October 26th, 2007


M$ buys stake in Facebook

Microsoft gets a piece of Facebook

The software company says it will take a $240M stake in the social networking site, will gain exclusive rights to sell non-U.S. ads.

October 24 2007: 6:45 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday that it is investing $240 million for a minority 1.6 percent stake in Facebook, a price that values the social networking site at $15 billion.
Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will be the exclusive advertising platform for Facebook. Microsoft already had an agreement to sell ads in the U.S. and as part of the new deal will also now sell ads internationally.

"Making this investment and expanding this partnership will position Microsoft and Facebook to better take advantage of advertising opportunities around the world," said Kevin Johnson, president of the Platforms & Services Division at Microsoft, in a prepared statement

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Source: http://money.cnn.com/2007/10/24/technology/msft_facebook/?postversion=2007102417

Jonas Brothers at Knitting Factory!


Jonas Brothers posted a myspace bulletin-

Hey everyone!

We just confirmed that we are going to have a SHOW AFTER THE SHOW in Los Angeles
in November 7th.

Immediately following the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers show at the
Staples Center...

The Jonas Brothers are having a SHOW AFTER THE SHOW hosted by KIIS LA


The Knitting Factory

Music will start following the HM/MC/JB concert. We will take the stage at 10

Keep watching for details on the on-sale date. It will be coming soon. We want
to see everyone. Tickets are sure to go fast. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!!


Kevin, Joe and Nick

{film}: prelude to death


Harry Potter first edition sells for 20,000 pounds at auction

LONDON: A copy of J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter novel sold at auction Thursday for almost 20,000 pounds (US$41,000; €29,000).

The copy of the hardback first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," published in 1997 and signed "Joanne Rowling" on the back of the title page, was sold to an anonymous private bidder for 19,700 pounds (US$40,326; €28,250) at Christie's auction house.

At a London auction in May, a copy of "Philosopher's Stone" inscribed with a personal dedication to the owner sold for more than 27,000 pounds (US$55,000; €39,000) including buyer's premium.

The book was published by Bloomsbury PLC with an initial print run of about 500 copies. Many were purchased by libraries, making copies in good condition extremely rare.

It was published in the United States the next year as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," and the boy wizard soon became a publishing phenomenon.

The seventh and final installment in Harry's adventures, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," was published in July. The seven books have sold nearly 400 million copies and have been translated into 64 languages.


My copy of the Philosopher's Stone is torn, tattered and the pages are yellowing at the edges. How are yours?
brit; dance


Deck the hall with boughs of holly! Today thespicegirls.com can reveal the first glimpse of the Spice Girls in their advertising campaign for Tesco. Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria were filmed enjoying a fun-filled Christmas celebration together at one of the girl’s homes, giving everybody a peek at what Christmas with the Spice Girls would really be like.

The girls had great fun filming the commercial and spent a lot of time laughing with each other and joking with the crew. Both Geri’s baby Bluebell and Emma’s baby Beau watched their mums in action.

Keep reading thespicegirls.com to find out when the commercials will air on UK television.

Sources: http://www.thespicegirls.com/news/071026Tesco & xohyestheydid

Shame this won't air in the states, but I hope we'll find it on YouTube. I want to see this!
he took my love and that was all

Spice Girls stop by Chicago!

Hi there

Thank you so much for registering to see us play live in CHICAGO. This world tour is growing so fast, and we are really glad that we will be coming to your city.

In the next few days we will be sending you a unique code and exclusive link that will give you the chance to buy your tickets and beat the crowds.

It's going to be so much fun, so don't miss out. Keep checking your emails and the web site www.thespicegirls.com for updates.

Lots of love

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C, Victoria


Source: My e-mail

Finally! I've been wanting a Chicago date since they first announced the tour.
Edit: Sorry for disabling comments; I meant to select 'Don't e-mail!'

Bow Wow is still dissing Ciara

 So Bow Wow and Omarion hit up Philly’s 100.3 the beat the other day. And Bow Wow decided to try to make things interesting by dissing Ciara. Bow Wow was asked if he and Ciara have a sex tape. He said if that was to drop he would be the “#1 guy in the world.” He then goes on to say Ciara is “old news…Nothing.” Bow was also asked how it felt to see Ciara at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show, and how he felt about her replacing him on the Scream Tour. He replied: “It bombed”! Let it go boo!

Source: http://theybf.com/

STFU Bow Wow
WAS : Keith whaa?

muse fanS unite! ... once again plz

Thanks to the French fan club (musemessenger.com / Ben Tavares) for relaying and translating the Warner France's message to them.

The DVD is still open to a few changes, however this is what we should expect!

Muse will release new DVD 'The Haarp Tour : Live From Wembley' on December, 3rd.

This DVD will come with a live CD and will be released in 3 formats :

1. One package CD DVD collector in a box, with the CD, the DVD plus exclusive postcards
2. CD DVD on a classic format
3. The DVD only in a classic package

The DVD will also contain some images from the backstage, a documentary about the 2 nights in Wembley and the almost complete gig from the 17th June.

Track listing (not yet confirmed) :

1. Knights of Cydonia
2. Hysteria
3. Supermassive Black Hole
4. Map of the Problematique
5. Butterflies and Hurricanes
6. Hoodoo
7. Feeling Good
8. Invincible
9. Starlight
10. Time is Running Out
11. Newborn
12. Soldiers Poem
13. Unintended
14. Blackout
15. Plug in Baby
16. Stockholm Syndrome
17. Take A Bow

The CD will contain a mixed selection of tracks from the both nights. Approximate length : 45 minutes. Track listing not announced yet.

pic source

850+ POSTS.
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Bloom Case Turned Over to District Attorney

Orlando's Fate in D.A.'s Hands

Police sources tell TMZ the Orlando Bloom car crash investigation will be sent to the L.A. County District Attorney's office today for felony review. The investigation focuses on Bloom and a paparazzo who allegedly cut Bloom off before Orlando crashed into a parked car.

The lead officer tells TMZ that the LAPD will not make a recommendation on whether to prosecute either Bloom or the pap.

The LAPD's investigation centers on whether Bloom and/or the pap committed felony hit and run. The X17 photo agency has video of Bloom walking away from the crash, as one of the passengers lay in the back seat with a fractured neck. He was urged by paparazzi to return to the scene -- and he finally did.

As for the mysterious SUV that may have been chasing Bloom at the time of the crash, the investigating officer tells TMZ the driver of a car that did not make contact with another vehicle could still be prosecuted for hit and run if that driver caused the crash. The officer would not say if he had identified the driver of the SUV.

No word on how long the D.A. will take to review the case.


O'Reilly Bothered That Dumbledore Outing Teaches Tolerance

Bill O'Reilly spoke with Dennis Miller last night about the J.K. Rowling outing of Albus Dumbledore, the day after he labeled her a "provocateur" and criticized her for "indoctrinating" children, Think Progress reports:

OreillymillerO’REILLY: Here’s — you can talk about this on your radio show tomorrow. There are millions of Americans who feel that the media and the educational system is trying to indoctrinate their children to a certain way of life, and that includes parity for homosexuals with heterosexuals. And that’s what this Rowling thing is all about, because she sells so many books. So many kids read it, that she comes out and says, “Oh, Dumbledore is gay, and that’s great.” And this — it’s another in the indoctrination thing. That’s what the belief system is among some Americans.

MILLER: I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think you can indoctrinate a kid into being gay. You might indoctrinate him into trying it once and him going, “I guess I’m not gay.”

O’REILLY: No, but tolerance. It’s — you know, he’s not going to be gay, but it’s tolerance of it.

