October 7th, 2007

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Radcliffe Often Mistaken for Wood

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is often mistaken for Elijah Wood, because of which he signs autographs for the fans of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ star.

However, Radcliffe isn’t annoyed by the confusion and is happy that people don’t spot his star presence.

“I was in Japan and someone held out a photo of him (Wood) for me to sign. "I couldn't say it in Japanese, so I wrote, 'I'm not Elijah Wood but thanks anyway, Daniel Radcliffe',” Contactmusic quoted Radcliffe, as saying.

The 18-year-old also joked that if he were a bit immature, he would have written that the hobbit film is ‘trash.’

"If I was a bit more puerile I would have written, 'The Lord of the Rings is rubbish,’" he said.


What about Charm School 2?

VH1's reality kings promise more of same
LOS ANGELES — Spend any amount of time watching VH1's florid reality hit parade that includes Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love, and the thought naturally occurs: Who comes up with this stuff?

Meet Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin, the business partners and masterminds who have produced some of the channel's most popular and most talked-about — or howled-about — shows, and who this year alone will flood VH1 with eight series.
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Gisele launches shoe collection.

"Gisele Bundchen in Melbourne, Australia launching her new Ipanema shoe collection for Novo. Although calling these things shoes is a stretch. They're more like flip flops. Ugly flip flops. You'd think a supermodel would be better at this. Well, no, I guess that's not true. The only thing you'd expect a supermodel to be good at is not eating and trying to read books upside down."


model >>>>>>> shoe designer.

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gimme more robbie


Robbie Williams Beat Addiction to Coffee with Soccer

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS used soccer to help him get his life back on track following his stint in rehab. The singer, who lives in Los Angeles, set up his own team which he has christened L.A. Vale and credits the sport with allowing him to regain his sense of normality.

He says: “Football gives me a bit of balance. I'm back to where I was before I went on tour. Football is a sort of poor man's meditation."

The singer checked into rehab for addiction to caffeine and prescribed drugs.

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It's Official - Pamela Anderson Weds Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson has said "I do" for the third time to longtime pal Rick Salomon. The pair tied the knot Saturday night in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel before Anderson's children and members of her family, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

A conventional marriage it wasn't, as the nuptials actually took place in an hour-and-a-half between Anderson's two magic shows.

Anderson, 40, donned a white denim Valentino dress at the small ceremony. Wedding guests included Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas and magician Hans Klok.

Anderson has had two high-profile marriages – to ex-husbands Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, who famously fought at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Salomon, 38, is divorced from actress Shannen Doherty.

Lee and Salomon made their matrimonial intentions known when they applied for a marriage license last month in Las Vegas, where Anderson has been performing with magician Hans Klok at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

So why a third walk down the aisle for Anderson? Says a source, "They are head over heels in love. They are really close. They have a relationship already and they have the license."

"Rick is always with her," another source has told PEOPLE. "He's backstage when she does her show all the time."

The Courtship

On her blog, Anderson called Salomon a friend of 15 years. And they do have at least one scandalous tie – both have appeared in sex tapes: Salomon with Paris Hilton, and Anderson with Lee.

Last month, Anderson, appearing on Ellen DeGeneres's show, revealed that she was dating a new mystery man. "I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love," Anderson told DeGeneres of her new guy. "It's so romantic. It's romance."

And Salomon gets a thumbs-up from at least one guy in Anderson's life: magician Klok, who told PEOPLE recently, "I like Rick. He's a really nice guy. As long as he's not making another video, I'm ok with him."

Source: People
sassy claire

Sarah Silverman regrets doing the VMAs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sarah Silverman: "I wish I didn't do the VMAs. I totally regret it."

Katie Puckrik: Why?

SS: "Well, I liked the jokes I did, but all anyone focused on was that it was mean. But they put me on immediately after Britney, so I had to do jokes. Everyone else laughed, but Britney wasn't ready to laugh at herself."

KP: Britney wasn't even ready to perform...

SS: "Every time she's been on the VMAs, it's been a spectacle - something amazing. I heard she was gonna have this magician, there'd be fire and smoke, and I would be the little comedian making fun of the big star. I caught a glimpse of her at rehearsal and she was walking through it, and then at the actual performance, she did that same thing! And then I come out and I'm an asshole."

KP: Did you regret your comments about Paris Hilton as well?

SS: "Well, no. I think she didn't feel bad because of what I said, she felt bad because when I said the set-up that she was going to jail, the whole audience cheered for a solid minute. And my heart sank at that point ... I had to keep going with the joke, I was in the middle of a set-up but I was like, wow, she's sitting right there and there's grown men in her face with a camera."


she also talks about other stuff in the interview, but these were the good parts.

How High Tech Scalpers Hoard Hannah Montana Tix.

Ticketmaster Tries to Block Software That Lets Resellers Grab Hot Concert Seats

Ticketing giant Ticketmaster is taking aim at what it says is a new obstacle for fans hoping to attend concerts by hot acts like Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen and Hannah Montana: computer software that enables brokers and scalpers to swarm the company's Web site and snap up tickets faster than consumers can.

This is utter BS!!  I tried to get my brother Ozzy tickets for his birthday and they hadn't even gone on sale yet, but they were already going for $400 on StubHub.
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The Guardian doesn't like Nicole Kidman

Down under and out

If only ... Nicole Kidman would retire. John Patterson breaks the news to the Australian diva that she's no longer a commercial proposition

So Nicole, I've been watching your latest movie, Invasion, and it seems your number is up. You should row yourself ashore, hand back the boat, hunch your shoulders against the rising wind and just go home. Invasion was almost your 10th movie in a row that has vanished without trace.

