October 8th, 2007

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Andy Dick Drunk/High Last Night in Hollywood

Andy Dick -- Drama Queen

It seems like every time randy Andy Dick leaves his house, he either gets into a fight, is thrown out of a party, or just acts a fool. Last night was no exception.

TMZ cameras caught Andy in the streets of L.A., taking part in a confrontation with a group of tempestuous pedestrians. The Dickster watched as one of the arguing idiots got pushed -- then continued yappin' his flapper like only he can.


He strikes me as the kind of person that will never, ever get clean. He'll die an alcoholic/addict, and unfortunately for him that usually also means he'll die early.
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Charisma Carpenter to join "Big Shots"

So much for that car-wash task dream. Buffyverse alumna Charisma Carpenter will not be toiling for the Donald after all on the celebrity Apprentice. Rather, she has booked a one-shot gig on Fox's Back to You, and, more importantly, a recurring run on the new ABC drama Big Shots. Details on Carpenter's Big Shots role are being kept hush-hush, though it is said she has a connection to Christopher Titus' character. Carpenter first appears in the Nov. 1 episode.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks to OK! Magazine

OK! Interview: Catherine Zeta-Jones

At the Di Modolo Party in Manhattan, silver screen star and beauty icon Catherine Zeta-Jones sat down to talk to reveal exclusively to OK! the secrets for how she and hubby Michael Douglas keep their marriage thriving after seven years:

You just celebrated your birthday — Did you do anything special?
We were in Bermuda and we had a big family munch and then we went out to dinner. It wasn’t a biggie. It wasn’t a big celebration. But when I turn 40, that's when I’m going to have a huge bash!

How do you keep that spark alive in your marriage?

Well we're kind to each other. We love each other very much. We have a lot of fun — a lot of fun — together. I lucked out big time.

Between work and children, do you ever feel like it's all too much?
We take time out for ourselves. It’s very important so that in 20 years we don’t go, "Remember me? I’m married to you."

Who have you noticed the kids take after more: you or Michael?
I see a lot of myself in both of them to the point where, with my daughter, I can read her like a book. She’s a mini me. I think they’re both a real mix between me and Michael. I think Dylan looks more like me and Carys is a mix of both.

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Attacked by whack job

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn visited a Starbucks earlier today (that however isn't interesting). Afterwards a crazed woman began yelling "We don't want you here!" Jamie Lynn attempted to respond but the crazy woman then allegedly attempted to push Jamie Lynn. Britney and her sister then went inside a nearby sushi restaurant, where they stayed for an hour until the woman left.

See photos of this crazy woman by clicking on the source link x17...***Thanks to those who provided photos in the comments. I added two for an update, but see more at the source!!!!


Here is some video of Britney and Jamie Lynn having to deal with the psycho paparazzi today as well (You can hear the psycho whack job yelling at Britney in the video, but you cannot really see her). I'm sorry if that woman doesn't want to deal with celebrities, she shouldn't live in Los Angeles.

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Rosie Releases Interview with Herself on Web Site

Rosie Interviews Herself on Celebrity Detox

After canceling all press interviews on her upcoming book, Celebrity Detox (it comes out Tuesday), Rosie O'Donnell has apparently decided to videotape herself "answering" questions that she may have heard from Diane Sawyer or Oprah or whoever else.

In the first video, Rosie talks about the process she went through with writing the book; in the second, she describes being a "new kid on the block" when she started "The View" in its 10th season.

I love the idea of Rosie sitting there in hair and make-up getting ready for an interview before turning on a camera, pointing it at herself, and starting to talk as if she'd been asked a question - it's so funny.

Rosie plans on releasing more video clips in the days ahead.

Source of story: Me

Video Source

USA Developing Thank You For Smoking TV Show

USA Network is developing a TV version of Thank You for Smoking, which was written/directed by Jason Reitman and starred Aaron Eckhart.

James Dodson is writing the script for the project, which Room 9 Entertainment's David Sacks is executive producing via Universal Media Studios. Sacks produced the original feature.

The TV take -- which will likely go by a different title -- will pick up where the 2006 feature left off. Nick Naylor, having kicked some of his more evil lobbyist habits, will use his rhetorical skills to help people more deserving of aid.

"He'll live somewhere between the morally ambiguous character of the movie and Robin Hood," said USA programming chief Jeff Wachtel.


No Aaron Eckhart, no care.  Thanks, diaf.

Ace of Spades by Lisa Damato

The full video for Lisa Damato's Ace of Spades music video. Lisa, who was on ANTM Cycle 5 is hilarious in this video and does Ty Ty proud lol

*Please post, the other that was posted wasn't the entire video. I've also included the song for straight download

Click here to download just the song. (right click, save target as)


Nathan Fillion on Ellen

I didn't see this posted, and it deserves to be...so here is a vid of Nathan Fillion on Ellen (sorry this is the best quality I could find).

He talks about his beloved cat, gives tips for aspiring soap actors and describes what its like playing a gynecologist on a show filled with beautiful women.

I love this man. He is hilarious! And the way he grew to love "Dirty Cat" was just adorable. I hope he stays on the show for a very, very long time.


Young Voldemort possibly has been cast

Director David Yates is quoted in a UK newspaper saying the role of Young Voldemort for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film has been cast, but refused to give the name of the young actor who will play him in the sixth Harry Potter movie. In Richard Kay’s column from The Daily Mail, there is a mention of the upcoming movie, along with the possibility the actor in question may be the young nephew of Ralph Fiennes who of course portrays Lord Voldemort.

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The Leaky cauldron
The Daily Mail

Confirm it already! who'll play him??? i love the idea of the nephew if he's as great as his uncles

EDIT: sorry about the misspelling, corrected
you make me cry

some Keira and bf lovin'

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Keira Knightley was all dressed up in her 18th century costume on the set of The Duchess. Her boyfriend Rupert Friend helped her umm, let's say, relax in between sets. We just think it's hilarious to see him looking so sloppy in his many layers, puffy scarf and ugly hat while she is picture perfect. That said, they certainly look very happy together. - popsugar.com

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Famous Movie Curses

"If you don't buy into the whole death-becomes-the-actor-who-crosses-the devil thing, take a look at some of the most infamous Hollywood curses of all time. They just might make the skin crawl right off your spine."

• Rosemary's Baby
Roman Polanski's controversial 1968 film - about a woman who gives birth to the devil after her husband promises it to a sect of Satanists in return of fame and fortune - is also surrounded by mysteriously coincidental, horrifying incidents. A year after Rosemary's Baby's release, Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Manson Family while she was eight months pregnant with the couple's first child. Also in 1969, producer William Castle was rushed to the hospital with kidney failure and, legend has it, he yelled out, "Rosemary, for God's sake, drop the knife!" while being admitted. Krzysztof Komeda, who scored the movie, happened to be a resident of the same hospital Castle was taken to; he later died of a blood clot, mimicking the death of Rosemary's friend Hutch from the film.Collapse )

Pete Doherty Suicide Attempt Rumors are False

"Claims that Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty tried to commit suicide while in rehab are "totally untrue", his manager has said. Johnny Jeannevol, described as the singer's minder, told the News of the World that Doherty took an overdose at the Clouds House clinic in Wiltshire. He said the singer, who was upset over his break-up with model Kate Moss, was just sick from taking the pills. Manager Andy Boyd also denied that Mr Jeannevol was Doherty's minder. Doherty's alleged suicide bid came weeks after it emerged that Moss, 33, was reported to be dating Kills singer Jamie Hince. "

(Why is Pete taking overdoses in rehab of all places, and since when does he take pills? crack4lyfebro)

Attempting to give a damn

Jennifer Garner on Violet

Violet Affleck may be the daughter of famous movie stars, but her mother, Jennifer Garner, doesn't want her following in her parents' footsteps.

"We would just kibosh it," Garner, 35, said of how she and husband Ben Affleck would handle Violet if she showed any acting ambition. But, so far the 2-year-old is "unaware of what we do for a living," she told reporters at the London premiere for her new film, The Kingdom.

Regardless, Violet was a hit on the Kingdom set when Garner was shooting last year. "It brought so much joy to the job," the Golden Globe-winning actress said. "I would [go] back and forth, from playing with her and taking care of her to running back to work."

It was Affleck that pulled diaper duty Thursday night while Garner was accompanied by costar Jamie Foxx and director Peter Berg. "He's babysitting," laughed Garner, "I can't wait to have him as my date again, but right now we're just kind of passing in shifts."

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The Babyshambles singer gave an impromptu performance at the Sun Inn in the quaint Wiltshire town of Marlborough.

An onlooker said: “It was a normal Saturday night until Pete rocked up. As soon as word got out, the place was packed and people were begging him to sing. He was asking for pints of Guinness as he paused between the tracks and was kissing all the girls who asked for one. It was a really great atmosphere.”

The pub is possibly set to become Doherty's local as he is expected to remain in Wiltshire to comply with his current bail conditions.

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Balthazar Getty, the star of the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters, and his wife, Rosetta, welcomed their fourth child.

Daughter June Catherine was born Oct. 2 in Los Angeles, Getty's rep confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively.

"I love kids. I love having a big family," Getty told PEOPLE in March. "I think the more the merrier – big happy home of, you know, little punks running around."

Getty, 32, plays loyal son Tommy on the ABC drama. He also has a band, Ringside, whose concerts attract a large celebrity following in Los Angeles.

Rosetta, 37, owns a children's fashion line, Rosetta Millington (her maiden name), and launched a high-end women's line, Riser Goodwyn, this year.

The couple already have a son and two daughters.


Love in the Air on "Ugly Betty"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I don't know if you're like me and already over Betty and Henry. So that's why I was excited when I heard Wilhelmina Slater's (Vanessa Williams) flamboyant assistant Marc (Michael Urie) was getting a boyfriend. (Note: He's not what I expected at all.)

Click here for a first look and to see which other "Ugly Betty" character is geting a love interest. (It is not who you think it is. REALLY.)