Media Matters has the full transcript plus video.

Mark Harris, writing in Entertainment Weekly, talks about the importance of Rowling's announcement, and directs sharp criticism at those who say it's wrong to have unveiled the news in front of children: "In addition to the braying of hatemongers, there's already been some umbrage taken at the appropriateness of Rowling's decision to uncork this news in front of children, a brand of sanctimony for which I have no patience. At least one out of 25 of those children will eventually self-identify as homosexual. The other 24, having made their way through an epic series that includes multiple murders, demonic possession, and the psychic toll of having mentally ill parents, will, I imagine, be able to handle the bulletin that some people are gay, and will likely benefit from the richer understanding of the world that such knowledge provides."


God bless America.
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TMZ to Stream Brit's Courthouse Drama, Live!

TMZ -- Streaming with Brit

Brace yourselves y'all! In just a short while, Britney Spears will face Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon at an L.A. court and battle to regain shared custody of her two kids. It's bound to be one of craziest courthouse scenes of all time!

We'll have live streaming video of the Britsanity, starting at 3:00 PM EDT, which will run until she leaves the building.

Git yer bag o' Cheetos and orange sody ready -- this one's gonna get wild!


Now I just need to find a way to either leave work early or get around the IT Nazi's streaming video blocks!
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Baba Wawa Outside of Spago Last Night

Are You Barbara Walters?

She's a three-time Emmy winner and one of the most well-known taut faces in television -- but one TMZ photog couldn't tell if Barbara Walters was Barbara Walters.

Our cameraman spotted the 78-year-old den mother of "The View" outside Spago last night, and had the gall to ask Walters who she was. Making the scene more awkward was her male friend, who said, "No, I am Barbara Walters" and added that he was "positive" his friend was not.

Despite the diss, Babwa posed for cameras before taking off.


She may be a lady in the streets (and on "The View"), but I have a feeling that Barbara is a supafreak in the sheets; it's always the ones you least expect...
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Sienna Miller's five proposals

Sienna Miller's new love Rhys Ifans has asked her to marry him five times.

Sienna - who has constantly denied she is dating Rhys, despite the pair frequently being pictured together - isn't taking their romance seriously, while the 'Notting Hill' actor is "besotted" with her and desperate for them to wed.

A source said: "Their romance has been a big secret for months now. Friends believe Sienna sees the relationship as a bit of fun, while Rhys has fallen in love. Rhys wants the world to know but Sienna was keen to play it down - even though she usually flaunts her romances.

"He is besotted, totally in love. He can't believe his luck. He has already asked Sienna to marry him about five times but Sienna just laughs it off.

"His friends are worried that she will break his heart when someone better comes along."

Rhys, 39, has reportedly fallen out with his two best friends, fellow Welsh actors Ioan Gruffudd and Matthew Rhys, after they accused him of "stealing" Sienna from Matthew.

Sienna, 25, briefly dated Matthew in the summer after they met while filming 'The Edge of Love', and Rhys has been ostracised by his friends since he started romancing her.
The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Rhys Ifans' name is mud among his former band of Welsh acting buddies. They all think it is disgraceful behaviour that he stole someone else's girl."

Sienna's close friends are certain the relationship will not last because Rhys parties too much and lives "like a student".

One friend said: "He blows everything he earns on going out and drinking. He lives like a total student. His place is a mess. He has lots of really weird habits."


New Goldfrapp Album

Hello Deers

We are very pleased and proud to announce that GOLDFRAPP will release their fourth album, "Seventh Tree" through Mute on February 25th 2008. "Seventh Tree" is written and produced by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory and was recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside.

A sensual counterpoint to the glitterball glamour of Supernature, "Seventh Tree" is gilded in the butterfly colours of an English surrealism shared from Lear to Lennon. It shimmers and shines with the warmth of a hazy summer, an electric whirlpool over which Alison’s glistening voice soars.

Alison and Will say “We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been doing. It comes from the heart and was made with love, so we hope you will be into it too”.

We’ll let you know the track listing and get you a sneaky peak of the album artwork just as soon as we can. Naturally you’ll be the first to know.

Lots of love and wrap up warm


source: MySpace Bulletin
WTF? Singles

Gwen Stefani at Black Ball Concert

Gwen Stefani arrives in a gorgeous blue gown at the 2007 Annual Black Ball Concert for AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive at Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday in New York City.

Gwen, 38, wore “Para La Cruz” shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Both Gwen and Alicia Keys performed at the benefit concert, which honored Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Humanitarian Bono for his groundbreaking and crucial work in the AIDS movement.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An article in the Miami New Times reveals that Mariah is currently collaborating with producer Scott Storch on her new album.

Choosing to lay low, forgoing birthday party cameos, local producer Scott Storch has found other ways to have some fun outside the studio. He took a hard-earned break from current work with Mariah Carey, Sean Kingston and new up-and-comer, Carolyn to honor his son, who just turned 16.


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csi/without a trace crossover

for anyone who cares, here's the promo + description for the CSI/Without a Trace crossover episode which is set to air November 8.

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here's a shorter summary:
In a crossover episode concluding a story from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” Jack works with Gil Grissom (William Petersen) to track a suspected serial killer by establishing the murderer's pattern of behavior.


(this seems kind of annoying to me. I like without a trace but not csi. whatever, though, it's sweeps time)
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L.C.'s Date: The Hills Is Scripted

Just how real is The Hills? According to model Gavin Beasley—you may remember him as Lauren Conrad's date (and also the guy who made Brody Jenner jealous)— the MTV show isn’t as real as the network or its stars would like you to believe.

Take the scene at Jenner’s barbecue on this Monday’s episode of The Hills. “[MTV] totally set up the BBQ scene for Brody and I to meet each other and talk because, as they said, ‘the audience would get a kick out of seeing ‘the ex’ talking to ‘the new guy,’” Beasley tells Best Week Ever's blog in an exclusive interview.

Brody would talk all this s—, then be like, ‘Sorry about that, we’re just trying to make good television,’” says Beasley. “He creates drama and a storyline. That’s why he is there.”

As for his date with Conrad—well, that didn’t impress Beasley either. And this time, it wasn’t producers’ fault. “[Conrad’s] kind of a conversation killer, and when the cameras are rolling, all conversation is kept firmly on the surface,” he says. So what did the two talk about? “I don’t know—pop culture, Red Bull, stuff like that. In fact, the most interesting thing I got out of her was that she isn’t allowed to eat ice cream because her trainer told her she can’t.”

“What you see is really what you get with these people,” Beasley continues. “The lack of depth was actually uncomfortable for me. Like, how can nothing be everything you talk about?”


Lol, he sounds really bitter... my guess is that he tried to get a piece from LC after their date and she rejected him. I don't know, I get a completely lezbo vibe from LC, anyway.
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Results of AM Hearing in Brit/K-Fed Custody Drama

K-Fed Wants Brit Caught on Tape -- Commissioner Rules

The Britney AM hearing is over -- it was all about videotaping Brit's deposition.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told the judge he wanted to videotape Spears' depo, because the way Britney speaks is as important as what she says.

Sources tell us that during Britney's last court appearance, her words to the Commissioner sounded sincere but they were dripping with sarcasm.

Spears' lawyer, Thomas Dunlap, argued that there have been tons of leaks and he didn't want the videotape ending up on TMZ.com.

The Commish said he was not concerned about Britney being videotaped because she seems to court all that with the media. He said, "Your client's concern on paper makes sense, but the ongoing pattern with the media and with the kids doesn't square."

