pilot. A script was actually written, by the brains behind DINOSAURS no less.

I never read it, but remember tuning out of the whole idea around the time of the following comment by the then producer.

"We'd have to make a few changes of course. Lose the drugs and the swearing. And Mike's character can't have guns. Because in the United States, guns are kinda frowned upon". "

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conan white teeth
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Only ONE HALF HOUR LEFT to submit your halloween costumes. at 7pm eastern time the post will be closed and no more comments will be accepted.

Tomorrow the top costumes will be posted in a poll here for you to vote for your favorites. AND all comments will be unscreened in the post so you can see what your fellow members were up to this past Wednesday night. (Odds are they were Amy Winehouse.)

Britney putting the lives of her kids in danger

Splash News Online is reporting that Britney Spears caused the court-appointed child monitor some concern yesterday when she drove carelessly with her two children sleeping in the back of the car. About a block from her house, Britney stopped in traffic at a red light and was approached by a bevy of photogs. Britney drove over the double yellows against oncoming traffic to avoid the paps, while continuing to talk on her cell.

The light changed and Britney moved over to her side of the road, but she certainly left some wide-eyed spectators as she sped towards the Hollywood Hills.

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Hayden out and about

The usually bubbly Hayden Panettiere looked a little down shopping in LA yesterday and after hearing about her week, we can see why.
We've gotten used to watching her be invincible on Heroes, but on Tuesday Hayden and some of her activist friends ran into trouble in Japan when they tried to interfere with an annual dolphin hunting trip.

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Not feeling the pants.
OMG who is that skeleton  lady wearing the blue dress?


Fetish, by Louboutin and Lynch

In one of the more imaginative collaborations we’ve seen of late, Christian Louboutin and David Lynch have locked heads and created a show, Fetish. The exhibition shows five limited edition pairs of shoes by Louboutin alongside five signed photographs of the shoes by Lynch. As if Louboutin’s day-to-day footwear weren’t fetishistic enough, the pair together has taken the theme to an entirely new level.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Top 25 Best Raunchy Comedies

Moviefone ranks the top 25 most outrageous, hilarious and downright raunchy comedies of all time. They're all rated R and contain copious amounts of swearing, drinking, fornicating and anything else that walks a fine line between offensive and outstanding.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
25. Policy Academy (1984)
Sure, this 1984 stoopid laffer spawned six unwatchable sequels too many (out of six total ... so far), but the original is still the go-to flick if you want to laugh, not think, and is still Steve Guttenberg's finest comic moment. (Sorry about that, Steve.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
24. Blue Brothers (1980)
It was 1980. Jake and Elwood Blues were on a mission from God, and we can only presume that the Almighty commanded John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd to let loose in this raucous free-for-all. Saving the orphanage where they were raised? Good. Making audiences scream with laughter? Better.

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Lohan's Man in the Back Where He Belongs

Now that Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles are out of Utah and in photog-friendly Los Angeles, Riley is playing his part well -- by taking a backseat to his starlet girlfriend's celebrity. Down in front!

Lohan and her recreational snowboarding boyfriend ate at Katsuya in Hollywood last night. When it came time for the pair to make their exit, Lindsay hopped into the passenger seat and posed for several pics ... while Giles slithered into the backseat, barely noticed.

That's what they call a "metaphor."

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Jane Seymour - "I had breast implants"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jane Seymour has admitted that she had breast implants before going topless for a hit comedy film.

The 56-year-old British-born actress has frequently denied having plastic surgery, insisting that the figure she famously displayed in the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashers was entirely due to her 'genes' and a 'sensible' diet.

In the film she played an older woman, which involved the first topless scene of her career as she seduced young actor Owen Wilson.

But in an interview being published in America next week, she reveals that after giving birth to twins 11 years ago, she decided to have implants, although they were unusually small by Hollywood standards.

"My plastic surgeon had to special order them," she told People Magazine.

She discloses that she also had a 'minor' eyelift.

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Seinfeld to King: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

It's hard to tell when comedian Jerry Seinfeld is joking and when he's serious, but he looked a bit perturbed when Larry King mixed up his details about Jerry's classic show. What's the deal with that?