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Lindsay Pics~

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Ex-rehab-er Lindsay Lohan says a special goodbye to her father, Michael Lohan, and his yet-to-be-identified girlfriend in Sundance, Utah on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Mr. Lohan and his special somebody stayed took Lindsay to have breakfast at the local diner, Jim’s Family Restaurant.

On Friday, it was reported that Lindsay checked out of rehab at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center. “She’s finished the program,” one source told People. “Lindsay is done, but she may come back for outpatient treatment. She over-extended her stay because she wanted to. She could have been out awhile ago, but she chose to stay.”

Mom Dina added: “I’m proud of her. She’s moving ahead with her life. Things were getting out of control. She took action. She took responsibility. She really needed to heal.”

Dad Michael also added: “I will be there in her life as best I can but from here on she’s going to have a lot of decisions to make on her own. Now that she is going out into the world, I can only hope for the best.”

Stay well, Lindsay!

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Victoria's Elle Shoot

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Victoria Beckham channels her inner-Big Bird and inner-martian during her Elle Magazine photo shoot at a Luxembourg park in Paris, France on Monday.

Can you imagine, Posh blogged this from Jardin du Luxembourg in one of those outfits!!! Hahaha.

25+ pictures inside from the Elle photo shoot and Posh leaving the Ritz Hotel in central Paris for her Elle photo shoot. She wore an LBD and Christian Louboutin peep toes…

Which look is best — BIG BIRD or SPACE SUIT?

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Amy Winehouse Snubs Q Awards, Mark Ronson Collects

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Troubled Amy Winehouse gave two fingers to her fans today after she failed to turn up to collect her best Album Award they had voted for.

Instead her 'Valerie' duet partner Mark Ronson collected the Q Award prize for her album Back To Black.

He told the crowd: 'That's Amy – taking her pain and turmoil and making it into the music we enjoy.'

Nobody from the awards was able to confirm why Winehouse, who was expected to turn up, was absent.

Asked about stars like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears before the show, former Stone Rose Ian Brown said: 'They're f****rs. Anyone who drinks that much is scared of life.

'They're absolute f*****s. All these girls getting tatoos all over their arms, in two years they're going to think: "Oh no".'


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Film - The Shining

"You look like a fish when you talk."

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Our favorite I'm-Not-A-Brit-But-I-Play-One-On-TV actor is at it again — and this time, he's also speaking Japanese. As we saw in the first two explosive episodes of Heroes, Anders (you may remember him as Sark on Alias) plays Takezo Kensei, the legendary samurai who is nowhere near as noble as Hiro imagined. Maybe the phrase "drunken con-man" is more apt. Read on to learn what he thinks about being the whitest warrior in feudal Japan.

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If this has been posted I'm gonna totally cry (and I did read back 400 entries :P). I just love him...I can't accept that he's not really British. I miss when "Alias" kicked ass. Sarkney FTW!

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White Oprah: The Designer

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Source: me, my e-mail

Douglas Wilson was a designer on Trading Spaces .. remember the crying lady? Anyway, I used to think he was hot .. STILL think he is hot, and that is why I am on his mailing list. Don't like him around that bitch though.

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KYLIE MINOGUE is so anxious about her forthcoming comeback album, she won't let her sister DANNII have a copy.

Talent show judge Dannii asked to listen to an advance copy of the LP, the Spinning Around star's first in four years, which is due for release in November (07).

She tells British magazine, Closer, "I asked for my copy of Kylie's album last week. I was begging her, saying, 'You can trust me, I won't give it to anyone.' "But she wouldn't. I know a few songs got onto the internet, so she's really wary now."

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Jess Moving to New York?

Jessica Simpson Pursuing NYC Apartment

Jessica Simpson may be getting back to her country roots, but she has her sights set on a New York City apartment.

Simpson recently finished filming Major Movie Star and is now thinking about creating a country album, according to her father and manager, Joe Simpson.

After spending a few nights clubbing and dining around town, the 27-year-old singer-actress was spotted searching for the dwelling of her dreams.

"I'm looking at places because my record label is in New York and I want to be close to that and I'm singing again," she confirmed to PEOPLE at the Operation Smile 25th Anniversary Gala in Beverly Hills on Friday. "I'm looking forward to it."

Which neighborhood she'll choose is still up in the air. Simpson was looking at condos in the $2 to $12 million-range all over Manhattan, according to TMZ.com.

As one of the faces of Operation Smile, which provides medical surgery to children who suffer from facial birth defects and can't afford treatment, Simpson traveled to Kenya where she used her musical talent to help lull the children to sleep.

"I've been in the hospital with the kids ... Most of them are babies, so I can sing them lullabies," she said.


Maybe she figures that people in NY aren't sick of her yet?
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Halle Berry on her Baby-To-Be

A pregnant and glowing Halle Berry sat down with Lara Spencer to talk about impending motherhood and her new drama with Benicio Del Toro, 'Things We Lost in the Fire,' in theaters October 19.

Halle tells Lara, "Every actor fights for the good roles, you know what I mean? There's only so many good roles -- maybe five a year that really are written for women -- and all the girls want the same roles and I'm always trying to put my hat in the ring."

The Oscar-winning actress adds that since the role was written for a white woman, she was pleased that skin color didn't affect her getting the part.

"That's always a victory. When I get to, you know, just play a woman and not have my color proceed me. And it's happening more and more now. I really think it's really changing," she says.

And when it comes to parenting skills, the soon-to-be first-time mom says she learned alot through playing a mother in her new film.

"I was really meant to be a mother, through mothering these children for three months I knew that this was my next great job in life, this is what I have to do," says Halle.

A drama about devastating personal loss, the confusing road to normalcy and ultimate redemption, 'Things We Lost in the Fire' begins with an unspeakable tragedy: Halle's onscreen husband, played David Duchovny, meets a tragic death in a random act of violence.

Struggling to put the pieces of her life back together, Halle forges an unlikely relationship with her husband's best friend from childhood -- a former heroin user -- played by Benicio. Together, Benicio is able to rebuild his life as a surrogate father to Halle's two kids, while Halle finds the strength to move forward with her complicated life.

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Another Day, Another Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Who is the Cutest Pumpkin of them All?

Here at Splash we can’t get enough of a great family snap! So Pumpkin Patch over the weekend was a haven for all our favorite baby mad celebs in Hollywood. But from all the tots, Tobey’s daughter Ruby won my heart, and with all the kisses Maguire had on offer, he showed he is a great dad.

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Haha, his daughter is totally rocking the Alfalfa!

Lily Allen May Get her Own Show.

Lily Allen gets own TV show?
Singer also previews new musical direction

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lily Allen may get her own TV show, she has explained.

The singer, who famously appeared on Channel 4's 'The Friday Night Project' earlier this year and revealed her 'third nipple', posted details on her Myspace blog of television meetings which she has been involved in .

"I'm having meetings about a potential TV show," she explained, before adding that she is considering a different musical direction on her second album.

"I spent the past couple of weeks in a twee little cottage in the Cotwolds starting on the next album, and it's gone so well, I'm just over the moon at the moment," she declared. "I feel like I'm on Prozac or something."

She added: "I won't say much, but it's a different musical direction and really quite exciting. Everything just seems to be falling into place... I'm doing Fashion Rocks in a couple of weeks which should be quite exciting and then going back into the studio to finish off the album."

Allen began working on the new album in June with Future

source: http://www.nme.com/news/lily-allen/31648


Brit to Parenting Coach -- Buzz Off

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sources tell TMZ the real reason Britney Spears didn't answer her buzzer when her kids came to visit last Thursday is because she wants nothing to do with anyone who tries to tell her how to be a good parent.

We're told Britney was well aware that her kids were coming at 10:00 AM. She had telephone conversations about it 10 minutes earlier. Britney's big concern was that she didn't want the parenting coach, who was in tow, to tell her how to interact with her kids.

So Brit's solution was to not answer the buzzer, as her kids cried in front of the house and waited for 40 minutes before K-Fed's bodyguard pulled the plug and returned home.

Britney has been told for a year that she needed help in raising her kids, but she has steadfastly refused to even get a proper nanny. Now the squeeze is on and she's not responding.

And even though our sources say Britney will show for court as ordered on October 26, another source tells TMZ Britney has repeatedly said she would never attend a court hearing.

And finally, as if her life isn't messy enough, we're told Britney is running out of money. Even though her single is a hit, the prospects of the album remain questionable because she's not going to promote it or tour. And we're told she spends like a crazy woman.

source: http://www.tmz.com/2007/10/08/brit-to-parenting-coach-buzz-off/

Jason Wahler: "I definitely think being on The Hills inluenced my problems"

Jason Wahler, 20, blames reality show The Hills for intensifying his alcohol problems. Lauren Conrad's ex boyfriend checked into rehab in May following several alcohol-related arrests. Despite being under legal drinking age, Jason, who is now sober and engaged to marry tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski, claims being famous in Hollywood only encouraged his drinking:
"I definitely think being on The Hills influenced my problems. You go out in L.A. and club owners and promoters want people on TV to party at their clubs. They throw bottles at you. It was 100 per cent part of the problem. No one is pulling for anyone in Hollywood. They want everyone to fail at being sober. No one helps young stars get their life on track."


More Heroes stuff that is not your beloved "Halo" but just as annoying on the show


Dania Ramirez is no stranger to having super powers; she's already flexed some enhanced muscles in X-Men: The Last Stand and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, she takes on the role of Honduran refugee Maya Herrera, whose destructive powers land her on the run from the cops with her twin brother, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz). Ramirez was ready to conquer the role of not-so-angelic Maya: ''We all have a little dark side to us,'' she says. See what else Ramirez thinks about taking a walk on the dark side, adding more subtitles to the Heroes world (Spanish speakers, rejoice!), and what she's learned from her past sci-fi gigs.

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Apparently Tom's a Top...

Who's Got the Power?

Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells Us who wears the pants in these sexy Tinseltown twosomes. Let's get started...

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: "She runs the show," Glass tells Us. "She's more comfortable being out front than he is. His posture is very straight though, showing that he's a pillar of strength for her."

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
: Big shocker: Cruise has the upper hand. "His torso is turned toward her even though he's looking the other way," says Glass. "He also has a grip on her arm, as if she's a prop that he's leading around. And she's not very happy about this - her lips and jaw have a lot of tension."

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I love it every time I see an article that cites a "body language expert," especially because the picture the magazine uses for analysis is so obviously chosen to make the "expert" and ergo, the story, go in a certain direction. And don't even get me started on the language they use!

hayden is beutifull inside n out


hi guys dont be nervous cuz in this pics hayden is wearin the same clothes as wen she was runnin but in these pics she is doin DIFFRENT STUFF!!! that means hayden is normal cuz some celebreties change cloths everywhere they go but hayden doesnt what hayden did was she went to lax with her mom thats not her grilfreind guys thats her mom plz dont say that bc her mom just is lookin young. also hayden got her car wased and she brought her cuttie little dog :):):)):):) also to let u kno hayden has a movie comin out on dvd called shanhai noon and ill remind you tuesday so yall can support her n get it!!!

this is where i got pics from this great site thanks guys  http://www.oh-hayden.com/

Metlife Snoopy in Fashion Designs up for Auction


Snoopy put his paw on the catwalk at the "MetLife Snoopy in Fashion" show, a first-ever group designer fashion show inspired by Peanuts as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Now, Peanuts fans and Fashionistas alike can share the opportunity to bid on the designer unique runway creations that made their debut on September 7th. The auctions run on eBay until October 31st. For a list of designers and the auction schedule, check out ebay.com/snoopyinfashion

Proceeds from the auctions will benefit Dress for Success



Mary-Kate Olsen Not Afraid of PDA

Mary-kate Olsen was spotted last week locking lips and legs with a mystery man at Club Le Baron in Paris for Greenhouse. The guy pushed Mary-kate against the wall and furiously made out with her to applause from the crowd. Olsen and her man even got a standing ovation from her table when she wrapped her legs around the guy.


Jamie Lynn and Paris still love Britney

Jamie Lynn sticks up for her sister

Britney Spears causes a scene everywhere she goes, but yesterday her and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, drew attention of another sort. A women on the street verbally attacked Spears yelling, “Nobody wants you in this neighborhood! …you’re making the neighborhood unsafe!”

Jamie Lynn apparently decided no one was allowed to talk to her older sister that way, and yelled back in the woman’s face, “Then move the f**k outta the neighborhood!”

The woman then made a move to get her hands on Jamie Lynn, but the Spears sisters quickly walked into the restaurant. The woman stayed outside the restaurant yelling about other stars including Nicole Richie and Madonna.


Paris Hilton sends flowers

Paris Hilton sent Britney Spears a bouquet of chocolate roses to cheer her up. The hotel heiress reportedly treated the 'Toxic' singer to a dozen edible pink flowers to console her friend after she lost custody of sons, two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James last week.

Paris said: "I love Britney and I wish her all the best." The 26-year-old socialite ordered the bouquet from gourmet confectionary shop The Sweet Garden last Thursday (04.10.07). The chocolate store's website describes the flowers as "an unforgettable gift," adding: "The elegant rose bouquet of delectable chocolate flowers makes for a beautiful gift, perfect for any occasion."

'The Simple Life' star supported the mother-of-two through her split from Kevin Federline in November by taking her out partying in Los Angeles to forget her problems.

Paris said last year: "I love her. She is the sweetest girl I know. She's so down-to-earth. I just want her to smile and be happy."

Paris' publicist Elliot Mintz insisted the pair had become so close they were like "sisters" Mintz said: "What I've observed is that we have two extraordinarily powerful women who generate a tremendous amount of attention, money, and adulation and they're tired of other people trying to ride on their coat tails. Paris and Britney have become like sisters."

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breakfast at tiffany's

possible new Police album?

Police Guitarist Says New Album Possible

Mon Oct 08, 8:49 AM ET

Will the curtain close again on The Police when their reunion tour ends? Andy Summers says the fractious trio could have a new album in them.

"It's sort of like living with the elephant in the room. I would see it as a challenge, to make an absolutely brilliant pop album at this stage of our career, and that would be something quite remarkable," Summers, 64, said.

The Police broke up in 1984 following five albums and a relationship-wrecking world tour. Their hits include "Roxanne" and "Every Breath You Take."

Since then, frontman Sting, 56, has sustained solo stardom. Guitarist Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland, 55, have pursued their own, much more low-key recording projects.

They reunited for a 30th-anniversary world tour that began in May and is scheduled to run into next year.

Summers said the trio has yet to discuss in any detail the prospect of recording a new album together. But he said the tour had sharpened their group skills and, four months into the reunion, creating something new together would make sense.

The Police performed a sold-out concert Saturday in Dublin's 82,000-seat Croke Park that received praise from critics and the largely 30-something crowd alike.

Summers whose percussive guitar style is an important part of The Police's sound-fusing pop, punk, jazz and reggae said the tour is a full-time workout.

"Right now it is just the tour and holding everything together, mentally, physically and musically. The tour and the traveling and the playing and the tension you have to keep to do it every night is all-devouring," he said. "It is just too much."

Summers spoke to reporters in a central Dublin park, where he was signing copies of "I'll Be Watching You: Inside The Police 1980-1983," his personal photographic record of the band's glory years. Last year he published his autobiography, "One Train Later: A Memoir." 


i have the biggest crush on sting

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Yeah, you know that crazy lady who assaulted Jamie Lynn? She really is nuts. And not just about Britney, y'all...

The Incident

Jamie Lynn's a hoodrat, that crazy bitch is lucky she didn't get SHANKED.


Britneys Knows She's Gorgeous (LOL)

I think I'm in love with that guy in front of her.

Source (Shocking it's not from X17, eh?)
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Britney wants to be a bartender!

A court-ordered-sober Britney Spears applied for a new job on Thursday as a ... wait for it ... bartender!!

Sources inside the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica tells TMZ that when Brit showed up Thursday and checked in for a night's stay, she was also looking for employment. Spears obtained an application from the night manager and proceeded to apply for work as a bartender in the hotel's "Cameo bar."

We're told the application is currently with Human Resources. The hotel website says the bar "serves imported and California wines, premium well drinks and appetizers ... signature drinks include Blood Orange, Key Lime and Raspberry Lemon Drop martinis."

This might be the worst possible gig for a mother trying to regain custody of her children, who is required to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

Spears checked out the next morning. No word yet if the hotel is considering hiring Brit Brit to pour their booze.

source: http://www.tmz.com/
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Denise Richards Puts House on Market

Denise Richards Asking $3.9 Million for Her House

Denise Richards is on the move.

The onetime Bond girl has placed her 5,188-sq.-ft. home in Hidden Hills, Calif., on the market for $3.9 million, the Los Angeles Times reports.

She also has already bought a new, larger home in the same town for about $4.6 million.

The house for sale, which has been remodeled, is described as resting in a park-like setting on just more than an acre of land. Inside are five bedrooms, an office and a gym, while outside are facilities for a horse, a kitchen, a pool and a spa, says the paper.

Richards, 36, and her two daughters by ex-husband Charlie Sheen – Sam, 3, and Lola, 2 – have occupied the house for just over a year.

The new house, according to the Times, has 5,600 square feet of indoor space, five bedrooms and a pool.

Located north of Los Angeles near the Ventura County line in the San Fernando Valley, Hidden Hills has a population of 2,000, according to the town's web site, which describes the horse-friendly atmosphere as "bucolic" and devoid of sidewalks and street lights.

Her new house:


Don't people normally downsize when they get a divorce?
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Kylie Minogue Opens Up to Glamour About Her Cancer

Kylie Minogue: My Body's Not What It Was

Kylie Minogue is learning how to live with her new body post cancer, and it's as much an emotional battle as it is physical.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, the singer opened up about her battle with the disease to British Glamour magazine in the November issue.

"When you are stripped of everything and you have to grow your eyelashes back, grow your hair back, it's just astonishing," she said. "It's hard to express what I've learned from that, but a deep psychological and emotional shift has obviously taken place."

The physical shift is most noticeable, and she remains upbeat. "As far as my body goes, I've shrunk to nothing ... I've ballooned – my body is not what it used to be," she said. "But it is the body I am in."

Minogue, 39, split with her boyfriend actor Olivier Martinez earlier this year, but insists she is still optimistic for the happy-ever-after scenario. "I want to keep working on finding perfect harmony within my life and my work," the singer tells the magazine. "And a family, yeah, that's still something I would love to happen."

She is careful to put any rumors of reconciliation with Martinez to rest. "I think he has a girlfriend, I'm not entirely sure, but it's not true."

But Minogue, who is currently not dating, adds wistfully, "I honestly don't have a feeling one way or the other if I will walk down the aisle."

For now the singer is focused on reducing her working day to "like 9-5 hours," and spending more time in her garden. "What I believed before my illness has only been enhanced since, and that's that beauty comes from within," she said.


He's a smaaaaart guy, smart guuuuuuy

Tahj Mowry on Desperate Housewives

lol, this was so surreal

A slice of life is T.J. Henderson,
super intelligent, a fine young gentleman,
a ten year old whiz kid bussin high school,
a penacious little shorty with a thousand IQ.
He's got a way with the ladies, and he's keepin it real,
your favorite little study buddy, he knows the deal.
Dad says just a kid, on the ball, very funny,
you could say that he's bright, brainy, gifted, whatever.
(Mo's Voice)Yo brother is smaaaart!
He's a smart guy, du du, du da du du du
smart guy, du du, du da du, smart guy, du da du du du,
he's a smart guy, du du, du da du du du.


small pic post

Chloe Sevigny Is Dirty Clean

Chloe Sevigny's face always looked like she just finished up a 10-hour orgy. "Just fucked face" is what I like to call it. She's sort of fresh looking, but in a totally used up way.