But ultimately, Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled he would not allow a video because he was concerned about the content leaking to the media.

As for TMZ getting the story as to what was in the parenting coach's report, Commissioner Gordon said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." Aw, shucks!


Make some popcorn and mix up the hot chocolate, folks, I think it's gonna be an exciting afternoon!

it's been awhile

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MIA, the Mercury and Alternative Turner Prize-nominated, travel visa-rejected, daughter of Tamil activist-turned-militant, trend-setting electro queen, has been trekking across the world. It's all been about gathering influences, knowledge, friends and enough fizz-popping funk to release her new album, Kala. And with it, Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam is ready to rule the underworld all over again. ChartAttack talked to her about the new record, visas and her mom.

ChartAttack: Did you have a clear idea how you wanted your new record to sound?

MIA: No, none at all. I had finished touring with Gwen [Stefani] and then I did another tour through Australia and Japan. Then I stopped in India 'cause my mom was there at the time. But within a couple days I was like, "Shit, I'm starting to get really bored." I just kind of looked around for inspiration and didn't properly have any concrete ideas until I came back to London and I couldn't get back into the States. I was like, "Shit, let me just go back to India and work it out." So the album, the sound and the content of it grew as it went along due to the scenarios I was having to go through.

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Win Tickets To See M.I.A! [in the UK]

In ‘Kala’ – the follow up to her debut ‘Arular’ - the ever experimental and engaging M.I.A has crafted easily one of the greatest albums of 2007.

Topping off a highly successful year, the star has announced a nine date pre-Christmas date tour of the UK, kicking off on December 8 and winding up twelve days later.

Luckily for you, courtesy of Live Nation we have a pair of tickets up for grabs for two of the shows on the tour. You can choose from the Manchester Academy 2 show on December 18 or London’s Coronet on the 20th.

To be in with your chance of scooping this fantastic prize, just answer the following question:

What was the name of M.I.A’s debut album?

1. Arular
2. Arses
3. Are you joking?

source, with contest form

M.I.A. has added one more in store signing to her schedule. Be sure to buy a copy of Kala and have her sign it when she visits Austin (below) or any of the other locations listed in previous posts.

11/3 @ 4pm

source: miauk.com
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It's Notable Quotables Time, Y'all - With Pictures!

This Week's 10 Best Celebrity Quotes

"Oh crap."
Marie Osmond's first words upon reviving from a faint after "forgetting to breath" on Dancing with the Stars, according to Tom Bergeron

"We gave each other a bikini wax."
Willie Garson on how he and his Sex and the City costars prepared for filming

"I don't know if you know this, but my goal this week is to get you pregnant."
Jimmy Kimmel, joking with Kelly Ripa while filling in for Regis Philbin on Live

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Pictures of Gerard Butler and Zachary Quinto from the 17th Environmental Media Association Awards held at the Ebell Club on October 24th, 2007 in Los Angeles, California were already posted. Here are some pictures of everyone else.


Collapse )

Lots more of these guys and other folks at the sources.

SOURCES: GettyImages, A Socialite's Life, disneychannel.

OT: My bff and I are going to meet Lance Bass tonight at a book signing, but someone already got an ONTD fan sign from him last night. I will post the pics either way, but should I try for a second fan sign? If so, what should it say? TIA.

Run for "The Hills" -- Audrina Loses It!

Sorry, it doesn't look like Heidi and Spencer are breaking up -- but another "Hills" couple had quite the lovers quarrel outside of Opera last night.

TMZ cameras caught the crew filming an upcoming episode of the show, as Audrina Patridge and her on-again-off-again douchebag boyfriend, Justin Bobby, got into a screaming match near the club's main entrance. Audrina can be seen giving Justin the double-barrel salute as she screams, "He doesn't even have the balls to come and talk to me!"

After Audrina retreated to the parking lot -- sans Justin -- the MTV crew sprinted after her -- happy that something interesting actually happened on the often stare-filled show.

Click picture for the lolz


~*Here comes the showdown, What goes around comes around*~

Ding, Dang, Watch Brit Arrive -- LIVE!

Take a look at the live streaming VIDEO of the downtown L.A. County Courthouse where Britney Spears will shortly arrive.

Custody is on the line at today's showdown, scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM EDT, 1:30 PM PDT. Britney is expected to arrive at the loading dock, where she will be escorted inside by Sheriff's deputies. We're told K-Fed will arrive at another entrance.

Sources tell us Britney's lawyers will ask L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon to restore 50/50 physical custody. The judge stripped Spears of custody a few weeks back, giving her only monitored daytime visits with her two kids and one overnight a week.Collapse )

UPDATE #1 -- She's There Ya'll!

The Pumpkinmobile has arrived! Britney sashayed out of the car and the gates closed very quickly!

She was wearing a dark dress, white purse and her lucky cowgirl boots!

UPDATE #2 -- Britney & K-Fed's Custody Hearing Underway!

Today's closed hearing has begun. All media -- including TMZ -- have been asked to leave the courtroom.

Before that happened, our observers noted that as K-Fed walked into the room, his eyes were on Britney the entire time. She, however, never looked at him.

A lawyer for the California Department of Children and Family Services is present as well. Both Brit and Fed-Ex were sworn in by the court clerk.

One thing -- Britney's nails are bitten down and her red polish is extremely chipped. Girl ... get a mani!

im poopin'

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Yes, It's True: Lynne Spears to Write Parenting Book  

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne Spears is writing a book on parenting for Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, Usmagazine.com has confirmed.

“We’ve signed her to a deal,” a spokesman for Thomas Nelson tells Us. The book, which will be coming out next Mother’s Day is titled Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.

“It’s a parenting book that’s going to have faith elements to it. I don’t think it’s totally been written yet,” says the publisher’s rep, who expects the manuscript by December.

Lynne, 52, recently reconciled with her daughter after months of estrangement (though Us reports in its new issue that the singer has recently cooled things off again). Britney, 25, cut her mother out of her life and refused to allow her to see her grandchildren after Lynne entered the singer into rehab last February against her will. 


ewww.  this just seems ridiculous to me.  what next?  oj simpson to pen a book on successful relationships with ex-wives?  michael jackson on how to spend an afternoon alone with an adolescent?

Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. gets waxwork figure at Madame Tussauds
And the actor who will play Biggie in biopic is close to being cast

a sentence about your web site

A wax figure of late rapper Notorious BIG was unveiled yesterday at Madame Tussauds in New York City.

A choir from Brooklyn High School For The Arts sang the P. Diddy cover of The Police track 'I'll Be Missing You' during the ceremony, which was attended by the rappers mum, Voletta Wallace.

Speaking to MTV at the ceremony, Wallace revealed the ceremony was bittersweet.

"I'm a little emotional, 'cause I feel that that statue over there looks very much like my son. I wish it was real; I wish it was breathing. I'm extremely emotional. But at the same time I'm happy that Madame Tussauds has honored him and made a statue for the world to see."

Biggie, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was shot dead in 1997 when he was just 24 years old.

As previously reported, a movie about his life is in the works and the casting process has now reportedly been reduced to a final four contender to play the slain rapper.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/notorious-big/32105
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No Courtroom Drama Ahead for Orlando

D.A. Will Not Charge Orlando Bloom

TMZ has learned that the L.A. County District Attorney will not file charges against actor Orlando Bloom over the accident he was involved in on October 12 that injured his two passengers.

In the D.A.'s Charge Evaluation Worksheet the D.A. states that they are declining to prosecute the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star because of "insufficient evidence."

According to the document, Bloom "was being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one vehicle containing fans." Bloom "took evasive action resulting in a collision."