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part two of movie trivia~

The Sandlot

• Five of the members of the Sandlot baseball team -- Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marty York, Brandon Quintin Adams, and Grant Gelt -- all had roles in different episodes of Boy Meets World.

• In the film Dennis Leary's character adores both the Babe Ruth and 1927 Yankees signed baseballs but in real life Leary is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and hates the Yankees.

• In order to establish the close bond between Smalls and Benny, the director had Tom Guiry and Mike Vitar meet and rehearse together weeks before the rest of the kids showed up to film. It worked so well that the other kids genuinely believed the two actors had been friends for a long time.


• Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue. However, after his death, the role was given to fellow Saturday Night Live performer, Mike Myers. A remnant of Farley remains when Shrek uses "finger quotes" - a trademark of Farley's character Bennett Brower.

• The principal actors never met each other. All read their parts separately, with a reader feeding them the lines.

• The song "Welcome to Duloc", which is sung by the wooden dolls in the cabinet at the entrance to Duloc, is not only a parody of Disney's "It's a Small World", but is in the same key and has the same beats per minute (tempo) as the Disney song.

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Whoa this took so long to do. I predict a slow news day today~

SOURCE IMDB and me thinking of random movies.
Circus Tour

on drugs again?

Britney Comments on Her Kids

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During Britney's wild Friday of roaming the streets of SoCal, the misguided mother gave inquiring photogs an odd statement about getting her children back -- "I have them back already, baby." Huh?

After losing physical custody of her kids, and TMZ's revelation on Britney missing her first visitation -- her comments make about as much sense as the rest of her bizarre behavior.


Attacked by Tom Selleck

So a guy I went to High School with was apparently attacked by Tom Selleck this summer when he visited Halifax, and being the classy guy he is sold his story to the national enquirer. The fact the magazine seems to make fun of him made me chuckle, so I figured I'd share.

SOURCE: Facebook group and National Enquirer.

Xtina Buys Baby Stuff

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Xtina was getting a little practice in while shopping for baby crap in Los Angeles yesterday. She held a friend's baby while she picked out baby bottles and baby clothes. Xtina hasn't officially announced she's knocked up with bat baby, but methinks this isn't going to happen.

It's nice to see her looking a little more natural and trust me this is natural for her. Instead of wearing 20 pounds of make-up, she's wearing like 10.

I don't know how she wakes up to that face every single morning. That mug would be enough to send me into premature labor. He has a face made for separate bedrooms.

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Snakes On A Plane

- Contrary to popular belief, Samuel L. Jackson's agent insisted that the title be changed, because Jackson "couldn't" work on a film with such a title. When Jackson heard about all of this he responded with the much cited comment, "We're totally changing that back. That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title."

- When the male flight attendant puts the snake in the microwave, he can be seen hitting the 'snake' preset button on that microwave.

- In March 2006 New Line Cinema, due to massive fan interest on the Internet, allowed for a 5 day re-shoot to film new scenes to take the movie from PG-13 to a R-rated film (originally the film wrapped principal photography in September 2005). Among these additions is the Samuel L. Jackson character's line, "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane," a line that originated in an anticipatory Internet parody of the movie.

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Wristcutters: a Love Story - trailer

Ever since I saw the teaser trailer for this last year when I heard it was playing at MoMA, I've been DYING to see this movie. It's nice to see Patrick Fugit in something again.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Release date: November 2nd. Special Screenings October 19th (NY) and 26th (LA)
Starring: Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon, Shea Whigham (who is based on Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello - also featured on the soundtrack), Tom Waits, Leslie Bibb, and Will Arnett.

Rotten Tomatoes

Source: Official Myspace

Nicole and Keith heart Japanese food

Australia’s hottest celebrity couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, hold hands as they leave a downtown Japanese restaurant after a romantic dinner on Saturday night in New York City. (The pair dined at the delicious Omen restaurant in SoHo.)

Nicole has been in town to promote her new movie Margot At The Wedding. The dramedy is scheduled to open in limited release November 16th.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jet-setting parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (not pictured) catch a helicopter ride out of New York City on Sunday morning.

The power couple was accompanied by two of their children — 6-year-old Maddox and 2 1/2-year-old and Zahara (not pictured).

Angie wore a beautiful white blouse, matching short shorts and two of her favorites — Michael Kors ballet flats and a Gerard Darel knit bag.

Other pictures not pictured: Angie getting out of her SUV and the backs of Brad and Angie’s heads, loading into the helicopter. (Brad wore his favorite newsboy cap, natch.)

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Sharon's Body Has Had Enough

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54-year-old Sharon Osbourne has had gastric bypass, her breasts done, face work and who knows what else, but she says she's done with going under the knife.

She said, "My body's tired. I've put it through too much, abused it and my body is knackered. I am content with how I look at my age and I'm really scared of ending up looking like those people whose faces are ironed and foreheads don't move.
"I regret having my breasts done because I'm never happy with them. But the most painful was having my legs lifted. They literally cut all the way around the top of your thigh, pull up the skin like a stocking, then cut the excess away and sew it back on. When I came round I thought they'd sewn my legs together the swelling was so bad.

"So right now, I've really, really had it with surgery."