Here's Chloe at the Lanvin show in Paris


Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Lily Allen's dad used her to sell drugs

Another day, another salacious Lily Allen story from the tabs (October 8).

This time it comes courtesy of dad Keith 'look at me' Allen, currently peddling his autobiography.

The actor has admitted to taking an eight-month old Lily to Glastonbury to help him sell amyl nitrate poppers and booze at the festival.

In a bid for a bigger Father's Day prezzie next year, Keith said: "I didn't see what was wrong with taking little Lily along with me as a sales tool rather like the homeless lads do with dogs."

Makes your heart melt, doesn't it?

With amazing shamlessness he continues: "Cute puppy guarantees punters will stop and stroke it and therefore give you money. Lil' sat next to the stall gurgling in a pushchair while I cranked up the sales patter and knocked out the lager."

It's not quite a scene from The Waltons, we feel.

In other Lily-related news, she has apparently hired a hypnotist to help her slim down.

She is quoted as saying: "After hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad."

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'No Country for Old Men' press screening during NYFF

This past Saturday, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, and Kelly Macdonald attended the New York Film Festival press screening of No Country for Old Men, which is a film that will most likely be featured among several others in the "Best Motion Picture" category at the Academy Awards in February. It's truly an amazing piece of filmmaking -- easily one of my favorite films of the year so far -- and one that's sure to be recognized as the Coen Bros. best film in years.

Essentially, No Country for Old Men is a morality tale about an older man (Tommy Lee Jones) and a younger one (Josh Brolin) who get all mixed up in a drug deal gone wrong. Brolin plays a quiet hunter who stumbles upon a group of dead bodies and a bag full of money out in the middle of nowhere, while Jones plays the should've-retired-last-week Sheriff who's itching to help save the hunter before a psychotic killer (Javier Bardem) catches up to him ... and the money. The film offers up plenty of edge-of-your-seat chills, with equal parts blood and guts, but it also slows up and surprises you -- just when you think it's heading in one direction, you're off on another, bumpier path. For those that have read Cormac McCarthy's novel, you already know where this thing is heading from the get-go, so I recommend settling in for some beautiful cinematography (from Roger Deakins) and a plethora of top-notch performances (particularly from Brolin and Bardem).
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Sound and Vision 10/9

The Following new album and video releases will be in stores tomorrow.


  • Yolanda Adams "What a Wonderful Time" (Christmas album)
  • All That Remains "Behind Silence and Solitude" (2002 album; remastered)
  • Alter Bridge "Blackbird"
  • A Wilhelm Scream "Career Suicide"
  • Band of Horses "Cease to Begin"
  • Beirut "The Flying Club Cup"
  • Pieta Brown "Remember the Sun"
  • Vanessa Carlton "Heroes & Thieves"
    Collapse )


  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season Three(Starring: William Shatner)
  • Black Sheep
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra: One Rockin' Night - Live in Montreal
  • C.S.I. New York - The Third Season
  • Degrassi High - The Complete Collection
  • Evan Almighty
    Collapse )
    CD Source
    DVD Source

    This is a marginally big week. J.Lo should do well. Will be interesting
    to see what Vanesa Carllton will do. Its been so long since her last
    album. Have people forgotten about her? And alot of bands, I thought were
    done are releasing albums this week: Puddle of Mudd, Alter Bridge(former
    members of Creed-Scott Strapp), She Wants Revenge(I'd rather just listen
    to the bands they rip off, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys). And then
    there's Kid Rock, his last two albums havent done very well. the only
    relevent Kid Rock album is Devil Without a Cause, and that sounds dated
    now. I'm sure he is hoping all the recent controversy, will help him sell
    some units.

    Parkway Drive will be good though.

    Sorry about the cut issues, when previously posted. I missed one piece of html, and it fucked the whole thing up. But, its fixed now, I think?
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(no subject)

So I had the Disney Channel on, and they played this, and it won't gtfo of my head. Share my fate >:D

It's the Jonas Brothers doing that " I Wanna Be Like You" song from the new Jungle Book DVD -_-.

... But okay, one of them is really really hot. I think the middle one?? The one who's singing at the beginning? Is he jailbait :(?

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Tizzy's on Vagina Crudgens, Her Lyrics Masterpieces and kissin boys...ewwweee!

It would seem that High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale would have no spare time, what with shooting a series of music videos and starring in and producing a movie – but she does.

And she spends it with pal Vanessa Hudgens.

"She's my best friend, so I'm always with her," Tisdale, 22, told PEOPLE at the High School Musical: The Ice Tour premiere in Los Angeles recently. "We go shopping, hang out, sleepovers, all that." (To see Tisdale in her PEOPLE.com video diary with other Disney Channel stars, click here.)

On the music front, Tisdale, whose album Headstrong generated strong sales upon its released in February, has a new music video: He Said She Said, which is now No. 8 on MTV's TRL. It is also part of a trilogy due next month that will include the songs "Not Like That" and "Suddenly."

"They're so much different from movies," Tisdale says of music videos. "You look at the camera, and usually you never look at the camera. With music videos, you get to perform, and I love to perform. I always bring ideas to the director – it's something that when I hear a song, I always think of it visually."

Her feature movie, Picture This, is being shot in Canada and Tisdale admits that the logistics of shooting the kissing scenes make her ill at ease.

"The director [Stephen Herek] is so much fun to work with, he's done so many movies with Angelina Jolie, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves," Tisdale says. "[But] I do a couple kiss scenes. I was really uncomfortable, not used to it. ... I was like, 'This is so weird.' "

The problem is, she says, "You have so many people watching you. I had done it on my TV shows, but usually it's so different from a movie. You have to do it over and over and over, and every different angle."


~like rly Ashley? Kissin boys?
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Brad and Angelina's Off Broadway bonanza

As reported this morning, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the opening night performance of Off Broadway show Jump at the Union Square Theatre. The Jolie-Pitts gave the show a standing ovation!

Broadway.com caught Angelina and Brad posing with Maddox and Pax, their pediatrician Dr. Jane Aronson (right), her partner Diane Leo and their adopted kids Desalegn and Benjamin!


(no subject)

And God Gave Us Mandy Lynn!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last night was the premiere of "America's Most Smartest Model" on Vh1. The show takes working models and makes them compete in challenges testing their brains and beauty. The show was pretty basic until the gorgeousness that is Mandy Lynn appeared on my TV screen. Suddenly this show became a hit in my eyes.

There were many, many great Mandy Lynn moments, but here's my top 2. The first (above) is where Mandy Lynn introduces herself and tells the judges she's most known for her work in "Playboy and wheel and tire catalogs." Mandy is not just beauty! She's brains too! She builds websites! Mandy honey, taking off your clothes in front of a webcam is not "building a website!" It's "building a boner."

My second favorite Mandy Lynn moment is when the models are asked to recite as many things in a category as possible while walking down the catwalk. Mandy was given "things that are round" and she kept saying "balls, cherries, balloons, tires" over and over and over again! Hey! She knows her limits and she felt if she just came up with a few things and repeated them over again it'll be easier on her. She's a genius!

Trust me! This 26-year-old girl is going to go far in the show and by "far" I mean she'll probably be eliminated next week.


TV Ratings: Housewives Beat Football

They may have deflated year-to-year, but those sassy "Desperate Housewives" still know how to flex their Nielsen muscles. Although football dominated the prime-time landscape on Sunday night, Wisteria Lane took the lead from 9-10 p.m.

In other news "Family Guy" is still FOX's top-rated animated series, and The CW's lackluster fall went from bad to worse with the premiere of "Life is Wild" pulling in just 1.64 million viewers. Last year the netlet averaged 2.77 million in the timeslot.

America’s Funniest Home Videos (8.48 million)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (11.66 million)
Desperate Housewives (17.41 million)
Brothers & Sisters (12.21 million)

60 Minutes (10.80 million)
Cold Case (12.81 million)
Shark (11.20 million)

Football Night in America (7.26 million)
Sunday Night Football (16.40 million)

King of the Hill (R)(3.62 million)
The Simpsons (R)(5.39 million)
The Simpsons (7.74 million)
King of the Hill (6.16 million)
Family Guy (8.39 million)
American Dad (6.58 million)

The CW:
CW Now (852,000)
Life Is Wild (1.64 million)
America’s Next Top Model (1.36 million)


'EverQuest' movie in the works

IGN has learned that Sony Pictures is teaming with former Marvel Studios honcho Avi Arad to bring Sony Online Entertainment's 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing fantasy game EverQuest to the big screen.

Reliable sources have informed us that the studio views the project as a tentpole release for either 2009 or 2010. We have been told that Michael Gordon (300) has been tapped to pen the screenplay. Rumblings of an EverQuest movie first surfaced in 2000.

While plot details are being kept under wraps, the fantasy epic will be based on an original pitch by Gordon and will feature some seminal characters from the game.

IGN contacted Sony Pictures for comment. The studio did not deny our report but added that no release date had been set yet for the film.

EverQuest takes place in the fantastical world of Norrath -- a realm inhabited by 14 different races including humans, ogres, elves and animal-human hybrids -- and its moon Luclin. Other planes of reality also exist within the game's universe. Players create avatars that can slay monsters, embark on quests or acquire treasure.

EverQuest marks Arad's most ambitious project since parting ways last year with Marvel Studios, where he produced such hits as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Blade. His most recent non-Marvel film production was Bratz.

& Daggers!
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José González - In Our Nature

José González's second album, In Our Nature, is released tomorrow (10/9). He's best known for his collaboration work with Zero 7 and his cover of The Knife - Heartbeats which was featured in a Sony Bravia commercial.