As for walking away, they say he "walked approximately 60 feet from the scene in an apparent attempt to avoid paparazzi's continued pursuit." They say "[Bloom] was not D.U.I. but was dazed."


Tbh, I'm glad this is finally over.

Melissa Auf der Maur to make comeback

Ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist to make comeback
Melissa Auf der Maur to return with multimedia project

a sentence about your web site

Former Smashing Pumpkins' bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur will return next year with a multimedia project encompassing music, film, comic books and the internet, she has revealed.

In addition to an album of new material, she will spin out her vision across an ARG (alternative reality game), over a fantasy film series, soundtrack and an interactive website. A teaser for the project can currently be found at xmadmx.com.

"On a very broad level, it's the eternal female force on the hunt for the heart," she told NME.COM of the project's theme. "The healers versus the hunters. It could be the heart of the universe, it could be literally the physical human heart. Its the hunt for the centre of life.

"The broad original concept broke down into songs and into a few storylines. It's also very much for people to determine themselves, but the general thing is 'get the fuck out of our minds and into our heart' and just follow the feminine force to the centre of everything, which is the heart."

Auf der Maur found herself on such an unusual path after restructuring at her record label Capitol left her with an excess of time on her hands.

"After I wrote over two and a half albums' worth of material and had more than an album recorded, I thought 'I'm gonna have to start telling the story in another way. It then became a half-hour fantasy time travel film involving vikings and witches, but also modern day car crashes and this whole scary freaky thing that then translated into a comic book, and then I met this amazing comic book team.

"It's a long unfolding of a bigger story. Each element can be 'to be continued'. There is potentially a 12-part comic book and there is potentially a six-part mini-series film."

Though keen to spin details out gradually, Auf der Maur revealed that she would not be playing herself in the series. "I am a witch in the year 1007, a magic healing witch, and a sort of lost-in-time 1940s secretary. It could be the same person, because it is me, but it might also just be any woman."

Considering the breadth of the project, Auf der Maur said she would consider following Radiohead's lead in giving the music itself away for free.

She said: "I almost would like to just give the music away if I could, we'll see. There will be an album, but there's also an extra album of material and instead of maybe putting out an album of B-sides maybe I'll just be giving away extra songs. There's also the soundtrack for the film, which is totally instrumental, totally separate from the album, so there's a lot of music to be had within the whole project."

Meanwhile, NME.COM met Melissa in her hometown of Montreal last week. You can watch her tour of the city on our video blog Toomuchinformation.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/melissa-auf-der-maur/32094
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And It Begins...

Ding, Dang, Watch Brit Arrive -- LIVE!


Take a look at the live streaming video of the downtown L.A. County Courthouse where Britney Spears will shortly arrive.

Custody is on the line at today's showdown, scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM EDT, 1:30 PM PDT. Britney is expected to arrive at the loading dock, where she will be escorted inside by Sheriff's deputies. We're told K-Fed will arrive at another entrance.

Sources tell us Britney's lawyers will ask L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon to restore 50/50 physical custody. The judge stripped Spears of custody a few weeks back, giving her only monitored daytime visits with her two kids and one overnight a week.

TMZ sources say during Brit's last appearance, she was incredibly rude and condescending to the Commissioner. And Brit has a new problem: The parenting coach has submitted a two-and-one half page report which criticizes Spears. The coach says Brit ignored her and often ignored the kids.

This morning K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, argued that he should be allowed to videotape Brit's deposition, because, just like during the last court appearance, Brit's words sounded fine but her tone dripped with sarcasm. The judge denied the request for a video, but Spears must sit for a depo.

And then there's this -- the Commish seemed a bit upset that TMZ found out what was in the parenting coach's report. He said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." You're makin' us blush.

TMZ is all over this story! Stay tuned!


Sorry I couldn't embed the video stream, but (assuming it's possible to even do so in the first place) the IT Nazi at my work has all streaming media blocked. Fucker!
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About Damn Time

Jail Time for Jason Wahler

TMZ has learned that reality "star" Jason Wahler is in a Washington state jail... serving time!

The 20-year-old former "Laguna Beach"-er is currently in an Issaquah, Wash. jail for 30 days on a fourth degree assault charge stemming from an incident at a Seattle hotel last April.

TMZ is told Wahler checked himself in at 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon.

Wahler's rep, Siri Garber, told Life and Style "He has been through rehabilitation, done community service and has been attending AA meetings. He would like to be an example to young people to make them realize that there are consequences for bad behavior. He is making amends and looks forward to continuing success in his career."


OMG like I totally don't like know what like LC like is gonna do, I mean, like, she totally still has feelings for Jason and stuff, she will be like totally devastated!

P.S. - Career?!
guide you

leo is a late bloomer

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

October 26, 2007 -- LEONARDO DiCaprio wasn't always so smooth with the ladies. He was still a virgin at 17, says Russell Crowe in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands today. "You know, I worked with Leonardo when he was 17 on 'The Quick and the Dead [1995],' " says Crowe. "He was a virgin, and he'd talk about that constantly. So I'm hoping we have some time so he can fill in what's happened in between, maybe show some photos, because I'm sure life's different now."

source http://www.nypost.com/seven/10262007/gossip/pagesix/late_bloomer.htm
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Check out a sneak peek at the Spice Girls’ new ad for British supermarket chain Tesco’s.

In the shot, the girls are seen sitting on a huge sofa with a sumptuous spread before them — and gold discs on the wall to remind everyone how successful they were.

The cost of landing the fierce fivesome in the ad? A cool $10 million!


Ratings: 'Big Shots' Hits Series Low

Baseball World Series on FOX continued to rule the prime-time as ABC's freshman drama "Big Shots" lost 55% of the rising "Grey's Anatomy" audience and dipped to a new series low of 8.08 million viewers.

The Dylan McDermott drama has now lost about 30% of its September 27 debut audience when 11.56 million viewers tuned in to sample the new show.

The show actually lost over 2 million viewers as the hour progressed, ending up with a little over 7 million in the final half hour. Needless to say, the show's toast.

"The Office" is still the strongest link in NBC's comedy line-up pulling in almost 9 million viewers. Furthermore, the comedy scores the highest 18-49 rating in NBC's entire Thursday night line-up beating veteran drama "ER" by an entire rating point (4.7 vs. 3.7).

Ugly Betty (9.84 million)
Grey's Anatomy (17.95 million)
Big Shots (8.08 million)

Survivor: China (14.16 million)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, (R) (14.76 million)
Without a Trace (12.75 million)

My Name Is Earl (8.23 million)
30 Rock (6.53 million)
The Office (8.98 million)
Scrubs (7.03 million)
ER (9.12 million)

Baseball World Series (15.64 million)

The CW:
Smallville (4.50 million)
Supernatural (3.27 million)

Pic Source

Dillinger Escape Plan on ONTD

Video footage of The Dillinger Escape Plan rehearsing their new track "Nong Eye Gong" can be seen online here. The song will appear on the bands forthcoming album "Ire Works", which is due out through Relapse on November 13th.

Even more rescheduled dates have surfaced for The Dillinger Escape Plan's previously postponed U.S. tour which now features A Life Once Lost, Genghis Tron and Stolen Babies, here's the complete schedule thus far:
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Doug Does Decaydance

Some of you might know about the new Decaydance cd that's coming out by a dude named "Doug" called Does Decaydance.