Here's Sharon at the Frosted Pink Cancer awareness event yesterday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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'Anaconda' sequels destined to fail

Sony have commissioned a further two sequels to Luis Llosa's “Anaconda” – sans the original’s all-star cast. You’ll never guess who’ll be doing battle with the giant snake this time?

None other than ‘The Hoff’!

Yep, David Hasselhoff’s on River-Watch for the Don E. FauntLeRoy (“Urban Justice”; cinematographer on "Jeepers Creepers 2") directed sequels – both filming back to back. He’s joined by Crystal Allen (“Maid in Manhattan”), John Rhys Davies (“Lord of the Rings”) and Zoltan Butuc (“Funny Money”).

Ol’ fluffy chest plays a mercenary-for-hire who accepts a mission from a billionaire to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness. I assume the rest of the bunch play, well, food?

The films – the first being titled “Anaconda 3: The Offspring” - will be shot in – of course – Romania. It’s planned that they’ll premiere on the Sci Fi Channel before hitting DVD.

Ah, who says The Hoff’s over?



Michael Jackson returning to television

The Sun is reporting that Michael Jackson will appear in a December episode of the British reality singing competitionThe X-Factor” also produced by Simon Cowell of "American Idol" fame stateside. The show has signed Jackson on as a mentor for contestants, so not only will he be making his first television appearances thing the 2003 Martin Bashir interview that barely preceded his trial for conspiracy and child molestation, but he will be on the show to help kids sing too.

And singing is what this man does best. He used to do it well, who knows if he can currently do it and wow the contestants of “The X-Factor” some of which are as young as 14 years old.


Animal Collective perfoming on Conan O' Brien 10/5

Animal Collective appeared on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" last night, playing "#1", one of the shorter and less immediate songs from their wonderful Strawberry Jam album. There was a bit of an odd effect on Avey Tare's vocals, but the group admirably battled against the difficulties of doing something interesting on a late-night TV stage.

I dont really think that this was the best thing to play, they could have gone with something catchier like Peacebone or For Reverend Green. But whatever, they work it no matter what.

Source: Pitchfork

i've never seen them live ;(

Win Butler Tells Randall's Island Arcade Fire Won't Be Back In NYC "For A Few Years"

Sorry for the doubled-up weekend Arcade action, but according to our inbox, we may not be posting about AF for awhile to come. Fearing Fire burnout (that's what happens when you see a band nine times in a year), we opted instead to see Caribou and Born Ruffians at Bowery last night (pics TK), but those attending the super-show (Les Savy Fav/Blonde Redhead/LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire) at Randall's Island had a little surprise: Win's mention that Arcade Fire were taking an extended break from our fair city.

"I know we come to New York a lot, but this is going to be the last time for a few years. So let’s have a good time tonight," he said according to reader Eliot Caroom. According to other emails, a (hopefully small) handful of New York fans responded in classy, New York fashion: with boos.

Guess it would've been nice for beonlineb.com to be an online concert telecast after all, eh?

Tour hiatus? Time for solo projects? Time for Win and Régine to focus on a little Butler? Or did the band just sense they were one or two more Drew Barrymore sightings away from complete and utter clichéd cool kid overexposure?

Let the irresponsible rumor mongering begin. (Thanks for writing in, everyone.)


and beonlineb.com(interactive video for neon bible)
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(PRODUCT) RED Gap Campaign Launches

Three new celebrities join the (PRODUCT) RED Gap Campaign, a for-benefit brand designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa — actress Anne Hathaway; Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend surrounded by the African Children’s Choir; and Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Wyclef Jean embracing his daughter Angelina.

The campaign also reintroduces a series of images that debuted this summer of actor Terrence Howard and his three children Hunter, Aubrey and Heaven; Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines alongside her sons Beckett and Slade; and actress Abigail Breslin with her friend Curious George. (Maines is married to Heroes star Adrian Pasdar, aka Nathan Petrelli.)

This campaign was captured by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Wyclef and daughter=so cute
I could do without Anne. Can't stand her


Pete Doherty Tried to Kill Himself Over Kate Moss

Pete Doherty tried to kill himself in rehab after discovering that Kate Moss was dating a new man. He downed an entire bottle of pills hoping to end his life.  However, he  failed and instead became violently sick. Johnny “Headlock” Jeannevol, Pete’s handler told, “Pete’s been really wound up over Kate showing off her new man. He saw an opportunity to take an overdose and took it. He told me he didn’t know what the pills were but thought ‘f*** it’ and took them all. He doesn’t care what drugs do to him—in fact, he likes finding out.”

Johnny also revealed that Kate was on the phone regularly while he was in rehab. He recalled: “To begin with Kate was ringing him up all the time, concerned for his well-being. But when Pete started to quiz her about the new guy, she was evasive and it got to him. She messed with his head. But now he’s out and happy. He’s trying to keep off the drugs and needs his own space. Hopefully Kate will stay away this time but she can’t help herself. She’s obsessed with him.”

Another pal, who asked not to be named, said, “Pete was so low during rehab his legal team considered sectioning him under the Mental Health Act in order to get him the treatment he needed. “It was touch and go with Pete for a while but he pulled through in the end.”



Madonna Told Hands Off New Adoption Target

Uncle wants baby to stay in Malawi....

Madonna has been left reeling after the uncle of the girl she wants to adopt said he was totally against letting her leave Malawi.