On Thursday's "Larry King Live," the King asked Jerry if "Seinfeld" was canceled back in the day, and Jerry seemed genuinely shocked that Larry (his "Bee Movie" co-star) didn't know. "You think I got canceled?" Jerry shot back. "I was the number one show on television, Larry ... 75 million viewers in the last episode." Clearly, Larry is not master of his domain.

As Larry played it off and went to commercial, Jerry threw in one last zinger: "Can we get a resume in here for me for Larry to go over?" Zing!

***What is up with that, Larry? First, Denise Brown now Jerry?! Maybe he is too old for this.

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The New Knight Rider

Soap star Justin Bruening has been cast as the new Knight Rider, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The ex-All My Children hunk is set as the lead in NBC’s two-hour backdoor pilot Knight Rider, a Transformers-inspired sequel to the 1980s series, which is slated to air as a movie later in the season.

Bruening, 28, will play the son of Michael Knight, the character played by David Hasselhoff in the original series.

Steve Shill is going to direct the Knight Rider pilot. The script was penned by Dave Andron.

The pilot is set to start shooting before the end of the year.

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Ashley Judd looking pretty as usual

ashley judd sari 13

Ashley Judd dons a purple-licious sari at the YouthAIDS Benefit Gala on Friday at the Ritz Carlton in Mclean, Virginia.

The 39-year-old actress is a “global ambassador” for YouthAIDS, a worldwide HIV/AIDS education and prevention effort. Ashley recently told press, “There is an extraordinary, compelling, urgent problem.”

On Nov. 30, the National Geographic Channel and nonprofit organization Cable Positive will premiere a new film India’s Hidden Plague, which features Judd. The special will be available nationally via video on demand.

Pictured below: U2 frontman Bono, YouthAIDS Founder and President Kate Roberts, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and Dutch supermodel Frederique van der Wal.

She looks amazing, but I kinda think she is trying to hard here.


Lily Allen Takes Dig at Posh Spice and Discusses Outlook On Life

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The list of celebrities to have felt her wrath is almost endless.

From Bob Geldof to Paris Hilton, Kylie Minogue to Amy Winehouse, pop star Lily Allen has had an opinion on them all – and usually not a favourable one.

The bad girl has now cleaned up her act and claims she no longer needs to bitch.

But in an interview with The Mail on Sunday's You magazine, she could not resist one more dig at Victoria Beckham.

Lily, 22, who shot to fame when her single Smile went to No1 last summer, criticised Posh Spice's obsession with fame.

And as she revealed a glamorous new look of her own, Lily accused Victoria of revelling in being famous for no reason.

Lily, whose father is actor Keith Allen, said: "It does make me laugh to see pictures of Victoria Beckham on the front of a magazine.

"I think, 'You are not promoting anything, you don't need the money, so all it's about is being famous.'

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Britney says she was tricked into divorcing K-Fed

Britney Spears has put her wedding dress on display at her California beach house, claiming she was tricked into the divorce that led to her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The troubled singer is convinced that the dancer and failed rapper set up the blazing row at a Manhattan hotel last year which culminated in her suing to end their marriage and the fight over their sons, Sean, two, and Jayden, 14 months.

His behaviour plunged her into a breakdown, during which she desperately begged him to take her back, according to a hairdresser who became her friend and assistant.
The astonishing revelations, in the new issue of the American magazine US Weekly, are expected to be used by Britney's legal team to try to refute K-Fed's attempt to portray the 25-year-old star as an incurably debauched bad mother.
The magazine claims Federline was jealous of his wife's stardom, which he feared drew attention away from his faltering attempts to launch a hip-hop career.

He allegedly took advantage of her volatile temper after the pair had a Halloween 2006 argument.

K-Fed flew to New York the next day and checked into a £270 a night Times Square hotel.

A distraught Britney bundled up their sons and followed him a day later.
She said she went there with the two babies and Kevin wouldn't even let her into the hotel room,' said Machado, 23.

'So she had to get a hotel room for herself.'

Four days later, she announced that she was petitionning to end their two-year marriage.

She told Machado this was an attempt to demonstrate her anger to Federline and she had no desire to go through with a divorce. However, her husband refused to take her back.

'She stood up for herself and it kind of backfired. (It) was what Kevin wanted,' Machado said.

Machado said the singer hung her wedding dress up in her Malibu bedroom and kept framed photos of her and Federline all over the house.