The tracklistings & art were just released:

01. Dance, Dance (Originally performed by Fall Out Boy)
02. Bring It (Snakes On a Plane) (Originally performed by Cobra Starship)
03. Viva La White Girl (Originally performed by Gym Class Heroes)
04. But It’s Better if You Do (Originally performed by Panic! At the Disco)
05. Neighbors (Originally performed by The Academy Is...)
06. I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears and None On My Fingers (Originally performed by Fall Out Boy)
07. Time to Dance (Originally performed by Panic! At the Disco)
08. Slow Down (originally performed by The Academy Is...)
09. On My Own Time (Write On) (Originally performed by Gym Class Heroes)
10. We Intertwined (Originally performed by The Hush Sound)

His presale started yesterday. If you click the pic below you can preoder a copy.
First 500 people to take advantage of the presale gets an autographed booklet.

You can go to his myspace and see a pretty funny video talking about it.

Also, he'll be opening up The Young Wild Things tour on some of the dates. Those are listed on his myspace too.

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no cleavage or skimpy outfits @ BEP's concert/will.i.am shows his ego.

THERE will be no showing of cleavage or skimpy outfi ts at the Black Eyed Peas concert tonight in KL, Malaysia.

Black Eyed Peas will adhere to the local dress code for foreign artistes because “our fans come first."

” The American hip-hop group’s founding member and frontman, William James Adams Jr, or will. i.am, shrugged off the decision by major recording stars, including Beyonce, to not tour this part of the world as “not doing the fans a favour.”

“They (the fans) are extremely important to us. It’s not about giving back to the fans. For us, it’s about the chance to see our fans. You’ve got to get it in your head that you’re not doing the fans a favour, and it’s not charity. We need them more than they need us,” he told The Malay Mail yesterday.

Their love for their fans is welldocumented, notably their efforts with The Peapod Foundation, which organised a free concert in South Africa for those who could not afford to watch their band perform. For fellow BEP member Stacy Ann Ferguson, or Fergie, adhering to the local dress code “is not even a problem.”

“I don’t want to offend anyone, and I’ve had my outfi ts altered to take into consideration local sensitivities.” If anyone else, Fergie is accustomed to the rules in Malaysia, having been here with her former all-girl group, Wild Orchid.

She had also previously performed with BEP in Malaysia. BEP management said it won’t be just Fergie who will have a makeover at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands.

Even the back-up dancers, who are dressed sexily on tour, will wear toned-down outfi ts. When we received the guidelines, we made sure that we prepared a compliant wardrobe.

“As for their conduct on stage, BEP will be slightly toned down to ensure that their onstage antics are acceptable and respectful of local customs and cultures.”

Their compliance with the rules won’t put a damper on their onenight- only concert, which is part of their Black, Blue & You World Tour that covers Macau, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, South Africa, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Australia, Nigeria, Mexico, Thailand, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Brazil.

“The show is going to be bigger than ever as we brought our own entourage to showcase our solo projects as well,” said will.i.am. “Fans will not only get to hear and watch BEP perform its songs, but also Fergie and my own solo efforts.”

for the record, WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF FERGIE PERFORMS NAKED. it's the fucking government and a minority of the extremists here and it fucking sucks. and wtf when did fergie and her whatever group came here?

edit: whatever it is, MCR's coming to town and that's possibly one of the greatest decisions that the government has done in about 8 months, right after allowing Muse to perform here.

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Photo of Britney Arriving!

Brit Brit just walked out of the courtroom while the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! -- she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown ones. She also took her hair down. It's intermission y'all!

She is visibly upset, and one observer said she was crying.

TMZ just watched as Britney Spears, with her hair down, walked out of her custody hearing, escorted by a handful of Sheriff's deputies and her lawyer. As she walked out, she looked agitated and upset.

Then, two minutes later, she walked back into the courtroom, with her hair now on top of her head. Hair and makeup!

One note, her lips are ENORMOUS. You cannot make out the shape of her upper lip.

Story developing ...

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JLo is a diamond in the rough

With her new scent, Deseo, Jennifer Lopez presents a diamond in the rough - or at least, that’s what the bottle is intended to resemble. The fragrance is the first of Lopez’s beauty projects to reference her Latino heritage. Due out in February, it could generate more than $20 million at retail in the U.S. in its first year on counter.

Five years after the launch of her first blockbuster scent, Glow by JLo, Jennifer Lopez is shifting the focus of her beauty business to complement her personal life.

“I have a lot of synergy happening in my life right now that is taking me back to my roots and to everything that I’m about and how I was raised,” said Lopez. “This is what I really find my heart is into. It’s the first time I have decided to use a Spanish word for one of our fragrances. We really look at where I am at in my life and what is important to me at that time. But the one thing that we have always concentrated on from the beginning is to be as truthful as we can.”

Her new scent, Deseo, references Lopez’s Latino heritage, unlike most of her earlier scents - which include Glow, Still Jennifer Lopez and Miami Glow.

No personal appearances are currently planned, although Lopez hasn’t completely ruled them out. “I will certainly participate in promoting the fragrance,” she said. “It is important to me to support my brand and assure the customers that it is every bit my creation.”


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Glasgow born Sean Biggerstaff is known to millions as Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films, but the 24 year old’s latest role in Consenting Adults is a very different kettle of fish.

Sean plays cocky, Oxford don Jeremy Wolfenden in the BBC4 drama and there’s no doubt that the undergraduate’s extra curriculum activity would have got him expelled, if not zapped, by Prof Severus Snape!

Based on true accounts, the film, by Julian Mitchell, shows how Jeremy’s father, Jack Wolfenden (played by Charles Dance), helped make homosexuality legal with the publication of his seminal report. It was a turning point for gay rights in this country and there was an added personal conflict as Wolfenden’s own son, 20 year old Jeremy, revealed that he was gay himself.

We caught up with Biggerstaff to find out more.

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this is wicked old, but..i wanted to post it anyways.
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It's Blind Item time!

#1 This dancer/celebutante who had a certain amount of fame from her dalliance (I always wanted to use that word)with one boyfriend but was primarily passed around from boy bander to boy bander is now making her living as an escort, and not a very expensive one at that.

#2 In what would be the scariest hookup of modern times either gay or straight, the rumors are swirling that this stylist to the stars has hooked up twice in the past week with this equally outrageous decorator to the stars.

#3 This currently single A list film actor was making frantic calls all around town yesterday because when he returned home after being evacuated, he noticed that his DVD collection was gone. Not that big of a deal except that some of the DVD's were made at home, and made when the actor was naked, and made while having sex with men and women, often at the same time. It's not a secret he has the films and so he was calling around to see if someone was playing a joke on him, or if they are going to end up on the internet next week. I'm told that he enjoys touching himself on film also, while singing the theme song from a film he was in. It takes all kinds to make the world.

#4 This rocker married couple could be headed to the lawyers after a screaming match at a store included the words, "why do you always hit me? I'm tired of you beating on me all the time, and one of these times I am going to hit you back." The interesting thing here is that it was the guy who said the words.

1. idk
2. Ken Paves and Bobby Trendy
3. idk
4. Avril and Deryck or Winehouse and her man

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First pics of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

Here are the very first pictures of Daniel Radcliffe on the London set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince taken late Thursday night!

Radcliffe, 18, and Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore) were spotted sharing a laugh during a film break. Check out Gambon’s hilarious beard protector! The pair filmed the scene at Slughorn’s home in “Budleigh Babberton,” where Harry and Dumbledore persuade the former Potionsmaster to return to Hogwarts to teach.

And be sure to peep the Dumbledore double (with glasses). He’s a smoker!

Half-Blood Prince is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2008.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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T.I. is FREE! For awhile, at least.