The popstar, who has already adopted one child from the African country, wants to take the 20-month-old girl after finding her in a Malawian orphanage.

But the girl's Uncle, John Ngalande says he expects to eventually take custody of the child after her mother died and her father, a schoolboy at the time of birth, has taken little part in her life.

He tells The People, "I would rather we be poor and struggling with Mercy, than for her to go and live with a big white star far away.

"We were told when Mercy went into the orphanage that we would be in constant contact with her and that she would come back to us after six years. I would like to stick to that.

"Whether it be Madonna or any other white person, I'm against our child being taken away."

A source adds the news has come as a blow to Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie.

"It is a very stressful time for Madonna and Guy," they say. "As far as they are concerned they are offering two parent-less children the chance of a happy, loving home and a better future. Yet they are facing problems at every turn."

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Oh noz--Michael Lohan is taken!

Could Michael Lohan be getting hitched in the near future? He brought his hot young girlfriend to meet Lindsay as she's transitioning out of rehab in Utah.

And during a little alone-time for the couple, they went ring shopping at Zales! Could this be love?! What would Dina say?!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Lindsay Look-a-like.

movies // parveen

Clive Owen Q & A

I didn't see this posted, and I love Clive posts on ONTD.

Actor Clive Owen hits the gym hard when preparing for a film and isn’t afraid of getting old and wrinkly. Just don’t expect him to moisturize

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I had the filthiest dream last night involving Clive Owen, me in my school uniform, and a desk. I woke up blushing.
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Heroes - Episode 3 Preview - Kindred

NBC has released three preview clips from the upcoming Season 2 Episode 3 (2.03) “Kindred”. In it, you’ll see Claire and West make time on a beach, as well as West revealing a little bit something about himself; Peter and his Irish “captors” make a deal (plus the first appearance of Dominic Keating) and talk football (ahem, soccer); and Bob and Mohinder visits Isaac’s loft, where Mohinder realizes it won’t be quite so easy to fool The Company forever.

Source: Heroes The Series

My Journey to the Top by Kyra Sedgwick

When I connect to my soul, project it into another character, and then bring it to the stage or to a film—that has always been for me the great joy of acting. It's been as if my soul kind of leaps out of my body and is able to be free and dance around. And that's always this image I've had when I really am enjoying what I'm doing, when I'm really loving the acting process.
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Beth Ditto: big mouth strikes again

She's a 'fat dyke' and fashion icon, a radical feminist who loves crochet and is forever getting her kit off. As Judy Rumbold discovers, singing stars don't come much more forthright – or fully rounded – than Beth Ditto

I hear Beth Ditto long before I see her. Down the stairs from the photographic studio and into the street below, her distinctive voice – part trucker, part rasping sexpot – soars above the rumble of a busy north London road. ‘Turn the music up so I can work it!’ she yells at the photographer. By the time I get upstairs, the volume has been raised – you don’t question the wishes of a woman as formidable as Ditto – and she does indeed work it, strutting and preening and maintaining a ceaseless flow of bawdy banter with the various assistants.

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Alice Cooper in Chicago

Just posted about 50 photos from the Alice Cooper show over the weekend in Hoffman Estates. The bill was Queensryche, Alice Cooper, Heaven And Hell.
Alice is one of those guys that just blows me away every time I see him perform. He had an amazing theatrical performance as always including the gallows,straight jacket, props, story lines, etc and played all the classics you would expect. The set included great renditions of Under My Wheels, Is It My Body, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Billion Dollar Babies, Poison, Eighteen, Elected, Welcome To My Nightmare and many more. A MUST see show ! The night ended with a quick "hello" to Alice and a quick photo.

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Britney Took Two Drug Tests & PASSED!

If you thought her weekdays were busy, just look at her weekends! After a long (Fri)day of Starbucks and swinging by Rite Aid with JR, our girl Brit got a flat tire in the middle of the night up on Mulholland. (She did call the cops for help... but rumors that her Malibu home was broken into are completely untrue!) Thankfully, the paps came to the rescue - one photog worked his magic and changed the tire himself! Brit, of course, was extremely gracious and then even blew us a kiss!

In other Britney news, the pop sensation saw her kids briefly this weekend (sweet!) and will visit with them again this week during a scheduled visit.

Also, our girl completed not one but two court-mandated drug tests - one Friday and one yesterday - and the verdict? Negative, y'all!

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moves like xtina

Because everybody loves royal babies

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Princess Aiko attends kindergarten sports festival

Princess Aiko, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, took part in a sports festival at Gakushuin Kindergarten in Tokyo on Saturday, as her parents watched and cheered her on.

The crown prince and princess arrived with Princess Aiko in a van at about 9 a.m. on Saturday. At the festival, Princess Aiko took part in a tug-of-war, a relay race and other events.

In an event titled "Kobito-san," staged by the kindergarten's senior pupils, Princess Aiko appeared wearing her gym outfit and a pointed hat designed in a floral pattern.
Princess Aiko dances during a sports festival at Gakushuin Kindergarten in Tokyo on Saturday. (Pool photo)
Princess Aiko dances during a sports festival at Gakushuin Kindergarten in Tokyo on Saturday. (Pool photo)

As a song played, Princess Aiko danced for about five minutes, jumping up and down with a smile, holding hands with her friends and skipping.

The 5-year-old princess danced in front of her parents at one stage, and the crown prince and crown princess enthusiastically took photographs and video footage of her.