Names like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Tim Buckley are often used together, not necessarily to describe one exact sonic style of singer, but more as incredibly passionate verbs, to identify the strong emotions evoked when listening to these late legends' sparse melodies. Swedish-based Argentinian musician José González is likely to hear those classic names a lot in his future. González received critical underground love from his 2003 debut disc Veneer, but garnered more widespread attention as a guest vocalist for downtempo group Zero 7. The singer's gentle vocals and Spanish-meets-classical guitar style make a quietly compelling match, especially so on his sophomore CD In Our Nature, easily the best work--either as a solo or contributing vocalist--that he has released to date. The track that may well attract the most new eardrums is his sparse, whisper-soft cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" (a.k.a., the theme song to the TV show House), but many of his own tunes are equally endearing. War and world leaders were clearly on his mind when writing this disc, from opener "How Low"--in which González sings "Invasion after invasion/This means war/Someday you'll be up to your knees/in the shit you seek"--to the flamenco-affected track, "Killing for Love." All of these poignant--and at times pointed--lyrics are surrounded in lush, yet sparse melodies that make for music that is truly praise-worthy, bordering on timeless. --Denise Sheppard


Backstreet’s Back…(wait for it)… Alright!??!


Backstreet’s Back…(wait for it)… Alright!??!
By Mike Johnson

"I had a chance last week to partake in a Backstreet Boys teleconference promoting their new album “Unbreakable,” proving once and for all that there is a God, and he does listen to my karaoke performances. They’ve sold 75 million albums since they squinted and heart tapped their way onto the U.S. pop charts with 1996’s uniquely titled “Backstreet Boys,” and while many of us would have cashed in this winning lottery ticket and retired, the boys don’t want it that way. Tell me, why?

Collapse )

"They’re the types of songs that you publicly scorn but privately cherish. “Unbreakable,” which hits stores Oct. 30 is very reminiscent of their older work and is likely produce a couple of songs that will dominate the radio waves for months. If you liked the Backstreet Boys when they were kings you will like them now, and if you didn’t, I think you’re lying."


Zac Efron Pulled Over By Police For Driving Too Slow (bad bb!)

Zac Efron was recently pulled over by cops while driving around in his black Audi A6 with on and off again love interest Vanessa Hudgens, according to a National Enquirer report. The insider claims:
"He was popped by the cops (and) it was actually for going too slow. Zac was driving slowly because he was trying to figure out the navigation system in his new car. When the traffic officer recognized Zac, he gave him a warning instead of a ticket, and asked him to sign an autograph for his niece."
Living in the Valley can get really boring, he was probably falling asleep trying to find his way out of there, not enough coffee from Aroma Cafe! If only Lohan got her talons on him before rehab, the only amusing thing Baby V does is take her clothes off.

Me: Tish falling name
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Trent Reznor Freed!

Trent Reznor posted first on his blog at The Spiral (his fanclub) and then again on his band website nin.com, that he was finally free of his record contract with Interscope records. Here is what he said:

08 October 2007: Big News
Hello everyone. I've waited a LONG time to be able to make the
following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally
free agent, free of any recording contract with any label. I have
been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the
business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very
different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a
direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate.
Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008.
Exciting times, indeed.
posted by Trent Reznor at 10:45 AM.

It is unsure how records will be released in the future, though it has been said those announcements should be made soon.

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oh noes

Since I know there are a few fellow John Krasinski fans out there, I couldn't let these stills from Gregg Araki's Smiley Face go by without a mention. The stoner comedy premiered at Sundance way back in January but it hasn't been released theatrically yet and will apparently hit only one screen before going to DVD this coming January.

In this scene, Krasinski's working on a private smiley face of his own.


I guess somewhere deep down inside I always knew john was a bear.

source: http://www.towelroad.com

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Cheeto Pie?

Home-Cooked Meal for Britney

Sources tell "The Insider" that not only have Britney Spears and her mom reconciled, but that Lynne Spears prepared a special homemade meal for Brit and her sister Jamie Lynn last weekend.

Britney's mom and sis flew into town from Louisiana last week, only days after a court hearing that granted primary custody of Britney's two young sons to her ex, Kevin Federline, while she received supervised visitation.


Well, considering that her last home-cooked meal was most likely meth, I'd say this is a step in the right direction.

When Aliens Attack

Is Victoria Beckham trying to tell us something we have been thinking for a long time? She is an alien living on earth trying to take over the world through fashion?  She certainly looks like one and if had to imagine her on another planet she would be wearing just this.



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breakfast at tiffany's

Thalia has a baby girl

It's a Girl for Singer Thalía

MONDAY OCTOBER 08, 2007 05:05 PM EDT

Thalía has welcomed her first child with her music executive husband Tommy Mottola,

peopleenespanol.com reports.

Sabrina Sakaë was born Sunday morning in New York, and weighed 8 lbs. and 4 oz.

"Mother, father and baby Sabrina are all healthy and very happy and will be residing at their ranch in Colorado," the singer's rep said in a statement.

When the Mexico City-born singer's pregnancy was
announced in June, a posting on her Web site read: "Her pregnancy is going well and she is healthy, very happy and full of energy, as usual."

Asked for Mottola's opinion about expanding the family, Thalía told PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL that her husband, 58, has wanted to have kids together for years.

"If it had been up to Tommy, I would have had children from the first day we married. I would already have three or four," she said.


"i have them already bb."

According to TMZ, Britney is spending time with her boys right now. She took them for a stroll around the neighborhood, and was accompanied by the judge ordered parent coach. Glad to see she's keepin' on track!



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Family Reunion

Meredith Vieira Returns to "The View"

More than a year after leaving “The View,” original moderator Meredith Vieira returned to her old stomping ground on Monday.

I miss you guys a lot,” Meredith told her former panelists as she ran on stage and hugged them during the show.

The ladies of “The View” were not short on pride as they playfully picked on their friend during her return appearance.

Of all of us on the show, out of everyone we had on the show, you are by far the best liar,” Barbara Walters said.

And Meredith’s return was anything but quiet. When asked how things were going on “Today,” Vieira revealed she thinks Matt Lauer is rather handsome.

When asked what she enjoyed best about her job at “Today,” Meredith noted the diversity of material.

“The best is probably the variety of the show,” she said. “You can be interviewing Senator Clinton one minute, the other minute you can be baking a pie.”

Though things may be good for Meredith at “Today,” she admitted to her “View” pals that she was disappointed by one of the changes at her old show since her departure.

The thing that upsets me more than anything is since I left the ratings went up,” she laughed.

After her appearance, Vieira told Access Hollywood that she was thrilled to have paid “The View” a return visit.

“It’s a funny place to be, but it’s very nice,” she said. “It’s also been fun to sit back in the green room as a guest. I have such a sense of pride.”

She also noted that “The View” ladies were “very gracious.”

“It’s kinda neat to comeback and have new adventures to share and to see how far they have come and they have come along way,” Meredith said.


I love the expression on Joy's face. Also, Sherri Shepherd's boobs look like they make up half of her torso.


Ina Hanging On Like FG

Benoit Doc Accused of Excessive Prescriptions, Faces More Charges

Feds: Doc Over-Prescribed Benoit

TMZ has learned that federal prosecutors say doctors over-prescribed testosterone to wrestler Chris Benoit in order to combat a hormone condition.

The revelation comes to light as new court papers have been filed in the criminal case against Benoit's personal physician, Dr. Phil Astin. The Feds have charged Astin with over-prescribing medication to two other patients, and are expected to file more charges against him.

The AP reports Benoit had roughly ten times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Cops say Benoit strangled his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son, then hanged himself last June in their Atlanta home. One theory suspects so-called "roid rage" as a reason for the killings.


View Court Documents Here

This whole story is so sad, but at least it brought attention to how fucked up the wrestling industry is; hopefully, something might finally be done to prevent this type of incident in the future.
thane krios

someone who has actual talent

Ellen Page will receive the Hollywood Breakthrough Actress of the Year Award at the 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival this year.

Ellen Page, a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has established a name for herself as one of the busiest of young emerging performers. She stars in Fox Searchlight Pictures' upcoming comedy "Juno," directed by Jason Reitman from a script by Diablo Cody.

At the age of ten, Ellen Page began her career on the award-winning television movie "Pit Pony." Her next role was "Love That Boy," followed by "Marion Bridge." She has appeared in the cult hit TV series "Trailer Park Boys," recently played the role of Lilith in the first season of "ReGenesis," and starred in "Mrs. Ashboro's Cat" for the Movie Network. Page played the lead in Alison Murray's "Mouth to Mouth," starred as part of the ensemble in "Wilby Wonderful," and played the lead in "Hard Candy," an independent feature directed by David Slade. Ellen Page was then offered the role of Kitty Pryde in the third installment of "X-Men" which she followed with the role of Tracey in Bruce McDonald's "The Tracey Fragments." Next came another starring role, opposite Catherine Keener, in "An American Crime," directed by Tommy O'Haver. Ellen Page also participated in the ensemble cast of "The Stone Angel," directed by Kari Skogland. Last year ended by bringing yet another starring role, opposite Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Thomas Haden Church, in "Smart People," which is scheduled for release in April.

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i am glad she is finally getting recognition, i absolutely adore her!!!



Thurston Opens for Bright Eyes, Adds Shows
Conor Oberst suddenly realizes what he's going to look like in 30 years

Sure, Bright Eyes are massively popular and have top 10 records and stuff. And Sonic Youth are massively influential and have top 10 records (on critics' polls) and stuff. But one suspects neither young Conor Oberst nor skronkfather Thurston Moore ever thought the elder statesguy of noise-rock would assume the warmup slot for teary rock's poster boy. But lo and behold, it's happening.

Attendees of Bright Eyes' November 19 show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC might want to be extra mindful of punctuality, as Thurston will be knocking over those Trees tracks before Bright Eyes take ya'll to Cassadaga and back.

In addition to the Bright Eyes opening slot, Thurston's added a few more European dates to his own tour, and a couple Stateside in-stores as well. His next gig, in fact, will be amongst the iPhones at NYC's SoHo Apple Store on October 17.