Judge Orders T.I. Released on Bond
By HARRY R. WEBER – 46 minutes ago

ATLANTA (AP) — Rapper T.I. was released on bond Friday, but he'll be confined to his home to await trial on weapons charges.

T.I. (real name: Clifford Harris) walked out of the federal courthouse in downtown Atlanta after posting a $3 million bond — $2 million in cash and $1 million in equity on property he owns.

"I want to thank all the fans for their support," Harris said as he left the courthouse. "Due to the severity of the situation, I can't say much more."

Before hopping into a black sport utility vehicle, he added, "I want to get all of this behind me."

U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman agreed to the bond over government objections so long as Harris follows certain conditions, including remaining in a home except for medical appointments and court appearances.

Harris also was required to surrender his passport, not own any guns and stay away from witnesses and informants in the case. The only people who will be allowed to live with him are his girlfriend and children. Visitors must be approved by the court.

Baverman sternly warned him against violating conditions of his bond.

The judge said that if Harris gets into any trouble or violates the terms of his release, "a number of very bad things will happen." That includes his bond being revoked and any sentence he receives later being potentially increased.

Harris told Baverman he understood the conditions.

A status conference in the case is set for Nov. 5.

More than 60 supporters — family members, friends and fans — stood outside the federal courtroom during the hearing. Some of the rapper's supporters held up signs with pictures of the rapper and wore shirts saying "Free T.I." on the front and "Let your haters be your motivators" on the back.

Authorities say that on Oct. 13, about an hour before a scheduled performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, Harris showed up to buy unregistered machine guns and silencers. He already had three guns in his car — one of them loaded — when he was arrested, authorities say.

Harris, 27, faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

I know, I know. "He brought this on himself/He was stupid to buy the guns/WTF was wrong with him/etc etc." But if we can continue to cheer on Britney's dumb ass then yall need to let me have my moment with T.I.! He does deserve to be punished, but for now I'm just glad he's not in jail. Goddamn, T.I.P! Not again!
EDIT: I think ONTD needs to send T.I. a care package!


Vanessa Carlton at Bite of Las Vegas last weekend

I went to bite of Las Vegas last weekend and Vanessa Carlton was there along with Fuel. I taped the following song from her first album. She complains at the beginning about "getting it out of the way, not that I don't enjoy it" She acted a little bitter:) I still think she is an awesome artist and I wish her luck!

Source: Me and my camera! Yes, it's shaky... I know:0)

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Matt Damon @ LAX Airport

Matt Damon arrives at LAX airport with his wife Luciana and their daughter Isabella, 16 months, in Los Angeles on Thursday morning. The Damon family was accompanied by a female friend (Luciana’s sister?), whom they drop off at a residence en route to their hotel.
Earlier this week, Matt attended a New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins game (pictured inside) in Miami as a guest of Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Cute family! Gorgeous little girl. I hope her and Violet become BFF


*~Britney Overload~*

Brit Has Left the Courtroom -- For a Moment

TMZ just watched as Britney Spears, with her hair down, walked out of her custody hearing, escorted by a handful of Sheriff's deputies and her lawyer. As she walked out, she looked agitated and upset.

Then, two minutes later, she walked back into the courtroom, with her hair now on top of her head. Hair and makeup!

One note, her lips are ENORMOUS. You cannot make out the shape of her upper lip.

Story developing ...

UPDATE 1 -- Britney Leaves -- Again

Brit Brit just walked out of the courtroom while the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! -- she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown ones. She also took her hair down. It's intermission y'all!

She is visibly upset, and one observer said she was crying.

UPDATE 2 -- Britney's a Disaster in the Courtroom

TMZ is right outside the courtroom and has watched as Britney has gone to the bathroom not once, or twice, but THREE times, all while looking extremely distraught.

As we first reported, the parenting coach's report may be front and center as the reason for Brit's emotional afternoon.

On a related note, "EXTRA" is reporting that when their reporter asked her how she was doing, Britney shouted, "Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!" and walked back into the courtroom crying. Class!

FINAL OUTCOME -- Britney Gets One Overnight Visit A Week!

X17 is hearing from a source inside the courthouse that Britney will continue to have monitored visitation with her two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and that get one overnight stay per week. Stay tuned, we'll get more details shortly! ...


Bill Murray is....ELVIS!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thousands have impersonated Elvis Presley over the years. Now, Bill Murray offers his own indelible tribute to the king of rock 'n' roll – on the cover of Condé Nast's new music/movie magazine, Movies Rock.

The magazine, which covers music and its impact on filmmaking, launches in November as a supplement in the December subscriber issues of 14 Condé Nast publications. It will showcase stars, directors, and musicians who "create the movies we love, and the music we can't forget."

Movie Rocks is edited by writer/producer Mitch Glazer, with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter serving as editorial director. It features a roster of Condé Nast photographers and writers


omg I'm suddenly so attracted to Elvis, I'm going to go listen to his music and watch his movies now oog
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Director Guillermo Del Toro Would be Interested in "Deathly Hallows" Film

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Director Guillermo Del Toro has given a new interview to MTV where he speaks again of his interest in possibly helming a Harry Potter film, in particular the film adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Mr. Del Toro, who was approached for Prisoner of Azkaban (and ultimately directed by his good friend Alfonso Cuaron) says he might still make a Harry Potter movie, providing Warner Brothers lets him make the movie as he sees fit and on his own terms.

“They came to me once, for the third one,” he remembered of “The Prisoner of Azkaban”. “I’ve read them all, and when I read the books before the movies were done, I always pictured Charles Dickens – they were very Dickens-ian. The situation of Harry Potter reminded me a lot of Pip from ‘Great Expectations’. I saw them as deeper, more creaky, more corroded; then [the stories] were textured very differently when the first two movies came out. They were so bright and happy and full of light, that I wasn’t interested.”
After seeing the last few films, however, the director famed for a shadowy imagination and morally ambiguous characters has begun to reconsider. “They seem to be getting eerie and darker … If they come back to me, I’ll think about it.”

As announced previously, the film version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is set to go into production sometime in 2009, with a release slated for sometime in 2010.

I think Del Toro would be pretty cool, actually, but I'm more Team Bring Back Cuarón! I know this is a big debate, but for me, he made the best Potter movie so far, plus he'd be all over the gayness. He would Y tu mamá también all the scenes with the trio and Children of Men all the action scenes.

Ina Hanging On Like FG

Two of the Greatest Living Actors Together On Set

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Film "Righteous Kill"

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino may be two of the most distinguished actors of their age, even when one of them wears semi-ridiculous shades around Brooklyn. No, we can forgive it: the two actors were filming “Righteous Kill” today on location.

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It's funny, because yesterday I posted a picture of De Niro and there was also a post about Pacino. Both I and the other OP agreed that ONTD needs more of these two amazing actors and - VOILA! - the next day we get pictures of them TOGETHER!

Brit's Former Manager Has High Hopes for New Album

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

“Extra" spoke exclusively to Britney Spears’ former manager, Larry Rudolph, last night at the Maloof brothers' house warming party.

Rudolph spoke about his high expectations for Spears’ new album, Blackout, declaring, “I think it’s going to do great! I have heard almost all of it!”

Rudolph tells “Extra” that his partnership with the pop princess is not over, indicating that the two of them plan to work together again very soon. Rudolph admits that the door is still open for another go at being Spears’ manager.

In fact, Rudolph is so close to the Spears clan that he talks to Britney's parents almost daily and says he has nothing but love for the entire family.

florida girls

America's Most Smartest Model Andre Arrested!