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She's cute. Got totally screwed out of becoming empress someday. I felt so bad for her mom after all that pressure she faced
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Green Day's Billie Joe talks about follow-up to American Idiot with Rolling Stone Magazine

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Billie Joe on writing the American Idiot follow-up – on piano

“We have a lot of music, something like forty-five songs,” singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong says, sitting at a picnic table in the lounge of Green Day’s rehearsal studio in Oakland, California.

He’s explaining the long wait for the follow-up to the band’s politically charged 2004 hit, American Idiot – something he’s been doing a lot lately. “I had some kid come up to me yesterday,” he says. “He goes, ‘When’s you next record coming out?’ And I was like, ‘God, I don’t know.”

Armstrong admits that, lyrically, he is still looking for threads and themes. “It’s total chaos,” he says of the accumulated new material, much of which he has written on piano instead of guitar. “I want to dig into who I am and what I’m feeling at this moment—which is middle-aged. We’ve been doing this for almost twenty years now. You want to make sure you’re being honest with yourself. I also have to ask myself, ‘What’s real out there?’” He sighs. “Right now, it seems stagnant.”

Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tré Cool toured behind American Idiot until the end of 2005. “So we’re only in our second year of bearing down and finding out what we want to do,” Armstrong says. “I just want to put my head down and keep grinding at it.”

Source: GreenDay.net

Who split?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dr Who star David Tennant has dumped his girlfriend Sophia Myles, pals said last night.

Timelord Tennant, 37, is said to have broken the news to Sophia, 27, while she was filming in LA.

One friend said: "He just rang her and said it was over."

The pair met on the set of a Dr Who show two years ago. Tennant, currently filming a fourth series of the BBC sci-fi series, is said to have blamed the split on the miles between them.

Sophia, who plays Lady Penelope in the big-screen version of Thunderbirds, was "devastated" last night.

Last year she told how happy with was with Tennant and wanted to start a family.

The friend added: "Sophia didn't see it coming. No one else was involved. But she's in LA and he's in the UK.

"They were a lovely couple. It's a shame."


I hope this is just a rumour, I thought they were a cute couple :(
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EXCUSEEE HER BEAUTY--Speaking of cute babies!

Funnyman Adam Sandler takes his daughter Sadie Madison, 16 months, to grab lunch at Hamburger Hamlet in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The father-daughter duo was accompanied by, presumably, Adam’s parents. Sadie was seen giving hotel staff high fives!

Baby Sadie is Adam’s little hamburger helper!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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She looks full of life..! like a happy toddler.


Here's the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of the movies

So you think you know all about the movies, especially the older ones.

Well, let's take a test. These questions and answers come from the paperback, "Movie Trivia Quiz Book," which I purchased the other day for a whopping 95 cents at a local second-hand store. The answers appear at the bottom of this column ... so no peeking.

Are you ready? Good. Here we go.

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the rocket summer
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jared loves ontd: part 2

I saw Jared today and again he was extremely sweet with everyone. Now you guys kept asking me yesterday if he asked about ONTD and well I don't think he even looked at the sign I made. Oh but today...today brought the lulz.

We were talking and whatnot and then he turned to me and said: "So you like that site, Oh No They Didn't?" What whaaat?! I gasped and started to feel really bad. But he didn't seem mad or anything. I'd say he even looked amused about it. I don't know what the hell I replied but he said that someone had told him about the pic. So does he lurk here? Did someone on the set tell him? Did his assistant tell him? I just hope he doesn't think that I went on the set a couple of times only to get him to hold the sign.

part 1 here

Source: me, picture


According to Raven's Management in an email that we exchanged HERE It was confirmed that raven's album which was said to be released FALL of 2007 will in fact not be released this year but possibly EARLY next year. It is most likely due to the fact raven is busy filming 2 theatrical movies this year and wrapped up recording her album earlier this year. With "College Road Trip" wrapping up at the end of September she then starts filming the remake of Adventures In Babysitting with Miley Cyrus in October. It turns out this year even though she is SUPER busy it will not be the big year we were all looking forward too. HOWEVER 2008 will be the release of both movies and her new album!

source: http://www.raven-symone.org/news.php

ravey's new hair is stunningggggg omg

heres her old hairrrrrrrrr
spice girls

Princess of Hea..Trash.

Britney develops Princess Diana obsession
Britney Spears has developed a bizarre obsession with Princess Diana, according to a report.

The troubled 'Gimme More' singer has set up a shrine to Diana at her Malibu home, and recently told friends that she is worried about meeting the same fate as the tragic princess.

A source close to Britney told the News of the World: "She's utterly obsessed with Princess Diana. We're worried about it. She's turned one of the rooms in her house into a shrine to Di - there's photos, books and cheap souvenirs everywhere.

"Britney has told people she truly believes she and Diana share the same path, the same destiny! She's taken to surrounding herself with anything connected with the princess."


buy your shirts here!

Orlando Bloom & Fellow Stars Hotter Than They Should Be

October 5th, 2007 by Dina Ely
An eclectic group of sixteen high-profile celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Scarlett Johansson, and Rachael Ray have backed a World Wildlife Fund global warming campaign by declaring they’re hotter than they should be. “Hotter than I Should be” t-shirts autographed by the stars are currently on eBay to benefit the WWF’s climate change programs.