Sonic Youth, who recently wrapped up a trio of Texan dates over the weekend, appear to have no further plans for 2007. Unless "being collectively awesome" is a plan.


10-17 New York, NY - Apple Store SoHo (in-store)
10-24 Seattle, WA - Neumos #
10-25 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge #
10-26 Arcata, CA - Humboldt State University #
10-28 San Francisco, CA - Amoeba Music (in-store)
10-29 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall #
10-30 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex #
10-31 Visalia, CA - Howie and Son's Pizza !
11-19 New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall *
12-04 Dublin, Ireland - TBA
12-06 London, England - Scala
12-07 Minehead, England - Butlins Holiday Centre (ATP Nightmare Before Christmas)
12-08 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Club Festival
12-10 Brussels, Belgium - TBA
12-11 Paris, France - TBA

# with Scorces
! with Pocohaunted
* with Bright Eyes

culkin megamix

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis MARRIED!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here they are, on their way to a dinner party at my house.

Actress MILA KUNIS is sick of hearing reports claiming she and longterm boyfriend MACAULAY CULKIN are married - because they are all "made up". The That 70's Show star, 24, has been dating the Home Alone actor for six years, and admits false reports about alleged proposals, weddings and children can become tiresome. She tells Parade magazine, "I've been engaged. I think I've already been married. And I'm sure I have a child somewhere. I'm waiting to have something else happen. No, I'm not married. And no, I'm not engaged. And no, I do not have a child. "No one seems to listen. And next week I'll be engaged again. I think, at one point, they were like, 'Seen shopping in Beverly Hills for engagement rings.' We were in Japan working. What is wrong with these people? Half the time you can say they misconstrued facts. But, more often than not, they just make stuff up."


You see what I did there?

Since I like her, I suppose I wont hate her for being with the man I've wanted to marry before I really had hormones. (dont judge me.)

At least he's not still married to Collapse )

JB news..

If you haven't checked out the boys JonasBrothers.com site you should. They recently sent out a newsletter and there are few items of interest:

Japan Album Release - The CD will become available in Japan on December 5th.

Radio Disney - The boys will be on Radio Disney on October 13th (7-8PM CST) and October 14th (6-7PM CST). If you don't have Radio Disney in your area, you can listen online at www.radiodisney.com.

Other items are the Ryan Seacrest show in LA tomorrow morning, if you live there make sure you show up.

The upcoming HM/JB Tour kicks off on the 18th in St. Louis.

The new CD; "Jonas Brothers - Bonus Jonas" will be coming out at the end of this month. Pre-order it now!


I still think they suck ass.

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Victoria Takes to Her Blog to Brag about Paris

Posh Blogs From Paris: Shows, Shoots and Shoes!

We’ve been keeping an eye on Victoria Beckham as she makes the fashionable rounds of Paris, and she hit her computer today to blog all about it on her website dvbstyle.com. From the “incredible" Roberto Cavalli store opening to the Chanel show “where I sat next to my friend, the lovely Dita Von Teese,” she’s filled us on her whirlwind week.

While she missed his show, she blogs that she “went to see my friend Giambattista Valli at his showroom. . .He’s definitely one of the most exciting designers around at the moment. He has even made a pair of super high platform shoes which he has named the Victoria Shoe — they are gorgeous. I will just have to learn how to walk in them first they are so high!”

After taking in the Louis Vuitton show — “the colours were amazing and the shoes were gorgeous as were the use of different fabrics and sequins” — she went to designer Marc Jacob’s dinner party where she met “some fascinating people including Sofia Coppola, who is one of Marc’s friends and long time muse. She was amazing.”

Ah, but Posh can’t be the bystander very long. She writes “I’m writing my blog to you from a cover photoshoot for American Elle, which I’m doing in Paris — it’s going really well so far and the clothes I’m wearing are incredible. I’m going to have to sign off in a moment though because I’m needed for the next shot.” Ah, the busy life of the ultimate fashionista!


I really want a picture of her sitting at a computer in that red thing. Until then, I'll just laugh at the one of her and Dita Von Teese at the Chanel show.
Ina Hanging On Like FG

Lots More Pictures of Jennifer Lopez at Non-Announcement Concert

More Pics of J. Lo at Her Concert - What Do You Think?

Is she or isn't she?

J. Lo performed this weekend at Madison Square Garden and was expected to - but did not - announce her pregnancy, reportedly twins. I'm convinced she's knocked up, if for no reason other than the huge amount of chatter/rumors surrounding the issue.

It's interesting to look at the photos, however, because in some of them she looks completely pregnant but in others it's not as obvious. I guess that kind of explains how one celebrity weekly will have a headline announcing someone's pregnancy with some picture of the woman looking bloated as hell, while another will proclaim that it's all a rumor and include a picture of her looking as thin as ever. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

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Source of Text: Me

Source of Pictures

Say something nice...

Looks like we startled her! Funnyman Adam Sandler was out and about in L.A. with his daughter Sadie Madison - hope the girl wasn't too frightened! The Big Daddy actor is currently filming a Judd Apatow-penned movie about a Mossad agent that fakes his death so he can be a NYC hair stylist.

Uh, sounds like another winner, Adam!


Ms. Black Muppet Returns to VH1

New York has been unlucky in love. First, she was dumped by Flavor Flav...twice. And then she was dumped by her fiancé Tango in the "I Love New York" reunion show. Now, America's favorite reality diva is looking for love again in the 2nd season of this popular dating show. Twenty hopefuls, including a former NFL player, a Harvard lawyer and even a little person are part of the drama. In this first episode, New York must eliminate 5 men, but it's not that easy. At a pre-elimination cocktail party, things heat up as the men drink too much, fight and even bribe others to win over New York. Meanwhile, Sister Patterson has decided that she knows the one guy who will never measure up.

Don't miss the premiere of I Love New York 2, tonight on VH1 at 10/9C

source: VH1 Blog

I don't care how trashy this bitch is, i'm wearing my ILNY HBIC shirt just for her tonight
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Reese Is More Than Just A Good Southern Girl- pics of Reese & son, Deacon

Reese and Deacon were hand in hand shopping in LA over the weekend. Said it before, say it again, Deacon is going to be such a heart breaker when he grows up. Love it. Reese always seems like she is a great mom, probably more than a little bit because she was raised with real values. During her press junket for Rendition she recently talked to The Times of London about getting things done herself and how no one ever expects her to be able to. She said:

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Jenny from the Stumblin' Block

Posted Oct 8th 2007 12:11PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Jennifer Lopez, Hot Mamas

Click to watchAlthough her twins aren't due for months, last week Jennifer Lopez was ready to drop -- to the floor!

The 38-year-old pregnant diva nearly ate it big time while performing on a Jamiroquai-esque conveyor belt at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. It was her biggest misstep since dating Ben Affleck and "Gigli"!

Interestingly, while Jennifer may have nearly faltered, the track never skipped a beat! Do it well!


Diddy has another kid

Diddy’s real life entourage has a new member now that he has taken legal responsibility for 15-month-old Chance, who he had repeatedly denied was his. A DNA test proved that the baby girl was his (was Maury involved?)

“At first, I wasn’t sure if this was my child,” he said. “Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Diddy already has five other kids, 9-month-old twin girls Jessie James and D’Lila Star, 8-year-old Christian, 13-year-old Justin, and Quincy. It looks like he’s headed towards the rarefied air of Shawn Kemp and Calvin Murphy.

Now we know why him and Kim Porter broke up. This new kid was born 6 months before their twins.

conan white teeth
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The Cheetah Girls have a new party anthem! The instantly familiar “Fuego” which samples Lionel Ritchie’s hit “All Night Long” was produced by Jonathan “JR” Rotem (50 cent, Rihanna and Britney Spears). “Fuego” will definitely get fans on their feet, and it is one of the girls’ favorite songs the album. Adrienne explains, “I love the message about setting a party on fire and having a good time, because that’s what The Cheetah Girls are all about.”

TCG is in stores now!

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Lopez's tricks to avoid paparazzi

IANS | Monday, 08 October , 2007, 09:07 
New York : Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, who keeps her life with husband Marc Anthony private, says that one can avoid prying eyes by visiting unknown locations.

"You don't have to go where everybody goes; there are a million other places that are great," people.com quoted Lopez as saying.

Speaking of her husband, she said: "From the day Marc and I met we've always had amazing chemistry, but the timing has to be right. We established early on that our relationship was not for public consumption.

"When we're out there, it's 'cause it's part of our work, but you won't catch us hanging out at some random place with paparazzi following us 'cause we don't let them. And we have such a tight circle of friends, we don't have people calling the photographers saying, 'Marc and Jennifer are coming here'." 


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Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff of Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band with actor Jim Sturgess backstage at MTV's "TRL" at the MTV Studios on October 8, 2007 in New York City. Collapse )

Because we need more Jim Sturgess and I finally saw Across the Universe today...


Sting tops list of worst lyricists

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Maybe Sting should start writing more instrumentals.

The school teacher-turned-rock star topped Blender's list of the worst lyricists, thanks to lines that betray "mountainous pomposity (and) cloying spirituality," the music magazine said.

The survey, contained in the November issue that hits newsstands next week, placed Rush drummer Neil Peart at No. 2, Creed frontman Scott Stapp at No. 3, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher at No. 4, and soft-rocker Dan Fogelberg at No. 5.

Blender assailed Sting for such alleged sins as name-dropping Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov in the Police tune "Don't Stand So Close to Me," quoting a Volvo bumper sticker ("If You Love Someone Set Them Free"), and co-opting the works of Chaucer, St. Augustine and Shakespeare.

A spokeswoman for the English rocker, who is currently in Belgium on the Police's reunion world tour, did not respond to a request for comment.

Blender described Canadian rocker Peart's lyrics as "richly awful tapestries of fantasy and science," and said Gallagher "seemed incapable of following a metaphor through a single line, let alone a whole verse."

Further down the ranks, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant (No. 23) was derided for his Tolkienesque musings on Gollum and Mordor in "Ramble On."