A male model currently starring on a VH1 reality show was busted yesterday for a sex attack in which he allegedly groped a 19-year-old actress during a fashion party at a posh downtown restaurant, authorities said.

Andre Birleanu, 25, of Manhattan - who has earned a reputation as a volatile hothead on the cable channel's "America's Most Smartest Model" - was charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment.

"He's just a very, very scary, intimidating person," his accuser told The Post. "He's so explosive. You can see it in his eyes. He has this insane thing inside of him."

The woman, whose name is being withheld due to the nature of the alleged attack, said that she is an acquaintance of Birleanu's and that he grabbed her at a party at Cipriani Downtown on Oct. 10.

Birleanu, who has been featured in ad for Converse and Saks Fifth Avenue, has served a half-dozen prison stints since 2000 on charges including assault, harassment, criminal contempt, criminal mischief and trespassing, law-enforcement sources said.

The woman said she met him on a train. Before the attack, she said, she saw signs of his temper and was worried.

"He grabbed me inappropriately," she said. "It was midnight or 1 a.m. when this happened. It was upstairs. It's like a very exclusive lounge, snobby thing - young, aspiring models and all the men who can afford to look at them.

"He touched my genitalia, and I immediately moved away," she said. "Then I looked over, and he looked really upset . . . I went up to him. And he was standing there with his head down. He said something along the lines of 'no.'

"He then grabbed my boob."

Following his arraignment last night, Birleanu said, "I didn't molest anyone . . . I already slept with that girl, so it's strange she would say I touched her inappropriately."

Birleanu has a disturbing rap sheet. At the time of his arrest early yesterday morning, he was free on $3,500 bail for yet another bizarre incident involving a woman. On Oct. 17, Birleanu was charged with stalking, aggravated harassment and attempted assault on a model friend.

He is accused of leaving her a series of menacing messages, including two in which he allegedly threatened to break her legs. He tracked her down in the street and grabbed her hair, according to police records.

"I was in total shock," that woman told The Post. "He pulled my hair once. He stopped. I crossed the street . . . I started running, and he screamed at me, 'I'm going to break your f- - -ing legs.' "

But the stalking charges are just the tip of the iceberg.

Birleanu's longest stint behind bars was a six-month stay in Rikers in 2003 for harassment, contempt and assault.

On "America's Most Smartest Model," Birleanu competes against other dim-bulb hotties in a test of brains and beauty hosted by actor and one-time Richard Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein.

Birleanu's temper has put other show contestants on edge, and the Russian native has become known for going on anti-American rants.


OMG I <3 this show so much! Plus I had to post something to counteract the BS overkill today.
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Kind of Like How He Felt When He Found Out Sun Was Cheating?

LOST Star: I am Deeply Ashamed and Embarrassed"

"Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim has issued the following statement to TMZ:

"I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed by the events of Thursday morning. It saddens me to know that I jeopardized the welfare of the kind people of Hawaii, a community that I love and call my home. It is my intention to cooperate fully with the police and I am grateful to them for their sensitivity throughout this matter. To my friends, family, colleagues and fans, thank you for your kind words of support. To those I have disappointed I can only ask that you accept my heartfelt apologies."

Kim was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence in Hawaii.


I'd be drunk all the time too if I had to listen to Jack's constant bullshit or some rambling sob story of Hurley's.


Britney emerged victorious today in regaining overnight visitation with her sons.
The judge shot down Kev's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan's request to bar Brit from being able to have 24-hour visits with her kids, but the judge found the request without warrant. All other custody matters will be decided at a later date.

Britney left the courtroom, apparently in a "great mood," according to her pal Sam Lutfi, despite what other outlets are reporting! They're on their way to dinner to celebrate now!



Mr. Lover Lover, Shaggy, to Release New Album

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Having sold more than 20 million records worldwide, Shaggy doesn't exactly fit the mold of the struggling artist. Yet with a smile and a big sigh of relief, the Jamaican-born, New York-raised singer says that only now does he feel that the struggle is mostly behind him, thanks in large part to the expiration of his last major-label contract.

Due November 13, Shaggy's first album since parting ways with Geffen last year, "Intoxication," is being issued through a 50/50 joint-venture, one-album deal between his own Big Yard label and the Queens, N.Y.-based VP Records. Per similar deals, Shaggy owns the recording and licenses the final product to the reggae label, which has previously issued various 12-inch singles from the singer and several Big Yard releases.

In a word, he said, this disc is all about "freedom": "For the first time, I'm in my own driver's seat," he said.

If Shaggy is perhaps the only dancehall singer to reach the upper echelons of the Billboard charts repeatedly during the past decade, he insists -- with pride -- that it's a hard-earned track record. He cut the massive "Hot Shot," released in 2000 and featuring such hits as "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel," in his basement studio after Virgin dropped him. The album has sold 6.8 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

When the follow-up, 2002's "Lucky Day," failed to post similar numbers, and after he was shuffled over to fellow Universal property Geffen following MCA's closure, execs began to trust his instincts less, recommending collaborations with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas founder will.i.am. While resentful, he went along with it.

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The 5-minute Interview: Bill Nighy
After 20 years at the National Theatre, Bill Nighy, 57, became one of Britain's best-loved screen actors with a series of striking performances, including Bafta-winning turns in BBC One's 'State Of Play' and Richard Curtis's 'Love Actually'. Tomorrow, he appears at the Riverside Studios in West London in 'Coping Strategies', a 26-minute black comedy film about a young man with learning disabilities, produced by Yarrow Housing Organisation's Moment by Moment Theatre group. For details about the project, visit www.yarrowhousing.org.uk

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source and I think vendettav spiced up the picture for me a while back

New Santana Album Featuring Nickelback Singer Makes Chart Debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Santana's new Ultimate Hits collection debuted at Number Eight on Billboard's Top 200 chart this week. The career-spanning collection features both past hits and never-before-released material, including the single "Into The Night," featuring Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Santana and Kroeger already have a hit song together with 2002's "Why Don't You and I."

The Nickelback frontman tells us that this time he got to spend some quality time with Carlos Santana: "The last time it was just I got the song over. This time it just was entirely different. I mean we actually hung out together. We went down to San Francisco and we hung out and it was a lot of fun to get see things done. You just learn, and everybody does it completely differently."

Kroeger tells us how the song "Into The Night" came about: "I had this tune and it had this very lax feel to it. So we sent it over to Santana to see if he'd be interested in jamming with it. We flew down to San Francisco and had Carlos play all his guitar parts on it. And his percussion guy came in and Chester, his B-Three guy that he used to play with in Tower of Power. And they all laid down incredible parts on this song. And it turned out amazing. We're all really proud of it."

Tina Turner duets on the song, "The Game of Love," which was a hit for Santana and Michelle Branch in 2002. Ultimate Santana also includes such hits as "Black Magic Woman," "Evil Ways" and "Smooth" featuring Rob Thomas, among others.

2007 marks 40 years since the original Santana Blues Band performed its first gigs at the Fillmore West in San Francisco.

Here's the official video for the song:

{film}: prelude to death

"House" star Laurie in sudden return to U.K.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Dr. House is making an unscheduled house call to his native England.

The production schedule on Fox's hit medical drama "House" had to be reshuffled Thursday after star Hugh Laurie told producers that he had to go back home, and promptly took an afternoon flight to London.

"Hugh had family obligations in England to attend to, but production is continuing in his absence," said a spokeswoman for Universal Media Studios, which produces the show.

Since the launch of "House" in 2004, Laurie has been separated from his wife and kids, who all still live in England.

A representative for the actor stressed that the trip had been cleared with the producers, and that Laurie is expected to be back at work Monday.