The auctions will run between October 3rd and October 12th, and they’re drawing impressive attention. Orlando Bloom’s olive green t-shirt is currently at $500, with just under eight days still remaining. The “hotter than” t-shirts are hot items indeed: several auctions have already received dozens of bids.

The auction proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund’s climate initiatives. The WWF currently works to educate and enact legislative, industrial, and personal changes in the way we impact the climate. As a wildlife-focused organization the WWF’s particular interest is the potential for climate change to destroy species and disrupt ecosystems.

Celebrities who’ve signed shirts for the auction fund raiser are Scarlett Johansson, Orlando Bloom, Rachael Ray, Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Oliver Stone, Tobey Maguire, Candice Bergen, Gisele Bündchen, Kevin Bacon, Paul Newman, Martin Short, Charlie Sheen, Cindy Crawford, Betty White, and Susan Sarandon.

The t-shirts are available sans autograph directly through the World Wildlife Fund with a $50 or greater donation. For more information about the WWF programs and to make a donation, visit the WWF Global Warming page.

Trio. Deathly Hallows

Tammy Faye memorial targeted by bigot Rev. Phelps

“She rejected the Lord Jesus Christ when she enabled the fags and perverts of Doomed America to continue in their lust and not repent,” reads an announcement of the Tammy Faye memorial protest on the Westboro website. “She was a deaf, dumb and blind simpleton, who is taking many to hell with her, and she will be held accountable for every fag and/or fag-enabler she deceived into coming with her.”

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People like Phelps need to be shot!


Jon & Angie Reunite

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Has estranged father Jon Voight patched things up with daughter Angelina Jolie?

Voight, 63, was seen leaving The Waldorf Astoria hotel on Sunday where Angelina, 32, and her family are also staying.

Do you really think it’s just coincidence that Voight and Jolie are booked at the same hotel? Methinks not!

Angelina and Brad Pitt were seen taking a helicopter ride all day today with Maddox and Zahara. Pax and Shiloh, the newest additions to the Jolie-Pitts… draw your own conclusions!

There seems to be a lot of parent-child patching up this weekend! First Britney Spears and her mom. Now possibly Angelina and her dad!

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this is my source guys http://www.celebutopia.net/forum/showthread.php/hayden-panetierre-two-large-starbucks-coffees-october-7-48854.html 

please excpet my post thanks

New Tokio Hotel Interview

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The guys took some time out of their ultra-hectic schedules to give this exclusive interview for their UK fans.....

You´re playing your first ever gig in Israel soon. That must be quite special for you.
This concert is definitely very special to us since we will meet our Israeli fans for the first time. On top, we were invited by the Israeli embassy and that is a real honour.
Tom: We were totally stunned when we saw all the fan mail from Israel. Nobody counted on having such a huge fan base in the Middle East.

Have you ever been to Israel before?
No, this will be our first trip to Israel and we are so excited.
Tom: We want to seize this amazing opportunity of going to Israel to experience the country a little better - so far, our knowledge about Israel is quite limited and only based on TV reports. I am sure it´ll be interesting to get to know Israel first hand and we´ll try to see way more than just our hotel and the concert venue!

Why did you choose Israel as one of your concert locations?
Actually, we didn´t really choose Israel...it was the incredibly enthusiastic Israeli fans who made us want to go there! They sent tons of fan mail and petitions over to the Israeli embassy in Berlin. After that, the Israeli embassy contacted us to see if we could add Israel to our tour schedule...and here we are!

You sing your songs in English and German. Which will you do at the Israel gig?
I guess we will do a mix - some songs in German and some in English. There are so many Israeli fans out there who write to us in English and even in German - it´s so terrific! Obviously there are also some fans out there that send us fan mail in Hebrew, which is a little difficult for us to understand ;-)

You both celebrate your birthdays recently - what did you do and where did you do it?
We started Friday, August 31st in the evening and rented a really nice location in Hamburg, Germany. One of the rooms had two casino tables and the other had a really cool bar that was made entirely out of ice. It was pretty chilly in that room so we all had to put on our jackets, which we did right before midnight to celebrate mine and Bill´s birthday.

Who was lucky enough to be invited?
We only invited a very few people - only our best and closest friends were invited as well as our family and our producers.

What kind of gifts did you get?
We got a lot of very emotional presents from our family and our friends.
Bill: That´s true! We got a really nice sculpture - it´s of two bodies and if you put them together in a certain way they look like they´re one body. It´s supposed to symbolise the special connection that exists between me and Tom.
Tom: Well, I guess it shows the connection that is there most of the time...because there are a lot of things that we both have totally different point of views and attitudes about!

What kind of food did you have for your birthday dinner?
A buffet was set up - mainly Thai food and a lot of fresh fruit which you could dip in a chocolate fountain. That was so delicious...oh my gosh, I love those fountains so much!!!

Do you get the feeling that time is passing faster since you got famous?
Not at all - I feel as if we´ve been out there for such a long time already...it´s kind of spooky!
Tom: Yeah, our success has been almost unbelievable these last couple of years.

How do you feel when you look at old photos from when you were younger, before you were famous?
When I look at old photos - the ones when we were six years or younger - I don´t even know who is who.
Tom: I usually don´t really care about all this sentimental stuff. However, photos from a long time ago somehow get me and I look at them every once in a while. I love thinking about that part of my past...even though our years in school were not very pleasant! Actually, we hated our school years! There were definitely some advantages back when we were not famous but I would never want to switch back to that life at all.