Carly Simon (No. 31) was mocked for rhyming "yacht," "apricot" and "gavotte" in "You're So Vain."

Paul McCartney made No. 38, thanks in part to "Ebony and Ivory," his socially conscious duet with Stevie Wonder.


ETA: IDGI I was totally blasting "Fields of Gold" in my car earlier today when it came on the radio and am listening to it right now.

Up next: "Scorpio Rising" performed by Liam Gallagher. KISS MY ASS BLENDER MAGAZINE!
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jared loves ontd: part 3

Today I went back again on the movie set but this time I was with some fellow ONTD-ers. We absolutely wanted a group picture with Jared for this ~official ONTD meeting~. We waited about 4 hours and a half and finally, between 2 takes, Jared came towards us and took the time to take many pictures for everyone that was there. I need to say this again: he really is adorable and so sweet.

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part 1
part 2

Source: the Montreal ONTD Crew

damn you guys killed my bandwidth fast. it's all fixed now.

Hinder Aims To Resurrect Rock And Roll

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nearly all the music trends in the 80’s began in the late 70’s including New Wave and Punk with the lone exception being Hair Metal (Motley Crue, Poison, Skid Row etc). By 2005, hard rockers Motley Crue and many other bands were still successfully touring but were slowed by ailments usually associated with old age – new blood was needed to carry on the wayward indulgence of those sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll days bound and tied to the 80’s … and that left the door open for Hinder.

Hinder is a post-grunge style hard rock band with many influences from classic rock bands, such as Guns & Roses with a sound distinguished by soft drumlines and an almost ‘grumbling’ vocal style practiced by such bands as Nickelback and Creed. Hinder formed in Oklahoma City around 2002 when drummer Cody Hanson and guitarist Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey discovered Austin Winkler singing in a cover band; Cody was blown away with Austin’s charismatic and unique voice. Their personal lives were a mess and the group, especially with its smirking attitude, helped keep the pain at bay – sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, was a lifestyle, not a motto. They shifted from the dusty confines of their hometown and built a strong regional following, released the indie CD ‘Far From Close’ which sold over 5,000 copies, and were signed to a major label.

“We didn’t want to be just another faceless rock band playing depressing, ‘I hate my dad’ music. We wanted to go out there and kick ass like they did in the 80’s.” Cody Hanson

During 2005, Hinder began their popularity in the rock scene with their debut single, Get Stoned, which then led to the release of the album ‘Extreme Behavior’. Heavy touring to promote the album followed and when Hinder penned the raspy rock ballad, Lips Of An Angel, the Oklahoma City-based act immediately sensed it would have a hit on its hands, although drummer Cody Hanson had mixed thoughts. He was surprised that it took off like it did as originally the record label didn’t want it to be on the album – the band fought hard to make sure it was a single and their hard-work paid off.

Hinder’s goal is to resurrect rock and roll – possibly a daunting goal considering there aren’t that many testosterone-heavy rock ‘n’ roll bands on the charts anymore. A lot of rock bands are so dark and half of the bands aren’t really fun; it seems like rap has most of the party – Hinder want to bring the party back to rock.

With the bands popularity currently soaring and more and more touring in their future, a typical day in the life of Hinder is as follows according to drummer Cody. “It’s very busy. Today we went to five radio stations, did two meet and greets, a sound check party and a signing after that. It’s basically what it’s like. It’s just non-stop. But that’s what we like to do. We like to go out and work, and meet a bunch of different people and shake the hands of the people who are supporting us, whether it’s a radio station or magazines or whatever. It’s something we like to do – say thanks.”

Their fourth single release, Better Than Me is currently being heard on the radio waves and a new album is in the works; the band will be touring Australia during October 2007, the future for Hinder is looking good for these modern rockers.

** Hinder (verb): 1. To be or get in the way of.
2. To obstruct or delay the progress of.
3. To interfere with action or progress.

Austin Winkler: vocals
Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey: guitar
Cody Hanson: drums
Mark King: guitar
Mike Rodden: bass


Animated Eric Bana goes gay

HE'S played a tattooed criminal, a green monster and now the gay love interest of a Kiwi sheep farmer named Desmond.

In his most unusual role yet, Eric Bana will voice the character in Oscar-winner Adam Elliot's first animated feature, Mary & Max.

Bana previously lent his vocal tones to a shark in Finding Nemo in 2003.

Elliot has also recruited Toni Collette to voice Mary in his $8.5 million plasticine-character flick, while Barry Humphries is the narrator.

Mary & Max is due to hit cinemas late 2008.

Daily Telegraph
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Rosie's Solo Interview on New Book, Part Three

Rosie Releases Another "Interview" Clip

On the eve of her book's release, Rosie O'Donnell added an additional video clip to the Celebrity Detox section of her web site. This is the third clip to be released in a series that seems to be O'Donnell's attempt to provide "sound bites" for news outlets looking to report on her book, possibly to replace what they would have gotten from her canceled interview with Diane Sawyer (the only one she had planned).

The video clip, which lasts about 90 seconds and is titled "molding the clay," basically consists of O'Donnell explaining that - although some may have an adverse reaction to her writing - her book is no more than the work of an artist who decided to document her life. She touches on the whole "fame" concept, and also says that the book details how her celebrity has affected the last 15 years of her life, both positively and negatively.

As it did before the third video clip was released, the web site promises "more video coming soon." Celebrity Detox hits bookstores tomorrow.

Video Source

Mel B: Spice Girls Routines are for Six-Year-Olds!

<a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i21.tinypic.com/v2u54p.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

Dancing With the Stars
contestant Melanie Brown stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the frenzy being caused by the upcoming Spice Girls Reunion Tour!

Mel and her girls don't hit the road until December, but "Scary Spice" was happy to dish a few details in a show scheduled to air on October 8. Read on for excerpts!

On whether her dance training as a Spice Girl helped her with Dancing With the Stars routines
"Well, the Spice Girls were like routines for 6-year-olds. Everyone can do it!"

On tickets for the Spice Girls' reunion tour appearance at Wembley Stadium selling out in 38 seconds.
"I was amazed. I did actually think 'how is that possible? Is there a lot of people on the phone in one big room?' I don’t get it."

On the support the Spice Girls have received from fans
"I was really shocked and thought 'Wow! We really have to do it now. But I'm very excited."

***Fuck this shit. More pics of Jared Leto. I love that man!!!!!

Source: http://usmagazine.com/mel_b_on_ellen

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Shirley Animated

Simple Plan ROCKS

Chuck from Simple Plan blogs about the band's NEW ALBUM, scheduled to drop in 2008!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

October 8, 2007 - Monday
What’s Going On???

Well I'm not even sure on what day we've reached but that doesn't seem so important anymore, because the record is a couple of days from being completely done!! That's right, through hard work, late nights and tight deadlines, we can finally say that we are 72 hours from being finished. A lot has gone down in the past few weeks and we've been travelling left and right. I have to admit that we broke our promise to keep you guys updated. I'm really sorry about that. There's def been a lack of blog and vlogs lately but you have to understand...We've just been focusing all of our energies on making sure the album was the best it could be. So to make it up to you, here's a gigantic recap of what has been going down over the last few weeks.

September 15-16. You guys all know that we have been working on this album with producer Dave Fortman, all summer in Montreal. Well, there's another piece of info that we haven't told you about yet...So to kick things off, here's a scoop: We also worked with another amazing producer, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills! Danja has been working as Timbaland's right hand man for a couple of years and he's now coming out on his own. He co-produced some of the biggest songs of 2006 including Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous", "Say It Right" and "Maneater" as well as Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back", "My Love" and "What Goes Around" to name just a few. In our opinions, he's problably the coolest and most innovative up-and-coming young producer around. We had the chance to work with him at Hit Factory Studios in Miami and he ended up co-producing 4 tracks on the new record. Those Miami sessions were incredible. We really got along amazing with him and became really good friends. It gave us the opportunity to try a completely new approach to how we write songs. It was really exciting to come up with music that sounded so fresh and special. I think the songs will speak for themselves and I can't wait for you guys to hear them! Anyways, to get back to the recap...In mid-september, Nate came out to Montreal for the weekend to put some finishing touches on the songs we had worked on. We spent 2 days adding cool sounds, beats and textures to the music and it made everything sound even better. Thanks Nate...you rock!

Source: their blog

Third Album Status

# Pre-production in LA began on 6/28; recording in Montreal began on 7/14
# Producer: Dave Fortman
# Finished laying nearly 15 tracks including "Time To Say Goodbye", "Your Love Is Just A Lie", "Generation", "No Love", "When I'm Gone", "The End", "Save You", "What If", "Take My Hand" and more
# Currently mixing tracks
# Looking to be released in early 2008

Source 2

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Coming back from the deadliness of a hiatus is tough stuff and most bands fall under the pressure or fade into the backdrop.

With a tour in progress and a new CD coming out, the question Friday at the Newport Music Hall was whether Puddle of Mudd could still play, especially after their last album, "Life on Display," did not succeed.

The crowd has spoken, and the result is this: Puddle of Mudd has returned in full swing, appearing ready to reclaim their place in the limelight.

The band's intro was a pulsating rhythm of tribal drums that resounded throughout the music hall, segueing into a cutting guitar solo by front man Wes Scantlin. The show's journey was an escalating experience for the entire audience as Scantlin and his band made a point to involve them while staying true to their set. The band was energetic, entertaining and clearly committed to its music. The songs flowed unique to one another in brilliant harmonization.

Although the band's chemistry is undeniable, it was lead singer Scantlin who truly shined. His stage presence is enough to seal the deal, but with the addition of immense talent on the guitar and his unique, gritty vocals, he has the makings of a legend.

Scantlin's sound, style and appearance is similar to that of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the revolutionary grunge band Nirvana. Puddle of Mudd's cover of Nirvana's "Breed" at Friday's show was eerily identical to that of its original performers. And while most Puddle of Mudd fans might be aware of this likeness, the band would be wise to exude caution against coming across as imitators, but instead clarify a unique identity.