It is understood that the sudden departure is not related to salary negotiations. Last year, Laurie joined the ranks of the highest-paid actors on TV with a new deal that paid him more than $300,000 an episode. (A TV season consists of about two-dozen episodes.)


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Are You Feelin This Get Up???

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Kelly Rowland and her camel toe performed yesterday at the EA - Be The One - Xleague in London. Looks like someone’s trying to create a little edge for themselves rockin a skintight cat-womanesque ensemble complete with gloves and bedazzled boots.

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For the ONTD-ers in SoCal...Here's your chance to get a Tom DeLonge fan sign.......

Angels and Airwaves ('AVA') has scheduled an acoustic show to celebrate the grand opening of the Loserkids store (a skateboard-type clothing store) in San Marcos, California.

The address for the Loserkids store is Nordahl Marketplace (Next to Guitar Center), 710 Center Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069.

Click on the picture below to see the full-size advert:

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Hey bb...why have an acoustic show? Isn't part of California on fire?

Naked stoner live on stage

Lily Allen's brother takes 'Equus' role

Lily Allen's brother Alfie has signed up to star in a revival of classic play Equus, filling the role previously taken by Daniel Radcliffe. The 21-year-old will play Alan Stang in the production, which tells the story of a stableboy who has an erotic relationship with the horses that he tends. Lily sang about her brother in the track 'Alfie', which includes the lyrics: "My little brother's in his bedroom smoking weed, I tell him he should get up 'cos it's nearly half past three."

Alfie won the part after being recommended by writer Peter Shaffer, who was impressed with his performance in Atonement. But producer David Pugh told the Daily Mail that he tested the young actor before offering him the role, saying: "We arranged an 8am breakfast at the Wolseley restaurant with Peter Shaffer and Alfie to see if he was still a stay-in-bed-all-day kind of boy, but I think he was the first to arrive."

Allen is to star in Casualty spin-off Casualty 1907, as well as The Other Boleyn Girl, alongside Scarlett Johansson. Equus will begin its nationwide tour in Chichester on January 31, with a possible return to the West End next year.

Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/a78594/lily-allens-brother-takes-equus-role.html
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Video of Britney Speeding Away from Courthouse

Video: Britney Leaves Courthouse

Watch our vid as Britney Spears makes an abrupt getaway from court today!


Just FYI: TMZ is reporting that no decision was made today by Commissioner Gordon, and that he is taking all evidence under consideration and will issue a ruling on Monday or Tuesday. Oh, and every media outlet BUT X17 is reporting that Britney was fucking PISSED after the hearing concluded.

P.S. - Britney needs to re-record "Piece of Me" and - like she did with "It's Britney, bitch!" on "Gimme More" - start the song off by saying "Eat it, lick it, snort it, fuck it," Y/N?
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Iggygate: The E-mails

Iggy And The Stooges

E-mails tell tale of DeGeneres/de Rossi puppy adoption fiasco

OCTOBER 25--For those of you closely following the saga of Iggy, the dog Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi adopted (and then gave away without notifying the animal rescue group that had entrusted the animal to them), here's an e-mail chain tracking the terrier tale. Though there has been a concerted media effort to demonize Marina Baktis, who runs the Mutts and Moms organization, the correspondence shows that Baktis's recovery of the dog from Cheryl Marks, DeGeneres's hairstylist, appeared warranted and not a rash action. As seen in the below e-mails, de Rossi gushed about the dog in a September 11 e-mail to Baktis, calling Iggy "highly trainable, smart and enthusiastic." On October 12, Baktis wrote to DeGeneres and de Rossi seeking an update on the animal's progress, since she had not heard from the couple in a while. The following day, DeGeneres and de Rossi responded, "Funny you should write today--we were just about to write to you." The performers then explained that, "we tried Iggy," but that the puppy "was too much energy and time for us in our brand new home with so much going on in our lives." As a result, the couple reported, they gave Iggy to Marks, who had been persistent in "asking-begging-for him." Baktis responded that she was "deeply disturbed" by the pair's decision to give Iggy away "in violation of our legally binding" adoption contract. While de Rossi claimed that Baktis's demand to have Iggy returned to Mutts and Moms was "heartbreaking to many people," Baktis was firm in her position that the celebrities were clearly in the wrong. In an October 14 e-mail to Marks, Baktis wrote that de Rossi signed a contract promising that Iggy would be "returned to rescue" if she could not keep the dog. de Rossi, Baktis wrote, "violated the contract she signed and broke our trust." (4 pages)

source: The Smoking Gun


Ellen & Portia: Just Fine?

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Rumors of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's breakup as reported in Star and the Chicago Sun-Times are "fabricated and false," according to a statement just put out by Ellen's rep. (Get another denial in the Awful Truth.)

"If you believe these 'reliable sources' Ellen and Portia have also had several weddings, adopted a baby AND are pregnant," says the publicist.

So, they're pregnant? Why didn't anyone tell us?! Let's hope they don't give the baby away to the hairdresser.

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Outrageous Concert Riders

One of music's greatest inventions is the concert rider, a backstage list of demands that Van Halen's "No Brown M&M's" decree helped promote to high art. Spinner counts down our favorites, spanning everything from bacon to baby oil.

25. "Assortment of adult magazines (i.e. Penthouse, Playboy, etc.)"
--Guns N' Roses

For the articles, of course. And if you believe that, we've got a 'Chinese Democracy' to sell you, too.

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Source: http://www.spinner.com

WTF is with Igy Pop's tits?
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Grammy voters: Now hear these!

M.I.A., Of Montreal, Beck and others have contributed works of quality this year that you might overlook. Please don't.

The Recording Academy has mailed out some 11,000 Grammy Award nomination ballots to voting members, who have until Nov. 7 to consider the possibilities and return them for tabulation. While they're mulling the countless options, Calendar's pop music staff and contributors offer a few humble suggestions -- artists or individual works of exceptional merit, but perhaps under the radar of most voters -- that deserve to be heard before those final nominations are chosen.

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more @ source

ugh, the Grammy's pissed me off when Fiona Apple lost to Kelly Clarkson.

Emma Watson and her BF break up.

TEEN starlet Emma Watson is nursing a secret heartache as work starts on the new Harry Potter movie – she and her rugby hunk boyfriend have split.

Emma, 17, Hogwarts beauty Hermione Granger – was last night said to be “distraught” over her break-up with strapping Tom Ducker.

A pal said: “She is very upset. He was her first love.”

The Sun revealed Emma and the up-and-coming Wasps star, 17, were an item after they began dating at the start of this year.

The romance went from strength to strength as she whisked him to the French Riviera for a holiday this summer.

The lovebirds were spotted hanging out in nightclubs and eating lobster with £90 bottles of champagne.

Last night a spokesman for the actress said the reason for the split was simply that the magic had gone from the relationship.

The aide said: “They just drifted apart as teenagers do. Emma is now just concentrating on her A-levels and the new film.”

But friends claimed she DUMPED the hunk after seeing pictures on a website of him with a string of teenagers at a party.

One said: “Emma was furious.” Sources close to the actress insisted the pair had already split when the photos were taken.
VERY reliable source
Not me. Some dude. Incredible jacket.

Pamela Anderson Threats...

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This is a follow up to this post.

Pamela Anderson has threatened me with legal action, but that will not be stopping me from posting about the addict.

Hopefully she will become more aware of her life and the seriousness of the drugs she is abusing and focus on more important things like becoming healthy again. After all she does live with Hep C!!! Drugs & Liver don't = LIFE and she knows it!!!

You love him.