Tokio Hotel UK
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ABC picks up "Football Wives"

Though ABC passed on the show for the 2007 season, the show has been picked up for the 2008-2009 season. Based on the successful British television series Footballers' Wives, Football Wives features American football, following the fictional NFL team Orlando Stingrays. Star and producer Gabrielle Union, who signed a six-figure deal with ABC and Touchstone to develop new shows for the station will star as Chardonnay Lane, a not so nice up and coming pop singer who latches herself onto Brian’s White’s character and gets on his mother’s (Holly Robinson Peete) bad side in the process.

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Colbie Caillat "Get To Know Her" You Know U Like Her!!!

Who hasn't heard her hit song yet? "Bubbly" if not ur crazy.. It may get annoying after a while but you still love it...

Check her Out this Week on TV:

Colbie Caillat will be appearing on MTV's Total Request Live on Monday, October 8th.

Colbie will be performing on NBC’s The Today Show on October 12th!

Her song Bubbly is No. 3 on Itunes Right Now!!!

Buy her album on Itunes...
Colbie on Itunes..

Live Performances at VSpot:
Colbie LIve and You Outta Know

Check out her Official Sites Here:
Colbie Caillat Official Site

Colbie Caillat Myspace Page
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Hugh Grant Out w/ Three Girls

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Hugh Grant picked the wrong venue for a discreet night out with three girls.

The actor arrived with his party at club-of-the-moment Boujis just after 2.30am this morning - only to dash back to his cab when he saw he had been spotted by the paparazzi.

One of Grant's companions, a blonde seemingly in her twenties, covered his face and the other two hid their own as they dived back into their taxi.

The club must have been the choice of his friends as, at 47, Grant is about 20 years older than the average guest.

His companions for the evening looked young enough to be his daughters.


Mendes 'Went for It' With Joaquin Phoenix

Eva Mendes exposes "everything" in her upcoming film "We Own the Night,” and doesn’t hold back when it comes to her steamy sex scenes with Joaquin Phoenix.

“I trusted him. I trusted everybody on this and I just went for it,” she said.

But it wasn’t easy for Eva to take off her clothes and go all the way.

“The sex scene with Joaquin really wasn’t as good as it looked — these were nerve-racking scenes that are very technical and really scary,” Mendes said. “It was nothing to do with him, he is beautiful, but when you are exposing yourself emotionally and physically that’s so frightening ... you have so many people around and the camera and it’s so scary.”

In real life, the actress admits she is still haunted by the memory of turning her back on true love.

“The hardest thing to do is walk away from someone you love,” Eva said. “It shows a lot of maturity — it is one of the hardest things I have had to do.”

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SURPRISE! Paris is an attentionwhore! How long before Nicky kills her in her sleep?

Paris Parties Like It's Her Birthday

TMZ cameras caught up with a sparkly Paris Hilton as she helped celebrate her sister Nicky's twenty-fourth birthday at Vegas Nightclub LAX on Friday night. When does this girl sleep?!

All eyes were supposed to be on Nicky, but Paris -- still surprisingly extension-free -- stood in the spotlight to give her lil' sis a birthday shout-out. Then, for the rest of the night, Paris danced wildly on a couch -- grabbing all the attention. What a bday surprise!



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terry richardson

lindsay did not leave rehab

Lindsay to Receive Outpatient Care
Lohan will travel back and forth between L.A. and Utah.

MICHAEL LOHAN tells "The Insider" today that daughter LINDSAY LOHAN will remain in Utah for the next week receiving outpatient care. Lindsay completed her stay at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center Friday.

Michael, in Utah with Lindsay, says she will head back to L.A. shortly to work on a movie for several weeks and then will likely return to Utah to continue her outpatient program.

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Ewan McGregor continues to be amazing in all ways!

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Star in Iraq to present award

Film star Ewan McGregor has flown to Iraq to meet Britain's only female bomb disposal expert working in the war-torn country and to present her with a bravery award.

The Hollywood star was so impressed by Michelle Cunningham's courage that he agreed to take the risk of travelling to Basra air base himself to meet her and her unit.

Staff Sgt Cunningham, 32, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, has won the award after single-handedly putting out a fire at an explosives factory in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, last year.

Firefighters had decided it was too dangerous to go inside the burning building and one man had already died when Staff Sgt Cunningham decided to take action.

She marched into the building with two fire extinguishers, went to the heart of the blaze and managed to control the flames and secure hundreds of explosives.

The Army decided her courage merited a nomination for a Pride of Britain Award in recognition of her "displaying complete disregard for her personal safety" in tackling the blaze.

McGregor, 36, said he had been amazed by the officer's courage and that he would never have had the guts to do her job.

He said: "Most people, and I'm one of them, would run a million miles from a bomb, it's like, 'Get me away from here', but Michelle actually walks towards them and makes them safe. Amazing.

"When I was told about her, and was asked to go and present the award to her in Iraq, I said yes because I really wanted to meet her and show my support."

The actor was flown in a military VC10 jet with troops from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, to Qatar and then transferred to a Hercules transporter for the night flight to Basra.


I'm not even gonna bother trying to find a new picture, because this one isnt getting old.

Also, if I knew that's all it took to meet Ewan, I would have diffused those bombs myself.

Hayden Panettiere: 'Heroes' star casts a spell on Hollywood

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Save the cheerleader. See a career blossom.