From Friday's crowd response alone, Puddle of Mudd clearly has the chops, and it seems their time away from the spotlight has done them a lot of good. The singles they released at the show from their new CD, including "Psycho," "Merry Go Round" and "Famous" were raw and entertaining, demonstrating the band's evolution while staying true to the original sound.

When lead guitarist Christian Stone was asked about their new CD release, he claimed to be very happy with the way it turned out. "It sounds a lot like the first ... (Abrasive) was a lot darker and this one has more of a poppy, radio single feel ... we just really took our time on this and I think it sounds great."

Puddle of Mudd's opening band, South Carolina-based Deepfield, is an impressive new group. While most bands come off sounding cliché or formulaic, Deepfield has not conformed to the typical sound, but spawn a gritty grunge feel with a metal backdrop. While most openers get little crowd response, Deepfield was well-received, and may be making a name for themselves in the near future.

Puddle of Mudd's new CD "Famous" will be released Oct. 9. Deepfield's debut album "Archetypes and Repetition" is in stores now.


Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Spelling slip as Arctics get gong

IT WAS a Favourite Worst Nightmare for organisers of the Q Awards yesterday – when they misspelt the name of ARCTIC MONKEYS on their gong.

They managed an amazing coup at getting the reclusive band to turn up to the glittering bash at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

But then they went and ruined it – by calling the band ARTIC Monkeys on their award for Best Act In The World Today.

I think someone will be sent to the back of the class this morning. Surely any music mag worth its salt would know their correct name?

Despite being among the first to arrive for the ceremony, Arctic Monkeys made sure they made a fashionably late entrance.

ALEX TURNER, JAMIE COOK, MATT HELDERS and NICK O’MALLEY turned up at a punctual midday for the lunchtime do.

But they ensured their time-keeping looked suitably rock ’n’ roll – by heading to a pub over the road for a couple of pints first.

They needed some dutch courage before accepting their gong in front of a host of musical legends including SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, THE VERVE, IAN BROWN and, er, SHIRLEY BASSEY. But it was only when they walked off stage with the trophy that they noticed the spelling error. A source said: “Thankfully they saw the funny side but they gave the organisers a load of stick.”

Luckily the gaff was smoothed over after cheeky monkey Alex got the chance to reunite his gran with her old pal – Shirley Bassey.

The Arctic Monkeys frontman, pictured second from right with Matt, Nick, Shirley and Sir Paul, started an unlikely friendship with the Welsh diva after the band performed her hit Diamonds Are Forever at Glastonbury in June.

But it turns out her relationship with his family runs even further back.

A close source told me: “Alex’s gran met Shirley backstage at a concert in Sheffield where she was working years ago. Apparently his gran gave Shirley some alcohol to gargle to soothe her sore throat.

“So Alex seized the chance to surprise his gran and got Shirley on the phone to say hi. She was thrilled.”

Ah, bless. While everyone else got down to partying, Alex was thinking of his gran. Whatever People Say he is – he’s a big softy at heart.

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thx to The Sun for bringing the lolz as always.
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J-lo: Bigger than ever and still no confirmation that she is pregnant
Last updated at 20:24pm on 8th October 2007

Stopping off in New York's Madison Square Garden for the latest installment of her tour, singer Jennifer Lopez's energetic performances continue - as do the rumours of a possible pregnancy.

It has been said that the 38-year-old singer is expecting twins and by the looks of her baby bump at her latest concert in Madison Square Garden, it can only be a matter of time before the diva confirms the reports.

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Kid Rock blames his nice-guy persona for making him the star of an embarrassing sex tape he still hasn't seen. The rap-rocker and former Creed star Scott Stapp were caught on camera getting pleasured by a groupie, and Rock still can't believe he was foolish enough to agree to the filmed sex session, which ended up online.

He says, "That wasn't me, that was f&$#ing Scott Stapp or whoever was videotaping that. I remember saying, 'Dude, what's up with the camera?' I'm a nice guy. It's kind of like I had one Twinkie left, and I let him have half. How nice is that? It's like watching someone get their first kiss."

Rock hasn't seen the footage, but he's pretty sure it must be funny: "I remember we're sitting there getting blown and I'm saying things like, 'Dude, aren't you in a religious band?'"

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Anberlin news continues with ONTD band theme

Hey Everyone -

We are releasing a b-sides album titled, "Lost Songs" on Tooth & Nail Records. The album hits stores on November 20th and features 18 b-sides, covers, acoustic versions, demos, and other rarities. The pre-order should be up soon but until then here is the track listing and the album cover.

1. The Haunting
2. Uncanny
3. Like A Rolling Stone
4. A Day Late (acoustic)
5. Enjoy The Silence
6. Cadence (acoustic)
7. Downtown Song
8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
9. Dismantle.Repair. (acoustic)
10. The Promise
11. Naive Orleans (acoustic)
12. Inevitable (AOL Music Under Cover Sessions)
13. The Unwinding Cable Car (AOL Music Under Cover Sessions)
14. Creep (AOL Music Under Cover Sessions)
15. Baby Please Come Home
16. Ready Fuels (demo)
17. Driving (Autobhan) (demo)
18. Everywhere In Between (demo)

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Has anyone seen their shows? The show on the 20th will be the first time I've seen them live

Source: website + myspace bulletin
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EVANESCENCE will embark on a headlining tour of Mexico and the United States later this month. The trek comes on the heels of the band's Family Values stint over the summer.

"I am excited to be headlining our own tour this fall," frontwoman Amy Lee said. "While Family Values tour was fun, it will be nice to do something special for EVANESCENCE fans. This time around we will get to spend more time with the audience and play a longer and more diverse set."

Joining EVANESCENCE on the trek will be SICK PUPPIES and JULIEN-K.

SICK PUPPIES is Shimon Moore (vocals, guitar), Emma Anzai (bass) and Mark Goodwin (drums). The Sydney, Australia modern rock trio's groundbreaking "Free Hugs" video has garnered more than 11 million views on YouTube since it started streaming on the site last year. SICK PUPPIES will bring its infectious tunes and a jaw-dropping stage show to the U.S. tour dates in support of its North American debut, "Dressed Up As Life", which was released by RMR/ Music Group / Virgin Records in April 2007.

JULIEN-K is the brainchild of two of the founding members of the platinum selling group ORGY; Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck. Fusing the elements of dark electronic club music with styles of modern rock and pop, JULIEN-K are at the forefront of the electronic music scene. Joined by drummer Elias Andra and studio collaborator and cohort Brandon Belsky on keyboards & vocals, the band pushes the boundaries of what traditional electronic music is supposed to be with explosive live performances that are larger than life. JULIEN-K is currently on LINKIN PARK's Projekt Revolution Tour.

EVANESCENCE fall/winter 2007 Mexico/U.S. tour:

Oct. 23 - Coral Gables, FL - BankUnited Center
Oct. 25 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
Oct. 27 - Orange Beach, AL - Amphitheater at The Wharf
Oct. 28 - Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - Buzzfest XX
Oct. 30 - Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie
Oct. 31 - Hidalgo, TX - Dodge Arena
Nov. 03 - Mexico City, MEX - National Auditorium
Nov. 05 - Guadalajara, MEX - Auditorio Metropolitano
Nov. 07 - Monterrey, MEX - Monterrey Arena
Nov. 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre
Nov. 11 - Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl
Nov. 14 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Events Center
Nov. 15 - Reno, NV - Reno Events Center
Nov. 16 - Orem, UT - David O. McKay Events Center
Nov. 18 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden Arena
Nov. 20 - Boise, ID - Qwest Arena
Nov. 21 - Seattle, WA - WaMu Arena
Nov. 24 - Casper, WY - Casper Events Center
Nov. 25 - Denver, CO - Magness Arena
Nov. 27 - Lincoln, NE - Pershing Auditorium
Nov. 28 - Champagne, IL - University Of Illinois - Assembly Hall
Nov. 29 - Moline, IL - I Wireless Center
Dec. 01 - Youngstown, OH - Chevrolet Centre
Dec. 02 - Wilkes Barre, PA - Wachovia Arena At Casey Plaza
Dec. 04 - East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena
Dec. 05 - Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Arena
Dec. 07 - Amherst, MA - Mullins Center
Dec. 08 - Kingston, RI - Ryan Center


this post is dedicated to floating_to_sea and mend

its time to unload!

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are doing some housecleaning. The 58-year-old rocker and his wife are selling art, furniture and collectibles from their homes in Malibu, Beverly Hills and England.

The Nov. 30 auction will also feature items from their MTV reality show, "The Osbournes," including son Jack Osbourne's black leather bedroom furniture and a cast-iron crucifix that adorned Ozzy's den in various episodes.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation. "It's time to unload," said Sharon Osbourne...

Collapse )

I really just wanted an excuse to post that picture of Aimee and that weird guy she was seeing. I wonder if they're still together....

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Pic Post

Bebe Buell, Liv Tyler's mom and Steven Tyler's ex, revealed a plaster cast of her breasts as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Her cups runneth over!

The 54-year-old former Playmate was at a NYC Whole Foods event and unveiled the mamnificent painted and bejeweled cast, which will be auctioned off to support the fight against breast cancer.

It's nice to see someone using their God-given assets for the common good!

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We think it's a tad ironic that Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst was in Paris for Fashion Week because, well, isn't it obvious? The actress was spotted strolling around town with some pals wearing, uh, black. She has such a lovely figure, why not throw on some couture!

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Australia just got hotter! Gisele Bundchen was spotted in Sydney riding her bike in the mountains recently - no wonder she stays in such good shape! Now, Gisele is beautiful, of course... but I think I'm the only one on the face of the earth that doesn't think the svelte supermodel is really "all that." Personally, I'd rather be with Bridget Moynahan, who (still) looks hot and sweet. Just sayin'! Even her sister came along for the ride!