Last Christmas, she fell into a black depression and pleaded with Federline to meet her in Arizona, where she and Machado were heading to a luxurious resort.

'She told Kevin she would fly him to Arizona - and he wouldn't come,' said Machado.

When Federline finally visited her in California, Machado charges that he seemed reluctant to resume his role as a father.

'I had Jayden in my arms and Sean ran up to Kevin,' says Machado.

'I went up to him and tried to hand him Jayden, and Kevin backed away and said, "I have smoke on my hands -I smell like smoke," and he wouldn't hold him,' says the former assistant.

He did, however, play with Sean, she concedes.

During three months on Britney's staff, and forays on the night scene with the singer, Machado insists she never saw her abuse drugs.

She did, however, drink heavily and became a binge eater, Machado claims as an antidote to her misery over Federline.

'She needs mental help,' Machado added.

She says the singer would down shots of Red Bull and vodka before going out on the town and when she returned home would sleep until about 1pm.

Her other comfort was a drive-in called Hamburger Mary's. 'She wanted to go there all the time,' says Machado.

Machado claims that when Spears shaved off her hair, in her most notorious outburst, it was another cry for help.

The singer had become convinced that she was losing her looks. She fretted that she had put on weight after having her children and complained about extensions she had had woven into her blond tresses.

'She had extensions in her hair and she hated them,' says Machado - but she refused to allow professionals to take them out.

Filled with self-loathing, 'She didn't want people touching her any more,' says Machado.


ant-man; scott

Katie Leung is studying Photography

Harry Potter star Katie Leung is planning a move behind the camera . . . by taking a course in photography.

Motherwell-born Katie, who plays Cho Chang in the blockbuster films, is so serious about life behind the lens that she's splashed out on a hi-ech, long-lens camera as well as studying the art at a London college.

And she claims none of her friends are safe when she has the camera in her hands.

Katie said: "In between acting, I want to continue my photography studies.

"I was a complete amateur when I started on the course and I've just started doing research on photographers and artists.

"I bought a camera for fun last year, one of those massive digital ones, a proper paparazzi type.

"It's really fun playing around with it, but finally by going to uni I'm getting to learn all about dials and what they mean."

Although she's keen to catch her pals off-guard, Katie says she's not about to become a real paparazzi.

She said: "I wouldn't like to be one. I like to take pictures of lots of things, mainly really macho poses and people. I like to takepictures of my friends when they are not looking. As soon as they look into to the camera, it doesn't really make a good picture."

Katie, who would love to exhibit her work but isn't so confident about her abilities, was tempted to bring her camera to last week's Scottish Style Awards, but admitted it didn't match her clothes.

She smiled: "I really wanted to bring it but it didn't go with my outfit." Katie was chuffed to receive the title of most Stylish Scottish Female at the bash. She said: "It's really amazing but I'm not always stylish.

"When I'm about to head out the door, my mum and dad are always saying: 'What are you wearing? You're not going out like that.'

"It's really important to have your own style and be comfortable with what you wear. I do not want to look like everyone else when I'm out shopping or whatever.

"I'm so lucky that after doing Harry Potter I get to wear really nice clothes. They are really expensive and I wouldn't go out and buy them because of cost.

"After Harry, I've become a lot more confident and experimental with what I wear. I don't really care what people think, even if it looks like I've dressed in the dark."

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ADRIAN PASDAR was so angered when a stranger made a rude remark about his DIXIE CHICKS star wife NATALIE MAINES, he knocked the man to the ground. The Heroes actor was wearing a 'Free Natalie Maines' T-shirt, in the aftermath of the singer's anti-war comments in 2003, when the incident occurred in a supermarket. Pasdar says, "This big guy said, 'F**k your wife,' as he passed me, and I couldn't help myself. I pushed him back into a rack of Tootsie Rolls, and he fell down. "I'm not proud of that, but I'd do it again in a minute. There's a real hurt when you see somebody getting so attacked by the media so viciously for something that was so innocuous initially. It destroyed their career for a while. "With Nat, it was just one of those things where you reconvene every night and support each other. It was difficult. We went through arguments about it. I can't say it was one big love fest. There were some differences of opinion on how to handle what happened." Maines prompted a barrage of death threats when she told a London audience she was ashamed to come from the same state - Texas - as U.S. President George W. Bush.