While 18-year-old Hayden Panettiere had been working steadily since appearing as a young girl on sudsers "One Life to Live" and "The Guiding Light," it's her turn as the indestructible teen on NBC's hit "Heroes" that has given her exposure she couldn't have imagined before the series premiered last fall.

With that uptick in public awareness -- and top ratings for a show that was one of the few breakout hits last season -- comes distinct challenges, including having your personal life strewn across the tabloids and compounded by increasingly long hours on the set on a new season that's been stretched from 22 to 24 episodes.

"With the good comes the awful," Panettiere says just days after her birthday made for lewd comic fodder on the Emmy broadcast. "It's a very invasive business, especially when you're a young female. It can be very demanding and heartbreaking at times. People go after you and drag you down because you're an easy target."

Her previous work in primetime -- roles on "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Law & Order: SVU" plus a nice arc in "Ally McBeal" back in 2002 -- gave Panettiere invaluable experience, but those roles were limited in scope.

On "Heroes," Panettiere could remain busy for years, for which she -- or any actor in her position -- is appreciative.

"I didn't expect this much work, but at the same time I'm the kind of person that if I don't have a lot to do, I go crazy," she says.

And as for where the multidimensional plot goes from here, well, she's as much in the dark as any avid viewer.

"(The writers) purposely don't tell us anything until we're filming, but I have faith in them," she explains. "There have been no storylines I've disliked."

Recent breakthrough: "I got semi-noticed for 'Remember the Titans,'" she says, but "Heroes" made her famous.

Role model: "Natalie Portman, because of how humble she is. ... She's done an amazing job of keeping her personal life and career separate."

What's next: "I did a film called 'Fireflies in the Garden' with Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe and Emily Watson. It's a small role, but to be around those people was well worth it."

Source: Variety

Obama's daughter no fan of Hilton

Barack Obama told a "Tyra Banks Show" audience that he can see the White House in his future, but he doesn't see a Hilton hotel, People magazine reports.

When the Obamas check into a hotel, daughter Malia, 9, asks, "This isn't a Hilton hotel, is it?" She doesn't approve of Paris Hilton's antics, Barack Obama said.
"Parents have to realize kids want limits; they want structure," he said. "They don't want you to be their best friend. They want you to be the parent. If we had more parenting, then the kinds of influences we see on television don't matter."

LOL well then maybe his daughter should watch...... THATS SO RAVENHILTON!!! LOL i am so delirous from lack of sleep
source: http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071003/ENTERTAINMENT/710030448/1005/ENTERTAINMENT
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Miley Cyrus & Jordan Pruitt CAT FIGHT!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

This just in is Nick Jonas from, The Jonas Brothers, has two famous celeb girls fighting for him, Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana and Jordan Pruitt. Word on the street is that Jordan Pruitt was caught making out with Nick in a recording studio. Miley Cyrus invited the Jonas Brothers to tape an episode because her and Nick where dating, two weeks after the episode was filmed it was over. She demanded the episode not to shown on TV!!!! Miley broke up with Nick because she heard the rumours of him cheating on her with Jordan Pruitt!!!!!

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Now that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning to add to their self-styled 'rainbow family', the couple are house-hunting again.

The stars, who already own properties in Los Angeles and Buckinghamshire, are now searching for a luxury home in the South of France to bring up their brood.

Brad, 43, and 32-year-old Angelina have hired a professional 'property finder' to help locate the perfect family home for them and have already looked at places in Cannes and St Tropez.

Unfortunately, though, their approach to property-finding hasn't always gone down well with the locals.

"They hired a helicopter for the day to look at one fabulous pad they were particularly interested in," says my mole.

"They landed in a nearby field and sent one of their team to ask if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could take a look around.

"But the French owner thought it was arrogant that they just turned up and was a little put out about it."


That means Ang, Brad, will join Johnny Depp will be in the south of France?
I think I'll ditch LA & move there too.

she's so cute



Pop princess KYLIE MINOGUE visited London's gay clubs for inspiration for the video to her new single TWO HEARTS. The 39-year-old singer socialised with a group of cross-dressing men who taught her how to become the perfect drag queen.

The Spinning Around hitmaker can be seen wearing a latex black catsuit, with dramatic make-up and curly blonde hair in the new video, due for release next month (Nov07).

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror: "It's just visually amazing. It's like nothing you've ever seen Kylie do before."

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photos: is approached by a member of the public for a photograph as she leaves her house. Kylie was happy to oblige and even received a kiss on the hand from the chivalrous gentleman.
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Hayden to Kirsten: "I hope someone beats you up!"

It was a star-studded opening night on Oct. 6 for the L.A. Kings hockey team, but the players on the ice weren't the only ones squabbling. When OK! caught up to Heroes stars and newly connected-at-the-hip gal pals Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre at the Staples Center for the after-party, there seemed to be some feuding going on.

The cause of the tension? "I'm a St. Louis Blues fan!" confessed Kristen to OK!, referring to the team that had just beaten the hometown favorites 5-3 earlier in the evening.

"I kept telling her during the game," Hayden told OK!. "'I hope someone hears you and beats you up!"

Luckily for both lovely ladies, there were no fisticuffs in the stands and everyone ended the night unscathed.

As for rumors of Hayden's romance with her other co-star Milo Ventimiglia, one eyewitness tells OK! that there may be less to these stories than meets the eye. "They sat together in the front row through the whole third period," the witness explains to OK!, "But everything seemed very brother/sister."